prince_jammysrhineheart_m: echo $UID00:00
SlartTakatski: the ubuntu install should set that up for you automagically00:00
TakatskiOh ok00:00
ejerforget that pen, if your hard drive is 100GB, that is what is going00:00
penejer: cool, it doesn'teven say 10000:00
MsK`pen, if it's a /dev/hd it's a PATA, if it's /dev/sd it's SATA00:00
Pete_BTakatski: the ubuntu installer is supposed to handle that for you, giving you a menu when you boot, offering ubuntu or windows00:00
JoshPChey anyone got compiz-fuzion working under vmware fusion or parallels?00:00
SlartTakatski: ubuntu plays nice with the other os's in the playground.. guess who's the big bully hogging all the toys  ;)00:00
ejerno it says 100030MB = 100GB pen00:00
penejer: then why having a cd in cdrom solved the problem partially?00:00
nouMenonPete_B, how do I figure how which IP/Mask/Etc to use?00:00
AutoMatriXoh, tant que j'y suis, qui peut m'xpliquer comment démarrer kismet SANS devoir entrer le mot de passe root ?00:00
Slart!fr | AutoMatriX00:01
ubotuAutoMatriX: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.00:01
Pete_BnouMenon: ask you system administrator00:01
penejer: actually, mine is hda00:01
gammaso can anyone help me out?00:01
penMsK`: thx, I think mine is hda00:01
rhineheart_mprince_jammys: why mine is 0?00:01
nouMenonPete_B, I essentially am my system administrator, thanks anyways.00:01
prince_jammysrhineheart_m: you are logged in as root00:01
penejer: ??00:01
TakatskiAlso, when i was running Ubuntu off the dvd i made, i had abnormally large window border tops, is that because my graphics card isnt supported well? or is it something else00:01
prince_jammysrhineheart_m: type:::   whoami00:01
Pete_BnouMenon: copy the settings from when it was DHCP00:01
ejerpen what is your question? I have answered it afaik00:01
TakatskiNot to mention my sound was almost.. dampened and i could barely hear anything00:01
nouMenonPete_B: Thanks.00:01
solexious[Q] I want to install pport, but its not in the reposetory, ive downloaded a gz but dont know where to go now...00:01
penejer: ah00:01
penejer: NO00:02
SlartTakatski: you probably have to install a better graphics driver.. are you using nvidia or ati?00:02
AutoMatriXoops sorry folks, tryinbg to translate that, obviously M IN THE WRONG ROOM CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME TO SATRT Kismet, WITHOUT having to enter the root-password ?00:02
danbhfiveCarlFK: the weird thing that I experienced (and sorry for not mentioning this earlier) is that I had to type my password twice.  Once, it was hidden.  the next time, it was echoed00:02
penejer: it's sad00:02
penejer: mine is sad00:02
penI will go backup00:02
pennot a big deal00:02
FloodBot2pen: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:02
ejeryes losing a hard drive is sad :(00:02
TakatskiI'm on a laptop and its an onboard00:02
rhineheart_mprince_jammys: But I head of a man saying things like linux user license00:02
Pete_BnouMenon: netmask is likely; IP address is likely 192.168.1.x; gateway is likely; DNS is likely but who knows00:02
AutoMatriXshould not have shouted either, damned I'm in a very tired mood ;)00:02
jonnyroI am trying to compile something that requires ctype.h00:02
ejerrhineheart_m: http://counter.li.org/ ?00:02
LHX2Wow... montser channel00:02
jonnyrohow can i find out what package contains that00:02
SlartAutoMatriX: why not use sudo? no root password needed..00:02
prince_jammysrhineheart_m: can't help you there.  don't know what that is.00:02
BitmessI lose my screen resolution settings when I reboot. How can I fix this?00:03
JangariAre there any calendar-only apps?00:03
Slartjonnyro: sudo apt-get install build-essential00:03
ejerjonnyro: not to be rude, but google gives answer00:03
Slartjonnyro: that should fix it00:03
penejer: thx again anyway for the clarification00:03
sammyFhow can I revert to lic6 v6 when i tried installing libc6 v7 and apt-get wants to remove the whole system if I deinstall v7?00:03
MsK`Jangari, click or double clic on the time at the top right of the screen00:03
WorkingOnWisewhere can I go to learn about the differances between OSS and ALSA, and which is better for what?00:03
ejerWorkingOnWise: alsa is better in general, oss is old and not used much00:04
Jangarii know, MsK`, but i don't want to use evolution just for its calendar section00:04
Pete_BWorkingOnWise: forget OSS00:04
MsK`Jangari, duh ? I don't use evolution either00:04
ejerJangari: lightning on thunderbird is nice if you use gcal00:04
AutoMatriXSlart, sudo kismet ... and password otherwise it won't start00:04
jonnyroSlart: thanks.  I am stunned that i did not already have build-essential installed. I have a bunch of ubuntu systems, and i guess i never got around to it on this one00:04
sammyFWorkingOnWise: right on ejer, except for the "old" .. there is a new OSS version out that supports the newer creative labs soundcards, which are NOT supported by ALSA00:04
SlartAutoMatriX: your password.. your user password.. not a root password.. try it00:04
Jangariyeah, ejer, that's true, i forgot i had that set up00:04
MsK`Jangari, if you want *just* a calendar, and nothing else, just click ON the time, a window popup will appear with a calendar of the month00:04
TakatskiIf im running on a laptop and an onboard video card, what could the problem be?00:04
lmillerI have a non-networked laptop running dapper. It has USB. Is there a (least worst) way to upgrade dapper to gibbon?00:05
TakatskiSoundMAX sound card00:05
sammyFPete_B: it REALLY depends on your soundcard00:05
Slartjonnyro: I can't think of any reason not to have it installed by default.. but I guess there is some kind of reason00:05
Pete_BsammyF: good point00:05
JangariMsK`: what i want is to be able to put in appointments without having to open evolution, i already know what day it is00:05
ejersammyF: have a link on this? interesting...00:05
* bluefoxx is away: lost in my thoughts...or maybe even a movie, the web or music00:05
Takatskiand id hafta figure out what my video card is called00:05
CarlFKdanbhfive: something werided me out.  I typed it 3 or 4 times.  then wondered if my user had sudo privs, so tried sudo vi /etc/sudoers00:05
AutoMatriXSlart,do you realy thik I would bother people at this hour if I did'nt have testedtaht ?00:05
MsK`Jangari, ok so you don't want a calendar but an agenda00:05
sammyFhow can I reinstall libc6 without having half the system removed?00:05
sammyFejer: one sec00:05
Pete_BsammyF: I'm shocked tho that any still don;t work with ALSA00:05
CarlFKdanbhfive: which meant I didn't need it when I treid again00:05
rhineheart_mIs CAcert could be recognized as valid ssl issuer in firefox?00:05
SlartAutoMatriX: you'd be surprised at the questions we get here =).. so.. sudo won't accept your user password.. you are running ubuntu, right?00:05
sin|g_x|any1 use the democracy player ?00:06
WorkingOnWiseok. where can I learn what I need to do to be able to hear multiple sound sources at the same time, like a message notification from Pidgin, music played in a widget in firefox, and game sound in World of Warcraft?00:06
ejerrhineheart_m: if you server is set up right, yes00:06
sammyFPete_B: yep ... so was I when I tried to use my brand new and very good sounding Xfi in Ubuntu00:06
dmoernerWorkingOnWise, use pulseaudio00:06
dmoernerWorkingOnWise, it isn't in gutsy as far as i know00:06
SlartWorkingOnWise: google for "+dmix +ubuntu" there are lots of howto's out there00:06
sin|g_x|having trouble with E: Package libboost-python1.33.1 has no installation candidate00:06
cexshunanyone else have sound randomly "freeze" in gutsy?00:06
AutoMatriXsladen, sudo accepts my password, but I don't want to type it in each time i want to use kismet00:06
sammyFejer: http://www.opensound.com/00:06
NativeAngelsive just installed the server edition of ubunto00:07
Pete_BAutoMatriX: tough00:07
NativeAngelsbut found it hasnt go c installed on it00:07
sammyFejer: check the oss4.0 release. the Xfi support works quite nicely, even though "early alpha"00:07
NativeAngelshow do i dl it00:07
NativeAngelsor install it00:07
AutoMatriXSlart,in fact I'm using a tablet PC, and typing in a pwd is not that handy with a stylus00:07
dmoernerAutoMatriX, edit the sudoers files with "visudo"00:07
WorkingOnWisedmoerner: Slart  thanks00:07
Pete_BNativeAngels: what do you want to install?00:08
sammyFplease, how can I reinstall the standard libc6 from synaptic after having installed a newer libc6 version without having half the system erased?00:08
Laney_FamilyQ. i was speaking with someone earlyer, at the time i had server installed with ubuntu desktop gui installed, it caused issues, so now ive installed the desktop version and plan on installing server over, how do i do this?00:08
Pete_BNativeAngels: be more specific00:08
AutoMatriXdmoerner, that seems to be a hint in the good direction00:08
* sammyF is desperate00:08
ejersammyF: it is interesting... http://4front-tech.com/hannublog/?p=5 guess it is not dead00:08
NativeAngelsthe c u use make to compile stuff00:08
NativeAngelsis it dcc ?00:09
PiciNativeAngels: gcc.00:09
Pete_BNativeAngels: gcc00:09
AutoMatriXthat sudoers-file can that be limited to one program only ?00:09
Pici!compile | NativeAngels00:09
ubotuNativeAngels: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)00:09
knox_please somebody if knows where i can find skype for ubuntu00:09
ejerAutoMatriX: yes00:09
Pici!skype | knox_00:09
ubotuknox_: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto00:09
danbhfive!sudo > CarlFK more info on using sudo and tee is actually here, see the pm from ubotu00:09
kostkonknox_, where else? skype.com00:09
NativeAngelscan i use apt get to  install it00:09
sammyFejer: it's more on the resurected side of things00:09
SlartAutoMatriX: ah.. that's another question altogether... I guess you could pipe the password from a file to your command.. but you'll be putting your password in cleartext in a file which isn't really good00:09
* bluefoxx is back (gone 00:04:35)00:09
=== Wanderer_ is now known as Wanderer
AutoMatriXejer, thanks, 'm Going to have a closer look at that thing, now,00:10
Pici!away > bluefoxx (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)00:10
Christina18Need help connecting my camera HP M307. I use Ubuntu, when I connect nothing happens. And no new icons anywhere. I have tried both Camera and Disk mode on the menu on the camera. F-Spot says "no camera detected"00:10
cexshunSoundblaster Audigy 2 Plat. Alsa. Ubuntu Gutsy. Sounds works fine for a while, sometimes days. Then, it seems random, any software playing a sound will freeze, XMMS/rhythembox/firefox/etc. But for some reason, mplayer will still play fine. No errors in log files that i've found00:10
TakatskiSlart: my laptop is using a Intel Graphics media accelerator and my sound card is soundMAX i believe00:10
ejerAutoMatriX: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/allow-a-normal-user-to-run-commands-as-root.html00:10
CarlFKdanbhfive: thanks00:10
kgxhey...is it possible to use grep but instead of outputting the entire line, only output the match?00:10
sammyFejer: and installing oss4.0 breaks down a few things, like the skype beta00:10
Pete_BChristina18: no icons are going to appear. If it's supported then it will be available in cameras software such as camorama and Skype. Maybe youre isn;t supported00:11
ejersammyF: can it run more than one sound at same time?00:11
AutoMatriXejer, BINGO, if I don't find it ther, I'll find it nowher, I guess00:11
Fireclownhow do I reinstall the ubuntu bootloader? I had to reinstall xp on my other drive and the install program replaced it with this XP install bootloader thingamajig00:11
kgxnever mind ggot it00:11
SlartTakatski: well.. intel should be supported.. one of the better videocards for ubuntu afaik00:11
sammyFejer: let me try actively, but I think I did a few times already00:11
Pete_BChristina18: sorry, it's not a webcam is it?00:11
furious_gerbilhello all, is there anyway to use multiple displays (crtl+alt+F#) in gutsy?00:11
danbhfive!fixgrub | Fireclown00:11
ubotuFireclown: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:11
iositdFireclown: use supergrub00:11
Christina18Pete_B: no it is not a webcam. It is a real HP digital camera00:11
IndyGunFreakSlart: some of the newer intel chips aren't supported very well yet00:11
sammyFejer, VLC and Amarok running at the same time right now ... so yes00:11
ejersammyF: well, something else may be doing it at that point00:12
Pete_BChristina18: maybe it's not supported. does 'lsusb' at the command line tell you it sees the camera?00:12
NativeAngelsE: Couldn't find package dcc00:12
AutoMatriXso I've got another minor malfun ctioning ...00:12
NativeAngelsthats what im getting00:12
PiciNativeAngels: install build-essential00:12
TakatskiSlart: then what could be the problem? i've seen no way to resize the border00:12
SlartAutoMatriX: I'm not really sure about this.. but couldn't you set the suid-bit on the kismet executable and make root own it.. ?00:12
sammyFejer, you need pulseaudio for everything to work with OSS4.0 though00:12
Pete_BNativeAngels: gcc00:12
ejerChristina18: it looks like a bug, I found it but launchpad is down :(00:12
PiciNativeAngels: Thats contains everything you need to compile things.00:12
SlartIndyGunFreak: oh.. that's to bad..00:12
starpausehas anyone gotten sweep to work under ubuntu?00:13
Christina18Pete_B: can't see it in lsusb. But I am pretty sure Hewlett Packard M307 is supported by Ubuntu..00:13
AutoMatriXxorg doesn't allow me a config of 1400*0150 and 1240*960 .... anyway how to change that ? I'm running NVIDIA-GLS00:13
SlartTakatski: you'll probably have to find a graphics driver.. or tweak the one that you're using..00:13
Laney_Familyno one?00:13
Christina18ejer: what is launchpad? What can I do ?00:13
Pete_BChristina18: if it ain' there in lsusb then it ain't gonna work00:13
sammyFanybody could tell me how to reinstall a lib without apt-get or synamtic telling me it's going to wipe out the whole system?00:13
Slart!res | AutoMatriX00:13
ubotuAutoMatriX: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto00:13
ejerChristina18: go to applications>accessories>terminal00:13
Christina18ejer: yes00:13
SlartAutoMatriX: make sure you have the correct modelines if xorg doesn't get them from the monitor properly00:14
ejerChristina18: in there type 'sudo modprobe -r ehci_hcd' without the quotes00:14
ejerChristina18: and enter your user password00:14
PicisammyF: What library?00:14
ejerthen unplug and replug the camera Christina1800:14
Christina18ejer: FATAL: Module ehci_hc not found.00:14
sammyFPici: libc600:14
ejerChristina18: look carefully ;) you missed a d00:15
PicisammyF: Why is that not installed?00:15
Pete_Bis there any info online about the setup that the Ubuntu LAMP server installation does beyond if I were to just install the packages separately?00:15
Christina18ejer: you are right! and now? camera is still on00:16
blastronHello, I have a rather major problem with my server that I'm hoping to find support for. I'm relatively new to Linux (and servers), so I'm not exactly sure where to begin...00:16
* AutoMatriX thanks you, folks, I'll drop a 6 pack, next time :p00:16
ejerChristina18: ?00:16
iositdblastron: what is your problem? that way others might have ideas on the solution00:16
sammyFPici: I tried installing the latest cinelerra which needs libquicktimehv which is sadly only compiled with libc6 2.7-1. so .. being kind of esperate to have cinelerra back, and assuming I could have BOTH libs, the current and this one, iunstalled, I installed the deb package from heron00:16
Pete_Bblastron: don't ask to ask, just ask00:16
Christina18ejer: I typed that command, no output and replugged the camera. But nothing seems to have happened..00:17
=== Stargazer is now known as Rezagrats
blastronAlright, right now my problem is that none of its services are actually accessible from outside.00:17
sammyFPici: it broke up with an error about dependancies not being fulfillled, but now if I try to reinstall 2.6-1 sit asks me to remove 136 other packages :/00:17
ejerhmm does anyone know if Christina18 needs to be in plugdev  group for cam to work?00:17
blastronFor example, Apache is running, but all connections time out.00:17
Pete_Bejer: yeah00:17
sammyFPici: most of which are basic libs00:17
nickrudejer: should be00:17
Pete_Bblastron: outside?00:18
iositdblastron: can you access them locally?00:18
blastronRemote, sorry00:18
PicisammyF: You may be out of luck here.00:18
PicisammyF: libc6 is *the* core package00:18
solexious[Q] I want to install pport, but its not in the reposetory, ive downloaded a gz but dont know where to go now...00:18
blastronyeah, I can access them locally00:18
ejerok, Christina18 in the terminal window try typing 'sudo gpasswd -a yourusername plugdev' with no quotes and replace yourusername with well... your user name :)00:18
Laney_Familycan anyone tell me how to install ubuntu server withing ubuntu desktop?00:18
iositdPete_B: iptables blocking it?00:18
RezagratsI just got a Webcam (Philips spc325nc) and i did lsusb and i tried Cheese to see if i got anything, cheese said that it could not locate the device, can someone help me on this ?00:18
ubotucedega is a project based on WINE, aimed at running Windows games on Linux. For more info, see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cedega00:19
Laney_Familyspecificly the LAMP features00:19
Pete_Bsolexious: you'll have to compile it. is there no pre-compiled .deb package available00:19
sammyFPici, there is no obvious way to just reinstall the old version against which all of my system was installed without breaking everything apart?00:19
nickrudLaney_Family: just install whatever server you want, it'll slide right into the desktop no problem00:19
Pete_Biositd: what service needs to be accessed?00:19
Laney_FamilyNick, HOW?00:19
dmoernersammyF, there are easy ways to downgrade00:19
nickrud!lamp | Laney_Family00:19
ubotuLaney_Family: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)00:19
solexiousPete_B: How do i do that?00:19
blastroniositd: Yeah, I can access them locally, I've tried turning off the firewall to no avail..00:19
Pete_Bsolexious: check back with the web site to see if they offer a .deb to download00:20
sammyFdmoerner: downgrading is okay at this point. I think I'll just wait for Heron before using cinelerra again00:20
releodAnyone know why my monitor is not using the full screen in ubuntu 7.10?00:20
iositdblastron: turning off the firewall?00:20
sammyFdmoerner: as long as the rest of the system is still working00:20
solexiousPete_B: Thank you00:20
furious_gerbilcan anyone tell me if the multiple display function (crtl+alt+F#) has been removed from Ubuntu gutsy?00:20
CarlFKhow do I find out what package provides magick/api.h00:20
nickrudLaney_Family: that page tells you what packages to install to have a lamp server00:20
Slartfurious_gerbil: it hasn't00:20
releodI was using DVI before, but now I am using VGA00:20
blastroniositd: I have firestarter installed, I've turned that off.00:20
furious_gerbilI can get it to change, but there's no prompt00:20
sammyFnickrud: wild guess, but it's probably libmagick-dev00:20
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)00:21
rhineheart_mejer: is there a tutorial on how to set-up CACert to work with ubuntu gutsy?00:21
ejerrhineheart_m: it should be setup already00:21
Slartfurious_gerbil: prompt? what kind of prompt did you expect?00:21
nickrudsammyF: wrong nick, I think00:21
iositdblastron: sorry but i gtg .... can someone take over?00:21
sammyFnickrud: oops .. sorry. indeed00:21
furious_gerbilcommand line prompt, all I get is a flashing curser00:21
Slartfurious_gerbil: ah.. ok.. you mean *that* prompt.. tried pressing enter a few times?00:21
furious_gerbilI will try that :)00:21
ejerrhineheart_m: i may be wrong, am looking00:21
rhineheart_mejer: I have an account already in CACert..but the problem is how could I integrate it to ubuntu?00:21
sammyFCarlFK: wild guess but it's probably libmagick-dev00:21
releodHow do I find out what Video Card my ubuntu system has?00:22
furious_gerbilnope, didn't work00:22
sammyFdmoerner: so ... what are the easy ways to downgrade?00:22
blastroniositd: Thanks for your help!00:22
Pete_Brhineheart_m: checkout tinyca00:22
gold44http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/binary-i386/    <--- i am trying to look for a package, gimp., but i don't see it in there00:22
Slartblastron: firestarter isn't a firewall.. it's an application to setup the firewall which is called iptables, afaik00:22
Slartblastron: this means.. even if you shut down firestarter, the firewall is still active00:23
Slartfurious_gerbil: is it the same on all the ttys?00:23
blastronSlart: Ahh, how would I go about configuring iptables?00:23
Pete_Breleod: you can atleast use, at the command-line, lspci or lspci -v00:23
dmoernersammyF, just use dpkg -i --force-downgrade $package00:23
ejerrhineheart_m: http://blog.thedebianuser.org/?p=28600:23
furious_gerbilSlart: yes00:23
dmoernersammyF, just download the old .deb00:23
haxitprince_jammys: Are you busy?00:23
Slartblastron: that's a lifetime of knowledge right there =).. but I can tell you how to reset it =)00:23
ejerrhineheart_m: and http://wiki.cacert.org/wiki/BrowserClients00:23
prince_jammyshaxit: what's up?00:23
sammyFdmoerner: thanks :) you'r saving my life (well .. kind of :)00:24
Slartfurious_gerbil: odd...00:24
haxitimma query you00:24
azazel /QUOTE PASS 1782800:24
danbhfivegold44: what package?00:24
azazelQUOTE PASS 1782800:24
blastronslart: Ah right, sorry, forgot to check Google first! If you could tell me how to reset it, though, that would be fantastic.00:24
Slartazazel: ?00:24
Piciazazel: Thats not how you identify.00:24
haxitprince_jammys: dam, i cant query you, o well00:24
furious_gerbilSlart: I am wondering if there is a setting in Ubuntu that limits tty's?00:24
WhoaItsPhilcan anyone give me a hand with compiz? when i go to system-> appearances, and go to visual effects and try to change it from None to Normal or Extra, it says "The Composite extension is not available" and i have to click the X to get it to go out of that...pressing OK doesn't do anything00:24
dmoernersammyF, manpages are your friend00:24
Slartblastron: first.. let's see what is there.. open a terminal, run "sudo iptables -L"00:24
haxitprince_jammys: good to see you again :) i have a question about my ssh, how can i set my own welcome message00:24
nickrudgold44: it'll be hiding under http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/ ; but why not just install it with apt-get or synaptic?00:24
prince_jammyshaxit: that's something i have no experience with00:25
Slartfurious_gerbil: there might be but I doubt it's set by default.. I have 7 ttys.. f1-f700:25
furious_gerbilWhoaItsPhil: do you have Xgl installed?00:25
haxitprince_jammys: ok :)00:25
prince_jammyshaxit: sorry00:25
haxitprince_jammys: so whats up?00:25
haxitprince_jammys: np :)00:25
Slartblastron: you should get some text and 3 lines with policy something, right?00:25
gold44danbhfive: gimp00:25
prince_jammyshaxit: not much00:25
haxitprince_jammys: so are you american? canadian?00:26
georgesimpsonhi there, I know that some graphics cards ( mine is SIS 760) is not really compatible with linux, would the Intel GMA X3100 be easy to use?00:26
rhineheart_mejer: okay..but it will still give a warning right? is there an organization that issues certificate for free but recognized by browsers like IE/Mozilla?00:26
haxitprince_jammys: european?00:26
gold44nickrud: just want to see how things are organized. gimp is already installed on my machine00:26
WhoaItsPhilyes i have the right drivers installed for my ATI card and i have whitelisted them as it says in the ubuntu tutorial00:26
prince_jammyshaxit: originally from argentina, live in new york00:26
blastronslart: ...I'm using the default command-line on the server because I can't get SSH, how do I scroll up?00:26
ejerrhineheart_m: it should not warn after00:26
haxitprince_jammys: im originally from iran, live in canada00:26
CarlFKsammyF: searching for that gave me graphicsmagick-libmagick-dev-compat - but I also found libmagick9-dev - any idea which i want?00:26
haxitprince_jammys: ottawa to be exact00:26
luboszhi, how do i change the login sound (drums)00:26
VSpikeejer: thanks for that mplayer fix earlier, it worked perfectly... someone arrived at that moment so didn't have a chance to say thanks00:26
Slartblastron: scroll up.. not sure you can do that.. you get that much text from that command?00:26
nickrudgold44: everything is in the pool, the thing you were looking at is a pointer to particular packages in the pool00:26
iceswordgood morning ,everyone00:26
AntiUSAanybody know any really good Linux games?00:26
ejernp VSpike00:26
haxitHello, Can anyone direct me on how to change my ssh servers login message, i am using open ssh00:27
rhineheart_mejer: but I'm concern with the visitors of my site.. they will be warned for sure.. right?00:27
furious_gerbilWhoaItsPhil: I didn't ask about the drivers, I was wondering if you had Xgl installed?00:27
blastronslart: Yeah... I'm going to write it to a file and look in there.00:27
AntiUSAspecifically, what are good linux multiplayer games00:27
prince_jammyslubosz: i think in preferences->sound and there's a submenu in there00:27
ozzloyamarok says the sound device is busy.  how do i find out what's using the sound device?00:27
WhoaItsPhilumm i'm not sure then? how do i check/00:27
prince_jammyshaxit: cool00:27
ejerrhineheart_m: there is no free ssl cert that is installed on everyone's browser00:27
Slartblastron: ok, try this then.. "sudo iptables -F" that should reset the rules.. then try that first command again00:27
gold44danbhfive: nickrud  , i want to be able to just download that package.deb and save it to flash drive and install it on a offline machine00:27
CarlFKsammyF: nm, this made the choice for me: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/all/graphicsmagick-libmagick-dev-compat/filelist00:27
ejerthat i know of rhineheart_m ;)00:27
haxitprince_jammys: kk, ttyl, ill see if anyone can help me with my prblem00:27
luboszprince_jammys: thats just for the sound after the login, i want the drum sound before you type anything00:27
danbhfivegold44: try here: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz00:27
sammyFCarlFK: cool :) would have thought the second00:27
nickrudgold44: look into aptoncd and apt-zip , they help with that00:28
furious_gerbilWhoaItsPhil: go into synaptic and search for Xgl, if it's not installed, install it ;)00:28
georgesimpsonhi there, I know that some graphics cards ( mine is SIS 760) is not really compatible with linux, would the Intel GMA X3100 be easy to use?00:28
rhineheart_mejer: okay.. so what's then the prupose of CACert if the browsers won't accept its digital certificate?00:28
ejerrhineheart_m: they will, you need to install it first, it is all on their wiki00:28
blastronslart: Now I get a bunch of lines of Chain whatever with no references00:28
starpausecan anyone tell me how to install fonts on a xubunu machine?00:28
AntiUSAwhat are good multiplayer games for linux?00:28
ejerrhineheart_m: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAcert00:28
Slartblastron: and some lines that say Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) ... or it says REJECT?00:28
gold44danbhfive: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/a/abiword/abiword_2.4.6-2ubuntu2_i386.deb  package not found00:28
furious_gerbilWhoaItsPhil: a warning though, since I installed xgl none of my opengl games work...00:29
ozzloywhy is evince using the sound device?00:29
reikalusikkaany german speakers here?:D00:29
blastronslart: it says DROP for input, forward, and output.00:29
nickrudgold44: the gimp package by itself isn't enough, there's at least gimp-data you'll need as well, and gimp-gnomevfs is useful.00:29
danbhfivegold44: what?00:29
luboszreikalusikka: yes00:29
haxitcan anyone assist me with setting a custom welcome message for my openssh server?00:29
prettyrickyDoes anyone know what codecs I need to play movies with VLC?00:29
Christin18ejer: still there ?00:29
prince_jammyslubosz: system->administration->login window and a submenu in there00:29
nickrudgold44: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/a/abiword/00:29
ejerChristina18: yep00:29
Slartblastron: that means that all traffic is dropped... we want to change that.. "sudo iptables --policy INPUT ACCEPT"00:29
furious_gerbilprettyricky: what formats?00:30
WhoaItsPhilhmmm well i installed it but still no change...do i need to restart?00:30
Slartblastron: "sudo iptables --policy FORWARD ACCEPT"00:30
furious_gerbilWhoaItsPhil: restart x00:30
Slartblastron: "sudo iptables --policy OUTPUT ACCEPT"00:30
bluefox83prettyricky, you need the same codecs as all other players, libdvdread300:30
luboszprince_jammys: thx00:30
Slartblastron: run all those three00:30
reinerI need help. where are the C header files to compile?00:30
reinerubuntu gutsy00:30
WorkingOnWiseMy laptop is a fairly high end model, but I don't think it really has 2 sound cards installed...so why does gnome volume control show both an HDA Nvidia and a Realtek ALC883?00:30
blastronslart: Done.00:30
Starnestommyreiner: I think /usr/include/00:30
SlartWorkingOnWise: one might be for alsa, one for oss00:30
danbhfivereiner: maybe you need to install build-essential?00:31
Slartblastron: that should be it.. it should be wide open now00:31
rhineheart_mejer: ubuntu by default includes CACert already. Right?00:31
ejerrhineheart_m: no i was wrong  - the blog has instructions how to install it00:31
blastronslart: Hm, I'm still unable to contact it on telnet, ssh, or http.00:31
gold44nickrud: i was reading http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  , so i just cut and paste url  to obtain http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/a/abiword/abiword_2.4.6-2ubuntu2_i386.deb00:31
solexious[q] Trying to config a program, i get: checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables00:32
prettyrickyok, do i just apt-get install libdvdread300:32
gold44nickrud: apt-zip is the solution then00:32
Starnestommysolexious: sudo apt-get install build-essential00:32
Slartblastron: ok.. were you able to do that before you installed firestarter?00:32
prettyrickyformats are mp400:32
nickrudgold44: yes, it works really well with a thumbdrive00:32
WhoaItsPhilhmm ok still no change...it says the same thing when i try to change the visual effects00:32
Christin18can anyone please help me to connect my camera to my comp? F-spot sais "No camera detected" after I have connected and turned the cam on!00:32
blastronslart: Yes, this problem only occurred very recently.00:32
