snap-lMeeting in 4 minutes01:56
jjessei'm here01:56
snap-lOK, let's get started02:00
snap-lI am developing something akin to JoDee's cold so if I'm incoherent, please let me know. :)02:00
jjessei just drove 6 hours02:01
snap-l^ Agenda02:01
jjesseso i'm mostly incoherent as well02:01
snap-lWe should be a great team then. :)02:01
snap-lAnyone else here?02:02
snap-lTHere's only one agenda item on this agenda, but first I'd like to give a huge thank you to all of the folks who caem out to the release party02:03
snap-lWe had an amazing amount of people out02:03
snap-lAnd we still had room at the Royal Oak Brewery.02:03
jjesseglad to hear02:03
snap-lI thanked them for pulling out the stops to keep us accomidated02:03
snap-lit got a little tight at times, but I'm glad it worked out.02:03
snap-lEven with the bag pipes.02:04
snap-lSo again, thank you all for showing up, ehter in person or in spirit.02:05
snap-ljjesse: Yeah, someone brought bag pipes for the U of M and MSU game02:05
snap-land was playing every time U of M had a touchdown02:05
snap-lit was pretty surreal.02:05
jjesseand how does hail to the victors sound in bag pipe/02:05
snap-llike 10 cats tied together and squeezed02:06
snap-lActually, it wasn't too bad, but the guy needed practice02:06
snap-lI can't imagine he gets afforded many opportunities to practice. ;)02:07
snap-lAnywho, please let us know if there are any questions, comments, praise, or complaints about the release party02:10
snap-leither on list, or off-list, if preferered.02:10
jjesseso no rick_h_ or brousch either?02:10
jjessejust you and i?02:11
snap-lYeah, they were busy with other engagements02:11
snap-lOh, you mean now.02:11
brouschDoh, I am here02:11
snap-lNot sure02:11
jjesseyeah i meant now :)02:11
snap-lI'm hoping to reign in jcastro_ and smoser02:11
snap-lsince they're instrumental for the next one02:12
snap-lthe next agenda bit, rather02:12
snap-lwhich is...02:12
snap-lWhat's New with Ubuntu 12.10 at MUG02:13
jjessei saw an email about that i think02:13
snap-lAs is customary, we will be hosting a presentation about What is New with Ubuntu 12.1002:13
snap-lI'm hoping to get some folks out to discuss this02:14
snap-lThinking doing this "stone soup" style.02:14
snap-lie: bring a machine, and folks can demo whatever they wish02:15
snap-lso it won't be a planned beginning to end presentation, because usually the good parts are what folks bring to the table02:16
snap-lObviously, though, this needs some seeding. :)02:17
snap-lAny questions?02:19
jjessei won't be there sorry02:19
snap-lYeah, I figured. :)02:19
jjessenovember has turned into a crazy travel month02:19
jjesseactually october and november02:20
jjesseafter being home most of september02:20
snap-lYeah, I think it's because folks realize they have budgets that need using02:20
jjessealso a lot of stuff we started in jan-feb is finally happening02:20
jjesselong slow sales cycle this year :(02:21
jjessegood news is i got home in time for trick or treating this year w/ my son02:24
jjesseso that's all that mattered02:24
snap-lYeah, no kidding02:26
snap-lI know this halloween was about having my little niece over.02:26
snap-lKids be damned. :)02:26
snap-lSo, that's all I have.02:26
jjesseyeah my wife made a robot costume for my son and was soooo excited02:26
jjesseso i rushed to get home02:26
snap-lAnyone have anything else?02:26
brouschYeah, we had vader and the emperor02:27
snap-lOK, thanks everyone for showing up!02:30
snap-lHope you all have a great evening.02:30
brouschOh, you mean anything related to ubuntu02:30
snap-lbrousch: Hell, talk about anything. :)02:31
jjessesnap-l,  brousch you guys running virtuablox?02:31
jjesserick_h_,  and i were talking last night that the upgrade to 12.10 broke NAT02:31
snap-lI am, but on 12.0402:31
jjessejust curoius if you had a solution02:31
jjessethe NAT adapter is gone post upgrade02:31
snap-lWonder if it's the kernel module that needs fixing?02:32
jjesseno idea02:32
jjessei posted on askubutnu.com but no updates or responses02:32
jjesseplus the upgrade broke DNS02:32
