dabbilloh its showing that aptitude is useing 100%, but i dont have it open00:00
danand_kdallas - np00:00
asdrubalHI BUNTUS!00:00
dabbillhow do i kill that proccess ?00:00
kdallasQ3: Is there finally an IM tool which supports both voice and video? Thanks00:00
magickdanand_, Thanks. a enabling the send rcv buffer fixed it. I knew the answer wasn't " you can't stream! copy first" heh. All is fixed and streaming HD is no problem :) thank you.00:00
jribdabbill: killing it may leave you with a broken dpkg database... what was it doing last?00:00
unagi_im not getting in map information on gpsdrive anymore anyone know why?00:01
danand_dabbill - ps -A | grep aptitude to get the PID of aptitude - then kill -9 [atitudes pid]00:01
dsmith_does turbotax work with ubuntu?00:01
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dabbilli was installing some thing, and crashed my system, and sence then its been running at 100%00:01
SniperFromHellDoes anyone know what HTTP cache is, and why it keeps starting up every half hour? Also, why do my torrent speeds on kTorrent throttle so much. Does this happen to anyone else with this specific program?00:01
dsmith_turbotax online that is00:02
GreenLadyNikon thanks . dam i must get my eyes check out.00:02
eelrivertop will tell you the pid. It's on the far left00:02
GreenLove the "Purisa" font style00:02
dsmith_LadyNikon: Where you been at?00:02
danand_magick - cool :) - thought that was strange for a gigabit network. I can watch dvd movies on a samba box over wireless network00:02
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unagi_no one knows anything about gpsdrive?00:02
dabbillsweet now both cores are at 0%00:03
dabbillthanks :)00:03
LadyNikonGreen: :)00:03
SniperFromHellDoes anyone know what HTTP cache is, and why it keeps starting up every half hour? Also, why do my torrent speeds on kTorrent throttle so much. Does this happen to anyone else with this specific program?00:04
hou5tonok ... I have continued to research the issue with Ubuntu and webcam support in Skype.  Apparantly there needs to be an additional module compiled, but it is already present in SuSE and PCLinuxOS00:04
IntertricityHey guys.. I installed my nvidia driver that was offered to me on installing 7.10.. do I need to install the driver directly from the nVidia site to get dual monitor?00:04
IntertricityI'm stuck with only one monitor atm00:04
Blueycan someone help me fix my /dev/sda2 error?00:04
hou5tonIf I put Ubuntu back on this laptop, will someone help me compile a module.  :-)00:05
KenSentMeIn a standard ubuntu installation there are folders in my home like Music Documents etc. Those are visible in the Places menu. How can i add folders to that list?00:05
GreenDoes anyone know if there's programs for linux to erase permanently or rewrite over the files on a hard drive ? OR EVEN FILES PRIVATE FILES???00:05
AD7sixHi. I'm getting this error sporadically (last time when trying to run vim "ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 6246, errno = 4" I've googled the error message but don't know what it means - and can't find a process with that pid could anyone offer advice on where to look for the problem? This machine has generally started to be slow is it possibly hardware (hard disk?) related?00:05
danand_Bluey - try to be a bit more specific ... whats the exact nature of the problem00:05
SniperFromHellKenSentMe: right click and edit menu.00:05
jribKenSentMe: easy way: anything you bookmark in nautilus will be added there00:05
LjLGreen: shred, wipe00:06
SniperFromHellthat too.00:06
notechyetcan someone tell me a good way to get the network going00:06
SniperFromHellDoes anyone know what HTTP cache is, and why it keeps starting up every half hour? Also, why do my torrent speeds on kTorrent throttle so much. Does this happen to anyone else with this specific program?00:06
KenSentMejrib, ah, cool. Didnt know that, thanks00:06
StarnestommySniperFromHell: do your other torrent programs also experience throttling>00:06
GreenLjL I though you still can recover files...00:07
LjLunagi_: no, i don't know about gpsdrive, i can only suggest checking out roadnav for another (vector-based) navigation program00:07
Blueydanand_ when i try to start up ubuntu the whole screen turns into what looks like a ocmmand prompt, with a bunch of numbers and words. at the end it says i have a /dev/sda2 error and the automatic file system check failed00:07
GreenLjL is shred complete rewritten the files /hd and unable to recover ?00:07
LjLGreen: after using shred or wipe? definitely not without expensive equipment00:07
SniperFromHellStarnestommy: I don't know. I've never had any other ones than kTorrent.00:07
SniperFromHellWhat are some good ones?00:07
LjLGreen, used on ext3, both can be problematic00:07
StarnestommySniperFromHell: I've heard some ISPs throttle bittorrent00:07
LjLGreen: at least ext3 with some flavor of journal00:07
SniperFromHellI know it cant be my connection because i download from other servers at constant speeds00:07
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LadyNikonconfigure: error: Sufficiently new version of libasound not found.  I get this while trying to configure "btsco"00:08
GreenLjl so what u recommend "shred or wipe"?00:08
lz7Bluey: it maybe hardware fault or file system fault, you need to know what type of error you get, and examine your drive with smarmontools for example00:08
SniperFromHellStarnestommy: what program do you recommend?00:08
SniperFromHellalso, how do i send a message to you that notifies someone, like you just did for me.00:08
LjLGreen: probably equivalent00:09
StarnestommySniperFromHell: I don't use bittorrent, so I wouldn't be sure.00:09
danand_Bluey - sorry no idea on that one - redirect your question to the whole channel00:09
emitchlpdis anyone using vpnc and network manager on a normal *wired* network connection?00:09
lz7Bluey: smartmontools00:09
StarnestommySniperFromHell: say their nick in a message?00:09
LjLGreen: wipe is more versatile00:09
SniperFromHelloh ok00:09
SniperFromHellso like00:09
SniperFromHellStarnestommy: sup ?00:09
Blueylz7: how do i begin to do that?00:09
StarnestommySniperFromHell: yes00:09
GreenLjl and where would i get this shred and wipe or both different programs00:09
SniperFromHellCool, thanks.00:09
SniperFromHellDoes anyone know what HTTP cache is, and why it keeps starting up every half hour?00:10
LjL!info shred | green00:10
LjL!info wipe | green00:10
ubotugreen: Package shred does not exist in gutsy00:10
ubotugreen: wipe (source: wipe): Secure file deletion. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.21-3 (gutsy), package size 42 kB, installed size 132 kB00:10
LjLGreen: shred is installed by default00:10
lz7Bluey: you said error, may you be more specific what error, and do you have problems with your drive?00:10
arnduckyHey LadyNikon, if you don't get your sound issues solved this session, try to find Crimsum in here -- he's woot at sound problems (coder)00:10
danand_Ljl - are shred and wipe ok on ext3 filesystems?00:11
Greenljl shred? installed by default? where i don't see it00:11
crusiearnducky: does he have an answer or driver for the xfi card in 32 bit ubuntu ?00:11
LjLdanand_: no00:11
Blueylz7: my drive is fine. and i get 2 errors on start up. a /dev/sda2 error and that the auto file system check failed00:11
LjLdanand_: at least not with some flavors of journalling00:11
LjLGreen: ... try typing "shred" in a shell00:11
SniperFromHellDoes anyone know what HTTP cache is, and why it keeps starting up every half hour?00:11
StarnestommySniperFromHell: do you have squid or apache installed?00:12
arnduckycrusie, i dunno, you can but ask -- but if anyone does...00:12
Greenljl nothing happen just told me to `shred --help and still nothing happen it show <00:12
SniperFromHellStarnestommy: Nope, neither.00:12
lz7Bluey: well, if everything is fine, you can just disable fsck from running, or run it manually, type man fsck for that00:12
SniperFromHellStarnestommy: At least I don't think.00:12
LadyNikonI need "checking for libasound headers version >= 1.0.3... not present.00:12
LjLgreen, danand_: "In the case of ext3 file systems, the above disclaimer applies (and shred is thus of limited effectiveness) only in data=journal mode, which journals file  data in  addition  to  just  metadata.   In  both the data=ordered (default) and data=writeback modes, shred works as usual." from man shred00:12
crusiecrimsun: you there dude ?00:12
SniperFromHellHow do I check? (ive never installed them but maybe some other package did?)00:12
arnduckycrusie, have you checked out launchpad and ubuntuforums?00:13
StarnestommyLadyNikon: I think you need libasound-dev00:13
crusiewell creative haven't put out a 32 bit driver yet00:13
LjLGreen: err yeah, it means you need to provide it with arguments. have you never used command-line programs before? i'll give you some pointers.00:13
LjL!man > green    (green, see the private message from Ubotu)00:13
LjL!cli > green    (green, see the private message from Ubotu)00:13
StarnestommyLadyNikon: er, libasound2-dev00:13
crusiearnducky: meaning I'd be stuck with oss00:13
crusieinstead of alsa00:13
arnduckyor <shudder> SDL00:13
LadyNikonStarnestommy: yay its working00:14
crusiearnducky: and I must say... my few times with oss tells me that I don't really need it ^00:14
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arnduckycrusie, join us in #ubuntu-offtopic please00:14
crusiearnducky: about to reboot I'll go there afterwards00:15
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LjL!away > Veinor|away    (Veinor|away, see the private message from Ubotu)00:16
AD7sixAny hints on what "ICE default IO error handler" means?00:16
Greenljl when I shred the certain files would they be unrecoverable forever?00:16
gsa1Hi guys00:18
amenadoGreen-> lest you have a backup00:18
echosystmguys, quick question00:19
echosystmthe version of fluxbox in the repository is outdated00:19
echosystmis there any way for me to get 1.0 without compiling it myself?00:19
echosystmalso, why arent packages automatically updated in the repository?00:19
lz7echosystm: add more repositories, backports, hardy reps etc00:20
jrib!timebasedreleases > echosystm (read the private message from ubotu)00:20
gsa1I buyed a noteook manufactured here at Argentina, and I've some problems, sound don't works, nor webcam, nor hibernation, were are the first places were to invesigate? (web sites I meand)00:20
jriblz7: adding "hardy reps" is likely to result in a broken system00:20
Greenamenado, ljl so its impossible to recover once i shred the files?00:21
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dstanekwhat is the best tool to analyze http traffic - wireshark seems too confusing00:21
lz7jrib: you may add hardy reps for installing one program and after that disable them00:21
jriblz7: no, that's not safe00:22
amenadoGreen-> improbable to recover it00:22
bofh80hi people, i'm having memory issues with wine, due to this i noticed i have only a 1.4gig swap partition, but i have upgraded to 2gig of memory, would this cause problems? do i even still need a SWAP partition?00:22
danand_Green - what file system are you using00:22
LjLGreen: no. even assuming your filesystem is not journaled, someone with the right equipment can still perform data recovery. there are companies specializing in that.00:22
teo-how can i change eth0 to eth1 ????00:22
amenadoteo-  via udev, but am not that familiar of how to do it yet00:23
MichaelSammelsCan some admin dude please start a private chat with me?00:23
LjLMichaelSammels: admin?00:23
lz7jrib: well i think this is more question of canonical support politics, than technical side of things00:23
MichaelSammelsWell, someone on the team. ((Ubuntu))00:23
teo-amenado, ok.. i try but not working00:23
Infusionanyone know how to get MYSQL WOEKING?00:24
LjLMichaelSammels, if you're looking for the operators of this channel, that's #ubuntu-ops - if you're looking for someone else, it depends00:24
ag0g0girlhey babes00:24
ag0g0girlhow is00:24
Greendanand_ NTFS for my storage00:24
* LjL points ag0g0girl to the channel topic00:24
jriblz7: not really, it depends on the package.  Dependency issues are a big possibility.  That's the reason for the backports repository00:24
MichaelSammelsLjL: Someone who is admin to something in here ((not support)): http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate00:24
danand_MichaelSammels - just post your question here and someone will try to help00:25
MichaelSammelsI want to join the Ubuntu Team.00:25
Infusionite people00:25
LjL!member > MichaelSammels    (MichaelSammels, see the private message from Ubotu)00:25
Greenlgl "file system journaled" ??00:25
Greenljl "file system journaled" ??00:25
Infusioni have 51 servers and 100 websites00:25
LjLGreen, read shred's man page.00:25
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LjLgreen, as i quoted earlier, "In the case of ext3 file systems, the above disclaimer applies (and shred is thus of limited effectiveness) only in data=journal mode, which journals file  data in  addition  to  just  metadata.   In  both the data=ordered (default) and data=writeback modes, shred works as usual." from man shred00:25
danand_Ljl,Green - if the file system is journalled pretty sure neither shred nor wipe will work00:26
renfrewanyone have any experience with billionton Bluetooth adapters and gutsy?00:27
Infusioncan i be channel op please?00:27
MichaelSammelsLjL: Does it cost to become a member?00:27
LjL!guidelines > Infusion    (Infusion, see the private message from Ubotu)00:27
StarnestommyInfusion: the short answer is no00:27
LjLMichaelSammels: no00:28
Infusionwhy not?00:28
LjLInfusion: read the link00:28
zlajacan some1 help me?00:28
Infusionive got 100 irc chanels00:28
refeferQuestion for you all: I did a LAMP install on 7.10 and decided arbitrarily to install the desktop as well.  Now, 2 gbs of desktop and desktop applications later, I want to remove it.00:28
LjL!ask | zlaja00:28
zlajai wana make xp but i cant :S00:28
ubotuzlaja: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:28
aquoInfusion: you can be channel op00:28
renfrewanyone have any experience with billionton Bluetooth adapters and gutsy?00:28
zlajawhen i start xp and format it than after first reboot it says "error loading operating system"00:29
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LjLzlaja: uhm, and this has to do with ubuntu because?00:29
refeferCan I just apt-get uninstall ubuntu-desktop and it will remove all the associated desktop software as well?00:29
LjLrefefer: no00:29
Starnestommyzlaja: if you need windows support, go to ##windows00:29
LjL!ubuntu-desktop > refefer    (refefer, see the private message from Ubotu)00:29
zlajacuz i dont know to use ubuntu :S00:29
wilHi... I have a problem.... I started my pc with a KVM and I was on a diffrent channel, now Ubuntu keeps booting in 640x480 and I can not change it back... I have tried changing it and doing detect, but nothing is working :(00:29
LjLzlaja: not following you00:30
crusieanyone has had experience with unbuntu not booting post install ?00:30
LjLzlaja, you've asked a Windows question, this is an Ubuntu support channel00:30
crusieI mean - everything installs correctly from what I can see00:30
LjL!install > crusie    (crusie, see the private message from Ubotu)00:31
aquois there any reason to prefer dput over dupload or vice versa?00:31
LjLcrusie: common thing to try is to disable acpi00:31
=== brain is now known as brain2
crusieLjL what\s acpi_00:31
refeferhmm, that's a shame.  I only plan on ssh-ing into the box so I don't need the extra bloat.  Is there a list of packages installed from an apt-get install ubuntu-desktop that I can get and manually uninstall each?00:31
_alf_!ubuntu-desktop > _alf_00:32
LjLcrusie: don't make me attempt to explain that... :) just try booting with the "noacpi" option or the "acpi=off" option. see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions  for how to do that00:32
wilHi... I have a problem.... I started my pc with a KVM and I was on a diffrent channel, now Ubuntu keeps booting in 640x480 and I can not change it back... I have tried changing it and doing detect, but nothing is working :(00:33
lulzturtlecould someone kindly help me connect to my ubuntu server at work?00:33
Greenljl example "shred -v -z -u -f lifehacker.txt" it works but is this way the best way to overwriting the file and add with zero?00:33
vixhi, I need some help with java applets in firefox, im using Gutsy 64bits.00:34
vixhope I can find some help here, been struggling with this in many hours.00:34
lulzturtleI guess I need to figure out my external IP at work and maybe test to see if it has the right ports open?00:34
LjLGreen: the more iterations you make it do, the lower the chances of recovery. assuming your filesystem is not journalled again.00:34
jribvix: why are you not using 32bit if you care about things like java applets?00:34
InspectorCluseauno java applets with 64 bits00:34
Greenljl my hard drive are set only ntfs and ext3. so i can just leave it as default shred?00:34
tehdaveI'm having issues with flash...anythink I try to load is00:34
scrambledeggvix: what have you tried so far ?00:34
crusieLjL it seems my first boot after install stops - it's still detecting usb things tho. tried to dc a couple and setting them ind again all showed on screen in recovery mode... I can type there but it doesn't accept commands00:34
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
tehdaveI'm having issues with flash...anything I try to load is choppy...00:35
Greenljl nope all my hard drive are not part or set to "jFs"00:35
LjLGreen: i really cannot say if shred will work properly on NTFS. on ext3, again, it will work if not in data=journal mode00:35
vixjrib, i have 4GB in memory, and also 64 bit CPU, u think i have problems because of the 64 bit OS ?00:35
TBaghi all, I know it's the wrong place to ask this but is there any channel dealing with finance on this server plz ?00:35
crusieLjL it's when the "line" should be starting to run across the screen00:35
LjLcrusie: try those options00:36
tehdaveOf the flash plugins for Ubuntu, which is the most stable/best performance? (x86 version)00:36
vixscrambledegg, many guides, like installing many packages, some linkings to .so librarys. my java is running fine, not just in firefox.00:36
jribvix: sun does not provide a 64bit version of the java plugin so yes.  There are workarounds, but it's a pain compared to using 32bit ubuntu.00:36
LjLtehdave: Flash.00:36
jrib!flash64 > vix (read the private message from ubotu)00:36
wilwhat is the terminal command to change res of the screen?00:36
scrambledeggvix: so other java stuff like azureus work ?00:36
LjL!pm | Darkmystere00:36
ubotuDarkmystere: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.00:36
tehdaveLjL: I meant between the nonfree plugin or the Gnash SWF player, etc.00:37
LjL!xconfig > wil    (wil, see the private message from Ubotu) perhaps this is what you're thinking about00:37
echosystmcan anyone tell me what distros have kde4?00:37
LjLtehdave: err, yeah indeed, the nonfree plugin is "Flash". others are "Gnash" and "SWF Player".00:37
DarkmystereLjL, i just messaged you because i thought it was kinda offtopic..00:37
LjLtehdave: so, my answer is the nonfree plugin anyway00:37
vixscrambledegg, yes azureus works. and also netbeans00:37
vixjrib, okay thank you.. i will try it.00:37
DarkmystereOk should i burn Bactrack to a CD or DVD because it says the file is 701MB and my CD;s only hold 700MB..00:38
LjLDarkmystere: then ask in -offtopic... i haven't the slightest idea to tell the trust. it might fit. i don't know, i burn a CD a year or so00:38
Darkmysterei did they havent answerd..00:38
scrambledeggvix: do you have this symlink in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins: /etc/alternatives/firefox-javaplugin.so00:38
pocketdrummerI have a question for everyone. Is there a "killer app" that Ubuntu or linux has that no other OS has?00:38
tehdaveAlright...let's fix the question: Of the available SWF plugins, which is the most stable/best quality?00:38
LjLtehdave: flash. i.e. flashplugin-nonfree.00:39
echosystmno pocketdrummer. most good linux apps have been ported to windows00:39
crusieLjL what will I gain (or loose) by running the noapi command_00:39
echosystmeg. open office, gimp, etc.00:39
Greenljl is there any other program for linux to overwriting with  pseudorandom data, Peter Gutmann's, etc. OR works best for NTFS ??00:39
Lr5_pocketdrummer: Even if there was, you could probably use it on cygwin anyway00:39
yellowdogciao a tutti00:39
InspectorCluseaupocketdrummer, it's what Ubuntu and Linux DOESN"T have....trojans...viruses....etc00:39
Greenljl like those options00:39
scrambledeggvix: and the name was libjavaplugin.so :)   ?00:39
brain2I've seen 2 linux viruses00:40
scrambledeggvix: maybe its lib64 for you00:40
vixscrambledegg, not now, i had it before but it was buggy.00:40
brain2RST.B and OSF00:40
LjLcrusie: you know what, i never really quite understood that, i'll have to admit. especially, i've never quite understood what (if anything) you will lose with the "noapic" option, which is another that you should try00:40
crusie"another" ?00:40
echosystmpocketdrummer: the reason you use linux is because you are a tinkering geek, you want awesome security, or you are running a server - windows cant really compete here00:40
vixscrambledegg, it was libjavaplugin.so for me yes.00:40
LjLGreen, all programs will work equally well or equally badly as far as NTFS goes. it depends on how the filesystem works, and i haven't really a clue00:40
scrambledeggvix: you're using gcj  ?00:40
crusieLjL wasn't that the one you wanted me to use?00:40
LjLcrusie: no. i suggested "noacpi" and "acpi=off". now i'm suggesting "noapic"00:41
danand__I hate my isp x(00:41
vixscrambledegg, i guess no, i dont know what it is00:41
brain2So I rebooted today and now my ctrl keys don't work.. Am I the only one?  I probably am.. gah00:41
pocketdrummerWell, I guess to answer my own question, maybe Synaptic and the repository system is the killer app for linux? I can't think of another OS that has it.00:41
Lr5_LjL: How about "irqpoll"? No idea what you are talking about, though00:41
echosystmmacosx has something similar pocketdrummer00:41
scrambledeggvix: its a GNU implementation of java, and its very buggy with applets00:41
pocketdrummerreally? What's it called in OS X?00:41
echosystmthe only reason linux has synaptic is because it is a pain in the ass to install anything without it00:42
scrambledeggvix: try issuing:   update-alternatives --config java00:42
jscinozapt-get equiv in osx is ports00:42
echosystmin windows, you can just get an exe and install it00:42
pocketdrummerechosystm: That's true.00:42
rdoursenaudI have a strange problem with gnome-panel. I can't move or reorganize my panels. Right click menu only shows "Help" and "About".  This probem only appears on my amd64 desktop. Searched the web and found nothing relevant. Can someone help?00:42
echosystmin linux, there are millions of dependencies and packages00:42
jscinozthey do sudo port install proggy00:42
aquopocketdrummer: same mechanism is available for windows too00:42
echosystmyoud have to be insane to download them all manually00:42
pocketdrummerthere's a repository system for windows too? Wow, where have I been? lol00:43
Greenljl Can i use eraser the http://www.heidi.ie/eraser/download.php00:43
Greenljl on linux?00:43
aquopocketdrummer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Package_management_system#Windows00:43
vixscrambledegg, okay, now i can choose java version.. which one should i use?00:43
scrambledeggvix: trye choosing sun java00:44
aquopocketdrummer: i never have tested those, but i know windows-admins who use some of them (and also commercial ones)00:44
danand__echosystm - I remember hours of trying to resolve dependancy issues using rpm package manager on Redhat 6 ....00:44
scrambledeggvix: you got the package sun-java6-jre and sun-java6-plugin right ?00:44
jribscrambledegg: the plugin does not exist on 64bit00:44
Jangaridoes anyone know how to install the mp3 libraries for sox?00:44
scrambledeggjrib: really ?00:45
vixscrambledegg, yes i have them installed.00:45
MrPiracyi am trying to set my /home folder back to where it was ... the folder exists (located in /home/tma) but when i type "cd ~/home"  in terminal it says "cannot find /home/tma/home"00:45
LjLLr5_, crusie: i'd say to put them in order from least crippling to most, "noapic", "noacpi", "acpi=off", "irqpoll". noapic just means that the "advanced programmable interrupt controller" that's on newer computers won't be used, shouldn't be a big deal. "noacpi" and "acpi=off" mean that (part of?) ACPI won't be used, i assume that might impact power saving and such things, and i don't know what the difference is between the two. "irqpoll" means that some00:45
LjLrelatively expensive checks are done on interrupts. i don't really know very precisely at all, i just know they're common options used to troubleshoot boot problems00:45
scrambledeggjrib: not so sure about that00:45
scrambledeggvix: ok then just try to update the alternatives and see if that works out00:45
LjLGreen: seems like clearly a windows program to me00:45
robdigMrPiracy: thats probably because ~ = /home/tma00:45
Jangaritry cd ~, MrPiracy00:46
jribscrambledegg: umm, ok?00:46
jribscrambledegg: check packages.ubuntu.com if you wish00:46
scrambledeggjrib: he says he has the packages installed00:46
vixscrambledegg, did u got my PM ?00:46
Greenljl is there any other programs works best or just as good as shred for ntfs>?00:46
MrPiracyJangari: ops, my bad ok00:46
scrambledeggvix: dont think so00:46
jribscrambledegg: then he is not using 64bit00:47
MrPiracyanyone could tell me a command line to empty recycle bin?00:47
nickrudMy desktop would be complete with a 64bit java plugin (not)00:47
vixjrib, what are you talking about ?00:47
spudgunnerIn gnome, how many different places are there to set programs to run on login?  I've removed my compiz-fusion from System->Prefs->Sessions, but I can't seem to make it go away.00:47
LjLGreen, i already answered best i could00:47
scrambledeggjrib: sun-java6-bin is for amd64 i38600:48
jribscrambledegg: *plugin*00:48
spudgunnerMrPiracy:  I usually delete the contents of the various .Trash-* directories at the root of the mount point00:48
scrambledeggjrib: ya okay then but firefox usually works with 32bit bindings00:48
scrambledeggjrib: i mean shared libraries00:49
jribscrambledegg: not by magic though :)00:49
MrPiracyspudgunner: there's an error with my recycle bin, it won't complete emptying00:49
scrambledeggjrib: no by automaticz0r00:49
MrPiracyspudgunner: where's the location of the main trash bin?00:49
scrambledeggjrib: or maybe not :)00:49
scrambledeggjrib: nspluginwrapper is currently broken i think00:49
vixstill it doesnt work really with java in FF.00:50
jribscrambledegg: :) I just wanted to make sure you understood the plugin package is not available on 64 bit so the you have to follow the !flash64 instructions.  I had to go through this00:50
vixwhen i test an applet its a red cross in the upper corner.00:50
spudgunnerMrPiracy:  try "rm -Rf /.Trash-USERNAME/*"00:50
danand__what?? - apparently I just signed off!00:50
crusieLjL I tried doing as you said - still no avail00:50
spudgunnerMrPiracy:  and replace USERNAME with your login name00:50
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:51
scrambledeggjrib: i really dont get why a plugin isnt crossplatform while the whole JVM is00:51
vixjrib, one question, I need to install 32bit firefox ?00:51
MrPiracyspudgunner:  it says no such file or directory00:51
Scunizispudgunner, MrPiracy you may have to add sudo to the beginning of that line.00:51
spudgunnerMrPiracy:  sorry, its "rm -Rf /home/USERNAME/.Trash/*"00:52
scrambledeggvix: 32bit ff worked flawlessly for me00:52
oreomikeMrPiracy: if you use 7.10 like me, your trash should be in ~/.Trash/00:52
spudgunnerMrPiracy:  oreomike has it right00:52
jribscrambledegg: blackdown java had a 64bit plugin.  The bug on sun's tracker is several years old.  They just don't care00:52
scrambledeggvix: with flash and everything00:52
MrPiracyspudgunner: :-) it worked, thanks00:52
jribvix: yeah, the wiki page walks you through it00:52
spudgunnerMrPiracy:  np00:52
kibbhi are the packages i download with apt-get or synaptic kept on my hdd somewhere? i would like to save myself the download for my other machine00:53
spudgunnerIn gnome, how many different places are there to set programs to run on login?  I've removed my compiz-fusion from System->Prefs->Sessions, but I can't seem to make it go away. Any other suggestions?00:53
vixscrambledegg, okay, i got flash working in 64bit, so I can at least watch some youtubes now :D00:53
witepahey im trying to install ubuntu gutsy on core2duo and i get "ata5.01: exception Emask.....action 0x2 frozen00:53
nickrudkibb: /var/cache/apt/archives00:53
Phildoheyas - having some grub dramas, would someone mind lending a hand in pm, theres a bit of situation explaining to do..00:53
scrambledeggvix: :P00:53
wilHi all, I have just got my screen res back to normal, but now non of the windows have a titlebar :( how do I get it back?00:53
kibbis everything there?00:53
|david|spudgunner: make sure you disable it in appearence or it will keep starting it00:54
spudgunner|david|:  done that too00:54
kibbcool cheers nickrud00:54
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jw144000Can anyone help me to reformat my external hard drive to be able to be used in Windows?00:54
nickrudkibb: if they're on a network together, you might consider a proxy, like aptproxy00:55
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MrPiracyjw144000: what's the problem?00:55
scrambledeggjw144000:  mkfs.vfat /dev/sd*00:55
kibbi was thinking along the lines of a burned cd... its only going to be used once or twice thanks again00:55
jw144000MrPiracy: I installed Gutsy Gibbon on the external hard drive, but now I'm considering a partition for it on my internal hard drive. Because I installed Gutsy on the external hard drive, Windows isn't recognizing it.00:55
oreomikehave to install an app from its source, but need kernel headers, is there a package for that?00:55
BiLL_YatesLet's talk about something else!!! Let's talk about Vista....!00:55
jw144000scrambledegg: Where do I enter that?00:56
mjw-!offtopic | BiLL_Yates00:56
ubotuBiLL_Yates: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:56
nickrudoreomike: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)00:56
silverbladeIm trying to compile a 32bit app on a 64bit install of Ubuntu. I get an 'ld' error: "skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.1.3/libgcc.a when searching for -lgcc"00:56
spudgunner|david|, do you know file-wise *where* setting those settings actually makes compiz start... I mean it has to be in some script somewhere...00:56
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
silverbladei assume its finding the 64bit version of that lib. how can i install the 32bit one00:56
MrPiracyjw144000: you want to access your linux partition from windows?00:56
|david|nickrud: you beat me to it!!!!00:56
nickrud|david|: it's a text replace for me , lheaders :)00:57
|david|spudgunner: init.d00:57
scrambledeggjw144000: umm.. in a terminal.. remember to run it as superuser00:57
jw144000MrPiracy: No, I want to be able to access my external hard drive in Windows again. Currently, only Linux will recognize it.00:57
MontegoIs there a way to share more mem with my geforce 5200 vid card other than the 32mb allowed in the bios?00:57
dr-rakujw144000: if you are in windows right now, you can use disk management or fdisk to erase the partitions on the external drive and create other partitions (then format them)00:57
MrPiracyjw144000: is your external hd partitioned? any fat/ntfs partition in it?00:57
|david|jw144000: you have to format it to fat32 or ntfs00:57
scrambledeggjw144000: i wouldnt go for ntfs00:58
nickrudspudgunner: create the file ~/.config/compiz/compizconfig/disable , that will stop compiz00:58
oreomikejw144000 or you can get the ext2fs driver for windows00:58
mjw-jw144000 mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/XXX00:58
oreomikeits made by the same people that made putty00:58
jw144000MrPiracy: Currently, I have no fat32 or ntfs partitions on my external hard drive.00:58
mjw-probably have to use sudo too00:58
MrPiracyoreomike: where do i get this driver?00:58
gigaclonim using the CUPS web interface at localhost:631 and when i try to add a printer, it pops a username/password, I enter my username and password and it rejects it00:58
=== u^A is now known as u^A_
gigaclononly account00:58
|david|scrambledegg: true enough, some people still like their win-dos though00:58
jw144000I'm in Windows at the moment00:58
xSnOoPyxhey can anyone help me out, i accidently set the permissions of /etc to 440 yes i know im stupid PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME, im in the ubuntu livecd because ubuntu wont boot00:59
dr-rakujw144000, then go to disk management00:59
mjw-jw144000 "Disk Management" in "computer management" should be able to see the drive, and you can reformat it from there00:59
MrPiracyjw144000: if you don't have partitions windows can read (f.e.: fat, fat32, ntfs), windows will always tell you there's no partitions in that drive00:59
gtti installed a new hard drive today, and i'm confused by the output of "df -h" ?00:59
oreomikeMrPiracy, google? ;-)   http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd00:59
spudgunnernickrud:  thanks, hopefully that will fix it00:59
dr-rakujw144000, or simply use fdisk00:59
scrambledegg|david|: its just those problems with ntfs and linux00:59
|david|xSnOoPyx: cd /00:59
giantmidgethello. on #fluxbox ive been told that the ubuntu package for fluxbox is broken (is was trying to find out why my iconbar images are all garbled). is there a remedy for that?01:00
jw144000dr-raku: I tried accessing "Disk Management", and I can't for some reason.01:00
dr-rakujw144000, disk management is in the administrative tools (control panel)01:00
xSnOoPyxuh huh01:00
scrambledegg|david|: ubuntu hardy screwed up my windows partition yesterday01:00
xSnOoPyxThen |david| ?01:00
|david|xSnOoPyx: then chmod 777 /etc01:00
vixscrambledegg and jrib: thank you for your help... java works flawlessy in firefox32 now :)01:00
|david|xSnOoPyx: then chmod 777 etc01:00
Phildo|david|: he'd want to mount it first01:00
scrambledeggjw144000: dont go for ext2fs either01:00
dr-rakujw144000, then you could erase the ext partitions from fdisk01:00
Montego Is there a way to share more mem with my geforce 5200 vid card other than the 32mb allowed in the bios?01:00
scrambledeggjw14400: FAT32 is safest..01:00
|david|Phildo: true01:00
xSnOoPyxwait no01:00
astro76xSnOoPyx: 75501:00
nickrudxSnOoPyx: you are in a world of hurt, there's a lot of dirs and files in there with specialized permissions01:00
scrambledeggvix: np01:00
xSnOoPyxno the thing is is that, im in livecd right now01:01
astro76xSnOoPyx: yes like nickrud said, if you recursively changed permissions, you're in trouble01:01
Phildonickrud: i doubt he used -R :>01:01
xSnOoPyxi cant boot into ubuntu01:01
* nickrud can only hope01:01
xSnOoPyxyes i recursively changed htem01:01
xSnOoPyxit worked 77701:01
gttcan someone explain to me why my /home partition has a size of 449gb, used space of 199mb, and free space of 426gb ? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55429/01:01
xSnOoPyxbut sudo didnt01:01
xSnOoPyxso gosh darn it01:01
Phildonot cool01:01
xSnOoPyxanyone know what to do in this situation?01:01
Draiconesu doesn't seem to be working for me -- I know my root password, and I can sudo -i, I just can't su01:01
DraiconeAny ideas?01:02
nickrudxSnOoPyx: you will need to reinstall, it would take days to repair that01:02
PhildoDraicone: theyre not the same thing01:02
nickrudxSnOoPyx: of hunting down the right permissions, etc01:02
DraiconePhildo: Err... what does su do?01:02
xSnOoPyxoh gotcha.01:02
xSnOoPyxbut uh01:02
PhildoDraicone: actually changes your user to the real 'root'01:02
mjw-!sudo | Draicone01:02
ubotuDraicone: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.01:02
xSnOoPyxwhat about all my settings and files?01:02
scrambledeggDraicone: su asks for the root password, which ubuntu doesnt have by default01:02
nickrudxSnOoPyx: do you have a separate home partition?01:02
|david|Draicone: it switches your user to another in the terminal01:02
PhildoDraicone: whereas sudo keeps your user, but gives you root permissions.01:02
xSnOoPyxwhat do you mean?01:02
PhildoDraicone: thus 'sudo' root :01:03
xSnOoPyx"/home" if thats what you mean01:03
|david|use su like this- su USERNAME01:03
nickrudxSnOoPyx: then when you reinstall, tell the installer not to format your home partition and all your settings (except for the stuff in etc) will be kept01:03
LadyNikonanyone run though this yet? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=75978&highlight=bluetooth+headset01:03
xSnOoPyxand where does it come to that01:03
Draiconescrambledegg: I'm pretty sure I set the root password manually at one point01:03
nickrudxSnOoPyx: during the partitioning phase01:03
xSnOoPyxokay im on step 701:03
|david|that will switch the user to your user as ROOT priviledges, and it'll work01:04
xSnOoPyxstep 401:04
