C_Smith*is hit with a bowling ball* FINLAND!!!!00:16
C_Smithjust barely made it for the meeting, eh?02:12
jvlbWell, I guess that remains to be seen.02:12
C_SmithI myself was helping print of directions to Puppetlabs, me not being familiar with portland (save for the route from Salem to OHSU)02:13
C_Smithnone of the people here are.02:13
C_Smithsitting here watching tv waiting for people to start this thing.02:14
jvlbI would have expected bkerensa, since he sent out a reminder.02:15
C_Smithyeah, he may be running late. I myself am a newcomer here.02:15
thefinn93hey we're supposed to be having a meeting02:16
C_Smithdo you use Pidgin?02:16
thefinn93wow ok02:16
thefinn93i'm gonna call bkerensa02:17
C_Smithjvlb, do you use Pidgin?02:17
thefinn93ok then, went to Voice Mail02:18
C_Smithhmmmm, looks like something came up with him?02:18
thefinn93if he doesn't answer something soon i'm gonna post his number here we can all call it02:18
jvlbI'm using ChatZilla.02:18
thefinn93XChat FTW02:18
C_Smithah, cool, I myself am using Pidgin, all my IM and chats combined into one app.02:19
thefinn93I tried using Pidgin02:19
thefinn93for IRC02:19
thefinn93it was aweful02:19
thefinn93really slow02:19
thefinn93always locked up02:19
thefinn93then i found XChat02:19
thefinn93ohh kay he's not showing up02:22
thefinn93so i'm calling the meeting to order02:22
thefinn93I should probably have reviewed what i'm supposed to do02:22
thefinn93oh well02:22
C_SmithI have the agenda up in firefox now02:23
thefinn93as do I02:23
thefinn93the agenda, for those that don't know, is located at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam/Meetings/11August3102:23
thefinn93If you have any last minute additions please bring them up at the end02:23
thefinn93I'll leave time for that02:24
thefinn93Item #102:24
thefinn93Moving team meeting information to Loco.Ubuntu.com02:24
thefinn93it appears that ben moved the info to loco.ubuntu.com02:24
thefinn93or maybe he wants to?02:24
thefinn93i'm not reallys ure02:24
thefinn93thoughts on this? comments? suggestions?02:24
C_SmithI say the move, if it hasn't already happened, should02:25
thefinn93jvlb, any opinion?02:25
C_Smithif only for the sake of convenience.02:25
jvlbTar baby don't say nothin'02:25
thefinn93anyone else have anything to say?02:25
thefinn93there are 20 people in this channel02:26
thefinn93are 17 of them really idling?02:26
C_Smithit's not unheard of.02:26
thefinn93Item #202:26
thefinn93Ubuntu Global Jam at PuppetLabs02:26
thefinn93We're holding the Ubuntu Global Jam at PuppetLabs in Portland this Saturday02:26
thefinn93comments, questions, suggestions, etc?02:27
C_Smithon that subject, I have this to say, I'll be bringing a couple of packages of cookies.02:27
thefinn93cookies are good02:27
jvlbIs there anyone from Salem wishing to carpool?02:27
C_Smithmainly because I haven't seen them brought up as being brought02:27
C_SmithI would offer to carpool if I had say in that, but I'm being drivin by my guests.02:28
C_SmithI have no car, nor license.02:28
jvlbI have a car and one empty seat.02:28
C_Smithlet me see if I can get them to carpool02:28
jvlbNo big. Just thought I throw that out.02:29
thefinn93that'd be cool. Carpooling is always good02:29
thefinn93if we do anything not in Portland I'll probably carpool there02:29
thefinn93do you wanna work out the car pooling thing?02:30
C_Smithok, I have a maybe on the carpool, I can give you a yes or no later.02:30
C_Smithwe have to ask the driver who is driving us, and that's one we have to call.02:30
thefinn93everyone saw the swag that Ben sent a picture of out?02:31
C_SmithIt'll likely be tomorrow you get an answer.02:31
C_SmithI saw it, that stuff looks sweet.02:31
thefinn93I've also got a box of various Ubuntu stuff02:31
C_Smithalso, a question on that,02:31
C_Smithcan I get some of that for my guests?02:32
