average_guyok, got dinner out of the way00:12
pace_t_zuluwrst orias Svpernova09 cyberanger ... PoC ping00:20
pace_t_zuluis anyone here besides myself and average_guy?00:24
average_guyum? hullo?00:25
pace_t_zuluhi average guy00:26
pace_t_zulujust trying to figure out the turnout for our meeting <5min from now00:26
average_guywell, Hi! At least we're here00:26
nathandyerBlue leader checking in00:26
pace_t_zului suspect it may be the titans game00:26
pace_t_zuluhi nathandyer00:29
pace_t_zuluglad you could make it00:29
nathandyerThanks pace_t_zulu! Happy to be here.00:29
pace_t_zulubrb guys ... relocating <1 mile away ... hopefully we'll have a few more arrivals00:31
pace_t_zuluwrst orias Svpernova09 cyberanger ping00:45
pace_t_zuluso nathandyer what region of tn are you in? east, west or middle?00:45
nathandyerI'm from East TN00:46
pace_t_zuluok so you and average_guy are in the same region00:46
pace_t_zuluwe were planning on discussing release parties tonight00:46
average_guyWhere thee GOOD ppl are00:46
nathandyerThe best, really, but who's keeping count?00:47
pace_t_zulunathandyer and average_guy y'all both in knoxville?00:47
average_guyI yam00:47
nathandyerI'm from Elizabethton, almost as far East as possible00:48
pace_t_zulucyberanger is y'alls Point of Contact for East TN00:48
pace_t_zuluhe is in Cleveland TN00:48
pace_t_zuluhe won't be available tonight00:48
pace_t_zuludue to a prior engagement00:48
pace_t_zuluaverage_guy and nathandyer, would y'all be interested in a release party for Ubuntu 11.10?00:49
MootBotMeeting started at 19:49. The chair is pace_t_zulu.00:49
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pace_t_zulu[link] http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/tennessee.team/156/detail/00:50
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/tennessee.team/156/detail/00:50
pace_t_zulu[topic] Ubuntu 11.10 Release Parties00:50
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu 11.10 Release Parties00:50
pace_t_zuluaverage_guy and nathandyer sound off if you're here - for attendance purposes00:50
average_guyand down for a release party00:51
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: that maybe a re-occuring thing too, but won't overlap often00:52
pace_t_zulucyberanger: fantastic00:52
pace_t_zulunathandyer and average_guy ... cyberanger is the East TN Point of Contact00:52
cyberanger(if I didn't walk here, left when it ended, I'd be ontime00:52
pace_t_zulucyberanger: nathandyer is in Elizabethton and average_guy is in knoxville00:52
cyberangerbut first meet, later than ususal, so I'll rea the notes00:52
pace_t_zulucyberanger: we just started now00:53
cyberangerthat makes knox the middle-ish area00:53
cyberangerah, good to know00:53
pace_t_zulucyberanger: that's where i was going  with it ... so this would be more your arena00:53
pace_t_zulucyberanger: may i yield to you with regards to the current topic - seeing as everyone present (myself excluded) is from east tn00:54
pace_t_zulu[idea] knoxville is most central between cyberanger and nathandyer00:56
MootBotIDEA received:  knoxville is most central between cyberanger and nathandyer00:56
cyberangerthat might be a little off, for a meeting we can vary some00:57
cyberangerare you both wanting a release party?00:57
nathandyerI would like to see one, but I think it is unlikely I would be able to attend due to my current circumstances. But, who knows?00:58
pace_t_zulucyberanger: average_guy expressed interest ... he's in knoxville00:58
average_guyI think "wanting" is a strong word, but as I am new to the team, I would come check it out00:58
pace_t_zulucyberanger: anyone else you know of in the knoxville area?00:58
pace_t_zuluseems inappropriate to be planning a middle tn meeting with no other middle tn members present00:59
cyberangertill today I thought i was it again00:59
cyberangerwalking back home, 10-15m01:00
pace_t_zulucyberanger: if it's all the same to you ... i'm considering adjourning01:00
pace_t_zulucyberanger: perhaps you can carry on the discussion with nathandyer and average_guy01:01
pace_t_zuluhow do y'all feel about that?01:01
