Banlamgood morning07:56
Banlamnice day in EL?08:01
Banlamsigh, power failure...08:26
Kerberowhen we have a power failure we just all go home08:34
Kerberoeven though the upses can do 45mins08:34
Kerberobut the network is not on any backup power08:34
Banlambut i'm already at home08:35
Banlamcellhpone and laptop can do several hours08:35
Kerberowatch series then08:35
Banlamand I have two laptops here...08:35
Banlamor I can actually do some work :P08:35
inetprogood morning 09:27
maiatodayhey Kerbero, I managed to sort out the optimus enabled laptop so I can choose which graphics card to use using bumblebee :) It wasn't all that hard, I guess they have updated the code a bit11:35
Kerberoo cool12:09
Kerberoglad it worked for you12:09
Kerberodo you have a hdmi output, and have you tried using that with bumblebee?12:10
Kiloshi superfly and others13:42
Kilosfor those that dont read list mails we have our monthly meeting tonight at 193013:43
Kiloshi nlsthzn 13:43
Kilosinetpro, ping13:44
inetproKilos: pong13:44
Kilosnuvolari, ping13:44
Kilosvegadering vanaand ne13:44
nlsthznHi uncle Kilos ... yup, saw the mail... I suspect I will be in bed by then13:44
inetpronot sure whether I'll make it13:44
Kiloslol nlsthzn that message was aimed at others not you13:45
inetprothis monday has been way to rough13:45
Kilosso you gonna sleep inetpro ?13:45
nlsthzn:( so I'm not invited 13:45
inetproKilos: and it's all corrie206's fault13:45
Kilosno nlsthzn you are always welcome13:45
Kiloswhat did corrie do inetpro ?13:46
Kilosor not do13:46
Kilosyou should just tweet him that its time he attended a meet again13:47
inetproKilos: 6:55 AM @corrie206 *pokes Monday with stick*13:47
Kilosha ha ha13:48
Banlamsomeone still has to explain to me who has ops on this channel, or why no one can change the topic13:48
inetproBanlam: drubin can13:48
Kilosits controlled by superfly methinks Banlam 13:48
inetproand perhaps even superfly13:48
Kilosoh only drubin?13:48
inetproand others13:48
Banlamdrubin doesn't have ops though13:48
inetproBanlam: he can get it whenever he wants13:49
Banlamand why would neither have htem changed the topic in excess of 8 months13:49
Banlaminetpro, ok13:49
inetprooh and Superhuman IIRC13:49
Kiloshehe i remember i once messed it up by accident13:50
Kilosstill dunno how13:50
Kilostrying to copy paste something i think it was13:50
inetproKilos: are you sure it was in this channel?13:51
inetproI think cocooncrash also can has ops13:51
Kilosya they moaned at me and drubin fixed it13:51
inetproand morgs13:51
inetproand highvoltage13:52
Kilosonly when we get bad peeps here the ops appear13:52
Banlam-ChanServ- Founder    : highvoltage13:52
morgsinetpro: you're welcome13:52
Kilosinetpro, that means you will attend tonight hey13:53
Kilosno excuses accepted13:53
morgsChanServ can give ops to people previously set up - i.e. they can ask ChanServ to op them or others13:54
inetprowhat time is the meeting?13:54
=== inetpro changed the topic of #ubuntu-za to: IRC meeting 16 April 19:30 SAST || Ubuntu South Africa LoCoTeam || Website: http://ubuntu-za.org/ || Forum: http://za.ubuntuforums.org/ || Join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za || Mailing list: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za ||Events: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/events || Pastebin: paste.ubuntu.com or codepad.org
inetprothanks morgs13:54
Kiloshi MeepZA 13:55
* Superhuman hasn't got ops in #ubuntu-za13:55
MeepZAhi kilos13:55
MeepZAI'm probably just going to idle until the meeting this evening13:55
Kiloslo Superhuman you still going strong?13:55
MeepZAmight be a bit late for it13:56
SuperhumanKilos: always!13:56
Kilosbit late is better than not attending13:57
MeepZAadn this one is important with the release coming soon13:57
Kilosdoes lubuntu also come via canonical guys?13:58
MeepZAwhere is the agenda for tonight's meeting?14:00