thefinn93i don't see why not02:32
C_Smithlike I have said before, this is going to be one of the highlights of my weekend.02:32
thefinn93this is going to be the only thing happening over my weekend02:33
jvlbHave we finished with item 2?02:33
thefinn93Item #302:33
thefinn93Oneiric Release Party Planning02:33
thefinn93this is totally up to Ben02:34
thefinn93I'm not even gonna be there02:34
jvlbCall it a party and I'll show up.02:34
thefinn93does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, etc related to that02:34
thefinn93anything else?02:34
C_SmithI'll have to plan ahead for the release party, but if it's on a weekend, I should be able to make it.02:35
jvlbIs it expected that it will be held at Puppet Labs.02:35
thefinn93I have no idea02:35
C_SmithI blame school for that restriction on my time02:35
thefinn93fair enough02:36
thefinn93jvlb, I know there was discussion of holding some of the release parties in different cities02:36
jvlbThe Biblical 7-day week may be implicated, as well.02:37
thefinn93Item #402:37
thefinn93Ubuntu Hour02:37
jvlbI'm in Salem; it's pretty different.02:37
jvlbWhat is Ubuntu Hour?02:37
thefinn93Good question02:37
thefinn93that's what I know02:37
thefinn93I haven't heard anything about this02:38
thefinn93any thoughts?02:38
bkerensahi all02:39
jvlbSounds a bit nebulous.02:39
thefinn93bkerensa, glad you could join us02:39
bkerensaSorry for my tardiness.... I was talking to a realtor/solar company owner02:39
thefinn93you're only 40 minutes late02:39
* bkerensa slaps thefinn9302:39
bkerensaok so where are we?02:39
* thefinn93 demands that bkerensa explain Ubuntu Hour02:39
C_SmithI can, for one hour, give out Ubuntu CD I make (it'll be a limited amount) if that would count, I can also help other users with their Ubuntu troubles to the best of my ability02:39
C_Smithgotta love Lightscribe.02:40
C_SmithI still would have to figure out where I would do this.02:40
bkerensaSo Ubuntu Hour is a event that most locos hold02:40
thefinn93what does it entail?02:41
bkerensaits a social hour on a monthly basis that usually includes going to a bar/restaurant/cafe and socializing and talking linux02:41
thefinn93what did you have in mind for us?02:41
C_Smithwell, if I were to attend, It would have to be from the Salem/Keizer area, I have no way to make it up to Portland for that,02:41
jvlbThe description makes it sound a bit presentational, like for the broader public.02:41
bkerensathats the wiki for Ubuntu Hour02:42
bkerensaC_Smith we will definately look at doing Ubuntu Hour's in Keizer/Salem if there is the demand02:42
C_Smithbeing as I am 19, I can't walk into a bar legally.02:42
bkerensaC_Smith well we can go to a restaurant/bar02:43
bkerensaor even a cafe02:43
bkerensaits open to our loco's discretion where we hold it02:43
C_Smithif it helps, I could scope out places in Salem for that.02:43
thefinn93that'd be awesome02:43
C_Smithdarned dog02:44
C_Smithtoo afraid to go out the doggy dorr02:44
thefinn93alright, anything else on the Ubuntu Hour?02:44
C_SmithI'll scope out places tomorrow, It'll take me a while, but I should be able to find a place02:45
thefinn93ok, last scheduled item02:45
thefinn93Finding a place in the Willamette Valley for members to hang out at (such as in Salem/Keizer)02:45
bkerensaC_Smith: I'm unsure if their are internet cafes in Keizer or Salem but that might be a place to start02:46
thefinn93i guess that's what we're talking about02:46
C_Smithalso, we should revisit item 302:46
C_SmithI'll look for those.02:46
thefinn93yes, now the bkerensa showed up we should02:46
thefinn93Item #3, this time with bkerensa02:46
thefinn93Oneiric Release Party Planning02:46
thefinn93do tell02:47
bkerensaSo I'm thinking we might have this at Backspace although if PuppetLabs were up to it we could do it there again depending on them02:47