WorkingOnWiseSlart: the Nvidia is ALSA, and the Realtek is OSS, but if the sound subsystem were the only diff, wouldnt it be the same device, or at least same make? afaik, Nvidia and Realtex dont share any components...00:32
NativeAngelshey Starnestommy00:33
ejerChristin18: i gave you a command to try00:33
cicero_b_anyone know how to shut down xwindows (go into server mode)00:33
Slartblastron: hmm.. can you pastebin the output from "sudo iptables -L"00:33
rhineheart_mIs there a way that putty will only allow connection remotely with a verification file/script/whatever before it allow you to log-in?00:33
Slart!paste | blastron00:33
ubotublastron: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:33
reineragain me: /usr/include is not correct00:33
sammyFdmoerner: thanks a lot. It seems like it worked :)00:33
gold44nickrud: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/a/abiword/ is for all versions of ubuntu? 7.08, 7.10?00:33
reinerI need to know where are the correct C header files for the running kernel00:33
dmoernersammyF, excellent00:34
ejerrhineheart_m: that is done on server side00:34
Christin18ejer: think I missed it, had some net issues, can you repeat it ?00:34
Slartcicero_b_: ctrl+alt+f1, log in .. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop00:34
ejerrhineheart_m: you disable password logins00:34
blastronslart: One moment, I'll see what I can do about that.00:34
cicero_b_Slart: thanks -- i'll try it00:34
nickrudgold44: yup. That's why you want to use apt tools, it figures out all at stuff for you00:34
ejerok, Christina18 in the terminal window try typing 'sudo gpasswd -a yourusername plugdev' with no quotes and replace yourusername with well... your user name :)00:34
sammyFdmoerner: of course, I'll only know for sure next time I reboot ... and I'm postponing that ;)00:34
rhineheart_mejer: how would it be accomplished?00:34
iceswordgold44, that sort of thing you can only connect to it with apt-get00:34
prince_jammysejer :)00:35
Slartcicero_b_: if you reboot, x will still start.. but until then, it's shut down00:35
WhoaItsPhili've done everything in th eofficial ubuntu guide and made sure that Xgl is installed but still cannot get Compiz to work...when i try to change the visual effects from none to normal or extra is says "The Composite extension is not available"00:35
Christin18ejer: oh, I didn't miss that. I have typed that command00:35
gold44nickrud:  icesword thx00:35
ejerChristin18: unplug cam, reboot, login, then replug cam00:35
nickrudWhoaItsPhil: try typing   compiz   in a terminal, you'll get better error messages maybe00:35
ejerrhineheart_m: you comment out the usepasswordauth in sshd_config00:36
reinercan someone help? need to know where the C header files are00:36
Christin18ejer: ok, brb00:36
reinerduring installation I have been aske00:36
ejeror set it to no actually i think00:36
Slartreiner: c header files for what? I've got some here for my tetris game.. you want those? =)00:36
blastronSlart: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56804/00:36
prettyrickyis there a codec pack? I have been using bittorrent movies and they dont play with VLC?00:36
ejerrhineheart_m: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/53000:36
rhineheart_mejer: after which how would I access the server then with putty?00:36
reinerkernel source C header files00:36
nickrudreiner: did you install build-essential , that gets you the basic c headers00:36
Slartreiner: hmm.. hang on.. you've got them installed?00:36
sammyFdmoerner: scrap that. just installed something randomly from synaptic and had no errors, so it really worked00:36
nickrudreiner: in that case,   sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)00:36
iceswordprettyricky, you mean you can watch it while download ,not sure00:37
* sammyF does the "happy ubuntu user dance"00:37
WhoaItsPhilnickrud, it's quite long, can i copy/paste it to you in a pm?00:37
speeddemon8803haha sammy, glad your happy :)00:37
cicero_b_Slart: this is odd -- when i it ^+alt+f1, it seems i lost the keyboard00:37
reinerslart: did not install build-esseential00:37
nickrudWhoaItsPhil: better is putting it on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org , if I don't recognize the error someone else might00:37
prettyrickyNo watch it after it has downloaded.00:37
nouMenonI'm trying to delete deluge using the command [sudo apt-get remove deluge] even though I can start the program with the name "deluge" it keeps telling me the package is not found when I go to delete it. I tried "Deluge" as well. Any suggestions?00:37
iceswordcicero_b_, what ?lost what?00:37
two_bitsis there anyway i can check which boot parameters that I used for the current session?00:37
Starnestommytwo_bits: I think cat /proc/cmdline00:38
cicero_b_my keyboard types gibberish00:38
cicero_b_or nothing at all00:38
sammyFtwo_bits: do you mean the grub params?00:38
sammyFtwo_bits: /boot/grub/menu.lst00:38
two_bitsthanks, that did it00:38
Slartreiner: mine are in /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.22-1400:38
WhoaItsPhili notice it still says Xgl is not present...i coulda swore i just installed it00:39
ps3noobHi.How do i disable online repositories from command line and install packages only from cd?00:39
Slartcicero_b_: huh? you've got some fancy wireless keyboard?00:39
cicero_b_no -- old school dell (like 10 years old)00:39
nickrudWhoaItsPhil: what video card are you using?00:39
speeddemon8803!repositories > speeddemon880300:39
WhoaItsPhilATI radeon 9800 pro00:39
cicero_b_hooked into kvm with four boxes on it00:39
der|kunstlerhow can I disable compositing from X ?00:39
two_bitsi have another question: i've heard using irqfixup can cause serious performance problems... is this true?00:39
Slartblastron: hmm.. that looks ok.. wonder what else could be wrong00:39
ejercicero_b_: try manually setting your keyboard layout00:40
nickrudWhoaItsPhil: did you install the restricted ati driver, system->admin->restricted manager ?00:40
prettyrickyis there a codec pack? I have been using downloading bittorrent movies and they dont play with VLC?00:40
mIKEjONEScan someone tell me why ubuntu's xchat packages don't have channel and private messaging enabled?00:40
Slartcicero_b_: shouldn't be a problem then... nothing works? caps-lock light?00:40
mIKEjONESmy channel/private message tabs don't change color to red when I get messages00:40
=== reconnect is now known as recon
blastronslart: If it helps clarify the problem, also very recently I've been getting system crashes every two or three days.00:40
nickrudWhoaItsPhil: then what I'd do is uninstall xserver-xgl , log out and back in, and then run  fglrxinfo , make sure I was using the ati 8.37.6 driver (the one that comes with ubuntu)00:40
SlartmIKEjONES: private messaging disabled? are you really really sure?00:41
Christina18ejer: Hi, now I have rebooted the com and replugged the camera. But seems nothing has happened00:41
der|kunstlerhow can I disable Compositing from X in 7.10 ?00:41
prince_jammys!medibuntu | prettyricky: i think you want this00:41
ubotuprettyricky: i think you want this: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org00:41
ejeri am stuck then Christina1800:41
WhoaItsPhilk brb00:41
mIKEjONESSlart, even then, if I'm not looking at a channel and someone says something in that channel X-chat should change the color of that tab to red00:41
Christina18ejer: ok, thnx anyway :(00:41
blastronslart: I usually don't keep a keyboard or monitor attached to the computer, so I'm not sure if it was an actual kernel panic, but it has necessitated hard resets each time.00:41
ejeri would do it in hard drive mode, that should always work00:41
SlartmIKEjONES: might be some setting... I don't use xchat myself.. still using xchat-gnome00:42
Odd-rationalewhat is the kernel line for grub for booting ubuntu on sda3?00:42
prettyrickyprince_jammys----> thank you!00:42
AutoMatriXejer, thank you so much, problem is solved00:42
ejerChristina18: you could try booting from the ubuntu livecd and see if it works... then you would know it is a problem with your config somewhere... but it is hard to troubleshoot00:42
prince_jammysejer: could this help tje camera problem? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-bugs/2006-May/014837.html00:42
weederim having a problem compiling a piece of software for ubuntu00:42
Slartblastron: can you ping the machine?00:42
ejerprince_jammys: yes, but launchpad is down so I can't see resolution00:42
Christina18ejer: I have tried on two different computers00:42
weederwhen i ./configure it goes well for a while and the i get configure: error: Package requirements (sqlite3 >= 3.2)00:43
Christina18ejer: both using same OS00:43
weederive got sqlite 3.4 installed00:43
ejerprince_jammys: modprobing ehci_hcd is in the bug report, had her do that00:43
blastronslart: Nope.00:43
prince_jammysejer: ah00:43
ejerChristina18: and you have def tried hard drive mode?00:43
soulburnergot everything working on my system now00:43
soulburnervery happy about this00:43
Slartblastron: can you ping from the machine?00:43
ejerChristina18: ie: unplug cam, set it to hard drive mode, then replug00:43
blastronslart: Yes, I can.00:44
Slartblastron: is the network setup properly? ifconfig shows some kind of ip etc00:44
blastronOoh, and I killed the ping exactly 10 seconds in.00:44
ps3noobis there a replacement for the ll command?00:44
Slartps3noob: ls -l I think (lower case L)00:44
adambAnyone know of a decent cmd line tool to load a remote http site and record load time?00:44
nickrudps3noob: ls -l00:44
blastronslart: I have a static IP set up, and it's showing up00:44
ejeradamb: curl ?00:45
prince_jammysi was gonna say "or" lol00:45
ps3noobThanks. How do i disable online repositories from command line and install packages only from cd?00:45
prince_jammysll || ls -l00:45
weederso im trying to compile fuppes and i do ./ configure a load of times and am asked to install different packages which is fine but im now on configure: error: Package requirements (sqlite3 >= 3.2) yet i have swlite 3.4 installed anyone can help me?00:45
killownhey I have downloadl new desklets and I want install it on gdesklets anyone can help me?00:45
ejerps3noob: comment out the lines in /etc/apt/sources.list00:46
nickrudweeder: try installing libsqlite3-dev00:46
Christina18ejer: have tried both camera and disc mode00:46
blastronslart: Although there are 80000 errors in RX packets since I rebooted the system a half-hour ago.00:46
jeffMASTERflexweeder: you usually need the dev packages00:46
solexious[q]On ./config i get this at the end "The popt library used for parsing command line options" how do i check i have this?00:46
ejerChristina18: disk mode should work, but you have to do it in the order i said00:46
CarlFKis there a command line utill that will switch a laptops display to the external vga port?00:46
Slartblastron: got little kids running around pouring porridge into your network outlets? =)00:47
weederthanks jessmaster it worked00:47
* nickrud thinks Slart has an evil mind00:47
blastronslart: Got my college's IT staff, that might be close enough :P00:47
egcis there an easy way to add all the SomaFM stations to rhythmbox?00:47
speeddemon8803blastron, i WAS my colleges IT staff....was the only one..and i was a STUDENT!00:47
speeddemon8803heh, explain that one :P00:48
blastronslart: and I just checked the cables, they're all fine.00:48
nickrudspeeddemon8803: a cut rate school <ducks>00:48
speeddemon8803nickrud, no kiddin :/00:48
Slartblastron: hehe.. one more command to try.. "sudo iptables -X" should delete those extra chains00:48
Slartblastron: after that.. well.. I'm out of ideas00:48
AntiUSAhow do I permenanty change that software a file type gets opened with?00:48
SlartAntiUSA: right-click.. properties.. "open with"00:49
prince_jammys!defaultapp | AntiUSA00:49
ubotuAntiUSA: To change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting. In Kubuntu, Konqueror -> Settings -> Configure and then hit "File Associations"00:49
PlightI'm trying to send e-mail with evolution using 'sendmail' and I get this error "Error while performing operation.00:49
PlightCould not execute /usr/sbin/sendmail: mail not sent."00:49
blastronslart: Well, it's still not working. Thanks anyway for your help, I'll keep plugging away on it.00:49
weederok so it compiled but i get   audio transcoding disabled00:49
weeder  video transcoding (experimental)00:49
weeder  ffmpeg     : disabled00:49
AndrewBPlight: try it as root or using sudo00:49
weederi need transcoding00:49
Slartblastron: so.. no network traffic in.. no traffic out.. I'm starting to think you have other problems than the firewall00:50
CarlFKweeder: you mean transcode ?00:50
WhiteNerdHow well are Ubuntu Wi-fi drivers?00:50
dmoernerWhiteNerd, for what00:50
Plighti was using the graphical interface i don't know how to use evolution in CLI00:50
blastronslart: Oh, I can get network traffic out, I loaded up a couple of pages via lynx as soon as I got it to reboot.00:50
speeddemon8803whitenerd, as good as the people who make them :)00:50
jeffMASTERflexPlight: also, make sure you have sendmail installed. it's not installed by default00:50
=== nanhai_ is now known as nanhai
CVD-PRme fui00:50
weedersay if it was encoded in mov and the player only worked with divx or somthing, it would encode it as it streams to the player00:50
Plightwhat's the package name?00:50
AndrewBsendmail iirc00:51
WhiteNerddmoerner: For wireless network connections. Like laptops and all00:51
jeffMASTERflexPlight: sudo apt-get install sendmail00:51
dmoernerWhiteNerd, it all depends on the chip you have00:51
CarlFKWhiteNerd:  thats kinda vauge.  it is like asking "how are cars"00:51
weederaha i think its after i get to ./configure --enable-video-transcoding00:51
CarlFKor something.00:51
AntiUSAslart, that is temporary isn't it?00:51
CarlFKweeder: what are you trying to build?00:51
WhiteNerdCarlFK: Sorry I'm looking for a general/overall thought, since at the moment the laptop is't with me00:51
SlartAntiUSA: isn't there some kind of "always open with this app"-checkbox00:52
norml_advocatewhat is the best program to make a partition for media???00:52
weederfuppes DLNA server00:52
AntiUSAoh, maybe I missed that00:52
norml_advocatewhat is the best program to make a partition for media???00:52
AntiUSAlemme look00:52
CarlFKWhiteNerd: "they are fine"00:52
AndrewBnorml_advocate: gparted00:52
haxitnorml_advocate: gparted00:52
=== haxit is now known as HaXiT
solexious[Q]   On ./config i get this at the end "The popt library used for parsing command line options" how do i check i have this?00:52
norml_advocatehow do you use gparted?00:52
norml_advocatehow do you open it?00:52
prince_jammys!gparted | norml_advocate: get the live cd00:52
ubotunorml_advocate: get the live cd: GParted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/00:52
HaXiTnorml_advocate: http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/00:52
CarlFKWhiteNerd: pertty much, the ones that exist, work.00:52
HaXiTubotu: sry :(00:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sry :( - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:52
AntiUSAno there's not00:53
AntiUSAno such check box00:53
TheZealotDoes anyone know where to get linux or ubuntu decals that I can put on my car?00:53
HaXiTi love bots00:53
WhiteNerdOh, thanks. The way you say that there isn't many drivers.00:53
AndrewBTheZealot: cafepress maybe?00:53
speeddemon8803!shipit TheZealot: They come with the shipit-cd's that you order from the website :)00:53
Slartblastron: ok.. just to make sure.. try these too.. "sudo iptables -L -t mangle" and "sudo iptables -L -t nat", they should all be empty with ACCEPT as policy00:53
TheZealotcafepress doesn't seem to have ones on clear decal material, it's all white sticker material00:54
zozobrais powernowd installed by default with the ubuntu-desktop package?00:54
CarlFKWhiteNerd: I have about 20 wifi nics.  only 2 don't work00:54
WhiteNerdThanks for all the help00:54
blastronslart: Yep, they're all showing ACCEPT.00:54
monkeyBoxHi all. I have a Dell Inspiron 1520,  and it seems like when my laptop is plugged in, the laptop fan seems to fluctuate alot between high and low speed.  ie, one second it's high, next second it's low, then high, etc...   Any idea what might be causing this?00:54
speeddemon8803!shipit > TheZealot ....they come with the live cd's you order from there :)00:54
norml_advocatewhen I type "gparted" it says only the root may run it.  how do I get into root00:54
CarlFKWhiteNerd:  and most of them are hand me down crap00:54
Slartblastron: bah00:55
speeddemon8803sudo gparted00:55
Slart!sudo | norml_advocate00:55
ubotunorml_advocate: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.00:55
prince_jammysnorml_advocate: sudo, but get the live cd00:55
blastronslart: I think I'm going to try and back everything up one more time, then reinstall. I needed to change the partition sizes on my RAID array anyway :P00:55
WhiteNerdWell thanks, for your help anyways :)00:55
Slartblastron: hehe.. nice to be able to give you a reason to do that =)00:55
speeddemon8803If you try doing anything to your hard drive without the live cd, you risk serverely screwing up your hard drive...my warning to you.00:55
weederis it always so busy here :p00:55
blastronslart: Thanks again for all your help!00:56
Slartweeder: almost always00:56
persian_xhp laptop pavilion booting on LIVE CD but screen stays black right before going to ubuntu desktop... PLEASE HELP!00:56
nn64hi im making http://linuxmain.net I'm wondering if anyone is intrested in using it and helping make it grow. Please check it out. Thanks all;00:56
Slartblastron: you're welcome00:56
norml_advocateit wont let me partition anything!00:56
prince_jammysnorml_advocate: g e t t h e l i v e c d00:56
Plightsweet, it worked, thank you very much, i would have just used google but the server i was sending to was having dns issues and not showing up so i had to add the server to hosts and send it through my computer00:56
xxBasYxxhi, where can i found list of profesional sound cards supported by ubuntu?00:56
weederthis is annoying me00:56
speeddemon8803!livecd | normal_advocate00:56
ubotunormal_advocate: The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.00:56
norml_advocateprince_jammys  i am about to reinstall ubuntu and am just trying to save my music.00:57
norml_advocatewhat is a live cd?00:57
persian_xhp laptop pavilion booting on LIVE CD but screen stays black right before going to ubuntu desktop... PLEASE HELP!00:57
weederwhy wont it just compile with transcoding00:57
prince_jammysnorml_advocate: a cd that you boot into so you can mess with partitions without them being mounted00:57
speeddemon8803norml_advocate please see ubotu's information :)00:57
prince_jammysnorml_advocate: be careful00:57
norml_advocatePrince_jammys i just want to make a 40 gig partition and save my media00:58
prince_jammysnorml_advocate: ok, get the live cd00:58
TheZealotI want a car decal that says 'Linux Ownz Ur Face!'00:58
LukeLCchick magnet00:59
AntiUSAgot it, thanks ubotu00:59
prince_jammysnorml_advocate: it's not quick, usually00:59
WhiteNerdLOL nice bumper sticker00:59
reikalusikkawhat do you think of dell's offer, a dell laptop+ubuntu 450euros00:59
CarlFKdanbhfive: check this: man sudo Note that this runs the commands in a sub-shell to make the cd and file  redirection work.   $ sudo sh -c "cd /home ; du -s * | sort -rn > USAGE"00:59
Kalamansihello how to download all the updates of ubuntu 7.10 desktop? thanks00:59
persian_xhp laptop pavilion booting on LIVE CD but screen stays black right before going to ubuntu desktop... PLEASE HELP!00:59
speeddemon8803!update-manager > kalamansi01:00
dmoernerKalamansi, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -d01:00
=== ka2zzzz0 is now known as ka2zzzz
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dmoernerKalamansi, the downloaded .debs will be in /var/cache/apt/archives01:00
=== ka2zzzz0 is now known as ka2zzzz
tdawgedoggwhat's the best usenet client for ubuntu?01:01
persian_xcan someone help me install ubuntu ? I'm  new to Linux and sicked & tired of Vista!!01:01
tdawgedoggalso torrent client? azerous?01:01
tdawgedoggi should not say best but most popualr01:01
RowanakiI like Azureus, but some folks use Transmission01:01
icesword!install >persian_x01:01
speeddemon8803!install > persian_x01:01
norml_advocateprince_jammys is this the easiest way to make a partition?01:02
prince_jammysi was doing it also01:02
Kalamansidmoerner : I have some updates of ubuntu desktop 7.10 in the cd. I tried to copy all the debs in the cd. but It cannot paste it in the /var/cache/apt/archives =/ tried it many times. still when you ctrl+V it won't work even manually copy it....01:02
nodarjoin #ubuntu-fr01:02
tdawgedoggoh snap transmission is for osx to i like that prog01:02
prince_jammysnorml_advocate: yes, but you cant just casually and quickly do this. if you're in a hurry, i recommend you wait01:02
tdawgedogghow about usenet?01:02
RowanakiAlso, any idea why when I change the xorg.conf file that even after rebooting the settings don't seem to have done anything...?01:02
norml_advocateim in a hurry to get it done, but i have the time01:02
faileastdawgedogg: there's a transmission build for ubutu too i think01:03
norml_advocatewhy cant i just run it from my computer?  besides the fact that its not working.01:03
RowanakiHi geek :P01:03
AntiUSAwhen is the next ubuntu release?01:03
reikalusikkaRowanaki: have you made the changes as root? and there's no"#" in start of the command?01:03
prince_jammysnorml_advocate: go to the above link, download and burn the live cd and read a bit about it to learn how it's done01:03
Rowanakireikalusikka: Yup. All changes were done as root, saved, logged out of user, rebooted01:03
norml_advocatei am downloading the cd. but i already have it on my computer01:03
norml_advocatewhy cant i just run it on my computer?01:03
RowanakiI want to use the synaptic touchpad driver, but I don't think it's letting me01:03
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
RowanakiThe default xorg.conf file from Hardy (and Gutsy) is veeeeeery bare bones01:04
reikalusikkaRowanaki: well, I'm just a noob, can't help you :(01:04
CVD-PRGTK+ 2.0 development files in synaptic?01:04
prince_jammysnorml_advocate: because you cant repartition the drive that is currently mounted01:04
norml_advocatebut i can with the live cd?01:04
prince_jammysnorml_advocate: yes01:04
norml_advocateprince_jammys interesting01:04
RowanakiThe live CD has GParted.. which is a nice repartitioning tool01:04
tdawgedoggsorry for keep asking this i need a ubuntu usenet client01:04
norml_advocateprince_jammys you smart me like you ug01:04
prince_jammysnorml_advocate: ?01:05
CVD-PRGTK+ 2.0 development files in synaptic?01:05
josspykernorml_advocate: try pan01:05
spanglesontoasthas anyone used jhalfs ?01:05
weederroot@shine:~/fuppes/ffmpeg# ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-gpl --enable-pp \01:05
weeder> --enable-pthreads --enable-liba52 --enable-libdc1394 \01:05
weeder> --enable-libfaac --enable-libfaad --enable-libgsm \01:05
weeder> --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libogg --enable-libtheora \01:05
weeder> --enable-libvorbis --enable-libx264 --enable-libxvid \01:05
weeder> --disable-debug01:05
FloodBot2weeder: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:05
thechrisanyway to get a microphone to work?01:06
RowanakiTrying to get ndiswrapper to behave is another story....01:06
norml_advocatejosspyker what is pan?01:06
weederthe above error01:06
thechrisweeder: pastebin01:06
kidemhey i went to install ubuntu on ym new system and it would get to splash screen and make beeping noises and then rebooted any ideas?01:07
josspykernorml_advocate: a reader for usenet01:07
norml_advocatejosspyker i dont know what a reader or usenet is01:07
solexious[Q]   On ./config i get this at the end "The popt library used for parsing command line options" how do i check i have this?01:07
itertdawgedogg: hellanzb is good...01:07
tdawgedoggiter: ok thanks a lot ill give it a try01:07
ps3noobhow do i lock /var/lib/dpkg?01:07
itertdawgedogg: if all you want is to leech nzbs01:08
Slarttdawgedogg: I think this was meant for you, <josspyker> norml_advocate: try pan01:08
tdawgedogghow about a par repairer?01:08
thechrisso, anyone know how to record sound01:08
thechrisor how to get a microphone working/01:08
dmanps3noob: use sudo01:08
iceswordps3noob, maybe sudo do that01:08
Grim76tdawgedogg, You might also look at nzbperl01:08
itertdawgedogg: hellanzb does it all up to unrar if you want01:08
dman!sudo | ps3noob01:08
ubotups3noob: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.01:08
Grim76CLI nzb downloader01:08
thechrisin Audacity, OSS = nothing, ALSA = "check device or sample rate"01:08
itertdawgedogg: leech, repair, unrar01:08
kidemAmy ideas???01:08
icesword!install > kidem01:09
ahorriblemesshello everyone01:10
thechrisso, alsa experts around?01:10
ahorriblemessDoes anyone use Anjunta?01:10
two_bitsthechris: what's the problem?01:10
thechristwo_bits: I can't record using a mic01:11
two_bitsthechris: what version are you using01:11
tdawgedoggdoes anyone know of any other essential applications of ubuntu...i just installed a bit ago and im on fast internet for another hour01:11
Grim76tdawgedogg, depends on what you are intending to do.01:11
thechristwo_bits: not sure what version you are looking for.  audacity 1.3.401:12
tdawgedoggim a nerd...throw some stuff at me01:12
two_bitsthechris: i mean the version of alsa01:12
two_bitsthechris: the one that comes with gutsy gibbon is 1.0.1401:12
prince_jammystdawgedogg: kivio01:12
thechristwo_bits: 1.0.1401:12
reikalusikkatdawgedogg: xmms for music, irssi for irc, rtorrent for torrents01:12
Dodecagon-MHi all, just a quick notice: There's free cake and cookies in ##scifi . That's all.01:12
reikalusikkavlc for videos01:12
prince_jammysthose aint nerdy enough01:13
two_bitsthechris: okay, I am going to recommend that you upgrade to 1.0.16 and see if the problems go away.01:13
ahorriblemessI'm using Anjuntu, I wrote a program in C++ by following directions from "C++ For Dummies," I don't know how to execute it and run it now, there's no option and I've been searching for a while. Could it be a plugin?01:13
acee1237how do i force 10mb full duplex on wired network?01:13
thechristwo_bits: hmm, it may just be audacity.  i can't playback sound from audacity01:13
IndyGunFreakthechris: what problem are you having?01:13
ScuniziOpenOffice.org channel is dead and non responsive .. Anyone here well versed in Oo spreadsheet and "Goal Seek"?01:13
thechrisany other sound recorders?01:13
tdawgedoggdoesnt everyone use amarok for music?01:13
thechrisIndyGunFreak: cannot record or playback sound01:14
sdsheeksevening all01:14
ahorriblemesstdawgedogg: I do, I love Amarok01:14
prince_jammyskpeople do01:14
IndyGunFreaktdawgedogg: probably very few people ehre use amarok, as its a KDE program01:14
IndyGunFreakthechris: no sound on anything?..01:14
reikalusikkaahorriblemess: arvauspeli.cpp -Wall -g -o arvauspeli01:14
IndyGunFreakdo you get a startup tone when ubujntus tarts?01:14
tdawgedoggwhat kde?01:14
prince_jammysi'm a kperson01:14
reikalusikkaand then ./yourprogram01:14
ahorriblemessreikalusikka: what is that? Should I replace "arvauspeli.cpp" with my program name?01:14
IndyGunFreaki think KDE ksucks01:14
prince_jammysits what i use on my komputer01:15
reikalusikkaahorriblemess: yeah, that's my own program :D01:15
ahorriblemessreikalusikka: awesome thanks, what does that do exactly if you don't my me asking?01:15
reikalusikkait compiles it01:15
thechrisIndyGunFreak: i have sound, just not in audacity01:15
reikalusikkathen just ./yourprogram01:15
IndyGunFreakthechris: what are you trying to play in audacity?.. mp3, or what01:15
thechrisbut i'm trying to test out a microphone, so i need something that can record01:15
ahorriblemessreikalusikka: so I copy exactly what you wrote, then do ./myprogram ?01:15
RowanakiSo how do I get Xorg to actually use the changes I made in its configuration file after saving as root and rebooting?01:15
thechrisIndyGunFreak: "sine wave", generated from audacity, and really, i want to record01:16
reikalusikkayeah and replace arvauspeli.cpp with yourprogram.cpp and arvauspeli with yourprogram01:16
RowanakiI mean, I want to turn off the tap on click of my tuochpad...01:16
IndyGunFreakthechris: now i'm not sure on mic.... some chipsets have very spotty record support01:16
ahorriblemessreikalusikka: got it, thanks!01:16
reikalusikkabe sure to be in the folder of your .cpp01:16
acee1237where is the file to configure your network devices duplexing transfer speed etc?01:16
RowanakiI use qsynaptics and stuff and it says an option I set doesn't exist.. even though it does01:16
tdawgedoggsorry im a n00b whats kde?01:18
prince_jammystdawgedogg: another desktop manager, like gnome01:18
prince_jammys!kde | tdawgedogg01:18
ubotutdawgedogg: KDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . Latest KDE version is 3.5.8 for Gutsy and Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org for more information.01:18
tdawgedoggso if im using gutsy im using kde which sucks?01:19
jeffMASTERflexi think different DE's are a tough thing to grasp at first for the noobs. they usually can't believe that you can switch and use an entirely different interface01:19
prince_jammystdawgedogg: no. you are probably using gnome. and whether kde sucks or not is a matter of opinion01:19
rhineheart_mhow to remove user in ubuntu gutsy?01:19
jeffMASTERflextdawgedogg: gutsy comes in gnome and ide flavors. ubuntu and kubuntu, respectively01:19
reikalusikkaIf I chande to KDE, will some programs stop to function?01:19
tdawgedoggjeffmasterflex: I understand the concept but this is my first dayt with linux lol01:19
prince_jammysreikalusikka: no01:20
Grim76tdawgedogg, KDE, Gnome, XFCE Windows manangers are a preference....find which one works for you.01:20
prince_jammystdawgedogg: reikalusikka: you dont even have to change. you can have both01:20
sdsheeksI really have to commend the ubuntu folks.01:20
reikalusikkaso I heard KDE is more powerfull and just simply better than gnome, are there any things I should be aware of before changing?01:20
reikalusikkaprince_jammys: oh ok01:20
reikalusikkahow can I choose between them?01:20
sdsheeksI've been using Linux in some for since 96 and I can say it has come a very long way.01:20
tdawgedogghow do i switch between different desktop environments01:20
prince_jammysreikalusikka: you choose your session when you log in01:21
sdsheeksI have now fully replaced my OS with Ubuntu and couldn't be happier.01:21
