Kilosmorning superfly maiatoday and others05:50
maiatodayHi Kilos05:55
Kiloshi ender05:58
superflyhi Kilos06:09
inetprogood mornings06:21
Kiloshi inetpro 06:25
Kiloshiya kbmonkey 08:00
kbmonkeyhya Kilos 08:00
kbmonkeysorry i got rudely cut off last time08:01
Kilosi really hope you got broadband going for tonights meeting08:01
kbmonkeyhe he08:01
Kilosdont laugh08:01
Kilosmake it work08:01
kbmonkeyi have 10Mb wifi vouchers so I might need to dc to recharge during the meet, lols08:01
Kilosrecharge at 7pm and dont do anything else till meeting over08:03
kbmonkeyotherwise how are things08:03
Kilosnot too bad ty lad and with you08:03
Kilosbeen very quiet here08:03
kbmonkeyyesh you don't have me to banter with as often ;)08:03
kbmonkeyI'd send you photos but it's tricky with your bandwidth too08:04
Kilosyeah its lonely08:04
kbmonkeyI could resize them really small I guess08:04
Kiloswhat photos?08:04
kbmonkeysnaps of when I climbed lion's head08:04
kbmonkeyand the beach08:04
Kilosuse gimp and08:04
Kilosno man landscapes are for uncapped peeps08:05
Kilosyou still on holiday?08:06
kbmonkeyI got some freelance design jobs, have another meet in a while08:07
Kilosthats good to hear08:07
kbmonkeytechnically Im still on holiday but I been spending time learning Python programming08:07
kbmonkeytaking opportunity of time to learn skills08:08
kbmonkeyKilos was there an email or something sent to notify the meet details? cant seem to  find any08:09
Kilosnope i dont think so08:09
Kiloswe just announced here08:09
kbmonkeyoh, okay. what time, 19h30 yes?08:10
kbmonkeyKilos I should appoint you the official email notifier ;)08:11
Kilosyou the one with authority to announce on the lists of tonights meet08:11
Kilosi think i told nuvolari to be here too08:11
Kilosyip 7.3008:11
Kilosi think when most peeps see my mails they delete them in case they get stuck trying to help me08:12
Kilosand if i tell maaz to announce he says i announce not the hear ye bit08:13
kbmonkeyha ha ha! well I read your emails!08:14
Kiloslol, no good 2 peeps know about the meeting08:16
Kilosevryone must know08:16
Kilosaw ender left without even greeting08:17
kbmonkeyurg, loco ubuntu site is so not user friendly08:17
Kilosender wb08:21
kbmonkeyany topics for the agenda to suggest Kilos ?08:23
Kiloswhew. is there nothing in old meets that hasnt been resolved yet08:25
Kilosmaybe we can plan a huge complaint to vodacom for the bad servise last few weeks08:27
Kiloseven nuvolari stuck on gprs with a usb modem08:27
kbmonkeygreat idea!08:29
Kilosoh ya even inetpro was stuck on 2g as well08:31
Kilosit seems country wide08:31
kbmonkeyI heard the sea cable has troubles08:32
Kiloswould be nice if someone knows someone at vodacom and get him/her here for the meet08:32
Kilosoh ya but that surely shouldnt kill local services08:32
Kilosi see their CEO is a tweeter as well08:36
kbmonkeyI dropped off the tweeting scene :(08:36
Kilosgoogle vodacom CEO email address08:36
KilosMaaz, google vodacom CEO email address08:36
MaazKilos: "Vodacom's CEO Replies Directly To Angry Twitter Followers" http://www.businessinsider.com/pieter-uys-twitter-2011-7 :: "Pieter Uys appointed as Vodacom CEO" http://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/pieter-uys-appointed-as-vodacom-ceo-2008-07-11 :: "Vodacom CEO email address" http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/366512-Vodacom-CEO-email-address :: "iPhone 4 here end September, tweets Vodacom CEO | memeburn" http://memeburn.com/08:36
Kilosyeah but lots of the guys tweet all day08:37
kbmonkeyyes, I got info overload from it08:38
Kilosi only go their on the odd accasion from pidgin, but even pidgin sleeping mostly08:39
kbmonkeywell I'll chat to you laters Kilos 08:58
kbmonkeyand sdehaan 08:58
kbmonkeyand nuvolari 08:58
Kilosok i will be back tonight08:58
Kiloswhen data gets to 1 meg i go off till night08:59
magespawnhowdy all08:59
Kiloslo magespawn 08:59
Kilosmeeting tonight hey08:59
magespawnokay will try to be there08:59
Kiloslol, dont try, do09:00
* magespawn checks data available on cell09:00
Kiloshere at 7.30pm09:00
Kiloseish the data curse09:00
kbmonkeyinfo overloads error09:01
magespawnyup should be able to come have 37 mb left09:01
Kilosmagespawn, no pc at home?09:01
magespawnokay 09:01
magespawnyes but no land line09:02
Kilosuse the cell as a modem09:02
magespawni can but it uses less data if i do it from the phone09:02
Kilosyeah but kinda hard to type09:03
magespawnnah i have n900 full keyboard09:03
Kilosi used jedirc on fone but whew what a job09:03
Kilosoh not tiny keys like the bb09:04
Kilosi think bbm should turn most peeps off messaging09:05
magespawnrelatively small keys but a typable layout09:06
Kilosthose with fingers not pins09:06
Kilosok long as you at the meeting09:07
Kilosi think the fly has one too09:07
Kiloszeref-c, wb tail and all09:11
zeref-cPew pew09:11
kbmonkeyKilos I managed to get them pictures down to 155kb, resized small, if you keen for some scenery :)09:12
Kilosmeeting here tonoght hey09:12
zeref-cHi kilos09:12
Kiloskbmonkey, its actually going to the sites with a browser that uses unnecessary data09:13
kbmonkeylaters alligators09:13
Kiloschow now09:13
zeref-cAnybody here used open bravo?09:13
kbmonkeyKilos, dont use the browser thatis your pc defaults inaction09:13
kbmonkeyrather use wget 09:13
kbmonkeywget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18686471/images/cape-town-lions-head.tar.gz09:13
kbmonkeyto dl directly09:13
Kilosoh can wget do pics09:14
kbmonkeyit is a gzip archive09:14
Kilosand they .tar.gz09:14
Kilosdont you need to convert .tar to .jpg09:15
Kiloshehe you laughing again09:15
Kilosi wget and see09:15
kbmonkeyno, you open the .gz archive in file-roller09:15
kbmonkeydouble-clicking it should work, you will see how it works09:16
kbmonkeythe images are stored inside the archive09:16
magespawnzeref-c what is bravo?09:16
kbmonkeyyou extrtact them09:16
kbmonkeyokay gotta go09:16
magespawnlater kbmonkey09:16
Kiloslater kbmonkey 09:16
kbmonkeyhope to chat again tonite magespawn :)09:17
zeref-cIts an erp, companies use it to manage their clients and products09:17
magespawnfound it left out the open09:18
KilosMaaz, tell kbmonkey ty. nice pics. and well shrunk. need to learn how to do that some time09:33
MaazKilos: Okay, I'll tell kbmonkey on freenode09:33
magespawnKilos do you have anything like Gimp?09:36
Kilosyip i use gimp09:36
Kilosimage and scale i think09:36
Kilosand shotwell to crop09:37