bkerensaBackspace is nice but I have hit roadblocks making arrangements with them02:47
thefinn93what about theos?02:47
thefinn93that's where 2600 meets, it's right next door and much quieter02:47
bkerensaThey always give me a generic response of "Uhh we have lots of concerts and e-mail us" I e-mail and they never respond02:48
C_SmithI'll have to plan ahead myself, but I'm looking forward to this, if Guests are welcome, I'll have 1-2 other people with me,02:48
bkerensaI'm unsure if we want to meet at a spot that 2600 meets02:48
thefinn93it's not like we're gonna over lap02:48
bkerensaTheo's is definitely an option02:48
thefinn93glad to hear02:49
C_Smithhmmm, I remember seeing that logo somewhere.02:49
thefinn93it's a magezine02:49
thefinn93and monthly meeting02:49
thefinn93and they all use ubuntu, so, again, no reason we can;t borrow their meeting place02:49
bkerensaLets revisit this Oneirc planning at Global Jam02:50
bkerensathat way I can ponder and we can make some calls02:51
C_Smithcool, I'll be sure and try to be a part of that.02:51
bkerensaI have one thing to note.... Finn how many ppl are you bringing? Can we count on any 2600 people? anyone else bringing guests? Also I thought there were five people here finn02:51
C_Smithand that way I can try and get some of my planning I need done02:51
thefinn93ok, do we want to discuss the Willamette Vally people meeting some more?02:52
bkerensaC_Smith: Could you make the Oneiric party if we did it in Portland this time?02:52
C_SmithI'm bringing probably 4 other people02:52
bkerensathefinn93: We will defer on Willamette Valley so C_Smith can get leads02:52
thefinn93oh and I might bring one person02:52
C_Smithlike I said, I would have to plan it out, but I'd like to make it there. so I'll do my best to make it.02:52
thefinn93she's not sure if she'll be available02:53
bkerensathefinn93: Make it happen :)02:53
thefinn93working on it02:53
C_Smithbut since it's so far in the future, I might have to say for sure at another time02:53
C_Smithbut what day is it on?02:53
bkerensaIn closing does anyone have any final questions for purposes of the meeting?02:53
bkerensaC_Smith: OCt 13 or so02:53
bkerensaAny final questions, comments or concerns?02:54
bkerensaGoing once02:54
bkerensaGoing twice02:54
C_Smithyeah, my foster parents don't plan 2 months ahead.02:54
bkerensaSold to the Tux penguin walking out the door :)02:54
thefinn93ok </meeting>02:54
* bkerensa hereby adjourns this meeting02:54
bkerensafeel free to talk :)02:55
thefinn93bkerensa: you gotta do notes this time02:55
bkerensaI encourage everyone to idle on IRC02:55
thefinn93cuz I actually showed up02:55
bkerensathefinn93: I will02:55
C_SmithI did have something that was really not that important.02:55
bkerensalater even02:55
thefinn93do tell02:55
bkerensaC_Smith: feel free to add02:55
C_Smithbut might help other people, making something like a podcast for the team02:55
* bkerensa isnt gonna do meetings till late tonight so02:55
bkerensaC_Smith: Me and Finn are in the works of that.... It will be called Linuxified02:56
bkerensaPodcast/UStream even02:56
C_Smiththis would make it easier for members to stay up to date.02:56
thefinn93bkerensa, is this gonna be an official Ubuntu Oregon podcast?02:57
bkerensaAdditionally... I'm working on getting a server for the loco for BNC so people can idle easier on irc here02:57
jvlbSo, did you hear what happened when Sarah Palin was told she needed to have a password with eight characters?02:57
bkerensathefinn93: It will be a "friends of the loco" cast that way we can do what we choose versus CoC and other rules02:57
bkerensajvlb: She said Thomas Jefferson told her 4 was ok?02:58
jvlbShe got a puzzled look on her face, then blurted out, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."02:58
jvlbGood night, all.02:59
C_Smithwhen it IS made, please post a link on the wiki, and02:59
