Caboose1911fair enough, so, my buddy referred me to this user group, so uh, Hi.00:00
rick_h_ah, good stuff00:00
rick_h_there's a group meeting in an hour? or so00:01
Caboose1911Where at?00:01
rick_h_here, irc00:01
Caboose1911ah ok, well that's good.00:01
Caboose1911Guess I'll stick around then eh00:01
widoxrick_h_: ah, the node.js group has been pretty actively playing with those lately00:06
rick_h_hah, cool00:07
rick_h_whoa, ok those are $300 copters00:07
rick_h_I was looking at little $40-60 toys00:07
widoxoh, hah00:08
widoxthey actually had the manufacture out for one meeting00:08
rick_h_very cool00:08
* rick_h_ thinks he does not need another hobby...does not need another hobby00:09
rick_h_but I've always wanted to get into RC and this is just cooler than RC ever was growing up00:09
rick_h_well going to walk away from the computer while the ebay auction completes so I don't get suckered in things. I'll try to check back out at meeting time00:12
Caboose1911so, teaching new people how to administer a linux server hurts my head.00:15
brousch1GRMakers has had one out to the meetings. Pretty big00:17
Caboose1911are we talking RC copters, or actual Drones?00:21
snap-lRC copters00:21
snap-lthough technically they could be considered drones. ;)00:22
Caboose1911True. ya, those things are really cool.00:22
jhansonxi_I know someone who is making a hexcopter01:11
jhansonxi_Not sure about the details though01:11
brousch1Oh great, the propellor wars have begun01:12
jhansonxi_More props doesn't matter.  It's power to weight ratio that counts.01:12
brousch1Soon it'll be an octocopter, then a decacopter. It'll only end when a megacopter chops up and entire gym full of elementary students01:13
jhansonxi_There are easier ways to deal with a gym full of students then just direct blade impacts.01:14
jhansonxi_Like a wireless camera and a paintball gun.01:14
jhansonxi_They'll trample each other in the mass panic.01:15
rick_h_I just need enuogh to power up and carry around my throne01:20
rick_h_and crap on ebay losing. oh well01:20
rick_h_QOTD: ...with the "little problem" that you don't know if the write succeded or not.01:29
Caboose1911So, random Linux question, why do I get called a "noob" for using Ubuntu? I thought Ubuntu was pretty good.01:30
jhansonxi_Caboose1911: Real pros use Linux from Scratch.  I'm a pro but I use Ubuntu because I have better things to do then watch gcc output for days on end.01:35
Caboose1911ya, I've always said that, I mean I grew up using Arch linux, then starting college, I found, not enough free time to compile everything from scratch, and troubleshoot for hours on end01:35
rick_h_I'd disagree with LFS, I find more hobbiest using that than pros01:36
jhansonxi_Define "hobbyists".  If you mean people who don't have jobs and live in their parent's basement where they have plenty of free time to compile then I agree with you.01:37
Caboose1911dang, you just summed me up, I love being a poor college student lol :)01:38
Caboose1911er, hate, sorry.01:38
brousch1Real Linux men use Gentoo01:41
jhansonxi_Gentoo is for posers who like having their make files spoon-fed to them01:43
Caboose1911also hm, this is getting on my nerves, my friends are starting to use backtrack 5, and want "easy mode"01:43
rick_h_I define hobbyist as not entrusted to keep the company alive/kicking01:45
rick_h_yes, I know of individuals that have tinkered with LFS at a time. I know none that have run it full time over years, and none that run a company no it01:45
jhansonxi_That definition also includes most management01:45
rick_h_most management?01:46
rick_h_Caboose1911: people say that because Ubuntu's original goal was making the Linux desktop easier and more polished for normal users01:47
rick_h_Caboose1911: ignore them :P01:47
jhansonxi_Incompetence seems to increase the farther up the corporate ladder you go.01:47
rick_h_ok, but I'm failing to match Incompetence"01:48
