Kilosafternoob superfly and others13:46
Kilosafternoon actually13:46
superfly'noob Kilos :-P13:47
KilosMaaz, how about a cuppa13:55
MaazGrrr , Kilos You know you need to ask properly and correctly. No typo's allowed13:55
KilosMaaz, sorry13:56
MaazKilos, it's ok13:56
KilosMaaz, coffee on13:56
* Maaz starts grinding coffee13:56
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!14:00
KilosMaaz, thanks a lot14:00
MaazKilos: my pleasure14:00
Symmetriayay, I bought me a 16 disk pink floyd box set <3 14:03
* Symmetria mp3s it to stick it in his car14:03
Symmetriapink floyd > * :P14:03
Kilosi am sure i listened to them about 35 years ago14:04
Symmetria*snort* pink floyd is a lot younger than that :P 14:05
Kilosoh ok, thought they were same time as led zeppelin and those14:05
Symmetria:P the wall was released in 1979 ok so not that much younger14:05
Symmetriastill one of the best albums ever released14:06
Kilosi am 4 years out14:06
Kilossue me14:06
Symmetrianot my fault that they dont make decent music anymore :(14:06
Kilosevery now and then there is a good song that stands out14:07
Kilosi really enjoy no matter what by boyzone14:07
Symmetriamost modern music has no meaning to it, its all so... superficial :P it irritates me 14:08
Kiloshey Symmetria you the networking specialist14:09
Symmetriaheh I know a little bit about networking yes14:09
Kiloshow do i tell my network manager to forget looking at 'europium.canonical.com ' every 20 to 30 secs14:10
Symmetriaheh, that I have no idea about :) thats not a networking question, its a linux question14:10
Kilosanything from 15b to 300b at a time14:11
Symmetriasorry mate :) I honestly dont know enough about ubuntu's network manager14:12
Symmetriaespecially since every ubuntu box I run is a server and I don't run anything like that 14:12
* Symmetria doesnt run linux desktops14:13
Kilosnot a prob Symmetria . someone will know how to configure it14:13
Kilosaw. you miss all the fun14:13
Symmetriahehe nah, I run osx as desktop <314:14
Kilosi will try that one day maybe14:14
Symmetriahehe you can install it on normal pc hardware but it doesnt run as well as on mac hardware14:15
Kilosthere are a few i would like to try but will never leave ubuntu14:15
Symmetrianever say never :) 14:15
SymmetriaI said the same about slackware in like, 1994 :P 14:16
Kilosno man ubuntu has been good to and for me14:16
Symmetriayes :) but never is a longgggggggg time :)14:16
Kilosnot when you are my age14:16
Kilosat least at this age everything is downhill14:17
Symmetriaanyway :) off to read book, back later14:17
Kiloshi MxG you new here?14:26
MxGSorry for long delay, am new yes14:52
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za MxG 14:53
MxGThanks :)14:53
* nlsthzn waves15:36
* Kilos waves back to ahab land15:43
Kiloslo apie15:43
apielo kilos /o15:43
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos :)15:45
Kilosyou well nlsthzn 15:45
=== apie is now known as kbmonkey
Kilosdie son sak en die apie is weg15:48
nlsthznKilos: getting better by the minute actually... in another 11 hours I will end my "4 days then 4 nights in a row of 12 hour shifts from hell" ... 15:48
kbmonkeyhows all doing?15:48
Kiloshiya kbmonkey 15:48
nlsthznHey monkeyman15:48
kbmonkeyek's nog hierso Kilos, was n bietjie weg vir die naweek gewees15:48
Kilosek het n lekker prob vir julle slimmes15:49
Kilosi use iftop to monitor network action15:49
Kilosas soon as i connect to vodacom there is some site that i get the address as europium.canonical.com:ntp 15:51
Kilosthats apart from the vodacom ones15:51
Kilosand it uses between 15b and 300b evry 20 to 30 seconds15:51
nlsthznsounds like the time server15:52
Kerberojip it does15:52
Kiloshow do i configure network manager to ignore it or disable it15:52
Kerberoseeing that the port is the NTP port15:52
KerberoKilos: sudo gedit /etc/ntpd.conf15:52
Kerberocomment alle lyne uit wat met server begin15:52
Kerberoof gaan na die date&time gui15:53
nlsthznthere should be a GUI also that you can say not to use NTP in time and date prefrences I am sure15:53
Kerberoen disable die internet syncing15:53
Kilos ok i go try edit15:53
Kerberoek persoonlik wil juis he^ my PC moet oor die netwerk sy tyd sync15:53
* nlsthzn is mostly lost in Linux land so to actually have half a clue on something makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside15:53
