vipacaHello all is ther a seperate channe; forsparc ?02:23
ScottKfaulkes-: Thanks.02:35
vipacaHello anybody out there dealing with sparc03:26
dendrobatesvipaca: I have a couple sparc boxes03:27
vipacaIm really a sun hardware noob03:28
vipacabut I inheireted two v210s03:28
vipacaI just ubuntu on one of them03:28
vipacainstalled fine I was suspect of network connectivty03:29
vipacanow that the box is up the nics are acting falkey03:29
vipacadendrobates: what kinda boxes do you have?03:29
dendrobatesvipaca: t2000, t520003:31
dendrobatesvipaca: or something like that I am unsure of the model of the second one.  But they are both newer.03:32
vipacaI see these are newerthen v210?03:33
vipacathere definatley beefer03:33
vipacawhat kinda of nics you got?03:34
dendrobatesI believe they are marketed as Sun gigaswift, or something like that.03:37
dendrobatesbut they are intel GE.03:38
vipacawhen you do lspci03:38
vipacaDid you run into any nic problems when you installed ubuntu03:39
dendrobatesI did not.  What version are you installing?03:40
dendrobatesare you seeing anything in dmesg?03:42
vipacalet me check03:43
helfirehey, is it easy to change from php to suphp?03:44
vipacaI hope this doesn03:45
vipacaget me hacked03:46
vipacadendrobates:Shouldn't be anything dmesg that could :/03:46
dendrobatesvipaca:  no, it;s pretty safe.03:47
vipacadendrobates:Im not sure how to read these things03:47
vipaca[   32.575597] tg3: eth%d: Cannot get nvarm lock, tg3_nvram_init failed.03:48
dendrobatesvipaca: yeah, I haven't seen that before.03:49
vipacahey you pointed me to dmesg03:50
vipacavery good03:50
vipacanow I at least no that the driver is not happy03:50
vipacaor kernel module or what ever tg3 is03:50
dendrobatesthe driver seems to be finding your interfaces03:51
dendrobatesI think that message is not relevant.03:51
vipacamaybe and maybe not03:52
dendrobateswhat is the actual problem you are seeing?03:52
vipacawell something like this I can only get light when connacting cable to 3 outof 4 nics at a time03:52
vipacaand depending it changes whiich one03:53
vipacaonce Iget a cable connected andlights on that port no connectivity after static ip conf03:53
dendrobatesI see the kernel module finding all four cards.03:54
vipacasure and ifconfig shows them all but no lights03:55
vipacano connectivity03:55
dendrobatesYou should dig deeper into the logs.  See if you can find any errors in /var/log/syslog03:57
dendrobatesdoes ifconfig look ok?03:58
vipacait does to me03:58
dendrobateshave any of the ports worked at all?03:59
vipacanot on ubuntu04:00
vipacaand I couldn04:00
dendrobateswhat does your /etc/network/interfaces look like?04:01
dendrobateswhat are you connecting these ports to?04:02
vipacadendrobates:sorry daddy duty called04:31
vipacaa switch04:31
vipacainterfaces is empty now but when its configure no good04:32
vipacaIve bee using just temp ip setupwith ifconfig04:32
kgoetzanyone here tried exim4-daemon-light? i have it half installed in a chroot, and its breaking my packaging system :(05:19
kgoetzwondering if its a bug in the package or because its chrooted05:19
kgoetzhey mate05:49
kgoetzfwiw, i think its a chroot issue05:49
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rooteanyone knowledgeable about linux software RAID? Shouldn't a RAID1 be faster than a single disk?09:21
rootei'm getting the same speeds testing a single harddisk VS RAID109:21
rootei thought it was supposed to give me almost double the speed09:22
sorenFor reads, it should be significantly faster than a single disk. For writes, it's the same or slower.09:36
sorenIt depends a bit on the hardware involved. If they're on the same IDE channel, you won't get much improvement (if any).09:36
_rubenon same channel i'd expect it to be much slower even09:48
soren_ruben: Depending on how I/O bound it is compared to seek bound.. Dunno. I'm just guessing.09:54
_rubensame here09:57
c1|freakyis there an RSS news feed somewhere for the server people?10:22
sorenWhat sort of news are you looking for?10:34
c1|freakynews about ubuntu releases, security updates and other server-related stuff10:38
sorenc1|freaky: There are mailing lists for all of that. There's security-announce, ubuntu-server, and ubuntu-announce.10:52
c1|freakywhere can i subscribe to ubuntu-srever?10:55
_rubenc1|freaky: https://lists.ubuntu.com/11:00
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stiv_hey everybody ... i have multiple ubuntu-servers w. feisty that i update using my self-signed mirror w. some own packages (works fine!). These machines are not in a LAN, so updating via https would be a good idea, but i fell over this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/10929411:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 109294 in apt "HTTPS sources fail to update" [Medium,Fix released]11:01