rick_h_with the defiintion of hobbyist linux user?01:48
jhansonxi_You stated "entrusted to keep the company alive/kicking"01:49
rick_h_heh, ok. So that's quite a leap from the version of linux a company uses to operate to the people running it01:49
jhansonxi_Most companies use M$ as dictated by upper management.  Need further proof?01:50
rick_h_so we should just say that linux all together is hobbyist regardless of the use? :P01:50
jhansonxi_It's all relative.  M$ is for hobbyists when it comes to mobile phones.01:51
jhansonxi_I'm a former Windows sysadmin so I have a bad attitude when it comes to corporate IT.01:53
jhansonxi_Life would have been much easier if I could have deployed Linux back then but I was a Linux n00b.01:55
snap-l5 minutes to meeting01:56
Caboose1911I feel like a noob in here :( I've only been using linux for a year. mainly backtrack and xbuntu.01:56
Caboose1911oh, and backbox01:56
snap-lTime to get those drinks, check the score (I believe the 49res are losing, according to the posts I keep muting on Google Plus)01:56
Blazeixthe 49ers a being crushed01:56
jhansonxi_They had a power outage at the stadium.01:56
snap-land Sybil died in Downton Abbey, so I'm sure they'll be doing the rich weepy thing01:56
Blazeixit's been 'coming back in 15 minutes' for the past 25 minutes01:57
snap-ljhansonxi_: Probably all of the people charging their tablets mid-game.01:57
AhukaI'm watching This Old House on my TiVo.01:57
snap-lProbably blew a fuse with all of that Apple hardware in one space01:57
jhansonxi_They should just have everyone light up their phones and tablets and point them at the field01:58
snap-lCan just imagine one plug with about 400m of extension cords hanging off of it, and some sheepish faces.01:59
jsjgruber-x-pDue to the Superbowl I don't have to make the effort to ignore Downton Abbey. Due to the power outage at the stadium I don't have to make the effort to ignore the Superbowl. Alright.01:59
snap-lI really wish I could take credit for causing the interruption in the Superbowl. ;)02:00
snap-lThat's the agenda, ladies and gentlemen02:00
snap-las you can see, there's not a whole lot on there. ;)02:00
snap-lItem 1: Ubuntu Global Jam02:00
snap-lunfortunately there isn't currently an announced time to hold a UGJ, so we're ini limbo for now02:01
snap-lBut what I'd like for fokls to start thinking about is what they'd like to do during the UBuntu Global Jam02:01
snap-lIn previos jams we've done bug triage, installs, etc.02:01
snap-lI spent the last one looking at Ask Ubuntu questions and seeing which ones I could answer.02:02
snap-lSo, if anyone has some thoughts on what they'd like to work on for the Ubuntu Global Jam, please feel free to post them to the list.02:03
snap-l(If you're not on the mailing list already, now's a great time to sign up. :) )02:03
snap-lAny questions or concerns?02:03
jhansonxi_Unfortunately I don't have time.  I'm busy writing a kickstart script for automated on-line deployments but have been sidetracked by contract drafting work for several months.02:03
snap-ljhansonxi_: That's quite alright02:04
jhansonxi_In related news, getdeb.net is back online02:04
snap-lIf you have some free time during the UGJ, feel free to pop in to the IIRC channel02:04
snap-lirc, even . :)02:04
snap-lDamn keyboard apparently has some repeat issues. ;)02:04
jhansonxi_I occasionally allow myself to get sucked into tech support on #ubuntu but it's tedious.02:05
snap-ljhansonxi_: Whatever you feel comfortable doing is OK.02:05
snap-lI think we'd all rather be doing something that didn't feel like work. :)02:05
waldo323having lunch with a beer?02:05
snap-lFar be it from me to make you do anything you'd rather not do.02:05
snap-lwaldo323: You'll have to earn that beer.02:06
jsjgruber-x-pPick some AskUbuntu questions and see if we can work on some answers as a team? That might be more social than testing.02:06
jsjgruber-x-pFor global jam.02:06
