jdubseb128: hrrrr, i thought that was fixed.12:02
jdubseb128: confer with mdz. seems an /etc/skel fix would be safer.12:02
seb128ok, just wanted to know if it was one more point on my todo list12:02
=== kagou [~kagou@AMontpellier-251-1-7-69.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmdz: another build kicked off12:04
dokojdub: should have included you to the question about the localization of the installer12:04
=== jdub sees why the ball has been bounced his way ;)
jdubdoko: i don't think we have time for a general translations request proces12:05
jdubdoko: but if you can provide translations to kamion, and he is not too busy to integrate them, mdz or i will most likely approve an upload12:06
jdubdoko: up until the 'point of no return' on the dayzero schedule12:06
dokojdub: there are usually 10-30 translations to be updated, that should not be that much work.12:06
dokojdub: what is the last day for such uploads?12:07
jdubdoko: TODAY12:07
Kamion(for preview)12:07
jdubdoko: we are talking hours now, not days :-)12:07
jdubyes, lots of room between preview and release for translations12:07
mdzjdub, seb128: /etc/skel works for me12:08
seb128for me too :)12:08
dokojdub: yes, that's what I meant. it doesn't make sense to upload these changes now for one or two languages.12:08
jdubdoko: ok, see the release schedule -> final release is on october 1th12:09
jduboctober 13th12:09
mdzjdub: :-)12:09
mdzWarty and I will share a birthdate12:09
Kamionmoved forward two days?12:09
jdubcool :)12:09
jduband one week before pipka's :)12:09
jdubKamion: always meant to be the wednesday12:10
mdzI didn't know that, I thought it was to be the 15th12:10
mdzdoesn't make much difference, though12:10
mdzand the synchronicity is amusing12:10
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubour months are measured in weeks, none of this shabby moon business ;-)12:11
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : SSDS | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: https://bugzilla.no-name-yet.com/ | Sneak preview invitations time - see the list :-) | please test 20040914.2 images
Kamionuh, or not12:12
sivangyey, new images12:12
Kamionone sec, something broke12:12
=== Kamion runs the publish scripts by hand
dokodo we have a public place where to put files which should be reachable for sounders (chinstrap is not)?12:13
Kamionok, up now12:13
sivangyeah, saw the dir missing12:14
sivangthere it is :)12:14
elmo_dckay, installs suck when they're competing with a RAID re-sync for IO bw12:15
pittiKamion: thanks for the new CD image12:19
=== pitti sucks crack of the day cd now
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== lamont__ [~lamont@c-67-162-148-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
lamont__erm, what12:31
lamont__s the root password on the livecd?12:32
mdzdunno, is there one?12:32
mdzthere's a root shell on one of the VCs12:32
=== lamont__ hasn't booted livecd before...
lamont__sudo didn't like us, but ctl-alt-f2 was very happy. tnnx12:33
=== lamont37 [~warthog@c-67-162-148-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
lamont37any clues why the livecd decided to not bother upping eth0>?>12:38
lamont37RealTek RTL8139 found, but we didn't bother to up it apparently12:39
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzKamion: testing .2/amd64 now12:44
mdzlamont37: a bug, already reported to alex12:44
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== warthog [~warthog@c-67-162-148-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== warthog announces the end of the housecall.
mdzgah, still 12M download on top of the current daily12:52
=== warthog is now known as amroc
amrocw00t LaMont fix the net!12:54
thomheh :-)12:55
jdubamroc: :)12:55
amrochouse calls are good12:55
=== amroc is now known as lamont2
lamont2anything else before I head home??/01:03
=== mako sighs
=== lamont2 is now known as Amroc
=== Amroc yells at lamont to go home
thomright, .torrent files are being created01:05
npmccallummdz: There are a couple of approaches to take with openoffice splash screen: 1. change the image (remove debian logo and possibly add ubuntu logo) and keep the file names (openintro_debian.bmp) 2. do number 1 and change the file names (involves changing code), are you ok with #1 only?01:08
jdubthom: woo!01:09
thomstill a butt load of config to do for it :/01:12
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
npmccallumjdub: did you say that there were some restrictions on what you can modify in the openoffice splash screen?  if so, do you know where I can find that info?01:13
makotommorrow, will the sounder list just become ubuntu-devel?01:13
whiprush_StoneTable: yo01:14
jdubmako: we'll resub sounder to ubuntu, but not split into user and devel yet01:14
makojdub: ok, just two lists then, ubuntu and ubuntu-announce?01:17
jdubarg, ok, no01:18
jdubthe assumption has been ubuntu-user and ubuntu-devel01:19
jdublet's stick with that01:19
makook, so what happens to the sounder list01:20
jdubit becomes ubuntu-devel01:20
makoare those lists created yet?01:20
makoubuntu-announce, ubuntu-devel, and ubuntu-user01:20
makoso it appears they are going on rince, yeah?01:20
jdubwill do all those at once when i know for sure that we have to use rince01:20
makook, well i'm going to write the announce message putting the list info at http://lists.ubuntulinux.org/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-foo01:22
makoit doesn't matter to me which system they're being pointed from, as long as they're there01:22
jdubelmo: status of dns pointing to rince vs. mailing list machines at the dc?01:22
jdublamont: so, does uploading without orig files make life difficult?01:23
makoin a similar vein, where is the "canonical" location of either the CD image or information about getting the CD image going to be?01:23
makoit will be on the website right?01:23
jdubyes, lulu is doing a wizard to get you to the right location01:23
makoperfect.. then i'll leave a hole for that page01:24
mdznpmccallum: #1 is fine with me01:27
mdznpmccallum: seems like the least intrusive, given how little time we have01:27
jdubmdz: do we have anyone doing a firefox PR package update?01:28
seb128jdub: grrrr, they have not included evolution-2.0 in the default-application capplets for cc 2.801:28
mdzjdub: a who-what now?01:28
jdubseb128: gar01:28
seb128just 1.5 and 1.6 which doesn't even exist01:28
npmccallummdz: ok, I'll have something later this evening.  Do you want an ubuntu branding? or just standard ooo branding?01:28
jdubmdz: we need a firefox package update, and someone with the time to do it :-)01:29
seb128don't look at me dude :p01:29
mdzit would seem in poor taste to just rip out the debian bits01:29
mdzjdub: what sort of update?01:29
pittidoko: still awake?01:29
jdubmdz: 0.9 -> PR101:29
pittidoko: shall I do the German installer translations?01:29
mdzjdub: right, after preview01:30
mdznpmccallum: what about having both ubuntu and debian logos there?01:30
Kamionpitti: if you have other things to do before preview then please don't regard this as a priority for preview01:30
jdubmdz: mark has asked for it before the preview01:30
mdzKamion: amd64 install was flawless01:30
npmccallummdz: it may be a little tight01:31
mdzjdub: I just talked to him and he didn't mention it01:31
mdzjdub: that's insane01:31
pittiKamion: Currently I don't. Everybody that I asked said they were fine :-)01:31
Kamionmdz: woohoo01:31
pittiKamion: besides, it's 01:30 here, I will probably mess up delicate coding work01:31
mdzoo.o and everything, very nice\01:31
npmccallummdz: also, what about the "this ooo developed in cooperation with debian" disclaimer?01:31
mdznpmccallum: I think that language might be required by the ooo guys or something01:32
Kamiontheir trademark language is "interesting"01:32
npmccallumKamion: any idea where I can read the requirements myself?01:32
Kamionif we name ourselves then we have to be subscribed to their mailing lists and stuff01:33
Kamionnpmccallum: sec01:33
Kamionhttp://distribution.openoffice.org/cdrom/distributors.html has some of it but I'm sure I remember reading stronger language somewhere01:35
jdubseb128: we have random crackass icons appearing in the applications menu on update again :|01:35
seb128I don't remember getting such bug01:36
seb128any screenshot of the problem ?01:36
=== elmo_mf [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubseb128: you know that old bug when file browser and netwrk would appear in the applications menu after new desktop files had been installed?01:37
jdubseb128: btw, nautilus and libgnome uploads happening in a minute01:37
jdublamont: ping01:38
seb128jdub: hum yes, already got that ... but not for some times01:38
seb128jdub: is that on a fresh install ?01:38
jdubi just got it agin for the first time in ages01:38
seb128the applications menu use the vfolders01:38
seb128perhaps you have some old config in your home ?01:39
jdubit's happened for a new user too01:39
seb128ok, I'll try to have a look but I've no real idea of the problem right now01:40
=== stub [~zen@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
jdubso seb128 01:43
jdubi'm going to do some uploads now01:44
jduband i'd like you to promise not to kill me01:44
jdubbecause i am too young and handsome to die01:44
seb128ah ah01:44
seb128what are you going to break ? :)01:44
jdubit's not so much *breaking*01:45
jdubyou'll see ;)01:45
jdublamont: ping?01:45
jdubKamion: that would be a very good word for it.01:45
seb128jdub: don't say you have written bad changelog again with changes of the debian dir ? :p01:45
jdubseb128: haha, no :)01:45
=== jdub gars, and just uploads the .origs as well
Kamionwhat's this .orig problem?01:46
=== sivang [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu
elmo_mfmm jelly bean dinner.. how health and nutritious01:49
Kamion"so nutritious and delicious, jelly beans, so good to eat"01:49
=== Kamion gets an earworm
Kamioncan't even remember what the original jingle was about01:50
elmo_mfand only sugar-maxed coke too, my teeth must love me right now01:50
=== cef_work [~cef@fw-01.amc.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mdzjdub: what's your take on the ooo splash question?-01:52
mdzwhat we should do, not what we are allowed to do01:52
jdubmdz: perhaps pop our logo in as well as debian's?01:54
mdzjdub: that's what I was thinking, npmccallum says it might be a tight fit01:55
mdzjdub: what's this mysterious #1226 stuff?01:55
jdubnpmccallum: make the ubuntu logo look like it's coming out of the OOo birdies butts!01:55
mdzjustdave: how is the component stuff going?01:55
jdubmdz: uploading now01:56
jdubmdz: nothing major01:56
jdubmdz: tiny bit controversial01:56
mdzjdub: oh, I know what it is :-)01:56
jdubcan't keep a secret01:56
jdub(not a secret, btw)01:56
jdub(i'm just being precocious)01:56
seb128(are you starting to run ? :p)01:57
npmccallummdz, jdub: I'll see if I can get both logos on there01:57
=== seb128 wants to see the changes
mdzKamion: any value in my testing 0914.2 on powerpc, or do you have it covered?01:57
seb128jdub: dude, are you removing desktop icons ?01:57
jdubseb128: um.01:57
elmo_mfmdz: it's what he talked about on thephone01:58
jdubseb128: maaaaaybe.01:58
seb128why not :p01:58
mdzelmo_mf: yes01:58
mdzI didn't make the connection until he was dodgy about it :-)01:59
mdzthom: ping?01:59
Kamionmdz: I'll be testing it soon, but the more the better01:59
jdubseb128: 8)02:00
thommdz: yo02:03
mdzdidn't we discuss having a stable -> warty symlink or similar?02:06
mdzI don't remember the outcome02:06
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sivang thinks besides the manual modprobe nvidia he had to do, nvidia install was a refreshing breeze :)
=== Kamion tries a Hebrew install, just for sivang
Kamionnot that I can understand any of it02:07
jdub^ doesn't work anymore?02:08
mdzjdub: warty-i386.iso02:08
Kamiondoing manual partitioning in a language where you can't even recognize the words is entertaining02:08
mdzThere Can Be Only One02:08
jduboh yeah02:08
Kamionand anyway archive.ubuntu.com, You Know You Want To02:09
Kamionin fact02:09
jdubi'm totally goign to repopulate #weirdos with a superior race02:09
Kamiondamn, this "upgrade from archive.ubuntu.com on first install" thing does suck, doesn't it02:09
sivangKamion : i don't mind it not being supported, I'm pretty english lover but for sake of correctness :)02:09
Kamionsivang: haven't reproduced your error though02:10
KamionI wonder if I want to bother with sleep tonight; I could add that question to base-config02:10
sivangKamion : strange, i did it with 2 consecutive buidls. maybe it's fixed by some other part of d-i that got fixed?02:10
sivangKamion : haha02:10
sivangKamion : (for your last line)02:11
Kamionsivang: at what point in the install?02:11
mdzKamion: would you notice if it were broken?02:11
Kamionmdz: apparently it's a hard failure, so should do02:11
sivangKamion : at the very "CHoose a lanugage" point02:11
Kamionsivang: huh, that's odd, I haven't really changed much around there, and nobody else would have been changing that02:11
sivangI am currently buring my daily, will check again02:11
sivangthe strangest thing,02:12
sivangunder QEMU it worked (why didn't i add this to the bug?)02:12
Kamiononly thing I tweaked was a syntax error fix in countrychooser, but that was purely cosmetic since it isn't set -e (grrr)02:13
=== sivang surely slept more than Kamion, but not enough :)
sivangif only I had a newer CDRW media02:13
sivangit's 12x02:13
Kamionsivang: if you can still reproduce it, you might want to look for errors on the fourth virtual console02:14
Kamionor /var/log/syslog02:14
sivangKamion : i will02:14
npmccallumjdub, mdz: its going to be too tight to put both logos on.  I can shrink them, but they just get too small02:14
Kamionok, off to test powerpc02:14
mdzKamion: me too02:14
jdubnpmccallum: seriously man, the ubuntu logo coming out of the birds butt02:16
sivangmdz : you were right about the menu.lst sorry for that, however what about device mapper errors "dm-linear" device not found (about a dozen of them) and Buffer IO read error on hdX (also a dozen)02:16
jdubnpmccallum: not so tight a squeeze!02:16
npmccallumjdub: out of the birds butt is an even tighter squeeze02:17
makojdub: my gift to you02:18
jdubmako: rawk02:19
jdubmako: very noice02:19
jdubdirect and to the point02:19
thaytanand doesn't use the word 'rockful' once02:19
sivangha ha02:19
thaytanin my playing with the installer last night, I noticed a bug02:20
jdubthaytan: strangely, i managed to infect the ubuntu gang with the work 'rock' in a totallydifferent context02:20
thaytanbut I'm at work now, so I can't boot to reproduce it02:20
makorockful is exactly what ubuntu is02:20
makothaytan: but not in the way you're probably thinking02:20
thaytananyone got one handy, or shall I leave it?02:21
makowell, ALSO in the way you're probably thinking02:21
mdzmako: maybe explain the version number?02:21
jdububuntu is also mad phat02:21
makomdz: yeah, i'd thought of that02:21
mdzmako: or link to the FAQ02:21
mdzwhich explains that02:21
makoin a footnote maybe02:21
mdzor if it doesn't, it should02:21
makomdz: good point02:21
=== mako goes to edit the faq
elmo_mfmako: shipit aliases are in place and should work02:22
danielsjordi: sup?02:27
Kamionmako: several typos in that announcement; shall I fix?02:28
Kamionthaytan: what installer bug?02:29
Kamiondamnit, I know what fix I forgot to upload02:29
Kamionthe disk space estimates in the boot screens02:29
KamionNO SLEEP FOR ME02:29
=== sivang will purge is sleep for tonigh for solidarity with Kamion
thaytanKamion: when manually editing a partition02:30
thaytanI edit the size the autopartitioning chose02:30
thaytanbut it ignores the change if I leave the cursor halfway through the text02:30
Kamionnot sure I understand the bit about the cursor02:30
makoKamion: yes02:30
thomKamion: glad to hear it, since i'm suffering too :-)02:30
thaytanfor example, changing 70.0 GB I go "left*3,bkspace*4" and type 36 02:31
Kamionthom: thanks mate ;)02:31
thaytanand now the cursor is left between the number and the GB02:31
Kamionthaytan: I think that's probably a red herring02:31
Kamionthaytan: I can believe that it ignores the size regardless ...02:31
thaytanpossibly, it seemed consistent though02:31
thaytanit accepted it if I went back in and typed again, but moved the cursor back to the end of the string02:31
Kamionthere are some very well-separated layers there ...02:32
Kamionhow strange02:32
thomKamion: any time02:32
Kamioncould you file that in bugzilla, and I'll see if I can reproduce it at some point?02:32
thaytanI'll test it again tonight02:32
thomwe should organise a UK beerage night post release, by the way02:32
thaytanas I said, I'm only mentioning it without more testing because I'm at work atm02:32
thaytanjdub: will you have a ubuntu CD tonight?02:33
makomdz: added the bonus (inevitable) question: "what happens is 2100" :)02:33
makowe should also add something like "how are you going to support yourself"02:34
npmccallummdz, jdub: how is this -- http://www.natemccallum.com/uooo.png02:34
Kamionhm, is "CD's" an Americanism? I'd say "CDs"02:34
Kamionthom: amen02:34
makonpmccallum: ooo!02:34
makoKamion: it might be a makoism02:35
thom"we have maximised our preparedness across the nation"02:35
thomgood god02:35
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
sivanghebrew failing02:36
sivangthe same red window02:36
sivanghowever i like the gdm layout :)02:36
sivangjust saw it after and upgrade02:36
Kamionmako: changed02:36
Kamionsivang: anything interesting in the syslog?02:37
Kamionsivang: assuming you haven't rebooted, otherwise /var/log/debian-installer/syslog02:37
Kamion"First Stage Ubuntu Bootstrap"02:38
Kamionmmm, forth branding02:38
makoelmo_mf, thom: thanks whoever installed shipit02:39
thomwasn't me, guv02:39
jdubKamion: "CD's" is an apostropheism02:41
jdubnpmccallum: hrm02:41
jdubmdz, npmccallum: y'know, i'm kinda thinking the OOo branding (just an icon in the splash!) is not really important enough to fix at this stage02:42
jdubmdz, npmccallum: if we wait for final, we can Do It Right02:42
mdzjdub: I was wondering about it myself02:42
jduband not fuck up licensing issues and so on02:42
mdzbut it's too late to get confirmation from Mark02:42
Kamionhmm ... powerpc install breaks02:42
Kamionnautilus/nautilus-data desync in the archive, I think02:42
Kamionah, nautilus_2.8.0-0ubuntu3_i386 hasn't uploaded yet, and that includes a _all.deb02:43
npmccallumjdub, mdz: who made the bug critical?02:43
mdzKamion: yeah02:44
mdzmine just ran into the same problem02:44
mdznpmccallum: jdub did02:44
Kamionanother reason to default to commenting out archive.ubuntu.com, I feel ...02:44
Kamion(and to ask)02:45
mdzI'll wait and retry02:45
npmccallummdz, jdub: I'm totally cool with waiting if you guys are.  We don't have time to build ooo to properly test it anyway02:45
Kamionnpmccallum: especially not given the openoffice.org-amd64 weirdness02:46
KamionT-13 hours isn't a good time for that stuff :)02:46
elmo_mf13 hours?02:46
elmo_mfI thougt jdub said lunch/afternoon US ?02:47
jdubelmo_mf: 1400 UTC, see WartyWarthog/PreviewReleaseDayZero02:47
Kamionhe was talking 1400 UTC earlier02:47
mdzjdub: er, I thought we agreed to move it forward to 1500?02:47
jdubmdz: sorry, yes02:47
jduband it has been on that page02:48
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzjdub, npmccallum: let's downgrade that to normal and revisit it after preview02:48
Kamionso 11am US east coast02:48
mdznpmccallum: the icon changes are ready to upload?02:48
sivangKamion : kbd-chooser : cannot open file none , when setting keymap02:48
sivangKamion : error code 102:48
Kamionsivang: interesting, that didn't happen to me02:49
Kamionsivang: if you could put that in the bug I'd appreciate it, and will revisit after preview02:49
sivangKamion : amazingly, it didn't happen on the QEMU test. lemem run another qeumu test02:49
npmccallummdz: let me see if I'm still having the translation problem -- if I'm not, they should be ready to upload02:49
KamionI'm not surprised about that, the keyboard detection is hardware-dependent02:49
Kamionsivang: if you have anything like a USB keyboard, then please mention that02:49
sivangKamion : i do!02:50
Kamionthere we go, explains why I didn't see that02:50
Kamionstick that in the bug too :)02:50
sivangKamion : ok02:50
sivangKamion : no thank you :)02:51
jdubmdz: btw, is that bugzilla WartyWarthog -> Ubuntu change happening?02:51
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-250-175.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
elmo_mfjdub: yeah, for like 8 hours dude02:57
elmo_mfanyway, bleh02:57
=== sivang is thanking Kamion for allowing him to get invited here at the first place (and Jeff for the invitation). preventing sleep from my body has never been more pleasurable :)
=== bdale [~bdale@rover.gag.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzjdub: that's a question for justdave03:03
mdzelmo_mf: he's talking about the name of the product03:03
elmo_mfmdz: huh?03:04
mdzelmo_mf: the bugzilla Product, "WartyWarthog"03:04
elmo_mfmdz: err, if you're talking about "yeah for like 8 hours dude", I was responding to jdub's earlier, "it's been on the previewreleasezeroday webpage" comment03:05
mdzelmo_mf: oh03:05
mdzelmo_mf: and you hassle me for responding to things out of order :-P03:06
elmo_mfI made one comment, dude :P03:06
Kamionhm, nautilus/i386 still not built03:06
jdubelmo_mf: hrm?03:06
justdaveI don't think there's any problem with it happening, mdz and I just have to coordinate on it because he has to change debzilla at the same time to keep it from breaking03:06
elmo_mfjdub: nm03:07
mdzjustdave: let's do it right now03:07
justdaveok, on my way in03:08
justdaveok, done on the Bugzilla side03:08
jdubdistcheck is for lonely people03:08
mdzjustdave: how about the components?03:09
elmo_mfKamion: something funny happened to the upload - forcing it to try again03:09
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : SSDS | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ | Sneak preview invitations time - see the list :-) | please test 20040914.2 images
justdavejust getting to that, was out for a few hours after we last spoke on it.03:10
Kamion(topicdiff: bugzilla.no-name-yet.com -> bugzilla.ubuntu.com)03:10
justdaveI'll probably have it done in the next hour or so03:10
Kamionelmo_mf: thanks03:10
mdzjustdave: ok, thanks, that's critical for the preview03:10
elmo_mfsomeone is going to be checking britney output before release right?03:12
elmo_mf(I may not be up)03:13
Kamionelmo_mf: we may need another debian-installer upload here03:13
elmo_mfkamion: when?03:14
Kamionsoon as I have it prepared and approved03:14
Kamionfinal disk space estimates and boot screen stuff03:14
mdzKamion: nautilus seems built now; re-testing powerpc here03:14
elmo_mffine, I'm not going to be soon anyway, but I do need at least 3-4 hours sleep somewhere03:14
Kamionabout to retest in custom mode to get the final number for that03:15
mdzdamn, all my saved searches in bugzilla are broken now03:21
mdzhave to redo them03:21
jdubyeah, just got me too :|03:23
jdubbut this is good!03:23
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
sivangd-i froze when probing for drives in grub-install :(03:26
sivangthe debug console said it's going to take a long time, but it has done it swiftly on former builds03:27
mdzsivang: has it ever worked on that system?03:27
mdzthat code hasn't changed in quite a long time03:27
Kamionif it's xfs then there's a race condition, it might work sometimes and fail sometimes on the same hardware03:27
sivangbefore that, i resized and ext3 partition03:27
=== haggai [~halls@pD9EA5A24.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
sivangthe same one the install was done on03:27
Kamionor it might always work on some computers, and always fail on others03:27
sivangit's xfs03:28