C_Smithand I would like to help there, but I'd need some teaching about Wiki editing.03:00
thefinn93oh i saw a good guide to that03:01
thefinn93wiki markdown03:01
C_Smiththe only thing I did to edit the Wiki entries I did, was copy and paste and edit what was needed.03:01
thefinn93lemme find it03:01
thefinn93C_Smith, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:How_to_edit_a_page03:02
C_Smiththank you. that should help out a lot, if needed, using that, I might be able to help with the team Wiki page. can't say for sure, though03:03
C_Smithjust gimme a hollar if you need help with that, and I'll see if I'm feeling confident enough to try03:03
thefinn93we do03:04
thefinn93go for it03:04
C_Smithcool, I'll just need to know what needs to be edited ahead of time.03:04
C_Smithone thing I noticed that was outdated was the team meeting notice.03:04
thefinn93so update it03:05
bkerensaOk guys I gotta run and fix a DOS printing issue... yes I said DOS03:05
thefinn93not Denial of Service03:05
bkerensaC_Smith: Will you be here in a hour or two I can go over the wiki with you then or sometime tomorrow even?03:05
bkerensaFinn give him my gtalk and FB info if he needs it03:06
C_SmithI'll likely be here for a few hours from now, I stay up at times until 11PM03:06
thefinn93i'll be here until much too late03:07
thefinn93ie. 3am03:07
C_Smithmeh, got an automessage and accidentally closed Pidgin.04:20
C_Smithgah, sound system went missing!04:25
C_Smiththere's my sound.04:32
* bkerensa is back04:49
C_Smithhey, there.04:52
C_Smithhad to restart several things..... including the whole system04:52
C_Smithoh, well, everything is working as it should be now! :D04:53
C_Smithalso, I added you in my Email, G+ and Facebook in case you need to get a hang of me, Email so that Thunderbird won't junk it, which is unlikely anyway.04:54
C_Smithalso, you needed to talk to me about something?04:54
bkerensaas for wiki I wanna wait to after global jam so I can meet with finn friday to discuss a new structure04:54
C_Smithcool, well, let me know whenever, I'll be sure and have a notepad open when you tell me, curse my horrid memory.04:55
C_Smithis OSCON usually held around July?04:56
C_Smithcool, I might have to go there next year,04:59
C_SmithI gotta get up early tomorrow, gotta go to an appointment that's not for me.05:00
C_Smithso I'd better get off.05:00
C_SmithI'll try to find a WiFi cafe tomorrow, though. might do a bit of searching online tonight05:01
C_Smithhave a nice night!05:01
=== leguin.freenode.net changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-or to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Oregon Local Community (LoCo) Team! | Webpage: http://ubuntu-oregon.org (has links to mailing list, forum, and more!) | Ubuntu Global Jam: Saturday, Sept 3rd, 2:00PM at PuppetLabs | Next IRC Meeting: Wednesday, August 31st, 7:00pm PDT, agenda is at http://j.mp/njHtzb - feel free to edit and add your own items | This channel is publicly logged at irclogs.ubuntu.com
thefinn93want to send someone some lube?19:13
thefinn93they verify the email tho19:13
C_Smithummm, no, that's okay.19:14
thefinn93i sent some to a bunch of my friends19:14
C_Smithanyway, the reason I came on is a question regarding Oneiric, is the beta relatively safe to install, if I don't care about support? or should I wait for the stable release?19:15
C_Smithas you probably know, it went beta today.19:15
thefinn93i wasn't actually aware that it went beta19:16
thefinn93i imagine it's safe to install19:16
thefinn93but i don't really know19:16
thefinn93i have a server in the basement running it19:16
C_Smithhttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/ubuntu-11-10-beta-released-reviewed/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+%28OMG!+Ubuntu!%29&utm_content=FaceBook that19:16
C_Smiths where I read it.19:16