magespawnyup then the archive manager to zip them all up, this makes them even smaller09:38
Kilosdidnt look that far into gimp09:38
Kilosarchive manager in gimp?09:40
Kilosi dont see one09:40
magespawnno it is in the file manager 09:42
Kilosah ty09:42
Kilosit says it cant create the archive09:43
Kilosactive type not supported09:43
magespawnhold on09:43
Kilosjpg i used09:43
magespawnshould just select the files then right click select compress09:44
Kilosok i try09:45
Kilosya that works ty magespawn 09:45
magespawnno worries09:45
magespawni have my mythbuntu running09:49
Kilosyay that took a while09:50
magespawnja had a lot of other work this weekend so only got back to it know09:50
KilosSuperhuman, meeting here tonight hey10:08
Kilosnuvolari, dont forget tonight10:08
KilosSubOracle, you so quiet. never say anything10:09
Kilossecbrid, meeting here tonight at 7.30 please try attend10:09
SubOracleKilos: Haha10:10
SubOracleActualy just the quassel core has been online, havn't connected to it for months :P10:11
Kiloswell now you know we having a meeting tonight10:12
SubOracleYea, saw on the mailing list10:13
Kiloslol. some of the guys dont worry about them so i nag here too10:14
* Kilos wonders where highvoltage is10:14
Kilosgot caught up in the power cost increases10:15
Kilosnow gone solar10:22
KilosMaaz, coffee on10:22
* Maaz starts grinding coffee10:22
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!10:26
KilosMaaz, ty10:30
MaazEnjoy Kilos10:30
magespawnKilos now having problems getting the ati graphics card to work. may just use the mythbuntu without it10:40
Kilosthats what i do10:41
nuvolari:O o/ lo everyone11:32
WolfeyesHello all and Kilos :-)11:49
* Wolfeyes sits eating a lemon.11:52
magespawnhowdy nuvolari  and Wolfeyes 12:25
magespawnKilos had a brain wave and I am now moving the mythbuntu hardware to a flat old style desktop12:26
magespawnspray painted it first so the whole thing is black12:27
enderHi Kilos!!!12:34
nuvolarihowdy magespawn 12:38
* nuvolari tips hat12:38
* ender tries to tap his hat, but then comes to a revelation12:39
magespawnwhats up?12:39
magespawnno hat?12:39
enderyea :(12:39
enderbut still, hi guys (without any hat tipping)12:42
magespawnno worries we will not hold it against you.12:53
enderyou can't, i dont have one :P12:55
zeref-cMeh, unity feels so wierd12:59
enderwhich you running? natty or  oneiric?13:02
Kiloshi guys13:14
Kilosender, welcome to ubuntu-za13:15
enderhaha, Thanks Oom Kilos13:16
Kiloswho are/was/am you13:19
enderI am who I am, but a humble servant13:20
enderMaar ek ken jou nie (so ver ek weet nie).  :)13:21
Kilosthen where you get oom from13:22
Kilosnuvolari, no forget meeitng hey?13:23
Kilosmeeting either13:23
nuvolariKilos: thanks oom, I won'nt forget13:26
ender[15:44] <Kerbero> Kilos -> ender, ender -> oom Kilos13:26
Kiloslol jou skelm13:27
enderwas n bietjie besig met werk daardie tyd, het nou die dag vir my n irc proxy opgestel spesiaal vir sulke gevalle13:28
nuvolariKilos: hoe laat is dit nou weer oom?13:28
Kilosskelm skelm13:29
Kilosnuvolari, 193013:30
zeref-cKilos, is there a meeting 2nites13:34
Kilosoh miss13:35
Kiloszeref-c,  is the girlfriend of zeref13:35
zeref-clulz, she was just using my phone that time13:36
Kilosha ha13:37
enderthats what they all say13:37
Kilosso its zerefs cell not zerefs chick as i thought13:37
enderafter a drink or 213:37
zeref-cWas using unity today, felt wierd.13:38
zeref-cLol, enders13:39
zeref-cApps r on the side, not on the top. 13:40
Kiloshi nlsthzn welcome to ubu za13:40
nlsthznHi uncle Kilos , thanks for the welcome :)13:41
Kiloshey nlsthzn 13:41
Kiloszeref-c, aw thats not lekker13:41
nlsthzno/ to all13:41
Kiloshehe, meet tonight nlsthzn 13:41
zeref-cThink i'll b goin wit gnome 313:41
nlsthznKilos: I saw... a bit late for me, but I am sure I can lurk the first half hour :)13:42
Kiloszeref-c, are the panels not movable13:42
enderhaha 'uncle' nogals13:42
enderno :(13:42
enderit has to ne on the left13:42
Kilosno add remove panel option even??13:44
Kilosbut on the right only13:45
zeref-cI dont know bout movin to the right13:46
Kilosoh dunno where i got that idea from, see now you said side13:47
Kiloswith gnome they cant be top, bottom or sides13:47
Kilosnlsthzn, unity 2g is that same as gnome classic13:48
Kilosor is it unity with everything the same but no 3d graphics13:48
nlsthznGnome 2D = 3D (almost)13:49
nlsthznGnome-Fallback that comes with Gnome Shell is closer to the old Classic13:50
Kilosty nlsthzn . cant be too bad13:51
magespawnlater all see you at the meeting14:06
Kilosok magespawn 14:06
Kilosno be late14:06
Kilosyou got lots to learn14:06
nlsthznHuis toe vir my !!14:41
Kiloslater dan nl14:41
kbmonkeywb Kilos 15:20
Kilosty kbmonkey 15:20
kbmonkeycan you believe murphey is at it again15:20
Kilosyou broadbanding?15:20
Kiloswhat the swine did now15:21
kbmonkeyno on wireless by thebackpackers15:21
kbmonkeyjust got late notice the census folks are coming my way 8pm tonite. lol15:21
Kilosfor them15:22
kbmonkeylet them wai15:22
Kilosis there no one at home??15:22
Kilosthey didnt see me at all15:22
Kilosswaar told them i here15:22
superflykbmonkey: I probably won't be at the meeting this evening, I don't have a permanent internet connection at the new house yet, and we need to go back to the old house and sort out stuff15:22
kbmonkeythat's okay superfly 15:22
Kiloseish superfly 15:22
kbmonkeyum I don't even think we have anything to talk about, except the last minutes15:23
Kiloskbmonkey, my brat will join you when you start the lpi course15:26
kbmonkeyit's a big mission moving house, init superfly :p15:26
Kiloshe just started with the book the weekend15:26
superflykbmonkey: it is15:26
Kilosmoving sucks big time15:26
kbmonkeymy plans didnt work out 100%, now Ill have to stay in a house share instead of renting a place. hmmm. murphey15:27
kbmonkeyno idea where I'll put the washing machine! lol15:28
Kilostakes months to get everything sorted out as it was15:28
kbmonkeyhow old is your brat Kilos ?15:33
kbmonkeyliving in CT?15:33
Kilos36 i think15:35
Kilosin rustenburg15:36
* nuvolari feels nauseous from hearing the word "moving" in the context of house15:39
Kilosha ha15:39
* nuvolari gaan soos mis maak en in die pad val15:39
Kilosnuvolari, die apie is darem hier15:39
Kilosmooi loop sien jou later15:40
nuvolariokei is reg oom!15:42
nuvolariwelkom terug in die cybortubes kbmonkey 15:42
Kiloskbmonkey, we can try work a strategy to get direct contact to the voda ceo15:43
kbmonkeydankie nuvolari!15:43
