rick_hBlazeix: yea, same here00:01
rick_hbrousch: lol I saw that and thought it was kind of funny00:01
snap-ljrwren: http://www.archive.org/details/Rachmaninoff-PaganiniRhapsodyrachmaninoff00:24
snap-lActually sounds better to my ears than the "pro recording"00:24
rick_hdownloading ubuntu for the reinstall. So long arch00:43
snap-lJust re-bought the third version of Dragon's Lair. This one is on the Wii.00:54
snap-lAs opposed to the DVD version, and the 3DO version00:54
brouschi just spent 1.5 hours in the bathroom convincing my son to poop01:41
snap-lThat's one they dont tell you in parenting class.01:46
* snap-l just finished an interview with the band Carthasy.01:47
snap-lrick_h: I think you'd really like this band.01:47
rick_hyea? is that the stuff above?01:47
rick_hlinky linky01:47
snap-lno. Here's their EP01:47
rick_hfirst time I think you've said that so I'm overly curious now01:48
snap-lThey remind me of A PErfect Circle01:48
gamerchick02hey, i'm still here. :)01:52
gamerchick02:) masterpiece contemporary is due to start soon but i can chat and watch at the same time01:53
rick_hanyone need a desk?01:54
rick_hthat's the problem with reorg...wtf to do with the rest of the stuff01:54
gamerchick02need a desk? I have a desk... well. yeah.01:54
gamerchick02i have a desk coming. to my apartment. it's my writing desk but it can be used for a computer.01:55
snap-lSo, let's get started with the meeting02:00
jjessewe have a meeting?02:00
rick_hoh, coolio I'm in time for it02:00
snap-lThere's not much to really go over02:01
snap-lFirst off, who all is here for the meeting?02:02
rick_hI'm going to need more wine for this me thinks02:02
snap-lOh c'mon, it's not that bad. :)02:03
snap-lFirst order of business, we're a re-approved loco02:03
snap-lso give yourselfes a round of applause for being awesome02:03
snap-lHopefully we can continue to keep the awesome going for when we're reapproved in 201302:04
* gamerchick02 does a funky dance02:04
gamerchick02i'm sure we will be able to02:04
snap-lI'm getting pretty excited for this cycle. Should be a good one.02:04
snap-lWondering if we could do a few jams in the interim (maybe online, or in person)02:05
gamerchick02that'd be fun02:05
snap-lwe have a little time to plan for that. I know the holiday times can be a little hectic for everyone02:05
snap-lbut keep that in the back of your minds02:05
gamerchick02eeee! i forgot about the holidays02:05
snap-lgamerchick02: Meijer will not let you forget.02:06
gamerchick02and i've got a Circus coming up in February.02:06
snap-lBelieve me.02:06
gamerchick02snap-l neither will the mall. *le sigh*02:06
* snap-l runs off to join said circus.02:06
gamerchick02oooh, i think you'd fit in. can you herd tigers? ;)02:06
snap-lI juggle02:06
gamerchick02oooh. there we have it.02:07
* gamerchick02 derails meeting02:07
snap-lthat's how I met JoDee. :)02:07
snap-lbut that's another topic for another time02:07
snap-lAny other thoughts on reapproval?02:07
snap-lGoing in 3...02:07
snap-lOK, next topic: CDs02:08
rick_hjust thanks greg-g snap-l and brousch for making that happen02:08
rick_hreally, they're the heros of the reapproval02:08
snap-lYes, most definitely02:08
snap-lThanks to greg-g for leadership, and brousch for really making the west side happen02:08
snap-lI think that really impressed the council that we had a strong west-side contingent02:09
snap-lI'd really love to branch out to mid-Michigan and the UP as well02:09
gamerchick02yes they are02:09
snap-lThank you. :)02:09
gamerchick02oooh. too bad i've moved from MidMI, or I'd spearhead that.02:09
gamerchick02what about a Northern Detroit-ish group. is there anyone from the Auburn Hills/Pontiac/Rochester Hills area?02:10
snap-lI think the next time that mydogsnameisrudy is on, we should ask if he'd be interested in getting the UP representin'02:10
gamerchick02besides me, i mean.02:10
snap-lI think there's some folks out that way02:10
gamerchick02it'd be fun to have a meetup in da UP.02:11
gamerchick02good reason to go up north.02:11
snap-lThough we usually just tell them to suck it up and drive. ;)02:11
gamerchick02they'd be snowed in half the year. heh.02:11
snap-lI meant the Rochester Hills folks02:11
