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KilosUmorning guys04:58
KilosUhey Squirm 05:31
KilosUgood news superfly booted this morning ran05:46
KilosUecho 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward05:46
KilosUiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o ppp+ -j MASQUERADE05:46
KilosUand had to do this again sudo route add default gw
KilosUand pc2 is online05:48
KilosUseems like a reboot is required somewhere in all that05:48
KilosUKerbero, relax05:51
inetprogood mornings05:55
KilosUhi inetpro 05:56
Muffitdag goosie05:56
inetproMuffit == KilosU ?05:56
KilosUmy sussie se hdd05:57
inetproKilosU: jy meen jou sussie se PC05:57
inetprojy confuse ons met jou gepratery van 'n HDD05:57
inetpro'n HDD kan nie op sy eis werk nie05:58
KilosUhaar pc is winsuig dis die hardeskyf wat ek vir haar gedoen het met maverick05:58
KilosUin my ander pc05:58
inetproja ja05:58
inetprosteeds die ander PC nie die HDD nie05:58
inetproHDD is irrelevant05:59
KilosUas ek nou net goeie speletjies vir haar kan opsit sal sy vensters los05:59
inetprokan net sowel vanaf memory loop05:59
KilosUsy speel elke dag AOE205:59
KilosUom die dag se werk te vergeet06:00
* Muffit greets #ubuntu-za06:01
Muffitremember me guys06:01
MuffitI am Kilos's sister06:02
KilosUhiya maiatoday meeting tonight hey06:02
maiatodayhi KilosU06:02
maiatodayI'll try make it :)06:03
inetprohi maiatoday06:03
inetprotime for you to take the minutes again06:03
maiatodayhi inetpro06:03
KilosUplease do maiatoday we miss you you know06:03
maiatodaysorry, I miss you guys too06:03
KilosUinetpro, both pc's working through 3g06:04
KilosUdont ask how because i dunno06:04
* KilosU making spaghetti bolognaise for tonight06:08
inetproKilosU: well done06:08
KilosUty sir06:09
KilosUi can do anything with a little help from my friends06:09
inetproKilosU: just be aware that you're not using standard methods of connecting two PC's to the web06:10
KilosUI'll get by with a little help from my friends06:10
inetprotypically a router/switch would be involved to make your life a lot easier06:10
KilosUwhew tell me about it. ive installed gadmin and samba and arno06:11
inetproyou basically made your main PC to be a router, not something the average guy does 06:11
KilosUand then uninstalled them but still got arno that didnt work before06:11
KilosUyeah but im so happy. scared to switch off tonight06:12
inetproit's a good learning exercise06:12
inetproI guess it's not even something the average guy would ever do06:12
KilosUonly prob one doesnt get to do it repeatedly to get the method into subconscious06:13
KilosUso did felix break the sound barrier06:13
inetproKilosU: yep06:14
inetprofell 119,846 ft before his parachute opened, 1348 km/h, Mach 1.2406:15
KilosUhave you got a pic of what his rig looked like. surely not open face with pipes for air06:16
inetprohe was very close to being in trouble with his uncontrolled tumbling in all directions06:16
KilosUhi queery meeting tonight06:18
superflyKilosU: good to hear06:23
KilosUnow just have to work out how to do the same on kde06:25
KilosUnot today though06:25
superflyKilosU: if you did it on the command line, it is identical06:33
KilosUi just dunno whats actually working. arno or iptables06:34
KilosUbut happy anyway06:34
zerefsuperfly: thanks for the help with the sqlite problem :)06:48
superflyzeref: did it work?06:48
zerefyep, database is been updated06:49
zerefwait, is it being or been???06:49
KilosUhi zeref sakhi 06:58
KilosUzeref, at the moment is being , been is already done06:59
KilosUhi SmilyBorg_w 06:59
SmilyBorg_wHey there07:00
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charlvngood morning07:28
charlvnMaaz: coffee on07:28
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:28
KilosUlo charlvn 07:29
KilosUMaaz, coffee please07:29
MaazKilosU: Sure07:29
MaazCoffee's ready for charlvn and KilosU!07:32
KilosUMaaz, ty07:33
MaazYou are welcome KilosU07:33
charlvnMaaz: thanks07:39
Maazcharlvn: No problem07:39
charlvnhi KilosU 07:39
charlvni am busy installing the beta2 of 12.10 inside vmware08:08
charlvnso far so good, except one problem: the live cd didn't reboot properly after the install so i had to manually power down the vm08:09
charlvnbut after booting it back up again it's working fine08:09
charlvnanother weird thing is that i have a floppy disk icon in the left menu even though i don't have a floppy drive on this vm08:10
charlvnbesides, who still uses floppies?!08:10
KilosUthey seem to be useful if you wanna update bios08:11
charlvnthey don't even sell them anymore - this workstation of mine is 4 years old and it doesn't even have a floppy drive08:11
tonberryE352most new bios updaters have flash boot support as far as i know08:11
charlvnthey have to - you don't get floppy drives anymore. :)08:12
KilosUon my pc it says save the update to floppy before flashing08:13
charlvnKilosU: where do you buy the floppies? from a museum? :)08:14
KilosUi got quite a few08:14
tonberryE352the image that came to mind08:14
KilosUyou want some?08:14
tonberryE352picture of indiana jones holding a floppy and saying "This belongs in a museum!"08:14
KilosUi started here on a old 486 and nearly everything was on floppy08:15
KilosUhehe Tonberry 08:15
KilosUwith old pcs and using winsucks you need floppy to install software to make cdrom seen08:16
charlvnwell my first computer was an intel 80188 and it only had the old 5,25 inch floppies08:16
KilosUthose were floppies08:16
charlvni remember i used to do that even on my mom's old pentium 108:16
KilosUthese small ones are actually stiffies08:16
charlvnfirst install dos, then install cd drivers, then windows08:16
charlvnyeah but people only call them stiffies in south africa08:17
charlvnoverseas it's considered rude ;)08:17
KilosUyip i remeber the dos installs08:17
charlvninternationally stiffies are known as 3,5 inch floppies08:17
charlvneven though they aren't floppy at all :)08:17
charlvnactually the whole floppy / stiffie naming is quite gross :P08:17
charlvnyou come to a noob and ask "do you have a floppy" and they get irritated with you08:18
KilosUmodern peeps have dirty minds08:19
tonberryE352minds have been dirty long before I was born08:20
charlvnyup :D08:20
charlvnbbl work08:26
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KilosUhi DigiGram 08:31
DigiGramhi KilosU08:31
KilosUhi drussell new week on the way hey09:41
KilosUnever ends09:41
drussellKilosU: Yup, Monday comes round all too quickly ;o) You have a good weekend?09:42
KilosUyes ty drussell and you?09:42
drussellKilosU: great thanks! though always too short :o)09:42
KilosUone needs longer weekends to recover from the long weeks09:43
KilosUim expanding09:56
DigiGramlol whats next?09:57
KilosTthis be from tinycorelinux09:57
DigiGramah, that, I though next will be KilosS09:57
DigiGramwell, first it was U, the T, so if S was next, you will be going down to A10:01
DigiGrambut now I presume U is for Ubuntu10:01
DigiGramso install slackware and you are on your way lol10:01
KilosTU is for Unity10:01
KilosTK is for kde10:01
DigiGramdidn't see the K one10:02
KilosUlol i dont yet get soung when on irc so cant hear you guys10:02
KilosUtried quassel and xchat on kde, sigh, no sound10:03
KilosUnice linux to use on very old pcs10:16
KilosUminimal requirements10:16
KilosUfull running OS with xchat pidgin midori and updated all on a 1g drive10:17
KilosUhavent worked out how to see disk usage yet10:18
DigiGramgkrellm shows disk usage10:19
KilosUoh ty10:19
KilosUcan even have multiple desktops10:20
KilosUnuvolari, ping10:20
KilosUhi Banlam bakuman 10:21
bakumanhi KilosU 10:21
KilosUif yous are greeted directly you just lurk10:21
KilosUand bmg505 10:21
bakumanhaha, but I am here to lurk10:21
KilosUmeeting tonight hey10:22
bakumanwhere can I see the agenda?10:23
charlvnoh yes we have a meeting tonight right? nice10:29