ahorriblemessreikalusikka: I just did that, it said "bash: conversation.cpp: command not found"01:21
pfnholy nick-list batman!01:21
=== AskHL_ is now known as AskHL
ahorriblemessreikalusikka: conversation.cpp is the program01:21
reikalusikkaahorriblemess: I think you have to download some library01:21
pfnCheck here if you need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD, instead it uses a text-based installer.01:21
pfn^^ wtf does this mean?  it's ambiguous01:21
tdawgedoggwhen i log in....so if i click the logg off i will have options for different environements or do i have to download htem01:21
ahorriblemessreikalusikka: man... ok haha.01:21
pfndoes the desktop cd that I need to check for not include the live cd?01:21
reikalusikkaahorriblemess: let me check :D01:22
pfnor does the default download not include the livecd?01:22
crediblepfn: the desktop cd is the livecd01:22
prince_jammysreikalusikka: tdawgedogg:  if you get both, your menus will have many applications, and you'll probably want to edit them.  then you'll have a separate menu for gnome and one for kde.  other than that, everything should work normally01:22
crediblethe "alternate" cd is a traditional installer01:22
pfnthat message needs to be clearer, thanks01:22
jeffMASTERflexpfn: the regular install disk is the livecd. the alternate disc has a text based installer only.01:22
pfnso it's the "desktop cd" and the "alternate desktop cd" the "alternate desktop cd" does not have the live cd?01:22
pfnok, thanks01:23
tdawgedoggyou know how in OSX how when ur in a program all the file edit view and shit goes to the top bar01:23
jeffMASTERflexpfn: correct01:23
pfnI just need a VM I can shell into to test a few things01:23
tdawgedoggis there any way i can get that with ubuntu01:23
* pfn needs a livecd01:23
sdsheekspfn: for install?01:23
jeffMASTERflexpfn: then download the regular desktop disc01:23
reikalusikkaahorriblemess: type 'sudo apt-get install g++'01:23
pfnjeffMASTERflex, yeah, doing that... the checkbox was a little ambiguous, making sure I got the right thing01:23
lakcajtdawgedogg, I really don't think so01:23
reikalusikkait should install the right libraries01:23
tdawgedoggalso the top and bottom bars just look kinda plain...01:24
pfnsdsheeks, no, for booting a VM and testing some pam stuff01:24
ahorriblemessreikalusikka: ok, thanks a lot for finding that out. I was looking on the anjuta site and I read something about g++ but there was a list... I got a little confused I guess. Thank you though01:24
tdawgedoggbesides compiz fusion what graphical tools can u use to snaz up ubuntu01:24
sdsheekspfn: just download the regular desktop install iso then.  It is bootable and goes into the gui.01:24
tdawgedoggcan I install something similar to the leopard dock01:24
pfnsdsheeks, yeah, already doing that, just wanted to make sure I was getting the right disk, the message, as I've stated, is ambiguous01:24
reikalusikkaahorriblemess: or you can go to synaptic packet manager and install from there01:24
jeffMASTERflextdawgedogg: if you want to customize check out www.gnome-look.org01:24
ahorriblemessreikalusikka: I already have it01:24
tdawgedoggwoot thanks01:25
reikalusikkaahorriblemess: well then go to synaptic package manager01:25
sdsheekspfn: Understand.  Yes I would think you have the right CD.  In the GUI it should have some installed apps such as firefox.01:25
hwildecan I use wine to simulate ie for those stinking webforms that wont work in firefox ?01:25
reikalusikkaahorriblemess: and search for 'g++'01:25
jeffMASTERflextdawgedogg: also, appearance settings you can find in System/Preferences/Appearance01:25
TheZealotAnyone know a good battery power monitor package?01:25
pfnsdsheeks, thanks, all I really need is an xterm  :)01:25
ahorriblemessreikalusikka: wait, is the command simply "$program.cpp -Wall -g -o program name" ?01:25
sdsheekspfn: grab the server edition then01:25
reikalusikkaahorriblemess: yeah01:26
* pfn downloads it as well, just in case01:26
sdsheekspfn: lighter weight and keeps you in the terminal01:26
sdsheekspfn: or you could download an already created vmware image01:26
ahorriblemessreikalusikka: ok i wanted to make sure I had it right. I'm going to be afk for a bit, thanks for the help so far I appreciate it01:26
reikalusikkaif nothing seems to happen it compiled it01:26
pfnsdsheeks, I'm sure a livecd will be smaller than an existing vm image01:26
tdawgedogganyone know how i can install a leopard dock01:26
pfnthanks for the help01:26
tdawgedoggsorry i have crazy questions 2nite01:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vant - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:26
sdsheekspfn: server edition of a vmware image is 188mb01:27
pfnsdsheeks, link?  :)01:27
hwildetdawgedogg, just google it you'll find it01:27
sdsheekspfn: hold01:27
josspykerhwilde: yep01:27
tdawgedoggi saw it but the instructions were hard01:27
jeffMASTERflextdawgedogg: avant window navigator01:27
jeffMASTERflextdawgedogg: what do you mean? you can install in synaptic01:27
tdawgedoggi want a dock that can be downloaded in the package download manager so i dont have to compile it or something01:27
hwilde!synaptic | tdawgedogg01:27
ubotutdawgedogg: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto01:27
mikebotIs it possible to have as my screensaver just an animated gif?01:27
jeffMASTERflextdawgedogg: i suggest you take a look around and get used to using ubuntu before trying to make any radical changes.01:28
prince_jammysthat is a very good suggestion01:28
Lifeisfunnynewb here ... I have some mount point issues for a couple usb disks.  I thought I could designate their mount point but I get a warning box when I use the gpanel applet to mount and it doesn't mount so I look under Details and it says:   mount_point cannot contain the following characters: newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR (usually /)01:28
sdsheekspfn: I can say that this link has a good working copy.  I have several vmware images with it running.01:28
hwildejeffMASTERflex, some ppl just want it to look cool...01:28
sdsheekspfn: http://www.thoughtpolice.co.uk/vmware/#ubuntu7.1001:28
tdawgedoggthere is no avant in the package download manager01:28
prince_jammysespecially when you download stuff from outside the repos01:28
pfnsdsheeks, handy, thanks01:28
sdsheekspfn: my pleasure01:28
jimlay_I hate to ask this but does anyone have a glx on a newer nvidia card working with amd64 in gutsy?01:29
jeffMASTERflexhwilde: that's the problem... they get frustrated, don't take the time to learn, then go back to windows cuz windows blinds is AWESOME!!1101:29
pfnI don't think we can use bittorrent at work... bummer01:29
* pfn tries the slow web dl01:29
faileaspfn: wget tends impressive speeds ;p01:29
hwildejeffMASTERflex, some ppl all they want to do is customize the gui.  if ubuntu wants to win the mainstream they have to make it easy to just click and say wow01:29
tdawgedoggi have an amd 64 and a nvidia 7600 gt and gutsy and its working fine01:30
pfnfaileas, that depends on a number of factors01:30
IndyGunFreaktdawgedogg: you can download hte .deb files for avant from getdeb.net01:30
josspykerhwilde: ubuntu is eay01:30
pfnfaileas, e.g. with a host that only has a 512kbps link, you aren't going to get impressive speeds01:30
pfnespecially with a large geographical gap01:30
faileaspfn: getting 250 kbps at the moment, on a fedora ISO (for vmware) on a shared 1 mbos cable link01:30
tdawgedoggcompiz fusion is epic okay....hay anyone know that fire minimize effect for compiz....i dont see it on my plugins01:30
hwildejosspyker, yeah that's why there are so many ppl in here asking for help01:30
pfnfaileas, I downloaded the ubuntu cd @ 1200KB/s01:31
abshifflI have a huge library of a variety of file type music.  If anyone has some time to talk about a good approach to cleaning it all up I'd appreciate it01:31
sdsheekspfn: torrent was around 1500kbps for me.01:31
jeffMASTERflextdawgedogg: install the compiz plugins01:31
josspykerhwilde: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/running-internet-explorer-in-ubuntu-linux.html01:31
nitroanyone experienced problems with gutsy on Gateway AMD 64 ?01:31
faileaspfn: o001:31
pfnsdsheeks, precisely, torrent is way faster01:31
hwildejosspyker, oooo01:31
hw00djohnhey, can someone help me in setting up my HP VGA webcam?01:31
jeffMASTERflex!synaptic | tdawgedogg01:31
ubotutdawgedogg: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto01:31
sdsheeksnitro: i use gutsy amd 64 on an HP..no issues01:31
tdawgedoggjeffMasterflex:i think i have some installed01:31
prettyrickywhat are you guys using for such great download speeds>>01:31
pfnactually, this .co.uk site is reasonably fast, getting 1200KB/s even though on opposite side of the world01:31
jeffMASTERflextdawgedogg: there are more01:31
Jewsus_Can someone help me determine why my computer goes so slow sometimes? Is there a way to figure out what exactly is making it slow at a specific time?01:31
=== abshiffl is now known as Sublimation
geekahedronhow can i change my options so my cd drive mounts with "unhide"01:31
pfnprettyricky, I'm pretty sure a t3 or or oc3 or whatever at work01:31
sdsheeksprettyricky: cable modem, but i pay for the fastest tier of speeds01:31
faileas1200 kbps = insane ;p01:32
riddleboxis I want something to start at boot, where would I put it?01:32
tdawgedoggjeffmasterflex: where do i get more plugins?01:32
pfnfaileas, KB/s, not kbps  :p01:32
ubotusynaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto01:32
iter1200K is what I get @ home01:32
pfnI get 600KB/s at home...01:32
iter10MiB @ work :):)01:32
faileasi'm averaging 250 k/s ;p01:32
prettyrickyoh thought you guys did something else to speed it up! I get a whopping 50kb's01:32
sdsheeksprettyricky: ouchy01:32
LjL!english | DZEJMS00701:32
ubotuDZEJMS007: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:32
pfnprettyricky, either get your bandwidth from work, or a fat line at home01:32
prettyrickyyeah>>> : (01:32
faileasor school01:32
* pfn gets 6mbps dsl at home...01:32
mbrushanyone know of an online database of xorg.conf files and associated monitors and vid cards?01:32
sdsheeksprettyricky: my cable provider sells tiers for their internet services.01:33
pfnschool tends to be slower than companies now, it seems01:33
faileasuniversities have fat pipe ;p01:33
prettyrickyfat line huh..01:33
reikalusikkadoes compiz require CPU or GPU or perhaps both?01:33
reikalusikkadoes a integrated GPU x3100 run all compiz candy?01:34
* thechris is an idiot01:34
jeffMASTERflexreikalusikka: it uses GL for rendering, so it needs a video card with supported 3d GL drivers01:34
jmdcmbrush: I don't think such a database exists; do you need help configuring X?01:34
crediblereikalusikka: it's blacklisted because video playback is broken, but everything else works if you unblacklist it01:34
LjL!pm | DZEJMS00701:34
ubotuDZEJMS007: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.01:34
thechrishad to hack up a cable to get the mic plugged in.  ended up plugging in the earphone01:34
faileasreikalusikka: not sure about all, but it'll work, i got it partially running on a 95x card ;p01:34
LjLDZEJMS007: start by turning your caps lock off please01:34
mbrushjmdc: i do ... I've tried everything google has to offer01:34
mbrushI can't get 1680x1050 no matter what i try01:34
* sdsheeks hides01:35
mbrushit keeps stretching past the edges of the screen01:35
SublimationDoes anyone know of a good approach to cleaning up tags for a music libary, organizing the folders, and converting to ogg?01:35
reikalusikkathanks for the answers, I'm going to buy a laptop with x3100 and just wondering if I can run all the candy <301:35
jmdcmbrush: well, you're in the right place to ask for help :-)01:35
sdsheeksI feel so depressed.  I have my system setup perfectly and no open issues...oh what to do!!!01:35
StrangeCharmhey, on a fujitsu p7230, i'm having some problems with hibernation - when i tell it to hibernate, the screen goes black, then to a blinking cursor, then off, then on, then to the locked screen. is there some way i should be fixing this?01:35
prince_jammysbreak something01:35
mbrushjmdc: unfortunately i think it may be hardware specific01:35
sdsheeksprince_jammys: i suppose I could test my backup solution :)01:35
reikalusikkacredible: what do you mena by blacklisted?01:36
mbrushand possibly a bug in the xserver-xorg package that ubuntu uses01:36
jmdcmbrush: that's a somewhat exotic resolution; you're certain your display supports it?01:36
prince_jammyssdsheeks: or get automatix :)01:36
mbrushit's the recommended one01:36
sdsheeksreikalusikka: is the video card integrated?01:36
mbrush22" lcd01:36
hw00djohni need help setting up my HP VGA Webcam.  I've tried it with EKIGA, but EKIGA apparently doesnt recognize it.  I've also checked google and the forums with no luck..anyone here know other places to look?01:36
mbrushit's the norm for that size i believe01:36
crediblereikalusikka: http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/Hardware/Blacklist01:36
reikalusikkayes,  Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X310001:36
reikalusikkathanks for the link01:36
crediblereikalusikka: the X3100 is the intel 965 (last one on the table)01:37
mbrushjmdc: I am not sure if the vid card supports it, but it's the monitors native res01:37
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras01:37
sdsheeksreikalusikka: i was looking at one of those a few weeks ago before i picked up this new laptop, but i didn't want integrated graphics.01:37
jmdcmbrush - okay. What video card are you using?01:37
reikalusikkasdsheeks: ok, cuz I don't really need GPU01:37
reikalusikkaso this means what?01:37
sdsheeksreikalusikka: i game every now and then01:37
mbrushjmdc: ATI AIW 8500DV01:37
prince_jammyssdsheeks: you can amuse yourself with espeak .. espeak hello01:38
reikalusikkasdsheeks: so what does this mean that x3100 is blakclisted?01:38
sdsheeksreikalusikka: i never said that..must have been someone else.01:39
itermbrush: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-581343.html01:39
tdawgedoggI try to download avant window navigator and i get an error that says "dependency is not satisfiable: libawn0"01:39
sdsheeksprince_jammys: gonna play around with spideroak01:39
reikalusikkasdsheeks: oh ok, but what does it matter if it's blacklisted. I can't run compiz fusion? what does it matter when I can ignore it? makes no sense :D01:39
prince_jammyssdsheeks: don't know that one01:39
animewarseverytime i want to go online, i need to go into network settings, delete my network password, and retype it in in order to connect.  any way around this?01:40
sdsheeksreikalusikka: dunno let me scroll up and see who b brought that up.01:40
mbrushjmdc: pretty sure I've been through that one, but I'll give it another read01:40
crediblerandompolygamy: you have to manually allow it because Xvideo won't work while in compiz01:40
crediblereikalusikka: ^^01:40
prince_jammysrandom polygamy, what a concept01:40
reikalusikkacredible: ?01:40
samuelHow to uninstall gcj under ubuntu ?01:40
reikalusikkawhat does it mean in practice if my video card i blacklisted? I can't run compiz fusion properly? any other things?01:41
jmdcmbrush: would you put your xorg.conf file in the pastebin please?01:42
sdsheeksreikalusikka: it was creddible01:42
mbrushjmdc: it's so hacked apart at this point, it's not worth posting, also it's on another computer with nothing but X01:42
reikalusikkasdsheeks: ok01:42
Lifeisfunnymy newbieness got me into trouble with some mounting issues.01:42
sdsheeksreikalusikka: credible (sp)01:42
AntiUSAwhat effect does encryption have on computer speeds?01:42
mbrushjmdc: I've not really tinkered with modelines so I'll have a stab at it, it's working on my other computer no prob01:43
reikalusikkasdsheeks:  what does it mean in practice if my video card i blacklisted? I01:43
reikalusikka                      can't run compiz fusion properly? any other things?01:43
iterlol AntiUSA from tx.comcast.net01:43
sdsheeksreikalusikka: dunno01:43
crediblereikalusikka: it means that video will not work while in compiz01:43
jmdcmbrush: I think it is worth posting, especially if it's hacked apart. That might be your problem ;-(01:43
sdsheeksreikalusikka: sorry :)01:43
crediblereikalusikka: and you'll have to manually "unblacklist" compiz to make it run at all01:43
reikalusikkacredible: can you tell me, what is compiz :D01:44
LifeisfunnyI thought I could designate my usbdisks to a mount point so they would always be labeled disk or disk-1 and went through the properties heading in the context menu  but I now get a warning box when I use the gpanel applet to mount and it doesn't mount so I look under Details and it says:   mount_point cannot contain the following characters: newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR (usually /)01:44
mbrushjmdc: then I gotta install firefox or something to pastebin it01:44
prince_jammys!compiz | reikalusikka01:44
ubotureikalusikka: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:44
reikalusikkathanks you01:44
prince_jammysok thats not as useful as i thought01:44
reikalusikkaso in other word ubuntu wont work properly with integrated GPU?01:44
prince_jammysreikalusikka: its the thing that makes your windows wobble and your desktop spin around01:44
sdsheeksreikalusikka: no it will work just not the "cool" eye candy stuff01:45
reikalusikkaprince_jammys: hehe thanks01:45
prince_jammysreikalusikka: you can youtube and see what it looks like01:45
AntiUSAanyone? will encrypting my drive slow down my machine?01:45
reikalusikkaprince_jammys: I know how it looks, that's why I want to use it :D I was just wondering if it affects other things too01:45
reikalusikkawhat does it mean in practice to ignore the blacklist?01:45
mbrushAntiUSA: yes ... how much?  no idea01:45
prince_jammysreikalusikka: no, just the visuals01:45
sdsheekspfn: hows the image?01:45
reikalusikkaprince_jammys: what does it mean in practice to ignore the blacklist?01:46
pfnsdsheeks, didn't get a chance to run it, I was running the livecd  :)01:46
iterAntiUSA: short answer yes but depends a lot on the hardware01:46
AntiUSAi see01:46
sdsheekspfn: cool my latest use of that image was to setup an amanda backup server.01:46
pfnman, ubuntu sure is pretty... makes me want to setup a linux desktop machine  :)01:46
prince_jammysreikalusikka: this i don't know.  i probably means you'll get a headache trying to get it to work01:46
AntiUSAso 4096 encrfyption would probably make my lappie wine01:47
sdsheekspfn: sure is01:47
reikalusikkax3100 is still pretty "powerfull" for an integrated01:47
pfnwhy doesn't ubuntu use pam_stack/system-auth like redhat?01:47
mbrushi could do without the brown01:47
iterAntiUSA: I suggest using truecrypt to create a container and keep your pr0n in there01:47
reikalusikkawell, I'll go to #compiz-fusion01:47
sdsheekspfn: crossover completes it for me...I need those programs01:47
pfnit'd be so much nicer than how ubuntu has it, imo01:47
reikalusikkathanks for answers01:47
sdsheeksiter: lol01:47
AntiUSAporn is the last of my worries01:47
* pfn goes back to trying to figure out why cyrus-imapd isn't talking to saslauthd01:47
prince_jammysyour swiss account info01:47
iterAntiUSA: with a nick like that I could have guessed as much01:48
sdsheeksiter: lol good point never picked up on that01:48
mbrushAntiUSA: do you want to encrypt the whole drive?01:48
prince_jammyswith all that porn you keep in the safe01:48
bkrhey, anyone know how to access usb external drive from a livecd boot?01:48
AntiUSAi was considering it01:48
mbrushdo you need to?01:48
jmdcmbrush - is installing firefox a problem?01:48
iterAntiUSA: why encrypt all your system files? no need really and all it will do is be a PITA down the road01:48
pfnbkr plug it in and find it under /media or /mnt ?01:48
AntiUSAwell I was just concerned that if I just encrypt documents then won't there be traces of temp files/01:49
* pfn hates truecrypt 501:49
sdsheeksAntiUSA: what kind of documents?01:49
bkrpfn: thanks... i didn't see it under mnt boot i'll check media01:49
mbrushjmdc: no not really, I was just not wanting to install the extra 30MB01:49
thechrisok, new issue01:49
AntiUSAI'm not a terrorist if that's what you're getting at01:49
reikalusikkaprince_jammys: what about beryl, any idea?:D and how does it differ from compiz fusion01:49
sdsheeksAntiUSA: nope just got me curious is all01:50
AntiUSAI'm with the Houston Revolution Club01:50
thechrisThe microphone will play over the speakers, but i can't get any recording software to see it01:50
crediblereikalusikka: compiz fusion replaced beryl01:50
sdsheeksHouston, TX?01:50
eshaasedoes ubuntu come installed by default with vpn software setup?01:50
prince_jammysreikalusikka: beryl is history01:50
thechrisso the mic works, but is invisible01:50
jmdcmbush - if you want to be super minimalist, there is always lynx ;-)01:50
reikalusikkaprince_jammys:ok thanks01:50
LifeisfunnyI guess no one knows, I'll look in google01:50
sdsheeksAntiUSA: I travel there every other week via continental express01:50
rhineheart_mis there a way to access the files share in the network (windows machines) from ubuntu server?01:50
WeedGrinchI really need help: My goal is to make it so my site is hosted locally.  I have to point to my server, now what?01:50
sdsheeksAntiUSA: hang around the Galeria area01:50
prince_jammysreikalusikka: beryl has merged with compiz to become compiz fusion01:50
amenadombrush-> w3m is installed, try that01:50
AntiUSAI have, haha01:51
sdsheeksprince_jammys: and it is pretty cool01:51
reikalusikkaprince_jammys: oh ok :) thanks01:51
prince_jammysreikalusikka: this was done mostly to confuse everyone01:51
iterprince_jammys: lol01:51
jmdcLifeisfunny - how did you set the mount point?01:51
hw00djohnhey, I'm trying to get my HP VGA webcam to work but am having trouble.  I read about a package called 'easycam' and i'm trying to install that, but it's not working either (asking for a cd)  i'd really like to get my webcam working again.01:51
bkrokay so nothing shows under media or mnt when I plug in the usb external drive... any suggestions on mounting it?01:51
AntiUSAto give you a general idea of what the HRC is into, you can check out www.revcom.us01:51
AntiUSAthat's the website of the paper we distro01:51
sdsheekshw00djohn: this on a laptop?01:51
ExershioIs there any program I can use to overclock my Radeon 9550?01:51
ExershioI know what speeds it's capable of01:52
hw00djohnyes, but the webcam is not internal.  It's one that i have to plug in thru usb01:52
AntiUSAanyway, is there a problem with temp files?01:52
rhineheart_mHello! Is there a way to access the files share in the network (windows machines) from ubuntu server?01:52
amenadobkr  on a terminal if you type mount, is it listed?01:52
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: yea install samba01:52
faileasbkr: check if it shows up in /dev if it does you can mount it manually with mount01:52
AntiUSAif I keep documents encrypted won't there be unencrypted temp files?01:52
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: then mount //ipaddress/sharename /mointpoint01:52
fredsuagood evening01:52
mbrushjmdc: xterm doesn't do copy?01:53
sdsheeksAntiUSA: it's possible yes01:53
hw00djohnsdsheeks yes, this is on a laptop, however the cam is not built in, i bought it seperately and it plugs in thru USB.  I tried to set it up with ekiga, but ekiga didn't recognize it.  i've been scouring the forums and google with no luck01:53
fredsuadoes someone here knows how to make a DVD player play DVDs?01:53
AntiUSA thats' why last night i was asking for wiping tools for linux but no one knew of any01:53
sdsheekshw00djohn: i'm looking around now.  I have never tried mine.01:53
emmaHi. I have a home partition and I only have one user (myself) on my system. My home directory is called emma.  I wish to do a fresh install.  Could someone tell me how to go about doing that so I can retain my old home directory after the fresh install?01:53
toddHello, Is ther a driver out there for philips WebCam works great in MS junk but slowin moving to linux01:53
rhineheart_msdsheeks: how would I access it?01:53
prince_jammysfredsua: do you have libdvdcss2?01:53
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: did you apt-get install samba?01:53
jmdcmbrush - try selecting text, then middle clicking01:53
fredsuayes I do01:54
optxhi can somebody tell me how i get ubuntu running under the vista bootloader ? i dont get it right :(01:54
mbrushjmdc: ah01:54
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: and a share exists on the windows machine?01:54
fredsuaprince_jammys: I do and it still does not work01:54
rhineheart_msdsheeks: yeah01:54
Jordan_UAntiUSA, Only if you open them in apps that use temp file in an area of the file system which is not encrypted01:54
Jordan_UAntiUSA, You can even make an encrypted /tmp, though that may slow certain things down :)01:54
jmdcmbrush - well, it works for me01:54
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: then do sudo mount //ipaddress/sharename /mountpoint01:54
josspykeremma: is home on a different partition?01:54
prince_jammysfredsua: frustrating.  what player do you use? and have you tried different DVDs?01:54
emmaYes my home directory is on its own partition.01:55
rhineheart_mmount //ipaddress/sharename /mountpoint?? can't understat01:55
ExershioIs there any program I can use to overclock my Radeon 9550? I know what speeds it's capable of01:55
sfrailerhi all, can i get some help diagnosing this ubuntu issue? i run dhclient on my ubuntu box, nbtstat -R (to clear WINS cache) on my windows box, and cannot ping my ubuntu box (by name) from windows01:55
mbrushjmdc: it launches the now installed fifefox to this page: http://www.libhunspell-1.1-0/01:55
mbrushmiddle click ads?01:55
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: ok you know the IP address of the windows machine?01:55
emmaI had originally thought I could sign up again with the same user name and it would all just work but there seems to be some technicalities. Like the installer is going to move the old directory and call it emma.00001 or something.01:55
AntiUSAopenoffice does make temp files, right?01:55
bkramenado: it finally came up under media, but I'm trying to transfer files from the hdd to the external so I can wipe the system...it won't boot currently01:55
rhineheart_msdsheeks: yeah I know01:55
r00723r0Hi, I rebooted my computer and now there are no audio devices. Any help?01:55
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: okay then go to a terminal window01:55
bkrdon't know the best way to view the files with a filemanager01:56
bkrso I can see them easily instead of with an ls01:56
bkrrecommend a good file manager?01:56
jmdcAntiUSA - I would imagine they would be in your home directory01:56
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: type sudo mount //ipaddress of the windows machine/sharename /mountpoint01:56
=== kevin_ is now known as kevin_121
fredsuaprince_jammys: I have a Plextor PX-712A DVD-RW.  I've tried playing backup movies and they play fine but when I try playing a movie from blockbuster or others that I have it can't read it.01:56
AntiUSAthanks all01:56
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: for example sudo mount // /mnt/myshare01:56
amenadobkr command line is good , use it01:56
rhineheart_msdsheeks: how about in the sharename and mount point?01:56
eshaasedoes ubuntu come installed by default with vpn software setup?01:56
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: for the sharename you would use whatever you set the sharename as in windows01:57
kevin_121so. in appearance preferences -> visual effects, the custom radio button will not stay selected... anyone know why this could be?01:57
Raiders32how do you prevent a new file browser opening up each time you insert a CD?  I'm using Gutsy01:57
josspykeremma: make a backup first,do a fresh install and assign home the partion and don't format it01:57
=== ze__ is now known as Zeddie
Shugglecan anyone here help me with grub?01:57
bkramenado: only when tranferring all files or a few files... I'm trying to tranfer large numbers of files but not the whole drive01:57
jmdceshaase - no01:57
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: for the mountpoint it is up to you where you mount it to, but the mountpoint has to exist already so create it if you need to01:57
jordan_!anyone | Shuggle01:57
ubotuShuggle: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:57
mbrushjmdc: wierdest thing ever, I just middle clicked xterm and it started installing something automatically in the background downloading stuff from ubuntu01:57
jordan_mbrush, Middle click is paste01:57
fredsuaprince_jammys: I'm speculating reinstalling Ubuntu01:57
rhineheart_msdsheeks: Is samba secured?01:58
prince_jammysfredsua: i don't know the solution, sorry.  i actually just got a dvd drive on this computer and havent gotten around to dealing with that01:58
mbrushjordan: I don't know what the hell happened ... there shouldn't have been anything in the clipboard01:58
jordan_mbrush, And anything you paste into a terminal is interpreted ( including carridge returns )01:58
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: don't think so01:58
prince_jammysfredsua: i really doubt you need to reinstall01:58
jmdcmbrush - middle click pastes whatever was last selected. whatever was last selected was a install command with a newline01:58
amenadobkr  use regexp and selected directories01:58
emmajosspyker,  how about doing this:  mv /home/emma /home/oldemma01:58
rhineheart_msdsheeks: so you couldn't recommend it, right?01:58
fredsuaprince_jammys: Thanks for trying.01:59
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: for what I use it for sure I would recommend it, but your use may be different than mine.01:59
ShuggleI installed Sabayon linux to my harddrive and told it not to install grub. Now when I try to test boot sabayon from the grub command line (before editing menu.list) grub tells me that the partition does not exist01:59
jordan_mbrush, It's also 'copy' when you have text selected, have you middle clicked any text recently?01:59
emmajosspyker,  then doing the reinstall, not formating the home partition, and then doing mv /home/oldemma /home/emma01:59
jackfusionhi all01:59
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: what are your concerns with it being secure or nonsecure?01:59
rhineheart_msdsheeks: you're using it for what01:59
hw00djohnsdsheeks: any luck with the webcam issue?01:59
jackfusionHow is every one doing tonight?01:59
fredsuaIs there an expert on linux Ubuntu in the house?  I'm having trouble playing DVD's01:59
