X-ManThe meeting at 9:00 PM Right?00:17
itnet7X-Man: yes00:18
itnet7How are you btw00:18
X-Manitnet7, Cool Thanks00:18
X-Manitnet7, I have been not to good, I'm looking for a job.00:20
X-Manitnet7, but this week, I used the link for UDS and I got my room for booked00:21
X-Manitnet7, but this week, I used the link for UDS that you sent me and I got my room for booked00:21
itnet7X-Man: sorry to hear that, I hope that you find some work soon00:21
itnet7I am glad that that the link worked out for you!00:22
X-Manitnet7, I'm going down early, when are you getting there00:22
itnet7X-man not sure. It's only like an hour from my place so the weekend before I may just drive over if anyone wants to do some stuff00:23
jamaltaUDS is in oct. right?00:24
itnet7jamalta: it's been moved to the first week in November00:24
itnet7I am pretty sure00:24
X-Manitnet7,  The weekend before is the wine and food festival at epcot00:24
itnet731 October – 4 November, 201100:24
jamaltaah awesome!00:25
itnet7X-Man: are you going to Epcot?00:25
jamaltaI'm glad I'll be able to make it this time, at least a few of the days.00:25
itnet7Awesome jamalta !!00:25
X-Manitnet7, I want to, it is a lot of fun00:25
X-Manitnet7, I will be there Friday before UDS and I want to goto epcot Saturday00:26
itnet7X-Man, Let me see if I am able to save up enough, and maybe I'll join you!00:27
itnet7X-Man: last year, a few of us went to Islands of Adventure and Halloween Horror Nights00:28
X-Manitnet7, I'm in the same boat, being out of work for a while has hurt the wallet.00:28
MichelleQshew, thought I was late.00:29
MichelleQX-Man: mhall119 & I could arrange a sitter and meet you for dinner that Saturday you're at Epcot, if you'd like00:30
MichelleQ:-) 00:31
Mootbot-UKMeeting started at 01:00. The chair is itnet7.01:00
Mootbot-UKCommands Available: [TOPIC], [PROGRESS REPORT], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]01:00
itnet7Welcome to the Florida Team August 2nd Meeting01:00
itnet7Here is a link to our agenda up on the LoCo Directory.01:00
itnet7[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-florida/142/detail/01:00
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-florida/142/detail/ 01:00
itnet7How's everyone doing?01:00
n3gbzGood; you?01:01
MichelleQpretty good.   You, itnet7?01:01
=== AndChat| is now known as himura-xoom
itnet7Hey there AndChat| good, n3gbz excellent, MichelleQ Awesome01:02
* mhall119 is here01:02
itnet7ping maxolasersquad dantalizing tiemonster|home zoopster cjohnston chaynie munz pak33m RoAkSoAx 01:03
itnet7Our First topic.....01:03
itnet7[TOPIC] Ubuntu Global Jam - Chris Crisafulli (itnet7)01:03
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Ubuntu Global Jam - Chris Crisafulli (itnet7) 01:03
itnet7For those of you that have not had a chance to participate in a Global Jam01:04
itnet7[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam01:04
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam 01:04
itnet7This years Ubuntu Global Jam will be happening over the 01:04
itnet7weekend of September 2nd - 4th, 2011.01:04
itnet7This is actually a time where the Ubuntu Community comes together and works01:05
itnet7together online and in person to help make improvements to Ubuntu.01:05
itnet7So far we have one event listed in the LD01:05
itnet7mhall119 and cjohnston 01:05
itnet7will be collaborating on the LoCo Directory during their "Community Web Jam"01:06
itnet7[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1056/detail/01:06
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1056/detail/ 01:06
itnet7mhall119: is that what the plan is?01:06
mhall119loco-directory and also summit01:06
itnet7Oh, cool!01:06
mhall119and we might have the amazing jcastro joining us for his first event as a Florida LoCo member01:06
itnet7Awesome!! On that page if you're interested in participating you're more than welcome to sign up01:07
mhall119we'll also be working in IRC, so people who can't make it in person can join #ubuntu-website and work with us remotely01:07
itnet7I will be e-mailing the list to encourage other events.01:07
itnet7+1 mhall119 !01:07
MichelleQmhall119: what's the location you & cjohnston've decided on?01:07
mhall119right now it's the Starbucks in lakeland, but if statik and jcastro want to attend it'll probably be moved to Orlando01:08
MichelleQokey doke01:08
itnet7Lupine and I are probably going to do a little something too01:08