Kiloswhew the monkey mailed it14:00
tumbleweedKilos: no, primarily community-driven14:06
MeepZAmust have got lost in my email filters14:06
Kilosoh my. ty tumbleweed 14:07
MeepZAso according to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canonical_Ltd. they still support it, or at least it looks like they do14:07
MeepZAI know recently they dropped support for Kubuntu14:07
tumbleweedMeepZA: canonical only supports packages in main14:08
tumbleweedthe Ubuntu desktop CD / DVD only contains packages from main14:08
tumbleweedthe other CDs / DVDs contain packages from main and universe14:09
tumbleweedmind you, you pay them enough, and they'll support anything14:09
MeepZAso I would upgrade my desktop to precise now, except I don't want to download all the new packages from home14:13
MeepZAbut playing around on my laptop I'm happy with it at the moment14:13
tumbleweedat the price-per-gig these days, dist-upgrades aren't that expensive. Probably about the same as two pints of beer14:14
MeepZAwould it be reasonable to lug my desktop to TSL for the release party?14:15
Symmetriaevening all14:16
Symmetriaor afternoon14:16
Symmetria;p lol Im losing track of timezones14:16
MeepZAhi Symmetria14:16
Kiloshi Symmetria 14:17
Kilossee you at the meeting guys. keep well14:18
Symmetriaheh Im involved in the most insane project at the moment14:19
Symmetriawe're trying to build a network overlay to create infrastructure for a multi-country opera 14:19
Symmetriawith performers in 3 countries at the same time and the music specifically composed to handle latency and delay 14:19
Symmetriaover absolutely sick amounts of bandwidth14:19
MeepZAsounds interesting14:19
Symmetriaheh, 2 gigabit / second simplex streams 14:20
Symmetriabetween .za and london, .za and brazil, .za and the UK and the UK and brazil14:20
MeepZAwhat's the highest latency you are expecting?14:20
Symmetriaabout 500ms 14:21
Symmetriawe're deliberately running raw video and audio with zero compression to remove any encode/decode delay on the streams14:21
Symmetriaand will then ramp the packet sizes up and use jumbo frames to try and optimize the streams14:22
Symmetriaas well as using segmented lightwave frequencies from the US down to brazil to segment the traffic and protect it better there (where there is less capacity, everywhere else there is plenty of capacity to use shared circuits)14:23
MeepZAsurely some compression would help?14:23
Symmetriameepza *shake* compression reduces the bandwidth we need, but there is a far higher degree of latency introduced in the encode/decode process than what we'd deal with without it14:24
Symmetriareal time compression of video and audio at those rates introduces a lot of latency14:24
Symmetria(as much as 2 to 3 seconds)14:25
Symmetriaso we're just gonna chew bandwidth instead14:25
tumbleweedthere are much lower latency compression options14:26
tumbleweedand uncompressed video at any non-minute frame size is truly gigantic14:26
Symmetriatumbleweed yeah, thats why we're talking about 2gigabit simplex streams14:27
tumbleweedthat's still very limiting on your frame size14:27
Symmetriawe're already tested the latency introduced on a number of codecs at half a gigabit, it definately works better uncompressed :) 14:27
kbmonkeyhello Kilos, psydroid zeref Meep 17:23
kbmonkeybtw our agend page is at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/406/detail/17:23
Kiloshiya superfly kbmonkey psydroid zeref Meep 17:23
kbmonkeybrb 4 mins...17:24
Kiloswas thinking of reminding you to add that in the mail reminder kbmonkey for those that wanna catch up17:24
Kiloshiya maiatoday 17:24
maiatodayhi Kilos and everybody17:24
KilosMeep, what happened your ZA fell off17:25
Kiloshey drussell hows things17:25
drussellKilos: good thanks, you?17:26
Kilosgood ty17:26
* maiatoday hopes this meeting will be quick because WoW runs so well on my new ubuntu install 17:26