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: to copy files back and forth from one of my windows machines01:59
fus10nxHas anyone here properly configured an HDMI motherboard or graphics card to work FULLY in Ubuntu? I can currently get video working but no audio. In windows its not a problem. I am just debating weather or not to get a new motherboard so I want to see if anyone has gotten it to work properly and if so what motherboard or card? Thanks.01:59
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: non sensitive stuff just documents and music02:00
sdsheekshw00djohn: nothing yet02:00
Indiadev_Techiefredsua: ???02:00
jmdceshaase - you probably want to install one of the vpn plugins for network manager. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN02:00
rhineheart_msdsheeks: can the internet access the shared folders over the network?02:00
jordan_!offtopic | jackfusion02:00
ubotujackfusion: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:00
Indiadev_Techiefredsua: did u update ur dvd codecs in ubuntu ???02:00
mbrushjordan_ : I must've it's the only explanaition ...02:00
kevin_121fus10nx: i have not heard of anyone doing audio yet over hdmi. i think there may be legal setbacks involved, but im not entirely sure02:00
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: not if you don't allow it through a router or windows firewall02:00
josspykeremma: use grsync for a backup to be sure,install ubuntu and assing your home part.without formatting02:00
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: but my theory is if someone wants it bad enough they will get it02:01
jackfusionwhat raid software dose ubuntu server use?02:01
fredsuaIndiadev_Techie:  Yes, I've updated all the codes.  the drive plays some of my backup movies fine, but dies not play movies from regular DVDs02:01
rhineheart_msdsheeks: if that someone could have access to the router's firewall right/02:01
codyduncananyone have any idea why writing to my external just became extremely slow?  why near everything is now going really slow?  why startup just takes forever?  (just the first one will do for now)02:01
prettyrickyMy player plays the movies but sometimes I get the blue screen of death>>>>>02:02
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: sure02:02
fredsuaIndiadev_Techie: are you an expert in linux?02:02
rhineheart_msdsheeks: how would the users access their home folders from windows machine?02:02
Indiadev_Techiefredsua: no im not...but trying to figure out ur problem....02:02
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: samba you can setup the linux home folders and map them in windows02:03
solexious[QQ] I need to make pport have super user privlages at startup, how do I do that?02:03
sdsheeksoh crap02:03
rhineheart_msdsheeks: map them in windows? like using my networkplaces?02:03
jmdccodyduncan: maybe some process is zombified and running wild. try running top02:03
sdsheeksForgot about the lunar eclipse!!02:03
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: yea02:03
jordan_fredsua, You probably need libdvdcss202:03
sdsheekseast coast people remember anytime now a full lunar eclipse02:03
=== oshiii-_- is now known as oshiii-_^
fredsuaIndiadev_Techie: Is very frustrating.  I've tried different DVD media such as VLC and gxine with the same results.02:04
soulburneris there somewhere i can change my keyboard configuration?02:04
jordan_!dvd | fredsua02:04
ubotufredsua: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:04
mbrushfredusa: ubuntu-restricted-extras?  did you download the one dvd thing from that?02:04
sdsheekslol look at the moon02:04
rhineheart_msdsheeks: so they could access their folders from the networkplaces... and if they will click on it.. samba would ask for their usernames and passwords. correct?02:04
TheZealotAnyone know how to change the time from 24 hour time to 12?02:04
sdsheeksrhineheart_m: you can set that up yes02:04
fredsuaIndiadev_Techie: I've downloaded the entire medibuntu library and nothing02:04
asmoore82fredsua: do you have libdvdcss??02:04
jordan_mbrush, That alone won't do it02:05
gzbtoo cloudy here to see the moon02:05
mbrushjordan_: isn't that the lib to play drm'd dvds?02:05
mbrushthe one in that package?02:05
fredsuaYes, I've been to those websites and downloaded all the software.02:05
prince_jammyshe has libdvdcss, can play dvds he's made himself, can't play store-bought or rental dvds02:05
fredsua and nothing.02:05
r00723r0Hi, I rebooted my computer and now there are no audio devices. Any help?02:05
sdsheeksgzb: :( perfect here02:05
sdsheeksgzb: it's about 1/4 gone02:06
jordan_mbrush, Yes, it's not included in ubuntu-restricted-extras ( or anywhere in the official repos ) because it's illegal in some countries ( ie the U.S.)02:06
gzbis it red yet?02:06
sdsheeksgzb: no black02:06
fredsuaI've downloaded the entire medibuntu library02:06
jackfusiondose any one know any thing about ubuntu server?02:06
fredsuaand all the libdvdcss avaialble02:06
gzbwanted to see it, hope it clears here soon02:06
ubotuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto02:07
jordan_prince_jammys, The fact that he can play unencrypted backups only supports the idea that he needs libdvdcss02:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dialboot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:07
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:07
chimericalbrioso in my keyboard shortcuts settings, under sound shortcuts, i have things like "0x99". what does that correspond with?02:07
chimericalbrioon the keyboard02:07
fredsuashould I reinstall Ubuntu, could this be a really bas software problem?02:08
prince_jammysjordan_: yes, but he seems to have it02:08
codyduncanjmdc: I'm not sure what you mean, running top02:08
prince_jammysfredsua: sudo apt-get install libdvdread302:08
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:09
asmoore82fredsua: make sure you have libdvdcss2; run this: `dpkg-query -s libdvdcss2`02:09
hdevalenceis there a way I can tell apt-get to download packages only and not lock the thing? So I cna download the 2500000 packages I need but be able to iunstall a couple packages here or there while it's d/ling02:09
OmletteWhat if you broke Grub after installing Ubuntu?02:09
jackfusionWhen I try to be polite how come a get a warning that I am off topic?02:09
macogwjackfusion: what about it?02:09
fredsuaprince_jammys: got it again02:09
JohnRobertanyone know why there's no truecrypt ubuntu package? Is it not considered safe to use or something?02:10
Indiadev_Techiefredsua: ohhh....thts gr8...02:10
macogwjackfusion: if youre wondering why no X or why no GUI, it's because it's a server and there's no point wasting resources for a GUI on a server02:10
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents02:10
Indiadev_Techiefredsua: but still u cant play ur dvds...02:10
macogwjackfusion: (that question falls under the category of FAQ)02:10
jordan_fredsua, It's most likely a software problem, try running "sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh"02:10
CVD-PRany has problems with checkinstall?02:10
=== astro76_ is now known as astro76
itisii had 2 NAS drives mounted and working fine....but after I installed KDE to just check it out....now my shares are gone...any one know why that would happen? (i am back in gnome now)02:10
jackfusionjackfusion: How is every one doing tonight? jordan_: !offtopic | jackfusion02:11
prince_jammysfredsua: cd /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/02:11
fredsuastill can't play, trying jordan solution now02:11
macogwjackfusion: because this channel isnt for chatter, it's for tech support02:11
macogwjackfusion: what's the problem with the server system?02:11
jordan_fredsua, That may have actually been the wrong path, I am using 8.04 currently02:11
itisiand i can still browse the NAS shares from a web browser02:11
macogwjackfusion: chatter happens in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntuforums usually02:11
hw00djohnspeaking of tech support...i'm still looking for some help02:12
mbrushitisi: /etc/fstab?02:12
yodaHey can someone help me get my 8800GTS drivers working02:12
codyduncanjmdc: I am looking at the system manager, and nothing seems out of the ordinary, but it should be said that I have less than a huge ability to recognize such things02:12
prince_jammysfredsua: actually just::::    sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh02:12
macogwhw00djohn: ask your question02:12
jackfusionI don't have a problem with the server I just want to know what raid software the server uses?02:12
itisimbrush: i will check it to see if anything changed, but they still show in my mount folder02:13
macogwjackfusion: oh hmm... you can setup LVM during install if you want02:13
fredsuaprince_jammys: did it02:13
yodaHas anyone isntalled a 8800GTS in ubuntu?02:13
mandjeif i want to use a Win wifi driver with ndiswrapper for ubuntu AMD64 from what Win version should the driver be? Vista 64 or just plain XP ?02:13
mbrushitisi: the directories may remain02:13
hw00djohnI have an HP VGA webcam that I've been trying to get working since yesterday.  I tried setting it up with EKIGA.  I checked the forums and google with no luck.  Is there a package that can install the drivers for my HP VGA webcam?02:13
prince_jammysfredsua: any luck?02:13
mbrushbut not mounted02:13
macogwjackfusion: 6.06 had EVMS, but it's not compatible with the current kernels, so it's been removed02:13
prince_jammysfredsua: probably not02:13
chimericalbrioanyone know where i can find a table of what the entries like "0x99" in "keyboard shortcuts" correspond to on the keyboard?02:14
fredsuaprince_jammys: nope, nothing02:14
jmdccodyduncan: sorry, was afk. top is command line tool that does something like what the system monitor would do. Just stay in there and do View->All Processes and look for something using high percentages of the cpu.02:14
jackfusionI know about LVM but what creating raid zero what software is used?02:14
CarlFKhow can i see the name of the deb (so the version) that will be installed when I apt-get install foo?02:14
prince_jammysfredsua: the dvd shows up on your desktop and is mounted, right?02:14
zcat[1]Q: I removed all of the packages related to 'mono' and it was about 400M freed.. the only things that looked remotely useful from that was some photo manager and some other program I can't recall, and there doesn't seem to be the slightest impact on my system. Is mono actually used for anything important at all?02:15
PriceChildCarlFK, apt-cache info foo02:15
CarlFKPriceChild: thanks02:15
EADGCarlFK: try apt-cache show foo. I think thats what yer looking for.02:15
jackfusionso being polite in this chat is not accepted?02:15
fredsuaprince_jammys: yes it shows on the dekstop and is mounted02:16
jordan_fredsua, What is the output of "dpkg -s libdvdcss2 | grep Status" ( should be only one line )02:16
codyduncanjmcd: there was nothing like that.  I don't know what the problem is.  I just installed (reinstalled) Gutsy yesterday, and already it is kicking me02:16
CarlFKEADG: yeah, thanks02:16
asmoore82fredsua, What is the output of "dpkg -s libdvdcss2 | grep Status" ( should be only one line ) ++02:16
itisimbrush: they are still mounted in fstab...also, even before i mounted them they showed in my network, now they dont even show up there as folders02:16
CarlFKPriceChild: apt-cache info transcode = E: Invalid operation info02:16
PriceChildCarlFK, gah, show then02:16
mbrushzcat: i believe mono is basically a .NET framework port for linux02:16
jordan_jackfusion, Being polite in this channel means helping to keep it uncluttered02:16
fredsuajordan_: I'm not sure how to get that.  Do I copy and paste that command in the termina?02:17
macogwjackfusion: with how quickly this channel moves and how full it is, idle chatter just gets in the way.  the signal to noise ratio is bad enough with the joins & parts.02:17
albert_kamHi ubuntu people, i've just installed ubuntu to give it a try. Could anyone tell me why at boot before getting into login screen, there's nothing but a monitor warning "scanlines out of range" ? And when shutting down, this shows up too. Where should i take a look / configure ?02:17
jordan_fredsua, Yes02:17
PriceChildCarlFK, apt-cache show transcode, or apt-cache madison transcode02:17
jmdccodyduncan - hmm. Has the system been slow ever since  you installed?02:17
KCYNICE_hi,I remove my old dvd rom and installed a new Blu-ray dvd rom. The system could not find the new device.What should i do?02:17
jackfusionoh sorry02:17
Chris_xgot some probs with setting up my bind9 (1st time). Everything ran smooth locally but now I got problems with the rndc.key. the server is running as dns slave and I used rndc-confgen -a to create a new key but still errors in the log....02:17
codyduncanjmcd: no, it was fast for a bit, now it's dragging, immensely02:17
Chris_xnamed seems to run though02:17
fredsuajordan_: install ok02:17
itisimbrush: actually, none of the shared folders show in my network places anymore02:17
jackfusiondose any one know what software raid ubuntu server uses when creating raid zero?02:18
macogwjackfusion: md is what's used for raid02:18
jackfusionthank you02:18
=== cakedonkey is now known as fredmv
Chris_xsyslog says:02:18
Chris_xnone:0: open: /etc/bind/rndc.key: permission denied02:18
Chris_xFeb 21 15:07:27 tui named[3728]: couldn't add command channel permission denied02:18
zcat[1]mbrush: I've decided I want to part of .NET on my machine.. and so far that doesn't seem to be a problem. Why is it installed by default? it's actually pretty huge and doesn't seem too important.02:18
codyduncanjmcd:  I mean, it was working fine, other than the fact that it was taking a long time to start up (but I think that is related to wireless card problems)02:19
macogwjack-desktop:  it's /quit02:19
fredmvHey all.   Is anyone well-versed in SDL issues?02:19
mandjeif i want to use a Win wifi driver with ndiswrapper for ubuntu AMD64 from what Win version should the driver be? Vista 64 or just plain XP ?02:19
jmdccodyduncan - did you change anything before it started being slow?02:19
chimericalbrioanyone know where i can find a table of what the entries like "0x99" in "keyboard shortcuts" correspond to on the keyboard?02:19
jordan_fredsua, Have you ever set the region for your dvd drive? ( I am not sure if this should be needed with libdvdcss but it's something worth checking )02:19
mbrushzcat: it's open source i think, and it brings over C# language from windows which is IMO one of the best languages ever (for me)02:19
fredsuajordan_: No I haven't.  Not sure how.02:19
reasonschimerica, open a termina and type xev02:19
chimericalbrioreasons: thanks02:19
mbrushzcat: if you don't have any mono apps, it ok to uninstall02:19
solexious[QQ] I need to make pport have super user privlages at startup, how do I do that?02:20
jordan_fredsua, Do DVD's play properly in Windows?02:20
* badboy ciao a tutti02:20
fredmvI'm getting the dreaded "Unable to initialize SDL: No available video device" when I try running SDL-based games.  I've already installed the latest 1.2 libs for Debian and ran a "xhost + localhost".   Still not working.02:20
fredsuajordan_: yes they did before I switched.  :-)02:20
codyduncanjmcd:  well, as I had just installed, I changed a lot of things, basically, I installed amarok, wine, mplayer, got rid of rhytmbox, got ktorrent, enabled the restricted drivers, then disabled them, as they were doing nothing for me02:20
zcat[1]mbrush: ahh.. ok. cool. I'm feeling very ant-MS this week. I decided I'd like to avoide a technology that MS still seems to have so much control over.02:20
jordan_fredsua, Then the region has already been set02:21
_Oz_HALLLOOOOOOO Ubuntu friends!02:21
fredsuajordan_ I was using DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter before with no problems02:21
DrunkenPihey sorry to bother you but is there a active C++ channel?02:21
* _Oz_ screams into #ubuntu like a cannonball shot from a distant ship in the bay.02:21
PiciDrunkenPi: ##C++ ?02:21
ryakuThis is likely a stupid issue, but is there anyone here who can help me with video issues?02:21
mbrushzcat: i hear ya .. it's a killer language though02:21
reasonsryaku, that depends on the video issue02:21
=== ryaku is now known as ryakufox
jordan_fredsua, That is different, could you use a ( legal ) DVD playing software?02:22
DrunkenPithanks Pici02:22
zcat[1]mbrush: never used it. I kinda picked up python a few years back and that was quite easy, but I haven't used it since.02:22
pawanamule unable to load servers quits02:22
ryakufoxreasons: Well, I've just installed Ubuntu not a few hours ago. I've managed to work around the usual ATI deal and get ATI drivers for my x1600P working, with XGL and everything. But, it keeps giving me both an XFree86-DRI missing error, and refuses to do direct rendering.02:22
pawanis there ares for ubuntu02:23
fredsuajordan_: that was before in windows.  I'm now using VLM, Totem and gxine and none works02:23
jordan_ryakufox, That is a result of the fact that you are using XGL02:23
zcat[1]jordan_: Dell was shipping Linux preinstalled with something which I assume was blessed by the DVDCCA or whoever02:23
ryakufoxWell, is there any workaround? All I wanted was to be able to get desktop effects, and still be able to play my games.02:23
reasonsryakufox, I believe you have to use alglx02:24
fredsuajordan_: how do I reinstall Ubuntu without deleting everything?02:24
Hiliku1hey guys, i have two hard drives, one's ide the other one is sata, which one would you recommend installing my os on??02:24
ryakufoxreasons: Any way you can run me through that?02:25
Hiliku1the second drive is used to store data02:25
jordan_fredsua, You can put your /home on a separate partition:02:25
mbrushryakufox: in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, there should be a DRI section with a mode line02:25
zcat[1]Hiliku1: sata, it's generally much faster02:25
jordan_!home | fredsua02:25
ubotufredsua: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For mounting your home folder on a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome02:25
Hiliku1zcat[1]: i know, but i do want the faster to be for the OS or for all my data (big files and all that)02:25
zcat[1]Hiliku1: you want the faster one for the OS..02:25
Hiliku1zcat[1]: excellent!02:25
ablyssjordan_, from my experience putting home on a separate partition can get messy if you dont delete the hidden config files02:26
Hiliku1zcat[1]: thanks02:26
jeffMASTERflexHiliku1: i think you want a more responsive OS02:26
fredsuajordan_: thank you02:26
reasonsryakufox, never had an ATI card but I believe this might be of use to you http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14506802:26
fredsuaubotu: thank you!02:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about thank you! - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:26
zcat[1]rofl... !thankyou :)02:26
speeddemon8803hehe, ubotu is just a bot, it doesnt really talk, just give information :)02:26
Polygon89I just reinstalled ubuntu gutsy, and now the audio portion of flash does not work. I get audio in other applications fine, but flash does not seem to work. I tried to install some libflashsupport package and that doesnt work either. Please help.02:26
Pici!thanks | fredsua02:27
ubotufredsua: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:27
Hiliku1ubotu: girls ?02:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about girls ? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:27
jordan_ablyss, It shouldn't, how did you do it? ( you should not just use cp with no arguments )02:27
jmdccodyduncan - I'm stumped. Why did you reinstall?02:27
prince_jammysubotu: anything02:27
ubotuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.02:27
speeddemon8803!girls > Hilikul02:27
=== jordan_ is now known as Jordan_U
reasonspolygon89, 64 or 32 bit02:27
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.02:27
Polygon89reasons, 32 bit.02:27
speeddemon8803zcat beat me to it ;)02:27
_Oz_HALLLOOOOOOO Ubuntu friends!02:28
speeddemon8803We do like the occasional messing around, but do remember that this is a support chat room..not for general discussion..unless its of course discussion about technical aspects of ubuntu ;)02:28
_Oz_sorry for the repeat02:28
fredmvAnyone here familiar with a potential cause for "Unable to initialize SDL: No available video device"02:28
speeddemon8803!hi | _oz_02:28
ubotu_oz_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:28
_Oz_thanks, speeddemon880302:28
fredmvEven with the latest 1.2deb libs this simply doesn't work.02:29
ablyssJordan_U, fresh install but using existing /home partition which retained old config settings from previous install.   some settings are depreciated which might adversely effect new protocols02:29
_Oz_fredmv: what's that?02:29
fus10nxkevin_121: thanks. I know it works in windows, the audio over HDMI02:30
itisidoes anyone know why..after being able to see all my network drives...now i can no longer see any network folders? I know they are still connected (can browse them in firefox), but they arent visible from folders02:30
Jordan_Uablyss, He is presumably going to install the same version of Ubuntu02:30
fredmvBasically, I'm trying to get an SDL-based game working (sauerbraten) and it keeps failing with "Unable to initialize SDL: No available video device"02:30
AnonConHello everyone02:30
mbrushitisi: are they listed with 'mount' command?02:30
speeddemon8803!hi | anonCon02:30
ubotuanonCon: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:31
fredmvI already a) installed the latest libs, and b) ran an xhost + localhost to no avail.02:31
zcat[1]btw never 'rm -rf .*' -- you might think it removes all the . directories.. but it includes . and ..02:31
Polygon89I just reinstalled ubuntu gutsy, and now the audio portion of flash does not work. I get audio in other applications fine, but flash does not seem to work. I tried to install some libflashsupport package and that doesnt work either. Please help.02:31
AnonConthank you both02:31
ablyssJordan_U, indeed it's probably harmless just annoying if you do a upgrade :-)02:31
speeddemon8803!flash | Polygon8902:31
ubotuPolygon89: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:31
Polygon89speed, please read my question before referring me to a page that has nothing to do with what i asked.02:31
AnonConI have a question, I installed ubuntu last night, and had no problems, but when I boot it up today, the display is all weird..any ideas?02:31
_Oz_!patience | Polygon8902:32
ubotuPolygon89: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:32
fredmvAnonCon: define "all weird"02:32
faileasAnonCon: 'all wierd' how?02:32
itisimbrush: i get this message...7826: Connection to NAS failed02:32
itisiSMB connection failed02:32
itisi7827: Connection to NAS failed02:32
itisiSMB connection failed02:32
speeddemon8803!pastebin | itisi02:32
ubotuitisi: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:32
_Oz_!enter itisi02:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about enter itisi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:32
Polygon89_Oz_, again, im telling him nicely to read my question before sending me to a page that has nothing to do with my problem.02:32
_Oz_!enter | itisi02:32
ubotuitisi: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:32
rhineheart_mgot this error:    MySQL Strict Mode is not support02:32
Polygon89_Oz_, i have flash installed. The wikipage on this problem does not work.02:32
AnonConsorry..by all weird i mean 800X600 display, versus the 1024X76802:32
AnonConso, reduced screen resolution02:33
box_what do i need to install so SSL support will work ?02:33
fredmvAnonCon:  it might be as simple as going into System->Screen Res02:33
rhineheart_mhow would I enable its support? thanks../02:33
AnonConI did go there02:33
_Oz_Polygon89: that does not excuse your rudeness to a volunteer generous enough to offer his or her advice, whether or not you thought it was "stupid" as you called it.02:33
AnonConand no go02:33
mbrushitisi: i have no idea about NAS ... is it just a hard drive shared on the net using samba or nfs?02:34
Laney_Familyanyone here fam. with freenx?02:34
fredmvit doesn't have anything other than 800x600 available?02:34
m1chaeli'd like to try ubuntu on my laptop.. it's got windows xp on it.. but i dont want to dual boot... is it possible i can run ubuntu with a flash drive and a bootable cdrom? has anyone ever done such a thing? or can anyone recommend anything better?02:34
AnonConalthough I can change my resolution to 600X480 though..lol02:34
Polygon89_Oz_, please find the word stupid in this sentance: speed, please read my question before referring me to a page that has nothing to do with what i asked.02:34
EADGThe moon is slipping into shadow right now :) Go have a look if it's dark out where you are.02:34
_Oz_Polygon89: oh, shall we peruse the logs, then?02:34
speeddemon8803!stop | Polygon8902:34
itisiNAS is just the name of the storage device....it just 2 HDD's shared on my network02:34
ubotuPolygon89: NOTICE - Please stop this discussion NOW. See !offtopic for things that are inappropriate to discuss in this channel. Continuing will result in action being taken.02:34
Laney_FamilyMichael, you could use the live cd02:34
AnonConbrb...checking eclipse02:34
Polygon89i never said stupid02:34
Laney_FamilyNAS = Network Attached Storage02:34
Polygon89i want flash to work02:34
AnonCondang overcast02:34
codyduncanjmdc: sorry, was moving something.  I reinstalled because I was using the 64bit version as I use an AMD64, but I was hoping I would have less problems with the 32bit02:34
AnonConso..any ideas?02:35
itisiit uses samba02:35
Polygon89someone help me fix the sound, not help me install flash.02:35
Polygon89which is what that page refers to.02:35
AnonConas to why it would work, then now work?02:35
Laney_Familyopen filer is a good way to do it, so is samba02:35
ryakufoxDoes anyone here know anything about ATI cards, and direct rendering?02:35
box_What needs to be installed on a system so SSL support works for things like ircd etc... ?02:35
ablyssPolygon89, few questions for you: are you using the latest firefox? does the audio stop not play at all or just skip, and does it happen on any flash media or just a certain site?02:35
jmdcm1chael - yes, you can boot to the install cd, and you save your files to a flash drive02:35
Dr_willisDZEJMS007,  check the ubuntu.org web site yet?02:35
Dr_willis!ubuntu | DZEJMS00702:35
ubotuDZEJMS007: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:35
mbrushitisi: did you check the smb.conf (i think that's the name) ...02:35
jmdcm1chael - it does have to load everything off the disk, so it is slower02:35
itisii didnt check that, no..i wouldnt know what to look for02:36
scaz0rcan someone help me out02:36
Polygon89ablyss, im using firefox 3 beta 3, i get no sound at all, and before i reinstalled ubuntu it worked perfectly. and i get no sound with any flash movie/whatever02:36
rhineheart_mHello! I  got this error: MySQL Strict Mode is not support. How to enable its support?02:36
jmdccody - I don't have other ideas.02:36
m1chaeljmdc, but i wouldnt be able to.. install programs, configure the system, etc?02:36
jeffMASTERflexPolygon89: the only thing that can cause any real problems with flash is a botched install. try to reinstall it02:36
Polygon89jeffMASTERflex, already tried with the offical version from ubuntu, and then tried the one from adobe itself, nogo.02:36
speeddemon8803!caps | dzejms00702:36
ubotudzejms007: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.02:36
jmdcm1chael - you can do all of that, but it won't be persistant across reboots02:36
m1chaeli see02:36
mbrushitisi: did you use the Shared Folder thing?  that should do just the same02:36
AnonConor maybe if someone could point me in the right direction.02:36
ablyssPolygon89, can you test the stable firefox first than see02:37
DZEJMS007caps on02:37
m1chaelim scared to dual boot, what should i do?02:37
DZEJMS007now off02:37
codyduncanjmdc:  thanks anyways02:37
jeffMASTERflexPolygon89: firefox 3 beta 3 uses different plug in folders. look in the firefox 3 plug in folder and link to your flash plugin02:37
Laney_Familydual boot is easy02:37
Dr_willism1chael,  use ubuntuin a vmware/virtualbox session is one way. I dual boot all the time wth no hassles...02:37
jmdcm1chael - back up your files02:37
itisimbrush: its only attached to my router...and I can't see any shares that aren't physically on my computer now02:37
Laney_Familyjust have open hd space and then add it to the laoder for xp, or use grub02:37
codyduncananyone have any ideas why writing to my external all of a sudden is like using a trained sloth to transcribe binary (it's slow)02:37
Polygon89ablyss, it does not work in firefox either02:37
mbrushsounds like a samba issue02:38
itisik...i'll keep digging then02:38
CarlFK apt-cache show transcode shows 2, one from Marillat/deb-media, one from u-multiverse. I want the Marillat one.  how does it decide which to install?02:38
reikalusikkais 1440x900 too big resolution for a 15.4" screen?02:38
Polygon89jeffMASTERflex, it says its installing it to /home/mark/.mozilla, where both firefox 3 and firefox 2 have plugin folders for02:38
DZEJMS007want to install ubuntu instead win now im intereested about office or somethin simmilar02:39
rhineheart_mHello! I  got this error: MySQL Strict Mode is not support. How to enable its support?02:39
Polygon89jeffMASTERflex, also the fact that the video portion works, but not sound means that the plugin is installed and working...except for the sound.02:39
faileasDZEJMS007: there's Openoffice and Koffice02:39
CarlFKDZEJMS007: it comes with it02:39
hw00djohnif i've been banned from a channel, how do i get unbanned?02:39
Dr_willisDZEJMS007,  test out Openoffice - see if it does what you need. Its frree for linux and windows.02:39
brueniguse abiword02:39
ablyssPolygon89, i see.  I don't really know what to tell you.  Possibly corrupted libs.. did the install go through w/ out any hitches?02:39
bruenigit isn't as absurd as open office02:39
Dr_willisi use abiword a lot also. :02:39
jeffMASTERflexPolygon89: doesn't really work well from there. try /usr/lib/firefox/plugins02:40
prettyrickyis open office compatible to microsoft office?02:40
speeddemon8803!offtopic | hw00djohn02:40
ubotuhw00djohn: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:40
Trey_for the most part02:40
jeffMASTERflexprettyricky: mostly. not completely02:40
DZEJMS007is it compatable i mean doc could be reed02:40
karllenzhey 1st time succesefully install ubuntu what is a good aim and irc client for ubuntu02:40
