mr-rus1how to I checkout an svn branch/trunk using ubuntu bzr?00:58
mr-rus1bzr-svn doesn't exist and I can't find commands on the website for what to do.00:58
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jelmermr-russ: ? ubuntu has bzr-svn00:59
mr-russI installed bzr-svn package, but there is only a bzr command00:59
jelmerbzr-svn allows the regular bzr command to access svn urls00:59
mr-russah, then I did have it sort of working.01:00
mr-russhow then do I commit without committing to svn, and only commit to the bzr tree?01:00
jelmermr-russ: If you create a standalone branch it won't automatically commit to svn01:01
mr-russah, so you need to pass that as a parameter.01:02
mr-russUnfortunatley I'm too new at bzr altogether for this to be as easy as it might be.01:02
jelmerif you create a branch by running "bzr branch svn://..." it won't automatically commit to svn01:03
mr-russI'm using https://  I hope that doesn't make a difference.01:04
* mr-russ waits for it to download to see how we go at attempt 2.01:04
mathrickmr-russ: bzr branch off an SVN repo is the same as a branch off any other repo, it's independent and separate from the original branch01:09
mr-russfor some reason my first attempt committed to svn.  but it doesn't now.01:16
mr-russthanks for the help.01:16
mr-russI'll now work out how to commit the changes to svn.01:16
james_wmr-russ: if you are now using the result of "branch" then you only commit locally. Use "bzr push" to move the changes to svn.01:17
james_wsee "bzr help bind" if you wish to make it default to commit to both.01:18
mr-russa basic tutorial on the subversion page would be quite helpful.  especially for those of us coming from SVN.01:21
mr-russbecause bzr push  doesn't automatically put the tree back in the same place you got it from.01:21
james_wmr-russ: to which subversion page do you refer?01:21
james_wand what do you mean by that statement?01:22
mr-russcoming from svn, when you checkout something.  when you hit svn commit, it commits to the same svn tree.01:23
mr-russbzr push to an svn tree MAKES you specify the location.01:24
mr-russI would have expected it cached as the "default"01:24
mr-russBut that is just my gut expectation as an SVN user.01:25
jelmermr-russ: bzr does do that if you used "bzr co"01:30
jelmerit doesn't when you use "bzr branch"01:30
* mr-russ needs to read more about how to use bzr.01:30
mr-russand bzr co commits straight to the SVN repository.01:31
james_wmr-russ: and after the first bzr push then it will use that location by default next time, so it should be a one time thing.01:33
mr-russI'll read through the whole bzr manual and see how I go from there.01:34
mr-russthanks very much for your guidance all.01:34
james_wmr-russ: no problem, feel free to ask any more questions.01:34
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c1|freakyhi all. how can i checkout a repository without any history or other files, just as if i would have downloaded a package or smth.?14:25
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c1|freakythank you14:36
c1|freakydoesnt work can someone give me an example14:42
Parker-you can only export branch... not repository14:48
james_wc1|freaky: also checkout --lightweight14:52
james_wthat gives you slightly more than export, but no history.14:52
james_wc1|freaky: bzr export to-this from-URL-of-branch14:52
c1|freakycan i only export one subdirectory of a project15:01
james_wno, that's not supported by bzr, but it is quite easy to add on top.15:08
c1|freakyjames_w: how to add something on top?15:41
james_wc1|freaky: well you can extract to a directory and then just delete everything that you don't want.15:42
james_wexport to a directory, sorry.15:42
c1|freakyok thank you15:43
brlcaddoes anyone know of a project that provides a "libbazaar"?  i.e. C library interface bindings for creating/reading/writing a bazaar repo for directly integrating into a C/C++ application without some wrapper layer?16:14
brlcadfrom my searches, it looks like the answer is a solid 'no', but I figured if anyone heard of someone working on such an effort, it'd be in here..16:14
james_wbrlcad: yeah, as far as I know that is a definite no.16:39
brlcadjames_w: mm, darn but thanks16:48
abentleybrlcad: what for?17:27
brlcadfor integrating into a c/c++ app as a revisioned data store backend for storing data created/used by that app17:36
