jelmerawilkins: any chance you can file a bug with that patch attached before you go to sleep?00:00
awilkinsjelmer: Hmm, this is odd ; bzr update says tree is up to date, but there's a huge diff00:04
awilkinssmore like it - diff -r 87700:04
jelmerawilkins: what do you expect "bzr update" to do?00:04
jelmerit only makes sense if you have a bound branch00:05
awilkinsI was expecting it to update my working tree to the latest revision in the repository00:05
jelmerit will only do that if you used "bzr co"00:05
jelmerif you used "bzr branch" to create the branch you need to use "bzr pull"00:05
awilkinsNo revisions to pull , my tree is at 877 but my repos is at 891 ; hence a huge diff unless I specify 87700:06
jelmerawilkins: A repository doesn't have a tip, not sure I'm following...00:07
awilkinsThe source in my working tree (plugin folder) is at 877 (release 0.4.7)00:08
awilkinsBut the repo has revisions up to 891 (HEAD)00:08
awilkinsIf I diff the tree, it includes reverse diffs all the way back to 87700:08
awilkinsLaunchpad is fubar00:09
jelmerWhere do you diff against?00:09
jelmerAlso, what do you mean by repo?00:10
awilkinsThe revisions in the .bzr folder (it's a standalone branch)00:10
awilkinsbzr log -r -1.. shows revision 89100:11
awilkinsBut the source is at 87700:11
jelmer"bzr revno" gives 891 ?00:11
awilkinsThe source being at 877 was intentional, I wanted the release tag00:12
jelmerAh, you ran "bzr update -r877" or something?00:12
jelmeror perhaps "bzr revert -r877" ?00:12
awilkinsbzr pull -r 877 I think00:12
awilkinsMaybe revert00:12
jelmerrevert would do that00:12
jelmerif you can send in a diff against 877 that would help too00:13
awilkinsjelmer: sorry, downtime, ignored my battery warning for too long.00:19
awilkinsBack up again now00:19
jelmerwelcome back :-)00:19
* jelmer waits for ubotu to announce00:29
awilkinsGrr, I've reverted up to 891 and now gnu patch won't apply00:31
ubotuNew bug: #188233 in bzr-svn "PATCH : fix some win32 testing issues" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18823300:35
awilkinsHooray for ~1~ files00:38
rollyHm, if I make several revisions to a branch, how can I merge those changes to a parent branch without losing the original commit messages?00:47
rollySVK has "--verbatim --incremental"00:47
jelmerrolly: Just use "bzr merge"00:48
jelmerbzr log will then show the merged revisions indented00:48
rollyI can't, because there is a revision that must not be propagated00:48
rollyi have to specify a range00:48
jelmerrolly: that would be a cherrypick00:48
jelmerrolly: tracking cherrypicks is not supported yet00:49
rollyOK thanks00:49
rollyThis puts a damper on my plans for world domination00:49
awilkinsDo the merge and reverse merge the "bad" revision?00:49
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awilkinsjelmer: Do you prefer bzr send output or bzr diff?00:50
rollyThat would be only slightly better00:50
jelmerawilkins: bzr send please00:51
rollyI'm just going to have to refactor this code so there aren't any "special" files that can't be propagated00:51
* awilkins attaches00:51
awilkinsAh, the old "special" files with the CEO's password in.00:52
rollyyep yep00:52
rollynuclear launch codes00:52
jelmerawilkins: For "bzr send", you have to commit ifrst00:58
jelmeryou now attached an empty bundle :-)00:58
awilkinsI wondered why it was so short, I was really impresed :-)01:00
* awilkins attaches a patch with stuff in it01:05
jelmerthansk, merged01:09
mtayloris there a roadmap/timeframe for 1.2?01:15
mtaylorawilkins: thanks01:35
rollySay, what are the *.~1~ files? No mention of them in the reference guide01:45
mtayloranybody know what this means: "not updating child fraction"02:20
jelmermtaylor: A progress bar issue03:15
Pengrolly: "bzr revert".03:36
rollyPeng: thanks03:42
rolly(handy feature)03:42
homerjfloam likes to touch himself at night05:12
homerjdon't listen to him05:12
floamcan bazaar automatically throw the current revision into files at some spot I wish somehow?05:12
floamgod damn it05:12
rollyautomatically? there are hooks you can use05:25
Pengfloam: There's no built-in support for keywords like $Id$ though.05:29
floamrolly: I just meant, magically have a number pop up in some file under version control without having to call bzr revno or anything05:29
floamPeng: ok, thanks05:29
rollyOh I misread you. Something like CVS then eh05:30
Pengfloam: Yeah, currently you have to do something like execute "bzr revno" in your Makefile.05:30
floamyeah, I was doing that. It just means I need to think a bit harder, because I was hoping the number would be there when my users run a setup.py. I'll just need to keep a static file in the distribution with the number in it05:32
homerjfloam, things popping up and thinking "harder" is what leads yourself to touch yourself at night06:06