prince_jammysDZEJMS007: yes02:40
DZEJMS007in ubuntu02:40
Polygon89ablyss, i googled the problem and it says it had something to do with flash not liking pulseaudipo..which i guess ubuntu uses now. I tried installing a package called libflashsupport but that didnt do anything02:40
prince_jammysDZEJMS007: yes02:40
Dr_willisDZEJMS007,  yes. go get it and try it out first if you want. Its free.02:40
bruenigkarllenz: pidgin/finch for aim and irssi for irc02:40
jeffMASTERflexpidgin for aim and irc if you like02:40
DZEJMS007im downloading it now02:41
faileaspigin does everything, i tend to favour konversation for IRC tho02:41
DZEJMS007tomorrow will instasll02:41
karllenzkool thanx02:41
jeffMASTERflexPolygon89: are you using hardy?02:41
Polygon89and jeffMASTERflex i cannot specify what folder to install the flash plugin to, it only wants to do it to my profile directory.02:41
Polygon89jeffMASTERflex, no, gutsy.02:41
jeffMASTERflexgutsy does not use pulse audio02:41
ablyssPolygon89, perhaps you can install the flash via synaptic and not manually?  Or have you tried both of those ideas  yet02:41
_Oz_we should ALL be on gutsy now.02:41
faileas_Oz_: not necessarily02:41
_Oz_Is hardy out now?02:42
Polygon89gutsy isnt a lts release.02:42
Polygon89oz, no.02:42
_Oz_I see.02:42
jeffMASTERflexPolygon89: you can install the flash plugin manually. all you have to do is download it from adobe and place the flashplayer.so file into /usr/lib/firefox/plugins02:42
Polygon89jeffMASTERflex, ive seen libpulseaudio updates come into from update manager...02:42
bruenigI hope ubuntu moves to rolling release soon so that it becomes usable02:42
speeddemon8803I still use Dapper, _Oz_ , for my server ;)02:42
* faileas notes some people would prefer to remain on 6.04 LTS cause its got longer support02:42
Polygon89and ablyss thats what i did originally but it didnt work, so i dled the one from adobe and same thing.02:42
jeffMASTERflexPolygon89: gutsy does NOT use pulseaudio, regardless of what you saw in the update manager02:42
_Oz_speeddemon8803: but why don't you use the latest and greatest?02:42
m1chaeli have a builtin sprint mobile broadband card on my laptop.. whats it like configuring ubuntu to use one of those?02:42
_Oz_We should all be up to date.  The more laggards, the more problems, in my view.02:42
speeddemon8803_Oz_ because dapper does what i need it to do :)02:43
bruenig_Oz_: you think you are up to date?02:43
faileas_Oz_: actually i think dapper is supported longer than gutsy will02:43
ablyssI actually had less problems with 7.01 than gutsy.. Gutsy has been the most problematic version of ubuntu I've used thus far02:43
ubotuA higher version number does not mean that it's better. Especially with packages such as the linux kernel. The packages in the Ubuntu repositories are stable and will work fine. You should have a better reason than "newer" when considering compiling from source or using 3rd party repos.02:43
nosemanexist a way to install ossim-framework with php5?02:43
Polygon89_Oz_, ubuntu is behind by default.02:43
Polygon89_Oz_, you are not using the latest and greatest even if you are using gutsy, or even hardy.02:43
faileasablyss: i personally found otherwise, but depends on the system02:43
bruenigubuntu is tremendously behind at all times02:43
_Oz_bruenig: absolutely.02:43
_Oz_Polygon89: nonsense.02:44
* speeddemon8803 looks at the floor02:44
Polygon89_Oz_, lol.02:44
bruenig_Oz_: so you aren't using ubuntu?02:44
_Oz_I am using the latest and greatest supported release.02:44
Dr_willisif you want cutting edge version #'s - a Source based disrto02:44
speeddemon8803im gonna step outta this conversation :)02:44
_Oz_I do not run betas or alpha.02:44
ablyssfaileas, it is almost so bad I'm thinking of downgrading02:44
faileasspeeddemon8803: nothing wrong with an older version02:44
leio_hi, just a test02:44
Polygon89_Oz_, this is the latest version of the kernel02:44
DZEJMS007thanx for help greetings from balkan02:44
bruenig_Oz_: ok well the latest supported release is 4 months behind the rest of the linux world02:44
speeddemon8803I know, thats my point faileas :)02:44
jeffMASTERflexof you want to slit your wrists... source based distros are where it's at02:44
Polygon89_Oz_, from kernel.org:
_Oz_bruenig: it is hte proper thing to do.02:44
Polygon89_Oz_, and doing a uname -r, i get this 2.6.22-14-generic02:45
nasamoHello. how do I play DVD?02:45
Polygon89_Oz_, not the latest and greatst.02:45
mbrush_Oz_ they mean the packages are not the latest released by the devs02:45
mbrushand kernel02:45
nosemanossim-framework with php5, any ideas?02:45
bruenig_Oz_: proper is a funny word, but the point is that you are not close to up to date02:45
* faileas is trying to decide if he should downgrade the install on CT(one of my plaptops). its got a load of issues on gutsy, but less on feisty, mostly to do with the hardware being wirerd02:45
bruenig_Oz_: you are up to date relative to the ubuntu cycle which is way behind so in some respect I guess you are02:45
jeffMASTERflexbruenig: i don't think it's WAY behind... debian is WAY behind.02:46
Trey_nasamo: get libdvdcss202:46
_Oz_bruenig: I am up to date, but most importantly, I am stable.02:46
bruenigjeffMASTERflex: well way is not well defined, way behind with respect to just about every other distribution02:46
prince_jammysi am depracated02:46
prince_jammysdepraved, i mean02:47
_Oz_mbrush: I realize that, but they are hopelessly misguided.02:47
JangariThe hardy alpha 4 liveCD appears to think it's 7.10, anyone had that yet?02:47
bruenig_Oz_: you are up to date in ubuntu terms, you are not up to date in reality, you are probably stable though. However I am up to date in real terms and stable02:47
jeffMASTERflexbruenig: everything is way behind until it is re-released. unless it's a rolling distro like arch02:47
_Oz_Impossible, bruenig.  You are essentially running alpha...  very dangerous.02:47
speeddemon8803I have a question, isnt ubuntu supported for 5 years on the server side?02:47
soulburnerim trying to view an XML file 'its a media server config' what browser/program do i need to view this with?02:48
soulburnerer well an xml address02:48
Trey_speeddemon8803: lts is, not sure about regular02:48
bruenig_Oz_: I do not use any development software, you are behind even with respect to final releases02:48
faileasspeeddemon8803: LTS is02:48
Jangarispeeddemon8803: i think 6.06 is supported until '1102:48
jeffMASTERflexsoulburner: any text editor02:48
nasamothanks Trey02:48
speeddemon8803well, thats great because im running 6.06..on my server :)02:48
_Oz_bruenig: I am not.  Do not be absurd.02:48
bruenig_Oz_: for instance you are on .22, the kernel is on .24, you are behind two kernel versions. .24 is not alpha, it is as final as .22 was when it got installed02:48
soulburnerjeffMASTERflex, well i have to view the file by going to a lan addy02:48
soulburneri dont know exactly where the file itseslf is located02:49
soulburneryou're supposed to go to the localip:7000 and configure the server02:49
_Oz_We are talking OS releases, bruenig, not kernel releases.  You are not stable, sir, and I urge you to rethink your ways.02:49
speeddemon8803Have we not drilled this discussion to the ground yet?02:49
soulburnerbut when i use firefox it just spits out a bunch of stuff doesnt really show anything02:49
faileasspeeddemon8803: if your running a server that needs to be up all the time for the next 5 years, LTS is better ;p02:49
jeffMASTERflexsoulburner: navigate to it with firefox, it can open xml files, then edit the file with a text editor when you get the location02:49
soulburnerjeffMASTERflex,  ok ill try that, thanks02:49
bruenig_Oz_: see you continue to try to confuse the issue by asserting just blankly that you are up to date, I have already conceded that within the ubuntu world you are up to date, but that the ubuntu world is itself behind, meaning that in absolute terms you are behind02:49
optxcan somebody please tell me how to fix this ubuntu-vistaloader problem ??02:50
prince_jammyscarefully crafted statements that invite endless arguments02:50
_Oz_In absolute and relative terms, gutsy is the latest and greatest, and that is the final word, bruenig.02:50
Daisuke_Idohi!  i did something dumb.02:50
mbrushoh man02:50
danbhfiveoptx: whats the problem?02:50
faileasbruenig: just curious, what distro do you use?02:50
karllenzhow bout a good media play armoke?02:50
bruenigfaileas: arch right now, I used ubuntu for quite a long time though, the release cycle annoyed me though02:50
speeddemon8803Ok, im not an op here, but cmon, we have drilled the issue over versions of ubuntu in the ground....past the point of no return and its flipped in its grave ;)02:50
prince_jammyshow to troll 10102:50
Daisuke_Idonot particularly dumb, just wrong.  i copied all my settings and such from my old install to this one02:51
jeffMASTERflex_Oz_: nah man, gutsy IS pretty behind. other distros are indeed ahead and stable, but that's due to the natural release cycle of ubuntu02:51
=== ActiveOne is now known as IdleOne
bruenigit takes quite a long time to realize how obnoxious it is seeing as it takes 6 months for it to happen02:51
PriceChild!offtopic | jeffMASTERflex02:51
ubotujeffMASTERflex: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:51
optxdanbhfive,  i've tested some tips, but none gave me to option to boot into ubuntu without the super-grub cd :(02:51
Daisuke_Idonow i just need to replace all instances of my old username with my new one02:51
Daisuke_Idolike, say, for f-spot02:51
bluefoxx_ok, so i have my second computer online via a modem, however now my main appears to be not connecting. this may be because my net is slow[30kb/s] so i was wondering, is there a configuration tool for limiting a computer's internet speed? say i wnat to drop it from 30kb/s to 10kb/s?[this is for net only, other one needs torrents, downloads and more bandwidth than this one]02:51
AtomicSparkdid i miss some ubuntu bashing?02:51
danbhfiveoptx: have you gotten the fixgrub tip?02:51
conundrumanyone in the easteren us watching the eclipse?02:51
JangariDaisuke_Ido: easier to change your current username to the old one02:51
PriceChild!offtopic > AtomicSpark (see the pm from ubotu)02:52
bruenigAtomicSpark: not bashing, just clarifying to those who think that it is up to date02:52
Trey_conundrum: yea, it's pretty cool02:52
optxnope ? whats that danbhfive02:52
caneif your sound card goes missing how can you get it back02:52
PendetaI'm wanting to set up a mail server using Postfix. I'm confused concerning the type of internet connection. What is needed and what should I beware of? I am in Indonesia, and our web host's mail server in the USA is not letting me send email, so I'm trying to get away from the restrictions. No, I'm not a spammer.02:52
PriceChildcane, are you sitting on it?02:52
Trey_cane: missing?02:52
frank23conundrum: there is an eclipse?02:52
Daisuke_IdoJangari: then i have the joy of changing all of the stuff using the new username to the old one :)02:53
conundrumfrank23: yes02:53
Jangaricane: try looking in your shoes02:53
Trey_frank23: total lunar02:53
danbhfivethere really needs to be a webpage explaining exactly how uptodate ubuntu is, because I have seen several people, including myself, misunderstand it.  Is there one already?02:53
Jangariwhen i lose something it usually turns up in my shoes02:53
two_bitsconundrum: is that why I can't see the moon right now?02:53
faileasPendeta: i assume your ISP knows you're running a mail server? lots of them block it02:53
Daisuke_Idoconundrum: i've been watching and taking pictures, hence how i found out about this issue with f-spot :D02:53
danbhfive!fixgrub | optx02:53
ubotuoptx: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:53
conundrumtwo_bits: probably02:53
canei was tring to fix the issue of the speakers playing while the headphones were hooked up and now no sound and no device02:53
JangariDaisuke_Ido: you should probably have been a bit cleverer about copying everything across to a new hard drive02:53
_Oz_jeffMASTERflex: I don't care about other distros.  This is an ubuntu-centric discussion.02:53
jeffMASTERflexdanbhfive: ubuntu is updated every six months. every april and october of every year02:53
conundrumdiasuki_ido: cool02:54
frank23conundrum: thanks. gonna go outside now ;)02:54
Daisuke_IdoJangari: and that's why i said "i did something dumb" :)02:54
PriceChilddanbhfive, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases02:54
EADG... not gonna be intenslly red as last August, but still a good show.02:54
Pendetafaileas, not yet. I guess I'll need to talk to them first.02:54
conundrumfrank23: no prob02:54
AtomicSparkjeffMASTERflex: is that LTS releases or every release?02:54
iceswordanyone use virtualbox to run uphuck successfully02:54
jeffMASTERflexAtomicSpark: every release. LTS releases are every 2 years i believe02:54
conundrumnext eclipse = 2010 december02:54
Daisuke_IdoEADG: not only that, saturn and a star (regulus?) are clearly visible right by the moon02:54
canedarn intel hd sound cards02:54
Jangariperhaps, just perhaps, Daisuke_Ido, if you change your username, all instances of that username will change to a new one, which if it allows it to be the same as another username, might, just might, conflate the two02:54
PriceChild!intel_hda | cane02:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about intel_hda - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:55
speeddemon8803jeff, not exactly every april and october because june of 06 we had a release ;)02:55
AtomicSparkjeffMASTERflex: well i am excited for the next one. :D02:55
conundrumdiasuki_ido: correct02:55
iceswordanyone use virtualbox to run uphuck successfully02:55
Dr_willisDaisuke_Ido,  its *#$&@&@ cold outside here.. :) but i drug the wife outside anyway to show her.02:55
PriceChildcane, there's a help page for those... lemme find it02:55
canePriceChild, yes you are right02:55
Flannelspeeddemon8803: June of 06 was a fluke, it should be every april/october02:55
PriceChild!intelhda | cane02:55
ubotucane: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto02:55
EADGDaisuke_Ido: I thought it was Mars and Venus. Time to re-install Stellarium.02:55
Daisuke_IdoDr_willis: yeah, my fiancee's at work, but she's seeing the show too02:55
canePriceChild, ive read the help pages02:55
speeddemon8803ah, so i got a release that shouldnt have been?02:55
bruenigdanbhfive: new releases create the illusion of updates which is probably where the misunderstading comes in02:55
iceswordanyone use virtualbox to run uphuck successfully02:55
* speeddemon8803 archives this cd forever and keeps it never to be given away02:56
bluefoxx_ok, so now one computer connects but the other won't02:56
canePriceChild, none of them have led me to finding the device again02:56
Flannelspeeddemon8803: It was delayed for two months, for some reasonable reasons.  Dapper was suppoesd to be 6.0402:56
bluefoxx_help please?02:56
PriceChildspeeddemon8803, no. Extra tiems was spent on its development to make it better.02:56
canePriceChild, perhaps a mod prob?02:56
AnonConokay, I've tried and I can not figure out my resolution issues02:56
speeddemon8803sweet :)02:56
bluefoxx_brb[reseting modem]02:56
AnonConI don't get why it worked, and now it doesn't02:56
AnonConnothing changed02:56
l7_hey, does anyone know how well the aluminum imacs work with ubuntu and compiz?02:56
AnonConbut my resolution won't go about 800x600 now02:56
AnonConany ideas?02:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about uphuck - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:57
_Oz_l7: well, obviously, the composition of the laptop frame has nothing to do with how well ubuntu runs on it.02:57
ubotuThe women and men of the Ubuntu women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.02:57
AnonConlol @ oz02:57
EADGDaisuke_Ido: 28Mb to d/l & install before I can fire up the night sky....02:57
Trey_l7_: fine, just check the wiki for how to install with boot camp02:57
AnonConso, anyone?02:57
Jangarii was hoping ubotu would say "sorry i don't know anything about women"02:57
jeffMASTERflexAnonCon: have you tried reconfiguring your xorg.conf?02:58
icesword:(,i will stop it02:58
canewhats the command to search for devices02:58
AnonConno, could you please elaborate?02:58
speeddemon8803Jangari, please dont do that in open, if you must "play" with the bot do it in private by typing /msg ubotu command :)02:58
_Oz_ubuntu runs well on a plastic laptop, an aluminum laptop, even a laptop made of... peanut butter!02:58
hw00djohni have something in my Home Folder called "Nautilus-Debug-log.txt" anyone know what it is?02:58
jeffMASTERflexAnonCon: in a terminal "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"02:58
Daisuke_IdoEADG: i'm installing it myself - i wasn't even aware there was a good piece of software like that for linux :D02:58
Jangarihaha, yes speeddemon880302:58
l7_Trey_: which pages would you check?02:59
icesword_Oz_, ubuntu runs fast in my mobile phone02:59
jeffMASTERflexAnonCon: then just input the information is asks of you02:59
speeddemon8803Jangari, that way we have more room for support and not just users trying to figure out commands for ubotu :)02:59
l7_Trey_: there's a lot of documentation on the macbook, but not much for the imac02:59
wsysvnwho had set up  Voip services on Ubuntu ?02:59
l7_the last documented imac seems to be from several years ago02:59
AnonConthank you, going to try that now02:59
EADGhw00djohn: open a terminal and have a look inside... "less Nautilus-D" tab to have a peek.03:00
Jangarii think the newer range of n series nokia mobiles runs on an operating system based on ubuntu03:00
wsysvnif anyone had set up successfully Voip over Ubuntu, plz shared & talk with me03:00
Jangariwsysvn: you can get skype03:00
speeddemon8803i know my ipod runs linux :)03:00
Trey_I7_: the boot camp method is the same for the Santa Rosa iMacs, and unless you are using wifi, most everything else works "out of the box"03:00
iceswordJangari, really03:00
Jangarirockbox, speeddemon8803?03:00
speeddemon8803Yup :)03:00
speeddemon8803I havent gone back to ipods proprietary stuff since i went to rockbox...03:00
Jangariyeah, is the video supported with a stable build yet? 5.5g?03:00
hw00djohneadg how do i do that?03:01
Trey_l7: of course, there are some quirks, such as the iSight and right-clicking, which can be resolved via clever googling03:01
ObsidianXwhat  package provides the man pages for the standard c libraries?03:01
kidemubuntu doesnt like 8800GTS 512 g92 card :(03:01
speeddemon8803I dont know jangari, as i have a nano :)03:01
AnonConI did that..then selected resolutions I wish to be able to use, then it finished, but nothing happened..did I need to do something different?03:01
AnonConIt's just weird that it worked upon installation, but not today?03:01
l7_Trey_: yeah i've been googling the ATI video cards and ubuntu, but i'm getting confusing results03:01
Ithappenshow would i check for problems with a sudden loss of sound?03:01
AtomicSparkkidem: support will always lag a little. you cant expect a card that was just released to have full support.03:01
icesword!ubuntu moblie phone03:01
karllenzhow do u install screenlets??03:01
wsysvni wana set up Voip system for my company using03:01
Jangarigoogle it, icesword03:01
karllenzfrom gnome look.org03:01
icesword!ubuntu moblie phone03:02
l7_the imac is unique since they have ATI cards... i really wish apple went with nvidia :\03:02
jeffMASTERflexkidem: you can wait for the next stable release in april to provide the new nvidia drivers that support your card03:02
Flannel!fishing | icesword03:02
ubotuicesword: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.03:02
karllenznew macs have nvidia cards03:02
iceswordJangari, what keyword should i use03:02
karllenzmacbook pros that is03:02
jeffMASTERflexkidem: or of course, you can try to install them yourself directly from nvidia, but that is not officially supported03:02
kidemi used ENVY which it installed it but the resolution jsut wasnt right, the toolbars were off the screen no matter what i ppicked03:02
prince_jammysicesword just type /msg #ubotu03:02
speeddemon8803without the # in ubotu icesword03:02
EADGhw00djohn: open a terminal, find it under Accessories -> Terminal. Then type "less Nautilus-D" tab key. (tab auto completes the file name :)03:02
AnonConI really need some resolution help if someone is willing.03:03
iceswordya,who should i listen to03:03
prince_jammysicesword: there's a database there for you to look at03:03
speeddemon8803sorry to correct you prince, was just trying to correct before we had a confused user :)03:03
canelsmod --help03:03
kidemAnonCon - i jsut spent an hour trying to get resolution to work right no luck03:03
EADGhw00djohn: or, just click/double click on the file name in Nautalis to open it in doc viewer.03:03
WasneyI need some help...it seems someone in my family crashed my laptop while ubuntu was doing something...now I cant boot grub or ubuntu, and all a boot disk can get in windows running03:03
DezineI just install gimpshop, via a deb I found online, and I can't see to figure out how to open it. It's not in the menu. How can I find it? I searched my system but can't find it.03:03
prince_jammysspeeddemon8803: no prob03:03
iceswordJangari, what keyword should i use03:03
AnonConkidem: did yours work for a day, then quit working with no provocation?03:03
AtomicSpark!envy | kidem03:04
ubotukidem: envy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »03:04
kidemi dont know if its im in HDTV plus the 8800 or what, but its did jsut come out hmmmm03:04
Jangariit's on wikipedia, i think, icesword03:04
hw00djohnEADG i see what it is.. i need to know if it's bad, and if so, how to fix it03:04
Jangarihang on03:04
jeffMASTERflexDezine: try hitting alt + f2 then typing gimpshop03:04
wsysvn<Wasney> I need some help...it seems someone in my family crashed my laptop while ubuntu was doing something...now I cant boot grub or ubuntu, and all a boot disk can get in windows running---> you must reinstall Grub03:04
Trey_member:l7_: older MacBook Pros have ATI cards, try this wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro, it has a video section with some suggestions and several links03:04
Jangariit's not bad, hw00djohn03:04
Daisuke_IdoEADG: okay, stellarium is awesome.03:04
EADGhw00djohn: oh.. hehe. Sec.03:04
DezineDoesn't open it jeffMASTERflex. Should I uninstall and try to compile it?03:04
Flannel!grub | wsysvn03:04
ubotuwsysvn: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:04
DezineFrom source that is03:04
Flannelwsysvn: first link talks about reinstalling grub03:04
kidemAnonCon   no i jsut installed ubuntu new system03:05
jeffMASTERflexDezine: or in a terminal you can type "whereis gimpshop"03:05
nanbudhguys would gnome and kde work well as parallel installs?03:05
Jangarinotice icesword http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maemo03:05
speeddemon8803Can I ask why a grub floppy would be useful on a computer with no floppy drive, but just a cd-rom?03:05
prince_jammysnanbudh: yes03:05
Jangarisorry, forgot the /03:05
Trey_Daisuke_Ido: Indeed03:05
AnonConI just installed yesterday, and it worked fine last night, not today though..any ideas?03:05
iceswordJangari, yeah thx03:05
AnonCon*the resolution03:05
Wasneywsysvn - I have the super grub disk, but I cant get it to re install...I followed the sites guide and no luck03:05
DezineIt replies, gimpshop:03:05
Flannelnanbudh: don't do parallel installs, just install them both.  (install ubuntu then install the kubuntu-desktop package, or install kubntu then install the ubuntu-desktop package)03:05
kidemno my brain is squishy now :P03:05
jeffMASTERflexDezine: try "which gimpshop"03:06
woodwizzleAt work I have access to a Windows XP machine. I would like to be able to access my home PC from that machine if I want to transfer files. Start downloads, etc. What do I need to do that?03:06
EADGhw00djohn: Junk. Don't need. It's not sys critical. Delete or keep it... it's really small, and I can't see it growing...03:06
kidemim been trying to get mine to work using different drivers etc03:06
nanbudhFlannel: okay, thats what i was planning. is there any other way too?03:06
prince_jammysnanbudh: when you install the second one, you will have many apps in both menus (kde and gnome).. you can edit the menus and seperate menus for each. other than that, everything works fine03:06
Dezinenothing happened03:06
Jangariwoodwizzle: probably better asked in #windows03:06
macogwwoodwizzle: your home pc runs ubuntu?03:06
nanbudhprince_jammys: thanks03:06
Trey_woodwizzle: search google for VNC03:06
Jangarithough vnc viewer might work03:06
caneno sound device can someone help03:06
EADGDaisuke_Ido: What are the stars? I'm googling my lat/long atm03:06
jeffMASTERflexDezine: it didn't install correctly then. there is no executable for it03:06
Flannelnanbudh: Those are the only sane ways, but this is linux after all, you can do it probably a thousand different ways03:06
AnonConI didn't change a thing with the resolution settings, or drivers...i am stumpued03:06
prince_jammysnanbudh: *have separate menus for each03:06
woodwizzleYeah I'm running 7.10 at home03:06
macogwwoodwizzle: if you install openssh-server on the ubuntu one, you can use WinSCP to SFTP into your home box and transfer files03:07
EADGDaisuke_Ido: err, I mean planets.03:07
DezineAlight, thanks for the tips they'll be useful03:07
woodwizzleI know I could SSH in but I'd prefer some graphical interface03:07
kidemi gave up for the night.... will try tommmorow03:07
macogwwoodwizzle: WinSCP has a graphical interface03:07
Trey_woodwizzle: there are SSH GUI frontends03:07
G1015I'm using CD/DVD creator to burn 4 gigabytes of files to a dvd from an external USB 2.0 hard drive... and the estimated time to do so is 1 hour 14 minutes at full speed... is there a reason for it taking so long?03:07
macogwwoodwizzle: it lets you click through the directories and grab a file then I think you hit an arrow button to send it to the other comp, but it might be drag & drop03:08
iceswordJangari, cannot open it,maybe it refused my ip03:08
rraajjWhere are gutsy's old kernels located? It seems that after I upgraded to the latest kernel, the previous kernels are being wiped out. I really needed to test an old kernel. Does anyone have any clue where they can be installed again?03:08
jmazaredocan anyone point me to a dual gateway03:08
kidemu know what really sucks is all the menus at the login the wors are un readable....cant even see my username typed in03:08
AnonConI can still see in 800X60003:08
macogwG1015: 1) USB isn't very fasts 2) burning things at a slow speed helps ensure the data's integrity...otherwise you get a coaster03:08
kidemi can see once im in...at that too03:08
woodwizzlemacogw: I mean I would like access to my X server so I can edit settings in my GUI programs03:08
Jordan_Uwoodwizzle, ssh -X03:09
jeffMASTERflexkidem: what kind of video card do you have?03:09
macogwwoodwizzle: oh.  umm if you install Cygwin on Windows it puts an X server on Windows so then you can use ssh -X to forward the X apps over ssh to the windows box03:09
macogwwoodwizzle: other than that, what they said about VNC03:09
kidemeBGA 8800GTS 512 G92\03:09
woodwizzleJordan_U: That'll work from a windows machine? I didn't know that.03:09
Jordan_Uwoodwizzle, ssh -C -X to compress ( may help speed )03:09
G1015macogw, but 1 hour and 14 minutes? Does that not sound a little long for burning anything?03:09
Jordan_Uwoodwizzle, If you have a windows version of X11 installed03:10
jeffMASTERflexkidem: you need the new nvidia drivers for proper support. all envy does is tear a new one into your system and is never recommended03:10
woodwizzleJordan_U: ah, i getcha.03:10
kidemwell i seen envy go get the new drivers 169.03:10
ph0rensicwhats the command to open the emerald theme manager from the command line?03:10
macogwG1015: ummm well i usually burn CDs at 2x and that takes about 15-20 minutes, I guess03:10
Rev_Slid3rhey folx ... anyone ever hit the glitch where you hit backspace and hold it down ... and it does not repeat?03:10
Rev_Slid3rlike just one backspace per press03:10
credibleph0rensic: emerald-theme-manager03:10
macogwph0rensic: if you just type em then hit the tab key twice, itll list all possible commands that start with em03:11
Azodonlunar eclips03:11
macogwG1015: CDs are a lot smaller than DVDs03:11
ph0rensiccredible, thanks you03:11
AnonConha..figured it out, and it only took an hour03:11
ph0rensicmacogw, thanks bro03:11
G1015macogw: It's just strange it use to take me around 10-15 minutes to burn a dvd03:11
macogwph0rensic: girl03:11
ph0rensicmacogw, Pardon me03:12
macogwG1015: check your burn speed settings03:12
macogwG1015: and the USB transfer speed could be factoring in...that can really take a while03:12
NativeAngelshow can u check what ports are bein used please03:12
NativeAngelson a linux shell03:12
Trey_NativeAngels: you mean like this http://dir.filewatcher.com/d/Ubuntu/i386/net/doscan_0.2.9-1_i386.deb.62718.html03:13
NativeAngelsno from the kernal03:13
G1015macogw, I think the problem is it's copying the files to the folder... which takes more time.. and then it burns from there... If it burned directly from the hard drive without copying it would probably be faster but I don't know how to make it do that03:13
NativeAngelsis there a command to list what ports are being used03:14
macogwG1015: what directory is it copying to?03:14
prince_jammysNativeAngels: netstat -a    i think03:14
luca_I'm trying to install ubuntu from an USB drive03:14
luca_I've followed this instructions: http://learn.clemsonlinux.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Install_from_USB_drive03:14
G1015macogw, CD/DVD creator03:14
macogwNativeAngels: from the kernel??  you can see your firewall (iptables...it's in the kernel) config like this: sudo iptables -L03:14
EADGNativeAngels: netstat -tup might help... not sure though.03:14
luca_but I'm getting a "/linuxrc: not found" error and then a kernel panic03:15
macogwG1015: the Nautilus one?  yep, that'd slow ya down.  you could just use something else for burning.  I like GnomeBaker, but others recommend Brasero on GNOME or K3B on KDE03:15
soulburnerwhat are those little things you can add to the desktop to view system resources?03:15
soulburnercpu proc/load/mem info03:15
macogwG1015: K3B is probably the one with the most configuration options since it's from KDE, but it can be used on GNOME just fne03:15
macogwsoulburner: conky?03:15
G1015macogw, cool I'll give one of those a try.. I thought it would be cool to just use what came installed in ubuntu without having to install anything else but thats cool03:16
