The_FredAlanBell, thanks for your earlier suggestion about zeitgeist: its just what i was needing01:29
The_Fredoh! he's gone01:29
ali1234where is the user's chosen desktop session saved?04:54
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Global Jam: The Dashboard - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/03/02/ubuntu-global-jam-the-dashboard/06:18
ballHello himcesjf07:12
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Global Jam: Walnut Creek - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/03/02/ubuntu-global-jam-walnut-creek/07:18
* ball waves07:21
ballGood morning cz<tab>07:21
ballSorry Laura07:23
ballNo offense was intended.07:23
ballNote to self: don't call people what they're called on the UUPC07:26
ballhello imexil07:28
ballCan Ubuntu Server run inside vmWare ESXi?07:34
imexilno idea07:43
ballMe neither. Perhaps I'll try it at some point.07:45
ballHello DJones07:57
ballTheOpenSourcerer: Congratulations on your growing userbase.07:59
TheOpenSourcererThanks ball.08:00
TheOpenSourcererThis is going to be an interesting year for us. Looks like we'll be moving to a "proper" office and taking on some kind of staff too! (Bit scary but in a good way).08:01
ballI'll have to read more about it but do you offer OpenERP as a hosted service?08:02
diploMorning all08:08
ballAh, it seems you do.08:09
ballhello diplo08:09
TheOpenSourcererball: We do for customers yes. That is we aren't really just a hosting business. But we do host OpenERP for customers we have worked on OpenERP with to implement etc.08:09
ballOne of my jobs is with a software company that offers its product for LAN use or as a hosted on-line service.08:12
ball(different target market, but perhaps some common experiences)08:12
TheOpenSourcererWe have quite a few customers for whom we host their services, but they were customers for the application first, we host for them as an extra service and do backups etc...08:14
TheOpenSourcererWe host vtiger, OpenERP and a couple of others, (We could do Alfresco too).08:15
ballI've not heard of vtiger or Alfresco. Do you have two data centres with fail-over in place?08:15
ballMy other job is with a non-profit. We could do with a new donor database.08:18
ball...sort of like a CRM, but with the ability to track donations that people have made.08:18
TheOpenSourcerervtiger is a CRM, Alfresco is Document Management.08:19
diploTheOpenSourcerer, your blog post worked a treat last night thanks!08:19
diploDefo smoother than my own install :)08:19
TheOpenSourcererball: We rent bare metal from Hetzner then virtualise on top.08:19
TheOpenSourcererdiplo: Thanks! :-)08:19
TheOpenSourcererIt is proving very popular. Got ~250 unique visits yesterday08:20
ballTheOpenSourcerer: I've just made a note to evaluate vtiger as soon as I bring our new server up.08:20
ball(depending on system requirements)08:20
diploNice work, it's very well written I guess. Clear and concise which is what people need.08:21
TheOpenSourcererIt's probably the best (properly open source) CRM out there.08:21
TheOpenSourcererWe are probably (almost certainly in fact) the most experienced vtiger Partner in the UK too.08:21
dwatkinsmornin folks08:30
* ball waves08:31
popeyMorning all08:37
ballhello popey08:38
TheOpenSourcererhey popey08:40
TheOpenSourcererI have an early start this Sunday morning :-)08:40
popeywhat date is the beerex itself?08:44
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:51
ballHello bigcalm08:52
AlanBellball: look at civiCRM too09:08
AlanBellthat might be better for a non-profit that isn't selling to customers but has a membership base they are looking to get donations from09:10
imexilHi, so my wifes HD died this morning. That means I need to get a new one (oh and beta 1 is out ... how convenient ;) ) Any suggestions what made I should go for?09:10
AlanBellimexil: SSD if you don't need the space09:11
imexilwe are talking about my wifes  ... which means lots of images and stuff and music ;)09:11