Kiloshehe whats WOW maiatoday 17:26
Banlamworld of warcraft..17:27
maiatodayWorld of Warcraft17:27
Banlamclearly kilos doesn't have friends who play/played it :)17:27
Kilosnope Banlam but i love war games like AOE and red alert17:28
Kilospc wont do new games17:28
Banlami played AoE2 again last year :)17:28
Banlamjust as fun as when I first played it17:28
Kilosi enjoy it but not worth running windows just for that17:29
psydroidhi kbmonkey Kilos Banlam drussel maiatoday17:29
Kilosand runs bad on wine17:29
Banlamhey psydroid 17:29
Kiloshi octoquad 17:29
BanlamAoE2 was ok17:29
Banlamcolours were a bit funky :P17:29
psydroidI ran it in vmware last year :)17:29
octoquadhey Kilos :)17:29
octoquadhello all17:29
Kilosi have AOE3 as well but crys for a better graphics card17:29
Kiloshi Lionthinker 17:29
Lionthinkerhowzit guys17:30
Banlamalso gave it a skip cause of computer at the time17:30
BanlamI should get it now that I have an upgrade17:30
Kiloswhew 17:30
LionthinkerKilos, whats up17:30
maiatodayI get similar framerates to the windows install on the same machine17:30
KilosLionthinker, almost meeting time17:30
Banlammaia, but you're running an i5 or something?17:31
Banlamon a 7 year old game :)17:31
kbmonkeyhi Banlam, maiatoday and Lionthinker. and octoquad 17:31
Banlamalthough i acknowledge there have obviously been updates17:31
Lionthinkerso this is before meet chat17:31
octoquadhey kbmonkey 17:31
kbmonkeydoes anybody have agenda items to add before we begin?17:31
Lionthinkercould we run through the agenda as it is?17:32
kbmonkeywe have: * review previous minutes17:32
kbmonkeythat is all :p17:32
maiatodayno and the release parties?17:32
Banlamso maia's wish for a quick meeting...17:32
maiatodayno pressure, we discuss what we need to17:33
Lionthinkerlaunch party and promotion idea17:33
kbmonkeyit doeit does cover the essentials, ill re-add them to todays...17:33
Kiloslol games can be paused a bit17:33
KilosKirill_Rus, you here?17:34
Kiloshi confluency you sitting in tonight?17:34
Lionthinkerso how does this thing work17:34
LionthinkerI imagine we can't stick our hands up when wanting to talk...17:35
KilosLionthinker, which thing?17:35
maiatodaythis is your first meeting, Lionthinker17:35
Kilosno you talk17:35
maiatodayI think kbmonkey will chair17:35
maiatodayyou can talk when you want but we try to stay on the topic17:35
Lionthinkermaiatoday, thats kind of what of was wondering17:35
maiatodayMaaz will take minutes17:35
kbmonkeyokay I added items from the last  minutes... lets get a crackin 17:35
maiatodaywe throw virtual rotten tomatoes at people who go ot wildly :P17:36
Kiloskbmonkey, setup maaz17:36
kbmonkeyyey for maiatoday our tomatoe thrower :]17:36
kbmonkeyMaaz, start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting17:36
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:36
maiatodayMaaz I am Maia Grotepass17:37
Maazmaiatoday: Yessir17:37
Banlammaaz, I am Gareth Cawood17:37
MaazBanlam: Done17:37
Meephi, I am back17:37
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:37
MaazKilos: Sure17:37
kbmonkeytell Maaz who you are: Maaz I am <your name>17:37
maiatodayLionthinker: introduce yourself to Maaz 17:37
=== Meep is now known as MeepZA
octoquadMaaz, I am Bruce Pieterse17:37
Maazoctoquad: Yessir17:37
kbmonkeyMaaz, I am Wesley Werner17:37
Maazkbmonkey: Righto17:37
MeepZAMaaz I am Henk Joubert17:37
MaazMeepZA: Yessir17:37
LionthinkerMaaz, I'm Leon Marincowitz17:37
MaazLionthinker: Huh?17:37
Kiloslol i am17:37
christiaan_I am Christiaan Diedericks17:37
Kilosnot i'm17:37
Kiloshi christiaan_ 17:38
Lionthinkernice to meet you all17:38
KilosLionthinker, log in again please17:38
Lionthinkersidenote [I hope this doesn't follow to much like an AA meeting]17:38
Kiloswb MeepZA 17:38
maiatodayMaaz is very picky and prone to syntax, you have to talk to her otherwise she doesn't listn17:38
