sagacibenonsoftware: did you fix that bzr+ssh issue07:10
benonsoftwaresagaci: Well no, but I am using a friends shell/server for bzr/git/svn now :)07:11
benonsoftwaresagaci: What made you remember that?07:12
sagacisince I got an email from you closing the bug, 07:13
benonsoftwareYeah I closed it because it isn't there any more07:14
sagaciit's still in oneiric, but just fixed in precise... probably not an issue really07:16
sagacifyi, <sagaci_> a quick google has fixed the bzr+ssh thing benonsoftware ran into... I'm setting up a bzr on cygwin myself and ran into it... just need to `set BZR_SSH=paramiko`07:19
benonsoftwareAh thanks07:19
tom_a_sparkshows the weather?08:14
tom_a_sparksI have lightning @ home :(08:15
benonsoftwareMixed in Eastern Melbourne08:15
* benonsoftware pray that it rains Monday night08:15
tom_a_sparksI hope I dont have a blackout, the light have been flickering08:16
head_victimI lost power for a while this afternoon. We had some storms roll through and they're meant to keep coming throuhgout the evening.08:36
sagaciso you might not be able to make it to the meeting in around 90 mins08:38
benonsoftwareSorry, I can't come to the meeting08:38
gorilla head_victim feel free to postpone if you can't be here. :-)08:48
sagaciwe'll see how this 3G connection holds up09:33
sagaci#startmeeting Ubuntu-AU December IRC Meeting10:01
meetingologyMeeting started Sun Dec 11 10:01:15 2011 UTC.  The chair is sagaci. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.10:01
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sagaci#chair sagaci head_victim 10:01
meetingologyCurrent chairs: head_victim sagaci10:01
sagaciagenda - http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/281/detail/10:01
sagaciHi, if anyone is around for the meeting, just say hi or something similar to register your attendance10:02
geoff44Hi, I'm just observing10:03
sagacino problem, this should be a short meeting anyhow10:03
sagacihead_victim: are you around?10:05
fabricator4hi de hi10:05
sagaciit's just that head_victim has the only agenda item so unless he's around we might just have to cancel this meeting10:08
fabricator4He may yet turn up?10:09
sagaciyep, I don't mind waiting a while10:09
fabricator4Anyway...  InfoXchange Australia listed the Brisbane installfest: http://www.communitynews.infoxchange.net.au/news/detail.chtml?filename_num=39334510:15
sagacithat's a good poster10:17
fabricator4Thanks :-)10:17
sagacihave you put it on spreadubuntu10:17
fabricator4I think only the low res version was ever made available.  I should upload the full version.10:18
sagaciyep, it's easily adaptable and it's not release-specific10:19
fabricator4True, maybe I should upload the xcf with all the layers, then people could make their own as required.10:20
sagaciwhat did you use to create it10:21
fabricator4Gimp.  I'm a photogrpher first, graphic designer about 125th :-)10:22
fabricator4head_victim: Ping...10:23
fabricator4He must 'a fallen in.10:24
tom_a_sparksyour call could not be connected, check your number and try again :)10:27
head_victimSorry all10:32
head_victimI'm here10:33
tom_a_sparksyay :)10:33
fabricator4Good Evening10:34
head_victimThe current action items as far as the install fest goes are : email lca/humbug lists (I'm half way through a draft), get more people signed up to help on the wiki, try and get more community participation so more people turn up on the day.10:34
sagaci#topic Brisbane InstallFest - head_victim 10:34
head_victimGday davetv & geoff44  nice to see new faces. tom_a_sparks long time no see, fabricator4 & sagaci sorry I'm late :/10:35
fabricator4Better late than never...10:36
head_victimDoes anyone live in the Brisbane area that attends uni or tafe that might want to post it around a bunch of newsletter boards?10:36
* gorilla is back at the keyboard.10:38
head_victimOr anyone have ideas for where I can put a pile of them and they might get taken?10:38
fabricator4Did we give the Library a supply?  or do they do their own (or nothing)10:38
head_victimNo sure, I was going to liaise with bejames (he's the one who organised the venue) but it seemed the library were a fair bit hands off,.10:39
fabricator4Thought that might be the case.  We should be able to put one poster up somewhere on the premises though.10:40
head_victimI recall someone saying they worked at a marketing firm, did anything come of that?10:42
davetvOne thing I envisage us needing is storage for ppls who have not backed up so we can get the stuff from storage after10:45
davetvdocs, pics etc10:45
head_victimI'll bring a stack of DVDs but realistically, if they need to back up more than a DVDs worth it's not going to be someothing we can do on the spot.10:46
sagacimaybe take a couple of 8GB/16GB flash drives10:46
gorilladavetv: the prolem is what do you backup and how much? You could be opening a can of worms here.10:46
davetvtrue - but contents of \MyDocuments for example - mosta these installs will be over Windows10:47
head_victimdavetv: the idea is that the user has backed up BEFORE attending. That's the goal but you do raise an important point.10:48
fabricator4Some portable hard drives?  We'd need to get their permission to backup first of course...10:49
head_victimThat's why I'd like to back up to something they can take with them so we don't keep any personal data accidentally.10:50
geoff44Good demos to raise interest and then point them in the direction of the forums may be an idea10:50
head_victimgeoff44: the goal is to have a table for demos, a table for the loco and a table to install on is how I see it happening.10:50
geoff44That sounds good10:51
head_victimHopefully we'll have some talks as well10:51
head_victimI think we have the actual event covered except for maybe locking in a few more people to volunteer, the main issue I see is getting Joe Public along to participate10:52