imexilSo I think I stick to rotating disks  for now.09:11
diploSamsung spin points I normally recommend, quite and reliable so far for me09:12
AlanBelllaptop or desktop?09:14
AlanBellwe got some nice 3TB desktop drives a few weeks ago09:14
diploExpensive time to buy at the moment AlanBell09:15
diploI'm holding off for a few more months till they drop again09:15
AlanBellthey were £116.30 each09:16
AlanBell3TB Western Digital WD30EZRX Caviar09:16
AlanBell Timing buffered disk reads: 348 MB in  3.01 seconds = 115.74 MB/sec09:16
ballI need some more SATA drives, but the "new" server has Ultra160, so I might want a few of those too.09:17
gordi know its obviously not everyone's experience, but every WD drive I've ever owned has died on me rather quickly =\09:23
ballgord: For me that was Maxtor.09:24
gordi buy seagate barracuda drives now, they work really nicely09:24
ballgord: The last set I priced up were Seagates.09:24
ballI have a soft spot for them, since I used the ST225 for years.09:25
Myrttifor external harddrives, don't buy Seagate Expansion terabyte ones09:26
Myrttithe customer reviews are horrible, apparently the pcb's have a manufacturing fault which makes them fail soon after taking into use09:27
Myrttiit's a fault that was reported on their discussion forum in 200909:27
gordi have a hard time recommending external hard drives at all - seems like user error is going to cause it to fall off the table at some point09:28
diploheh gord you have no faith :P09:29
gordi know if i had an external drive at some point, coffee would be rested upon it09:30
diploI don't mind people like that as they can ask me to get new one.. just stupid people like my dad where i advised him to get one.. so instead of using it for backing up to he has just stuck everything on there09:30
diploI've got 5-6 and some are 3-4 years old09:30
diploall still working fine09:30
TheOpenSourcererSamsung Spinpoints FTW!09:31
* diplo touches desk ( wood )09:31
JamesTaitHappy Friday, everyone! :D09:31
ballgord: I read that on first pass as "coffee would be restored apon it", which makes me think about 3D printing doughnuts.09:33
dwatkinsdiplo: my 'external' drive is connected to another machine and accessible via wifi09:33
diploAs a backup drive dwatkins09:34
diploor just storage ?09:34
popeymy server is filling up a bit09:35
popeycould do with more disks09:35
diploMe as well popey09:35
gorda 3d printer that built from doughnut dough would be the greatest invention ever. imagine, you could build the eiffel tower out of doughnut.. then eat it09:35
dwatkinsdiplo: both, I'm currently gzipping my Windows backup on it, which I did via wifi, it's also got my media on it, as the Ubuntu machine it's attached to runs serviio and fuppes.09:39
TheOpenSourcererpopey: Beerex is 27th April.09:39
dwatkinsI'm very tempted to get a Drobo just because they look neat and you can just swap disks out as they fail and increase capacity automatically.... in theory ;)09:39
popeyi have one dwatkins09:40
popeyi wouldn't buy one ☺09:40
popey26th April - 12.04 releases09:41
popey27th April - Beerex09:41
popey28th April - Fly to USA for Canonical sprint09:41
popeythat could be messy09:41
mattti didn't know popey was afraid of a challenge09:41
ballBefore we got this server I thought about getting one of those HP Microservers.09:41
* diplo thinks dwatkins is to efficient :D09:41
dwatkinspopey: whyfor not?09:42
dwatkinsdiplo: too efficient because I'm compressing a 27 GB file which most likely has large amoutns of whitespace? ;)09:42
TheOpenSourcererpopey: I have invited christel to the Beerex with us and will be bringing a couple of friendly customers... Then, I am going there again on the Saturday eve. with some school dads09:42
diploball, very good boxes.. had mine running solidly for a few months now09:42
christelI LIKE BEER09:43
christeland alans! i like alans too09:43
bigcalmCan you have too many Alans?09:43