kbmonkeyonly used 0.3MB the last20 mins, irc is very lean15:43
Kilosit doesnt help foning their help15:43
kbmonkeywhy do we want their ceo again kilos?15:44
kbmonkeyfor that linux laptop deal?15:44
Kilosthe operators there think everyone is a fool and string you along and try blame your fone or modem first15:44
Kiloswhat deal?15:44
kbmonkeylet me find that article link...15:44
Kilosto complain about poor service15:44
nuvolarivodacom was all over me yesterday and today15:46
KilosMaaz, google vodacom CEO email address15:46
MaazKilos: "Vodacom's CEO Replies Directly To Angry Twitter Followers" http://www.businessinsider.com/pieter-uys-twitter-2011-7 :: "Pieter Uys appointed as Vodacom CEO" http://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/pieter-uys-appointed-as-vodacom-ceo-2008-07-11 :: "Vodacom CEO email address" http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/366512-Vodacom-CEO-email-address :: "iPhone 4 here end September, tweets Vodacom CEO | memeburn" http://memeburn.com/15:46
nuvolaricalled me 3 times!15:46
kbmonkeyubuntu based netbook on contract via vodacom15:46
nuvolariI missed it twice15:46
Kilossomewhere there i hope15:46
kbmonkeyelinks http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/News/Vodacom-Vodafone-Webbook/15:46
nuvolariand they even DM'ed me on twitter to ask for an additional contact number15:46
Kilosthere lots of stuff to hunt through15:46
kbmonkeynot a good deal IMHO15:47
Kilosi cant i already on 1.9m for the day15:47
kbmonkeyor at the least, they should make all ubuntu updates free off the local repos15:47
kbmonkeyill give you the quick version Kilos 15:47
Kilosyeah that could help15:47
Kilosjust his email address15:48
kbmonkey10" screen 512MB RAM 4GB storage for R1,50015:48
Kilosremember i have 512m lappy ram here15:49
Kilos512 is a bit min to run ubuntu nicely15:49
kbmonkeyif you pay R1899 you get a contact modem with 100MB per month data15:50
kbmonkeyso its really not that great a deal, plus they lock you in a contract. rabble rabble rabble!15:50
Kilos100m is nothing unless you only do emails and irc15:51
kbmonkeyfacebook users will use that in a day15:51
Kilosif we can get them to do a special for linux users i am sure they will get more customers on broadband15:52
Kiloswhen you fone them for help they cant even help you set up a fone as a modem unless you on winsucks15:52
Kilosand with a new install you looking at 2 to 300m updates alone15:53
kbmonkeyfree ubuntu updates, free freenode access, and free ubuntuforums. that would benice15:53
kbmonkeyjust like mweb does free local15:54
Kilosyeah thats can help lots15:54
superflynuvolari: the new house is like 3 times the size of our old one... do you remember our old one?15:55
kbmonkeynot only that, it would setup a solid support network for ubuntu users15:56
Kilosfreenode can use more than a meg a day just refreshing to  adams.freenode.net:8001   15:56
Kilossakhi, wb15:57
KilosJabberwockyA19, dont miss tonights meeting hey?15:58
Kiloskbmonkey, do you get linux tips in your mails16:00
enderdis n awesome naam16:00
enderasof hy nie regtig bestaan nie16:00
KilosMaaz, define jabber wocky16:00
MaazKilos: I don't know about jabber wocky. Maybe you meant jabberwocky?16:00
KilosMaaz, define jabberwocky16:01
MaazKilos: jabberwocky n 1: nonsensical language (according to Lewis Carroll)16:01
enderdie Jabberwocky project was in Better Off Ted, naam vir n pjocek wat nooit bestaan het nie, maar niemand wou dom klink deur nie te weet wat dit is nie16:02
JabberwockyA19thanks for the heads up Kilos!16:16
Kilosyou been to quiet lad16:16
JabberwockyA19currently busy with examinations16:16
Kilosah, sorry, good luck16:17
JabberwockyA19thanks I've only got 3 left :)16:18
Kiloshope all goes well16:20
Kiloskbmonkey, i asked you if you get the mail from linux tips16:25
kbmonkeylinux tips? no I don't, that a site?16:26
Kilosi will forward you the last one16:27
Kiloseverythings is links but no actual site shown16:28
Kilosthey have sent some good tips in last coupla years16:28
Kilosi think i registered there when i first started and sukkeled with the main ubuntu lists16:29
Kilosthen the fly showed me the za side to life16:30
magespawnhowdy all16:33
Kiloshi magespawn welcome16:33
magespawnKilos guess what?16:33
Kilostell me16:33
Kilostoo old to guess16:34
kbmonkeyhi magespawn ender and zeref 16:34
enderhi kbmonkey 16:34
magespawni broke the pins on the hard drive for the mythbuntu machine16:34
magespawnhi kbmonkey16:34
Kiloswow magespawn how did you manage that16:34
Kilosbroke or just bent?16:34
magespawni bent the one the tried to straighten it, then snapped it off16:36
Kilosyou gotta be gentle, there is an old afrikaans saying16:36
Kilosmet geweld kan jy jou finger in jou gaai af breek16:36
Kilosis this in the ide connector magespawn 16:37
kbmonkeyha ha Kilos! never heard that one16:37
magespawnlet me explain16:37
kbmonkey... wat soek jou vinger in jou gaai in the eerste plek, dis die vraag16:37
magespawngot the drive second hand16:38
Kiloswhew magespawn with lotsa work you can replace that pin from one off another scrap drive16:38
Kiloskbmonkey, ha ha16:38
magespawnthe plastic around the connector was broken already, and i was not paying attention16:38
Wolfeyesheya magespawn 16:39
magespawngot another drive or three so kit okay16:39
magespawnhey Wolfeyes16:39
endermagespawn, what all you you run with mythbuntu?16:39
magespawnhad spare parts machine and i am putting a entertaiment centre together16:40
Kilosits all about geweld man16:40
KilosWolfeyes, welcome16:40
Kilosmagespawn, to straighten bend pins you need a tool lots like a longnose pliers but without teeth16:40
WolfeyesWhy ty Kilos 16:40
kbmonkeyhello there Wolfeyes 16:40
enderi tried XBMC, but my videos lag for some reason16:40
kbmonkeyknow that feeling magespawn, killed a few pins in my day too :p16:41
Kiloskbmonkey, he my brat16:41
magespawnhad that but i think thet were already damaged from previous owner16:41
Wacemanhi guys, hope everyone is doing well. Got a video driver problem, wondering if someone can help? Installed 11.10 on an old pc (800 mhz, nvidia geforce 256) - When I install the Current nvidia driver, unity doesn't load... just the desktop and a menu bar... if I install an older version it says the driver is activated but not installed... problem is it's very slow without the driver16:41
kbmonkeyyes those old ide pins were fragile like that16:41
Kiloswhat sizedrive magespawn 16:41
magespawnender maybe it is a graphics problem16:41
