dscasselmcpherrin: Charles is asking similar questions: http://charlesmccolm.com/2012/12/12/help-us-shape-which-linux-distribution-we-use-in-computer-recycling/00:00
dscasselBob's getting settled.  We'll start momentarily.00:01
mcpherrindscassel: interesting00:02
mcpherrinI'm skittish of Arch from stability problems, and Debian is too crusty.  Debian-testing, maybe.00:03
mcpherrinUbuntu is almost nice, but Canonical seems bound to fuck it up :P00:03
mcpherrinI'll have to look at how xubuntu  /lubuntu are configured00:03
dscasselmcpherrin: All the stuff Canonical is doing that people seem to object to seem to be Unity-related. I don't see why derivative distributions would be a problem.00:04
mcpherrinIt's also X in general00:05
mcpherrinPlus a few kernely things that are unsuitable for CSC00:05
dscasselThat's hard to avoid.00:05
mcpherrinespecially with a group as picky as the CSC00:06
dscasselYeah. Bikesheds aplenty.00:07
mcpherrinWell, more that CSC uses and cares about features that most people don't.00:08
mcpherrinThe average user probably doesn't care about their VTs much other than for fixing broken X, but they get used at least 20% of the time in CSC00:08
BobJonkmanHey, I'm here.00:08
dscasselokay, let's get started.00:09
BobJonkmanBob Jonkman, from Elmira, currently at Egg Roll King for Ubuntu Hour KW00:09
mcpherrinalas I have dinner plans so I'm out of here :)00:09
BobJonkmanSorry to see you go.00:10
BobJonkmanThere'll be minutes and log files00:11
dscasselRoll call: Chex FiReSTaRT khoover zul azend cyphermox IdleOne Kulag ryanakca bloodylizard DarwinSurvivor Jaguar sipherdee jlamothe MagicFab txwikinger bregma egerlach johanbr00:11
dscasselMeeting start!00:11
dscasselAgenda here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2012-12-1300:11
dscasselPlease feel free to introduce yourselves.00:12
dscasselI'm Darcy, in Waterloo. I'm LoCo contact for the now-unapproved Ubuntu Canada LoCo.00:12
bloodylizardMichael McMahon - Listowel Ontario00:12
MagicFabdscassel, o/00:13
dscasselbloodylizard: Hey! Bill Newson is here at the Kitchener Ubuntu hour from Listowel.00:13
MagicFabI'm Fabian from Montreal. I used to be LoCo contact for Ubuntu Quebec.00:14
dscasselYou guys hsould get together. :)00:14
* MagicFab -> http://ubuntu.magicfab.ca00:14
dscasselHi MagicFab :)00:14
MagicFabI originally came up with the Ubuntu Hour stuff - glad to see it lives :)00:14
BobJonkmanGood to see you, MagicFab00:14
BobJonkmanThere should be a Listowel Ubuntu Hour soon.  Right?00:14
BobJonkmanListowel is not too far from Elmira, so I'm in!00:15
BobJonkmanJust gave Bill my Ubuntu standup, the better to have official Ubuntu Hours in Listowel00:16
bloodylizardbob I agree,00:17
DarwinSurvivorI'm Doug Penner from Surrey, BC. Currently a brainstorm moderator and occasional #ubuntu helper00:18
BobJonkmanSo, looking at the agenda, I just want to wish everyone a happy Chrishanukwandiwaleid00:19
dscasselThere isn't really anything new in terms of events.00:20
dscasselAnyone involved in anything lately?00:20
BobJonkmanThere's some fun non-Ubuntu things going on in Kitchener-Waterloo00:22
BobJonkmanLudum Dare this weekend, for example00:22
dscasselthe main topic for this meeting, really, is the Ubuntu canada renewal.00:22
dscasselMagicFab: I noticed Quebec was just reapproved. Were you involved in that?00:23
IdleOneEvening folks00:23
IdleOnedscassel: I believe komputes pretty much was a one man team on the -qc re-approval front00:24
dscasselWell, that's reassuring. :)00:25
dscasselI don't think approval will be a problem, but I expect they'll want to approve Ubuntu Ontario, not Ubuntu Canada.00:25
MagicFabdscassel, other than kicking some tires, no.00:26
IdleOnedscassel: why would the LC want to do that?00:26
IdleOneLoco Council00:26
dscasselExcept they've never actually told me that.  What I'm worried about is we'll go through the process as Canada, get denied and have to come back as Ontario.00:26
MagicFabdscassel, I believe the council understand the difference between Ubutnu Canada / QC00:26
BobJonkmanI did a bit of event collation on the Reapproval page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/ReApprovalApplication201200:27
MagicFabdscassel, so ask them before hand - don't assume stuff00:27
dscasselIdleOne: They were saying they wanted o to split up large country teams like Canada (actually, specifically Canada) a couple of UDSes ago.00:27