TheOpenSourcererThree alans plus beer. What a great combination!09:43
bigcalmWondered why my home server was running slow. Due to no connection for 6 days, backups from my parents' place are now pouring in09:45
bigcalmmount.ntfs is using 47% of the CPU09:45
bigcalmI really should have changed the filesystem of the external drives when I bought them :(09:46
diploNow that is a good though bigcalm . You back up your parents PC's for them ?09:47
bigcalmdiplo: I have rdiff-backup running to backup their fileserver to an external drive here09:48
diployour parents have a fileserver :P09:48
diploAll my parents have are all my hand me downs09:49
bigcalmI gave my parents a Viglen09:52
diploah hand me downs as well09:53
andylockranhowdy all09:55
bigcalmNo, I bought it new09:55
* diplo thinks he may not be nice enough to his parents :)09:55
diplomorning andylockran09:56
andylockranhow goes things?09:56
diploSlow, need a kick up the butt to get going today. Yourself ?09:57
andylockranYeah, pretty good - just getting myself organised and tidy @ work .09:57
andylockranReinstalled my machine yesterday and attempting to try out Windows 8 - think it may just be the saviour of Unity :)09:57
oimonwhat's wrong with my PC ? chromium takes huge cpu, which then causes high cpu load in compiz :(09:57
diplooimon, I've been getting that as well09:58
gordoimon, likely something causing chromium to redraw constantly09:58
diploNot determined the cause yet09:58
gordthings redrawing constantly cause compiz to constantly update as it now needs to redraw09:58
oimoni've got pinned tabs of gmail, g+, fb, twitter, yammer09:58
diploI had that as well oimon09:59
gordtry closing them until it stops?09:59
diploFound the JS updating just was killing it09:59
oimoncurrently, chromium is not high but compiz is, but caused by chromium09:59
oimonhmm, closing gmail reduced compiz to 21% cpu10:00
oimonkind of an essential tab10:00
popeybet its flash10:01
diploCan you disable flash in chromium ?10:01
oimongmail isn't using flash10:01
oimoncompiz seems very tetchy on this system10:02
popeyits much nicerer on 12.04 ☺10:02
ballSomeone may have mentioned this already (I'm working so I just get to dip into this channel between tasks) but there is a plain HTML version of gmail.10:02
oimonhope thats true for my machine too10:02
ball"Basic HTML version" they call it.10:02
oimonball, kind of sucky though...neer been an issue before10:02
oimonmaybe i'll reboot :(10:03
ballThat said, I think I can use the ordinary version of gmail on this machine, which definitely doesn't have Flash10:03
ball...or Java10:04
diploBlock all plugins10:04
ballAh, it's because I'm using SeaMonkey instead of Firefox10:04
ball...think that's it.10:04
diploAnd manage exceptions10:04
ballWow, it's 04:05 already.10:05
ballThis morning's flying by.10:06
TheOpenSourcererInteresting how Mozilla's B2G is like WebOS - Native HTML/Javascript apps. Looks like it could be an interesting platform in the future... http://www.muktware.com/articles/3364/mozillaz-boot-geeko-hands-preview10:13
popeyyeah, was interesting to watch that video10:15
diploI grabbed the git repo of it the other day10:19
diploAbout as far as I have got so far10:19
TheOpenSourcererMust. Get. Moar. Coffee10:20
diploBlimey, is quite quick isn't it.. I'm liking B2G10:25
diploEasier to code for me as well :D10:25
ali1234(load it in firefox obviously)10:34
DJonesI thought the "Andypad" had a silly name, but now we've got the "Childpad" from Archos http://www.archos.com/corporate/press/press_releases/ARCHOS_Child_Pad_us.pdf10:45
popeyandypad kinda died a death10:46
DJones£100 doesn't sound bad for a tablet with ICS though, maybe not the highest spec, but seems reasonable10:47
ballWhat's ICS?10:50
mattiIce Cream Sandwich10:50
mattiAndroid 4.010:51
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:51
andylockranmorning brobostigon10:52
brobostigonmorning andylockran10:52
* ball sighs10:54