snap-lthe UP folks would have to wait for the bridge. ;)02:12
snap-land that's no fun02:12
gamerchick02you're right.02:12
rick_hyea, there's a few of us, but I think we participate with the south vs our own thing02:12
snap-lAnywho, on to the CDs.02:12
snap-lI have them, and I'm motivated to get rid of them02:12
snap-l(Speaking of JoDee, my lovely wife)02:12
gamerchick02i could take a few and have them at work for people who are interested02:13
snap-lI'm planning on sending another care-package to brousch for the west siders.02:13
snap-lIf anyone is looking for some, I'll gladly send them02:13
gamerchick02i've sparked some interest in people who've never tried it before. you only need one hit of this version before you're hooked.02:13
rick_hgamerchick02: CHC?02:13
snap-leither hit me up at CHC, MUG, or (if you prefer) I can mail them.02:14
rick_hcan grab some from snap-l  then02:14
rick_hah, or MUG02:14
snap-lJust LMK in advance if you want some, and I'll bring some extras02:14
gamerchick02rick_h_ yes, but not next week; i have Nile the night before and will be working late on Wednesday02:14
snap-lIf anyone wants me to mail them some, I'd like to do it in batches of 1002:14
gamerchick02or this coming week, rather. oi02:14
snap-l(note: I'll be writing this in a mail message as well)02:15
gamerchick02you can mail them to me once i move and have a permanent address02:15
gamerchick02or you could send them up to my house02:15
gamerchick02my mom's house.02:15
snap-lI'll send them free of charge, but if you'd like to help offset postage, I won't argue with you. :) Just send me ~$5 via paypal.02:15
gamerchick02that's a good idea.02:15
snap-lI have Ubuntu 11.10, Kubuntu 11.10, and Server  11.1002:16
snap-lI'll be bringing some to MUG and CHC this week02:16
snap-lalso am planning on sending some to MDLUG and Washtenaw LUG02:16
snap-lAgain, if you're also interested in them, just let me know which, and I'll send them.02:17
snap-lAny questions, concerns?02:17
gamerchick02when is MUG?02:18
snap-lThis Tuesday02:18
snap-l6:30pm at the Farmington Hills Library.02:18
snap-llmorchard will be there.02:18
snap-lhe's presenting. ;)02:18
gamerchick02ah, how convenient. i can't skip Nile because, i'm the... uh... Queen. oi.02:18
gamerchick02that's cool02:19
gamerchick02too bad I can't go.02:19
snap-lI'll be bringing CDs with me to most of the events that I'm at02:19
snap-lso MUG, CHC, etc02:19
snap-land again, I'll send discs to anyone who wants theom02:20
snap-ljust LMK (craig@decafbad.net)02:20
gamerchick02if I can make it to a CHC this month (this is a busy month), I'll take you up on the offer.02:20
snap-lI'm motivated to get them out of the house. ;)02:20
gamerchick02JoDee doesn't like them?02:20
snap-lgamerchick02: JoDee sees them as one more thing taking up space in our rather small living establishment.02:21
gamerchick02do you have a box or something?02:21
gamerchick02i'm not sure about how many you have.02:21
snap-lCanonical sent a box with a bunch of them in there.02:22
gamerchick02ah. that's not so bad; if they're all in one box. but i can see you wanting to get rid of them. they're more use to people in their hands than in a box.02:23
snap-lso, any questions about the CDS?02:24
gamerchick02not really, from this end.02:24
snap-lI'll send out a note to let folks know how to get their grubby mits on them.02:24
gamerchick02you know, if the Masonic Center gets internet, i'd be willing to run an Ubuntu Hour or something up there when i'm going to be in town anyway02:25
gamerchick02i can have my brother handle logistics, and i have keys til March.02:25
snap-lIf you'd like to set something up, that would be pretty cool02:25
gamerchick02but it depends on how long it takes the Temple Board to move on getting internet. they've said that "dial up is just fine" for now02:25
gamerchick02i think they are paying out the patoot for AO-Hell right now02:26
jjessetheres no free interent for mason?02:26
gamerchick02probably not02:26
jjessedon't you just do some secret sign or something?02:26
gamerchick02everything is going slowly with the Temple Board. they're all old anyway02:27
brouschcrap, is the meeting still going?02:27
brouschfell asleep on the couch02:27
