head_victimI'm back?04:22
sagacihead_victim, ping04:41
head_victimsagaci: here :)04:41
sagaciwhat's happening04:41
head_victimJust dropped the wife at work thinking about being constructive and doing some jobs around the place here04:41
sagacican we do the mock meeting now?04:48
sagacisorry, the weekdays just went so fast04:48
head_victimSure mate04:49
sagaciso start off with a "#startmeeting"?04:50
head_victimYes, only the chair should do that as it assumed whoever issues that command to be the chair04:50
head_victimSo go for it04:50
MootBotMeeting started at 22:52. The chair is sagaci.04:52
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]04:52
head_victimI should have PM'd you some details now04:52
sagaciyeah, just meeting details04:52
sagacimeeting started at xxxx and chair is me04:52
head_victimCool it will do that throughout the meeting as different commands are issued04:53
head_victim[TOPIC] test test test04:53
head_victimSee it won't let me set a topic as I'm not the chair04:53
sagaciyou wouldn04:53
sagacin't do roll call as a topic04:53
head_victimNot really, it's just to allow time for stragglers to arrive and people to realise it's starting04:54
sagaciso just ask who's around for attendance04:54
head_victimYep, people don't have to do anything but if they want their attendance noted they have to put some input into the channel at any stage in the meeting04:54
sagaci[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/93/detail/04:55
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/93/detail/ 04:55
sagaci[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/93/detail/ -- agenda04:55
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/93/detail/ -- agenda 04:55
sagacirighteo, I see that works04:55
head_victimAlso if you put a link at the start of the line it will auto link it I believe04:55
sagacihttp://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/93/detail/ -- agenda04:55
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/93/detail/ -- agenda 04:55
head_victimhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam like that04:55
sagaciok, time to move to the next topic... 04:56
sagaci[TOPIC] Team Maintenance -- Jared 04:56
MootBotNew Topic:  Team Maintenance -- Jared  04:56
sagaci[TOPIC] Team Maintenance -- Jared Norris04:57
MootBotNew Topic:  Team Maintenance -- Jared Norris 04:57
sagacicorrect syntax?04:57
head_victimYeah that works04:57
head_victimMakes it obvious who's point it is04:58
sagaci[IDEA] Jared's cool idea04:58
MootBotIDEA received:  Jared's cool idea 04:58
head_victim[IDEA] I just changed the final topic back to benny now he has shown up in the team on loco04:59
MootBotIDEA received:  I just changed the final topic back to benny now he has shown up in the team on loco 04:59
head_victimSo yeah it's not really that difficult, I usually have a web page open with the mootbot instructions in case I have a momentary mental lapse05:02
sagaciyeah, that sounds like a good idea05:03
sagacimight need a vote for #405:03
head_victimWell the application is almost ready actually05:04
head_victimI did a bit of work on it yesterday morning05:04
head_victimI've had a council member check it out and they asked for more pictures so I obliged05:04
head_victim[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Approval201105:05
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Approval2011 05:05
sagaciah ok, something I've been totally out of the loop of, tbh.. I'll have a look through it05:05
head_victimThat's ok, they were stump grindiing out the front of my house yesterday morning after a night shift so instead of sleeping I go all constructive and basically copied and updated the last one05:06
head_victimAlright so the commands make sense?05:11
sagaciyeahp, seem to05:13
MootBotMeeting finished at 23:13.05:13
head_victimAction is used for anything that someone says they will do after the meeting05:15
head_victimAgreed is generally used after a vote to signify the outcome05:15
head_victimAnyone can issue an idea05:16
blahdeblahDidn't realise it was that easy!05:17
MootBotMeeting started at 23:17. The chair is blahdeblah.05:17
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]05:17
* blahdeblah is awesome [AGREED]05:17
MootBotMeeting finished at 23:17.05:17
head_victimblahdeblah: it's made in the spirit of Ubuntu users, it was never meant to be hard ;)05:18
blahdeblahAnd the great thing is, now it's on record!  :-)05:18
head_victimIt does probably need a bit more user control so that only those meant to vote can vote, etc, in the case of the -meetings channel where it often gets confusing when non members vote in teams they shouldn't really be05:19
sagaciblahdeblah, now email the log to yourself to remind yourself of your awesomeness05:19
head_victimBut for channels like ours it's pretty good.05:19
sagacitroll-free zones05:23
head_victimMaybe an option for only voiced people to vote or something an djust voice the people who need it05:23
sagacibut isn't everyone able to vote05:24
head_victimsagaci: in here, yes, in ubuntu-meeting depends on what meeting is running05:24
sagacioh yeah, but we'd never need to use ubuntu-meeting for our stuff05:24
head_victimWell we could but I don't see why we'd bother05:25
head_victimblahdeblah: damn you for posting links to awesome equipment I want to waste money on :P05:26
head_victimPlanet post05:26
head_victimSome guy's new x22005:30
head_victimsagaci: oh and how blahdeblah used [AGREED] wouldn't work, it needs to be at the start of the line05:31
blahdeblahhead_victim: If you buy a Thinkpad, it's not a waste of money, no matter what you do with it. ;-)05:32
* blahdeblah heads off to play ball with his boy05:32
head_victimblahdeblah: well, not a waste, but money that doesn't exist in my budget :P Enjoy, maybe see you later at the meeting05:33
blahdeblahNot likely - bad time for me05:33
head_victimAh bugger05:33
head_victimWell I guess we'll see how many turn up 05:34
head_victimsagaci: you all good with the commands now? I might head off to do some work if you're comfortable with it al05:34
sagacihead_victim, yeah, seems to be ok... sure you won't pass out from lack of sleep?05:35
head_victimHah I've just slept 20 hours from yesterday lunch to this morning so all good05:35
head_victimYesterday morning was when the stump grinding happened05:35