dwatkinsDJones: next it'll be One Pad Per Child10:55
MooDoohello all10:55
DJonesSounds like they should be sold by pampers though10:56
daubersdwatkins: One Fad Per Child did you say?10:56
dwatkinsI wish the OLPC were actually a success10:56
dwatkinsnot that laptops will necessarily solve the food and overpopulation problems fo the world over night10:56
imexilAlanBell: Sorry was AFK. The drives I'm looking for is meant for a laptop. So I'll look at Samsung or WD then10:57
davmor2morning all11:01
bigcalmHi davmor211:02
davmor2morning bigcalm MooDoo, czajkowski PROD111:02
davmor2morning s-fox11:04
s-foxHello davmor2 , how are you?11:05
davmor2s-fox: tired, busy, buton the whole good11:05
czajkowskidavmor2: good morning11:09
s-foxHello czajkowski  :)11:10
czajkowskis-fox: hi11:10
s-foxHow are you today?11:10
czajkowskigood thanks11:11
s-foxA bit tired. Went to a concert last night, caught an early train at 06:30 this morning.11:12
czajkowskigood concert?11:13
s-foxBrilliant thank you11:14
s-foxhttp://i.imgur.com/tkekw.jpg Great seats11:14
dogmatic69anyone know what that is ?11:24
MooDoodogmatic69: any more to it?  not a oom-killer message is it?11:27
popeypage up?11:28
dogmatic69idk, just came home to see that11:28
ali1234shift-page up11:32
davmor2dogmatic69: Broken?11:41
dogmatic69i had to reboot, but it seems ok now11:42
davmor2s-fox: wow that's an impressive photo,  but as you stepped through the door did you go back in time the place seems devoid of colour so you must of gone back in time right :D11:43
s-foxI prefer black and white pictures davmor2  ;) 90% of what I take is like that. haha11:45
s-foxdavmor2,  http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/1595/13e96a2dfca94885aed389c.png11:46
davmor2s-fox: oh so it's just you that is back in time before the invention of colour then ;)11:46
s-foxThat was when we discovered red11:46
davmor2s-fox: hahaha11:47
s-foxdavmor2,  Took this image in Kyoto last year - http://i.imgur.com/wwpWT.jpg11:56
s-foxIt is at the imperial palace11:56
davmor2MooDoo: stop with the rapper cap look it doesn't suit you :)11:56
davmor2s-fox: Arrrrr pretty11:56
davmor2s-fox: infact that looks like it should be a jigsaw11:57
s-foxSepia is fun11:58
MooDoodavmor2: say what?12:02
davmor2<MooDoo> a:)  that's you with a rappers cap right,  it doesn't suit you :P12:03
MooDoodavmor2: oh right er ok :p12:03
davmor2MooDoo: sometimes you're hard work than czajkowski12:04
davmor2harder even12:04
MooDoodavmor2: nah i just think your jokes are rubbish.12:04
imexilHi, what do I need to do to get sun-java back on my 11.10 laptop? I know about the dangers of that but my bank simply will not have the openjdk12:13
diplowhich links to here12:15
diploDepends if you want Java6/712:15
diploplenty of tutorials on the web12:15
imexilwell one that would work with my bank's web site of course ;)12:16
diploFind what they recommend12:16
diploOff to lunch12:16
ubuntuuk-planet[Andy Loughran] Coding Guidelines - http://zrmt.com/2012/03/02/coding-guidelines/12:18
ubuntuuk-planet[Jamie Bennett] TrustZone at MWC - http://www.linuxuk.org/2012/03/trustzone-at-mwc/13:18
andylockranquiet here again today :D13:29
brobostigoni am emailing amazon, as to why my order has failed to arrive, with all delivery details being correct.13:30
ali1234wah wah wah13:30
ali1234i'm running checkbox-unity tests13:31
ali1234seems even more buggy than the last time13:31
popeythanks ali1234, I appreciate you running those tests13:44
BadgerUKi've got 2 python/ dist-packages13:49
BadgerUKusr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages and usr/local/lib/python/dist-packages13:49
BadgerUKis that correct?13:49
popeyBadgerUK: did you install something from a ppa, or compile and build something yourself?13:50
BadgerUKim new to linux13:50
BadgerUKand ive done a lot of stuff in the past 4 months, and i dont remember all of it13:50
popeyif you look in usr/local/lib/python/dist-packages you'll probably find the name of some of them13:51