gamerchick02i'm surprised they don't want the fastest internet possible; one could die waiting for a page to load02:27
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, and you're getting a carepackage. ;)02:27
brouschut oh02:27
gamerchick02brousch we're almost done. i'm complaining about old people and the internet02:27
snap-lYeah, I think we're done with the CDs02:29
snap-lanything else anyone wants to bring up that isn't on the agenda.02:29
brouschi heard 12.04 is too big for a CD02:29
snap-lbrousch: that's always a concern02:29
jjessebrousch it is02:29
jjessesnap-l no the default will be 75002:30
jjesseor something like that02:30
snap-ljjesse: Really?02:30
jjesseall over planet ubuntu02:30
jjesseyeah too large for a cd02:30
jjesseand they will be pushing amd64 by default02:30
snap-ljjesse: Ah, they're finally busting the CD02:30
brouschyou know, if it's more than a cd you might as well use 1GB02:30
snap-lyeah, no kidding02:30
gamerchick02i agree, brousch and snap-l02:30
jjessethe default download will be be amd6402:31
jjesseand you will have too look for the 32 bit download02:31
gamerchick02but they'll have to do something about the servers02:31
gamerchick02such a large download will be really slow on release day02:31
gamerchick02it should be an option under "other versions"02:31
gamerchick02should. not sure if it will be...02:31
snap-lOK, if nobody else has anything to bring up, I'd like to thank everyone for coming out for the meeting02:33
jjessei owuld like to tahnk you for leading the meeting02:34
snap-lThank you.02:34
gamerchick02wow. a nice short meeting02:35
gamerchick02i hope i can keep my meeting on Tuesday short as well02:35
gamerchick02we're having ice cream afterwards.02:36
gamerchick02it's for our founders day celebration.02:36
brouschthanks snap-l02:38
gamerchick02that is awesome02:50
gamerchick02ugh. that's horrible02:57
snap-lgamerchick02: Which one?02:57
gamerchick02the last one. the pastebin02:58
gamerchick02didn't see the video. this wifi is horrible and will take 5 minutes to load a 2 minute video. it's frustrating02:58
snap-lyeah, the mongodb stuff is a bit scary02:58
gamerchick02it's like going back to 1999 and dial up.02:58
snap-lI think 10gen has great intentions, but play like a start-up with data.02:59
gamerchick02instead of an hour for the 5 minute video to load, it takes 10 minutes but whatever02:59
gamerchick02snap-l yeah. why would someone use that instead of something else?02:59
gamerchick02and do you pay for it?02:59
snap-lgamerchick02: Because it's blindingly fast02:59
gamerchick02it's fast because it's losing data. :-P03:00
snap-land it uses a document store, which is awesome.03:00
snap-lWell, that's just a small detail. ;)03:00
gamerchick02a rather important one03:02
gamerchick02time for bed03:54
gamerchick02see everyone tomorrow after work.03:54
Wolfgervim vs emacs on O'Reilly deal of the day http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/pq/27113:23
snap-lGood morning13:30
snap-lWolfger: Yeah, I saw that.13:30
snap-lpretty cheap shot, making me want to re-buy a book I already have to support the editor I love. :)13:30
ColonelPanic001saw that, tempting13:31
ColonelPanic001I could stand to learn vim better. Much better.13:31
ColonelPanic001on the other hand, the internets teaches me stuff too13:31
ColonelPanic001but books are nice to just sit and read.13:31
WolfgerI am strongly tempted to purchase the vim e-book and finally actually learn to use it better than just h, j, k, l, dd, dw, yy, p, etc...13:34
ColonelPanic001exactly my situation13:34
rick_hvim classes at CHC13:37
snap-lvim classes on #ubuntu-us-mi daily13:37
rick_hpeople want to learn, I'll run vim classes at CHC13:37
rick_hbut first watch my screencasts13:37
rick_hand I need to get some t-shirts to make $$ off the whole thing13:38
rick_hoh and morning13:38
ColonelPanic001"I learned vim from Rick and all I got was this tshirt"13:38
snap-lThe official Rick's Vimcasts T-Shirt?13:39
ColonelPanic001the thing with books, too, though, is that with random screencasts and blog reading, you tend to jump around, rather than one constant and gradual learning curve. And, sometimes it's just nice to load up Kindle for Android and read at lunch, etc13:40