rollyThat's a bit of stretch06:07
mtaylordude. I walked in on the wrong conversation06:26
awilkinsrolly: ~1~ files are "revert" leftovers08:10
awilkinsjelmer: I have a new trace from bzr seltest svn on win32 if you want it.08:41
awilkinsNot that you have a windows box :-)08:42
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awilkinsjelmer: The major error now appears to be that the support for is_executable relies on the inventory, but it's being called in the read_inventory routine (in add_file_to_inv)10:18
Stavrosi am thinking of using bzr for regular backups11:46
Stavrosdoes it only keep the diffs of changed files, or the whole files?11:46
james_wStavros: diffs.11:47
Stavroseven for binary files?11:47
james_wStavros: yes, but the diffs are not very efficient in that case. They can be very suboptimal in fact.11:48
Stavrosah hmm11:48
Stavrosand it keeps the history locally as well, so it wouldn't be very efficient for large files, correct?11:48
james_wStavros: you can use a local checkout that only stores the history remotely, but requires network access for operations that query history or make changes (e.g. commit)11:49
Stavrosjames_w: checkins query history for diffs, don't they?11:50
james_wwell, the commit has to put the data on the server, so it has to have the network access.11:50
Stavrosbefore putting the data, doesn't it have to read the old ones to see what's changed?11:51
Stavrosthat's a bit much... but i guess my current rsync setup also does it11:52
Stavrosoh hmm no, rsync is per-file11:52
james_wStavros: it knows which files have changed, do it only has to find the old versions of those ones.11:55
Stavrosoh aha11:55
Leonidasis there a way to create a branch "inline", that is to have multiple branches in the same directory?11:57
james_wLeonidas: no, that is not currently possible.12:01
james_wLeonidas: or do you mean use the 'git' workflow of having one tree for multiple branches and just switch the tree.12:01
Leonidasjames_w: oh, thats a pity. I wanted to do a feature branch, but making it in a new directory would be a lot of work because webserver configurations would need to be changend12:02
Leonidasjames_w: yaeh, I want to do something like in git - switching the branch with git checkout12:02
james_wLeonidas: ah, you can do something like that with a bit of work using checkouts and the 'switch' command.12:02
james_wyou basically create two treeless branches elsewhere on the filesystem and then have a checkout in the location you want and use 'switch' to jump between the branches.12:03
james_wI think there is a 'cbranch' command in bzrtools that makes this a bit easier as well.12:03
Leonidasjames_w: ah, ok. Does not look too pretty, but this sounds good.12:04
Leonidasjames_w: I also found http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/user-guide/index.html#reusing-a-checkout12:04
Stavroshow would i go about doing local checkouts?12:04
Stavrosor is that what "co" or "bind" does12:04
james_wStavros: exactly. You need to use co --lightweight to have the history only stored remotely.12:05
Stavrosah, thanks12:05
james_wStavros: you can also see the reconfigure command which might help if you have branches already.12:06
Leonidasjames_w: as far as I see, cbranch is quite what I was looking for - thanks, I'll give it a try :)12:06
simonyHi, I am using the ppa apt repository, but it complains about the crypto-key. Can I add ppa's key to my apt keys? Where can I find it?12:07
james_wsimony: good question. Does it complain on update or install?12:08
simonyjames_w, on install12:09
james_wsimony: and it says it doesn't have the public key, or that they are unsigned?12:09
simonyit says: Install these packages without verification [y/N]?12:10
simony(and also, before it says: WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!)12:10
james_wsimony: I think this is https://bugs.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/12510312:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125103 in soyuz "ppa archives are not signed" [High,Confirmed]12:11
james_wsimony: so I guess that there is no public key to import to solve the issue.12:11
Stavroscan't you ignore crypto warnings on apt-get??12:11
Stavrosminus the second question mark12:11
james_w(sorry, I haven't used PPAs, so I don't really know what the solution might be).12:12
james_wsimony: #launchpad might be able to give you a better answer.12:12
simonyI can ignore them, yes. Was hoping not to :-) Thanks12:12
james_wStavros: I think there is --allow-unauthenticated, but that is just the same as typing yes, so it doesn't really solve the problem.12:13
jelmerawilkins: Yeah, I would be interested in seeing that output12:42
