* pleia2 waves01:32
pleia2at mother in law to be's, will take meeting from road but Darkwing will chair01:36
philipballewMeeting time?02:01
pleia2Darkwing: should be along to chair02:04
* pleia2 on phone02:04
philipballewif he's busy I can just paste the stuff and let the people talk as i was gonna do the post meeting stuff on the wiki02:04
philipballewpleia2, need to go have more fun in Phili :)02:05
pleia2we can start02:06
philipballewsounds good to me02:06
philipballewI have the agenda link02:07
pleia2thanks philipballew02:07
philipballewno problem.02:07
philipballewwell if anyone wants to talk about UDS that is coming up soon we can discuss that. Who all is going and what we will be doing.02:09
philipballewI will be going and Its gonna be a good time for us to you know see other ubuntu users.02:10
pleia2trying to paste link :)02:11
philipballewwhen were in our "daily lives" finding another Ubuntu user is not always common, however here I will be and thats alwways a nice treat02:11
philipballewwe need to have all places to visit accessible by transit I assume02:12
philipballewwell pleia2 I guess the meeting is about over. I can do the post meeting logs monday02:15
pleia2yeah, we have a good list coning togethr02:15
pleia2wait, release parties :)02:16
philipballewoh thats right!02:16
pleia2so far only san francisco02:16
philipballewI assume that will stay. SD here is probably bot gonna happen as I will not be able to do anything02:17
pleia2i need to add it to that page02:17
pleia2anyone else from ubuntu hours want to do anything?02:17
philipballewI just got 12 books from oriley for the sd ubuntu hour to pass out a couple each to people who come to the next meeting02:18
pleia2http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1615/detail/ is sf details, thirsty bear as usual ;)02:19
epsHow about a *real* release party, at a place where you can get a seat, it isn't so noisy you can't hear yourself thing, there are power outlets, Wi-Fi, and better food choices?02:20
pleia2oh, grantbow and i will be doinf a presentation on 12.04 at balug next month02:21
pleia2eps: you're welcome to plan one02:21
epsI thought I already had ... but you tabled discussion at the last meeting, unilaterally dictated something different, and I still can't edit the Wiki.02:22
pleia2eps: we arent restricted to one night or one venue02:22
epsI still can't edit the Wiki.02:23
epsCan we talk about UDS?02:23
pleia2events go in loco.ubuntu.com now02:23
jyoMarkDude: We should start figuring out who wants to baseball during UDS.02:23
pleia2we just add the link to the wiki02:23
epsOK, move https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Q/OtherEvents to loco.ubuntu.com.02:24
philipballewjyo, I do!!!02:24
pleia2if we want to do a panera release too someone needs to take a lead there, i dont have time beyond a simppe thirsty bear thing :(02:24
pleia2eps: we can once its formalized02:25
epsCan we discuss UDS now?02:25
epsYes, a page I can't edit.02:26
pleia2is the ideas page02:26
pleia2you can share ideas now02:26
philipballewI assume your logged in eps ?02:26
pleia2someone who can edit it will add them02:26
epsphilipballew: yes. It's the *only* think my ID doesn't work on.02:27
epsSan Francisco Tourism: can this start any earlier?02:27
pleia2once ideas are finaluzed we create the loco.ubuntu event like i did for tourism and add it to the non-california uds page02:27
pleia2eps: no, sessions dontvend until 6pm02:28
philipballewwhat is the best way to make a decision for what event/s we should do?02:28
pleia2we dont needvto decidevreallu, just find someone tovrun it02:29
epsI'm asking for a reason ... rather than take BART into The City, I was going to suggest the ferry, which leaves at 6:55 p.m. http://www.eastbayferry.com/when/aopm.html02:29
philipballewwell it seems someone is setting up a bball game?02:30
jyoMarkDude can get tickets or group tickets.02:30
jyobut need to figure out number of people02:30
pleia2eps: we can try, but people tend to like to change and freshen up after sessions, so it takes a whhile to gsther everyone02:30
pleia26:55 isvprobably optimistic for getting everyone to a ferry02:31
philipballewjyo, the Woman running uds details can probably tell you02:31
pleia2jyo: a uds mailing list exists02:31
pleia2last uds i had ppl email me for rsvp if tjey couldnt ise loco.ubuntu02:32
epsThe next one is 7:55. The earlier one makes for a better photo op.02:32
epsI also don't know how late people want to stay up ... ideally you want them to be still functional the next morning.02:33
pleia2jyo: unfortunately we had to estimate when we got invisivle exhibition ticoets, we were fortunate they were flexible02:34
pleia2baseball ticketsbare more tricky02:34
philipballewubuntu night at the park!02:34
pleia2people tend to stay out late, coffee is for funtionality :)02:35
epsThe As could be in Toronto for all we know02:35
pleia2they are home that week02:35
jyoBlue Jays and Tigers02:35
philipballewboth good teams to watch02:36
pleia2my battery is dying, i'll read the logs after and update the wiki with more ideas02:37
philipballewsounds good. someone can close the meeting soon.02:37
philipballewunless anyone has anything else to say we can close it now?02:39
philipballewend meeting02:41
MarkDudeI was a day late and a dollar short here02:58
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drklunk_hello all17:12
jta_hey...this group a couple years ago told me about a small open source conference it had a table at in the los angeles area....does anybody recall what conference that is?17:18
jta_frak, i just found it also...it was in january...shiesh...i missed it...thanks : )17:20
greg-g"small" ?17:22
jta_thanks....hey, I am the San Diego guy from a few years ago....if anybody has been here for that long...you might remember me if you have a photographic memory lol....anything happening in san diego for your group at all?17:22
akkThere are several regulars here from SD, but I always forget who's where.17:23
jta_greg-g:  i am a media freelancer for conferences...most of mine attendance is in the 10s of thousands, lol...17:23
akkI think there's a monthly SD ubuntu hour.17:23
jta_ah...hmmm akk: thanks17:24
jta_greg-g: so relative to me, sorry, yes, it's small....but very important...17:24
jta_i was hoping to help out...give my services free...17:24
jta_hmmm....i was the guy that was pushing ubuntu studio and blender down here in san diego if anybody remembers....i'm still doing it...but i have a renewed push since blender and other media/audio programs are getting very mature...like ardour...17:27
jta_i don't know if anybody here now is into all that...17:28
jta_i'll check out the wiki...17:28
jta_thanks for letting me have a monologue on your channel ; )17:30
jta_ok catch you guys later...thanks for the info, have a great day : )17:34
Darkwingdang he left17:42
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