MagicFabBobJonkman, do you refer to fun free software stuff? :)00:27
IdleOnedscassel: if they did that they would also have to split, USA and other large country teams00:28
dscasselThe US is already split.00:28
dscasselOTOH, they seem really reluctant to split India.00:28
BobJonkmanMagicFab: I'm not sure what you mean by "fun free software stuff:00:29
MagicFabBobJonkman, well, free software-related events/activities00:29
BobJonkmanI meant other free software events in town.00:30
IdleOnedscassel: because if they did they would also have to allow different language based regional teams probably. India has 26-27 official languages.00:30
BobJonkmanMagicFab: yes.00:30
MagicFabBobJonkman, nice page! I'd remove/move stuff not related to the last year (ie - the other release parties00:30
dscasselI'm planning on polishing up the reapproval app in the new year.  Probably February.00:30
dscasselI've got a hackerspace to move over the next couple of months. That's going to suck up most of my copious free time.00:31
MagicFabmhhh.. wait, all are within range - sorry00:31
IdleOneI think the best thing to do would be to speak with the LC before hand and seeing what they are thinking. Us assuming/guessing is not going to be helpful to anybody.00:31
MagicFabLots of pics, that's nice too00:31
MagicFabIdleOne, +1 that00:31
BobJonkmanMagicFab: Yes, I've only been adding things to the 2010 reapproval page.00:32
* MagicFab brb00:32
BobJonkmanCulling old events comes next00:32
dscasselIdleOne, MagicFab Yeah. Definitely. I'll send that email off sometime soon.00:32
=== jlamothe_ is now known as jlamothe
IdleOneanyway, being officially approved would be nice, for the swag and DVDs.00:33
dscasselIf other people have time to work on reapproval before February, please be my guest! :)00:33
BobJonkmanI'll need some direction, but I can provide assistance00:34
dscasselIdleOne: Yeah, moreso if we were running a conference. The DVDs on their own are a bit fo a nuissance.00:34
IdleOneHow so?00:35
bloodylizardbob if you want we can do some work together00:35
dscasselI need to pay ~$30 in duties and then get rid of them somehow.00:35
BobJonkmanbloodylizard: Great!00:35
dscasselBob and Charles help with that. The rest go to mcpherrin at the UW Computer Science Club.00:35
IdleOnedscassel: Canonical pays those duties, least they do for other teams00:35
dscasselBobJonkman bloodylizard: :D00:36
dscasselIdleOne: I get a $30 bill for brokerage fees every time.00:36
bloodylizardif we get some guidence I am sure we can get moving00:36
IdleOneyou should see about getting reimbursed.00:36
dscasselMind ou, the first one I got was a ~$70 bill.  Seems they streamlied something.00:37
IdleOnedscassel: Ask czajkowski about those shipping bills, I think she handles that if not she knows who does.00:38
dscasselIdleOne: It's not so much the money as the inconvenience.00:39
MagicFabdscassel, why do you still need CDs? The past few batches here in QC hardly got distributed. Everyones does the USB stick thing.00:40
IdleOneMagicFab: has -qc ever paid for shipping?00:40
dscasselMagicFab: That's my question, really. That's the only thing being an approved team gets us, if we're not doing a conference.00:41
BobJonkmanMagicFab: CDs /DVDs are nice to give out, give a bit more security than sucking an image off my computer, and make a visually appealing display00:42
dscasselIt'd be nicer if they were 64bit. :)00:43
dscasselThe Computer Science Club really likes handing out the CDs, which is cool.  If I were more organized, I'd stuff Ubuntu Canada leaflets in there.00:45
dscasselIt'd be nice if I could distribute them more widely than just KW.  But I'm not keen on more shipping costs (not that anyone's asked)00:47
bloodylizardso when does the approval stuff need to be completed?00:49
dscasselbloodylizard: There's no timeline at this point. We're an unapproved team, and will remain so until we do the reapproval.00:50
dscasselBeing an unapproved team means we can't get DVDs or conference packs.  And that's about it.00:50
bregmaout of curiosity, what's in a conference pack?00:50
BobJonkmanSo it would be nice to get reapproved before 13.0400:51
dscasselbregma: based on the one we got, stickers, DVDs, a hat, a book, ... and I think taht's it.00:51
dscasselWe got one for Ontario Linux Fest00:52
bloodylizardhow long after we finish paperwork will it take for the approval?00:53