stiv_it's only fixed in gutsy and i can't find a way to adapt the apt source package (i could build it myself) to fix this issue ... is there a patch?11:02
stiv_"These machines are not in a LAN," --> yes they are :-) but not all in the same the update server is in. "are not in a LAN" sounds weired11:05
c1|freakythank you :)11:09
rootesoren and _ruben : the disks of the RAID1 are on different SATA channels. I tested speed with hdparm -tT /dev/sda, hdparm -tT /dev/sdb and hdparm -tT /dev/md0 (and 1 and 2, since i have 3 partitions on each disk, and corresponding 3 raid arrays).12:28
rootesoren and _ruben : they all give me roughly the same speeds (around 60MB/s)12:29
_rubenroote: i never put much faith in hdparm as a benchmark13:00
_rubenif only i could recall the name of that benchmark tool ... its a girl's name ..13:00
_rubenhttp://www.acnc.com/benchmarks.html for several other options13:01
Gargoyleis there a meta package to install a LAMP stack as if you had chosen it during installation?13:06
_rubenGargoyle: i think that'd be sudo apt-get install lamp-server^13:11
Gargoylenot showing up under apt-cache search.13:11
_rubencorrect (i think), tried that recently as well .. the install part does work tho ;)13:12
Gargoylewith the ^ ?13:13
_rubenthe ^ indicates a task13:13
_rubenor you could use tasksel13:13
Gargoyleahh well seems I got everything with apache2 mysql-server php5 and php5-mysql13:14
_rubengrr .. cant connect to mit's pgp server .. lets see if i can find an alternative13:16
sommerjdstrand: hey, I've updated the firewall documentation section... have time for a review?14:30
jdstrandsure! email?14:30
sommeron the way, thanks14:30
sommeralso I went ahead and committed the changes so if you have the repo checked out you can see it that way :)14:33
jdstrandsommer: thanks reading14:36
jdstrandsommer: heh-- comma needed after 'configuration' in 2nd sentence of 3.214:37
jdstrandactually, I'll send you a diff14:38
sommerjdstrand: okay14:38
sommerjust for the one comma or.... ?14:38
jdstrandsommer: no, couple of other teeny things14:45
sommerjdstrand: ah, I appreciate the feed back14:46
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fuzedI'm wondering about X setup on server, is there a specific set of packages needed, does one need to run xorgconfig(which I can't seem to find) or what15:24
jdstrandsommer: sent diff15:25
jdstrandsommer: thanks again!15:26
sommerjdstrand: awesome, thank you15:26
sommerfuzed: it's not really recommended, but you can find a guide here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI15:26
sorenfuzed: Ask in #ubuntu15:26
sommerjdstrand: so you only need one commit in the rules file?15:36
jdstrandsommer: just at the end15:36
jdstrandsommer: let me double check that15:36
sommergotcha, is there a site, man page, or something that documents iptables-restore files?15:37
sommerI got most of that info from forum and mailing list examples15:37
_rubeninfo on iptables-restore/save is *very* limited15:37
sommerI wanted to add a link in the resources for further rules file details, but couldn't really find anything official15:38
_rubeneven netfilter/iptables developers dont know the 'rules' ;)15:38
jdstrandsommer: for the most part, it is the same as an iptables rule, with 'iptables'15:38
jdstrandthe parts that are different are the default policys and COMMIT15:38
sommerI see, I guess I was wondering about these lines ":PREROUTING ACCEPT [0:0]", what does the [0:0] mean?15:39
_ruben0 bytes / 0 packets15:39
jdstrandresets the counters15:39
sommerah, gotcha15:39
sommerI guess once you understand that part of it, it's really just iptables commands... like you said15:40
sommer_ruben: thanks15:40
_rubencorrect .. just slightly different formatted ;)15:41
sommercool, I think we're good for the resources section then15:41
sommerjdstrand: also, to double check even if you set /etc/default/ufw to forward you still need to enable forwarding in /etc/sysctl.conf?15:42
sommerI think I missed a command to reload sysctl once you edit the file :-)15:43
jdstrandsommer: yes. I should probably change that15:43
jdstrandsommer: and you are right about COMMIT15:43
sommerso it is needed for both tables?15:43
jdstrandone COMMIT per table15:43
jdstrandso the *filter table needs a COMMIT and the *nat table needs a COMMIT15:44
sommergotcha, I'll adjust that and add the sysctl command15:44
