pace_t_zuluhey guys00:07
pace_t_zulusorry i've been MIA for a few days00:07
pace_t_zulucyberanger wrst vychune chris4585 electricus elijah-m` Juzzy orias Svpernova09 ... ping ... reminder that our monthly meeting starts in an hour and a half00:08
vychuneoh ok didnt even notice00:09
oriasalways scheduling it for when I'm driving home :000:11
Unit193I get a meeting? Cool!00:23
Unit193wrst: Did you read up to where I was talking with cyberanger?00:23
wrstcyberanger: should hopefully be here00:25
wrstuhh pace_t_zulu i should hopefully be here :)00:26
pace_t_zuluwrst: haha00:27
* wrst is babysitting01:21
pace_t_zulucyberanger: ping01:28
pace_t_zuluwho do we have here ... vychune orias Unit193 ? wrst ???01:28
pace_t_zuluvychune: looks like its you and me01:29
pace_t_zuluright now01:29
pace_t_zulutypically we wait for others to arrive ...01:30
pace_t_zulubut we started doing that when the meeting time was 8 eastern / 7 central ...01:30
pace_t_zuluhere we are at 8:30 eastern / 7:30 central  ... and looking to push things back again01:31
pace_t_zului'm going to ping everyone and then start the meeting01:31
vychunewell thats life sometime01:31
pace_t_zulucyberanger wrst vychune chris4585 electricus elijah-m` Juzzy orias Svpernova09 ... ping ... meeting01:32
pace_t_zuluvychune: sorry you were in that ... copy-paste from above01:32
wrstpace_t_zulu: here more or less still baby sitting on my phone01:32
MootBotMeeting started at 19:32. The chair is pace_t_zulu.01:32
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]01:32
vychuneso what now lol01:33
pace_t_zuluwrst ... mind raising your hand ?01:33
pace_t_zuluthere we go01:33
pace_t_zuluso it seems appropriate that we ack chibi ... bless him01:35
vychunehows his bro?01:35
wrstI don't know01:36
pace_t_zuluneither do i01:36
vychuneand is a tribute on the website yet?01:36
pace_t_zuluvychune: seems not01:36
vychuneoh ok01:36
wrstgood idea that can happen01:37
wrstpace_t_zulu: I could get with cyberanger on that01:37
pace_t_zuluanyone have a proposal for an appropriate way to pay tribute to chibi?01:37
vychunephoto montoge? lol01:38
wrstI would think a nice post maybe with the meetup pic?01:38
pace_t_zuluwrst: who knew chibi the best ...01:38
wrstcyberanger. did01:39
wrstI think01:39
pace_t_zuluregretfully, i did not get to know him as well as i wish i could have01:39
wrstgreat guy01:39
vychunesame here pace01:39
pace_t_zuluwrst: i know cyberanger did meet him in person01:39
wrstI talked with him a lot here01:40
pace_t_zulu[topic] how to appropriately pay tribute to chibihogoshino01:40
MootBotNew Topic:  how to appropriately pay tribute to chibihogoshino01:40
pace_t_zulu[idea] a nice post on ubuntu-tennessee.org including photo of chibi from meetup01:41
MootBotIDEA received:  a nice post on ubuntu-tennessee.org including photo of chibi from meetup01:41
pace_t_zuluwrst: yea, i definitely talked to him often ... i guess i just don't feel like i got to know his personality like i know you cyberanger xpistos ... etc01:43
wrstmaybe a link to the obituary?01:43
vychunewe were anime buds on here01:43
wrstyeah know what you mean01:43
pace_t_zuluwrst: do you have a link?01:43
vychunenice one wrst01:43
pace_t_zulu[idea] include a link to chibi's obituary on post01:43
MootBotIDEA received:  include a link to chibi's obituary on post01:43
pace_t_zuluwrst: +101:44
wrstpace_t_zulu: no but sure we can find one01:44
wrstwill look when I get off my phone01:45
pace_t_zuluwrst: my preliminary searches are coming up empty01:46
pace_t_zuluwrst: i will go ahead and start this post on the website ... i cannot stand the thought of us discussing this without following through01:47
vychuneamen to that01:47
pace_t_zuluwrst: i will use cyberanger's email as the basis01:47
wrstgreat I agree01:47
wrstyes another good idea01:47
pace_t_zulu[idea] go ahead and start post on website paying tribute to chibi ... it can be a work in progress ... but it must go up01:48
MootBotIDEA received:  go ahead and start post on website paying tribute to chibi ... it can be a work in progress ... but it must go up01:48
vychunewhat was his email?01:48