mhall119if anybody else wants to hold a jam, really all you need is a buddy and a starbucks01:09
itnet7and chuck of course01:09
itnet7Some of the different items that you can work on... Bugs, Testing, Upgrade Testing, Documentation, Translations, Packaging, or any Other type of contribution you can think of...01:09
mhall119you can also find online-jams, and join up with some local friends to work with other people around the world01:10
itnet7[TOPIC] Team Party - Michael Hall (mhall119)01:10
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Team Party - Michael Hall (mhall119) 01:10
itnet7[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1084/detail/01:10
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1084/detail/ 01:10
MichelleQcome eat y'all - Nov. 5. My house01:11
mhall119so in 2009 we held a big party at my and MichelleQ's house for the entire loco team01:11
mhall119in 2010 we held a pizza party at UDS01:11
mhall119this year we're planning to do another party at our house, the weekend after UDS finishes01:11
itnet7On the LD page, do you want to add what you need for us to bring?01:12
mhall119so if anybody is planning on travelling to Orlando for UDS (and you really should if you can), plan to come over to Lakeland the Saturday afterwards before you leave for home for some good fun and food01:12
MichelleQyes, please, itnet701:12
MichelleQand also some slightly-intoxicated merry-go-rounding01:12
itnet7so like last name A-D drinks, E-H, Chips, or potluck?01:12
itnet7Sweet MichelleQ !01:12
mhall119our parties are family-friendly, people will be bringing spouses and children, and you're encouraged to bring yours too01:13
MichelleQitnet7: yeah, pretty much.  The plan is that we're going to BBQ again01:13
MichelleQif everyone else can do sides or desserts, that'd be perfect01:13
mhall119last names ending in "Trevino" should bring tandori chicken and samosas01:14
itnet7Awesome, We're looking forward to it!01:14
MichelleQmhall119: ROFL01:14
MichelleQalso, if you have dietary restrictions (looking at you pak33m) let me know. 01:14
MichelleQand I'll do my best to make those accommodations happen01:14
itnet7I think I'll refrain from my diet that day :-)01:15
itnet7[TOPIC] Open Topic01:15
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Open Topic 01:15
mhall119[TOPIC] Welcome Jorge Castro (jcastro) to Florida!01:15
itnet7[TOPIC] Welcome Jorge Castro (jcastro) to Florida!01:16
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Welcome Jorge Castro (jcastro) to Florida! 01:16
mhall119glad you're here, please accept this tropical storm as a token of our appreciation01:16
itnet7Is the weather that bad?01:17
mhall119you know he's watching local weather and thinking "I left michigan for this?"01:17
himurakenNot in winter he wont01:17
mhall119itnet7: we're supposed to get hit this weekend01:17
mhall119himuraken: true01:17
mhall119but then again, everyone from Michigan will be here in the winter anyway01:17
itnet7I can't believe I finally come back to visit NJ, and they have a Heat Wave01:17
itnet7All the years I lived up here I can't ever remember saying it was HOT, until yesterday and today :-P01:18
MichelleQ99* here yesterday01:18
mhall119and coming from a Floridian, that's saying something01:18
itnet7Is everyone planning to attend UDS?01:19
mhall119I haven't heard if my team will be going, but I plan on attending somehow01:20
jamz3243I can't but I might start a hangout on plus01:20
itnet7jamz3243: Sweet!!01:20
itnet7good idea01:20
jamz3243thanks ^^01:21
mhall119does anybody not know what UDS is?01:21
MichelleQif any of your wives/SOs are interested, ubuntu-women (the ones here for UDS) will be having a dinner here at the house mid-week, too.01:21
itnet7Oh, I did have some links set aside let me add them to mootbot01:21
itnet7[LINK] http://uds.ubuntu.com/01:22
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://uds.ubuntu.com/ 01:22
itnet7would you like to talk a bit about it mhall119 ?01:22
mhall119um, sure01:22
mhall119so UDS is a week where almost everybody involved in Ubuntu gets together in the same place to talk about what needs to be done for the next release01:23
mhall119Oct 31 -> Nov 4 they will be holding UDS in Orlando01:24
mhall119anybody who can get themselves there can attend for free01:24
mhall119it's not a conference, like SELF or OSCON, the primary focus of the sessions at UDS are planning features and development plans01:24