xSnOoPyxi choose manual partitioning?01:04
DraiconePhildo: So what password is sudo -i asking me for?01:04
nickrudxSnOoPyx: yes01:04
scrambledeggDraicone: set it again :)   sudo passwd root01:04
jw144000dr-raku: I'm in Disk Management, but Windows still isn't recognizing the drive; I don't see the drive letter.01:04
PhildoDraicone: your user password.01:04
scrambledeggDraicone: but i dont recommend it01:04
xSnOoPyxand now, how do i specify01:04
nickrudxSnOoPyx: I don't do a lot of installs, so I can't really walk you through the exact commands01:04
PhildoDraicone: as your user has been allowed (in /etc/sudoers) to use sudo root.01:04
nickrudxSnOoPyx: plus, I use the alternate install when I do :)01:05
mjw-jw144000 Windows should still be able to see the disk, even if it's in an unrecognized format.01:05
PhildoDraicone: all that auth is for, is to make sure you are authorised as that user. (and someone hasnt stolen your term etc)01:05
xSnOoPyxpartition is ext3 right ?01:05
jarredyou can do sudo su if you want to become root in terminal without having to keep typing sudo01:05
m0u5eanyone know what the gtk2 dev files are called?01:05
xSnOoPyxthats what type it is ?01:05
jarredprolly like gtk2-devel01:05
jarredor gtk-dev01:05
jarredot somtething01:05
gttjarred: i think "su -" will also work instead.01:05
Dr_willissudo -s or sudo -i  :)01:05
jw144000mjw: I see it now. So where do I go from here?01:05
LjLgtt: uh? no, it won't, as there is no valid root password01:06
Phildojust use sudo -s01:06
bad_cablesanyone use muddleftp >?01:06
mjw-jw144000 try right clicking it or something, should give you a format option.01:06
ubotuUsing !sudo with single commands is preferable in most circumstances. However, if you really need a root shell, use « sudo -i » (other variants of this commands are redundant and/or potentially dangerous)01:06
=== ALLCAPS is now known as andril
nickrudsudo -i , be a real root01:06
bad_cablesim having a problem... i get err 503 invalid password01:06
gttlearn soemthing all the time01:06
Phildo;) get a real root, sudo -i01:06
bad_cablesi set the password tons of times with mudpass01:06
DraiconeAh, got it. Thanks Phildo, scrambledegg, |david|01:06
xSnOoPyxnickrud, is that right ?01:06
nickrudxSnOoPyx: yes01:06
m0u5envm i found it01:07
MrKeunerhi, I am having lockups on my thinkpad r52 1849-4wu laptop. It should not be related to video card(ATI Card) driver since I freeze occurs both when on fglrx and on free software driver. It should not be related to wireless driver because it freezes when it is hard connected, too. After freeze I booted with an Ubuntu live CD and tarred the /var/log folder. But inspecting the logs I could not see anything interesting. Can Anybody help me/assist me tr01:07
MrKeuneracking this problem, please?01:07
MrPiracywhat's the path to the file where system folders are located (Desktop, downloads, music, ...)?01:07
nickrudxSnOoPyx: that is, if you mean ext3. Do not do anything to the partition that /home is on, except identify it as /home01:07
mjw-MrPiracy /home/$USERNAME ... aka "~"01:07
rdoursenaudok forget my previous question, it was locked. unlocked it in gconf-editor01:08
jarredis there any way of converting ntfs to ext3 without loosing dat01:08
nickrudjarred: no01:08
MrPiracymjw-: no, I want the configuration file ubuntu uses to get these paths01:08
scrambledegghas anyone tried out the new version of truecrypt ?01:08
scrambledeggwhich has a gui btw01:08
jarredwhats the difference between ext2 vs ext301:08
jarredand fat32 vs ext301:09
honwhat is ubuntube? :D01:09
hentaixpHow can I remove my ubuntu;s user password?01:09
Phildojarred: journaling01:09
jarredwhats journaling01:09
oreomikeyou can't remove a password, but you can have it auto-login as that user01:09
Skunkwaffleanyone know any good video editing software?01:09
xSnOoPyxnickrud, it wont let me continue the installation,01:09
Phildolack of it means lots of errors when you dont shutdown cleanly01:09
hentaixpjarred, I suggest wikipedia01:09
mjw-MrPiracy beats me, not sure if that's configurable with a simple file or not.01:09
nickrudjarred: journalling between 2 and 3, and max file size (2gb limit to vfat) as a minimum diff01:09
nickrudxSnOoPyx: I do not know the live cd at all01:10
vixjarred, fat32 is an old file system that was used in windows OS but also works in many linux systems like ubuntu.01:10
MrPiracywhat's the path to the configuration file ubuntu uses to find system folders like Desktop, downloads, music, ...?01:10
hentaixp nickrud 4GB on fat3201:10
mjw-!files | MrPiracy01:10
ubotuMrPiracy: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview01:10
FloodBot3jaume: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:11
hentaixpwhy not, my windows user doesn't need a password to login?01:11
jarredhowcome when i delete files on my ntfs drive using nautilus they donot free up space01:11
nickrudhentaixp: did I type 2? doh. (me claims aged brain thinking old days, sometimes forgetting when 1.2m was max01:11
jarredand they only actulley delete when i do rm-rf01:11
xSnOoPyxIt just says "No root file system is defined"01:11
MrPiracymjw-: i think it is, i saw it today ... i was having another problem and someone asked me the contents of this file01:11
MrPiracymjw-: but i cant remember where it was01:11
xSnOoPyxanybody else know how to do this01:11
Dr_willishentaixp,  you can set up a user ith no password.. and i imagine that will cause all sorts of other issues. You can set up X to auto login a specific user.01:11
nickrudjarred: look for a .Trash dir on the ntfs partition01:11
nickrudxSnOoPyx: then you haven't set up a root partition, the one that goes on   /   .01:12
hentaixpjarred, suggest you share a ext3 dir with linux and windows instead01:12
nickrudxSnOoPyx: and be sure that it's not the same as /home01:12
mjw-MrPiracy check the link ubotu directed you to...that may be able to help01:12
hentaixpDr_willis, I said a user not root account01:12
bad_cablesanyone familiar with muddleftp?01:12
nickrudI wonder just how safe writing with that ext2 driver in windows is01:12
SniperFromHellAny good instant messaging programs beside Pidgin and kopete?01:12
hentaixpSometimes I do think ubuntu if backwards01:12
jarredis there any way of backing up my home folder and restoring it without having to reinstall ubuntu01:13
bad_cablesmuddleftp... i need help creating a user because this really sucks01:13
Dr_willishentaixp,  you can set up/make/disable the password on a user account.01:13
hentaixpah ok01:13
bad_cablesi wouldnt be in here begging for help if there were any documentation on this one...01:13
nickrudjarred: tar bcf home-backup.tar.bz2 /home  . Make sure you are doing that in a directory that is not in home and has a lot of space. Or, install sbackup01:14
MrPiracymjw-: it doesnt mention this file, i want to change the location of default download folder01:14
benny269hi does anyone know how to get out of an infinite loop in octave?01:15
MrPiracynickrud: what does this command do? packs the hole /home folder into a tar file?01:15
xSnOoPyxhmm, have you seen this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=620016&highlight=reset+permissions that might work01:15
nickrudMrPiracy: yes, and compresses it as a bzip01:15
nickrudMrPiracy: tar stands for tape archive , made just for this purpose ;)01:16
mjw-MrPiracy what you could do is create your directory wherever you want downloads to go and then use ln to create symbolic link for ~/Downloads to point to the location you really want the files to be01:16
benny269hi does anyone know how to get out of an infinite loop in octave?01:16
MrPiracyln --help01:16
Pirate_Hunterback again I finally ionstalled Vidalia in gutsy but when ever I try to make it work with tor it doesnt respond, it seems like tor is working independently from vidalia how can I solve this?01:16
MrPiracymjw-: will this command help?01:16
mjw-mrpiracy i.e.  ln -s ~/Downloads /real/path/to/downloads/folder01:16
ethan961infinate loop as in apple hq?01:17
xSnOoPyxNickrud, can you see my previous link?01:17
honbenny269: I guess if C-c doesn't work, you don't have many options01:17
nickrudxSnOoPyx: probably not01:17
ag0g0girlppc people here?01:18
honyou are worried about losing results?01:18
nickrudag0g0girl: yes, and also #ubuntu-ppc (real small but smart crew there)01:18
benny269hon: whenever i do that it shuts the whole program down, very annoying, i cant work with my program that way, any ideas?01:18
MrPiracymjw-: lol, i typed the wrong path and now it says " file already exists"  when i try again01:18
xSnOoPyxnickrud, do you know how to access my old dirrectories through the terminal01:19
ag0g0girlcool thank nickrud01:19
mjw-MrPiracy well your ~/Downloads directory already exists, you'll have to delete it to make a link of the same name that points elsewhere01:19
nickrudxSnOoPyx: from the live cd? or where?01:19
jarredcan  i integrate programs in a ubuntu cd01:20
Phildohrm - my hdd/installation appears in the install disc, but doesnt show up at all in dmesg on boot.. and dumps me to a shell.. :/ unsure what its missing, the kernel certainly hasnt been replaced..01:20
xSnOoPyxfrom the live cd01:20
rdavilahi firends!01:20
rdavilaI'm trying to configure gutsy to work with 2 graphics cards and two monitors, but I have not succeeded, maybe someone can help me?01:20
=== FBIGuy is now known as CIAGuy
Pirate_Hunterback again I finally installed Vidalia in gutsy but when ever I try to make it work with tor it doesnt respond, it seems like tor is working independently from vidalia how can I solve this?01:20
benny269hon: whenever i do that it shuts the whole program down, very annoying, i cant work with my program that way, any ideas?01:20
kdallasHi guys! Q: if I have a hosts file to block access to certain sites, where could I place it to become effective in gusty? Thanks01:20
mjw-rdavila try getting it to work with one card and one monitor at first01:21
nickrudxSnOoPyx:   sudo mount /dev/<device>  -t auto /mnt   ,  where device is the partiton you want to read. Then cd /mnt and you will see them.01:21
rdavilahere is my xorg.conf: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4398/01:21
=== kdallas is now known as K_Dallas
honbenny269: while 1 ; end <return> C-c01:21
jarredis there any way of integrating a program into the ubuntu cd01:21
Pirate_Hunterit seems vidalia cant find the tor config file to start with it01:21
honthis does not close octave for me01:21
scrambledeggkdallas: /etc01:21
rdavilahi mjw: but it work fine on windoze01:21
honbenny269: what version do you have?01:21
K_Dallasscrambledegg, thanks01:21
benny269hon: 0.6501:21
rdavilathis is my output of lspci:01:21
rdavila00:09.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro] (rev 15)01:21
rdavila01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV11 [GeForce2 MX/MX 400] (rev b2)01:21
mjw-rdavila so what happens with this config file? (I didn't realize you were this far along already)01:21
xSnOoPyxnickrud, how do you find out the device name though ?01:22
MrPiracymjw-: thanks, it works :)01:22
nickrudxSnOoPyx:   sudo fdisk -l  in a terminal will list all the partitions on all the devices01:22
honbenny269: what??!! I haven't seen octave before 2.1 (I have 3.0 now)01:22
mjw-MrPiracy no problem01:22
mjw-MrPiracy ln -s is your friend ;)01:22
honbenny269: octave --version gives you 0.65 ??!!01:22
benny269hon: sorry i mean koctave, not sure how to check version of octave01:23
HirvinenA local root exploit in Gentoo. In Ubuntu as well: https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20946001:23
rdavilamjw-: I think that ubuntu recognizes the card but not the monitor.01:23
Jangariis it possible to mount an sshfs server automatically on login?01:23
honbenny269: in a terminal : octave --version01:23
rdavilahere is a screenshot of nvidia-settings: http://img209.imageshack.us/my.php?image=nvidiabg8.png01:23
mjw-rdavila when x starts...does only one screen come up? neither?01:23
nickrudxSnOoPyx: I gotta go eat, bbl.01:23
rdavilamjw-, yeah, only one screen come up01:24
benny269hon: 2.1.7301:24
mjw-rdavila nvidia-settings may not recognize the TNT2 card, that's getting kind of old. I'm guessing only the Geforce2MX card only comes up?01:24
honbenny269: can you try this in the terminal: octave <ret> while 1 ; end <ret> C-c01:25
hondoes it close it?01:25
jarredis there any way to integrate programs into an ubuntu cd to install01:25
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me get vidalia working please :( ?01:25
honjarred: you want a customized ubunut CD. there are many ways, I guess.01:25
rdavilamjw-, yeah, only the Geforce2MX come up01:25
jarredis there any programs with a decent gui like nlite01:26
jarredlike a nlite for ubuntu01:26
scrambledeggHirvinen: shit the exploit works01:26
mjw-rdavila i'm not familiar with nvidia cards/x.org servers...is the nvidia server the proprietary NVidia driver?01:26
benny269hon: yeah that breaks the loop01:26
xSnOoPyxAlright I have set permissions completely at 77701:26
benny269hon: in koctave C-c first time beeps, C-c beeps and warns 1 more time will abort, 3rd time it closes koctave01:26
mjw-mjw- because it might not support the TNT2...that's getting kind of old. the "nv" server might work with it.01:26
mjw-er, that last one was directed to you rdavila01:27
xSnOoPyxalright thanks nickrud for all your help see you later01:27
scrambledeggeven with the newest kernel in hardy01:27
aztracker1for future reference http://frugalcoder.us/post/2008/02/Setting-up-mod_mono-(ASPNet-20)-on-Ubuntu-710-(Gutsy-Gibbon).aspx01:27
xSnOoPyxhey does anyone know how people address each other with the big box around it ?01:27
rdavilamjw-: I was not much of this, because it seems to me that if the driver "nvidia" and not "nv"01:27
HirvinenMentioned exploit works also at least on older 2.6.17-12. Not on 2.6.20-16 though.01:27
rdavilamjw-: then i try to change from ''nvidia to 'nv' for this device?01:28
jarredis there any gui programs thajt let you integrate programs into an ubuntu cd01:28
benny269hon: tried running the program in terminal and same thing happens, C-c 3 times necessary to end process but ended octave instance as well01:28
mjw-rdavila yes...change line 93 to Driver "nv"01:28
rdavilamjw-: thanks, i come back ;)01:29
mjw-rdavila ok, let me know01:29
honbenny269: do you use the features provided by koctave? I recommend using a text editor like emacs or vim with octave in terminal (or in emacs). That keeps things a lot leaner and more reliable. That's how most people I know use octave.01:29
gigaclononly account01:29
MrPiracyanyone knows if there's an updated version for intel video cards for gutsy? i've tried both i810 and intel but they're kinda buggy01:29
gigaclonim using the CUPS web interface at localhost:631 and when i try to add a printer, it pops a username/password, I enter my username and password and it rejects it01:29
honbenny269: I also do the same with matlab.01:29
benny269hon: i was using koctave for familiarity with the matlab interface, no other reason. emacs is better?01:30
Dr_willisgigaclon,  what re;ease of ubuntu?  The older releases had a bug where that interface dident work properly.01:30
gigaclonthe LTS01:30
Hirvinen!ops | Sorry, if I infringe on policy, but I think this locals root exploit, https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=209460 , works at least on Hardy 2.6.24-7 and Edgy 2.6.17-12. I think it would be topic-worthy.01:30
ubotuSorry, if I infringe on policy, but I think this locals root exploit, https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=209460 , works at least on Hardy 2.6.24-7 and Edgy 2.6.17-12. I think it would be topic-worthy.: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaran01:30
scrambledeggi hope the kernel team is working on a security update01:30
gigaclonDapper Drake01:30
gigaclonthe LTS01:30
PriceChildHirvinen, the ops here aren't developers. I would suggest a bug report.01:31
PriceChild!bug | Hirvinen01:31
ubotuHirvinen: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots01:31
Dr_willisgigaclon,  yep. thats the problem then i belive. You may want to check the forums/google to find the work around - or dont use the cups web interface.. I think you could set the root password also. BUt thats frowned upon.01:31
honbenny269: I found that I actually don't need the matlab interface either. Matlab was too buggy and slow for certain GUI things.01:31
HirvinenPriceChild: I'll do it, but informing users of something of this severity is very important.01:31
benny269hon: okay what did you find best. i'm open to suggestions. edit in emacs, run in terminal?01:32
gigaclonwell i have to use the Web interface to install this Epson CX840001:32
Karoohy everybody01:32
KarooI have a problem01:32
Karooso, Kad: firewalled01:32
Karooand I do not know how to do01:32
honbenny269: I recommend you seriously try emacs + octave. (don't get pissed off first. emacs takes a bit of time to get used to it. Once that's done you will never consider anything else)01:32
Karoocan anyone help me?01:33
=== CIAGuy is now known as MaybeFBIGuy
Karoothanks in advance01:33
benny269hon: what is emacs?01:33
Starnestommybenny269: a text editor01:33
Starnestommywith a lot of features01:33
=== MaybeFBIGuy is now known as MightBeFBIGuy
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
mjw-rdavila any luck?01:33
benny269which version do i want to use?01:33
honbenny269: aptitude install emacs22-gtk emacs22-el01:33
benny269thank you01:34
rdavilamjw-: nop :(01:34
rdavilamjw-: only one screen come up01:34
=== Jannita is now known as Johanna
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:34
honbenny269: also there is this wiki : www.emacswiki.org, this irc channel #emacs, and the whole history of free software rotating around emacs. it is kind of hard to miss!01:34
KiD_ChAoSwhat do you prefer network manager or wicd01:34
mjw-rdavila the TNT2 is a PCI card I'm guessing?01:34
gigaclonthis computer isn't on enough to hack01:34
rdavilamjw-: yes, is a PCI card01:35
rdavilamjw-: the other is a VGA card01:35
benny269hon: thanks a lot, i need general help with a problem im trying to program, quite basic matlab stuff. do you know where i can get help with that? irc channel is dead...01:36
KiD_ChAoSwhat do you prefer network manager or wicd01:36
KiD_ChAoShas anyone used wicd......01:36
unagianyone know how to use google earth with gps?01:36
mjw-rdavila the geforce2mx is an AGP card, you mean?01:36
unagii use wicd01:36
witepaHi, I am trying to install gutsy on a core 2 duo... I downloaded amd64 but when I try to boot from the disk i get "busybox" and nothing happens. It lists exceptions, and I am just lost. Could someone please help?01:36
rdavilamjw-: yeah, the Geforce is a AGP card01:36
MrPiracyhow do i know if ubuntu is using graphic acceleration?01:37
lz7witepa: get your money back01:37
mjw-rdavila make sure the nv driver is installed....sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nv ... it should be though.01:37
quitte_hi. i just read the servercandy wiki page and wanted to ask about the status of te ssl certificates. does ubuntu have some tool for easz central certificate management?01:37
Dr_williswitepa,  you may want to tyr the alternative installer cd.01:37
=== quitte_ is now known as quitte
witepaDr_willis: Why is this?01:38
mjw-rdavila or you might try the vesa driver...if you can't get that server to work with it, you're unlikely to get it working I think01:38
Dr_williswitepa,  May be somthing odd with your hardware. or a bad cd burn.01:38
Dr_williswitepa,  ive had better luckj with the alt-cd,  on some hardware01:38
unagiKiD_ChAoS: i use wicd01:39
witepaDr_willis: I tried the same thing with an i386 cd.. but it did the same exact thing, does that say anything?01:39
rdavilamjw-: i should change 'nv' by 'vesa'?01:39
mjw-rdavila I have to get going though...hope you have luck with it at some point.01:39
mjw-rdavila yes01:39
mjw-rdavila you could also try a bit depth of 15 or 1601:39
Dr_williswitepa,  weird. I had one machine it wouldebnt boot up a ubuntu cd right, but it did a kubuntu cd. Not sure what the deal was with that.01:39
=== Veinor|away is now known as Veinor
Phildohrm... i dont see how grub lets linux boot from my drive, yet cant see it to mount partitions from...01:39
rdavilamjw-: ok man, very thanks ;)01:39
Dr_williswitepa,  the cd's do work in other machines?01:39
K_DallasQ: When I install fruit and knights (chess engine and frontend) it is supposed to be configured automatically but i am not sure if knights has found fruit engine. Anyway to make it work? thanks01:40
KiD_ChAoSunagi: do you like it better than network manager?01:40
KiD_ChAoSunagi: are you using a broadcom chipset?01:41
witepaDr_willis: I used the same file to install successfully on another machine... but these two disks have been brand new  ones01:41
unagiyes i like it better than network manager, i think its an intel chipset01:41
unaginot sure01:41
icaughtfire818Er, Hi. I'm new on IRC and I need to know how to get to #minn01:41
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:42
quitteicaughtfire818: /join01:42
witepaDr_willis: you think the alternate install cd will work better?01:42
witepaDr_willis: Is there anything different I do when installing that?01:42
HirvinenBug filed.01:43
Dr_williswitepa,  it might work better.. it could be somthing odd with the hardware. or cd drive.01:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about war - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:43
icaughtfire818can anyone tell me how to get to #minn?01:43
robdigicaughtfire818: /join #minn01:44
MightBeFBIGuyicaughtfire818: how did you get here?01:44
MrPiracyhow do i know if ubuntu is using graphic acceleration?01:44
farnleyHi all, I have a inspiron 530s, can someone point me towards the drivers I should be using for 82G33/ G31 express integrated graphics controller. I don't believe I have the correct drivers installed at the moment. (Device Manager says Vendor/ Device are unknown) - thanks.01:44
witepaDr_willis: Alright, I'll download that, but I may be back in a bit01:45
=== Realvz is now known as realz`
MrKeunerWhy would I get this when use i18n? File does not exist: /var/www/project/en, referer: http://localhost/project/?q=en/node/501:47
PriceChildHirvinen, security team is aware of the bug01:48
MrKeunerlooks like http://localhost/project/?q=en/node/5 is rendering fine01:48
HirvinenPriceChild: Good.01:48
scott_is there a way to get a lexmark x5470 printer to work on ubuntu01:48
fragged_mhm when trying to install Diablo 2 Expansion from an ISO file through wine,  it complains that the CD is not in the appropriate CD drive, is there a way to pass an option to wine to say dirX is a CD drive?01:50
fragged_mhm just found one in winecfg01:50
blackmouseis there an open source equivilant to vmware ace?01:52
blackmouseor where would i look to figure out how to net work virtual machines?01:52
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KuwangerI have a small problem.  At shutdown, the splash screen is interrupted by X being killed and some text being displayed.01:53
putnu1hi guys01:53
=== d5890ty89y is now known as Ashfire_Server
putnu1how can i configure vbox to accept rdp request from a host os such as linux? right now its running as a nat and the guest os has a ip of 10.x.x.x and the host a 192.x.x.x01:53
=== Ashfire_Server is now known as ashfire
putnu1is there a conf file or something i need to configure?01:54
mickyhello, can anyone point me to an ISCSI Howto ( setting up the host server ) ?01:55
bluej774I'm having trouble configuring the sudoers file properly.  Can anyone help me with it?01:55
blackmousewhat is vbox?01:55
ubotuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox01:55
Kuwangerputnu1: I thought the free version didn't support rdf.01:56
Kuwangererr, rdp01:56
raygunnope just getting the hang of it myself01:56
unagiit doesnt01:56
JoelitoDoes anyone know a good tutorial to create GUI apps in java? I'm using sun-java6-* + eclipse01:57
hacked``guys, whats the best window manager to use, that will show how cool ubuntu can be, to a first time useris really capable of, to a first time user01:57
hacked``guys, whats the best window manager to use, that will show how cool ubuntu can be, to a first time user01:57
hentaixphacked``, 1 time only01:57
peabody`hacked``: Uh...compiz I guess?  Whatcha looking for exactly?01:57
putnu1oh so vbix does not support rdp?01:57
unagivbox does support rdp01:58
Kuwangerputnu1: Not the free one, AFAIK.01:58
unagibut in the nonfree version01:58
ubotufreedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing01:58
=== ashfire is now known as Ashfire_Server
ubotuWhen we use the term 'non-free', we mean that it is not Open Source. Software that is not open source cannot be fixed or improved by anyone except the software authors -- which is not us :(01:58
putnu1i guess i need to use vmware01:58
putnu1that sucks01:59
hacked``peabody, cool factor, ie. beryl01:59
Kuwangerputnu1: vmware is nonfree too.01:59
hacked``hentaixp, my first post did not make sense, if you re-read it. thanks for your concern01:59
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers01:59
ubotuStreet mapping and GPS navigation software available for Ubuntu includes !GpsDrive (GTK, raster maps, free), !Roadnav (GTK, free vector maps from Tiger and OSM, free), !GoogleEarth (Qt, proprietary vector maps, proprietary)01:59
jchow do I use a logitec Quickcam IM with ubuntu?02:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about iscsi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:00
Pelo!webcam | jc02:00
ubotujc: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:00
lulzturtledoes anyone know how I can test to see if a port is accessible through the internet? I'm not familiar with the terminal or it's commands.02:00
Pelolulzturtle, there are portcheckers websites you can use , just google for them02:01
Geggelesgive me a german channel please02:01
KuwangerPersonally, I'd use qemu. :/02:01
=== Onyx_ is now known as Onyx
Pelohello mona what can we do for you today ?02:01
lulzturtlePelo thanks, I'll check02:01
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de02:01
Pelohello pawan02:01
monaI installed the xchat just now02:02
Pelomona, congradulations02:02
pawanwhats up02:02
MrKeunerhi, I am having lockups on my thinkpad r52 1849-4wu laptop. It should not be related to video card(ATI Card) driver since I freeze occurs both when on fglrx and on free software driver. It should not be related to wireless driver because it freezes when it is hard connected, too. After freeze I booted with an Ubuntu live CD and tarred the /var/log folder. But inspecting the logs I could not see anything interesting. Can Anybody help me/assist me tr02:02
MrKeuneracking this problem, please?02:02
* Pelo burned his hand with oil earlier, his typing is a bit slow and painfull02:02
monait looks a nice place here..hah02:02
Geggelesbye @all many thx02:03
MrKeunerPelo: steal burns better, try that one next :)02:03
* robdig passes some ointment to pelo02:03
PeloMrKeuner, well starts with the basics, anything special you are running when the freezes occur ?02:03
PeloMrKeuner, I think you mean steel02:03
MrKeunerPelo: not really02:03
PeloMrKeuner, then you lost me02:04
unagiMrKeuner: news flash my man, it can still be video whether it is fglrx and free02:04
MrKeunerunagi: is that real, oh!02:04
MrKeunerunagi: how can I check02:04
Cromagi have the sam laptop02:04
Cromagnot 100% sure of the model tho.02:04
MrKeunerPelo: I said not really for any specific type of application02:04
unagiare you running compiz MrKeuner02:05
MrKeunerunagi: no02:05
unagithats too bad....cool lookin stuff02:05
MrKeunerunagi: visual effects is set to none I mean02:05
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto02:05
Pelounagi, candy rots your teeth,  eye-candy rots your brain, say no to compiz02:05
fezso can anyone confirm or deny that the GUI ubuntu installer (e.g. the default install CD) has a functioning gparted that can be uesd to successfully resize a windows partition during install?02:06
unagifez true story02:06
crusiehey - how do I get sound on pages like video.google.com ? I have working sound in ubuntu - but not in flash players..02:06
Pelofez, gparted runs well during the install process, yes02:06
echosystmwhat is the best command line bit torrent client?02:06
winnerrlz93hey i got a question02:06
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.02:06
unagihey i got an answer winnerrlz9302:06
Peloechosystm, best is relative,  I think rtorrent is well liked02:06
echosystmwell, what are some good ones02:06
cyphaseDoes anyone know of a VirtualBox OSE 1.5.4 deb for Ubuntu Gutsy?02:06
crusieechosystm: try the orginal bit torrent client02:07
rabidweezlewhat was that easy way to set the screen resolution again?02:07
Pelocyphase, check in www.getdeb.net02:07
winnerrlz93some1 pm i need help plz!!!!02:07
cyphasePelo: i have02:07
Aval0nhey what is a micro sd HC card?02:07
rabidweezleit was like dpkg --reconfigure xorg or something along those lines02:07
Aval0nI need a micro sd card for my phone.. but I'm not sure what the HC part is?02:07
Pelorabidweezle, menu > system > prefs > screenresolution , or someting with monitor , I think it got changed in gutsy02:07
unagiAval0n: hc?02:08
rabidweezleI mean to add a new resolution that's not on the list lol02:08
wirrwarraval0n maybe ask wikipedia02:08
winnerrlz93need help02:08
PeloAval0n, those little  stamp size memory flash cards02:08
crusieneed help with getting sound on places like video.google.com - got sound on desktop02:08
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:08
unagiPelo: no thats minisd02:08
crusiewinnerrlz93: with what?02:08
unagiPelo: micro is the size of a pinky nail02:08
Pelocrusie, it's a flash issue,  try getting the latest from the adobe website02:08
* rabidweezle blinks seeing his stupid keyboard beeping at me everytime I type something...02:08
crusiePelo: so the one from the repo's doesn't work ?02:08
winnerrlz93can any1 tell me how to dual boot?02:09
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:09
Pelounagi, I wasn'T so much telling him about the siize of the thing, just giving him a general idea of what sd cards were02:09
rabidweezledualbootin is easy as pie :)02:09
Cromagpie is hard..02:09
bluej774Can someone please help me with sudoers file?  I want to give a user access to synaptic without all of root.02:09
rabidweezleinstalling windows first is the easiest way02:09
crusieyeah... but why bother?02:09
erat123Cromag, cheery pie02:09
Pelocrusie, I thought you were asking on where to get one , I had assumed you had already checked in the repos02:09
Cromagerat123: still hard :(02:09
crusieI did check the repos02:10
wirrwarrdoes somebody know a guide how to config all buttons for a Logitech G5 (thru USB)02:10
erat123Cromag, but so good02:10
* Pelo can never get the crust right 02:10
Cromagoh ye02:10
rabidweezlewhy dual boot? some people need windows for some things still, wine isn't perfect02:10
crusiePelo: but it didn't work... no sound there02:10
rabidweezleand neither is virtual machines02:10
crusierabidweezle: thinkgs like what?02:10
dabbillis there a way to install firefox 32bit on 64bit install ?02:10
=== c is now known as Charitwo
astro76!mouse | wirrwarr02:10
rabidweezlewell, new games for one02:10
Pelocrusie, sorry,  I got confuse for a second,  the flash installer in the repos is broken, get the tar. from the adobe site02:10
KuwangerTime to find Canonical Ltd. :)02:10
rabidweezleor some things that don't work with wine02:10
CromagPelo: hmm sure about that ?02:10
crusiePelo: quite alright mate :D I'll go grap it02:11
Pelodabbill, yes check in hte forum for instructions02:11
rabidweezlewhich there are still plenty of things that don't work with wine :/02:11
dabbillpelo thanks02:11
astro76wirrwarr: ubotu must be dead... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto02:11
CromagPelo: sure it wasnt the tar on the site to ? - And therefore the fix was made ?02:11
PeloCromag, I've got 5 things going at once,  sure about what ?02:11
dr-rakuPelo, i just installed flash today; it works02:11
CromagPelo: adobe issue- sorry :)02:11
ubotuwirrwarr: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto02:11
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:11
wirrwarrthx astro7602:11
=== Charitwo is now known as charitwo
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »02:11
PeloCromag, might have been fixed recently02:12
CromagPelo: ok, my mistake then :)02:12
=== charitwo is now known as Charitwo
* Pelo stands corrected02:12
rabidweezletrust me, I would prefer to stay in windows all day02:12
rabidweezleI mean linux02:12
PeloCromag, personnaly I haven'T had the issue, my flash was installed back on edgy so I didnT' get to experienc the fun02:12
winnerrlz93how do i fix my bios settings for the dual-boot?02:13
CromagPelo: me neither. - Just saw a whole lot of those questions.02:13
Cromagwinnerrlz93: read the guide ?02:13
rabidweezlewinnerrlz93, what bios settings?02:13
unagiwinnerrlz93: what bios settings02:13
Pelowinnerrlz93, two hdd ?02:13
echosystmAval0n: sdhc is high capacity sd02:13
winnerrlz93to boot ubuntu02:13
dr-rakuwinnerrlz93, there's nothing to FIX in bios02:13
unagiwinnerrlz93: nothing in the bios02:13
winnerrlz93then why wont it boot?02:13
echosystmsdhc drives are backward compatible to sd, but sd is not forward compatible to sdhc02:14
=== method is now known as tristil
Pelowinnerrlz93, what makes you think you need to play in the bios to boot ubuntu ?02:14
Cromagyou never told us the real problem..02:14
Pelo!who | Cromag02:14
ubotuCromag: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:14
rabidweezlewinnerrlz93, did you install linux or windows first?02:14
winnerrlz93i had windows02:14
unagiwinnerrlz93: did you turn it on?02:14
winnerrlz93i have windows02:14
unagiso it was on first winnerrlz93?02:14
KuwangerAh..so, all I have to do is wait for Seveaz.02:14
unagiwhats the problem02:14
winnerrlz93ubuntu won't boot02:15
fezplease be less specific02:15
rabidweezledid you just install ubuntu?02:15
unagi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh i know whats wrong!02:15
unagiwait no i dont...02:15
winnerrlz93i can't02:15
fezthen be more specific02:15
Pelowinnerrlz93,  you are trying to instal ubunt ?02:15
winnerrlz93it won't even in install02:15
rabidweezleset your bios boot first to cdrom winnerrlz9302:15
unagiim done02:15
winnerrlz93i tried that02:16
rabidweezledoes it even try to boot the disc?02:16
Pelowinnerrlz93, ok , put the cd in , when you boot the computer hit F8 , to get the boot device selector and pick the cd to boot from02:16
Cromagwinnerrlz93: what happwns..02:16
fezwhat proportion of the Desktop Linux market would you estimate that Ubuntu holds?02:16
Pelofex about 6% we are told02:16
Cromagwinnerrlz93: what happens..02:16
rabidweezlefez, guestimate of at least 5002:16
unagiwinnerrlz93: what does it do02:16
unagi!doesnt work02:16
ubotuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.02:16
dr-rakumarket? :))02:16
winnerrlz93it just boots windows02:16
=== max__ is now known as MaxJay
fezsomewhere between 6% and 50% eh?02:17
fezall newb linuxes seem to run ubuntu02:17
unagidid you even install ubuntu?02:17
Cromagwinnerrlz93: so it does not see the cdrom - did you burn it as the ISO it is ?02:17
Pelowinnerrlz93,  you'll have to check your computer's manual to figure out how to boot from the cd02:17
=== vix is now known as vix|away
fezwhy isn't it called n00buntu02:17
winnerrlz93yes it's an iso file02:17
unagiwinnerrlz93: what do you mean its an iso file02:17
dr-rakufez, maybe not all ubuntu guys are "newb" - as you think02:17
rabidweezlefirst off, just because it's easy to use doesn't mean it's *made* for newbs02:17
winnerrlz93when i open the cd in my computer it shows it as a iso02:17
Cromagwinnerrlz93: i know, but you will need to burn it as an image.02:17
jcthe logitech quckcam 5000 is suppsed to work out of the box but camora does work its says it can't connect to /dev/video002:18
Pelofez,  ubuntu is the current  superstart distro, it's easy to install and easy to use, it's a good starter distro for new linux users02:18
unagidid you burn the iso winnerrlz93?02:18
winnerrlz93i took the .rar file and burnt it to a c02:18
rabidweezlesecond off, just because you run your own compiled version from the gnu tree and compiled everything yourself doesn't make you "1337"02:18
unagiomg winnerrlz9302:18
Cromagunagi: i think he did, as a data disk and not an iso/image02:18
unagiyou have to burn the image to a cd02:18
Pelowinnerrlz93,   did you copy the .iso file to the cd or did you burn an image ?   .iso is a special format, it's a cd image , to make perfect copies of a cd,  it is not a file you burn to a cd02:19
TheLastDodoYeah, after all gentoo's fine, but since most people use OSes for practical purposes, how many need that much control over their distro?02:19
unagiCromag: i dont think hes ready for this02:19
dr-rakuwinnerrlz93, :)) you didn't burned the iso but burned the iso file instead02:19
=== Jannita is now known as Johanna
Cromagunagi: oh i believe you are SO right.02:19
rabidweezlethe only "1337" people are the developers that do the work of coding for no profit02:19
winnerrlz93oh ok02:19
LeechzillaI can't find my firewire port under hardware information. How do I search for it from Terminal? I want to buy a firewire harddrive but I'm not sure if it'll work with Ubuntu02:19