tom_a_sparksready for tonights meeting?07:18
mrshr3dI won't be available :-( but I'll be logging it07:26
somethinginterestom_a_sparks: now it's on Sunday - yes :) 07:37
alex_I was wondering what happens at the official meetings?08:20
alex_I'm a big fan of open sourced software and wanted to start dipping my toe in so to speak08:20
sagacialex_, we talk about things we can do as a loco, tonight's agenda - http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/93/detail/08:23
alex_thanks sagaci :)08:24
alex_sagaci, is it possible to to lodge interest in joining without atetnding the meeting tonight, I dont think I'll be able to get on08:27
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head_victim!netsplit | mrshr3d 08:51
lubotu2mrshr3d: netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:51
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mrshr3dhead_victim: thanks09:11
head_victimbenonsoftware: if you want to start reading about the team reports https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports is the main page with the idea behind it, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/TeamReporting/HowTo is a good howto and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/TeamReports is our team's efforts10:34
head_victimWe're a little behind, there is no april or may10:35
head_victimSo we can practice by making those 2 tonight later on10:35
benonsoftwareYeah I can see we're a bit behind. Do you know where the past IRC logs for the meetings are?10:38
head_victimYeah they're all in the meeting details eithe ron the wiki or loco.u.c10:38
benonsoftwareThanks I'll browse them now.10:39
head_victimI just keep forgetting about them unfortunately 10:40
benonsoftwareI know. It's hard to read on my screen.10:45
head_victimCool well looks like we're going to have a reasonable turnout tonight for the meeting10:45
head_victimMaybe the change to Sunday will work out after all10:45
benonsoftwareWell because of the long weekend it is the only reason why I'm cos of school.10:46
benonsoftwareAny chance to rotate Firday, Sat, Sun?10:46
head_victimWe used to hold them Tuesday10:47
head_victimBut we're working on ways to get more involvement10:47
benonsoftwareI need them either Fri, Sat so I'm sure I'll be there10:47
benonsoftwareFun reading the IRC logs.10:47
jaddi27head_victim, I might be a bit late to the meeting, due to dinner going a bit later than expected10:48
head_victimjaddi27: no worries10:48
benonsoftware10 more Min!10:49
head_victimsagaci: ping :)10:49
benonsoftware7 more minutes10:52
benonsoftwareMy first meeting!10:52
sagacimy first meeting as chair10:53
benonsoftwareGood luck 6 more minutes10:54
head_victimI just realised you can create group events on the facebook account10:54
benonsoftwareWhy has access to the Facebook account?10:55
benonsoftware4 more min10:55
jaddi27facebook is something for the meeting10:56
benonsoftwareTranslating at the mommerment too10:57
sagacii would be but I don't have a mouse with me10:57
benonsoftwareYes it's hard without it.10:57
benonsoftware2 more min10:58
benonsoftwareDamm you Windows updates10:58
benonsoftwareAnyone know a Gary M in tranlations10:59
head_victimHe's pretty prolific, I think he's actually in NZ though from memory10:59
tom_a_sparkslet the party begin :)10:59
head_victimsagaci is our current translation king10:59
benonsoftwareWhy else translats me, him who else?11:00
head_victimHeaps of people, about 80 have contributed to the current set of translations for enAU11:00
sagaciready to go11:00
MootBotMeeting started at 05:01. The chair is sagaci.11:01
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]11:01
sagaciAgenda at [LINK] -- http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/93/detail/11:01
head_victimsagaci: anything with [] needs to be at the start of a line11:01
sagaciyep, figured that 8)11:02
sagacianyway, who's here for the meeting?11:02
* head_victim waves11:02
benonsoftwareAre we ready?11:04
sagaciyeah, I was just waiting a few moments for anyone else to come in11:04
sagacishalll we move onto your first item, head_victim ?11:05
head_victimEvening dns-streak 11:05
head_victimsagaci: sounds good11:05
sagaci[TOPIC] Team Maintenance -- Jared Norris11:06
MootBotNew Topic:  Team Maintenance -- Jared Norris 11:06
head_victimI just wanted to let people know that sagaci has put his hand up as chair person and benonsoftware has put his hand up for team reporter11:06
sagacitake it away, head_victim 11:06
head_victimSo that being said I think it would be good to have 2 or so for each role so there is a bit of redundancy11:07
head_victimBUT at least this means we can get started11:07
head_victimSo if anyone else is still interested please sing out.11:07
jaddi27I am happy to help out with either of those roles as well, but I may put my hand up for the social media stuff later on if that is an issue11:07
somethingintereshead_victim: I am completely unsure as to what the role of report writer entails beyond the obvious but I'd be willing to help11:07
head_victimI had put this on the agenda wihtout realising I'd have people already tee'd up so thanks to sagaci and benonsoftware for putting up their hands11:08
jaddi27an issue doing both, that is11:08
benonsoftwareNo probs11:08
head_victimsomethinginteres: you able to hang around a little after the meeting? I'll be running through it with benonsoftware if you wanted to see what it was about11:08
sagacibeing fairly new to the role, I'd be likely to not miss out on any of these meetings or events, but things can happen and I certainly don't mind someone else volunteering and helping out :)11:08
somethingintereshead_victim: sure11:08
head_victimjaddi27: I'm ok with people doing more than one thing each but as long as they aren't going to be over worked11:08
jaddi27ok. I will wait until later in the meeting to see what I am doing11:09
head_victimjaddi27: no worries11:09
head_victimOther than that the only team maintenance stuff is the website update, I asked for an update via RT but I haven't been told how it's going from Canonical's end so as soon as I hear I'll post the mailing list11:10
jaddi27Ok, that would be good.11:11
head_victimOk that about covers me11:13
sagacirighteo, thanks for that11:13
sagaci[TOPIC] Social Media accounts -- Joel Addison11:14
MootBotNew Topic:  Social Media accounts -- Joel Addison 11:14
