jrwrentick tock00:40
gamerchick022 minutes and look i'm still here00:58
cmaloneyhello all01:00
cmaloneyWho all is here?01:00
gamerchick02howdy cmaloney01:00
gamerchick02i'm actually here. hah01:00
cmaloneyWoo woo01:01
gamerchick02i'm watching Silk too so if 'm slow… :)01:01
cmaloneyAgenda for the meeting is here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-michigan/519/detail/01:01
cmaloneyThanks to everyone for coming out on this Labor Day weekend. :)01:01
gamerchick02eh, i was already here. missed RR so i figured i'd make it to this meeting.01:02
cmaloneyOh, let's get started then01:03
cmaloneyyeah Verification01:03
cmaloneyAs expected, there has been a change in what used to be called the approval process for loco teams01:04
cmaloneyWe previously decided that the old model was pretty resource intensive, and thus decided not to go through with it an dlet our approval status lapse.01:05
cmaloneyWith this new change, it doesn't appear that it'll take much to keep verified status01:05
cmaloneyShould we go through with verification?01:05
cmaloneyI'd like to hear if anyone has any sentiments they'd like to share about this01:06
cmaloneyMy personal feeling is it's still a little much to do for verification, but I think it would be worth the effort01:06
gamerchick02i think it should be fine. sorry was reading hte link you provied.01:07
gamerchick02*the, i can't type tonight01:08
cmaloneyThe only problem is I can't find the previous bug that we had for reapprovlal01:09
gamerchick02we had a bug for that? sorry i've not been here in awhile. i'm sorry01:09
cmaloneyso I'll have to check with the loco council to see what we'll need to do t omake it happen01:09
cmaloneyIt was a private bug01:09
cmaloneyI'm not sure who had access to it01:10
cmaloneyany dissenting opinions?01:12
gamerchick02i don't think i did but it doesn't matter.01:12
cmaloneyok. if someone doesn't want us to go through with verification, please let me know and we'll discuss01:13
cmaloneyour approval bug had until October, so there is still time01:13
gamerchick02what's the advantage of going through it or not?01:14
gamerchick02or disadvantage?01:14
cmaloneyiit makes getting things from Canonical easier01:14
cmaloneythat's about it01:14
gamerchick02then let's be verified. *shrug*01:15
cmaloneyYeah, previously it was quite the ordeal01:15
cmaloneyfelt more like an inquisition01:15
gamerchick02"nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!"01:16
cmaloneyOr like some Egyptian god was weighing your hear to see if you were worthy01:16
gamerchick02yeah! sorry, whenever i hear that word i think of Monty Python.01:17
cmaloneyI don't think anyone in this channel didn't think that way. :)01:17
cmaloneyAnywho, moving on01:18
cmaloneyWho all is going to Ohio Linuxfest?01:19
cmaloneyI know Jorge is01:19
cmaloneyI know rick_h and I aren't01:19
gamerchick02i'm probably not.01:19
cmaloneyalong with waldo32301:19
cmaloneyYeah, I don't think we're going to have much participation then01:20
gamerchick02sorry but work. :(01:20
gamerchick02also i have nobody to stay with.01:20
cmaloneyIf someone is going, please contact the Ohio Loco (Steve Kellat) and see if there's something we can do to help01:20
cmaloneythat said, I think it's going to be pretty light this year.01:20
cmaloneyHowever, that brings us to the next part:01:20
cmaloneyUbuntu S-Series Global Jam01:21
cmaloneyLast time we were able to do this all remotely01:21
cmaloneyAnd I think that trend will continue01:21
cmaloneyyeah, we're up to 13.10 (Saucy Salamander, i think)01:21
gamerchick02derp. sorry!01:22
gamerchick02i'll try to be on in the evening but my job blocks like everything so no irc during business hours01:22
cmaloneyThat's quite alright. It'll be pretty much on from Friday to Sunday01:24
cmaloneyas before, if you're looking to jam, just hop onto IRC and say "I'm jamming" and see if anyone else might be jamming01:24
cmaloneyHopefulyl we can get a little more folks involved.01:25
gamerchick02sweet. i'll see if i'm free.01:25
cmaloneyI'll also make sure to drop it on the calendar01:25
gamerchick02awesome. i'll make sure my main machine is logged into irc and i'll hang in the room01:26
cmaloneyThat brings us to the release party01:28
cmaloneyJames Hice was looking into places for that01:28
cmaloneySo, more to come, as he's not around at the moment01:28
cmaloneyThat's likely to happen in October, and is one of the times that we can get together to celebrate01:29
