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dholbachHello hello hello!15:00
* belkinsa is here for the meeting15:00
dholbachDo we have anyone here to talk about the LoCo team portal?15:00
dholbachlet's see if the bot is back ;-)15:00
costalesHi dholbach :)15:00
dholbachlooks like it's not there :)15:00
coolbhavihey guys15:01
* coolbhavi is on the run on mobile 15:02
dholbachI just pinged a few other folks and it looks like we're ready to go15:02
dholbachso at the last UOS we talked about LoCo teams and how it's sometimes hard to share information, like news, like pictures, like stuff about events, etc.15:03
mhall119is daker coming?15:03
dholbachI pinged him and he said he would be around15:03
dholbacha lot of teams have their own discussion forums, blogs and websites15:03
dholbachbut it'd actually be nicer, if they could get the information out there to a lot more folks around the world15:03
dholbachlike, if my team does an event and has lots of pictures and a nice writeup, it'd be great if they could show off their work easily and thus inspire others around the world :)15:04
dholbachduring the session somebody brought up the picture feeds on loco.ubuntu.com15:04
dholbachlet me see if I can find an example link15:04
dholbachhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-mm/ for example15:05
coolbhavidholbach, how about having a syndication like planet ubuntu?15:05
dholbachat the bottom you can see pictures from the Myanmar team15:05
dholbachcoolbhavi, exactly... that was the idea which was brought up during the session too15:05
dholbachand because we felt that the discussion would probably take a bit longer, we decided to have a separate discussion about this15:06
coolbhavihmmm and we already have a on air session with locos running on in parallel15:06
dholbachthe last I remember from the session was that it'd be nice to offer some functionality in loco.u.c to allow teams to add pictures, or news stories or writeups or anything else15:07
dholbachthis would be great on its own already15:07
dholbachbut then it could probably be shared on Planet Ubuntu as well15:07
dholbach(and maybe syndicated elsewhere?)15:07
coolbhaviyep like a traceback15:07
dholbachDo you have any additional ideas or thoughts or concerns about this?15:08
belkinsaYeah, since some of the active members of the LoCo's are not Ubuntu Members.  But if they had a way to post on the Portal, it would be nice, and have that synced with Planet.15:08
mhall119dholbach: coolbhavi: LTP already has the ability to aggregate rss feeds15:08
belkinsaUbuntu Planet is what I meant/15:08
dholbachhey daker15:09
balloons+1 the feed into planet idea.. not everyone has to be a member of ubuntu; if you are a part of the loco, and they release an official writeup, I'd love to see it in my feed ;-)15:09
mhall119daker: does LTP currently export an RSS feed of news?15:09
belkinsaI guess the lack of having active LoCo's is the main problem.15:09
dholbachdaker, here's some backlog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7675086/15:09
belkinsaBut that's a different issue.15:09
dakermhall119: no but we can add that15:10
mhall119if we do that, I think we can add it ot the planet ubuntu syndication list15:10
dholbachbelkinsa, what we talked about at UOS was that there are probably many teams who have meetups and do stuff regularly, but nobody writes about it - or they don't share info and pics15:10
belkinsaOh duh, I forgot.15:10
dholbachbelkinsa, the idea was that if we make it easier, more would talk about it and come up with new ideas together :)15:10
costalesI think is a good idea :) I'm thinking that will be necesary to force the sign of the Conduct Code for those teams too15:11
belkinsaUbuntu Ohio is already doing this.15:11
costalesIt'd be better for split my personal thoughts/posts from my team posts ;)15:11
belkinsaAnd I think that should be true for all teams.15:11
mhall119the homepage feed on LTP uses only hand-picked blogs, so we can export that to planet ubuntu and that should be enough oversight to keep inappropriate things out15:11
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dholbachyeah... I think we could test the new news feed for some time before adding it to the planet15:12
dholbachjust so we know it's not too much content, or too much spam, etc15:12
mhall119IIRC, we have the loco-council access to manage those feeds15:12
dholbachmaybe we could do a monthly digest too ... or something15:12
belkinsa+1 on the handpicked blogs15:12
coolbhavimhall119, how about team owners moderating the content?15:12