jhansonxi_If I had a regular job then I would help more since it would be a way to escape work.  Since I'm self-employed that just doesn't have the same level of thrill.02:06
snap-ljsjgruber-x-p: Yeah, I think that would definitely work out.02:06
snap-ljhansonxi_: Understood02:06
snap-lBut yeah, keep this percolating in the back of your minds. We should have some time to think about it before we can even commit to anything02:07
snap-lIf you have any ideas on where we could meet in person that's free (as in cost) and has wifi, please post that to the list.02:08
jhansonxi_Biggest complaints I'm seeing are related to video drivers and Steam.02:08
snap-lUsually UGJ gets anywhere from 2 people up to around 10 people02:08
Caboose1911uh, I'm not sure where everyone is located, but I think Macomb Community college offers meeting rooms for free?02:08
snap-lCaboose1911: Is that for students only?02:08
snap-lAlso, Macomb can be a bit of a trek for people on the west side.02:09
Caboose1911and I'm almost positive it's free, even for non students.02:09
jhansonxi_I'm near Alpena.  Everything is a bit of a trek for me.02:09
snap-lWhen I lived in Macomb Township, we'd have UGJs at the Clinton Macomb Library.02:09
snap-lCaboose1911: Would you check into that for us?02:09
Caboose1911Sure, I have a class on Tuesday, so I shall check then.02:10
snap-lCaboose1911: Awesome. Thank you!02:10
snap-lCaboose1911: Which campus? Center or South?02:10
waldo323as another option, depending on when it is, we could meet where chc meets02:10
snap-lwaldo323: That's an excellent idea. :)02:11
snap-lCoffee House Coders Royal Oak02:11
Caboose1911uh, I live near Center Campus,but have classes at South, I can check out both no problem.02:11
jhansonxi_Maybe Washtenaw CC where WLUG meets02:12
waldo323thats also a good idea02:12
snap-ljhansonxi_: If someone is there that can check02:12
AhukaYou have to hav e a connection to the College.02:13
jhansonxi_Just contact someone on the mailing list: http://www.lugwash.org02:13
AhukaJeff, that would be me.<g>02:13
snap-lRegardless, we don't know when the global event will be yet.02:13
AhukaAnd I would need to know that to look into it.02:14
snap-lbut having these options is awesome.02:14
jsjgruber-x-pLast year it was during the first few days of March.02:14
AhukaWe are talking ab out a Sunday afternoon?02:14
snap-ljsjgruber-x-p: Right, but it hasn't been announced yet. The Beta-1 release is slowing things down, afaict.02:14
snap-lAhuka: Usually the global event runs from Friday to Sunday02:15
snap-lso any time during that weekend would be OK02:15
AhukaOh, for a moment I thought you wanted a 3-day event.<g>02:15
snap-lAlso: Just so folks don't feel like they have to make it to a location that's hours away: Please feel free to schedule something local should you wish.02:16
AhukaWell, let me know when a date is chosen and I will check with the college.02:16
snap-lI think we have that tendency to think we only can have one central event for these things, and while that's been true in the past, we don't need to continue it.02:17
AhukaJust a wild and crazy idea, but what about a virtual meeting?02:17
snap-lI'd be happier if we had 4 events with modest turn out than one event with spartan turnout02:17
AhukaThat would make it easier on Jeff, for instance.02:17
snap-lAhuka: We've kicked that around, but the problems are usually bandwidth-related.02:18
jhansonxi_I'm on satellite so my problems are lag-related02:18
snap-lkeeping a video link in places like libraries and colleges is usually more difficult02:18
AhukaVideo link?02:19
snap-lAhuka: But that's something to consider. I know there's sites like big blue button that may help out, but I've found them terribly unreliable.02:19
snap-lAhuka: Thought that's what you were referring02:19
jhansonxi_I think MDLUG has their own BBB server but bandwidth is still a problem.02:19
snap-lIRC is definitely an option as well.02:19
AhukaThat is what I had in mind.02:20