Banlamchristiaan_, , you must tell maaz you're talking to him17:38
LionthinkerKilos, 17:38
Lionthinkerhow do I do that17:38
kbmonkeyyou start with "Maaz, I am <your name>"17:39
kbmonkeyoh dear17:39
Kilosyou type in maaz i am name17:39
KilosLionthinker, wb17:39
kbmonkeywelcome back!17:39
Lionthinkeram i here17:39
KilosLionthinker, you start with "Maaz, I am <your name>"17:40
Kilosno quote ggodies17:40
maiatodaywelcome all new people see Kilos' instruction ^^ and introduce yourselves17:40
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:40
Maazsuperfly: Done17:40
Kilosnice to see new faces hey?17:40
kbmonkeygood evening superfly 17:41
Kilosyo superfly 17:41
kbmonkeyit's okay, you new folks will get it :D17:41
kbmonkeyWelcome everyone thanks for joining us!17:41
kbmonkeycontrary to what Lionthinker asked, no it wont follow like an AA meeting :p17:42
* maiatoday takes a sip of cider17:42
kbmonkeythe agenda is online at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/406/detail/17:42
* kbmonkey jeaulous pout at maiatoday 17:42
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Review previous minutes17:43
MaazCurrent Topic: Review previous minutes17:43
Banlamwhat exactly was discussed with regards to ubuntu hours?17:44
* maiatoday throws a fresh tomato at Kilos and kbmonkey which transforms into a cider on landing17:44
kbmonkeyOrdering Ubuntu CD's review: let me check the archives...17:44
Banlamjust getting more going?17:44
maiatodayI ordered the ubuntu cds17:44
Kilosheee hee ty maiatoday 17:44
maiatodaydrubin made me admin type person so I filled in the form, I will follow up again to make sure they are on their way17:44
kbmonkeyyes you did, thanks maiatoday! just a formality. I'll leave it off this agenda so no recap next time until they arrive17:44
* kbmonkey cheers Kilos + Maaz 17:45
kbmonkey+ maiatoday 17:45
Kilosoh sorry17:45
Kilosour jerry isnt here to check spelling17:46
kbmonkeyokay our review is pretty short this month, I moved those into our agenda...17:46
Kilosinetpro, ping17:46
maiatodaywe had an ubuntu hour in stellenbosch, so we'll have another after the release parties again17:46
kbmonkeyMaaz, Ubuntu Hours17:46
Maazkbmonkey: Huh?17:46
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Ubuntu Hours17:46
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu Hours17:46
kbmonkeyokay that is good to hear17:47
maiatodayAlso I am thinking of having a sortof post release party ubuntu hour after the release party so that the people who can't make it can meet17:47
kbmonkeyfor the new folks, an Ubuntu Hour is when you meet somewhere in the spirit of Ubuntu17:47
MeepZAI should probably organise one post release party as well17:48
kbmonkeyIf you like to know more about what UH is, and how to have one, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour17:48
maiatodayMeepZA: lots of stellenbosch people will be away for the release party because of the long weekend so an informal  meet after will be good17:48
kbmonkeyKilos, we can have an ubuntu hour on irc, yes? ;)17:49
MeepZAmaiatoday I realised a lot of people will be away, but for those whoa re here having it on a public holiday makes sense17:49
maiatodayno problem MeepZA we will just meet again, I am glad you are organising17:49
kbmonkeyyes thanks MeepZA 17:50
kbmonkeyany questions...?17:50
kbmonkeyPromise maia won't throw any more tomatoes ;P17:51
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Precise Pangolin release parties (26 April 2012)17:51
MaazCurrent Topic: Precise Pangolin release parties (26 April 2012)17:51
kbmonkeythere is quite a chat on the email list about this17:52
maiatodayMeepZA: I couldn't get tickets for AfrikaBurn so I'll def make the release party, is there anything that needs to be done17:52
MeepZAnot really17:53
Banlamwhere are there parties organised for?17:53
MeepZAI'm even organising a pangolin cake17:53