KilosUhttp://bit.ly/SKJR0j 10:34
KilosUsorry i took so long was checking tonights supper10:35
KilosUbakuman, dont you follow us on twitter @ubuntuza10:35
KilosUoh my, inetpro is that the right agenda up here?10:37
KilosUif so i sent wrong one to twit place10:37
KilosUsuperfly, can you remind sflr please thunderbird dont make lekker backups of email addys like evolution did10:40
superflyKilosU: remind about what?10:40
KilosUand im scared to switch off10:41
KilosUtonights meeting10:41
KilosUoh and im still waiting for a mail from your company10:41
bakumanKilosU i don't twitter much10:43
bakumanbut g+...10:43
KilosUaw bakuman will get the pro to g+ it10:43
KilosUwhat about emails bakuman 10:44
KilosUg+ eats data10:44
bakumani check my mails10:44
KilosUare you on our lists10:44
DigiGramI still need to get the hang of g+10:45
DigiGramdo any of you guys have good and cheap ADSL routers to recommend?10:49
KilosUhi Squirm 10:50
KilosUwhat you wanna do DigiGram ?10:51
KilosUfor wqork?10:51
DigiGramI'm getting ADSL at home, so I want an ADSL modem, but one with WiFi10:52
DigiGramI see they still sell some without wifi10:52
SquirmI would recommend a Netgear10:53
Squirmnot cheap, but it should last you quite a while10:53
DigiGramJust got that recommendation from someone else as well10:54
DigiGramI don't know the brands, and after I've used some D-Link gear at work, thats a no-go10:54
SquirmI used to supply the DGN100010:54
Squirmat cost from a supplier it was about R70010:54
Squirmbut I've had no returns10:55
DigiGramto get it going I'll get an el-cheapo, that I can keep as a spare later on10:55
KilosUDigiGram, how many pcs you wanna couple10:57
DigiGramMain HTPC can go via ethernet or wifi, laptop and room HTPC via wifi, and then 2 or 3 phones and iPad. On occasion another laptop or so10:58
Squirmmaybe look for a Trendnet modem? we use a few Trendnet products and they're reasonable. Haven't really had any issues with their switches/media converters/AP's10:58
DigiGramwill have a look thanx10:58
Squirmwe get them from a supplier. but I think I've seen the routers in somwhere like Incredible Corruption. So you could find it on the shelf somewhere11:00
tonberryE352just whatever you do, stay away from tenda11:00
DigiGramooh, takealot sells Trendnt11:00
DigiGramNetgear N150 DGN1000 WIRELESS ADSL2 + MODEM ROUTER for R599 looks good11:10
DigiGramor TrendNET 300Mbps for R50711:11
DigiGrammaybe a better deal11:11
KilosUyo amanica 11:24
KilosUmeeting tonight11:24
KilosUsuperfly, humour as in funny is spelt how11:25
KilosUMaaz, spell humour11:25
MaazKilosU: That seems correct. Carry on11:25
amanicaKilosU: yip, that's why I started up my irc client so long :)  if I'm a little late I can at least catch up :)11:26
queeryhi oom KilosU Ill be there I think11:47
queerywho will be running the meeting?11:58
SquirmDigiGram: personally, I like the Negears12:07
DigiGramI'll have a look Squirm12:07
DigiGrambut if the Trendnet will keep up, then I don't mind12:07
DigiGramobviously if it only allows 2 wifi devices or something stupid like that, then I'll rather spend more12:08
KilosUso far i think magespawn and/or inetpro 12:08
KilosUnuvolari, is house hunting12:09
inetproKilosU: hmm...12:10
KilosUwhy you offering queery ?12:10
inetprowhy you telling people about the right agenda, is there a wrong agenda as well?12:11
KilosUi think i sent the wrong one last time inetpro 12:11
inetproKilosU: last time?12:11
KilosUlast week12:11
inetproKilosU: no you didn't12:11
KilosUmusta sent it before you changed it12:12
KilosUoh my12:12
KilosUi take back my apology then12:12
KilosUinetpro, will you announce the meet on g+ too?12:13
inetproKilosU: that was done long ago12:13
KilosUpeeps forget12:13
inetprobooked as an event12:13
KilosUme dunno events12:14
KilosUonly even here is 2 pcs one one 3g without router12:14
KilosUmajor event12:14
inetprosomething like https://plus.google.com/112877206374340387802/posts12:14
KilosUwe need more peeps here12:15
KilosUyou see inna mail charles irons thinks he has nothing to contribute because hes old12:15
KilosUhe needs encouragement12:16
inetproKilosU: I have a day job12:16
KilosUja man12:16
KilosUbut you only start when others go home12:16
* KilosU ducks12:16
queeryoom KilosU i dont think so, dont know all the commands yet12:20
KilosUmaiatoday, will teach everyone12:21
queerymaiatoday: are you arrending?12:24
KilosUhmm someone else needs to look where the keys are12:42
maiatodayqueery: I will try to attend12:44
Kerberoahh maiatoday is here \o/12:45
zerefummm, can you add an exception for a particular string in python, using try... except...?13:12
DigiGramwhat would you like to achieve?13:14
charlvngood afternoon13:52
charlvncrazy day13:52
charlvnMaaz: coffee on13:52
* Maaz washes some mugs13:52
DigiGramMaaz, coffee please13:53
MaazDigiGram: Done13:53
MaazCoffee's ready for charlvn and DigiGram!13:56
DigiGramthanx Maaz 13:56
KilosUMaaz, announce Meeting here tonight @ 19.30. Don't be late14:01
MaazHear ye, hear ye! Meeting here tonight @ 19.30. Don't be late14:01
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Kilosthats for those that cant use tab complete at tonights meeting14:08
* nuvolari lost track of reality14:08
nuvolariI saw my name was called14:08
Kilosnuvolari, is jy ok seun?14:08
* nuvolari searches14:08
nuvolarihalfpad oom14:08
nuvolaribaie werk14:09
Kilosstoel jy vanaand?14:09
nuvolariis reg oom14:09
nuvolarihoe laat?14:09
charlvnMaaz: thanks14:09
Maazcharlvn: Sure14:09
* nuvolari het niks prep onder hande nie14:09
Kilosmooi dankie seun sien jou hier14:09
nuvolarihoe laat oom?14:09
Kilosjy het n paar hure om te dink14:10
Kilosdaar is die agenda14:11
Kilosoh my is it same in english and afrikaans?14:11
Kiloslol the poor kid didnt know who pinged him14:14
KilosSmilyBorg, meeting tonight14:14
Kilostumbleweed, you gonna attend?14:14
SmilyBorgThanks Kilos. It's on my calendar14:14
Kiloscalenders only work if one looks at them now and again14:15
Kilosor is yours like an alarm clock14:15
SmilyBorgmine notifies me 15 minutes before an event14:15
SmilyBorgon my phone, pc, etc14:15
Kilosah thats nice14:16
SmilyBorgAndroid + google calendar is pretty awesome14:16
Kilosplustwo, you here lurking?14:17
KilosSubOracle, you too14:17
tumbleweedKilos: sure, suppose so14:17
Kilosty tumbleweed 14:17
* plustwo just got up...14:18
Kiloswhat country you in?14:18
plustwosomalia... oom!14:20
Kiloshehe do you work nightshift14:21
plustwosort of, yes14:21
Kilosso are you attending tonights meet lad?14:22
plustwoyep, will get on the truck to a strnger signal are. but surely will be attending oom14:23
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queeryMaaz: coffee on16:57
* Maaz flips the salt-timer16:57
queeryMaaz: coffee for all16:58
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already16:58
MaazCoffee's ready for queery!17:01
queeryMaaz: ty17:01
MaazYou are welcome queery17:01
hubxHi there17:03
nuvolari:O need to prepare for the meeting17:05
nuvolarioh hi hubx 17:05
nuvolarihowdy queery, smilE, oom Kilos 17:05
smilEhi nuvolari :p17:06
nuvolariwait... something is wrong with the previous meeting minutes17:07
queeryhi nuvolari17:07
nuvolariit's for august17:07
hubxI'm recently moved to ZA. Do you guys if there is a way for delta updates. The time it takes to upgrade...its so slow :(17:07
nuvolarioom Kilos, are you around?17:07
nuvolarihubx: no idea, but are you using local mirrors?17:08
queeryMaaz: seen Kilos17:08
Maazqueery: Kilos was last seen 2 hours, 45 minutes and 7 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2012-10-15 07:23:28 PDT], and has been online on freenode since 2012-10-15 07:07:52 PDT17:08
nuvolarihubx: we're having a meeting tonight, you're welcome to stay for the meeting17:08
Kilosjust eating quick17:08
nuvolarioh, and welcome to #ubuntu-za hubx :)17:09
nuvolarioom Kilos, did the meeting go through last time?17:09
