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nhandlerelky, jussi, topyli, tsimpson: Meeting time?18:01
nhandlertopyli: It looks like the other members of the IRCC all have rather long idle times, so they probably won't be around18:04
topylihrm. called jussi, no anwer18:04
topylii now he was going to help a friend with their move. i'm not sure if he remembered about this18:05
topyliwell we don't have quorum then18:05
nhandlertopyli: Should we have k1l introduce himself and ask a few questions and then vote afterwards?18:05
* k1l waves18:05
topylithat would work18:06
topylihi k1l :)18:06
nhandlerk1l: Care to introduce yourself?18:06
k1lhi :) yep i can start18:06
k1lHi everyone, my name ist Achim Behrens, i am 26 and from Cologne/Germany. I am studying sports sience, row in the first german rowing league and i am the junior coach at my club.18:06
k1lhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/k1l and https://launchpad.net/~k1l18:07
k1lafter a false start with linux (graphic card drivers related on opensuse) i tried breezy some time lateron with a new machine and since then i am using it first in dualboot and after that on daily use.18:07
k1li got to know the german support and offtopic channel and started to help users where i could give a hand. in 2008 the german op team asked me to join their team. today i am one of 2 ops who are still active since then and was granted superop rights from the teamleader to setup flags and stuff for new ops etc.18:07
k1lbesides that i tried to help with some german translations in rosetta after i found myself a very strange one in a released ubuntu, but as you can see on my karma there wasnt much spare time last year.18:08
nhandlerk1l: When exactly did you become a "superop" in the -de channels?18:08
k1lehm, ~1 year ago. have to grep logs to find exact date18:09
topylithat's exact enough i suppose :)18:10
nhandlerk1l: Out of curiosity, I noticed some change to your flags about 4 days ago. What was that about?18:11
k1lnhandler: we decided to give the very active an known supporters the +V flag. this should motivate others to become a supporter and to show new users who to follow if there are 2 opinions what to do.18:13
nhandlerk1l: Ok. I also noticed that most of your translation activity was from last year (despite saying you did not have much time). Are you still doing translations?18:13
k1l(we had some issues where people advised dirty workarounds  and when other supporters tried to stop that the users didnt know who to follow)18:14
topyliit's rather cunning. marketing and motivation in one stroke :)18:15
k1lafter i found some curious translation i decided to help there. im not in a translation team i just pic the pakets which are mentioned is the german translation team to be urgent or i pic some where there are just few left to be done.18:16
k1latm i have no spare time for that because im on my diploma thesis. but after that i want to do translations. its very easy to do while you hang around in irc or sth like this :)18:17
topylik1l: you're heavy on loco contributions, including the -de channels. how come you decided to join the members through irc contributions, not through the regional council?18:18
k1lactually i was at last americas membership board meeting. but they told me to come here because they couldnt rate my contribution on the irc and i had no testimonials.18:20
topyliwell yes, your irc contributions surely dominate there18:21
k1l(because of my training schedule i couldnt participate in the emea board meeting so far)18:22
topylik1l: i don't think we have any more questions. do you want to add something yourself?18:24
k1lno, i think i said all i wanted.18:26
topylialright. we don't have quorum so we can't vote and make the actual desicion. i hope it's ok if we vote as soon as we can and let you know by email?18:26
k1lyep, thats ok for me. i know how busy rl can be :)18:27
topylistupid rl18:27
topylii'll just say a word about the other agenda item, namely the good old eir-on-#ubuntu thing18:28
topylithere have been no slackers, and it looks like we hope to start testing in #ubuntu. we won't do that without announcement of course18:29
topylii think that ends the meeting18:30
topylik1l: thanks for coming and presenting well, we'll be in touch ASAP18:30
k1ltopyli: thank you, too. for your time.18:31
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