snap-l"When you can snatch the text from the buffer, it will be time for you to leave"13:42
ColonelPanic001good god13:46
ColonelPanic001coworker's baby was born maybe a week go13:46
ColonelPanic001already has a domain and blog13:46
Wolfgeralso, ++ on the regex ColonelPanic00113:48
ColonelPanic001yeah, born oct. 3113:48
brouschbah, the kid should at least pick their own domain name13:51
snap-lWell, it's not what she calls herself13:51
snap-lshe calls herself "Tyrannus, destroyer of worlds"13:51
ColonelPanic001I don't know if "gooaaahgg.com" is a good domain13:51
ColonelPanic001neither is "FEEDMEORILLSHITMYSELFAGAIN.COM"13:52
brouschColonelPanic001: exactly. so she should not have a domain un til she can pick one herself13:52
ColonelPanic001they can redirect later. heh13:52
snap-lcname. ;)13:53
ColonelPanic001out of morbid curiosity, anyone else get a Diaspora invite?13:59
snap-lI sined up a while ago, and finally closed my account.13:59
ColonelPanic001wonder what noserub is like nowadays14:00
ColonelPanic001I kind of liked how it just acted as a aggregator profile, sort of14:02
ColonelPanic001http://identoo.com/mike if anyone's not familiar and curious14:12
ColonelPanic001hah, you can add github on there, too14:12
rick_hman, I need to get some esata on the desktop. Sad I can backup to my esata 160gb laptop disk faster than to my external usb on the desktop14:13
snap-lrick_h: joDee asked if celery supports cream cheese.14:48
snap-lDisposable War Pigs14:50
brouschno, but it wraps peanut butter and raisins nicely14:52
ColonelPanic001good god what has google done to gmail15:07
rick_hclick the gear, change it down to compact15:07
ColonelPanic001soon as my eyes stop bleeding15:07
ColonelPanic001THAT HELPS15:07
* ColonelPanic001 should remove the caps lock key15:07
rick_hmap it to ctrl like a normal person :P15:07
brouschmap it to search like chromebooks15:08
ColonelPanic001I rarely connect "like a normal person" to "things Rick suggests doing with a computer"15:08
rick_hdamn, caught me15:08
rick_hI'm trying to convince people that the things I do are normal to help uptake of the patterns15:08
rick_huntil they reach "what normal people do"15:08
brouschkeep repeating it and it becomes true?15:09
rick_hkeep spreading it and eventually it'll become true15:09
rick_hwoot, my usb display arrived15:11
rick_hthis afternoon shall be fun if these backups ever finish15:11
_stink_usb display?15:11
snap-lUgh, sinuses be damned15:12
rick_h_stink_: yea, 9" 1024 usb powered monitor15:12
brouschworks with linux?15:12
rick_hfor taking on these weeklong sprints/etc to act as a dual monitor to my 12" on the laptop15:12
rick_hdisplaylink is the way it works15:12
rick_hneeds an additional xserver module that's not in by default15:13
rick_hand requires a xorg conf file15:13
rick_hbut should work15:13
_stink_well, i'll be damned15:13
_stink_that's slick15:13
rick_hyea, I <3 my 12" laptop15:13
snap-lThat link is loading slow15:13
rick_hbut not sure I can hack for a week on just that15:13
rick_hif I get it running I'll bring it to CHC wed15:13
rick_hI'm guessing it's going to be a bear though from all the links I gathered15:14
snap-lI think it runs just fine under a Macintosh. ;)15:14
_stink_rick_h: you started with the evil corporation Canonical yet?15:14
rick_hyea, it does. I saw one in one of the pics from the IDS team at UDS here in FL15:14
rick_h_stink_: next monday15:14
rick_hthis week is prep for that week15:14
rick_htaking the last of my morpace vacation days to get a week to adjust15:15
_stink_ah, ok15:15
brouschdon't canonical folks use apple and run ubuntu in a VM?15:15
rick_hyea, Foord does15:15
rick_hhe's the one I saw with the display in the uds pics15:15
brouschwill apple become less evil now that jobs is dead?15:17
rick_hwho knows15:17
snap-ltoo soon15:17
_stink_his soul is still in charge, duh.15:18
_stink_now everyone hears "noooo buttttooonnnsss" in their sleep15:18
brouschsnap-l: too soon to know or too soon to be speaking ill of the dead?15:19
snap-lIt'd be like making malloc jokes about Dennis Ritchie15:22
* _stink_ stifles a laugh15:22
snap-lOr Too Many Parens jokes about McCarthy15:22
snap-lThe boy is smoking and leaving smoke rings into the air.15:28
