cmaloneygreg-g: I wasn't aware of anything that I own that'll play FLAC via disc00:45
cmaloneyThough I think there are some higher-end devices that will00:46
cmaloneyHonestly most of the FLAC compatible devices don't support discs or are "network players"00:51
cmaloneyHere you go: single CD Yamaha device. MSRP: $80000:52
jrwrencan buy a USB cdrom drive and plug into an rpi for under $10000:57
cmaloneyRPI's DAC is a piece of shit00:57
cmaloneyyou'd need an external one00:57
cmaloneyDoesnt' support FLAC, but at this price I don't think you'd be able to afford much else.00:58
jrwrenis it?00:59
jrwrensad ot hear that.00:59
jrwrenoh right...i've only listened to the digital audio coming out the hdmi :(01:00
cmaloneyyeah, it's one of the compromises01:00
jrwrenlame DACs take me back :]01:00
jrwreni called a buddy out on a bad DAC in a mobo that he had in his media server.01:00
cmaloneyWell, and that's the thing that pisses me off about the "analog snobs" vs. CDs01:01
cmaloneyI can get better and more consistent sound out of digital then you ever could out of analog01:02
cmaloneyand if "analog snobs" spent as much on CD players / DACs and found CD albums that weren't direct ports of shoddy LP masters then there would be no contest.01:03
cmaloneybut I digress01:03
cmaloneyI just laugh01:05
cmaloneyAnd quietly download the FLAC file and buy the CD album01:05
cmaloneyHello there01:53
waldo323my phone seems to think its time for a meeting soon :-P01:53
cmaloneyWe'll be starting the meeting in about 5 minutes01:53
waldo323due to the time change we get to start a couple minutes early? yay01:53
cmaloneySmartarse. :)01:54
waldo323sorry it is contagious...we are watching dvr'd craig ferguson01:56
cmaloneyI <3 Craig Ferguson02:00
cmaloneyOK, let's get started02:00
cmaloneyThat's the agenda02:01
cmaloneyFirst order of business: Verification02:02
cmaloneyWe've been approached after our recent Approval expiration to come back into the verified loco fold02:02
cmaloneyI told them we're an older loco and most of our folks have moved on to other projects, but they seemed to think we could still make verification02:03
cmaloneySo with that in mind..02:03
waldo323i got an email about that i think02:03
cmaloneyThere's an application that we'll need to fill out and submit for verification02:03
cmaloneyI can fill that out and submit it if there are no objections02:04
cmaloneyI don't think it really gets us much of anything, but I think they want to encourage more groups to remain verified02:04
cmaloneyAnd by extension active and vibrant and what-not.02:05
cmaloneySo if there's no qualms about verification I'll start the paperwork.02:05
cmaloneyAny questions?02:05
waldo323sounds good to me02:05
cmaloneyAnyone else?02:07
cmaloneyOK. Anything else we should cover?02:09
waldo323penguicon is open for talks02:11
cmaloneyOK. Tell us more?02:11
gamerchick02i've no issue about the verification.02:12
gamerchick02sorry i wandered off02:12
waldo323Kevin O'Brien and I and perhaps krunal are working on the tech track02:13
waldo323we would like to have a central theme on privacy and security but will certainly accept talks in other areas of computing and tech02:13
cmaloneywaldo323: Maybe we could post this on the mailing list?02:14
cmaloneyIt'd be nice to have some of these talks nailed down sooner than later. :)02:14
waldo323we will, kevin has a draft of a call for talks so we'll hopefully have something out soon02:15
flipsidecreationHello, I am planning on going to Penguincon, it will be my first one.  I seen some videos and talked to some people, sounds like a great time.02:19
cmaloneyIt is. It's a lot of fun02:19
flipsidecreationlooks like it. :)02:21
cmaloneyOK, unless there's anything else I think we can call this meeting adjourned.02:21
waldo323thanks for hosting :)02:23
cmaloneyThank you all for coming!02:23
waldo323it is a great day for america, have a good night02:39
cmaloneyGood morning13:55
cmaloneyApparently JoDee is now on Kickstarter14:09
cmaloneyBe afraid. Be very afraid.14:09
brouschWhat'd she kickstart?14:09
cmaloneyThe Ladies of Science thing she shared on G+14:10
greg-gcmaloney: nice!18:43
cmaloneyFeel like an idiot that I didn't look at the FB post before responding. :)18:46
cmaloneyAh well18:46
greg-gyeah, was going to say ;)18:48
