pleia2meeting in 10 minutes :)01:50
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pleia2ok, who all is here for the meeting? :)02:00
pleia2#agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13June1602:01
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13June16 - Ubuntu Wiki]02:01
pleia2nothing really on the agenda either02:01
epsWell, we could wish a happy Father's Day to sabdfl ... he is, after all, Ubuntu's "father."02:03
pleia2looking at our events calendar it looks pretty sparse until july: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california/events/02:03
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu California Events List | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]02:03
pleia2yes, happy father's day sabdfl02:04
pleia2anyone else have any announcements, comments, etc?02:09
pleia2eps: did you want to mention any upcoming things?02:11
epsNot really. ;-)02:12
pleia2alright, I think we just wrap this up then02:12
pleia2thanks for coming, eps! :)02:12
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GNUdruthought: if the dictator is the "father of Ubuntu" then Richard Stallman is perhaps great grandfather and Linus Torvalds the father. :-)12:47
GNUdruoops i mean Torvalds the grandfather.12:54
GNUdruso if we say "happy father's day" to the dictator (as suggested by eps in the meeting last night), we should also to Stallman and Torvalds12:58
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raevolanyone else having an issue with raring where the display will just lock up for about 15 seconds? mouse still moves but nothing else works20:30
raevolpleia2: you're on xfce though right? i wonder if it's a unity thing20:44
raevolpleia2: also are you running conky by chance? i think it might be a conky issue20:45
pleia2raevol: that kind of thing is more often a graphics driver problem (which may manifest itself when running a 3d desktop like unity)20:46
pleia2unity itself is tested like crasy, and there would be riots in the street if this was common ;)20:46
pleia2crazy too20:46
raevolpleia2: yea that's what i am thinking too, i think it's an interaction between conky and X somehow, i added a line to my conkyrc and it fixed conky turning black after the lockup20:47
pleia2and no, have never used conky20:47
MarkDudepleia2, we have a Fedora dude up from LATAM for a BAMF event. We were talking- your name came up. He wanted to say thanks- he has been learning bitleBee20:59
MarkDudeHe likes your blog :)20:59
pleia2MarkDude: yay :) glad he found my bitlbee stuff useful (gosh, I need to update my web quickstart)20:59
MarkDudeYep, he heard Princess Leia and wondered why Bitlbee was there. He was at Scale- Ruben irc biker21:02
MarkDudeYay for the Linux Penguin family :D21:02
MarkDudebkerensa, ok he is FLOSS person - his choice of Distro is secondary :D21:55

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