BobJonkmanWe have a banner... http://farm9.static.flickr.com/8048/8133862006_2d3e11be7f.jpg00:53
=== Guest2757 is now known as chaslinux2
BobJonkmanHi chaslinux2!00:54
bregmaI was wondering if the "conference pack" would be appropriate for recruitment at the local universities00:54
bregmaI have kids there now00:54
dscasselAfter the wiki page is up, we book a meeting.  Which may take several months to get the meeting.  Or it may be very fast.00:55
dscasselBobJonkman: The banner was a bonus. I think the conference pack had a table cloth. We got one of those from somewhere.00:56
dscasselbregma: If there's an event, we can get a conference pack.00:56
BobJonkmanwe got some necklace conference badge holders too00:57
bregmacool, I'll pass the information along00:57
dscasselif you can convince your kids to start an Ubuntu group with a track record, that probably helps convince them to ship it there.00:57
dscasselIt's not automatic.00:57
dscasselI'll even ship them CDs. :)00:58
BobJonkmanbregma:  A few Ubuntu Hours and a Release Party should do it00:58
bregmaI'm not sure what they do on campus, but they're not allowed glass bottles00:58
dscasselOh man.00:58
dscasselWhat school?00:59
bregmadaughter's boyfriend is a Carleton01:00
dscasselCool.  I'm in Ottawa once or twice a year.  I could drop off CDs (should we be reapproved).01:01
BobJonkmanWhat are our next steps for ReApproval?  I'll clean up the ReApproval page by removing old stuff.01:01
dscasselThe wiki page, really.01:02
dscasselAnd I'll email the LoCo council about whether we're approving Canada or Ontario.01:02
BobJonkmanAnyone here from not-Ontario (and not-Quebec)?01:03
bloodylizardi suspect the LC expects to see activity on the wiki, etc01:03
bregmaif you need LoCo representation at UDS let me know, I'll be there anyway01:03
dscasselIf you run an hour (I'm looking at you, Listowel), post pictures and emailthem to me. dscassel@ubuntu.com01:04
BobJonkmanI can duplicate the KW Release Party results on the Wiki, but I think the LoCo likes to see independent blog posts about Ubuntu events too.01:04
MagicFabdscassel, unless you make it an "Ontario or Canada vs Quebec" thing, it won't be.01:04
dscasselYeah, there's no vs Quebec.01:05
BobJonkmanThere's a Vancouver LoCo, but it looks like they're not Approved either01:06
BobJonkmanI found a sub-page on the CanadianTeam Wiki a few weeks ago: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Vancouver/01:07
dscasselRandall's got his own view on these things...01:07
bloodylizardbob when is the next hour in Waterloo, I should come by and introduce myself01:09
BobJonkmanchaslinux2: will have one the first Friday in January01:10
dscasselWe're discussing that. :)01:10
bloodylizardperfect I will add to the schedule01:11
BobJonkmanchaslinux2 is here, but not chatting (he's limited to a Blackberry, with screen too small for a Canada-wide meeting)01:11
dscasselWatch the LoCo Team page. http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ca01:11
dscasselJan. 4 at Egg Roll King in Kitchener.01:11
bloodylizardmmm eggrolls :)01:12
dscasselIt's good. :)01:13
dscasselActually, we/'re discussing the time.01:13
dscasselWatch the loco page. :)01:13
BobJonkmanERK is *really* busy on Fridays, so we're trying to find a time that won't incur Tony's wrath01:14
BobJonkman(Tony is the proprietor of ERK, and a really nice guy)01:15
dscasselWe do a separate one in Waterloo. It has been the 4th Thursday, but may get moved around in the new year.01:16
dscasselWe need to publicize that more.01:16
dscasselWe're over time, and I should probably be sociable. :)01:17
dscasselI'll call the meeting closed.  Don't let me stop the discussion, though.  I'll keep an eye on my phone. :)01:17
chaslinux2so tony is okay with 6pm.01:18
BobJonkmanI'm signing off; laptop takes too much room on the table01:18
bloodylizardok I flexable, if I not workign in Toronto01:18
dscassel_bloodylizard: i look forward to hearing about the Listowel Ubuntu Hour01:19
bloodylizardalright a town of 5000 people I willhave to offer coffee and donuts :)01:20
=== BobJonkman changed the topic of #ubuntu-ca to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Canada LocoTeam channel | http://www.ubuntu-ca.org/ | Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam | Forum: http://canada.ubuntuforums.org/ | S.V.P utilisez #ubuntu-qc pour soutien en fran├žais | Channel logged at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Meeting info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings | Next meeting Thur, 24 Jan 4:00pm PST, 7:00pm EST, 8:30pm NST
