rick_h_party party00:12
jrwrenwhat kind of party?00:18
rick_h_CA kind of party00:18
rick_h_in oakland...which actually kinda looks like DTW00:18
rick_h_except more people00:19
jrwrenoh right.00:19
jrwrenwhat U doing there?00:19
rick_h_sprints this week00:19
rick_h_well, something, planning sprints more than coding sprints I guess00:19
rick_h_and wondering around some china-town like area00:20
widox_I just got back from CA, rick_h_00:20
rick_h_widox_: booo!00:20
brouschDetroit looked a lot cleaner than I remembered00:20
rick_h_widox_: have fun?00:20
jjessejrwren, they were holding the UDS that was canceled00:20
widox_yeah, good times00:20
jjessebut just w/ Canonical employees and no community00:20
jrwrenyay detroit!00:20
tjagodaDetroit and clean are generally not synonyms00:23
tjagodabrousch must have bad glasses =P00:23
brouschIt was all highways and Cobo Center00:23
tjagodaUsually 94 and 696 are littered with poorly cleaned up accidents and exploded truck tires00:24
brouschIt was clean and light traffic00:24
snap-lbtw: Meeting in a half hour00:30
snap-lmight be alittle late because I just got in from mowing lawn00:30
snap-lbut it'll be a short meeting00:30
jrwrendowntown is pretty clean.00:31
jrwrenesp. cobo, jefferson, woodward, washington.00:32
jrwrenleave those streets and its not so clean.00:32
snap-lGoing to get the meeting started in 2 minutes00:58
snap-lEvening, everyone.01:00
snap-lWelcome to the May Ubuntu Michigan Meeting01:00
snap-lI completely forgot to set an agenda for this meeting. :)01:00
snap-lBut there's also little to cover01:00
snap-lSo ley01:00
snap-lSo, let's get started.01:01
snap-lWho all is on the line?01:01
snap-lFeel free to ping as we go along.01:01
snap-lFirst order of business: 13.04 release party01:01
snap-lThanks to everyone who came out to the release party01:01
snap-lI understnad there wasn't anything in the program, and for that I apologize01:02
snap-lIt unfortunately kept a few people who would otherwise have attended from showing up.01:02
snap-lHopefully if we decide to have it again at Penguicon, we'll manage it better01:02
snap-lSpeaking of Penguicon, this year was quite awesome.01:03
snap-lThe Hotel was awesome, and the Penguicon folks put on a hell of a show on short notice.01:03
snap-lhuge kudos to everyone involved.01:03
snap-lAnything about the release party that anyone would like t comment on?01:04
Ahukasnap-l, did anyone try to contact the Penguicon folks?01:04
snap-lAlso, did anyone else have a release party in MI?01:04
waldo323several people asked me for discs :)01:04
snap-lIt's squarely on my shoulders that we didn't get on the program01:04
snap-lI should have thought to ensure it was on the schedule01:04
Ahuka#1 priority: Find someone to blame.01:05
* waldo323 takes some of it01:05
AhukaWe had a good time anyway.01:05
snap-lIn previous years we've not had anything in the program, but it seems there were an inordinate amount of folks who didn't know where it was01:06
snap-lRegardless, it was a great time01:07
snap-land $4 microbrews = A+01:07
snap-lalthough that Percolater porter was F-01:07
waldo323apparently the tiki bar was a new idea the week of the con, i think we were originally going to be on the other side of the fireplace right?01:07
snap-lI thought so, but the Tiki Bar was a great touch01:09
snap-lThey really accomidated everyone01:09
waldo323except those wanting a dull and very quiet time?01:10
snap-lAnywho, moving on. :)01:10
snap-lRe receifed our bug for reapproval01:10
snap-lWe, rather01:10
snap-land per our discussion last month, I have marked the bug as invalid.01:10
snap-laka: we're not going to shoot for reapproval.01:11
snap-lNo, that doesn't mean we're not going to shoot for staying active01:11
snap-lactive != approval01:11
AhukaThat is what we said.01:11