jaddi27My topic then.11:14
jaddi27At the last meeting, and in the mailing list, there has been a discussion about how best to use Social Media11:14
jaddi27The main points for the meeting is to decide if and how we would like to change our accounts to best get messages out to people11:15
head_victimI've actually been quite enlightened about how it all works recently talking to a bunch of people about it11:15
jaddi27At the moment there is an identi.ca group, and a Facebook group11:15
dns-streakCould I suggest linked in, or perhaps a status.net instance11:15
benonsoftwareCould you have a Twiiter account?11:16
jaddi27dns-streak, Sure, but I will have to get you to fill me in on those better11:16
head_victimFrom what I can work out it would probably be best to set up identica and twitter as individual accounts instead of groups11:16
somethinginteresA twitter account is a must as far as I am concerned11:16
jaddi27And I also propose a Facebook page11:16
benonsoftwareYeah with the seperate accounts11:16
somethingintereslinkedin would also have hi volume but I am not familiar with it. Its userbase is massive 11:16
benonsoftwareA Facebook page would be cool11:16
sagacidon't really have that much input on this social media topic but I'd say that information about release parties, LoCo events (ubuntu global jam, etc) would be most beneficial11:16
head_victimsagaci: that's the goal, only specific loco related stuff, not random spam11:17
jaddi27I can foresee setting up events on Facebook for events, as well as sending out info via all of the other channels11:17
head_victimThe only issue is can facebook import ical feeds?11:17
jaddi27No, not as far as I know11:18
jaddi27However, I am more than happy to set up events on the Facebook page11:18
head_victimI don't want to create duplication so if we can host it all on loco.u.c and then use the ical feed for other places it makes more sense11:18
somethinginteresFacebook's "events" stuff is pretty Facebook-centric i.e. no ical afaik11:18
head_victimjaddi27: that would feed in nicely with team chair then11:18
sagaci[ACTION] jaddi27 to set up events on the Facebook page11:19
MootBotACTION received:  jaddi27 to set up events on the Facebook page 11:19
jaddi27Do I have approval to set up a Facebook page first?11:19
head_victimSo are we happy with facebook being a group and twitter and identica being single accounts?11:19
head_victimjaddi27: there is already a group page11:19
jaddi27I am happy with that11:19
benonsoftwareI am happy with that too.11:19
jaddi27The group would be best changed to a page, as it is easier to send messages and events out to people.11:20
sagacias long as it is as streamlined as possible, less work for the people having to manually update at all11:20
head_victimIs there a way to achieve that seemlessly for those 300+ people already subscibed to facebook group?11:20
benonsoftwareMind if I add anyother agenda item?11:20
jaddi27Identi.ca and Twitter accounts, and Facebook Pages can all be linked for posting status messages11:20
sagacibenonsoftware: go for it11:20
jaddi27head_victim, I think there may be a way to get around it, by adding the Page as a member of the group (assuming that is possible)11:21
jaddi27Maybe not, actually11:22
jaddi27I know there will be a way to transition from one to the other11:22
somethinginteresjaddi27: I know for another group I was in there didn't appear to be an option like that 11:23
jaddi27Suggestion: Set up a Facebook Page, and keep the group, and work out which one ends up working best for people11:23
head_victimOk so does the facebook thing need more discussion on the list?11:24
somethingintereshead_victim: I think so given migration is not seemless11:25
somethingintereshead_victim: perhaps contacting facebook directly is a good idea and asking them the way forward11:25
jaddi27It might do. There was a bit of a discussion earlier about it on the list, with the main point being that Pages can post updates to the wall of people, whereas groups only post updates to the wall of someone else if they are a friend of the person who posted the status in the group11:25
head_victim[IDEA] jaddi27 to research the idea of a facebook group/fan/account and provide suggestion to mailing list with pros and cons of each11:26
MootBotIDEA received:  jaddi27 to research the idea of a facebook group/fan/account and provide suggestion to mailing list with pros and cons of each 11:26
jaddi27I am happy to do that11:26
benonsoftwareIf he needs help I could help?11:26
sagacino worries, anything else, jaddi27 ?11:26
jaddi27Do we want to set up a Twitter account11:27
jaddi27and an identi.ca account11:27
=== lifeless_ is now known as lifeless
benonsoftwareI think we need one. I could run it if you want to?11:27
jaddi27I don't think they need more discussion on the list11:27
head_victimOk I'll create them both11:27
head_victimAnd send details to the list so everyone can add them11:27
jaddi27I am happy to administer them as well11:27
benonsoftwareI could too.11:28
sagaci[ACTION] head_victim to set up twitter and iden.ti.ca accounts for ubuntu-au11:28
MootBotACTION received:  head_victim to set up twitter and iden.ti.ca accounts for ubuntu-au 11:28
head_victimOk, well I'll get them set up and we'll sort out admin on the mailing list11:28
jaddi27Sounds fine to me11:28
benonsoftwareOk good thing11:28
sagaciok to proceed?11:29
head_victimFine wiht me11:29
benonsoftwareFine with me.11:29
sagaci[TOPIC] Australian LoCo Re-Approval Application - Benny11:29
MootBotNew Topic:  Australian LoCo Re-Approval Application - Benny 11:29
benonsoftwareReady to start?11:30
head_victim[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Approval201111:30
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Approval2011 11:30
sagacity head_victim 11:30
head_victimBased on benonsoftware's suggestion I knocked up a quick wiki page to bring our previous re-approval up to date.11:30
benonsoftwareWell on the Homepage it says we have lost our offfical status what exactly happend?11:30
benonsoftwareThanks for the page11:30
head_victimEssentially it was determined we didn't meet the criteria11:31
benonsoftwareWhat can we do that we are not doing now?11:31
head_victimThat was the response from the council.11:31
jaddi27We have certainly fixed up a lot of the problems that were mentioned11:31