pinebeihi. can anyone here watch video on citytv? I can watch pretty much any video --youtube (obviously), ctv, vimeo etc but for some reason city doesn't work. here is a link to a video on city if anyone wants to try for themselves: http://video.citytv.com/video/detail/2028463577001.000000/josh-and-mindys-christmas-party/21:07
pinebeii don't believe it to be related to browser or plugins --it doesn't work on firefox with adblock and flashblock but it also doesn't work on chromium with no plugins21:08
pinebeiif anyone has any suggestions i would be glad to here it... i have almost talked my spouse into a linux media centre for our living room but no city could be a deal breaker!21:09
BobJonkmanHi pinebei: Just trying it now21:56
BobJonkmanDoesn't work for me in FF either, but I've locked that down with NoScript, AdBlock Plus, RequestPolicy, Ghostery, User Agent Switcher, HTTPS Everywhere, and Cookie Manager.21:59
BobJonkmanCan't be too safe...21:59
BobJonkmanTrying it in Iron (supposedly a Chromium derivative without the Google account integration)22:00
BobJonkmanIt wants Flash, which I don't have installed, and I'm not about to.22:01
BobJonkmanLooking at the code for that page, it looks like some ugly Javascript for something called Brightcove does a bunch of geolocation checking based on timezone, and other Javascripty stuff22:01
BobJonkmanHi bloodylizard, you around?22:12
bloodylizardyep just back from the office, working on my raspberry pi22:13
BobJonkmanCool.  You said yesterday you could help with the LoCo reapproval22:13
bloodylizardI would love to if you need the need help22:13
BobJonkmanAre you on the Ubuntu-ca mailing list?22:13
bloodylizardyes I am,22:14
bloodylizardwhat is it that we need to get organized22:15
BobJonkmanThat would be the best place to discuss the ReApproval, I think.  There are more participants there than in IRC.  Anything we create or publish can go on the LoCo Team wiki22:15
BobJonkmanFirst ReApproval page needs to get cleaned up.22:16
BobJonkmanI think dscassel will be approaching the LoCo Council, first to find out what it is we're ReApproving (Ubuntu-ca, or Ubuntu-ca-on, or Ubuntu-on)22:17
bloodylizardok is the reapproval application 2012 paeg the new page?22:17
BobJonkmanAnd then to set a date for the online LoCo meeting where the ReApproval takes place22:17
BobJonkmanYes, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/ReApprovalApplication201222:17
bloodylizardok having a look now22:18
BobJonkmanI just copied it from the 2010 page, added some pictures and links to events over the past two years22:18
BobJonkmanBut MagicFab pointed out there are still many references to previous events that shouldn't be there22:18
bloodylizardok so it needs some cleanup and new material from this year added22:19
BobJonkmanI only added what I know: KW events, and the occasional Toronto event22:20
willwhhi guys :)22:20
BobJonkmanhi willwh22:20
willwhanyone pretty python proficient?22:20
willwhit's not one of my strong points22:20
bloodylizardhey willwh22:20
BobJonkmanI'm just learning Python.22:20
willwhI'll toss this out there in the event someone can help :)22:21
BobJonkmanHaven't written anything more profound than "Hello World"22:21
willwhto explain, I play a game - and the only way to get server status is from the page in that script ;]22:21
willwhI use supybot (it's awesome - it's ubottu)22:21
willwhanyway the only way to scrape the up/down status for various types22:21
willwhis based on the damned image names22:22
BobJonkmanbloodylizard: If we're looking for Ubuntu-ca re-approval then we need to include some events outside Ontario22:22
BobJonkmanwillwh: That seems unfortunate, and limiting22:22
bloodylizardok have the guys from Quebec or out east offered anything up22:22
willwhBobJonkman: quite :]22:22
willwhanyway - I need to find a python not22:23
bloodylizardwillwh - wish I could help but I more of an infrastrucutre guy that a coder22:23
willwhand honestly - the folks in #python are the worst kind of IRC users ;)22:23
willwhwell same here22:23
BobJonkmanbloodylizard: The only two things I know about are the start of the Moncton LUG and the St. John's Ubuntu Jam22:23
willwhI am sys-ops22:23
bloodylizarddo we have a east coast contact to reach out to?22:24