jdstrandso all POSTROUTING part should be entirely *before* the *filter section15:45
sommercool, does the new file cover the major aspects of ufw?15:47
jdstrandeg http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55851/15:47
jdstrandsommer: yes15:47
jdstrandsommer: obviously that paste includes some of my rules that shouldn't be in there ;)15:48
jdstrandsommer: particularly leave out the OUTPUT and PREROUTING lines15:49
jdstrandsommer: I am going to file a bug on the sysctl part15:50
sommerjdstrand: with regard to the documentation?15:51
sommerthe bug I mean15:51
jdstrandsommer: you shouldn't have to adjust sysctl.conf in ufw when you adjust /etc/default/ufw15:51
jdstrandno, in ufw15:51
jdstrandso leave the sysctl.conf part out of the ufw section15:51
sommerah, will do15:52
jdstrandsommer: fyi bug #19159615:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191596 in ufw "ufw: should not have to enable ip_forward in sysctl.conf" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19159615:55
sommerjdstrand: here's my new before.rules: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55852/15:57
jdstrandsommer: looks good15:58
sommercool, I'll move the sysctl step to the iptables masquerade section and apply the changes15:59
jdstrandsommer: can you send me your final changes-- I am going to walk through this section on my system15:59
sommersure will do15:59
sommerbefore applying ;-)15:59
jdstrandsommer: won't happen til later in the day though15:59
jdstrandfeel free to apply-- I think they are right-- I am just going to double check it all15:59
sommerjdstrand: no problem, minor changes won't be a big deal until SF, I just wanted to get the major section update in before FF16:00
jdstrandyes-- would only be minor16:00
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mathiazzul: I'm currently merging mysql-dfsg-5.0 from debian. I think that the changes you made for man conflict need to be extended to mysql-client-5.0 and libmysql-dev-5.0.17:23
mathiazzul: these two packages also shipp conflicting man page.17:23
vipacaWhere do I open a bug against sparc server17:36
mathiazvipaca: is a kernel problem ? a problem with a specific package ?17:37
vipacaWhat im seeing is that eth2 is tied to port 0 of 417:48
mathiazvipaca: so if it's a kernel bug, file a bug against the kernel package.17:48
zulmathiaz: ok im just having lunch17:56
mathiazzul: np. I'm doing the merge.18:03
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fuzedok, does it say anywhere that you have to run mandb initially (-c) and rerun occaisonally,  why don't the package scripts or the pkg manager do that automatically?18:59
peterdvfuzed: You should have the files "/etc/cron.daily/man-db" and "/etc/cron.weekly/man-db"  doing just that19:35
vipacacan you give me a link for fileing a bug against the kernel19:38
mathiazvipaca: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+filebug19:42
frame45does anyone listen to Linux Reality Podcast20:12
fooAnyone located in southern california?20:13
frame45FTP Server? should I use Ubuntu Server edition (command line) or the regular distro (gui) and then run like VFTP? (is VFTP right)20:15
* foo likes proftpd20:16
* ScottK dislikes FTP period due to plain text password transmission.20:17
fooactually, good point. sftp++20:17
frame45I work at a Video Production co. we need to setup an SFTP server so that our client can download about 60Mb-100Mb video files from it.20:18
fooframe45: Hm, is the client only downloading?20:19
fooframe45: Do you plan on giving them ftp/sftp access?20:20
fooAre the files already on the server? Or does someone need to upload to the server so people can download?20:20
ScottKFor an Ubuntu Server if you install openssh-server, sftp will just work.20:21
fooScottK: Right, but that may not be the best solution here20:21
frame45yes.   Most of our client use Mac I want them to be able to log-in via Connect to server or with an FTP client software20:21
fooframe45: That's too complicated for a client. Why not setup HTTP authentication with directory listing enabled so they can download files via HTTP?20:22
frame45I will be creating and administering (uploading to the FTP)20:22
fooframe45: Ok, so someone will need to upload files, then client downloads. You can upload via sftp, and client could download via HTTP. I think that's your best bet.20:22
frame45ok, that would be great I just don't know enough about all this yet i guess.20:22
CarlFKhow do I setup /etc/network/interfaces to use a wifi card?20:25
CarlFKpretty sure I did it that way before...20:25