snap-lThe girl gets irritated with the smoke and says to her lover: "Can't you see the warning written on the cigarettes packet, smoking is injurious to health!"15:28
snap-lThe boy replies back: "Darling, I am a programmer. We don't worry about warnings, we only worry about errors."15:28
snap-lAll programmers are playwrights and all computers are lousy actors.15:32
ColonelPanic001I still need to give cloudkicker a listen15:44
snap-lDude, it's awesome.15:44
ColonelPanic001I gather you're a fan, yes :P15:44
snap-lI even have the T-Shirt. :)15:44
ColonelPanic001hang on, I'll grab some headphones. No time like the present15:44
snap-lTrust me. Would I steer you wrong?15:46
ColonelPanic001if it was funny, maybe.15:46
ColonelPanic001that's usually my criteria15:47
snap-lWell, that goes without saying.15:47
snap-lcomedic effect trumps all15:47
ColonelPanic001"Don't go that way there's a banana peel... er, nevermind. Carry on"15:47
ColonelPanic001so far this instrumental bit is quite good15:47
snap-lIt's all instrumental15:47
ColonelPanic001ah, cool.15:48
ColonelPanic001not too common to find good instrumental metal15:48
snap-lhttp://www.jamendo.com/en/album/74928 <- Also fantastic stuff15:49
ColonelPanic001I'm liking this CK15:49
ColonelPanic001"Jamendo is currently under maintainance"15:49
ColonelPanic001WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?15:49
snap-lGive it a sec. ;)15:49
ColonelPanic001the link was too good to contain15:49
ColonelPanic001# is pertty damn nice15:51
_stink_ok now i must listen15:52
ColonelPanic001you might like it, actually15:52
ColonelPanic001it's pretty good. snap-l did not lead us astray.15:52
snap-l"Beacons" is definitely one of my desert island discs.15:53
ColonelPanic001I'll do that one next15:55
ColonelPanic001(which means, now. Just started)15:56
brouschsnap-l: what's a disc?15:57
snap-lbrousch: The things I'm mailing you15:57
brouschdo i need a turntable or a cassette player?15:59
snap-lNope, just open wide: http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/venter_2009/mouth_with_cd.jpg16:00
ColonelPanic001yeah, I'm a fan already. This is good music for work, too16:01
ColonelPanic001reminds me of post-rock, but metal.16:02
snap-lI think it's pretty progressive.16:02
ColonelPanic001it is16:02
ColonelPanic001I'd consider it in that genre. Prog-metalish.16:03
snap-lBah, labels16:03
_stink_you made that up.16:03
ColonelPanic001you've never heard of Progressive metal, _stink_ ?16:03
_stink_i don't remember16:03
_stink_but i think 'Prog-metalish' is made up by you just now.16:03
ColonelPanic001labels are cumbersome, but it's a lot easier than taking 20 minutes to describe them. Just can't take them too seriously16:03
ColonelPanic001I added the ish.16:03
snap-lHave you heard of Dream Theater, Fates Warning, or Opeth?16:03
_stink_here it comes16:04
_stink_unless you were asking me16:04
snap-lI was asking. :)16:04
_stink_oh, see, i though you were asking ColonelPanic001.16:04
_stink_but you two have probably discussed this at length.16:04
snap-lNo, I was asking you16:04
_stink_i've heard of Opeth from ColonelPanic001.16:04
_stink_that's it, i think16:04
_stink_but i shall now listen to all of them16:04
snap-l_stink_: Do yourself a favor: Check out Images and Words by Dream Theater16:05
_stink_ColonelPanic001 got me listening to Amon Amarth last week16:05
snap-lit's a little dated, but it's awesome.16:05
ColonelPanic001Opeth is easily my favorite metal band.16:05
_stink_i shall.16:05
ColonelPanic001I keep meaning to check out Dream Theater.16:05
ColonelPanic001will-do, too16:05
_stink_snap-l: thank you.16:05
ColonelPanic001I just tend towards the heavier metal bands. Death/black mostly. Not entirely, though. I mean, I loved Opeth's "Damnation", for example.16:05
snap-lI'm under protest for their latest album since it doesn't have Mike Portnoy16:05
snap-lbut they're awesome musicians16:06
snap-lIf you don't mind crazy, over-the-top musical circle jerking, Liquid Tension Experiment is awesome as well16:06
_stink_snap-l: it's not dated if it's new to me :)16:06
brouschAmon amarth r0x0rz16:06
* snap-l needs to have a listening room. :)16:07
brouschonly thing better is Morbid Angel16:07
snap-lQuick, to the bat-mobile!16:07
rick_hanother father in the club16:07