snap-lbut frankly the approval process is cumbersome, and offers no benefit01:12
waldo323i'd rather we spent more time being active than working on being approved01:13
snap-lSo we're committed to being unapproved.01:13
snap-lRebellious. :)01:13
snap-lWe'll see where that lands us, but I'm confident we'll manage to stay awesome.01:13
snap-lAnd hopefully lead by example of how we can still be awesome and not require the approval process01:14
snap-lFrankly, it needs to end sooner than later01:14
snap-lAny questions for concerns?01:17
waldo323not at the moment01:17
snap-lOK, that's all I have at the moment01:17
snap-lso if there isn't anything else, we'll call this puppy adjourned01:17
snap-lOh, one last thing: all of the physical media is gone from our group01:18
* waldo323 pets adjourned01:18
snap-lso if you want any more discs, um... you'll have to buy it from Canonical01:18
waldo323that sounds like a good thing01:18
snap-l'cuz there ain't no more.01:18
snap-lyeah, that's a relief01:18
snap-lOK, meeting really adjourned. :)01:19
snap-lThank you all for attending. :)01:19
* waldo323 waves01:19
snap-lOff to watch Doctor Who. :)01:19
waldo323haha nice01:19
WolfgerDid I miss the meeting?01:29
WolfgerOh, yeah, there it is... meeting adjourned 13 minutes ago :-p01:30
brousch1I have craploads of old discs01:37
snap-lGood morning11:57
brousch I had about 25 people at my Kivy talk. That's the biggest crowd yet. They were almost all Python developers and Android users11:58
snap-lThat's awesome.11:59
snap-lWas it recorded?11:59
brouschI want to do it in a 2 parter for PyOhio12:00
brouschPt 1: Intro to Kivy. Pt 2: Kivy on Android12:00
brousch50 minutes isn't enough time to cover both well12:00
snap-lYeah, I could easily see that being the case12:02
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brouschThe worst thing about the conference was that they served asparagus for lunch. Crowded bathrooms and asparagus piss is not pleasant13:55
jjessethat just sounds disgustting14:02
snap-lThat sounds... um... awesome?14:55
flipsidecreationI don't understand why they removed some of the keyboard shortcuts such as F3 from nautilis14:55
brouschflipsidecreation: The devs don't use them, so neither should you14:56
flipsidecreationin 13.0414:56
flipsidecreationapparently   Even the change kybd shortcuts are gone.  I have to use a mouse like some sort of Micro$oft user!14:57
rick_h_how we all doing?14:57
flipsidecreation*err change view shortcuts14:57
flipsidecreationmorning rick_h_14:58
77CAA2O6Hwait, what?14:58
rick_h_I've joined the greg-g west coast contingent of the loco14:59
rick_h_morning at lunch14:59
77CAA2O6Hbut g-damn, what's with my nick14:59
brouschI knew it! greg-g is a bot!15:01
snap-lflipsidecreation: I didn't realize that was a shortcut15:01
snap-l(F3 in Nautilus)15:02
snap-lIt likely happened on the GNOME side15:02
greg-gbrousch: ssshhhhh15:02
snap-lSince you can get something similar with tabbed or windowed browsing15:02
greg-grick_h_: so, how busy are ya'll?15:02
rick_h_greg-g: just getting started but looks like going to be a fun week :/15:02
snap-lI hear they're working on their elevator pitches. :)15:03
greg-gI have a general "meet up with jcastro sometime this week" thing in my calendar15:03
rick_h_woke up at 4:30am and managed to resleep until 6am so early15:03
greg-gmight as well add you in there, too ;)15:03
greg-grick_h_: nice15:03
rick_h_greg-g: yea, I did a chat with him on the way here.15:03
rick_h_greg-g: told him to make sure he lets me know when he sets it up15:03
greg-gI woke up at 6:30, carrie and rowan were still asleep, so I just got up and left for work15:03
rick_h_greg-g: heh, yea. Sometimes don't fight it, just get up and get going.15:03
greg-grick_h_: awesome, Ryan Lane, our OpenStack guru here will probably join15:03