infinityCarlFK: man 5 interfaces20:26
infinityCarlFK: It's well documented.20:26
CarlFKah, I stopped at man interfaces20:26
moos3anyone awake in here20:43
moos3I need some server help20:44
foomoos3: ask away20:44
moos3is a thread that I started last night when I upgraded from 7.04 to 7.1020:44
moos3and lost my server because of some unknown reason20:45
moos3it worked fine in 7.04 but for some reason when I upgraded to 7.10 it hangs and I can't figure out why20:46
foomoos3: is all of that the last 8 lines before you get into a shell?20:46
moos3its when its trying to load the kernel20:47
moos3what gets me kernel 2.6.20-16 boots until it gets to kernel log daemon where it hangs20:47
moos3and kernel 2.6.22-14 fails when trying to load the kernel20:48
foomoos3: Ask in #ubuntuforums too20:48
foomoos3: Wish I could help, but not sure, sure. Let me know when you find out20:51
mathiazUbuntu Server meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 5 minutes20:55
zulnothing has been added to the agenda recently has it?20:55
ScottKIt's a good warning though, so I can do my action from that last meeting.20:55
mathiazzul: well - it depends how you define recently20:57
zulheh i just saw it on the wiki20:57
zulwiki esp20:58
XiXaQdidn't someone tell me that vmware tools is now in hardy repositories?21:05
pwnguinis there anything close to a remote installer for ubuntu/debian?21:07
XiXaQremote installer?21:07
pwnguinspecifically: something to control the install via a network; i can place a cd in the drive and boot it, but we'd rather not drag a mouse monitor etc for the duration21:08
zullike kickstart?21:08
pwnguini think kickstart is a boot from network deal21:08
pwnguinbut this is all new to me, so perhaps21:09
faulkes-_look at PXE booting for install21:09
faulkes-_not sure what exists for an automatic though21:09
pwnguinwhat about say a serial console?21:10
XiXaQthat's interesting. Indeed, it would be nice if you could connect to the installer using ssh or vnc.21:12
sorenyou can.21:12
pwnguindo you need to install sshd first?21:13
sorenHang on.21:13
pwnguini gotta say, that's a terrible wiki page21:17
mathiazXiXaQ: you're probably looking for open-vm-tools.21:19
pwnguini mean the first paragraph basically says the topic's pointless, without ever explaining what it is :(21:19
pwnguini dont need to preseed d-i, but d-i over ssh would be handy21:20
XiXaQmathiaz, ah, thanks. :)21:20
pwnguinit kinda sounds like something already exists21:23
moos3foo: ok I did what you said now I'm getting the follow21:24
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sorenXiXaQ: A new and fresh version will hit the archive within 24 hours. (of open-vm-tools)21:27
XiXaQgreat :)21:27
moos3foo: http://pastebin.org/1946021:27
XiXaQhmm. It doesn't seem to have any configuration options, like vmware-tools does. Like screen resolution, etc.21:28
Goosemoosehi guys22:03
Goosemoosecjwatson_, you around?22:03
pwnguinsoren: were you suggesting a preseeded install?22:03
Goosemooseanyone else know the status of the utility to connect to active directory for authentication?22:04
pwnguinlaunchpad says needs code review22:04
cjwatson_Goosemoose: I'm around, but know nothing about Active Directory22:05
Goosemoosehey cjwatson_22:05
Goosemoosehmm, thought it was you that was working on the tool in hardy for authentication22:05
Goosemoosedarn, who was it!22:05
sorenGoosemoose: No, it's dendrobates.22:06
Goosemooseahh ok22:06
sorenpwnguin: That's an option. You can also just specify it on the kernel command line.22:06
cjwatson_pwnguin: section of the installation guide (package installation-guide-i386) is probably more useful.22:06
cjwatson_and the rest of the installation guide in general22:06
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cjwatsonthe option soren refers to is anna/choose_modules=network-console22:06
dendrobatesGoosemoose: https://launchpad.net/~dendrobates/+archive22:07
pwnguinof course, under 6.3.8. Miscellaneous22:07
cjwatsonpwnguin: Kickstart doesn't intrinsically involve booting from the network22:07
dendrobatesGoosemoose: a new version has just been uploaded.  You will need to wait for it to build.22:08
cjwatsonit's usually invoked that way just because its main use is installing a zillion systems at once and obviously you don't want to go around inserting a CD into each one22:08
cjwatsonbut Kickstart is just another automation method, not an interactive remote control method22:08
pwnguinok, so does the server CD allow me to access the menu via console, or do i still need to haul in a monitor / keyboard?22:10