Kamionyou lose :)03:28
sivangyeah I do03:28
KamionI thought there was a warning about that in partman03:28
Kamiondon't use xfs for / or /boot03:28
sivangso i'd have to create an ext3 for /boot?03:28
sivangpoepl told me it worked from them03:29
Kamionyes, possibly / as well03:29
Kamionyes, it might work for them but they're lucky03:29
sivangok, back to reiserfs for me :)03:29
thomsivang: reiser is never a good choice03:30
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionext3 for /boot and xfs for / should be fine03:30
Kamionbut the warning is there for a reason, and it really means it03:30
sivangsetting an LVM parition is not enough for an install right? (i tried it and it looped me through partman)03:30
Kamionyou need to create some partitions in the volume group as well03:30
sivangusing partman?03:31
Kamionthere should be free space listed under the LVM volume group03:31
Kamionyou can create partitions in there03:31
makoanyone not ordered a few cd's in shipit?03:32
Kamionnot sure putting / in there will work at the moment, though, leave it outside the volume group for safety03:32
Kamionmako: hm, I haven't03:32
pittimdz: I just finished test-installing the latest iso, but now its 3:30 and I'm too tired to hack on03:32
makoKamion: go try to break it03:32
pittimdz: I'm afraid I cannot fix these burning problems until the release tomorrow03:33
makoKamion: http://shipitl.no-name-yet.com03:33
makoKamion: http://shipit.no-name-yet.com03:33
=== Gman_ is now known as GmanAFK
makoand put in your info in the process03:33
makojust takes a second03:33
mdzpitti: I know; I set it to major to indicate that it's RC for final but not for preview03:33
mdzpreview is >= critical seerity03:33
pittimdz: I know, I just wanted to report03:33
mdzpitti: how did your test go?03:33
pittiwell, no RC issues03:33
pittithe X resolution is wrong03:34
Kamionmako: if passwords don't match, it seems to lose the country I entered03:34
pittiI have 1280x1024 LCD and it set up 1280x96003:34
pittiarchive-copier sucks, but this is intentional, I think03:34
justdavemdz: component list is updated.03:34
mdzjustdave: great, how big is the search page now?03:34
justdavethat didn't take long at all.03:34
Kamion"They will be shipped the following address" -> should be "to the"03:34
pittiapt-sources have security updates commented out03:34
Kamionpitti: :-P03:34
justdavedunno, it loaded fairly quick for me. :)03:35
justdavebut I have a broadband connection03:35
pittimdz: I installed with network, the normal debs were activated automatically (I think), but security is commented out03:35
pittimdz: all in all, pretty good install, X, sound, stuff works03:35
pittigood night, guys! I'm falling asleep instantly03:36
pittiI wish you success with the last fixes03:36
mdzpitti: see you tomorrow :-)03:36
pittimdz: see you! I try to get up before the CD build deadline03:36
pitti(which is in nearly 6 hours)03:36
jdubnigh-- bah03:37
justdavecurl says 249k03:37
makoKamion: oh really? hm.. i thought i fixed that03:37
sivangdoes anyone have a link to a UTC convertor?03:37
mdzsivang: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/03:38
mdzjustdave: a bit heavy, but not unusable03:38
sivangmdz : thanks03:40
justdaveas a point of comparison, the query page on bugzilla.redhat.com is 271k03:41
=== tseng [~tseng@tseng.developer.gentoo] has joined #ubuntu
tsengis there a good reason to ommit ipod support from the rhytmbox builds?03:41
justdave(with the javascript).  RedHat also offers to load it without the javascript, and that comes out at 145k03:42
jdubtseng: it wasn't ready by the time we froze. we'll probably have it for the next release. :)03:42
tsengjdub: great show :)03:42
elmo_mfso, like what happened to :set paste being the default in vim-tiny and/or vim-tiny replacing nvi or whatever the plan was?03:47
jdubelmo_mf: there is no vim-tiny03:47
jdubit wasn't in the vim packages by freeze03:47
elmo_mfmeh, you guys all suck.  us nvi-die-hards will have our revengeh03:48
justdaveIs Apple going to go in a tizzy over that?  Apple's crying foul because of RealNetworks trying to make their software support iPod I thought.03:50
jdubjustdave: we'll have to see if sabdfl is worried about potential apple tizzy. i suspect he wouldn't be. :-)03:51
KamionApple are in dodgy enough territory with regards to music themselves03:52
jdubyeah, steve jobs has the *worst* music tast03:52
jduboh, you mean like corporate and stuff.03:52
Kamionthey lost that court case with Apple Corps03:52
justdaveApple's paying them off though.03:53
justdaverumor has it it's going to be the largest non-class-action payout in history03:53
justdaveand some of the Apple Corps folks might get seats on Apple Computer's board or something03:54
jdubwhen steve jobs buys michael jackson, then i'll be impressed03:56
jdubhis stock is dwindling, the time is right!03:56
npmccallumugh, even building a source package of ooo takes forever03:58
elmo_mfbinaries takes 5:30 on our buildds :)04:00
=== Kamion proposes fixing #375
jdubelmo_mf: good lord04:00
jameshelmo: that's impressive.04:02
jdubKamion: raised and approved04:04
Kamionjdub: ta, just doing a quick boot test04:04
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
sivangeither i have bad luck , or i am doing all wrong..04:07
sivangafter first stage,04:07
sivangrebooted, downloaded remainng packages04:08
npmccallummdz: I'm having the debuild -S translation problem on a clean ubuntu install04:08
sivangfninshed, started to install them, I switched to another tty, and logged in 04:08
sivangas the newly created user. Is this support? (during pkgs setup)04:08
sivang(while in installation)04:09
Kamionthat's fine, but it depends what you did as the newly created user :)04:09
mdznpmccallum: what is causing it?04:09
sivangjust logged in04:09
Kamionit's not a fully-configured system yet, but the base system is there04:09
mdznpmccallum: something in the clean target?04:09
sivangit reached a package (cannot remember it's name) and suddenly spitted "ld 1,2...x" is spawning , after which system hung up with04:10
npmccallummdz: I have no idea, I have the same problem with the ssh package and another package as well (i forget which one)04:10
sivangcouldn't find /usr/bin/sh04:10
sivangand other related bins, like the tty login one04:11
npmccallummdz: To see what is happening see #1188, I attached a diff04:11
Kamiontry in a Debian unstable chroot?04:12
Kamionelmo_mf: debian-installer_20040801ubuntu13_source.changes uploaded04:12
npmccallumKamion: I don't have a Debian unstable chroot :)04:12
Kamionthat's what debootstrap's for04:12
Kamionwell, that and little details like the base system installation04:13
mdznpmccallum: if you can't find out what's going wrong, ask someone else here to do the upload; it needs to happen soon and I can't do it right now04:14
elmo_mfkamion: pushing to mirrors04:14
Kamionelmo_mf: ta04:14
npmccallumAny volunteers?  I can send a patch of the changes...04:15
Kamionnpmccallum: I'll do it, mail me04:16
Kamionmdz: what about openoffice.org-amd64?04:16
mdzKamion: what about it?04:17
mdzoh, propagating the changes04:17
mdzthere's a README in it which explains the procedure04:17
mdzit'll need to wait until the i386 build is complete04:17
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionelmo_mf: do you happen to know what time lamont's daily d-i build kicks off?04:18
elmo_mfkamion: 6-ish04:19
Kamionguessing you won't have time to byhand that before we want to build final CDs though04:19
Kamionhow about we just go with installer-{amd64,i386,powerpc} for preview - that's better anyway04:20
sivangthis ok : dpkg: regarding .../dpkg_1.10.22ubuntu2_i386.deb containing dpkg, pre-dependency problem:04:20
sivang dpkg pre-depends on libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-4)04:20
elmo_mfkamion: delete the dailies?04:20
Kamionsivang: perfectly normal while bootstrapping04:20
Kamionelmo_mf: no04:20
Kamionlet's not burn bridges just in case :)04:20
Kamiongoing with the previous daily is better than nothing at all04:21
elmo_mfkamion: hm, can we at least delete them from final? :p04:21
Kamionprobably, yeah04:21
elmo_mfhmm, xchat's open in abrowser stuff doesn't seem to work in warty04:22
=== Kamion goes for more coffee
mdzjdub: the debug artwork on the gdm login screen is on your list, right?04:24
mdzKamion: powerpc install was flawless04:24
elmo_mfi386, amd64 built.. just waiting for sub-arch-happy powerpc now04:26
sivangKamion : can't find what causing this. ah well, probably my system only04:27
jdubmdz: already uploaded to chinstrap04:29
jdubnow in the queue04:29
npmccallummdz: mind if I change the default value for VERBOSE to "no" in the initscript package (drastically less output)?04:31
Kamionmdz: bonus04:31
elmo_mfokay, ubuntu-artwork +d-i images hit the archive in next cron.daily in like 2 minutes04:31
mdznpmccallum: right now? yes, I would rather you didn't change it until after preview04:32
Kamionelmo_mf: hooray04:32
Kamionmdz: hooray04:32
npmccallummdz: ok, didn't know if you wanted it before preview.  I'll wait04:32
thomladies and gentlemen, we have bittorrent04:36
mdzthom: hoorah04:37
jdubthom: yaaaay!04:37
mdzthom: can we get the .torrent files alongside the images on archive.ubuntu.com?04:37
thommdz: probably, yes04:37
Kamionlooks like it was an old set of ISOs, from the -1 in the filenames?04:37
mdzKamion: yes, and the dates04:38
thomKamion: current sounder image04:38
Kamionthom: ok04:38
thomit seemed the best test case04:38
Kamionmdz: let's look at rearranging the .torrent files after preview04:38
mdzKamion: rearranging?04:38
Kamionwell, if you want .torrent to arrive in cdimage then that's going to involve a fair bit of coordination04:39
mdznah, for preview we can just copy it in after the fact04:39
Kamionand probably reorg of some of the cdimage scripts04:39
Kamionoh, that's fine04:39
mdzthey just ought to be in the same directory so folk will find them04:39
Kamionwe can avoid blocking on them then04:39
thomcan you please test what is there04:40
Kamionhm, I think I'll start today's CD builds off at -504:40
mdzthom: working for me so far, thanks04:40
thomand make sure that you actually get the isos correctly :-)04:40
mdzthom: does the tracker write out any fun statistics?04:40
thommdz: cool04:40
thom69.167.148.207 - - [15/Sep/2004:03:39:55]  "GET /announce?info_hash=E%D6%FE%A0%B7%28%C0n%E3%05Z%A7Qi%EBy%18%BE%09%DB&peer_id=M3-4-2--a6d17fe25743&port=6881&key=c9ef53d1&uploaded=0&downloaded=0&left=490483712&compact=1&event=started HTTP/1.0" 200 62 "-" "BitTorrent/3.4.2"04:41
thomnot the most useful ever :/04:42
thomie, we can work out hits, and we can probably tie in the hash to the cdimage to work out what we're actually firing out04:42
elmo_mfthere's no other stats?04:43
Kamionnpmccallum: wow, you weren't kidding about the source package build taking forever04:44
dafthom: kick *arse*!04:50
elmo_mfubuntu-artwork is in 04:52
npmccallumKamion: yeah, especially after I did like 5 tries of it today, every one with the translation bug04:52
npmccallumand two tries yesterday04:52
npmccallumwell, my wife is calling me to bed... see you guys in the morning04:53
tsengbye nate04:53
Kamionnpmccallum: seems to build fine for me04:53
thomnight dude04:53
elmo_mfkamion: still want ubuntu11, ubuntu12 images?04:54
Kamionelmo_mf: don't want ubuntu11, give me a second and I'll tell you about ubuntu1204:55
npmccallumKamion: do a debdiff between the versions to make sure04:55
Kamionnpmccallum: always do04:55
npmccallumKamion: its not building on a stock ubuntu system04:56
npmccallumKamion: well, the source package builds, but there is the extra mangled template stuff04:56
npmccallumnight all04:56
Kamionnpmccallum: it should technically be harmless, but I will try to look into it04:56
Kamionnpmccallum: I wrote that magic originally, for woody-compatibility; it then propagated through a bunch of Debian packages04:57
elmo_mfdoes anyone else need anything from me archive wise? I might try to grab a few hours sleep04:57
jdubelmo_mf: sleep well :)04:57
KamionI'm just uploading openoffice.org now; that doesn't generally need intervention does it?04:57
tsenghmm that gdm theme is bright04:58
elmo_mfkamion: not AFAIK04:59
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : SSDS | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ | Sneak preview invitations time - see the list :-) | please test 20040915.-5 images
mdzjdub: what's the status of #1080?04:59
Kamionbizarre version number is to leave myself space for more builds before the cron job fires04:59
Kamionthat build doesn't have the newest ubuntu-artwork though04:59
elmo_mfhmm, are we going to need another d-i then?05:00
elmo_mfor do we only care about the images?05:00
Kamionshouldn't need another d-i, no05:00
Kamionubuntu-artwork isn't in the initrd05:00
Kamionwhoops, powerpc mkisofs sorting is fux0red05:01
elmo_mfkamion: oh, right05:03
thommdz: ok, new torrents being generated, i'll add them to the tracker in a sec05:05
makoawesome, everything.ubuntulinux.org is online05:10
makothe lists are a little goofy :)05:11
danielsbrb, going to sydney05:11
=== Kamion fixes powerpc
lamontKamion: we could pull up the daily build if you want05:17
Kamionlamont: we're not going to be using the daily build for the preview release, so don't worry about it05:17
elmo_mfheh, "here's our preview release, it's just our latest daily crack-build!"05:18
Kamionelmo_mf: well, the rest of it is ... :)05:18
elmo_mfgar, no phone, no alarm clock..05:19
jdubmdz: can you reassign that to someone else?05:20
lamontmdz around?05:20
jdubmdz: if you want to put the .desktop file in ubuntu-artwork, it's just a debian/ dir patch on top05:20
jdubmdz: also, is bug-buddy -> supported?05:21
=== Kamion contemplates a nap, but knows he won't wake up in time
=== stub [~zen@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmdz: so, we're asking the "do you want to download updates from the network?" question for both archive.ubuntu.com and security.ubuntu.com in one go, is that right?05:22
Kamionthat's the closest to an outcome I could decipher from the sounder@ thread05:23
lamontdid daniels already leave?05:23
thomlamont: yes05:23
makoif anybody needs me, call me at +1206409719105:24
makoi'll be back in a little bit05:24
mdzKamion: I don't think we should ask more than one question05:29
mdzlamont: yes05:29
mdzjdub: my problem with the bug-buddy->supported / ubuntu-artwork approach is that upgrades will never get bug-buddy05:29
Kamionmdz: agreed05:31
Kamionmdz: the question is whether to ask about archive and default security on, or ask about both05:31
mdzKamion: one question, "do you want stuff via the Internet?"05:31
mdzif yes, archive+security05:31
mdzif no, neither05:31
mdzstuff -> "additional software and updates"05:32
mdzthe archive part of it really shouldn't be an issue for final05:32
mdzlamont: are you home?05:33
jdubmdz: true05:33
jdubmdz: but with bug-buddy installed, you get gnome crash reports05:34
jdubmdz: but then, we'll fix that by final05:34
jdubmdz: i'll upload a new bug-buddy :)05:34
lamontand to the kick back and wait stage05:37
mdzno kicking back around here, soldier :-)05:38
fabbionehey guys05:39
mdzgood morning05:39
lamontand what's the reward for a job well done in this man's army??? :-)05:41
lamontmorning fabbione.05:41
fabbionenight.... it's 5:40 am :(05:44
=== stub [~zen@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
lamontmdz: ah, hell.05:46
=== lamont just looked at the list
lamonthrm. typing break05:48
m_tthewthe new artwork and color scheme are excellent05:52
jdubm_tthew: they're temporary too, but spiffed up for the preview release :)05:53
mdzthere is _ever greater_ spiffiness to come05:54
m_tthewno doubt :)05:54
jdubmdz: i haven't changed tool tips or anything like that, just changed the Exec line05:54
mdzjdub: sounds perfect05:54
m_tthewI imagine the spiffiness is only begining; rather for me only begining when I saw the zebra print the first time05:55
jdubunforutunately the zebra print is gone :|05:56
jdubbut it will rise from the dead in my repo soon :)05:56
m_tthewgood luck everyone, time for me to sleep05:57
jdubmdz: b-b uploaded06:01
lamontamd64+ccache is, um, scary06:02
=== Kamion burns YA hacked test CD for base-config changes
=== tvon|X31 [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Amroc [Amroc@c-67-162-148-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Amroc needs to ask LaMont more questions at jujistu tomorrow night
lamontAmroc: sure thing06:12
lamontjdub: btw, is the live CD expected to not configure the network????06:12
lamontAmroc: which live cd did you grab? sounder 8?06:12
jdublamont: dunno06:12
lamontthe fix to Amroc's woes was litteraly to switch to another VC and say 'dhclient'06:13
Amrocon my laptop i cant get the net to work, i go in and do the dhclient, and it still dosent work, my dad says i need to put in my wep key...i dont know whcin one i grabed06:13
mdzjdub: as I said earlier, that is a bug in the live CD06:13
Amrocit ws like "warty_v2" or something06:13
lamontmdz: way cool06:15
lamontas in 'known bug'??06:15
Amrocso its not my fault?06:15
mdzthe fact that it did not come up automatically is not your fault06:16
mdzbut if you need a wep key, you need to do that by hand anyway06:16
lamontmdz: he's hardwired on that machine.06:17
lamonthis other machine will need the wep key, maybe..\06:17
Amrocmy dad says i will, so i unno06:18
Amroclamont, was your kid sitting out in the car the entire time you were helping me?06:18
mdzis xscreensaver smart enough to disable the GL screensavers if DRI is not present?06:18
elmo_mfwe should make it be06:20
mdzour default screensaver choices are mostly GL06:21
mdzanyone who doesn't have DRI is going to be seriously unhappy06:21
elmo_mfno, they'll just have really lame screensavers06:21
elmo_mf(but yes, I agree, it sucks.. )06:22
mdzthey'll have screensavers which use all their cpu and look shitty06:22
Amrocok, im just gonna bug lamont tomorrow night, good night/morning every one (depending on where in the worl you are)06:22
=== Amroc [Amroc@c-67-162-148-18.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
lamontmust not get Amroc in trouble with his mum.06:24
jdubKamion: that isolinux boot logo looks okay06:33
jdubat least it matches the other art06:35
jdubthough the black one looks cooler06:35
KamionI think the new one is better-designed06:38
KamionI'm so not a graphic artist :)06:38
=== jdub tells himself to not frig around
Kamion"Ubuntu provides additional software and timely security updates via the Internet. These updates may be tracked each time you upgrade your system. If you have a connection to the Internet, this is generally a good idea.06:39
KamionDownload software from the Internet?"06:39
jdubKamion: s/the Internet/the Ubuntu update server/ ?06:40
elmo_mfjdub: what about mirrors?06:40
elmo_mfthis is not just security06:40
jdubKamion: we're not asking about mirrors are we?06:40
elmo_mfoh, duh, no we're not yet, so nm06:41
Kamionno; it's not just updates though, it's stuff in Supported06:41
jduboh man06:41
jdubmy cd is skipping during the copy06:41
Kamionyeah, I think there's a cache-chucked-out-of-RAM issue06:41
KamionI'll look at it after preview06:41
Kamionunless you want me to look at it before preview06:41
jdubi do not06:42
jdubthis is not nam06:42
jdubthis is bowling06:42
jdubthere are rules06:42
jdubthis is so rad06:43
=== elmo_mf installs all the emacs packages he needs from universe since the person in charge of seeds is clearly a vi bigot ;-P
whiprush_it's all about rad.06:53
=== stub [~zen@c211-28-34-252.sunsh1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
lamontjdub: nam as in vietnam?06:57
thomelmo_mf: you love vi really06:58
jdubhow many packages in main?07:13
jdubelmo_mf, mdz: ?07:13
Kamion<cjwatson@riva /mirror/ubuntu>$ zcat dists/warty/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz | grep-dctrl --count ''07:15
Kamionsource packages:07:16
Kamion<cjwatson@riva /mirror/ubuntu>$ zcat dists/warty/main/source/Sources.gz | grep-dctrl --count ''07:16
mdzjdub: here07:16
jdubKamion: and universe?07:16
jdubmdz: just asking these questions07:16
Kamionjdub: can't get that so conveniently, I don't mirror it. one sec07:16
jdubaruond 8000?07:17
Kamionjdub: 1082607:18
jdubthanks ;)07:19
elmo_mfwhat's the deicision on the Bugs:// header?07:19
Kamion7261 source07:20
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
diemanelmo_mf: poke.07:28
elmo_mfdieman: hi07:29
diemanelmo_mf: I finished up a ubuntu/ mirror07:29
diemanim resyncing now07:29
diemancouldn't find the space for cd images tho07:29
elmo_mfdieman: URL(s)?07:29
elmo_mfand how often do you plan on resyncing? 07:30
=== lamont is chewing through his bandwidth allocation getting current as well.
diemanftp://ftp.cs.umn.edu/pub/ubuntu/ , how badly do you want http:07:30
elmo_mfdieman: alternatively, just add yourself to the wiki :)07:30
diemanand also, how often do you recommend07:30
elmo_mfdieman: http really is a lot better for apt, so it'd be nice07:30
diemani'll setup http in a min here07:30
elmo_mfdieman: well, we update every 30 minutes, but that's not sane until we get a trigger so you don't run unless there's changes.. I gues every hour or two (or three..) depending on how fast your machine, how much you care etc.07:31
diemanyeah, its a lightly loaded 500mhz ultrasparc...07:32
diemanso no worries here07:32
diemannice d/l rates at night too07:33
diemandownloading the mass that is tetex07:33
diemanwrote 123541 bytes  read 369985510 bytes  495129.17 bytes/sec07:34
diemanyeah, that wasn't too bad07:35
KamionI think I must be approaching 20 Ubuntu installs today07:41
diemanelmo_mf: did you want resync frequency on the wiki page, or did you just want to know?07:42
carlosfabbione: seems like the compilation is stalled at:07:44
carlos/usr/bin/make -C build-tree/xc WORLDOPTS="" IMAKE_DEFINES="-DXFree86CustomVersion='\"Ubuntu 4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu17 20040915051945 root@localhost.localdomain\"' -DBuildSpecsDocs=NO -DBuildFonts=NO" World > logs/make_world.build.log 2>&107:44
lamontKamion: so it's a good thing they're fast? :)07:44
lamontcarlos: > logs/make_world.build.log 2>&107:44
=== phlaegel_ [~phlaegel@S0106000d88033723.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionlamont: s'what multiple machines are for ... :)07:45
lamontthat's X redirecting everything and it's mother to a log file.07:45
lamontKamion: heh07:45
Kamionyes, that's it stalled at "compiling all of X" :-)07:45
lamontof course, if the build ever takes more than 2.5 hours,there are some buildd's that'll fail it for stallage...07:45
carloslamont: hmm, true, I thought it was only a small portion of the compilation redirected...07:45
thomyay, colin's still suffering too! ;-)07:46
lamontcarlos: it's everything, effectively07:46
=== Kamion kills thom
=== dieman waits for apache to build
=== lamont finally quits postponing the typing break
Kamionthom: were you planning on sleeping?07:46
diemantick. tock.07:46
=== phlaegel [~phlaegel@S0106000d88033723.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
thomKamion: no, there seems little point now07:46
diemanthe 'release' is RSN? eh?07:47
thomdieman: 7 houra07:47
Kamion8 hours I think07:47
diemansomeone got a jscript countdown timer up yet? :)07:47
diemanjavascript, rather, or whatever.07:47
Kamionactually, 9 hours07:47
lamontwell, give or take, eh?07:47
diemanheh, so by the time i get into work tomorrow07:47
lamontdieman: you running apache 1.3???07:47
diemanthat should make the ftp server verrry interesting :)07:47
carlosbahh, what's one hour more or less after all night working?07:48
diemanlamont: on ringworld.org still :|07:48
diemanlamont: haven't had time to migrate07:48
=== thom goes to get breakfast
diemanlamont: i use it at work except for one server where we have a 'legacy' module07:48
dieman(uses mm in a not-so-nice-to-apache2.0-way)07:48
=== lamont knows someone who recommends that all of his competitors run 1.3...