kbmonkeycake! wow!17:53
maiatodayyay for for cake17:53
MeepZAtsl, UCT, cape town17:53
MeepZAand there was talk on the list about pretoria17:53
kbmonkeyyou can see the email chatter at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-za/2012-April/thread.html17:54
kbmonkeybut best to join the email list so you don't miss anything ;)17:54
kbmonkeyIll contact the dbn lug too and see what they think17:55
MeepZAmaiatoday have you blogged about it?17:55
Kiloskbmonkey, didnt yourself magespawn and nuvolari also say you gonna have a durbs one17:55
maiatodaynope not yet, sorry17:56
maiatodayMaaz action maiatoday to blog about release parties17:56
Maazmaiatoday: Huh?17:56
kbmonkeyisit not, um.. 17:56
maiatodayMaaz agreed maiatoday to blog about release17:57
MaazAgreed: maiatoday to blog about release17:57
maiatodayMeepZA: do you need more demo stuff17:57
MeepZAalso I'm planning to use the facebook event to judge numbers, should I be worried about more people attending? (for cake purposes)17:58
kbmonkeyfirst come, first cake, is a good motivator17:58
maiatodaydon't worry, the cake regulates itself, we just make smaller slices if there are too many17:58
Kiloscut the cake late and size slices accordingly17:58
kbmonkeythe fourth law of cakes17:58
maiatodayit will be gone by the end of the day17:59
MeepZAmaiatoday so I've installed a few games on my laptop, might bring my desktop to show off things though17:59
MeepZAany reccomendations would be appreciated, but we can chat about that later I'm sure17:59
maiatodayanybody else wanna demo something at the release party? open invitatino17:59
MeepZAdo you wine WoW? ,aybe we should pick a few windows games that work well with it18:00
maiatodayyeah I wine WoW18:00
amanicaI spoke to Nico Michael a while ago, as noted in on the mailinglist: AFAIK the Pretoria release party will be Saturday morning the 5th of May.18:00
maiatodayyay amanica18:00
MeepZAI have heard people get better fps in wine than in windows with some games18:00
maiatodaygood news18:00
kbmonkeythanks for the info amanica 18:01
maiatodayamanica: do you guys need help putting things on the loco website and if you mail me the detail, I'll put it in the blog post too18:01
maiatodayalso if you are going remember to take a photo or too18:01
amanicamiatoday: no problem, I think if I see Nico tomorrow, we should send out a more coherent mail18:02
MeepZAwould it be a good idea to pick up a stack of DVD's or some flash drives for the release party?18:02
amanicaand update the website18:02
kbmonkeywe have a bunch of blogs feeding through http://ubuntu-za.org <-- our ZA portal18:02
kbmonkeyso pictures and news we post will collect there18:02
maiatodayalso my blog (and some other peoples) goes through to the ubuntu planet18:03
maiatodayI don't think the official cds will be here in time MeepZA18:03
amanica(I'm on the planet too, so my 1 in 2 years ubuntu post should appear :)18:03
kbmonkeyhe he18:03
kbmonkeyno I doubt we'll have any official CD's by then, but we can still parte18:04
MeepZAI was referring to blanks we could burn on the toaster18:04
maiatodayyeah that's a good idea MeepZA18:04
MeepZAor flash drives, been meaning to pick up a new one anyway18:04
MeepZAand the install goes faster that way18:04
amanicayeah I think it is good to bring some cd's/dvds along, last time we had people run around to buy some, so you can even make a profit :)18:04
kbmonkeyremember, you can also have install fests!18:05
maiatodayI still have some stickers I'll bring those18:05
MeepZAprofiteering off ubuntu would make me feel dirty18:05
MeepZAyay stickers :D18:05
amanicaany chance of sending us some stickers?18:05
* kbmonkey *nods*18:05
superflyMeepZA: there's a difference between profiting and profiteering :-P18:05
amanicaI can sponsor some?!18:06
maiatodayamanica: mail me and I'll try to get some to you,18:06