costalesJust an idea: Split the planet in 2 tabs: Members | Teams. It could be interesting for split the contents (maybe :)15:12
coolbhaviand posting across15:13
belkinsacostales, I like that idea.15:13
mhall119coolbhavi: team admins can manage their team's aggregation, but the homepage uses a separate selection15:13
belkinsaBut you need two RSS feeds for that.15:13
mhall119coolbhavi: basically teams can add any feed they want to their team, but then the LC can tag a feed to appear on the homepage as well15:13
coolbhaviok got it mow seems good15:13
dholbachOr team members could write up something and team contacts/admins could approve this as content which goes out to everyone?15:14
coolbhavidholbach, +115:14
mhall119dholbach: that would be harder to manage15:14
belkinsadholbach, +1, but as mhall119, I agree.15:14
mhall119doing it per-feed is easy, doing it per-post would require more work in LTP15:14
dholbachmhall119, it could just be a tag of the post?15:15
mhall119dholbach: I don't think the aggregator library we're using gives us that easily15:15
dholbachah ok... I wasn't aware of the technical limitations, sorry15:15
dakermhall119: no teams can't add their RSS feeds rightnow, only LC can15:16
dholbachbut would some copying between feeds work?15:16
mhall119daker: ok, but the data structure would allow that right? We just need to expose it by adding a couple of new pages15:16
dakermhall119: yes15:16
dholbachso all we have right now is an aggregator library? is there any blogging library installed as well? or would we expect users to blog elsewhere and we just syndicate?15:17
mhall119dholbach: for the first-round can we just use feed where the source blog uses a specific category or tag to limit it to content they want to appear on LTP?15:17
mhall119dholbach: they would blog elsewhere15:18
dholbachI'm just trying to understand where we are right now and what would easily be possible :)15:18
dholbachmhall119, daker: how would you imagine the new "share story" process to work? what would be the easiest thing we could add?15:19
mhall119dholbach: we could probably fake a feed in the aggregation data tables and have code that copies content from a source feed into that fake one15:20
costalesdholbach: What about to create 1 special user for the Planet with an URL > that URL will be a RSS Feed. You will not need to change anything now (?)15:21
coolbhavicostales, like a permalink :)15:21
dholbachhum... so step 1) team adds team blog feed to LTP, 2) team member blogs on blog feed, uses special tag or category, 3) blog entry ends up in LTP aggregation feed, 4) by extension goes to planet ubuntu as well - is this right?15:21
balloonsso everything would post as "Loco Teams" or something.. all feeds would show up as the same person?15:21
belkinsadholbach, that might work but again management could be an issue.15:23
mhall119balloons: depends on how planet planet works, if it uses the author tag of the feed, we can give it the original blog's author15:23
dholbachcostales, yes, that's right - the question is just "who gets to post to the blog you add to Planet?"15:23
dholbachmhall119, daker: are the steps I mentioned above how you roughly imagine it'd work?15:24
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mhall119dholbach: roughly yes, doing it per-feed to start would be easiest and we can add per-post moderation from there15:25
coolbhavidholbach, how about giving the user permissions to add other users based on request?15:25
dholbachcoolbhavi, I would assume that's possible - it'd just be a question how much we open the gates to spamming or general (on-topic) flooding of Planet Ubuntu :)15:26
costalescoolbhavi: Maybe a Launchpad Team with another repository feed?15:26
dholbachmhall119, earlier you mentioned some copying that takes place as part of aggregation - I assume that'd be a point where we could make changes to the posts? I was thinking of doing things like adding jump marks (read more →here←) or doing things like digests (weekly LoCo roundup or something)15:27
coolbhavihmm thats a concern :)15:27
dakerdholbach: yes15:28
mhall119dholbach: that might take a bit more work, but it's possible yes15:28
dholbachI don't think we would need this in a first iteration - I was just asking out of interest15:28
mhall119dholbach: simple aggregation and re-feeding to planet wouldn't involve copying or editing though15:29
dholbachthat's right15:29
dholbachthat sounds like a good first start already and I'm quite happy with what we could do in future iterations :)15:29
dholbachany more thoughts, ideas, questions, or anything else we didn't talk about yet?15:30