diemanim busy installing apache 2.0 on this ftp server07:49
lamontsaid person is a well connected security person, not in this channel07:49
diemansince the ftp admin is all anti-http ;)07:49
diemanim guessing if anything07:49
diemanim fucked by php07:49
diemannot apache07:49
mdzdieman: I have had an xdaliclock counting down for a couple of days07:50
mdzhelps keep me focused07:50
diemanmdz: cool07:50
mdzKamion: still with us?07:57
Kamionmdz: yep07:57
Kamionfollowing thom's lead and having breakfast now07:57
=== schweeb [~chris@schweeb.org] has joined #ubuntu
mdzlamont: is the latest oo.o upload building now?07:59
lamontmdz: for the last 2.5 hours... give it another 308:01
lamont3.5 on ppc08:01
diemanhttp://ftp.cs.umn.edu/pub/ubuntu is all setup now08:08
mdzback in 1008:11
diemanmaster.d.o can pull off of ftp.cs.umn.edu at 1.27MB/s (yes, bytes.)08:13
diemantested with warty's Contents-i386.gz08:13
diemanno, that was from gluck08:14
diemannot thinking what i was logged into08:14
diemannot master :)08:14
diemannow with vegastrike-data...08:15
dieman00:15:50 (1.37 MB/s) - `/dev/null' saved [121897040/121897040] 08:15
Mithrandirmdz: _ew_, another OOo upload?  I should do the amd64 OOO dance, then..08:23
mdzMithrandir: yes, once i386 is built08:24
Mithrandirthe sources are in the archive, are they not?08:26
mdzdon't you need the i386 debs, though?08:26
Mithrandirnope, so far I've built them myself08:26
Kamionyou might as well wait for the buildds then, they're half-way through now ...08:26
thomit's, um, bracing out there08:33
=== hypatia [~mary@82-69-60-252.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionthom: you went outside, you fool08:39
thomi'd not left the house since 10am yesterday08:39
thomit seemed like a good idea!08:39
mdzI haven't left the house since, um...08:39
Kamionthe big room's overrated08:39
mdzthe big hot room08:40
thommdz: it's 9C currently ;-)08:40
mdz21C here08:40
Mithrandirthom: hottie, it's 7C here.08:40
Mithrandirand raining08:41
Mithrandir(has been for a week)08:41
mdza bit warm considering it's almost midnight08:41
jdubwhen was the latest cd build?08:41
mdzit's been humid recently08:41
diemansort of the wrong chan too08:41
mdznormally the word "humid" does not enter into conversation in this part of the country08:41
thomhey, what's the weather like in november in LA?08:42
mdzpretty much like the weather in LA the rest of the year08:42
mdzwarm, sunny and dry08:42
mdzthom: http://weather.yahoo.com/climo/USCA1107_c.html08:42
diemanwhen we went to the san diego wild animal park it was somehow worse08:42
diemanlike 95F08:43
Kamionmdz: the cdimage crontab will fire too early to catch the base-config I just uploaded (or, rather, I uploaded it too late for the crontab).08:43
dieman... last july08:43
mdzaverage high 20C, average low 5C08:43
diemanmdz: i didn't know you were in la08:43
mdzthom: why, you coming to visit?08:43
Kamionmdz: should I move the crontab, or just build another image when base-config builds?08:43
thommdz: yeah, most likely grabbing a few days there before apachecon08:43
mdzdieman: will have been a year soon08:43
thomthen driving down to vegas with some friends08:43
Kamionjdub: four hours ago08:44
diemanmdz: nifty08:44
diemanmdz: we were out there for a week in july during the 4th08:44
Mithrandirdieman: 95F is nice, at least if it's not too humid.08:44
diemanwent out to dana point with the insanity to see the fireworks.08:44
Kamionhm, new openoffice.org appears to have arrived08:44
thomi'm hoping 24 isn't an accurate view of LA though ;-)08:44
diemanand did all the touristy things08:44
Kamionthom: oh, but wouldn't it be cool if it were08:45
thomKamion: well, i'd pass on the nuclear bomb, or the biowarfare... ;-)08:45
mdzthom: 24?08:45
diemanthe tv show08:46
KamionToday is the longest day of Jack's life08:46
thommdz: the tv show. realtime. counter terrorist unit based in LA08:46
sabdflmorning all08:46
thomhey mark08:46
mdzah, I think I have heard of that08:46
mdzsabdfl: good morning08:46
Kamionit is the first day of the Californian presidential primary, etc.08:46
Kamions/first //08:46
Kamionmorning Mark08:46
fabbionehey sabdfl 08:46
sabdflmdz: new oo.o for final?08:46
sabdflBIG DAY TODAY GUYS!08:46
mdzMithrandir: howa bout some oo.o love?08:46
sabdflI'm very excited, how are you all?08:47
Kamionsomewhere through tired and out the other side08:47
fabbionesabdfl: who isn't? ;)08:47
diemanim so excited, that im going to go to bed so I can get up tomorrow morning.08:47
Mithrandirhiya sabdfl 08:47
dieman(or this morning, rather)08:47
mdza significant contingent probably fall into the category of "sleepy"08:47
=== fabbione tends to agree with mdz
diemangood luck for an on-time release08:47
lamontsabdfl: g'night.08:49
Mithrandirmdz: working on it.08:49
sabdflcheers lamont, enjoy the rest, see you for the launch?08:49
lamontoh yeah.  kids have school, alarm goes off in about 4.5 hours.08:50
lamontI'll roll out of bed in about 5. :-)08:50
thomsabdfl: about the same state as Colin, here.08:50
=== lamont loves his wife. very helpful at release time.
sabdflthom: i thought you were the "powernowdude"08:50
thomyeah, battery's running low though so i'm throttled to 50% CPU08:51
Kamionelmo_mf: still up, or dead?08:51
fabbionesabdfl: isn't thom the one that likes to slice his fingers? ;)08:52
=== Kamion runs setiathome on thom
sabdflthat's just the midnight server ritual i use08:52
justdaveso....  what's the minimum system requirements for Warty?  We don't appear to have anything on the wiki listing that, and someone asked me :)08:52
thomKamion: see, that's cruel :-)08:52
sabdfljustdave: runs just fine on a P-II 400 w/ 96MB RAM (my dad's system)08:53
Kamionjustdave: 350 MB disk for custom install, 1.8 GB for normal desktop install08:53
=== thom fires Zope from a cannon
lamont333MHz P-II with 128MB for my girls08:54
=== lamont really sleeps. night/morning/evening, as dictated by your local longitude.
thomnight dude08:54
KamionJeff reckoned earlier for the desktop 128 MB RAM, 512 MB recommended; I'm guessing that's standard GNOME recommendation08:54
sabdfljustdave: bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org ready for some action?08:54
justdavethat the domain we're going to run it under?08:55
justdavegot everything set up to point at bugzilla.ubuntu.com at the moment08:55
justdaveotherwise, yeah, roaring and ready :)08:55
Mithrandirmdz: it will take a little to upload.. I should probably just put it on my USB key and upload from university rather than using my puny 640Kbit uplink08:56
mdzMithrandir: 640kbit? that's hefty08:56
mdzI only have 256k here08:57
mdzjdub: here?08:57
Kamionthey have proper bandwidth in scandinavia08:57
MithrandirI guess you don't upload many 200MB packages, then. ;)08:57
mdzthe new bug-buddy seems to be broken08:57
thommdz: he's trying to make his laptop not suck, i think08:57
mdzError showing url: There was an error launching the default action command associated with this location.08:57
diemani've got 1.5mbps/1mbps08:58
justdavethom: what would be involved in getting postfix on macquarie to not rewrite the From: lines on the email Bugzilla sends?08:58
mdzit's pointing to https08:58
lamontjustdave: are you trying to set the RHS to a CNAME???08:58
mdzwhich apparently doesn't work with gnome-open08:58
justdaveboth Bugzillas are sending out mail with their own domain names on the From: line, but they're getting rewritten to @macquarie.warthogs.hbd.com08:59
mdzwhile if it points to http, it gets redirected to https anad works fine08:59
justdavelamont: it probably is.  will it automatically not rewrite if we add MXes?08:59
mdzor maybe it hates the certificate08:59
lamontCNAME's are always canonized.08:59
mdzat any rate, it can be fixed by changing it to http08:59
lamontby any MTA you choose, providing it follows RFC's written 15+ years ago...09:00
lamontthrough current09:00
thombugzilla.ubuntulinux.org is an A record09:00
lamontjustdave: switching to an MX RR set instead will let the name stand.09:00
lamontpostfix shouldn't rewrite that unless thom's been very busy with the config...09:00
lamontyou sure it's really user@b.u.o in the headers?09:01
mdzit looks like the gnome-open handler for https is epiphany09:02
mdzwhile http is firefox09:02
thomlamont: bog standard install09:02
justdaveit's using bugzilla-daemon@bugzilla.ubuntu.com on the From: line right now09:02
lamontanyway, gotta get to sleep - I'll try to be up early enough to pester thom about the postfix config if needed09:02
lamontthom: thought so.09:02
lamontnfc what's going on, can't think straight.  sleep.09:02
justdavewhich is also an A record, by the look of it09:02
mdzanyone here know anything about gnome preferred applications and the like?09:03
justdaveah, and that's not getting rewritten09:03
justdaveok, so the problem fixed itself when we changed the domain.09:03
justdavebugzilla.n-n-y.com was getting rewritten09:03
justdavebugzilla.no-name-yet.com is an alias for macquarie.warthogs.hbd.com.09:03
=== justdave changes it to ubuntulinux.org
justdaveok, so the two bugzillas have different domain names on the mail they send out now, so I can tell them apart in my mail filters finally :)09:07
=== mdz pulls down two architectures of openoffice.org
jdubmdz: pign09:12
mdzjdub: the bug reporting menu item seems busticated09:13
mdzjdub: it tries to launch epiphany09:13
jdubmdz: it uses gnome-open09:13
mdzgnome-open https://... runs epiphany09:13
mdzgnome-open http://... runs firefox09:13
jdubmdz: if you don't have a fresh install, it'll be a bit bong09:13
mdzthis install is a whole day old09:13
jdubcheck 'preferred applications'09:14
mdzit had epiphany set09:14
mdzcustom browser / "epiphany %s"09:14
jdubthat is suboptimal09:14
GmanAFKthere's different handlers for http and https09:14
GmanAFKin url handler schemas09:14
mdzI had never touched it until now09:14
jdubmdz: so does mine09:15
mdzjdub: if I change it to select a web browser / mozilla firefox, it fixes things09:15
mdzand gnome-open https:// launches firefox then, as it should09:15
mdzI just tested a fresh install from the .2 daily and it has exactly the asme problem09:17
mdzjdub: is this fixable?09:18
jdubshould be09:18
jdubjust sorting something else out09:18
jdubthen moving on to the pub09:18
jdubif seb's not around soon, i'll look at it09:19
mdzseb didn't get to sleep until about 0200 UTC at the earliest09:19
mdzso I don't expect him09:19
=== thom goes to see if he can get to the bottom of the xresprobe failure
Kamionwhere has the morphix CD directory on little gone?09:21
Kamionit was there last time I looked, and there's nothing in my shell history about it ...09:23
Kamionlikewise npmccallum-bootsplash is gone, although that was obsolete anyway09:23
fabbioneoh yeah oh yeah!09:25
fabbionei finally got xserver packages with the nv driver from x.org09:25
fabbionethe bastards add a new submodule09:26
mdzKamion: I moved it09:26
mdzKamion: both of them09:26
Kamionmdz: where?09:26
mdzinto my home directory, for lack of a better place to hide them09:26
Kamionthe morphix directory was advertised though09:26
mdzthe stuff in morphix is unsuitable for release at this point09:26
Kamionfair enough09:27
mdzunfortunate, but this seems like the least painful way to cope09:27
mdzbetter to have no live CD there than to have a broken one09:27
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=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
pittilulu: Good morning!09:28
lulumorning Pitti!09:29
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
mdzshort visit09:29
Kamionpitti: can #1233 be RESOLVED/INVALID in our bugzilla?09:30
pittiKamion: of course, I just wanted to do it09:30
pittiit's no bug after all09:30
pittior, a bug at OSI level 8 :-)09:30
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : SSDS | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ | Sneak preview invitations time - see the list :-) | please test 20040915 images
Kamiontopicdiff: new images09:33
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzKamion: shouldn't we do a set when all oo.o binaries are available?09:35
mdzMithrandir: what's the ETA for oo.o-amd64?09:35
Kamionmdz: probably worth respinning then, yes09:35
Kamionbut since cron helpfully built these images I figured I might as well solicit testing09:36
thomKamion: figured out what the cdimage dir structure is gonna be?09:36
thom(so i can make the BT scripts DTRT)09:36
Mithrandirmdz: uploading now, my laptop decided to throw a fit, which caused me a little bit of trouble.09:36
mdzMithrandir: at what time will the upload be complete?09:37
Kamionthom: /cdimage/releases/4.10/preview/, unless anyone argues; I don't know quite what the structure under that's going to be, but probably install/ and live/09:37
Mithrandirmdz: six minutes to chinstrap09:38
mdzMithrandir: thanks09:38
Mithrandirthe new artwork is very, very nice.09:39
mdzMithrandir: the new temporary artwork :-)09:39
Mithrandiryeez, we're still on temporary? :)09:39
Mithrandir(but the font in the splash screen, where it tells what it's doing is ugly)09:39
=== Kamion hopes the gdm screen isn't final
Kamionthe logo's nice, but white text on a beige background? I think not :-)09:40
Kamionhm, I'm sure I've got the new OOo, but the .desktop files are still how they were ...09:42
thomman, sinfest is on a stormer right now09:43
mdzKamion: please don't say that09:43
Mithrandirsomething is fucked here.. snd-pcm-oss has been stopped being loaded on boot, which means esd doesn't start, which means rhytmbox doesn't start.09:43
mdzKamion: please oh please09:43
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzMithrandir: working fine here09:43
Mithrandirmdz: what loads pcm-oss in your setup?09:44
mdzMithrandir: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base09:44
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirhm, I don't have alsa-base installed. ;)09:44
Kamionmdz: it doesn't look like the patch has been applied :-(09:45
mdzKamion: I am starting to get that feeling09:45
Kamionwhat does ooo-build/patches/order do?09:45
mdzno clue09:46
Mithrandirwhat is the new names supposed to be?09:46
mdzbut I am not at all pleased that it wasn't tested09:46
KamionI just uploaded it, guv :-/09:47
mdzI know09:47
KamionI think it should've been in OOO_1_1_2 rather than OOO_1_109:47
mdzI'm not faulting you09:47
Kamionwouldn't swear to it, though09:47
Kamionhm, no, that sets PATCHPATH=.:../OOO_1_1/ etc.09:47
mdzsabdfl: so, just how critical was https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1188 exactly?09:48
Kamionoh, I bet you that the patch name should've been added to ooo-build/patches/OOO_1_1_2/apply09:49
Kamionright after desktop-mime.diff would be good09:49
sabdflmdz: not as important as the bug i'm about to file that mozilla suddenly became my default browser for urls in gaim. wtf?09:50
sabdflbut really, fine to fix by final, not preview09:50
mdzok, downgrading09:50
KamionI'll not tie up CPU time here with a test build, then09:51
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzsabdfl: you had set it to something else?09:51
sabdflsensible-browser is now mozilla.... ?09:51
=== silbs [~jane@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflwhat package is that set in?09:51
sabdflsurely we want firefox?09:52
mdzoh, mozilla-mozilla, not mozilla-firefox? blech09:52
mdzI don't know where it's set09:52
thomlooking now09:53
mdzit's never done the right thing for me, ever09:53
sabdflwhy is mozilla installed at all?09:53
mdzso I long ago stopped clicking on URLs in gaim09:53
mdzmozilla isn't installed with desktop09:53
thomsabdfl: it's not, here. un  mozilla-browse <none>         (no description available)09:53
thomclean install09:53
carlosfabbione: seems like the nv driver works without problems in my iMac09:54
Mithrandirsabdfl: what does /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser point to?09:54
sabdflok, i've been updating09:54
mdzit opens firefox for me09:55
mdzjust tested09:55
mdzhey, there's content on ubuntulinux.org09:55
sabdflMithrandir: /usr/bin/mozilla09:56
thomnow that zope has been bludgeoned09:56
sabdflhow do I reset that?09:56
thomupdate-alternatives --config x-www-browser09:56
mdzmozilla-firefox registers www-browser with priority 9909:56
thom(as root/sudo)09:56
mdzmozilla-browser 9909:56
mdzmozilla-firefox only asks for 7009:56
mdzso if both are installed, you'll get mozilla09:57
eddcrazy default09:57
Mithrandirthere you have the reason, then.09:57
pittiugh - will these 3px small fonts be fixed on ubuntulinux.org?09:57
mdzsabdfl: should we change the www.ubuntulinux.org/download/ content to reflect the fact that we're witholding the live CD for now?09:59
sabdflmdz: yes, i'll ask Lu to do so09:59
pittisabdfl: I spotted several glitches on the websites (canonical.com/ubuntulinux.org). Who can I bother this with?10:01
silbspitti: it's a work progress so don't get too worried. But we would still like to know what you have seen. Please put it all in an email to Lulu.10:06
pittisilbs: okay, thanks.10:06
MithrandirKamion: applying the menu names patch after mime types makes it fail10:06
KamionMithrandir: wheeeeee10:09
Mithrandirhow nice, the patch step removes all .rejs10:09
Mithrandirand it claims a patch failed, which I have _no idea_ how would fail..10:10
HrdwrBoBwhy do we need to test todays images10:10
HrdwrBoBI just started rsync10:10
KamionHrdwrBoB: because today is our preview release10:11
mdzwhy? because it's fun10:11
mdzoh, that too10:11
KamionHrdwrBoB: and today's images are very close to what we'll be releasing as our first offering to the world10:11
Kamionwhich reminds me, about to start a new CD build anyway to pick up the new base-config, which needs testing10:12
Kamionsorry for the inconvenience10:12
MithrandirKamion: ah, the desktop-mime stuff adds some shit to writer.desktop.. Adding it before might work.10:17
Mithrandirtesting that.10:17
Mithrandirdebian/rules clean for OOO takes more time than a full build of most of my packages..10:20
=== acs [~acs@212.Red-80-36-133.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
carlosfabbione: if you want the driver I could send you it I didn't saw it's 2MB long... (I sent it to the mailing list, but I asked to discard it)10:23
fabbionecarlos: thanks, can you put it on chinstrap?10:24
fabbionecarlos: or anywhere on the web that i can grab it?10:25
Mithrandirok, patch applies at least, now.10:28
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-57-142.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirmdz: should I just upload OOO when I've verified that the fix is correct?10:28
mdzMithrandir: no, the change can wait until after preview10:29
carlosfabbione: you have it  at /home/carlos 10:29
fabbionecarlos: thanks10:31
fabbionei will wait a bit to make it public10:32
fabbionei think i have a much better patch on the way10:32
fabbionethat is way less introsuive10:32
fabbione(and it's able to build the full debs ;))10:32
Mithrandiryay, somebody rocks.10:32
Mithrandirthe weather applet did at least choose the right country now.10:32
carlosok, tell me if you want I recompile it :-)10:32
fabbionecarlos: thanks.. i will let you know and it is going to be easier this time :-)10:33
carlosit was also easy last time :-P10:33
fabbionethis will be 2 commands instead of 20 :-)10:33
HrdwrBoBKamion: so when are we expecting this new CD image?10:38
fabbioneHrdwrBoB: which CD? ;)10:39
fabbionethere is no CD :P10:39
fabbioneoh that was s/CD/cabal :P10:39
HrdwrBoBI don't understand.. you're regular expression isn't terminated10:40
khalekHrdwrBoB: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/WartyWarthog/PreviewReleaseDayZero10:40
HrdwrBoBI just trashed my 40% complete rsync10:43
MithrandirHrdwrBoB: that's why you should run rsync with --partial10:44
HrdwrBoBMithrandir: I am NOW10:44
HrdwrBoBbut it doesn't help me from before10:44
HrdwrBoBI'm also running with --bwlimit so it doesn't eat my connection :)10:44
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : SSDS | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ | Sneak preview invitations time - see the list :-) | please test 20040915.1 images
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
sivangam I late yet? :)10:52
pittisivang: morning10:54
fabbioneKamion: is it already on archive?10:54
sivangmorning pitti10:54
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionfabbione: yes10:55
fabbioneKamion: cool..10:55
=== fabbione burns
sivangpitti : a new daily?10:55
pittisivang: yes, new daily, but the final CD is late10:55
jdubhi guys10:55
pittijdub: hi!10:55
jdubyou're now live on screen at the SLUG Debian SIG release party10:55
sivanghey jdub!10:55
carlosrburton: were you able to use your iPod with ubuntu?10:55
Kamionhello pub10:55
jdubso you might not want to say things like PANTS and COCKFOSTERS10:56
pittisivang: one reason is certainly that there are still two blocker bugs open10:56
=== ctd|debsig [~ctd@adsl-58-119.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
sivangpitti : numbers?10:56
rburtoncarlos: only if its in when i boot10:56
pittithom: do you know when the final CD build is really due? I'm asking because of #120310:56
pittisivang: #1203, 123810:56
carlosrburton: did you tested the usb issue I told you?10:56
rburtoncarlos: yes, that makes it work again. silly thing :)10:57
sivangKamion : around?10:57
carlosok, I'm not alone with that bug then!!!10:57
rburtoncarlos: did you file it?10:57
mdzKamion: is your mirror out of date?10:57
carlosrburton: not yet, I don't know where should I file it (debian, kernel.org...)10:58
whiprush_carlos: hey that happened to me also.10:58
mdzI'm testing 0915.1 and it's still downloading tcl8.0, gs, gs-gpl from the network10:58
rburtoncarlos: be lazy: ubuntu for now and let people forward it on :)10:58
carlosand I don't have time to debug it10:58
Kamionmdz: I'm encountering that; I don't think it has anything to do with mirror outdatedness, though10:58
carlosrburton: X-)10:58
Kamionsivang: yes10:58
mdzpitti: 1203 is taken care of10:59
carloswhiprush_: welcomed to the club :-D10:59
whiprush_firewire or usb connection?10:59
sivangKamion : i vi'd /etc/apt/sources.list , that's why install hung up10:59
sivangKamion : on the other tty10:59
mdzpitti: absolute final CD build will be at approximately 140010:59
pittiah, thanks10:59
carloswhiprush_: firewire10:59
=== sivang is wondering if it's ok already to post about ubuntu the local linux site
Kamionsivang: let us release first, please :-)11:00
sivangKamion : ofcourse :)11:01
mdzKamion: other than the download weirdness, .1 looks good11:01
elmo_mfmdz: ping, Bugs: override, or does it not matter anymore?11:01
mdzelmo_mf: um, yes11:01
jdubokay everyone11:02
jdubsay hi to the SLUG Debian SIG :-)11:02
mdzhello Mr. SLUG11:02
whiprush_hello SLUGs!11:02
=== fabbione waves
=== whiprush_ is now known as whiprush
=== rburton runs
khalekspeaking of fosters are people familiar with the beneath a steel sky story?11:04
Mithrandirhi SDS11:04
elmo_mfmdz: where _to_ then?  you guys were going over several different options...11:04
=== sivang wonders if there maybe a live video feed on the net to see the party :-)