* waldo323 nods02:20
snap-lYeah, BBB is something I wish worked better.02:20
snap-lIRC is definitely an option02:20
AhukaWe could anser questions on Ask Ubuntu and cordinate via IRC02:20
snap-lIn fact, I'd encourage more IRC use during these events02:20
AhukaNo one needs to drive.02:20
Caboose1911hm, well, knowing me, I'd probably be on IRC here a lot, considering I don't own a car :/02:21
snap-lIf folks would rather do this remotely, I'm for it as well.02:21
jhansonxi_Don't worry about my needs.  Due to my work load I can only drop in randomly.  Linux users are rather sparse in this area.02:21
AhukaAnd we don't need to worry about east side vs. west side.02:21
jhansonxi_I suspect that Linux is even less common among Yoopers.02:21
snap-lAnywho, let's table this for now, but please hop onto the mailing list to keep abreast of updates and such02:22
snap-lI'd like to move on to the release party02:22
jhansonxi_Google Hangout may be worth trying02:22
AhukaI like Google Hangout.02:22
snap-lWhich for the Detroit area folks will be held at the beautiful Marriot during the festival known as Penguicon02:23
AhukaI will be there.02:23
snap-lI've talked with the hotel liaison, and we should be OK with using the bar area. It has more space than the previous hotel had in the bar area.02:23
jhansonxi_I'm thinking of going to a Linux conference instead.02:23
snap-lso that's a plus.02:23
Caboose1911I might try to attend Penguicon, I also was going to attend GRRcon02:23
snap-lIt'll be held on Friday night from 7-8pm02:24
jsjgruber-x-pHow much does it cost to attend our meeting when it's at Penguicon?02:24
snap-lIt costs admission to Penguicon02:24
snap-lYou can likely get a one-day pass if you so choose.02:24
snap-lA one-day pass is $3002:25
snap-lAgain, if somoeone wants to organize something outside of Penguicon, please feel free.02:25
snap-lIt just happens a number of folks happen to be at Penguicon during that time02:26
jhansonxi_Will Penguicon have Linux content this year?  I see the schedule still isn't up.02:27
snap-ljhansonxi_: TBD02:28
AhukaI expect they will. The con chair came to OLF last September.02:28
brousch1Sorry. Meeting started near son's bedtime02:28
snap-lUnfortunately there have been some major hiccups this year, so expect everything to fly in at the last minute02:28
waldo323they are open for those who would like to give talks02:28
snap-lSuch is the Penguicon way.02:28
waldo323if you have specific topics, would like to talk yourself or want to suggest someone give a particular talk we/they are open to suggestions02:30
AhukaIs Krunal handling the tehc track again?02:31
jrwrenbah, missing meeting. is it over?02:31
jhansonxi_Last year consisted of a bunch of BoFs that someone just threw into the schedule along with a couple of M$ presentations.02:31
waldo323yes,  I am helping as well as are a few others02:31
AhukaAh, does that mean waldo323 = Krunal?02:32
snap-lwaldo323 == James02:32
waldo323arg,  should have said yes he is and so am i and a few others02:32
snap-laka Hicemeister J02:33
AhukaWell, my next question would have been "where is James", so that helps.<g>02:33
Ahukawaldo323, is the Call for Talks open, or hsould I just send an e-mail, or what?02:34
snap-lOK, before we head too far down the rabbit hole... Any questions about the release party at Penguicon02:35
AhukaNot really. If it is Friday evening I will be there.02:36
AhukaIf it is Saturday evening, I won't.02:36
jhansonxi_What's the purpose of a "release party"?  Complain about bugs not fixed?  Installfest?02:36
brousch1jhansonxi_: Canonical employees can get smashed after working their asses off on the release02:37
brousch1We can help them02:37
jhansonxi_I can bring a bug list and a baseball bat to help with the smashing02:37
snap-lWell, it's also a time for folks to get together to celebrate the release of a new OS02:38
brousch1Also a celebration of all the new awesome in the new release, but Unity killed that off for me02:38