rick_htheir baby registry is wiped, but if anyone's interested, I did an amazon gift card to him, pm me for the email if interested16:08
brouschdoesn't sound familiar16:10
rick_hhe's a CHCers from our side16:10
rick_hso yea, not 100% in the channel stuff, but a lot of us know him16:10
_stink_ah, yeah, ok16:10
_stink_i recognize him now16:10
_stink_snap-l: have Images and Words on now.16:19
ColonelPanic001I'm still on Beacons. This is great16:20
_stink_there is a whole new world of music unfolding in front of me.16:20
snap-l_stink_: LMK if you want more. I have a severe love of prog metal16:21
snap-lalso filtered into a love of prog in general16:22
* snap-l will get the whole channel listening to Rush before you know it. Muhahahahahahahaha!16:25
ColonelPanic001Rush is okay16:25
ColonelPanic001a little hit and miss for me16:25
_stink_Rush is awesome.  i do not need to be sold.16:25
_stink_YOU ARE WRONG16:25
snap-l_stink_: you like hockey. It's like hand to glove for liking Rush16:26
_stink_hah, yes16:26
snap-lJoDee is kicking my ass on Wordfeud16:30
snap-lShe had one word (Tecento) that was worth 73 points16:31
snap-lLike Words with Friends16:31
snap-lon iPhone and Android16:31
ColonelPanic001never played that either. This looks to be free mobile scrabble16:32
snap-lI'm snapl on there16:32
snap-lLess annoying ads than Words with friends16:32
ColonelPanic001is it basically scrabble, then?16:32
snap-lYeah, but without the trademark board16:32
ColonelPanic001I'm sold16:32
snap-lit has the ability to randomize the board.16:32
snap-lI got hugely lucky in my last game with greg-g16:33
snap-lhe was leading me pretty well, but I managed to come up from behind16:33
snap-l_stink_: Yeah, free with ads.16:33
snap-land $2.99 to shut them off16:33
ColonelPanic001I don't like that it has access to contact data. Maybe later or something16:34
ColonelPanic001other than that, then, I was sold. heh16:34
snap-lYeah, it uses that to find folks16:35
ColonelPanic001as far as we know16:35
ColonelPanic001I should use this as an excuse to try decompiling apks16:35
ColonelPanic001could actually check16:35
snap-lThere you go. :)16:35
ColonelPanic001must do this later16:35
ColonelPanic001normally I'd just say "scrabble isn't worth it" and not install, but hey, worth the excuse. Then I can say I used something from 1devday16:36
snap-lWow, went to B&N last night16:37
snap-lthey had 40% off their classical CDs16:37
snap-land I had a 30% coupon16:37
snap-lPicked up some Gershwin and Rachmaninov piano-roll performances.16:37
snap-lAlong with Tchaikovsky's Pathetique, and Two Yo Yo Ma Discs (The Dvorak Album, and Schumann)16:38
snap-lI really hope I don't bankrupt them too. ;)16:38
ColonelPanic001I have that Dvorak album16:38
ColonelPanic001now I have to go home and listen to it16:39
snap-lYeah, it's a little roughly mixed though, but it's nice.16:39
ColonelPanic001btw, Beacons just finished, and it was great16:39
snap-lAwesome. :)16:39
ColonelPanic001on Portmanteau now16:39
ColonelPanic001well, after lunch16:40
snap-lI'd recommend ]]][[[ next.16:40
snap-lIt's an earlier album, but it was remastered16:40
WolfgerMan, you people are all talky when I'm busy....16:41
snap-lOk, shhh, Wolfger is back16:41
snap-lrick_h: Do I have to take this Staples survey? :)16:42
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Wolfgersnap-l: keep talking. I'm not really here.  Busy day16:45
ColonelPanic001I started on ]]][[[16:47
snap-lColonelPanic001: So, how do you like ]]][[[17:19
ColonelPanic001it was good17:19
snap-l(Which I think is the album title to really make programmers want to hurt people)17:19
rick_hok, time to reinstall...bbl17:31
rick_hman, how do people deal with ootb experience with this stuff17:52
_stink_not sure17:56
snap-lrick_h: Not everyone expects a chess set to make the perfect go board. :)18:15
brouschrick_h: we whine and complain on the interwebs18:18
rick_hahhh, back in awesome with my lovely keybindings18:38
brouscheat the dogfood18:40
jcastrorick_h: I WIN.18:43
snap-ljcastro: What did you win? :)18:43
jcastrowell, it's almost the end of december craig18:44
jcastroI believe I am going to win the Mac bet with you18:44
snap-lYes, yes I know18:44