rick_h_greg-g: very cool15:03
greg-gsnap-l: I missed that: elevator pitches?15:04
greg-gwe need a bot15:04
snap-lYeah, apparently they're having problems with the elevator at the hotel?15:04
jrwrendid someone say openstack guru?15:05
jrwrenI need one15:05
rick_h_greg-g: so a guy I know is looking for a wikipedia expert for some work? Do you guys do/associate with those kinds?15:05
greg-gjrwren: everyone does15:05
greg-gsnap-l: oh, that sucks15:05
greg-grick_h_: depending on what you mean, yeah15:06
greg-grick_h_: someone to do mediawiki (the software) dev/support/whatever, yeah15:06
greg-grick_h_: someone to help with the wikipedia project content, less so me, but I know who knows15:06
rick_h_yea, I think they're trying to do some stuff with their mediawiki stuff15:07
greg-gcool yeah15:08
greg-gryan lane did the conversion from moinmoin of the openstack wiki to medaiwiki15:08
snap-lCurrent conditions at Detroit City Airport, MI (KDET)15:08
snap-lLast updated May 06, 2013 - 10:53 AM EDT / 2013.05.06 1453 UTC15:08
snap-l   Temperature: 61.0 F (16.1 C)15:08
snap-l   Relative Humidity: 51%15:08
snap-l   Wind: from the E (090 degrees) at 9 MPH (8 KT)15:08
snap-l   Sky conditions: clear15:08
brouschThank you Al Roker15:09
rick_h_greg-g: cool, shoot me an email with contact info sometime if you get a sec and I'll forward it along.15:09
greg-grick_h_: so, jcastro already asked about the conversion of ubuntu wiki, I don't think Ryan has the time to do another one right now, but, there is a mailing list (heh, sorry) of people who do mediawiki consulting that is a good place to hit up15:10
greg-grick_h_: unless it is something differetnt you're thinking of ;)15:11
rick_h_greg-g: ah that'd be cool I guess15:11
rick_h_greg-g: it's just a friend. He runs a local company that does home theater installs/etc15:11
rick_h_and we were talking yesterday and he asked if I knew anyone that did mediawiki consulting because they need some help with their stuff15:11
greg-gohhhhh, I see15:11
rick_h_so this is non-canonical/etc15:11
rick_h_just friend stuff15:11
greg-gmy bad15:12
greg-gthat's still a good place to ask15:12
rick_h_yea, sounds perfect15:12
* snap-l makes a reminder to never read the comments on Rolling Stone magazine15:49
snap-lespecially when it relates to Dave Grohl inducting Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame15:50
snap-lThere are people who think Eric Clapton is a better musician than Rush15:50
snap-lAnd that is not a world I want to live in. ;)15:50
jrwrenthere are people that think the rock and roll hall of fame is important :(16:52
snap-lYeah, it's no concern of mine16:58
snap-lMan, MySQL needs to die in a fire.18:42
snap-lThis default to latin-1 shit is for the birds.18:42
snap-lI wish18:49
greg-gsnap-l: hey, we switched.20:47
greg-gI was going to link to our blog post about it, but, heh, our wordpress install was owned today:20:47
greg-ghopefully that will work later20:47
greg-gand its back21:00
snap-lgreg-g: yeah, I think we're going to switch either to Maria or PostgreSQL21:43
snap-lHopefully PostgreSQL21:43
snap-lAlso: I will never get tired of receiving CDs in the mail from CC bands.21:44
snap-lBack Market Serotonin21:44
greg-gdoes Banshee not work in 13.04?22:37
snap-lIt barely works in 12.0422:37
greg-gwell, it started and played somafm streams on Friday, now it doesn't (I just upgraded today)22:38
snap-lm3u streams?22:38
snap-lOh, you mean the radio streams22:38
greg-gright, now it "starts" but I can't click anywhere on its UI and get a response22:39
greg-gregressions are awesome22:40
greg-gmust have been some extension, I mv'd the addin dir out of the way and it works22:41
snap-lI think that's why they made the switch to Rhythmbox22:41
snap-lOh, that's cool22:41

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