BadgerUKive got stuff for django and openerp in there13:51
BadgerUKis it bad to have 2 dist--packages directories?13:52
ali1234easy_install also puts stuff in /usr/local13:52
BadgerUKor is that a standard thing that i should be worried about?13:52
ali1234did you follow that recent guide on instaaling openerp?13:53
BadgerUKi've looked at different instructions13:54
BadgerUKto which are you refering?13:54
BadgerUKim currently working on a 6.113:54
diplotheopensourcerer.com I'm guessing ali is refferring  to13:55
ali1234yeah that one13:55
BadgerUKah yes13:55
BadgerUKive looked at it13:55
diploI used it last night :)13:55
BadgerUKnot sure i followed it13:55
BadgerUKill just check13:55
diploheh $me TheOpenSourcerer  ?13:55
TheOpenSourcererHey BadgerUK13:55
TheOpenSourcererSaw you in #Openobject the other day :-)13:56
BadgerUKhey TheOpenSourcerer13:56
BadgerUKis that your guide?13:56
ali1234"sudo pip install werkzeug"13:56
TheOpenSourcererWhat? The one written by TheOpenSourcerer ;-)13:56
ali1234this will put it in /usr/local13:56
BadgerUKnice one bruv13:56
TheOpenSourcererThere's a clue in the name13:56
BadgerUKi know13:57
BadgerUKi noticed the name13:57
BadgerUKbut thought "the internet is a big place"13:57
TheOpenSourcererIndeed it is.13:57
BadgerUKwell, as you're here and you are amazing13:58
BadgerUKopenserver is unhappy that it can find yaml in both /usr/local/lib/py2.7/dist and usr/lin/py2.7/dist13:58
BadgerUKshould i be deleting one of them13:59
BadgerUKand in which case is it as simple as sudo apt-get remove yaml?13:59
TheOpenSourcererI would guess so yes. But why do you have a pip/easy_install installed one too?13:59
BadgerUKand presumably the one in usr/local/lib was done by easy install so nothing will break as python already has yaml available13:59
BadgerUKi have no idea14:00
BadgerUKeither did it when i was doing operp14:00
BadgerUKor maybe it was for django weeks ago14:00
ali1234if you install with easy_install you won;t get updates14:00
BadgerUKso im better off deleting that one?14:00
TheOpenSourcererAh OK. My suggestion is to limit the number of non deb-packaged libraries to a minimum14:00
ali1234whenever you are reading some guide, you should always check if the distro has a packaged version before running easy_install or pip14:00
TheOpenSourcereryes ali1234 +114:01
BadgerUKand in which case it's just a case of deleting the file and delting the line in the pth file14:01
ali1234because easy_install and pip are hard to undo as well14:01
BadgerUKwill do14:01
TheOpenSourcerersudo pip remove yaml?14:01
BadgerUKi get confused trying to work out whats going in in linux but im getting there14:01
ali1234yeah that's about as reliable as make uninstall14:01
TheOpenSourcereror it might be pip unistall.14:01
TheOpenSourcerertry pip --help14:01
TheOpenSourcereror easy_install --help14:01
ali1234always favour distro packages14:02
ali1234you will have much fewer problems that way14:02
ali1234goes for building from source too14:02
ali1234especially if the guides are out of date, you probably don't need to14:03
BadgerUKdistro packages meaning things that are in apt registery?14:03
AlanBelloh look a new blackberry arrived on my doorstep14:10
diploUnlucky you AlanBell :)14:12
=== aquarius_ is now known as aquarius
=== seeker_ is now known as seeker
gordi'm starting to think davmor2 might actually have mad cow disease... think about it, all adds up15:27
jpdsgord: No, that only affects cows.15:35
bigcalmWho's to say that he isn't one?15:35
gordhe just scrubs up real nice15:36
davmor2gord: no I have mad gord disease which means you suddenly need to drink tea, grow your hair long and moo at the moon15:37
davmor2AlanBell: you seriously need to do some gardening if the brambles are growing over your dorrstep15:38
davmor2doorstep even15:39
davmor2directhex: man how did you know the password?16:14
davmor2mad gords disease is spreading who will be next16:15