jjesseneed to make manual changes to DNSMASQ.conf if i recall corectly02:32
snap-lDid you install dnsmasq?02:32
snap-lI know I installed it separately so I could use my dnsmasw config02:33
snap-lotherwise it installs this minimal POS02:33
brouschI have no problems on 10.04 or 12.0402:33
jjessethen don't upgrade to 12.1002:34
brouschI have no plans to do so02:34
jjessesnap-l, not quite sure if i install dnsmasq or not, but it was on my system02:37
brousch12.04 is so good I can live with it for 2 years02:37
jjesseyeah i put Ubuntu (not kubuntu) 12.10 on my home laptop02:38
jjesseand not too happy with it02:38
jjessewhen i use Chrome and try to use the Dash it blacks out my screen for each letter i type -- asked on askubuntu.com as well but no response02:38
brouschjjesse: Come back to the blue side02:45
jjessebrousch, i probablly will02:45
jjessei just wanted to see what this whole ubuntu thing was like :)02:45
jjesseespecially as i complained about this whole Amazon in the Dash stuff02:46
brouschIt's OK, everyone experiments02:46
jjessewanted to see what was going on02:46
brouschVirtual machine it d00d02:48
jjesseyeah i know02:48
jjessebut if install 12.10 w/ the blue headed step child variant i will still have issues w/ vbox02:49
jjesseso i will have to download the 12.04 version02:49
jhansonxiWho else will admit to blowing way to much $$$ on Linux game projects on Kickstarter?  This is my latest: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1857884659/distance-a-next-generation-arcade-racer04:16
snap-lI'm not sure I could get excited about a racer game, but more's the merrier. :)12:01
brouschdamn, vagrant is the bizomb12:17
brouschIt would make development on OSX tolerable12:17
brouschI do, but I'm just saying it would make it tolerable12:22
rick_h_https://twitter.com/kennethreitz/status/265330390129074176 *sigh*12:25
rick_h_must not melt down...damn apple hippies are flodding my twitter with nonsense12:25
snap-lThis goes against the gospel of Jobs 8:1 - And no, I shall not createth thine iPad mini, for it is an abomination for those with large stubby fingers. They shall have to file them down to move mine icons.12:32
rick_h_I mean, between it being non-retina, and all the hate these people gave android tablets for that, to the size...and boy did they rant on that...ugh12:33
snap-lhttp://feedproxy.google.com/~r/python/pyjobo/~3/i1pjoEX0wt0/index.html <- Sign me up for this.12:39
rick_h_I'm confused...must know php...100% python what?12:43
rick_h_of course now brousch leaves when I've got stuff for him12:47
rick_h_figured he'd like http://rackerhacker.com/2012/11/04/log-android-events-remotely-to-a-syslog-server/12:47
brouschrick_h_: Heh13:03
snap-l JoDee gave me her head cold13:03
rick_h_brousch: http://rackerhacker.com/2012/11/04/log-android-events-remotely-to-a-syslog-server/13:03
snap-lGod, I'm already sick of Guy Fawkes day on G+13:59
jrwrenam i the only one that finds archive.org's tribute to /. creepy?14:03
jrwrenbrousch: what do you need vagrant for again?14:03
brouschOur Code for America project is a Localwiki14:04
brouschRuns very well on Ubuntu, but 3/4 of the people working on it run OSX14:04
brouschIt needs Django, postgresql, postgis, and solr14:05
jrwrenand lucene becuase of solr?14:05
brouschIt has a PPA, so it's really easy to setup on Ubuntu14:05
brouschdjango-solr I think14:05
rick_h_yea, luscene underlies solr14:06
rick_h_solr is just a restful front end to lucene14:06
jrwrenbrousch: are you using homebrew on OSX?14:06
brouschOur biggest concern is the guy working on the new theme. He's not a programmer and uses OSX14:07
brouschNo, we're using vagrant to avoid all of that nonsense14:07
rick_h_yea, setup a vagrant machine once, then you can send the image around and all share the same vbox setup14:07
rick_h_it's cool for setting up dev baselines like that14:07
brouschAnd in the most current version of the project, the designer can work on the templates and static assets on OSX, but runs it on ubuntu in vagrant. The best of both worlds14:08