khalekthe lead character is called foster and they have a part of the intro where a beer label is held up when he is named, fosters threatened legal action so the label was changed to SS IPM (RAW)11:04
khaleknever noticed what that meant until it was pointed out to me11:05
whiprushjdub: take a pic of the group please!11:05
mdzelmo_mf: sounder@lists11:05
mdzelmo_mf: I thought I was explicit in #108011:05
hypatiahello slug11:05
mdzelmo_mf: or whatever sounder@lists is getting renamed to11:05
mdzjdub was making some noise about ubuntu-users11:05
mdzsounder is just fine with me for the time being11:06
danielshello fascists!11:07
danielsmdz: ping11:07
jdubso it seems like time to start the talk :)11:08
mdzdaniels: I was just talking in the channel a minute ago11:08
=== stub [~zen@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
mdzdaniels: is there something I can do for you?11:09
Kamionmdz: it's not that tcl8.0, gs, gs-gpl are out of date on little11:10
mdzKamion: yes, I was just noting that11:10
Kamionmdz: they're not on the CD at all, and shouldn't need to be, but aptitude wants to install them for some reason11:10
Kamionpurging them after the install works11:10
mdzKamion: hmmm11:11
mdzKamion: gs is in universe?!11:11
danielselmo_mf: jeff says you are a wanker, but still loves you11:12
mdzKamion: oh, we're using gs-esp11:12
mdzKamion: germinate bug, perhaps?11:12
mdzKamion: several packages depend on gs, and gs-esp provides gs11:13
Kamionmdz: germinate's fine; looks like aptitude is wanting to install the first package in a |-ed list11:13
Kamionwell, I infer that germinate is fine from the fact that I can purge those extra packages without difficulty11:13
mdznow that bit is not going to get fixed for preview11:13
Kamiongs isn't in universe ...11:14
Kamionwe can force tcl8.0,gs,gs-gpl onto the CD for preview as a workaround, I suppose11:14
mdz        gs |     7.07-1 | http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/universe Sources11:14
mdzlftp archive.ubuntu.com:/ubuntu/pool/universe/g/gs> ls11:15
mdzdrwxr-xr-x  --  ..                   11:15
mdz-rw-r--r--         2.0M  2004-07-27 00:39  gs_7.07-1.diff.gz11:15
mdz-rw-r--r--          643  2004-07-27 00:39  gs_7.07-1.dsc11:15
mdz-rw-r--r--         4.7M  2004-07-27 00:39  gs_7.07.orig.tar.gz11:15
mdzthe source package is in universe11:15
Kamionmdz: gs in main comes from the gs-gpl source11:16
=== nessy [~silvia@adsl-58-119.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmdz: you may vomit now11:16
=== mdz vomits
=== Mithrandir steps aside
elmo_mfdaniels: WTF?11:17
KamionI'll try an install with network updates switched off to see if aptitude's happy then11:17
MithrandirI guess we don't have an "ubuntu-policy" package yet?11:18
danielselmo_mf: jeff just paid you out to debsig11:18
danielsand scott, but he's not here11:18
elmo_mf"paid me out" ?11:18
fabbionedaniels: tell jeff that we want to see pics of him doing the ubuntu dance with X variant11:19
hypatia"made fun of you"11:19
fabbionedaniels: otherwise better for him not to show up at the next meeting :P11:19
danielsfabbione: heh :)11:19
danielselmo_mf: gave you crap11:19
fabbionedaniels: nv driver is rocking. i am slimming down the patch11:19
fabbionedaniels: and doing a decent integration right now11:20
mdzdaniels: kindly inform jeff that elmo does not deserve any crap right now11:21
rburtonfabbione: what is so great about this new nv driver i should test?11:21
fabbionerburton: that it should work.11:22
fabbionerburton: the one that is around seems to have a few problems with some video cards11:22
fabbioneso either we revert back to an old one11:22
fabbioneor we try something better11:22
elmo_mfmdz: dude, I'm at Mark's, that so not possible :P11:23
fabbionei guess we all agree on the latter solution11:23
voice_of_lulucan someone please create a favicon of the ubuntu logo please?11:23
sabdflwow. i've never seen a half-pint beating up a wall-penetrating giant before11:23
mdzelmo_mf: ok, any _supplementary_ crap :-P11:24
voice_of_lulu[I assume, you can find a copy of it in ubuntu-artwork..] 11:24
mdzvoice_of_lulu: which one?11:24
elmo_mfmdz: the circle with arms?11:24
mdzelmo_mf: ha ha ha11:24
luluelmo:  ;) 11:24
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-22-186.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
mdzdaniels: tell jeff I take it all back11:25
mdzseb128: welcome back :-)11:25
danielsfabbione: awesome, well done11:25
seb128hey mdz 11:25
seb128hello everybody11:25
mdzlulu: there are several variations in ubuntu-artwork; which one do you have in mind?11:25
carlosseb128: hey !11:25
seb128hey carlos :)11:25
pittiseb128: Good morning! Woke up again after the gnome 2.8 battle? :-)11:26
mdzseb128: I encountered a bug while you were away11:26
seb128pitti: yeah :)11:27
mdzfiled in bugzilla11:27
sabdflseb128: superb work last night11:27
seb128sabdfl: thanks11:27
lulumdz: we just need the little icon part of the ubuntu logo11:28
lulumdz: thanks :o)11:28
seb128mdz: 1238 ?11:28
elmo_mfthe one in /usr/share/pixmaps/splash/human-5xx-xx.png11:28
mdzseb128: the big red one :-)11:28
elmo_mffor example11:28
daniels'isn't python a little constrictive?'11:28
seb128mdz: that's a dup of 111011:28
nessypia waves hello to everyone :)11:28
nessybdale, hugs! <-- from pia11:29
danielsif he's sensible, he's asleep11:29
elmo_mfmdz: (btw, the plan in asking on the channel was to stop Mark from doing it - if you end up doing it, it's sort of counter-productive :)11:29
sabdflnessy: hiya11:29
seb128mdz: if you could provide the details asked in 1110. Which version of gconf2 is installed ?11:29
sabdflseb128: what format are the app icons in?11:30
seb128mdz: apparently my gconf2 patch had a problem, I've fixed it in the 2.8 upload11:30
mdzseb128: this happens on a fresh Warty install11:30
seb128sabdfl: png most of the time11:30
sabdflwe definitely want the ubuntu logo (people-circle) as the icon at the top left for the Applications menu11:30
sabdflseb128: size?11:30
sabdflseb128: svg ok?11:30
seb128sabdfl: let me check11:31
seb128mdz: fresh install already has gconf 2.8 ?11:31
mdzseb128: everything current from the warty archive11:32
mdzii  gconf2         2.8.0-0ubuntu1 GNOME configuration database system. (daemon11:32
mdzseb128: I sent gconf output to the bug11:32
mdzseb128: it was wrong only for https before, but now that I have reinstalled, both http and https are epiphany11:33
seb128sabdfl: the icon is a 48x48 png file, I've not tested with a svg one, but it should work11:33
=== Riff [~davyd@cook.theducks.org] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionethom: ETA for info on 1218?11:33
mdzseb128: /etc/gconf/schemas/desktop_gnome_url_handlers.schemas:      <default>epiphany %s</default>11:34
mdzseb128: that is the default for /schemas/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/https/command11:34
seb128mdz: yes, just seen that, that's a bug11:34
seb128mdz: but the http one should be ok11:35
mdzseb128: yes, but it isn't :-/11:35
seb128mdz: what's in the schema for the http one ?11:35
mdzmdz@potpal ~ $ gnome-open http://www.google.com/11:35
mdzError showing url: There was an error launching the default action command associated with this location.11:35
mdz      <key>/schemas/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http/command</key>11:35
mdz      <applyto>/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http/command</applyto>11:35
mdz      <owner>gnome</owner>11:35
mdz      <type>string</type>11:35
mdz      <default>mozilla-firefox %s</default>11:35
mdzseb128: however, Desktop Preferences->Preferred Applications says my Default Web Browser is epiphany11:36
mdzseb128: there is also this: ./gconf.xml.defaults/schemas/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/https/%gconf.xml:                        <stringvalue>epiphany %s</stringvalue>11:37
seb128yes, the https one is broken, I'll fix it now11:37
mdzit is in two places; I do not know whether they come from the same place11:37
mdzone in /etc/gconf/schemas, one in /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/schemas11:37
seb128the .schemas value are placed in gconf.xml.defaults during the package installation (in the postinst)11:38
seb128and you have custom values in ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http/11:39
seb128you've tried with a fresh user ?11:39
mdzI reinstalled this system from scratch about 30 minutes ago11:39
mdzbut I can add a new user if it would help11:40
seb128if you start the prefered app dialog the user settings are written and that overwrittes the system ones11:40
seb128so the "gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http" doesn't return the system default anymore11:40
seb128yes please11:40
mdzseb128: ok, on a fresh user http is correct11:41
mdzand only https is wrong11:41
seb128yes, I know the problem for https11:41
mdzit is possible that I had opened the preferred applications dialog to check11:41
seb128I'll upload in ~10min11:42
fabbionemdz: netinstall from today... gdm hasn't been installed11:48
Kamionfabbione: did base-config work properly in general?11:49
fabbioneyeah it looks like11:49
fabbioneit gave me the usual : "Welcome blabla.. installation completed"11:49
Kamionand was other stuff in desktop installed?11:49
fabbioneit's just not there11:49
fabbionexserver was11:49
Kamionfabbione: well, no, I mean archive.ubuntu.com/security.ubuntu.com handling11:50
fabbioneoh yes11:50
fabbionethat was correct11:50
seb128mdz: gnome-vfs 2.8.0-0ubuntu2 with firefox as default for https too uploaded11:51
mdzseb128: thanks11:52
mdzfabbione: grep gdm /var/log/base-config.log?11:52
Kamionand 'aptitude -y install ~tubuntu-desktop'11:52
mdzfabbione: apt-cache show gdm | grep Task11:52
Kamioncurrent CD install gets it right11:53
fabbionemdz: the grep shows that the package has been downloaded11:54
mdzfabbione: but never unpacked? very strange!11:54
fabbioneKamion: aptitude starts to install another big bunch of packages11:54
mdzfabbione: there were no failures from aptitude?11:54
fabbionemdz: nope11:54
mdzfabbione: send me a copy of your base-config.log please11:55
fabbionemdz: task ubuntu-desktop11:55
fabbionemdz: ok11:55
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-57-142.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
danielspitti: how do we choose which uid to mount dynamic devices under?11:55
lifelesspitti: arround ?11:56
lifelessoh bah .. /11:56
pittidaniels: the uid that calls the pmount program11:56
AndyFitzyay telstra finally upgraded my line to ADSL11:56
pittidaniels: i. e. the user that is logged in11:56
pittilifeless: yes11:56
lifelesspitti: was the same question11:56
pittilifeless, daniels: is something wrong with this?11:56
AndyFitznow im updating everything from sounders cd8 with synaptic11:57
danielsnot really :) someone just asked jeff what happened while he was in the middle of a presentation11:57
danielsAndyFitz: oh, they finally provisioned it11:57
sivangdaniels : jeff is doing presentation right now? so the party concludes the event? 11:57
danielsthe presentation is being done in a boardroom at a pub11:58
danielsdraw your own conclusions :)11:58
fabbionemdz: mail on the way11:58
AndyFitztelstra and iinet have never agreed   ive been waiting 6 weeks 11:58
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AndyFitza friend of mine was told he couldnt have adsl in a certain area by iinets telstra database .   then he rang telstra and they said its all good to go.. i think the ISP took it to the  ACCC 11:59
sivangdaniels : hah11:59
khalekdaniels: you're up in sydney currently?12:00
danielskhalek: yah12:00
=== sivang wishes he was at the SIG right now
danielsAndyFitz: yow12:00
khalekdaniels: so are jdub and friends coming down for the luv presentation?12:01
nessy.nick greebo12:01
=== nessy is now known as greebo
danielsnessy: 'twas a great photo as well :)12:01
danielsgreebo: RA12:01
greebodaniels, kazzah!12:01
fabbionemdz: i am trying again with my local mirror.. just to be a bit faster12:01
mdzfabbione: as Kamion asked, does it help to run aptitude -y install '~tubuntu-desktop' now?12:02
fabbionemdz: but apparently everything was o12:02
danielskhalek: fifth of october12:02
=== AndyFitz should head down to sydney next available opportunity
fabbionemdz: yes.. it does..12:02
mdzfabbione: does it install anything other than gdm?12:02
AndyFitzslug is much more mature than humbug .12:02
khalekdaniels: cool shame you couldn't arrange to have the final done for then :)12:02
danielsheh, ah well12:02
fabbionemdz: it installed some stuff, when i executed again aptitude with task ubuntu-desktop it was asking to download another bunch of packages12:03
AndyFitz85 of 200 packages downloaded here .  its going at an awesome speed.  where is the apt server based ?12:06
Kamionmdz: so, fresh install from CD without taking updates from the network doesn't install tcl8.0,gs,gs-gpl and doesn't object to their absence12:06
KamionAndyFitz: archive.ubuntu.com's in the UK12:06
Kamionmdz: uncommenting those sources.list entries and doing update/upgrade seems fine too12:06
Kamionmdz: I conclude that aptitude is mad and we should not worry about it for preview12:07
mdzKamion: agreed12:08
=== Kamion goes to test powerpc install
carlosseb128: I'm not able to regenerate the .pot file from the ubuntu's gnome-applets package. did you have any problem about it when preparing the package for ubuntu?12:11
rburtonseb128: has gnome-cups-manager in ubuntu been behaving itself? i need to upgrade the one in sid12:13
seb128carlos: no, what's the problem ?12:14
carlosmissing files inside the POFILES.in12:15
seb128rburton: there is a problem with gksudo we have noticed some days ago, the current testing version already uses gksudo ?12:15
seb128carlos: which ones ?12:15
carlosconfig.status: executing default-2 commands12:15
carloscan't open ./../gkb-new/GNOME_KeyboardApplet_Factory.server.in.in: No such file or directory at /usr/bin/intltool-extract line 200.12:15
carloscan't open ./../gkb-new/descs.sun/presets.xml.in: No such file or directory at /usr/bin/intltool-extract line 200.12:15
carlos/usr/bin/xgettext: error while opening "gkb-new/GNOME_KeyboardApplet_Factory.server.in.in.h" for reading: No such file or directory12:15
carlosERROR: xgettext failed to generate PO template file. Please consult12:16
seb128rburton: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=114212:16
seb128carlos: what do you do to get this ?12:17
carlosseb128: it's possible that the binary build does not raise the error, but cannot understand how could that pass make dist-check to release the tar.gz...12:17
carlos./debian/rules common-configure-arch && cd po && intltool-update -P && cd ..12:18
carlosI'm trying to get all new strings from debian && ubuntu patchs to feed our rosetta installation12:18
carlosand I need to regenerate the .pot files12:19
carlosseb128: don't worry about it, I only asked because It's funny to think that a package was relased that way12:20
carlosor I'm doing something wrong12:20
seb128perhaps the file is in the CVS and in the tarball but deleted in a clean target or something12:20
thomfabbione: assuming 1218 is the apache bug, 1300UTC12:20
seb128hey thom 12:21
thomfabbione: if it's X, then no, not unless nick's update the bug12:22
thom(sorry, was just grabbing an hour's sleep)12:22
thomhey seb12:22
sabdflKamion: just testing the latest cd build and i have a network issue12:23
mdzsabdfl: a machine where it previously worked?12:25
sabdflmdz: it's a laptop with eth0 (wire) and eth1 (built-in ip2100)12:26
sabdfland i'd also been using a pcmcia aero card12:26
sabdflpost-install, the ip2100 was working just fine, so I removed the pcmcia and tried to install this morning's cd12:27
sabdfland it is not detecting the ip210012:27
=== stub [~zen@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflare we using the exact same kernel / modules / hotplug / firmware / restricted-modules for installer and post-install?12:28
mdzthe ipw2100 will not be detected by d-i12:29
mdzd-i has only a skeleton hotplug system which doesn't do much besides PCMCIA12:29
mdzand the ipw2[12] 00 modules aren't included in any udebs as far as I know12:29
mdznor is the firmware12:30
mdzthe modules aren't available, the firmware isn't available, and even if they were, hotplug firmware loading doesn't quite work in d-i yet, and discover doesn't know which driver to load12:30
mdzbut it works nicely after install :-)12:30
mdzI think we can probably get it working for final12:33
mdz(in the installer)12:33
fabbionethom: it's X :-)12:34
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionemdz: that's weird.. if i install from my local mirror it works fine12:37
fabbionei will start another netinstall from archive and see12:37
mdzfabbione: is it possible that a download failed or something?12:37
fabbionemdz: i did check.. nothing in the logs12:37
fabbioneit will take a little while to install from archive.. but they are in perfect sync12:38
mdzzero preview-critical bugs remain!  great work, guys!12:39
=== Mithrandir bounces a bit
=== fabbione grabs some food
mdzhas anyone made that favicon for lulu?12:42
pittiCongratulations guys, zero critical/blocker bugs left :-)12:42
Kamionsabdfl: well, I was away running installs for a while there, but what mdz said12:42
jdubmdz: how are we going?12:43
jdubNO RED BUGS@12:43
mdzjdub: zero blockers12:43
mdzjdub: we even found some new ones and fixed those12:44
jdubpresentation is going well here12:44
jdublots of interest12:44
elmo_mfmore people than sblug? :-)12:44
sabdflKamion: ok, is that entirely out of scope for warty-final?12:44
Kamionsabdfl: don't think so, it should be a relatively small set of changes without too much risk to non-ipw2[12] 00 systems12:45
Kamiongotta have something to do between preview and final ... ;-)12:45
mdzif we want it enough to prioritize it, we can have it for final without much risk I tihnk12:45
elmo_mfkamion: yeah, I reckon we'll be bored12:45
mdzyou guys are too funny12:46
cefso did it work?12:47
mdzKamion: fixed gnome-vfs2 is built all around12:48
mdzKamion: shall we roll a new CD?12:48
mdzone more should last us until 140012:48
mdzand maybe we can close our eyes for an hour12:50
Kamionmdz: coming up12:51
danielsthere are absolute craploads of peopler here12:53
danielsit's far overflowed the room12:53
mdzhere too12:53
mdz66 people in the channel :-)12:53
=== HrdwrBoB elbows people out of his way
=== AndyFitz ducks
danielsHrdwrBoB: don't forget to come to luv12:54
lulujdub: hiya! Please could you send your content through to me. cheers :o)12:54
HrdwrBoBooh musn't forget12:55
=== khalek puts money on bob forgetting
HrdwrBoBit's an irritating walk from here >:|12:55
lulujdub: if there are any gaps, let me know.12:55
=== HrdwrBoB puts money on bob forgetting also
sabdflKamion: ok, restarted install with aero pcmcia, everything's slick, well done!12:57
sabdflone question, it asked me for a wep key even though none is required?12:58
mdzthom: ping?12:59
=== elmo_mf [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzsabdfl: there's no magic in there yet to try without one and fall back12:59
mdzit tries with no config, but if it has to ask for essid, it asks for wep as well01:00
sabdflhmm... i have an essid, but no wep key. it doesn't ask me for essid.01:00
Kamionsabdfl: yeah, netcfg is capable of trying with no essid, seeing if it works, and only asking if it doesn't01:01
Kamionsabdfl: unfortunately as far as I can tell it's not capable of doing that with the WEP key, so we have to ask01:02
=== greebo [~silvia@adsl-58-119.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionthere was some discussion on sounder@, justdave posted an installation report about the confusion that results if your network requires a WEP key but the question isn't asked01:02
mdzneither of my wireless cards are supported by the installer, so I haven't tried it myself01:03
KamionI'd rather fix netcfg so that it can speculatively try an empty WEP key, longer-term, but time pressure etc. ...01:03
danielsmdz: you should check ndiswrapper out ;)01:04
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Kamionnew images, please test ...01:05
Kamioncontain newer openoffice.org on powerpc (few changes actually) and fixed gnome-vfs1201:05
sabdflin fact, iwtools tell you if the network has WEP enabled, so it should be possible to do this *without* speculatively trying an empty wep key01:07
Kamionsabdfl: if that's accessible from iwlib, then it should be doable01:08
thommdz: ack01:08
KamionI'll have a look then, thanks01:08
=== sivang [~sivan@] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflin my ideal world, selecting a wifi card (or having only a wifi card) results in:01:10
sabdfloh never mind i'll file a bug for hoary :-)01:11
KamionI suspect I fully agree with you, just couldn't see a better approach at the time01:11
Kamionwifi cards should be zero-question-configurable in general01:11
fabbionedaniels: yeppa... the patch is much smaller now!01:12
cefjust beware that any detection for WEP may also detect WPA/WPA2 as WEP (as the WEP detection may simply see the 'encrypted' flag in the 802.11 header)01:12
=== sivang just came back from an install -- was tough
Kamionremind me how I unmount a CD-ROM from nautilus01:14
sabdfljustdave: around?01:14
sivang* couldn't continue using LVM01:14
elmo_mfkamion: right click, and eject? :)01:14
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionelmo_mf: don't want to eject, want to burn01:14
sivang* grub got boinked after too many tried to make the LVM install01:14
mdzit's about 6am in justdave-land, I think he's typically in bed01:15
elmo_mfkamion: oh, eek, does d-i know/care about Origin/Bugs ?01:15
elmo_mf(fields in Packages files)01:15
Kamionelmo_mf: uh. dunno01:15
mdzKamion: Computer->Disks->right-click->unmount01:15
Kamionelmo_mf: might be a good idea not to change that Packages file at this point01:15
elmo_mfkamion: aww ;-)01:15
justdaveI'm up at the moment01:15
Kamionmdz: no unmount entry on the right-click menu01:16
mdzKamion: really? works for me01:16
mdzKamion: pumount /dev/foo should work at any rate01:16
sivangfinally i had to erase all discussed partitions and restart fresh as at some point  i couldn't set mount points 01:16
cefand if you use WPA/WPA2 you then start looking at things like EAP/802.1x, and then which EAP type the network uses (PEAP, TLS, TTLS, MD5, MSCHAPv2, LEAP or SIM), and figure out the remaining details01:16
Kamionmdz: I have 'Eject', not unmount01:16
justdavelast time I looked, the airport driver didn't have network scanning available yet01:17
justdave(card supports it, the driver doesn't read it yet)01:17
justdaveso there's no way to tell what networks are even available short of telling it to try "any" and seeing what it finds (which it won't if they all require WEP)01:18
ceffun fun fun.01:18
rburton$ pmount /dev/hdc01:19
rburtonError: device /dev/hdc is not removable01:19
rburtonhdc is my dvd writer01:19
elmo_mfW: DB was corrupted, file renamed to /srv/ftp.no-name-yet.com/database/packages-powerpc.db.old01:19
=== elmo_mf cries
pittirburton: yep, currently you need CD drives in fstab01:19