glass-eyedoes anyone have a workaround for the broken emdebian-tools package?02:19
winnerrlz93how do i burn it as an iso?02:19
crusiehow do I install that flash thingie from adobe's webpage?02:19
Starnestommywinnerrlz93: you need some sort of cd burning program02:19
winnerrlz93does it need to be unzipped?02:20
dr-rakuwinnerrlz93, you should "burn image" in your burn application for that iso file02:20
crusiewhen I run the installer it says02:20
Pelowinnerrlz93, what software do you use to burn cds in windows ?02:20
TheLastDodoLeechzilla, it will. I've used something like 15 different firewire devices with my Ubuntu box with no trouble at all.02:20
Cromagcdburningxp.se will do it.02:20
dr-rakuwinnerrlz93, not put the iso file on the cd; it's not the same thing02:20
Pelowinnerrlz93,  I dont, knoqw that one,  but check in the menus for a burn image  command02:20
crusieit says I have to get my admin to remove xpti.dat or something02:20
LeechzillaTheLastDodo: How do I find out if the port is Firewire 400 or Firewire 800?02:20
fezwell i'll admit ubuntu's hardware compatibility is quite good02:20
hentaixpLeechzilla, their phsically different02:20
TheLastDodoGood question. One sec.02:20
fezhowever, trying to install it on my 500mhz p3 laptop was not happening02:21
LeechzillaAh, okay02:21
hentaixpcheck wikipedia Leechzilla02:21
fezthe installer was slower than mollasis02:21
l00kpHi folks! Got a question at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55434/02:21
Pelofez,  try with the alternate isntall cd but at 500 mhz you are stretching it a bit02:21
macogwfez: did you try the alternate cd?02:21
winnerrlz93do i have to extract the file?02:21
sme^I have the same problem. I don't know how to burn an image. XP has Nero, but I got Alcohol 120 set it to burn image made the disk and it still wont work. Any ideas ?02:21
crusiePelo: you still here ?02:21
fezyou recon i should do you?02:21
macogwfez: i installed on my 300MHz P202:21
Pelofez, xubuntu might be more along the lines of wat you need,  or  puppylinux even02:22
Pelocrusie,  apparently02:22
crusiesweet :D02:22
Cromagsme^: try with imgburn02:22
Cromagsme^: really simple.02:22
=== MightBeFBIGuy is now known as FBIGuy
winnerrlz93can i burn an image with dameon?02:22
sme^thx cromag02:22
crusiePelo: it says I have to delete a file called xpti.dat or something02:22
crusiePelo: I don't know where to find it02:22
Cromagwinnerrlz93: try use imgburn, it is very simple.02:22
Pelocrusie, what are you doing again ?02:22
dr-rakuwinnerrlz93, daemon is just a virtual cd emulation/program; NO02:22
winnerrlz93kk brb02:22
winnerrlz93oh ok02:22
crusiePelo: trying to install that flash player for google and youtube02:23
* rabidweezle notes to self that anyone who even thinks the word n00b needs to realize that in RL, no one gives a crap, because that same n00b could have that hottest wife, and be making 10 times the money you are, and doesn't have the time to learn a million things about his computer he just wants it to work02:23
winnerrlz93what about poweriso?02:23
Pelocrusie,  open a terminal and type  locate xpti.dat02:23
dr-rakuwinnerrlz93, yes02:23
crusietried that02:23
crusiePelo: it doesn't find anything02:23
CaPsULehow can i make 512Mb swap?02:23
TheLastDodorabidweezle: some people take computers far too seriously. :P02:23
winnerrlz93so if i take the files from the iso cd i mad how do i make into an iso image?02:23
dr-rakuwinnerrlz93, search for "burn image/iso" option on your burning app02:23
rabidweezlefor real TheLastDodo02:23
Leechzillahentaixp, my laptop specs state "(4pin) i.LINK® connector (IEEE 1394)", so that's Firewire 400, right?02:24
Pelocrusie, I have it in several temp folders under /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/.....default/02:24
dr-rakuwinnerrlz93, don't drag that iso file onto a new compilation/cd; it doesnt' work like that02:24
l00kprabidweezel: my computer is my wife. She can be anything I want her to be. ^_^02:24
hentaixpyes Leechzilla02:24
rabidweezleit's just a tool, I don't see people going, if you aren't using a sears craftsman screwdriver you are a n00b02:24
Leechzilla800 would have been nice :(02:24
Pelocrusie, and also in /usr/lib/firefox/components/02:24
Cromagwinnerrlz93: you should have read a bit :) - you downloaded an ISO file from somewhere. That is what you have to use.02:24
=== vill is now known as villnew
reconfez: you ring?02:25
crusiePelo: hmm so I guess my locate doesn't work ^^02:25
l00kp rabidweezle notes to self that anyone who even thinks the word n00b needs to realize that in RL, no one gives a crap, because that same n00b could have that hottest wife, and be making 10 times the money you are, and doesn't have the time to learn a million things about his computer he just wants it to work02:25
villnewhey all, does anyone know of a way to stop NetworkManager from clobbering my /etc/resolv.conf file? Happy to have it do everything else it does02:25
reconfez: ...i'd rATHER YOU NOT.02:25
Pelorabidweezle,  if you are using sears craftsman you are a noob.. stanley ftw02:25
Pelocrusie,  linux is case sensitive02:26
crusiePelo: it's not to be found02:26
rabidweezlehehe, it was just an example, I don't use sears tools02:26
Pelocrusie,  maybe you donT' have any02:26
fezsorry i meant to say reckon02:26
Pelocrusie, you can also try with find02:26
rabidweezleI don't even think my tools have brands02:26
fezlike those country fellas02:26
speeddemon8803Lilo LILO and LiLo are not the same file crusie :)02:26
crusiePelo: still no sound tho02:26
Pelorabidweezle, you are not getting out of it that easily,  you outed yourself02:26
SeekerX6does flash work now?02:27
crusiePelo: I got picture... so it must be install02:27
Pelocrusie, there is a search app in the places menu02:27
speeddemon8803Flash works in Hardy Heron02:27
k1gwbMy computer just randomly shut off. It's done it twice now each time after running for about 12 hours. System log shows this "Feb  9 20:18:19 gwb01 syslogd 1.4.1#21ubuntu3: restart." when it booted back up but nothing unusual prior to it. Any way to figure out what made it shut off?02:27
speeddemon8803or you can find the fix on the forums02:27
SeekerX6does flash work on gusty gibbon?02:27
speeddemon8803for gutsy02:27
PeloSeekerX6, yes02:27
Pelofor most02:27
macogwfez: yeah. the alternate cd is a text-based installer.  my system was very slow, but still a bit faster than windows when i did it.  xubuntu uses xfce which is like gnome but a bit lighter weight, so you might wanna get the altenrate xubuntu cd and install that02:27
dr-rakuSeeker`, in GUTSY, yes it does02:27
rabidweezlepelo, getting out of what?02:27
speeddemon8803it does?02:27
crusiePelo: tried that too... there simply isn't any file called that02:27
macogwspeeddemon8803: there was an update today02:27
SeekerX6oh cool02:28
speeddemon8803really now02:28
speeddemon8803thank you ubuntu gods!!!!02:28
rabidweezleok lol02:28
scratchmeHi all.  I'm trying to run secpanel with scp, but when I put in my password, it closes.  Is there any way to freeze the output just before it closes?02:28
speeddemon8803i wasnt aware of the update thanks :)02:28
Pelocrusie, that's all I ahve on this subject02:28
Pelo!enter | speeddemon880302:28
ubotuspeeddemon8803: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:28
SeekerX6speeddemon:  good thing I came and asked :)02:28
speeddemon8803pelo, im not using enter as a punctuation02:28
unagianyone know how to recover your password for your nick on irc?02:28
=== unagi is now known as MrUnagi
Starnestommyunagi: go to #freenode and ask in there02:29
speeddemon8803im sorry that you feel that way, im also a beginner team member and ALSO know how to use the bot commands :)02:29
rabidweezleanyone remember the line with dpkg to reconfigure a package?02:29
jasonUSAi need help with runing network file on ubuntu with vlc02:29
PeloMrUnagi, if you are already looged in you can just change it02:29
Starnestommyrabidweezle: dpkg-reconfigure package02:29
SeekerX6so if I install ubuntu-restricted-extras through add/remove - then that should get the flash working?02:29
fezvery well02:29
fezi will try the 7.10 alternate install cd02:29
Cromagtough one ;)02:29
MrUnagipelo it says that it was registered i dunno if i did but my passwords dont work02:29
Pelofez,  I recommend you go for xubuntu , it is meant for older machines02:29
CromagPelo: thats the xfce something right ?02:30
jasonUSAwhen i try to play the movie with vlc and starts but no movie is played  and i could play the movie on windows can some one help?02:30
PeloMrUnagi,  I was assuming you got identified automaticaly,  ask in #freenode02:30
mike__does any1 know the file id put ntfs-3g /dev/ect ect in to automaticcally mount a win partion at boot up?02:30
PeloCromag, yes,  I personnaly don'T care for it , but it is lighter02:30
macogwmike__: /etc/fstab02:30
mike__sweet thanks02:31
CromagPelo: ok, maybe i should give it a shot.02:31
PeloCromag, g'night02:31
jasonUSAdoes any one know if thers a ap for ubuntu that will play network shares on my linux lappy?02:32
crusiePelo: well maybe I should just learn to read what it says..02:32
jasonUSAwith out copying the file02:32
PeloCromag, puppy linux is also good for older machine very light02:32
Pelocrusie, ?02:32
fezxubuntu eh? how does it differ02:32
crusiePelo: I had to relog for it to wok :D02:32
scratchmeI figured it out.  I needed TCL on the remote system.  thanks.02:32
WorkingOnWiseis there any way to check if Compisite is on or off for the X server from the command line?02:32
crdlbWorkingOnWise: yup (looking it up, sec)02:33
PelojasonUSA, they all can , just mount the shared folder on your ubuntu machine02:33
peabodyjasonUSA: are you trying to play movies from network shares or some such?02:33
jasonUSAok so i go to the folder its in and right clik on the file and mount?02:33
WorkingOnWisecrdlb: cool...ty, and where did u look...I hate asking these simple questions, but don't know where to look for the answers....02:33
crdlbWorkingOnWise: xdpyinfo -queryExtensions | grep -q Composite02:34
crdlbWorkingOnWise: look at /usr/bin/compiz :)02:34
PelojasonUSA,  can you see the folder from your computer ? yes ? ok,  open the app you want to read the file in and open the file from there02:34
lulzturtlePelo, I've tried some port scanning sites. None of which could find any open ports. Will this keep me from connecting to my game server?02:34
jasonUSAi think i tryed that but ill do it agen02:34
Pelolulzturtle, it shouldn't02:34
jasonUSAyes i can see it on my computer02:34
Tygerdoes anyone know why i can only get 24mb connection on my broadcom wireless?02:34
jasonUSAty guys so much i love ubuntu02:34
SeekerX6Sweeeeeeeet.  Can watch youtube now.02:34
lulzturtlePelo, I'm trying to connect to a dedicated server I made for Team Fortress 2. I wasn't sure if maybe ports were blocked.02:35
speeddemon8803does anybody know why my inte/pro wireless 3945ABG cuts the connection off randomly?02:35
speeddemon8803nobody on windows could figure it out, hp, or intel02:35
speeddemon8803it happens on windows and linux02:35
peabodyTyger: Broadcom cards are pretty finicky.  Are you using the open source driver or the windows driver in ndiswrapper?02:35
Pelolulzturtle, when you connect to a game server you are the one making the connection and the ports are opened accordingly , or some such,  I 'm not the best person to ask02:35
jasonUSAi dont see my network link on the vlc open file screen02:35
lulzturtlePelo, Okey, thanks :)02:35
Tygerpeabody: im using the bcm43xx-fwcutter...i dont think ive installed ndiswrapper02:36
jasonUSAbuy i see in natuols02:36
macogwlulzturtle: ubuntu does not listen on any ports by default, so *inbound* connections are rejected.  outbound is wide open02:36
Pelolulzturtle, try finding a channel for the game itself,  maybe you need to adjust some setting in the game02:36
Drewnl09can someone tell me why I can't get a connection to the internet with airport on my macbook when i use ubuntu live cd?02:36
Tygerpeabody: im only 10ft from my router and i can only get 61% connection...02:36
echosystm`is ftp ok to use on a lan, rather than smb?02:36
echosystm`i kind of can't be bothered setting up samba lol02:37
macogwspeeddemon8803: the file browser and the thing that shows the bg image in gnome02:37
Tygerpeabody: should i try the ndiswrapper?02:37
speeddemon8803tyger, i cant get ANY connection to my own router from my pc.02:37
lulzturtlemacogw, so does that mean if the server I made on ubuntu has been told to use port 27015 for connections it will use it no problem?02:37
macogwlulzturtle: yep02:37
peabodyTyger: I would.  I have a broadcom and it behaves much better using the windows drivers with ndiswrapper02:37
lulzturtlemacogw, Is there a way to test that?02:37
macogwlulzturtle: but if it's behind a router, you need to tell the router to forward that port to the server02:37
speeddemon8803Macogw i am aware of nautiuls, was just asking if i was reading it right.02:37
macogwspeeddemon8803: oh ok sorry02:37
Tygerpeabody: well i have the windows driver (bcmwl5.sys)....just not ndiswrapper...02:38
lulzturtlemacogw, oh okey. I think it's behind my company's PIX router, probably out of luck in that case heh02:38
dabbillhurm i just installed swiftweasle32 but flash games seem to run in slow motion02:38
macogwlulzturtle: from outside you network you could try to telnet in on that port and if it connects, the port's open.  could also go to one of those websites that portscans you02:38
speeddemon8803As i said before I am very much so deep into ubuntu and linux...I definately know ubuntu like the back of my hand. :)02:38
macogwspeeddemon8803: ive never seen your nick before *shrug*02:38
lulzturtlemacogw, cool. I'd just love to get this Team Fortress 2 dedicated server running. I guess it's just not going to be :(02:39
speeddemon8803macogw...im a beginner forum team member..but thats ok, hardly anybody knows me. :)02:39
peabodyTyger: apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils-1.902:39
speeddemon8803I am looked at as being a new user that doesnt know anything about the rules of the room or the forum...which is fine with me honestly.02:39
jasonUSAhow how can i mount this movie file to play on my ubuntu comptuer?02:40
WorkingOnWisecrdlb: will that return nothing if Composite is on?02:40
lulzturtlespeeddemon8803, can you fix the kernel bug that keeps ubunut from running on my Dell Optiplex 320? hehe ;)02:40
ConstyXIVhow do you use xrandr to vertically rotate your screen?02:40
karlohi guys02:40
karloi'm always posting at the absolute beginners thread02:41
speeddemon8803beginner team not kernel development lulzturtle ;)02:41
crdlbWorkingOnWise: it won't print anything either way, but it will return 0 if composite is on, and nonzero if it's off02:41
lulzturtleubunut? lulz02:41
jasonUSAhow how can i mount this movie file to play on my ubuntu comptuer?02:41
ConstyXIVjasonUSA: what sort of movie file?02:41
speeddemon8803thats a little beyond me lulzturtle :)02:41
crdlbWorkingOnWise: so you you just use thatcommand && something_that_requires_composite || run_this_if_no_composite02:41
jasonUSAi just want to play a movie like i did on windows its avi file02:41
speeddemon8803Hello karlo02:41
crdlbWorkingOnWise: or use an if statement02:41
ConstyXIVjasonUSA: it's not mount, just playing02:42
jasonUSAi try that02:42
speeddemon8803grrr my period key is broken!02:42
jasonUSAit opens but nothing is played02:42
jasonUSAim useing vlc02:42
ConstyXIVjasonUSA: install the "ubuntu-restricted-extras" package, then try to play it via totem02:43
jasonUSAi wil so02:43
speeddemon8803Note to user who said beginner team:If you are not getting answers from the forum of the beginner team please visit #ubuntuforums-beginners and ask in there. Thanks.02:43
lulzturtlespeeddemon8803, can you help me run a dedicated steam server on ubuntu? I suck with the google and can't find any sites to help with the specifics of it :P02:44
WorkingOnWisecrdlb: then that brings to another problem. I do not want composite on most of the time. Only if I am gonna show off Compiz-Fusion. I cant find how to turn it off in my xorg.conf. I have tried Composite "False" "Disabled" and "0", based on howto's and a person in the ##xorg channel....any ideas? Composite is stubborn. It wants to live!02:44
karloi really need some help02:44
jarredis kde4 realy that good?02:44
karloa few hours ago many are replying to my threads at ubuntu forums02:44
karlonow there are none02:44
crdlbWorkingOnWise: what is composite itself breaking? what video card?02:44
speeddemon8803I cant lulzturtle02:44
dhineshjason> could u do that one02:45
lulzturtlethat's cool speeddemon8803 :)02:46
lulzturtlewell, it's bed time for the turtleman. Night everybody!02:46
speeddemon8803my poor wireless laptop barely has the capability to stay online let alone be a server :)02:46
macogwkarlo: it's saturday night in the western hemisphere.  the americans are out partying and the europeans are asleep02:46
speeddemon8803goodnight turtleman :)02:46
karloah i see... here it's sunday morning02:47
gttcan someone explain to me why my /home partition has a size of 449gb, used space of 199mb, and free space of 426gb ? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55429/02:47
karloanyway if the terminal tells something like autoremove02:47
karlodo you think it's a good idea to remove it?02:47
WorkingOnWisecrdlb: video is Nvidia 6100 in a laptop, works perfect. So much eyecandy my eye cavities have cavities :D But, I run 2 windows apps, both 3d, with wine. if I run them with compiz on, they break in strange ways. Wine is such a moving target still that i never know if the problem is wine or my app. Well, if composite is off totally, I cant accidentally run the apps with compiz enabled, and hopefull reduce my headaches02:47
gtti mean, that's a difference of 15gigs which is a rather sizeable chunk?02:47
dhineshjason> r u there02:48
WorkingOnWisecrdlb: oh, the latest Nvidia proprietary drivers too..169.09 iirc02:48
macogw karlo yes it means it was installed because something depended on it, but you removed whatever pulled it in, so now its just taking up space02:48
* Kuwanger wonders why cpu usage spikes when switching windows.02:48
ConstyXIVkarlo: autoremove means that another package depended on it, and that package was removed.  If you're not using it, you're clear02:48
=== johansja_ is now known as johansja
tim167on my ThinkPad, lately the 'moon' icon (a moon-shaped led below my screen) is always blinking, what does this mean ?02:49
sme^Thanks cromag, D/L imgburn, I now have a bootable cd :)))02:50
karloi'm really having difficult time installing the  xvidcap program02:50
sme^going to instal :)02:50
adubis there something that will let me install something on my symbian based phone i have symbian v3 phone02:50
loahello, i have hibrnate ntfs partiotion, i can't mount it as read/write until i delete hibernation file. How i can delete file from ntfs without mount?02:50
adubis there something for linux that will let me install the .sis programs and what not02:50
crusieinstalling my flash player... but it says /usr/lib/mozilla isn't a valid dir?02:50
jasonUSAim hear now02:51
jasonUSAi went to instal that package02:51
dhineshjasonUSA> can u do that one02:52
jasonUSAwich one02:52
jasonUSAim soory02:52
dhineshVLC play02:52
loa<phaidros> i found very durty solution :D02:52
jasonUSAyou mean play a move on my computer?02:52
jasonUSAwith vlc02:53
jasonUSAi did tjat02:53
jasonUSAit plays perfitly02:53
=== a[2121]e is now known as azizi
jasonUSAits almost done02:54
TrunkzIs it still possible to do a net install for ubuntu? :o02:54
TrunkzDid a quick google search a minute ago, all I'm getting are tftp-methods02:54
dabbillany one know a fix for flash games playing in slow motion02:56
crusiewhat's the command to move a file via the terminal ?02:57
dabbillcrusie mv02:57
winnerrlz93i installed ubuntu but when i try and boot it i get this find --set-root --ignore-floppies /ubuntu/install/boot/vmlinuz error 17: File not found02:57
crusiesame with a dir ?02:57
oddalothello, is there anyway to set a custom resolution within a resolution using ubuntu, kinda like the way you can in the powerstrip application from windows?02:57
macogwcrusie: when in doubt, just delete all the vowels from a real word02:57
loa<crusie> copy or move?02:57
winnerrlz93i installed ubuntu but when i try and boot it i get this find --set-root --ignore-floppies /ubuntu/install/boot/vmlinuz error 17: File not found02:57
pawanhow to play happyhardcore radio in audacious02:57
Kizzardhey guys, my new laptop seems to work great with ubuntu, but the boot time is pretty slow and the screen remains black during the entire boot. any idea whats up, and how I could see what is slowing bootup down?02:58
loa<crusie> Did you fix your problem with boot,02:58
jasonUSAdhinesh thanks so much works varry well02:58
Kizzardmy older laptop with less ram and slower cpu booted much faster02:58
loa<Kizzard> yes02:58
ConstyXIVis there a working (mostly stable, HTTPS works) GTK-WebKit browser yet?02:58
dhineshjasonUSA > very glad02:58
Leechzillahttp://www.pcnation.com/web/details.asp?affid=306&item=N25788 <-- Anyone know if this'll work with Ubuntu?02:58
onatshi, i'm planning to replace my AMD64 proc with an intel Core 2 Duo. I was wondering what is the best way to make my existing 64bit ubuntu compatible?02:58
jasonUSAit fixed my problem now i can get rid of my duel boot with windows02:58
loa<Kizzard> you need create alone partition as /boot mount point02:58
winnerrlz93i installed ubuntu but when i try and boot it i get this find --set-root --ignore-floppies /ubuntu/install/boot/vmlinuz error 17: File not found02:58
jasonUSAi no longer need windows02:59
Kizzardloa, oh?02:59
loa<Kizzard> with ext3 file system02:59
bad_cableswhat a pile of crap: http://xubuntulinux.blogspot.com/2006/07/ubuntu-set-correct-dpi-for-x-server.html02:59
Pete_Ikeyring keeps asking me "enter password for default keyring to unlock" when it tries to connect to wifi. Doesn't have that problem on a wired network, any ideas how to fix it?02:59
winnerrlz93can any1 help me?02:59
Kizzardloa, so the ubuntu partition manager didnt do that for me?02:59
Kizzardloa, also, how does it help, what purpose does it serve02:59
hassani have a problem with grub02:59
hassancan anyone help ?02:59
jasonUSAgood day ppl im gonna go watch a movie now )_)02:59
hypercubehi to all03:00
crusiehmm when I want to install that flash player I get an error saying WARNING: Please enter a valid installation path.03:00
hypercubeim italian linux user03:00
loa<Kizzard> You meant that grub is very slow?03:00
winnerrlz93can any1 help me plz03:00
crusiemy install path is  /usr/lib/mozilla/03:00
hypercubei can install flash player03:00
loa<Kizzard> There about 20 seconds, before grub menu appear?03:00
Kizzardloa, grub seems to be quick03:00
hypercubeu should get the flash player in format tar.gz03:00
Kizzardits fast03:00
Kizzardgrub is over in 10 secs03:01
crusiehypercube: I got it03:01
crusiehypercube: then what?03:01
Kizzardbut then the screen stays black until login and it takes ~3 mins03:01
loa<Kizzard> Hmm... and when is slow down?03:01
jsoftCan anyone suggest a _decent_ imap client. Thunderbird is very buggy, as is kmail.03:01
hypercubeu shoud unzip the file03:01
crusiehypercube: done03:01
hypercubeand then03:01
hypercubesudo ./configure03:01
winnerrlz93can any1 help me03:01
loa<Kizzard> try deinstall usplash and look what is the problem03:01
hypercubesudo make03:01
hypercubesudo make install03:02
Kizzardloa, good idea03:02
crusiesee that's where I went wrong03:02
LjLhypercube: no need to use sudo on configure and make, that can actually be harmful03:02
jsoftsudo for africa. /me likes s -03:02
winnerrlz93will some1 help me plz03:02
hassancan anyone help me with grub03:02
loa<Kizzard> vim /boot/grub/menu.lst03:02
crusieI did sudo sh install_flash03:02
hypercubeusplash get off my nuts too03:02
hassangot a big problem03:02
loacut off splash command from menu.lst entries03:02
winnerrlz93i installed ubuntu but when i try and boot it i get this find --set-root --ignore-floppies /ubuntu/install/boot/vmlinuz error 17: File not found03:02
winnerrlz93some1 plz help03:02
Kizzardloa, yep03:02
hypercubecut off03:03
hypercubewith the string03:03
hypercubeif the starting of the machine is slow03:03
dev-nullhi all, i need shell (as a Far or Norton Commander) that can work with FTP. do u know&03:03
hypercubeis cause of03:03
inst1hey guys ... i need some help getting a machine to boot the install cd ...03:04
=== inst1 is now known as insta
Kizzardloa, can I disable the spash from there or do I actually need to uninstall it03:04
Starnestommywinnerrlz93: is this with the install CD or an hd install?03:04
hypercubedisable it03:04
loayou can disable it from menu.lst03:04
hypercubeediting menu.list03:04
dev-nullhi all, i need shell (as a Far or Norton Commander) that can work with FTP. do u know&03:04
hypercubein the grub folder03:04
Starnestommydev-null: mc?03:04
jw144000Question: How can I find the grub name for my external hard drive so I can correctly install grub to it? I'm on the Gutsy Gibbon Live CD.03:04
teknoprepnano /boot/grub/menu.lst03:05
loa<jw144000> use grub =) it have his own command line with auto compition03:05
ArielMTdev-null: if you're using ubuntu or kubuntu, then you already have such a shell03:06
winnerrlz93will some1 plz help me03:06
crusiehypercube: no makefile found03:06
ArielMTdev-null: unless i misunderstand what you mean03:06
jw144000teknoprep: I typed the command you gave me, and I don't see anything in the text editor.03:06
TheLastDodoA quick question: does anyone know of Zunes working under Ubuntu? (well, Linux in general, really)03:07
winnerrlz93some1 plz help me03:07
winnerrlz93some1 plz help me03:07
winnerrlz93some1 plz help me03:07
winnerrlz93some1 plz help me03:07
winnerrlz93some1 plz help me03:07
hypercubei can03:07
FloodBot3winnerrlz93: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:07
dev-nullArielMT, oh i understand. the key world of my question was "mc")03:07
dhinesh<winnerrlz93>r u t03:07
hypercubewot kinda problem do u have?03:07
winnerrlz93i installed ubuntu but when i try and boot it i get this find --set-root --ignore-floppies /ubuntu/install/boot/vmlinuz error 17: File not found03:08
winnerrlz93that kind03:08
DarkmystereHey i know its not help channel but im going to alot of Ubuntu channels trying to figure why it does this03:08
Darkmystere<Darkmystere> Everytime i try and test my network because thats basicly all i have to do lol it has to reset monitoring mode again well i have to anyways and that ends up with like 5+ diffrent interfaces in rising numbers..03:08
Starnestommywinnerrlz93: I think you may need to reinstall03:08
hypercubereinstall linux03:08
dev-nullwinnerrlz93, i have this problem too)03:08
ArielMTdev-null: ah.  yes, but mc is a console application.  if you want to stay gui, there's also a package called gentoo (not to be confused with the distro gentoo)03:08
winnerrlz93ugghh... do i have to go into my windows system to uninstall?03:08
montecan some one help me find the plugins to watch a dvd and watch vids on the internet03:09
loa<winnerrlz93> you trying to instal kernel?03:09
dhinesh<winnerrlz93> can u show the non gui os03:09
onatsanyone here who has successfully switched from 64-bit to 32-bit? without reinstall?03:09
ArielMTdev-null: oops, i don't know if gentoo does ftp, though.  sorry for the confusion >.<03:09
Trunkzquick question guys, when doing a net install, ubuntu asks for my proxy settings. Does this look right? http://cache.lsbu.ac.uk[:port]/03:09
loacopy question for me03:09
Dr_willis!dvd | monte03:09
ubotumonte: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:09
zcat[1]anyone here familiar with the eee or know an IRC channel for it?03:09
Trunkzor are u not supposed to put the port number with those brackets?03:09
Dr_willis!w32codecs | monte03:09
ubotumonte: The Win32 codecs are available from the Medibuntu repositories (see « /msg ubotu medibuntu »), and for releases prior to Gutsy, also at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages03:09
hypercubedvd is a problem with linux03:09
Dr_willishypercube,  i have very few problems with them. :)03:09
dev-nullArielMT, gentoo or gnome commander? what is the best? or this a private choose?03:09
hypercubeATI is a problem too03:09
winnerrlz93any1 got any advice?03:10
Dr_willisThe legality of dvd playback is a problem.03:10
loa<winnerrlz93> copy question for me03:10
winnerrlz93i installed ubuntu but when i try and boot it i get this find --set-root --ignore-floppies /ubuntu/install/boot/vmlinuz error 17: File not found03:10
dhineshcan u boot without xwindows03:10
ArielMTdev-null: ...  i really don't know.  it really depends on what you like and what you need.  again, sorry for confusing you.03:10
Kizzardloa, dude, thankyou!03:10
hypercubehave u ever tried damn small linux?03:10
instaso guys, why does my ubuntu server hang halfway while booting the install CD?  it stops right after enabling /dev/sda which is any number of compact flash cards that i've tried03:10
Kizzardloa, it seems it was the splash itself that was causing the slowdown03:11
dev-nullArielMT, nevermind)03:11
Kizzardit booted really quick this time03:11
loaKizzard ok03:11
winnerrlz93any advice?03:11
loa<winnerrlz93> how you install ubuntu?03:11
Kizzardloa, any idea why the splash would cause that>03:11
winnerrlz93the wubi-cdboot03:11
TrunkzHow is Ubuntu's performance on the PS3? :o03:11
loa<Kizzard> may be framebuffer driver03:11
lhoersteTrunkz: it's good03:12
jw144000I'm trying to figure out the grub name for my external hard drive, can anyone help me out?03:12
Trunkzlhoerste: Cool, I'm planning on setting it up as a download box03:12
loa<winnerrlz93> may be /boot is corrupted?03:12
Kizzardloa, would the fact this laptop has an ATI card have anything to do with it?03:12
winnerrlz93how do i fix it?03:12
loa<Kizzard> oh03:12
hypercube05:11:48) Kizzard: loa, any idea why the splash would cause that> <-------------the configuration in upsplash.conf03:12
lhoersteTrunkz: yea man I'm working on it right now w/ a friend. it's all installed and stuff03:12
Starnestommywinnerrlz93: the only thing I can think of is reinstalling ubuntu03:12
hypercubein the dir /etc03:12
lhoersteTrunkz: now we're trying to get the controlers working03:13
dev-nullArielMT, gentoo sucks imho)03:13
Kizzardhypercube, thanks Ill check it out03:13
loa<Kizzard> try to search what framebuffer driver more stable for ati03:13
hypercubeu should insert the resolution of ur screen03:13
dev-nullArielMT, mc mach more cool03:13
Kizzardhypercube, ok03:13
=== frozen_pirate is now known as pocketwatch
lhoersteI'm looking for something that can make the desktop bigger than my screen (cause it's a TV and small) and then I can drag my mouse around the edges to move the viewing window03:13
Trunkzlhoerste: Nice, I'm just gonna go grab me a usb keyboard + mice combo and hook it up to the PS303:13
=== Jannita is now known as Johanna
lhoerstei'm not even sure what it's called... if someone could help me out there03:13
lhoerstei could google it then03:13
hypercubesudo gedit /etc/upslash.conf03:14
Trunkzor perhaps just set up VNC on the PS3, and control that via the Mac03:14
Kizzardah dude you are right03:14
fragged_how do I force a resize of a window? wine keeps resizing Diablo 2 to about 32x2 :P03:14
Kizzardits set to 1280x102403:14
lhoersteTrunkz: we are using synergy03:14
lhoersteTrunkz: check that out03:14
Kizzardcompletely wrong03:14
Kizzardthanks hypercube ^^03:14
Trunkzlhoerste: * googles *03:14
hypercubewhere do u come from?03:14
Trunkzlhoerste: Oh cool :o03:14
loaRU :D03:15
Kizzardah cool03:15
lhoersteTrunkz: my friend is a windows user and just mouses over through that03:15
Kizzardwhere abouts?03:15
teknoprepjw144000, then your menu.lst is gone or you typed it in wrong03:15
hypercubei'm from italy03:15
Kizzardyah, and where is loa in ru03:15
hypercubea shittiful nation03:15
lhoersteI'm looking for something that can make the desktop bigger than my screen (cause it's a TV and small) and then I can drag my mouse around the edges to move the viewing window. If someone could just tell me what this is called, that'd help a lot too.03:15
Trunkzlhoerste: Oh shoot, the mac port isnt very functional.. Great xD03:15
lhoersteTrunkz: just grab it off their site03:15
loa<Kizzard> volgograd)03:15
Kizzardhypercube, lol03:15
TrunkzI'm (currently) setting up Ubuntu over in VMWare, so that I can have something to work on when the PS3 gets here03:16
TrunkzI am essentially buying the PS3 for Ubuntu + Blu Ray playback :)03:16
Kizzardloa, cool03:16
pawanhow to play happyhardcore radio in audacious03:16
jw144000can anyone help me find the grub name for my external hard drive?03:16
NutubuntuI have made a stupid error and formatted /home. Is there any way to "unformat" and get my old /home back?03:16
loa<jw144000> yes03:16
loa<jw144000> whereis located your boot mount point?03:17
jw144000loa: do you mind if I PM you?03:17
Kizzardok guys going to retry with the splash enabled again :)03:17
mahmoud2Nutubuntu: short answer: No03:17
Nutubuntuthanks, mahmoud2 - I figured as much03:18
loa<jw144000> try03:18
Nutubuntumahmoud2: is there a "long" answer that does not amount to "no"? ... :/03:18
lhoersteI'm looking for something that can make the desktop bigger than my screen (cause it's a TV and small) and then I can drag my mouse around the edges to move the viewing window. If someone could just tell me what this is called, that'd help a lot too.03:18
=== KnifeHat_ is now known as KnifeHat
mahmoud2Nutubuntu: If there is not something that you can never return back and it is very important that do not bother ..03:19
dev-nulli make script (!#bin/bash.....) and now wont to make different icon of its file. how  can i do it?03:19
dabbilli just went through the howto on the fourms, but still cant get sound from youtube.com videos03:20
Jangarilhoerste: if you hold super (windows/mac button) and scroll up or down, it should zoom,03:20
Nutubuntumahmoud2: there is a fair amount of work there I wish I could recover ... I have been very annoyed with myself for making such a stupid mistake03:20
lhoersteJangari: thanks03:20
mahmoud2Nutubuntu: Is it ext3?03:20
lhoersteJangari: that doesn't work03:20
Jangarihmm, have you got compiz-fusion?03:21
pocketwatchlhoerste, if you just increase your screen resolution (to larger than actual) it should do what you want automatically03:21
Nutubuntumahmoud2: yes, ext3 now (and ext3 before too, if that makes a difference)03:21
lhoerstepocketwatch: it's not giving a choice besides the default res03:21
Jangaripocketwatch: i suspect that larger screen resolutions won't be an option if the monitor doesn't support them03:22
lhoersteJangari: yea that's true. the TV wont even work then03:22
lhoersteis there a program that can do what i'm asking?03:22
pocketwatchlhoerste, go to system > administration > screens and resolutions to set up resolutions first03:22
=== danopia is now known as danopia`cat
lhoerstei think it's like a "vitrually larger desktop?"03:23
lhoerstepocketwatch: there is only one res in that dropdown03:23
mahmoud2Nutubuntu: My advice is to spend time redoing that work than trying undelete software. AFAIK, ext3 is hard to recover (with the published tools03:23
lhoerstepocketwatch: oh actually this is a diff menu than I thought. Lemme try that03:23
echosystm`guys, if i am running fluxbox, would i be better off using gtk or qt apps?03:23
Nutubuntumahmoud2: thank you again. I was afraid that must be true. :/03:23
echosystm`which one has the smaller libraries03:23
hypercubewho use damn small linux here?03:24
hrntthere is this vmsplice exploit going around. can i just do apt-get upgrade protect my system?03:25
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=== danopia is now known as danopia`lol
=== danopia`lol is now known as danopia
VadiIf the sound in several games suddenly stopped working.. what to check?03:27
badkittyGood evening03:27
badkittyWow channels dead?03:28
badkittythats a first03:28
=== danopia is now known as danopia`cat
deathfacenot really03:28
lhoerstepocketwatch: I can't make the resolution any bigger. only smaller03:29
badkittyAnyone know off hand if mythtv has a windows front-end??03:29
Dr_willisbadkitty,  mythtv can work as a upnp server. so you can use that feature under windows.03:30
Dr_willisthere was a mythtv front end for windows - but it was very out of date03:30
LetsGo67My computer crashes when Ubunthree tries to load Intei GM4 3926X, can someone help please?03:30
craigbass1976I've just booted up to the gutsy livecd, and end up at login screen.  Nothing works.  Bad iso? bad burn?  I can't tell reading the forums03:30
everthi all03:30
badkittyDr_willis: Well what I mean is does there happen to be a graphical front end to interface with it using windows03:31
Pal_hi evert03:31
LetsGo67craigbass1976: specs?03:31
loa<craigbass1976> yeh.. try blank password03:31
craigbass1976Of the box?03:31
Dr_willisbadkitty,  mythtv has a web interface you can use to set/controll things03:31
loaif not working redownload03:31
evertI'm having a little question, is there anyway to get ubuntu server on my freebsd server with only ssh acces ? (with virtualbox or vmware or such)03:31
VadiHow can I restart the sound server?03:31
LetsGo67craigbass1976: yes (the PC)03:31
badkittyDr_willis: Oh.. So Im gonna need to set up apache too then?03:32