hubxnuvolari, oh cool I will.17:09
hubxyes I think so, I changed all entries in /etc/apt/source.list to za.archive.ubuntu.com/*17:10
hubxalright, nothing new on the delta upgrade side. Still a blueprint. I think I read first about it in 2006. :(17:13
superflyhubx: debian packages do not officially support deltas17:13
hubxyeah well, apple does :D17:15
nuvolarisheesh :-/ loco.ubuntu.com's meetings are a mess for us17:15
nuvolariI can't find any recent meeting pages :P17:15
hubxnuvolari, http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/491/detail/17:15
nuvolariwhy I'm a fan of cats: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-CnwsN75zSOc/UHwwKDkuHvI/AAAAAAAAK8I/D6t1TbczYyU/w442-h331/bvcfgtr4e.gif17:16
nuvolarihubx: I'm after the past events17:16
hubxnuvolari, k sorry17:17
magespawnevening all17:17
charlvngood evening17:21
Kiloshi guys sorry but food was lekker17:22
nuvolarihi magespawn, charlvn 17:22
nuvolarino problem hubx :)17:23
magespawnhey nuvolari Kilos17:23
Kiloswe need someone to host a deb-delta server then we will have delta upgrades17:23
magespawnnuvolari: you going to chair?17:23
Kiloshi hubx 17:23
Kiloshey magespawn 17:23
queerynuvolari: Minutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-09-17-17-36-44.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-09-17-17-36-44.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-09-17-17-36-44.html17:23
charlvnhi nuvolari 17:23
Kiloshubx, why havent you visited before17:24
nuvolarithanks a million queery 17:24
queeryno prob17:24
nuvolarimagespawn: before I forget, are you available next weekend for the release party?17:25
Kiloshi smilE 17:25
Kiloshi not_found 17:26
magespawnno i won't be able to get down nuvolari 17:26
hubxKilos, visited where? Here in IRC? Just been here for 2 weeks. ;)17:26
smilEraspberry pi gets 512 megabyte ram :) isn't that cool :p17:26
not_foundhi uncle Kilos ... about to go SS&S... working tomorow so sorry about the meeting17:26
Kiloshere by us hubx 17:26
nuvolarimeh :-/ ok17:26
nuvolarinext time magespawn 17:26
nuvolarihowdy not_found 17:26
not_foundhi nuvolari 17:26
nuvolariok, go rest well :)17:26
magespawnif things change i will let you know17:26
Kilosok not_found  just login and get mins morrow17:27
nuvolarigreat stuff magespawn 17:27
* nuvolari cross his fingers17:27
not_foundhowever for you guys I will stick it out until 10 (8 there)17:27
hubxKilos, where is that exactly :) ?17:27
Kilos#ubuntu-za hubx 17:27
Kiloswe all hang out here17:27
queeryoom Kilos hubx is new to SA17:28
Kilosnuvolari, can you add to agenda17:28
Kilosoh my goodness, welcome hubx 17:28
nuvolarioh dear, maaz forgot about me17:28
Kiloshi inetpro 17:28
nuvolariI don't see the meeting stuff available17:28
nuvolarihowdy inetpro 17:28
Kilosi saw felix now on news17:28
inetpromeeting started?17:28
inetprosorry that I'm late17:29
Kilosstart nuvolari 17:29
nuvolari2 minutes to go oom17:29
Kilosnot yet inetpro 17:29
Kilosnee man17:29
inetprook cool17:29
nuvolariok 30 seconds17:29
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting17:30
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:30
Kilosinetpro, can you give nuvolari maaz permissions17:30
queeryMaaz: i am Dewald Noeth17:30
Maazqueery: Sure17:30
Kilosoh his ready17:30
nuvolariI have them, just not part of the help for some reason17:30
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:30
Maaznuvolari: Okay17:30
hubxMaaz: I am Hubert Hesse17:30
Maazhubx: Done17:30
magespawnMaaz: I am Greg Eames17:30
Maazmagespawn: Sure17:30
charlvnMaaz: i am Charl van Niekerk17:30
Maazcharlvn: Done17:30
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:30
MaazKilos: Okay17:30
not_foundMaaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen17:30
Maaznot_found: Yessir17:30
nuvolariHi everyone, welcome to tonight's meeting17:31
nuvolariwelcome zeref 17:31
zerefHi guys17:31
Kilossuperfly, you here?17:31
Kilostumbleweed, ?17:31
queeryMaaz: coffee on17:31
* Maaz flips the salt-timer17:31
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer17:31
Maazinetpro: Done17:31
nuvolarithanks for making the time to be here - I'm sure the year is just getting faster to the end17:31
queeryMaaz: coffee for all17:31
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already17:31
KilosMaaz, coffee please17:32
MaazKilos: Done17:32
Kilostell the bot please superfly 17:32
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:32
Maazsuperfly: Okay17:32
inetpronuvolari: faster than a supersonic Felix?17:32
nuvolariwelcome to our newest member, hubx 17:32
Kilosand keep an eye out on us17:32
not_foundhi and welcome hubx 17:32
* superfly has a baby to deal with17:33
nuvolariinetpro: indeed! I can't believe I'm planning my year end leave already17:33
hubxglad I could join :)17:33
Kilosthats fine superfly 17:33
inetpronuvolari: true17:33
nuvolariyeah, family comes first17:33
Kilosuse hands for baby and one eye for us17:33
nuvolariok, anyone want to mention something from the past meeting?17:33
nuvolariI wasn't able to make it, sorry for that17:34
not_foundMe neither17:34
nuvolariand thanks to magespawn for running chair!17:34
charlvnme neither17:34
magespawnhope the notes make some sort of sense17:34
Kilosask magespawn was his first chair17:34
nuvolarieish, forgot the topic17:34
queerynot much went on17:34
nuvolariMaaz: topic close to end of welcoming17:34
MaazCurrent Topic: close to end of welcoming17:34
inetpronuvolari: I linked to the previous month in July http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/07/16/%23ubuntu-za.html#t17:3017:35
inetproin the agenda17:35
nuvolariMaaz: topic review previous minutes17:35
MaazCurrent Topic: review previous minutes17:35
* not_found did updare the report with the MoM :p17:35
MaazCoffee's ready for queery and Kilos!17:35
queeryMaaz: ty17:35
MaazYou are welcome queery17:35
KilosMaaz, danke17:36
nuvolariinetpro: I saw that, I struggled to find one for the actual last meeting. Should we rather review that one?17:36
inetpromaybe quickly look at http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-07-16-17-30-21.txt17:36
hubxwhat about that one: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-09-17-17-36-44.html17:37
queerymuch better17:37
nuvolariok, so did we get release party info?17:37
inetprohubx: ahh, I didn't even see that, thanks17:37
nuvolariwe're quite busy for a party in durbs this time17:38
not_foundI saw on the mailing list17:38
hubxfound it on twitter: @ubuntuza17:38
amanicaMaaz, I am Marius Kruger17:38
Maazamanica: Okay17:38
Kilosand the gauteng guys17:38
queeryI only have info from the JHB guys17:38
nuvolariwelcome amanica 17:38
queeryI know Durbs is trying but no info 17:38
Kiloshaha i did something right17:38
amanicahi all17:38
queeryBloem is dead17:38
nuvolarihmm, release parties will be discussed under events17:38
nuvolarijust checking minutes quickly17:38
queeryCT - still waiting on maia and JP17:38
nuvolaribloem isn't dead, they just lack the knowledge of IRC and the will to join a bigger community17:39
queeryI did ask maia for the contact list and got it and started to contact people17:39
* tumbleweed waves17:39
nuvolarihowdy tumbleweed 17:39
queeryhi tumbleweed17:39
inetprowb tumbleweed17:39
queeryso are you throwing a release party tumbleweed17:39
Kiloshi tumbleweed 17:39
tumbleweedI'm not :)17:40
tumbleweedI was kind of hoping someone in stellenbosch would17:40
nuvolariBloem isn't so much for a community, they are like "we can do it better" in all the small groups :-/ I tried...17:40
queeryIm trying to get maia and JP to organise something, but maia is a bit busy at this time17:40
TonberryMaaz I am Hendrik van Wyk17:40
MaazTonberry: Alrighty17:40
Kiloshi Tonberry welcome17:40
* inetpro excited about the Hack4house event in Centurion17:40
Tonberrydont think jp will make it to this meeting17:41