Kiloshi Waceman welcome to ubuntu-za16:42
Wacemanthanks Kilos16:42
Wolfeyesheya kbmonkey 16:42
kbmonkeyWaceman what model nvidia card is it? search the ubuntu wiki for supported cards16:42
Wolfeyeslol @ brat16:43
WacemanI think it's a Geforce 256... eish it's been awhile since I bought the thing ;)16:43
endermagespawn, without XBMC, running it straight on ubuntu it works fine though :(16:43
magespawni think there is a way to look it up Waceman16:43
magespawnender that is strange16:44
Kilostry looking in synaptic16:44
WolfeyesKilos, you said 7 or 7:30?16:44
magespawnender what is XBMC? desktop?16:45
endermaybe codecs used in XBMC16:45
WolfeyesMaybe if this client doesn't come back I can still get home in time.16:45
WolfeyesYou don't know how long it is Kilos ?16:45
magespawnwhat do you do Wolfeyes?16:45
Kilosthe meet should be short16:45
kbmonkeywhat are we going to talk about Kilos? lol16:45
enderyes desktop, can run it as OS, but om running it on top of ubuntu 10.0416:46
Kilosvoda for starters16:46
WolfeyesAt the moment I am busy with the installations of computer software and the hardware for clocking machines and time and attendance magespawn.16:46
magespawnmaybe thats the problem ender16:46
magespawnsounds like fun.16:46
WolfeyesI am loving it at the moment.16:47
KilosWaceman, look in synaptic and type in nvidia in the top little search block16:47
enderyea, but its supposed to work, and i use the pc as a network series, music and movie server, so have to run ubuntu as well16:47
WolfeyesThe can always be improved but I am not complaining it is work that I love and I have time to learn further in the computer direction.16:47
WacemanKilos: I had to install Synaptic since it doesn't automatically come with 11.10... and I've installed all the nvidia drivers I can find on there?16:48
magespawnalways good to learn Wolfeyes16:48
WolfeyesIt is ...16:48
kbmonkeyWaceman you can run lspci in a term to show your hardware details, it should show the model in there16:48
KilosWaceman, if you can actually look on the card for the model it might help16:49
magespawnender the Mythbuntu runs XFCE as default. maybe try that.16:49
Kilosty kbmonkey 16:49
Kilosi only know the hard way16:49
enderyea i will, thanks16:49
magespawnthats what i meant Kilos just could not remember16:49
Wolfeyesmagespawn, at the moment I am trying to finish to complete this ubuntu server course so I can change the work server to ubuntu.16:50
magespawnmaybe it only runs with the closed drivers16:50
Wacemank, lspci said, "nVidia Corporation: nVidia Corporation NV10DDR [GeForce 256 DDR]16:50
Wacemanfound this: "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto"16:51
nuvolariI am about to loose it16:52
nuvolariforgot my charger at work16:52
nuvolarinetbook keyboard's r doesn't work16:52
Kiloswhat nuvolari 16:52
magespawnfor what nuvolari16:52
nuvolariand vodacom is as unstable as  a spark near tnt16:52
nuvolariif there's any errors in my typing, it's because my connection lags 20 minutes16:53
Kilossomeone else had a nvidia prob here a while back and had to use a force command16:53
KilosWaceman, look what they say here16:55
superflyWaceman: you want to install nvidia-current and nvidia-settings16:55
superflyKilos: ^^16:55
kbmonkeyWaceman https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia16:55
nuvolarioh, and I'm on support. so tonight is the night I might die16:55
superflykbmonkey: no, he most likely just needs to install nvidia-current, which is the binary driver16:55
magespawnnuvolari thats why i work for myself16:56
kbmonkeythat sucks nuvolari :/16:57
Kiloslol magespawn you get up in the morning and kiss the mirror and say morning boss16:57
magespawnyup i just don't get a raise16:58
Kilostough boss you got16:58
Wacemansuperfly: When I install current the speed is improved... or so it seems. But Unity doesn't start... I just get a desktop with a menu item.. and can browse files.. and that's about it.. I can get into desktop settings too, and then All Settings.. and when I click on Additional Drivers it says, the current driver is activated but not in use16:58
nuvolariok, see you guys later, maybe. I need to save my battery17:02
Kilos30 mins nuvolari 17:02
Kiloswace i duuno but maybe you need to uninstall some of the other drivers first17:03
Kiloshopefully the fly has some time to help you17:03
Kilosi gotta go eat quick17:03
enderinstalling mythbuntu-destop 350mb17:04
* kbmonkey eats an apple17:05
kbmonkeysee you laters nuvolari 17:06
zerefanybody used openbravo?17:06
Wacemanthanks Kilos17:07
* nlsthzn goes for a quick shower so he can be in time for the meeting and not miss the snack-bar this time...17:08
kbmonkeygood idea nlsthzn 17:08
kbmonkeythink i'll do that too17:08
kbmonkeyWaceman have you searched ubuntuforums.org for this issue?17:09
Wacemankbmonkey: nope, just googling it the last couple of days..17:10
kbmonkeyyes I don't see any results that jump out either. mmm17:10
superflyWaceman: I don't run Ubuntu, so I can't help you with Unity.17:11
WacemanIt's OK. what do you run?17:12
superflyKDE nut here 17:12
Wacemanhow do you rate Mint?17:12
WacemanI just want to stick some OS on my old PC so that someone can use it... ;p17:12
superflyhaven't used it. Looks pretty slick though.17:13
superflyWaceman: these days KDE is less 3D intensive than Gnome-based stuff17:14
Wacemanso is Kubuntu da sh*t?!17:15
Wacemanalways liked the look of it, never tried it17:15
superflyWell, I really like it, but that's just my opinion 17:15
afrodeitywikikleaks just got suspended17:17
magespawnender i have uncapped adsl17:19
magespawnafrodeity is that good or bad?17:20
zerefwhen is teh meeting17:20
Kilos7.30 zeref 17:21
afrodeitymagespawn: bad17:21
magespawnnever went to the site just followed some of what happened in the news and online.17:22
KilosWaceman, how brave are you17:22
Wacemanpretty brave17:22
Wacemanit's a completely fresh system.. so I can go wild17:22
Kilossee if you can remove those drivers you got in synaptic17:22
Kilos and then install the common one17:23
Kilosi gotta go look17:23
Kilosi am not sure if apt-get autoremove will do that17:24
WacemanSo on my very first attempt, that's the one I installed. I then activated it in "Additional Drivers". Rebooted.. was much faster.. but all I could see what a menu bar at the top "File Edit etc..."17:25
Kilosdidnt it work with the defaults Waceman 17:25
Kiloshi octoquad 17:25
Wacemanthis is an old card17:25
endermagespawn, i have a local mirror :)17:25
