Burgworknixternal, thanks12:05
Burgworkunstable, I have emailed two people looking for information12:05
Burgworkunstable, hang out in this channel and we shoudl be able to get an answer back to you12:05
Burgworkor you can email me at corey.burger@ubuntu.com12:05
nixternaloh...man, when you said unstable, i thought you were talking about Edgy support!12:07
unstableSomeone using edgy with agilx + compiz would be awesome.12:10
unstableBurgwork: shipit.ubuntu.com ships free cds?12:10
Burgworkunstable, yes12:11
unstableIf the Festival is November 17th, will Edgy cds ship in time before then or no?12:16
Burgworkmention in your request when you need them by12:17
BurgworkI don't imagine it will be an issue12:17
Burgworkhow many people are expected to attend?12:17
unstableIt's hard to say.12:19
unstableMy goal is 1000 people.12:19
Burgworkhow many last year?12:19
Burgworkare you the primary organizer?12:19
unstableThis is our first time.12:19
unstableBurgwork: yes, myself and an alumni12:19
Burgworkhow many existing users of Linux?12:20
Burgworkthe reason I am asking is I am trying to gauge how many cds you should ask for12:21
unstableExisting at our school?12:21
unstableWell we have lilug( www.lilug.org ) which I'm also involved with.12:21
unstableWe have about 4% of students who use GNU/Linux12:22
unstableBut the idea is to have Ubuntu showcased with aiglx and compiz, and OO.o / gaim / firefox etc..and then everyone will want to use it!12:22
Burgworkhow big is lilug?12:23
unstable50 people on average a month12:23
BurgworkI would ask for a 100 to 150 cds12:24
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unstableI'll be idling here for few days, let me know if anything comes up.12:56
unstableI really appreciate the help, thanks.12:56
Burgworkunstable, no worries01:01
unstableBurgwork: How do I know if my "request" was accepted?01:53
Burgworkunstable, ask02:00
Burgworksorry, it will tell you02:00
jendaBurgwork: I'm near going to bed... in fact, extremely tired. But since a Czech LoCoTeam member wanted to add something to the UWN... I need to ask, how it is ATM.02:01
Burgworkjenda, spelling checking and then out02:01
Burgworkhave them add it to the next issue02:01
Burgworkwhich I am also going to be away for02:02
jendaOK, very good from my point of view ;)02:02
jendaI have no clue if he added it or not yet.02:02
jendaOn the wiki?02:02
unstableBurgwork: There was no option anywhere to specify edgy.02:02
jenda(He said he discussed it with Riddell)02:02
Burgworkunstable, you are getting dapper02:03
lophyteyou can't order Edgy CDs02:03
lophyteits not released yet02:03
unstableBurgwork: also it automatically approved my order after I made it. So it's geting sent?02:03
unstablelophyte: I want to order them for November 17th02:03
unstableFor a free/libre software and entertainment technology festival at my University02:03
lophyte*nods* there's no pre-order, though :)02:03
jendaWell, each LoCo team gets them, so you might be able to order a few from your LoCo Team... BTW :)02:03
Burgworkjenda, there is no New York loco team02:03
jendaThere ISN'T???02:04
jendaYou should start one, in that case :)02:04
jendaAnd you can get your CDs from the nearest LoCo Team.02:04
Burgworkfor a specific event, you can get cds02:04
Burgworkafter all, events are going to generate higher than usual ROI02:05
jendaWell, you can always get a few Dapper CDs from shipit... if I understood correctly.02:05
lophyteif you want Edgy CDs, you'll either have to burn the Beta ISO yourself, or wait until Edgy is released and then order02:05
jendalophyte: not really...02:06
Burgworklophyte, shipit is not going to ship edgy cds02:06
lophyteyeah, I heard that too.. was going to mention it02:06
lophyteI wasn't sure if it was a for sure thingo rn ot02:06
lophytething or not*02:06
jenda"Our current plan is to keep ShipIt open but to continue shipping Version02:07
jenda6.06 LTS CDs rather than Edgy CDs."02:07
jenda"We will still produce CDs for Edgy, but are looking to make them02:07
jendaavailable through other channels.  Specifically,02:07
jenda- every approved LoCo team will receive a shipment of 500 CDs"02:07
Burgworkah, that is not yet02:08
Burgworkmeans I need to get the Canadian loco approved02:08
Burgworklophyte, can you put us ont he next CC meeting agenda?02:08
lophytethat shouldn't take much :P02:08
jendaO-M-G... it's not in there yet? :)02:10
jendaEven the CZ has been approved for a long time... (and long before I knew, for shame ;))02:10
jendaIn any case, I'll have to go to bed for now. Night.02:11
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tomveensWhat is the progress of the ubuntu magazine? Is ubuntu marketing doing something with it?04:06
MadpilotUWN = the magazine effort right now, more or less04:08
unstableUbuntu magazine that would be interesting04:09
unstableI bought that linux magazine once, terrible terrible crap04:09
tomveensnever heard of the idea to have an ubuntu magazine?04:10
Madpilotit's been kicked around, currently it's shelved - good idea, but MT doesn't have the people to pull it off as well as all the other stuff04:11
tomveenshttps://launchpad.net/people/t1nt1n/ he started it I thought?04:12