jcastroand I won by making Rick switch back to ubuntu18:44
brouschthere was a bet that rick_h would switch back to ubuntu?18:44
* snap-l should have made the bet with both Mac and iOS devices.18:45
snap-lbut, a deal's a deal18:45
jcastroyou'd win on tablets18:45
jcastrobut not phones18:45
jcastroso it'd be a split18:45
snap-lcheck it18:45
jcastrobrousch: no, switching rick back is a personal goal18:45
brouschyou just had to hire him to make it so?18:46
jcastroif you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin'18:46
snap-lStil less than 10%, though, but iOS and Mac combined are pretty close to that magic 10%18:46
snap-lI'll kick myself if that Mac number hits 10% after January, though18:47
jcastroit won't18:47
jcastroit's been declining since the 80's dude18:47
jcastroit's just hard to get that through mac people's heads.18:48
snap-lWe just need more people using macs to browse the web. ;)18:48
snap-lstop pretending you're IE6. ;)18:48
brouschdamn. linux is only 1%18:48
snap-lbrousch: We're an extremely vocal minority.18:50
snap-lspeaking of which, I need to yell at someone about diminishing OS/2 support sometime.18:50
mydogsnameisrudylinux users are l33t tho18:52
snap-lMy dad thinks Linux is cool18:52
mydogsnameisrudyim not your dad18:53
snap-lthank God for small miracles. ;)18:53
rick_hjcastro: back from uds?18:53
rick_hguess you didn't have that far to go though18:53
jcastroyeah but I was there for 2 weeks because of a sprint18:54
jcastroso I was totally ready to come home18:54
rick_hyea no kidding18:54
rick_hI'm kind of excited but dreading to be gone for week in Nov and then again in Jan18:54
snap-lI secretly think they had it near jcastro's house just so he wouldn't have to travel.18:54
jcastroyeah, if only, now I will just miss gold status this year. :(18:54
greg-gjcastro: do a mileage run?18:56
brouschgreg-g: are you occupying oakland?18:57
greg-gbrousch: I'm in DC right now (well, MD, actually)18:58
greg-gbrousch: so, no.18:58
greg-gI visited the SF one for a bit around halloween weekend18:58
rick_hjcastro: ooh, instructions including writing an xorg.conf file18:59
snap-lDistrict of Columbia18:59
snap-lour Nation's Capital18:59
* snap-l signs brousch up for civics 10118:59
jjessegold status w/ airline or hotel?19:00
snap-l"Become a Zehnder's Facebook fan and enter to win a Splashtastic Getaway at Zehnder's Splash Village!"19:00
snap-lApparently my internet is flaking out19:02
snap-lApparently my internet is flaking out19:02
greg-gis your internet flaking out?19:04
snap-lso much so that I had to say it twice. :)19:04
greg-gwhat I'm in DC for, for those who are curious (no one): http://www.setda.org/web/guest/2011leadershipsummitschedule19:05
_stink_so you'll be active in IRC at 7am for the next few days?19:16
rick_hwoot! it's alive19:22
rick_hvery flaky, ugh..but alive19:22
rick_hmight need to hit up some xorg masters at MUG19:23
Blazeixprotip: delete xorg.conf, hope to god everything autoconfigures19:25
rick_hheh, yea but you have to have one for displaylink devices19:26
rick_hso irc is running sweet on my usb display19:26
rick_hbut things open in one monitor/other without reason19:26
rick_hand you can't drag windows across them19:26
rick_hand anything with a gui is running with a HUGE font on the usb monitor19:26
rick_hyea, but this is too cool19:27
_stink_sounds like they are different X displays.19:30
_stink_i think that's what prohibits moving between them19:30
snap-lJesus, I'm not sure how they could make reporting my time any worse.19:31
snap-lIE only, buried on HR page somewhere.19:31
snap-land then they get pissy when you don't report it promptly.19:32
mydogsnameisrudykeep looking your on the clock19:32
* snap-l should just start busking in Royal Oak, and call it a day.19:33
snap-lclack clack clack clack clack I'm IE, and I can't do a page load without clack clack clack19:33
snap-lclack clack clack clack please cleack shoot clack me.19:34
mydogsnameisrudydont bookmark it when you find it they will just change everytying again19:34
snap-l"Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro!"19:35
snap-lThat's under Firefox19:35
mydogsnameisrudyyour one of them 1% linux users19:36
snap-lI'm one of those 99% shouldn't have to care what browser I'm using Users.19:36