soulburnermacogw,  perhaps let me search that and see03:16
macogwsoulburner: gkrellm?03:16
soulburneryes gkrellm03:16
jeffMASTERflexsoulburner: conky, but you can also use a system info applet on your panel03:16
soulburneri remember using that a long time ago03:16
macogwsoulburner: thats what i use03:16
soulburnerjeffMASTERflex, can it be made to be transparent and always shown on the destop?03:16
luca_I looked at the initrd.gz and the linuxrc is missing there is a "init" script though, but I changed syslinux.cfg to use that and I get a new error: mount: Mounting none on /proc failed: Device or resource busy03:16
luca_any ideas?03:16
Trey_luca_: I'm not sure what directions you used, but I know the ones at pendrivelinux.com work, you may want to see if there are any obvious differences that may screw things up, or just try the ones on the site.03:16
soulburnermacogw, gkrellm?03:16
jeffMASTERflexsoulburner: i think you are looking for conky. gkrellm is atrocious03:16
AnonConQuick question...what program should a budding C++ user look for?03:16
soulburnerah ok03:16
EADGNativeAngels: install iftop if you want to watch connections and ports r/t.03:16
icanhasadminanyone familiar with dsdts?03:16
macogwsoulburner: yes, thats what i use.  as far as transparent goes though...do you want something like the widgets on the OSX Dashboard?  Screenlets is the closest thing to that03:17
AnonConwanting to write some code03:17
luca_Trey_: I'll take a look to that, thanks03:17
macogwAnonCon: a text editor?03:17
soulburnerok ill check out conky first03:17
prince_jammysAnonCon: you mean text editor?03:17
Trey_AnonCon: I just go with a text editor03:17
jeffMASTERflexsoulburner: conky does transparancy and it can be customized and embedded on your desktop03:17
Trey_AnonCon: Ed is the standard :P03:17
AnonConmacogw: hmmm...I thought i needed a compiler03:17
prince_jammys!editors | AnonCon03:17
ubotuAnonCon: Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code03:17
AnonConif I am wrong please enlighten me03:17
prince_jammys!compile | AnonCon03:18
ubotuAnonCon: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)03:18
macogwAnonCon: if you install build-essential, gcc and all the other compilers will be installed03:18
G1015macogw,  do you prefer GnomeBaker or Bresero?03:18
macogwG1015: gnomebaker03:18
jeffMASTERflexAnonCon: you basically need a text editor and install build-essential . that's basically it03:18
soulburnermacogw, conky can be visable on the desktop at all times yes?03:18
G1015macogw,  K thanks man for the help sorry for all the questions03:18
kidemanyone familiar with AHCI?03:18
macogwsoulburner: conky sort of stays embedded in your desktop...so it looks like its right on the wallpaper03:18
jeffMASTERflexsoulburner: yes it can. but last i remember it had problems being used in tandem with compiz. not sure if that's been resolved ot not03:18
soulburnerahhh ok thats what i wanted03:19
soulburnerjeffMASTERflex,  ok, ill check it out03:19
tquocvu_anyone in VietNam ?03:19
G1015G1015,  test03:19
soulburnerhopefully i dont have any problems03:19
tquocvu_anyone Vietnamese using Ubuntu ?03:19
CVD-PRHow to remove a non empty folder?03:19
DocfxitHas anyone used autocutsel successfully?03:19
macogwtquocvu_: do you need help in vietnamese?03:19
jeffMASTERflexCVD-PR: rm -rf folder03:20
AnonConso.. do I download the dpkg-dev?03:20
Trey_CVD-PR: or rmdir (directory)03:20
prince_jammysmust be empty03:21
AnonConI use microsoft stuff at school03:21
Jangarior, CVD-PR rm folder/*, then rmdir folder03:21
soulburnermac, where do i start conky from? ive installed it now03:21
Trey_otherwise as jeffMASTERflex said03:21
AnonConso I am a little confused03:21
jeffMASTERflexAnonCon: installing the package build-essential will install everything you need to get started with C or C++03:21
tquocvu_<macogw> yes, i have problems when using ubuntu in vietnamese03:21
macogwsoulburner: dont know, but id suggest checking ubuntuforums.org for sample configuration files03:22
NativeAngelsdont know if im aloud to paste in here03:22
taerJust got a MX Revolution at work. HATE it. the middle mouse button seems to be SW driven.. Was needing new mouse for home. Anyone have a logitech G5 or G9? Does the middle click actually work?03:22
NativeAngelsbut what does this mean03:22
Jangari!pastebin | NativeAngels03:22
macogwAnonCon: just do "sudo apt-get install build-essential" and youll have your compilers03:22
NativeAngelsError binding stream socket to IP port 806703:22
ubotuNativeAngels: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:22
Jangarioh, one line is fine03:22
AnonConhow do I find that package?03:22
TrustNoOnetaer, just call logitech, i had some problems with revolution and they sent me a new one and it works great03:22
jeffMASTERflexsoulburner: conky is customized through a .conkyrc file. it's a little complicated. might want to search around online for others to get a feel for it03:22
rraajjDid Gutsy use the 2.6.22 kernel line from the beginning?03:22
macogwAnonCon: then you need a text editor in which to type the code. i use vim, which is a command line text editor. if you're used to Visual Studio, you'd probably prefer to install Eclipse and the C++ plugins03:22
macogwAnonCon: itll just download it from the internet and install it all at once03:23
lab_ratsoulburner: TYPE CONKY IN CONSOLE03:23
JangariAnonCon: just put what's between the quotes into a terminal and hit enter, that's it03:23
NativeAngelsis there a way of clearin a port if its being used03:23
taerTrustNoOne: Normal X config? Or did you have to change to the evdev driver?03:23
NativeAngelsfrom the kernal03:23
lab_ratsorry 4 da caps lock03:23
taerTrustNoOne: left/right pastes, but thats annoying.03:23
AnonConman, I don't want to sound dense, but I am totally confused03:23
AnonConI don't mean "man" in the literal sense03:24
TrustNoOnetaer, just normal configuration, but i called their tech support and they just ended up sending me a brand new revolution mouse (i had to send the old one back though)03:24
* lab_rat is sleepy...03:24
CVD-PRHey i have an AMD64 1.8ghz, i changed the cpu-clock from 200mhz to 255mhz in the bios, now i have a 2.95ghz. Can i keep this settings or go back to the defaults?03:24
bazhangAnonCon: confused about what--please clarify03:24
macogwAnonCon: if you just type "sudo apt-get install build-essential" without quotes in the terminal, everything you need to compile code will download & instsall03:24
JangariAnonCon: open a terminal, then type this into it: "sudo apt-get install build-essential"03:24
taerTrustNoOne: thx.03:24
prince_jammysAnonCon: are you confused about how things are installed?03:24
NativeAngelshow do u list all processes in linux03:24
jeffMASTERflexAnonCon: "sudo apt-get install build-essential" that's it. then you type your code in an IDE or text editor. you can use eclipse, geany, vim, emacs, w/e you want to type it in03:24
musikgoatNativeAngels: ps -aux03:25
SpudDoggI'm getting an error when I run 'grub-install --no-floppy /dev/sda' which reads 'The file /boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly'  Any ideas anyone?03:25
Jangariit does the rest for you (all you have to do is put in your password when it asks you)03:25
njolCVD-PR: try until 4 ghz is reached03:25
lab_ratNativeAngels: type in console top or htop03:25
riloso what's the deal with Ubuntu and Azureus03:25
CVD-PR255mhz is the max03:25
bazhanghtop has to be installed though03:25
TrustNoOnerilo,  what do you mean?03:25
iceswordtop -A > top.txt03:25
macogwrilo: what about it?03:25
bazhangrilo what is the issue03:25
CVD-PRi goma have problem if i keep that setting?03:25
lab_ratbazhang: true :]03:25
AnonConahhh...progress..finally...I understand a little03:26
riloapt-get only pulls
Jangariinstalling programs in ubuntu is exceedingly simple, AnonCon03:26
bazhangrilo try transmission--the default for the next version of Ubuntu, Hardy Heron 8.0403:26
TrustNoOnerilo, if you are wanting vuze, you can get it from their site03:26
soulburnerlab_rat i mean opening it as a daemon03:26
EADGNativeAngels: Htop is prefered... it's nice :) Anouther way is ps -e |less, and pstree |less.03:26
njolCVD-PR: not at all, just make sure you have money to buy new harware03:26
soulburnerso i dont have to keep a terminal open03:26
faileasapparently there's a ubuntu varient designed for VMs ;p03:26
jeffMASTERflexrilo: azureus now contains a non free component, so it's possible that they won't be packaging newer versions, but don't quote me on that03:27
macogwAnonCon: you can also install build-essential from system -> admin -> synaptic package manager (on gnome....it's called Adept and I don't know where it hides on KDE), but copying and pasting the commands we give you is faster than hunting down the package in the GUI :p03:27
CVD-PRhow to check the temperature from linux?03:27
riloTrustNoOne: yea, I just wanted it to be clean03:27
macogwsoulburner: if you type: nohup <command> &03:27
jeffMASTERflexsoulburner: try alt + F2 then typing conky03:27
taerTrustNoOne: Sorry, forgot. What distro?03:27
penis miro better than azureus?03:27
macogwsoulburner: you can close the terminal then03:27
EADGCVD-PR: apci -V iirc03:27
rilojeffMASTERflex: yea, I figured that was the problem. I run the classic interface anyway, but yea.03:27
bazhangpen pretty much a whole different thing03:27
soulburnerahhhhh you are all great men!, thank you03:27
soulburnerjeff thanks i done that03:27
PriceChild!best | pen03:27
ubotupen: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.03:27
soulburnermac thanks for the suggestion on conky03:27
soulburneri like it03:28
CVD-PREADG, command not found03:28
macogwsoulburner: nohup means "no hang up" so when you close the terminal it doesnt close the program, and the & backgrounds the task so you get back to a prompt and can close the terminal03:28
TrustNoOnerilo, most private sites allow you to use azureus if it is past version, but transmission is also becoming more popular and more widely used and most private and public trackers allow that client as well03:28
yurimxpxmanhow do you redirect standard output to two files?03:28
EADGCVD-PR: I stand corrected.. acpi -V03:28
CyDcan I reconfigure an ubuntu install without re-installing when moving to new hardware?03:28
prince_jammysyurimxpxman: tee, probably03:28
CVD-PRsame thing03:28
pengot it03:28
EADGCVD-PR: hmm.03:28
JangariCyD: you could migrate your current installation to your new hardware03:28
bazhangpen miro is largely a rss scraper that also has a torrent engine, others such as azureus are only torrent clients03:28
soulburnerohhhhhhhhhh ok03:28
soulburnerthanks mac, im new back to linux havent used it in a few years03:29
soulburnerso i really appreciate the help03:29
penthen I'm sorry I asked the wrong question03:29
ryakufoxCan someone help? I think I'm missing something...I tried to sh something, but this is all I got. "cat: /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/build/include/linux/version-*.h: No such file or directory"03:29
TrustNoOneanyone know a good site to get some cool bootloading screens in higher resolution?03:29
penhow about mutorrent and azerues?03:29
riloTrustNoOne: yea, I just like Azureus. So my question is, how can I install the newest Azureus cleanly? I know how to get it running, but as far as doing it "properly" I'm not exactly sure03:29
CyDJangari: i was wondering if dpkg -reconfigure kernel or some such might be enough03:29
faileaspen: utorrent runs fine in wine03:29
Trey_TrustNoOne: there is always GNOMEart03:29
jeffMASTERflexsoulburner: if you want to start up conky when you log in, add it to your System/Preferences/Sessions03:29
EADGCVD-PR: well, lets install acpi. sudo apt-get install acpi.03:29
macogwsoulburner: np  that's something even a lot of experienced users probably dont know about... one of the other UF mods was all "omg seriously??" when i told him that on the phone :p03:29
penfull functional?03:30
bazhangpen this is not really a chat channel; there are several sites that rate the various torrent clients03:30
prince_jammys!themes | TrustNoOne try here03:30
ubotuTrustNoOne try here: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:30
CyDJangari: or is there some sort of migration tool?03:30
TrustNoOnerilo,  there are instructions when you download azureus, it is a deb package I believe so it should install itself, personally I had a problem getting the new azureus running (it would crash on startup) so I am just using 2.5 version as most of my private trackers allow that client and its pretty much the same thing as the newer version minux a few extra's03:30
soulburneris ther ea way to change where its at on the desktop03:30
soulburnerwhere is the conf file located for this?03:30
macogwryakufox: the script you ran is looking for a file that doesnt exist03:30
jeffMASTERflexsoulburner: .conkyrc it's a hidden file in your home directory03:31
geniusHello everyone, please help, how to enable external monitor?03:31
macogwsoulburner: ~/.conkyrc03:31
ryakufoxmacogw: Any clue what it is?03:31
macogwsoulburner: ~ means your home directory, and . makes the file hidden03:31
soulburnerok great, ill have to look around through search engines for config helping03:31
riloTrustNoOne: so I just toss the .deb in /home/rilo and install it03:31
Jangarihay macogw, that's quite a nice command, i might employ that when initiating huge jobs over a ssh connection, i could initiate them, then close the terminal and shutdown, groovy03:31
soulburnerahhhhhh ok03:31
bazhanggenius dvi vga or what--plugging it in would be a good first step03:31
macogwsoulburner: check on ubuntuforums.  there's a thread called something like "show us your conkyrc" and so its full of screenshots with config files03:31
Trey_genius: did you try the monitor conf tool in the preferences panel (if you use GNOME)?03:31
Jangarii don't know, CyD, there are plenty of ways03:31
riloTrustNoOne: I know using Synaptic it will set it up in /usr/bin/03:31
soulburnerokay sweeet03:32
CyDok thanks Jangari03:32
JangariCyD: what's the new hardware?03:32
geniusI use Gnome, i've tryed monitor conf tool. But it does not help. I have notebook03:32
macogwryakufox: itd be the one that's listed before "no such file or directory" :P03:32
pendo anyone know why fullscreen any window ubuntu will become weird?03:32
Jangarithat's not very descriptive, pen03:33
penlike firefox or games or apps03:33
serachtHow do I remove the bottom bar in ubuntu03:33
serachtI have AWN installed and want to remove that one03:33
penfor example03:33
NativeAngelshow do u kill all processes in linux03:33
geniusIt was not easy on OpenSUSE. Looks like it is harder here too03:33
Jangariseracht: right-click it and hti delete this panel03:33
jeffMASTERflexNativeAngels: in a terminal type killall process03:33
macogwryakufox: actually, looking at my system, it's called version.h not version-something.h03:33
nickrudseracht: right click it, and select delete03:33
penfirefox will flicker when fullscreen, games fullscreen will do a hard crash, other apps will just plain crash and freezes03:33
macogwryakufox: so if you edit the file and change that line to point to version.h it might work03:33
riloTrustNoOne: well, Azureus gives you a tarball, but apparently this getdeb.net site has it03:33
prince_jammysNativeAngels: kill PID (process id) . to kill by name, do what jeffMASTERflex said03:34
CyDJangari: moving from nforce2 chipset to nforce4/69003:34
Ububegini dont want to enter sudo command everytime as i have to key the password... how do i log in as root... what is the command03:34
CyDlan usually seems to be a prob in this move03:34
serachtnickrud:  can I add it back easily though?03:34
bazhangpen sounds like a hardware issue fullscreen works fine here03:34
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:34
macogwUbubegin: sudo has a 15 minute timeout set by default03:34
JangariCyD: presumably your install is on a local hard drive?03:34
nickrudseracht: yes, right click another, and select new panel03:34
penbazhang: hardware?03:34
CyDJangari: yep03:34
penbazhang: what do you mean?03:34
bazhangpen specifically video card03:34
Ububeginmacogw: how to increase it to few hours...03:34
Jangarijust keep it then,03:34
Jangarino reinstallation necessary03:35
CyDJangari: just minor things like needing a diff lan driver or such is usually what happens03:35
macogwUbubegin: if you want to keep a terminal open as root, you can make it a root shell with "sudo -s" or "sudo su" (which are like "su") or "sudo -i" or "sudo su -" (which are like "su -" since they go to root's environment)03:35
penbazhang: I use NVIDIA go 760003:35
Ububeginmacogw: or do u know , how to login as the root03:35
penbazhang: is it not supported?03:35
Jangarioh well, CyD, cross those bridges when you come to them03:35
bazhangwhat games pen03:35
karllenzwhat is gtk 2.x?03:35
penbazhang: astromenace03:35
bwaynekarllenz: the gimp tool kit version 203:36
penbazhang: or03:36
macogwkarllenz: the .x, you mean? it means version >=2 but < 303:36
nickrudkarllenz: the libraries that draw the stuff inside the window borders03:36
prince_jammys!gtk | karllenz03:36
ubotukarllenz: GTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI03:36
penbazhang: Tileracer03:36
Ububeginmacogw: danke, dude03:36
CyDJangari: heh ok was just trying to get a jump start. i've done a few of these upgrades where i just reinstalled in the end03:36
serachtalso with AWN, how do I get more widgets and what not03:36
karllenzhow do i instal gtk2.x themes then ?03:36
bwaynehey macogw.03:36
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:37
macogwkarllenz: get the .tar.gz's off of http://gnome-look.org and drag n drop them into the thing in system -> preferences -> appearance03:37
bazhangpen I have the 7300 (desktop); how does sauerbraten run for you? may be a drivers issue--do you have the full 3d functionality enabled (ie the correct driver for that)?03:37
macogwbwayne: whats up?03:37
penbazhang: that one runs fine03:37
bwaynemacogw: just trying to diagnose a FAH problem.  saw a name I recognized and wanted to say 'howdy'.03:37
penbazhang: 3d acceleration is on03:37
karllenzthanx macogw03:37
cheatersrealmwhat does ubuntu prefer to use for encryption?  I would like to use a file as a virtual drive and encrypt that.03:37
bazhanghttp://wiki.awn-project.org/index.php?title=A_Visual_Install_Guide#Ubuntu check this seracht it may help03:38
penbazhang: I use envy to install driver03:38
DaveyJthis sound problem is driving me nuts03:38
bazhanguhoh envy pen03:38
penbazhang: is it not good?03:38
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »03:38
prince_jammysubotu to the rescue03:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about to the rescue - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:38
jeffMASTERflexpen: ouch... envy = xorg death03:38
bazhanggenerally reviled around here pen03:38
penjeffMASTERflex: why?03:38
DaveyJi tried restarting alsa03:39
nickrudseracht: http://wiki.awn-project.org/index.php?title=Main_Page03:39
DaveyJbut to no avail03:39
karllenzdrag and drop does not seem to work03:39
penbazhang: what what should I do?03:39
jeffMASTERflexpen: because it is unsupported, unstable and tends to do more harm then good03:39
ryakufoxmacogw: I fixed the file error, but now it's saying "Error: could not resolve matching ip-library." You know what might be wrong?03:39
penjeffMASTERflex: really?03:39
bazhanguse the ubuntu way of doing things pen ;]03:39
macogwryakufox: no03:39
penbazhang: O.o03:39
macogwbwayne: oh hello.  i dont know what FAH is, though, so I can't help there03:39
karllenzit says them engine is needed03:40
bazhang!nvidia | pen03:40
ubotupen: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:40
karllenzi need to complie it03:40
macogwkarllenz: which one?03:40
icanhasadminanyone familiar with the SB450 ati sound card issue?03:40
jeffMASTERflexkarllenz: for some themes you need a particualr themeing engine installed. find the ones you need in synaptic03:40
macogwkarllenz: if you install gtk2-engines it should install all of them03:40
YeTr2I'm currently running compiz. is there a way to change the behavior on double clicking the title bar to make it maximize instead of scroll up?03:41
YeTr2I mean roll up03:41
macogwYeTr2: yes, that setting is in ccsm03:41
YeTr2macogw: where?03:41
bazhangpen really good the way ubuntu does it, and they will keep your card uptodate with new kernel updates whereas envy needs to be run again and again and again etc03:41
JouvaI just tried to specify a FULL path to Gnome (or nautilus or whatever is handling it) for a mount point of drive of mine that I wanted to mount in a specific location and now it yells at me for doing so. How can I REMOVE said specified mount point from GNOME?03:41
macogwYeTr2: the settings thiing03:41
macogwYeTr2: compizconfig-settings-manager if you dont have it installed03:41
CVD-PR sensors = 32c, acpi -V = 40c?03:42
macogwYeTr2: it should be either in the general settings or in window manager settings, i think03:42
penbazhang: but then how do I choose what drivers I want to install?03:42
bazhang!ccsm | YeTr203:42
ubotuYeTr2: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion03:42
nickrudJouva: you'll find it in    gconf-editor (run from the terminal)  , look for storage in the left pane03:42
YeTr2macogw: if you having looked at the configuration options in ccsm recently, it's freaken complex. where in this nice area of 50 something mini menus is it?03:42
soulburnermac, i've mounted another drive but it doesnt configure into conky as the diskspace, do i need to configure the other drive in03:42
soulburnerfor it to show?03:42
nickrudJouva: /system/storage that is03:42
macogwYeTr2: either in General or in Window Management03:42
bazhangpen the restricted driver manager should take care of that for you we can help with reconfiguring x server if need be ;]03:43
macogwYeTr2: i dont have compiz on this computer, so i cant really be exact03:43
Jouvanickrud: Ahh no direct way then eh? That's kinda dumb that they DIDN'T tell the user that it needs to NOT be a full path and then not allow one to back out gracefully03:43
macogwsoulburner: i dont know. i dont use conky, i use gkrellm03:43
penbazhang: but I found out that the current 100 series driver is not for my laptop03:43
soulburnerahhhhh ok03:43
nickrudJouva: been bit by that myself03:43
penbazhang: it's too beta03:43
pentoo bugy03:43
penbazhang: so I downgrade to 90 series03:43
JouvaAlso I don't see it in there03:44
thechitowncubsAnyone know of a way to fix my ext3 partition through windows?03:44
penbazhang: and I remember that NVIDIA changelog says 100 series are for 8xxx cards03:44
nickrudJouva: it will be under /system/storage/_org_fredesktop -etc03:44
mjw-thechitowncubs boot with a livecd and check it from there03:44
Jouvanickrud: I see default options for various file sysytems03:44
thechitowncubsAfter last kernel upgrade it borked my partition i guess03:44
bazhangpen well if you use envy you need to look to the envy people for support; as far as I am aware envy is not supported here--I dont make the rules (sadly)03:44
thechitowncubsmjw-, thats what i thought, im having trouble burning the iso i just downloaded tho03:45
penbazhang: oh03:45
reasonsthechintowncubs, what is wrong with it?03:45
penbazhang: then do you know how to downgrade or do something like restrict new drivers to be install?03:45
cmuellerwhats the best linux bit torrent client03:45
serachthi guys with Vista you have a lot of control over different things regarding power, like strength of WiFi, max CPU speed etc. Is there an app similar to that for Ubuntu?03:45
bazhangthechitowncubs: what specific problem with burning please be precise03:45
nickrudJouva: arg, /system/storage/volumes/_org etc that is03:45
JouvaI can't find volumes03:46
thechitowncubsbazhang, well, i downloaded one of the dvd iso's and it 2 of my burning apps(CD Burner XP, Power ISO) say that my ISO is not valid.03:46
JouvaI only see default_options under /system/storage03:46
bazhangcmueller: that is an argument for the ages ;] transmission, deluge and a few others are good clients03:46
cmuellerno golden one like utorrent then:/03:47
bazhangthechitowncubs: try isorecorder203:47
penbazhang: no ideas?03:47
ToddEDMhey guys, i got a couple quick questions.... is there a way to shut down a PC(ubuntu) on my network, from my laptop03:47
nickrudJouva: you can do   gconftool --recursive-unset /system/storage/volumes , that will unset all your custom mounting stuff, and then you can redo03:47
bazhangcmueller: utorrent works under wine03:47
DG19075thechitowncubs: Try using BurnCDCC03:47
thechitowncubsthank you03:47
thechitowncubsi will03:47
cmuellerlets see...03:47
DG19075I've used it to burn ISO's under Windows and it works like a charm03:48
bazhangpen you want advice while still using envy? not sure what you are asking here--the restricted manager will choose the one that ubuntu teams has selected not sure about downgrading though03:48
EADGseracht: Not one all-inclusive app as far as I'm aware, but there are seprate programs; iwconfig for txpower, cpufreq-set for speed...03:48
reasonscmueller, I use rtorrent though deluge is nice if you want a GUI03:48
_Oz_ToddEDM: I wish there was a way to do that.  I'd do it if so.  But no, it is impossible...03:48
karllenzhow about screenlets how do they get installed?03:48
Jouvanickrud: THAT didn't do it EITHER... weird.03:48
serachtcool EADG, I'll check that out03:48
penbazhang: I thought restricted manager will always choose the newest driver?03:48
penbazhang: and the newest now is 100 series?03:48
serachtalso, do you guys know anything like widgets to what mac has for ubuntu03:48
ToddEDM_Oz_:  damn, my PC has alot of fan noise, and is bothering me rigt now, as im in bed03:49
=== badboy is now known as badboy[away]
Jouvanickrud: I mean I know you're telling me the right thing for what I am speaking of: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-mount/+bug/10766803:49
nickrudJouva that is very strange, that's how the custom mounting stuff gets done03:49
jeffMASTERflexpen: it will choose the newest availabel driver supported by ubuntu03:49
yurimxpxmanis there any way to slow down the output of cat?03:49
cmuelleri like command line actually03:49
penjeffMASTERflex: but how about my hardware?03:49
cmuellercan load stuff up from work easily then in a screen session03:49
bazhangpen well there will always be some lag time for when nvidia releases new drivers and ubuntu packages them for use in the restricted manager03:49
cmuelleri think i used somethign liek bit tornado before03:49
reasonscmueller, rtorrent is CLI and is amazingly powerful03:50
thechitowncubsrtorrent is the best, by far performance and features03:50
EADGseracht: I'd recommend to you the search feature in Synaptic. Surprising what you can find in the Ubuntu software repositories. Dead easy to install - and remove if it's not to your liking.03:50
nickrudJouva: are you running gconf-editor as root?03:50
JouvaI JUST noticed that03:50
riloso how do I set Azureus to be my default bittorrent application? I used a .torrent's properties to open with Azureus, but all the programs still see gnome-btdownload as the default.03:50
serachtwhat is synaptic03:50
JouvaI figured I needed to run it as root for administrative purposes03:50
nickrudheh. I always start at the bottom of bug reports03:50
riloseracht: the package manager... how you install new applications03:51
bazhangseracht the package manager gui03:51
nickrudJouva: gconf controls your custom settings03:51
serachtoh, I have been doing apt-get lol03:51
Jouvanickrud: Ok. And I found it and changed it and testing now03:51
EADGseracht: It's akin to Add/Remove Programs in Win, but much more powerfull/usefull.03:51
jeffMASTERflexrilo: right click on a torrent file and click on properties. go to open with to change associations03:51
gmcastilhow do I use dpkg to list all packages available in a remote repository?03:52
rilojeffMASTERflex: I did, it didn't work. If I reopen the .torrent file, it's still selected as Azureus. That's what I said I did03:52
JouvaAHH much better03:52
jeffMASTERflexrilo: uninstall that gnome-bt download garbage03:52
EADGseracht: You can spend a few days poking around in Synaptic...03:52
serachtscreenlet isn't on there03:53
iceswordgmcastil, synaptic03:53
rilojeffMASTERflex: I tried, it wanted me to uninstall ubuntu-desktop if I uninstalled it03:53
penbtw, if I were to switch from envy to ubuntu03:53
nickrud!screenlets | seracht03:53
ubotuseracht: Screenlets are little widgets for your !desktop. Note you must have !Compiz Fusion, !Beryl, xcompmgr, or KWin to run them. You can get them at http://www.screenlets.org/03:53
CVD-PRwhat is Core0 temp?03:53
bazhangseracht: they have their own site03:53
penhow do I do it?03:53
gmcastilicesword: i prefer the command line tools actually03:53
jeffMASTERflexrilo: ubuntu-desktop is not a required package. it is a meta package and is safe to delete03:53
Jouvanickrud: thank you thank you03:53
metasyntaxHow can I use the symbol table in the libx11 dbg library to get a meaningful backtrace from a crashing xterm?03:53
CVD-PRCPU 40c, Core0 temp 32c03:53
rilojeffMASTERflex: what's included in it?03:53
thechitowncubsDAMNIT, all day downloading that iso and i can't burn it!03:53
gmcastilicesword: apt-get handles all the repository interactions, doesn' it?03:54
metasyntaxI tried loading it with gdb `symbol-file' but then gdb seg faults.03:54
nickrudseracht: not yet in the repos, will be for hardy03:54
cmuellerrtorrent is my baby then03:54
jeffMASTERflexrilo: nothing. it's a pointer package. it points to other packages but doesn't really do anything on its own. uninstalling it will have no affect03:54
nickrudJouva: you would have found it, you had the bug report.03:54
EADGCVD-PR: acpi got installed succesfully I see.03:54
CVD-PRbut waht is the Core0 Temp?03:54
rilojeffMASTERflex: but I still want to set Azureus as the default. ok about the ubuntu-desktop03:55
icanhasadminmy acpi is so screwed right now03:55
nickrudCVD-PR: the temp in your first processor03:55
EADGCVD-PR: I dunno. You running a duo core?03:55
geniusI still have problems switching to external monitor on my notebook. I've tryed millions of times to set Monitor 1 to default with different settings.03:55
jeffMASTERflexrilo: if it's the only package that can open up torrents, that would make it the default, wouldn't it?03:55
Jouvanickrud: True but it's sometimes easier for me to talk to somebody, even if they don't end up being the one that helps directly. Sometimes I need to ask somebody a question before my brain kicks in ;)03:55
CVD-PRnot just AMD64 EADG03:55