LetsGo67craigbass1976: or Mac03:32
loa<evert> try XEN03:32
=== evert is now known as _evert_
Dr_willisbadkitty,  mythtv uses a lot of extra services and stuff. :)03:32
craigbass1976no pass doesnt' matter03:32
LetsGo67Guys, Ubunthree always crashes on 68249, can someone help please?03:32
pocketwatchlhoerste, i'm trying to remember what it's called, i used to use that on my laptop03:32
KeddyWhat's the difference between Beryl and Compiz ? Or are they same thing in general ?03:32
TailsfanHello, I was just curious, but is there anything that's like Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Linux?03:33
Dr_willis!beryl | Keddy03:33
ubotuKeddy: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz03:33
LetsGo67Keddy: Compiz first, then Beryl, then Compiz Fusion.03:33
lhoerstepocketwatch: awesome. at least I know I'm not crazy =)03:33
Keddyi see :)03:33
Keddythanx a lot03:33
loa<LetsGo67> what is ubunthree03:34
lhoerstepocketwatch: mind trying to google for it?03:34
thinman1189hey everyone. i'm having some trouble with my internet. i switched from wireless to wired to flash my firmware. i did'nt actually flash it, that's not the issue. anyway i went to go reconnect to my wireless and i can't for some reason. what's the command to reboot my net? i tried rebooting my computer but it won't work.03:34
LetsGo67Keddy, no problem man.03:34
LetsGo67Loa, I don't know, what is Mewthree?03:34
_evert_loa: that doens't work with ssh afaik03:34
pawanhow to play happyhardcore radio in audacious03:34
DecinogeFloodBot1, give me op03:35
loa<thinman1189> sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart03:35
soldatslhoerste: whats the prob03:35
StarnestommyDecinoge: asking for ops will not make you an op03:35
_Oz_hello all03:35
Decinogelol.. seriously?03:35
_Oz_been playing with compiz all day03:35
Decinogei didn't knew03:35
lhoersteI'm looking for something that can make the desktop bigger than my screen (cause it's a TV and small) and then I can drag my mouse around the edges to move the viewing window. If someone could just tell me what this is called, that'd help a lot too.03:36
speeddemon8803!hi | _Oz_03:36
ubotu_Oz_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:36
lhoerstesoldats: ^^03:36
cabrioleurthinman1189: try "sudo /etc/rc0.d/S15wpa-ifupdown restart" in terminal03:36
_Oz_hi speeddomon03:36
hieppohello anyone experience with ati x1250 video?03:36
cabrioleurthinman1189: but reboot would do the same03:36
_Oz_well, I am finally hitting some practical limits in my quest to ditch XP altogether for ubuntu03:36
hieppospecifically with enabling dual monitor?03:36
_Oz_problem: you can't really run m$ word and excel perfectly, and adobe photoshop cs2 is not production-quality.03:37
macogwlhoerste: i called it "oops" when it happened to me03:37
sierhieppo,  I searched a little, and got mine to work in 20 min.. (nvidia )03:37
Tailsfan!ubotu \speech-to-text03:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about speech-to-text - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:37
deathfacespeach to text haha03:37
hieppoI know about nvidia. I had it working with an nvidia card too. it is quite easy compared to ati drivers03:37
macogw_Oz_: install virtualbox and run windows in a vm then03:37
TailsfanFunny, but I like using it03:37
CARRESSHi, I have an installation question...should I ask here or is there another channel I should be in?03:37
thinman1189loa, it didn't work. cabrioleur, i've tried rebooting my computer, do you mean that rebooting or what loa said?03:37
Tailsfanthis is the right channel03:37
hieppomy current setup has a monitor on dvi and a projector on hdmi03:38
_Oz_macogw: how's the performance penalty?03:38
macogw_Oz_: virtualbox can do that mode parallels does where the programs that are running in Windows are just floating on your desktop instead of inside a box03:38
macogw_Oz_: smaller than with vmware03:38
_Oz_can I really design in adobe photoshop without a huge hit?03:38
_Oz_I like the idea of a parallels-style interface03:38
loa<thinman1189> look at your settings vim /etc/network/interfaces03:38
macogw_Oz_: virtualbox is the fastest virtual machine, based on the benchmarks i saw, if you pre-allocate the hard drive space (setting "dynamic" so it resizes as you use space makes it very slow though)03:38
loa<thinman1189> route -n03:38
shearseriously...they push a firefox update down that breaks flash. right on03:38
cabrioleurthinman1189: both, what I said and what he said, is done during reboot as well.03:38
CARRESSok..here's the question- keep in mind, I've joined the ubuntu forum, and I've googled and read a few documents.03:39
Jordan_U_Oz_, You mean where each windows application has it's own window?03:39
CARRESSIt doesn't seem like anyone is addressing a brand new hd w/o an os installed, and I remember reading once that in order to dual boot, windows had to go on first...03:39
pocketwatchlhoerste, edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. look for a line called "Virtual" and change the resolution (back it up first!)03:39
_Oz_I need to play a bit with virtualbox03:39
_Oz_it doesn't look super user-friendly03:39
loa<thinman1189> I think you reconfigure something wrong...03:39
_Oz_then again, I'm an idiot03:39
ArielMT_Oz_: yup.  you'll need to install windows in a virtualbox vm, but once you have that and the virtualbox driver installed in windows, your windows windows and ubuntu windows can be side-by-side :D03:39
badkittyCARRESS: It doesnt have to go on first, it just makes it way easier to setup03:39
loa<_Oz_> i think it is very userfriendly)03:39
thinman1189loa, all i did was turn off my wireless and turn on wired. the settings look the same but it won't work03:40
_Oz_arielmt: I will do it.03:40
CARRESSbad, ok.. so I  should put on windows first, and partition the hd thru windows?03:40
_Oz_I wish we could get M$' apps to be truly and 100% compatible in linux03:40
_Oz_I have no choice but to use them, everyone at my office uses office03:40
Jordan_U_Oz_, I wish we didn't need to :)03:40
badkittyCARRESS: Yes, infact if you can partition the drive before you install windows, thats the easiest03:40
_Oz_converting them will be impossible :)03:40
_Oz_jordan_U: I am with you there.03:41
loa<thinman1189> show me your ifconfig and route -n, and describe what connection you want create03:41
_Oz_I hate M$.03:41
macogw_Oz_: http://blog.gobanquet.com/index.php/virtualbox-15-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/03:41
_Oz_Hate the way they make me jump through hoops.\03:41
CARRESSpartition it using what?  I'm rather green...03:41
_Oz_ah, thanks, macogw.03:41
speeddemon8803!factoid speech-to-text03:41
macogw_Oz_: note that the "the bad" that says there are no packages for the open source edition is now wrong.  it's virtualbox-ose in the repos03:41
cabrioleur_Oz_: OpenOffice filters for excell and word don't work for you?03:41
CARRESSbadkitty partition it using what?  I'm rather green...03:41
_Oz_cabrioleur: the problem is I work on fairly complex spreadsheets which are then passed off to other people in the office03:42
badkittyCARRESS: There are a ton of partitioners you can download for free and make a live boot cd from to do this.. Many of the HDD cd's come with partitioners as well03:42
macogw_Oz_: i dont know what else has changed since the article was written. i dont use that mode.  itd be silly when my virtual machine is debian without X :P03:42
_Oz_openoffice is fine for simple stuff, but if you dig past skin deep it's not really compatible with office 200303:42
ArielMTcan OOo understand office 2k7's format?03:42
lhoerstepocketwatch: there is no "Virtual" line03:42
cabrioleur_Oz_: if you use Office 2003 consider CrossOffice.03:42
badkittyCARRESS: You have a brand new HDD right?03:42
CARRESSbadkitty, yes03:42
cylexWhat port do I need open to recieve email?03:42
_Oz_cabrioleur: I did.  crossoffice doesn't really support it 100%.  the only "gold" status they give is to office 2000, which is too old.03:43
badkittyCARRESS: What brand is it? Did it come with a CD?03:43
speeddemon8803cylex it depends on your isp03:43
cylexspeeddemon8803: my isp allows port 25 to be open, but I thought it was to send th email03:43
badkittyBRB CARRESS03:43
CARRESSbadkitty  it's a toshiba, no cd..  but I do have my toshiba recovery disk (w. xp)that came w/ the laptop initially...03:43
jack-desktophow can i set my firefox font to "Sans" if it doesn't have the font in the font list03:43
shearhmm, anyone heard anything about flash breaking with the firefox update that got sent down a day or two ago?03:43
loaI found cool option in ntfs-3g - remove_hiberfile03:44
thinman1189loa : what should i give you?03:44
speeddemon8803Flash was fixed with the update a few days ago supposedly.03:44
astro76jack-desktop: is bitstream vera sans in the list? because that's what sans links to03:44
shearspeeddemon8803: as in, winds up like it's gonna play, then nothing03:44
loantfs-3g is very friendly ЖВ03:44
speeddemon8803mine has no issues...hmmm03:44
danbhfiveshear: is flash broken for you?03:44
shearspeeddemon8803: it worked for me before, and now not03:44
cylexI have postfix set up, what port does it use to send email and what port does it use to receive email03:45
sheardanbhfive: yes03:45
cylexsomeone please answer :)03:45
loa<thinman1189> ifconfig and route -n, and describe what network connection you must have03:45
jack-desktopastro76, yes! thanks. go astros ;p03:45
ubotuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:45
Flashq009how do I get webpages designed with MSfrontpage, using templates, to display images in apache with extension .htm?  I have already put the  index.htm and all files in /www.  Cannot seem to see the template images displayed.  Any help would be appreciated.03:45
danbhfiveshear: here is a command to attempt a reinstall, see if that works sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree03:45
sheardanbhfive: trying...03:45
loa<cylex> netstat -n03:45
cylexloa: thx03:45
thinman1189loa : gimme a min in order to do that i have to save it to my usb drive and put it on this comp03:46
macogwArielMT: yes, OOo 2.3 can open O2k7.  I don't think it can save to it though.  3.0 (due in september) should be able to.03:46
MrPiracyi have just updated ubuntu gutsy gibbon and all my video settings are gone. i was using i810 with a intel 946gz chipset with no problems. any help?03:46
cylexIs it safe to leave port 25 open for others?03:46
loa<thinman1189> ifconfig03:46
ArielMTmacogw: cool.  thanks.03:46
loa<thinman1189> route -n03:46
macogwMrPiracy: it switched you to the new intel drivers, right?03:47
thinman1189loa : yeah but i need to copy all that output from my ubuntu box to this one before i can show you03:47
loa<thinman1189> and describe your network connection, what settings you need.03:47
badkittyCARRESS: No that wont have it I dont think03:47
iblastoff2no one would happen to have a d-link usb dwl-g122 (rev a1) wireless adapter would they? didn't work in dapper..2 years later and im trying gutsty still with no luck in getting it to work03:47
cabrioleurcylex, no.03:47
=== iblastoff2 is now known as iblastoff
thinman1189loa : i need a static ip, my network is a router and a repeater.03:47
cylexcabrioleur: if I close port 25 then how will I send email03:48
cylexI setup saslauthd03:48
badkittyCARRESS: Lets see .. google search live CD partitioner? I think BartPE had one lemme see03:48
loa<thinman1189> try ifconfig eth0 ip03:48
MrPiracymacogw: nope, it switched me to VESA, when i try to set it back to i810 or intel, it doesnt work ... after reboot i am presented to a message saying my screen/graphics could not be detected03:48
loa<thinman1189> where eth0 your interface03:48
cabrioleurif you close incoming you should be fine.03:48
thiemsteris there anyway to get a canon canoscan 8600f scanner working with ubuntu?03:48
speeddemon8803Carress...you can try gparted...it has a live cd :)03:48
K_DallasQ: I installed KDE + a few chess programs etc and now I have lost my wireless connection to the home wlan.  On the same machine wlan works under windows. How do i resolve this problem? Thanks (right now i am on windows)03:48
speeddemon8803its the gnome partition editor03:49
lhoerstepocketwatch: genius!03:49
loa<thinman1189> and if you need gateway... then route add default gw
lhoerstepocketwatch: it worked03:49
danbhfiveCARRESS: the ubuntu livecd has gparted on it, if you can run that03:49
cylexthinman1189: i know a tutorial, that'll give u static ip under ubuntu.. if you just give me a min03:49
loa<thinman1189> where ip is your gateway03:49
cabrioleurcylex: are you running mail server on ubuntu?03:49
CARRESSspeed - I checked out gparted, I just was hesitant to do it if I needed to have windows installed first.03:49
thiemsteris there anyway to get a canoscan 8600f scanner working in ubuntu?03:49
pocketwatchlhoerste, im glad you figured it out, because iwas running out of ideas ><03:49
LinuxMercedesI'm having trouble installing Ubuntu 6 =[03:49
CARRESSbad - windows is on there, I've used it to reinstall after a viral infection before...03:49
cylexcabrioleur : yes03:49
thinman1189cylex it was working perfectly before but then i switched from wireless to wired for a min and now i can't get back03:49
K_Dallas(bte, i also installed php, mysql, apache)03:49
Flashq009does anyone know how to get images with .htm to display in apache?03:49
cabrioleurcylex: in this case you cannot really close it :-)03:50
d3ads0ulanyone around that can help me with burning dvds?03:50
badkittyCARRESS: Wait a sec do you have an actual windows disk or only the reccovery disk03:50
CARRESSdan - I have the cd..just really wanted to check about the windows thing..if I used gparted  is it still harder to put windows on later?03:50
cylexcabriolerus: ok .. so postfix with saslauthd is ok?03:50
thinman1189lao how do i know which eth it is?03:50
lhoerstepocketwatch: yea we were googling while getting ideas from you and happened to find a config which coencided w/ what you said03:50
Dr_willisd3ads0ul,  you mean making data dvd's or VIDEO dvd's ?03:50
CARRESSbadkitty - no just the recovery disk03:50
badkittyCARRESS: Put windows on first03:50
d3ads0ulDr_willis im trying to burn an .iso03:51
echo-y-ycan someone help me figure out why fonts in epiphany (or even firefox) are much uglier than they look in windows? and how i can fix it?03:51
danbhfive!who | CARRESS03:51
ubotuCARRESS: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:51
d3ads0ul:-( unable to WRITE@LBA=0h: Input/output error03:51
d3ads0ul:-( write failed: Input/output error03:51
echo-y-y!tab test03:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tab test - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:51
badkittyCARRESS: do you have or can you get access to partition magic? I guess the disk SHOULD be able to resize your windows disk and install ubuntu .. that should work03:51
cylexthinman1189: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_server_ubuntu7.10_p3      go to step 703:51
cabrioleurecho-y-y: change the font to whatever you are used to in windows.03:51
sheardanbhfive: it's working now, but it's thrashing the CPU. running at 100% solid and I the video is quite choppy. (using youtube to test)03:51
ubotuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:51
cabrioleurecho-y-y: they are better looking thought...03:51
CARRESSbadkitty - not sure HOW to get it, but if I can find it via google, I can get it..03:52
thinman1189lao if i type in ifconfig eth0 then it says SIOCSIFADDR: Permission denied SIOCSIFFLAGS: Permission denied03:52
Jordan_Uwhen I try to use perl style regular expressions with grep (  grep --perl-regexp ) I get the error : "grep: The -P option is not supported" but it's in the man page as an option, is there something that I need to do to add support for this?03:52
loa<shear> you talking about opera?03:52
cylexthinman1189: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_server_ubuntu7.10_p3      go to step 703:52
thinman1189cylex it was working perfectly before but then i switched from wireless to wired for a min and now i can't get back. i'll check that link03:52
Starnestommythinman1189: try sudo ifconfig eth0
shearloa: firefox03:52
danbhfiveshear: hmmm, well, I don't know, maybe a reboot will fix that?  I really have no idea about that03:52
echo-y-ycabrioleur: i know i can change ubuntu's appearance to use subpixel smoothing (which i suppose is similar to 'cleartype')... but i can't seem to make changes that effect my web browsers (epiphany and firefox)03:52
badkittyCARRESS: I would just go ahead and install windows ... then ubuntu should do the rest, just pay attention to the settings when it talks about resizing or partitioning03:52
cylexthinman1189 : also check if other comp didn't take it03:52
loa<shear> amd64 ?03:52
cylexthinman1189 : try pinging the ip03:52
sheardanbhfive: will try. thanks03:52
shearloa: yes03:53
CARRESSbadkitty, that's what I'll do. Thanks.03:53
badkittyCARRESS: But windows goes first ... if you want to make things easy on yourself03:53
lhoerstedoes anyone remember that post in the forums about the flash fix?03:53
shearloa: not amd64 ubuntu though03:53
lhoerstethe bot used to tell us how to goet it03:53
Flashq009anyone know how to get images with (.htm)  extensions to display in apache?03:53
cylexIf I close port 25, I wont receive email?03:53
cabrioleurecho-y-y: it's the same setup. Try different font (you can use windows fonts as well).03:53
iblastoffno one would happen to have a d-link usb dwl-g122 (rev a1) wireless adapter would they? didn't work in dapper..2 years later and im trying gutsty still with no luck in getting it to work03:53
cylexFlashq009: you are looking for program to download the website?   lookup wget03:53
loa<shear> hmm, what you mean, you use i686?03:54
punkgydoes anybody know how I can check to see if my serial ports are being detected?03:54
CARRESSThanks all03:54
shearloa: using i386, when i installed, too much stuff didn't work under amd6403:54
thinman1189cylex, how do i ping it?03:54
MrPiracyi have just updated ubuntu gutsy gibbon and all my video settings are gone. i was using i810 with a intel 946gz chipset with no problems. any help?03:54
thinman1189cylex : i'm on a windows laptop atm03:54
cylexthinman1189 : lol.. ping ipaddress03:55
loa<shear> yeh) under amd64 you need nswrapper03:55
saphireKonnichiwa! Genki desu ka?03:55
loaanother buggy solution)03:55
kingzpeople i'm running linux ubuntu 7.10 and how to change this kingz@kingz-secure03:55
lhoersteloa: does that work on PS3 arch as well?03:55
pocketwatchcylex, if you close 25 you won't send mail from your own server on 2503:55
echo-y-ycabrioleur:  when i make changes in system-->appearance-->font, i will see changes in subpixel smoothing in the title bar of the browser.. but it does not subpixel smooth the actual fonts within the browser itself (like any results from a google search)03:55
kingzi wants to chage the hostmask kingz-secure03:55
nano_whose in charge here03:55
shearloa: so with the flash update, i need to run firefox with nswrapper? i never had to before, what changed?03:55
Starnestommykingz: use the hostname command03:55
thinman1189cylx i typed ping and the static ip adress and it timed out03:55
cylexpocketwatch: will I be able to receive emails?03:55
macogwsaphire: #ubuntu-jp ni itte kudasai03:55
MrPiracyhow can i restore my screen settings?03:55
K_DallasQ: I installed KDE + a few chess programs etc and now I have lost my wireless connection to the home wlan.  On the same machine wlan works under windows. How do i resolve this problem? Thanks (right now i am on windows)03:56
ubotu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい03:56
cylexthinman1189 : cool , so its not taken.. use the tutorial to setup under ubuntu03:56
pocketwatchcylex, are you using pop/imap from another server or are you running yoru own mail server?03:56
Jack_Sparrownano_: Just ask your question03:56
kingzStarnestommy: please tell me how to change it03:56
cylexpocketwatch: own mail server03:56
whyameyeshear: I'm just tuning in. If you are running 64 bit linux you need the wraper. otherwise you shouldn't.03:56
loa<shear> i have no problem with flash on my i686 box03:56
macogwspeeddemon8803: i just told him that...basically03:56
saphireLOL I speak english, just wanted to see if anyone spoke JP...03:56
loa<shear> all is out of box03:56
cabrioleurnano_: the great flying spagetti monster.03:56
kingzStarnestommy: please tell me how to change it03:56
echo-y-ynano: i am in charge03:56
macogwsaphire: baka!03:56
pocketwatchcylex, 25 is what sendmail/etc uses to send it. 130 iirc is incoming mail03:56
shearwhyameye: that's what i thought, and I'm not running the 64bit version03:56
kingzStarnestommy: tell me the command pls03:56
loa<shear> flash comes with restricted packets03:56
MrPiracysaphire: lol i understand konishiwa03:57
Starnestommykingz: the 'hostname' command03:57
thinman1189cylex : what i don't get is that this worked until 20mins ago when i quickly switched from wireless to wired.03:57
saphireHow is everyone?03:57
kingzStarnestommy: when i type i read only kingz-secure03:57
punkgydoes anybody know how to get the serial console connection to a cisco switch to work (ie what program to use)03:57
speeddemon8803I just use the bot, its a lot easier to type in a small command than type in a whole line saying "this room's official language is english"03:57
kingzi wants to change kingz-secure to kingz03:57
echo-y-ycabrioleur:  what font do you use in epiphany?03:57
Starnestommykingz: sudo hostname kingz03:57
macogwsaphire: probably wakarimasen, because of you :P03:57
Flashq009cylex>>not to download website, but to host website that I created in MS Frontpage 2003 using templates.  I have put the index.htm file and other files in the www folder, but cannot seem to get images with have (.htm) to display in apache.  Any help would be appreciated.03:57
cylexthinman1189 : so the tutorial don't work?03:57
shearloa: i've got it installed. I've been running this install for 2 years now, but flash just broke with an update.03:57
thinman1189cylex : trying it now03:57
cylexthinman1189 : k03:58
macogwFlashq009: images dont end in .htm03:58
d3ads0ulIf someone could help me with burning dvds, please send me a pm03:58
loa<shear> try to use old deb03:58
montehey does anyone in here have aim that can talk me through to get some plugins for some stuff03:58
cylexFlashq009: you can set it up under mimetypes03:58
saphiremacogw: I only know a little japanese... Im learning...03:58
LinuxMercedesI'm having trouble installing Ubuntu.  It gets 93% into the install and then stops03:58
cabrioleurecho-y-y: I don't use epiphany.03:58
macogwsaphire: me too, why do you think i switched to ingrish?03:58
cylexFlashq009: look through your apache2 directory and search for mimetypes03:58
kingzStarnestommy: i type that and now i can't open terminal or any folder :S03:58
kingzStarnestommy: i type that and now i can't open terminal or any folder :S help me please how to fix that :S03:59
SnowAnyone know of a way I can encrypt text in a text-file?03:59
Flashq009cylex>> looking for mimetypes.  What are mimetypes?03:59
echo-y-ymy text in terminal is much cleaner and easier to read that my text in epiphany... is there any way i can just make epiphany's font look like terminal?03:59
ubotuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:59
Starnestommykingz: you'll need to change it back to kingz-secure or you'll need to restart03:59
loa<shear> i update my hardy today... now i sturt page with few flash banners, all is all right)03:59
ArielMTkingz: log out and log back in.  when you changed your hostname, your x session lost its authentication04:00
mahmoud2Snow: GPG (GnuPG)04:00
astro76!gpg | Snow04:00
ubotuSnow: gpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts04:00
kingzStarnestommy: i can't change it back04:00
kingzStarnestommy: i can't open terminal04:00
SnowThank you04:00
ArielMTa full reboot shouldn't be needed, but that works too.  just log out and log back in04:00
Starnestommykingz: hit ctrl+alt+f2 then type that command in after you log in04:00
montecan some one help me with all the plugins for movies and watch vids off websites04:00
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:01
thiemstermonte: you need flash and java04:01
Dr_willismonte,  install the w32codec pack from the medibuntu site for starters04:01
LinuxMercedesI'm having trouble installing Ubuntu.  It gets 93% into the install and then stops "Configuring Hardware".  Can anyone help?04:01
badkittyHey jw14400004:01
shearloa: i'm going to try a reboot, but i'm not gonna upgrade to the devel version. I've found that for the past few releases, ubuntu has broken far more tha it fixed04:01
montedr willes do u have aim04:01
jw144000I just installed Gutsy Gibbon on my external hard drive, and even when I change my BIOS settings to have it boot the external hard drive through USB, it won't boot. How can I get it to work?04:01
shearloa: each release breaks more than it fixes04:01
Dr_willismonte,  nope.. and ive told ya what you need to do. :) enable the medibuntu repo. install the w32codec pack04:02
Jack_Sparrowmonte: Checkout the restricted format page for most of what you might need04:02
Dr_willis!w32codecs | monte04:02
ubotumonte: The Win32 codecs are available from the Medibuntu repositories (see « /msg ubotu medibuntu »), and for releases prior to Gutsy, also at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages04:02
echo-y-yanyone have any recommendations for a browser that uses very little resources?04:02
saphireOKay so Im a noob at JP, and Im also a noob at Unix/Linux/Ubuntu.... Where do i go to start learning all about Ubuntu?04:02
monteso were do i go to download w32codecs at in add and remove04:03
ubotuA desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training04:03
kosakdillo, but sucks04:03
Starnestommymonte: use system > administration > synaptic04:03
geekworx__Starnestommy: okay dude i restart my computer and what now ?04:03
kosaktry epiphany or swiftwisel04:03
Dr_willis!medibuntu | monte04:03
ubotumonte: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:03
Starnestommygeekworx__: is it working?04:03
geekworx__Starnestommy: no04:03
cylexFlashq009: if you can't find it.. then you can put this  index.jpg   under DirectoryIndex04:03
kosakcheck those browsers (or opera)04:03
cylexFlashq009: where index.html is located04:04
=== geekworx__ is now known as kingzz
thinman1189cylex brb gotta find the charger for this04:04
=== Jack_Sparrow is now known as RJ_Squirrel
cylexthinman1189: heh ok04:04
monteStarnestommy: do u have aim04:04
Starnestommymonte: I answered you04:04
kingzzStarnestommy: i can open folders now but look kingz@kingz-secure:~$ w04:05
kingzz ( i wants to change that kingz-secure )04:05
kingzzStarnestommy: i can open folders now but look kingz@kingz-secure:~$ w04:05
echosystm`can anyone tell me, how do you mount a usb drive from commandline?04:05
cylexFlashq009: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/mod/mod_mime.html04:05
LinuxMercedesI'm having trouble installing Ubuntu.  It gets 93% into the install and then stops "Configuring Hardware".  Can anyone help?04:05
Flashq009cylex>> index.htm is located in /var/www04:05
badkittyechosystm`: type man mount it will tell you how04:05
kingzzStarnestommy: please help me tommy, i wants to change that @kingz-secure04:06
cylexFlashq009: may be image location in the html files isn't unix compatible04:06
drpckenfor anything that uses pidgin, is there anyway to make the minimized message flash  at the bottom, instead of the tray icon changing?  OR can you suggest a better multiprotocol IM program?04:06
cylexFlashq009: does this work http://server/image.jpg04:06
shearrediculous...looks like it's time to try another distro.04:06
Blue_SassleyHi guys I'm trying to setup VNC over SSH and I have it going but when I try and connect to the VNC server I get the error "unable to connect to display """04:07
LinuxMercedesI'm having trouble installing Ubuntu.  It gets 93% into the install and then stops "Configuring Hardware".  Can anyone help? Using Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Desktop edition.04:07
kingzzlook people04:07
kingzz~# cat /etc/hostname04:07
Flashq009Cylex>> that works04:07
kingzzhow to change my hostname?04:07
Starnestommykingzz: edit that file?04:08
RJ_Squirrelshear: do you want to know how to fix flash04:08
astro76!hostname | kingzz04:08
ubotukingzz: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at system>administration>networking on the "General" tab04:08
craigbass1976Hey folks... Rather than fart around wiht a gutsy disc.. can anyone tell me what usually will give a "diskette drive 0 seek failure" ?  I've disabeld the floppy, checked RAM...04:08
shearRJ_Squirrel: if you know how, then yeah04:08
cylexFlashq009: images are casesensitive.. and also try http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_mime.html04:08
mynymlwhat package can i find glib-gettext in?04:08
Jordan_Uwhen I try to use perl style regular expressions with grep (  grep --perl-regexp ) I get the error : "grep: The -P option is not supported" but it's in the man page as an option, is there something that I need to do to add support for this?04:08
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »04:08
craigbass1976HD can be read from another linux livecd (DSL)04:08
RJ_Squirrelshear: That is the short answer04:08
sanestoanyone has experience with grub04:08
sanestoi need a little help04:08
shearRJ_Squirrel: did the reinstall, but why not, i'll give it another go04:08
Flashq009cylex>>> i am used MS Frontpage template to create the webpage.04:08
cylexsanesto: I can help you get rid of it .. lol that's all I know04:08
craigbass1976sanesto, I've some.  WHat's the isue04:09
RJ_Squirrelshear: REMOVE the other fully firat04:09
RochJerHiya - I need some assistance on getting the necessary file permission to save file - I'm already an administrator04:09
cylexFlashq009: then you need to install frontpage extensions for apache.. google it04:09
kingzzpeople help me what to write in Terminal to change my hostname please!?04:09
RochJerTrying to edit sources.list04:09
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, are you connecting from linux to linux?04:09
craigbass1976RochJer, sudo vi filename04:09
Starnestommykingzz: read the message ubotu sent.04:09
kingzzStarnestommy: i know only to work in terminal;S04:09
sanestocan you go in pm04:09
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, I've tried both ways linux to linux and winblows to linux04:09
kingzzand i make that04:10
craigbass1976RochJer, or, if you don't like vi, sudo chown yourname:yourname filename04:10
cabroni_where I find a free alternative to create presentations?04:10
kingzzand the hostname its still kingz@kingz-secure04:10
kingzzhow to change that ?04:10
Jack_Sparrowshear: may I pm04:10
Starnestommykingzz: edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts04:10
sanestou there04:10
craigbass1976RochJer, then edit with whatever, and then chown back to whoever owned it in the first place04:10
cylexsanesto: yes04:10
Flashq009cylex>>>I did, google it, unfortunately, not able to get extension.  Do you know where I can get it?04:10
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, you started a vncserver session on :1 or :2, right?04:10
tockitjQ: is there ubuntu package for 'http://home.eunet.no/pnordahl/ntpasswd/' i could really use it right now (im recovering lost win partition :-/)04:10
sanestoi'm in pm wi th u04:10
sanestobut your not responding04:10
craigbass1976cabroni_, ooimpress?04:10
cylexchanging hostname:  go under debian:  --> http://www.ducea.com/2006/08/07/how-to-change-the-hostname-of-a-linux-system/04:10
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, correct vncserver:104:10
cylexFlashq009: I can search for u.. brb04:11
RochJerI was trying to get java working better - thats why I had to edit source list04:11
RochJerpogo.com lags up the java performance04:11
craigbass1976cabroni_, yep, there's a powerpoint type of program in there called impress04:11
Flashq009cylex>>>thank you cylex04:11
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, and the client is set up for tunneling and you're connecting vnc to localhost:5900?04:11
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, in the ubuntu doc they said to use 590104:11
shearJack_Sparrow: sure04:11
Jack_SparrowRochJer: Changing sources isnt going to help with java04:12
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, or that04:12
macogwcabroni_: it can open/save powerpoint files too04:12
sanestoi have my internal hard disk and an external one04:12
sanestoi had windows xp on the internal one and installed fedora core04:12
sanestothen i plugged my external and installed on it ubuntu04:12
sanestonow if i boot the grub from the external everything works04:12
sanestobut if i boot grub on the  internal one i get grub error 2104:12
FloodBot3sanesto: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:12
RochJerWhat is the best solution to fix the pogo.com with java ?04:12
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, so yeah I am tunneling via 590104:12
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, in system > preferences > remote desktop, enable "allow ... to connect"04:12
drpckenfor anything that uses pidgin, is there anyway to make the minimized message flash  at the bottom when a new message arrives?, instead of the tray icon changing?  OR can you suggest a better multiprotocol IM program?04:12
sanestoi have my internal hard disk and an external one i had windows xp on the internal one and installed fedora core then i plugged my external and installed on it ubuntu now if i boot the grub from the external everything works but if i boot grub on the  internal one i get grub error 2104:13
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, ok, let me check now04:13
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, i had some trouble recently with that myself, but once i enabled that it worked.04:13
sanestohow can i fix it ?04:13
craigbass1976sanesto, And someone correct me if I'm wrong, couldn't you copy menu.lst over to the internal HD and just change a bit of stuff to makeit work from there?04:13
RochJerWhat is the best solution to fix the pogo.com with java ? (just wanted an opinion)04:13
sanestoyea i can do that but i don't know what to change04:14
cabroni_ok, Im opening it now, but it take low my laptop, Are exist a "lite" version of Impress?04:14
fr500sanesto: the grub that works...does it show the 3 OSs?04:14
danbhfivesanesto: I think you have to edit menu.lst04:14
sanestoit shows them all04:14
sanestoxp fedora and ubuntu04:14
cylexsanesto: you want to get rid of grub?04:14
cylexFlashq009: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17033304:14
sanestoi just want a way to boot the 3 os whether i have my external plugged in or not04:14
cylexFlashq009: I hope this works04:14
sanestowhich contains ubuntu installation04:14
craigbass1976I say copy menu.lst... the drive references will all be wrong I think, though the kernels will be right04:14
Flashq009Cylex>> thank you.04:14
thinman1189cylex i'm not sure if it matters but i had to use ndiswrapper to get it to work in the first place04:15
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, ok I just tested it and still got the error... am I suppose to run the vncviewer command in the SSH session?04:15
sanestoi copied menu.lst and still got error 2104:15
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, can you connect from the host machine to itself (as a test)04:15
cylexsanesto: it's not possible unless you run Virtual Machine software04:15
craigbass1976sanesto, my last comment makes me sound like a jerk.. not sure how else to put it. anyway.... did you change the drive references?04:15
sanestothere's no way to have ubuntu on the external and fedora + xp on the internal ?04:16
sanestono, i'm not good with drive references04:16
cylexsanesto: not that I know of04:16
Jack_Sparrowsanesto: Did you install to the external last?04:16
sanestoi did04:16
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, yes I have tested with just vncviewer04:16
sanestolast thing i did was ubuntu on external04:16
craigbass1976(hd0,0)  those parts04:16
cylexthinman1189: got it working?04:16
goodmamiCan I change the Input Method of a program from the command line?04:16
craigbass1976Hey folks... Rather than fart around wiht a gutsy disc.. can anyone tell me what usually will give a "diskette drive 0 seek failure" ?  I've disabled the floppy, checked RAM...04:17
Jack_Sparrowsanesto: If you installed grub to the onboard mbr and not the bootable usb drive the onboard drive will only look for grub on the external04:17
goodmami(eg, in some text areas you can right-click, select Input Method, and choose one... Other types of text areas do not allow this)04:17
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, and the command I'm running is: vncviewer -via <IP address> <computer-name>:<display number>04:17
=== _max is now known as max
thinman1189cylex : no04:17
sanestoso if i reinstall grub on fedora04:17
Jack_Sparrowsanesto: Copy the menu list all you want, without the external it will not work04:17
sanestoi mean04:18
cylexthinman1189: try backing up everything and reinstalling the distro04:18