pace_t_zulumotion to adjourn ... does anyone second that motion?01:02
MootBotMeeting finished at 20:02.01:02
pace_t_zului'm going to watch the titans01:02
cyberangerhalfway home01:04
average_guycyberanger: whatchin doin walkin?01:07
nathandyerI hate to skip out, guys, but I have some stuff I have to get caught up on for tomorrow. It's been fun!01:11
cyberangernathandyer: glad to see you at a meeting01:12
average_guygoodnite nathandyer01:12
nathandyercyberanger Glad to be here! Night average_guy!01:13
cyberangeraverage_guy: the hard thing with our size still, if a single person misses, it's two at a restraunt on a day off01:14
average_guyno doubt01:14
cyberangerif two people miss, even worse01:14
average_guyyou say THAT like it's happened01:15
cyberangeron top of that, if the one that shows isn't a local....01:15
cyberangerwell, we've had size issues in this group, big on IRC, in a very big state01:16
cyberangerprying that cat5e from somebody's hands to come out, transportation issues, high gas costs01:16
average_guyyeah, I feel ya01:17
cyberangerthere is always a reason to expect the potential for a low turnout01:17
cyberangeronce myself (I've been the head of east tn twice now, trustee for nearly a year in the middle) and a different head of west tn met up in middle tn01:18
average_guywell, here's my thing...  I don't understand the point of a "release party" or this group in general really01:19
cyberangerwe were expecting two or three more from middle tn, luckily nlug did get the news, 4 at a table, my drive met nearly every detour & delay imaginable01:19
cyberangernew release of ubuntu, we party, lemme fire up my main laptop (not this cli only netbook) and maybe I can help show the idea better01:20
cyberangerthis group, that's a tricker one, means defining people01:20
cyberangerUnit193: fyi, pianobar on underpowered netbook, nice tunes, no flash crash01:21
average_guyI mean, the general goal of this group is what?  Why was it created?01:21
average_guySimply to advocate the use of Ubuntu in the local community?01:24
cyberangerwell, I can tell you why we ( pace_t_zulu wrst myself & others who I don't see present tonight ) restarted the group in Dec. 200801:24
cyberangerwe all had an intrest in ubuntu, and an intrest in learning, sharing & swapping expirences about our use of it01:25
cyberangerthere are different reasons it starts, I think you hit canonical's goal for it on the head though01:25
average_guyso what is the goal of a "release party"01:25
average_guyjust to check out the new release?01:26
cyberanger(something some of us are willing to do, however a little reluctant I must admit myself, being that I'm not a fan of the current release)01:26
cyberangerwell, it varies by event, in short, a celebration for another release01:26
cyberangerbut some groups have gear they hand out (ubuntu cd's t-shirts, so on)01:27
cyberangerothers have demo of it setup01:27
average_guyso, how do WE get that?01:27
cyberangerour attitude in knoxville towards that in the past was the simple approach, show off our setups at best, but otherwise dinner & chat, a good night offline01:28
cyberangerI think the release party is hard to describe due to having to be at it to help define it01:29
cyberangersorta a group defines the mood01:29
cyberanger(I may do cd's, but can't afford cd's, shirts & gas to knoxville, gotta draw the line)01:29
average_guyLol, No, you need to get  cononical to come off that stuff.01:30
cyberangeraverage_guy: can you travel?01:32
average_guyI have a jeep01:33
average_guyI not rich though01:33
wrstcyberanger: sorry got tied up!01:34
cyberangeryeah, same boat, I see any travelling favors somebody here, if it was just you & me, I'd see about merging with a party due east, I'm also considering we both head to Elizabethton for the release party, if nathandyer 's circumstances are merely tranportation01:35
cyberangerbut yeah, same boat, if I do a knox thing, it's 100mi of gas, at 16mpg, not too pretty01:36
average_guyI'm down for whatever01:36
cyberangerwrst: plans in cookeville?01:36
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: nashville?01:36