jhansonxi_Is it Ubuntu-specific or can *buntu and Linux Mint people join?02:38
waldo323it is not ubuntu specific02:39
AhukaI'm Kubuntu, myself, and no one threw me out.<g>02:39
waldo323everyone is welcome to join02:39
snap-lSecond call for questions02:40
Caboose1911uh, really dumb question.02:40
jsjgruber-x-pNo more questions from me02:41
snap-lCaboose1911: What's the question?02:41
Caboose1911Is there a fee for joining this Linux User Group?02:41
snap-lCaboose1911: Absolutely not02:41
jsjgruber-x-pAnd welcome, Caboose1911.02:41
brousch1What kind of sick, twisted Linux user group would charge a fee to join?02:42
snap-lCaboose1911: Just add yourself to the Launchpad team: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-michigan02:42
jhansonxi_They don't charge a membership fee but there is a $300 termination fee. :D02:43
snap-lOK, thank you everyone for coming out to the meeting. Hope to see you online and on the mailing list~!02:46
snap-lAnd at the events too, but you already knew that. ;)02:46
Caboose1911Oh, I subscribed to that launchpad link snap-1 (under Andrew Aurand)02:47
snap-lCaboose1911: Approved.02:47
waldo323call for talks is open, there are a couple ways to become a speaker at penguicon, email: you can email me at jameshice@gmail.com , or krunal at tech@penguicon.org or programming head directly at programming@penguicon.org also there is a web form at http://2013.penguicon.org/contributing/presenting/02:50
brousch1waldo323: Is there an email with info appropriate for forwarding?02:51
waldo323I don't have one right now but can get one this week02:52
AhukaCath ya later, I gotta go now.02:59
Caboose1911I have returned!04:50
Caboose1911aww, no one is here.04:57
Blazeixrick_h_: have you seen this, with your new-found love of meetup? http://www.meetup.com/API-Craft-Detroit/events/101269702/11:23
rick_h_Blazeix: no, didn't see that one11:32
widoxBlazeix: rick_h_ I've been to one of those meetups14:13
rick_h_widox: learn you some good apis?14:13
widoxpretty good bunch, two of the guys work at http://apigee.com/14:13
widoxyeah, seemed pretty good. one I  went to dealt with using JS to provide an API14:14
widoxvia node.js14:14
rick_h_gah my head can't take this today17:13
rick_h_so anyone ever deployed client->apache->squid->gunicorn app ?17:13
brouschI thought squid went in front of apache17:15
brouschclient -> squid -> apache -> gunicorn17:15
rick_h_yea, welcome to my brain fuddling17:15
jcastroman the snow is really coming down17:20
rick_h_yea, rss feed said a nice increase until 1pm ish17:21
* greg-g pouts17:22
rick_h_heh, I don't want to hear it17:22
greg-gand I can't find a decent place in Tahoe next weekend yet17:22
rick_h_I'm trying to heat my poor workshop this weekend but when it's 12F outside only so much I can do17:22
* greg-g adds tire chains to list of things to get this week17:22
greg-ghah, insulation much?17:22
rick_h_yea, but still. Trying to keep a 40-55 degree differential is hard with space heaters17:23
greg-gyeah, true17:23
rick_h_and expensive, poor electric bill was as much a hottest part of summer :(17:23
greg-gyeah, def17:24
greg-gwood burning stove17:24
rick_h_at least if we can get 30s the difference to keep it up to 50 is less17:24
rick_h_yea, thought about it17:24
greg-gyou are in a *wood shop* after all ;)17:24
rick_h_I've got a propane thing but hate using it17:24
* greg-g nods17:24
snap-lWhat's wrong with the propane?17:24
* rick_h_ dreams of nice shop in portland with an open garage door letting a breeze in :P17:24
rick_h_so after a bit it gets funky and can get you light headed17:25
rick_h_and it's a giant open flame in the shop which has things like fumes and saw dust in it (though not much by way of fumes currently, too cold to glue or finish anything)17:25
snap-lrick_h_: Just think of it as a portland substitute when your neighbors start lighting up every little herb in their garden.17:26
rick_h_greg-g: lake tahoe?17:27