brouschAnd the design is in a github repo, so we can easily deploy it to the production server14:08
brouschIt took me a while to understand how vagrant works, but now I think I've got it (for this project) and it is very cool14:09
rick_h_there's definitely a 'vagrant' way you have to get through14:10
jrwreni actually hate dev baselines like that :)14:11
brouschIt maps your project dir to /vagrant on the guest. Then symlink things where they need to be from there in the guest14:11
rick_h_jrwren: yea, but a lot of devs will waste days getting the env 'setup' so I understand14:11
jrwrenrick_h_: yeah, I hate that too.14:11
rick_h_just made my day https://twitter.com/AlTobey/status/26377186212592844814:42
snap-lrick_h_: snicker14:52
* snap-l just went on a Twitter-following binge. Followed everyone rick_h_ follows.14:59
snap-lIt's like following a G+ Circle. ;)15:01
rick_h_I need to cut back15:06
rick_h_I hate it when I get over 15015:06
snap-lI'm at 61315:06
snap-lmostly authors and RPG folks.15:06
snap-lbut tried culling the herd a bit so folks who post on G+ or Facebook get axed15:07
snap-lG+, I can read there15:07
snap-land fb.me can fu.k.me15:07
jrwrennumber doesn't matter as much as how often THEY tweet.15:12
snap-ljrwren: Trie dat15:12
jrwrenI'd like to lower my stream rate, but I know and like everyone I follow.15:12
rick_h_well there went 15 people at least15:16
* snap-l checks if rick_h_ is still following him15:34
rick_h_:P we'll always have irc15:37
snap-luntil I get /ignore15:37
rick_h_naw, still on the list. Actually I wasn't following you for the longest time. I think it was because I had you on G+/idenitica and never followed on twitter15:38
snap-lYeah, identi.ca is my main post point15:41
rick_h_jcastro_: ping15:49
rick_h_jcastro_: pm16:00
greg-gwhat is this timezone change thing you speak of? Rowan doesn't read clocks, he reads the sun, so I'm still on DST (which I prefer between the two, especially in winter)16:01
rick_h_greg-g: :)16:02
greg-grick_h_: so, guess who's the first on in the office today? :)16:03
rick_h_greg-g: love that quiet time before everyone else gets in16:04
jrwrenwe trained our daughter and prepared her for every time change. first at 6mo old, and every time after that. its called parenting :p16:04
greg-gjrwren: I reject your definition of parenting and substitute my own :P16:05
rick_h_heh, must have missed the DST chapter for what to expect :P16:05
greg-gand honestly, I kind of like this arrangment, especially in the winter (see above ;) )16:06
rick_h_shoot, I can't adjust myself right away.16:06
brouschI just go to bed at the new time and wake up fine16:06
greg-gbrousch: my boy and I are too much of sun worshipers, when the sun goes down we get tired :)16:09
brouschYou go outside too much16:09
brouschStay indoors, close all the blinds all the time16:10
rick_h_greg-g: I'm with you man. So happy it's sunny before 9am now16:10
rick_h_once it's dark read a couple of books and head to bed16:10
brouschI watch half an hour of TV and I'm out16:11
brouschmindless drivel puts me right to sleep16:11
rick_h_that's my wife. She puts on 'background' tv to do her medical notes before bed each night16:12
brouschSee, I put everything else away and just watch16:12
brouschIf I am doing something that requires thought, then I won't fall asleep16:13
greg-grick_h_: glad you kept typing there instead of just stopping with "that's my wife" ;)16:21
greg-gbtw, this is an awesome one-liner for recursively copying files from one dir to another and writing over files/symlinks in place (which is normally not allowed with cp): tar cf - * | ( cd /destination/directory; tar xfp -)16:23
jcastro_fyi if you're voting tomorrow16:25
jcastro_Conyers Jr. supported SOPA16:26
greg-gConyers is completely bought by the content industry. Always has been.16:28
greg-gAs are many democrats, unfortunately (more so than republicans, it seems).16:28
snap-lgreg-g: I don't know if rsync would do that as well (overwrite synlinks)16:31
snap-lUnfortunately I can't vote against Conyers in my precinct16:32