pace_t_zulusoliciting suggestions for the post title01:48
vychuneubuntu TN remembers chibihogoshino01:49
pace_t_zuluvychune: +101:49
vychunety ty01:50
wrstyep good and simple01:50
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.ubuntu-tennessee.org/wp-content/uploads/DSC07938.jpg01:54
vychunewhich one is chibi?01:54
pace_t_zuluwrst: vychune ... here is my initial draft01:55
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.ubuntu-tennessee.org/?p=300&preview=true01:56
pace_t_zuluyou may need to login ...01:56
pace_t_zuluwrst: i can pastebin it if it is more convenient on your phone01:56
wrstpace_t_zulu: no need01:57
vychunei dont have a login01:57
pace_t_zuluok... i'll go ahead an publish it01:57
wrstI'm sure it is good01:57
vychunehow do i get a login01:57
pace_t_zuluvychune: wrst http://www.ubuntu-tennessee.org/uncategorized/300/01:58
pace_t_zuluvychune: i'm not sure.... i think i have admin privileges ... lemme check01:58
wrstwell done01:59
vychuneNICE pace_t_zulu01:59
pace_t_zuluvychune: i can create an account for you01:59
pace_t_zuluvychune: i'll pm you to get details01:59
pace_t_zuluvychune: ty01:59
* wrst is back on a full keyboard again02:02
pace_t_zuluand we're back02:03
pace_t_zului'm going to make vychune an 'author' for now ... sound right to you wrst?02:03
wrstsounds good to me pace_t_zulu, and we could use some authors!02:03
pace_t_zuluvychune: try logging in ... you should also receive an email with the login info02:04
pace_t_zuluwrst: any idea why the post isn't going to the front page?02:05
pace_t_zuluwrst: i made it 'Uncategorized' ... perhaps that's why02:05
wrstpace_t_zulu: my wordpress skills have diminished is there a promote to front page option or is that a drupal thing?02:05
vychunejoomla u mean? :)02:07
wrstvychune: nope drupal never used joomla02:08
pace_t_zuluok ... i added the category 'Meetups' and that got it on the front page02:08
pace_t_zuluperhaps this deserves a new category02:08
wrstlooks good pace_t_zulu02:09
vychuneyou know how to spell it lol02:09
pace_t_zuluvychune: tributes02:09
pace_t_zuluvychune: i was typing that out as you said it02:09
vychuneoh ok lol02:10
pace_t_zuluso we have to explicity add categories to the front page02:10
pace_t_zului get the feeling someone perhaps borked this theme02:10
wrstpace_t_zulu: yeah with wordpress i thought the latest thing always went to front02:11
pace_t_zului found it02:11
pace_t_zuluwrst: http://www.ubuntu-tennessee.org/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=sticky-front-page-categories-and-tags/home_cat.php02:11
pace_t_zuluyou can set which categories go to the front page02:11
pace_t_zuluanyone object to me updating wordpress?02:12
wrstahh good to know pace_t_zulu02:12
wrstif someone volunteers to do work and someone objects the objector should have his tongue cut out :)02:12
pace_t_zuluwordpress has been updated to 3.1.302:13
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.ubuntu-tennessee.org/02:13
pace_t_zulu[action] tribute to chibi has been posted at ubuntu-tennessee.org02:13
MootBotACTION received:  tribute to chibi has been posted at ubuntu-tennessee.org02:13
pace_t_zulu[idea] welcome members to *respectfully* augment the post02:14
MootBotIDEA received:  welcome members to *respectfully* augment the post02:14
pace_t_zuluvychune: add to it02:15
vychuneoh i posted it to FB btw02:15
wrstsounds good pace_t_zulu and I think surely the respectfully shouldn't be a problem but certainly needs to be mentioned02:15
pace_t_zulu[idea] alternatively members can post their own thoughts in the comments section02:15
MootBotIDEA received:  alternatively members can post their own thoughts in the comments section02:15
wrstpace_t_zulu: that might actually be a better idea02:16
wrstcould get sloppy people editing your post02:16
pace_t_zuluvychune: you prefer the comments idea as well02:16
vychunesound good02:16
pace_t_zuluwrst: yea... i am happy with the post ... appropriate and tasteful ...02:17
wrstyeah and be bad to mess that up really02:17
pace_t_zuluyea... i'll see if i can lock it02:17