cyberangeraverage_guy: how far is reasonable, for a decent turnout01:37
cyberanger(I don't mind doing it for three people with that turn out actually happening, I actually don't mind doing it for two people, but parties = crowds, we all know three's a crowd ;-))01:38
cyberangerwrst: you are a TN PoC now ;-) hope you'd consider a cookeville event ;-)01:38
average_guy Elizabethton is pretty far01:40
wrstcyberanger: not for sure we gots a month let me see what can get going :)01:42
cyberangerwrst: seems klug has bit the bullet, and I'm getting a close view of cooklug01:43
cyberangerlooking at boosting numbers, if we actually have an event, I wanna try and insure some turnout (esp with new intrest)01:44
cyberangerwrst: has cooklug actually gone quiet01:48
cyberangerI mean, are they active01:49
cyberangeraverage_guy: one of the hard parts with this is we used to invite the lugs to insure a little more turn out when we were smaller, now we have one lug in east tn, here in chattanooga01:50
cyberangernext closest is asheville, nc or nashville, tn01:50
cyberangerin terms of actitivy that is01:51
average_guyyeah, sounds like we need more membership in east TN.01:52
cyberangeroverall numbers vary, releases they tend to grow, holidays fellas disapper for family, summer idk, family too I guess01:54
cyberangerso we're kinda right there in the slow spot, whole state needs a boost01:55
wrstcyberanger: cooklug is pretty well quiet01:56
wrstbut cyberanger we have quality!01:57
cyberangerthe loco you mean, or cooklug?01:57
wrstcyberanger: in cooklug two of the main guys moved off including igneous who are speaking with01:58
average_guyI'm not really that excited about a new release either. I rode mint till the wheels fell off - support was over, couldn't get features I wanted.. I don't NEED to upgrade every 6 mo.02:03
average_guywhy I've been interested in rolling distro's lately02:04
average_guybut what I've GOT it workin for me02:04
cyberangerwrst: ah yea, that we do, (my big mouth would like to add, more quality than unity has)02:05
cyberangeraverage_guy: debian testing (and distros based on it) are pretty close to rolling as one can get without going crazy with arch & slackware02:05
average_guyyeah, I'm delving into arch02:06
average_guyI like the idea of it02:06
wrstarch is actually pretty stable, but average_guy, cyberanger unity in 11.10 is really looking nice so I'm thinking by LTS time Ubuntu will hit another home run like they did with 10.04 and 8.0402:07
average_guyThat IS my main complaint about Ubuntu.. I don't want to keep upgrading.. I'm not really seeing any increased functionality, just different themes and visual stuff..02:09
average_guyI don't care that much about how it looks02:09
wrstaverage_guy: i have to agree with you somewhat on ubuntu seems like its much more looks oriented, but to get it out to the masses a slick interface is necessary02:12
average_guythat is true02:13
cyberangerwrst: I degress, I think bugs getting fixed is a bigger priority, followed shortly by documentation for your own product02:13
cyberangerlooks are nice, but why devote resources to it, if you don't take time to document your work02:14
average_guyIdk. To me, Linux is general's strength is it's stability.  That's what attracts people.  You can't try to compete with Apple on cool interfaces02:15
wrstcyberanger:  can't argue there becaue ubuntu's documentation sucks02:15
cyberangerthey moved the buttons over in 10.04, a large outroar came from it, they said it was to assist in a new notification bar, and I still have yet to see that bar02:16
cyberangerconfuses former windows users I'm trying to convert02:16
wrstyeah that was i think because shuttleworth has a lust for macs02:17
cyberangersome interface choices seem to be counterproductive to new users too02:17
cyberangeraverage_guy: next meeting we'll see about release parties (as trustee, I was pretty insistant about community events, I'm trying to keep that same insistant requirement here, it's a good community event, near the moment everyone seems to be looking for a celebration of sorts)02:32
