head_victimAnyone know when daylight savings ends?00:35
benonsoftware1st of April head_victim 00:37
head_victimAh thanks, wasn't sure if it was March or April. Silly Southerners ;)00:37
head_victimAlright, I'm off, remember the meeting tonight :)00:38
benonsoftwarehead_victim: I should come, however I might not be sane :)00:39
jaddi27benonsoftware, that doesn't sound too good00:39
head_victimSane is a relative term00:39
* benonsoftware didn't go to sleep until 3am and is as sick as a dog00:40
benonsoftwareMeeting in 30 minutes correct?09:29
benonsoftwareCool, I've manage to stay up, hopefully I last whole meeting :P09:30
head_victimEvening all09:38
benonsoftwareEvening head_victim 09:39
head_victimI'm madly trying to catch up on the 453 RSS reader items I haven't gotten to recently :/09:42
head_victimDown to under 30009:42
* benonsoftware hasn't used RSS for ages09:43
head_victimIt's the only way I keep up to date on stuff. I only have about 3 planets and a bunch of comics.09:43
head_victimYay, up to March09:45
head_victimI dented/tweeted and posted to FB so fingers crossed we have a few tonight09:56
jaddi27The event is up on facebook as well, but has the wrong time for me (I tried fixing it, but it didn't change). Hopefully people read the description, which has the correct times09:57
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Just wondering with you being subscrubed to all AustraliaTeam page edits, how do I do the same but for UbuntuYouth and its subpages?09:58
head_victimAssuming you mean the wiki?09:58
head_victimLog in to the wiki09:59
head_victimClick on your nick in the top bar09:59
head_victimClick on notifications09:59
head_victimThen in the checklist select what notifications you want to receive. In the bottom window type in the pages you want to sub to09:59
head_victimSo for the AU team I have:09:59
head_victimThe first one for the front page, the second one for all the sub pages10:00
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Thank you very much10:00
head_victimNo worries :)10:00
jaddi27ready for the meeting?10:00
head_victimIndeed :)10:00
jaddi27#startmeeting Ubuntu-AU March 2012 Team Meeting10:00
meetingologyMeeting started Sun Mar 11 10:00:55 2012 UTC.  The chair is jaddi27. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.10:00
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jaddi27#chair sagaci, head_victim10:01
meetingologyCurrent chairs: head_victim jaddi27 sagaci10:01
head_victimEvening all10:01
fabricator4Good Evening10:01
jaddi27Hello everyone. Say something to be registered as attending10:01
jaddi27Agenda: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/347/detail/10:01
jaddi27On to the first topic10:03
jaddi27#topic Recap of Feb 2012 Meeting10:03
* benonsoftware is sorry he missed that meeting10:03
jaddi27I thought I would add something new to the agenda - a way for us to review what actions, etc were discussed at the last meeting, so we know if we have done what we said we would10:03
head_victimjaddi27: good idea :)10:04
jaddi27Minutes from Feb meeting: http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-au/2012/ubuntu-au.2012-02-12-10.01.html10:04
jaddi27The actions include:10:04
jaddi27ACTION: sagaci and jaddi27 to email ML with monthly meeting minutes10:04
jaddi27I think this was done after last meeting, and we will continue to do this for future meetings10:04
jaddi27ACTION: head_victim to put a call out for more volunteers to help with team reporting10:05
jaddi27head_victim, what was done with this action?10:05
benonsoftwareMay I sy sorry for not doing them that much, I have had some personal problems over the past for months10:05
jaddi27benonsoftware, That is alright. We were just trying to find other to assist as well for when you and the others were unavailable10:06
sagaciI've put in a couple of points but I've been moving house this past few weeks10:06
head_victimjaddi27: not a lot to be honest, sagaci had sort of volunteered but realistically it would be nice for a few others to know how it's done.10:06
sagaciI don't have the hours upon hours of time I used to have when I was going through the translations10:08
jaddi27Ok. I think this action should be carried through to this month, to see if we can get some other people involved10:08
head_victimsagaci: yeah, I don't seem to have the time I had 6 months ago on the previous role at work either10:08
jaddi27Any other discussion around the February meeting?10:09
head_victimNot that isn't going to be covered in other topics already :)10:09
jaddi27Ok. I think we can move on to the next topic10:10
jaddi27#topic Precise Pangolin Release Parties10:10
jaddi27head_victim, This is yours10:10
head_victimI've just noticed an absences of release parties around the country10:11
head_victimAnd was hoping to try and inspire some other locations to join in10:11
firtvid20Has Sydney ever had a release party?10:12
sagaciyes, a few back in 06, 07 and one just this last cycle10:12
jaddi27firtvid20, I think sagaci has organised one for there before10:12
head_victimYep, Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth ahve all ahd the in the past10:12
dns53I would like to do one in adelaide, when is the release date?10:13
sagacilast thursday in April10:13
elkyand brisbane.10:13
benonsoftwareI wouldn't mind getting one for Melbourne, however I will need to know what I have to do to set one help10:14