cefother issue with 802.1x of course is needing a supplicant to do all the auth, and afaik, it needs to do stuff to interfaces, so may need root01:20
pittirburton: this is our current policy, no non-fstab IDE devices01:20
sabdfljustdave: how do you plan to use the "Version" field in bugzilla.ubuntu.com? if not, can we disappear it for the moment?01:20
justdaveI think we were intending to use it for warty vs hoary at some point01:20
justdaveboth that and the milestones01:21
sabdflKamion: #1242, ignore till you think it's the right time to improve the wifi-install01:21
sabdfljustdave: we'll have malone definitely for hoary, so can we disable it?01:21
rburtonrock, dvd burning worked01:21
justdavepeople will be running code from the hoary repository in just over a month01:22
justdaveand there's bugs in the system now that mdz wants to be able to identify as being pushed out to hoary01:22
justdavethe latter would only involve milestone though01:23
pittirburton: great, the automounting did not interfere? (#1234)01:23
mdzI don't think version is useful in warty presently01:23
rburtonpitti: this dvd was unformatted or something01:24
justdaveok, let's consider it gone then.01:25
mdzit would not interefere if it was in fstab01:25
mdzI do my burning in a USB drive, so it gets unhappy (#1234)01:25
jdub^ ubuntu release party presentation01:25
Keybukwe have a people server?01:26
mdzjdub: dude, firefox 1.0 doesn't even exist yet :-)01:26
jdubmdz: we'll have it for final :)01:27
pittimdz: but fstab user devices are happily mounted automatically, too01:27
mdzpitti: oh? hmm01:27
pittiKeybuk: not really, chinstrap.warthogs, people, wegiveback, all the same01:27
jdubpitti: the demonstration of project utopia + pmount stuff went really well :-)01:28
pittimdz: yes, I tried to burn a CD yesterday (IDE in fstab), did not work01:28
pittimdz: hal does not care if a device is in fstab01:28
=== tsblack [~thomas@dumbledore.hbd.com] has joined #ubuntu
elmo_mfkeybuk: people discovered they could use the wildcard domain and open access policy of rookery to create one01:28
mdzpitti: it is a shame; we have two nice features which do not play together01:28
=== Keybuk doesn't have access to rookery :'(
pittimdz: I agree. I'm currently working on an updated pmount01:28
elmo_mferr, yes you do01:28
sivangnice presentation!01:29
elmo_mfit's open to everyone in  'warthogs'01:29
Keybukelmo: it asks me for a Password:01:29
tsblack'lo all.01:29
pittimdz: what do you think about the strategy I described in #1234?01:29
elmo_mfkeybuk: are you using the nc -q0 trick ?01:29
tsblackBeen out of the loop for a while, any reason why apt updates are crawling along at a few bytes/s while rsync seems to get full bandwidth (from my side at last).01:30
=== reformed [~benl@junkybox.pacific.net.au] has joined #Ubuntu
=== reformed is now known as bl
elmo_mftsblack: broken proxy between you and the website?01:30
cefok, I need food. btw: if we have wireless config questions later (eg: for hoary) to build a config tool.. feel free to ask - over 1/3 of my job is as a wireless security expert *sigh*01:31
=== cprov [~cprov@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
tsblackFrom my side at least.01:31
=== khalek [jsg@220-253-3-50.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
tsblackNo, we don't have a proxy.01:31
Kamionwhat does file-roller use to open ISO images?01:31
Kamionwhatever it is, it isn't in warty01:32
elmo_mftsblack: hmm, well, it works here, I can max out Mark's 2Mb link01:32
=== jordi is now known as IwasOskuro
elmo_mfis it broken for anyone else?01:33
mdzpitti: let's look at it tomorrow :-)01:33
mdzpitti: can you test the current daily?01:33
pittimdz: okay. I think you severely need some sleep01:33
pittimdz: I can do01:33
mdzplease do01:34
tsblackelmo_mf: Thanks, just wondered whether it was pinched your side for some or other reason.01:34
=== IwasOskuro is now known as jordi
tsblackDo ftp sources work too?01:34
=== thom sighs at thunderbird
elmo_mftsblack: yep, do now01:34
pittiArgh, what's wrong here? I get a 403 on http://archive.ubuntu.com/cdimage01:34
pittiI just wanted to suck the newest iso01:35
elmo_mfpitti: blink, you do?01:35
HrdwrBoBYou don't have permission to access /cdimage on this server.01:35
pittielmo_mf: probably01:35
HrdwrBoBAdditionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.01:35
elmo_mfpitti: use cdimage.ubuntu.com for now, I'll go fix it01:35
HrdwrBoBI'm still using n-n-y :)01:35
pittielmo_mf: thanks a lot. Too little sleep01:35
pittiHrdwrBoB: does it still work for you? I get a 403 there as well01:37
pitticdimage.ubuntu.com does not support rsync01:37
Kamionpitti: it does, just start at /cdimage/01:38
Kamionpitti: rsync doesn't do virtual hosting01:38
pittiKamion: ah, thanks a lot! This helped01:38
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=== pitti needs to learn more about the server infrastructure
sivangis universe in sources is now warty-universe?01:39
fabbionemdz: this time the installation went fine from archive...01:39
fabbionemdz: perhaps it was only a lunar ray hitting the console cable during a solar eclypse01:40
=== fabbione tests the cd
mdzKamion: two weird things happened on powerpc just now01:40
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mdzKamion: archive-copier's progress bar was confused, and it ejected the CD01:40
Kamionmdz: the progress bar's capped at about 75% at the moment; it's a bug, I know where it is01:43
Kamionmdz: the CD eject is deliberate01:43
Kamion(didn't you approve that change? or was it jdub?)01:43
mdzI thought I recalled you deliberately fixed it not to eject01:43
Kamionwe don't need the CD in the second stage any more, so might as well eject it while it's easy to do so01:43
mdzbut whatever, it's harmless01:44
Kamionthat was pre-archive-copier01:44
mdzah, right01:44
KamionI reverted that recently01:44
mdzpowerpc was the one place where shipseed was actually useful01:44
mdzbecause the CD was still around when I went to install openssh-server01:44
mdzanyway, amd64 install was successful01:44
mdzpowerpc is still in progress01:44
Kamionthe progress bar thing is because archive-copier is sizing the progress bar to match all the debs, but only copying (and updating the progress bar for) some of them01:45
Kamionyou can always stick the CD back in :-) we should implement that "shipseed as apt repository on hard disk" thing, though01:45
KamionI didn't have time to do that pre-preview01:45
luluseb128: thanks for the favicons :o)01:46
mdzKamion: it takes ~1 second to fetch openssh-server from archive.u.c01:46
mdzKamion: compared to 30 seconds or so to get the CD and insert it01:46
mdzit's still a win even if I have to edit sources.list to comment out the CD and then install via http01:46
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #ubuntu
KamionI'll work on that once today's saga is over01:47
justdavehmm, I still get that /dev/pmu error when I log into gnome01:52
justdave"Permissions on the file /dev/pmu are broken"01:53
Kamionyeah, me too01:54
Kamionexcellent, sound works out of the box on my powerbook now01:54
justdavetrying to play music in Rhythmbox tells me "OSS device "/dev/dsp" is already in use by another program."01:54
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionis mozilla open? IIRC it sometimes grabs that ...01:55
elmo_mfkamion: you hax0red d-i ?01:55
Kamionelmo_mf: hm?01:55
elmo_mfhw-detect, rather01:55
Kamionelmo_mf: I was thinking more of the unmuting01:55
justdavejust finished rebooting, logged in, ran Rhythmbox first thing01:55
elmo_mfkamion: oh, I meant the hotplug vs. snd-powermac thing01:55
Kamionelmo_mf: I did do stuff related to that in hw-detect a week or two ago, yeah01:56
tsblackelmo_pf: thanks for the help, switched to ftp and have bandwidth again, must be some screwy http proxy en route to SA.01:56
elmo_mftsblack: cool01:57
elmo_mfkamion: hmm? I mentioned it only two nights ago.. got the impression it was something you were going to have to do in the future01:57
rburtonhas anyone built non-free nvidia deb for ubuntu?01:58
mdzpowerpc successful01:58
mdzrburton: it's apt-gettable by default01:59
mdzrburton: apt-cache search nvidia01:59
rburtondoesn't appear02:00
Kamionelmo_mf: don't think so, unless I'm confused about what you're talking about02:00
thomrburton: if your install isn't recent, you need to add 'restricted' to your apt sources02:00
rburtonthom: thanks02:00
elmo_mfkamion: on my powerbook (installed a while ago), hotplug doesn't auto-modprobe snd-powermac, I mentioned this and mdz suggested we (err, you) hack hw-detect to check for apple type computers and ensure snd-powermac is in /etc/modules02:01
=== ddaa adds restricteh to his apt-sources too
mdz53 minutes for rsync+burn+test for 2 architectures02:01
Kamionelmo_mf: that's pretty much what I did to hw-detect, except that I applied a slightly smaller hammer02:02
mdzwould have been less if I'd done powerpc first; it's much slower02:02
thomright, X40 tftpboot time02:02
Kamionddetect (1.03ubuntu1) warty; urgency=low02:02
Kamion  * Merge from Debian to get mac-io detection improvements.02:02
Kamion -- Colin Watson <cjwatson@canonical.com>  Thu,  2 Sep 2004 14:51:54 +010002:02
Kamionit actually does detect the need for snd-powermac specifically rather than just apple02:03
elmo_mfkamion: ok.. cool, thanks02:03
elmo_mfright, Origin +Bugs loved archive push coming up02:03
Kamionelmo_mf: (of course it'd be better if hotplug could walk the mac-io bus; project for a rainy day for somebody ...)02:03
Kamionor even discover, at a pinch02:04
mjg59How many hours to release?02:04
thomKamion: thought it was 1400 UTC?02:04
daniels1500 UTC02:04
mjg59That's Gnome, isn't it?02:05
thomfuck today is too confusing02:05
justdavelsof|grep dsp tells me that /dev/dsp is currently owned by esd02:05
mdzpitti: how did your test go?02:05
mjg59jdub: "Head beekeeper"?02:05
mdzhas anyone tested the current daily on i386, I hope?02:05
KamionGNOME is 1300 UTC02:05
Kamionmdz: just installing it now02:06
fabbionemdz: i am on it right now02:06
pittimdz: rsync is at 68%02:06
Kamionin the middle of second-stage packages02:06
fabbioneKamion: rock!02:06
pittimdz: I can get no more than 60 kB/s02:06
mdzwhen we roll the final one, I'll do all three02:06
hypatiathom: take today off?02:06
thomchecking swap space, ever so slowly02:06
mdzhypatia: don't give him ideas02:06
thomhypatia: tempting, but perhaps not02:06
Kamionsome day I shall have to look into what it's actually doing there02:06
elmo_mfhow the heck are these evil favicon things meant to work?02:06
elmo_mfdo you need to do anything beyond putting them in the place the client expects them?02:07
mdzelmo_mf: nopeo02:07
thomyou slap em in your docroot, called favicon.ico or whatever, and they work02:07
mdzelmo_mf: the first time the browser hits a site, it'll look for it02:07
elmo_mfhmm, well does cdimage.ubuntu.com have one for anyone?02:07
elmo_mfor archive.ubuntu.com for that matter\02:07
mdzor if it's IE, I think it just checks every single time for good measure02:07
mdzcdimage does for me02:07
mdzalso archive02:07
mdzboth work02:07
seb128lulu: you're welcome02:08
elmo_mfok, cool, thanks.. now to hide the silly thing from the dir listing02:08
seb128jdub: gnome guys are going to release a gnome-terminal 2.8 ?02:10
justdaveok, unchecked the "allow sound server startup" in the gnome sound prefs02:11
justdavenow rhythmbox claims to work, except I can't hear anything02:11
fabbionedaniels: you around?02:11
thomhrm. when netbooting, it helps to turn the dhcp server off when you try to boot the second stage02:12
thomelse you kinda loop :P02:12
fabbionethom: no... just fix the bios :-)02:13
thomSetting up LVM Volume Groups spews "No Volume groups found" thrice on boot02:13
fabbioneon my box you can select auto-net-booting or not02:13
thomfabbione: if i did that, i would have changed the bios about 10 times yesterday02:13
ceffavicons & IE: every version of IE does it differently.. but the main way to fix it: delete any bookmarks that point to the site, clear the internet cache, exit IE and restart02:13
fabbionethom: why? i can still push f12 and boot via network02:14
thominvoke-rc.d dhcp3-server stop is quicker :-)02:14
fabbionetsk :-)02:14
fabbioneit involves more keyboard hits :-)02:14
fabbionethan just one button at boot time :)02:14
=== jordi [~jordi@115.Red-213-96-69.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
cefthat assumes you can hit it at boot02:15
fabbionecef: that's true.. but i love to tease thom ;)02:15
fabbionehe looks so much like a nice teddy :P02:16
thomfabbione: shouldn't you be making nvidia magically work02:16
ceffabbione: heh.. but where's the sport? it's so easy! *grin*02:16
hypatiai think that should be on thom's business card02:16
fabbionethom: i am.. i am doing the last build right now02:16
sivangthom : i didn't even gat pass the d-i lvm setup :)02:16
sivangthom : so guess you had better luck02:16
fabbionethom: i committed 587K of stuff already.. i doubt list masters will like it :)02:16
thomfabbione: no, no. the non-free module. so i can click my fingers and a computer miles away will just work02:17
thomhypatia: "corporate teddy bear"?02:17
fabbionethom: yeah.. one at a time :-) first the free driver 02:18
mdzfabbione, thom, Kamion: i386 success?02:19
fabbionemdz: it is still going02:19
fabbionemdz: it's not really on the fastest box in the world02:20
mjg59thom: You know you can just hit F11 on boot and choose the boot device you want?02:20
Kamionmdz: works for me02:20
ceffabbione: so what was for lunch today?02:20
fabbionecef: hehe nothing special today02:21
fabbionecef: just a couple of sandwich02:21
ceffabbione: heh.. I'll stick to the japanese I just ate02:22
fabbionecef: oh yeah... everything is better than what i had today :-)02:22
Kamionthe "Bug Report Tool" .desktop entry seems to DTRT02:22
Kamionbarring insane amounts of whining about the certificate02:22
mdznow it does, with the gnome-vfs2 fix02:22
mdzah, the sound of cron.daily02:23
danielsfabbione: sup02:23
mdznext comes the sunrise02:23
fabbionedaniels: the driver works fine. i am doing the last build and i will upload on people02:23
cefmdz: heh.. have the birds started yet?02:23
fabbionedaniels: i already committed to XSF02:23
fabbionedaniels: the previous driver was really borked02:24
thommjg59: yeah, but that still takes longer than stopping the dhcp server :-)02:24
mdzcef: what's a bird?  :-)02:24
mdzthe only animals around here are the kind with collars and name tags02:24
cefmdz: heh02:25
mdzI sure hope Origin and Bugs don't cause any unexpected changes in the 20 or so levels of installer and packaging system they touch :-P02:26
elmo_mfthey're not in the d-i packages02:26
elmo_mfand if random new fields break things, we deserve to get broken02:26
elmo_mfbut I can take them out if you want, *shrug*02:26
=== cef hates it when a machine doesn't come back after a power cycle
KamionI don't *think* they'll break anna but I just didn't want to risk it three hours before a release02:27
thommdz: scrollkeepering currrently02:27
mdzthom: verrrry good02:27
elmo_mfkamion: that was me being stupid, they were never going near d-i, the d-i stanza in apt.conf doesn't have an ExtraOverride entry02:27
Kamionelmo_mf: ah, fair enough02:27
mdzelmo_mf: as long as you'll be awake to rip it out if something happens, I'm happy to leave it in02:28
mdzDebian will thank us for not sending them bug reports02:28
fabbionehouston to apollo13: i386 is ready to GO.02:28
elmo_mfmdz: I had my 3 hours sleep, I'm good02:28
fabbioneall checks give green lights02:28
Kamionyep, all looks good to go here02:29
thommdz: looks good to me02:29
thommdz: i have gnome02:29
=== mdz considers an hour nap
Kamionalthough I did manage to confuse hal by plugging in my digital camera, but I'm not going to worry *too* much about that right now02:29
=== Kamion is going for lunch
tsenghal seems easily confused by my usb key as well02:30
=== fabbione goes and smokes some crack
KamionI fixed one hal segfault when it encountered bizarre stuff in sysfs; it's certainly possible there are others02:30
elmo_mfkamion: it's all right, it only runs as root02:30
Kamionelmo_mf: oh, never mind then, nothing can go wrong02:31
mdzelmo_mf: ?02:31
Kamionactually doesn't it run as hal?02:31
mdzelmo_mf: it hasn't run as root for weeks02:31
danielselmo_mf: !!!!02:32
mdz -- Martin Pitt <mpitt@debian.org>  Sat, 14 Aug 2004 09:40:16 +010002:32
danielsfabbione: awesome :)02:32
danielselmo_mf: (or thom) - the canonical wiki is broken02:32
elmo_mfoh, I read one of pitti's reports saying it pretty much had to run as root, ages ago.. I guess that changed :)02:32
mdzelmo_mf: do you actually _run_ warty? :-P02:32
danielselmo_mf: http://www.warthogs.hbd.com -> 40302:32
elmo_mfdaniels: cool02:32
mdzthere's actually delightfully little that runs as root in a base warty install02:32
elmo_mfwrong chan, but cool02:32
thomdaniels: yep, that's sposed to be02:32
elmo_mfmdz: nah, it's lame, I'm an OS X man now02:33
pittielmo_mf: this was only true to execute this infamous fstab-mangling script02:33
Kamionrunning as root, I have init, kernel threads, udevd, syslogd, klogd, inetd, cardmgr, dhclient, postfix/master, mdadm, cron, gettys, apmd (?), pbbuttonsd, powernowd, gdm, X02:33
danielser, yeah02:33
pittielmo_mf: pmount does a better job now02:33
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
mdzKamion: inetd should go away for hoary, likewise for mdadm (where you don't have raid devices)02:34
mdzsyslogd and klogd can be de-privilege-ified for hoary02:34
mdzmaybe dhclient if we get ambitious02:34
Kamionand on the i386 box drop apmd/pbbuttonsd/powernowd and replace with acpid, plus a random gconfd-2 that's hanging around for some scary reason02:35
Kamionmdz: we could just put mdadm in Ship and d-i would sort out installing it at the right times with no effort at all02:36
mdzI think gconfd-2 is gdm's fault02:36
sabdflis dhclient running as root and listening on the net?02:36
mdzit occasionally starts up a random famd as root too02:36
mdzsabdfl: in an arm-twisting sort of way02:36
tsengthought of swapping in gamin next time?02:36
mdztseng: yes02:36
thomtseng: it's on the list, was too broken for warty02:36
pittisabdfl: yes, unfortunately02:36
mdzlet's say it listens, but it doesn't pay attention02:37
pittisabdfl: it has to run scripts in /etc/dhclient/somewhere as root02:37
sabdflok, can we schedule a really hard code review before release?02:37
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
mdzwe can02:37
pittisabdfl, mdz: for dhclient we could also implement a suid wrapper around the script02:37
Kamiondoes it have to listen on INADDR_ANY?02:37
mdzbut that particular bit of code is doing the same thing on a huge number of machines, and has been for years02:37
mdzKamion: it used to, because of the particulars of Linux networking without an IP address02:38
mdzI'm not sure whether that is still true02:38
Kamionit's listening on* here02:38
cefsomething that could be at least more useful with dhclient is telling it to listen to only the server it got the lease from02:38
mdzI mean, it used to be necessary for it to listen on INADDR_ANY02:38
mdzbut I'm not sure whether it's still necessary with 2.4, 2.6, etc.02:38
cefit has to at initial negotiation time02:39
pittiah, my ISO is finally burnt02:39
pittioff to testing the recent daily02:39
cefbut after you know where the lease came from, you probably could just listen on that interface to the server's IP.. hrm02:40
pittiI have to disconnect for a while02:41
mdzit doesn't necessarily have to bind at all02:42
mdzon several platforms it uses a raw socket and encodes/decodes UDP itself02:42
sabdflit sounds like it just requires careful analysis of code. is the version we are shipping nice and old and stable, or relatively new?02:42
mdzit's a few months old02:43
mdzthat particular release candidate02:43
ceftrue, but why do that when the IP stack will do it for you? also then you can hopefully sleep till a packet that is just for your process comes in and can wake you up02:43
mdzthere were vulnerabilities in earlier versions; we wouldn't want them02:43
elmo_mfdhcp3 itself is quire old tho02:43
mdzthe 3.x series is 2 years old02:43
Kamionmdz: encoding/decoding UDP yourself sounds like asking for trouble02:44
mdzmaybe more02:44
mdzKamion: agreed02:44
mdzmy point was that it doesn't have to bind02:44
mdzhuh, there were 3.x betas in Dec 199902:45
mdzthe world needs a better dhcp client, though02:46
mdza nice python one02:46
mdzwith none of these awful scripts02:46
cefadd in supplicant support while you're at it02:46
mdzor layer upon layer of compatibility cruft for broken unixes02:46
diemancef: i'll second that02:47
spivmdz: There's a python dhcp server, so I guess it could be built on that...02:47
diemanmy guess is that mdz never went ot sleep02:47
lamontdieman: I see no evidence in scrollback to refute your assertion.02:47
cefdieman: he types about dhcp in his sleep02:47
Kamiondoesn't everybody?02:48
=== Kamion looks around
lamontKamion: only in my nightmares.02:48
cefKamion: not me.. I talk about wireless02:48
mdzonce you keep yourself awake past the time when you feel sleepy out of habit, it gets easier 02:48
mdzup until about the 24 hour mark, from personal experience02:48
Kamionit kicks in again around 3602:49
mdzI have stayed up for 24 many times, but 36 only a very few02:49
mdzand they are all bad memories02:49
thom36 is much less fun02:49
diemani did 48 once02:49
Kamionthe rain in front of your eyes around 40 is rather fun02:49
diemaneyes stop working at some point02:50
cefwhen you get to 5-6 days in a row regularly, you can get into really weird headspaces02:50
lamontby 40, I'm ready to do strange things...02:50
lamontit's a wierd mindset you develop...02:50
Kamioncef: yow02:50
lamontcef: street grade meth is scary though.02:50
mdzwas going to say...02:51
cefKamion: friend of mine did this for about a year and a half..  the 'biblical' sleeping pattern. work for 6 days, and then sleep on the 7th02:51
mdz5-6 days, great, but you'll feel like hell when the drugs run out02:51
cefthen again, he's turn up at work on monday, grab a big bowl of cereal, and put it under the coffee machine and fill it to the brim02:52
cefme? I'll stick to drinking it by the cup thanks02:53
diemani need to hit the shower02:53
diemanso i can make it to work before 9.02:53
cefdieman: what'd it do to you?02:53
mjg59I'd forgotten how insane the Speedtouch USB modems looked02:53
cefI should get some sleep.. gotta be at work by 7am *sigh*02:54
rburtonlike a splatted jellyfish02:54
mjg59I paid a quid for this one, which isn't bad02:55
mjg59Hurray for ebay02:55
mdzpeople will buy anything :-P02:56
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-31-38-207.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
rburtoni had one of those, it was totally bust. appeared to turn on, load firmware etc but wouldn't sync to the adsl02:56
=== greebo [~silvia@adsl-58-119.swiftdsl.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
lamont2.. 2 hours.03:00
=== lamont feels like the count.
sivang2 hours to release :)03:01
sivangdaniels : drug are bad for you03:01
=== lamont knows somone whos doctor prescribed amphetamine salts to him.