goodmami(the problem is that in some applications the keyboard goes dead, and I have to select an input method (such as SCIM or default))04:18
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, one sec, checking something04:18
sanestoif i reinstall fedora on internal04:18
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, ok thanks04:18
sanestoi should be able to boot os on internal04:18
Jack_Sparrowsanesto: You would reinstall grub to the mbr of the onboard pointing to fedora.04:18
sanestohow do i reinstall grub ?04:19
thinman1189cylex won't work. i had a lot of trouble and used ndiswrapper to get this to work in the first place. it's not an out of the box card.04:19
=== bmk789_ is now known as bmk789
Jack_Sparrowsanesto: Grub in fedora can point to the external drive04:19
cylexthinman1189: ah04:19
sanestoso to reinstall grub04:19
sanestoof fedora04:19
sanestowhat i do04:19
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, i'm not going to be much help with the linux to linux connection since i used putty on a windows box at work to connect at home :(04:20
Jack_SparrowI am in the middle of another project, so I cant give you the time for that.. SInce it is fedora and reinstalling grub they might be able to help as well04:20
Blue_Sassleypocketdrummer, thats fine04:20
acee1234anything involving video playback is flickering badly on my ubuntu restricted driver are installed direct rendering returns yes any ideas?04:20
sanestoso i reinstal fedora?04:20
Jack_Sparrowsanesto: Also please dont PM people without asking04:20
acee1234using ati x1400 gpu04:20
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, thats fine can you help me with what you did for your windows to linux connection04:20
cylexsanesto:   http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Multiboot-with-GRUB-2.html04:21
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, because that is really what I want anyway I just didn't know how much help I was going to get :)04:21
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, i pretty much followed the howto @ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH04:21
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, so have I :(04:21
goodmamiin other words, can i do something like im-switch, but have it affect a particular application?04:21
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, are you using putty?04:21
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: In the xorg     Option "Composite" "disable"                     #Added from Wiki.. If you do not set it to Disable: you can get jerky video display04:21
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, not atm, i dont have access to a windows machine at home04:21
_Oz_virtualbox doesn't work with compiz04:22
_Oz_that's uncool.04:22
badkitty_Oz_: Yes it does.. rather well in my case04:22
_Oz_badkitty: oh?04:22
cylexsanesto: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/html_node/     (betterversion)04:22
craigbass1976Oh, Hey... Now instead of the diskette error, I just get the word GRUB at the top of the screen04:22
_Oz_I just read http://blog.gobanquet.com/index.php/virtualbox-15-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/04:22
Dr_willisrunnung any sort of 3d/compiz/games under virtualbox will be... lacking. :)04:22
_Oz_it says you have to disable compiz.  you were able to get around it?04:22
cylexWhat is compiz?04:22
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, well when you are at work what is the command you use to start the VNC session?04:22
Dr_willisor you mean running virtualbox on a machine that has compiz  also setup?04:22
badkitty_Oz_: Well how come I keep my vbox on my left desktop and scroll over to it when I need it?04:22
Dr_willis!compiz | cylex04:23
craigbass1976I just watched the good the bad and the ugly tonight...04:23
ubotucylex: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion04:23
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: VB is a virtual install of XP or whatever.. How could it have effects..inside?04:23
_Oz_all I really want virtualbox to do is run office 2007 and photoshop cs3.  If it can do that, I'm sold.04:23
acee1234Jack_Sparrow: im a bit new where is that file and what do i look for under wiki04:23
cylexDr_willis: thx04:23
Dr_willis_Oz_,  it should be able to do that. or use vmware, or you might want to check out crossover-office.04:23
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, i used tightvncviewer (standalone) and the ip was localhost::5900 or 5901 i forgot since itried them both04:23
badkitty_Oz_: You can run it hold on.. I just installed it.. let me try again just to be sure04:23
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:23
thinman1189cylex : that's weird. the dns servers i have in my ubuntu config is different than what ipconfig /all tells me on my dad's laptop. is it possible they changed?04:23
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, oh ok04:23
_Oz_jacksparrow: it doesn't.  but compiz doesn't play well with it.  as you close windows, etc. the screen is garbled.04:23
badkitty_Oz_: Yeo..04:23
_Oz_at least, that's what I've been told.04:24
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, does that still use the SSH or are you just direct connecting?04:24
_Oz_what's the current vers. of virtualbox?04:24
_Oz_maybe this article is a little out of date.04:24
=== zman_ is now known as Zombino
cylexthinman1189: this is what you put down for dns servers: nothing..04:24
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, it's using ssh, you set up the connection with putty first04:24
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, ok I think I got it then04:24
acee1234Jack_Sparrow:  and the wiki04:24
cylexthinman1189: if u want to try.. try the default gateway as first dns server, and as second one04:24
pocketwatchBlue_Sassley, alright, best of luck04:24
Dr_willis_Oz_,  you could check the virtualbox web site and see what the latest debs they got are.04:24
Zombinois anybody here familiar with OOo Basic?04:25
tockitjQ: what program can i use to burn cds from command line (live cd) ?04:25
goodmamino ideas?04:25
badkittyDr_willis: I've used it for a few months with no issues.. Thats  Compiz + Twinview + Virtualbox04:25
Starnestommytockitj: dd?04:25
iKapwhat is the command to install all needed codecs for MPLAYER?04:25
_Oz_I use twinview too, badkitty04:25
pocketdrummerZombino: Like the one that comes with Ubuntu? Or is it something else?04:25
sanestothere's a problem i got04:25
sanestowhen i boot ubuntu04:25
cylextockitj: dd I think04:25
sanestoi get this screen :04:25
thinman1189cylex why no dns? i had to have it before to work04:25
tockitjStarnestommy: dd can be used to burn cds ??04:26
acee1234Jack_Sparrow: Section "Extensions"  Option"Composite""Enable "-> "disable"?04:26
sanestoto fix this problem04:26
sanestoeach time i boot windows then boot ubuntu again04:26
Starnestommytockitj: yes04:26
sanestoand it works04:26
cylexthinman119: try it both ways04:26
Zombinopocketdrummer, it's the scripting language for open office.  I unistalled the ubuntu version and installed the regular version of OOo04:26
_Oz_badkitty: did you install a hacked or clean  copy of win xp for virtualbox?04:26
sanestobut next time i reget the screen :04:26
RJ_Squirrelacee1234: yes04:26
badkitty_Oz_: A clean SP1 disc I bought a few years ago04:26
pocketdrummerSanesto: I don't mean to harp on your man, but can you use periods instead of the enter key? It helps keep the clutter down.04:26
sanestoyea sorry04:26
Blue_Sassleypocketwatch, thanks04:26
badkitty_Oz_: But I also rub other things like back track or other OS's for testing and playing around with04:27
acee1234RJ_Squirrel: the restart x?04:27
acee1234RJ_Squirrel: then04:27
montedoes anyone know what i need to watch internet vids off the page ?04:27
RJ_Squirrelacee1234: yes04:27
_Oz_back track?04:27
acee1234RJ_Squirrel: than you04:27
badkitty_Oz_: I did try to install ubuntu server: Now that does not work in vbox afaik04:27
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: np04:27
pocketdrummerZombino: I've used the windows version you download from the website. I'm not sure if it's the same though.04:27
acee1234thank you too jack04:27
sanestoanyone knows how to solve my problem ? :P :D04:27
badkitty_Oz_: Backtrack is a pen testing OS based off of another linux distro04:27
goodmaminobody has problems with x-input method?  i can't input anything in x-based GUIs (and can't change the input method).  any help appreciated04:27
cylexmonte: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree    (its free)04:27
Zombinopocketdrummer, it's cool.  I've got a coding question, and now that I think about it it has nothing to do with Ubuntu so I'm in the wrong place to ask this anyway :P04:28
StarnestommyZombino: #openoffice.org may be a more appropriate place for it04:28
_Oz_I see04:28
_Oz_thanks for the tip, badkitty...  so you think I should just be able to do the standard virtualbox install and I'll be good to go?04:28
ZombinoThank you Starnestommy, didn't know there was such a channel!04:28
sanestoi got a problem with my ubuntu...i dual boot btw. when i boot my ubuntu i get this screen : http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/7717/dsc00090wa4.jpg to fix it i must boot windows then boot ubuntu again and it would work04:28
_Oz_did you follow a specific online tutorial?04:28
pocketdrummersanesto: What version of Ubuntu are you using and what kind of graphic card do you have?04:29
jijutmhi all i managed to screw my gdm configuration.. and now it starts a single server and tells me to correct the error.04:29
jijutmusing 7.1004:29
sanestogeforce 7500 LE04:29
jokie51hai2u all04:29
thinman1189cylex not working04:29
badkitty_Oz_: Yes I do04:29
pocketdrummerI have an nVidia card too, and it freaks out unless I set it to vesa then install the restricted drivers.04:29
jijutmi would appreciate if some one could shed the light..04:30
jijutmi am lost04:30
sanestoso u think the problem is the vga driver ?04:30
_Oz_I'm going to give it a shot, badkitty.04:30
cylexthinman1189: what ip you get when you type ifconfig -a04:30
iKapwhat codecs do i need to install for MPLAYER to play mpgs, divx, wmvs, etc.. just all basic formats?!04:31
jijutmon getting my gdm screen back to norma.04:31
pocketdrummersanesto: When you boot into Ubuntu, press Ctrl+Alt+F1. From there, type sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:31
sanestobut the prob is that i can't see anything on the screen to type...04:31
cptnapalmjijutm, what is your gdm screen doing?04:31
cylexthinman1189: when I had internet connection problem, every time I set the static ip, I had to reboot, in order for it to work, ubuntu networking is kinda messed up04:31
_Oz_Although, it's got me thinking: I realize this is old hat to all of you linuxheads who long ago swore off windows, but as a guy who's recently jumped off the ship, I am going through new thought processes.  what I'm wondering is: if I can't get away from the windows apps which chain me to M$, what's the point of ubuntu (other than having fun)?04:31
thinman1189cylex that gives me a lot of output which adress?04:31
badkittyiKap: go to medibuntu.org install the packages it has there (mostly libdvdcss2 and w32codecs and the ffmpeg one04:32
jijutmit shows me a warning only.. with no xservers are configured.. this may be a config error04:32
jijutmi should login and fix it04:32
thinman1189cylex i've rebooted multiple times and no dice04:32
pocketdrummersanesto: I can't either until I press ctrl+alt+F1. It takes you to the terminal. You have to make sure it is a capital X or it won't work. The terminal is case-sensitive.04:32
drpckenok right now i'm using Pidgin for a multi-protocol IM, only problem is when i have a chat window minimized, it doesn't flash when i receive a new message.  i didn't see a setting for this.  is there a way? or can you suggest a BETTER multiprotocol IM?04:32
iKapbadkitty, i rememebr there being a command to do this thorugh the terminal that installed all needed codecs.. etc.04:32
badkittyiKap: You can also do a sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:32
cptnapalmjijutm, so just a console?  No X at all?04:32
iKapbadkitty, thats all?04:32
cptnapalmah ok.  X is borked then.04:32
cptnapalmWhich is never fun.04:33
iKapmy X is broken as well, so im about to go restore.04:33
jijutmi dont get you04:33
cptnapalmWhat kind of graphics card do you get?04:33
supershorthow to i extract and install this realvnc program04:33
pocketdrummerWell, I guess he'll be back, he quit before I explained the rest.....04:33
cptnapalmack, have04:33
goodmamiyeah ok thanks anyway04:33
jijutmi did apt-get install xdm04:33
montecylex what are u talking about sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree were do i go to install it at?04:33
badkittyiKap: That with the medibuntu codecs and your multimedia will be basically complete04:33
jijutmand chose that as the default..04:33
jijutmI can login now..04:34
cptnapalmDon't think xdm would screw up X itself...04:34
pocketdrummerHow many people here have an nVidia card and cannot use the default nv drivers that come with Ubuntu?04:34
jijutmbut the familiar themed ubuntu login is no more available04:34
cptnapalmlogin on the console?04:34
Blue_SassleyWhat is a program I can use to download stuff on to a iPod... one that has the Apple OS on it still04:34
jokie51um, you can always use the nv driver for 2d things04:34
cptnapalmah, so xdm is not even starting?04:34
Blue_Sassley!ipod > Blue_Sassley04:34
jokie51i even had the nv driver running an 8800GTX04:34
Starnestommyjijutm: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm04:34
jokie51yea it was slow04:34
jokie51but until i figured out how to use the restricted devices manager, its all i had04:35
_Oz_can anyone recommend a recent virtualbox tutorial for me?04:35
_Oz_or should I just follow the instructions from virtualbox?04:35
Blue_SassleySorry guys ubutu has the answer04:35
bruenig"figured out"04:35
acee1234jack_sparrow: that killed my gnome display manager04:35
cptnapalmjijutm, do try what Starnestommy mentioned04:35
jijutmok will try that..04:35
cylexmonte: you want to install the flash player right?04:35
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: It should not have..  IT is from the ati page...04:35
badkitty_Oz_: Do you need one? It's not too complicated.. the hardest part is figuring out what additional package needs to be installed after it gives you an error the first time you try to run it04:35
jijutmthanks guys.. will check that and be back soon..04:36
cylexmonte: so that's one way or better way is this link I'll give you04:36
cptnapalmjijutm, best of luck04:36
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide04:36
_Oz_I'm the kind of guy that generally needs one, yes04:36
acee1234Jack_Sparrow: but the video is fixed04:36
thinman1189cylex : not working04:36
acee1234ill see if i can start display manager04:36
acee1234Jack_Sparrow: have to find it...04:36
supershorthow to i extract shit in console04:36
_Oz_One other question: is virtualbox definitively "better" than vmware?04:36
cptnapalmAnybody have a widescreen monitor and get the console NOT running off the screen?04:36
_Oz_as in faster, more stable, etc.04:36
pocketdrummersupershort: what are you extracting?04:37
acee1234"Unable to start the settings manager 'gnome-settings-daemon'. Without the GNOME settings manager running, some....."04:37
badkitty_Oz_: LOL, well ... It's a matter of opinion, but I found virtualbox much easier to get working with linux04:37
cylexthinman1189: dunno.. keep trying that tutorial.. or something04:37
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: Glad you got video working... gotta go..04:37
thinman1189cylex where in the forums should i try posting?04:37
cylexmonte: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash&P2_Platform=Linux04:37
montecylex: wats the link04:37
jokie51virtualbox doesnt support AMD-V or Intel VT extensions for virtualization04:37
jokie51Vmware does.04:37
=== Palintheus is now known as to
jokie51That's why I choose VMware over anything else.04:37
=== to is now known as Palintheus
cylexmonte: download the tar.gz  Its a binary .. easy install04:37
_Oz_Thanks, badkitty.04:37
pocketdrummercptnapalm: Mine doesn't run off. That's just default too. You may have to change settings (I dont' know which).04:38
thinman1189cylex ugh i just restarted and it did a forced check, 37 times without apparently.04:38
acee1234thank you jack04:38
_Oz_jokie: I have an AMD 64 chip, does that matter?04:38
supershorthow to i extract04:38
Starnestommysupershort: tar -xzf filename.tar.gz04:38
Starnestommywait, whoops04:38
jokie51oxez: X2 or better?04:38
montethen i extract or wat do i do04:38
cylexsupershort: tar -zxpvf filename.tar.gz04:38
badkitty_Oz_: PM me if you want help with it.. I actually have to finish installing the other package and set it up for first OS.. I'll go over it with you if you want04:38
* Starnestommy needs glasses, I think04:38
cylexmonte: then just run the binary04:39
cptnapalmpocketdrummer: Mine unfortunately does run off.. and the fonts are big and ugly.  I've tried some suggested work arounds, but nothing has helped yet... Which sucks as sometimes I really just want an ocean of text04:39
cylexmonte: do it from the terminal please04:39
bruenigcylex, p is more for creating archives isn't it?04:39
jokie51X2 (65nm variants) and Phenoms have AMD Secure Virtual.04:39
_Oz_thanks, badkitty04:39
acee1234anyone have any ideas why changing th xorg file composite entry from enabled to disable will kill gnome display manager and compiz?04:39
cylexbruenig: no04:39
OnyxHow can I install some new fonts?  I've got the ability to use ttfs, but I've forgotten the process for installing new fonts/refreshing the system's font cache.04:39
montehow do i do that04:39
cylexbruenig: to create it.. tar -cvf filename.tar.gz04:39
cptnapalmCompiz would need the composite entry wouldn't it?04:39
montei am new at this04:39
pocketdrummercptnapalm: What's your monitor's native resolution? Mine is 1680x1050.04:39
bruenigcylex, no but I mean p means to preserve the permission whilst creating an archive I thought04:40
cptnapalmpocketdrummer: mine's the same :(04:40
cylexbruenig: I think its without permission but not sure04:40
pocketdrummercptnapalm: That can't be it then... what about your video card?04:40
cylexmonte: read the documentation on www.ubuntu.com04:40
cptnapalmpocketdrummer: It's an nVidia 8500 GT.  Works wonderfully in X without any problems.04:41
Ashnalso ive found something that annoys me, which is that if im playing music of some sort, and my computer comes under a heavy processing load, the music will skip, is there a way to prevent this?04:41
bruenigAshnal, no04:41
monteokay so i go to the website and do wat04:41
jokie51Ashnal: yes. upgrade your CPU to a dual core/quad core. something capable of multithreading.04:42
cptnapalmAshnal: only if you up the nice level of the other stuff you are doing, I think.04:42
cylexmonte: read the Documentation04:42
Dr_willisHmm. I never have those issues. with my Audigy2zs card.04:42
jokie51dual core CPU's are dirt cheap.04:42
cylexmonte: cant teach you everything over the irc04:42
jokie51Theres no reason not to have at least 2 cores.04:42
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: Run fglrxinfo and make sure it says ati and NOT mesa....04:42
cptnapalmJust got a Quad Core PC (Acer) for $550 a few weeks ago.04:42
Ashnalexcept an older computer with a motherboard that doesnt support a dual core04:42
monteo then the internet link04:42
jokie51Ashnal: Don't even. :P04:42
supershortit wont work04:43
jokie51AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+: $65, MSI K9N AM2+ Board: $89, 1GB (2x512) DDR2-667: $3804:43
pocketdrummercptnapalm: You may want to try the forums. I honestly don't have enough experience with linux to be able to accurately identify the issue.04:43
Ashnalso theres no way to give sound output priority over other things always?04:43
jokie51like I said, cheap.04:43
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: Run fglrxinfo and make sure it says ati and NOT mesa.... sorry if this is a repeat..04:44
supershortben@ben-laptop:~$ tar -zxpvf vnc-4_1_2-x86_linux.tar.gz04:44
supershorttar: vnc-4_1_2-x86_linux.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory04:44
cptnapalmAshnal: actually try running the music player from the command line preceeded by nice 0 or so.   "man nice" for how to use nice04:44
pocketdrummercptnapalm: Maybe the problem lies in xorg.conf? Does anyone else have any knowledge of this?04:44
danbhfiveAshnal: how about nice values?04:44
jw144000poningru: Can I PM you?04:45
monteok thanks04:45
bob__hey pocketdrummer04:46
montei have got it so that should let me watch vids and everything right with just that download correct?04:46
russHello, can someone explain (or make an educated guess) why after installing KDE on my ubuntu (gutsy) system, the "places" menu in gnome doesn't work any more (fails to open a window)?04:46
cptnapalmpocketdrummer: I think it has to do with how the console is set up from the get go.  I remember way back when I compiled my own kernels I always included the framebuffer driver in the kernel.  The default kernels now only build them as a module and don't know when that module loads.04:46
pocketdrummerbob_ hi :D04:46
jokie51russ: much easier to just start from Kubuntu04:46
bob__u need help with nvidia?04:46
jokie51installing KDE on vanilla ubuntu tends to break a LOT of things.04:46
bob__pocket send me PM if u need help with nvidia04:46
badkittyAnyone remember what command to use when accessing mysql for the first time?04:46
acee1234when i disabled composite in the xorg file to get rid of video flickering it killed my compiz any ideas?04:46
Dr_willisHmm.. I install kubuntu-desktop on my Ubuntu machines all the time. No hassles.04:47
russjokie51 great, wish I knew that before doing it04:47
Starnestommyacee1234: compiz needs compisiting04:47
cptnapalmacee1234: wouldn't compiz require compositing?04:47
OnyxHow can I install some new fonts?  I've got the ability to use ttfs, but I've forgotten the process for installing new fonts/refreshing the system's font cache.04:47
jokie51badkitty: mysqladmin -u root password 'new password here'04:47
acee1234cptnapalm:  then is there a diferent way to get rid of my video/screen flickering?04:47
russjokie51 great, any suggestions for how to make it work again? Are the kde and gnome desktops incompatible?04:48
badkittyjokie51: ahh admin....04:48
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: What did fglrxinfo say04:48
acee1234someone said something about apic noapic04:48
cptnapalmacee1234: Not sure... using nVidia?04:48
bob__put them in the /etc/fonts dir04:48
jokie51russ: yes. :) remove KDE.04:48
cptnapalm/etc/fonts is for font config stuff...04:48
acee1234Jack_Sparrow: OpenGL renderer string: ATI Mobility Radeon X140004:49
_Oz_acee: that's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.04:49
jokie51It's a total PITA getting KDE to operate properly with Gnome on the same machine, unless you want to toil and burn for 1500 hours reinstalling applications by the dozen with support for both.04:49
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: good.. you should read that page I linked..it will get you going04:49
russjokie51 really?04:49
acee1234might you resend that link Captain?04:49
cptnapalmacee1234: I seem to remember something about vblank having something to do with that... which sounded just like vsync04:49
pocketdrummeronyx: there's also windows fonts in Add/Remove if you wanted those.04:49
jokie51russ: yes. generally when one is a KDE user he/she doesn't use Gnome, and vice versa. :P04:50
jokie51Kubuntu is much easier to start with04:50
jokie51its the same OS, just built around KDE04:50
Onyxpocketdrummer: Nah, I've got the windows fonts installed; just looking for how to install custom fonts and the like.04:50
_Oz_what's the diff essentially, between KDE and gnome?04:50
jokie51_Oz_: Well, for one, Gnome is for retarded people. :)04:50
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: Different desktops and basic app selection04:50
jokie51Or at least that is what Mr. Torvalds says.04:51
Jack_Sparrowjokie51: Please dont do that04:51
pocketdrummerjokie51:  you're hurting my heart man :_(04:51
jokie51Gnome is oversimplified.04:51
cptnapalmOdd thing is when Gnome and KDE started out, they looked almost exactly the same... Now they look rather different since Gnome changed the default to a Windows/Mac hybrid interface04:51
jokie51It's insulting to Linux users.04:51
Starnestommyjokie51: so is trolling04:51
bob__i went 2 an apple store 2day and asked if i could buy the OS and install it on a pentium box and it took like 4-5 ppl asking eachother if it could b done04:51
bob__then the answer came from the back of the store:04:52
ipodtouchdoes ubuntu still suck?04:52
cptnapalmjokie51: Odd seeing as Gnome and all its stuff was developed by Linux users whereas KDE started with a proprietary toolkit04:52
ipodtouchcan i run photoshop on it yet04:52
bob__"the official answer is no, but...."04:52
supershortyes u can04:52
acee1234Jack sparrow wich link was that the gutsy install guide?04:52
=== Veinor is now known as Veinor|ZzZ
Starnestommyipodtouch: with wine, I think04:52
supershortuse wine for photosohp04:52
ipodtouchcan i run games, photoshop and shit04:52
zelrikriandoipodtouch: with Vbox you can04:52
pocketdrummerjokie51: It depends what your target audience is. Gnome and KDE are both user friendly. So, naturally, more people will be inclined to switch from windows if it isn't a pain to learn.04:52
ipodtouchi mean04:52
ipodtouchdoes adobe support ubuntu04:52
ipodtouchi dont have time to waste04:52
FloodBot3ipodtouch: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:52
ipodtouchi use photoshop professionaly04:52
Dr_willisipodtouch,  try reading and doing some research ane less trolling.04:52
cptnapalmipodtouch: You obviously have time to waste.  You are on IRC.04:53
Jack_Sparrowbeat me to it04:53
russjokie51, if I go back into synaptic package manager and remove kde-desktop, is it likely to make everything in my gnome system work again?04:53
=== Ash908 is now known as Ashfire908
zelrikriandoipodtouch: a friend of mine does too, he installed Vbox and CS304:53
bob__has anyone fixed the slow boot with gutsy?04:53
zelrikriandoipodtouch: he installed ubuntu this morning04:53
pocketdrummeripodtouch: You can get Gimp, which is kind of the same as photoshop. Adobe Flash works (unless the repository tanks)04:53
jokie51russ: most likely not, but you can try :)04:53
bob__i like gutsy but it took 5 min to boot up04:54
mastxhello! anyone managed to get their wireless working on an ibook g4 with 6.06? i tried both the drivers from linuxwireless & fwcutter... but no luck04:54
badkittyzelrikriando: Hey04:54
ipodtouchif unbuntu is so good04:54
ipodtouchwhy is there 1145 people here04:54
cptnapalmbob__:  what speed is the machine?04:54
ipodtouchasking for help04:54
ipodtouchwhen it's surpose to be easy04:54
Jack_Sparrowipodtouch:  Stop trolling04:54
bob__p4 512MB04:54
russjokie51 all my desktop icons also disappeared, and to top it off, my keyboard doesn't work in kde - so the kde installation managed to break both04:54
Dr_willisipodtouch,  you are proving you  know very little..04:54
Onyxipodtouch: spelling is supposed to be easy too.04:54
zelrikriandoipodtouch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAD0ebyFFYY look at this and go away04:54
cptnapalmipodtouch: There are magazines, websites and best selling books on Windows problems...04:54
acee1234so i should whitelist my gpu to fix compiz if i read that right04:54
* Dr_willis is waiting for service pack 1 for Ubuntu to get released.04:55
SeraphAnyone know how to get a Broadcom to connect to a WEP wireless netwrok?04:55
jokie51russ: I'd say you're up sh*t creek without a paddle. :)04:55
bob__i had to laugh at all the koolaid drinkers in the apple store 2dday!!!04:55
pocketdrummereveryone: he's gone. *phew*04:55
LinuxMercedesDr_willis: lol04:55
Flashq009What is the best opensource software to design websites out of templates?04:55
amenadoSeraph-> can you even get it working without the encryption first?04:55
cptnapalmbob__: hmm... Even my slow laptop boots Solaris faster than that...  And Solaris does not boot quickly04:55
napash7i've installed ubuntu on my external hard drive....i set my BIOS to boot the usb device 1st, but it won't boot, can any 1 help?04:55
bob__php perl04:55
uhohzombiesi'm having trouble installing gutsy x64. i was able to install i386 using the live cd, but with x64 both live and alternative cause my PC to reboot when mapping something or other04:56
Seraphamenado: Yes, It now picks up networks, as opposed to having a blank sheet.04:56
danbhfiveFlashq009: maybe drupal?04:56
russjokie51, I guess that's one of the dangers of community-supported software, somebody from the community told me it was going to work fine04:56
bob__it boots fine with dapper and edgy04:56
SeraphIt just won't connect to anything distant or encrypted.04:56
jokie51napash7: did you install Grub/Lilo to the external hard disk/s MBR?04:56
badkittyFlashq009: I like Joomla04:56
napash7jokie51: Yes04:56
zelrikriandoI am sure ipodtouch is running Vista :D04:56
russjokie51 although he suggested installing kde-core04:56
Starnestommyuhohzombies: try adding noapic to the boot options in the livecd04:56
jokie51russ: well they lied. i tried installing KDE applications and they all pulled in KDE as a dependency and then everything went tits up.04:56
cptnapalmzelrikriando: Of course he is, it 1Z da R0X0rZ04:56
uhohzombiesthanks, will try that right now04:56
scott_is there  anyway to get a lexmark x5470 to work on ubuntu04:56
amenadoSeraph-> can you elaborate on what you meant by picks up? you meant detects it or associates to an access point?04:57
pocketdrummerzelrikriando: I beta tested Vista. I knew ahead of time that I should look for alternatives, lol.04:57
napash7jokie51: do u mind if PM you?04:57
zelrikriandolol pocketdrummer04:57
napash7*if i PM you04:57
russjokie so do you have an idea why my keyboard is unresponsive in kde?04:57
jokie51I don't care if anyone pm's me, to be honest.04:57
amenadoSeraph-> just like your AM radio, you may not be able to pickup stations from alaska, assuming you are not in alaska04:57
jokie51theres no obligation to answer PM's on the internet so why does everyone get so upset? :P04:57
cptnapalmbob__: only thing that might help you narrow down the problem that I can think of would be to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst so as not to do the splash and instead display the console output04:58
Flashq009ok thanks, researching joomla and drupal04:58
Seraphamenado: Whereas previously the wireless networks tab was completely blank, it now shows all WiFi areas around. So yes, I'd say it detects it. Not sure about the access point.04:58
amenadojokie its is called net etiguette04:58
chubs730srupal is nice04:58
pocketdrummerzelrikriando: Nothing worked, it was slow, and coming out of standby was an interesting technicolor adventure. Thank god for Ubuntu. :D04:58
badkittyOk Yah I am having trouble connecting to mysql Keep getting access denied.. mysql -u root doesn't work and neither does trying to change the pw using mysqladmin -root .. any ideas?04:58
=== gouki_ is now known as gouki
napash7jokie51: i have grub installed but ubuntu still won't boot from the external usb drive04:58
bob__cpt: i dabbled with that and i still had no luck. it had something to do with compiz. I didnt have the same prob with compiz on fedora 704:58
amenadoSeraph-> detecting is a first step towards association to an access point04:59
Seraphamenado: You'll have to elaborate a bit for me, I'm afraid.04:59
monteokay now i have my other problems fixed what plugins do i need to play a dvd on the computer?04:59
jokie51im getting pissed off :P anyone got a pair of those stress reliever balls that you twirl in one hand?04:59
danbhfivebadkitty: have you tried the computer root password?  the password of the first user...?04:59
pocketdrummerI know we're in the Ubuntu Channel, but what would everyone say is better or at least a close second to Ubuntu?05:00
napash7jokie51: is there any way to fix this problem b/c i still can't boot from usb even with the BIOS having the USB device set to boot 1st05:00
jokie51monte: libdvdcss/libdvdnav/libdvdread05:00
cptnapalmpocketdrummer: Here's a funny XP story.  About 2 years ago I got a laptop with XP on it.  Eventually wiped out the windows partition in favor of Ubuntu.  One day, decide that I would like a small XP partition for some games.  I pop in the disc and install XP... which couldn't find a driver for my wireless card or audio... I laughed.05:00
papuccino1Just wanted to say, whoever invented the "negative window" is a freakin' genius.05:00
ChamPropocketdrummer: plain ol' Debian05:00
Onyxdoes wine use its own font server?05:00
papuccino1It's so useful for reading ebooks or any text.05:00
montein the synaptic05:00
badkittydanbhfive: I just figured it out.. it needed a -p for some reaosns05:00
amenadoSeraph-> your radio has to detect the signal 1st before it can select to associate to that transmitter05:00
papuccino1So easy on the eyes.05:00
jokie51Onyx: yes. fontforge05:00
montei put it in the search05:00
papuccino1Try it out if you have compiz05:00
papuccino1superkey + n    (superkey is the windows key)05:01
Seraphamenado: And, if it's on roaming, how do I check if it is able to associate with it?05:01
danbhfivebadkitty: ah yes, -p means to enter a password05:01
Seraphit being the signal. :P05:01
Onyxjokie51: How can I install fonts using fontforge?05:01
cptnapalmbob__: Do you know if it hangs on something in particular?05:01
thinman1189hey everyone. i'm having some trouble with my internet. i switched from wireless to wired to flash my firmware. i didn't actually flash it, that's not the issue. anyway i went to go reconnect to my wireless and i can't for some reason. what's the command to reboot my net? i tried rebooting my computer but it won't work. i have a Belkin F5D7000 using ndis wrapper.05:01
Scunizipapuccino1, ok you've got my curiosity.. how to I make a window "negative"05:01
montejokie51: do i search that in the add/remove programs05:02
jokie51fontforge is the rendering engine for wine05:02
papuccino1Just press superkey + n Scunizi05:02
jokie51thats all05:02
jokie51monte: what?05:02
Infinito_let me ask, now everytime I try to change the desktop visual effects from 'none' to any other level, the frames of all windows change, the closing and minimizing buttons shift to the top left... how can I preserve the compiz stuff but revert that? a print of my screen ->http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/1438/screenshotik8.png05:02
papuccino1You have to activate it in the compiz gnome manager.05:02
pocketdrummercptnapalm: That's pretty funny. It's amazing how fast you can get Ubuntu working on a new system (as long as you don't hit any weird roadblock along the way.)05:02
badkittydanbhfive: How come NONE of a tutorials say that?? arg05:02
Jangaridoes anyone know how to install the mp3/ogg vorbis libraries for sox?05:02
montefor the dvd to play?05:02
zelrikriandopocketdrummer: I showed my video of ubuntu this morning to my friend...this afternoon he had ubuntu installed+ Vbox(+XP)05:02
Scunizipapuccino1, do you have to have all the bells and whistles turned on?05:02
papuccino1Scunizi: System > Preferences > Advanced Desktop Settings05:02
amenadoSeraph-> associate meant it has established a handshake and connected whereby the ap gives you and ip address and communicate with the ap05:02
badkittydanbhfive: I suppose it might say that in the manual... but the tutorials SHOULD have that too ... wheres my pacifier?05:02
cptnapalmpocketdrummer: Its something I like to throw at Windows fanatics when they babble about hardware support.05:03
papuccino1Scunizi, no, I only have the ones I like for instance, while holding the windows key and mousewheel up I zoom in dynamically. WHICH IS SUPER USEFUL.05:03
amenadoSeraph->  perhaps a tutorial on what is a wireless connection is in order for you..05:03
danbhfivebadkitty: I only use mysql for drupal, and it was in the directions I followed, maybe you need some ubuntu specific tutorials05:03
jokie51ok theres no freakin way in h*ll i cankeep up with all the questions05:03
Scunizipapuccino1, yes  I use that too.. can I make any window negative?  It's not working in xchat05:03
jokie51if people have something to ask me please pm it to me05:03
jokie51so much to answer, so little time :P05:03
jokie51im only 1 person.05:03
badkittydanbhfive: Thats where I found them.. on UBUNTU sites! anyhow, you like drupal better than Joomla?05:04
papuccino1Maybe you don't have it activated.05:04
pocketdrummerinfinito_: enabling compiz Macifies your windows? Did you install compiz separately or is it the one that comes with Ubuntu?05:04
papuccino1Scunizi, search for it in the Gnome Compiz Manager.05:04
Scunizipapuccino1, never mind I found it.. in ccsm.. nice!05:04
cptnapalmpocketdrummer: Its always sad when someone is new and no one can help because the hardware maker is a jackass about support... I mean here is someone trying something new and through no fault of their own, can't get it running05:04
ninjabob7has anyone played vdrift?05:04
