maxolasersquadraubvogel: There is a way to make a Bootable XP disk.  I used to have one.  You'd have to Google around for the instructions.  Not sure if it is doable in Linux though.00:53
itnet7raubvogel: winpe00:53
itnet7as maxolasersquad said, not doable from Linux AFAIK00:53
mhall119meeting in 5?00:56
itnet7was finally able to get a hold of alanbell, so we now have meetingology 00:57
mhall119now he just needs to integrate it with LTP's meetings API00:57
itnet7that will rock00:58
itnet7I can't see the full name list in irc01:00
itnet7mhall119: can you do a roll call after I start, I think I can set both and I as chair if you want01:00
itnet7#startmeeting Pre-UDS Team Meeting01:00
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Oct 26 01:00:49 2011 UTC.  The chair is itnet7. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.01:00
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itnet7Here is the agenda, just in case anyone needs it: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-florida/260/detail/01:01
itnet7hold on one second spider in the hous01:03
itnet7Hey there erictee 01:10
X-Manevening everyone01:10
ericteeWhat's Up !01:10
mhall119itnet7: kill it?01:10
itnet7hey there X-Man !01:10
itnet7no, but he/she might suffocate tonight01:10
itnet7it crawled on me when I was trying to trapit, it was one of the huge black ones01:11
itnet7mhall119: are you ready for your item?01:11
itnet7item(s) :-)01:11
itnet7oh, Here is a link for meetingology commands in case anyone wants to learn more about using it01:12
itnet7# link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology01:13
* mhall119 is looking at meetingology code now, wondering how hard it'll be to hack in LTP support01:13
itnet7#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology01:13
itnet7Well, I guess it doesn't provide too much feedback01:13
itnet7#meetingtopic UDS-P - Michael Hall - Discuss UDS and surrounding events01:13
itnet7#chair itnet701:14
meetingologyCurrent chairs: itnet701:14
itnet7#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology01:14
itnet7#chair mhall119 01:14
meetingologyCurrent chairs: itnet7 mhall11901:14
mhall119ok, so next week the Ubuntu Developer Summit for the 12.04 cycle01:14
mhall119I hope everyone knows what UDS is by now01:15
mhall119but if not:01:15
mhall119#link http://uds.ubuntu.com/01:15
X-ManDouble Woot01:15
mhall119definitely worth the time, lots of the team will be there, a large part of Canonical will be there, and a good portion of the Ubuntu community contributors will be there01:16
mhall119if anybody wants to attend but needs help getting there, please contact the florida team mailing list and maybe someone can give you a ride01:17
mhall119it runs Monday through Friday01:17
mhall119Oct 31 - Nov 401:17
itnet7I will be bringing my Honda Oddysey and am planning to pick up maxolasersquad 01:18
itnet7and family01:19
mhall119maxolasersquad is bringing the whole family?01:19
maxolasersquaditnet7: It will just be me.  They'll be driving down the next Friday.01:19
itnet7Oh, I see01:19
maxolasersquadSchool doesn't consider UDS an excused absense.01:19
mhall119crazy school01:19
itnet7unfortunately you're right01:19
itnet7I asked Bree if she wanted to go, and she said not if she has to miss school and make up the work01:20
mhall119itnet7: that's all I had on that topic01:20
itnet7#meetingtopic Movie Night!01:21
mhall119itnet7: did you want to mention the hotel you guys are staying at?01:21
itnet7mhall119: sure!01:21
itnet7I have rented a 3 Bedroom Suite at Lake Buena Vista Spa and Resort01:21
itnet7It's about 1.3 miles from the Royale Caribe01:21
itnet7Govatent, and a couple of others will be sharing it with me 01:22
itnet7So, Wednesday night, We are going to host a Movie event01:23
mhall119#topic Movie Night!01:23
mhall119only works when itnet7 does it01:23
itnet7will just have to see what the output meetingology gives at the end ;-P01:23
mhall119itnet7: you did #meetingtopic, it needs #topic01:24
itnet7even though I set you as co-chair? okay01:24
itnet7#topic Movie Night!01:24
mhall119or maybe not01:24
itnet7The movie night is going to be a Classic Horror film01:24
mhall119do you have one selected?01:25
itnet7We are going to bring a couple of different titles, and jcastro had mentioned possibly making it fun and doing an audience Poll for which one everyone would like to see most01:25
itnet7This is going to be after the QA Event01:25
itnet7the same evening01:26
mhall119you can always give a few people a microphone and sit them up front MST3k style01:26
itnet7I am renting the Popcorn Machine from the Venue01:26
itnet7We'll need some candy and sodas to go along with it01:27
itnet7X-Man has let me know that he has a Sam's Club membership01:27
X-Manand costco01:27
itnet7So we can probably wait until Tuesday the latest to try and gather the candy and refreshments01:28
itnet7I know that the popcorn is included in the rental of the machine, but I think we might have to make the popcorn still01:28