gamerchick02sounds like fun. i really wanted to go to the last one but my friend's baby shower was that weekend. i promised i'd go. :(01:29
cmaloneyWhich leads me up to the last item on the the list01:29
cmaloneyjcastro had an idea for getting together at the end of summer / beginning of fall to have a cook-out01:29
cmaloneyWhich sounds awesome01:29
gamerchick02it does.01:29
cmaloneyFor some reason he thinks it should be around Royal Oak.01:30
gamerchick02royal oak isn't too far from me.01:30
gamerchick02RE release party; i think i have something on oct 12th that i absolutely must attend for Nile. don't schedule round me but i can't be there if it's that weekend.01:31
gamerchick02my apartment complex in auburn hills also has a picnic area01:32
gamerchick02not sure what i have to do to reserve it but that's also a thought.01:32
cmaloneyI'm a resident of Royal Ok, so I could rent it out01:33
cmaloneywe'd need to agree on a date, and I could make the trek down to do the rental.01:33
gamerchick02you'd want reimbursment for the rental. and that's no problem for me to throw in $10 or so01:33
cmaloneyThat's no biggie.01:33
cmaloneyAnywho, watch the mailing lists for more information01:37
cmaloneyThat's all I have for now. Anyone have anything else?01:37
gamerchick02i will have more time for bug triage. i've not contributed in a long time and i feel bad about that.01:37
cmaloneyYeah, I think life has become more hectic for all of us01:41
cmaloneyThere's currently a push to get the teams more "energized"01:41
gamerchick02mine has become less hectic, much to my disappointment.01:41
gamerchick02energized. there's a good word.01:41
jrwreni wonder if the lack of energy is because it isn't needed.01:41
jrwrenubuntu is damned good. is work needed?01:42
gamerchick02*shrug* i'm still employed and as busy as ever in Nile…01:42
gamerchick02that's a good point, jwren01:42
gamerchick02i look at things and i'm like "what can i contribute to this?"01:42
cmaloneyjrwren: there's always something to be done01:43
cmaloneybut frankly I couldn't care less about tablet or phone OS01:43
cmaloneyThat and I'm already falling behind and getting discouraged in things that I actually care about01:44
gamerchick02i'd like a simpler way to fix my ATI graphics drivers than "backup before kernel update and reinstall OS and drivers and programs"01:44
gamerchick02sorry to hear that, cmaloney.01:44
cmaloneyIt's my own apathy demons. :)01:45
gamerchick02personally? i think Android is "good enough" for a phone/tablet OS. not sure if ubuntu can compete with Android and ios.01:45
gamerchick02i have apathy demons. not to be confused with deamons. :-P01:45
cmaloneyAnywho, if nothing else, I move we adjourn to the mailing lists. :)01:46
gamerchick02that works01:47
cmaloneyThanks everyone for taking the time out to meet!01:48
cmaloneyNow go make something awesome01:48
cmaloneyor at the very least, don't kill each other.01:48
gamerchick02i'm watching Silk. and going to the Ren Fair tomorrow. awesome will have to wait till Tuesday.01:48
gamerchick02and i'm going to Canada on Wednesday. :)01:49
cmaloneyFun times01:54
cmaloneyOK, heading off for a while. Laterness.01:54
gamerchick02see you. so am i. :)01:59
rick_hcmaloney: hah, yea so we'll have to adjust the 50 point thing. It borked http://www.itnews.com.au/News/355204,why-paypal-chose-openstack.aspx10:52
brouschrick_h: breadable content in RSS is working with goread.io11:34
rick_hbrousch: sweet12:23
rick_hbrousch: released that last week12:23
brouschyeah. I hadn't tried it yet12:57
rick_hbrousch: cool, well good to know it's better.12:57
cmaloneyrick_h: figures.13:14
rick_hcmaloney: yea, the slide at the bottom is picked as the main content to display13:15
cmaloneydid the previous version dothat too?13:16
rick_hI don't think so13:16
rick_hjcastro: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/9653442379/sizes/l/ getting some love at company HQ16:05
cmaloneyJust replaced my ATI card with an NVidia card21:56
cmaloneybecause ATI / AMD have pissed me off with their shit drivers for the last time for a while21:56
brousch1Intel or DIAF22:07
cmaloneybrousch1: Intel can DIAF22:28
cmaloneyvs high performance nvidia graphics card22:32
cmaloneyhigh performance ati graphics card22:32
brousch1Who needs high performance? You some kind of FPS gamer?23:00
brousch1I'd rather have a card that just works without fiddling23:00

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