greg-gjcastro: you in HK this week?19:10
jcastrono unfortunately19:10
greg-gRyan Lane is19:11
greg-gif you want to tell people to bum rush him19:11
jcastrowe have people there19:11
rick_h_yea, smoser is there I think19:11
rick_h_jcastro: so your bundle works with the deployer. I can't debug it in the gui atm. There's still an issue with the quickstart. So I'll file a card with the bundle and some info. It's definitely not you though since the deployer takes it.19:15
jcastrothanks for looking into it19:15
rick_h_well not just me fighting npm today yay https://twitter.com/search?q=npm19:17
jcastrowell, when you deploy dependent on a 3rd party ... it happens19:18
jcastrothe best is when github is down and people are like "I can'19:18
jcastrot get any work done!"19:18
jcastroit's like dude, _distributed_ version control19:18
greg-gI laugh at those people19:18
rick_h_well, this is why amazon is brilliant. Check out their home page today http://www.amazon.com/19:18
rick_h_jcastro: yea, though to be fair. When launchpad is down you can't land branches, look up issues, etc.19:19
greg-gyeah, same here with gerrit19:19
rick_h_jcastro: so yes, you can commit and work on your current work, but if you fetch other branches, need to trigger CI with a pull request, etc you're fubar. Lot more than git commit out there19:19
jcastrorick_h_, I am saying if your job depends on something you don't host that's a bad place to be19:19
rick_h_right, everyone has the central place19:19
jcastrothis is why our IS team is so picky with charms19:19
greg-gbut at least I can phyiscally kick the person who should kick gerrit ;)19:20
rick_h_jcastro: you bought a laptop from someone :P19:20
jcastrothings needs to deploy from internal resources so when an external thing goes down we're not sitting around sword fighting19:20
greg-gheh, nice19:20
cmaloneysword fighting.19:20
greg-g"compiling" joke19:20
rick_h_now right, that's what annoys me. I've fought to try to get us to setup npm in full offline mode but "well just setup a cache" won out.19:20
jcastrorick_h_, yeah but today is what you needed to win that fight!19:20
rick_h_though it took me two years to make bookie use a download-cache offline19:21
cmaloneyYep, because caches are great when you haven't accessed a resource before19:21
cmaloneyOh wait, that's backwards.19:21
rick_h_this is why I had 30GB of disk filled with a pypi miffor19:21
cmaloneyjust like relying on caches.19:21
jcastroit's trivial to update caches regularly19:21
jcastrocron job, done19:21
cmaloneyjcastro: so is rsync. ;)19:22
jcastrosure, whatever floats your boat19:22
rick_h_ooh, lastpass 3 is out and it's less fugly!19:51
PainBankanyone around here doing some Qt develoment? or in the detroit area?20:15
cmaloneyI haven't touched Qt in a long time20:16
cmaloneyand even then it was mostly "hello world"20:16
jrwrencmaloney: have a favorite Ravel performance recording?20:17
cmaloneyNot really. I can't get past another re-tread of "Bolero"20:17
cmaloneyWhich is a pity because Ravel isn't bad.20:17
jrwreni heard a great performance of a Ravel song at Umich Halloween Concert20:18
jrwreni thought i'd pick up something20:18
cmaloneyThere's two recordings that I have. One is "French Favourites" which has two tracks of Ravel (along with Milhaud and Debussy) but the second track is fucking Bolero20:19
cmaloneyBut it's the DSO with Jaarvi, so it's awesome. :)20:19
cmaloneyThe second recording is Ravel's "Daphnis Et Chloe"20:19
cmaloneyit's conducted by Charles Munch and the Boston Symphony Orchestra20:20
cmaloneyIt's a Living Stereo Release and should be pretty easy to pick up locally at Barnes and Noble.20:20
cmaloneyThe others that I have are a best-of that JoDee has that's "meh"20:20
cmaloneyAnd Martha Agerich's Solo Piano which has some of his piano works.20:21
cmaloneyBut generally speaking I don't go out of my way for Ravel.20:21
PainBankcmaloney: thanks20:22
cmaloneyjrwren: I think there's a separate disc of Martha Agerich playing Ravel, but honestly I love all of her playing enough to recommend just getting the solo works 1 collection20:23
cmaloneyShe's a rock star.20:23
cmaloneyAllegedly Horowitz never recorded any Ravel.20:27
shakes808Hello cmaloney, it has been awhile.22:55
shakes808How are you doing?22:55

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