mhall119it's a great way to see what's happening in the world of Ubuntu development, how it all happens, how the Canonical the company interacts with community contributors, and just generally meet some really amazing people01:25
mhall119if you can make it at all, one day or all week, I really encourage you to attend01:25
Mootbot-UKLINK received: [LINK]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-P 01:26
mhall119in Orlando they will be planning for Ubuntu 12.04, which will be released in April of 201201:27
itnet712.04 being the LTS release01:28
mhall119itnet7: did I miss anything?01:28
mhall119yes, 12.04 should be the next long term support release01:29
mhall119there's only 6 months between the planning at UDS and the release, so you'll be able to see everything from start to finish01:29
itnet7erictee: are you able to attend UDS this year?01:30
ericteeprobably only two days01:30
itnet7*just tryting to get an idea of who's able to go01:30
X-ManIs the Florida team hosting a welcome party or helping out in anyway?01:31
X-Manfor UDS01:31
itnet7X-Man: Have any ideas?01:31
ericteeIs Jorge Castro part of our group now01:31
MichelleQX-Man: we haven't discussed it at this point, but I'd be willing to help organize, if someone has a good idea for it01:31
itnet7erictee: he's moved to Florida for at least a year01:32
itnet7and he's joined the team01:32
itnet7MichelleQ: We can add that to our next team meeting agenda01:33
itnet7that way we can have a chance to come up with some good ideas :-)01:34
MichelleQitnet7: perfect01:34
mhall119sounds good01:34
n3gbzmonthly meetings or bi-weekly?01:34
itnet7n3gbz: we are going to resume our bi-weekly meeting schedule01:35
n3gbz1st and 3rd Tuesday, right?01:35
itnet7n3gbz: Yes, from 9pm - 10pm01:35
itnet7I will add the meetings to the LoCo Directory and I will update the IRC topic as soon as we are done this evening01:36
itnet7Is it better to e-mail the reminder the day before the meeting? or a week?01:36
MichelleQi have no preference either way01:37
n3gbzday before - 01:37
itnet7I will e-mail the list, about our next meeting, since we would like to try and get some good ideas on a potential UDS event01:38
itnet7X-Man: last year there was some talk about some of the team wanting to do crew01:38
X-Manitnet7,  to do crew?01:39
itnet7Each day at UDS01:39
itnet7they have a group of people called Crew01:39
itnet7two of them go around and change the room listings for each session01:39
itnet7and 1 or 2 of them monitor the video camera's in recorded sessions01:40
itnet7They also help out wherever needed.01:40
itnet7Traditionally it has been sponsored people that do "Crew" duty01:40
itnet7but last year some people were mentioning they might like to volunteer to help during UDS01:41
itnet7I don't know if Canonical would really want us to do that, but if anyone really wanted to help out in that way we can ask01:42
itnet7Well if no one else has anything...01:43
MichelleQIt might be nice to at the very least let them know that if additional crew is needed, Fl. Team is willing to pitch in01:43
itnet7Oh, before I forget01:44
itnet7I want to post the link for the Discounted Rate01:44
Mootbot-UKLINK received: https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=3118055 01:45
n3gbzitnet7: will you be there at uds all week again?01:45
itnet7n3gbz: I am pretty sure I will be01:46
itnet7I have to change the dates on my work calendar once I get back01:46
n3gbzI will probably be there entire week again01:47
itnet7n3gbz: cool01:48
MichelleQI'm looking forward to seeing everyone again01:48
n3gbzme too; glad I met so many last year01:49
itnet7me too01:49
itnet7hey there cjohnston !01:52
X-Manitnet7, one idea for the Welcome Party could be like Hawaiian Luau01:53
cjohnstonumm.. on the last subject, last uds I was the crew chief.. I may be as well this time, so if your interested in crewing, let me know and I'll atleast pass it along01:53
itnet7sounds good01:54
itnet7X-Man: that sounds like a good idea01:54
MichelleQX-Man: interesting idea!01:54
itnet7X-Man: but we have to learn from last year... only like 60 people signed up for the pizza party but we had a lot more come01:54
cjohnstoni guess i have to scroll back to see about the party01:55
itnet7we went through how many pizza's MichelleQ ?01:55
MichelleQoh, lord, like 10001:55
itnet7cjohnston: we are just brainstorming a bit01:55