=== pitti [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
lamontadult ADD treatment is, um, interesting.03:02
pittimdz: still here?03:04
pittiI assume that the gs-gpl-is-not-on-cd issue is already dealt with?03:04
mdzpitti: yes03:04
mdzpitti: if by 'dealt with' you mean 'ignored for purposes of the preview', yes :-)03:05
pittimdz: I tried installation without archive copier03:05
pittimdz: base-config cannot find a cd and the cd was locked03:05
pittimdz: I had to manually call eject, put it back in, then it worked03:05
pittino RC issue, however03:05
lamontpitti: ppc, or i386?03:06
pittiI'm busy at my ppc 03:06
lamontdefault is archive copier, yes?03:06
pittilamont: yes03:06
pittilamont: but it SUCKS03:06
pittilamont: that's why I disabled it03:06
mdzit does not suck, it is lovely03:07
pittilamont: also, I wanted to test it03:07
lamonttesting good03:07
pittimdz: it steals 15 minutes of d-i time, wastes space on hd, slows down my hd (because the head has to go back and forth)03:07
pittimdz: unpacking them straight from CD-ROM should be considerably faster (wrt overall install time)03:08
pittimdz: and indeed it is03:08
mdz15 minutes??03:08
KamionI admit that I generally test with archive-copier/copy=false, because of the first-mentioned point03:08
mdzthe entire install takes only ~20 minutes for me03:08
pittimdz: it takes about 15 minutes just to copy the bloody packages to my hd03:08
KamionI honestly think that an extra question would be a worthwhile investment given the inordinate length of time it takes03:08
pittimdz: on my Duron 1.3, 256 RAM, 40x CD-ROM, total install lasts about 35 minutes03:09
Kamion(the question's implemented already, it would just need its priority raised)03:09
=== pitti begs Kamion to do that
mdzwe should just make it faster03:09
pittihowever, don't worry about that for the preview03:09
Kamionmdz: feel free ...03:09
pittiwe should not break it now, but it is worth considering for the final release03:09
Kamionmdz: although, yes, a find at the start would help, but there's only so fast it can go03:09
lamontwe could just dd the CD and then lofs mount it...  Then the heads would go sequentially across the CD... :-)03:10
=== lamont ducks
Kamionwe need to reboot lamont's brain, guys03:11
=== Kamion reaches for the pliers
=== lamont heads for the shower
pittiKamion: there are still some untranslated d-i questions; I translated the German ones yesterday, will they make it at least to final in Oct?03:12
Kamionpitti: yes, I'll process that lot after preview03:12
pittiKamion. Okay. Most of the common stuff is translated, so it's not too ugly03:13
=== sivang wonders where the trash can went
=== sivang found it, hmm, guessing the trash is no longer desktop "matrial"
Kamionbottom right corner of the screen03:16
sivangKamion : yeah, well, guess i missed that on the mailing list03:16
sivangwhy is it not on desktop anymore? how clean can the desktop yet get? :)03:17
thommdz: whenever you like with apache2 then :-)03:26
=== tsblack [~thomas@dumbledore.hbd.com] has left #ubuntu []
mdzthom: you giving up? :-P03:27
mdzoh, it's 1300 UTC03:27
mdzlamont: ping?03:27
thomyeah, cvs commits happened a while ago03:27
pdrhi guys.  i'm trying to update stuff with synaptic.  it downloads everything ok, but gets stuck at the terminal output: "Extracting templates from packages: 9%" which only a ctrl-c gets out of.  is this a known bug?03:28
Kamionso ... theoretically, we have a GNOME release by now, don't we?03:28
Kamionpdr: never encountered that one ...03:28
mdzpdr: nope03:28
pdrit's a different percent it gets to every time too03:29
pdrbut it never gets to 100%.03:29
Kamiondoes updating with apt-get or aptitude work?03:29
pittifabbione: I still get a wrong default X resolution03:29
mdzpitti: noooo03:29
jdubKamion: about four minutes ago03:29
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzjdub: how is the pub holding out?03:30
pdrKamion: will check03:30
pittifabbione: xresprobe reports just 1280x960 (and lower), although my TFT has 1280x102403:30
mdzjdub: everyone staying up for the preview release?03:30
pittifabbione: can I debug this any further?03:30
sivangKanmion : not to touch 20040915.-5 ?03:30
mdzpitti: XRESPROBE_DEBUG=yes03:30
pittisivang: this is a stone-aged version03:30
Kamionjdub: aha03:30
pittimdz: thanks, will try03:30
Kamionjdub: I made the mistake of believing the front page :)03:30
danielspitti: is it a laptop or a desktop lcd?03:31
pittimdz, fabbione: does not tell much more; says ddc: yes, and prints out everything twice03:31
pittidaniels: desktop03:31
pdrKamion: nup, apt-get dist-upgrade hangs at the same place.03:31
pittiit says 'laptop: ;'03:31
mdzpitti: and leaves behind a directory in /tmp03:31
mdzpitti: with logfiles03:31
pittimaybe my monitor really reports wrong values03:32
pittimdz: cannot find one03:32
mdzpitti: which X driver?03:32
mdzpitti: /tmp/xprobe.*03:32
pittimdz: nope03:32
Kamionpdr: big hammer time: strace -f -o /tmp/apt.trace -s 1024 apt-get dist-upgrade, mail me /tmp/apt.trace03:33
mdzpitti: you are certain you have the current version?03:33
pittimdz: the one from the latest iso03:33
Kamionmight want to bzip2 the trace :)03:33
jdubmdz: lots of people gone home - it's a school night ;-)03:33
pittimdz: 0.4.603:33
mdzpitti: I have never succeeded it getting it to not rm -rf, but I thought it was fixed now03:33
pdrKamion: seems to be a debconf problem actually.  I got:03:33
pdrNeed to get 0B/232MB of archives.03:34
pdrAfter unpacking 12.0MB of additional disk space will be used.03:34
pdrDo you want to continue? [Y/n] 03:34
pdrExtracting templates from packages: 9%03:34
pdrExtracting templates from packages: 14%debconf: apt-extracttemplates failed: Bad file descriptor03:34
mdzpitti: /usr/share/xresprobe/xprobe.sh nv03:34
pdrand now it's working with the following: debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process03:34
danielspitti: please send me the full output of ddcprobe03:34
Kamionpdr: you don't still have base-config running in another window or something?03:34
mdzdaniels: it's a laptop03:34
pittimdz: that helped03:34
mdzpitti: you have the logs now?03:35
pittimdz: yes, I have03:35
mdzpitti: send them to daniels03:35
danielsmdz: i was just told it was a desktop03:35
danielsmdz: pick one03:35
mdzwell believe pitti I guess03:35
pittimdz: this is a desktop, yes03:35
pittiI know03:36
pdrKamion: doesn't look like it, no03:36
mdzit sounds like debconf is being run recursively or something03:38
AndyFitzhey what line to i put in sources.list for  totem codec improvements03:38
mdzAndyFitz: universe03:38
mdzand install totem-xine03:38
mdzlamont: elmo uploaded apache for us03:38
pdrhmm.. after a bit of manual killing of apt-extracttemplates processes, it seems to be all ok now03:38
fabbionepitti: sorry.. i was washing the dishes..03:38
lamontmdz: I see.03:38
fabbionepitti: please file a bug to xresprobe.03:39
pittifabbione: no problem03:39
fabbionepitti: and provide daniels with all the logs and so on03:39
pittifabbione: I don't know, maybe its also a bug in my monitor03:39
fabbionepitti: we agreed that if xresprobe doesn't detect correctly the values, is not X fault :-)03:39
pittifabbione: will do03:39
lamontmdz: as in just recently?03:39
mdzlamont: yes03:39
fabbionepitti: on the otherside X has no way to know that xresprobe results are correct03:40
mdzlamont: moments ago03:40
fabbionepitti: thanks :-)03:40
mdzwhy is it that the galaxy screensaver seems to come up about 90% of the time?03:40
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-57-142.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
elmo_mfmaybe xscreensaver uses the same poor RNG as xmms03:41
pdrKamion, mdz: thanks for the pointers - i'll look into it and get back if it keeps on like this03:41
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
sivangmdz : hw_radom succeds loading only when detecting a RNG on the system?03:42
mjg59Intel removed it from later devices without changing the PCI ids, which is a pain03:42
elmo_mfKamion: ?03:43
sivangmjg59 : that's bad. no real random generation..03:44
Kamionelmo_mf: yep?03:45
elmo_mfkamion: did you do the cdimage restructure?  or is that post-preview?03:46
elmo_mferr, or I could look and see you did, nm03:46
Kamionelmo_mf: I've created /releases/4.10/preview/, mdz moved aside some other things03:47
Kamionthe release will go in /releases/4.10/preview/install/ I think to leave room for the live CD03:47
elmo_mfare we going to have a 'stable' symlink?  cdimage or the archive?03:47
elmo_mfkamikon: ok03:47
Kamionthere's a 'warty' symlink; if people think a 'stable' symlink is a good idea, can do03:47
elmo_mfmdz: ?03:48
fabbionewell it's a preview... let's put the stable link after03:48
Kamionhm, which of warty and 4.10 should be the symlink?03:48
Kamionwarty might be the better way round actually03:48
Kamionsorry, warty as the real directory and 4.10 the symlink03:48
pittidaniels: I sent all the debugging stuff to you03:48
mdznot much point in a stable symlink at this point03:51
mdzmaybe we'll do one for final03:51
mdzif we decide to actually put stable in sources.list03:51
mdzit's currently warty, so very little point03:51
mdzKamion: I'd be tempted to drop /install/ for the preview, since there isn't a live CD03:52
lamontmdz: see your other window03:52
mdzone fewer level to have to dig into03:52
mdzlamont: see yours03:52
Kamionmdz: fine by me03:52
mdzKamion: it is increasingly unlikely that we will have anything approaching a live CD corresponding to this release03:53
mdzmaybe for a later candidate03:53
elmo_mfmdz: might be good to keep the dirs consistent tho03:53
elmo_mfremember moving .iso's around sucks for mirrors03:53
mdzit's fine with me if the preview stays special03:53
=== sivang [~sivan@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionok, I've made warty the real directory and 4.10 the symlink03:54
sabdflwe'll have a livecd for the final release, not preview03:55
=== sivang preparing 20040915.2 image for test.
=== stub [~zen@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
mdzKamion: all clear to build the next (and hopefully last) CD03:59
mdzthe last-minute stuff is in04:00
=== tritium_ [rimbert@ee213-dhcp-2.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu
thomKamion: let me know when it's done so i can kick the bit torrent stuffs04:00
Kamionthom: will do04:00
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== tritium_ is now known as puumba
lamontmdz: accepted != in-Packages...04:02
Kamionyeah, we were just establishing that in query :)04:02
lamontwhich is to say, Kamion may want to wait a few more seconds...04:02
KamionI have the list of packages to check for04:02
mdzgah, I asked the wrong question04:03
elmo_mfoh, bugger04:03
lamontKamion: once the fat lady sings, er, shows up, ...04:03
mdzI meant to ask "is everything in-Packages", but I asked "is everything accepted"04:03
elmo_mfI should probably s/Unreleased/Preview Release/ shouldn't I?04:03
Kamiongood plan04:03
KamionRelease file04:03
=== lamont bets Releases files
=== lamont types slow sometimes.:-(
=== hypatia [~mary@82-69-60-252.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
mdzgah, the planes have started taking off at Burbank04:05
lamontelmo_mf: about how long until auckland is up-to-date, I wonder?04:06
fabbionehey azeem 04:06
azeemciao fabbione 04:06
elmo_mflamont: it's done now04:06
lamontgotta love fast lans04:07
Kamiongotta love in-jokes ;)04:07
thomelmo_mf: hey, he admits it now ;-)04:07
Kamionyow, anonftpsync's taking its time04:07
rburtonhas jdub given into the beer?04:08
=== fabbione guesses that people are sinking into beer now
azeemhe's busy fixing the GNOME homepage to get rid of all those 2.6 references I guess04:09
=== fabbione goes and open a bottle of champagne
=== mdz 's rsync finger twitches
=== Kamion is half-surprised mdz isn't watching with tail
mdzgood idea04:09
fabbionemdz: you should keep an eye on the load of the server :-)=04:12
fabbionejust for curiosity ;)04:12
mdz 15:12:37 up 38 days,  1:20,  3 users,  load average: 1.31, 0.76, 0.3104:12
fabbioneehm.. i meant netload04:12
sivanganyone tested sound on an sblive? i've got 2 entris on the gnome mixer, the sigmatel and "sblive" when i work on the sblive tab, it's halts sound completly04:12
fabbioneonce people will start downloading04:13
sivangwhich one should be the dominating?04:13
fabbionesivang: i will check next time i boot up the "DVD player" :)04:13
fabbionesivang: but iirc the first one04:13
sivangsivang : hahah, naah i am just checking cd playing04:14
mdzKamion: for future optimization, powerpc should build first :-)04:14
sivangfabbione : works neat out of the box, but the sound preset is bad04:14
mdzbecause it takes longest to install (for me anyway), and so I want to start its download first04:14
lamontppc: a "special" architecture. :-)04:14
mdzsivang: if it is not silent, then it is good04:14
sivangmdz : well it's not. and the dsp thingy god fixed notime :)04:15
=== sivang has a new love over his former debian unstable = ubuntu ;)
jdubhome now04:16
fabbionesivang: my "DVD player" is a linux box with sblive, dual head, tv out and all the nice stuff :-)))04:16
fabbionesivang: but it's turned off right now04:16
sivangsivang : cooool04:16
sivangsivang : my machine is the same (over a D865PERL intel mobo) however nvidia geforce204:16
=== fabbione wonders why sivang talks to himself
pittifabbione: testing his IRC client?04:17
=== sivang 3 hours sleep lastnight :)
fabbionei use a nvidia Geforce 4 or something...04:17
fabbionei can't remember04:17
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : SSDS | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ | Sneak preview invitations time - see the list :-) | 20040915.3 preview candidate images - test NOW or forever hold your peace | Live at SLUG!
fabbione nVidia Corporation NV25 [GeForce4 Ti 4600]  (rev a3)04:17
=== sivang think this channel is the next best succesor to #debian-boot
Kamionmdz: wouldn't matter anyway, they don't publish to the mirrors until all the architectures have built04:18
fabbionesivang: Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Audigy (rev 04)04:18
sivangKamion : i just finished burninig!04:18
Kamionsivang: the schedule was public04:18
sivangfabbione : supposed to have low latency and shit, cool hardware04:18
sivangKamion : i know, didn't pay attention - my fault :)04:19
danielspitti: could you please run sh -x /usr/share/xresprobe/ddcprobe.sh04:19
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:daniels] : SSDS | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ | Sneak preview invitations time - see the list :-) | 20040915.3 preview candidate images - test NOW or forever hold your peace.
=== sivang resyncing
=== fabbione resyncs too
pittidaniels: I did04:20
pittidaniels: shall I mail or send with IRC? (never done this, though)04:20
danielspitti: oh, must have missed that, sorry04:20
danielspitti: mail is fine04:20
pittidaniels: daniel@fooishbar.org, right?04:21
danielspitti: yep!04:21
pittidaniels: it's away04:22
danielspitti: cheers dude04:22
pittidaniels: well, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 does the trick, but a fully automatic install would rock :-)04:23
fabbionenever mind04:23
pittidaniels: sorry for the late report, I could not try warty on my desktop untily recently04:23
sivangpitti : i still had to modprobe nvidia 04:23
pittidaniels: because it was broken :-(04:23
sivangpitti : even on 15.2 04:23
fabbionelooks like archive is getting.. hmm slow04:23
pittisivang: me too.04:23
danielspitti: ahr :\04:24
sivangpitti : that needs to be added to to pkg postinst script04:24
danielssort -n sucks04:24
sivangpitti : echo "modprobe nvidia" > /etc/modules" ? :)04:24
pittifabbione: On my sid system, the ndvidia driver was loaded automatically by hotplug. IIRC the driver package contained a sysfs patch which created a sysfs device for the nvidia card04:24
pittisivang: use >> please04:24
sivangpitti : oopsy 04:25
pittifabbione: but on warty I have to load it manually04:25
danielswhen you feed sort -n, 1280x1024@75 1280x960@80, it will output 1280x960@80 1280x1024@7504:25
danielsthat's with sort -nr!04:25
pittidaniels: gar04:25
sabdflKamion: are the colours of the d-i screens customizable? (blue, grey, red, etc)04:25
pittidaniels: so a little more sed and cut magic?04:25
Kamionsabdfl: not without evil bogl-bterm hacking IIRC04:25
mdzdaniels: sort -tx04:25
=== sivang thinks he would have just abit more strength to stay for release and than drop dead, dog tired
Kamionbeen a while since I looked down to that level though04:25
danielspitti: what happens if you replace all the calls to sort -nr, in ddcprobe.sh, with sort -nrtx?04:26
pittidaniels, mdz: but will this really succeed every time?04:26
danielsmdz: thanks04:26
Kamionhm, actually I suppose cdebconf must know about the colours04:26
danielspitti: i hope so, because we're sol if we need anything mroe04:26
Kamionbut I don't know how that works04:26
sabdflKamion: who would know?04:26
jordidaniels: dude these guys down answer me. I'm being ignored!04:27
Kamionjoeyh, Bastian Blank, Denis Barbier, maybe a couple of others04:27
jordidon't even04:27
thomjordi: we don't know who you are!04:27
pittidaniels: I did that, but what should actually change?04:27
pittidaniels: xresprobe output is still the same04:28
Kamionoh, Randolph Chung too, if he's still around04:28
pittidaniels: it still does not contain 1280x102404:28
danielspitti: gah :\04:28
danielsmdz: ^^04:28
Kamion92%, damnit04:28
pittidaniels: maybe we sould sort for the maximum product of the two numbers04:28
elmo_mfkamion: he is04:28
danielsjordi: i dunno, i've not talked to them much, sorry04:28
fabbionedaniels: you need to strip the @ before the sort04:28
danielsfabbione: no!04:28
=== Kamion wonders how he can possibly test this before 1500UTC
danielsfabbione: actually ... yes04:28
danielsthen it can't contain -u, however04:29
fabbioneKamion: we will manage :-)04:29
fabbioneKamion: if someone can kick some bw to auckland04:29
=== fabbione skips rsync of the archive
pittidaniels: wait04:29
diemanho hum04:29
danielspitti: yeah?04:29
pittidaniels: I did not replace the sort -unr calls04:29
pittidaniels: shall I?04:29
jordithom: I climb onto hacker's shoulders!04:29
sivangfabbione : no use to sync?04:30
lamontdaniels: tr '@x' '::' |sort -t: -k1,1nr -k2,2nr -k3,3nr04:30
lamontsivang: I think he's going straight to the ISO04:30
fabbionesivang: yes.. but there is a X update.. i am just resyncing the iso04:30
pittidaniels: I just did, does not help04:30
lamontand then rsyncing later04:30
fabbionelamont: exactly :-)04:31
=== lamont would grab the ISO, but knows it wouldn't finish before time was up.
lamont30 kbytes/sec just isn't enough to get there...04:31
diemanwhat do you need to do with the iso?04:31
=== StoneTable [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
lamontdieman: boot it. test it.04:31
lamontKamion: they all done building?04:31
diemanis it in the cdimage dir?04:32
Kamionlamont: hell yeah04:32
Kamiondieman: yeah04:32
sivangmine is finishing in 3 minutes04:32
Kamiondieman: daily/current/04:32
lamontKamion: /me wasn't sure how long the process took...04:32
Kamionsivang: rsync lies a lot04:32
diemanhow big is the cdimage dir anyhow? i should try rsyncing it04:32
sivangKamion : yep. it keeps coming and going04:32
danielspitti: does http://fooishbar.org/daniel/xresprobe/ddcprobe.sh work?04:32
danielspitti: if you dump that into /usr/share/xresprobe04:33
Kamiondieman: 30/40-some gig04:33
lamontsivang: unless you're getting > 200Mbyes/sec, I expect that number will change as rsync discovers blocks it needs to actually transfer04:33
pittidaniels: 40304:33
diemanKamion: yikes04:33
diemanKamion: i might just rsync the 'current' dirs04:33
Kamiondieman: that makes more sense04:33
Kamiondieman: eventually you'll probably just want to take /releases/04:33
=== ximpix [mci156@CPE-147-10-130-35.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionethere... burning04:34
diemanwill releases be included under ubuntu/?04:34
Kamionthe CD releases will be /cdimage/releases/<whatever>04:34
Kamionubuntu/ is just the package archive, equivalent to debian/04:34
danielspitti: fixed04:34
pittidaniels: still 40304:34
jdubmdz: how's it going?04:35
=== Keybuk [scott@syndicate.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzjdub: final testing now04:35
mdzamd64 installing, powerpc burning, i386 waiting04:35
danielspitti: ?!?04:35
pittidaniels: I can't help it; tried it from two different hosts04:35
ximpixI just tried to connect to wiki.ubuntu.com and got complaints from firefox04:35
pittidaniels: you can also mail it to me (martin@piware.de)04:36
Kamionmdz: damnit, you have way more bandwidth than I do04:36
fabbionemdz: i386 is burning here04:36
elmo_mfI need to upgrade apache on auckland, one sec04:36
ximpix(the cert is from www.warthogs.hbd.com). Not what you want to know now, but I don't know who to email this to.04:36
sivanglamont : maybe something is wrong here, it just finished04:37
sivang   533874688 100%  668.35kB/s    0:13:00  (1, 100.0% of 1)04:37
sivangwrote 161869 bytes  read 45569780 bytes  57343.76 bytes/sec04:37
sivangtotal size is 533874688  speedup is 11.6704:37
mdzwrote 173102 bytes  read 75947848 bytes  287791.87 bytes/sec04:37
mdztotal size is 1689617950  speedup is 22.2004:37
Kamionthat sounds totally wrong04:37
ximpixgood luck guys, I'm bailing04:37
Kamionunless that's the name of your local file04:38
sivangKamion : my local file04:38
sivangKamion : :)04:38
lamontsivang: shouldn't be that much diff, but X did change....04:38
thomKamion: torrent time?04:38
Kamionthom: oh, damn, yeah, go for it04:39
sivangKamion : rsync://archive.ubuntu.com/cdimage/daily/20040915.3/warty-i386.iso  is right?04:39
daniels[Tue Sep 14 23:32:00 2004]  [notice]  child pid 28407 exit signal Bus error (7)04:39
daniels[Wed Sep 15 05:02:17 2004]  [notice]  child pid 31115 exit signal Bus error (7)04:39
daniels[Wed Sep 15 05:29:25 2004]  [info]  server seems busy, (you may need to increase StartServers, or Min/MaxSpareServers), spawning 8 children, there are 4 idle, and 17 total children04:39
danielspitti: try that?04:39
Kamionsivang: use /daily/current/, but yes04:39
Kamioni386 burning04:40
sivangKamion : ok, off to burnung04:40
pittidaniels: try what? its still 403 and I don't have mail04:40
=== alextreme [~alex@am.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
danielspitti: um, i don't see any requests in my logs04:41
danielsi'll mail it to you04:41
fabbioneKamion: booting i386 now04:41
azeemhas canonical hired artists as well, besides hackers?04:41
thomdaniels: what are you getting bus errors on?04:41
danielsthom: i386, go figure04:41
jdubazeem: contracted, yes.04:41
jdubazeem: current artwork is temporary.04:41
mdzamd64 at aptitude, i386 and powerpc in stage 104:42
pittidaniels: it WORKS!04:42
pitti# xresprobe nv04:42
pittiid: LM914/LM91904:42
pittires: 1280x960 1280x1024 1280x1024 1280x1024 1152x864 1024x768 1024x768 1024x768 1024x768 832x624 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 720x400 720x400 640x480 640x480 640x480 640x480 640x480 sort -unrtx04:42
pittifreq: 31-95 55-8504:42
danielspitti: ... sigh04:42
lamontjdub: still the debugging artwork?04:43
pittidaniels: well, there are a lot of duplicates04:43
pittidaniels: but at least 1280x1024 is present now04:43
jdublamont: no, non-debugging temporary artowkr04:43
fabbionepitti: there should be no duplicates04:43
pittidaniels: but what does the sort -unrtx do there?04:43
danielspitti: you have mail04:43
fabbioneand no "sort -unrtx" at the end04:43
fabbionepitti: you forgot a | ?04:43
danielspitti: it means that forgot to put a pipe in because I'm an idiot04:43
danielsfabbione: no, I did :)04:43
=== lamont grumbles - gonna have to go park in a driveway and download the ISO's...
