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* genii-around sips19:00
IdleOneIRCC no meeting today?19:10
* genii-around makes more coffee and waits19:11
ioIdleOne: there's an IRC council meeting and gaming team meeting on the calendar19:11
IdleOnedoesn't look like the irc council is around19:13
ioIdleOne: the IRC council meeting seems to be 14 minutes late, though19:13
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* genii-around sips20:28
jussiLets just do this informally, as we dont have quorum, but the others can decide via the ML20:28
jussigenii-around: so, lets have it :=)20:29
genii-aroundWell, most of the pertinent information is on the wiki of course.. 1 moment for the URL20:31
jussigenii-around: please give a small summary about you and your involveent in the ubuntu community20:32
genii-aroundAh, OK. I have been giving assistance primarily in #kubuntu for a number of years now, an op also in several. I am a member of the ubuntu Canada LoCo Team and am promoting Ubuntu locally with release-parties.20:33
jussigenii-around: Just one question so far, how many people have you had attending these release parties?20:35
genii-aroundjussi: The first one for Lucid we had about 12-15 people. I missed the Maverick release. Natty it increaqsed somewhat to about 20-25. i am hoping with proper promotion it can get to 50 or more for Oneiric20:36
jussigenii-around: awesome. And how large a deployment of xubuntu did you get?20:37
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genii-aroundjussi: So far we have deployed Xubuntu on about 40 machines. There are about a thousand which we have available20:38
genii-aroundAt the Toronto FreeNet, where i volunteer, we also use Ubuntu on several machines in our office which people can come in and learn on20:39
jussigenii-around: do you have any supporters here to cheer for you?20:39
jussiAny of the ops who wish to say something positive on genii-around's behalf?20:40
genii-aroundjussi: Not sure, i did nopt specifically ask anyone to attend20:40
* LjL hugs genii-around and cheers20:41
genii-aroundI just now asked in #kubuntu-offtopic, but on Sunday afternoon who knows :)\20:41
IdleOneI am here20:41
IdleOneI 100% support genii-around for membership.20:42
jussiLjL: any positive/negative comments regarding genii-around's membership application?20:42
LjLi don't really know much of genii's ubuntu-related activities though. i can say he's good peoples though :)20:42
jussiright. tsimpson, thoughts?20:42
tsimpsonspeaking from personal experience, I'm all for membership for genii-around20:43
jussigenii-around: Well, based on what I read on your wiki and here, and what I have seen with my own eyes, Im ready to +1 this.20:43
eagles0513875i would like to support genii-around for his ubuntu membership bid :D20:43
tsimpsonand it's extra special as it's the first IRC membership20:43
jussiSo with that, lets pass it to the list shall we?20:44
IdleOneyay! genii-around is #120:44
eagles0513875\o/ :D20:44
jussitsimpson: would you mind putting something wrt to this on the wiki/TR? I can write the mail to the list.20:44
eagles0513875shame the list cant be bypassed genii-around great guy and knows his stuff.20:44
genii-aroundI just asked again in our LoCo channel for supporters, dscassel the head of Ubuntu Canada did already write a good review on my wiki of course20:45
tsimpsonjussi: I'll just get a ticket and other councillors can vote20:45
jussieagles0513875: we need to have quorum, (3 members saying +1). Hence it going to the ircc list/tracker20:45
jussitsimpson: yeah20:45
tsimpsongenii-around: you can encourage people to mail the ircc with support until we get a vote together :)20:46
eagles0513875ahh ok :D20:46
jussiAnyway, I do declare this "meeting" over20:46
LjLnice to meet you20:46
eagles0513875jussi: mind if i start another discussion / meeting here20:46
genii-aroundI'd like to thank everyone for their consideration in this.20:46
jussieagles0513875: I would expect you to go look at the calendar and see if there is somethign else on20:47
eagles0513875my bad20:47
* IdleOne hopes genii-around won't let membership go to his head and stop making coffee for us (when it is officially approved)20:47
tsimpsonIdleOne: nah, he'll just start serving it in Official Ubuntu Mugs ;)20:48
eagles0513875IdleOne: hehe agreed on that20:48
eagles0513875jussi: there is an ubuntu gaming meeting O_op20:48
eagles0513875in bout 10 min20:48
IdleOneWe get mugs?20:48
tsimpson"virtual" mugs20:48
* IdleOne emails rt@canonical.com for his mug20:48
IdleOneoh :(20:49
tsimpsonones that don't actually do well with liquids...20:49
* eagles0513875 slides IdleOne his big virtual mug20:49
jussicould probably now move elsewhere...20:49
* genii-around makes more coffee, of course20:50
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BluesKajI'd like put in a positive opnion about genii's application for Ubuntu Membership . He's been a tremendous help for everyone needing it, and his patient attitude and encouragement to those wanting to learn linux/(k)ubuntu makes him a very a strong and deserving candidate.21:54
IdleOneBluesKaj: the "meeting" is over but you can email the IRCC and give your +1 see /msg ubottu appeals for a email address21:59
IdleOnethey still haven't taken a final vote on it so I think you should email :)22:00
BluesKajIdleOne, IRCC ..email ?22:02
IdleOneIRC Council22:02
BluesKajwhat's the email address , IdleOne ?22:04
IdleOnelooking for it22:04
BluesKajok thanks22:04
IdleOneBluesKaj: see PM22:05
BluesKajIwas away for a few hrs , so otherwise I would have posted this earlier22:05
ioBluesKaj: the link that ubottu gave shows ircc-appeals@ubuntu.com as the email address22:10
iowell, it actually shows ircc-appeals@ubottu.com but I'm guessing that is a typing error22:10
BluesKajlo, thanks , IdleOne dug the address up for me.22:21
BluesKajlo I pm'd you with the address22:21
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