pwnguinwe've got a laptop in there with a serial port for serial console hacking ;)22:11
cjwatsonserver CD >= feisty should let you do it22:11
pwnguinok; thanks for the help and pointers!22:12
ivoksso, when we eliminate dbconfig, how are we supposed to create both database and user during installation?22:21
Goosemoosedendrobates, will it work with the current edubuntu or do i have to wait for hardy?22:24
dendrobatesGoosemoose: I am just packaging it for hardy, but I believe Likewise is packaging it for gutsy, check http://www.likewisesoftware.com/products/likewise_open/22:25
Goosemooseok, any idea if I can get it to work with a preseed cfg file?22:26
jronnblomsoren: you still around?22:37
GargoyleCan anyone help me out with apache warning me that namevirtualhost *:0 has no virtual hosts?22:39
GargoyleI have to files in sites-available and they both look OK to me.22:39
antdedyetGargoyle: you probably don't want apache listening on port 0.22:40
GargoyleI havent specified that anywhere22:40
sorenjronnblom: Always.22:40
antdedyetGargoyle: You might rather have it on a standard or non-standart port, such as 80 or 8080, respectively22:40
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GargoyleI have namevirtualhost * should I change that to namevirtualhost *:80 ?22:41
jronnblomsoren: In the /etc/init.d/open-vm-tools I think there might be a problem with the loading of the vmxnet driver22:41
GargoyleOr should it get picked up from the main config?22:41
jronnblomif vmxnet_needed22:41
jronnblomrmmod pcnet3222:41
jronnblomeven if vmxnet_needed returns 1 its never evaluated by the if22:42
antdedyetGargoyle: You will only need "NameVirtualHost *" once in your httpd.conf22:42
sorenjronnblom: Why?22:43
jronnblomsoren:                 vmxnet_needed22:43
jronnblomif [ $? -eq 1 ]22:43
jronnblomrmmod pcnet3222:43
sorenThat's the exact same thing.22:43
Gargoylemakes the sites-available a bit more awkward, but not a major problem.. thanks antdedyet22:43
sorenExcept opposite, but ykwim22:43
sorenjronnblom: Ok, are you actually experiencing a problem, or are you just looking at the code and think there's something wrong?22:45
jronnblomim running hardy alpha4 on vmware ESX I by default the pcnet32 driver is loaded22:45
antdedyetGargoyle: np -- you can always create a namevhost-local.conf in conf.d and write "NameVirtualHost *" in there22:46
jronnblomit also loads the vmxnet driver22:46
antdedyetThat will allow you less conflicts with distribution default config updates22:46
jronnblomsoren: at first I thougth the vmxnet_needed purpose was to remove the pcnet32 and replace it with vmxnet22:46
jronnblomsoren: now Im not sure anymore22:47
antdedyetOf course, you could also just set proper dpkg up to not ever overwrite conflicting conffiles22:48
jronnblomsoren: should both the pcnet32 and the vmxnet be loaded in ESX ?22:54
Centaur5Is there a way to make a dhcp server only give out IP addresses to PXE boot requests?23:04
* antdedyet shrugs as he sees someone's gutsy box hard lock after trying the likewise-open built package from their site after failing to join the domain23:04
antdedyetThe hardy pkg worked fine for me, except joining the domain failed.23:06
antdedyet(my error tho, I don't know the network well)23:06
antdedyetCentaur5: My method would involve manually toggling the MACs in and out of the PXE boot config section located in dhcp... probably not what you're looking for.23:08
antdedyetCentaur5: what dhcp server are you using? isc?23:08
Centaur5antdedyet: Right, I do that to have one server do thin clients but the other server I want to network install (hopefully when I can figure that out).23:15
Centaur5When I have both servers running though they both give out IP addresses and I only want one of them to give addresses to regular workstations.23:16
faulkes-Centaur5: you can tell dhcp to ignore or handle specific mac addresses23:17
Centaur5faulkes-: great suggestion but I have guest machines coming and going that are constantly connecting.23:18
Centaur5I'm probably going to unfortunately have to physically separate with a new hub and cables the machines that need installations or just deal with 2 servers giving out IP addresses?23:22
antdedyetCentaur5: that's almost exactly what I was about to suggest ... network segregration is a good thing when multiple dhcp servers are involved23:22
antdedyetCentaur5: but the new servers to be installed are going to eventually join the existing infrastructure?23:23
faulkes-iirc, I believe some switches support forwarding tftpboot / pxe / dhcp requests to specific hosts on a per port basis23:26