pace_t_zuludoesn't look like it can be locked ...02:18
=== vychune is now known as vychune_afk
pace_t_zuluwrst: vychune i will post the same message on the ubuntu tennessee group on facebook02:19
wrstcool pace_t_zulu, you know we really under-utilize facebook02:19
* wrst updates to 11.10 so his computer may go up in smoke02:19
pace_t_zului will add a line to the facebook posting to encourage people to leave their comments on ubuntu-tennessee.org02:20
pace_t_zuluand i'm actually going to change the permalink structure ... the current one is too impersonal02:23
pace_t_zuluso now the permalink is http://www.ubuntu-tennessee.org/2011/tributes/ubuntu-tennessee-remembers-chibihogoshino/02:23
pace_t_zulurather than http://www.ubuntu-tennessee.org/tributes/300/02:24
wrstpace_t_zulu: I gotta run if there is nothing else major02:26
pace_t_zuluwrst: no worries ... really appreciate you being here02:26
pace_t_zuluthis mattered02:26
wrstagreed, I will be back in a few but gotta run just a bit02:27
vychuneHung system02:28
pace_t_zuluvychune: wrst ... here is the facebook note:02:29
pace_t_zulu[link] https://www.facebook.com/notes/ubuntu-tennessee/ubuntu-tennessee-remembers-chibihogoshino/1015021336572932902:29
MootBotLINK received:  https://www.facebook.com/notes/ubuntu-tennessee/ubuntu-tennessee-remembers-chibihogoshino/1015021336572932902:29
pace_t_zulu[link] http://www.ubuntu-tennessee.org/2011/tributes/ubuntu-tennessee-remembers-chibihogoshino/02:29
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.ubuntu-tennessee.org/2011/tributes/ubuntu-tennessee-remembers-chibihogoshino/02:29
pace_t_zulu[idea] conclude this meeting02:29
MootBotIDEA received:  conclude this meeting02:29
pace_t_zuluanyone second that motion?02:30
pace_t_zuluvychune: something you'd like to add?02:30
vychuneno jk02:30
MootBotMeeting finished at 20:30.02:30
vychuneWHERE WAS YOUR A** AT?!?!? lol02:32
pace_t_zuluUnit193: nice timing ;)02:32
Unit193I was reading...02:32
vychuneread your screen nother bucker lol02:32
Unit193I was reading the meeting... Nother bucker?02:33
vychuneN=m b=f02:33
vychune and the crowd goes boo02:34
pace_t_zulunice code breaking vychune02:34
Unit193I was guessing the second... (Not my favorite wording...)02:35
Unit193As I said, I was here, reading... (Shouldn't comment too much on the first meet and I'm not from around here...)02:36
vychuneoh well good point lol02:37
vychuneexcuse my assholeness lol02:41
Unit193Welcome back!02:46
=== vychune_ is now known as vychune
vychuneunit193 ty lol02:48
vychunepace_t_zulu ping02:48
wrstwb chris458503:41
Unit193Did you two see when I was speaking to cyberang? (Didn't need to ping...)03:41
wrstUnit193: what was it?03:43
Unit193<whispers>I don't live in Tennessee</whispers>03:45
wrstOH NOES03:48
wrstUnit193: where you from?03:48
Unit193Ohio (He invited me to stay, if that changes, let me know and I will go)03:48
Unit193This group seems real nice!03:49
wrstha ha Unit193, chris4585 is from FL03:50
wrstyou are always welcome here03:51
chris4585they aren't getting rid of me anytime soon :D03:55
wrstno we've tried and he keeps coming back ;)03:55
Unit193+b would do it :P03:55
wrstwouldn't want to do that03:55
wrstoh chris4585 i just upgraded 11.04 to well whatever 11.10 is called03:57
Unit193Heh... Oneiric03:57
chris4585you know most code names It takes me a while to get use to, but not this one :(03:58
chris4585wrst, did you try installing gnome-shell?03:58
wrstwell its not correct but i'm just going to call it 11.1003:58
wrsti will chris4585 havne't gotten to it yet03:59
chris4585I completely removed ubuntu-desktop for now03:59
wrsti'm heading to bed see you guys tomorrow03:59
chris4585well I've already done it once, need any help just ping me03:59
chris4585g'night wrst03:59
wrstwill do chris4585 thanks!03:59
Unit193You could just install from !mini.iso :P04:00
chris4585yes, yes I could, but it was more fun doing an upgrade04:00
chris4585I wanted to see the state of unity also04:00
chris4585I've had this install since 10.10 so its been an interesting ride04:01
Unit193How is it? (I know it's currently broken)04:01