BobJonkmanQuebec events would be covered by Ubuntu-qc, and Vancouver does its own thing22:24
bloodylizardinteresting to see the country divided up like this, will we end up as an ontario loco22:24
BobJonkmanlinuxmonkey is the Moncton contact22:24
BobJonkmanwillwh: I do more sysadmin stuff than programming too.22:25
BobJonkmanHard to believe I earned my living as a coder at one time.  Just haven't kept up with that22:25
bloodylizardI am in the same boat bob, now I do infrastructure architecture work, coding skills are long gone now22:26
BobJonkmanbloodylizard:  Fo2adZz is our St. John's contact22:26
BobJonkmanI haven't seen either of them in IRC in quite a while22:27
bloodylizarddo we want to push out a mailing list email to kick start the process22:27
* BobJonkman is having a split brain experience, carrying on two conversations at once22:27
BobJonkmanbloodylizard: There's a discussion already, although it's been stalled since the previous IRC meeting.  Hang on, I'll try to find it in the archives22:28
bloodylizardok i likely have the email in my box22:28
BobJonkmanHere's the start of that mailing list discussion on ReApproval: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-ca/2012-November/009817.html22:29
bloodylizardalright I will have a read22:29
BobJonkmanBTW, everyone here is most welcome to help out with ReApproval. Please sign up for the Ubuntu-ca mailing list at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ca22:35
BobJonkmanAnd log into Ubuntu Wiki and help with the Canadian Team pages: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam22:36
bloodylizardyep I already logged in and fixed my member info today, it was a little dated22:37
bregmawillwh, what is the problem with your python script?22:37
willwhbregma: hey :)22:37
willwhwell, when run, it returns for every image on the page22:37
bloodylizardI been sorta out of the linux space for a bit doing other things22:37
willwhI only want a one line return22:37
BobJonkmanI'm not sure how many people in IRC are already on the mailing list or on registed for the Wiki through Launchpad.  There's no requirement for consistency in usernames on the various forums, so the same people may have different names (and I may think there's three of you)22:38
BobJonkmanSpeaking of forums, there's also http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=395 where I tried to stir up some fire for ReApproval22:40
bloodylizardsounds like we need to start creating entries from the ubuntu hours like a blog roll to show we are active22:44
pinebeiBobJonkman: hey, sorry i was gone for a while. thanks for trying.22:45
BobJonkmanNP, pinebei22:45
bregmawillwh, this workd for me, is it what you're looking for?  http://paste.debian.net/216332/22:45
bregmaer, I made a mistake, http://paste.debian.net/216333/22:46
BobJonkmanbloodylizard: I'm not sure what you mean by "entries from Ubuntu Hours".  You mean add a page or section on the Wiki with a picture and summary from each Ubuntu Hour?22:47
bloodylizardbob exactly make a point of writing a paragraph about what was done, I goign to try to make the effort to get to these as part of my regular work day22:48
BobJonkmanbloodylizard: OK, that would be good.22:48
willwhbregma: awesome :)22:49
BobJonkmanI'm hoping that some other locations will set up Ubuntu Hours, even irregular ones.22:49
willwhyeah that works nicely22:49
BobJonkmanYou'd think that Toronto would have a big enough Ubuntu population to support an Ubuntu Hour, but the only ones have been where I've gone to distribute CDs22:50
BobJonkmanFortunately, genii-around holds Toronto release parties.22:50
bloodylizardI goign to talk to the guys who own healthy computers here is town to see if they would be willing to promote Ubuntu and help with a local hour22:50
BobJonkmanBill Newson was at the KW Ubuntu Hour yesterday.  He's from Listowel too, and I'm only about 30km away in Elmira.  I gave Bill some CDs and my Ubuntu Hour standup, so he's all equipped for an Ubuntu Hour22:53
bloodylizardsounds goods maybe I see if I can contact him and see if he ants to join forces out here22:54
BobJonkmanBill is on the Waterloo Region mailing list.  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-waterloo-region22:56
BobJonkmanMaybe have an Ubuntu Hour  in Listowel, where we can collaborate on some ReApproval stuff.22:58
bloodylizardthat might be perfect way to accomplish the task22:59

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