queeryahh Tonberry17:41
inetprosadly I can't make it17:41
nuvolariSFD? that's past already?17:41
queerywil you inform him of my disappointment Tonberry17:41
nuvolarianything anyone want to bring up from the last meeting?17:42
nuvolariwelcome Vince-0 17:42
queerydo you know if he has organised anything for the ubuntu release party?17:42
queeryTonberry: 17:42
Kiloshi Vince-0 17:42
Tonberryi dont think so17:42
KilosVince-0, tell the bot who you are17:42
queery"maaz I am insert name"17:43
nuvolariMaaz: topic Administrativia & Announcements17:43
MaazCurrent Topic: Administrativia & Announcements17:43
Vince-0Maaz: I'm Vince-0 but my friends call me Vincent17:43
MaazVince-0: Excuse me?17:43
Vince-0Maaz: I'm Vincent17:43
MaazVince-0: What?17:43
nuvolariVince-0: "I am"17:43
hubxyay, release party? Finally, an occasion where I can where my geek shirts ;)17:43
Vince-0Maaz: I am Vince-0 but my friends call me Vincent17:43
MaazVince-0: Yessir17:43
Vince-0Hello Maaz17:44
nuvolarihubx: you mean you can't wear it to work?17:44
Vince-0Maaz: you foolish bot17:44
MaazVince-0: *blink*17:44
queeryhubx: what area are you in?17:44
nuvolarilol, my boss has a t-shirt: I'm not here to make friends"17:44
nuvolariawkward quietness17:45
nuvolaridid I say something wrong?17:45
Kilostumbleweed, you in the know. i dont know if maia is gonna have time to order cds17:45
hubxI'm working in Pretoria (Faerie Glen)17:45
Kilosor are they dvds now17:45
queeryit's funny cause it's true...17:45
magespawnqueery there is a party for durbs17:45
magespawnthe details where mailed17:46
Kilosyay another Pta guy17:46
tumbleweedKilos: if she isn't, then someone else should17:46
queerywhen, I never got details just that they are working on it17:46
tumbleweedI suggest someone mails her and asks17:46
nuvolariok, so does not know about our twitter handle?17:46
queeryhubx: there is a gausing party close to you17:46
who_da_flysomething seriously wrong with my internet17:46
Kiloswb who_da_fly 17:46
Kilosuh oh17:47
queeryshe is not answering whatsapp17:47
tumbleweedthen assume that she isn't organising anything17:47
nuvolariI miss @ubuntuza's tweets because there's so much noise these days :P 17:47
inetpronuvolari: I guess we can say +1 to Kilos again for running that service for us17:47
nuvolariI need to trim down on everyone I follow17:47
Kilosqueery, of topic some but later tell me how to get whatsapp on ubuntu please17:48
* not_found hasn't checked twitter in ages because of that :/17:48
queeryhaha no idea...17:48
nuvolariMaaz: ++ Kilos for running @ubuntuza17:48
Maaznuvolari: Excuse me?17:48
nuvolaric'mon maaz17:48
inetpronot_found: did you at least see the G+ event?17:48
not_foundsure.. it spams me :p17:49
queeryhubx: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-za/1999/detail/17:49
nuvolariMaaz: Kilos ++ for running @ubuntuza17:49
Maaznuvolari: *blink*17:49
inetpronot_found: lol, I don't hink it's that bad 17:49
Kiloshi Cantide 17:49
Cantidehello '-'17:49
nuvolariMaaz: karma for Kilos 17:49
Maaznuvolari: Kilos has karma of 717:49
Kilostell the bot who you are Cantide 17:49
queeryok so Durban... please email me the details again17:49
Cantidehow do i do that?17:50
hubxqueery, yes I hope I can make it there :)17:50
nuvolariMaaz: kilos ++ [for running @ubuntuza]17:50
nuvolarihah, it worked17:50
nuvolariMaaz: karma for Kilos 17:50
Maaznuvolari: Kilos has karma of 817:50
Cantideoh, has the Durban meet been decided?17:50
nuvolariCantide: yeah17:50
nuvolariaren't you on the mailing list?17:50
nuvolarior Google+17:50
nuvolariI'm not sure where it was confirmed17:50
queery<queery> "maaz I am insert name"17:50
CantideI am on the mailing list now17:50
Cantidebut i don't recall seeing it17:50
queeryCantide: "maaz I am insert name"17:51
Kilosyou are supposed to read mails not skim them like when studying17:51
nuvolarifor anyone interested, you can always join discussions on the mailing lists17:51
magespawnMaaz: I am "real name"17:51
Maazmagespawn: Alrighty17:51
nuvolarihubx: if you're interested: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za17:51
queeryai magespawn17:51
not_foundmore than half of mail goes to gmail spam btw17:51
magespawnMaaz: I am Greg Eames17:51
Maazmagespawn: Okay17:51
queerynot mine17:51
inetprook anyone preferring G+ as a reference point for ubuntu-za can go to https://plus.google.com/b/112877206374340387802/112877206374340387802/posts17:52
nuvolariwe're not much into forums, so our main medium is the mailing list17:52
CantideKilos, I skim everything all the time :)17:52
CantideToo much multitasking ._.17:52
Kilosnot_found, you gotta go tell gmail it isnt spam a few times17:52
queeryok back to topic??17:52
not_found(some of it does seem like spam sometimes >.> )17:52
nuvolariwai,t I'm off my trolley here17:52
nuvolariCantide: durban's meeting was arranged on the durban linux users group list17:53
* inetpro shall try to keep ubuntu-za alive on G+ while keeping traffic low17:53
Cantidenot_found, Kilos, oh yeah, here it is in my spam folder ._.17:53
Kilosgmail lets some real junk through and blocks some serious stuff17:54
nuvolariMaaz: topic Events17:54
MaazCurrent Topic: Events17:54
nuvolarinot for me oom Kilos 17:54
who_da_flymeh. Never got any bites for a lunch-time Ubuntu hour17:55
nuvolarilunch (half) hours are hard to manage :-/17:55
who_da_flyif I see sflr again I'll see if we can do it even if it is just the two of us17:55
Kilosnuvolari, as part of events find someone to order cds17:55
queeryWe won't get CD's in time17:55
nuvolariDid anyone host events the past while?17:55
Kilosis he ok who_da_fly 17:55
who_da_flyKilos: Irunno17:56
queerybut I have the 12.04 that I will take to the release17:56
who_da_flyI only ever talk to him in IRC17:56
hubxHow many cds do you need? Just burn them ourselves then?17:56
Kilosah 17:56
Kilosthe genuine article is so much nicer17:56
queeryhubx: it's nice to have the official ones so and as a loco we can get17:56
CantideMaaz: I am Karl Wortmann17:56
MaazCantide: Okay17:56
nuvolarianyone? 17:57
Kilosask tumbles17:57
nuvolarireport on some events please, we didn't do nothing, did we?17:57
who_da_flynuvolari: nothing I'm afraid... been a bit too busy17:57
plustwoMaaz: I am Oupa (plustwo)17:57
Maazplustwo: Righto17:57
* inetpro is not aware of major events in the past month17:57
amanicaok so as mentioned earlier and on the mailinglist we are planning a release party in centurion on 27 October17:57
queerydid anyone do something for SFD17:57
hubxYes, for marketing purposes that's true. I thought you just wanted to share, so not anybody has to download it17:58
nuvolarihmm, ok, so future events then :P17:58
who_da_flytrue, there was SFD17:58
nuvolariwe're officially having a meeting for durban next weekend17:58
inetproahh SFD!17:58
amanicayeah I also talked at SFD17:58
amanicaand had a stand :)17:58
queerynuvolari: please send me the details17:58
Cantidenuvolari, next weekend as in the 27th?17:58
Cantidesend them to me, too, please17:59
inetproamanica: nice!17:59
queeryamanica: did you take pics?17:59
amanicaI have some pics17:59
queerywho does the report these days17:59
Kilosnot_found, 17:59
nuvolariMaaz: accepted Durban Meeting for Ubuntu 12.10 (https://plus.google.com/events/c142k82osntadrdi5nf5bi7mj4g)17:59
MaazAccepted: Durban Meeting for Ubuntu 12.10 (https://plus.google.com/events/c142k82osntadrdi5nf5bi7mj4g)17:59
* not_found is updating it when he has info :p17:59
nuvolariqueery: Cantide ^^17:59
nuvolarimagespawn: ^^17:59
Kilossend info to not_found  guys17:59
=== smilE is now known as smileE17
inetproI got some good feedback from guys who were at the SFD17:59
nuvolarihmm, can you guys get to the link? I see it's a private event :-/17:59
CantideI can't access it either18:00
nuvolarior is it just private as in not a public event, but publicly visible?18:00
queerywhere was it held inetpro amanica18:00