Unit193I need to upgrade one box from 10.10...04:01
chris4585you could say that, right now no controls on the unmaximized desktop, the default theme isn't gtk3 yet so everything looks ugly until you install a gtk3 theme04:02
chris4585right now I uninstalled unity, and only using gnome-shell and its lovely04:02
Unit193Where you here when I was talking about all the DSL modems having 80 open to the world? (Looks nice BTW)04:08
chris4585I don't think I was, and thanks04:08
Unit193Connection issues?06:51
vychuneup late i see06:53
vychunesorry about ragging on you earlier06:53
Unit193Always... Na, I thought that was a joke?06:53
vychuneit was07:02
Unit193Then it's all fine! Do you not normally stay up this late?07:03
vychuneno i dont07:03
vychuneits hot in here lol07:04
Unit193It's only 70 in this room (not too bad...)07:06
vychunesorry got lost lol07:11
Unit193vychune: Yeah?07:13
Unit193You seem to have changed IPs...07:13
vychuneim using a free shell07:14
vychunewhy are you up so late?07:14
Unit193Always am...07:16
Unit193I have a NinthFloor account07:16
Unit193Hmmm... weechat or irssi?07:19
vychunei hate windows07:19
vychunestll here man?07:20
Unit193Yeah... I will be fore a little bit...07:20
vychunegolfing? lol07:21
Unit193Disconnected by services ? That's normally done with the ghost command...07:21
vychuneyeah i had to07:21
vychuneclosed my window by accident07:21
Unit193Erm... Fun! ;)07:22
vychunewhat part of tennessee?07:23
Unit193Ah! You had left by that time! I'm not exactly in Tennessee...07:24
vychuneoh what state07:24
vychuneso why ubuntu tn?07:25
Unit193At first I came to ask about ubotuTN, noticed he wasn't here then cyberanger started talking to me and invited me to stay07:27
vychuneoh ok cool07:27
Unit193He seemed real nice so I stayed07:28
vychuneubotuTN? so what that about?07:28
Unit193ubotuTN is a bot you guys made (From rbot)07:29
vychunegoogled it07:29
vychunethey made07:29
vychunei can't code perl good yet lol07:29
vychuneonly 1907:29
Unit193Ah! We were working on one and I wanted to know how they inported ubottu factoids07:30
Unit193It's ruby...07:30
vychuneoh ok cool07:30
vychuneruby on rails?07:30
Unit193I don't think so...07:31
vychuneoh ok07:31
vychunewell im in need of shut eye07:32
vychunenice to meet you and welcome07:32
Unit193Have a good one!07:32
Unit193Looks like ubotuTN worked better with Launchpad than ubottu does...07:40
Unit193Howdy, pricew09:33
wrstUnit193: you never sleep!12:43
pricew_morning Unit19313:17
wrstpricew_: how are you doing/13:44
wrstor... doing?13:44
pricew_Pretty good so far.  But it's early.  :)13:45
wrstha same here pricew_, but its friday13:47
pricew_Yea, gotta love a short week.13:48
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wrstpricew_: i absolutely love short weeks!15:14
wrstmorning vychune15:14
wrstwb pace_t_zulu15:18
electricusah.. missed the meeting.. sorry15:20
pace_t_zuluwrst: had to reboot15:20
pace_t_zuluelectricus: no worries15:20
pace_t_zuluelectricus: the main outcome was this http://www.ubuntu-tennessee.org/2011/tributes/ubuntu-tennessee-remembers-chibihogoshino/15:20
electricuspace_t_zulu: can you give me future meeting info?15:20
pace_t_zuluelectricus: first thursday of the month15:21
pace_t_zulu8:30 eastern / 7:30 central15:21
pace_t_zuluelectricus: got that? ^15:21
electricusok. thanks15:21
electricuspace_t_zulu: where is it physically?15:22
pace_t_zuluelectricus: this monthly meeting is on irc ... in here15:22
pace_t_zuluelectricus: you can physically be in china ... doesn't matter15:22
=== pace_t_zulu changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-tn to: Next Meeting July 7th at 8:30 PM EDT/7:30 PM CDT | Welcome to the Ubuntu Tennessee Team IRC Channel | Members add your info http://tr.im/nogt | Ask about our Wiki Jams"
pace_t_zuluelectricus: thanks for pointing out that the topic needed to be changed15:24
pace_t_zuluwrst: had to reboot the cloud machine15:30
pace_t_zuluwrst: you know how much the last month cost me for this server?15:30
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: for the obit, might not be in TN, Might be in WV or OH15:39