head_victimI think we're actually starting to do most of the suggestions11:32
benonsoftwareI think so too.11:32
head_victimThe only thing I think we need more effort on is running actual events11:32
benonsoftwareSure thing11:32
jaddi27The events are starting to happen more11:32
benonsoftwareI agree11:32
sagaciwhich kind of relates to the later agenda items11:32
benonsoftwareand we are promoting it more.11:33
sagacinow although this meeting's attendance isn't the best ever, it's certainly an improvement over the last couple we've had. It's something we need to capitalise on, since we only meet once per month11:33
head_victimOk, well I think if we allow time for people to contribute to that wiki page linked above we should submit and get the council to either approve us or give us feedback at least11:33
benonsoftwareHow many is at this meeting?11:34
jaddi27Yes, that would be a very good plan11:34
sagaci7, 8. maybe11:34
sagacia few apologies11:34
somethinginteresI think part of it is to figure out -what- sort of events we can run that are interactive and social. In a sense, computing is a solo exercise to a large degree but I think things like bugjams etc could happen perhaps more often on an informal basis? 11:34
sagaciinformal, albeit11:34
benonsoftwareWe should have our own online DevDays?11:35
head_victimsomethinginteres: release parties are going strong I was hoping for more computer fairs, uni IT groups, etc11:35
head_victimbenonsoftware: Ubuntu run events very cycle which we are starting to participate in which is good11:35
sagacithe last three agenda items could easily roll up as things we're doing towards re-approval11:35
head_victimsomethinginteres: yep that's why I forwarded on that email to the list a few days ago about community week11:35
somethingintereshead_victim: yeah. Thanks for that btw, should be an interesting week. :)11:36
head_victimsomethinginteres: Yep11:36
sagacihead_victim: community week, meaning jono's six months of rocking blog post or something different?11:36
head_victimsagaci: I think it's one of the events mentioned in his blog11:37
head_victimBut yeah it's like the global jam and bug days but more focussed on ubuntu-classroom I believe11:37
head_victimbenonsoftware: thanks for bringing up the reapproval, was there anything else you had in mind?11:38
sagacihead_victim: but we can still tie in our own events to line up with u global jam and other events11:38
benonsoftwarePromotion thats all11:38
somethingintereshead_victim: Are you familiar with what sort of activities for example, the Uni IT groups undertake? I'd be happy to investigate the situation in regards to starting one for Adelaide if there was interest and I had some idea of what we'd do :)11:38
head_victimsagaci: yeah that's the idea11:39
head_victimsomethinginteres: I know my local lug did a presentation at the O week stuff for new IT students11:39
jaddi27somethinginteres, The lug head_victim is talking about basically handed out CDs and spoke briefly to a first year software lecture11:40
head_victimjaddi27: yep, short 5 - 10 min presentation and then a stand at the open day11:40
benonsoftwareThat's pretty lame :)11:41
head_victimI think it would be great if we can integrate with LUGs around the place, no need to double up on everything11:41
head_victimbenonsoftware: it's better than what we did.11:41
jaddi27The 5-10min presentation could have been better, because I think they were trying to promote Fedora more, but more people wanted to know about Ubuntu11:41
benonsoftwareFor sure11:41
head_victimjaddi27: you were there?11:41
head_victimI only heard reports on the mailing list11:41
jaddi27head_victim, Yes, I was there when they did it at UQ11:42
head_victimI'd like to pick your brains on it later to get ideas if you don't mind.11:42
somethinginteresjaddi27: hmm. well I think a Uni is a good place to cultivate interest in open source software. When something like O-Week next rolls around I will get some discussion going on the list in regards to doing something similar11:42
jaddi27head_victim, somethinginteres, I am happy to talk about it later with both of you11:43
somethinginteresjaddi27: no worries11:43
head_victim[IDEA] allow input to approval page for 2 weeks on the mailing list then submit for reapproval11:43
MootBotIDEA received:  allow input to approval page for 2 weeks on the mailing list then submit for reapproval 11:43
jaddi27I second the idea11:44
head_victimjaddi27: cheers, just don't want the meeting running heaps over time when it's probably better suited to just general channel chatter11:44
benonsoftwareI third the idea11:44
jaddi27sagaci, Maybe it is time for the next topic11:44
sagacier, should we vote on reapproval now, at it's final state or not at all?11:44
benonsoftwareVote for what again sorry?11:45
jaddi27I think it can go to the mailing list, as per the Idea11:45
sagacirighteo, no worries11:45
sagaci[TOPIC] Translations -- Joel Pickett11:45
MootBotNew Topic:  Translations -- Joel Pickett 11:45
head_victimI would just like to firstly point out that sagaci is leaving us all for dead as far as translations go and should be applauded for his efforts.11:46
sagaciOk, so I just wanted to bring up the translations effort the en-AU11:46
benonsoftwareYes well done Joel.11:46
sagaciin raw terms, we're about 60% complete, or roughly 146000 strings to go11:47
tom_a_sparksgood going11:47
benonsoftwareYes, I've been helping any others here?11:47
head_victimsagaci: we could organise a jam if you like to coincide with this release's global one again?11:48
head_victimSet a goal of X number of strings?11:48
sagaciso head_victim and I contemplated downloading the .po files and editing them by hand, due to the relatively limited strings we need to change11:48
benonsoftwareOk. Good idea for the jam,11:48
benonsoftwareI've been editing online you?11:49
sagacihowever, due to the precise syntax and amount of false-positives, I actually find it a lot more compelling to just use the web-based method11:49
head_victimYeah we've all basically only been doing it online for now11:49
jaddi27I might have some time on my holidays to assist with the translating11:49
head_victimsagaci: ah so you checked it out a bit and foudn it's not as bad as it seems?11:49
benonsoftwareYeah. It's alot easier11:50
sagaci[IDEA] integrated a translation day/effort in conjunction with the ubuntu global jam (oneiric cycle)11:50