datojelmer: hi. when I branch with bzr and svn-psh to a svn repository, it seems to get one spurious revision. see revs 423-424, and 415 in https://forja.rediris.es/svn/csl2-minirok for an example.12:54
datojelmer: I would've expected 424 to be 423 (that is, cp+that change already)12:54
jelmerdato: Hi13:12
jelmerdato: Please file a bug :-)13:12
jelmerThis does look like a bug, indeed.13:12
awilkinsjelmer: http://filebin.ca/nzoebw/bzr-svn-win32-test.zip13:47
jelmerawilkins: Thanks13:47
jelmerawilkins: The _inventory bit should be fixed in newer revisions13:49
awilkinsWas just about to mention it :-)13:49
jelmerawilkins: I've just committed another revision that should help fix the executable bit13:53
jelmerawilkins: Any chance you can run selftest again on a newer revision?13:53
awilkinsThere's a lot of "permission denied" problems cleaning up temp dirs, but not fatal13:55
awilkinsAnd not really a bzr-svn test problem ; it's in the base test class13:55
jelmerWell, the cleanup probably fails because those files are still open by bzr-svn13:56
awilkinsI see that a lot on *nix code that gets ported to win3213:57
awilkinssvk has a load of gaffes like that too.13:57
awilkinsI guess it's just a lot less graceful about unlinking files13:57
jelmerIt's the difference between unlinking and deleting I think14:03
datojelmer: there's another minor thing that I don't know if you've noticed, or consider it "candidate for fixing".14:03
jelmerunlinking (as happens on POSIX) allows you to remove a path while there are still people who have the file that path refers to open14:03
datojelmer: if you give the bzr commit message with the editor instead of -m, in the svn log always appears an empty trailing line in the log, even if there wasn't any in the editor.14:04
awilkinsYeah, windows doesn't let you do that.14:04
awilkinsI'm not sure which OS behaviour I like best, to be honest14:05
jelmerdato: I think it's svn that does that14:05
jelmerdato: bzr-svn doesn't add trailing whitespace14:05
datoah, maybe svn unconditionally adds a \n14:06
jelmerawilkins: both have their advantages I guess14:06
datojelmer: maybe you could strip one \n at the end of the message?14:06
jelmerIf the \n is added unconditionally, sure.14:07
jelmerplease file a bug though :-)14:07
ubotuNew bug: #188353 in bzr-svn "Branching with bzr and svn-push'ing produces a spurious revision" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18835314:10
awilkinsjelmer: http://filebin.ca/kqujcc/bzr-svn-win32-test2.zip14:27
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bronger_Is it possible to delete the parent info from a branch?17:54
awilkinsNot sure what you mean.17:59
bronger_I had my project in an SVN repo.  With "bzr branch", I created a local branch.  WIth push, I created a copy of it on Launchpad.  This still has the SVN set as its parent.  Now I wonder whether I can detach it from the SVN.18:01
luksyou can remove it from .bzr/branch/branch.conf, but the parent location doesn't really mean the branch is "attached" to the SVN18:03
bronger_So it doesn't do any harm?18:04
luksyou mean removing it or keeping it?18:04
bronger_Keeping it.18:04
luksnot at all18:04
bronger_Okay, thank you.18:04
BlogueroConnorhello, I want to publish (push) into a ftp directory, but, my username have a '@' in the username (that is typical for a shared hosting) and bzr don't  understand it.19:13
datoBlogueroConnor: try push ftp://you%40domain.com@server.com19:14
BlogueroConnor%40 is like @?19:14
BlogueroConnorwill try it19:14
BlogueroConnorYES. it worked!19:15
BlogueroConnorBut I think there is an error in this tutorial: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/mini-tutorial/index.html19:16
BlogueroConnorbecause I tried...19:16
BlogueroConnorbzr push --create-prefix sftp://your.name@example.com/~/public_html/myproject (with my data of course)19:16
BlogueroConnorbut I got:19:17
BlogueroConnorbzr: ERROR: Target directory XXX already exists, but does not have a valid .bzr directory. Supply --use-existing-dir to push there anyway.19:17
jelmerBlogueroConnor: bzr will only push a branch to a directory that doesn't exist yet or is empty20:13
jelmerBlogueroConnor: the tutorial about that bit looks ok to me20:14
BlogueroConnorjelmer, but this directory is empy. (it was, now I used the --use-existing-dir and it worked)20:30
BlogueroConnorjerlmer: I can give you an ftp account in my site for you to see.20:31
BlogueroConnorNow I understand20:35
BlogueroConnorthe problem was that I was using mysite.com instead of mysite.com/branchname, because the user I was using, had direct access to mysite.com/branchname when you log in (the base directory of that user is branchname, so I dont have to specify it there).20:37
bkcI'm a longtime svn user. I used svn2bzr some months back on a repository, and now I need to merge changes from svn into my bzr working set.21:34