nuvolarihrr :-/18:00
amanicaquery: wits18:00
* not_found goes now... pls find a way to get the info to me and I will update the needed... night all18:00
queeryoh ok18:00
Kilosty not_found sleep tight18:00
nuvolarigive me a second or 2, I need to find some proper links18:00
queerynuvolari: link not workin...18:00
Cantidedo i need to have a g+ account to view it?18:01
CantideI have one, but i never use it18:01
magespawnthose links not good18:01
nuvolariqueery: Cantide ^^18:01
queerymust be a member to view...18:02
nuvolarioh fudge :(18:02
nuvolariI'm not managing that :-/18:02
nuvolarisorry guys18:02
queeryjust send me the details and Ill create the event on the loco page18:02
nuvolariI'll forward it quick18:02
nuvolariis it OK if I forward the mail from dlug to ubunutu-za's list?18:03
inetproSFD event was at: http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/2011/South%20Africa/Midrand/JHBPTA18:03
amanicaqueery: btw. it seems the Centurion Release party will not be a bring and braai any more because there were not enough gas braaier volunteers. Will send then new arangements through once it's confirmed.18:04
amanicalast year?18:04
queerywe can always do hotdogs if we have a nice RSVP list18:04
queerydo you have a list of your own amanica?18:05
* smileE17 says: Anyone will use E17. Repeat after me: I will use E17 as my primary window manager18:05
queerydo you still need repos amanica?18:05
smileE17http://www.enlightenment.org/ :p18:05
inetprosmileE17: haha18:05
amanicaqueery: what list? Nico did a post to the house4hack group.18:06
CantidesmileE17, haha, i'm currently talking to a Finn about the Awesome WM18:06
smileE17inetpro: do you like it? :)18:06
smileE17Cantide: cool! :)18:06
Cantidehow many people are expected to show up at the Durban meet?18:06
* inetpro is happy with the Kubuntu wm18:06
hubxhaha, just waited for the first wm discussion to begin ;)18:06
nuvolarioh shoot18:07
magespawnbrb fish two asleep on the couch18:07
nuvolarioh ffs lol, I forwarded "durban ubuntu moot"18:07
amanicaqueery: I don't think we have somebody with the full repo. If you have it it will be great. I'll need to readup on how to get/use it otherwise.18:07
smileE17inetpro: E17 is amazingly fast :p18:07
nuvolarihttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-za/2012-October/009748.html Cantide, queery 18:08
queerydoesn't H4h have uncaped interwebs18:08
Cantidethanks nuvolari :)18:08
amanicaqueery nope. 18:08
queeryill see what I can do amanica18:08
smileE17Lol, i'm using 6% cpu & 760 megabyte of ram :p18:08
amanicaqueery: it is fast but not uncapped18:08
inetprosmileE17: I guess we shall give nuvolari a chance to continue and discuss that later18:08
smileE17I could be using raspberry pI :P18:08
queeryok I have webafrica18:08
smileE17inetpro: big hug :P18:09
nuvolarieek, power gone :-/18:09
amanicaqueery: I have 2Mbps uncapped at home, so if I know how to get it, I don't mind either18:09
queerysmileE17: do you know that its the monthly meeting?18:09
nuvolariam I still here?18:09
nuvolariok good18:09
nuvolaricontinuing in darkness18:09
Kilosyes nuvolari 18:09
smileE17no, queery 18:09
queeryhehe 18:10
nuvolariok, durban confirmed for a meeting18:10
queeryso identify and join18:10
nuvolariany other official meetings?18:10
nuvolariI might have missed them now18:10
inetpronuvolari: wow, on battery? I guess you'll have to be quick then...18:10
queerynot that I am aware of18:10
nuvolariinetpro: will be able to go for about an hour, or a bit more18:10
smileE17#ubuntu-za-meeting ? :)18:10
inetprook, good18:10
Kilosyip smileE17 18:10
nuvolarieek, my browser is on my other screen, now to get it back...18:11
inetprosmileE17: yep18:11
queeryamanica: http://tumbleweed.org.za/2010/10/09/release-party-ubuntu-mirror 18:11
smileE17inetpro: why no one is there :P18:11
nuvolariooh :> gotta love a tiling window manager18:11
amanicaqueery: thanks18:11
queerytumbleweed used to set this up at our CT/STB parties18:11
queerywhere is he18:11
nuvolariok, so are we done with events?18:11
queerywe need to do more ubuntu hours18:12
nuvolaricool, I'll site here in the corner18:12
charlvnnuvolari: +118:12
queeryI have no issue organising it in JHB/Centurion but need people to actually attend...18:13
queerywho in durbs did the last one?18:13
Kilosqueery, collect guys at the release party18:13
smileE17maybe #ubuntu-meeting is better :p18:13
Cantidei missed the last one in Durbs18:13
queerysmileE17: please type "Maaz i am RealName"18:13
nuvolariit was nice18:13
Kilosno man smileE17  this is our official ubuntu-za channel meet18:13
Cantidegood news this time - i'm not working on the 27th (at least not that i know of yet)18:13
nuvolaria bit crowded :P18:13
Cantidenuvolari :D18:14
nuvolariwe had a good growd going 18:14
queerywhen is the next one?18:14
smileE17he is not replying :p18:14
queeryI have to organise one for Movember18:14
nuvolarisaw some raspberrypi's and a Nexus 718:14
nuvolariqueery: durban meet?18:14
queerydurban Ubuntu hour for Movember?18:15
Vincent_ubuntu release18:15
=== Vincent_ is now known as Vince-0
nuvolariah, we only have the release party planned for now18:15
Vince-0Im in DBN18:15
inetprosmileE17: #ubuntu-meeting is for official stuff, this is just for our local community18:15
nuvolarihmm, can we start to close off the events section now?18:15
queeryhow about a concecutive Ubuntu hour arround the country?18:16
nuvolarineed to move along :P18:16
smileE17oo :p18:16
smileE17Maaz: awake18:16
MaazsmileE17: What?18:16
smileE17Maaz: I said awake18:16
MaazsmileE17: *blink*18:16
smileE17Maaz: I like you18:16
MaazsmileE17: Huh?18:16
queeryok ill org it on the mailing list18:16
Banlamis this meeting still on?18:17
Kilosmove on nuvolari 18:17
Banlami just got in18:17
nuvolariMaaz: topic Extras18:17
MaazCurrent Topic: Extras18:17
Kiloses Banlam 18:17
queeryplease agree on it18:17
Banlammaaz i am gareth cawood18:17
MaazBanlam: Righto18:17
queerynuvolari: 18:17
smileE17Maaz: I am Geoffrey De Belie18:17
MaazsmileE17: Done18:17
queerywell done18:17
nuvolarishucks, sorry queery 18:17
nuvolariagree on what?18:17
nuvolariqueery: ok for " queery will organise events on the mailing list"?18:18
queeryit will do18:19
nuvolariMaaz: agreed queery will organise events on te mailing list18:19
MaazAgreed: queery will organise events on te mailing list18:19
nuvolarisorry about that :)18:19
nuvolariok so now, Extras or last words?18:19
Kiloswho is gonna order cds18:20
nuvolariI vote oom Kilos for president18:20
queeryok battery on 10%18:20
Kilosnee man18:20
nuvolarihmm, maia usually does that18:20
Kilosand who can host a deb-delta server18:20
nuvolariI wonder if she'll be able to help again?18:21
Kilosmaia is too busy it seems18:21
amanicaI'm planning to get some ubuntu stickers printed for the centurion release party. It seems that I'll have to order 550-750 stickers. Will send out to the mailing list when I have more details.18:21
Cantideshould i download 12.10 and burn it to disk to bring along to the Durban meet?18:21
nuvolariCantide: afaik Una and William already said they will have mirrors available18:22
nuvolari(not just stock ubuntu)18:22
inetproamanica: you should perhaps talk to drubin as well to get the design for laptop stickers18:22
queerymy laptop will die in 10 min18:22
amanicainetpro: o ok, last time Maia said that she just used the official logos, and it looks fine to me18:23
nuvolariI'll ask maia about the CD process18:23
drubininetpro: amanica http://blog.smartcube.co.za/2009/05/26/ubuntu-pc-badges-for-za/ 18:23
drubinbut I have to go now18:23
nuvolariMaaz: agreed nuvolari will ask maiatoday about obtaining and distributing cds18:23
MaazAgreed: nuvolari will ask maiatoday about obtaining and distributing cds18:23
inetprothanks drubin18:23
Kilosty drubin 18:24
amanicadrubin: I had one of those once!18:24