Myrttiright, I've been infected by gord ages ago16:16
davmor2By the Everyone Happy Friday!16:20
bigcalmLess than 2 hours left to the working day16:23
diplo37 mins \o/16:23
diploWell probably 30 :)16:24
gord... evil people who finish work at 516:24
bigcalmYeah, doesn't make any sense to me16:24
diploOnly job I've ever had that has!16:24
diploIt's taken me nearly 2 years to get used to it16:25
* bigcalm never stops working :(16:25
* diplo used to be like that16:25
diploI changed for my wife and boys16:26
bigcalmRight now I'm playing catch up due to lack of connection16:26
diploWife liked it so much she left me 6 months later :D16:26
directhexi work on a timesheet basis, so I get fridays half off. i finished a half hour ago :p16:32
davmor2directhex: I saw the funniest sign in the states, "We Pierce Ears Half Off" that made me think I wasn't going there17:14
diploEvening one and all18:27
MartijnVdS\o dipole18:33
MartijnVdSdipole? diplo!18:33
AlanBellanyone got a recommended value PC that works with Ubuntu and is fairly quiet?18:45
diploNo but would be interested myself if you find one, parents need a new PC and I'd like to Ubuntu them :)18:46
davmor2AlanBell: Raspberry Pi18:46
AlanBellhttp://www.ebuyer.com/337174-zoostorm-desktop-pc-7873-1051 how does that look? anyone get a better price/spec?18:47
jacobwAlanBell: ASUS18:47
ali1234build your own18:47
AlanBellyeah, I am happy to build, but that often ends up more expensive than a system18:48
davmor2AlanBell: I got a test box that is pretty quiet and it's just a cheap E-system box from pc-world cost about 180 off the top of my head18:48
diploWas looking at that one for my parents AlanBell18:48
ali1234that's not great for the price18:48
diploreally ali1234 ?18:48
diploHas it been that long since i specced a PC18:48
ali1234yes, it's gonna have a rubbish loud power supply in that cheap ass case18:48
diploSeems cheap to me18:48
ali1234it's cheap18:48
AlanBellali1234: yeah, there is a comment about the PSU noise18:48
ali1234but for the same price you could get higher quality components18:49
diploAlbeit I've not bought a new PC in how long18:49
ali1234get a cheap coolermaster case18:49
diploYou have me interested now, tonights task i guess18:49
ali1234also intel graphics lol18:50
ali1234and only dual core18:50
diploOnly :P18:50
ali1234you can get entry level nvidia card, nicer case, and quad core CPU for that price18:50
AlanBellwell intel graphics actually work out of the box18:50
ali1234if you define "work" as "can't run any 3d applications"...18:50
jacobwmost people do :)18:51
davmor2AlanBell: Maplins are doing a crazy deal at the moment, http://www.maplin.co.uk/asus-amd-apu-motherboard-kit--4gb-ddr3-memory-61277218:51
ali1234crazy expensive?18:51
ali1234for that price it should include the CPU18:51
AlanBellali1234: I really don't get the intel bashing, I run a 2048x1152 monitor plus my laptop display with all the compiz goodies, can run blender and other stuff, it just does everything I throw at it18:52
davmor2AlanBell: and yet you can't run the mumbo jumbo games on it18:53
gordAlanBell, intel quality differs greatly from generation to generation, some of them are great, some of them are terrible18:53
AlanBellit does minecraft18:53
AlanBellwhat are mumbo jumbo games?18:54
AlanBellthis is on a core i3 laptop I got the week before UDS in Belgium18:54
davmor2AlanBell: Chainz, 7 wonder and a few others18:54
jacobwthings that require hardware support of dx(9|10)?18:54
AlanBellso it is nearly 2 years old18:54
AlanBellok, well I am not too bothered about weak support for games I have never heard of18:55
gordyeah i3 is fairly fine, its the core-duos and < atom stuff that is often pretty nasty18:55
AlanBellatom processors are quite good, I had a dual core atom running this big monitor with the compiz cube and stuff on it for ages, worked fine18:56
ali1234by < atom you mean < pineview right?18:56
ali1234cos i've got an older atom and it's rubbish18:56