octoquadhi Kilos 17:26
enderbut cant stream movies with that though :(17:26
octoquadHi everyone17:26
Kilosah unity giving probs17:26
afrodeity() -  [/]17:26
Kilostry install 2d17:26
* nlsthzn has arrived17:26
afrodeity() -  [/]17:27
WacemanI can log out, and then select 2D that way?17:27
magespawnjust catching a snake brb17:27
Kilosnlsthzn, how you do the 2d with ocelot17:27
kbmonkeyokay back just in time17:27
nlsthznKilos, 2d is installed by default... there is a gear on the log in page... click it17:27
nlsthznMaaz, tea please17:28
MaazEverybody here drinks coffee or goes thirsty17:28
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee on17:28
* Maaz puts the kettle on17:28
kbmonkeyhe doesn't like making tea17:28
nlsthznHe doesn't have enough class17:28
KilosMaaz, coffee please17:29
MaazKilos: Okay17:29
kbmonkeyproblem is if there's tea, there should be scones as well17:29
KilosMaaz, rusks please17:29
MaazTop shelf behind the calender17:29
nlsthznMaaz, lekker wees17:30
Maaznlsthzn: Excuse me?17:30
kbmonkeywe have a few peeps in here tonight!17:30
Kiloskbmonkey, will apt-get autoremove remove graphics drivers no longer in use17:30
kbmonkeybefore we start, is there anything anyone here wants me to add to the agenda?17:30
kbmonkeyspankings excluded afrodeity 17:31
kbmonkeyI think if any package is not being used, autoremove will take them out17:31
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey and Kilos!17:32
kbmonkeyubuntu-za related topics ;)17:32
KilosWaceman, sudo apt-get autoremove17:32
afrodeitysorry forgot17:32
WacemanKilos: what's that?17:32
Kilosshould remove unused drivers/packages17:33
kbmonkeya bug on the loco.ubuntu agenda site doesnt link URL's properly :p17:34
KilosWaceman, have you done an update17:34
Kilosok sudo apt-get install aptitude17:34
* nlsthzn looks at aptitude strangely... 17:34
Kilosthen sudo aptitude reinstall nvidia-current17:35
afrodeityalias install=17:35
kbmonkeyword of caution: dont mixing using apt-get and aptitude17:35
Kilossorry kbmonkey 17:35
afrodeityalias install="sudo apt-get install"17:35
Kiloswhy nlsthzn 17:35
nlsthznapt-get has super-cow powers17:35
kbmonkeyshall we begin?17:36
Kilosyeah but aptitude does a nice reinstall and cleans up lots of unnecessary stuff17:36
kbmonkeyMaaz thanks for the coffee17:36
Maazkbmonkey: no problemo17:36
kbmonkeyaptitude has a cool cli interface17:36
Kilosyip go kbmonkey 17:36
octoquadKilos: you can also do sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-current :)17:37
kbmonkeyMaaz start meeting about Monthly IRC Meet17:37
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:37
Kiloskbmonkey, keep a list of commands in a file for me please17:37
kbmonkeyfor Maaz? I will show you, maaz tells you.17:37
WacemanKilos: what is your plan? 17:38
Kiloswhew octoquad thats lots of typing17:38
kbmonkeyMaaz I am Wesley Werner17:38
Maazkbmonkey: Sure17:38
octoquadKilos: really? lol17:38
JabberwockyA19sudo apt-get -s moo ?17:38
WacemanI want to hear it before I start using super cow commands17:38
nlsthznMaaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen17:38
Maaznlsthzn: Done17:38
Kilosbut good to know ty17:38
afrodeityMaaz, I am David Robert Lewis17:38
Maazafrodeity: Yessir17:38
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:38
MaazKilos: Okay17:38
octoquadMaaz, I am Bruce Pieterse17:38
Maazoctoquad: Righto17:38
magespawnMaaz I am Greg Eames17:38
Maazmagespawn: Righto17:38
JabberwockyA19Maaz: I am Willem Dreyer17:39
MaazJabberwockyA19: Yessir17:39
kbmonkeyTonight's meet page URL is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/259/detail/17:39
KilosWaceman, sign in to the meeting17:39
Kiloswe go on after ok?17:39
kbmonkeyfor some reason the previous minutes link on that page opens the wrong URL (page bug?)17:39
Wacemanguys, how do I edit system files if I don't have a terminal? I.e., how do I set myself as root?17:40
kbmonkeyso the proper URL to the last meeting is: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-09-20-17-33-53.txt17:40
nlsthznThat is a huge Agenda17:40
kbmonkeyit's a killer nlsthzn 17:40
kbmonkey(think the page escapes the url into adding an extra %25,but anyways...)17:40
WolfeyesMaaz, I am Ian Sharpe17:41
MaazWolfeyes: Righto17:41
kbmonkeygreat stuff17:41
* nlsthzn sees he was present at the last meeting too17:41
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Review previous minutes17:41
MaazCurrent Topic: Review previous minutes17:41
afrodeity404 not found oops17:41
octoquadafrodeity: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-09-20-17-33-53.txt17:42
kbmonkeySo last time we got Ubuntu CD feedback, any chance someone has CD feedback?17:42
octoquadkbmonkey: you got my e-mail about the link right? :~)17:42
nuvolarii'z here17:43
Kilossign in nuvolari 17:43
kbmonkeyI did thanks octoquad :) the URL is correct in page, but looks like a page bug that open the  wrong URL. oopsie17:43
KilosSubOracle, sign in17:43
Kilostumbleweed, you not joining us?17:44
kbmonkeyPerhaps we can submit that as a bug report to launchpad17:44
tumbleweedKilos: oh, hi17:44
tumbleweedMaaz: I am Stefano Rivera17:44
Maaztumbleweed: Yessir17:44
* nlsthzn wonders if anyone in SA got a CD?17:44
kbmonkeyKilos had a good idea last time to include the ubuntu-za link with CD's we hand out17:45
tumbleweedwe distributed the cape town natty CDs17:45
tumbleweedany news on oneiric CDs?17:45
kbmonkeyjust revisiting that thought so we don't forget it, I wrote the ubuntu-za.org URL on all the Ubuntu CD's I have17:45
afrodeityI think I handed mine out at the Occupy Company Gardens event17:45
afrodeityOccupy Ubuntu17:45
kbmonkeyMaaz idea note the ubuntu-za.org URL on any CD's we hand out17:46
MaazIdea recorded: note the ubuntu-za.org URL on any CD's we hand out17:46
magespawnthis is also one we do ourselves?17:46
octoquadkbmonkey: what about a QR code. I know it's a bit fancy, but for the techies?17:46
nuvolarioh my word 17:46
Kiloskbmonkey, i can make up a short tutorial for win peeps that arent it guys17:47
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:47
Maaznuvolari: Done17:47
kbmonkeysure, a QR is fine, always have a URL too17:47
magespawnthat can be done. ink jet print them onto the cd?17:47
Kilosnone IT peeps are afraid of command line17:47
kbmonkeypersonally I don't use QR's, need a better web enabled phone ;)17:48
* nlsthzn sharpens his permanent marker17:48
afrodeitygood localisation discussion btw17:48
nuvolariKilos: you'll be surprised :P my boss doesn't like the cli17:48