fabricator4Probably a weak link at the moment is that the talks don't a have a schedule we can publicise.10:53
davetvmost important thing I've found in convincing - converting ppls to linux is the free app base ... things like GIMP etc10:53
geoff44This is in Brisbane I gather - I'm in melb10:53
fabricator4Yes Brissy10:53
gorillageoff44: yes, it's a Brisbane only event.10:53
head_victimgeoff44: this one is, if you want to volunteer to hold one in Melbourne I'd be more than willing to support :) Heh.10:53
geoff44Unfortunately I'm a 67 year old beginner and don't consider I would be much value at this stage10:55
head_victimgeoff44: No worries, just making sure the offer was made ;)10:56
geoff44One day I may be of more help10:57
head_victimdavetv: yeah what I did was install linux on a second computer and slowly over 6 months swapped one program for another from windows to Linux. Then i installed Linux on my main machine and never looked back.10:57
head_victimgeoff44: It's all good, we understand not everyone can do everything all at once. Don't be disheartened with technical levels either. I'm basically just a Ubuntu Users who knows enough to break things. I've got no IT education or background what so ever.10:57
fabricator4geoff44: being able to organise an event and motivating people to help is probably the most important thing.  There's probably plenty of people to handle the technical side of things.10:58
davetvLast week a brothers mate rang me from Moree re buy Laptop and what OS, put him on to a cheap Acer he installed 64 bit 10.04 (LTS) - rang me today and very happy10:59
davetvthe free repositories the clincher11:00
* gorilla starts work on a taking down a scammer on facebook, by getting the .tk domain name revoked.11:00
gorillasorry.. wrong window11:00
head_victimCool well does anyone else have anything to add to the topic of the installfest or should we call the meeting ended and keep chatting?>11:00
sagaci... anyone?11:00
davetvI'll be at the installfest11:00
geoff44I certainly don't wish to be seen as a piker - but for a mental illness I have I am not really capable of organizing very much11:01
head_victimdavetv: nice work, if you want to volunteer specific time add yourself to the wiki :)11:01
davetvwill do11:01
head_victimgeoff44: no stress at all mate, keep your ears out for release parties though, they're just social events :)11:01
fabricator4Can we work on a timetable for the talks?11:01
head_victimfabricator4: sure, I'd say chuck up a table of topics and start slotting in times11:02
head_victimThe wiki is the perfect place for that as well.11:02
fabricator4:-)  OK11:02
geoff44This is my first time on IRC and I must say I am impressed - most of my contact for now has been on the forums11:02
head_victimgeoff44: glad to hear :) We're not too scary a bunch, honest.11:03
davetvi am new too geoff11:03
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Dec 11 11:03:34 2011 UTC.  11:03
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-au/2011/ubuntu-au.2011-12-11-10.01.moin.txt11:03
head_victimsagaci: sorry for running late, thanks for chairing :)11:03
head_victimI'd just like to point out that the enAU translation effort that sagaci has spearheaded basically has EVERYTHING available to be translated completed.11:04
* head_victim gives sagaci a round of applause.11:04
sagacino worries, wasn't sure if my connection would hold up11:04
fabricator4clap clap clap clap11:04
sagacii'm slowly working on the last 5700 gcc-4.5 strings11:04
sagacithat don't really need to be done but for the sakes of completeness11:04
head_victimFor those of you who don't know, basically whenever you select Australia as your Locale sagaci is the main reason that you have Colour instead of color and dialogue instead of dialog :)11:05
sagacichromium browser is also translated, so it's a reason to use it11:05
tom_a_sparksthumps up11:05
sagacialthough firefox is equally translated11:06
davetvI have opensourced a couple projects - good for CV11:06
head_victimNice work :)11:06
head_victimfabricator4: when you add the table to the wiki make sure you email the ML so anyone else wanting to volunteer for one or two can add themselves.11:06
fabricator4OK, no worries.  I'll have to fudge a bit since mostly we've just seen expressions of interest wrt to talks.11:07
head_victimdavetv: nice work11:08
head_victimfabricator4: yeah just put it up as an expression of interest, if we get enough we formalise it if we don't we wing it on the day :)11:08
davetvgonna ket into some kernel hacking for GTA-04 freerunner board11:09
sagacinext meeting details - http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/303/detail/11:09
head_victimsagaci: nice and organised :) Thanksf or the work on the team report as well11:09
head_victimWell I have to run off again. Sorry I was late and sorry I'm heading off again but today has been "one of those days". If anyone things of anything else to add to the installfest post it to the mailing list and put it up on the wiki :)11:11
chris4Goodnight  head_victim11:12
geoff44head_victim: Thanks for the kind words11:13
sagacihead_victim: also left an unpublished entry on u.o.au so when you get time11:13
chris4Goodnight all.  Apparently I have a Wiki to update  :-)11:14
geoff44Goodnight chris411:14
geoff44The next meeting is on Tues - correct?11:18
sagacigeoff44: no, the second Sunday of January11:20
geoff44Oh I don't know where I saw that - thank you 11:20
fabricator4Yeah, Sunday the 8th Jan.  Same time, same channel11:21
sagacisame thugs11:21
geoff44fabricator: Thanks 11:22
geoff44Guess it is time to hit the road - thanks for the learning experience guys11:24
geoff44Goodnight all11:24
=== gorilla is now known as Guest64670

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