pleia2meeting in a minute :)01:59
DonkeyHoteiwhy do i always forget it's sunday?02:01
pleia2ok, who all is here for the meeting?02:01
DonkeyHoteime, i guess02:01
pleia2Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12April2202:01
pleia2#topic Ubuntu 12.04 Release on Thursday, April 26th02:02
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/PreciseRelease02:02
akko/ here too02:02
pleia2so the 12.04 release is coming up this week :)02:02
pleia2only an event in SF so far: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1615/detail/02:02
philipballewWho all is going?02:03
pleia2the link has the RSVP list02:03
pleia2good crowd so far, and a lot of people don't tend to RSVP (or do it last minute) so I'm hoping for a good turnout02:03
philipballewyeah. thats how it happens02:04
pleia2as a reminder to anyone, you can plan your own events elsewhere :) even if it's just an Ubuntu Hour you move to release night to mix things up a bit, or have an installfest in a few weeks02:04
pleia2unfortunately nothing really came of the noisebridge folks who expressed interest in running an installfest02:05
pleia2if I have some time this summer I might follow-up with them about leading one02:05
pleia2anyone else have anything about release stuff?02:06
DonkeyHoteiit is my understanding that the above-linked event is simply a drinking party, so i'm not sure it would be worth it for me to go and just sit there doing nothing02:06
philipballewI can help out if it is in the city this summer probably. I have nothing going on02:06
pleia2DonkeyHotei: it's the same as all our thirsty bear events, food, beer, other drinks, talking about ubuntu and open source stuff02:07
DonkeyHoteii don't think i've ever actually been to thirstybear02:07
pleia2I wouldn't call it a "drinking party" but it is a party so there isn't really an agenda or anything02:07
daxDonkeyHotei: I don't drink either and have been to them and did a non-zero number of things, so...02:07
epsIt's a drinking party.02:07
philipballewif you want to have a release party a post uds party is still not to late02:08
philipballewthe uds mark shuttleworth speech... thats a drinking party02:08
epsThat's a drinking game02:08
pleia2I think I don't actually know what a "drinking party" is02:08
pleia2a party where there is drinking?02:09
daxphilipballew: I was under the impression that the entire Ubuntu community went into hibernation for a week after UDS, though :P02:09
pleia2yeah, we do have the complication of UDS being local, so a few of us are pretty tied up with UDS planning post release ;)02:09
philipballewdax, yeah, but the release party is not for jusy the uds people. if someone holds one post uds, id crash it02:09
DonkeyHoteiphilipballew: when are you actually in town?02:10
pleia2otherwise I would have tried to do something more than just our standard "hang out at thirsty bear"02:10
philipballewsaturday before uds\02:10
DonkeyHoteibut i'm assuming the bulk of that is in sac02:10
pleia2anything else about release stuff before we talk about UDS?02:11
philipballewnapa for a while DonkeyHotei02:11
philipballewhum, im spending all of may after uds in napa helping my 80 year old grandmother remodel her house and landscape02:12
DonkeyHoteioh, right02:12
philipballewsomething to do...02:12
philipballewbut I have the ability to go and do whatever i need02:12
pleia2#topic Ubuntu Developer Summit: May 7-1102:12
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UDS-Q02:13
philipballewtotally going to crash this...02:13
pleia2so the only confirmed thing we're doing for UDS is the Wednesday night tourism night (and I'm running a dinner for Ubuntu Women project members on Thursday)02:13
philipballewbaseball game a no-go?02:13
pleia2I need to email Michael Paoli about the Debian dinner (he was going to send a save-the-dae)02:14
pleia2philipballew: I haven't heard any plans about it yet02:14
philipballewpleia2, do you not have a ubuntu hour that week i assume?02:14
pleia2philipballew: want to follow up with MarkDude about it?02:14
jyoWell, I've been a bit too busy to figure stuff out for an A's outing; anyone else should catch with MarkDude02:14
pleia2right, no SF ubuntu hour that week02:14
philipballewill email mark on behalf of the loco02:15
pleia2thanks philipballew :)02:15
pleia2#action pleia2 to email mpaoli re: debian02:15
pleia2#action philipballew to talk to MarkDude re: A's game during UDS02:15
philipballewi like that one debian dinner i went to. that food was really good02:15
pleia2I'll also blog to the Ubuntu Planet this Friday (after release!) about UDS plans so maybe we can get some feedback about what people want to do02:15
pleia2philipballew: this time he's picking a chinese place in oakland, I'm sorry I'm missing it02:16
philipballewis there anything we can do to help people with the area? take them around and help them not get lost?02:17
philipballewteach the sf slang?02:17