kbmonkeyor print them ona A4 page of labels, peel of stick on17:48
nuvolarihe's only tailing logs :P17:48
Kiloslots of peeps are scared of cli17:49
afrodeitycli or death17:49
* JabberwockyA19 is scared of Windows 8 secure boot17:49
nuvolariI'm lost without it :/17:49
octoquadOk I created one, sharing the link soon...17:49
magespawnone thing i have found ppl are more likely to try it if it look good and professional17:49
kbmonkeythanks octoquad!17:49
Kilosyeah looks are everything to modern society17:50
* nlsthzn sharpens his permanent marker and fetches a stencil17:50
kbmonkeywhich brings to the next point17:50
nuvolariwhat's more professional than a tty?17:50
kbmonkeyubuntu-za site spam comments and our 1970 events 17:50
magespawnalso the official artwork can be used17:50
nlsthznkbmonkey, is it spam comments?17:50
afrodeityI think we need a few minutes silence for Gavin Ritchie and Steve Jobs17:51
kbmonkeyyes nlsthzn, it seems like openid has been surpassed and the posts have spam :(17:51
WolfeyesWho are they?17:51
afrodeitySorry Dennis Ritchie17:51
nlsthzn:( I don't visit the site (except planet)17:51
afrodeityWolfeyes: one is father of unix, other one is the guy who banked unix17:52
Wolfeyesok ty17:52
* nlsthzn sees all the spam... yikes17:52
tumbleweedum, what are we discussing?17:52
kbmonkeytumbleweed the spam on the ubuntu-za.org site.17:53
octoquadSPAM and our favourite friend 1970 events17:53
kbmonkeyjust curious, can we request access and fix those up perhaps?17:53
nlsthznLots happening in 197017:53
tumbleweedyes, I see that, but the last topic change was to CD handouts, as part of a minutes review17:53
octoquadRegarding the 1970 events, me and superfly were unable to fix the problem as we need to dig in the code, but we/I don't have access to the server to do it17:53
Kiloscan you install sugarplum there?17:53
tumbleweedkbmonkey: talk to superfly17:53
kbmonkeyjust part of the previous mins review17:54
superflysorry, been busy, plus without internet17:54
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:54
Maazsuperfly: Done17:54
Kilosnp superfly 17:54
* inetpro does some lurking17:54
kbmonkeyyes it's okay superfly, not urgent, just mentioning it so we don't forget :)17:54
Kilosevening inetpro sign in please17:55
superflykbmonkey: next month should be better - I'm on holiday17:55
kbmonkeynext point in the minute review: meeting chair.17:55
tumbleweedsuperfly: mollom gave me good anti-spam results17:55
kbmonkeyI'll still be around, but we missed last week's meet, I'm so sorry about that!17:56
kbmonkeyso in those cases it would be nice to have a backup17:56
superflytumbleweed: yeah, gonna look at installing that... I also moved the login form to it's own page in an effort to get people to use the CAPTCHA17:56
kbmonkeyIt's really easy, and just like talking on IRC as usual.17:56
superflykbmonkey: I can possibly17:57
kbmonkeyyou can ask Maaz what commands he takes via /msg Maaz help meet17:57
WolfeyesKilos, you have a msg17:58
magespawn i also do not mind doing it17:58
kbmonkeyfor those who are curious. obviously if you want to control Maaz you will need given those rights, 17:58
kbmonkeythanks magespawn and superfly17:58
kbmonkeylet's just call it contingency chairs :)17:58
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer17:59
Maazinetpro: Sure17:59
kbmonkeyoh dear, I completely forgot to change the topic. sorry17:59
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Meeting chair needs a hand17:59
MaazCurrent Topic: Meeting chair needs a hand17:59
afrodeityin the event of destruction of planet earth as we know it due to climate change17:59
kbmonkeyTo recap, superfly and magespawn are possible stand-ins for chairing in emergencies18:00
* inetpro suggests that Kilos helps out with calling the meetings, that is if he wants to be involved18:00
Kilossomething wrong here i am getting 6 0r more lines at a time18:00
kbmonkeyif it's a day where everyone can't chair, then we just default the meet to the next week18:00
maiatodayMaaz I am Maia Grotepass18:00
Maazmaiatoday: Sure18:00
maiatodaysorry i am late everybody18:00
kbmonkeyhello maiatoday 18:00
inetpromaiatoday: wb18:01
* inetpro is also late18:01
Kiloswelcome maiatoday 18:01
kbmonkeywe just finished reviewing the prev minutes maiatoday. our agenda is small but lively18:01
JabberwockyA19hi maiatoday18:02
octoquadOk guys QR codes are ready18:02
octoquadPlain version: http://www.ipuma.za.net/ubuntu-za/Ubuntu_South_Africa.png18:03
* JabberwockyA19 takes out his phone18:03
kbmonkeyIf you here are interested in chairing, but am unsure or a little hesitant, just pop in #ubuntu-za and ask us questions18:03
* nuvolari gives up18:03
kbmonkeythanks octoquad 18:03
octoquadWith link underneath: http://www.ipuma.za.net/ubuntu-za/Ubuntu_South_Africa_w_link.png18:03
nuvolari*facepalms @ vodacom*18:03
KilosQR codes?18:03
Kilosme doff18:03
nlsthznKilos, glorified bar-codes 18:04
afrodeityit looks a bit like a skateboarder18:04
afrodeityif you squint18:04
kbmonkeyoctoquad do those link to ubuntu-za.org?18:04
octoquadyes, I have tested with my phone. I actually created from my phone as well :P18:04
Kilosfor what nlsthzn 18:05
kbmonkeyMaaz idea print QR codes for Ubuntu CD's (addition to ubuntu-za.org URL)18:05
MaazIdea recorded: print QR codes for Ubuntu CD's (addition to ubuntu-za.org URL)18:05
nuvolariok, I'm leaving, as I have a lag of > 30s18:05
magespawnyou can put small graphics in the middle of the code if you want to get fancy like the circle of friends18:05
JabberwockyA19octoquad: works here too, S60 5th18:05
nuvolarisee later everyone18:05
nlsthznMaaz, It is a block thingy you take a photo of with your smart-phone and it will go to the url it points to etc18:05
Maaznlsthzn: I already know stuff about It18:05
octoquadJabberwockyA19:  awesome ;)18:05
kbmonkeyKilos its to put on the CD's for those savvy folks. still put the URL too18:05
nlsthznKilos, , It is a block thingy you take a photo of with your smart-phone and it will go to the url it points to etc18:05
kbmonkeylater nuvolari 18:06
kbmonkeyokay moving on18:06
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Ubuntu hour for November18:06
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu hour for November18:06
kbmonkeyWho is keen for an ubuntu hour?18:06
octoquadI think http://www.ipuma.za.net/ubuntu-za/Ubuntu_South_Africa_w_link.png is a better on to be used with link underneath, just in case they can't read the QR code18:06
octoquadbetter one rather18:07