firtvid20Man I would love to come to one of these parties if I weren't so occupied10:14
head_victimdns53: I know some people like to hang out at the hackerspace down there so feel free to see if you can try and organise one there and cross pollinate :)10:14
sagacifind a venue, register it on l.u.c, turn up on the day10:14
head_victimbenonsoftware: it's easy, you don't have to set up polls. Just pick a venue, date and time and put it up on loco.u.c and then tell the team and tweet, email and FB it :)10:14
jaddi27So far there is one release party scheduled: Sydney10:14
jaddi27details at: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-au/1505/detail/10:15
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Ok10:15
head_victimIt's better to only have 4 people show up to a small gathering than none :)10:15
head_victimbenonsoftware: it would also be a way to try and meet locals that might help with your other problem with UDS :)10:15
benonsoftwareYep :P10:15
sagacirelease is ~6 weeks away so events need to be drawn up soon so people see and plan for them10:17
head_victimI'll be finalising the Brisbane one by the end of next weekend 10:17
head_victimSo, hopefully we have some more ideas 10:21
head_victimNext topic?>10:21
jaddi27Is there any more discussion around release parties for Precise?10:21
jaddi27#topic Ubuntu Global Jams March 201210:21
head_victimNice work if I don't say so myself with these10:22
jaddi27Last weekend the UGJ for the Precise Cycle was held around the world10:22
jaddi27Ubuntu-AU held 4 events - translation jam, localisation jam, artwork jam and wiki jam10:22
jaddi27sagaci, Could you report on the translation and artwork jams10:23
jaddi27I will report on the wiki and localisation jams10:24
jaddi27The wiki jam went well. We cleaned up a number of pages, and fixed up the headers10:24
jaddi27The contact page and meetings page were the most worked on10:25
sagaciI held a translation jam on Saturday, translating the remaining strings and fixing up ones that weren't fixed properly10:25
head_victimA few of those pages I meant to get to a long time ago but never did. 10:25
sagaciartwork jam was designed to create ubuntu ads/awareness posters10:26
benonsoftwareGreat job sagaci and jaddi27 for running them10:27
jaddi27The localisation jam went well. I still need to create the new repository with the latest localisation files, but should get that done soon10:27
benonsoftwarejaddi27: I'll go photo hunting in the next month or so :P10:28
head_victimsagaci: the process for grepping the files would be a good tool to put up on the wiki somewhere if you had a chance.10:28
sagaciI'd like to see some offline jams happening in the next cycle10:28
head_victimsagaci: that is one of the things I think would be really useful10:29
jaddi27I probably could have done a install jam at my Uni, but there was not enough time to get it organised after I realised it would be useful10:29
head_victimI'm not sure how it will go, in Brisbane we're trying to do real world get togethers 3 monthly and the Jams don't really fit that cycle but we can do what we can I guess.10:29
head_victimjaddi27: if you ever think of things like that sing out and I can try to organise some CDs and stuff like that10:30
sagaciI'd like to organise a similar event in July in Sydney at one of the bigger libraries and just do Jam-type things but without it being on the same weekend10:30
jaddi27head_victim, After precise comes out, I will be running a install and training session10:30
head_victimDon't forget everyone, we do have some team posters, table runners, CDs and other things I can organise given enough time :)10:30
head_victimI have them here, they're not mine though. So please, feel free to organise events and if you want something let me know and we can try to organise postage of whatever can help10:31
jaddi27Hopefully everyone thought the jams went well, and I look forward to the jams for the Q-cycle10:33
head_victimOne of the bigger benefits of being an official team means we have access to this sort of sponsorship from Canonical.10:34
head_victimSounds like it's a good time for next topic?10:34
jaddi27Yes, I think so10:34
jaddi27#topic General Business10:34
jaddi27If you have something not covered by the other topics, feel free to bring them up now10:34
benonsoftwareQuick questions: Will meeting times change because of Daylight savings finishing?10:35
jaddi27benonsoftware, They should stay at 8pm AEST10:35
benonsoftwareCool, as I will be able to make the meeting then most of the time10:35
head_victimWe seem to run them off UTC +10 time to keep it easy10:35
head_victimI would just like to let people know that I"ve added access to this and the -chat channel to sagaci and jaddi27  as well while we're all here10:36
head_victimThey have both proven to be reliable and involved over a long period of time.10:36
head_victimI wanted to make sure others have access as with my new job at work I'm not at the computer here as often as I'd like or used to be so felt this would be a good thing to do for the team.10:37
head_victimTouch wood we've never really had problems here, but it's nice just in case10:37
head_victimI just thought it would be good to announce publically in a logged team meeting as well so no one felt left out 10:38
jaddi27head_victim, Is that active now, or is it still to be added?10:38
head_victimSo thanks jaddi27 and sagaci for your ongoing commitment to the team.10:38
