Hamedالسلام عليكم16:13
Hamed‏‫هل من احد هنا16:14
nlsthznHi Hamed16:14
Hamedكنت اتسائل16:16
Hamedهناك برامج بورتابل للابنتو16:16
nlsthznSorry... not understanding16:16
Hamedبرامج لاتحتاج للتحميل16:17
Hamedاسف برامج لاتحتاج للتنصيب16:17
Hamedوتعمل على توزيعات عديدة سوف ارسل الرابط الان16:17
Hamedلكني لم افهم كيف16:19
Hamedهل رايتها اخي16:19
Hamedهل انت موجود16:20
nlsthznHamed: I am not sure what client you are (or what language/font) using but the only text above I can read was the  link... the rest I can't...16:30
Hamedi want to running some programmes16:35
Hamedbut with out installation16:35
Hamedit's portable programmes16:35
Hamedbut i can't16:35
nlsthznAh ok... what seems to be the problem...16:37
nlsthznHamed: did you follow the steps like shown on the link?16:40
Hamedmesh kamla16:41
Hamedw mesh fahem 7aga16:41
Hamedba3d ma anzel albernameg a3mal a16:42
Hamedwa anazel elbrameg al bortable mnin16:42
Hameddo you know arabic or not16:42
nlsthznSorry only english... this is a new channel and we don't have many people yet...16:44
nlsthznIn time we hope to have more people, so that we can help in arabic too16:45
nlsthznHamed: which version of Ubuntu are you using, and which program are you having trouble running?16:50
Hamedana mesh 3aref a3mel a16:51
nlsthznHamed: I want to assist.  But then it will help if you keep it English ;)16:56
Hamedok i am really sorry16:57
Hamedi thought you are arabic man16:57
Hamedi dont know what  i do16:57
Hamedi couldn't understand from where i can download the portable programmes16:58
nlsthznIt seems that this site http://portablelinuxapps.org/ is the one you want17:01
nlsthznBut to be honest I have never tried any of them...  I preffer to use the Software Center to just install...17:02
Hamedok thank you very much17:06
nlsthznHamed: if you get a specific error or issue make a turn again and we can see if we can get it going :)17:08
Hamedok thanks alot17:13
* Miriup liked the Arabic chatting that went on early in that channel.17:34
nlsthznWas cool... pity nobody that could assist in Arabic in return17:35

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