itnet7I was thinking that it might be a good idea to send an e-mail to the list, and ask for donations of candy/sodas for those that are coming, and to see if those that can't make it might want to help support the event too01:29
itnet7Here is a link to the event for those of you that may either be reading this later, or don't happen to have it yet: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1330/detail/01:30
itnet7If we don't have too many people RSVP, I am not sure how many we should prepare for01:31
mhall119itnet7: have you send a link to the uds-announce list?01:32
mhall119I'm not sure how many outside our team know the events is in LTP01:32
itnet7mhall119: I can send the link, but I believe that Marianna has twice01:32
* mhall119 just found out it's there01:32
itnet7It would still be a good idea01:32
itnet7to do it again01:32
mhall119itnet7: I've seen the event info go out, but not a link to loco.u.c01:32
mhall119not that I remember seeing anyway01:33
itnet7I will send an e-mail out tomorrow, and be sure it's there... and ask for everyone that's interested to make sure that they RSVP so we can be prepared01:33
itnet7Maybe tonight, but I have some stuff I have to do01:33
itnet7after the meeting01:34
mhall119itnet7: did the hotel give any idea of much popcorn we got from renting the machine?01:34
mhall119how much01:34
itnet7not quite sure, but they have a good idea of how many are attending and said it was included in the rental price.01:35
ericteeWhat flavors do we need for sodas ?01:35
itnet7I looked at popcorn at Bj's and you can get 30 microwaveable bags for 11.00 or 12.0001:35
itnet7erictee: either pepsi products or coke01:36
itnet7I would say01:36
mhall119mix in some diet and caffiene free01:37
itnet7mhall119: exactly01:37
itnet7some other mixed flavors would be cool too01:37
itnet7mhall119: do they make kosher chocolate?01:38
raubvogelI probably can attend, but just one day01:38
itnet7Last year that was the one person we didn't prepare for01:39
itnet7raubvogel: any day you can go would be worth it!01:39
raubvogelitnet7: that is what I was thinking. I have my sunpass and fuel; that should get me there ;)01:40
mhall119itnet7: since we're offering only popcorn and soda this time, I'm not real concerned about dietary restrictions01:40
itnet7mhall119: we were going to possibly get movie candy too01:40
mhall119people can still enjoy the movie01:40
itnet7mhall119: Yeah01:40
raubvogelShould we bring fake bugs to spread on the seats?01:40
raubvogelYou know give that nice movie theater atmosphere01:40
mhall119also, they'll have had pizza and beer offered to them prior to our event01:40
itnet7raubvogel: lol01:40
itnet7mhall119: true01:40
itnet7We might not have a large turn out01:41
raubvogelitnet7: then bring a stripper01:41
mhall119family friendly channel01:41
itnet7mhall119: you beat me to it01:41
itnet7Well, we can all talk about it a little more in person01:42
itnet7Andres and Paolo are supposed to meet up with us at the hotel on Saturday01:42
mhall119itnet7: when are you going over, saturday morning or sunday evening?01:42
itnet7Our check in time is 4 pm01:42
mhall119ah, cool, I'll be there Sunday evening01:43
itnet7mhall119: Saturday Morning01:43
maxolasersquadmhall119: Bring your party socks.01:44
itnet7#action itnet7 to mail UDS-Announce list about the link01:44
meetingologyACTION: itnet7 to mail UDS-Announce list about the link01:44
maxolasersquadBecause it's going to be that kind of atmosphere.01:44
mhall119maxolasersquad: all my socks are party socks :)01:44
mhall119they're also all my work socks01:45
itnet7X-Man: when are you arriving?01:45
X-ManFriday night01:46
itnet7Cool, Maybe I'll try to come up early and we can get some breakfast or something :-)01:46
X-Manitnet7,  sure I have something going on Saturday but Sunday would be great01:47
maxolasersquadSpeaking of which, how much will we need to be feeding ourselves at UDS?01:47
itnet7X-Man: cool01:48
itnet7maxolasersquad: usually at least lunch is free01:48
mhall119maxolasersquad: lunches are provided01:48
mhall119breakfast is provided if you're staying at the hotel I think01:48
mhall119there are some after-events that provide food and drinks01:48
mhall119maxolasersquad: http://uds.ubuntu.com/evening-programme/01:49
itnet7#link http://uds.ubuntu.com/evening-programme01:49
itnet7Hopefully it automatically puts them in, we'll have to see the output01:50
mhall119I think it does01:51
itnet7If anyone has any questions, please mail the list or swing back into the channel and ask!01:51
* MichelleQ is here and paying attention now01:51
itnet7Hey there MichelleQ !01:51
X-ManQuestion: couldn't we do the Movie night on Thursday there is nothing going on that night?01:52
X-Manwe might get more participation01:52
itnet7X-Man: Not everyone was going to be available that night01:52
X-Manitnet7,  Oh OK01:52
itnet7X-Man: last year only like 30 or so RSVP'd and we had to buy like 80 pizzas to feed everyone01:53
itnet7I think that we'll have decent turn out01:53