cyberangerman, just found out the thrashers moved02:43
cyberangerwinnipeg nedded a pro team again, but it stole one of two pro rinks from me (granted the preds have been better on average it seems, I just don't like fighting my way in & out of down town)02:44
* cyberanger points out to everyone in the area, I'm a hockey nut, not a american football fan02:44
wrstcyberanger: didn't know the thrashers had moved, can't say atlanta is exactly a hockey hotbed02:47
cyberangerwrst: and the stats prove it02:48
cyberangerwinnipeg fought for their team, and the Chairman of the NHL at that time was moving small (but dedicated) markets to warm weather cities, amoung them was atlanta02:49
wrstyeah didn't notice that but I don't keep up with much off season hockey short of what i hear about the preds on nashville sports talk02:50
cyberangerand this is just proof that guy (while I commend him for trying to export hockey further, and areas was sucessful) was a nut for dislodging great fans from their teams02:50
cyberangeryeah, same here (I'm looking at dates for a few months out though, but probally just gonna go with the ususal small league trip (or get lucky at a blackhawks game ;-))02:51
cyberangerand noticed that looking for atlanta02:51
cyberangerduring the season though, bam02:53
wrstwell i'm off to bed have a good night cyberanger, average_guy02:54
cyberangernight wrst02:57
* cyberanger considers the same idea, tosses it around02:57
* cyberanger gets bored, grabs a tennis ball to toss instead02:58
* cyberanger gets bored again, sees a shiney penny, puts it in his wallet & goes to watch Mr. Deeds, night all03:02
cyberangerhttp://www.crackle.com/c/Mr._Deeds if anyone else wishes03:04
Unit193Looks like cyberanger didn't put me on anything like he said he would ;)05:43
=== Xpistos1 is now known as Xpistos
XpistosWhat up yo s!13:40
cyberangerUnit193: IRC has a problem with fine print13:55
cyberangerXpistos: not much how's your day13:56
Xpistosnot too shabby13:57
cyberangerUnit193: fine print: Unit193 will orginize the first tennessee loco release party in another state, failure to do so will make you my minion for life >:-)14:08
wrstcyberanger: I thought Unit193 was your minion anyway ? :)14:09
* cyberanger is suprised Unit193 has yet to comment on my mininion joke16:43
* cyberanger figures he's having an offline expierence17:02
=== Xpistos is now known as XpistosAtLunch
cyberangerXpistosAtLunch: bring me back some too17:55
* cyberanger is hungry17:55
Unit193I'm online now though18:20
wrstabout time you get here to defend yourself Unit19318:22
Unit193Can't, it's about 97F here and I'll be lucky to fight that off...18:23
* cyberanger laughs, gives his minion a day off, after all, I'm not running hell (and is sounds as hot as hell there ;-))18:28
XpistosAtLunchPeanut butter anyone19:08
=== XpistosAtLunch is now known as Xpistos
* cyberanger raises his peanut butter covered hand19:08
Unit193It's really funny if you read that as head... No thanks though19:11
* cyberanger couldn't find the cookie jar19:12
cyberangerow, I think I bit a finger, no never mind, just a thumb, I only need one of those for the space bar19:17
Unit193Being in AC is so great...20:44
cyberangerUnit193: as somebody who (willingly, for a change) just got done walking a mile in a town ignorant of pedestrain rights under traffic laws, I agree20:48
XpistosThat settles it Windows 7 is stupid!20:48
Unit193We don't have it at home, but I don't walk places in this heat20:48
Unit193Xpistos: I wouldn't disagree. What's it doing?20:48
cyberangerXpistos: I see a typo there, you added a 720:52
Xpistosspecifically and in general20:56
XpistosCouldn't map a network drive using the Share name but could with the ip address20:57
average_guyWhy ARE you walking cyberanger?22:49
wrsthey average_guy hope all is going well22:50
average_guyHey wrst :)  Everything is coo here.  How r yu?22:51
wrstdoing good, about to have some people over so checking email etc before I disappear for the night22:57
average_guyHave fun wit that22:57
wrstwill do see you later average_guy23:01

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