epsGiven the proximity to Oakland's chinatown, that's something of a no-brainer02:17
pleia2eps: indeed02:17
pleia2philipballew: ah, speaking of which!02:17
philipballewill teach them all why hella is a real word02:17
epsI'm sure there will be plenty of possibilities for the other nights.02:17
pleia2I got these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/7052367909/02:17
pleia2eps: Monday, Tuesday and Friday are typically sponsored events at the summit itself, people don't have to go but Monday and Friday in particular it's pretty expected that people will be there02:18
philipballewpleia2, ill carry around maps. I get free aaa maps02:18
pleia2so those pins are for locals who can be helpful at UDS02:19
DonkeyHoteirichard stallman picks out reasonably good places to eat in oakland's chinatown at random02:19
epsWait, we're not all going to AT&T Park Friday night?02:19
pleia2I'll give them out at UDS to whoever wants them, and your job is to be helpful :)02:19
pleia2eps: Friday night is the big closing party02:19
jyoMy default advice will be $20 clipper card. :)02:19
pleia2jyo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Q/PublicTransit02:19
pleia2we made a whole page :)02:20
* akk got a clipper card specifically for UDS :)02:20
philipballeweps, i thought they were out of town that week and not a p-bell?02:20
epsFriday night is Roger Waters performing The Wall live02:20
DonkeyHoteimy clipper card auto-reloads at the $20 level atm02:20
jyoThe Giants roadtrip starts the Sunday before UDS and ends the Monday after.02:20
philipballewDo I need a clipper card if I plam to roam the bay area all week then i assume?02:21
pleia2you never need a clipper card02:21
pleia2but it is nice to use one card and one source of payment for all transit02:21
epsphilipballew: Don't worry. You'll get one.02:21
pleia2instead of buying tickets, making sure you have exact change, etc02:22
akkphilipballew: It just saves time, so you don't have to hassle with ticket machines every time.02:22
akk. o O ( instead you have to hassle with wondering how much is left on the card and how to refill it? )02:22
pleia2I think the refill machines (Right next to ticket machines in most places) can give you a balance02:23
pleia2oh, I'll also follow up with Jack about the tour of NERSC he was offering02:23
pleia2#action pleia2 to follow up with Jack re: NERSC tour at UDS02:24
pleia2our next meeting is the day before UDS02:24
pleia2anyone else have anything for now?02:24
pleia2I'll firm up the plans in the next two weeks and send some notes to the list about what all ends up being on the schedule02:25
pleia2#topic Other news, announcements, misc02:26
pleia2grantbow and I did a BALUG presentation on 12.04 on Tuesday, our 2 page handout detailing some of the changes in 12.04 is available here: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lyz/handouts/12.04BALUGHandout.pdf02:27
pleia2I think that's all I've got :)02:28
pleia2ok, thanks everyone02:31
philipballew_pleia2, how late does uds go on Friday? I was going to figure out when I am leaving there, but dont want to miss the party and such...17:16
pleia2philipballew_: depends on the hotel, party usually goes past midnight and people leave on saturday17:18
philipballew_so then is my hotel paid for through Saturday or should i contact them to book further pleia2 ?17:19
* philipballew_ checks email17:19
pleia2philipballew_: unless you told them otherwise you have the room sunday night through friday night17:19
pleia2check in sunday, check out saturday17:19
philipballew_alright. sweet! thanks pleia2 !17:21
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zeidoz\o i found the greenpeace study on cloud cleanliness interesting18:44
philipballew_This animal name confuses me.20:35
philipballew_maybe, or maybe that I have no idea how to say it.20:41
philipballew_I mean animals are cool. id like something thats as cool as a name like beefy miracle, but that screams ubuntu20:41
akkWhich one? pangolin?20:43
DonkeyHoteiakk: yes20:45
daxdamnit, I parse that as a nick now.20:45
DonkeyHoteii'm guessing "penguin" was just too obvious, and potentially confusing20:45
DonkeyHoteidax: which?20:46
daxDonkeyHotei: pangolin, they're an #ubuntu op20:46
akkI like pangolin.20:46
akkBecause, yeah, penguin is too obvious even though they're awesome.20:46
DonkeyHotei[Mon 2012-04-23 01:46:59 PM PDT] -NickServ- Registered : Oct 05 20:11:59 2011 (28 weeks, 5 days, 00:34:57 ago)20:47
DonkeyHoteiwas that before the release name was picked, or after?20:47
philipballew_no. ubuntu -q20:49
daxright after, I'd imagine20:49
kdubwho got21:09
akkThat's a good one.21:09
akkIs that really the name?21:09
akkQuagga would be good too.21:10
kduboh, no one read mark's blag today?21:10
philipballew_I read it this morning. I spent 5 minutes trying to prononuce it. I think its cool.21:13
akkAs usual, fun animal, stupid adjective.21:15