ali1234no dual core, no 64 bit, no Vx, and no 3d worth anything18:57
AlanBelloh right, I have the dual core 64bit atom18:57
ali1234just get a nvidia card, seriously18:58
ali1234don't spend more than £50 on a motherboard. get gigabyte or asus18:58
directhexheh, £50 motherboards18:59
directhexi wish18:59
directhexi don't remember when i last spent 2 figures on a mainboard18:59
AlanBellwhat socket and CPU?19:01
ali1234well if AMD you want AM3 and a phenom or FM1 and whatever the new thing is called. i don't know what intel's newest thing is19:04
ali1234the performance is identical pound for pound19:04
ali1234intel motherboards tend to be hilariously over priced though19:05
directhexwell, that might be it, the last AMD system i built was socket 93919:09
TheOpenSourcererPub time. :-)19:10
brobostigongood plan TheOpenSourcerer :)19:11
TheOpenSourcererYep - been sat on my rear-end all day need a walk.19:12
brobostigoni have been also, on my bottom, more or less, for the day.19:12
AlanBellwell by picking components I am up to £300 already, would be cheaper to get the zoostorm one and upgrade the PSU if it is noisy19:13
ali1234and a decent graphics card19:15
AlanBellIntel Pentium Dual Core Sandybridge G630 2.7GHz should be comparable to my core i3 laptop?19:15
ali1234no idea19:15
MartijnVdSali1234: what's the spec of your i3?19:16
MartijnVdSur AlanBell ^19:17
AlanBellIntel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU       M 330  @ 2.13GHz19:17
issyl0Hello all.19:18
MartijnVdShi issyl019:18
issyl0I think my Ubuntu membership expired today.19:18
issyl0Who do I talk to who can say officially that it has?19:18
AlanBellyou can renew it19:18
issyl0(And who's the freenode Ubuntu person who can say yes to removing the Ubuntu cloak?  To avoid COIs with me being a staffer and all...)19:19
issyl0AlanBell: I wouldn't like to renew it.  I haven't been active enough to go through that process unscathed.19:19
AlanBellpop into #ubuntu-irc19:19
AlanBellissyl0: no, you just press the button19:19
MartijnVdSAlanBell: I think they're comparable.. the sandybridge might be a little bit faster - GPU is faster.19:20
ali1234yeah get the zoothingy19:20
ali1234the 1Tb hdd and 8gb ram will put you way over their price19:21
ali1234even with cheap everything else19:21
AlanBellyeah, thats what I figured19:22
AlanBellI think I will get that, and stick Ubuntu on it and then decide if anything needs upgrading19:23
* jacobw wonders how to lose this fedora/ cloak19:24
lubotu3Ubuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership19:25
AlanBellthat is one way jacobw19:25
AlanBellor ask for an unaffiliated cloak in #freenode19:25
* jacobw ponders ubuntu membership19:26
* dwatkins identifies himself as an Ubuntu fan/user by having a branded mouse19:26
AlanBelldo start a wiki page19:26
* AlanBell gets the branding irons out for dwatkins 19:26
* dwatkins runs19:26
jacobwi guess my activity in #ubuntu-server counts as irc support :|19:27
AlanBellit probably does, put it on your wiki page19:27
AlanBellif your contribution to the project is mostly IRC based then the IRCC is a membership body19:28
* AlanBell is the chair of the IRCC :)19:28
* popey is going out for beer in Farnham tonight with flesh people19:31
popey(as opposed to internet people19:31
jacobwi misread that as 'flies' people19:32
jacobwhey, internet peope have flesh too19:32
* diplo is sat at home on his own ( well kids are in bed so no option of going out :( )19:34
diplome ?19:36
AlanBellzoostorm PC ordered19:57
* popey tickles dsample with a jubilee clip19:58
* popey goes out for beer19:58
* dwatkins stays in for beer and curry20:14
* SuperEngineer stays in for beer and curry and Dr. Who20:14
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dsampleSuperEngineer: Dr Who's back on???20:17
dwatkinsCan't believe we have to wait until August20:17
SuperEngineerdsample:  on Beeb3 [ch7 on freeview]20:18
dsampleah, repeats... that's ok then20:19
heeed,j #thebugcast20:20