cyberangerwhere family is15:39
cyberanger(I think he was still on vacation with family in WV when it occured)15:39
pace_t_zulucyberanger: if you have a link ... we'll definitely add it15:41
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i didn't limit my search for the state of tennessee15:41
cyberangersorry I missed the meeting, my paycheck isn't (tough choice, would have preferred both, but the wallet hurt, work used the help)15:42
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: I'll see what I can dig up, or ask his brother15:42
=== pace_t_zulu changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-tn to: Next Meeting July 7th at 8:30 PM EDT/7:30 PM CDT | Welcome to the Ubuntu Tennessee Team IRC Channel | Members add your info http://tr.im/nogt | Ask about our Wiki Jams
cyberangerbetter go15:44
pace_t_zululater cyberanger15:45
cyberangersee you all after I punch out15:45
cyberangeror maybe on lunch break15:45
wrstjoin /#qimo15:49
* wrst needs to remember how to do basic irc commands :)15:49
cyberangerwrst: /join #qimo15:49
wrstthanks cyberanger :P15:50
wrstatleast i didn't mess up msg nickserv identify15:50
vychunelike i did15:51
cyberangerbetter really head out now, lest I txt and drive, don't want to drive all intextifacted15:54
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JuzzyMy bbq: http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/247095_1367762770979_1739005916_588514_6772645_n.jpg19:46
Unit193Wow... What are you cooking?19:47
Juzzypork shoulders19:47
XpistosThat is good stuff brother19:51
Unit193Looks to be good!19:52
Juzzywerd, I'm trying a couple of different ways19:55
Juzzyone is a mustard + brownsugar maranade19:55
Juzzyinjected with apple juice + brown sugar19:55
Juzzyshould be insanley juicey19:56
electricusanybody know of a cheap raid+1 mirroring solution for a tower server.  I was thinking about getting one of those external inclosures that you could pop a couple sata drives in19:58
Juzzywhy not raid5?19:59
Juzzyif you wanna do cheap, you can do what I did19:59
JuzzyI have 4 x 2tb, 20gb (overkill) raid 1 on all drives, the rest is raid519:59
Juzzythen installed grub on all drives20:00
Juzzyand I'm running software raid for all of it20:00
Juzzyso no matter what, i can lose any drive and it still boot, no raid controller dependancy, the integrety is good20:00
Juzzyand you can litterally do that on any mobo with 4 sata ports20:01
pricewelectricus: ever since I had to rebuild a raid 5 drive, I try to stick with mirrored.  WAY too stressful for me.  :)20:28
electricushaha.. i could imagine pricew21:00
elijah-m`pooooork shoulder!  great stuff.21:09
Unit193Now I want food again...21:11
vychune*looks around*21:37
Unit193Howdy, vychune21:38
vychunehows it going?21:38
Unit193Blasted Xubuntu computer is having issues.... http://paste.ubuntu.com/617798/21:39
Unit193...Again! Anywho.. How about you?21:39
vychuneboredem rampant21:39
vychunewheres cyberanger when you need him lol21:40
cyberangervychune: work22:06
vychuneoh hey lol22:08
cyberangervychune: unfortunately busier than usual, sorry, but hey, helps the wallet22:09
cyberangersend a pm, I'll try to get to it, even if it winds up being after work, 7PM EDT22:09
vychuneoh i was just messing22:10
electricuswhat do you guys think of Sn0wLinuX?22:14
electricusto me it looks like it just does everything i end up doing to my install in one shot..22:14
electricuspretty much saving me 30 to 45 more minutes setting up what I want22:15
electricusinstalling and tweaking the interface22:15
vychunehavent seen it22:17
electricusbasically they're copying snow leapard22:21
Unit193Can we say Macbuntu? ;) (I'm sure that's better)22:23
Unit193*That being Sn0wLinuX22:24
elijah-m`i love their screenshots.  they're nice.  reminds me of osx, of course.22:47
cyberangerelectricus: I like the cost, beats real snow leopard23:08
cyberangerbut crunchbang is equally cheap, same with arch and debian23:09
Unit193cyberanger: Have you seen Zenix? It's a Debian respin with openbox+tint2 or Awesome (Done by Bodhi_zazen)23:12

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