mhall119daker: my other thought was to generate an RSS feed for events and meetings, that would automatically be published to planet15:30
belkinsaAlong with blog posts.15:31
dholbachnice one15:31
mhall119so, the feed shows any events or meetings that have already happened or are happing that day (but not future ones)15:31
mhall119like an automated announcement15:31
costales+1 nice idea! mhall11915:32
belkinsaYeah, but maybe have some time before the furture one15:32
mhall119that might encourage more teams to use LTP for those, so they get that reposted to planet15:32
belkinsaMaybe a month?15:32
dholbachwhy not future events/meetings?15:32
mhall119belkinsa: not too much, maybe 24 hours15:32
dholbachah ok15:32
mhall119dholbach: what's the point in advertising your Ubuntu Hour for December in June?15:32
costalesmhall119: maybe the mettings for the next 2/3 days, because the posts are in the planet 2/3 days15:32
dholbachno, not like that15:32
mhall119the feed would show "the current loco activity"15:33
dholbachyou said "not future ones"15:33
belkinsamhall119, assuming they will post a blog post about that event/meeting?15:33
dholbachthat's why I thought "well, some advance notice would probably help getting others there" :-)15:33
dholbachso yeah, 24h or whatever timing we finetune it to later on15:33
belkinsaSame here.15:33
mhall119ok, fine-tuning that is easy enough15:34
dholbachyeah, sorry - that's what I meant15:34
mhall119dholbach: are you taking notes on this somewhere that we can turn into work items or bug reports?15:34
ishwonAaah! I was having dinner & I guess I missed a lot.15:34
dholbachI took an action at UOS to turn this into a mini-spec15:34
ishwonHi folks!15:34
dholbachI'll save the irc logs and write something up next week.15:34
dholbachWould anyone want to help turn this into a mini-spec?15:35
dakermhall119: yes we can do that15:35
dholbachOnce it's done, I'd bring up the discussion on loco-contacts@ and ltp-devs@.15:35
costalesHi ishwon o/15:35
mhall119dholbach: daker: how about having a hackday on IRC where we try and get new contributors setup with an LTP development environment?  currently it's only daker working on it and he's also working on about a dozen other Ubuntu projects15:36
dholbachsure sure15:36
dholbachthat was the idea behind the spec15:36
dholbachif we put it out there and blog about it, it'll be more likely that others help out15:36
coolbhavidholbach, great thanks :) I would be glad to help for a mini spec here btw15:36
dholbachhaving a hackday accompanying that sounds great15:36
dakermhall119: hm this reminds me that i didn't get a reponse about RT ticket from IS15:36
dholbachthanks coolbhavi15:36
ishwonScrolling through the chat log ( :15:37
mhall119daker: RT for what?15:37
dakermhall119: i released a new LTP version with some fixes last Saturday15:38
mhall119ah, ok15:38
mhall119daker: they had a DC outage over the weekend, so it may have been lost or forgotten in the mayhem15:39
PabloRubianesdaker: I made a bug on the LTP and a possible fix but maybe got unnoticed15:39
dakermhall119: i'll ask later15:39
dholbachdoes anyone else have any more ideas/questions/concerns/anything else on the topic? if not Bhavani and I (anyone else?) will digest the irc logs and massage them into a mini-spec and bring it up for discussion on the lists again.15:39
dholbach... and we can discuss it some more at that time. :)15:40
coolbhavigood with it here15:40
mhall119dholbach: do you think we need to ask permission before adding the LTP feeds to the planet aggregation?15:40
mhall119or, since we're Ubuntu Members, can we JFDI?15:40
dholbachmhall119, I think we should discuss it with the Community Council and maybe have a brief history of content to look back to.15:41
dholbachI could imagine that it'd be a very short discussion as it's going to very much on-topic. :)15:41
dholbachBrilliant! Thanks a lot everyone! I'm very much looking forward to reading more from teams around the world! :-D15:42
belkinsaThanks for the meeting, dholbach!15:42
coolbhavidholbach, ll bring up a small wiki page reg ideas and get in touch with you on weekend :)15:42
coolbhavithanks btw15:42
dholbachcoolbhavi, brilliant15:42
mhall119thanks daker for your continued work on LTP15:42
dholbachyeah, daker - you're a hero!15:42
dakermhall119: dholbach yw :)15:42
dholbachthanks a lot to all the other heroines and heroes in here as well :)15:43
dakerPabloRubianes: i saw it, i'll review it during the w-e15:43
PabloRubianesdaker: thanks15:43
costalesThank you! \o/15:44
costalesIt was a pleasure15:44
* coolbhavi goes and grabs some dinner15:44
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