mydogsnameisrudyboot disk 1.44mb windows 98 series19:38
rick_h_stink_: yea, they're setup in xorg as diff displays19:43
rick_hseems to work if I make the usb one the primary19:43
rick_hbut not if I don't19:43
snap-lOh that sucks19:43
snap-lIs it something to do with the boot order?19:43
snap-l(he said, while distancing himself from any potential fallout from that statement)19:44
rick_hheh, not sure19:47
rick_hthere's a mix of posts but all are gdm19:47
rick_hso lightdm is different19:47
rick_hand so there's probably a way, but not sure19:47
rick_hbetter pics from the camera (not phone) and you can see the strange quirks with the usb display19:58
jcastrorick_h: blog about that doublesight thing pls.20:00
rick_hk, will do20:00
brouschrick_h: do you like the ball?20:04
rick_hbrousch: yea, I've never used it a ton because my desk was the wrong height for it20:04
rick_hand it hurt my wrists, but now I'm trying to get into using it vs the chair when I'm in sitting20:04
brouschi haven't been able to requisition and standing desk at work, so i'm thinking about a ball20:06
rick_hyea, you can tell20:06
rick_hit takes some muscles to keep on there and setup right20:07
rick_hbut the thing is that it's harder to adjust the height20:07
rick_hit needs to be filled properly20:07
ColonelPanic001never forget to keep your balls filled20:07
brouschColonelPanic001: i prefer them empty O:-)20:09
_stink_that halo is creeping me out.20:13
ColonelPanic001but not his balls. Those are fine.20:15
brouschColonelPanic001: thank you20:15
snap-lrick_h: Does that ball serve a purpose?20:28
ColonelPanic001does yours?20:29
snap-lAlso, JoDee says it's too much clutter.20:29
snap-lColonelPanic001: I thought he was doing the standing desk20:29
ColonelPanic001you lose yours when you stand? Might want to see a doctor.20:29
snap-land I've been thinking of using the sitting ball desk20:30
snap-l_stink_: If you ignore it, it'll stop. :)20:30
ColonelPanic001_stink_ knows better.20:30
_stink_i can't ignore ColonelPanic001.  i'm within throwing distance20:30
ColonelPanic001I'm not in here to entertain you. You're in here to entertain me!20:30
* ColonelPanic001 throws hot oil on someone.20:30
ColonelPanic001standing now and then would be nice, but I can't imagine that much work/money/etc into one that could do both, and I don't care to stand in one place all day20:33
brouschi'm enjoying this kind of thing more than progressive metal today http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/1458520:34
rick_hsnap-l: yes, I sit on it when I'm not standing :)20:42
rick_hsnap-l: yea, I'm still org'ing20:42
rick_hand I've got backup drives/etc going on that normally won't be there20:43
rick_hColonelPanic001: yea, well this was cheaper than getting the nice Aeron chair20:43
rick_hso I justify it that way20:43
rick_hand healthier20:43
ColonelPanic001yeah, I imagine20:46
snap-lI keep looking at what I've lovingly termed the Fart-master 500020:53
snap-lMesh chairs that don't trap expulsions20:54
snap-lThough I'm tempted with the ball chairs20:54
ColonelPanic001only works if you have mesh underpants20:55
brouschsnap-l: that is better than farts trapped in cushions which get violently released when you sit down20:55
snap-lbrousch: Exactly. I need to febreeze my chair every so often because it smells like Microcenter's parts department after a while.21:46
snap-l(this is not a point of pride, just so you know)21:47
brouschsure it's not21:52
snap-lhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWSRgsk2oaw <- iTunes phone21:57
snap-lMan, that was an abortion21:57
snap-lI think this is the reason Apple worked hard to not let the carriers decide anything about the iPhone21:58
jcastroupvotes if you have them pls22:46
snap-leven though I still have NFC what Juju is. :)22:47
jcastrosnap-l: apt but for services, and across machines/clouds22:50
snap-lLooking at the demo now22:50
snap-lThat's kinda funky22:52
snap-l Is there any sensation more rewarding for a developer than fixing something that has been bugging you for a while?23:46
snap-lWas inspired to fix a firefox extension for flickr that was causing me some grief.23:46

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