=== Whitesmith is now known as FBIGuy
papuccino1Scunizi, how about it huh? Incredible, so much easier on the eyes. -cries-05:04
Scunizipapuccino1, reminds me of irssi05:04
j1solutionshello all05:05
papuccino1Ok, see ya gotta go05:05
danbhfivebadkitty: yeah, im stuck on drupal too.  I made a custom module for it.  But, I found drupal simpler in its layout.   I remember a contest between a bunch of them, and drupal and joomla tied05:05
ninjabob7is anyone knowledgeable about opengl?05:05
pocketdrummercptnapalm: Actually, I'm in the middle of that exact issue right now. I have a Creative X-Fi that just WON'T work properly.05:05
cptnapalmninjabob7: John Carmack of iD software?  ;)05:05
Scunizininjabob7, ask a definitive question .. get a devinitive answer :)05:05
ninjabob7anyone in here, that is?05:05
badkittydanbhfive: Oh.. I just found more support for joomla, and easier to get it started .. could be different now? Who knows...Joomla is great though.. The just had a new relase too05:06
ninjabob7because I'm not sure if this issue is a bug in the game or something fixable05:06
cptnapalmpocketdrummer: Which is odd.. as Creative are the same people that came up with OpenAL so as NOT to have to deal with multitudes of different audio architecture05:06
_Oz_I can't get VM to start05:06
Scunizibadkitty,  do you know of any online tutorials for changing the theme in joomla? or creating your own?05:06
IceGuest_75hello all05:06
thinman1189i switched from wireless to wired to flash my firmware. i didn't actually flash it, that's not the issue. anyway i went to go reconnect to my wireless and i can't for some reason.  i tried rebooting my computer but it won't work. i have a Belkin F5D7000 using ndis wrapper.05:07
cptnapalmninjabob7: Not sure this would be the best place for something that specific...  I'm still coping with void pointers...05:07
badkittyScunizi: To change the theme, you download new ones and install them into the directory .. To make your own, the best way is to be a CSS and PHP god.. if not, they have some software you can use to give the basic syntax for what is required, then you can fill in the rest using html or some WYSIWYG tool05:08
_Oz_you around, badkitty?05:08
eu4eaIn vlc I don't get any sound when playing avi files, I have install all of the plugins for vlc, but still nothing, can anyone help?05:08
pocketdrummercptnapalm: Up until earlier this month, they didn't even have a working driver (which sorta works with OSS... sorta). It's a little depressing considering the Audigy 2 ZS I got rid of worked perfectly.05:08
cptnapalmthinman1189: what does ifconfig -a give you in the console?05:08
Jack_SparrowThug-life: Please do not post a link without a description of the problem05:08
Infinito_pocketdrummer, it's the one that comes with ubuntu, yes it does.. and well, I installed emerald too although the themes are not working.. The windows changing thing happened when I clicked on "GL Desktop", immediately some conflict wtih compiz came up, compiz was disabled. I enabled it again, but the windows thing remained :(05:08
_Oz_badkitty: getting errors when I try to start a vm05:08
badkitty_Oz_: OK PM me ok?05:08
K_dallasQ: What package should i install for this (checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.0) (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!), thanks05:08
_Oz_badkitty: I did05:08
cptnapalmpocketdrummer: Damn that does suck...05:08
_Oz_...  you didn't reply05:08
StarnestommyK_dallas: libqt-dev05:09
* jokie51 goes to talk to the wife05:09
K_dallasStarnestommy, let me try that, thanks05:09
uhohzombiesx64 gutsy is still rebooting after "kernal alive, kernal direct mapping tables" despite adding noapic to the boot options05:09
thinman1189cptnapalm: for eth0?05:09
erichHello, I recently installed an SB Audigy 2 ZS soundcard but now the only sound I get is in xmms, which does sound really good and the surround even works, anyone know why it only works in xmms?05:09
pocketdrummerInfinito_: You know, last time I tried to go beyond the default Compiz settings provided in Ubuntu, I bricked the OS. Scary stuff for me.05:09
badkittyBRB folks!!05:10
_Oz_my machine is now massively messed up05:10
bob__my last name is upandowninthewater05:10
_Oz_something vm did made ubuntu very unhappy05:10
IceGuest_75just a quick question 7.10 will not let me connect to the net shows the icon but no light on the router as it is not conecting.also this is my first instalation of ubuntu should i load 7.04 as I read there are very few problems with this version as far as conection issuses05:10
montelibdvdcss libdvdnav libdvdrea were do i go to get them ?05:10
Scunizi_Oz_, which vm manager are you using?05:10
Infinito_pocketdrummer, yeah now I wish I haven't messed around with that :/05:11
Dr_williserich,  try the bmpx [ player. - Its possible xmms is  dupliocating the front speakers to the rear giving surround sound.05:11
craigbass1976Ok, turns out I had a bad cable, and somehow the MBR got hosed.  I've got that all fixed, and can boot again to my feisty install.  However, I can't log in.  Getting the "last sesion only lasted 10 seconds" bit.  CtrlAtlF1 takes me to a terminal where I CAN log in, but the text is so big it's useless.  Tried restarting gdm, to no avail05:11
_Oz_virtualbox, scunizi05:11
amenadoIceGuest_75-> what icon are you referring to?05:11
thiemstermonte: have you tried apt-get?05:11
K_dallasStarnestommy, i dont seem to have that library. I have a few different ones with qt3 and qt4 which are already installed05:11
Jack_Sparrowpocketdrummer: http://linuxfud.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/how-to-reset-ubuntugnome-settings-to-defaults-without-re-installing/05:11
erichMaybe, but no sound works in any other programs at all05:11
Scunizi_Oz_, sorry I don't know that one.. I'm using vmware server.. pretty easy.05:11
Dr_willisIgot an audigy 2Zs Sound works good for me in all my apps.05:11
erichSurround is not the issue05:11
montewat is apt-get?05:11
_Oz_I'm starting to think vmware is looking pretty good05:11
amenadocraigbass1976-> try ctrl +alt+ -  and see if it recyles through font sizes05:11
Jack_Sparrowpocketdrummer: That is for the next time you make a change that causes issues05:11
thiemstermonte:it's the way to install things in debian-based distros (look it up in wikipedia)05:11
Dr_willismonte,  time to really read some of the ubuntu starter guides. :)05:11
Dr_willis!apt-get | monte05:12
ubotumonte: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)05:12
pocketdrummerJack_Sparrow: O.O Does that actually work?! If so, you are my hero.05:12
Jack_SparrowYEs it works05:12
cptnapalmmonte: search for them in the repositories.  There will be a file which installs with libdvdread (I think) that you run and that will install libdvdcss205:12
Scunizimonte, apt-get is what you use at the command line to install packages.05:12
pocketdrummerJack_Sparrow: You are my hero!05:12
craigbass1976amenado, no love there05:12
Jack_Sparrowpocketdrummer: You do lose your icons on the taskbar but everything else is factory fresh05:12
_Oz_ubuntu no longer boots05:12
Jangarican someone tell me how to get libmp3lame?05:12
monteo see i kno wat synaptic is lol....05:12
Scunizi_Oz_, with server you can install any os from cd or iso. with player you're limited to preconfigured vm's05:13
thiemstermonte: (example command "sudo apt-get install libdvdcss")05:13
uhohzombiesany idea why gutsy x64 will not install? i386 works fine as long as i choose safe graphics mode, but x64 reboots upon kernal direct mapping tables05:13
_Oz_wow, that was a spectacular failure.  everyone: recommending you DO NOT install virtualbox05:13
amenadocraigbass1976-> try to remove splash from your grub05:13
OmletteJangari: sudo apttitude install libmp3lame05:13
OmletteI think.05:13
craigbass1976I've also noticed that the date is march 200505:13
cptnapalmmonte: Just look for them in synaptic.  Should be there05:13
Holmes89hey can anyone help me with some server quesions?05:13
amenado_Oz_-> ahem, not everyone, i like virtual box05:13
Holmes89I'm new with command line05:13
craigbass1976yet the motherboard knows the right date... not sure if this is important05:13
montei tryed and there not05:13
Holmes89I just need to update my web page file but I don't know how to05:13
_Oz_amenado: it just hosed my entire ubuntu install05:13
craigbass1976Holmes89, perhaps.  WHat's the issue05:14
_Oz_good lord05:14
Jack_SparrowInfinito_: Did you see the post to pocketdrummer?05:14
_Oz_dunno how, but it did05:14
monteonly one in there close to it is libdv405:14
amenado_Oz_-> what were you doing?05:14
craigbass1976Holmes89, you can vi it05:14
uhohzombiesbetter yet, is there any worthwhile reason to use x64, despite having a 64 bit processor05:14
ScuniziHolmes89, web page file?  you mean index.htm05:14
Jangarigrr, i must not have the right repos set up for the lame encoder05:14
_Oz_amenado: just following the install instructions is all.05:14
StarnestommyHolmes89: actually, vim.  it's a text editor05:14
cptnapalmI don't think libmp3lame is in the repos...05:14
_Oz_now ubuntu literally won't boot.  insane05:14
JangariCouldn't find any package whose name or description matched "libmp3lame"05:14
Holmes89yeah I want to copy my assets folder and all of my web pages I've made05:14
pocketdrummerInfinito_: In case you didn't see what Jack_Sparrow said, check this out, it's golden... http://linuxfud.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/how-to-reset-ubuntugnome-settings-to-defaults-without-re-installing/05:15
Holmes89to the /var/www/ folder05:15
amenado_Oz_-> you were just installing and has it ever completed or you are still stuck on the install?05:15
ScuniziHolmes89, vi can be complicated for the first time user.. you could also use gedit..05:15
cptnapalmStarnestommy: I'm not sure vi is the best bet for someone who can't yet do basic shell stuff...05:15
_Oz_it appeared to install ok05:15
craigbass1976Holmes89, heh... command line text editor.  Pretty much you type vi filename, hit i once you're in, do the edits, and hit Esc, then :wq to write and quit.  If you screw up or get nervous, hit :q! instead to quit without writing05:15
Starnestommycptnapalm: maybe emacs or nano05:15
Holmes89how will I use gedit to do this though?05:15
_Oz_it kept giving me an error msg when starting a vm05:15
_Oz_so I rebooted05:15
_Oz_and that's when all hell broke loose05:15
Infinito_hm I'll look that up thx jack-desktop pocketdrummer05:15
chubs730vim is nicer05:15
craigbass1976Holmes89, is the web server in front of you, or remote?05:15
jack-desktopwhat Infinito_ ?05:15
Holmes89in front05:16
Jack_Sparrowpocketdrummer: THere is your test case but I have had two people here today alone that had this work for them, plus I tried it on my own system first for a test.. Yes it works05:16
cptnapalmStarnestommy: If he's in X, then I'd recommend just using gedit... for the moment, to him...05:16
_Oz_is vmware a little more robust and less prone to this kind of thing?05:16
ScuniziHolmes89, do you have a copy of index.html seperate from where it is on the server?05:16
Infinito_jack-desktop, wrong guy sorry05:16
_Oz_even if it's slower, I think I'd want something more stable even at a performance hit.05:16
Holmes89I don't have an interface05:16
Infinito_thx Jack_Sparrow05:16
Holmes89I have it on a thumb drive05:16
Jordan_Uwhen I try to use perl style regular expressions with grep (  grep --perl-regexp ) I get the error : "grep: The -P option is not supported" but it's in the man page as an option, is there something that I need to do to add support for this?05:16
ScuniziHolmes89, interface?  you want to edit it live?05:16
thiemstercan i dual boot windows 2000 (dell edition) with my already installed Ubuntu 7.10?05:16
craigbass1976Oh, well you can just sudo chown -R holmes:holmes /var/www/ and you'll be able to use gedit and edit the files05:16
chubs730thiemster: yes05:16
Scunizithiemster, yes05:16
_Oz_vboxdrv is apparently screwing up the boot05:17
thiemsterchubs730: how?05:17
Jack_SparrowInfinito_: One line in cli and restart x, come right back and let us know when you are done05:17
IceGuest_75ok should i install 7.04 to take care of my internet connection or try to fix 7.10? anyone05:17
Holmes89I'm sorry I mean I am using just command line, I haven't installed a gui for the server05:17
_Oz_linux won't boot except in low graphics mode05:17
thiemsterchubs730: I tried it once and the windows 2000 installation failed05:17
pocketdrummerJack_Sparrow: I've lost count of how many times I've reformatted to fix things. This is probably the best bit of information I've received in a looooong time.05:17
_Oz_arrrrgh why'd I do this why why why05:17
ScuniziHolmes89, then vi or nano.. nano is simpler05:17
craigbass1976Holmes89, then you'd either have to set up a nfs share so you could get at it from another box, or learn vi05:17
chubs730thiemster: you'll have to partition beforehand in linux, using gparted05:17
Jordan_Uthiemster, Be careful though, sometimes the OEM restore CD's reformat the entire drive05:17
thiemsterchubs730: you mean with the gparted livecd?05:17
chubs730thiemster: you'll most likely have to use the livecd yes05:18
amenado_Oz_-> not all can afford an high rez capable graphics card..twas designed to work with older machines05:18
thiemsterchubs730: after i partition, do i just install windows 2000 the normal way?05:18
Jack_Sparrowpocketdrummer: It is not for everything..  mostly things like messing up a theme or other settings in gnome05:18
Holmes89I have ubuntu desktop installed as a separate partition on the computer I'm using as a server is there a way I can mount the drive to change the file?05:18
chubs730thiemster: shrink your linux partition and format it to ntfs, and windows 2000 should recognize it and install05:18
_Oz_amenado: tell that to the guys who built compiz-fusion05:18
uhohzombiesmy gutsy x64 install is rebooting my pc when 'kernel mapping tables', i can't get it to install. any ideas? is x64 even worth using over i386 for home desktop purposes?05:18
thiemsterchubs730: is there anyway to do it without deleting all my linux stuff?05:18
chubs730thiemster: and then you'll have to use the ubuntu livecd to rebuild grub, but that's fairly easy05:18
supershorthow can i cancel all software installations05:18
jokie51everyone can afford a "high rez graphics card"05:19
jokie51heres an example.05:19
Scunizi!mount > Holmes05:19
pocketdrummerJack_Sparrow: That's ok, it just gives me another option before throwing in the towel.05:19
amenado_Oz_-> compiz has a minimum, ubuntu install has much much less requirements05:19
craigbass1976Holmes89, yes, nfs share is like windows sharing for linux.05:19
Scunizi!mount > Holmes8905:19
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: Chill... look for a backup of your old xorg05:19
Jordan_Upocketdrummer, You almost never *need* to do a full reinstall to fix a problem05:19
chubs730thiemster: yes, gparted will automatically do that for you, it shows you what you've used and you can just drag the space smaller05:19
jokie51NVIDIA Geforce FX5900: $5905:19
chubs730thiemster: unless you've used up almost all your disk space05:19
_Oz_how, jack spar-- er, CAPTAIN jack sparrow?05:19
jokie51capable of driving two 1920x1200 LCD's05:19
Holmes89nfs share? how does that work?05:19
thiemsterchubs730: nope, i haven't used up the space. i still have about 50 gigabytes left05:19
Jack_SparrowJordan_U: Hi, did you have a help page for the bcm943xx cards?05:19
MunchkinguyHow can I stop mplayerplug.in from opening in its own window?05:20
=== [gquit]bombadil is now known as bombadil
thiemsterchubs730: and that's more than enough for windows 2000. it's a pretty small installation05:20
Jordan_U!broadcom | Jack_Sparrow05:20
ubotuJack_Sparrow: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx05:20
thiemsterchubs730: thanks for your advice, i'll try it again one of these days05:20
Jack_SparrowJordan_U: Not the same card05:20
chubs730thiemster: yeah that'll be fine then, just boot into gparted, shrink your ext2 or ext3 or whatever you're using for ubuntu, and then format the blank space as ntfs05:20
Jordan_UJack_Sparrow, Sorry, misread05:20
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: Are you in gui.. low res?05:20
chubs730thiemster: no problem05:20
craigbass1976Scunizi, hey, I've never tried nano before.  Thanks for the tip05:20
pocketdrummerJordan_U: Well, sometimes something happens where programs stop working. Like deskbar died and wouldn't come back, Ardour would close itself after opening. Things like that. Reinstalling and even completely removing and reinstalling didn't work. Do you guys know how to fix things like that?05:20
ScuniziHolmes89, why did you create a seperate partion for the server install. you could have included that with the normal Ubuntu install or done it in a virtual machine..05:20
Jordan_UJack_Sparrow, I don't now but let me look a second05:20
Scunizicraigbass1976, np.. it's saved me several times.05:21
Jack_SparrowJordan_U: dont bother05:21
Jack_SparrowJordan_U: I mistook you for someone else..05:21
supershortit says this 'setting up vnccommon' and it does nothing but stop me from installing other shit05:21
Holmes89because I'm only testing out the software, getting used to it so when I'm finally able to make a server I'll know what to do05:21
craigbass1976Scunizi, I've just been using vi the whole time.  Nano's neat though.05:21
=== IceGuest_75 is now known as spud213
amenadocraigbass1976-> if you ever get stuck with editing a text file,  ed is always available05:21
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: Fire up thunar or nautilus and look in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.dateofbackup05:21
Scunizicraigbass1976, I tried vi once but I didn't have a referance handy for how to save and exit.. really frustrating.05:22
chubs730jeez who started the editor debate05:22
supershortI neeeeed hlep05:22
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
prohnaanyone ever tried to install the lingua translate module?05:22
Scunizi!ask | supershort05:22
ubotusupershort: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:22
prohnaso that i can install this xchat-babelfish script?05:22
_Oz_then what, jack?05:22
pocketdrummerYou know, there is one thing that I still have a problem fixing that you guys might know more about. Whenever I edit xorg.conf hit F7, my video goes into Low-Quality mode or Low-res mode or something like that. Do you know what could be wrong?05:22
supershorti asked the question05:22
badkitty_Oz_: Ok Im back05:22
supershortit says this 'setting up vnccommon' and it does nothing but stop me from installing other shit05:22
Holmes89what do I do with nfs ?05:22
_Oz_badkitty: virtualbox VERY BAD05:22
Scunizipocketdrummer, restart x with ctrl+alt+backspace.. might fix it.05:23
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: Copy it over the existing xorg.conf  after saving the current one of course05:23
badkitty_Oz_: How is that?05:23
_Oz_it hosed me05:23
amenado!lanugage | supershort05:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lanugage - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:23
_Oz_ubuntu wouldn't boot for a time05:23
Jack_Sparrowsupershort: Letrs keep it family friendly.. thanks05:23
badkitty_Oz_: wouldn't boot because of vbox? Thats ridiculous.. what did you do?05:23
supershorthow can i fix the problem tho05:23
pocketdrummerScunizi: I've actually tried rebooting altogether, but it doesn't work. I have to restore xorg.conf from xorg.conf_backup.05:23
chubs730supershort: you may have to manually uninstall vnccommon, unless you really need it05:23
supershorthow i do that05:23
craigbass1976Scunizi, yeah, especially if you were in vi and not vim.  Vi kind of blows05:24
Scunizipocketdrummer, do what are you editing that's making the difference?05:24
erichIs there a way I can reconfigure the installed codecs? I installed a new soundcard and now I only have sound in xmms05:24
chubs730supershort: dpkg should do it05:24
spud213help on 7.10 internet connection05:24
acee1234can someone tell me why my max display resolution is 1400x 1050 should be 1680x 105005:24
papuccino1Hm... there's three choices for the IDLE python enviroment. Which should I choose?05:25
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: Common problem is wrong v/h refresh rates in the xorg05:25
chubs730papuccino1: what do you mean?05:25
pocketdrummerscunizi, the mouse configuration, surprisingly. I have a G7 Mouse and I'm trying to get all the buttons to work. Right now, I'm using btnx (which halfway works).05:25
cptnapalmacee1234: What kind of card is it?05:25
papuccino1There's : 2.4   and  2.5 (both maintaned the Ubuntu community) and then there's 2.5 maintained by Canonical LTD.05:25
papuccino1Sorry didn't explain well. There's three in the Repositories.05:25
_Oz_badkitty: all I did was follow the instructions, then ubuntu wouldn't boot when I rebooted05:25
papuccino1Applications> Add/Remove05:26
acee1234cptnapalm: ati x140005:26
chubs730papuccino1: ahh, IDLE isn't vital, but 2.5 community or canonical should be fine05:26
_Oz_it was that driver package I think05:26
Scunizipocketdrummer, can't help with the specifics but now you know that there is an error in what you're trying to do.05:26
_Oz_I got it booted back up but all of my gfx settings are gone05:26
acee1234Jack_Sparrow: solution?05:26
chubs730papuccino: unless you have python 2.4 of course05:26
cptnapalmacee1234: know the make and model of the monitor?05:26
papuccino1chubs: what do you mean isn't vital? Please explain a bit, I know I can still program in Terminal, is that what you mean?05:26
j_humphreyhow do i install gtk themes?05:26
owen1how to find the video card i have?05:26
Holmes89how will I use nfs or nano to copy over my html code and assets folder?05:26
_Oz_trying to restore from xorg.conf backup now05:26
_Oz_recommend you DO NOT use virtual box05:26
Starnestommyowen1: lspci05:26
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: Find the v/h for your specific monitor and edit the xorg..again..:)05:26
papuccino1j_humphry: download Emerald from synaptic05:26
Scuniziowen1, lspci05:26
spud213can someone please post a link where i can read on how to fix my net connection in 7.10 thanks05:26
acee1234cptnapalm: laptop um..... dell e150505:26
Holmes89I'm confused about what this can do for me05:26
amenado_Oz_-> stop trolling05:26
owen1Scunizi: thanks05:27
badkitty_Oz_: That is very strange...Seriously Ive never had a problem with it.. I'll even make a screen shot of it if you want05:27
_Oz_I am not trolling.05:27
Jack_Sparrowacee1234: Same difference..05:27
chubs730papuccino1: well, IDLE is simply a text editor geared towards python05:27
cptnapalmacee1234: hrrm...05:27
erichI installed a new soundcard and now I only have sound in xmms, any idea what might cause this?05:27
j_humphreypapuccino1, i downloaded a gtk theme, but its in a bunch of folders, how do i get it in a .emeralrd file?05:27
_Oz_hey, how do I edit xorg.conf and save it as root?05:27
papuccino1chubs: So IDLE is simply like Gedit? All it does is provide color syntax for Python?05:27
_Oz_using text editor in the gui?05:27
chubs730papuccino1: it may actually suit you better to use another IDE, because IDLE does a few things for you taht are unconventional05:27
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: You are not trolling, but you are on a bit of a rant.. And I am your buddy telling you this05:27
papuccino1chubs: Recommendations perhaps?05:28
chubs730papuccino1: yes almost, but it also has a terminal to test python code05:28
cptnapalmAnybody remember what that app is that lets you choose your monitor from a bunch of presets?05:28
pocketdrummer_Oz_, I open a terminal, type sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:28
chubs730papuccino1: i use geany05:28
_Oz_Yeah, it's just that damn virtualbox...  I had this install set up perfectly...  I was just really annoyed that it messed me up so badly,05:28
SeraphIf you're trying to connect to a WEP manually, how can you select Password/Passphrase, as opposed to Hex or ASCII?05:28
Starnestommycptnapalm: somewhere in System > Administration05:28
acee1234ok nother issue if i try to restart x only my background shows and the comp freezes05:28
_Oz_But I've got it under control. :)05:28
papuccino1j_humphry: Open emerald, and choose import. Browse to the location and hopefully you'll see it there to import.05:28
ScuniziHolmes89, nano is for editing files that you can get to. It won't copy anything.  You can mount the other partition and get to it. I just can't explain exactly how to do that.05:28
montelibdvdcss/libdvdnav/libdvdread were do i find them they are not listed in the synaptic so were else or how do i do it05:28
papuccino1j_humphry: If the file is comatible...05:28
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg   or gksudo thunar05:28
papuccino1chubs: Is that how you spell it "geany"05:28
cptnapalm_Oz_: open a command line and sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:28
badkitty_Oz_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure /etc/X11/xorg.conf ???05:29
craigbass1976Has anyone else run into the "session only lasted 10 seconds" message?  I've been reading around and haven't found theright answer yet05:29
chubs730papuccino1: and simply running python  "codething" in the terminal will get you the interactive thing just like idle05:29
amenadoSeraph-> you have already proven you can associate and connect using plaing text ie without wep/wpa/leal encryption?05:29
badkitty_Oz_: Or you just want to edit it?05:29
spud213thanks all for all your help very useful05:29
cptnapalmStarnestommy: Ah, found it.  Thanks05:29
craigbass1976Oh man, it's 12:30.  Forget I asked--- I'll look into it tomorrow05:29
Seraphamenado: Yes.05:29
chubs730papuccino1: yeah, just look in the repos (add/remove programs) at IDE's05:29
_Oz_how can I rename the backup file to the current file05:29
_Oz_using the terminal?05:29
badkittysudo cp name of old file name of new file05:29
pocketdrummerWhat's the difference between sudo and gksudo?05:29
chubs730papuccino1: synaptic will have more too05:29
Starnestommypocketdrummer: gksudo is graphical05:30
Jack_Sparrow!gksudo Very Important05:30
chubs730pocketdrummer: sudo is commandline, gksudo is graphical05:30
cptnapalmacee1234: Ok, try this (No guarantees though)  Open System>Administration>Screen and Graphics05:30
ubotuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:30
badkitty_Oz_: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:30
amenadoSeraph-> next is to find out if your wifi driver supports such encryption, read up from the vendors web site about its capabilities05:30
acee1234cptnapalm:  ok05:30
papuccino1chubs: Yeah I know you can run Python in terminal, but having to write "python test.py" everytime I want to test a module is troubling....05:30
owen1i want to connect pc to tv. do i need to do anything other than connecting the cables?05:30
cptnapalmacee1234: Ok, Now click on Model05:30
badkittypocketdrummer: AFAIK gk is used for graphical operations sudo is for command line05:30
Scunizimonte, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats05:30
chubs730papuccino1: well just stick with IDLE then, I use it sometimes myself, i was just saying it's not necessary05:30
_Oz_I am rebooting now, badkitty and jack05:31
Jordan_Upapuccino1, What are you trying to do ?05:31
_Oz_hopefully this works05:31
chubs730papuccino1: either 2.5 will work05:31
_Oz_sorry again about the rant05:31
Ashfire908i had installed ubuntu 7.10 on this old computer that had the clock set to the future. (havn't used it in years) i ran ntpdate-debian, and now all the files are in the future and sudo doesn't work.05:31
Jack_Sparrowcya tomorrow05:31
pocketdrummerJack_Sparrow, This is new to me and concerning. So, I type !gksudo if I'm working with graphical (non-terminal) applications?05:31
_Oz_how did it manage to screw me up so bad? I followed the directions precisely05:31
_Oz_first time I've come across that in ubuntu05:31
papuccino1chubs: I'll try Geany though. Sounds interesting with the code autocompleting. :P It's aimed towards Python though right?05:31
densonegetting an install error with Ubuntu/ Intel 64 Bit. Right at the very end it say "cannot install Grub on HD0"05:31
Jack_Sparrowpocketdrummer: Yes, extremely important05:31
acee1234cptnapalm:  ok05:31
uhohzombiesmy gutsy x64 install is rebooting my pc when 'kernel mapping tables', i can't get it to install. any ideas? is x64 even worth using over i386 for home desktop purposes?05:31
montescunizi: thank u05:31
chubs730papuccino1: not aimed towards it, just supports it among others05:31
Scunizimonte, np05:31
papuccino1Jordan: Oh nothing much, just learning along, first time this week using Python.05:31
badkitty_Oz_: I dunno .. maybe it was something else?? Im gonna finish my set up again Ill let u know how it goes05:31
papuccino1chubs: Ok, cool.05:31
Nuke_something's accessing the hard drive... over and over and over repeatedly. what's a good way to figure out what it is05:31
pocketdrummerJack_Sparrow, So, just to be sure, you need the ! before gksudo, correct?05:31
Jordan_Uuhohzombies, To that last question, probably not05:32
cptnapalmacee1234: I'm going to go see if I can find out what kind of screen your model has.  BRB05:32
Nuke_and no, 'top' doesn't sort by IO usage05:32
_Oz_every time I boot GRUB bootloader defaults to "memtest" instead of my standard ubuntu05:32
acee1234cptnapalm: alright05:32
montescunizi: if i have anymore trouble i will pm u k05:32
Jack_Sparrowpocketdrummer: no...05:32
Jordan_Upapuccino1, Do you know about #! ?05:32
Jack_Sparrowpocketdrummer: go to terminal and type gksudo nautilus05:32
Scunizimonte.. just post here with my nick.. if i'm around I'll answer :)05:32
densoneI am installing to a 2.2TB HD0 , that should be ok right?05:32
suitengusaigaI have a question about the administrator "screens and graphics" option.  I was using it and it was working fine, but now it says "starting" and then closes...05:32
uhohzombiesthanks, jordan_u05:32
papuccino1Jordan: Yeah I read about it. I think it's to make the module a executable of sorts correct?05:32
chubs730densone: jesus christ partition that05:32
Scunizidensone, sure can I use some of the space too?05:32
owen1i want to connect pc to tv. do i need to do anything other than connecting the cables?05:33
winnerrlz93hey any1 familiar with UNetbootin05:33
papuccino1Jordan: You have to put it in the first row, right?05:33
Dr_williswhere do you even find a single 2.2 TB hd...05:33
Jack_Sparrowpocketdrummer: I need to go, I am almost never here on weekends.. all week is enough, but if you need me. find me here weekdays05:33
winnerrlz93hey any1 familiar with UNetbootin05:33
_Oz_darn!! didn't work05:33
Jordan_U_Oz_, Make sure that memtest isn't the first option ( from the top of the file ) in your /boot/grub/menu.lst05:33
densoneits 6x75GB Drives running raid 1005:33
Scuniziowen1, make sure the resolution is set correctly after hooking it up.05:33
_Oz_it's not, jordan05:33
winnerrlz93hey any1 familiar with UNetbootin05:33
ubudwhat software can covert dvd video into Video CD05:33
Scunizidennda, yowser!05:33
densoneUsing it for some basic storage, but this grub setup is fucking me over05:33
Jack_Sparrowwinnerrlz93: Please do not repeat05:33
owen1Scunizi: how do i know the correct resolution?05:33
chubs730densone: are you sure your math is right?05:33
densonenever seen it before.05:33
pocketdrummerJack_Sparrow, sorry to keep you. Thank you for all your help!05:34
densoneThis system is actuall Opteron05:34
winnerrlz93well if some1 would answer me05:34
Jordan_U_Oz_, It could also be that it is not set to use the first line by default, can you pastebin your sources.lst?05:34
Jack_Sparrowpocketdrummer: Zzzz Goodnight05:34
Scuniziowen1, check in the tv's manuel.. it should tell u.05:34
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: See you monday05:34
_Oz_gnite jack05:34
winnerrlz93does any1 know anything about UNetbootin05:34
_Oz_thanks for the help again05:34
owen1Scunizi: thanks05:34
densoneI beleive the Ext3 Limit is 4T? Am I right?05:34
winnerrlz93can some one help me with UNetbootin05:35
papuccino1chubs: OMG CHUBS!!! I can execute the program without using the Terminal! -high five!-05:35
machriderhow do i see what options are available when installing a particular package?05:35
amenado!repeat | winnerrlz9305:35
j_humphreyhow do I install this theme: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Dark+Ice?content=6988605:35
ubotuwinnerrlz93: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:35
papuccino1chubs: Thanks for recommending Geany.05:35
Scuniziowen1, np.. once you get it hooked up try playing openarena.. could be lots of fun!05:35
chubs730papuccino1: haha, no problem, enjoy your python05:35
owen1Scunizi: what is openarena?05:35
Scuniziowen1, it's an online FPS game05:36
lirithow can swap the escape and caps key for every keyboard layout? without running the xmodmap every time i switch the layout using the keyboard indicator?05:36
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic-local
cptnapalmacee1234: Do you know if you are using the ATI restricted drivers or not?05:36
Jordan_Upapuccino1, If you put "#!/usr/bin/env perl" or simply "#!/usr/bin/perl" at the beginning of a text file and set the permissions to executable with chmod then the shell will pass that file to python if you to to "execute" the file, if you put "#!/usr/bin/env perl" it will try to run it with perl05:36
ubudwhat software in ubuntu can convert dvd video into video CD05:37
papuccino1Jordan: Thank you for the tip. :D05:37
ubdhello i have ubuntu 7.10 64 installed on my laptop and it is overheating even when idle and after being extremely hot it shots down05:37
Scuniziubud, devede.. it's in synaptic05:37
winnerrlz93can some one help me with UNetbootin05:38
amenadoubd-> really? thats amazing, your about to melt your mobo?05:38
chubs730nooobody knows that that is winner05:38
Scuniziwinnerrlz93, what is UNetbootin?05:38
owen1Scunizi: i need svideo cables, right?05:38
papuccino1ubud: Maybe it's you fan. Laptops have problems with those.05:38
winnerrlz93i have it i'm just stuck with something05:39
_Oz_I am going to start this ubuntu install over again from scratch05:39
Scuniziowen1, depends on your video card and tv input.. my tv has a vga input and hdmi which is basically the same as dvi.  adaptor needed.05:39
_Oz_something's majorly wrong05:39
LinuxMercedesubd: Take apart your laptop, get some canned air, and clean the dust out05:39
_Oz_luckily I was just fooling around with that install05:39
_Oz_for compiz effects05:39
rainwalker_Oz_: fresh installs FTW05:39
owen1Scunizi: i have nvidia.05:39
Jordan_U_Oz_, Can you pastebin your sources.lst?05:39
ubdlaptop is brand new05:39
Scuniziowen1,  on the computer.. but what kind of input jacks do you have on the tv?05:39
ubdheating problem about cpu frequency handlers but i coulnd understand how to solve the problem05:40
_Oz_jordan, thanks for the offer to help, but that wasn't my main problem05:40
owen1Scunizi: it looks like 2 small rounded holes.05:40
Jordan_U_Oz_, Specifically, is the first non-commented line "default         0"05:40
neetoI asked this in #apache to no avail, so I'm gonna try my luck here: on apache, how do you get your server to list hidden files over HTTP?05:40
owen1Scunizi: i think it's svideo?05:40
rainwalker_Oz_: For The Win05:40
densoneis there a good guide on manually partitioning ?05:40
_Oz_ah. :)05:41
ubdtherer utilities like cpudyn etc but synaptic doesnt let me o install them to keep another program05:41
owen1Scunizi: maybe it's 3 holes.05:41
cptnapalmacee1234: Still there?05:41
badkitty_Oz_: Hmm Yeha I am booting Backtrack2 right now from my virtualbox05:41
montescunizi: that website u gave me worked but it got half way and broke it say i ahve to broken packages how do i fix it05:41
LinuxMercedesubd: ok, well, that's weird.  Not sure what's wrong.  (although I can personally attest to cleaning the air ducts when your laptop overheats =])05:41
prohnacpan apparently needs root05:41
Scuniziowen1, is it a standard tv or lcd tv?  svideo is a round jack with multiple holes in it.  probaby 3-5 holes.. do yo have svideo out on the video card.?05:41
prohnahow do i do that from terminal?05:41
_Oz_badkitty: I think it must have been compiz not playing nicely with vm05:41
_Oz_I guess05:41
Starnestommyprohna: sudo cpan05:41
pocketdrummerDoes anyone have any Experience with Networking?05:41
Jordan_U!anyone | pocketdrummer05:42
_Oz_because it came back with lots of video problems05:42
ubotupocketdrummer: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:42
cptnapalmpocketdrummer: what sort?05:42
_Oz_I can't get my nvidia drivers back05:42
Scunizimonte, i think there is an option in synaptic to check for broken packages and fix them..05:42
badkitty_Oz_: But I have the same compiz that you do.. what type of card do you have?05:42
_Oz_nvidia geforce 760005:42
monteo does anyone no were that is in the synaptic05:42
badkitty_Oz_: Mines a 7800 .. basically same card05:42
rainwalkerprohna: to use admin (root) privileges in the terminal, do "sudo" and then the command05:42
Scunizipocketdrummer, what's the question?05:42
montefor broken packages05:42
thiemsteris there any way to start an X display from the command line?05:42
Jordan_U_Oz_, I assume you are trying to run compiz / use the nvidia drivers in the host OS and not the guest?05:42