head_victimjaddi27: already active10:38
sagaciI'll relogin10:38
jaddi27Thanks head_victim 10:39
jaddi27Also, just to let everyone know, we have played around with the timezone settings on loco.ubuntu.com for the Ubuntu-AU team10:40
head_victimjaddi27: good point. We're going to do all the online things in UTC+10 and then all the local things in local time10:41
jaddi27We have been trying to get the ical files in the correct times10:41
head_victimThat's basically what we thought would work best. Apparently I was doing time zones all wrong and that's why the ical was failing10:41
jaddi27One thing to note though - if you see 'UTC-10' on l.u.c, it is actually UTC+10 (the - and + are reversed in python timezones due to historical reasons)10:42
jaddi27So we will keep trialling events to see if they work correctly in this timezone, and if there are problems I will change the main timezone to try and fix it up properly10:43
head_victimAs always, if you have any problems with loco.u.c please feel free to someone in the channel or on the ML.10:44
head_victimAnyone else have general business to bring up?10:46
head_victimActually, I just remembered one I had10:46
head_victimI wanted to see what sort of reaction I'd get to the suggestion of emailing the major computer manufacturers and letting them know we exist so when they get support requests from users who have installed Ubuntu they can point them here10:47
head_victimThis happened recently where Dell referred someone to my Ubuntu email address.10:47
head_victimSo that got me thinking if we should actively promote this or not.10:47
fabricator4Sounds like a good idea10:47
jaddi27head_victim, Nice to know they actually tried to help out10:47
head_victimThe upside is it would make it easier for average people to find help10:47
jaddi27I think that is a good idea10:47
head_victimThe downside is we might get a lot more tech support requests.10:47
head_victimI don't see this as a big problem10:48
head_victimBut thought I'd float the idea before dumping it on everyone without notice10:48
fabricator4If we got too many support requests, we could start referring people to the other main support areas - Launchpad and Ubuntu forums.10:48
head_victimIf the mood is positive towards this I'll float the idea on the mailing list10:49
jaddi27head_victim, I think that would be fine10:49
head_victimI'll also ask around the traps what previous work has been done in this area in other LoCos so we're not starting from scratch.10:49
dns53dell and hp sell ubuntu machines in other countries10:49
head_victimdns53: exactly, the user bought it based on that fact. To their credit it sounds liek Dell were actually tryin gto assist with the problem10:49
benonsoftwareI know that Dell Australia doesn't support Ubuntu10:50
head_victimBut once it got to a higher level they had nowhere else to go but at least someone passed them my email. 10:50
jaddi27#action head_victim to email the ML about offering Ubuntu support to manufacturers10:50
meetingologyACTION: head_victim to email the ML about offering Ubuntu support to manufacturers10:50
head_victimIf I get support from the ML I'll draft up an email I can send to the various manufacturers and likely retailers to make it easier for them to point people our way. That way they point to the list not just me personally as well :)10:51
jaddi27If there is nothing else, I think we should end the meeting10:53
head_victimSounds good if no one else has anything else to add10:54
head_victimWe're actually on time as well10:54
benonsoftwareI'll be able to write the reports up for the wiki before noon tomorrow10:54
jaddi27The next meeting will be on April 8, starting at 8pm UTC+10 (daylight saving will be finished by then, so that time will apply to all eastern states)10:54
benonsoftwareCool, I **might** be able to come10:55
fabricator4Apologies in Advance, I will be out of the country.  I'll make it if I can...10:55
head_victimThanks everyone for turning up10:55
head_victimfabricator4: the worst excuse yet! :P10:55
jaddi27Agenda for April meeting: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/374/detail/10:55
fabricator4Night all.10:56
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Mar 11 10:56:48 2012 UTC.  10:56
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-au/2012/ubuntu-au.2012-03-11-10.00.moin.txt10:56
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-au/2012/ubuntu-au.2012-03-11-10.00.html10:56
* benonsoftware plans to head to bed in a few minutes10:56
head_victimNight those that are leaving10:57
jaddi27head_victim, I will try to update the header now10:57
head_victimsagaci & jaddi27 I'll let one of you update the topic :)10:57
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* benonsoftware doesn't like sending emails11:00
jaddi27head_victim, is that done correctly?11:01
head_victimYep looks good :)11:01
jaddi27Eventually worked out what to do11:01
head_victimI'm thinking of updating the contact us page to have links to all the various places as well as a list of admins11:02
head_victimThat way we can just point people to that for the team.11:02
jaddi27head_victim, Sounds good11:02
benonsoftwareI better head to bed if I want to get better, see everyone later11:04
head_victimNight mate11:05
sagaciyeah seeya11:05
jaddi27benonsoftware, goodnight11:06

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