Centaur5We sell and repair computers and I'm trying to figure out the best way to load Ubuntu on new machines and network installs would be excellent.  New machines are built and installed on any available bench so we would have to dedicate an area for new installs which would be mainly wasted.23:26
faulkes-however, those would typically be high end switches/routers ;)23:26
faulkes-why don't you have just one dhcp server do both?23:28
antdedyetCentaur5: why would the space be wasted? it's saving you a ton of time; making your work more effective.23:28
faulkes-iirc it is entirely possible and shouldn't affect regular client machines23:28
faulkes-pxe calls dhcp to get an address and then connects to tftpboot to get config files and other data23:29
faulkes-so a regular machine booting, unless pxe boot is enabled in the bios, will only ever get a dhcp address23:29
Centaur5antdedyet: Well we would have to find a decent amount of necessary bench space. We have 9 machines to install now but next week we may have 0.23:29
antdedyetCentaur5: run two patch cables to each dedicate machine space on the bench and label them appropriately as "new network install access" and "regular ole internet" or whatever...23:31
faulkes-again, I have to question the requirement of two dhcp servers23:31
Centaur5antdedyet: Yeah, I thought about that as a possibility.23:31
faulkes-one dhcp server is quite capable of handling both pxe booted machines and regular dhcp requests23:32
Centaur5faulkes-: Only mainly cause I try to keep all hard file transferring on a different server than the one with our applications.23:32
faulkes-as long as you have a good switch, it shouldn't matter23:33
faulkes-if you are using a hub, different story23:33
faulkes-that's just MO though23:33
Centaur5faulkes-: It's mainly to prevent bogging down the 2 thin clients we use off that primary server as well.  We have a gigabit 24 port switch.23:33
Centaur5It's not managed though, we should have done managed.23:34
faulkes-if you have gigabit ethernet available, bandwidth shouldn't be an issue23:34
faulkes-managed or not really doesn't matter23:34
faulkes-switching is handled at the hardware layer23:34
faulkes-once the switch learns the mac destination, it won't flood other ports23:35
faulkes-so unless your thin clients are attempting to access the pxe booted machines during install23:35
Centaur5faulkes-: Okay, we currently have a raid 10 on the primary server that runs the thin clients and all web apps.  When I did a 8 gig data backup it made the thin clients unusable.  Do you think a network install will cripple them?23:35
faulkes-it shouldn't23:36
faulkes-it's raid, you are basicly doing one huge read23:36
faulkes-how was the backup done?23:36
Centaur5Oh right, I was doing the backup to the server so I was writing.23:36
faulkes-again, I'm not saying you won't have issues, but I think it's at least worth an investigation before you start rewiring stuff and creating a workbench area23:37
Centaur5It's also a hardware raid controller so I don't imagine we can get much faster without getting very expensive.23:37
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faulkes-if the backup software runs on the server itself, you also have to deal with the fact the it likely stole a good portion of the cpu in the server23:38
faulkes-not to mention disk i/o23:38
faulkes-whereas reading from a raid controller to a gige network should all happen at the hardware level and the ip stack23:38
Centaur5faulkes-: It was actually just a 8 gig transfer from a different machine.  Maybe I'll test the network install on that server then and hopefully solve that issue.23:39
faulkes-well, that is my suggestion, if it works, you would save alot of time and energy23:39
Centaur5Now my question is has anybody successfully done a network install server on Gutsy?23:39
faulkes-iirc Loye has23:40
Centaur5I did one on Edgy 8 months ago but Gutsy appears to be different.23:40
faulkes-which specically references 7.1023:41
Centaur5Yeah, I tried that one.23:42
Centaur5The server gets this error in syslog when a workstation attempts to boot. in.tftpd[14220]: received address was not AF_INET, please check your inetd config23:43
faulkes-suggested work around includes using xinetd instead of inetd23:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 32330 in inetutils "Amanda fails because client thinks server is IPv6 when it's IPv4." [High,Confirmed]23:48
faulkes-although that references amanda, it is the same issue you are seeing23:49
Centaur5ahh...new package23:49

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