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aadisjoin #actionscript17:59
aadisheh, sorry17:59
abentleybrlcad: It is possible to use a python library from C/C++, just not very straightforward.18:21
brlcadabentley: of course, just such wrapper layers are usually quite distasteful to have at all, much less maintain over a long term -- that's why I specifically said without it, just not worth it that way19:06
abentleyOf course, a C/C++ library is even more work to maintain over a long term, and no one so far is interested in doing that.19:07
brlcadI have a workable path through libsvn, but it means I'll have to resort to repository synchronization into the application layer19:07
brlcadthat certainly depends on the dev audience, for the bzr devs that may very well be the case19:08
brlcadin any regard, thanks for the insight/responses19:18
NichardRixon$ bzr init-repo --no-trees sftp://mrlachatte_flyinformation@ssh.phx.nearlyfreespeech.net/19:35
NichardRixonmrlachatte_flyinformation@ssh.phx.nearlyfreespeech.net's password:19:35
NichardRixonbzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "/.bzr": [Errno 13] Permission denied19:35
NichardRixonwhat could be causing this error?19:35
NichardRixon(using bzr 1.2 on vista in msys)19:42
ryanakcaHow can I pull from a branch without putting it on a webserver or on launchpad? I have ssh access to the server where the branch is located19:46
frskbzr pull sftp://user@host/path should work19:48
ryanakcafrsk: ok, thanks :)19:49
jdongthat's the loveliness of bzr :) No server needed19:49
jdonghey jelmer , how much RAM is branching a 16k rev svn repo supposed to take?19:50
jdongat rev 6k, I'm seeing 400MB or so usage19:50
jdongI've applied the python bindings memory leak patch backported from Hardy19:50
aadisNichardRixon: it seems to try to create a directory .bzr in your / dir (C:?). Do you have enough permissions?19:51
NichardRixonI would assume so19:51
NichardRixonI mean, if I ssh in and run mkdir .bzr it works fine19:51
aadismkdir /.bzr ?19:51
NichardRixonoh, hrm19:51
NichardRixonhow can I fix this problem :<19:52
abentleyNichardRixon: Your command is trying to create a repository in the root directory of your server.  User accounts do not typically have create rights to the root directory.19:52
aadisah, sftp defaults to root dir.19:52
abentleyYou would specify a directory you do have rights to, like your home directory.19:52
NichardRixonI assume there's a flag I can set?19:53
radixyeah. you didn't put a path at the end of that URL19:53
abentleye.g. bzr init-repo --no-trees sftp://mrlachatte_flyinformation@ssh.phx.nearlyfreespeech.net/~/19:53
NichardRixonbzr: ERROR: No such file: '': [Errno 2] No such file19:54
abentleyPerhaps you don't have a home directory?19:54
abentleyWhat directory do you have access to?19:54
NichardRixonbut I do :(19:54
radixhuh, I didn't know "~" works.19:55
NichardRixonif I go cd ~ it works fine19:55
jdongtry an absolute path to your intended destination?19:55
radixor maybe it doesn't? :)19:55
jdongmaybe you don't have a home via sftp19:55
abentleyradix: It works on sftp, but not on bzr+ssh19:55
jdongradix: it works for sftp19:55
NichardRixonwould /home/ work at the end of the path?19:55
radixNichardRixon: /home/yourusername/ should work. but so should ~19:55
NichardRixonbzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "/home/.bzr": [Errno 13] Permission denied19:56
radixNichardRixon: /home/yourusername, not /home.19:56
NichardRixonbzr: ERROR: No such file: '/home/mrlachatte': [Errno 2] No such file19:57
NichardRixonI've got /home when I ssh in19:57
radixNichardRixon: it sounds like the server setup is broken19:57
abentleyIt looks like there's a bug that server/~/ must be followed by a directory name.19:57
radixNichardRixon: what happens if you "echo $HOME" when you ssh in?19:57
radixabentley: oops19:58
NichardRixonwithout the \19:58
radixNichardRixon: that's... weird19:58
radixNichardRixon: can you create files in /home/private? maybe you will need to put your bzr branches in there.19:59
NichardRixonyeah, I'm trying that now19:59
radixbut it's very strange that your home directory isn't /home/<username>19:59
NichardRixonmaybe I can use ~/bzr/19:59
radixNichardRixon: yeah, maybe that'll work.20:00
NichardRixonno errors :)20:00
* radix gets lunch20:00