akkAll that repetition of "quality" makes me think of the bad parts of "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance".21:15
philipballew_ubuntu has shown more Quality lately21:29
philipballew_for what the average computer user wants21:29
MarkDudeMakes Beefy Miracle loook less dumb22:56
MarkDudeI mean it still looks dumb22:56
MarkDudenot as much tho22:57
bkerensaMarkDude: Four Light Fixtures with melting/arcing wires... One outlet our neighbor was siphoning power off of at our expense and our fluorescent lights in our kitchen had a ballast that got so hot the sheet metal melted like it had been hit with a arc welder..... How is your Monday? Oh and its 82 degrees!22:57
bkerensa+3 total days with very limited power22:57
pleia2code names are funny, I've taken to calling Debian by the numbers to our customers in preparation for Wheezy (not going to tell our customers we're installing Wheezy on their system :P)22:59
akkThat is a problem, yeah.23:00
pleia2sarge, etch, even squeeze were ok23:00
MarkDudeAre you making it to UDS bkerensa ?23:01
DonkeyHoteione of these days, i should actually watch toy story so i could stop being lost among all the debian releases23:01
pleia2DonkeyHotei: you'll have to watch toy story and toy story 2! (wheezy is the first one to come from 2)23:01
DonkeyHoteiand 3, of course23:02
pleia2nah, none of them are from 3 yet23:02
akkI saw toy story but I don't remember most of the characters being called by those names anyway.23:02
pleia2can probably wait a few years to watch that one :)23:02
DonkeyHoteithere probably would be a release from 3 by the time i get around to it23:02
akkI can't believe they're still naming things after a silly movie that long ago.23:03
pleia2silly isn't what I can't believe, copyright loving, proprietary is what gets me :)23:03
bkerensaMarkDude: Are you kidding me after my power went out and sabdfl named 12.10  Quantum Quetzalcoatl? Of course23:03
akkQuetzal, no coatl. :)23:04
DonkeyHoteipleia2: you'd prefer they open-source the movie script?23:06
bkerensaakk: What? sabdfl had the audacity to name it after a silly bird and not a Mesoamerican deity?!?!23:06
DonkeyHoteiwhat would be the benefit to the community from that?23:06
MarkDudeWinged serpent would have been better23:06
MarkDudewell most of us know about the mezo-diety23:07
MarkDudenot the animal23:07
pleia2DonkeyHotei: no, I don't prefer anything, I am surprised that a distribution so committed to proprietary freedom still uses names from a non-free movie from a company known for aggressiv eproprietaryness23:07
pleia2not asking disney to change, surprised that debian hasn't ;)23:07
akkMarkDude: And we could use Quetzy from downtown San Jose as a mascot.23:07
akkAll hail the poop snake!23:07
bkerensaMarkDude: Are you going to UDS, CLS or OSCON?23:08
bkerensaMarkDude: apps for oscon start a week or two ago23:08
DonkeyHoteitoy story was chosen because the debian project leader at the time was debian project leader as part of his job working for pixar, on the movie23:09
DonkeyHoteiso it's only fair23:09
DonkeyHoteiusing debian for such a proprietary purpose fell fully within the DFSG23:10
MarkDudeakk lol23:10
MarkDudeUDS yes23:11
MarkDudeCLS and OSCON I just need to show up23:11
pleia2DonkeyHotei: you're completely missing my point :) but I need to get back to work anyway23:11
MarkDudeDaddy Shadowman has it taken carre of23:11
bkerensaMarkDude: Who is this Daddy Shadowman you speak of23:14
bkerensaMarkDude: On May 11th you want to come out to Mountain View with me for a Mozilla VIP Party?23:14
bkerensaalso if you wanna setup a MozCoffee while I'm down let me know so I can put in a funding request23:15
dragonMozilla VIP party sounds like fun!23:15
daxbkerensa: redhat, I imagine23:16
bkerensadragon: We will be having a Mozilla WebFWD Mixer in Mountain View the night that UDS ends23:16
bkerensadax: yeah his minion redhat folk who give him a credit card to play with :P23:16
dragonbkerensa: But UDS is in Oakland. Isn't that a bit too far?23:16
bkerensadragon: Mozilla will cover my transportation :)23:16
bkerensaThey take care of team members23:16
dragonFair enough.23:17
bkerensaI do wish it was at the new SF office though.... MV is a bit of a trip23:17
dragonWell, I live close to MV any way. MozParty sounds awesome, as long as Mozilla opens up their web store to developers soon!23:17
pleia2the new SF office isn't very big23:18
MarkDudebkerensa, maybe23:18
MarkDudeA friend maybe having a housewarming party23:18
bkerensaMarkDude: tell that friend I want to go23:18
MarkDudeWell, she has a limited list23:19
MarkDudeMaybe we can get you set up for some zombie pics tho23:19
dragonMozilla Marketplace is open to devs. I'm in.23:21
MarkDudebkerensa, you met dragon ?23:22
MarkDudeboth of yous guys are awesome peoples23:22
dragonHello bkerensa!23:24
bkerensaMarkDude: I have not met in person23:26
MarkDudeWell you will23:27

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