_Oz_there are lots of setting in compiz though05:42
badkittymonte: what are you looking for?05:42
_Oz_I had mine running pretty hot05:43
montebroken packes05:43
owen1Scunizi: it's standard tv. and no, i don't have svideo according to your description.05:43
pocketdrummerWell, I'm trying to network a windows XP computer with my Ubuntu computer here. The XP computer has the Printer, and I want to be able to access it over the network.05:43
_Oz_running the desktop cube, transparency, all kinds of stuff05:43
badkittythiemster: try startx05:43
gandhiiwhere are the icon files stored?          I'd like to change the icon for a link and am not sure where to look for other system icons.05:43
Scuniziowen1, don't bother. it won't hook to it and actually display anything.05:43
thiemsterbadkitty: thx05:43
_Oz_pocketdrummer: very easy05:43
chubs730pocketdrummer: samba is your savior05:43
_Oz_just go to "printing" in system -> administration05:43
Jordan_Uthiemster, Yes, startx, xinit or "sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start" depending on what exactly you want to start along with X05:44
Scunizipocketdrummer, what you're interested in is samba.. I'll see if ubutu can help05:44
owen1Scunizi: i didn't understand your last message...05:44
_Oz_you don't even need samba to print to an xp machine from ubuntu, though05:44
Scunizi!samba | pocketdrummer05:44
ubotupocketdrummer: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:44
thiemsterJordan_U: thank u05:44
Jordan_Uthiemster, np05:44
owen1Scunizi: what kind of cable do i need?05:44
montebadkitty: were do i go to fix broken packages or does anyone kno05:44
pocketdrummerThanks, I'll give it a look. :D05:44
badkittymonte: I think you can do it from the command line.. but I dont know off hand Jordan_U?05:45
Jordan_Umonte, Broken in what way? Are you trying to file a bug or fix a problem on your own computer only?05:45
cptnapalmmonte: I think its sudo apt-get -f install05:45
Scuniziowen1, if your computer has a standard monitor output and your tv doesn't have svideo or hdmi or a vga input you won't be able to hook up to it. It simply won't convert the signals correctly IF you could find a cable.05:45
cptnapalmmonte: but I might be wrong05:45
Jordan_Ubadkitty, Do what?05:45
thiemsterDo ti-calculators (especially ti-84+ SE) work with ubuntu?05:45
cptnapalmmonte: but I don't think it would hurt anything at any rate.05:46
badkittyJordan_U: Hey what are the differences in stating x that you gave earlier05:46
chubs730monte: if your package manager is totally hose go for sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get -f install05:46
=== macogw_ is now known as macogw
montehis is a major failure of your software management system. Please check for broken packages with synaptic, check the file permissions and correctness of the file '/etc/apt/sources.list' and reload the software information with: 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get install -f'.05:46
_Oz_compiz is the only logical explanation, badkitty.  I'm seeing lots of people have been using virtualbox without too much problem but I've seen in several places now (forums, tutorials, etc) everyone says don't use compiz with virtualbox.05:46
machrideri'm trying to install ircd-hybrid with SSL support.  can anyone help me?05:46
montethats wat it says in the add remoe thing when i try to get in it05:46
machriderout of the box, it doesn't appear to support SSL05:46
chubs730monte: try my previous advice05:47
chubs730monte: sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get -f install05:47
chubs730in a terminal05:47
cptnapalmmonte: Try sudo apt-get -f install05:47
badkitty_Oz_: Hmm I dont buy it... Maybe I am just extremely lucky but all I had to do was sudp apt-get install virtualbox.. then add myself to the vbox user group and wahlah05:47
cptnapalmmonte: or ignore me and do what chubs730 says :)05:47
_Oz_badkitty: what other reason could there be?  I mean it totally trashed my install05:48
montelol its working05:48
_Oz_I am reinstalling from scratch right now on the computer that went down05:48
Jordan_Ubadkitty, xinit starts just X and xterm, no window manager now desktop environment ( you can't even move / resize the xterm window ), startx starts a gnome ( or whatever default DM ) session ( basically the same as xinit then running "gnome-session" ) "sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start" starts the GDM login screen that you get when you boot normally05:48
badkitty_Oz_: And I have a ton of other stuff running too like compiz, avant window navigato, screenlets..05:48
chubs730monte: np05:48
_Oz_and it has been advised repeatedly that you should not use compiz and virtualbox...05:48
_Oz_well, you might have a "lucky" combination of compiz features running while vb is running05:48
MunchkinguyHow can I stop mplayerplug.in from opening in its own window?05:48
_Oz_(what's navigato, btw?)05:49
cptnapalmmonte: awesomeness :)  I remember the first time I trashed my apt... I was a sad person... and stupid... I tried to hand edit the apt stuff05:49
gandhiiwhere are the icon files stored?          I'd like to change the icon for a link and am not sure where to look for other system icons.05:49
badkittyJordan_U: Wow thanks.. I guess I should learn that one with gdm start05:49
chubs730ctnapalm: hand editing, slackware, the good old days05:49
montelol thats funny05:49
badkittyJordan_U: Than Again, I am still reliant of the GUI but I do alot of work in terminal windows05:49
Jordan_Ubadkitty, np05:50
machridermy question in general is: do ubuntu packages *have* options?05:50
rainwalkergandhii: check in your .themes folder in your home directory, in each theme's folder, or look in /usr/share/pixmaps05:50
cptnapalmchubs730: hand editing, clueless luser.... ;)05:50
machriderand how do you see what the options are?05:50
BloodyScumi know this is a stupid question, sence iv been useing ubuntu for years... but i just removed my trash can from my bar and i cant figure out how to put it back..05:50
badkitty_Oz_: Well I have desktop cube, cube reflection, all the task switchers, .. most the fun eyecandy stuff is enabled (except the ones that cause conflicts with lesser cool ones)05:51
dez-------______--------HEIL HITLER!-------__-----__---05:51
BloodyScumok, almost a year i guess05:51
cptnapalmchubs730: I really did try to go and hand edit that stuff... I still can't believe what a moronic idea that was heh05:51
FloodBot3dez: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:51
chubs730bloodyscum: right blick, add to panel05:51
rainwalkerBloodyScum: right-click on the panel, click "add to panel" and re-add it05:51
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!05:51
Scunizimachrider, sometimes synaptic will recommend optional packages. but to answer you.. generally no.. options for a program are changed after install in the .conf file for that program.05:51
Jordan_Umachrider, Yes, not nearly as extensive as those of Gentoo if that is what you are wondering, and not for all packages, but you can change them with "sudo dpkg-reconfigure <package>"05:51
badkittyBloodyScum: Did youtry right clicking and adding to panel05:51
chubs730cptnapalm: eh oh well, it's not really that moronic as long as you've got a manual with you05:51
MasterShreknvm, forgot about the floodbots05:51
badkittychubs730: You too quick05:51
dezmastershrek you need to chill05:51
* cptnapalm thinks dez is a Bill gates fan...05:51
acee1234cptnapalm:  any luck?05:51
machriderJordan_U: i'm coming from gentoo, so yes, that's what i was thinking.  i want to enable SSL for ircd-hybrid, but it doesn't look possible05:51
MasterShrekdez, you need to not flood05:51
machriderJordan_U: i might just have to build it by hand.05:52
cptnapalmchubs730: Manual?  Manual?  What is this "manual" you speak of?  heh05:52
BloodyScumok, thanks.. lol, i cant believe i didnt think of that....05:52
cptnapalmacee1234: Ah, was wondering where you went.  Ok, got that thing open?05:52
acee1234cptnapalm:  it is using restricted drivers and direct render returns yes05:52
_Oz_badkitty: it's ok, I don't mind reinstalling it all too much05:52
acee1234cptnapalm:  yes05:52
_Oz_it's THIS computer that I'm currently on that I've set up for productivity05:52
devnullhmm, i did a brief google search, but is anyone familiar with a linux irc program that implements a single window multiple pane mdi type interface similar to (dare i say it) mirc?05:52
badkitty_Oz_: Ok, maybe you can try qemu or vmware05:52
cptnapalmacee1234: so 3d is good to go just resolution silliness?05:52
_Oz_that computer has an XP/ubuntu dual boot and I don't really need ubuntu on it05:52
LinuxMercedesdevnull: try xchat05:53
badkitty_Oz_: Although i cant believe yours got messed up.. You were running gutsy?05:53
_Oz_badkitty: I'll probably try virtualbox again just without the compiz05:53
_Oz_yes, gutsy05:53
Jordan_Umachrider, It's not, that is a compile time option ( though you can grab and rebuild the source package with apt-get source , not as convenient as Gentoo but not too hard and better integrated than installing from a source tar file )05:53
Scunizidevnull, irssi, xchat, bitchx05:53
chubs730cptnapalm: hah yeah i remember when i first started on linux and after failing miserably at things decided it was time to "rtfm"05:53
acee1234cptnapalm: yes05:53
badkitty_Oz_: Did you reconfigure xorg and everything05:53
devnulli am using gnome-xchat, is it capable of anything other than the default tabbed interface?05:53
machriderJordan_U: ok, i'll do that.  thanks.05:53
MasterShrekdevnull, use regular xchat, not gnome-xchat05:53
Jordan_Umachrider, np05:53
cptnapalmchubs730: Favorite sig of all time:  WWJD?  JWRTFM!05:53
_Oz_I just copied the backup xorg over the current xorg05:53
devnulli am wanting to be able to view all my channels at the same time05:53
devnullok i will try that05:53
_Oz_and it was still bollocks05:53
chubs730cptnapalm: haha, i've never seen that05:54
Scunizidevnull, would you like to see multiple connections at once.. ?  irssi from the command line does it well.05:54
j_humphreyhow do i use emerald to install themes?05:54
devnulldont really care about multiple connections, just multiple windows05:54
devnullerr channels05:54
cptnapalmacee1234: ok, what we're going to try is to select generic from the list on the right05:54
MasterShrekdevnull, right click on the channel tab or w/e and hit "Detach Tab"05:54
Scunizidevnull, that's actually what I ment..05:54
chubs730devnull: i'm using gnome-xchat with multiple channels right now05:54
acee1234cptnapalm: dont see generic option05:54
chubs730devnull: unless you mean different channels in different tabs05:55
cptnapalmacee1234: Ok, click where it says model05:55
chubs730devnull: they're on the left side05:55
acee1234cptnapalm:  ok05:55
cptnapalmacee1234: scroll up to the top on the left pane05:55
Scunizidevnull, for irssi.. it can be loaded sudo apt-get irssi then check out http://linuxreviews.org/software/irc/irssi/05:55
devnulldifferent channels in different windows so to speak. able to see all individual channel conversations at the same time05:55
MasterShrekdevnull, do what i told you, you can detach the tabs from xchat05:55
devnulland being the lazyass that i am, i am more interested in a graphical solution than a console one :)05:56
chubs730devnull: ahh, i see, no idea if it can do that, ignore me05:56
cptnapalmacee1234: top selection should be generic in bold05:56
acee1234cptnapalm: only generic listed is on the left screen but yes05:56
MasterShrekdevnull, i dont know if gnome-xchat can, from what ive heard its kinda dumbed down, but regular xchat can05:56
badkitty_Oz_: Are you sure it copied it over? You didn't try to reconfigure05:56
cptnapalmacee1234: ok, click that.05:56
acee1234cptnapalm: ok05:56
devnullit looks like gnome-xchat cant, i will install the regular xchat05:56
ScuniziMasterShrek, after detaching how do you reattach?05:56
cptnapalmacee1234: now in the right window should start off with LCD panels05:57
MasterShrekScunizi, no idea, i never do it heh05:57
acee1234cptnapalm:  yes05:57
_Oz_badkitty: yeah, I tried to reconfigure.  everything in ubuntu was majorly messed up.  I couldn't load any drivers...  video refused to get out of low res...  nothing worked.05:57
cptnapalmscroll down until you see LCD Panel 1680x105005:57
_Oz_it was like an atom bomb going off in there, or something.05:57
MasterShrekScunizi, xchat > attach window05:57
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
_Oz_it's ok, I'm over it.05:57
badkitty_Oz_: wow thats nuts man... when was the last reboot?05:57
_Oz_hmm...  15 mins ago maybe05:58
devnullnext irc q, know of anything that can do blowfish encryption? :P05:58
ScuniziMasterShrek, ah I knew there was an easy answer!05:58
_Oz_I knew I was playing with fire with compiz, that's why I set it up on a computer that was nonessential05:58
_Oz_no big deal05:58
badkitty_Oz_: Strange, well anyhow I guess just don't run it while compiz is running..05:58
cptnapalmacee1234: scroll down until you see LCD Panel 1680x105005:58
Scunizidevnull, http://www.usinglinux.org/irc/irssi-fish.html05:58
badkitty_Oz_: Haha .. I only had problems with it in edgy when I had to install the nvidia drivers manually05:59
_Oz_badkitty: really appreciate all of your help, that's one of the things that make ubuntu great, the ubuntu community05:59
badkitty_Oz_: For sure.. I learn so much just from gleaming what people say in this room05:59
pocketdrummerIs there a way to force your mouse's sample rate to stay at 500?06:00
_Oz_I need to start learning some command line basics06:00
_Oz_I'm really good at copying at pasting into the terminal window06:00
Scunizidevnull, once you learn about irssi then learn about screen.. can be really powerful stuff.06:00
_Oz_but I need to learn what the hell it all means06:00
MasterShrek!bash | _Oz_06:00
ubotu_Oz_: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:00
cptnapalmpocketdrummer: no clue... but I'm curious why that would be something you need to do06:00
badkitty_Oz_: Don't worry it will come with time trust me06:00
devnulloh i am quite familiar with screen and console apps :)06:00
chubs730oz: cd, ls, mkdir, renmov are all you need06:00
_Oz_my biggest discomfort at this point comes from simply not understanding, exactly, the file structure06:01
_Oz_I don't understand where things go when they're installed06:01
_Oz_in windows, it's simple06:01
devnulli finally broke down and swapped my ati card for an nvidia card, so i am ready to make an attempt at using linux full time on the desktop06:01
_Oz_they go in c:/program files and some dlls get dumped into /windows06:01
devnullonly game i really play is wow06:01
cptnapalmchubs730: Don't forget the learning by extreme pain example:  rm -R /  heh06:01
Scunizi_Oz_, sort of simple in windows..06:01
_Oz_in linux, I have no friggin' idea06:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fsh - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:01
_Oz_and I don't really get the "package" concept either -- is it like a zip?06:01
acee1235cptnapalm: froze had to restart but works06:01
crdlb_Oz_: dpkg -L PACKAGE_NAME :)06:01
chubs730cptnapalm: hah yeah, don't fall into that trap oz06:01
badkitty_Oz_: Me neither haha ..yah package is similar to zip06:02
cptnapalm_Oz_: package is more like an installer06:02
skwashdhi all06:02
MasterShrek_Oz_, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_Hierarchy_Standard06:02
_Oz_cptnapalm: yeah, I know what rm does :)06:02
chubs730oz: /usr/bin is where programs hang out when they're installed, as well as /usr/local/bin06:02
_Oz_thank you, mastershrek06:02
Scunizi_Oz_, kinda like an .exe.. with variations..06:02
pocketdrummercptnapalm: Well, G7 mouse changes it from 500 to 150 all by itself in both windows and linux (somehow). So, the cursor hops all over the screen. I'm negotiating with Logitech about them sending me a _Different_ mouse, but they're making it hard.06:02
acee1235cptnapalm:  thank you06:02
badkitty_Oz_: Yah its an installable archive basically.. a tarball is most similiar to a zip i would think06:02
skwashdi have a ASUS M3A mother board with 2G RAM, Athlon 4800+, 320G HDD, mythbuntu installed06:02
cptnapalm_Oz_: no one can every be *nix guru without having wiped out their OS with rm at least once :)06:02
devnulloh yeah, twinview = roxors :P06:02
skwashdeverytime i reboot it, the MAC address changes06:03
monteum someone gave me a website link about unbuntu restricted extras06:03
cptnapalmacee1235: so alls well in 1680x1050?06:03
_Oz_badkitty: like a self-executing zip (.exe) that's compressed into a single file?06:03
badkittymonte: probably me06:03
MasterShrekskwashd, sounds like a bios setting maybe, is it totally random which mac address?06:03
crdlb_Oz_: it's not self-executing06:03
montecan u give me that link again06:03
acee1235cptnapalm:  yes06:03
chubs730oz, cptnapalm: or installing debian twice because "it didn't work", because you were too lazy to check the website and find out what startx was06:03
pocketdrummerskwashd: That's really odd, I didn't think MAC addresses ever changed.06:03
acee1235cptnapalm: everything is tiny on my 15" screen06:04
cptnapalmacee1235: Awesome :)06:04
skwashdMasterShrek: that's what i thought ... checked it ... the only LAN options are "use boot rom" (disabled) and "smart mac" (auto - oither option disabled the nic)06:04
Scunizimonte, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats06:04
_Oz_startx? what's that?06:04
_Oz_and how could it have helped me?06:04
skwashdpocketdrummer: you can hack it .. but normally it shouldn't change06:04
montescunizi: thanks06:04
cptnapalmchubs730: Man I remember starting with Red Hat 4.something and trying to get X working.... had the case open on its side with a flashlight trying to read chipset numbers heh06:05
MasterShrekskwashd, very weird, never heard of such a thing06:05
chubs730oz: i wouldn't worry about it, but if you ever use something like slackware or debian, it boots to a command line by default06:05
badkitty_Oz_: Well a package is really what the name implies and you tell the computer what to do with it: sudo (super user do) apt-get (aptitude is the package manager) install (this is what to do with this package) virtualbox06:05
ubuntuloverGuys, what means "start application in terminal"??? How can i emulate this way in script?06:05
cptnapalmacee1235: on 15" I'm thinking 1440x900 might be a better bet06:05
chubs730oz: startx starts the x server, the graphical side06:05
_Oz_ctnapalm: yep, that's what scared me away from linux for a long time, but with ubuntu, users like me are being brought into the fold06:05
skwashdMasterShrek: ubuntu is loading the wrong driver for it too ... from what i have been able to dig up06:05
crdlbbadkitty: don't you mean "apt-get is the package manager"? :)06:05
skwashdit should be using the atl1 driver ... not forcedeth (nvidia)06:05
_Oz_so to install, it's always apt-get install filename06:06
rainwalkerubuntulover: start the application from a terminal, applications > accessories > terminal06:06
badkittycrdlb: Did i miss the get?06:06
_Oz_I wondered why "install xyz" never worked06:06
MasterShrekskwashd, try blacklisting forcedeth  maybe?06:06
MasterShrek!blacklist | skwashd06:06
crdlbbadkitty: you said apt-get, then aptitude in the explanation :)06:06
ubotuskwashd: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »06:06
Dr_willisibnstall is a different command. :)06:06
acee1235cptnapalm: i like things small i still have issues with restart x freezing my computer showing only the background06:06
crdlb_Oz_: not exactly, apt-get installs from repositories, dpkg is the raw package manager06:06
badkittycrdlb: aptitude is the package manager.. apt-get is how you reference it i guess.. you can also use aptitude in a terminal06:06
skwashdMasterShrek: about to try that :)06:06
crdlbwhich is capable of installing a .deb files06:06
_Oz_... oh06:06
_Oz_how does apt-get know where to find the repository06:07
crdlbbadkitty: they're separate apps, similar, but not identical06:07
Dr_willisubuntu Elven Magic!06:07
devnullhmm, whats the best alternative to konfabulator / yahoo widgets nowadays, still gkrellm or is there something better?06:07
ubuntuloverrainwalker: Now, i mean, i whant to bind start "python" in .xbindkeysrc, but i can't, cuz python should be started in terminal. So, how can i write it in script?06:07
chubs730oz: text configuration files on your computer06:07
cptnapalm_Oz_: Canonical and the Knoppix guys particularly really have made a world of difference in that regard.  One thing I do sort of miss is the kind of bonding that went on with the machine from knowing it so well... Hell, I still remember what I called that machine I build over a decade ago.... Tankgirl :)06:07
crdlb_Oz_: /etc/apt/sources.list plus a cache it makes when you sudo apt-get update06:07
badkittycrdlb: Oh .. IC06:07
sp219Is there any way to kill "gdmgreeter" (and everything involving a GUI/X For that matter, including gdm/X itself) so it doesn't restart again automatically?06:07
cptnapalmacee1235: Ok, that might be an ATI driver problem06:07
rainwalkerubuntulover: hmm...I'm not sure, but I'm not the best with scripts06:07
_Oz_and how is it retrieving them?  ftp?06:07
_Oz_I see, crdlb.06:07
crdlb_Oz_: or http, depends on the mirror06:07
ubuntuloverrainwalker: It's even not about scripts. Try to start "python" in "Alt+F2" - same thing.06:08
acee1235cptnapalm: so i basically need to rip my gpu out and find a way to put a nvidia gpu in my laptop06:08
badkittycrdlb: but you can still type sudo aptitude install xxx cant you? So is apt-get a shortcut or a seperate command alltogether?06:08
rainwalkerubuntulover: you mean, nothing happens?06:08
sp219Is there any way to kill "gdmgreeter" (and everything involving a GUI/X For that matter, including gdm/X itself) so it doesn't restart again automatically?06:08
MasterShreksp219, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:09
_Oz_those text files which are updated when apt-get updates are kinda like nameservers in a way then, eh?06:09
crdlbbadkitty: it's a separate command; aptitude was intended as a more powerful replacement for apt-get, but apt-get has implemented some of those features recently.06:09
ubuntuloverrainwalker:  yep. Maybe, something happends! (:  But there is no python interpreter on the screen.06:09
cptnapalmacee1235:  If that is even possible :(  ATI can be awkward... Some machines they run like absolute champs.  Others, like a couple of desktops I tried Ubuntu on, they crash the kernel after trying to switch to console or, god forbid! log out06:09
rainwalkerwhat does control + alt + F4 do? last time I tried it I think it killed my X completely...so I'm afraid to try again06:09
crdlbbadkitty: compare apt-get --help and aptitude --help06:09
sp219MasterShrek: perfect, thanks!06:10
acee1235cptnapalm: yep mine does the latter06:10
devnulli never could get stuff working right with my ati card06:10
rainwalkerubuntulover: I think you have to run a python script with python, I don't think there's an actual python GUI that's supposed to come up06:10
devnullso i got an nvidia one lol06:10
Dr_willisrainwalker,  that goes to console #4 - use alt-ctrl-F7 to get back to X06:10
cptnapalmrainwalker: that should just switch you to virtual terminal 406:10
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:10
ubuntuloverrainwalker:  You should just press  Ctrl+Alt+F7! (:06:10
rainwalkerDr_willis: wow that would have been nice to know at the time...06:10
badkittycrdlb: Yah I'll look into the differences one of these days06:10
cptnapalmacee1235: welcome to the misery of being an ATI user :(06:10
Dr_willisrainwalker,  it pays to read up on Linux fundamentals. :)06:10
rainwalkerguess o06:10
crdlbrainwalker: are you using compiz?06:10
rainwalkercrdlb: yes06:10
Dr_willisthats been a linux feature for.... ever.. :) i think.. heh06:10
acee1235cptnapalm: tis a temporary state i assure you06:10
ubuntuloverSo, can someone helps me?06:11
rainwalkerI was messing with key bindings for compiz stuff and set that as one...haha scared the crap out of me06:11
crdlbrainwalker: some drivers have broken vt-switching while using compiz, so when you switch to a terminal, you can't switch back to X :/06:11
ubuntuloverDevelopers, developers, developers!!!06:11
acee1235cptnapalm: im thinking a nice termite experiment is in order06:11
montescunizi: i installed the restricted extras and wat do i do after that06:11
cptnapalmacee1235: as it was with me... I bought my new desktop, and the first thing I did upon arriving home was to burn an Ubuntu disk, rip out the ATI card,slap in an nvidia, wipe out windows and install Linux06:11
skwashdMasterShrek: i love it when the vendor's website spec doesn't match what is in the box06:11
rainwalkercrdlb: well I didn't know control alt F7 would bring me back, I just thought I'd broken something06:12
badkitty_Oz_: To my knowledge, your sources hold files that reference the packages that are within their control, so when you update your sources, you are in essence downloading a compiled list of the packages that are on each source, therefore when you invoke a command such as apt-get install, it can reference the package name with the source and proceed to download and install, etc06:12
rainwalkerthe open ATI driver works fine for me...06:12
crdlbrainwalker: just something to keep in mind if it doesn't work :)06:12
ubuntulover" rainwalker: the open ATI driver works fine for me..."  With 3D???06:12
acee1235ii wonder if insurance would cover that...06:12
cptnapalmOh, to everyone who likes using the command line:  Buy a Sun Keyboard.  The Control key is where the Caps lock key normally is.  Makes life much better.06:12
sigmais the original WINE program the best available, or would anyone recommend something else?06:13
_Oz_it's a very clever, robust, and efficient system, badkitty.06:13
rainwalkerubuntulover: yes, as far as I can tell06:13
mrchicagohello all06:13
razordeaddevnull: the latest Linux widget stuff I've heard about is gDesklets & screenlets06:13
badkittyOh No! I found one of those Rotten Jelly Bellies in my bag! I've been poisoned!06:13
MasterShreksigma, wine is about the best06:13
_Oz_sigma: yeah, WINE is still the best.06:13
crdlbrainwalker: ooh, you should be fine then, the radeon driver has perfect vt-switching afaik :)06:13
fignew_cptnapalm: wrong... it makes life hell06:13
mrchicagohow is it going06:13
chubs730cptnapalm: that sounds quite awesome06:13
cptnapalmfignew_: How?!?!?06:13
Dr_willisTheres guides on swiching the caps lock and ctrl keys. :)06:13
chubs730cptnapalm: though you could always just trade keys and remap06:13
badkitty_Oz_: Indeed; not to mention convenient as all heck06:13
sigmaone more thing... I have no control over my bluetooth module in linux, only in windows. My bluetooth mouse works, but linux believes there is no adapter present. any ideas?06:13
ubuntuloverGuys, what tine is on your clocks??? (:06:14
ubuntuloverIt's very interesting.06:14
cptnapalmchubs730: and miss the opportunity to have even more crap?  Perish the thought!06:14
MisterMomyou should see my home made keyboard06:14
_Oz_it's so superior to M$' nonsense,.06:14
_Oz_I have to say, I am simply blown away by ubuntu.06:14
fignew_cptnapalm: I do wanna get a Sun Keyboard from work just so I can give "props" :D06:14
_Oz_Here, for free, is a program which knocks microsoft and their billions on their ass.06:14
rainwalkermy clock keeps turning an hour back...06:14
MisterMomi rearanged the keys myself06:14
cptnapalmfignew_: I got one off eBay for like $506:14
_Oz_it's powerful!  it's a better OS.  not some cheap little "cute" OS which is what I was expecting.  I am just so impressed by the whole experience.06:14
chubs730cptnapalm: yeah i can't say i don't want one, i'm guilty of of having bought a flexible keyboard off of ebay06:14
fignew_did it have PS2?06:14
badkitty_Oz_: It's not just ubuntu, but the whole open source deal.. other linux distros offer the same type of package management systems06:15
cptnapalmfignew_: USB06:15
_Oz_badkitty: yeah. ubuntu, to me, is the gateway which made the world of linux possible and then attractive to me.06:15
rainwalker_Oz_: welcome to ubuntu06:15
fignew_ahh... newer style, we have a bunch of those at work too :/06:15
_Oz_I had friends who were linuxheads back in the day.06:15
chubs730badkitty: having used most, I think ubuntu's works the best06:15
theAtomIm runnung Ubuntu from my D: drive. But Windows from C:. But C: has dissapeared!  How I make it appear?06:15
_Oz_I watched 'em try to install redhat from the command line and said, "Yep...  not for me."06:15
chubs730though that may be an rpm vs deb thing really06:15
sigmatheAtom: huh?06:16
rainwalkertheAtom: you mean a live cd?06:16
_Oz_Not that there was anything wrong with that, of course.  I just knew it was not a good fit for me at that time.06:16
theAtomsigma, plz listen this time06:16
badkitty_Oz_: Me too.. I guess if I started with say fedora I may like it better but I have tried others and I too like ubuntu the best so far06:16
_Oz_Now, with ubuntu, idiots like me can join your formerly exclusive "brainy only" parties.06:16
mrchicagouse alien for rpms06:16
theAtommy MS Windows boots from C:.  but it seems C: is gone and wont boot Windows.  What Can I do?06:16
badkittyEww jalapeno jelly belly wth06:16
symlinkubotu nvidia06:16
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:16
nickrud_alien is evil06:16
cptnapalm_Oz_: I'm one of those people who had a 386 and HATED windows 3 :)  I liked my DOS that did what I told it to.06:16
theAtomhow do I activate or mount C:?06:16
acee1235is there an equalizer for the alsa mixer?06:16
CVD-PRits so dificult to play propietary things in fedora06:16
ubotuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz06:16
_Oz_cptnapalm: heh! I hated 3.1 when it came out, too.06:17
cptnapalmtheAtom: you want to mount it in linux06:17
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion06:17
_Oz_but I quickly got used to it.06:17
nickrud_sigma: when you say D: has disappeared, do you mean you can't boot it? or you can't see it's contents from buntu?06:17
_Oz_I was the master of DOS, back in the day.06:17
chubs730cptnapalm: the only thing i could do in DOS was run doom, since i was 6 years old, but i loved it06:17
theAtomcptnapalm, but I dont even see it anymore.  do I mount it?06:17
badkittycptnapalm: I hated windows 3.1 too but everything was so much easier.. Although alot of my oldshool softwares beat the crap out of ms stuff.06:17
_Oz_ahhhh doom06:17
sigmanickrud_: not me man06:17
badkittyFunny story I ran in to the guy who made the BBS software iniquity a few weeks ago...06:17
_Oz_when I first played it, it was like a loud gong going off in my head06:17
nickrud_sigma: doh06:17
_Oz_I couldn't believe it06:17
_Oz_I called my friend eric who came over immediately06:18
nickrud_sigma: but it looks like someone else has it anyway06:18
sigmatheAtom: try in command line:  mount /dev/sda1 /windows06:18
CVD-PRlike ubuntu-restricted-extras06:18
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents06:18
theAtommy C: has dissapeared. It no longer boots windows and I cannot see it in Ubuntu. WHat can I do plz?06:18
_Oz_he thought I was going to show him a game like "castle wolfenstein" for the old Apple ][ which we both enjoyed06:18
acee1235DOS: zork, ultima, duke nukem06:18
cptnapalmtheAtom: I'm trying to figure out if you want to mount it in Linux.06:18
Dr_willishmm thats not it.06:18
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter06:18
_Oz_instead, here was a true full-blown 3D game!  We were thrilled06:18
skwashdMasterShrek: found the answer ... http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=79306 ... dodgy MAC06:18
_Oz_Zork!  I loved zork.  Loooooved Zork.06:18
rainwalkerwhy is it that when I synced my comp's clock with the servers it lists in texas (where I am), it set it an hour earlier than it should be?06:18
theAtomsigma, fuse: failed to access mountpoint /windows: No such file or directory06:18
theAtomFUSE mount point creation failed06:18
theAtomUnmounting /dev/sda1 (VistaOS)06:18
fantum13I'm having DHCP issues with my AR5007EG on ndiswrapper (Gutsy amd64 with a 64 bit windows driver). I know the driver and card are functional, because if I can chain reboot enough for, than it'll work, but otherwise, I'm fscked. Does anyone have experience with this?06:19
chubs730oregon trail!06:19
_Oz_oh, that reminds me -- restricted extras -- what's the thing I do to get essentially what automatix would give me, but without the headaches?06:19
badkittyOregon trail ftw!06:19
GradeFPoultryI loved oregon trail06:19
sigmatheAtom: heh, then run mkdir /windows and try again06:19
Dr_willistheAtom,  like the message said.. /windows does not exist. :)06:19
rainwalker_Oz_: applications > add/remove06:19
badkitty_Oz_: PM me06:19
_Oz_chubs: oh, now you're gonna make me fall out of my chair.  I KICKED MY ENTIRE CLASS' BUTT in oregon trail!06:19
theAtomDr_willis, what can I DO?06:19
_Oz_How about Lemonade Stand?06:19
sigmatheAtom: just make sure you sudo it06:19
j_humphreyhow do i get the expose type look?06:19
Dr_willistheAtom,  make the directory....06:19
skwashdtime to hack udev06:19
GradeFPoultryWhat would you guys say is the best Linux distro for old, slow PC's?06:19
sigmaj_humphrey: you need compiz enabled06:19
j_humphreysigma, i have it enabled06:20
rainwalkerj_humphrey: you have to enable the expose plugin06:20
nickrud_j_humphrey: in ccsm, enable exp and use super-e to view it06:20
_Oz_gradeFPoultry: Kubuntu06:20
badkittyI was more into BBS's but DOOM ][ was my bag .. oregon trail was dope but I wasn't that good.. but LORD I was a master at06:20
chubs730oz: oregon trail made me wish that every computer game ended in dysentery06:20
nickrud_j_humphrey: expo that is06:20
sigmaj_humphrey: install compiz extras, and you can set it up in there, look for the Scale plugin06:20
ac1dfr33z3hi room06:20
_Oz_how old, and how slow, poultry?06:20
_Oz_chubs: heheheheheh06:20
CVD-PRits not the distro is the desktop-manager GradeFPoultry06:20
ac1dfr33z3i have a question????06:20
rainwalkerj_humphrey: install the package "compizconfig-settings-manager"06:20
Dr_willisGradeFPoultry,  for very low end machines.. Puppy Linux or DSL. :) ubutu can run on rather low end box's however.06:20
Dr_willisGradeFPoultry,  how Low end is low end. :)06:20
GradeFPoultry_Oz_: Can't say for sure, 256MB ram...about ten years old.06:20
ac1dfr33z3can anyone tell me how to get java????????06:20
_Oz_yeah, kubuntu, then.06:21
cptnapalmGradeFPoultry: Damn Small Linux?06:21
_Oz_is it a 486?06:21
Dr_willisac1dfr33z3,  install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package - is one way06:21
badkitty!jave ac1dfr33z306:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about jave ac1dfr33z3 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:21
CVD-PRadd/remove java ac1dfr33z306:21
LinuxMercedesHey, I've got Ubuntu 7.10 on a 256 MB machine!06:21
GradeFPoultry_Oz_: I think so.06:21
badkitty!java | ac1dfr33z306:21
ubotuac1dfr33z3: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)06:21
chubs730gradefpoultry: 256mb ram is so not old! kinda. xubuntu will fly06:21
rainwalkerac1dfr33z3: install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package06:21
_Oz_linuxmercedes: does it run OK?06:21
badkittyrestricted extras does have it doesn't it06:21
_Oz_I'm running ubuntu on an old p4 (512mb) which is about 5 years old and it runs perfectly fine.06:22
GradeFPoultryI don't regularly use that computer, I just want to boot a Linux OS from disk while I'm there so I'm not so miserable.06:22
LinuxMercedes_Oz_: yup, runs fine so far =]06:22
GradeFPoultryOkay, I'll look at the ones everyone mentioned.06:22
cptnapalmWow, I forgot how "Where the hell did the last two hours of my life go" when I'm on IRC, which I haven't really used since I hung out on #quake on EFnet06:22
badkittyGradeFPoultry: It will run faster if you install it though06:22
chubs730gradefpoultry: oh then go for slax or dsl i'd say06:22
mrchicagoare there still problems importing .doc files into openoffice06:22
LinuxMercedes_Oz_: what's funny is that I had trouble with 6.0606:22
GradeFPoultrybadkitty: Oh, good point >_>06:22
nickrud_ Badger apt-cache depends ubuntu-restricted-extras , my 64bit has the jre , I'd assume the 32bit has the plugin06:22
_Oz_poultry: I think your best combo of fun and speed would come from kubuntu06:22
chubs730gradefpoultry: don't bother using the ubuntus purely as livecd's06:23
rainwalkermrchicago: occasionally formatting doesn't work right, but for the most part it's fine06:23
Dr_willismrchicago,  depends on the complexity of the .doc file i hear.06:23
nickrud_tab completion is killing me tonight06:23
badkittynickrud_: Too many similar names?06:23
nickrud_badkitty: lack of attention06:23
badkittynickrud_: I see06:23
CVD-PRwhy someine one to use a 64bit os? 32is still the dominant06:23
mrchicagoi remember when i first used it few years ago it had issues with tabs and spaces06:23
_Oz_hey, I have sort of an oddball question06:23
nickrud_badkitty: i've been doing this too long to let too many names get in my way ;)06:23
mrchicagobetween paragraphs06:24
GradeFPoultryI use 64 bit.06:24
badkittyCVD-PR: They want to learn to debug????06:24
cptnapalmCVD-PR: because we can :)06:24