MichelleQI could have kissed the manager at dominos01:55
n3gbzmaybe tacos this year (for Jcastro)01:55
itnet7MichelleQ: Yeah, they were pretty flexible01:55
jcastro\o/ tacos!01:55
cjohnstonjcastro when does Jill move?01:56
MichelleQI'm inclined to go with snack foods....01:56
jcastrocjohnston:  a week or so, but then we're going to austin for a week01:56
MichelleQjcastro: be sure to bring her with to the Nov. 5 shindig!01:57
itnet7Allrighty then, We covered the Global Jam, and the Party... anything else for this meeting?01:58
cjohnstonuggh.. stop reminding me about the global jam01:59
itnet7lol, cjohnston !01:59
cjohnstoni need to make phone clalse01:59
cjohnstoncalls 01:59
cjohnstonbut first i need to find 5 minutes01:59
itnet7Well, for Mootbot's sake, I'm going to issue and endmeeting02:00
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 02:00.02:00
cjohnstonno! lol02:00
itnet7Sorry :-)02:00
akgranerI <3 y'alls meetings02:00
itnet7ty akgraner !02:00
* akgraner wants to move to FL02:01
cjohnstonc'mon down02:01
X-Manitnet7,  I'm going to think more about party ideas02:01
itnet7X-Man: Awesome! Feel free to start a discussion on the Mailing list so we can all kick around ideas02:01
akgranerI just told pgraner I wanted to move to be part of the LoCo team - he just called me loco02:01
itnet7jcastro: did you get any Miami Ink yet?02:02
X-Manitnet7,  which location did you have the last party? and how many was able to fit in that location?02:02
jcastroheh no02:02
MichelleQakgraner: I have a comfy couch!02:02
itnet7X-Man: we were able to use the Plenary Session main room02:02
itnet7We would have to ask for permission again first, but we might be able to do it again02:03
MichelleQX-Man: the plenary room was large enough to hold the entire UDS attendee-body02:03
X-ManMichelleQ,  Great, I have been wanting to go to UDS for a long time and I could go last year and I want to help throw a killer welcome party.02:04
itnet7X-Man: It was "Pizza and a Movie" night!02:04
itnet7last year02:04
akgranerMichelleQ, be careful what you wish for...02:04
itnet7rofl akgraner !02:05
MichelleQX-Man: can use all the help we can get!02:05
X-Manitnet7, Yea I could come last year.02:05
MichelleQakgraner: I'd be thrilled.  ;-)02:05
X-ManMichelleQ, I have my room booked and I will be there early.02:06
MichelleQawesome.  Let's stay in touch. :-)02:06
akgranerMichelleQ, thanks!02:07
=== itnet7 changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-fl to: || Our Next Team Meeting: Tuesday, August 16th, 9:00 pm EST || Please add agenda items to the LoCo Directory Meeting Page located here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-florida/151/detail/ || Team Website: http://www.ubuntu-fl.org || Florida LoCo Team Party Coming Soon, check out: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1084/detail/ for more information!
X-Manitnet7, Did the Hotel charge to use the plenary room?  Or did you just ask permission to use it?02:28
itnet7X-Man: They did not charge us for use of the room. We asked Marianna (from Canonical) if she could make sure it was alright to use it02:30
itnet7If we come up with another good idea, we will need to ask again02:30
itnet7I think we did a good job with the clean up and everything last time02:30
MichelleQitnet7: we didn't have to worry about clean-up02:34
itnet7MichelleQ: lol02:34
MichelleQWe packed up the food, and set all the trash to the side, and as I went to locate a dumpster, the hotel staff whisked it all away02:34
itnet7Oh, sweet02:34
MichelleQCaribe was *wonderful*02:34
itnet7I just meant we didn't leave it in a big mess02:35
MichelleQno, we didn't thoroughly trash the joint.  :-)02:35
itnet7I forgot they picked it up for us02:35
itnet7gonna get some sleep now02:36
itnet7We might go to Bear Mountain, NY in the morning02:37
MichelleQhave fun!02:37
itnet7When I get back I'll share out the pictures of our Adventures :-)02:37
itnet7MichelleQ: ttfn02:38
X-Manitnet7,  have fun!02:39
itnet7X-Man: thanks!!02:39
jcastrothere's serious lightning going on today!19:50
mhall119jcastro: welcome to Florida21:16
mhall119we call this "summer"21:16
jamaltajcastro: how long are you in FL for?23:19
mhall119a year23:20
jamaltaoh so he's moved to FL? cool!23:23
jamaltathat reminds me, i haven't mentioned it here, but we're moving back as well :)23:25

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