MootBotIDEA received:  integrated a translation day/effort in conjunction with the ubuntu global jam (oneiric cycle) 11:50
head_victimJust adjust the previous wiki page we had set up to organise it if you like11:50
head_victim[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/Translation11:51
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/Translation 11:51
sagacieven though it seems like trawling paddocks, it's much more precise to do the rest by hand and then manually download the remaining packages to correct any errors11:51
head_victimsagaci: I'm happy to take your lead on that, you seem to be quite at home with translations :)11:52
sagaciif we do it now, it's not really worth it, considering the 40% of dialog, center, color... it's easier to just go through the web method, imo11:52
head_victimAs long as we search the main packages (nautilus, unity, etc) for the common bad terms we should be right11:52
sagaciWell I mean when I set up the launchpad-au team, it seemed like there were a few takers... so there still is an interest in making ubuntu more australian-friendly11:53
sagacihead_victim: most of those are done :)11:53
head_victimHell yeah localisation rocks.11:53
head_victimDid you ever get that approved?11:53
sagacihead_victim: not yet, as discussed before, the main issue was chromium-browser and xchat, which will be pulled when lubuntu hits official11:54
sagacibut I'll eventually put in the application11:54
head_victimAh ok11:54
sagaciI mean if people prefer downloading .po's and doing it manually, go for it but I've found it fairly cumbersome, when you should be find/replacing every possible iteration of the differences between the languages11:55
sagaci[TOPIC] Software Freedom Day -- Jared Norris11:56
MootBotNew Topic:  Software Freedom Day -- Jared Norris 11:56
head_victimI know it's only June but I thought we should start contacting our local LUGs about contributing to SFD in September11:56
head_victim[LINK] http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/11:56
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/ 11:56
benonsoftwareI think so too.11:56
sagaciI'll email the list of lugune to see if we can get a stand11:57
head_victimIf I can get information on this by the end of July/early AUgust I can probably look at getting some schwag from Canonical for id (CDs, stickers)11:57
benonsoftwareI would love th eCds11:57
head_victimWhat it comes down to is it's much easier to ask for stuff when it's well organised and documented11:59
sagacihead_victim: anything in the pipeline for HUMBUG?11:59
head_victimsagaci: nope, was going to ask in the next week or so though11:59
head_victimBrisbane doesn't seem to have a history of doing much for SFD according to the website11:59
head_victimMost other cities appear to be more involved.11:59
sagacianything else, head_victim ?12:00
head_victimNot really, just wanted to get people thinking about it as the next target for public events12:00
sagacino worries, maybe we should be using a "matters arising from last meeting" in future meetings?12:01
head_victimsagaci: sounds good12:01
sagacior updates on actions put forward12:01
head_victimFollow up, helps keep things accountable and on track12:01
sagaci[TOPIC] Promotion - Benny12:02
MootBotNew Topic:  Promotion - Benny 12:02
head_victimYep, take it away12:02
benonsoftwareI was thinking of promoting Ubuntu and Linux more in schools and businesses12:02
head_victimYep, that's the goal of locos12:03
benonsoftwareAny ideas on how to promote it?12:03
sagaciI always have thought the same but I'd find it hard giving a teacher or a faculty member an Ubuntu CD of the wrong color12:03
head_victimsagaci: wrong colour?12:04
benonsoftwareI already promote Ubuntu in my primary school.12:04
sagacihead_victim: sarcasm, hard to give schools CD's that have all the wrong English12:04
tom_a_sparkswe have still have bug 1 where I work :)12:04
lubotu2Launchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112:04
head_victimsagaci: oh sorry, thoguht you were alluding to the non latest versin or burnt copy or something12:05
sagacibenonsoftware: might be best to have a look around #edubuntu12:05
head_victimedubuntu is great for schools12:05
benonsoftwareYeah the teachers might like that name12:05
jaddi27One problem is that many schools use software set by their State Government, and cannot just use whatever they want12:05
head_victimjaddi27: one way around that is to get them to try it at home or on private computers12:06
jaddi27so if we really want to get things changed, we would need to target high up (eg Education Queensland)12:06
jaddi27Yes, that is a good way to start12:06
head_victimComputer clubs, it students in high school, etc12:06
sagaciwell even though this is an ubuntu channel, introducing them to tools such as Moodle, Chromium (the browser, not the game) or Firefox can have a positive effect too :)12:07
head_victimsagaci: exactly, libre/open office12:07
head_victimFree and still able to use MS formats12:07
jaddi27I know at my high school, we looked at using Moodle, but did not do it due to EQ most likely blocking us from doing so12:07
benonsoftwareI tried using Moodle on my own but it was not the best12:09
jaddi27It is really best used for a large group, such as a school12:09
tom_a_sparksthere were/are some good plugin that I ported to wordpress12:09
bradminteresting, there's some local schools here that do use moodle, and a lot of unis use moodle12:10
sagaciready to move onto the last topic?12:10
benonsoftwareWhich is what?12:10
sagaci[TOPIC] Six Months of Rocking (-au version) -- Joel Pickett12:10
MootBotNew Topic:  Six Months of Rocking (-au version) -- Joel Pickett 12:10
head_victimsagaci: link to the blog with dates and events?12:11
benonsoftware<head_victim> Just to let you know I only have 20 min left12:11
sagacileading on from our previous discussions, is there anyone who'd like to organise a session or help out with the various events in the oneiric cycle?12:11
head_victimbenonsoftware: no worries mate12:11
sagaciwe won't be that long12:11
sagaciideas, (although I haven't checked the schedule) could include, teaching users how to use a certain tool or application you're familiar with12:12
sagacihelping out with creating materials for sessions run by others12:12
sagacipromoting events via social media12:13
