outoppieI am new on this system, Is any knowledgeable person on line?19:08
airurandohi outoppie19:09
airurandonot knowledgeable but try me19:09
tdr112hello all19:09
airurandohi tdr11219:09
outoppieI need to learn.. that is why I am exploring19:10
airurandooutoppie explore away19:15
tdr112hey airurando hows things19:45
airurandogood tdr11219:54
airurandoand with you?19:55
tdr112ya good , great time at the wedding last weekend and off to liverpool on Friday for the weekend19:59
airurandovery nice19:59
airurandodelighted for slashtom and ebel that the wedding went so well20:00
* airurando wonders who is here for the meeting?20:02
* airurando wonders where is the man with the CDs?20:02
outoppieOutoopie is here20:02
airurandooutoppie, did I meet you at the small geeknic in Stephens green last summer?20:03
outoppieI think so. Real name Andries van Tonder20:04
airurandoyes.  I'm Mike20:04
airurandothe non geeky one at that geeknic20:05
airurandogood to see you in here20:05
outoppieI am learning how to get along...20:05
tdr112i had my ubuntu jumper on the other day and two people said , hey i use ubuntu too20:05
outoppiewill one day know what I am doing right and what wrong..20:06
airurandoI think we'll give ebel till 21:10 and then proceed without him if necessary20:06
airurandonice one tdr11220:06
airurandooutoppie, it's all good!20:07
tdr112i did not know there was a meeting on20:07
outoppieThanks... but I still know very little20:07
airurandonothing added to the agenda but when I mailed the list today ebel and others voiced the opinion that the CDs should be discussed20:09
airurandoping slashbel20:09
airurandoslashtom = slashbel20:10
airurandoso tdr112 will we run a meeting and decide how to use the Cds between us?20:11
airurandoI say 125 to you and 125 to me!!20:11
airurandowill we abandon ship20:11
outoppieI would appreciate 2 or 320:12
airurandooutoppie certainly20:12
airurandoebel has the Ubuntu-ie allocation20:13
airurandologistics of distribution are to be worked out.20:13
airurandosupposed to have been discussed tonight but I reckon the meeting isn't going ahead20:14
airurandooutoppie are you on the mailing list?20:14
outoppieI think so - Hope so - Andries van Tonder. 37 Delmere, Enfield, Co. Meath - for snail mail.20:15
airurandooutoppie do you get the e-mails that are sent to the ubuntu ireland mailing list delivered to you inbox?20:16
outoppieThank you20:17
airurandoOK so you saw the few mails on the list regarding the CDs20:17
outoppieYep... I did ask someone if I can get via snail mail but did not receive reply.20:18
airurandooutoppie see message20:19
airurandowho did you try to contact?20:19
outoppieCannot remember who it was20:21
outoppieAnyone still around?20:29
outoppieGood night20:31

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