inetproamanica: we should print some more of those18:24
nuvolariok, we need to move on people :P running out of time18:25
nuvolariMaaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting18:25
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting18:25
* queery will be offline in 4 min18:25
inetpro+1 for nuvolari18:25
* Kilos says nuvolari if he can18:25
nuvolariI'm open for chairing if I'm around for the next meeting :>18:25
Kilosyou better be18:25
Kiloswe know where you live18:26
nuvolariok queery thank's for attending tonight18:26
who_da_flyI should be able to backup if necessary18:26
nuvolarihave a good evening18:26
queerysorry for nagging18:26
charlvnciao queery 18:26
Kilosty who_da_fly 18:26
nuvolariqueery: someone needs to do it :P18:26
Kiloscheers queery 18:26
Cantidebye queery  :)18:27
inetpronuvolari: so does that mean not_found will do the report again?18:27
nuvolariMaaz: agreed nuvolari to chair next meeting18:27
MaazAgreed: nuvolari to chair next meeting18:27
amanicainitpro: The place I'm looking at does vinyl stickers which I think is fine. drubin's look like aluminium which may be more expensive.. 18:27
Kilosyes inetpro we gotta keep him informed though18:27
nuvolariinetpro: hmm, we need to confirm, but I understood he's ok with it18:27
nuvolariMaaz: agreed inform not_found on the details for reporting purposes18:28
MaazAgreed: inform not_found on the details for reporting purposes18:28
nuvolariMaaz: topic closing18:29
MaazCurrent Topic: closing18:29
nuvolariright, the next meeting will be Movember 19th18:29
nuvolariI hope to see you all again on that date!18:29
nuvolariMaybe try to invite someone to the meeting?18:29
CantideI won't make it :(18:29
Kilosthanks for chairing nuvolari 18:29
nuvolariaw :-/18:29
smileE17byebye :)18:30
nuvolariPlesier oom Kilos :)18:30
Kilosbye smileE17 18:30
nuvolariMaaz: Agreed next meeting November 19, 201218:30
MaazAgreed: next meeting November 19, 201218:30
inetprohmm... I'll excuse meself from the next meeting now already18:30
nuvolariRighto, thanks for attending everyone18:30
nuvolariit was a productive meeting methinks18:31
Kilosand inetpro will set up the topic 18:31
inetproKilos: asap18:31
Kilosdankie inetpro 18:31
nuvolariSo see everyone at the next meeting!18:31
* plustwo thinks the meeting was very kwl18:31
nuvolariAll of the best until then :)18:32
nuvolari++ plustwo 18:32
Kilosnee man nuvolari steel paar minute elke dag18:32
inetprowb plustwo18:32
inetpronuvolari: did you end the minutes yet?18:32
nuvolariplustwo: you can still introduce yourself before  I close off the meeting18:32
Kilosnet om te groet en se hoe gaan dinge by jou18:32
nuvolariinetpro: negative18:32
plustwoMaaz: I am Oupa (plustwo)18:33
Maazplustwo: Alrighty18:33
nuvolariMaaz: end meeting18:33
MaazMeeting Ended18:33
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-10-15-17-30-00.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-10-15-17-30-00.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-10-15-17-30-00.html18:33
nuvolari\o/ success18:33
nuvolarinice meeting everyone :)18:33
inetproplustwo: * Oupa (plustwo) (plustwo)18:33
plustwoo/ inetpro18:33
inetprowell done nuvolari18:33
Kiloslol and oupa calls me oom18:33
nuvolarinice to spend a while on IRC again18:33
nuvolarithanks inetpro 18:34
plustwoi'm a younger oupa oom... lol18:34
inetpronuvolari: thanks for running the show18:34
Kilosnuvolari, you gotta sort youre life to give more time here18:34
* inetpro wbb18:34
nuvolariYou're welcome 18:34
nuvolariKilos: ya oom, I do need to do that hey :-/18:34
Kilosya man18:35
nuvolaribut with the title comes the workload :P18:35
Kilosnee man you doing the chairing18:35
magespawnwhoops looks like i missed the end o that18:35
* plustwo travels back to the dungeons18:35
Kilosaw sorry mage18:36
magespawnno worries18:36
Kilosyou see minutes magespawn 18:36
magespawnamanica does it work out cheeper to do it here than order from canonical?18:37
magespawnyes Kilos ty18:37
magespawnhave log as well18:37
Kilosonna fone thing?18:37
Kilosyou gonna end up with headaches18:38
magespawnquassel core18:38
magespawnon server in the shop18:38
Cantidethanks nuvolari :)18:38
magespawni actually got discconected therefor awhile18:38
Kilosdidnt show here magespawn 18:39
magespawnthats the idea the core stays online18:39
Kilosnormally i wb you18:39
magespawnthat is also why the greeter does not greet ppl who use the quassel core setup18:40
magespawnnuvolari: seems to hav gone quite smooth18:40
Kilosmaybe battery conked18:41
Kiloswho_da_fly, you winning there18:42
Kiloshows the family18:42
who_da_flymamma took the baba18:42
Kiloswhat happened to you internet18:43
Kilosinetpro, hoe kan iets so vinnig val18:45
Kilosisnt there supposed to be a terminal speed for falling objects18:46
Kiloslike 180mph or something18:46
inetproKilos: uh, what?18:47
inetproKilos: what are you talking about?18:48
KilosCantide, what speed does it give there18:48
Cantidedepends on drag18:49
inetproKilos: he was up there in the skies with very little resistance18:49
inetproin the stratosphere18:49
Kilosoh as in outa space18:49
magespawnvery close18:49
Cantidetherefore less drag18:49
amanicamagespawn: well It is only a couple of days so I think the only way to get them in time is to do it here.  ¬£1.75 for 3 sheets +shipping18:49
Kilosthat is unbelievably fast if you think about it18:50
inetprowell there's still a long way to go before he would be outside I think18:50
amanicamagespawn: the quick quote I got was about 50c per 3x4cm sticker if you buy 55018:50
Kilosistnt outa space a vacuum18:50
inetprobut he went higher than the average wheather balloom18:50
magespawnamanica i am sure we can help cover the costs18:50
amanica(that is locally)18:50
Cantidehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminal_Velocity_%28video_game%29 does anyone remember this? :D18:51
magespawn39kms I think18:51
Cantideamanica, i am keen on a sticker18:51
Kilosthats faster than a 9mm bullet if i remember right18:52
Kiloscant work it out18:53
amanicayes magespawn, Cantide I think I'll get them made and sell them at cost, even post it locally if anybody is interested..18:53
Kilostoo tired18:53
magespawnkeep us posted amanica18:53
Cantidei may want a few18:53
Cantideprovided i don't have to trade them for a kidney18:53
Cantidewhat quality?18:54
Kiloswhat quality kidney18:54
magespawnjust watching Hak5 Toor Camp video18:54
amanicaCantide: I dont know what quality they will be, I think I must go pay them a visit and see. 18:54
Cantideokay :)18:55
Cantidethose aluminium ones look awesome, but probably too costly for everyone's taste18:55
amanicaI can also get "domed" stickers but they cost R5!18:56
amanicawill get some in any case18:56
magespawnthat is not too bad I think18:56
Cantide"domed" ? those that bulge?18:56
Cantidei would pay R 5 for a sticker18:56
amanicaI think so yes. like a gell coat18:56
CantideR 10 even18:56
Cantidei prefer the aluminium ones '-'18:56
Cantidebut of course if many have to be made at once, then it'll have to be the same for everyone18:57
* Cantide goes with the flow18:57
amanicahttp://www.stickerprinters.co.za/index.php/domed-stickers  A domed sticker is the liquid polyurethane, which consists of honey, flows to the border of the vinyl shape and is trapped by capillary attraction to the border. The liquid is then cured to create a complete product with a 3D effect 18:58
magespawni think anything under R15 would be easy for most18:58
Kiloshubx, you must visit here all the time18:58
Kilosor stay not visit18:58
hubxKilos, yes I added it to permanent IRC list ;)18:59
Kiloswe need numbers19:00
Kiloshavent grown in years19:00
Kilosgo on bakuman 19:01
bakumansummary of the meeting?19:01
Kilosyou want the minutes?19:01
* bakuman is too lazy to read it all O_O19:01
Kilosyeah hard work19:02
Cantidewhere can i get information about our loco, meetings, release parties etc. ?19:03