sagaciubuntu-au development days12:13
jaddi27[LINK] http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/06/01/six-months-of-rocking-ubuntu-events/12:14
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/06/01/six-months-of-rocking-ubuntu-events/ 12:14
sagaciall these things will just tie in with the main Ubuntu event but we can document our input on our reapproval application12:14
head_victimYeah and to make it easier to document if we can put them all on loco.u.c as events and organise them on the wiki12:14
sagacii'll send this out to the mailling list12:15
head_victimGood idea12:15
sagaci[ACTION] sagaci to send out email to the mailing list regarding "six months of rocking ubuntu" to encourage people to help out12:15
MootBotACTION received:  sagaci to send out email to the mailing list regarding "six months of rocking ubuntu" to encourage people to help out 12:15
sagaciI think we're nearly done, yes?12:16
benonsoftwareAnything else?12:16
sagacihead_victim: ok to close?12:16
head_victimI'm ok with it, some interesting ideas to take to the list about education and "rocking ubuntu"12:17
head_victimWe've already gone over time a little as well12:17
MootBotMeeting finished at 06:17.12:17
head_victimThanks sagaci for chairing the meeting12:17
sagacithanks guys12:17
benonsoftwareNice chairing12:17
sagaciand girls, if applicable12:17
jaddi27Thanks sagaci 12:17
benonsoftware<head_victim> Team Reporting time?12:17
head_victimbenonsoftware: in short we have to create a wiki page for each month, in a set format in bullet point.12:18
benonsoftwareGot it12:18
sagacihead_victim: http://www.novarata.net/mootbot/ubuntu-au.log.20110612_0501.html12:18
head_victimEach month we need to update a couple of pages to make it report correctly12:18
benonsoftwareSure. What things do I mainly report about?12:19
head_victimHave a quick look over previous reports to get a feel for it12:19
jaddi27It is basically reporting events that have happened over the last month12:19
jaddi27If you need help with creating the pages and linking them in to the TeamReports page on the wiki, just ask here or on the mailing list12:20
head_victimsagaci: cool, now to update the mailing list, wiki, create the new event, etc. Doesn't all have to happen now though12:20
head_victimsomethinginteres: you around as well? You were curious about the reporting12:20
benonsoftwareQuestion: What does the chair do?12:21
head_victimBasically organise all the behind the scenes for the meeting12:21
benonsoftwareCould I help out with that too?12:21
head_victimConcentrate on one thing at a time :)12:22
head_victimOtherwise you'll get overloaded12:22
head_victimTeam reports are a good way to learn wiki's as well as contribute12:22
benonsoftwareDo you want me to update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/ContactUs ?12:24
head_victimSo do you know how wikis work in general?12:24
head_victimThe easiest way for the reports is to just copy the previous month's page and update it to the new month's information12:25
benonsoftwareThanks for that. I do know how the wikis work a bit.12:26
benonsoftwareGone diting12:26
benonsoftwareAnything else I need to know?12:27
head_victimOk well I think we'll probably need 30 - 60 minutes to run through it all, did you have any time tomorrow or tuesday to run through it?12:27
benonsoftwareTomarrow sure but not Tuesday.12:28
head_victimI was thinking I could probably step you through one month and then have you do another month and we'd be both up to date and then you'd know how to to it as well12:28
benonsoftwareOk. What time tomarrow?12:28
head_victimHow about 1 or 2pm tomorrow?12:28
benonsoftwareSure here or somewhere else?12:29
head_victimHere is fine :)12:29
benonsoftwareBye see you tomarrow.12:29
head_victimSee you then12:30
jaddi27head_victim, With the Twitter and identi.ca accounts12:31
jaddi27would you like me to set them up?12:31
head_victimI just did so :)12:31
jaddi27what is the twitter username? 12:32
head_victimI've organised them to use the team mailing list owner account as the main email as I'm told doing it this way means canonical can step in and help out if someone tries to hijack it12:32
head_victimbradm: good to see you around I hope your trip to Brisbane went well12:32
head_victimI've set them up as Ubuntu Australia as the name and UbuntuAU as the username12:32
jaddi27ok. found them now12:32
head_victimCool, I'm going to try and link them12:33
jaddi27the easiest way to link them is to use something like TweetDeck and use the identi.ca API to post the messages12:34
jaddi27You will need to go into identi.ca settings, and then set up the Twitter setting12:35
head_victimYeah I did all this last week for my account :)12:36
head_victimI was just hoping it connected to the other UbuntuAU not mine :P12:37
head_victimThere we go think that worked12:37
jaddi27I will be awaiting the first post12:38
head_victimI hit the "automatically send notices to twitter" and "sendlocal @ replies to twitter" and also "subscribe to my tiwtter friends here"12:38
elkyalso, there's ping.fm which is a webservice so not requiring people to set them all up on their computers12:38
head_victimAh, is that similar to tweetdeck?12:38
sagacihead_victim: yep no worries12:39
elkynot quite, you do have to watch the respective pages individually while using it12:39
elkybut for just quickly broadcasting on the go, like from a phone, it's plenty sufficient12:40
head_victimAh ok, I've got LOTS to learn on this12:40
jaddi27As I have said before, I am very happy to assist with the running of the accounts12:41
head_victimjaddi27: I was going to suggest taking you up on the meeting chair and social media offer12:41
head_victimThat way you can help set up meetings on the social media aspect as well12:41
jaddi27That would be fine12:41
jaddi27elky, Is there a benefit of a Facebook group over a Facebook page that you know of?12:42
somethingintereshead_victim: sorry mate back now. Had to leave for a bit w/out notice :) 12:42
elkyjaddi27, no, and iirc facebook is likely to unsurp the page anyway12:42
head_victimNo worries, will you be around tomorrow 1 - 2 ish?12:42
sagacihead_victim: well that was slightly better attendance and participation12:43
elkythey did something to pages a while back. i forget exact details12:43
head_victimsagaci: yep, some good conversation12:43