_Oz_is there a way to get "universal bookmarks" in firefox in ALL computers you might use?  some sort of plugin?06:24
_Oz_I have so many computers and I don't have the same bookmarks in all of them.06:24
Dr_willis_Oz_,  i use the google browser sync extension for that.06:24
CVD-PRbut then "there any 64 version" etc...06:24
nickrud__Oz_: del.icio.us for me06:24
_Oz_Dr_willis: what's that?06:24
mrchicagoi know that when you install firefox itll ask you ti import ie bookmarks06:24
lewix<lewix> hi06:24
lewix<lewix> <lewix> I just installed linux mint but I add to install it with linux safe graphical mode, because the mode by default didnt work06:24
lewix<lewix> <lewix> now that it's installed the GUI won't work06:24
lewix<lewix> <lewix> when I boot up06:24
cptnapalmbadkitty: Hell I compile my hello, world programs with maximum optimization and in 64 bit heh06:24
GradeFPoultryHaving 64 bit gave me a shitload of problems...06:24
badkittyI should give 64-bit Another go though.. Its been since before edgy even06:24
_Oz_I've always wondered what the hell del.icio.us was06:24
GradeFPoultryWhen trying to first installed Linux06:24
Dr_willis_Oz_,  a extension that does just what you asked. :)06:24
chubs730cvd-pr: 64 bit versions are a bit faster for 64 bit processors, and allows you to use more RAM06:25
badkittycptnapalm: haha06:25
nickrud_lewix: we don't do support for linux mint here ...06:25
_Oz_I'm googling for it now, Dr_willis.  If it is in fact what I seek...  I will be appreciative.06:25
lewixnickrud_: it's based on ubuntu and they dont have a channel06:25
mouseboyxHello, my ubuntu server edition is set to dhcp, yet it does not connect to the network any ideas?06:25
Dr_willis_Oz_,  theres other alternatives to it also.06:25
cptnapalmbadkitty: Always use overkill.   Always.06:25
witepaHi, I just installed gutsy and I need help installing drivers for my wireless card.. I am using Madwifi... but when i try to do ifconfig ath0 down and wifi0 down I get the message "ERROR while getting interface flags, no such device"06:25
chubs730lewix: try startx from the terminal06:25
j_humphreycan i do a expose cube thingy?06:25
chubs730lewix: if that's what it boots you to06:25
fantum13CVD-PR: Our computers will still function after 2038.06:26
_Oz_Dr_willis: that is precisely what I wanted!06:26
CVD-PRbut not all things are in 64bit, i have a AMD64 but never gonna use a 64bit,06:26
_Oz_and it's from google, which is always good.06:26
lewixchubs730: it wont work06:26
chubs730lewix: hmm, any error message?06:26
Dr_willislewix,  reconfigure your X server, install proper drivers for your video card.. is the basic things to check first.06:26
mouseboyxHello?, can someone help with a dhcp server problem?06:26
fantum13CVD-PR: Then your computer is a ticking bomb. Enjoy watching the time_t's wrap around.06:26
j_humphreyhow do i get this enabled: http://www.beryl-project.org/images/cube_full.jpg06:26
lewixDr_willis: how? im on windows right now...what should I check06:26
chubs730cvd-pr: there are very few programs not in 64 bit, and if they aren't you can always compile them yourself06:26
mrchicagoi dont have too many issues with my video card06:27
CVD-PRcompile :-(06:27
chubs730cvd-pr: the only real annoyance is java (grr!)06:27
nickrud_j_humphrey: what video card are you using?  lspci | grep -i vga will tell you06:27
rainwalkerj_humphrey: install the package "compizconfig-settings-manager" and enable the desktop cube06:27
j_humphreyits an ati x140006:27
Dr_willislewix,  check the !nvidia and !fixres bot factoies urls.06:27
chubs730cvd-pr: you'll rarely have to compile, 32 bit versions run fine with 32 bit libraries06:27
cptnapalmCVD-PR: Compiling most stuff is really pretty easy.  If the stuff is sane at all just have to use 3 commands and it will be installed06:27
j_humphreyi have desktop cube, but it doesn't look like that picture06:27
CVD-PRits so difficult to code from 32 to 64?06:27
Dr_willislewix,  there is a Mint support irc channel on some other chennel. Check the Mint web site.06:27
acee1235ij_humphrey:  i feel your pain x1400....06:27
d3ads0ulcan someone around please help me with burning dvds06:27
rainwalkerj_humphrey: oh, well what do you want it to look like?06:28
CVD-PRi already compiled  some stuff06:28
j_humphreyhttp://www.beryl-project.org/images/cube_full.jpg rainwalker06:28
d3ads0ulor tell me where i can go for help, ive googled and found nothing06:28
nickrud_j_humphrey:   system->admin->restricted manager , install the ati driver and reboot.  run    fglrxinfo  in the terminal, make sure it says you're using the ati 8.37.6 driver.  Install xserver-xgl compizconfig-settings-manager , and log out and back in06:28
Dr_willisd3ads0ul,  you mean creating VIDEO dvds or making DATA dvd's ?06:28
rainwalkerj_humphrey: I saw that, but what is it about that picture that you want?06:28
fantum13CVD-PR: x86_64 is fully backward compatible. You can run most ia32 binaries on it.06:28
badkittyIf I compile a new kernel other than the generic one, will it make a difference?06:28
d3ads0ulburning a video .iso06:28
pocketdrummerI've tried to get the cube working too, even with it enabled, it doesn't make a cube.06:28
mouseboyxHello?, can someone help with a dhcp server problem?06:28
GradeFPoultryd3ads0ul: What's the problem?06:28
pocketdrummermaybe, I'm using the wrong key combination?06:28
rainwalkerpocketdrummer: what do you mean?06:28
cptnapalmj_humphrey: problem is quite possibly the card.... using the ATI drivers may result in crashing your machine.  Just so you know what may happen.06:28
GradeFPoultryd3ads0ul: Actually, ignore me, I don't even know what I'm doing on Ubuntu yet >_<06:29
d3ads0ulwont burn, says input-output error06:29
mooseman447i have a raid 0 setup and i just upgraded from 7.04 to 7.10 and now i get /dev/md0 does not exist dropping to a shell06:29
pocketdrummerrainwalker, it just flips. no cube :-/06:29
GradeFPoultryd3ads0ul: I'll try to find something on google.06:29
nickrud_cptnapalm: not really, been using the ati for a while now and helping quite a few chipset versions06:29
rainwalkerpocketdrummer: what key combo are you useing?06:29
Dr_willispocketdrummer,  you n eed to have 4 virtual desktops enabled for the full cube effect.06:29
Ashnalso i installed dosbox from the repository and have no clue where its configuration files are....06:29
j_humphreyI want the actual cube, it looks like the picture is a cube in expose, but when i activate the cube, it just flips the screen, rainwalker06:29
_Oz_j_humphrey: I have the answer to your problem06:29
d3ads0ulive been all over google, see a lot of people with problems, but not the same as mine06:29
Dr_willisAshnal,  read the dosbox docs/manpages. it can read them from different places.06:29
LinuxMercedesj_humphrey: how many desktops do you have?06:29
rainwalkerj_humphrey: what key combo are you using?06:30
_Oz_because I just solved it myself today :)06:30
acee1235j_humphrey:  you have x1400 correct and does your video playback flicker?06:30
Dr_willisAshnal,  i make a seperate config in each dos prograsm directory for my dosbox needs.06:30
j_humphrey_Oz_ how?06:30
chubs730d3ads0ul: if it's just an .iso, burn it with k3b or any other burning program06:30
badkittyj_humphrey: Its because you only have it set for 2 desktops (2 sides) you need 4 (cube)06:30
GradeFPoultryd3ads0ul: Check out this thread: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cdrkit/+bug/1542406:30
nickrud_pocketdrummer, j_humphrey ccsm , the rotate cube option, increase the zoom. Then, hold down the middle mouse button and move the mouse06:30
j_humphreyacee1235, i just installed the OS today, and installed all the new drivers06:30
_Oz_j_humphrey: go into compiz config06:30
d3ads0ulthis is the error i get Executing 'builtin_dd if=/dev/fd/0 of=/dev/scd1 obs=32k seek=0'06:30
d3ads0ul/dev/scd1: "Current Write Speed" is 1.0x1352KBps.06:30
d3ads0ul:-( unable to WRITE@LBA=0h: Input/output error06:30
d3ads0ul:-( write failed: Input/output error06:30
cptnapalmnickrud_: Just bought a new machine.  Had an ATI.  Crashed the same way another card did.  Swapping out to nvidia helped.  They are pretty hit or miss and some have had problems with the X140006:30
_Oz_choose "general options"06:30
j_humphreybadkitty, i have 4 desktops06:30
d3ads0ulbut it doesnt toast my dvd-rs06:31
j_humphrey_oz_ im there06:31
rainwalker!paste | d3ads0ul06:31
ubotud3ads0ul: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:31
badkittyj_humphrey: Your sure? You have to check within ccsm (compiz settings manager)06:31
_Oz_look under "desktops" or "video" or something like that where you can set the number of horizontal and vertical desktops06:31
pocketdrummerrainwalker, ctrl+alt+ Left/right key. Is that right?06:31
nickrud_cptnapalm: hm, I've helped a couple set that up. The only issue I heard was bad video playback, they had to use the x11 output plugin06:31
_Oz_set horiz to 4, vertical to 206:31
badkittyj_humphrey: The default setting within compiz is 2 even though w/o compiz on you have 406:31
acee1235j_humphrey:  if you get it to work and the video not to glitch i would be interested how you did it06:31
rainwalkerpocketdrummer: for the cube, you need control + alt + click06:31
acee1235j_humphrey: i cant get mine working06:31
devnulldamn, it seems gdesklets has been abandoned06:31
mooseman447does anybody know why i get a /dev/md0 does not exist error after upgrading to 7.1006:31
ubdhow can i check if ubunutu makes cpu sclaing right_06:32
rainwalkerdevnull: screenlets > gdesklets06:32
CVD-PRany know why when i try do go in text mode nothing happen?06:32
j_humphreyacee1235, ah, i think it will glicth06:32
cptnapalmnickrud_: I, and acee1235 here, had hard crashes when doing anything that switched video mode at all: switch to console or... gasp... trying to logout06:32
devnullyeah? i will look into that06:32
j_humphreyglitch*, it was doing it earlier06:32
_Oz_you can also spin the cube by pressing down on your mousewheel while hovering over anywhere on the background, and flicking it around06:32
Ashnalhow would i get dosbox to read a config file i stash somewhere?06:32
rainwalkerdevnull: install them from gnome-look06:32
pocketdrummerIs cube enabled in extra visual effects?06:32
Dr_willisAshnal,  it has command line options.06:32
_Oz_j_humphrey: did it work?06:32
nickrud_acee1235: you talking about video playback? set the video output to x11 instead of xv06:32
acee1235i did06:32
acee1235no luck06:33
nickrud_acee1235: the x1400?06:33
_Oz_I'd give you better directions but I'm reinstalling the computer I had compiz running on06:33
acee1235had to disable compoziting in the xorg06:33
rainwalkerdevnull: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=7334606:33
cptnapalmacee1235: Flickering playback?  Damn, sound EXACTLY like what I had going on b/f i replaced the ATI card...06:33
devnullrainwalker: thanks06:33
CVD-PRWhen i try to do a suspend it wake automatically, this is a commond problem in ubuntu or is something worng with my configs?06:33
_Oz_j_humphrey: I'll bet I can predict your next question if you got that working06:33
nickrud_acee1235: you can't use composite extension with the fglrx in ubuntu ...06:34
acee1235cptnapalm:  im going around the world this summer so my laptop might set...stolen06:34
acee1235 nickrud_:  seems like it06:34
cptnapalmacee1235: You should go to AMD and find the chip designer and beat them to death with it06:34
skwashdgot it working ... hacked my persistent network rules06:35
chubs730!insurancefraud | acee123506:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about insurancefraud - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:35
nickrud_acee1235: did you try using the xserver-xgl ? compiz works fine with that installed on most cards I've seen06:35
badkittyHow would I find out what kernel is best for my processor? Its an amd athlon(64) 3000+06:35
acee1235nickrud_: were is that06:35
nickrud_badkitty: the generic one , unless you decide to custom compile06:35
AshnalDr_willis: ummm where is the default dosbox.conf file?06:35
cptnapalmnickrud_: I tried using xserver-xgl and all it did was hose everything until I completely uninstalled it...06:35
nickrud_acee1235:    sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl , log out and back in06:36
badkittynickrud_: Is there a benefit to compile the kernel?06:36
Dr_willisAshnal,  i would guess in /etc somewhere.06:36
nickrud_cptnapalm: use a minimal xorg.conf.  I'd recommend  dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg in fact.06:36
acee1235nickrud_: i can get compiz to work i just cant get compiz and video seems mutually exclusive dependent on the composite boolean06:36
cptnapalmnickrud_: I just swapped out the ati for nvidia... heh06:36
nickrud_acee1235: do not use the composite boolean. No composite section at all in the xorg.conf06:37
badkittycptnapalm: Wow you get a hi five!06:37
AshnalDr_willis: i already looked in there, i cant find it06:37
badkittycptnapalm: Down with ATI . NVidia FTW!06:37
nickrud_acee1235: try this:   sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg && sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl , log out and back in06:37
_Oz_yeah, it's gotta be nvidia.06:37
Dr_willisAshnal,  then make one?06:38
cptnapalmAshnal: ok do this find /etc -type f -name "dosbox.conf" -print06:38
_Oz_their cards always work great and they're always compatible with everything.  dunno how anyone would willingly get sucked into an ATI.06:38
nickrud_badkitty: built into my laptop, gotta make it work06:38
Dr_williscould be an example one in the dosbox docs dir.06:38
fantum13I'm having DHCP issues with my AR5007EG on ndiswrapper (Gutsy amd64 with a 64 bit windows driver). I know the driver and card are functional, because if I can chain reboot enough for, than it'll work, but otherwise, I'm fscked. Does anyone have experience with this?06:38
cptnapalmAshnal: I think that should find it if it is in the /etc directory06:38
cptnapalmbadkitty: Swapping video cards cured all manner of headaches... and AMD STILL has not fixed their damn drivers06:39
razordeadhow come the screenlets.org web site hasn't been updated since 0.0.1006:39
badkittynickrud_: So its better NOT to compile a new kernel unless I had to (especially for support reasons)06:39
Ashnalcptnapalm: i get zilc06:39
pocketdrummerrainwalker: Is cube enabled in the extra setting?06:39
_Oz_dr_willis: one downside of this browser sync by google is that there's really no way to use your bookmarks at a public computer.  got a solution for that one?06:39
nickrud_badkitty: absolutely. I haven't compiled one in a few years06:39
badkittycptnapalm: I've disliked ati since I knew they existed.. it all went downhill from my first experience with an all-in-wonder06:40
Dr_willis_Oz_,  Check the various web sites that can keep your bookmarks i guess.  I dont use public coputers06:40
cptnapalmAshnal: Ok, I'm thinking that there isn't one there then heh06:40
razordead_Oz_: I think del.icio.us would be better for that06:40
cptnapalmAshnal: did you install from Synaptic or apt or some such?06:40
j_humphreyok, so it didnt work06:40
_Oz_what happened06:40
j_humphreyhooray for crappy ati06:40
Ashnalcptnapalm: i installed using the add/remove feature06:40
nickrud__Oz_: del.icio.us has a really useful firefox plugin as well06:41
badkittyI like the seemingly new plugin for firefox the speed-dial (surely a copy of operas speed dial)06:41
_Oz_oh, you're using ATI?  that does make it a bit more difficult06:41
cptnapalmbadkitty: One thing which puzzles me is how the hell they have some chips that work great, but others that are totally borked06:41
_Oz_nickrud: thanks for the tip06:41
_Oz_I'll check that out06:41
j_humphrey_oz_ yeah, it does make it more difficult06:41
cptnapalmAshnal: ok good... give me a minute and I'll see if i remember how to do something06:41
Dr_willisupdatedb and locate  - are handy tools. :)06:41
Jangariho would I install an app onto a server on which i don't have superuser permissions? I hear it's possible to put an app in my own ~/bin directory and run it from there06:41
LinuxMercedescptnapalm: yeah.  I have an ATI here that works fine06:41
badkittycptnapalm: Yah odd.. Do you know if ATI has the same kind of driver architecture that nvidia does IE. One driver for all cards (except GO?)06:42
_Oz_j_humphrey: are you still seeing only a two sided panel when you rotate the 'cube'?06:42
Dr_willisJangari,  you could compile the app as a user. and install it to your home dir.06:42
j_humphreylinuxmercedes, are you on a mobility radien?06:42
demortesI have a completely unrelated question to help me with my ubuntu server. I need to register a domain name, but every time I use godaddy, it doesn't release it to be registered again. Anyone got any decent registration services that allows complete control over nameservers?06:42
cptnapalmLinuxMercedes: Had a laptop with an ATI was great.  Have had 2 desktops with ATI which were aweful...  :-/06:43
j_humphreyas long as i dont have virtual desktops, i think im fine06:43
acee1234compiz is up testing video06:43
ubd how can i check if ubuntus cpu frequency handling06:43
LinuxMercedesj_humphrey: I have a radeon of some sort in the desktop (I forget which one); Laptop is Trident Video Accelerator =[06:43
pocketdrummerDoes anyone know if cube is enabled on Extra mode? I tried ctrl+alt+left click and it does nothing.06:43
Jangarihow do i compile it, lame, as a user, Dr_willis?06:43
Jangarior sox, even06:43
Dr_willisdownload the source.. and assiming the compiler stuff is installed.. unpack it.. and start compiling.06:43
badkittydemortes: What do you mean released again? You should be able to control nameservers of your domain through godaddy06:43
Jangaripocketdrummer: you have to get advanced desktop settings06:44
demortesRight, but I want to have it released back to the domain pool if and when it expires06:44
shroothyany one know how to open my own channel06:44
demortesI don't think great domains should be reserved for pointless ads06:44
badkittypocketdrummer: If you look under the controls it should tell you what keys are binded to it06:44
Jangaricompiling doesn't require superuser privileges?06:44
devnullhmm, out of beer...06:44
acee1234ok video doesnt flicker but it has reduced fps and is lagged behind the sound06:44
devnullcompiling doesnt, but systemwide installation does06:44
j_humphreywhen i switch between desktops (wheel up/down on desktop) it doesnt "flip" it looks like a cube, but i dont actually see a cube06:45
pocketdrummerJangari, Badkitty: Thanks06:45
cptnapalmAshnal: I *think* that dpkg -S dosbox.conf should work06:45
devnullin fact it is recommended that programs not be compiled as root by most06:45
nickrud_j_humphrey: hold down the middle mouse button and move the mouse around.06:45
badkittyj_humphrey: did you check to see how many desktops (horizontal setting in ccsm) you have?06:45
j_humphreythat works nickrud06:45
Ashnalcptnapalm: whatll that do? tell me where dosbox.conf is?06:45
_Oz_is it a cube now, j-hump?06:46
cptnapalmdo not compile as root if at all possible.... If you do, you will get cooties and girls will not want to talk to you.06:46
Jangarimm, the problem is that its a university owned server running redhat, and they won't allow us to install systemwide software that isn't supported by redhat, and they don't yet support the mp3 libraries for so06:46
demortesYou're running ubuntu, unless you make a lot of money, I doubt your in any state to talk to girls anyway06:46
j_humphreyis there a way to zoom out?06:46
badkittyj_humphrey: The normal ctrl-alt keys probably are not binded or something06:46
=== nickrud_ is now known as nickrud
j_humphreydemortes, im running ubuntu, and im engaged :)06:46
chubs730demortes: no way, ubuntu sounds so exotic06:46
cptnapalmAshnal: I don't have dosbox.  That will tell dpkg to search for the packages that have dosbox.conf  so should tell you where it installed it06:46
_Oz_j-hump: I knew you'd ask that06:46
chubs730exotic ~ erotic06:47
_Oz_look under rotating cube in the compiz-config06:47
_Oz_one of the options is "scale"06:47
demorteschubs730 I can see that, but not like to women :P06:47
_Oz_zoom it to about 3.006:47
_Oz_it'll start looking more like a cube06:47
Ashnalcptnapalm: so will this dpkg tell me where any app is installed?06:47
cptnapalmAshnal: it will tell you where a particular file is, if you installed it the normal way06:47
chubs730demortes: "maynards-girl has quit ()"  yeah guess not :/06:48
demortesso anyone have a preferred place for domain registration?06:48
nickrudAshnal: dpkg -L <packagename> shows where all the files get installed06:48
Jangarirotating the cube with like 16 desktops is fun06:48
cptnapalmnickrud: Damnit i forgot about the -L06:48
Jangariit turns into a massive wheel, like a big block of parmesan06:48
badkittydemortes: I've just used godaddy. Also if you go to brinkster.com (if you need hosting) they give you a domain name or two for free with the hosting06:48
Dr_willis Ashnal    /usr/share/doc/dosbox/dosbox.conf.example.gz06:49
chubs730demortes: godaddy has been fine for me also06:49
Ashnalnickrud:thank you that will be soooo helpful as i never seem to be able to find program files since they seem to be scattered everywhere06:49
demortesI'm not liking Godaddy, because of them, I can't use the same domain name06:49
demortesThey fail to release the domain to a functional state06:49
witepaHi, I am trying to install madwifi to enable my wireless card, but I am encountering some difficulties. First off, can anyone help me to why my wireless device is coming up as eth1 instead of ath0 or wifi0?06:49
cptnapalmDr_willis: what were they thinking slapping it into /usr/share/doc....06:49
badkittydemortes: WHO06:49
Jangarii went with 1and1, i didn't know any others and 1and1 were suggested to me, 6 bucks a year wasn't too bad i though06:49
j_humphreywow, compiz is so much better than aero06:49
MandosI am having trouble with suspend/hibernate on Feisty.  It used to work, but now it is not.06:49
demortesbadkitty: godaddy.06:49
demortesI just need domain, not hosting.06:50
badkittydemortes: I never had problems with them..06:50
Dr_williscptnapalm,  its an example config file. :)  where else should it be.06:50
Dr_williscpTanis,  dosbox can generate a conf file I belive from some command also..06:50
Dr_willisoops wrong nick :)06:50
jj_humphrey aer?06:50
badkitty_Oz_: Geah06:50
_Oz_how do I get twinview working again?06:50
_Oz_there's a quick and easy way to get x-server06:50
Mandosunfortunately, I have not been able to find any reason for why it does not work.06:50
badkitty_Oz_: Let me get the link06:50
_Oz_but I forgot it06:50
nickruddemortes: why not just transfer the domain?06:50
demortesI no longer own it06:51
cptnapalmDr_willis: I've always hated example configs... I mean, ship the damn thing with something that at least barely works and put it in the right place...  Where the hell is my pitchfork?!?!06:51
badkitty_Oz_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=177358406:51
MandosAnd my ubuntuforums posts have not received any response.06:51
MandosWhich is not unusual.06:51
cptnapalmMandos: well frequently when noone knows, they don't answer :-/06:51
Dr_williscptnapalm, i found it. :)   of course i also read the docs. :)06:52
_Oz_that's it06:52
Ashnalcptnapalm: im with you, and i currently have no idea where to put this config file so that dosbox will load it at startup06:52
badkittyI think twinview is a lame name.. especially because my two monitors barely look alike06:52
_Oz_thank you, badkitty.  I love that method -- so much easier.06:52
nickrudMandos: try looking in /var/log/syslog , around the time you suspend. You might find a clue there06:52
witepaHey again, I am trying to install madwifi to enable my wireless card, but I am encountering some difficulties. First off, can anyone help me to why my wireless device is coming up as eth1 instead of ath0 or wifi0?06:52
jcan someone help me . i'm trying to remove my old ubuntu partitions. I have it in the same hard drive that im running another partation with ubuntu06:52
MandosI've tried.06:52
sp219j: gparted?06:52
badkitty_Oz_: It's one of those things you just need to get it working already you know?06:52
Dr_willisAshnal,  dosbox man pages says in the current directory06:52
MandosLooking in /var/log/syslog.  It doesn't say much.  I am using uswsusp.  It fails on "suspending consoles".06:52
=== sp219 is now known as a
cptnapalmAshnal: See, it is all about finding something, and editing it... it should not be about finding something, figure out where to put it and then figure out how the hell to get it to work at all06:53
MandosAnd then doesn't turn off the computer.06:53
sigmawitepa: that depends on your hardware and how it is connected, mine is eth1 as well06:53
MandosThat's for s2disk/s2both.06:53
=== a is now known as s
badkitty_Oz_: Although I thought there was a graphical way to do that now ...06:53
AshnalDr_willis: the directory that the dosbox executable is in?06:53
jsp219 so its /dev/sda1 ext3 but then it has linux-swap as /dev/sda2 and then ext /dev/sda3 for the one im running now06:53
=== Fyd4_ is now known as Fyda
Dr_willisAshnal,  the directory you RUN the program from06:53
nickrudMandos:   ubuntu-users mail list, it has some smart people there. attach the relevant part of the syslog06:53
=== s is now known as sp219
witepasigma: when i try to do iwlist eth1 scan, i get eth1 no scan results06:53
witepasigma: after installing madwifi06:53
Dr_willisAshnal,  this lets you put a config file in each dos games dir. that gets used.06:53
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:53
Jangariooh, another netsplit06:54
MandosOK, I"ll try that.06:54
sigmahah, netsplit06:54
Dr_williscptnapalm,  the fact its mentioned in the man page  is  hiding it eh. :)06:54
AshnalDr_willis: is it possible to have a global config file that loads when dosbox does?06:54
sp219Netsplit ftw06:54
sp21901:54… These users have been split from #ubuntu: danopia`cat, b4ggi0, marko-_-_, Rabiddog, jughead, edward_, mjwolf, dirk__, xerophyt1, mrMister, kikr, maddler, sKy\, scr, Oktanouc, ParsiTux_, kilrae, SuperLag, Kwitschibo, jwisher, J4t, Slap_Stick, saxin, Rprp, Cirex, Virtuall, pherring, LumBuntu, popey, jlong, Keith_, snaregirl, opkg2s, Faust-C, netdefilr, morodock, insta, Johnny_5_elsewhe, eyyYo, Aloha, riotkittie, krim, emitchlpd, pram06:54
badkittywhy does that happen anyway?06:54
jcan someone help me . i'm trying to remove my old ubuntu partitions. I have it in the same hard drive that im running another partation with ubuntu06:54
Dr_willisAshnal,  proberly. Id  have to double check the man pages06:54
Jangarimeh, that ain't many06:54
ji want to delete the sda1 first one /dev/sda1 ext3 but then it has linux-swap as /dev/sda2 and then ext /dev/sda3 for the one im running now06:54
MandosStill, it failed for no reason.  Lots of people have problems with nvidia and ATI, but I don't have those.06:54
cptnapalmDr_willis: Everything should go where it is supposed to go...06:54
Jangaricould have been 200 more06:54
sp219badkitty: one of the servers lost it's connection06:55
Jangarij: that seems reasonable, what's the problem?06:55
jwould that be a problem for linux swap ..messing up the06:55
Dr_williscptnapalm,  it dosent need one  :) so there for its going in the example dir.06:55
witepasigma: when i try to do iwlist eth1 scan, i get eth1 no scan results06:55
Jangarishouldn't be a problem for the swap,06:55
jJangari want to delete the sda1 first one /dev/sda1 ext3 but then it has linux-swap as /dev/sda2 and then ext /dev/sda3 for the one im running now06:55
j_humphreyok, i did something and i have little fires on my window, what is that?06:55
Mandosubuntu-users is enormous-traffic.06:55
Jangarii heard you the first two times, j06:56
_Oz_what does "gksudo" mean anyway?  Obviously I know what sudo does.06:56
dragonare there any good games that i can install on ubuntu?06:56
_Oz_why the "gk"?06:56
Jangarino dragon, none06:56
Jangarinever ever06:56
badkittydragon: Umm enemy-territory06:56
j_humphreywhat does clone output do?06:56
Jangarifun is not permitted06:56
Dr_willis!info rocksndiamonds06:56
uboturocksndiamonds (source: rocksndiamonds): Arcade style game. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 3.2.3-3 (gutsy), package size 384 kB, installed size 1256 kB06:56
_Oz_d  o  r  k  f  a  c  e06:56
cptnapalmDr_willis: but it has to be in the directory from which you happen to be to run the program?  that's sad... Hell even a totally incompetent n00Bz C learner can find out how to load from a default location...06:56
Dr_willisthats a must get game.06:56
Starnestommy_Oz_: it's a gtk frontend to sudo06:56
dorkfaceHi all, I have a .tff file with a font that I really want to use.  I tried searching google, but is it possible to convert .tff to .pcf, so konsole can understand it?06:56
_Oz_why does it need a gtk front end?06:56
cptnapalmDr_willis: Ok maybe not one totally incompetent... I mean I don't know how to do it and I'm completely clueless heh06:57
jjangari so i can delete sda1 ext3 the old ubuntu partation .. but its mount point /media/sda1 would i run into problems if i remove it?06:57
neil_d_Oz_: it help when runing gui tools like gedit06:57
Starnestommy_Oz_: note that a lot of graphical administrative programs use it06:57
dragonso is there a website that has a list of good games? or do i just look up on google " linux games"?06:57
jjangari nvm what i said.06:57
dragonalso i cant seem to get sound to work06:57
MandosOK thanks.06:57
MandosI filed a launchpad bug.06:58
_Oz_thanks, starnes and neil.06:58
Ashnaldragon:theres always emulators which are fun06:58
MandosWe'll see if it gets any responses.06:58
badkittydragon: There was a list somewhere google best linux games...06:58
Dr_williscptnapalm,  I WANT it to run from the current dir. that way when i cd to 'doom' and do 'dosbox' it auto runs that config file. which i set up to run doom., if i am in the warlords dir - i set it up to auto run warlords06:58
chubs730oops sorry wrong channel06:58
Jangariyou should probably solicit advice from someone who knows what they're talking about, j, but i would assume that the numbering of the partition wouldn't change if you format an entire partition06:58
badkittydragon: You can also look into sourceforge06:58
jjangari is it ok if 1st partition is linux-swap and 2nd is ubutnut06:58
badkittydragon: But i think sudoku is fun!!06:58
cptnapalmDr_willis: Oh wait... its not a system config then?  Its a per app thing?06:58
dragonso either google good linux games or use sourceforge?06:58
Jangarii don't think it matters where they are, I have first partition swap, second data, third xp pro, fourth ext306:58
AshnalDr_willis: i launch dosbox itself, and then the game inside it06:59
jJangari thank you06:59
badkittydragon: Try both! Use those firefox tabs!!06:59
Dr_williscptnapalm, it looks for a user made config, and in the current dir..06:59
evil_techJ: it doesnt matter where ubuntu is installed as long as grub can point to it06:59
Dr_willisAshnal,  you can set up a config to autorun the game if you wanted.06:59
MandosI'm going to google "bad linux games."06:59
dragonok i'll try those thanks :)06:59
badkittyMandos: Great idea!06:59
Jangarialso, reformatting one partition, your first, won't renumber those after it, they're fixed spaces on the disk06:59
evil_techMandos: you need Blobwars :)06:59
dragonas far as emulaters go do you mean wine? cause i cant get it to work and i have tried lots of times06:59
Jangariwhen you format it for another use, dataspace, say, it'll become the first partition07:00
cptnapalmgood linux game was xsoldier or something like that fun and hard07:00
Jangariwine bites07:00
MandosIt doesn't give me much.  Just a bunch of bug reports.07:00
MandosMaybe if I google "terrible linux games" it will be more fruitful.07:00
badkittydragon: There are many games that run natively on linux.. give those a try... if you like FPS try enemy territory07:00
Jangariwhy do you want bad games, Mandos?07:00
nickrudwine is evil, it perpetuates non-free software07:00
AshnalDr_willis: i might want to explain what im trying to do i guess haha cause its not something typical, im actually trying to compile a dos game so i can play it...cause all i have is the source code....and i need to set something in the autoexec.bat to get it to compile, which i thought i could do through a config file07:00
badkittydragon: I think another popular one is called fortress???07:01
Cpudan80nickrud: Perhaps, but if you can run the stuff you need to run without windows --- is that so bad?07:01
Jangarinot so much non-free, nickrud, but closed-access,07:01
Dr_willisAshnal,  compile a dos game under linux? Good Luck with that..07:01
sigma.... just did a search for blob.... found: "Metal Blob Solid" ... wtf...07:01
cptnapalmDr_willis: it would seem to me a better way to do that would be to have it as essentially a script which you would toss in a personal bin so just call up whatever game you want to run by its name07:01
dragonwhat did you mean by emulater? you mean like zsnes? thats a cool emulater wounder if they have a linux ver of it07:01
AshnalDr_willis, no compile a dos game inside of dosbox07:01
achandrashekarhello I have a question about an ltsp setup which uses nfs mounted home drive. Im confused about setup and also the use of ldap for authentication. Does anyone have experience with this?07:01
nickrudJangari: same thing.07:01
Cpudan80nickrud: I'd rather have an app running in wine than a VM with Windows XP + app07:01
Dr_williscptnapalm,  unless you need seperate configs for each game..07:01
Jangariokay, so you don't mean monetarily free07:01
MandosJangari: Just because it amuses me.07:02
Mr__does this room have some sort of webchat  block on it?07:02
Dr_willisAshnal,  that dosbox config file has autorun commands at the end of it. I guess ya could toss them in there.07:02
nickrudCpudan80: it's a political thing, so off topic ;)07:02
badkittyCpudan80: if possible yah.. xp in vm is the pits07:02
Cpudan80nickrud: heh, alrighty07:02
Jangariliektoolbox for linguists, free, but only availsble for pc or intel mac via crossover, and linux via wine07:02
Dr_willisAshnal,  you got a compiler for dos appready eh?07:02
JangariMandos: how about xmame?07:02
AshnalDr_willis: im trying to set the dos compiler up07:02
cptnapalmDr_willis: nope.  See if was essentially a script, then you would change what options needed to be changed then name the script after the game.  Calling the script would then call dosbox to run the dos game in the specially needed way.07:02
j_humphreywhere do you get widgets for the widget layer?07:03
MandosInstalling it.07:03
Dr_williscptnapalm,  this is linxu do whatever you want. You could alwyas set up whatever alias;s ytou want. :P07:03
AshnalDr_willis:and the environment variables need to be set in auutoexec.bat07:03
MandosIt looks big.07:03
StarnestommyMr__: looks like it07:03
Jangariyou'll need to find the roms as well, Mandos07:03
Mr__Starnestommy: y?07:03
Dr_willisAshnal,  the dosbox config file has a auto run thing at the end that can do that.07:03
StarnestommyMr__: abuse07:03
Jangarithey can be a bit of a b|tch07:03
[MGR]MikkelHi ...07:03
cptnapalmDr_willis: Of course I've now been talking out of my butt for half an hour about a program that I have never used so... Ignore me at your leisure :)07:04
AshnalDr_willis:yea thats what ive been trying to get at, however i dont know where to put the damn thing07:04
[MGR]MikkelI has Download the Script to my IRC Server! .. and i can not running it! its say : Fail: Cannot chdir(/home/server/lib): Permission denied, check DPATH <- I know dont no why? Please Help me!07:04
Dr_williscptnapalm,   im about to. :) i 'cd warlords2' and run run dosbox. and it runs the game for me. I could make a 2 line script that just cd's and runs. if i wanted.07:04
Mr__Starnestommy: can any sites get approval?07:04
AshnalDr_willis:so that when i run dosbox by itself it loads the config, allowing me to run the compiler afterwards inside07:04
Dr_willisAshnal,  put the dosbov config in the dir with the dos game filea.. cd to the dos dir.. and run dosbox.07:05
StarnestommyMr__: you could probably ask the ops for an exception07:05
Dr_willisAshnal,  you are making it WAY too hard.07:05
Mr__Starnestommy: who are they?07:05
tichcan someone direct me to a page that lists portable mp3/movie players (like ipods) that work well with ubuntu?07:05
AshnalDr_willis: i cant just 'run' the game >_>07:05
StarnestommyMr__: /join #ubuntu-ops ?07:05
Dr_willisAshnal,  you run dosbox. that gives you a shell.07:05
cptnapalmDr_willis: I remember writing scripts like that... but no one ever said you had to be in the particular directory to run the stuff so I'd be stupidly looking into dependency problems for a week...07:05
Dr_willisyou could then just make a script that sets up the commands if you wanted.07:06
[MGR]MikkelHello all ... I need help i has Problem to Why Can i not Start the ircu up??? Fail: Cannot chdir(/home/server/lib): Permission denied, check DPATH07:06
Jangaritich, they'll all work, it's just a matter fo finding out how07:06
star1Hi there, my install of Beryl seems to be broken -- when I try to use it, I don't get any title-bars or borders on my windows.  I read somewhere that to fix it, I need to recompile the fglrx kernel module, but it keeps failing saying it can't find a directory that I know exists.  Can anyone help me out?