Cantidelike who is involved, how it all runs19:03
inetproamanica: those are actually not alluminium19:03
inetproI think it's just vinyl19:04
Kiloswe got some sites but dont ask me for links19:04
Cantidethey look nice though '-'19:04
CantideKilos, okay :'(19:04
CantideI will search :)19:04
Kilosinetpro, you got links19:05
inetprodrubin: what did those cost to print, do you remember19:05
KilosMaaz, ubuntu-za sites19:05
Maazhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam  https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntuza/  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za   http://ubuntu-za.org19:05
* inetpro should perhaps find out where I can print them here in Pretoria19:05
Kilosthere Cantide 19:05
inetproKilos: what links you looking for?19:06
Kilos<Cantide> where can i get information about our loco, meetings, release parties etc. ?19:06
Kiloshe dunno bout twitter the stupid bot19:07
Kilosi wanna try ibid on tinycorelinux19:07
inetproKilos: you the teacher!19:07
Kilosno you inetpro 19:07
Kilosim falling off chair here19:08
Kiloslong exciting day19:08
Cantidethanks, Kilos :)19:08
Kilosinetpro, you do in secs what takes me 10's on minutes19:09
inetproKilos: the twitter handle and links are above in the topic19:10
Kilosoh ya19:10
nuvolarihmm, koeksisters19:10
Kilosi woulda got there sometime19:10
nuvolarianyone want one?19:10
* nuvolari pos vir oom Kilos19:10
nuvolari*van die koeksisters19:11
nuvolarilol, why are you falling off your chair oom?19:11
nuvolariMaaz: last update by ubuntuza19:11
Maaznuvolari: Huh?19:11
Kilosmoeg  en kop klap ietwat19:11
nuvolariMaaz: last status update by ubuntuza19:11
Maaznuvolari: *blink*19:11
Kilosmy kable konneksie werk tussen 2 pcs19:12
inetproMaaz: last tweet by ubuntuza19:12
Maazinetpro: No such twit19:12
Kilosen het tinycorelinux op n 1g skyf19:12
Kilosclever bot19:12
nuvolariMaaz: last tweet by @ubuntuza19:13
Maaznuvolari: No such twit19:13
inetproMaaz: last tweet by inetpro19:13
Kiloswhy does he lie19:13
Maazinetpro: No such twit19:13
nuvolariMaaz: last update by inetpro19:13
Maaznuvolari: What?19:13
nuvolarimaaz is ill19:13
Kilosdoes he monitor twitter?19:14
nuvolarihe could check up on twitter oom Kilos 19:14
inetproKilos: he can read google19:14
Kilosask  qp19:15
nuvolaribut I think this might be twitter api issues19:15
KilosQP, last update by inetpro19:15
QPKilos: Huh?19:15
magespawnhah lol19:15
Kilosstupid coew19:15
Kiloscow as well19:15
KilosQP, die19:16
amanicainetpro: this is the place I'm looking at at the moment (pretoria/fourways) http://www.stickerprinters.co.za/19:16
inetpronuvolari, Kilos: I think the twitter api has changed19:17
nuvolarisee, I was right :P19:17
Kilosdo you have to teach a bot to do that19:17
Kilosor is it an ibid thing19:17
nuvolariinetpro: they are streamlining for their March 2013 change19:17
inetproKilos: I guess ibid will have to be updated19:18
Kilosdo you know19:18
inetproKilos: and maybe they have done it already, check on your version19:19
Kilosor the whole ibid app19:19
Kilosmine is new19:19
Kilosdaily build19:19
inetproKilos: where's QP?19:19
Kilossec i call the cow19:19
nuvolarijislaaik, val ek vandag by spar amper dood neer19:19
nuvolari'n brood is R9-something19:20
magespawnthat is a lot19:20
charlvnheh it's becoming cheaper to live in europe :)19:20
charlvni don't feel so bad anymore19:20
Cantideor Asia >_>19:20
* Cantide scurries off19:20
charlvnnever lived in asia so wouldn't know, but i wouldn't mind living in japan for a while19:21
Kilosinetpro, here she is19:21
inetproQP: latest tweet from inetpro19:21
QPinetpro: What?19:21
charlvneat some melonpan :)19:21
amanicainetpro: and I'm looking at this for laptop/general usage stickers http://design.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/logo-ubuntu_st_no%C2%AE-orange-hex.png19:21
nuvolariMaaz: last update by inetpro19:21
Maaznuvolari: *blink*19:21
nuvolariI give up19:21
Kilostumbleweed, you awake still19:21
tumbleweedKilos: yes, hi19:22
amanicainetpro: and this for covering the windows keys: http://design.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/logo-ubuntu_cof-orange-hex.png19:22
Kilosum how we make ibids do the tweet thing19:22
magespawnnow that would be cool19:22
inetproamanica: drubin's design is at http://blog.smartcube.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/ubuntu.svg19:22
Kilosas in CV19:22
tumbleweedKilos: ibids can't tweet (yet?)19:23
amanicainetpro: thanks, will consider it.19:23
Kilos   maaz used to give latest tweet by nick19:23
MaazKilos: Excuse me?19:23
nuvolariok, I'm going to muf op die bank nou, I'm tired19:23
nuvolario/ 'night19:24
Kiloslol tumbleweed i mean how do we make them reply to latset tweet by inetpro19:24
magespawnnight nuvolari19:24
Kilosnight nuvolari 19:24
tumbleweedMaaz: latest tweet from inetpro19:24
Maaztumbleweed: No such twit19:24
Kiloslekket kiep19:24
tumbleweedKilos: like that?19:24
Kilosya he used to work19:24
inetprotumbleweed: it definitely used to work19:25
inetprobut to read tweets, not post19:25
inetproit even worked for floss.pro and identica19:26
inetpronuvolari: good night19:26
inetproamanica: a sticker for the WIN key would be nice19:27
inetprobut that is very small19:27
amanicainetpro: yeah have to buy 750 of those at a time...19:27
Kiloscokey pen works19:27
Cantideinetpro, FTW!19:27
inetproCantide: what did I do now?19:28
tumbleweedinetpro: oh, indeed. something must have changed19:28
Cantide"for the win (key)"19:28
magespawnso does spray paint Kilos19:28
Cantidesorry, i like puns19:28
inetproahh, lol19:28
Kilosor tippex or nail varnish19:29
Cantidebut my 'super' keys are not smooth, so it's tricky19:29
amanicaI have not had much success with cokey. just scissors sometimes..19:29
Cantideand i will not keep this keyboard for long ,_, sadly19:29
Kilosand not so wide spread19:29
Kiloswhats a super key?19:29
Cantidewin key19:29
CantideUbuntu seems to refer to it as a super key19:30
Kiloswho named it a super key?19:30
inetproKilos: that's the one19:30
Kiloswhat does it do actually19:30
CantideKilos, are you in unity?19:30
inetproKilos: do you have UNity?19:30
inetpropress and hold it19:30
Cantidehold down19:30
Cantideyes, haha19:31
* Cantide ^5s inetpro19:31
Kiloshow long19:31
Cantidea few seconds, and keep it pressed19:31
Kilosoh i cant enter then19:31
Cantideyou should see a list of keyboard shortcuts19:31
Kilosit did nothing19:31
Cantideeven on there it refers to it as the super key19:31
Cantideweird o_O19:31
inetprothen press it + the relevant number to open the numbered app on the menu19:32
Kiloswhere must i see them19:32
inetproKilos: on the left hand menu 19:32
Kilosoh i see numbers19:32
CantideKilos, what happens when you tap the key? does the dash open?19:32
Kiloson my running apps19:32
Cantideshould be numbers on the first 10 'o'19:33
Kilostop panel flashes something top left19:33
* Cantide thinks that Kilos is running a faulty version of unity19:33
* Cantide hides19:33
inetproKilos: now press Super+119:33
Kilosdont say that i just made a backup19:33
inetproand then Sper+219:33
inetproyou get the idea19:34
Kilosoh it opened home19:34
Kilosi see what it does19:34
Cantideunity makes up with it's shortcomings with nifty shortcut keys19:34
Kiloseasier to go click there19:34
Cantideif you hand is on your mouse, i guess19:34
inetprome hates the mouse19:34
Cantideyour hand *19:34
* Cantide agrees with inetpro 19:34
CantideI even bought a better mouse, but i still dislike using it .-.19:35
Kilosyou guys dont have to look where you are typing19:35
Kilosmouse is one arrow to follow19:35
* inetpro is to lazy to lift the hand from the keyboard in order to find the mouse19:35
Cantidealso, keyboard is more accurate for me :)19:36
Cantideand more efficient when work volume is high19:36
Cantidelike every day at work ._.19:36