head_victimAh so worth just sticking it out as a group on there?12:43
jaddi27elky, so pages would not be an option?12:43
elkyjaddi27, depends. it does mean duplication of effort somewhat12:44
jaddi27I know pages should be easier to keep updated  along with the twitter and identi.ca accounts12:44
jaddi27because you can post as the page through some clients12:44
jaddi27elky, Is it possible for me to be added as a admin on the Facebook group?12:45
jaddi27well, i guess head_victim could do that too now - I didn't realise he was an admin now12:46
elkyjaddi27, er, we tend to not give admin access to people who have only just appeared. usually needs some kind of long-term input to get trust etc.12:47
sagacihead_victim: are you proficient with inkscape?12:48
head_victimsagaci: I can get by with basics12:48
somethingintereshead_victim: yeah should be around then. What timezone? :P12:48
somethingintereshead_victim: roger that. 12:53
head_victimI'll do a run through for both of you then12:53
sagacihead_victim: do you mind if I add a July ubuntu-au meeting?12:54
jaddi27sagaci, Would that be July 10?12:55
somethinginteressagaci: IS Ubuntu English (United Kingdom) Translators team the team for en-AU translations also? 12:56
sagacisomethinginteres: nope, separate teams12:57
sagacianyway, http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/111/detail/12:57
jaddi27but we should be a member of both teams?12:57
sagaciyou can be, if you want to help our their effort12:58
jaddi27sagaci, you might want to change the meeting start time to be 1000UTC12:58
somethinginteressagaci: speaking of I saw on using Wubi the other day that there was no en-AU option for language setting. Only UK 12:59
sagaciwhich is the same thing, basically. Verged on the idea of merging them but don't know the technical details13:00
sagaciah ok, I haven't used wubi in years13:00
sagacimight ask in #ubuntu-translators13:00
head_victimSorry afk for a phone call for a few mins13:00
sagacihead_victim: does that look right now?13:01
jaddi27sagaci, looks right to me13:03
head_victimLooks good to me13:09
=== head_victim changed the topic of #ubuntu-au to: Welcome to the Australian Ubuntu LoCo Team channel! - guidelines at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/IRC | Off-topic chat in #ubuntu-au-chat | Next Team Meeting: Sun 10/07/2011 @ 2000 AEST (GMT+10) http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/111/detail/ | Website: http://ubuntu.org.au | Mailing list: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/MailingLists | Forum: http://au.ubuntuforums.org
somethingintereshead_victim: apparently Facebook Events do have an ical feed13:12
head_victimsomethinginteres: sweet I'll try to feed it the loco.u.c one13:13
jaddi27somethinginteres, I see you can export from Facebook to ical, but can you import from ical to Facebook?13:14
somethinginteresjaddi27: apparently there's some Facebook apps that make it possible13:16
somethinginteresjaddi27: something like this, https://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?v=info&id=16441467285013:17
jaddi27somethinginteres, Sounds good. One problem might be that events will turn up under the admin of the group instead of in the group, based on a quick look at some comments13:18
somethinginteresjaddi27: I saw that too. Not sure. There's a fair number of reviews that don't state problems but perhaps its a recent issue. There source is available, it may be a quick fix 13:20
jaddi27Yes, I will look into it more in a few days time13:20
sagacihead_victim: I wouldn't mind playing around with inkscape with a few of the posters and brochures off spreadubuntu... mainly for the inkscape exercise but also to try and rebrand and update a few of them13:22
head_victimSounds good13:25
head_victimUpload them back up when you're done so everyone can share :)13:28
head_victimjaddi27: so did you and sagaci want to decide who will chair the next meeting13:45
head_victimAnd if you want to chair I'd suggestion looking over the todo list I posted earlier to get a feel for all the other stuff that happens behind the scenes13:46
head_victimI don't mind how you 2 want to do it (either time about or just whatever suits) I just think having 2 people will make it more manageable to cover absences and busy times in real life13:47
jaddi27I don't really mind who chairs13:48
sagacineither, do you want to take it in turns13:52
jaddi27I am fine with that13:52
jaddi27I will have to get used to it, but it should be alright13:53
head_victimhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScribesTeam/MootBot is where the instructions are and we can do a brief run through test at anytime that suits13:54
head_victimBasically it's just a matter of trying to use judgement on when to let conversation run and when to pull it up and move on13:55
head_victimAh do non admins get a "message all members" button in facebook? I can't tell13:57
head_victimHeh damn him and his 3g13:57
jaddi27non admins can only post a message or invite others to the group14:01
jaddi27they cannot create events, etc14:01
jaddi27or send out the messages14:01
jaddi27head_victim, I might go now. I will be online sometime during the next week (I have exams on Tues and Wed, so will be out before then)14:15
jaddi27I can discuss the social media and facebook events with you then14:15
head_victimNo worries, just shooting and email off to the team14:15
head_victimsagaci: nice work, I'm getting the update emails already14:19
jaddi27I will speak to you all later. good meeting tonight. Thanks again sagaci and head_victim 14:31
head_victimNight make14:31
somethinginteresJust a heads up for anyone interested, here's Mark's UDS keynote http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjyNTCHVyxs14:33
sagacisomethinginteres, saw it on the day :P14:38
somethinginteressagaci: in person or online? 14:39
dns53you can usually download the uds video's in ogg, i can't remember where from14:42
head_victimDOesn't youtube do html5 now?14:43
dns53you must enable it but they do it in webm14:43
dns53google youtube html 5, you go to a page and you get a cookie that enables it14:44
head_victimsomethinginteres: do you have a wikipage on wiki.ubuntu.com ? Just going to update the contact us link14:46
somethingintereshead_victim: I don't actually. I wasn't aware that was even possible14:47