* rick_h_ isn't all that familiar with the area/etc17:27
greg-gbeautiful area17:27
rick_h_lol 6hr snowfall graph17:28
rick_h_snow much?17:28
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, I'm starting to reconsider getting some freon cans and just opening them up17:29
snap-lGet some heat in this atmosphere.17:29
rick_h_greg-g: cool, didn't realize it was in CA17:29
rick_h_for some reason thought it was a CO or NV thing17:29
rick_h_snap-l: yea, I'm getting cranky that the sumers are too hot and after the light winter last year this one is an ice box17:30
rick_h_did the avg temp calender on wunderground the other day (or maybe weather.com) and all these lovesly 30s but we're with 10 or 60 it seems17:30
snap-lYeah, we don't have winter, we have mood swings.17:31
rick_h_looks like warmer later in the week though17:31
snap-lgreg-g: ^^17:40
snap-lSeeing more things released under a CC license in the gaming world.17:41
snap-lgreg-g: You do realize I'll still bombard you with CC-related stuff long after you've left. ;)17:43
greg-gsnap-l: indeed, and I'll appreciate it ;)18:00
snap-lgreg-g: OK, as long as we're clear. ;)18:25
snap-lAre you fucking kidding me: http://www.engadget.com/2013/02/01/verizon-htc-thunderbolt-ice-cream-sandwich-update/19:02
jcastrodude, people are still on ICS?19:02
snap-lWay to drag those heels.19:02
snap-ljcastro: I'm on ICS19:02
snap-lSamsung Galaxy II Epic 4G Touch Chapionship Edition19:03
snap-lMk 219:03
snap-lI swear, they must've gotten Capcomp to name this phone19:03
brouschjcastro: Shut it. My phone is still 2.3.719:04
dzhobrousch: he's just trying to highlight Android fragmentation19:20
dzhoyou know, make the case for that mobile Ubuntu thing, right? ;-)19:21
jcastroI just don't get why people buy non nexus androids19:22
jcastrobut whatever, I don't try to judge19:22
* jcastro judges anyway19:22
rick_h_yea, unfortunately software isn't the one true reason to buy a phone19:23
snap-ljcastro: SOmetimes they don't have a choice19:23
rick_h_just like everyone doesn't get thinkpads which I don't get19:23
snap-lI'm glad I got JoDee the Nexus, and would have picked it up were it available19:23
jcastroI dunno man, craig opened my eyes to MVNOs, you can go cheap without contracts and buy what you want19:23
snap-lI wish I could just get rid of the Sprint shit on my phone19:24
snap-l(yes, I know I can root my phone)19:24
jcastroI don't believe in having to hack your phone to get it to work19:25
snap-ljcastro: Precisely19:25
jcastrothat's for iphone people. :p19:25
snap-lWEll, the one thing that drives me batshit insane is this stupid Sprint ID thing19:25
snap-lwhich is part of the OS19:25
snap-lUNfortunately a) it doesn't work, and b) it crashes whenever I reboot the phone19:26
snap-lNow that sportbowl is over, I can turn up the volume on some of my circles in G+19:33
snap-lSeriously, I don't care about the commercials, I don't give a fuck if GoDaddy used porn for their commercials, and I certainly don't care who won.19:34
brouschThe Red Wings won19:34
snap-lAbot the only thing that could be more exciting is hearing someone's breathless recounting of their game of Risk.19:35
brouschsnap-l: Who peed in your coffee today?19:35
snap-lbrousch: Nobody, it was pent up from yesterday.19:35
shakes808Good afternoon fellas19:58
waldo323_does anyone have a contact at open.michigan?22:35
greg-gwaldo323_: a few, what's up?22:37
* greg-g used to work there22:37
waldo323_:) nice,   it would be nice to have a talk about it at mug    and/or penguicon22:38
greg-gah, well, go ahead and fly me back and I'll do it ;)22:40
greg-gbut, seriously, their contact email address (not sure, probably on open.umich.edu) is good. It is a small team and they are responsive22:41
greg-gfeel free to name drop me ;)22:41
greg-g(I think it is still a positive reaction, not yet negative)22:41
waldo323_ok thanks :)22:41

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