mhall119yeah, there's going to be about 500 people staying there without a car or much in the way of evening plans01:54
mhall119I expect we'll get a good turnout01:54
itnet7Oh, for the drinks, Marianna had mentioned getting us refrigerators, I told her if we could find out how many drinks they hold approximately, we might take advantage of them01:56
itnet7We might need to hit zoopster up for his cooler(s)01:56
itnet7Does anyone else have anything?01:57
mhall119not for that topic01:58
MichelleQif everyone could bring a side for the Loco Birthday celebration a week from Sat.01:58
itnet7Oh, Yeah!!01:58
itnet7MichelleQ: are desserts also good?01:58
MichelleQmhall119 and I will provide meats, and drinks.  Bring sides, or desserts, or booze, or all of the above, if you'd like.01:59
raubvogelFilling the UDS Registration: which group am I representing if any?01:59
raubvogelMichelleQ: Keg?01:59
itnet7Ubuntu Florida Team01:59
itnet7raubvogel: ^01:59
raubvogelitnet7: Danke01:59
MichelleQraubvogel: sure, if you've got a tap. 01:59
raubvogelMichelleQ: lemme get back to you on that *rubs hands like any good evil scientist*02:00
MichelleQthere *will* be kids here, so we ask for no particularly drunken antics, but hey. 02:01
itnet7MichelleQ: if you have any last minute needs other than what you mentioned, please send out an e-mail to the list to let everyone know02:01
MichelleQwill do. 02:01
itnet7This Loco Party is going to Rock!!02:01
MichelleQAlso, mhall119 reminds everyone that, because of the kids being here, if you're under 21, you ain't boozing it up. 02:01
itnet7Looking forward to it02:01
itnet7+1 MichelleQ !02:02
MichelleQme too.  It'll be good to see everyone. 02:02
maxolasersquadWe are doing Disney over the ending weekend.  I don't know if I'll be able to make it.02:02
mhall119maxolasersquad: which weekend?02:03
mhall119we have annual passes02:03
mhall119nope, that's party day02:03
mhall119I'll be smoking from early in the morning02:03
itnet7Well, I'm gonna end the meeting for meetingology's sake02:03
mhall119is meetingology acting up?02:04
mhall119this certainly isn't the same MootBot we've had before02:04
itnet7If there isn't anything else to add!02:04
MichelleQnope, I'm good02:04
* mhall119 good02:04
itnet7Hopefully it's just the learning curve mhall119 02:04
maxolasersquadDoes anyone want to do an informal get-together/dinner Sunday evening?02:04
* mhall119 is gonna teach it JSON02:04
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Oct 26 02:04:50 2011 UTC.  02:04
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-us-fl/2011/ubuntu-us-fl.2011-10-26-01.00.moin.txt02:04
itnet7maxolasersquad: possible02:04
X-ManSunday before UDS?02:05
MichelleQmaxolasersquad: mhall119 & I, et al, could likely get together in the Kissimmee region somewhere Sunday evening02:05
maxolasersquadI'd be down for gathering groceries and cooking.  We could just break out our laptops and be total nerds.02:05
maxolasersquadX-Man: Yes02:05
MichelleQoh, no the sunday before, he's got a thing he has to be at.  02:06
maxolasersquadA Canonical thing?02:06
MichelleQa some sort of something thing02:06
X-ManI'm game for something the Sunday before 02:06
maxolasersquadOk.  We can just play that by ear.  Anyone who wants to do something like that can come join us at the hotel.02:08
mhall119which hotel?02:08
mhall119the UDS hotel, or the one you're staying at02:08
maxolasersquadI was thinking Buena Vista, but if someone else had a room with amenities that would be better than I'm down with whatever works.02:09
X-ManIs there a UDS IRC channel?02:10
itnet7maxolasersquad: There are now maid services I believe, not that we can't wash the dishes, etc.02:10
itnet7I need to verify that02:10
itnet7There weren't any at the Grand Beach Resort02:10
mhall119X-Man: #ubuntu-uds02:11
maxolasersquadThat's not a big deal to me.02:11
mhall119alrighty, if there's nothing more for the meeting, I'm calling it an early night02:12
itnet7gnight mhall119 !02:12
itnet7take it easy everyone02:12
X-ManNight mhall119 02:13
maxolasersquadGoodnight all.02:13
raubvogelBe seeing you02:14
X-ManGood Night everyone02:14
MichelleQNight everyone02:14
maxolasersquadThis UDS lets blog about every decision and tell everyone it's bloody murder.14:46
maxolasersquadOMG, notifications now have shiny option!  Ubuntu has lost its way!14:47
maxolasersquadEnhanced software center‽  They must be Nazis.14:48
mhall119well, the nazi party was easy to install...14:49
maxolasersquadAnyone going to UDS should get this: http://castrojo.tumblr.com/post/11654089782/mobile-schedule-for-uds17:47
maxolasersquadWhat is the time and address of the Loco party on 11/5?18:29
zoopstertime is 1630...address is mhall119 house, but they will provide directions prior18:41
zoopsterI know how to get there, but can't describe it.18:41
maxolasersquadzoopster: Thanks18:43
maxolasersquadI'm trying to get my calendar organized for the weekend.18:43
mhall119maxolasersquad: email qandalady <at> gmail <dot> com for our address18:52
maxolasersquadmhall119: Done18:53

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