heeedwell join it anyway :D20:20
christelpopey: that's a bit of a trek for beer for you isnt it? :)20:48
* Seeker` waves to a dsample 21:04
dsampleSeeker`: hi :)21:04
Seeker`dsample: congratulations, if Myrtti didn't already pass it on :)21:04
dsampleSeeker`: She did, thanks :)21:05
Seeker`I've found the phrase 'yes dear' to be very useful21:05
dsampleI've already leant that one21:06
MyrttiI think I use "yes yes" more than he does use "yes dear"21:06
Seeker`I'm going to have to have an opinion about stuff soon /o\ wedding photographer coming over tomorrow morning21:06
Seeker`I think we only have photographer, entertainment and cake left to plan21:08
dsampleSeeker`: Just make sure you get the photographer to agree to release the copyright to you, so you can do what you want with them21:11
Seeker`yeah, thats one of the things I'm gonna talk to him about21:11
dsampleAre you getting video too?21:12
Seeker`just photos21:12
dsampleah, so what's she going to watch over and over again when you're old and moody? :P21:12
Seeker`can flick through the photos :P21:12
dsampleflickbook? :)21:13
Seeker`not entirely sure photographer will be taking *that* many pictures though :P21:13
Myrttitbh I don't understand video either, but I'm strange.21:13
Myrttiunless it were archived in some dark place and I didn't need to watch it myself. Could just pass it to kids/relatives21:15
dsampleSeeker`: just think of the £250 from You've Been Framed if you trip or fall asleep21:15
Seeker`I'd much rather not have a permanent record of my fails :P21:15
Myrttithat's my argument against the video as well21:16
Myrttibut I do wish now that there were more pictures of mum, I do understand the need to archive things into pictures and video21:17
MyrttiI just don't get that much out of pictures of myself or others either21:17
SuperEngineerdsample:  Seeker` Myrtti  it is noot point anyway... video, what video? [see http://is.gd/8uoHjc ]   ;)21:18
Seeker`SuperEngineer: that'll only cause problems for stuff plugged in21:19
SuperEngineerSeeker`:  carry on with that belief... it'll cheer you up ;)21:20
Seeker`SuperEngineer: its a problem because long transmission cables act like antennae, causing a power surge21:20
Myrttiwell, if we're going on the apocalyptic discussions...21:20
Seeker`its not an EMP blast :P21:20
SuperEngineer[though it actually would be similar to a small EMP.... whooops21:21
Myrttihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOMWzjrRiBg - feel free to depress yourself21:21
SuperEngineeras in s  m a l l21:21
Seeker`'similar' is not 'the same as'21:21
SuperEngineerme not depressed.... just giggling ;)21:21
dsampleDamned personalised ads... I'm now getting diamond rings advertised to me21:22
Seeker`dsample: heh, I had those for a while21:23
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* SuperEngineer checks dictionary to see if Seeker` is correct... ooh yes - the 2 words *are* different21:23
* Seeker` notes that 'the same as' isn't a word but a phrase21:23
* SuperEngineer sends pendantic alert21:24
Seeker`hey, you're the one that checked the dictionary21:25
jpdsMyrtti: That's nowhere near as depressing as: http://is.gd/MKDioK21:26
Myrttijpds: just keep on watching the film21:27
SuperEngineer[just checked it again...  no it comes up with *see humour*21:27
Seeker`I think you need a new dictionary.21:28
SuperEngineer[wrote this one myself... why change it now?]     ;21:29
Seeker`that explains a lot :P21:29
SuperEngineerjpds:   jfi: that pic looks it was nicked from Dr. Who...21:30
dsamplejpds: hmmm, isn't police privatisation called the Mafia?21:31
* SuperEngineer can't wait for the next U-U21:50
* SuperEngineer can't wait for the next U-UK meeting on "2nd February 21:00 UK time"... 21:51
SuperEngineer[I assume it's  now an 11 monthly meet ;)21:52
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SuperEngineer[nice one Seeker` ]21:55
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