maiatodayare you still in capetown kbmonkey, if you are we can try to organise an ubuntu hour after 10 nov?18:07
superflykbmonkey: me, if it's the 3rd week of November or later18:07
kbmonkeybeing new in cape town, I'd like to have an hour here :)18:07
JabberwockyA19I agree octoquad, one with link underneath18:07
maiatodayI know queery is super busy with his thesis and people round here are writing exams18:07
afrodeitynovember is crazy for me with COP1718:08
kbmonkeyyes I am maiatoday, and sure superfly we can make in the 3rd week, and even an hour before, we can have 2 if we try!18:08
maiatodaykbmonkey lets have an ubuntu hour after my exam 10 nov so 3rd week sounds good18:08
kbmonkeyI'm in Obs, but have a car and can get around. Is there a usual place?18:09
maiatodaynah no usual place we do a stellenbosch one because it is easy18:09
maiatodayhow about lets say lunch at obz cafe on a saturday18:09
kbmonkeyI was in Stellies last week :)18:09
* superfly is in muizenberg18:09
maiatodayor maybe brunch18:09
afrodeityobs cafe yay18:09
superflymaiatoday: that'll be a bit crazy WRT parking18:10
kbmonkey+1 for obz cafe18:10
magespawni am going to have to move18:10
* superfly would rather do it somewhere more accessible for those who have cars to park18:10
superflywhat about the train station restaurant in muizenberg? :-P18:11
superflyit's right above the muizenberg train station18:11
superflyyou can take a train18:11
superflyand look out over the sea18:11
afrodeityalso kook18:11
maiatodayI can make it after 11:30 anywhere there18:11
kbmonkeyI'm easy and keen to see new places, so you folks can decide :)18:12
maiatodaysuperfly you wanna run with it and organise?18:12
kbmonkeyyes, sort that out on the ml18:12
kbmonkeyml == mailing list18:12
superflymaiatoday: I'll be in the USA up until the wednesday before, but I can try to organise it then18:12
maiatodayok well whatever works for you. kbmonkey I'll mail you maybe we can have another one too18:13
superflyit should be fine if a couple of us just descend on the restaurant18:13
maiatodayyeah perfect18:13
kbmonkeyI will organize it superfly if you can be the venue decider18:13
JabberwockyA19maiatoday: you at brazen by any chance?18:13
maiatodaynot really much to organise except decide when and where and be there18:13
superflykbmonkey: I already decided :-P18:13
maiatodayJabberwockyA19: not at the moment18:13
superflyand I'll have my brand new netbook too :-D18:13
maiatodayanybody in the rest of the country, don't feel left out, make your own ubuntu hour18:14
kbmonkeyMaaz agreed kbmonkey and superfly to announce November ubuntu hour in CT18:14
MaazAgreed: kbmonkey and superfly to announce November ubuntu hour in CT18:14
afrodeityremember to put something in the press18:14
* nlsthzn will be in SA in December... would love to see an hour then :D18:14
kbmonkeyI feel bad for nuvolari 18:14
Kilossuperfly, internet connection at the station18:14
magespawntiny prob with that idea.18:15
kbmonkeyCT just has so many more *nix users, wow18:15
superflyKilos: none, AFAIK18:15
Kilosso everyone must be broadbamded18:15
maiatodayubuntu hours also work if you just talk to the people that are there too, no need for internet connection unless you want to irc aswell18:15
kbmonkeyI'll need to install ubuntu on netbook then18:16
magespawnnice for ppl not there.18:16
maiatodayso don't worry about internet access18:16
octoquadkbmonkey: one of the reasons I want to move to Cape Town next year!18:16
inetprotumbleweed: congrats for being part of the DMB \o/18:16
superflykbmonkey: just remind me to bring my cellphone USB cable, I have all the ISOs on my phone18:17
kbmonkeyokay, anybody else in our beautiful country want to have an Ubuntu hour?18:17
kbmonkeyokay superfly. usb-a/b?18:17
tumbleweedinetpro: I'm only there because persia is mia, but thanks18:17
superflykbmonkey: normal USB18:17
maiatodaycan I add an impromptu agenda item after we are done with this one: feedback on release CT release party18:17
nlsthzntumbleweed, \m/ congrats18:17
kbmonkeyalways carry usb with my netbook18:17
kbmonkeysure maiatoday 18:18
superflykbmonkey: I can put a bootable Ubuntu on a flash disk and bring that with18:18
maiatodaythanks kbmonkey18:18
superflyanyways, let's chat about that later18:18
superflywhat's the next item?18:18
kbmonkeyMaaz topic feedback on release CT release party18:18
MaazCurrent Topic: feedback on release CT release party18:18
afrodeitynd there I was thinking DMB was short for dumber18:18
kbmonkeycongrats tumbleweed! :)18:19
tumbleweedright, the CT release party was minute, probably my fault18:19
maiatodayok the release party was small and big at the same time18:19
maiatodaywe had a banner up in canal walk and all the algorithm circle people there but only 5 or 6 people for the actual release party18:19
afrodeityshwaa a banner, good one 18:20
kbmonkeyyes I saw that photo with the banner, well done! =D18:20
tumbleweedone of which, Charlie, was a complete newbie to our community, and so we heard many interesting things from him.18:20
maiatodayone good thing is there was a new guy (oops I forgot his name) and he wants us to focus on more beginner things18:20
tumbleweedmaiatoday: ^518:20
maiatodayyeah Charlie18:20
maiatodayhi tumbleweed 18:20
tumbleweedheh, hi18:20
maiatodayso we decided to make a bigger thing of the next release party since it is a LTS and also we want to focus on beginners18:21
maiatodayhopefully I'll have more time in april18:21
kbmonkeyI guess beginner things could be showing them at the hour what alternative apps there are18:21
maiatodayso I think everybody who comes to the release party should bring along a beginner18:21
maiatodayif they can18:21
superflyyes, I think it might be a good idea to try to make the release party a bit more like a computer fare?18:21
maiatodayand then we'll have same beginnerish talks too18:21
maiatodayI'll try to do a poll on the mailing list of topics and people to do the talks18:22
kbmonkeyMaaz idea bring a newbie friend to the next release party18:22
MaazIdea recorded: bring a newbie friend to the next release party18:22
maiatodayand I'll try to make an effort to make the beginnerish-ness visible with the posters etc18:22
maiatodaythat's it18:22
kbmonkeythanks for that topic maiatoday!18:23
kbmonkeyokay I think that's it. Does anybody want to add anything?18:23
JabberwockyA19I will show the newbies how to play games, if I am able to make it.18:23
JabberwockyA19The next LTS will have 5 years for desktop and server18:23
