pleia2meeting in ~15 minutes01:44
pleia2hi everyone02:01
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pleia2who all is here for the meeting? :)02:01
* eps waves02:02
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12August2602:02
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pleia2our agenda02:02
pleia2#topic Ubuntu Global Jam02:02
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam02:02
darthrobotTitle: [UbuntuGlobalJam - Ubuntu Wiki]02:02
pleia2so, once a cycle the whole Ubuntu community does an Ubuntu Global Jam02:03
pleia2we didn't really participate last time (I met up with ebroder at a coffee shop last minute, but that hardly counts :))02:03
pleia2this time I'm going to host one in downtown San Francisco, focused on teaching folks how to do ISO testing02:04
pleia2we're 99% sure we have a venue, but I am waiting for a confirmation from andrew_wmf just so I know everything is good to go02:05
pleia2then we'll announce it all02:05
pleia2a project page for the team is set up if anyone else around the state wants to plan anything02:05
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/QuantalGlobalJam02:05
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/QuantalGlobalJam - Ubuntu Wiki]02:05
pleia2anyone have any comments? questions?02:06
jtatumHappy Sunday :)02:07
pleia2I'm doing a pretty organized jam this time around, but they can be pretty casual, we've done a couple that were at Bobby G's pizzeria02:07
epsChecking for conflicts ... well, you're scheduled against a Sumo Wrestling Demonstration: http://www.sfjapantown.org/Events/02:08
darthrobotTitle: [Japantown San Francisco: Calendar]02:08
jyosounds good. I'll be busy that Saturday morning/early afternoon but I'll definitely drop by.02:09
pleia2great, I'm thinking of noon-4PM02:09
pleia2maybe 5 :)02:09
pleia2we'll order pizza around 1 probably02:09
jtatumFor some reason I was thinking it was a 24 hour marathon. Hehe02:10
pleia2well, since it's actually 3 days it's 72 hours ;)02:10
* eps can eat a lot of pizza in 72 hours02:11
pleia2but how long we can run a physical event it quite limited02:11
toddcstopped in to say hi!!02:11
pleia2(partially by the person running it, she doesn't want to do more than a 5 hour event right now)02:11
pleia2<-- she02:11
pleia2alright, well if anyone else wants to run a jam somewhere and has some questions, you know where to find me02:12
pleia2#topic Other upcoming events02:12
pleia2so, fates have conspired so that the next SF Ubuntu Hour lands 4 days after the jam ;)02:13
pleia2that's coming up on September 12th02:13
pleia2#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1899/detail/02:13
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]02:13
pleia2I emailed Jack to ask if we are participating in the Solano Stroll this year, it lands on September 9th02:14
pleia2(day after the jam, yikes!)02:14
pleia2he has been quite busy, but has contacted them to see if it's too late to reserve a table, so we'll see where that goes and do a call to the list for volunteers if needed02:14
pleia2anyone else have anything coming up? :)02:15
epsSCaLE in six months?02:16
pleia2yeah, I know Gareth has been in touch with nhaines about Ubucon02:16
pleia2I suspect we'll have a table again too (I just hope someone else runs it, speaking and booth running almost killed me last year :))02:17
pleia2er, this year02:17
pleia2#topic Any other business?02:18
pleia2so, anything else?02:18
pleia2Mt View ubuntu hour the other night was fun, got to see jtatum, jyo and jledbetter (that's a lot of Js!)02:18
jtatumThanks for coming, pleia2. If anyone in this part of the world needs CDs, let me know.02:19
epsStart burning 12.04.1 LTS ;-)02:20
jtatumOr drop by the next UH :)02:20
pleia2this is totally on topic because it has penguins: https://www.calacademy.org/events/sleepovers/index.php02:21
darthrobotTitle: [Academy Sleepovers | California Academy of Sciences]02:21
pleia2one for 21+ coming up on september 21st :)02:21
pleia2I bought a tauntaun sleeping bag and all02:21
pleia2ok, I guess that's it02:23
pleia2thanks everyone :)02:24
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Aug 27 02:24:15 2012 UTC.02:24
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jtatumThanks pleia2! Enjoy outside! :)02:24
pleia2will do!02:24
* eps is more excited about Bacon (not Jono) Aug. 3002:24
nhainesHmm, doesn't look like Ubuntu wants to install in a 64MB RAM environment.02:26
nhainespleia2: taun-taun sleeping bag ++02:26
epsIs it all gooey inside?02:26
nhainesYay, OCLUG mailing list is host to a debate saying that Evolution is not Open Source software because no one knows how its database is defined and cannot determine this from the source code.04:51
akkThat would be a serious annoyance, if true. Evolution doesn't/can't use mbox files or maildir or anything?04:58
akkAnd "can't determine from the source code" I'm guessing means "it's crappy code and hard to read"04:58
akkrather than some kind of magic binary plug-in that implements the database.04:58
akk(that was what Netscape/Mozilla mail used to do, just after Netscape freed the source!)04:59
philballewAnything good in the meeting. I was busy traveling.05:17
nhainesakk: The argument seems to be that most peopel can't read source code, therefore it's not "open source".  He's pushing for "accessible source."06:02
nhainesI wrote a reply in German saying that the meaning of "open source" software was evident and did not depend on an understanding of specific code, just like the email was not "non-public" just because he didn't read German.06:03
bkerensapleia2: if anyone will be needing some Firefox for Android Stickers let me know :) I should have a shipment coming in this week06:21
bkerensathey feature "Foxeh" from Japan :)06:22
nhainespleia2: http://www.thinkgeek.com/eefd/18:34
darthrobot[R: www.thinkgeek.com] Title: [ThinkGeek :: Princess Leia Hoodie]18:34
pleia2ooh, they actually have my size in stock now18:35
* pleia2 resists, tauntaun sleeping back already cost too much :)18:35
bkerensapleia2: :P I know ThinkGeeks PR Firm I might be able to work something out lulz18:47
pleia2bkerensa: haha, thanks, but I'm saving up all my favors for the potential "send me to Ghana to deploy Ubuntu networks" soon ;)18:49
pleia2lodging is covered, but the $1600 plane ticket is a bit painful right now (particularly since I'd be taking unpaid leave from work)18:50
pleia2we'll see how things shake out though, still figuring out timing details18:50
pleia2yeah, there are a bunch of sites for it18:50
bkerensaI bet you could raise it if you blog about it with a chipin widget18:50
pleia2that's what I'm hoping, but we'll see18:51
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