RangdeBasantihow to do some thing that automatically checks wheather a proccess has not been runing for a specified time. if it isnt, runs it and logs in a file that it has made it run.?03:55
geniusIt does not save settings at all! :(03:55
jeffMASTERflexrilo: and if you are wondering how to do it directly from firefox, just go to preferences/applications in firefox and change the default for torrents03:56
penanyone? envy to ubuntu?03:56
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »03:57
nickrudRangdeBasanti: monit is one of many apps that do that03:57
EADGCVD-PR: ahh, dunno man. I have same on this lappy and all I get is CPU xx. I wouldn't loose sleep over it though.03:57
rilojeffMASTERflex: that's what I was thinking when I tried it before, but that's obviously not the right way to do it. I use Opera and have that menu open... just trying to change what comes up in the default field03:58
RangdeBasantinickrud monit ?03:58
nickrudRangdeBasanti: take a look at the description in synaptic, or  apt-cache show monit03:58
bazhangpen I gave you a link earlier; you can /msg ubotu nvidia for the link again03:58
penbazhang: I opened the link already03:59
jeffMASTERflexrilo: i have never had a problem changeing file association by right clicking on a file, properties, and changing the default in open with. i use transmission, even with other torrent apps installed, and don't havea problem with file associations03:59
penbazhang: it only says open up restricted manager03:59
thunderchicken_anyone know if its possible to mount --bind multiple folders into one?03:59
RangdeBasantinickrud ok. monit will run it. if its not run for the last 2 hours. (specified time) ?03:59
rilojeffMASTERflex: yea, I don't know why it's not working. That's the first thing I did.03:59
nickrudRangdeBasanti: yes, among other things03:59
mbrushthunderchicken: i tried this a while ago03:59
bazhangpen and then what is the issue?03:59
penbazhang: if I enable the driver, what should I do with envy?03:59
penbazhang: leave it there?04:00
penbazhang: will it cause problem with x?04:00
thunderchicken_how did it work out?  everytime i load another folder it gets rid of the first folder i bound04:00
jeffMASTERflexrilo: the easiest way, of course, is to get rid of the bt-download program and it's associated packages04:00
penbazhang: I was worrying about the questions it might happen if I enable it in the manager04:00
tdawgedogghey when i try to enable nvidia under restricted driver manager i get this error "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.04:00
tdawgedoggE: _cache->open() failed, please report.04:00
mbrushi ended up using UnionFS to unite the two bind mounted dirs04:00
zerodamageI remember some older linux/unix systems that I've used had a local email system on it that would let you send email from one user to another locally only and would notify you when you logged into the system.  Is there something like that for Ubuntu for the command line?04:00
TrustNoOnerilo, sorry about the delay i was on the phone, download the tar file, extract to wherever /usr/bin is fine, then go into terminal, go to that directory and run ./azureus and it will start up04:00
nickrudzerodamage: you can install exim4 or postfix, they provide local mail delivery04:01
thunderchicken_mbrush ive been reading about unionfs but i cant seem to get it to work if i try and unionfs two folders to another folder the folder i want them to bind gets deleted04:01
penbazhang: what do you suggest?04:01
riloTrustNoOne: I used the .deb from that other site and dpkg'd it in my /home/rilo04:01
riloTrustNoOne: just trying to associate it with .torrent files now04:01
mbrushthunderchicken_ bind mount two seperate dirs and then unionfs them together in a third dir04:02
reasonsWhile I doubt I'll get an answer here, I'll try. In every file manager I use there is the gnome footprint in the top right corner. Is there a way to remove or change that icon?04:02
tdawgedoggE: _cache->open() failed, please report. any ideas???04:02
zerodamagenickrud: I looked at postfix but it did not seem to do what I wanted.  I want whatever did what I remember from way back when.  Maybe there isn't something but I recall logging into the system and having the system notify me I had some messages and I could read them and reply if I wanted.  I want to do that on ubuntu server without an overly huge hassle.04:02
TrustNoOnerilo,  just right click a torrent file, go to properties, go to the "open with" tab and add azureus in there, click ok or close and it should be associated with it04:02
thechitowncubsHello, can anyone help me repair my fileysystem, I got into the live cd finally04:03
bazhangpen not sure as I have never used envy--I would suggest backing up on a regular basis as stuff like that (third party) who knows what will happen--enable the drivers in the restricted driver manager and then follow the rest of the instructions from that link04:03
NativeAngelshow do u find whats running on what port in linux04:03
bazhangpen if you need help configuring resolution once that is done then we can likely help out04:03
thechitowncubsNativeAngels: nmap04:03
penbazhang: ok04:04
nickrudzerodamage: probably was a custom setup for that old distro. Personally, I think that exim4 (set for local delivery only) , and mutt would do what you want04:04
thechitowncubsnmap <host>04:04
penbazhang: btw, will enabling the driver change the xorg.conf?04:04
metasyntaxNativeAngels: netstat -anp <- run as root04:04
zerodamagenickrud:  thx.  I will take a look at those two04:04
penbazhang: or errors with the kernel?04:04
bazhangreasons it would easier if you used xfce to customize things (put an Apple there for example ;] ) though it is also possible under gnome04:04
riloTrustNoOne: yea, that's what I did, but no worky04:05
thechitowncubswhen I try to run fsck from the live cd i get: fsck.ext2: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/hda04:05
thechitowncubsCould this be a zero-length partition?04:05
riloTrustNoOne: well, when I closed and opened the properties, Azureus was still selected, but other programs still see the old client as the default04:05
nickrudthechitowncubs: did you fsck /dev/hda ?04:05
TrustNoOnerilo, im a little busy doing other stuff but im working on the new version of vuze as i would like to get that one working as well, so ill let you know04:05
bazhangpen not sure how that could make errors in the kernel, but dont you want your xorg conf file to be changed? was that not the point of this whole exercise?04:06
riloTrustNoOne: it's working great for me... just had to remove that Vuze content layer04:06
TrustNoOneoh ok04:06
penbazhang: I think I have a working one already04:06
thechitowncubsnickrud: yes04:06
penbazhang: I don't want to create panic04:06
amicrawlercan any body tell me what i need to do  for k3b in makeing the data burn as date and time04:06
penbazhang: that doesn't feel good04:06
nickrudthechitowncubs: you fsck partitions, not disks. Like  fsck /dev/hda104:07
bazhangpen then load it up and see what happens--using the restricted drivers is the safest bet though04:07
NativeAngelsim settting up unreal on my linux box04:07
NativeAngelsbut im gettin a streaming errror04:07
NativeAngelssayin a ports in use04:07
penbazhang: you mean with the restricted, the fullscreen bug will be solved04:07
penbazhang: ?04:07
NativeAngelsbut i cant find where to look and to stop it04:07
amicrawlercan any body tell me what i need to do  for k3b in makeing the data burn as date and time04:07
prettyrickyis there a google desktop for ubuntu 7.10??04:08
thechitowncubsnickrud: it happens with that too04:08
zelrikriandoprettyricky: I think so04:08
RangdeBasanti_nickrud monit can run commands also. if a proccess of file is not runninig? and no one can stop monit?04:08
nickrudthechitowncubs: you sure the partition isn't mounted?04:08
RangdeBasanti_nickrud except root or admin04:08
kdc1956anyone computer locks up while watching movies on 7.1004:08
jeffMASTERflexprettyricky: http://desktop.google.com/linux/04:08
prettyrickythanks guys! : )04:09
nickrudRangdeBasanti: if it runs as a root process, only root (or admin) can stop it. And it will restart programs that have stopped, yes04:09
bazhangpen hmm no way of knowing until you try correct? envy was the issue and now we will have to see04:09
AtomicSparkkdc1956: flash movies?04:09
cannonballNativeAngels: If you change that netstat to 'netstat -ltunp' it will show all processes listening on tcp and udp ports only, including the process name.  -a shows all open sockets, both network sockets and unix sockets, including open streams, which is a much longer list than the -l version.04:09
AtomicSparkkdc1956: known issue. flash freezes firefox once in awhile.04:10
bazhangcongrats on being opped by the way nickrud04:10
kdc1956ok thanks04:10
penbazhang: ok04:10
penI will try04:10
prettyrickyI see download for ubuntu x86 and 64 will that work for 32?04:10
thechitowncubsThis is my dmesg error04:10
thechitowncubs[  822.804000] hda: status error: error=0x40 { UncorrectableError }, LBAsect=121746, high=0, low=121746, sector=004:10
thechitowncubs[  822.804000] ide: failed opcode was: 0xea04:10
thechitowncubs[  822.804000] hda: drive not ready for command04:10
thechitowncubs[  822.804000] hda: wcache flush failed!04:10
FloodBot2thechitowncubs: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
thechitowncubsshoot, sorry04:10
nickrudbazhang: I ducked and dodged, but when I told LjL to twist my arm he said:  +o or +b , my choice :)04:10
bazhangpen once it is done then you can come back here to reconfigure x if need be04:10
thechitowncubssorry about that04:11
penbazhang: ok04:11
bazhangnickrud: hahaha04:11
prettyrickyjeffMASTERflex_ ------> I see download for ubuntu x86 and 64 will that work for 32?04:11
hatterwhy is the dvd /dev/scd0 ?04:11
AtomicSparkprettyricky: x86 is 32 bit.04:11
nickrudbazhang: he had to explain it to me, rflol04:11
prettyrickyoh thanks!04:12
cmuellerrtorrent is perfect04:12
bazhanghaha nickrud04:12
RangdeBasanti_nickrud you therE?04:12
nickrudRangdeBasanti: yes04:12
tdawgedoggd00ds whenever i go into syn. package manager now i get this error! E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.04:12
tdawgedoggE: _cache->open() failed, please report.04:12
nickrudtdawgedogg: in a terminal, type   sudo dpkg --configure -a04:12
AtomicSparkprettyricky: if you downloaded something that said x86_64 that's for 64 bit processors. i know naming schemes fail a lot.04:12
Newbuntu2can someone help me start my RAID array? I switched to ubuntu and I'm not sure how to start it back up04:13
Newbuntu2(software RAID 5)04:13
TrustNoOnerilo, did you have older azureus installed prior to installing vuze? you can get vuze running by running the shell script, but for the file associations to be moved from the old one to the new one, you said you did something?04:14
Staggerhello, i am facing a weird connection issue here. My connection works fine other than when i try to use XChat, Pidgin (or aMsn, no difference), or synaptic. It works if I manually set the DNS - it wont work if I leave the DNS on (my router, a dlink, has DHCP and automatic DNS enabled by deafault). Now, if I edit resolv.conf to set my DNS of choice and restart, internet wont work. Same is true if I set DNS manually on the DLi04:14
Staggernk. I have noticed that before returning the error message, XChat tries to connect to What is going on? thanks :)04:14
prettyrickyYep I just realized it,, do i have to unistall it cause it gave me an error message04:14
AtomicSparkNewbuntu2: software raid 5? i don't believe it!04:15
riloTrustNoOne: I right-clicked the torrent and changed the "open with" to Azureus04:15
TrustNoOneya but i already have the older version installed right, so it opens with old version, im guessing you didnt have the old one installed, or you removed it04:15
hatterStagger, when you reboot you are getting dns from dhcp,04:16
Newbuntu2atomicspark: Should I past my raidtab file? ;)04:16
lynxxanyone else get an io-apic error on boot?04:16
hatterthe routers as dns servers are crappy04:16
tdawgedoggnickrud: thanks a lot man it worked ur the man04:16
hatterchange the dns server you use in the dhcp server04:16
AtomicSparkStagger: keeping your dns on your gateway works for most routers. they just forward the information on.04:16
nickrudtdawgedogg: heh. I read the error message :)04:16
fooerr, firefox is crashing with this: Segmentation fault (core dumped) .. it crashes when I'm not doing anything. It's crashed 4 times in the past hour. I have a fresh install of 7.10 ... any ideas?04:16
hatterpfff, i have used plenty, they are unreliable04:16
tdawgedoggi typed it in terminal just without sudo04:16
hatteras dns servers04:16
AtomicSparkwell. i use reliable routers *cough*04:17
macogwStagger: you mean because the resolv.conf changes when network manager connects and tries to set it to what it thinks is right?04:17
nickrudtdawgedogg: ah. with dpkg and apt-get , like all system commands, you need sudo04:17
NativeAngelsim gettin an error binding to a port04:17
NativeAngelsbut i cant see anything runing there04:17
hatterAtomicSpark, :)  I am sure there are reliable ones, but here in Australia, the cheap d-link, netgear, etc are not so great04:17
macogwStagger: you *could* "sudo chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf" to make that file immutable.  it won't be able to be changed, deleted, renamed, or have its mode (read, write, execute settings) changed.  to undo it, you'd use "sudo chattr -i /etc/resolv.conf"04:17
jeffMASTERflexfoo: try deleting the .mozilla folder in your home directory and reinstalling firefox04:17
nickrudhack alert!04:18
Staggermacogw: yes i have used the chattr command04:18
NativeAngelshow can i clear port 806704:18
AtomicSparkNewbuntu2: anyways, i would advise to never run a software raid. if your software gets corrupt for any reason (your os is down) you risk losing everything, which defeats the point of raid.04:18
macogwStagger: it manages to change the file again even after you chattr +i?04:18
AtomicSparkNewbuntu2: anyways if you used a hardware controller for it, you can just use ubuntu to set up LVM on it if you want the feature to expand in the future.04:18
hatterAtomicSpark, i have been using s/w raid for quite a few years with no problems04:19
Staggermacogw: no, after that the file stays the same but connection fails completely. i wont even get through to my router04:19
riloTrustNoOne: I had run apt-get remove azureus so I thought it was removed... but it apparently wasn't. I opened Azureus up through the menu, and it was the new version. Then, I noticed in Synaptic Azureus was still there, so I removed it... then the Azureus link in the menu disappeared04:19
ubuntui have error when i turn off pc when i try turn on cant complete looding then show black screen04:19
=== NEETo is now known as ubu2
NativeAngelsso how do i clear all the ports in ubuntu04:19
=== wng-- is now known as wng-
AtomicSparkhatter: just stating my opinion ;)04:19
NativeAngelsas i cant find what process is blocking it04:19
Staggermacogw: pardon i do get to my router but not to the internet04:19
macogwStagger: do you get an IP from the router?04:19
TrustNoOnerilo,  ok so you didnt remove with synaptic then04:19
hatterAtomicSpark, :) Of course04:20
Staggermacogw: yeah04:20
riloTrustNoOne: nope04:20
macogwStagger: can you ping your DNS servers?04:20
Staggerhow do i check that?04:20
macogwStagger: ping the IP addresses you put in resolv.conf04:20
Staggermacogw: ok I will do that and be back in min04:21
Staggermacogw: thanks :)04:21
Newbuntu2atomicspark: the point is for the data to survive a HDD failure rather than maintain uninterrupted uptime; the OS is on a different drive. anyway, my data is on the disks, so I need to start the raid array again. any help doing that?04:21
ubu2I've been having trouble with getting the console resolution to stay at 1024x768.  I added nvidiafb to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and un-blacklisted it... and it worked beautifully, but then X didn't.04:21
serachtanyone know how to remove join/quit messages in pidgin04:21
hatterNewbuntu2, cat /proc/mdstat shows you what state the raid is in04:22
riloseracht: it's in preferences04:22
asdrubalWhy does the volume panel applet always show mute when I do scroll wheel on it?04:22
nickrudubu2: I don't think anyone has gotten framebuffer working well on consoles in ubuntu04:22
asdrubalit's not muted but it shows mute04:22
nickrudubu2: anyone being me, anyway and others i've heard try04:22
serachtI can't find it rilo04:23
bazhangseracht: sure; switch to xchat ;]04:23
ubu2I used to have it working in feisty, but it seems like a lot more things are broken for me in gutsy04:23
EADGnickrud: ubu2 I have. took me awhile to sort out the config files, but it's "do-able"04:23
hatterwhats the graphical crontab program called in ubuntu ?04:23
Newbuntu2hatter: I changed OS (went from gentoo to ubuntu); I don't know how to configure/add my drives/etc from an existing array (I just remember how to create one, but that would pave my drives)04:23
warriorforgodDoes anybody know where pidgin puts files that someone sends to me over im?04:23
hatterNewbuntu2, google mdadm,  the commands arent too difficult04:24
CVD-PRHey, i can compile a .cpp in anjuta but dont let me choose build04:24
ubu2EADG: any suggestions?04:24
jeffMASTERflexCVD-PR: do you have build-essential installed?04:25
CVD-PRyes jeffMASTERflex04:25
EADGwarriorforgod: No, not I, but if you know the name of the last sent file you can find it like this: open a terminal and type "sudo locate -u && locate lastfilesent" Dead easy :)04:25
jeffMASTERflexCVD-PR: don't know the problem then, i've never used anjuta sorry04:25
ubu2most of the time I'll get a blinking cursor and a blank screen in the console04:25
usr13Stagger: hatter I don't know that there is one, but try   crontab -l   and   crontab -e04:25
EADGubu2: Wasn't following the convo, what do you want to do?04:26
ubu2EADG: I want my console to be 1024x768, the resolution of my LCD monitor04:26
ubu2I added nvidiafb to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and un-blacklisted it... and it worked beautifully, but then X didn't.04:26
EADGubu2: Running Gutsy?04:26
ubu2yes, 7.1004:26
hatterusr13, thx, just found it, kcron04:26
tdawgedoggi cant get my resolution to 1920 by 1200 like its supposted to be i have a nvidia 7600 gt04:26
usr13 hatter   crontab -e04:27
usr13hatter: Cool, thanks.04:27
warriorforgodOk.  Next question.  When I type ifconfig in a terminal, none of the interfaces shows an ip address, however I have full internet access.04:28
EADGubu2: K, Gutsy did some things ab it diffrent than previous releases in that the framebuffer is disabled by default. So what ya need to do is re-enable it. Pretty easy, but you need to edit 3 files.04:28
EADGubu2: gimme a couple minutes to track down a url for you.04:29
usr13warriorforgod: That's interesting.  Hummm, you sure?04:29
ubu2EADG: thank you04:29
warriorforgodusr13: yup04:29
warriorforgodWiered to me too.04:29
usr13warriorforgod: Wired network?   What kind of router?04:30
warriorforgodNo router.  Hooked directly to cable modem.04:30
AntiUSAI have laptop with a 15.4" WXGA screen with a 2MP camera, how can I see if the web cam is working? Skype is not able to see it04:30
hatterwarriorforgod, try turning off roaming mode - system -> adminstraitioon -> network04:30
ubu2This is what I tried, and it screwed up X: http://www.savvyadmin.com/2007/12/25/console-framebuffer-in-ubuntu/04:30
usr13warriorforgod:  What's your ISP?04:30
warriorforgodusr13: cox04:31
cedriczghello fellows, maybe here is not the place to post this question. Bu I need help with web control panels04:31
pen_bazhang: are you still there?04:31
=== _Wiseguy is now known as Wiseguy
cedriczgI have a website which does not have cpanl04:31
bazhangpen_: yes of course ;]04:31
pen_bazhang: now after I enable the driver in manager04:31
cedriczgI know it has another control panel04:31
pen_bazhang: it says it cannot detect the driver04:31
cedriczgbut don't remember its name04:31
pen_bazhang: then I'm in low resolution04:32
AtomicSparkcedriczg: if you rented this server, i bet it's webmin.04:32
cedriczgDoes someone know another type of control panel for web hosting?04:32
cedriczgoh, that may be04:32
bazhangsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg pen04:32
cedriczglet me trty04:32
AtomicSparkcedriczg: there is webmin, cpanel, and plesk.04:32
usr13warriorforgod: PIng the router, see what it says.  e.g. ping  or ping
pen_bazhang: and btw, I didn't go to envy and uninstall the driver first04:32
usr13warriorforgod:  route -n04:33
AtomicSparkcedriczg: webmin is used for server config mostly, not for virutal hosts (shared web hosting)04:33
pen_bazhang: now what should I do?04:33
warriorforgodusr13: There is no router.  Connected directly to cable modem.04:33
bazhangpen_: umm best to do that then04:33
pen_bazhang: ok04:33
cedriczgAtomicSpark, thanks04:33
pen_I wil try again04:33
bazhangebox also cedriczg04:33
usr13warriorforgod: Ping the modem.04:33
usr13warriorforgod:  route -n04:33
cedriczgAtomicSpark, I trtried webmin and no answer04:33
AtomicSparkcedriczg: what are you trying to do? log into something?04:33
bazhang!info ebox04:33
AntiUSAhow do I install my webcam?04:33
ubotuebox (source: ebox): eBox - Base framework. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.3-0ubuntu9 (gutsy), package size 127 kB, installed size 1220 kB04:33
JouvaI was jut wondering: Is there any GPS and mapping software available for Linux? i.e., something where I could have my laptop with me and a GPS device connected to it and help directions to the driver of a vehicle for whereever we're going04:33
EADGubu2: still looking...04:34
* cyphase just saw a Dell commercial on CNN for a computer with Ubuntu installed04:34
cedriczgAtomicSpark, I am trying to log to site.org.uy/controlpanel04:34
Jouvacyphase: Nice04:34
bazhanghttp://www.linuxlove.org/2007/11/12/linux-webcam-microsoft-lifecam-nx-6000-on-ubuntu-and-fedora/ see if it is in this list AntiUSA04:34
cedriczgAtomicSpark, but I don't remember the controlpanel name04:34
cedriczgAtomicSpark, and there set the users webmail space usage04:34
gavohi all    im running a GA P35-DS4 with the latest bios, and an Nvidia 8800GTS... anyway when I try and run ANY ubuntu-based distro... I get a completely black screen after I hit enter on the install cd... I think this is a common problem, but im hoping theres a common fix?04:35
usr13Jouva: gpsdrive04:35
cedriczgAtomicSpark, for instancece I can access site.org.uy/webmail04:35
gavooh and usually i get a "kernel panic: cannot sync" error if I turn off quiet boot04:35
cyphaseJouva: at least, it looked a whole lot like Ubuntu04:35
cyphaseit was just a background04:36
usr13Jouva: gpsman04:36
Jouvacyphase: Well if it didn't look like Vista it was probably Ubuntu04:36
AtomicSparkcedriczg: you'll have to contact your host. its different depending on what you have and how its set up. most places use just ip:port and maybe they have a domain.com/cpanel forward to that. you know you have to use https:// right?04:36
seracht_ok with x-chat how do I remove join/part messages04:36
JouvaI think gpsdrive is what I'd be looking for, thanks :)04:36
seracht_it's annoying04:36
=== seracht_ is now known as seracht
cedriczgAtomicSpark, It seems it was /admin . I was lucky. Thanks to you I remembered (I supposed webim had the word admin in it :P )04:37
usr13Jouva: gpsdrive - Car navigation system04:37
bazhangseracht: right click on the nick list04:37
prettyrickyHey guys what can I do to add a new bootskin, whenever I start my pc04:37
AtomicSparkcedriczg: yeah they just have a redirect set up for you. neato.04:37
AnonConhow do i build a C++ file?04:38
cedriczgAtomicSpark, thanks a lot04:38
cedriczgAtomicSpark, Nice to find people eager to help around here ;)04:38
CVD-PRanjuta crate the main.o but not the executable04:38
serachtAnonCon:  you can use gdb04:38
serachtlet me remember the command04:38
serachtuse a make file or something04:39
AnonConsorry, I'm not familiar with gdb04:39
serachtgdb is a debugger04:39
usr13AnonCon: build-essential - informational list of build-essential packages04:39
serachtnot a compiler04:39
n0greenfxwhats the best irc client for ubuntu04:39
vbabiy-laptopHey is there a real Player package from ubuntu04:39
EADGubu2: I'm at a loss.04:39
usr13!build-essential | AnonCon04:39
ubotuAnonCon: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:39
TrustNoOnerilo, what did you use for a menu icon for azureus, because i didnt install the way you did, i just put azureus folder in /bin/share and then i created a file menu for the script, and made my own file association, it seems to be working, just that the icon in the menu is the default "no icon" one04:39
n8tusergavo can you try framebuffer=false as an entry during boot?04:39
gavon8tuser:   sure ill give it a go... should I add it to a regular boot command on standard res?04:40
nrossinOkay, for some reason everything in Ubuntu is crashing all of a sudden.  No sound, XChat crashes, Firefox crashes, Amarok and Exaile both crash...  Even restarting X hasn't solved anything.  I haven't installed anything... was just watching videos online and suddenly lost sound...04:40
speeddemon8803!packages > speeddemon880304:40
Jouvausr13: Yep. That's what it say here ;) I won't be using it yet but I'll keep it in mind. Right now I can only think of 3 applications and one big reason why I can't and stick Linux on my laptop as well.04:40
EADGubu2: I can't seem to track down one of 4 threads on the issue. Look on www.ubuntu-forum.org.04:40
penbazhang: ok04:40
penbazhang: not working04:41
n8tusergavo during boot, you can "e" edit it for a temporary try.04:41
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:41
usr13Jouva: Very good!  Go for it :)04:41
riloTrustNoOne: actually, I wiped out all the Azureus stuff I had... copied the .deb to /usr/bin, sudo dpkg -i Azureus.... and it set it up completely. I ran it through the applications menu as it also setup the icon there and it's all good04:41
penbazhang: and if I go to the manager, it says the driver is not in use although it's checked??04:41
gavoyep   ill just add it to the end of the standard entries   brb04:41
Jouvausr13: That's the problem. I do have it on my desktop, but my laptop I HAVE to keep Windows on.04:41
penbazhang: but when i go to xorg.conf to check the driver04:41
penbazhang: it's nvidia04:41
penbazhang: not nv04:42
nrossinOkay, for some reason everything in Ubuntu is crashing all of a sudden.  No sound, XChat crashes, Firefox crashes, Amarok and Exaile both crash...  Even restarting X hasn't solved anything.  I haven't installed anything... was just watching videos online and suddenly lost sound... Anyone know how I can fix this without rebooting?04:42
penbazhang: so tell me what should I do next?04:42
usr13Jouva: Dual boot. How big is the drive?04:42
bazhangsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg in the terminal pen04:42
cakedonkeyHey all.04:42
TrustNoOnerilo, i didnt get the deb, i got the tar... and it WORKS i just need the icon, mind sending it to me?04:42
bazhangnrossin: what extra repos you got in your sources list?04:43
riloTrustNoOne: I thought there was some residue from the old installs so I just did it all over again... there was that Azureus script in the directory after I installed from the .deb the first time and it removed things so I didn't the second time... alright04:43
Jouvausr13: Not big enough to dual boot really. I do some custom Windows software development for a consulting firm, so I kinda need Windows for that and need the space ;)04:43
nrossinbazhang: Uhm, nothing out of the ordinary.  I don't actually think I have ANY extra repos.04:43
TrustNoOnerilo, if you wouldnt mind just throwing it on megaupload or some sharing site and sending me the link, id appreciate...04:43
usr13Jouva: Get another drive.04:43
nrossinbazhang: I just know that I was watching movie trailers and when I tried to watch another one, the sound didn't work... then everything started crashing.04:43
AntiUSAhow do I install my webcam?04:43
bazhangnrossin: what triggered this event? what happened between when it was working and when it stopped working04:43
Jouvausr13: For the laptop?04:43
ubu2EADG: ah, well, I've already read as many as I can on it04:44
* NeT_DeMoN_ hugs ubotu04:44
nrossinbazhang: That was literally it... just a matter of moving from one website to another.04:44
Jouvausr13: Oh a bigger one. I see. No. Can't afford it right now and don't have the urge to dual boot for the most part anyway, and would put extra space to Windows' use anyway :/04:44
bazhangnrossin: did you install something like awn or other? are you running compiz? have you tried disabling it if so?04:44
nrossinbazhang: I've tried restarting X, but that hasn't helped either.04:44
fredmvNot sure how re-hashed of a topic this is, and I've searched around, but how should I go about fixing "Unable to initialize SDL: No available video device". Anytime I launch a game (that preseumably uses the SDL libs) I get this error.04:44
TrustNoOnerilo, that works too, thx04:44
nrossinbazhang: I don't use Compiz or any docks...04:44
TrustNoOnebest dock is AWN04:45
usr13Jouva: Yes, get a BID drive, ghost your existing MS onto it, leave 20g or so free and then install Ubuntu on it.04:45
NeT_DeMoN_@lart 8 NeT_DeMoN_04:45
bazhang!ot | NeT_DeMoN_04:45
ubotuNeT_DeMoN_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:45
Stagger_Leemacogw: hi, you still there?04:45
Jouvausr13: I'd consider it if I had the money ;)04:45
Stagger_Leemacogw: it didnt work!04:45
NeT_DeMoN_bazhang: i know, i was just testing something04:45
riloTrustNoOne: no problem, thanks for the info04:45
macogwStagger_Lee: yes04:45
EADGubu2: hehe, don't give up. It's possible. It's one of the first things I did when I installed Gutsy.04:45
NeT_DeMoN_back to offtopic!04:45
AntiUSAis there a guide to how to install a webcam on Ubuntu?04:45
macogwStagger_Lee: you cant ping the DNS servers, but you can ping the router, right?04:46
thechitowncubsI upgraded my kernel and now I can't boot into my ubuntu :(04:46
bazhangAntiUSA: apart from the link I gave you?04:46
fredmvHas anyone run into such a problem? Unable to initialize SDL: No available video device04:46
AntiUSAI missed it04:46
thechitowncubsI am now in the livecd but i can't run fsck or anything successfully04:46
Stagger_Leemacogw: no, if i edit resolv i cant ping the router either04:46
AntiUSAsorry man04:46
nrossinAntiUSA: I would assume typing "webcam ubuntu" into Google would give you exactly what you're looking for.04:46