bkcbzr merge <svn url> doesn't work.21:34
bkcdo I need to bzr branch <subversion> then merge that new branch into my existing bzr branch?21:34
rollydoes bzr merge -r n..m <svn url> work?21:47
jelmerbkc: that only works with bzr-svn21:47
jelmerbkc: not with svn2bzr21:47
bkcyes, I have bzr-svn already installed. I just used svnimport to create the original bzr import21:49
bkcI guess bzr co svn doesn't support https21:50
jelmerbkc: "bzr svn-import" != svn2bzr21:50
jelmerif you used svn2bzr to create the original import, you can't use bzr-svn now21:50
jelmerbkc: bzr-svn should support https fine21:51
bkcok, so I guess I need to diff3 by hand for every file then?21:51
bkcthere have been changes in the bzr repository and the subversion one, I need to get the subversion changes into bzr21:51
jelmerYou could try "rebasing" first21:52
bkcregarding bzr-svn with https, I have an https url to a subversion repository. How do I check it out using bzr?21:52
bkcI have a svn password on it, but I've already used svn info to cache the password21:52
jelmerbkc: You should be able to just use the https url21:53
jelmerbkc: If that doesn't work, please pastebin the error21:53
bkcI tried bzr branch https:// ... and I get bzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for https:/ .. tal2xslt/.bzr/branch-format: Unable to handle http code 401: Authorization Required21:53
jelmerbkc: Try prefixing the URL with "svn+"21:54
bkcsvn+ .. I get SubversionException: ("Undefined tunnel scheme 'https'", 125002)21:54
jelmerbkc: Your local svn libraries aren't build with SSL support21:54
jelmerI think21:55
jelmerwhat version of bzr-svn are you using?21:55
bkcthe subversion client, or the bzr build?21:55
jelmerit could also be caused by using a version of bzr-svn < 0.4.321:55
bkcyeah, it's 0.4.1-1 I'm on feisty  using standard packages21:56
bkcbut maybe I could svn co, then use bzr merge from the svn checkout directory?21:57
jelmerbkc: a .svn directory doesn't contain any historical data21:57
jelmerit will still have to go to the server and that will fail21:57
jelmerif it is at all possible, I would recommend upgrading to a newer version of bzr-svn21:58
bkcI'm worried about breaking bzr-tools, which I need for eclipse21:58
jelmerthe bzr-eclipse plugin you mean?21:59
jelmerI thought that only depended on bzr-xmloutput plugin21:59
bkcyes, apparently the version I have calls out to bzrtools21:59
bkcmaybe my plugin is old..21:59
jelmerbeuno: ping21:59
johnny_hi, what is the best way to covert a cvs repository to bzr22:07
johnny_especially if you have just have checkouts :)22:08
johnny_the cvsps document seems to imply that you need server side access, since it doesn't support :ext: or :pserver:22:08
Aviatorwhere can i find resources on embedded bzr?22:16
* johnny_ has never even heard of that22:17
Aviatorto quote: "If you want intelligent version control embedded into your application or content management system, Bazaar has the architecture you need."22:17
johnny_sounds like you can use it as a lib22:18
Aviatoror backend22:19
PengYou can do "import bzrlib".22:24
Aviatorand fiddle with it?22:24
Pengbzrlib is the entire codebase.22:25
PengThe "bzr" script is just a little bit of startup code.22:25
Aviatorand then go where?22:31
Aviatortheres a lot of submodules22:31
johnny_Aviator, gonna have to read the pydocs i assume22:34
bob2_Aviator: http://bazaar-vcs.org/Integrating_with_Bazaar might be a start22:38
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bkccall me stupid. I have a checkout of an lp branch I host. I have committed my changes, but how do I upload the changes back to lp? lp's page still doesn't show my revs.22:40
bob2if it's a checkout, they're uploaded on commit22:41
bkcoh .. they finally shows up. I guess a commit on a checkout doesn't require a push.. just slow22:41
bkcthanks, I'm still trying to get the hang of bzr vs svn22:41
bkcjelmer: thanks for your help too.. was a good time to learn how to use kdiff322:42
bob2"bzr log sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/foobarbaz" will probably show them instantaneously22:42
johnny_so, is there a way to import a cvs repository without the full cvs root?22:50
bob2I think https://launchpad.net/bzr-cvsps-import works over the network22:53
johnny_this page says it doesn't support :ext: or :pserver: http://bazaar-vcs.org/CVSPSImport22:54
bob2hm, right22:56
beunojelmer, pong23:27
beunojohnny_, bzr-eclipse doesn't depend on bzrtools at all23:30
beunojust bzr-xmloutput23:31
johnny_huh ? bz-eclipse ?23:33
johnny_why did i say anything about bzr-eclipse23:33
beunojohnny_, ahm, sorry, wrong person23:38
* beuno should read backlogs more carefully23:38
jelmerbeuno: why does bzr-xmloutput depend on bzrtools then?23:48

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