srandbyWhat about stickers?00:00
skellatDon't have a whole lotta those at this point00:00
itsaforksrandby: HOORY STICKERS!!!!00:00
skellatFor release, Beta 1 of Saucy Salamander hits street on September 5th00:00
srandbyI'm willing to buy some00:01
skellatIs anybody averse to carrying this over to the mailing list before anybody begins spending money?00:01
itsaforkcanonical usually supplies conference packs00:01
srandbyMailing list sounds good00:02
itsaforkcan we try to get one of those skellat???00:02
jenni[ Xubuntu stickers now available « Xubuntu ] - https://j.mp/152Kpls00:02
skellatitsafork: Those have gone away, I think.00:02
itsaforkskellat: :(00:02
srandbyI looked at the unixstickers site yesterday.00:03
skellatitsafork: We're also considered an Unapproved LoCo, even though that distinction isn't supposed to exist anymore according to Jono.00:03
skellatitsafork: In general Canonical is pulling back on what is provided by them to the LoCo teams.00:03
srandbyThe Xubuntu stickers are nice.00:03
srandbyI think they have other _buntu stickers too.00:04
skellatThe new funding offer that is being made requires requests be made by an Ubuntu Member but that doesn't ramp up until the T cycle00:04
* skellat notes that coincidentally it will force us to have to have a LoCo leader who is an Ubuntu Member is funds are ever sought from Canonical for **anything** and we have exactly 5 people who hold that status00:05
skellatStrike that "is" above and put an "if" in its place and it works00:06
skellatAny further discussion on this item?00:06
skellatIs there any other business to be transacted at this time?00:08
* skellat waits for the Launchpad query to finish and spit out the right-this-second list of those with "Ubuntu Member" status in Ubuntu Ohio00:09
skellatWhile we're waiting for that, would anybody be willing to volunteer to sum up the second & third issues raised tonight and put a call out on the mailing list for further input?00:10
* skellat notes that with the restrictions on the Canonical funding program to where only "Ubuntu Member" persons can make requests the following persons are the only ones in Ubuntu Ohio able to do so according to Launchpad ID: skellat, jpeddicord, digitalvectorz, mrsangeld, jamesgifford, and unit19300:12
srandbyThose were keysigning and stuff to pass out?00:12
skellatsrandby: Yes00:12
srandbyI could do it tomorrow.00:12
skellatsrandby: Okay.  I'll try to get the log posted before bed tonight and a blog post up.00:13
srandbyBlog address?00:13
skellatsrandby: Sadly it is mine: http://erielookingproductions.info/ubuntu/00:14
jenni[ Trailblazing ] - https://j.mp/152LDwW00:14
skellatIt will show up on Ubuntu Planet, though00:14
skellatI don't think we ever had ohio.ubuntu-us.org configured for a blog & I'm not ready to start tinkering with the Drupal powering such just yet00:14
skellatAlrighty.  We stand adjourned such to the call of the Leader provided he gives due notice.00:15
skellats/We stand adjourned such to the call of the Leader provided he gives due notice./We stand adjourned subject to the call of the Leader provided he gives due notice./00:16
jenniskellat meant to say: Alrighty.  We stand adjourned subject to the call of the Leader provided he gives due notice.00:16
skellatyano: Thank you for this kubotu like function in jenni!00:16
yanoyou're welcome00:16
yanobut it doesn't do regexp00:16
itsaforkskellat: give me a week while i iron out what i'll talk on, & i'll let you know what i come up with.00:32
itsaforkSkellat: does that work for you??00:32
skellatitsafork: Sounds good.00:41
Unit193yano: My bot does it too, but it's a premade bot, rbot. (AKA, kubotu)00:47
yanoirc bots are fun00:48
Unit193Less fun when the dang rss feeds mess up and spit out 20 lines or so...00:48
skellatI *_think_* I've got the LoCo Portal's meeting agenda function sync'ed with the irclogs.u.c logs to create effectively minutes here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-ohio/624/detail/02:37
jenni[ Ubuntu Ohio July 2013 Meeting | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal ] - https://j.mp/15IaKGw02:37
skellatI can't say I'm really thrilled with the way it looks02:37
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