unstableShip a free Ubuntu every 6 months with the magazine04:12
tomveensThe only thing I have heard was a poll for the name04:13
unstableEven an issue every 3 months would be nice.04:13
Madpilottomveens, yeah, the name poll is about as far as it got04:13
unstableI bet that would be profitable.04:13
unstableBut I know nothing about the magazine business.04:13
tomveensI was just reading the blender magazine, a good magazine! and I thought there is also a lot to tell about ubuntu04:14
unstableLike blender3d magazine?04:14
tomveenshere it is04:14
tomveensyou can download it04:14
tomveensread it, it is very interesting04:14
unstableSomeone should make a magazine style wiki.04:15
unstableAnd then it exploits the whole issue to pdf and/or odt04:15
unstableI'd write an article.04:15
tomveensin my own I can tell others a lot about ubuntu, image what kind of interesting things a group can do04:16
tomveensmean can tell04:16
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Burgundaviaunstable: exporting to pdf is not hard form the current wiki04:16
Burgundaviaplus the idea of an Ubuntu magazine has been raised before04:16
Burgundaviatomveens: if you want to start the idea up, we will happily help you04:17
tomveensthanx Burgundavia04:18
Burgundaviabut as Madpilot said, we just don't have the spare cycles to actually do much about it04:18
tomveensyou as an ubuntu-marketing team?04:18
Burgundaviahere is what I see needing to be done04:18
Burgundaviacreate a look, with a template04:18
Burgundaviawrite one or two articles04:18
Burgundaviaask other epole to join you04:19
Burgundaviaforget about definign an audience and don't expect peopel to join you until you have sucess04:19
tomveensyou defining the rules of open community's very well04:19
unstableyea, once it's sucessful I bet a lot of people will want to join.04:19
Burgundaviaabout 90% of the people who express interest will fall away within the first one or two releases04:20
Burgundaviahowever, that 10% will carry you04:20
unstableIf you do a bi-monthly issue I bet you'll get dugg and slashdotted regularly.04:20
BurgundaviaI would initially say quartly04:20
Burgundaviathat manages expectations quite well04:20
tomveensI have to lay in my bed for a while to picture the form in my head, hope I'll succeed in this, because it is an interesting project04:21
unstableBut really how different can the magazine be from digg or slashdot or newsforge or UWN etc.04:21
tomveensunstable: I rather do not want to be slashdotted because I have a little home server;)04:21
unstableWhat will be in the magazine to make it different?04:21
Burgundaviabig articles about ubuntu04:21
Burgundaviahowtos, major successes, etc.04:22
tomveensAnd clearer lay-out04:22
tomveensbuy a magazine and you'll find out that it has some scoops but mainly a feel-good layout04:22
tomveenseasy reading04:23
tomveensfor a huge audiance as possible04:23
unstableDebian's DWN died, so you'll have a bigger audience now too.04:23
MadpilotPDF mags aren't really mass-market - not yet, anyway04:23
tomveensWhat is that Debian DWN never heard of it04:24
unstabletomveens: Where do you think UWN came from?04:24
MadpilotDebian Weekly News04:24
MadpilotUWN = Ubuntu Weekly News04:24
unstable"As Debian experiments with funding, the editor and main author of DWN is going to experiment with spending less time on Debian. Please understand that due to this there may be no future issues of DWN in the current form or that they will only be released less frequently."04:24
tomveensI find pdf nicer to read than in a browser04:25
unstableBecause of the borders/newspaper like feel.04:25
unstableLess distractions and other crap, I can focus on the text, since I know there is a uniform layout.04:25
tomveensI is not a newspaper where you feel the paper. But is being busy with the issue04:26
unstablewow, this blender is a 78 page issue.04:26
unstableThat's a lot.04:26
tomveensmagazines have at least 40 pages04:27
tomveensand that is in the magazine bussiness not much04:27
Madpilotthe only problem with PDF mags/newsletters is that you often wind up scrolling up and down to follow the newspaper-style columns of text04:27
BurgundaviaI would aim for 10 pages04:28
Burgundavia4 articles, with filler for the rest04:28
tomveensyou can make the pdf-vieuwer switch to another page, like 1 page to view at the time04:28
Burgundaviaback in a couple of hours04:29
tomveensI would say as quick  idea to make sections. Because ubuntu exsists of teams and people who are not in those, a lot of different interessts in ubuntu. Developers information is interesting but not for every ubuntu user.04:30
tomveenssome of them just want to use a secure system and openoffice04:31
tomveensMadpilot: I see what you are talking about, it has to be designed to easy read in a pdf viewer04:33
tomveensthats a challenge04:33
tomveensI like the idea to do this, but first I have to think about it, also because of my other projects, but imagine...04:34
tomveensI start this and publish something on the internet, people find it interesting. Is there server space you can offer the project?04:35
tomveenshow does that work?04:35