maiatodayI should make up a new batch again some time18:06
amanicastickers are very popular, and free advertising18:06
kbmonkeyour agenda items are done, anybody like to discuss anything else?18:07
MeepZAI recognise a friend's car because he put a "linux inside" sticker on it18:07
maiatodayamanica it's pretty easy to get stickers made, there are resources online so you could also make up a batch if you want18:08
kbmonkey^ +100 internets18:08
amanicamaiatoday, interesting :) I can look into it18:08
kbmonkeyThanks all for joining. Remember IRC is open 24/7 so you don't have to exit now that we have done here ;)18:09
kbmonkeyhang around, and catch some more tomatoes. 18:09
Kilosmodern printers should print them fine. just to use the correct paper18:09
octoquadHave any of you heard of Dead Drops? Imagine having this setup around the city with the latest Ubuntu installation -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwohadcUv4A&feature=youtube_gdata Just an idea, but might not work18:09
maiatodayquick poll: what kind of stickers should I make up next,1) those silver small  powered by ubuntu stickers 2) more of those domed gooey ones 3) something else 18:09
maiatodayMeepZA: I get better framerates on my ubuntu WoW than on windows18:10
kbmonkeyMaaz, end meeting18:10
MaazMeeting Ended18:10
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-04-16-17-36-51.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-04-16-17-36-51.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-04-16-17-36-51.html18:10
amanicamaiatoday: +1 for 1) and 2) from me18:10
maiatodaybut that's because some features are disabled for opengl18:10
kbmonkeyoh my, i got lagged and a bunch of messages flooded in at once :/18:10
MeepZAmaiatoday do you have any graphical artefacts?18:11
maiatodayok amanica mail me and I can always send you the pdf file if you want to have stuff made locally18:11
kbmonkeyKilos, you are the man on copying apt archives18:11
maiatodayMeepZA: on my one box I do but on the new laptop I don't18:11
kbmonkeyhave you used aptoncd? 18:11
Kiloswhat about it kbmonkey ?18:11
Kiloslong ago18:11
maiatodaythe new laptop has intel integrated graphics and optimus enabled nvidia graphics 18:12
Kilosrsync works well18:12
kbmonkeyIll have a looksy at that too18:12
kbmonkeyfan of rsync18:12
maiatodayso I have to run bumblebee  and run WoW explicitly on the nvidia card18:12
Kilosah that bumblebee again18:12
kbmonkeyyou people and your wow. what happened to quake? ;D18:13
MeepZAmaiatoday are you using the nv driver or the proprietry one?18:13
kbmonkeyKilos, I saw a bumblebee in the garden today.18:13
MeepZAkbmonkey oepnarena :)18:13
maiatodayI am using the bumblebee version of the nvidia driver MeepZA18:13
kbmonkeyIt was zooming around the aubergines18:13
Kilosbumblebee gave langjan big probs18:14
kbmonkeyI've heard of this openarena MeepZA. is that online?18:14
MeepZAnot sure, played it in class few times on the lan though18:14
kbmonkeyI meant more like Quake I he he18:14
afrodeityhi peeps18:14
maiatodayFirst person shooters make me seasick18:15
Kiloshi afrodeity 18:15
afrodeityhello kilos18:15
MeepZAwe could probably get a game going in TSL, though teeworlds is more popular with the students18:15
Banlamteeworlds \o/18:16
Banlamhaven't played that in ages18:16
maiatodaycool lets play teeworlds at the release party18:16
afrodeitycable freedom coming soon18:16
maiatodayI've never played it :D18:16
MeepZAmeh, I'm so over teeworlds, but sure18:17
Banlamkinda similar to baboviolent18:17
MeepZAanyone a fan of RTS games that has yet to try spring?18:17
nuvolarioh hi18:17
nuvolaridid I miss anything?18:17
Kilosyo nuvolari 18:17
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 18:17
MeepZAnuvolari long time no see18:17
nuvolarimaiatoday, kbmonkey, MeepZA 18:18
* nuvolari tips hat18:18
kbmonkeynuvolari, o/18:18
maiatodayhi nuvolari18:18