somethingintereshead_victim: I can look into setting one up, for sure14:47
dns53do you need one? you should be able to use your launchpad account to allow people to email you14:48
head_victimNo worries, mine is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JaredNorris if you want a guide14:48
head_victimTrue I can link a launchpad account14:48
head_victimI just get used to wikis being able to write FirstnameLastname and having it automatically link everything14:49
somethingintereshead_victim: I see, it should be our actual full name not handle? 14:50
head_victimEither or really14:54
head_victimI'm sure others use nicknames?14:54
somethingintereshead_victim: I'll just go ahead and use my name. May as well :) I'll use yours as a template and whip something up quickly 14:57
somethingintereshead_victim: I'll have to figure out how to add a new page but you can go ahead and just link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SamLymn if you want while I get it going14:57
head_victimDone https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/ContactUs14:58
somethingintereshead_victim: cheers!15:03
head_victimSo are you reasonably confident with wikis?15:04
somethingintereshead_victim: yeah, I should be able to work it out fine. 15:06
head_victimCool, will make it easier showing you tomorrow is all15:07
somethingintereshead_victim: no worries. Also, FYI I noticed a typo in your's "The one of my friends" - second line under "History" 15:07
head_victimThanks, no idea how that got there, is now "then"15:08
somethingintereshead_victim: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SamLymn 15:47
head_victimNice work15:48
head_victimI just did my first ever tweet!15:48
somethingintereshead_victim:  nice, day of firsts for everyone today. :P15:49
head_victimAh you need to fix your "translating" heading15:49
somethingintereshead_victim: noticed that, fixing now :) 15:52
head_victimI spent ages trying to think of something witty to say in the tweet/dent but just went boring instead. I was going to write to the facebook group as well just working out how to reference twitter stuff on other pages15:53
somethingintereshead_victim: I am not sure of what app specifically but there's some apps where you can send the same info to each service in one go. I know gwibber can do that sort of thing. 15:54
head_victimI've set it up so if I post to identica it auto goes to twitter15:54
head_victimThat'll do for now15:54
head_victimI looked at tweetdeck again but it's been acquired by twitter so I"m assuming it will drop identica support pretty quick15:55
somethingintereshead_victim: that's good then never used identica myself15:57
head_victimI only want to use identica being open source but the fact it ties in with twitter makes it easier15:57
somethingintereshead_victim: definitely. I've been trying to use gwibber for updating all my social stuff but I'm just not liking it. It doesn't replicate enough of the important features avaliable on the web version and updates come in only every 5 minutes rather than instantly.16:00
head_victimWell I'm a complete luddite when it comes to "social" media16:02
somethingintereshead_victim: it has its upsides and downsides, more downsides on an individual level I would posit. For something like an organisation, it can be -very- effective. For example, every release of Ubuntu there's enough talk about Ubuntu to get it to "trend" on twitter. Which is great for awareness among non-users because people start wondering what it is.16:04
head_victimAnd I just wrote my first ever facebook message :)16:04
head_victimThe only reason I created accounts was to advertise the loco16:04
somethingintereshead_victim: yeah. 16:05
head_victimI'm actually a conscientious objector to putting personal information on the web where it's not needed. In fact I should get someone to check out my facebook, twitter and identica accounts to make sure there's nothing personal about them16:06
somethingintereshead_victim: I'm much the same, though  after getting Facebook I've had to become less so. Though, I lock mine down as much as possible. 16:09
somethingintereshead_victim: I wouldn't have it at all if I didn't have a lot of overseas friends to keep in contact with.16:10
head_victimYeah I'm thinking I can get photos of my nephews and neices better this way, unfortunately my family all love it16:10
somethingintereshead_victim: It's funny. If I'd've thought of twitter or Facebook I'd be rich right now but when I first started using the net putting your real name on there was like "woah" now people are like "here's my address - TAKE IT!"16:12
head_victimYeah, my logic is as long as I keep everything on line at a level I'd speak to my mum and dad and future employers I will be fine.16:13
head_victimI refuse to take anything online anything but seriously when it comes to identifiable information.16:14
somethingintereshead_victim: definitely. 16:14
head_victimI'm still debating syncing my android phone with google servers16:34
somethingintereshead_victim: I synced my iPhone with Ubuntu One, copied the contacts and phone numbers over. Very handy indeed. Even if it was a free trial the numbers have stayed there after it expired.16:37
head_victimYeah but ubuntu one is still someone else's server :)16:38
somethingintereshead_victim: lol exactly,  I'm pointing out that I took the plunge and haven't  been robbed yet. :) 16:47
head_victimAh yeah16:47
head_victimI don't mind my emails being public because lets face it 99% of my emails are on publically logged lists anyway, but my calendar and contact information is a bit different16:48
somethingintereshead_victim: my rationale was that the numbers weren't mine so - win :P 16:48
head_victimhah yeah but I have names, addresses, birthdays, etc16:49
somethingintereshead_victim: yeah I suppose in that case I'd've been far more reluctant16:52
head_victimI'm just never quite sure if I'm being overly sensitive16:57
somethingintereshead_victim: It's a tough one to work out but ultimately it's your information so however protective you want to be is the right amount #latenightphilosophy17:10
head_victimHah I wonder if that's a real channel :P17:11
head_victimApparently not, but very well should be17:11
somethingintereshead_victim: haha yes, apparently not. 17:12

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