C_SmithOMG! Ubuntu has been a fairly reliable source for Ubuntu news.19:17
C_Smithbut to be safe, I'll install it on a VM first.19:17
C_Smithnow for lunch19:17
thefinn93no i386 server images19:18
bkerensayou can always upgrade and then downgrade19:20
bkerensasame install19:20
C_Smithhmmmm, well, either way, I'll install it in a VirtualBox (one of the reasons I always have the software handy)19:46
C_Smithmeh, gotta go help someone move at around 3.....19:48
C_Smithhey, Ben, are you using the Beta?19:50
tgm4883Beta FTW19:54
C_Smithyeah, I'm looking into it myself, I'm gonna see how many programs I have installed via repos currently can be installed on Oneiric (Virtualbox will help a lot here)19:57
C_Smithdoubt many of the PPAs I have are upgraded for it.19:58
tgm4883C_Smith, depending on the program, they may not need to be20:00
C_Smiththere'll likely be at least one, though, I have a lot of PPAs added.20:01
tgm4883really? what for?20:02
C_Smithalmost all my software not included with Ubuntu is from a PPA, such as Super Boot Manager, Ubuntu Tweak, etc20:02
C_Smithand Cairo Dock20:02
C_Smithand a bunch more20:03
C_SmithI can easily get 2 lists of different PPAs list (excluding the default repos) in the default size of the list in the other software tab.20:04
C_Smitha lot of my stuff came from browsing Linoob.com and OMG! Ubuntu.20:05
C_SmithJono has done it again! what a guy. http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/09/01/loco-team-portal-gets-blogging-support/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter20:07
C_Smithlooks like this might be a good change.20:07
tgm4883Anyone know if the UDS sponsorship list has been sent out yet?20:08
tgm4883bkerensa, didn't you review an ideapad?20:08
C_SmithI've no clue.20:08
C_Smithand unfortunately for us in the LoCo team blog page, they need the team to be approved, and I don't believe we are....20:09
bkerensatgm4883: I have one but I probably wont review it for a month.... I got it for two months and got to many other things I gotta review20:09
tgm4883is that the 7 in for 199?20:10
bkerensaumm no20:13
bkerensathe one I got is $499 I think20:13
tgm4883looking at the specs for the 7in, i'm not as excited as I once was20:14
C_Smithlol, Dane Cook20:23
bkerensaThe one I have is epic nice20:27
bkerensabetter than a iPad imho20:27
C_Smithbah, the beta doesn't have CDs....20:32
C_Smithmeh, might as well upgrade.20:36
C_Smithbah, the upgrade failed..... >.<20:48
C_Smithoh well, guess I'll wait.20:49
tgm4883C_Smith, the beta doesn't have CD's?21:19
C_Smithnot on the beta page, the daily build page, does, though.21:19
C_Smiththe Beta page only has DVD images,21:21
tgm4883C_Smith, where is the beta page?21:25
tgm4883I'm just looking at the Wiki and it seems fine there21:26
C_Smithhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/oneiric/beta-1/ <- the page I looked at.21:36
C_Smithwhat's the page you were looking at?21:38
tgm4883C_Smith, the non-dvd page21:40
tgm4883C_Smith, from here  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview/Beta121:41
tgm4883C_Smith, go to http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/21:42
C_Smithyeah, that had the images I was looking for,21:42
C_Smithwow.... the upgrade manager finally worked. on the 3rd try21:52
C_Smithbkarensa, are you waiting for 11.10 to go stable, or are you using the new beta?22:01
bkerensaI use Natty not sure what im gonna do for oneiric22:07
C_Smithhmmmm, well, I'm gonna try installing Oneiric Beta 1, if it doesn't go well, I can always go back to Natty.22:26
tgm4883I use 11.10 with gnome 322:31
C_SmithI might have to do that myself, only one of the indicators I use (battery-status) works on Unity.22:33
C_Smithmeh, my connection must not be as good as I thought, several hours to update.23:27

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