NichardRixonhuh, I'm not seeing anything in ~/bzr/, though20:02
NichardRixonls -A shows me nothing20:02
radixNichardRixon: did you mean to type "ls -a"?20:06
radixoh, hmm, -A20:06
radixNichardRixon: that's strange :)20:06
radixNichardRixon: you're typing "ls -A ~/bzr/" ?20:06
jelmerjdong: it shouldn't really leak20:10
jelmer25k revisions is easily possible here20:10
NichardRixonfriggin' weird20:16
NichardRixonsuddenly my computer started thinking I was pressing alt and shift continuously20:16
NichardRixonand left arrow or something20:16
NichardRixonso all my messages started typing backwards20:16
NichardRixonanyways, ls -A problem still stands20:16
jdongjelmer: hmm 8k revisions, 600MB RAM :(20:18
lifelessNichardRixon: if I understand correctly you can push but the content is not there when you look for it ?20:19
jelmerjdong: Are you sure you've backported the fix correctly and regenerated the SWIG code?20:19
NichardRixonI haven't pushed yet20:19
NichardRixonI'm just trying to do an init20:19
jdongjelmer: I'm 99% certain20:19
jdonggrumble maybe I should just do this on my hardy box and preserve my sanity20:20
lifelessNichardRixon: whats the exact init command line you are running ?20:20
NichardRixon$ bzr init sftp://mrlachatte_flyinformation@ssh.phx.nearlyfreespeech.net/~/bzr/Denkatsu/20:20
jelmerjdong: It may well be that not all the required changes are backported to 1.420:21
radixNichardRixon: oh, that command should create .bzr in ~/bzr/Denkatsu/20:21
radixNichardRixon: not in ~/bzr/20:22
NichardRixonyeah, and there's nothing in /bzr/ at all20:22
NichardRixoner, ~/bzr/20:22
lifelessNichardRixon: does it fail ?20:22
NichardRixonno errors20:22
lifelessNichardRixon: so echo $? right after it echos 0 ?20:22
radixI don't see what the problem is.20:22
radixoh, Denkatsu doesn't even exist?20:23
NichardRixonradix, there should be a Denkatsu directory in ~/bzr/, right?20:23
NichardRixonlifeless, where does it echo 0?20:23
lifelessNichardRixon: run this "bzr init sftp://mrlachatte_flyinformation@ssh.phx.nearlyfreespeech.net/~/bzr/Denkatsu/ && echo ok"20:23
lifelessNichardRixon: tell me if it prints 'ok'20:23
NichardRixonbzr: ERROR: Already a branch: "sftp://mrlachatte_flyinformation@ssh.phx.nearlyfreespeech.net/~/bzr/Denkatsu/"20:24
radixthere is something weird with that server.20:24
radixmaybe you should avoid use of ~20:24
NichardRixon....oh, interesting20:25
radixmaybe the sftp server thinks that ~ is something different than the shell does.20:25
NichardRixonunder /home/public/bzr there's Denkatsu20:25
NichardRixonhow intriguing20:25
lifelessNichardRixon: my next question was 'please run "ssh mrlachatte_flyinformation@ssh.phx.nearlyfreespeech.net pwd"  '20:26
radixapparently when he sshes in he gets sent to /home, and $HOME is /home/private20:27
NichardRixonjust a straight ssh in dumps me into /home/public20:27
radix<NichardRixon> I've got /home when I ssh in <-- is it putting you in random different directories each time you log in? ;)20:28
NichardRixonnon-deterministic ssh20:28
lifelessNichardRixon: does the presence of the username in the command line alter things?20:34
NichardRixonit's working now20:34
lifelessNichardRixon: ok good; enjoy20:34
NichardRixonthank you :)20:34
NichardRixonso I've commited everything to ~/bzr/Denkatsu/21:00
NichardRixonbut there are no files besides .bzr inside that folder :(21:01
awilkinsThis a push? Push doesn't update the tree21:02
NichardRixonwait whoops, wasn't doing ls -A21:05
NichardRixonthere's a .bzr folder and the world is right21:05
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bmontycan anyone help with using bzrlib? I'm trying to restrict the results from workingtree.changes_from to a specific dir.22:58
bmontydoes it have to be a relative path (or is there any requirement?)23:03
lifelessyes, tree relative path23:03
lifelessif you have an absolute path, tree.relative_path(abs_path) it first23:03
bmontyah, that helps alot!23:04
lifelessbecause there can be N aliases to a tree, we only work with relative paths in the tree api (with some very, and odd, exceptions)23:05
lifeless(symlinks, mount points etc generate aliases)23:05
ubotuNew bug: #192743 in bzr-svn "bzr-svn is irritating when in a (non-svn) subdirectory of an svn working tree" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19274323:21

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