Kerberomaar mens kan deesdae nie uit die gui uit die server kies nie15:54
Kerberoso dan moet ek die conf file edit15:54
Kilosya thats why i did that originally kbmonkey  but now data is more important15:54
nlsthznA lot of distro's gives you the option when installing to use ntp and to choose your server... I guess that is seen as to advanced for Ubuntu15:54
Kerberothey just force you to use the canonical servers these days15:55
Kilosthat file is empty15:55
Kerberodalk is dit ntp.conf15:55
Kilosalso empty15:56
Kerberojust realised i don't have ntp on my netbook15:56
Kilosbut now you say its for time updating i think i can find it15:57
Kerberodaar is 'n gui wat ek oop het voor my15:57
KerberoTime & Date15:57
* Symmetria looks at his travel itinerary for august and cries15:58
Kerberohy staan op "Set Time: ... Automatically from the internet" selected15:58
Symmetriacpt -> jnb -> lnd -> fra -> ams -> fra -> jnb -> acc -> els -> cpt -> jnb -> kla -> jnb -> cpt <=== my airport routing for the first 23 days of august :P15:58
Kerberomens moet dit dan net op manually sit15:58
Kilosen manual15:59
nlsthznSymmetria: sucks to be you... then again I would love to see all those countries, even just briefly15:59
KerberoSymmetria: but you're paid for it15:59
Kilosek is skere dis hy. dankie kbmonkey 15:59
Kerberoand likely you fly business class15:59
Symmetriaheh Kerbero true, but its very very very tiring and no, they dont fly you business class unless you burn miles to upgrade15:59
Symmetriaheh that much flying is totally exhausting16:00
Kerberoin that case i will agree with you16:00
Kerberoone internasional flight+connecting flight+3 hours on the train almost killed me16:00
Kerberowhen i came back it was the same in reverse, but much easier16:00
Symmetriaheh, I also need to get to cameroon, kenya and rwanda by the end of the year16:01
Symmetriaand probably one more trip to tanzania and one to mauritius16:01
Kerberoi havn't been in africa yet16:02
Symmetriaheh, I've done africa fairly extensively (egypt, uganda, malawi, namibia, south africa, tanzania, kenya, ghana and a few others I cant remeber)16:03
Kerberoyou've been to south africa?16:03
Symmetriaheh, then again, I've done the world fairly extensively16:04
Kerberoi still need to see america and australia16:04
KerberoSymmetria: when you are in ams, what language do you speak?16:05
Symmetriabrazil, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Egypt, Uganda, Malawi, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana16:05
SymmetriaI'm sure there are a few I've missed on that list16:05
Kerberocan't you speak afrikaans?16:05
Symmetriaheh, I can speak and understand basic afrikaans, but have you ever actually tried to communicate with the dutch in afrikaans?16:06
Symmetria:P good luck 16:06
Kerberoi communicate with them in dutch16:06
Kerberoso no prob16:06
Symmetriathey can understand you fine, I think you'll have issues trying to understand them :P 16:06
Symmetriaoh, you speak dutch?16:06
Symmetriaheh, I can follow afrikaans fairly easily, I CANNOT follow dutch for shit :)16:06
superflyIf they speak slowly, I can understand dutch16:08
Symmetria:P have you ever met a dutch person that does anything slowly?16:08
Symmetriaunless they have been hanging in their coffee shops :P16:09
Symmetriathen the whole world slows down16:09
Kerberoone shouldn't go to a coffe shop in Ams16:10
Symmetriaoh yes one should :P16:10
Symmetriathey are awesome places :P16:10
Kerberothe "local" ones are better16:10
Symmetriasome of their pizza shops sell awesome pizza as well, their space pizza goes down like a treat :P16:10
Symmetriait just makes you kinda hungry16:10
Kerberothose in the city are meant for tourists16:10
Kerberonormally there is a pizza shop right next door to the coffee shop16:11
Symmetriaheh, there are plenty of coffee shops that arent in the RLD though, hidden away, that my dutch friends take me to :P16:11
Kerberook, that's better16:11
SymmetriaI've been more stoned off dutch pizza than anything Ive ever smoked there :P16:11
Symmetriaseriously, beware of dutch pizza16:12
Symmetriaand dutch chocolate16:12
Symmetriaand well, dutch anything with space infront of the name16:12
Kerberodutch chocolate is awesome16:12