=== fabbione isn't surprised :P
lamont"daniels: .... because I'm an idiot".. got it.04:44
danielsok, how's about this04:44
pitti# xresprobe nv04:44
pittiid: LM914/LM91904:44
pittires: 1280x960 1280x1024 1280x1024 1280x1024 1152x864 1024x768 1024x768 1024x768 1024x768 832x624 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 720x400 720x400 640x480 640x480 640x480 640x480 640x48004:44
pittifreq: 31-95 55-8504:44
pittidaniels: better04:44
fabbionethat has to go on "quotes"04:44
danielsi just released x11r6.8.1 and my brain is melted.04:44
pittidaniels: still some dups04:44
pittidaniels: and the sort order is incorrect04:44
lamontdaniels: sort won't do multiple number keys unless you tell it to...04:44
pittidaniels: however, at least all resolutions appear now04:44
lamonttr '@x' '::' |sort -t: -k1,1nr -k2,2nr -k3,3nr04:45
lamont(that is, make the delims all the same, tell sort that's the delim, and have it sort fields 1,2, and 3 as first,second,and third keys...)04:46
lamontthat _should_ do what you want.04:46
=== sivang 's machine is doing the iso
diemanpke me when the release cdimages are out04:47
diemanand i'll mirror them04:47
mdzamd64 is GO04:47
jdubGO! :)04:48
lamontis the release announcement going to have a list of mirrors (or a pointer to same)?04:48
mdzother two are still on archive-copier04:48
mdzKamion: just noticed that archive-copier copies all the powerpc subarch kernels04:48
jdublamont: see the text on the wiki04:48
mdzthom: are the torrents updated?04:48
Kamionmdz: yes, I mentioned that a few days ago04:49
Kamionmdz: they can't be yet, they rely on the images being in /releases/04:49
thommdz: waiting for the cd images to go into final locations04:49
=== Gman [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzwhy do they rely on that?04:49
puumbaI told thom that I'd try to get one of the Purdue mirrors (csociety.org or cerias) to mirror ubuntu.04:50
Kamionmdz: the torrents have the location in them04:50
mdzoh, ew04:50
mdzI thought they just had the location of the tracker04:50
Kamioni386 in base-install04:50
mdzi386 and powerpc booting stage 204:50
fabbione67% of archive copy here04:51
thommdz: or certainly it looks like they do, and i'm unwilling to gamble right now. they don't take long, anyway04:51
danielspitti: you've got mail04:51
pittidaniels: worse04:51
pitti# xresprobe nv04:52
pittiid: LM914/LM91904:52
pittires: 1280x960 1280x1024 1280x1024 1280x1024 1152x864 1024x768 1024x768 1024x768 1024x768 832x624 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 720x400 720x400 640x480 640x480 640x480 640x480 640x480 sort sort -rnu -tx -k1,1nr -k2,2nr04:52
pittifreq: 31-95 55-8504:52
pittidaniels: another pipe?04:52
fabbionebooting stage 204:52
diemanive got a laptop to install with warty!04:52
fabbionepipes are missing because daniels keeps smoking them :)04:52
pittidaniels: I added the pipe, but it does not work. Wait...04:53
diemani only wish archive.ubuntu.com was faster.04:53
danielspitti: biff04:53
pittidaniels: same thing04:54
fabbionethis is new04:54
pittidaniels: line 61 misses a |04:54
fabbionethom: find: /proc/acpi/battery: No such file or directory04:54
pittidaniels: and has a double sort04:54
fabbionethom: latest cd install on i38604:55
=== Kosai [cjb@eigg.ra.phy.cam.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
pittidaniels: with the fixed one:04:55
Kamionyeah, laptop-detect is noisy, it's been doing that for a while ...04:55
pitti# xresprobe nv04:55
pittiid: LM914/LM91904:55
pittires: 1280x960 1280x1024 1280x1024 1280x1024 1152x864 1024x768 1024x768 1024x768 1024x768 832x624 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 720x400 720x400 640x480 640x480 640x480 640x480 640x48004:55
pittifreq: 31-95 55-8504:55
pittidaniels: still wron sort order and dups04:55
Kamionhey Kosai :-)04:55
thomfabbione: file a bug to remind me, please04:55
fabbioneKamion: hmm ok. i haven't noticed it before04:55
fabbionethom: yes will do04:55
KosaiKamion: Hi.  :)  Happy release, if it's happened! 04:55
fabbione5 minutes04:55
KamionKosai: nearly ...04:55
sivangKamion : archive structure updates? "77% [7 Packages gzip 0]  [9 Sources 23027/166kB 13%]                  75.1kB/s 1s04:55
sivanggzip: stdin: not in gzip format04:55
sivangErr http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/restricted Packages04:55
sivang  Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1)04:55
=== bdale_ [~bdale@rover.gag.com] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionsivang: that looks like a broken download to me04:56
mdzany i386 intsalls complete yet?04:56
pittidaniels: I would like to give you a shell on my box, but I'M behind a nat04:56
lamontsivang: or bad burn04:56
Kamionnah, it's talking to archive.u.c04:56
lamontah, nm04:57
sivangKamion : it's when apt-get updating, not from cd04:57
fabbionethom: 124904:58
fabbionemdz: almost...04:58
=== Noodles [~noodles@the.earth.li] has joined #ubuntu
sivangnevermind, iso almost finished. i'll have a fresh install with 15.204:59
fabbionetime is up05:00
pittilulu: all URLs on canonical.com which are supposed to be clickable links just show the URL instead of linking to it05:00
Kamioncan't release until at least one of each architecture is running X05:00
luluyes - problem with the editor - we are working on it thanks Pitti05:00
pittilulu: okay, if the problem is known, I'll shut up :-)05:01
fabbioneKamion: i am almost there05:01
pitti1500 UTC just went past05:01
Kamionmdz: how's powerpc looking?05:01
luluknown - we are turning off the editor and doing it another way - thanks05:01
=== npmccallum_ [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
sivangso release is now?05:01
sivangoh no, just cd freeze05:01
lamontsivang: prerelease05:02
lamonter, preview05:02
=== sivang rechecks wiki schedule
hypatiasivang: Well the download links from http://www.ubuntulinux.org/download/ are still dead :)05:03
diemanso the release cd is coming rsn?05:03
thomwaiting on i386 and powerpc test installs to finish05:03
diemanis it just going to be based off the current daily?05:04
Kamiondieman: yes, a direct copy05:04
mdzi386 success05:04
mdzpowerpc registering docs05:04
KamionI have the relevant command waiting for me to hit enter05:04
KosaiCan we start drum rolling yet?05:04
pittianybody doing the countdown?05:05
thompitti: yeah, we're at T+5 :-)05:05
fabbionepitti: for hoary?05:05
=== tseng got so excited about gnome he lost count
sivangno use testing the iso now..:)05:06
fabbioneRegistering docs now05:06
fabbionecome on...05:06
=== fabbione kicks his box
mdzpowerpc success05:06
mdz3 for 3!05:06
=== thom kicks scrollkeeper hard
danielspitti: guh!05:06
Kamionok, copying to release05:06
fabbioneKamion, mdz: i386 is GO here too!05:06
mdzSHIP IT05:06
sivangi am exicted05:06
fabbioneKamion: GO GO05:06
=== pitti trembles
=== stub [~zen@dialup-] has left #ubuntu []
daniels(warthogs dance?)05:07
sivangWhere's the live video feed????? :)05:07
pittidaniels: what was this klingon thingy 'guh'?05:07
KosaiI liked the jwz story of their first netscape release; they got an Indy playing a cheer every time a download finished, and watched the sound build up.  :)05:07
danielspitti: 'guh' basically means 'crap'05:08
pittidaniels: too late for the preview anyway05:08
pittidaniels: now we've got a month to get it right :-)05:08
fabbioneimages are showing up05:08
pittiI can see them, I can see them!05:08
pittiia64 - now i38605:09
mdzmonika's alarm clock just went off05:09
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : SSDS | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ | Warty Preview Release is GO!
Kamionsync complete05:09
pittipowerpc also.05:09
Kamionthom: hit the torrents05:09
puumbaWhen I was a young warthog!05:09
=== dieman starts the rsync
diemanor yeah05:09
pittiTHANKS GUYS!05:09
diemanwe could torrent it in05:09
diemanlet me know when they are setup05:10
sivangwhere to rsync from???? :)05:10
puumbacongrats guys05:10
pittisivang: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/warty/preview/05:10
pittisivang: add /cdimage/ for rsync05:10
danielspitti: heh05:10
hypatiaI assume it's known that http://www.ubuntulinux.org/download/ has the wrong link?05:11
pittiit has no link at all05:12
pittijust text05:12
Kamionai, yes, that was an earlier version05:12
hypatiapitti: text with the wrong link in it then05:13
Kamionhypatia: mentioned it to those who can05:13
pittihypatia: s/ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu.com/05:14
Kamionpitti: we're going out with ubuntulinux.org05:14
sivangpitti : i want something to work with rsync05:14
Kamionthough ubuntu.com also works05:14
elmo_mfwhat went out as the URL of tbe BTS?05:14
hypatiapitti: it's actually the /install/ on the end that doesn't work05:14
elmo_mfesp. in gnome/reportbug/whatever?05:14
Kamionsivang: cdimage.ubuntu.com::cdimage/releases/warty/preview/warty-i386.iso05:15
Kamionhypatia: yep, got that05:15
pittisivang: rsync -zPv rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/releases/warty/preview/warty-i386.iso works05:15
diemanhmm... is anyone seeding the torrents?05:15
mdzthom: ERROR:05:15
mdzrejected by tracker - Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker.05:15
mdzdieman: I was trying to05:16
diemanmy multitorrent is just saying connecting...05:17
Kamionhypatia: there'll be a brief delay, some work being done on the download page so it's temporarily edit-frozen05:17
diemanthom: ditto05:17
diemanthom: i got the same error as mdz05:17
=== puumba [rimbert@ee213-dhcp-2.ecn.purdue.edu] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
m_tthewI also get the 'requested download is not authorized for use' error05:18
danielspitti: ping05:19
danielspitti: finally fixed05:19
pittidaniels: poing05:19
=== Md [md@md.staff.freenode] has joined #ubuntu
sivangthe old wiki is no longer neccesary?05:19
mdzm_tthew: well bless your heart for trying! :-)05:19
diemani grabbed bittornado and it started working, mdz and thom05:19
m_tthewseeding ubuntu is good vibes05:19
diemanoh no05:20
sivangrelease sync done,05:20
diemanits not working still05:20
Kamionsivang: old wiki?05:20
sivangKamion : hmm, now there's ubuntu.com right?05:20
Kamionsivang: the old one is just the same, different name that's all05:20
mdzthom: working now05:20
pittidaniels: # xresprobe nv05:20
pittiid: LM914/LM91905:20
pittires: 1280x1024 1280x960 1152x864 1024x768 832x624 800x600 720x400 640x48005:20
pittifreq: 31-95 55-8505:20
sivangKamion : you'd send the mailing list an email with all new links and stuff?05:20
pittidaniels: Congrats!05:20
Kamionsivang: others are working on announcements05:20
mdzmaxing out my upstream in fact05:20
danielspitti: thanks :)05:21
danielspitti: i'll upload once it's settled down a little bit05:21
pittidaniels: can you please upload it an hour ago? :-/05:21
m_tthewyeah works here now as well05:21
daniels(also, once i get back to my gnupg key -- putting in the usb key on a foreign machine and scp'ing over and stuff to just sponsor this ...)05:21
Mdmost links in http://www.ubuntulinux.org/download/ are broken05:21
danielspitti: heh05:21
m_tthewmaxing out my upstream as well05:21
Mdlooks like a some " are missing05:21
thomyeah, config error05:22
thom(it's all mdz' fault) ;-)05:22
thomi'm btheadless'ing on my server, which is smack on LINX05:22
thomi have bittorrent maxing the NIC out on that box before05:23
diemanits not going all that fast out here05:23
diemanwonder why05:23
thomit'll pick up05:23
MdI have a couple of boxes with some bandwidth too, where are the torrents?05:23
thomMd: http://torrent.ubuntu.com/releases/warty/preview/05:24
thomMd: thanks :-)05:24
=== Castr0 [~sh0gun@pool-141-157-221-17.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
danielspitti: expect 0.4.7 to hit in about 18h with that fix05:24
danielspitti: thanks for your help05:24
pittidaniels: well, you did the actual work on it. 05:25
pittidaniels: thanks05:25
pittidaniels: if people install with network, they should actually get it, right?05:25
Castr0no will you be nice to me fabbione05:25
=== tritium [rimbert@ee213-dhcp-2.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu
danielspitti: in 18h ;)05:25
pittidaniels: of course, but after this.05:25
pittidaniels: would be a pity if they got wrong X configuration05:26
diemanthom: ahh, no05:26
diemanthom: our packet shaper is harming me05:26
danielspitti: fo'sho05:26
diemanthom: i think i might just rsync it05:26
dieman(it *inspects* traffic for the protocol, too)05:26
diemanso different ports doesn't work05:26
=== rburton starts bittorrent
pittidaniels: = "for sure"?05:27
danielspitti: yah05:28
rburtonpitta: daniels is from da hood05:28
diemanthere we go, im adding in a megabit from home05:28
danielshow do I get serving? i can throw in 100mbit05:29
mdzbtdownloadheadless http://torrent.ubuntu.com/releases/warty/preview/warty-{i386,amd64,powerpc}.iso.torrent05:29
thomdaniels: apt-get install bittornado, grab the torrents, btdownloadheadless url05:29
diemanbtlauchmanycurses .05:30
diemanis nice too05:30
diemanif you download all 305:30
danielsphwoar, it's quick :)05:30
m_tthewif the box you're torrenting from is behind NAT, besure to tell bittorrent what public IP to report to the tracker (and forward the ports, of course)05:31
rburtoni'm getting 119kb/s down and giving 55kb/s back05:31
=== rburton wants mooorrre powwweerr
HcEdoes Btlaunchmanycurses: work behind a NAT?05:32
diemanim getting 146 and giving 8005:32
HcEdon't know the torrent protocol that good05:32
diemanit will05:32
diemanbut you might not get as much download speed05:32
mdzit seems to work for me from behind a NAT without explicitly telling it which IP to use05:32
mdzI suppose the tracker figures it out from the source address05:32
=== edd joins the torrent
dafit works behind a NAT as long as the people you're downloading from aren't behind NAT05:32
diemanso when will this hit /.05:33
=== daf is behind NAT but port-forwards bittorrent ports for better performance
rburtonif i was sensible i'd run bt on a machine which wasn't behind the nat05:34
thomedd: torrent is blocked on the posi net, sadly.05:34
thomedd: otherwise i'd add a few more machines ;-)05:34
eddthom: doing it from my dsl...05:34
eddso not exactly fast, but i feel morally superior to wget.05:34
=== jdub suffers massive information overload
jdubso much happening on channels and websites05:35
jdublate at night05:35
Mdhint: the announcements and the web site should prominently advertise the torrents, and use a very small font for the CD images...05:35
jdubthom: you were dissin' me for the release time -> you had it best off05:35
elmo_mfjdub: how, by staying up all night? :P05:36
thomjdub: i was dissing you because of apache an hour before :-)05:36
jdubelmo_mf: yes, but i did that too :-)05:36
thomjdub: and you realise i've been up since somewhere around 08:30 yesterday?05:36
KosaiIs it known that <http://cdimage.ubuntulinux.org/releases/warty/preview/install/> is 404?05:36
rburtonthom: fool, you should have got some sleep05:36
thomit's a nice idea05:36
jdubthom: how many hours ahead am i? :)05:37
danielsok, there's 100mbit in the us05:37
thomKosai: yeah, drop the install/ the docs are being fixed i think05:37
lamontthom: are being fixed05:38
diemandaniels: yeah, my uni connection would be great, but the packet shaping is slowing it down :|05:38
danielsrad, 1.2MB/sec download from fooishbar :)05:38
diemandaniels: was only getting 10kbps :|05:38
diemandaniels: i was doing 1.4MB/sec http xfers from ftp.cs.umn.edu to gluck05:39
diemani was impressed05:39
danielsdieman: fooishbar.org (at cs.pdx.edu) is getting 1.2MB down on i386, plus 830 on amd64, and 840 on powerpc05:39
HcE1.3MBps down and 1.1MBps up05:39
diemandaniels: cool05:39
danielsand that's only 100MBit -- i'd hate to see what fd.o could do05:39
diemandaniels: you have a http or rsync from there i can use?05:39
diemandaniels: so i can snag those images?05:39
diemanim in a p2p wasteland :)05:39
danielsdieman: email an ssh public key to daniel@fooishbar.org05:40
sivangbtw people is hebrew new year's eve today! what a nice present like ubuntu for the new year!05:40
sivangthank you all!05:41
diemandaniels: awwman, thats work!  :)05:41
diemandaniels: its not a huge deal, i'll have the images within the hour05:41
diemani've nearly got i38605:41
diemanand amd6405:42
danielsdieman: heh05:43
mdzsivang: mazel tov05:44
sivangmdz : toda! you speak hebrew???? :-)05:45
mdzsivang: no :-)05:45
NoodlesMmmmm. 20Mb/s.05:48
HcEwarty-i386.iso down :)05:49
=== sivang is burning his preview ios and than show off to his freinds :)
HcEwhy do I only give 200kBps ?05:49
=== tsblack [~thomas@dumbledore.hbd.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tsblack [~thomas@dumbledore.hbd.com] has left #ubuntu []
sivangiso finished05:55
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== giskard [~giskard@213-140-17-97.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sivang installing the preview
fabbionemdz: still around?06:02
mdzfabbione: yes06:03
mdzI will be here at least until the announcements go out06:04
fabbionemdz: sounder@ i did place the sources for x ubuntu19 on people, if you can kinldy build the amd64 and ppc 06:04
fabbionemdz: ok.06:04
sivangmdz : where are you announcing?06:04
=== micampe [~micampe@host164-238.pool81114.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionemdz: if can put up the build before you go to sleep is perfectly fine for me06:05
lamontfabbione: 19... sigh.06:05
mdzfabbione: ok06:05
fabbionelamont: no need to be uploaded. it needs testing06:05
Mdwhy no announcement to slashdot? :-)06:05
fabbionelamont: for the nv driver06:05
=== hypatia [~mary@82-69-60-252.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionelamont: it's enough for me to push the driver to people. if it works (as it already looks like) we will consider the upload06:06
lamontMd: because they're still polishing the announcement, I expect06:07
=== npmccallum__ [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypatiaon a really trivial note, how can I reset Nautilus's *default* .jpg "Open" handler?06:08
hypatiaImage Viewer is really useless for me, especially when I want to open ten images06:08
danielsfabbione: ubuntu19 and xresprobe 0.4.7, hooray06:08
fabbionedaniels: how fucked is 0.4.6?06:08
danielsfabbione: it doesn't do its n-1 stuff right06:09
danielsfabbione: if the top resolution has two refresh rates, it will only print the second one, instead of the top one06:09
danielsit's hardly catastrophic06:09
fabbionewell but X doesn't ask for the @XXHz06:09
fabbioneoh now i get it06:09
fabbionepeople are going to flood us with bugs06:10
fabbionebecause X is broken06:10
Kamiondoesn't seem all that bad06:11
danielsi'm too tired to see what the possible problem is there06:11
danielsbasically, if you have 123x456@70 123x456@80 100x200@6006:11
danielsxresprobe would throw away the first two(!) and give you 100x20006:11
danielswhich isn't what you want, i think06:11
danielsso i fixed this in 0.4.7, http://fooishbar.org/daniel/xresprobe/06:11
danielsright now though, i'm going to roll around, curl up and go to sleep06:12
=== theantix [ryan@yossarian.threeducks.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== theantix [ryan@yossarian.threeducks.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kagou [~kagou@AMontpellier-251-1-41-27.w81-251.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
seb128hey kagou 06:30
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-083-248-088.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
diemanthe installer didn't let me choose a mirror? :)06:32
Kamionhaving it download from the network at all in the second stage was kind of an afterthought, we're still debating the exact interface06:33
Kamionbut for final release the only things that'll change will be security updates anyway ...06:33
Kamionand aside from that everything comes off the CD06:33
theantixI installed it before the wiki went live, I thought I was going nuts and forgot my root password -- now I know better ;-)06:38
kagouthe public announce for ubuntu have been made ?06:39
Kamionkagou: just being finalized nowish06:39
kagouthanks Kamion06:40
Kamionright, unless anyone needs me for anything else urgent I'm going to hide somewhere that doesn't involve computers for a while06:41
=== sivan [~sivan@] has joined #ubuntu
sivanX is broken :(06:41
sivandid a nasty reboot and then went back to say installation was not complete06:42
m_tthewwhat video hardware06:42
=== sivan is now known as sivang
sivanggeforece 2, asus make06:43
=== sivang using irssi-text
sivangi'll try find some logs06:44
sivanghow do i swtich conv windows in irssi-text?06:45
Castr0sivang, /window <windows #>06:45
=== sivang [~sivan@] has left #ubuntu []
lamonthrm... 52 hours to get the iso... I think I'll go to lunch instead.06:48
makoi've forwarded a draft version of the public announcment to the sounders list06:48
makoif people can check that out now and give feedback that would be great06:49
makoi'll send it out to the announce list (press, etc) in half an hour or so i think06:49
lamontmako: looks good06:52
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
kagouhttp://www.no-name-yet.com/ have been updated !!06:53
sivangnot working here06:53
sivanganyway, still trying to figure what caused that nasty reboot..06:54
lamontkagou: yeah06:54
lamontmako: does the sounders list get seeded into any of the ubuntu-* lists?  or do we need to have a subscription fest?06:55
sivangwhere can i find the installation log?06:57
makolamont: i think we already HAD a subscription fest :)06:57
makoeverybody on any ubuntu/warthogs list is on announce i think06:58
sivanghow can i subscribe to the warthog list also?06:59
makosivang: you don't need to06:59
makosivang: it's basically the canonical administrative list.. it used to be the only list but everything has been moved to other lists now07:00
sivangok mako thanks07:00
sivanganyways guys, holiday dinner is up, so i'll be seeing you all later!07:01
makosivang: totally, later07:01
sivangubuntu just rocks and will rock even better!07:01
lamontmako: but we're not on ubuntu-{devel,users}?  Just trying to figure out what I should go sub to, and what I'm already on...07:02
makosivang: rosh hashannah?07:03
makoif so, happy rosh hashannah :)07:03
=== lucas_ [~lucas@cab-192023.calixo.net] has joined #ubuntu
lucas_hello :)07:04
sivangmako : yes! how did you know? :)07:05
makosivang: i'm not jewish but went to the jewish community center near my home every day after school for maybe 10 years :) i know some hebrew, songs, etc :) seemed about the right time07:07
sivangmako : 10 years? you're practicly more jew than me :)07:09
theantixanyone have any ideas why the installer won't recognize my current partitions?  Currently dual-booting windows (ntfs) and fedora 2 (ext3) but Ubuntu wants to take over the whole disk.  Works on another computer, so it's something with my laptop setup but I don't know what.07:11
sivangmako : will sounder@ be notified of all relevant new mailing lists we can sign on?07:12
sivangi don't wnat to miss _anything_ about ubuntu07:12
makosivang: yeah, jdu can fill peopl ein07:12
sivangmako : sound and ubuntu-devel are the same?07:13
makosivang: yeah, jdub can send a message to sounder telling them about the new setup07:13
lamonttheantix: the target use model is 'whole disk'...  I'm nearly certain that you can bludgeon it into living with others..07:13
makosivang: i think so, jdub can tell what he did07:13
sivangmako : ok graet!07:14
lamonttheantix: but I'm not sure of the details.07:14
theantixlamont: ah okay, thanks07:15
spivtheantix: I believe that if you choose to do manual partioning, it should see your existing partitions.  If it's not, then I guess that's a bug report :)07:15
lamonttheantix: any experience with debian installer?07:15
theantixspiv: any better way to report bugs than on IRC?07:16
=== spiv points to /topic :)
theantixlamont: never tried d-i on this box, ubuntu installs fine on another box known to work with d-i07:17
lamonttheantix: the installer _is_ d-i, just with a gag in it's mouth... :-)07:18
lamontyou certainly get prompted before it trashes the disk, and manual partitioning should let you get ther.07:18
lamontthat is, you should be able to install into a free partition.. I know folks were doing that in testing07:18
lamontwell, not a gag, more it's not allowed to ask so many questions...07:19
theantixlamont: indeed, but the manual partitioning doesn't recognize my partitions for my laptop, though it does for my desktop -- s'ok, I'm filing a bug report and will shut up now07:20
lamontyum. more bug reports...  07:21
lamontsounds like a bug to me07:21
=== tvon [~tvon@h-67-100-157-190.mclnva23.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kagou [kagou@AMontpellier-251-1-22-116.w81-251.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== tritium is now known as puumba
=== ema [~ema@adsl-101-231.38-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #ubuntu
lamontKinnison: you time shifted, or just redefining words? :-)07:39
Kinnisonlamont: It's always 'morning' when logging into IRC07:40
=== lamont is not so fortunate.
=== Kinnison grins
KinnisonIt's always 'morning' when you log in, and g'night when you log out07:41
Kinnison'tis the rules07:41
lamontI thought it was 'moo' when you arrived, and g'night when you leave...07:41
KinnisonBlame aj and neuro07:41
lamontI believe it infested the parisc crowd before debian... not sure if aj/neuro took it from or brought it to parisc..07:42
kagoui'v made a french news on ubuntu07:43
=== lamont finds his french language skills not quite up to the task...