Kilosnuvolari, you are organizing the ubuntu hour in pta18:18
kbmonkeyyou missed the best parts!18:18
nuvolari*sigh* I always miss the good stuffs :(18:18
maiatodayspring looks interesting MeepZA18:18
kbmonkeyis okay, we saved you some biscuits18:18
afrodeityanyone using gnome?18:18
kbmonkeyMaaz, rusks18:18
Maazkbmonkey: rusks are dunkable hard biscuits18:18
Kiloskbmonkey, is the meet over/18:18
nuvolarithanks kbmonkey 18:19
maiatodayI saved you a tomato but I won't throw it at you18:19
nuvolariafrodeity: me18:19
MeepZAafrodeity I am using gnome 2 and 318:19
afrodeitygnome 3 rocks18:19
kbmonkey^ when thrown the magic tomatoes turn into a refreshing beverage18:19
MeepZAI like the new gnome,. but it doesn't work properly with my multi monitor setp18:19
kbmonkeyyes Kilos, it has ended18:19
Kiloswb Lionthinker 18:19
kbmonkeyhang on Ill find the links...18:20
maiatodayhaha kbmonkey maybe it's when caught the magic tomato turns into beverage of your choice18:20
Kilosthen we can have coffee yay18:20
LionthinkerHi my name is Leon Marincowitz, and I have a very bad 3g connection18:20
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:20
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:20
nuvolariMeepZA: long time no see... who are you? :P sorry for my insensitivity18:20
afrodeitywhen we getting 4G18:20
KilosLionthinker, you missed out sorry18:20
Kilosmeet closed18:20
kbmonkeywb Lionthinker 18:20
superflyMeepZA: sorry, when's the release party?18:20
MeepZAnuvolari probably used a different nick on a different irc net18:20
Kilos3g can be a big headache18:20
afrodeityespecially the damn modems18:21
maiatodaydon't worry Lionthinker you can see the chatter in the minutes18:21
MeepZAsuperfly the 27th18:21
kbmonkeyah 3G sucks sometimes 18:21
Lionthinkerafrodeity, not soon enough18:21
superflyRight. The friday, which is a holiday. I should be able to make it.18:21
nuvolariMeepZA: I'm only on 1 irc nets :P18:21
afrodeityTelkom, the only Home Cable Co are refusing to migrate my line18:21
afrodeityso I guess its mesh networks as backup18:22
Lionthinkerso where do I get a cheap but more powerful modem ideally 21 mbs18:22
maiatodayWell I'm gonna go play now, MeepZA shout if you need me to do anything18:22
MeepZAso finally got telkom to install my line the same month my 3G prepaid deal ended18:22
Kiloswhew you dont want much18:23
maiatodaybye all18:23
afrodeityI moved house and it took them 22 days to move the line18:23
afrodeityby Maia18:23
Lionthinkerstupid question, but when I scrowl up I only see the last conversation I was part of, where do I catch up with that which i missed?18:23
afrodeitynow they refusing to migrate the line from MWEB to WEB africa18:23
afrodeitycheck the logs18:24
KilosLionthinker, there is a way to read logs18:24
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:24
KilosMaaz, ty18:24
MaazYou are welcome Kilos18:24
LionthinkerKilos, do tell18:24
afrodeitymaaz: google irc logs18:24
Maazafrodeity: "IRC logs" http://krijnhoetmer.nl/irc-logs/ :: "IRC Logs Archive" http://www.irclog.org/ :: "Ubuntu IRC Logs" http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ :: "QDB: Quote Database Home" http://www.bash.org/ :: "irclogger – Freenode IRC logs" http://www.irclogger.com/ :: "Django IRC logs" http://django-irc-logs.com/ :: "WordPress IRC Logs" https://irclogs.wordpress.org/ :: "IRC logs - Planet RDF" http://chatlogs.planetrdf.com/swig/18:24
Kilosask the clever guys how18:24
Lionthinkerah that must be maaz18:25
Kilossuperfly, how do we read these logs please18:25
LionthinkerKilos, so what does that make you and I?18:25
Kiloslol im an appy geek18:25
Banlamby default you can't just read logs unless you were in a channel when the conversation took place18:25
Banlammaaz might keep logs18:25
Banlamor the server18:25
Banlamwhich I'm not sure of18:25
Banlambut you can view the meeting logs18:25