Symmetriaand stay very very far away from a place called "the headshop"16:13
Kerberomy parents brought me a stash chocolate again16:13
Symmetriabecause anything you buy off that menu, will screw with your head in ways you dont even understand16:13
Kerberoso i guess the pizzas normally come with shrooms16:14
Symmetriacompile/tsunami-udp/client/tsunami --dlrate=1500Mb 16:14
SymmetriaKerbero no, they mix ground up weed into the flour they make the base with16:14
Kerberoo ok16:15
SymmetriaLOT of it :P16:15
Kerberothat can be bad16:15
Symmetriayes :P you don't realize you're geting stoned till you've eaten the whole pizza16:15
Symmetriaand then it hits you all at once16:15
Symmetriaand you're completely screwed16:15
* Kerbero won't spill the beans now, but had a roughly the same experience16:16
* Symmetria goes for a smoke while he waits for 50gigs of files to download from london16:20
Symmetriaheh, doing 700mbit/second, this shouldnt take 2 long :P16:20
Kerberowhy so slow?16:21
Symmetriaheh disks I'm reading off are hell busy16:21
Symmetriaso slowing it down16:21
Symmetriamore than adequate bandwidth/disk write capacity on the .za end16:21
Symmetriabut the london end is running kinda hot on the disks because of other I/O16:21
Symmetrianormally would be running at about 1.5 gigabit16:22
Kilossleep tight all of you. see you tomorrow17:21
Kilosaw i forgot17:21
KilosMxG, introduce your self. what you do? what OS you use etc17:22
Kilosif you need help just ask17:22
nlsthzn:) night uncle Kilos 17:24
Kilosi just waiting to hear from MxG nlsthzn 17:24
Kiloshe is new here17:24
nlsthznMxG: hello :)17:27
nlsthznYou can go to bed Kilos ... we will look after MxG while you are gone :)17:28
Kilosty nlsthzn night17:28
Kilosits too cold again17:28
Kiloswhere your heat packages17:28
nlsthznMaaz: tell Kilos The heat arives the morning of the 20th... dress lightly17:30
Maaznlsthzn: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode17:30
MxGnlsthzn: hi19:04
nlsthznHey MxG ... welcome to the channel :)19:04
MxGam not ignoring anyone btw, was just watching a movie19:04
Symmetria errr, so like, if I have 100 sub directories off a directory, and I wanna tar each sub directory into a single tar per sub directory, someone gimme a command line to do that (irrespective of if the sub directories have spaces in them etc)19:05
kbmonkeyhi again all19:05
nlsthznSymmetria: arj -e -r c:\games a:\19:06
nlsthznoh wait, never mind :p19:06
kbmonkeySymmetria, kind of like: for d in *; do tar -xvf $d...; done;19:06
kbmonkeylol nlsthzn! ;P19:07
kbmonkeybut im not sure if that will also drill down19:07
kbmonkeytested: no drill down :)19:07
nlsthznI am sure my arj flags are wrong... it has been 20 years since I used it :) Best way ever to share the fun of games on PC with others :p19:08
Symmetriaheh kbmonkey doesnt work so well when its got spaces in it :p19:09
kbmonkeyput "$d" quotes around the name19:09
Symmetriadidnt work :)19:09
SymmetriaI tried: for i in *; do tar cvf \"$i.tar\" \"$i\"; done19:09
kbmonkeyoh :(19:09
Symmetriaheh, it gets kinda screwy :P19:10
kbmonkeyworks for me :)19:11
kbmonkeyfor d in *; do tar -cf "$d.tar" "$d"; done;19:12
Symmetriaheh, I did it with some vi scripting :P19:12
kbmonkeyim liking bash lately!19:12
kbmonkeyit's so functional19:12
kbmonkeyvi scripting? that's new to me19:12
Symmetriaheh, what I meant was, I just stuck the file names into vi and did some search and replace regex foo in vi 19:13
Symmetriato generate a nice script19:13
kbmonkeywatched swordfish again, I lolled at the hacking scenes :p like this one http://ompldr.org/vOWlseg19:17
nlsthznOnly way to hack... in 3D19:19
Symmetrialol, so I bought this 16 disk box set of pink floyd, and I was gonna mp3 the whole lot to stick on my mp3 system in my car 19:19
Symmetriathen I was like, screw the effort of mp3ing em, and went and found the same box set online and downloaded it :P19:19
Symmetriaso much easier 19:19
Symmetriabut I own it, so thats ok 19:20
kbmonkey that's a lot of floyd! :D19:27
kbmonkey+1 for Roger Waters19:28
SymmetriaI found some awesome music 19:50
Symmetriaso I spent 2 much money buying it :P19:50
kbmonkeylook on jamendo.com some great music there! i try donate there when i can.19:51

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