Kilosjulle twee oog monsters19:36
tumbleweedinetpro, Kilos: So, we were using an Atom API that has been turned off19:37
tumbleweedpatches are welcome :)19:37
inetprotumbleweed: eish19:37
Kilosoh my19:37
Kilostwitter turned it off?19:37
Cantidewhy does Twitter change it's API faster than I change underwear?19:37
Cantideits *19:37
inetprotumbleweed: so it was reading from the rss feed?19:37
inetproI think there's still a way to do that19:38
tumbleweedinetpro: the Atom feed19:38
tumbleweedwe switched to it, from the json API because the json API was excluding retweets19:38
tumbleweedno idea if that's been fixed19:38
Kiloswe need a python guy to make that patch19:39
Kilosone thats not busy all the time19:39
inetprotumbleweed: https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.rss?screen_name=inetpro19:39
inetprothat is my feed ^^19:40
tumbleweedinetpro: the API vesrion 1 has been deprecated19:40
inetproit's still working19:40
tumbleweedyes, but who knosw how much longer19:40
* inetpro wonders why they do that19:41
inetproit's so useful19:41
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight19:43
Kilosi gotta leave pc on19:43
inetpronight Kilos19:43
Kilosscared i lose iptables thingie19:43
Cantidenight Kilos '<19:43
inetprotumbleweed: hmm... looks like it will cease functioning this month already19:45
* inetpro reading https://dev.twitter.com/docs/faq#1171619:46
tumbleweedthe relevant code is in ibid/plugins/social.py19:47
tumbleweedwe just need to investigate if we are still abiding by the terms of their API19:47
tumbleweedand whether the JSON API now does what we need19:47
* inetpro has never worked with JSON19:48
CantideJSON :'(19:48
Cantideit nearly drove me mad once19:49
Cantideand i gave up19:49
tumbleweedJSON is a really nice format to work with19:49
Cantidewhen you know what you're doing, i guess19:50
Cantidei didn't :)19:50
charlvnhi guys, sorry was afk for a bit19:54
charlvnwhat's up with the twitter thing? i got some experience with it19:54
charlvnso the problem is here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ibid-core/ibid/trunk/view/head:/ibid/plugins/social.py19:56
inetprocharlvn: what's the new way to talk to twitter, say I want the latest posting from inetpro19:57
charlvnMaaz: latest tweet from inetpro19:58
Maazcharlvn: No such twit19:58
charlvnthat's the problem right?19:58
charlvngive me one min19:58
inetproeh, yes :-)19:58
charlvnno problem, looking at it now19:58
charlvnok this is very irritating19:59
charlvnif i do this i get a full response: https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=inetpro20:00
charlvnif i do this i get a bad authentication code: https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=inetpro20:00
charlvnit used to be that you can just do a call anonymously20:00
charlvnbut in v1.1 of the api it seems like the bot needs to authenticate first?20:00
charlvnthat's crap imho20:00
charlvntwitter has been tightening up it seems20:01
inetprocharlvn: especially when twitter is mostly public20:01
inetprothey are really tightening the screws20:02
charlvnyeah i don't like it20:04
charlvnthe one easiest way of doing this would be "scraping" the html20:04
charlvnthat's going to work nicely20:04
charlvnyeah imho that is the best way to do it, although it is going to need changing if twitter decides to restructure their html in some major way20:05
inetprocharlvn: scraping from?20:05
charlvni also don't know if it's against their terms of service20:05
charlvnreading the latest tweet directly from the html of the usual web page you see - https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/get/statuses/user_timeline20:06
charlvnah sorry - i meant to post http://twitter.com/inetpro20:06
inetproI think it's best to follow their recommended methods20:06
inetprothere's a lot of abuse 20:06
tumbleweedno, scraping will certainly be against the terms of service20:06
charlvnyou basically need this part: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1281872/20:07
tumbleweedif 1.1 requires authentication, we'll have to register ibid20:07
charlvnhmmm, yeah i thought as much20:07
inetproso I can understand some of the reasoning for tightening the screws20:07
charlvnwell that's probably the only option then20:07
charlvnyeah they are under heavy load and need high amounts of server resources20:07
inetprotumbleweed: ahh, that would be the way to do it20:07
charlvnalthough quite honestly i think the thing that helped make them popular in the first place is probably their easy api20:08
charlvnanyway, that's irrelevant now20:08
charlvnthe irritating thing about it is that you will need to pass the calls through oauth20:09
charlvnthat is not the simplest thing to do but it's not that hard either20:09
charlvnyou basically need to get a token and then use that token to "sign" the calls with20:10
inetprothey also have https://dev.twitter.com/opensource20:10
charlvni would say just use one of those?20:11
inetprowow, so many libs20:13
inetprowhy is tweepy in bold?20:14
charlvni assume it's a recommended library20:20
charlvnprobably best to use that - has the biggest chance of being complete and up to date?20:20
charlvnalthough, the last change seems to be from 2 months ago20:20
charlvnnot too bad though20:20
charlvnthe mailing list seems active: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/tweepy20:21
charlvnthey have an irc channel on freenode too - #tweepy20:21
inetprocharlvn: I think it's old20:23
charlvnthis one doesn't look too bad either: https://github.com/ryanmcgrath/twython20:23
charlvnmost of those look pretty old actually20:23
charlvni don't like that they don't even have an oauth example and this looks really outdated: http://tweepy.github.com/20:24
charlvntwitter dropped support for basic authentication years ago20:24
charlvni have the best feeling about twython from those in the list20:24
charlvnbut that's at first glance20:24
inetproand python-twitter ?20:24
charlvnnone of the code has been updated in 2012 it seems20:25
charlvnthis is better: http://code.google.com/p/python-twitter/source/list20:25
inetproso maybe the whole libs page is outdated20:26
charlvnyeah i get that feeling20:27
charlvnmaybe it's worth asking here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!searchin/twitter-development-talk20:27
charlvnthis group is pretty active20:27
charlvnsorry this: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/twitter-development-talk20:27
charlvnnew google groups links are weird :/20:28
inetprobut that forum also seems old20:29
charlvnam i looking at it wrong or is that group also dead now?!20:29
charlvnall the posts seem to be from 2011 - i used to belong to that group for a few years20:29
charlvnoh, they got their own system now: https://dev.twitter.com/discussions20:29
charlvnsorry i am clearly out of date myself :)20:30
charlvn(i have not done much twitter-related development in the last two years or so)20:30
charlvni think last time when i did something i used this oauth2 library directly (not any twitter-specific libraries): https://github.com/simplegeo/python-oauth220:32
charlvnbut i also don't know if that is still the best library to use at the moment20:33
charlvnit was very actively developed at the time20:33
magespawngood night all20:33
inetpromagespawn: good night20:33
charlvni tried to do a search for "python" on the new discussions page but it asked me to login and i don't have an active account atm20:34
charlvnmagespawn: night!20:34
inetprocharlvn: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/overview#JSON_support_only20:34
charlvnvery interesting20:35
charlvnyeah everything is moving to json20:35
charlvni also need to go, sorry it is getting late and i need to work tomorrow :)20:35
charlvnnn all20:35
inetprocharlvn: please keep digging there20:35

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