maiatodayyeah and thanks tumbleweed for remembering the banner :)18:23
Kiloskbmonkey, no forget the vodacom job18:24
tumbleweed(this time :P )18:24
maiatodayJabberwockyA19: game demos are good for beginners18:24
kbmonkeywe can rant over vodacom after the meet, ubuntu-za related topics here ;)18:24
* nlsthzn should already be in bed :)18:25
nlsthznAwesome meet... cheers all18:25
kbmonkeyokay thanks everyone18:25
superflyyeah, I have a couple of cross-platform games I could possibly demo too18:25
kbmonkeythanks JabberwockyA19 that would be great too!18:25
magespawnmaybe with the alt programs have the manuals/tutorial18:25
* JabberwockyA19 gets out his moonbuggy18:25
kbmonkeyMaaz idea JabberwockyA19 to show off some games18:25
MaazIdea recorded: JabberwockyA19 to show off some games18:25
JabberwockyA19magespawn: yes like vimtutor18:26
superflyI think we can discuss the rest on the mailing list?18:26
kbmonkeyokay I have census people here now, good timing18:26
kbmonkeyMaaz end meeting18:26
MaazMeeting Ended18:26
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-10-24-17-37-27.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-10-24-17-37-27.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-10-24-17-37-27.html18:26
maiatodayyeah I just wanted to mention it to get everybody thinking about it18:26
* afrodeity fixing sooperlooper18:26
maiatodaythanks for chairing kbmonkey 18:26
Kiloskbmonkey, 18:27
kbmonkeynp maiatoday :] I did it all on 3MB lol18:27
kbmonkeyKilos 18:27
magespawnany ubuntu ppl up hluhluwe way?18:27
Kiloswe need to work out how to aproach vodacom18:27
kbmonkeywhy you growling?18:27
Kilosthe boss not clerks18:27
kbmonkeyyes we do, but I wanted to keep the meet za-related and not a flame war :p 18:28
magespawnfor what Kilos?18:28
kbmonkeywhen we get the ceo in during a meet, then we can have some good topics!18:28
Kilossomeone here might have an idea or two18:29
Kilosfree updating on voda is so za related18:29
Kiloshow do we contact him?18:29
kbmonkeymeeting updated18:29
Kiloshe is most likely a windows person18:29
inetprokbmonkey: did you ask Maaz to stop recording?18:30
kbmonkeyI did inetpro 18:30
kbmonkeymeeting ended18:30
inetproahh ok18:30
Kilosty kbmonkey nice job18:30
inetprosorry... missed that18:30
octoquadwell, if you won't be needing me, i'll be on my way...chat soon everyone!18:30
Kilosinetpro, you wanna tweet the vodacom CEO18:31
kbmonkeythanks octoquad!18:31
Kilosty octoquad 18:31
inetproKilos: hmm... not yet I think18:31
magespawninetpro did you see the pictures from this morning?18:31
Kilosgo safe18:31
kbmonkeyyes Kilos go via tweets and linkedin18:31
superflybye guys, got toddlers and things to sort out18:31
kbmonkeycheers superfly 18:31
kbmonkeychat soon18:31
inetproKilos: they sent me a questionnaire that I have not filled in yet18:31
Kiloscheers superfly ty for attending18:31
magespawnlater superfly18:31
maiatodaybye superfly 18:32
Kiloson what inetpro 18:32
Kilosty kbmonkey nice meet18:33
Kilosand 3m good18:33
kbmonkeyyou payed attention Kilos ;)18:34
Kiloslol i tried but was getting 6 lines at i time18:34
Kilosbad lag18:35
Kilosnow we need a tweeter to go further with the voda ceo18:35
magespawnkilos scroll back select text and sales as text file oln desktop18:35
magespawnsales = save18:36
Kilosyou mean highlight?18:36
inetproKilos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/718131/18:37
* inetpro has not had the time and energy to respond18:37
Kilosty inetpro 18:37
Kiloshey Banlam 18:37
magespawni am off to bed been up since 418:37
Banlamhey Kilos, could i get the link to the minutes please?18:38
kbmonkeythanks again all, I need to go now18:38
magespawnlater all18:38
Kilossleep tight18:38
Kilosty kbmonkey 18:38
kbmonkeyBanlam the meeting details is at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/259/detail/18:38
kbmonkeynp :]18:38
kbmonkeyhope to pop in tomorrow morning - after my 5am run! 18:39
kbmonkeyKilos if you msg Maaz "help meet" he tells you what you can do18:39
kbmonkeyMaaz help meet18:40
Maazkbmonkey: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:18:40
Maaz  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]18:40
Maaz  I am <True Name>18:40
Maaz  topic <topic>18:40
Maaz  (agreed | idea | accepted | rejected) <statement>18:40
Maaz  minutes so far18:40
Maaz  meeting title is <title>18:40
Kilosyeah i got that ty but now the fly and mage willing to help18:40
Kilosso i will monitor all18:41
Kilosand breathe a sigh of relief18:41
Kiloseish inetpro thats what i say18:42
Kilosthe prob is with mainly modems now and country wide18:42
Kilospoor connectivity and slow connections countrywide18:43
Kiloswhat will your cellphone number help the fools18:43
inetproKilos: exactly18:43
Kilosthey all stuck in a groove thats why i say we need to mail or contact the CEO directly and make it his prob18:44
Kilosnot the fool at the helpdesk18:44
Kilosinetpro, this is him18:45
inetproKilos: you mean I should give hime a shout?18:46
Kilosjust tweet him for an email address to him personally 18:46
kbmonkeygn Kilos and inetpro and all18:46
Kilosi cant sit on twitter18:46
inetprokbmonkey: good night18:47
WolfeyezNot to mention the amount of calls that are not going through because of network problems18:47
Kilosnight kbmonkey kipp lekker18:47
Wolfeyezcheers kbmonkey 18:47
kbmonkeycheers Wolfeyez18:47
maiatodayokedoke cheers everybody18:47
Wolfeyezaw I didn't know maia was still here18:48
Wolfeyezthat was a pretty short meeting18:49
Kilosnormally an hour and a bit18:50
Kilosdiscuss whats necessary and plan future events etc18:51
Kilosnot much embroidery18:51
WolfeyezOk so this wasn't part of the classes.oooooooooooooh ok, no wonder ...I was getting confused there.18:52
Kilosno man , monthly meeting18:54
Kilosclasses still coming in the future18:54
Wolfeyezah ok18:54
Kilosbut if you have problems with understanding the book you can mail kband he or nuvolari will try help you in the mail or give you links to where you can see what to do18:56
Wolfeyezok ty18:58
Kilosnight all. me go crash too now19:02
Kilossee ya all tomorrow19:02
Kilossleep tight19:02
Wolfeyeznight everyone19:02
Wacemanwaddup guys? eish still trying to get my nVidia going... 20:30
endernag julle mense wat nog wakker is20:45
marcogsomeone should announce https://www.facebook.com/notes/ubuntu/stefano-rivera-is-now-part-of-the-dmb/10150339043246546 maybe on the ML? drubin?23:52

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