rick_h_I think jrwren can make a fortunte with the new youtube parenting class https://twitter.com/andrewschoen/status/26549423735164108816:43
jrwrenwhat is this sun of which you speak :)17:17
jrwrengreg-g: that tar pipe is OLD SCHOOL. you can save yourself the subshell with gtar by using -C17:18
jrwrenand you are missing hidden files in the copy root17:19
jrwrentar cf - . | tar xfp - -C /dest/dir17:19
jrwrennearly all D and R are bought by someone. #rootstrikers. if you vote for a D or R you are saying that you like the broken system and that $$$ should influence politics.17:20
greg-gjrwren: well then... ;)17:21
greg-gjrwren: and re D and R bought by the system: totally right. I didn't want to get too political that early in the morniung17:22
greg-gbrb call17:22
jrwrenyou and jcastro_ put it out there. I was just making conversation.17:22
jrwrenJill Stein got arrested again recently. that is my kind of president :)17:22
CrusaderADHey everyone, anyone have any experience with bios / uefi?17:32
greg-gjrwren: whoa again? I heard about the one from a week or so ago. (and yeah, that was my vote, since my CA vote doesn't matter)17:36
greg-g(doesn't matter for president, that is, might as well vote my conscience)17:37
jrwrensame here.17:40
jrwrenmight have been teh one from a week ago or so.17:40
snap-lIsn't Jill Stein the green party?17:53
jrwrensurely greg-g being green does not surprise you.17:55
snap-lNot terribly,18:11
brouschI thought they were too conservative for him18:25
greg-gbrousch: you'll be happy to know I did do a search for "SF Socialist Party" when trying to find voting guides for our propositions ;) (they didn't exist, or come up quickly in search results, at least)18:34
greg-gor, "SF Socialist" is just a redundant search term :P18:35
snap-lUm yay?18:35
rick_h_excuse me while I go get my bottle of rum from the guest room https://twitter.com/kzhu91/status/26532686551282073718:37
greg-gsnap-l: yay? I thought it was funny ;)18:38
snap-lrick_h_: That's been passing around for a while now18:38
snap-lrick_h_: I don't even make a pass at the Computer books in B&N anymore18:38
rick_h_snap-l: just ran across it on twitter18:38
snap-lthey're a shell of their former selves.18:38
rick_h_but yea, the trend has been out there for a while18:38
rick_h_just wish they'd s/science//18:38
* greg-g nods18:39
snap-lI think it's because more computer folks are either buying ebooks, or foregoing books altogehter18:39
greg-git's not like they have "Culinary Arts" they have "cooking"18:39
greg-g(I think)18:39
snap-lgreg-g: I think you're correct18:39
snap-lMy favorite is the huge digital photography section18:39
rick_h_s/business/get rick quick schemes18:40
rick_h_get rich...doh18:40
snap-lit's like we went from computers to how to take good pics and share them online18:40
rick_h_damn mondays18:40
* snap-l wants to get rick quick18:40
jrwrenrick_h_: got any python and gdb tips other than the gdbinit on python wiki?19:18
rick_h_not really, I just have vim shortcuts for pdb and ipdb19:19
rick_h_and dump them where I need to stop19:19
rick_h_import pdb;pdb.set_trace()19:19
rick_h_or s/pdb/ipdb/g19:19
* snap-l has changed his answering machine to answer in Spanish21:13
snap-lso if you call me, that's why21:13
snap-lseems to confuse the hell out of people21:14
ColonelPanic001I'm more confused that you have an answering machine21:29
brouschIt's hooked up to his 8-track player and sitting on his PDP-1121:30
jrwrenis it a phonemate?21:30
jrwrendoes it store the messages on magnetic tape?21:31
brouschpunch cards21:31
jrwreni've never seen a punch card answering machine. I'm not sure how one would work.21:34
snap-lJesus, mention you have an answering machine, and the world thinks you have bell bottoms21:36
brouschsnap-l: We know you wear breeches21:39
snap-lassless chaps21:40
Blazeixi hear snap-l also uses altavista21:41
snap-lBlazeix: Dogpile, actually21:41
Blazeixooh, nice21:41
brouschDid one of you east-siders just try to call me?21:45
snap-lnot I, actually21:45
snap-lbrousch: PM the number21:45

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