Banlamas those are recorded18:26
Kiloswe got a log bot havent we18:26
KilosOwkkuri, help with logs from here please18:26
Banlammaaz, help18:26
MaazBanlam: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.18:26
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.18:26
Banlammaaz help with logs18:26
MaazBanlam: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.18:26
Banlammaaz what can you do18:27
superflyJust read the HTML logs that Maaz told everyone about at the end of the meeting18:27
MaazBanlam: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.18:27
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.18:27
Kilosubuntulog is our logbot methinks18:27
LionthinkerMaaz, you crack me up, now I need coffee18:27
MaazLionthinker: *blink*18:27
Kilosbut dunno how to find them18:27
afrodeityi think18:27
Banlamlooks like it18:28
Lionthinkerafrodeity, yeh I clicked there and it came up, you must have drunk the coolade18:28
afrodeitythink I'm going to make a batch of raspberry18:28
superflyIRC does not keep logs18:28
superflypeople keep logs of IRC18:28
Banlamin mother russia, irc logs you18:29
afrodeityin sa that would the dept of information18:29
MeepZAin soviet russia irc logs keep you18:29
Kiloskbmonkey, thanks for chairing18:30
Lionthinkerin south africa, that would soon be classified, just like mother russia18:30
Kilosmaia left before one could say ty and night18:30
* MeepZA wanders off to get some russian holy water18:30
Kilosnaughty girl18:30
MeepZAmaia wanted to raid!18:30
* afrodeity off to the fridge 18:30
KilosWOW is her favourite drug now18:30
Lionthinkerhow is that star thing done?18:31
MeepZAI'm glad I got over that part of my youth18:31
Banlamlion thinker, type /me before your message18:31
Kilos you type /me messgae18:31
Kiloshehe im too slow18:32
KilosMeepZA, youth?18:32
Kilosare you like 3018:32
Lionthinkerme going crazy on this loco18:33
* Lionthinker going loco18:33
Kilosforward slash first18:33
LionthinkerBanlam, thanks18:33
Kilos    /me18:33
LionthinkerKilos, say that again18:34
Kilosyou type in /me and your message18:34
Kilosbut you did it man18:35
* Kilos scratches head18:35
Kilosek sukkel party keer met my volkie18:36
Kiloskbmonkey, where you went??18:36
Banlamjou volkie?18:37
Kilosmy peeps18:37
Kilosmy buddies18:37
Kilosthe irc guys and gals18:37
Banlami think we git the point :P18:38
Banlamthat's a cute term for them/us18:38
Kilosha ha18:38
MeepZAKilos I played a lot of wow during high school18:38
* Kilos sighs there werent pcs in my highschool days18:38
MeepZAI'm only 21, so not over my youth, just the wow part of it18:39
Kilosi think nassa was still using blackboards18:39
* Banlam has had computers around him for as long as he can remember18:39
Kiloshmm short memory18:39
MeepZAI have a terrible memmory18:40
Kiloswait till you must try member back 40 years to when you were 2018:40
MeepZAI am afraid of that day18:40
Banlamoutoppie :P18:41
* Banlam has 37 years till that day18:41
Kiloswow thats nice my son is 36 i think18:41
Banlamno grandkids yet?18:42
Kilosna 18:42
Kilosmy sis has 2 of 1118:43
Lionthinkerokay so random question: U1 doesn't need proxy settings on U. On windows on a proxy network I can't get U1 to work18:45
nuvolario/ 'night everyone18:45
nuvolarinag oom Kilos  :)18:45
Kilosnag nuvolari lekker slaap seun18:45
nuvolaridankie! oom ook18:45
MeepZAgnight people, I'm off as well18:45
Kilosnight MeepZA ty for attending meet18:45
BanlamLionthinker, what is U1?18:46
Owkkuriyou rang Kilos?18:47
Kilosaw sorry Owkkuri wanted to find out how to read backlogs18:47
Owkkuridid you come right?18:48
Kilosit was for lionthinker Owkkuri 18:48
Kiloshis 3g disconnected him through the meet18:48
Owkkurioh ok18:49
superflyBanlam: UbuntuOne18:51
BanlamI haven't used it at all18:51
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:52

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