poningrutomveens: supposedly bzr has server space/bandwidth to do such things04:37
poningruand you can just link it from your page04:37
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rjianBurgundavia: Is it ok to contribute News from Philippines??04:41
tomveensSo the website ubuntuvideo has it own serverspace but can host their video files at bzr?04:41
poningrurjian: what kinda news?04:41
poningruif its ubuntu related then ofcourse04:41
tomveensokay, I see the picture04:41
rjianPoningru: how about FOSS related?04:42
poningruhmm you are talking about UWN right?04:43
poningruput it in for #17, if its too offtopic someone will take it out04:43
rjianah ok04:44
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Burgundaviacrap, we missed LWN08:44
elkbuntuBurgundavia, cest la vie08:51
Burgundaviano matter08:51
elkbuntupardon the bad french :08:51
Burgundaviaplease do a final spell check08:51
elkbuntui did a check last night. fixed my name's spelling up and so forth08:52
elkbuntujenda, want to take a quick look to make sure i didnt miss anything?08:52
elkbuntubbs. going to get some photocopying done08:53
jendaBTW, did you keep the gobby and the wiki versions synced?08:53
Burgundaviajenda: no, I did not08:56
Burgundaviaanother minor point08:56
Burgundaviaavoid [http:// blah] 08:56
Burgundaviait is a moinism08:57
jendaumm... really?08:57
jendaI think it's a better way to write a link... but sure.08:57
jendacan be removed easily.08:58
jendaNot sure I can sync them now.08:58
jendaoh crud, I'll force myself.08:58
Burgundaviawe avoid it for the plaintext email, it is too hard to strip out08:59
jendawhat do you mean by strip out?08:59
jendaBTW I hate the password on gobby. I always have to go to the editing policies page.09:00
jendahehe... cool way of making people read the page :-D09:01
jendaI hope you're sure about that, Burgundavia... I just removed about 30 http:// and https:// from URLs09:02
Burgundaviaoh, don't remove that bit09:03
Burgundaviajust the [ ] 09:03
jendaI didn't understand what you meant.09:03
Burgundaviasync the latest from the wiki09:03
jendano undo in gobby :)09:03
jendawill have to do it manually...09:03
BurgundaviaI just changed a bunch in the wiki09:04
poningrujenda: its 'uni of florida @ for the win'09:06
jendaponingru: I know, thanks, but I'm still having trouble remembering :)09:06
jenda!lart my memory.09:06
poningruyou know we could change it to something else if you _really_ want09:07
jendaboy does it look stupid when all the http:// in gobby are in my color... wait, it IS stupid...09:07
jendaponingru: no, it's not the password in particular, it's the fact there is one.09:08
jendaBut if you think we need it, then I'm not fighting ;)09:08
poningruyeah rather not have a open ended service running without any password at all09:08
jenda(grr.. .how can I make xchat open links in firefox by default?)09:10
Burgundaviayou can't09:11
poningruright click09:13
poningruopen in browser09:13
jendaponingru: opened in galeon...09:14
jenda...removed galeon...09:14
jendaopens in lynx :-D09:14
poningruwhats your default browser?09:14
jendaI have a URL handler 'open in firefox', but I'm so used to clicking 'open in browser'09:14
jendabut, for example, when I right click a php script in nautilus, it doesn't offer ff as an option.09:15
jenda(edgy beta)09:15
Burgundaviaok, sending the UWN now09:16
Burgundaviabloody long time09:16
Burgundaviaand this week I am away as well09:16
jendaBurgundavia: wait, I didn't sync gobby yet.09:16
jendaor did you?09:16
Burgundaviano, I didn't09:16
jendaOr will you rather re-demoin it?09:16
Burgundaviathe wiki is the latest09:16
BurgundaviaI am pulling from the wiki09:17
BurgundaviaI would rather we have one location09:17
jendaAnd will you demoinize it all over again?09:17
Burgundaviawhen in the wiki, leave in a note in gobby, and vice versa09:17
jenda(one location is obviously the best)09:17
jendaBut technical issues prevented that this time.09:17
Burgundaviaare there chagnes in ogbby not in moin?09:17
jendaOnly moinisms removed, I hope.09:18
Burgundaviaok, then remove teh gobby document entirely please09:18
jendaBut it's quite a bit of work to do.09:18
BurgundaviaI already removed the moinism from teh wiki copy09:18
jendadouble work :(09:19
jendaI won't remove the gobby document, there is even a 1509:19
jendaUWN 15 there09:19
jendaBut I put a notice that editing takes place in the wiki.09:20
jendaor... perhaps there's no point in that... poningru, let's remove them both. The wiki should be good enough an archive.09:20
poningruso just remove entire UWN 15 and 16?09:21
jendaId' say so.09:22
jendaponingru: and the UWN 15 todo list... and UWN 16 (209:22
jendaerr... (2)09:22
Burgundaviaok, UWN 16 sent09:22
jendabetter than never.09:23
BHSPitLappyjenda, what's your situation with case badge stickers?09:25
Burgundavia17 created09:30
Burgundaviaedit away09:30
jendaBHSPitLappy: MenZa will be sending them today09:40
jendawill be 4 or 5 hundred.09:40
jendaWell would you look at that... a nice crisp UWN in my box :)09:41
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jendayay - a poster order from dholbach :)11:02
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