=== jvw [jeroen@233pc233.sshunet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflmako: :-)07:51
makoi think ineed to very quickly write some procmail filters07:52
lucas_kagou: will you propose the news on linuxfr.Org ?07:52
=== skx [~skx@82-41-53-115.cable.ubr07.edin.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
kagoulucas_, yes of course07:53
lucas_ok so I won't do it07:53
kagoulucas_, news proposed at 19H02 (french time)07:54
lucas_ok, cool07:54
kagoulucas_, have you seen my news on andesi ?07:55
lucas_yes, read it very very fast07:56
lucas_About this : "Pensez tout de mme  faire un tour dans le mixer afin de rgler les volumes et d'enlever les sourdines (les developpeurs ne veulent pas faire exploser vos enceintes, ni vous faire remarquer si vous essayez Ubuntu au travail :p )."07:57
lucas_I think it's a bug, not a fetre ;)07:58
kagouit's a feature (seen in list)07:58
lucas_I thought I saw in the list it was a bug :)07:58
lucas_I should have read more carefully07:58
lucas_"Sachez aussi que la version de dcembre possdera un installateur compltement graphique."07:59
lucas_wasn't it April ?08:00
lucas_I re-read the article, it is very good.08:00
kagouit's for Hoary Hedgehog (release on december -> http://wiki.no-name-yet.com/HoaryHedgehog?action=highlight&value=%2FReleaseSchedule)08:01
kagouthanks lucas_ 08:02
seb1286 months between releases yes08:03
=== giskard [~giskard@213-140-17-97.fastres.net] has left #ubuntu ["morte]
lamontdecember is upstream version freeze for Hoary.08:03
lamontah, ol08:04
lamontok, even08:04
lucas_based on what the wiki says, there'll be a beta of the installer in december, but it is only to be released in april. It's a bit misleading, maybe you should update your article08:04
kagouis there anyone who had tested amd64 version on a notebook (not apple) ?08:05
kagouok lucas_ 08:05
seb128there is no "release" in december08:05
=== tarzeau [~tarzeau@80-219-75-186.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu
kagouit's made08:06
=== normalperson [normalpers@] has joined #ubuntu
lucas_how are we supposed to pronounce "ubuntu" ?08:06
lucas_like in english ?08:06
tarzeauit'll be gnome only?08:07
thomkde is in universe08:07
thombut the main distro is focussing on gnome, yes08:07
spivLike a monkey!  oo oo oo!08:07
thomspiv: you do the monkey thing so well ;)08:08
azeemmako: you should have explained your "strange" versioning scheme in the announcement I guess08:08
thom12GB of bittorrent downloads thusfar08:09
Mithrandirdo we need more seeds?08:09
=== Tybstar [~tgerla@rdu-nat.specifixinc.com] has joined #ubuntu
lamontmako's announcement on lwn08:09
thomMithrandir: i think we have quite a few very well connected ones08:10
lamontazeem: you mean the numbers or the names?08:10
thombut it can't hurt :-)08:10
Mithrandirthom: url?08:10
azeemlamont: numbers08:10
lamontazeem: but that would be telling... :-)08:10
lucas_how is "universe" synched with debian ?08:11
thomlucas_: snapshot08:11
lucas_at the upstream freeze date ? how are fixes integrated ?08:11
=== crimsun [crimsun@crimsun.silver.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
=== ore [romain@yeast.orebokech.com] has joined #ubuntu
makolamont: no way! 08:15
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== peacemaker885 [~rey@adsl-63-207-173-73.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
makoazeem: it's in th FAQ08:15
lamontmako: I think you owe corbet a beer, eh?08:15
makoazeem: right at the top08:15
azeemmako: yeah, I read it08:16
Nonphasiswow, a historic moment :)08:16
peacemaker885just want to say congratulations08:16
peacemaker885and more power08:16
=== saw27 [saw27@student.cusu.cam.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushwooo, congrats everyone on the release!08:17
crimsunit would be a good idea to link directly to http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/Archive on the download page (http://www.ubuntulinux.org/download/)08:18
sabdflthanks guys, we're very happy to be switching to community mode :-)08:18
=== elmo_mf [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
crimsun(yes, it's already at the bottom, i realize)08:18
sabdflcrimsun: done, thanks for the suggestion08:19
Nonphasishmm, can i apt-get upgrade sarge to ubuntu?08:20
Nonphasisi guess it won't be easy ;-)08:20
sabdflNonphasis: sarge froze after warty did, so not reliably, although some people have done it08:20
spivNonphasis: add our apt lines, apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, cross your fingers? :)08:20
spiv(I've no idea if taht works)08:20
lamontjust set your apt prefs for warty to > 1000, and well.. :-)08:20
lamontdo a backup first, of course..08:21
Nonphasissabdfl, well, I guess that's faq material at least08:21
sabdflok, will add it08:21
thomyeah, backup, pin warty very high, cover your eyes...08:21
lamontor have a 12 year old do the upgrade.08:21
=== Nonphasis thinks he is going to wait for the reports by more daring people ;-)
lamontmind you, sid (circa August?)->warty went, um, not so well for me, but I suspect those 12-year-old hands kicked the power in the middle of it...08:22
emaare the lists archives available somewhere? the links on lists.ubuntu.com are broken08:23
Nonphasisbtw, what's the relationship b/w ubuntu and python? ISTR Mr. Shuttleworth was talking of some more "Python oriented" distro...08:24
Nonphasishmm, you are not slashdotted yet 08:24
lamont"There's another story coming up soon, stay tuned. Subscribe now and we'll let you read it! :)"08:25
lamontwonder if that's us?08:25
thomNonphasis: having pervasive python integration is the plan. 08:25
NonphasisI guess Gnome 2.8 might ease the slashdot effect a little bit when it hits...08:25
orewhat are pool/restricted and pool/universe?08:25
makoNonphasis:  this is the one08:25
jvwslashdot isn't that fast...08:25
makojdub: around?08:26
lamontore: that should be in the faq.08:26
thom /. effect really isn't that interesting anymore, anyway :-)08:26
mjg59What happened to the set of patches that used to be on no-name-yet?08:26
orelamont: didn't find it then08:26
makojdub: the archives aren't working08:26
makomjg59: still there08:26
lamontore: restricted is the non-free driver blobs08:26
hypatiathom: what, planet.gnome is the new monster or what?08:26
lamontuniverse is, well, everything else.08:26
Nonphasisthom, that's going to be the most important part for many, I guess. I hope this aspect will be marketed after the gold release at least08:26
makomjg59: http://www.no-name-yet.com/patches/08:26
=== rcaskey_ [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Nonphasisrc.d stuff in python?08:27
mjg59mako: Is that linked to from anywhere now?08:27
lamontmjg59: or even http://limey-bastards.no-name-yet.com/patches/08:27
orelamont: and universe?08:27
rcaskey_ooh, shweet08:27
makomjg59: should be08:27
thomNonphasis: dunno yet, it's something that needs to be planned etc08:27
rcaskey_just got the email on -announce08:27
thomore: everything else from debian main08:27
rcaskey_Does ubuntu mean anything?08:28
lamontore: main is free stuff, restricted is binary blobs, and universe is everything else (universe is not supported, it just is.)08:28
makorcaskey_: first question in the FAQ :)08:28
=== salgado [~salgado@200-158-222-169.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
makorcaskey_: zulu word for community/humanity08:28
lamontore: for warty universe is the rest of debian main.  That is expected to grow over time.08:28
orelamont: okay, thanks.08:28
=== madduck [~madduck@madduck.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
=== bskahan [~bskahan@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
lamontore: note that not all of debian/main is there... if it built, it's there.  Much of what didn't built wasn't dealt with.08:29
orelamont: I see.08:30
=== hernan43 [~ray@hotwings.cl.msu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
orelamont: so pool/main is the packages that get security support etc?08:30
bskahanjust wanted to say thanks to everyone working on warty, been using it for the last 2 weeks and very happy with it.  whoever did the layout on the gnome menu is a champ08:30
lamontand (I believe, but don't quote me) pool/restricted, to the extent that is even possible, based on upstream blob-creator.08:31
Mithrandirbskahan: that would be seb128, I think.08:31
bskahanI'd love to see it get pushed upstream08:32
Mithrandirbskahan: at least, seb128 is our gnome hero.08:32
lamontore: 5500+ binary-component-producing source packages, 3 architectures (==16000+ builds), ~500 failures in universe.08:32
sabdflbskahan: ok, major brownie points to you from the Hogfather :-)08:32
oregood, my packages in ubuntu main are straight from Debian main, that should mean they're bugfree for commercial use ;)08:34
oreMithrandir: you work for Canonical too?!08:34
lamontore: which packages?08:35
kagoumany via chipset owner have problems with linux kernel since 2.6.5-1. Is there a possibility to have an older kernel in universe ?08:35
m_ttheware livecd images still available someplace08:35
orelamont: libpcap{,0.8}, tcpdump08:35
lamontoh, cool.08:36
Mithrandirore: yes08:36
=== lamont likes those packages.
=== salgado [~salgado@200-158-222-169.dsl.telesp.net.br] has left #ubuntu ["I]
Nonphasiskagou, what kinds of problems?08:38
hernan43who do I talk to about creating an ubuntu mirror?08:38
=== Nonphasis is using 2.6.7 on kt400
=== tarzeau [~tarzeau@80-219-75-186.dclient.hispeed.ch] has left #ubuntu ["http://www.linuks.mine.nu/debian-worldmap/"]
sabdflhernan43: rsync address is on http://www.ubuntulinux.org/download/08:40
elmo_mfhernan43: when you've setup, let me know pls08:40
sabdflhernan43: if you can use that, just go ahead, and list it in the wiki08:40
diemanafter install this ICH4 audio card doesn't work08:40
orewell. good luck ubuntu.08:41
hernan43it won't happen for a couple of days, as I have to acquire a machine08:41
=== ore [romain@yeast.orebokech.com] has left #ubuntu ["ERC]
hernan43but thanks for the info08:41
sabdfldieman: alsamixer shows it?08:41
diemannope :|08:41
diemanim trying a reboot 'for the hell of it08:42
kagouNonphasis, problem with interrupts08:42
elmo_mfhernan43: let me know when you've set it up (james.troup@canonical.com), I'll add you to our mirror list08:42
kagoulike "hdc: lost interrupt"08:42
hernan43elmo_mf: sweet, thanks08:42
diemanelmo_mf: i got ftp.cs going for the prevew cdimages.08:42
sabdfldieman: it isn't windows, dude08:42
diemanelmo_mf: its still rsyning them08:42
Nonphasiskagou, ah... is it documented somewhere?08:42
elmo_mfdieman: great!08:42
diemansabdfl: i know, didn't wokr anyhow :)08:43
mjg59thom: Dude, why isn't laptop-detect arch:all?08:43
=== jivera [~jivera@kechara-p.flame.org] has joined #ubuntu
lamontdieman: we strive for consistancy, you know... :)08:43
thommjg59: arch specific dependencies08:43
kagoummmh no, if you search for this problem on lists, many owners had this problem :/08:43
mjg59Oh, dmidecode08:43
diemanim seeing "unable to grab IRQ 7"08:43
diemanand "Intel ICH: probe of 0000:001f.5 failed with error -16"08:44
Nonphasiskagou, ok. I've had some file system corruption/ide problems lately, perhaps it might be the kernel08:44
diemanoff to upgrade the bios08:49
diemansee if it fixes acpi issues08:49
diemanfuck, i think this stll has a bad dsdt08:51
=== del` [~jsch@h-67-101-58-252.mclnva23.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
mjg59The logo on the website looks quite artifacty08:53
diemanand the thing doesn't suspend :|08:54
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has left #ubuntu []
diemantheres the bug09:00
diemanparport being loaded keeps sound from working on the d60009:01
=== rcaskey_ is now known as rcaskey
lamontdieman: that's just sick...09:03
diemanbecause it locks up irq709:03
diemanand the sound stuff wont play nice with that09:03
diemani'll put it in bugzilla09:03
diemanwho loads parport?09:04
diemani put it in blacklist and its still showing up09:04
diemanits in modules09:04
diemanas lp09:04
diemanisn't pc hardware lovely?09:06
Mddieman: if it's autoloaded, it's autoloaded by isapnp.rc09:09
=== silbs [~jane@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
rcaskeyDoes ubuntu use d-i?09:15
diemanwhos doing the website stuff for downloading09:16
diemanhttp://ftp.cs.umn.edu/pub/ubuntu-cdimage/ is there09:16
diemanand ready to go09:16
Castr0speaking of the website but I am sure the person who created it had good intentions but those colors hurt my eyes09:17
elmo_404, dude?09:17
=== Nafai [nafai@fslc.usu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
diemanelmo_: oh duh09:17
diemanelmo_: let me link it in09:17
diemanelmo_: refresh09:17
diemanelmo_: i just have release there09:18
elmo_dieman: that's fine09:18
makodieman: are you on internet2?09:19
elmo_dieman: thanks, we're adding you to the download page now09:19
diemanmako: yes09:22
sabdfldieman: thanks very much, you're listed now09:22
diemanthe /.-ing hasn't started yet09:23
diemanat least09:23
makoi suppose it's just a matter of time09:26
diemani mean09:26
diemani doubt malda can resist debian+shiny09:26
makosomeone should submit it.. and poinint out the shiny :)09:29
=== koke [~koke@225.Red-80-37-203.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mdif you are listing CD-only mirrors too please add http://ftp3.linux.it/pub/mirrors/warty/ then09:30
makokoke: hey09:33
kokeI thought there would be less people here09:34
=== sabdfl => dinner
kokehttp://lists.ubuntu.com/pipermail/ubuntu-devel/ gives me a 40409:36
kokeany developer/admin here?09:36
sabdflmd: thanks, you're up on the page, much appreciated!09:36
cefso, now that the official announcement has gone out, does the channel need to be +s anymore?09:37
lamontand in fact shouldn't be, I expect..09:37
ceflamont: I'd be guessing that too...09:38
rcaskeyit does keep out the hot teen sex0r bots though09:38
cefrcaskey: heh09:38
=== xam [~xam@159.153-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
cefprobably best to leave it till we get a permanent infobot like debhelper/apt in here09:39
lamontcef: I'm not the contact for the channel anyway...  I'll poke.09:39
xamnick x4m09:40
=== xam is now known as x4m
=== lamont lunches
ceflamont: have a nice lunch *grin*09:41
cefI better get to work - *yawn* 7am start09:41
=== laotse [laotse@adsl-64-161-173-8.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
cefkoke: indeed it does.. not a developer or admin but I'll poke someone over it09:43
=== dead|at|dawn [~dead|at|d@dsl-213-023-011-234.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
cefkoke: bah! mako's one of the list admins for that list.. poke him yourself. *grin*09:45
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
=== mako pops up again
makothom, elmo_: can either of you look into the mailman no-archive problems on teh ilsts?09:50
makoi don't even have an account on the machine09:51
makocef, koke: looking into it09:51
cefmako: ahh you're here.. ignore my mail then.. *grin*09:52
makocef :)09:52
cefok, outta here ppl.. happy Ubuntu-ing!09:56
kokeI'd like to know how to collaborate with ubuntu and/or any other canonical project10:07
kokeI'm more interested on the other projects but I also like ubuntu ;)10:08
=== liz [~liz@ip-66-80-63-142.dsl.sca.megapath.net] has joined #ubuntu
makokoke: i think at this point, it's a matter of signing up on the mailing lists and jumping in10:09
makoi'm in the processing of finishing up a traffic report for the past three weeks of ubuntu technical discussions 10:10
rcaskeyI'm a bit unclear as to what the big difference between ubuntu and user-linux is10:10
makorcaskey: that's one for the FAQ10:11
makoi actually answered that in an email before10:11
makolet me go put it in the FAQ10:11
kokemako, but what about the other projects?10:11
kokeare they also discussed at the ubuntu-devel list?10:11
diemanso i got ubuntu setup on here, missing a small handful of packages, mostly non-free crap10:12
diemanor shit like libc5 that i thnk i need for old matlab10:12
makodieman: universe!10:12
diemaneven with universe10:13
diemanim missing stuff :)10:13
diemanlike ant.10:13
makodieman: new sttsuff?10:13
spivuniverse doesn't include non-free does it?10:13
=== hypatia [~mary@82-69-60-252.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
makospiv: no10:14
diemanand crap from mariliat i'll have to compile10:14
diemanand myspell-en-us (!?)10:14
diemani need to file a bug on that one10:14
makodieman: yes :)10:14
jordiwhat's with the 4.10 release number for warty?10:14
jordimako: dude!10:15
Kosaijordi: Year/month.10:15
spivI think we might need to mention the FAQ prominently in the /topic :)10:15
makojordi: DUDE!10:15
makojordi: it's thehe date! :)10:15
rcaskeymako: Should I be expectin that faq update any minute ;)10:16
=== dead|at|dawn [~dead|at|d@dsl-213-023-011-234.arcor-ip.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
diemani also need to get linuxtant setup on up here10:16
diemanand see if i can get S3 working10:16
jordilol that makes sense.10:16
makorcaskey: yes, i'm eating at the same time10:16
jordispiv: probably :)10:16
jordispiv: I was misslead by LWN though :)10:17
=== MS-- [~zathras@thwackety.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu
NafaiLuckily, I've already read the FAQ. :)10:18
hypatiadid you guys send something to distrowatch.org10:19
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
jordihiya lu10:22
rcaskeyIt will be interseting to give ubuntu a try after running rawhide for the past few months10:22
=== harrytuttle [~harrytutt@] has joined #ubuntu
=== lifeless_ [~robertc@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
=== lg [~luigi@lg.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
makorcaskey: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/userlinux/10:30
diemani had to grab ldso and libc5 from unstable10:33
diemanand it wants libXt.so.6!10:33
=== ibroadfo [~ibroadfo@hanka.geeksoc.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== alextreme [~alex@am.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== lamont__ [~lamont@dsl-140-203.dynamic-dsl.frii.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== lamont__ throws a 256kbps link into the torrent. sigh. gotta find a coffee shop with a bigger pipe...
diemanlamont__: ive got my box at home in the torrent10:51
diemanits 1mbps10:51
=== j^ [~j@gw.bootlab.org] has joined #ubuntu
lamont__dieman: wasn't worth throwing the 30kbps at home into it... :-)10:53
lamont__23Kbytes down, 6Kbytes up10:55
lamont__and only 6 hours to go...10:55
carlosmy server has 10Mbps but three torrents only get 700Kbps10:55
carloswe need more people downloading ubuntu!!10:55
=== ibroadfo ponders
diemanlamont__: find like a borders or something with a t-moble hotspot, cost $$, but at least its faster10:58
makodieman: not with ntsx :)10:58
=== chrisa [~chris@nullcode.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== MS-- joins the torrent :)
makoi was getting 700KB down myself :)10:59
lamont__there's a free coffee shop a couple miles from here, or I can go park in a buddy's driveway and get T1 speeds.10:59
chrisaOk, I have to ask. Is it pronounced "You+Bun+Too"?10:59
lamont__but I needed to come into town anyway, and if it takes later, then so be it..10:59
=== ibroadfo locks his upload at 5k, otherwise i can't do anything else. :S
makochrisa: toox310:59
lamont__uuuu + bun+too10:59
kagoulucas_, are you here ?10:59
makoi'm going to make a recording10:59
lamont__like a monkey: oo oo oo10:59
=== mdz yawns
mdzhow are we doing?11:00
lamont__mdz: just waking up, or are you still fighting sleep11:00
makoi've had this laptop for 2 years and this is the first time i've bothered to see if the mic works11:00
mako3 years maybe11:00
jvwif you're really in need of a 100MBit torrent, just tell me what to apt-get and I'll consider11:03
m_tthewmdz: this might be a question for colin, but are there livecd images someplace, still?11:04
=== lamont__ hopes they are m_tthew
mdzm_tthew: not ones which are suitable for release, which is why they aren't where they used to be11:08
m_tthewi thought something of the sort might be the case, thanks11:08
lamont__mdz: eta for an rc?11:09
=== lamont__ has livecd candidates...
diemanwoot, rather11:09
diemanif i remove ehci_hcd S3 suspend works on here11:10
mdzlamont__: on or about Warty final11:10
mdzlamont__: #1257 headed your way11:12
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diemanthe default lid script doesn't work well :|11:15
diemanoh well11:15
diemanjust replace it11:15
mdzand then file a bug with your improved script11:15
diemannot everyone will want s3 on lid close :)11:16
diemanthis user does11:16
lamont__so if I kill bittorrent and restart it, it picks up with the partial file, yes?11:16
mdzlamont__: certainly11:17
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=== lg [~luigi@lg.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
xTinaIs it just my system, or does the preview release ISO for PPC reliably crash DiskUtility on Mac OS X when trying to burn?11:21
makolg: ciao! 11:22
makoxTina: um.. i've not heard that reported....11:22
makoxTina: but i've not tried to burn with diskutility either11:23
mdzxTina: I haven't used that particular tool, but I can burn the image fine with Linux and GNOME tools11:23
xTinamdz: The PPC one?11:23
lgmako: ciao!11:24
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j^xTina do you have toaster?11:26
j^have you checked the md5sum? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/4.10/preview/MD5SUMS11:27
xTinaYepp, that was the first thing I did.11:28
m_tthewI burnt an earlier i386 sounder image in DiskUtility without trouble11:28
m_tthewWhat version of OSX?11:28
xTinam_tthew: Me too.11:28
m_tthewI can try to replicate here11:28
xTinam_tthew: 10.3.511:28
Mithrandirseems like cdrecord exists for mosx.11:29
kokeI was wondering if I sign up in shipit, I'll receive the i386 version I guess?11:30
mdzxTina: yes, the powerpc one11:30
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
m_tthewxTina: thanks, I think that is what I have here. I will try to replicate11:31
xTinamdz: I think it's not broken by itself, at least not totally, since I can also mount it here.11:31
mdzxTina: agreed11:31
xTinamdz: It just seems to disagree with DiskUtility11:31
mdzit will be telling whether it works for m_tthew or not11:32
xTinaYepp. That would be interesting.11:32
m_tthewI just checked, I have 10.3.4, I will try it anyway (waiting on iso d/l)11:33
m_tthewI see, 10.3.5 will come in as an update11:33
m_tthewI'll update, then try with 10.3.5 once this image downloads.11:34
xTinaI'm currently copying the image to yet another OS X machine as well. But that's going to take some time.11:34
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vincent_hello. I search a live cd iso of ubuntu. Do you know where i can find one ?11:36
sabdflvincent_: there's a test one, but it's not yet been widely released11:37
=== maco [~chatzilla@pcp04976081pcs.brodwy01.nm.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
vincent_sabdfl: ok. thnak you. There is bad link for it in the wiki11:38
=== zack [~zack@sebastian.redhat.com] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflvincent_: im trying to find it now11:40
eddhmm. when ubuntu detects an existing swap partition it checks all of it, which is slow. it would likely be better just to mkswap again11:41
sabdfledd: can that ever be destructive on any useful data?11:41
=== edd doubts it
vincent_sabdfl: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/WartyWarthog_2fLiveCD11:42
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sabdfledd: ok, could you file a bug in bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org?11:43
sabdfluse debian-installer component11:43
xTinaAlright, same problems with the PPC image on a different almost freshly installed OS X machine :-(11:43
MS--Does the install CD ask which partitions you want to install into, or does it just decide for itself? (Reason for q - I have a spare partition and want to try ubuntu, but don't want it innocently trashing my current OS :) )11:43
eddMS--: you can choose.11:44
MS--Cool :)11:44
zackyou can also choose to let it choose :)11:44
sabdflvincent_: will have a url for you shortly11:45
vincent_sabdfl: \o/ great !!! \o/11:45
m_tthewxTina: I've got about 40min left on this d/l, then I'll try it here11:45
xTinam_tthew: Alright. But I guess it's definitely not working on 10.3.5 :(11:46
macoin regard to loading debian packages - do you think it's safe if the package is not included in ubuntu, such as courier?11:46
=== lamont__ goes to find fatter pipes.
mdzmaco: it's best to install those packages from warty/universe than from Debian11:47
mdzthen at least they are built in the same environment, etc.11:47
macois there a master list for the warty universe?11:47
sabdflmaco: master list?11:48
macolist of all packages11:48
mdzmaco: it's a component like main and restricted that you can add to sources.list11:48
mdzthen you can see the packages with apt11:48
mdzmaco: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/components/document_view explains the meanings of the different components11:48
lamont__if the package is in debian/main and it's not in universe, then there was a failure in the build...  I'm not aware of anything from debian/main that was intentionally dropped from universe...11:48
macoahh - cool - thank you11:49
=== maco [~chatzilla@pcp04976081pcs.brodwy01.nm.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
mdzuniverse is by definition inclusive :-)11:50
lamont__by debian buildd standards, main+restricted+universe is sitting at around 97-98%11:50
lamont__mdz: definitely11:50
Mithrandirlamont__: the sources to all of debian.main is in universe, right?11:52
makoumm guys11:55
mdzMithrandir: at the time of the freeze, yes11:55
makowe're on /.11:55
mdzabout time11:55
=== mako ducks for cover
MS--Good news for the torrent perhaps :)11:55
puumbaWell, looks like ubuntu made slashdot now.11:56
makoyeah :)11:56
lamont__Mithrandir: yes11:56
del`upload rate on my torrent download just went from 4 to 1911:57
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makosabdfl: are you on there fielding the comments already? :)11:58
=== mako joins you
HcEMithrandir: do you seed from Gls?11:58
sabdflyup  :-)11:58
=== jdub was putting pipka to bed, and fell asleep. hopeless.
=== edd alters his procmail rule as mail starts arriving to ubuntu-users
=== puumba [rimbert@ee213-dhcp-2.ecn.purdue.edu] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
NafaiHey jdub 11:59
jdubhi Nafai 11:59
sabdfljdub: good timing, we just got slashdotted ;-)11:59
jdubnice to see you here11:59
jdubsabdfl: bonus11:59
jdubsabdfl: how's everything holding up?11:59
=== mako goes to doublecheck his procmail configuraiton
Nafaijdub: Yeah, just checking out what you and spiv have been up to11:59
makojdub: it happened like 5 minutes ago11:59

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