usr13Jouva: Yea, I know what you mean.  But HDs are getting little cheeper now days, so.... save up and watch for good deal.  Check out the used market, etc.04:46
AntiUSAcould you send it again04:46
bazhangAntiUSA: can you scroll up?04:46
fredmvI just installed the latest sdl1.2 Debian libs and did an xhost + localhost.  Still nothing.04:46
jeffMASTERflexubotu: have you checked out this page? http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-652038.html04:46
AntiUSAI have done that but I have not been able to succeed04:46
Exershiough, can someone help? I'm using Gnome (ubuntu gutsy) and I have items in my applications menu that I cannot delete (a warcraft game I installed through wine). I press delete and nothing happens. why cant I get rid of them?04:46
zelrikriandoAntiUSA: plug your webcam...if it doesnt work...go and buy one that is compatible04:47
AntiUSAI tried easy cam with no luck04:47
jeffMASTERflexubu2: oops... have you checked out this page? http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-652038.html04:47
AntiUSAwell it's the one that is part of my laptop :(04:47
Jouvausr13: Sorry just that I have a nice big big big credit card debt I need to pay off first :)04:47
Stagger_Leemacogw: i am confused, how can it be that changing the dns makes me unable to connect to my own router?04:47
macogwStagger_Lee: why'd you edit the resolv.conf at all then?04:47
bazhanghttp://www.linuxlove.org/2007/11/12/linux-webcam-microsoft-lifecam-nx-6000-on-ubuntu-and-fedora/ AntiUSA see if your cam is in this list04:47
nrossinExershio: Are you trying to delete them while editing the menus?  Try right-clicking and choosing Remove/Delete04:47
EADGubu2: I spend most me time in CLI with Screen... couldn't live there if I couldn't have better res, and a better looking font.04:47
Exershionrossin: I tried that, and nothing happens04:47
usr13Jouva: Yea, esll maybe later on...04:47
macogwStagger_Lee: i dont know04:47
nrossinOkay, for some reason everything in Ubuntu is crashing all of a sudden.  No sound, XChat crashes, Firefox crashes, Amarok and Exaile both crash...  Even restarting X hasn't solved anything.  I haven't installed anything... was just watching videos online and suddenly lost sound... Anyone know how I can fix this without rebooting?04:47
hatterStagger_Lee, it cant04:48
macogwStagger_Lee: im pretty confused by what's wrong with your comp, so i'm gonna go ahead and let someone else take over04:48
Jouvausr13: Oh trust me I'd love to do it :) There's not many games I play these days so I won't have to worry about that for example.04:48
Stagger_Leemacogw: thanks anyway04:48
fredmvAnyone have any clue about SDL issues?    Man, I feel like such a newb...04:48
usr13nrossin: Try restartgin the Xserver   Ctrl-Alt-Backspace04:48
nrossinusr13: I wrote that I already tried that ;)04:48
usr13fredmv: What's the problem?04:48
Stagger_Leehatter: well if i edit resolv.conf, and replace nameserver with my own provider's DNS or OPen DNS, upon restart i cant connect to my own router04:49
penbazhang: what mouse protocal should I choose?04:49
usr13nrossin: I dono then, sorry.04:49
bazhangpen when in doubt choose the default04:49
Stagger_Leehatter:it keeps trying but it wont get through04:49
AntiUSAok bazhang, I found your link04:49
AntiUSAthanks man04:49
samuelwhat are the alternatives?04:49
samuelwhat is  the alternatives under ubuntu?04:50
n8tusernrossin--> when you do   ipcs  how many rows have their last column (status) blank?04:50
fredmvusr13: I'm trying to launch an SDL-based game  ( sauerbraten ) and I keep getting "Unable to initialize SDL: No available video device".    I've tried a) installing the latest sdl1.2 Debian libs.  and 2) running a xhost + localhost... but to no avail.04:50
nrossinMan, I tell ya... I get more random crashes and things just breaking in Linux than I do with Windows... I still LOVE Linux, just wish it didn't constantly break without any changes being made.04:50
bazhangsamuel not sure what you are asking--please clarify04:50
zelrikriandosamuel: hello...04:50
nrossinn8tuser: There are 3 blank entries.04:51
nrossinn8tuser: One for root, two for me.04:51
hatterStagger_Lee, when you say connect, do yuo mean open in a browser ?04:51
hatteryou dont need to reboot when you change resolv.conf04:52
fredmvusr13: any ideas?   I searched the forum but the solutions that worked for others don't seem to be working for me.  I've restarted the X-server several times too.04:52
n8tusernrossin--> under bytes how much do they take up?04:52
penbazhang: what should I do now?04:52
penbazhang: I finished the settings04:52
n8tusernrossin--> btw, which ubuntu version do you have?04:53
TrustNoOneanyways, time to go look at some bootloader screens04:53
samuelI want to know how to update ubuntu alternatives ?04:53
bazhangpen reboot04:53
nrossinn8tuser: root: 122880...  for me: 64528 and 131072.  I'm running Gutsy04:53
penbazhang: ok04:53
n8tuserStagger_Lee--> i hope you realized that using your ISP's dns would not allow you to resolve, 192.x ip addresses right?04:54
bazhangsamuel: what is ubuntu alternatives? clarify please04:54
hattern8tuser, not true04:55
n8tusernrossin--> you can try to remove them with ipcrm,  I dont know the options off hand, man ipcs, man ipcrm04:55
=== choudesh_ is now known as choudesh
nrossinn8tuser: WOuldn't it be easier to just reboot?04:55
UnIdiotanyone want to help me?04:55
nrossinn8tuser: Would basically accomplish the same thing, wouldn't it?04:55
n8tuserhatter--> does your ISP address resolve 192.x.x.x addresses?04:56
hatterdns has one purpose, map human readable names to ip addresses04:56
bazhangask away UnIdiot04:56
UnIdiotokay then04:56
n8tusernrossin--> go ahead and reboot04:56
nrossinugh... man this is infuriating.04:56
nrossinn8tuser: THanks04:56
UnIdiotim trying to blacklist the pc speaker, it keeps on beeping in the terminal and on startup in xubuntu04:56
pen_bazhang: unfortunately, it's still not working04:56
UnIdioti've added it to the blacklist, but it still does it04:56
n8tuserhatter--> you did not answer me, can your ISP dns server resolve a 192.x.x.x address?04:56
pen_bazhang: why?04:56
gavohey all  i was here before... urmmm figured out my problem   ... does 64bit kubuntu support Core2Duo processors? because the 32bit version is working without the black screen and kernel sync problems ive been having...04:56
UnIdioti can disable it temporarily though04:57
bazhangpen_: what happened in the restart?04:57
s_unixUnIdiot: in X -> xset -b04:57
pen_bazhang: what do you mean?04:57
hattern8tuser, you are speaking of ip addresses,  dns resolves names to ip addresses04:57
samuelbazhang: I am sorry , I don't know much about ubuntu alternatives. I just want to know how to change the jvm enviorment ?04:57
UnIdiots_unix: huh,..... I'm a linux newbie04:57
bazhangpen what does the restricted driver now say?04:57
n8tuserhatter--> and likewise in reverse noh?  you have not answered my question yet04:57
pen_bazhang: same thing, it's checked but say not in use04:57
palomerI just pressed a few buttons04:58
bazhangpen try unchecking it then rechecking it04:58
palomerand now my firefox is opaque!04:58
palomerie, transparent04:58
palomerhow do I stop this stuff?04:58
palomerits freaking me out04:58
hatterno an internet dns does not resolve a name to an internet non-routable address04:58
bazhangpalomer: sounds like a compiz plug in04:58
hatterthat is not the point04:58
pen_bazhang: no restart between?04:58
n8tuserhatter, correct04:58
palomerthis is a fresh install!04:58
bazhangpen_: nay04:58
hatterthe point is, he is trying to get to his router via an ip address04:59
fredmvI hate to keep asking this, but does anyone know how to fix: " Unable to initialize SDL: No available video device".  I've got the latest sdl1.2 libs for Debian, as well as trying a 'xhost + localhost'.  Still, I get the same error...04:59
pen_bazhang: ok, now?04:59
hatterto which, dns has no part04:59
pen_bazhang: do I need to do any configuration?04:59
palomerI press shift something04:59
palomeror control something04:59
bazhangpen hang on a second04:59
n8tuserhatter and if he is using the ISP dns server to resolve an ip address thats 192.x.x.x it would not work04:59
palomeralt-mouse wheel04:59
Staghatter: i have tried restarting, but nothing has changed04:59
s_unixUnIdiot: in term input -> xset -b -> to stop Xorg bell04:59
Staghatter: I am confused! :S04:59
hattern8tuser,  no it doesnt, but no router asks for a domain name.05:00
bazhangpalomer try alt f2 metacity --replace05:00
UnIdiotanyway to do it perminatly?05:00
serachtI have gnome xchat05:00
serachtcan I remove join/part messages there05:00
hatterthey need an ip address on the same subnet05:00
UnIdiotor will that last after a reboot?05:00
hatterwhich doesnt need any dns05:00
Staghatter: could it have to to with the DHCP settings?05:00
n8tuserhatter, correct, if in same subnet05:00
hatterstag, yes, the dhcp gives out the ip address05:00
ToddEDMhow can i make a different movie plaer the default one ?05:00
palomeralt-mousewheel can change the opacity05:01
palomerpretty funky05:01
jrib!defaultapp > ToddEDM (read the private message from ubotu)05:01
Djangooit's gone now05:01
ubu2EADG: thanks, I'll take a look at it. yeah, I spend a lot of time in CLI and it sucks with low res =p05:01
UnIdiots_unix:  I want it completely disabled, in everything, so that it will never beep.05:01
Staghatter: should I disable the DHCP?05:01
UnIdiothow would i do that?05:01
pen_bazhang: now?05:01
hatterstag, so you need to make sure of two things, the dhcp server is turned on, and you havent set a static ip address on your box which os on a different subnet05:01
pen_bazhang: are u there?05:01
Staghatter: I am sure of both05:01
serachtguys, for getting the best looking themes, should I search for emerald or something else?05:01
hatterthen you should be able to ping the router05:01
s_unixUnIdiot:you can add it to  X boot srcipt05:01
hatterand make sure youdon't have two dhcp servers on the same network05:02
pen_!theme | seracht05:02
ubotuseracht: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy05:02
UnIdiotand how would i do that s_unix?05:02
UnIdiotthanks for the help btw05:02
jack-desktopwhats the easiest way to remove a window list from a panel05:02
Staghatter: I only have one router, could I still have 2dhcp's?05:02
titanix88guys, i had an interesting ubuntu slowdown issue. It was just working fine with compiz and gnome. Suddenly i found my login taking 10-15 minutes. Then i disabled gdm and installed kdm. Now it's fast again. Why??!05:02
serachtpen what should I look for though05:02
hatterstag, do you have wireless ?05:02
ToddEDMis VLC the best media player?05:02
Jewsus_Can someone help me determine why my computer is going so slow right now (using Ubuntu)?  Is there a way to see which process(es) are making it so slow?05:02
FourX4Luvn!best | ToddEDM05:03
ubotuToddEDM: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.05:03
pen_seracht: it's obvious, although I forgot the exact name, but it's something like theme or05:03
Staghatter: yes05:03
pen_bazhang: plz, I'm stuck here, low resolution05:03
n8tuserJewsus_--> start with top, whats the highest cpu usage?05:03
hattermost wireless devices have dhcp servers turned on by default05:03
s_unixUnIdiot: like mk a file in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/stopbell05:03
ToddEDMwould any of you consider VLC to be your favorite media player?05:03
Staghatter: yes I am sure it is still on, i have just checked05:03
samuelHow to list channels under ZhatZilla?05:03
bazhangpen you have the nvidia-glx-new installed?05:03
Stagit's always been on actually05:04
Jewsus_n8tuser, top of what? System monitor -> processes?05:04
n8tuserhatter come again? wireles devices have dhcp server turned on?05:04
titanix88Jewsus_: my pc was going slow too. but there was no detectable cpu or mem use.05:04
pen_bazhang: I think so05:04
pen_bazhang: it says the lastest05:04
usr13ToddEDM: mplayer05:04
hatterstag, wireless access point05:04
n8tuserJewsus_-->  on command line, type top05:04
bazhangpen_: open up synaptic and check please05:04
Staghatter: what do you mean?05:04
jribToddEDM: just try them and use what works for you05:04
n0greenf1i have and external usb hdd in ntfs format how do i share that with my macbook running os x??05:04
hatterstag, do you have a wireless access point or wireless router ? as a seperate little box to your modem ?05:04
Stagi have a router05:05
pen_bazhang: yes , it's marked05:05
pen_bazhang: and installed05:05
Staghatter: like a little box plugged into the wall downstairs05:05
n8tuserStag its best to describe the network layout you have, if you have drawing preferably05:05
jack-desktopwhats the easiest way to remove a window list from a panel05:05
pen_bazhang: btw, I haven't reboot yet05:05
pen_bazhang: you told me to wait05:05
hatterStag, what is this little box you speak of ?05:06
pen_bazhang: so what should I do now?05:06
FourX4Luvnjack-desktop: Right click on it and select "remove from panel"05:06
StagDLink G604T05:06
usr13Stag: What's the problem?  Are you unable to acquire IP settings from the DHCP server?  If so, try restarting the router, (sometimes the DHCP server wakes up after hard reset).05:06
Jewsus_the highest CPU usage is from a game I was playing, but that game won't respond when I try to close it.  How can I force it to close?05:06
jack-desktopFourX4Luvn, you can't right click on window list...05:06
FourX4Luvnjack-desktop: Don't right click on a window entry.. do it on the very edge of the window list05:06
Stagusr1: no, it's a much stanger thing05:06
bazhangpen this may take a few minutes to resolve--best to calm down first--we will get through this05:06
jack-desktopFourX4Luvn, i've been trying that, i cant ;o05:06
titanix88               *05:06
usr13Stag: What is it?05:06
n8tuserJewsus_--> how much cpu usage? to kill it, kill -15 pidofgame05:07
pen_bazhang: sorry, I just don't like low resolution05:07
jack-desktopnevermind i got it05:07
n8tuserJewsus_--> kill -15 pidofgame05:07
FourX4Luvnjack-desktop: My guess is you're still in the wrong area then.. The very left edge.. See a very faint set of little dots?  There.05:07
usr13Stag: What is your router's IP? ?05:07
bazhangpen you also have the nvidia-kernel-common?05:07
pen_bazhang: yes05:08
Stagusr1: xchat, pidgin and synaptic cant connect to the internet. firefox can. i can connect with xchat if i manually set the DNS; but if i change resolv.conf, give chattr +1 and restart, i cant access my router05:08
usr13Stag: Check the cable.  If you have a spare, replace it.  (Could have bad connector at one end or the other.)05:08
Stagusr1: yes
bazhangsudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf pen05:08
Stagusr1: it's wireless05:08
usr13Stag: Oh, well never mind about the cable.05:08
pen_bazhang: it's opened05:09
n8tuserStag are you only using wireless or also ethernet on same pc?05:09
usr13Stag: Are you not resolving domain names?05:09
Alyxanderanyone know of a way to install windows after i have installe dubuntu05:09
CVD-PRwhat is the equivalent of system("pause"); in linux?05:09
Staghatter: did you see Stagger_Lee just left the room? was i still logged in from before???05:09
usr13Stag: What happens when  you issue command:   host av.com05:09
bazhangpen does the file correctly identify your card?05:09
pen_and driver is nvidia05:09
Stagn8tuser: only wireless05:09
pen_says in Section Device05:10
n8tuserCVD-PR--> sleep ?05:10
Alyxanderanyone know of a way to install windows after i have installed ubuntu05:10
bazhangpen the line under busid paste this: Option"AddARGBVisuals""True"05:10
Stagusr1: av.com has address
Stagav.com has address
Stagav.com mail is handled by 50 av1-mrin.yahoo.com.05:10
Stagav.com mail is handled by 50 av2-mrin.yahoo.com.05:10
pen_Alyxander: google, there is a guide for it05:10
mo1neville - vmware server works great....  that way you can leave your ubu partition alone05:10
n8tuserStag re-establish your wireless connectivity, like sudo "ifdown wlan0; ifup wlan0"05:10
mo1and its free05:10
bazhangpen with the spaces--this is all from this link by the way: http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68765405:11
usr13Alyxander: If your computer will boot from any drive, you should be able to put MS on another drive.05:11
Ttechmo1,  yap05:11
pen_bazhang: no need, it's already there05:11
UnIdiotCan anyone help me disable the pc speaker bell in xubuntu permanently?05:11
usr13Stag: You are connected.05:11
n8tuserStag and do not try to modify resolv.conf unless you really have to05:11
pen_bazhang: what do you mean?05:11
Stagifdown wlan0; ifup wlan005:11
usr13Stag: You are connected amd resolving domain names.05:11
pen_bazhang: do you want to me delete the line Option "AddARGBVisuals" "True"05:11
Stagifdown: interface wlan0 not configured05:11
Stagifup: failed to open statefile /var/run/network/ifstate: Permission denied05:11
pen_bazhang: and insert the line you gave me?05:11
n8tuserStag that just re-establishes the connectivity.. ifdown then ifup05:12
bazhangpen_: and the section marked module is glx there? no dont delete that05:12
titanix88UnIdiot: unplug the little speaker inside the casing ;) (just kidding:)05:12
usr13Stag: Must be some sort of packet filtering going on.05:12
UnIdioti wish haha05:12
pen_bazhang: dbe glx05:12
mo1Alyx - have you considered running windows in a vmware session?05:12
n8tuserStag we assumed you were using wlan0, if another name perhaps eth0, then use eth005:12
pen_bazhang: two modules05:12
usr13Stag: Check your router settings.05:12
Stagn8tuser: oh, sorry! i am such a dork05:13
bazhangpen_: what is the second one05:13
pen_bazhang: what do you mean? the module section?05:13
DarkmystereErr, Can some one help me i beileave my network device was switched to ip6 some how...and Network Manager doesnt load at start up and none of my connection managers work wifi-manager and kwifi manager05:13
pen_load dbe *space* load glx05:13
UnIdiotcan anyone help me with disabling the pc speaker?05:13
UnIdiotvery annoying05:13
bazhangpen what is dbe? is that a fragment from envy? there should only be glx in there05:14
pen_bazhang: I don't know, maybe, but didn't you just let me do the reconfigure?05:14
usr13UnIdiot: Open Volume Control and turn off PC Speaker.05:14
FourX4LuvnUnIdiot: system > preferences > sound..   System Beep tab05:14
pen_bazhang: shouldn't it reconfigure the file ?05:15
bazhangpen_: remove the dbe--who knows what kind of envy stuff is still around05:15
pen_bazhang: oh05:15
Stagusr13: I get ifdown: interface eth1 not configured05:15
Stagifup: failed to open statefile /var/run/network/ifstate: Permission denied05:15
pen_bazhang: I comment it out05:15
pen_bazhang: any more to check?05:15
n8tuserDarkmystere--> verify you have ipv6 enabled,05:15
Q_ContinuumAnyone have time to help with Gusty Bluetooth connections?  (Can see the keyboard, can't get it to connect quite right)05:16
Stagusr13: if i give sudo iwconfig, i get IEEE 802.11g  ESSID:"G604T_WIRELESS"05:16
Stag          Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.437 GHz  Access Point: 00:0F:3D:B6:E4:D205:16
Stag          Bit Rate:54 Mb/s   Tx-Power:15 dBm05:16
Stag          Retry limit:15   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off05:16
Stag          Encryption key:off05:16
Stag          Power Management:off05:16
=== workmissions is now known as marsmissions
FloodBot2Stag: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:16
bazhangpen_: now save the file, close it and restart--if you have further problems write this down sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg05:16
usr13Stag: You are connected to the internet and resolving domain names, so....05:16
Geoffrey2I'm trying to figure out where a configuration script is looking for particular header files, but I'm not sure what file would list that?05:16
Stagusr13: so?05:16
NEEToEADG: it worked! that page you gave me worked! =D thank you so much05:17
usr13Stag: You are connected, right?05:17
Stagok, now i am05:17
pen_bazhang: ok05:17
=== NEETo is now known as ubu2
usr13You have proven that it is not a connection issue.05:17
Stagbut when i restart, i'll have the same problem05:17
ubu2EADG: er, wrong nick, but yeah, thanks =)05:17
usr13Stag: Yes, see...05:17
Darkmysteren8tuser, I went to network tools...and then selected my device and under protocals it said ip605:17
bazhangI hope he wrote that down05:17
usr13Stag: What happens when you restart?05:17
yell0whey guys, is there a bleeding edge repo somewhere where  i can get the latest stuff ?05:18
DarkmystereIm acctually in backtrak...beause i ant connect to the internet05:18
Darkmysterein ubuntu05:18
usr13Stag: Is this a new 7.10 install?05:18
bazhangwired or wireless Darkmystere05:18
Stagusr13: i can browse sites but cant connect to xchat, pidgin or repositories05:18
FourX4Luvnyell0w: Most bleeding edge Debian based distro that I can think of is Kanotix05:18
usr13Stag: Fully updated?05:18
UnIdiotok, how do I disable the pc speaker from the kernel05:18
UnIdioti don't ever want to have to deal with it05:18
Stagusr13: yes. strangely enough, the previous install did not have this issue.05:18
bazhangyell0w: backports05:18
Darkmysterebazhang, Wireless05:18
asdrubalUnIdiot, bios, or cut the wires hehe05:19
yell0wFourX4Luvn: i like to stick with ubuntu05:19
bazhangDarkmystere: what card05:19
n8tuserDarkmystere--> you can turn them off in  /etc/modprobe.d/aliases05:19
Stagusr13: yeah fully updated05:19
yell0wbazhang: anything more bleeding edge than backports ?05:19
Darkmysterebazhang, Atheros AR5006EG05:19
UnIdiotok then05:19
yell0wbazhang: like debian's sid ?05:19
FourX4Luvnyell0w: My bad.. I read "distro"  sorry05:19
Stagusr13: should i re-install ubuntu?05:19
UnIdiothow to turn off in terminal, or whatever doing ctrl alt f2 is05:19
usr13Stag: No.  Look ad dmesg for  clues05:19
bazhangyellow you want bleeding edge? #fedora ;]05:19
usr13Stag: Just restart and see if it happens again?05:20
kasan_sweatUsing mc, I'm copying a large amount of data from a FAT32 (internal, don't ask) drive to an external ext3 USB drive. It is EXTREMELY slow--but not steady, as in, it copies in "bursts" - any ideas on how to aleviate this?05:20
yell0wthey don't use apt05:20
bazhangyellow or sidux05:20
NaisenuHi. I am trying to get dual monitor setup working on Ubuntu. Using an nVidia GeForce 6600GT (no problems with the driver previously.) Went through "sudo dpkg -reconfigure xserver-xorg". It appeared to "switch" primary monitors around. Now one monitor is only showing "blue" and the other one has "no signal". Connecting the "no signal" with VGA. Blue screen is DVI.05:20
n8tuserUnIdiot--> what do you want turned off?05:20
yell0wbazhang: and i really don't know how their driver support is05:20
Stagusr13: when i restart, is there any command i should execute for diagnostics so i can report here?05:20
UnIdiotn8tuser: internal speaker beeps05:20
yell0wbazhang: i have a system running stable already05:20
n8tuseryell0w--> yum is their equivalent to apt-get05:20
Kitar|sthttp://wiresmash.com/gaming/top-5-amazing-free-games-you-probably-never-played-and-should/ great list05:21
Kitar|stanyone for a game05:21
FourX4Luvnit's still RPM based though... phbbbt05:21
bazhangyellow just a joke--bleeding edge debian is sidux, for ubuntu backports is about as out there as it gets unless you want to try hardy alpha 4 ;]05:21
yell0wbazhang:  do you know what happen to grumpy groundhog ?05:21
KiD_ChAoSdoes anyone here use limewire under Unbuntu and are happy with it?05:21
Geoffrey2more bleeding edge than backports?  well, I suppose there's gutsy-proposed (pre-release updates)05:21
bazhangyellow or wait for 8.10 intrepid ibex05:21
n8tuserUnIdiot--> sometimes you cant just cut of the wires, because its soldered in the mobo05:21
UnIdiotARGH....the speaker still beeps in XFCE when i reach the end of a list with the arrow keys... is there no relief!05:21
UnIdioti can't take this stupid pc speaker beep though05:22
Stagusr13: check this out: before I set the DNS manually and i managed to enter XChat. Now the DNS has been manually reset and I cant access Pidgin!05:22
UnIdiotthere has to be a way to disable it!05:22
yell0wGeoffrey2: that's outside/aside of multiverse and backports ?05:22
bazhangUnIdiot: turn off all system sounds that should do it05:22
nickrudUnIdiot: blacklist the pcspkr module05:22
n8tuseryell0w--> you want bleeding edge? why not go embedded linux, or uclinux ?05:22
=== exp_ is now known as Hammsand
g35cif i dont have pump, how can i manually set the ip, subnet mask, and default gateway of my wifi card?05:22
Geoffrey2um, power down the computer and physically yank the magnet out of the speaker?05:22
Naisenu(*hopes someone knows about dual-monitors*)05:22
UnIdiotnickrud: how would i do that, i tried, but it still beeps, but i may have done it wrong05:22
KiD_ChAoSis Limewire a good choice for unbuntu05:23
usr13Stag: Did you do a hard reset on the Router?05:23
FourX4LuvnUnIdiot: http://www.linux.org/docs/ldp/howto/Visual-Bell-8.html05:23
penbazhang: still no use05:23
bazhang!xinerama | Naisenu05:23
n8tusergr35c easy, modify your /etc/network/interfaces file05:23
ubotuNaisenu: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead05:23
Stagi did today to see if restarting would change something, but nothing has changed05:23
bazhangsudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg pen05:23
penbazhang: I'm still in low resolution05:23
Naisenuthanks bazhang05:23
yell0wn8tuser: i got an ubuntu system running stably, i don't want to venture to antyhing else, my problem is there are a few things that i want the latest of05:23
nickrudUnIdiot: you added a file to /etc/modules.d/ , with the line    blacklist pcspkr   in it?05:23
g35cn8tuser: thats it?\05:23
nickrudUnIdiot: doh, /etc/modprobe.d that is05:24
UnIdiotis that it?05:24
penbazhang: what now?05:24
Ithappenswhats the command to remove something added to repositories?05:24
nickrudthat's it05:24
UnIdioti edited the file blacklist in that folder...05:24
bazhangKiD_ChAoS: gtk-gnutella or frostwire05:24
n8tuseryell0w--> then you are saying bleeding edge but yet you dont want to change things05:24
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama05:24
FourX4LuvnUnIdiot: You using Bash?05:24
Darkmysterenickrud, My Network Manager wont load at startup also when i choose network from administrator list it doesnt have enable roaming mode..05:24
KiD_ChAoSbazhang, are they fast?05:24
bazhangpen sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg05:24
bladezorDoes anyone know if Parallels is going to have Coherence for linux?05:24
n8tuseryell0w--> incompatible statements05:24
bazhangKiD_ChAoS: yup05:24
penbazhang: I did it05:24
UnIdiotFourX4Luvn: don't really know, what comes with stock xubuntu05:24
nickrudUnIdiot: I don't edit that file, I create my own. But the end result should be the same05:24
KiD_ChAoSwhich one do you use bazhang05:24
UnIdiotok, ill try creating one05:25
Geoffrey2oh, I'm running ./configure in trying to build a program from source...several header files that ARE installed aren't being properly detected...I'm trying to figure out why, and was hoping I could figure out somehow what directories the scripts were actually checking in?05:25
HammsandOkay so when i hit the mute button on my keyboard there is a OSD that pops up showing a speaker with an X on it,  and when i push volume up it also shows OSD's.   However it's not the correct track on my sound card, so nothing happens.   I fixed this problem by selecting preferences for the 'volume icon' on the taskbar, and changing it to  'analog front'    can i change these same settings for the On Screen Displays?05:25
usr13Stag: If it refuses to acquire IP info, just pick an IP that is outside the DHCP's pool and set to static IP and put known to be good nameserver  IPs in /etc/resolv.conf05:25
ubu2yay, links2 -g RAWKS05:25
CVD-PRthe suspend its working in ubuntu?05:25
yell0wn8tuser: i want to know if there's anything within ubuntu that's more bleeding edge than backports ?05:25
g35cn8tuser: werent there some commands to do it/05:25
nickrudDarkmystere: I know little to nothing about networkmanager05:25
bazhangKiD_ChAoS: not really a user, just an innocent bystander but folks here seem to like both05:25
brian_Hello all, would anyone mind giving me a hand setting up php?05:25
KiD_ChAoSbazhang, ok05:25
prettyricky_where can I get some widgets for ubuntu 7.10??05:25
penbazhang: what shoudl I do now?05:25
VulcanisGuys, my wifi range was halved when I booted into ubuntu, I manged to fix it with iwconfig ath0 txpower 16, but I need to do that every reboot.  CAn you give me a more perminant solution?05:25
bazhangprettyricky_: with compiz or without05:26
n8tuseryell0w--> dont know, i thought you want a really bleeding edge, and i suggested those two05:26
FourX4LuvnUnIdiot: I think it's bash.  Look for .bashrc in your home folder.. If you do add "set bell-style none" to it.  That should stop the speaker in the terminal.. and the other setting in gnome should stop it from any graphical programs.05:26
prettyricky_I currently have compiz05:26
Stagusr13: it usually acquires IP info no problem, except when i edit resolv.conf with my own DNS05:26
n8tuserg35c--> only vim /etc/network/interfaces05:26
bazhangscreenlets then prettyricky_05:26
prettyricky_does it matter if I have it05:26
Darkmysterenickrud, Wifi-Manager doesnt work either05:26
Darkmysterenickrud, *wifi-radar05:26
FourX4LuvnUnIdiot: You'll have to log out and back in again for the change to take affect05:26
brian_Hello all, would anyone mind giving me a hand setting up php.. I'm trying to set up a webserver but I can't seem to tell if PHP is correctly installed05:26
nickrudDarkmystere: I know even less abut wifi-radar :)05:26
bazhangwww.screenlets.org prettyricky_05:26
g35cn8tuser: hmm ok, but i remember last time, a user here gave me some commands to do it but ill give it a try05:27
penbazhang: I will reboot then05:27
n8tuserStage i suggest do not fool around with resolv.conf lest you really have to05:27
prettyricky_cool thanks!05:27
Hammsandwow you guys suck,  all i had to do was go into System/Preferences/Sound     thanks for nothing05:27
usr13Stag: Well, I dono05:27
nickrudDarkmystere: If networkmanager hadn't worked for me, I might have had to learn something ;)05:27
bazhanghammsand your welcome05:27
Darkmysterenickrud, :/ iwconfig doesnt work either.... nor kwifi-manager..05:27
Stagusr13: do you think reinstalling could get me out of this trouble? I have been trying to solve this for 4 days!05:27
FourX4LuvnDarkmystere: Have you looked into wicd?05:28
spowerswhat's the normal process for an important fix to be backported from hardy to gutsy?05:28
usr13Stag: No05:28
DarkmystereFourX4luvn, wicd?05:28
FourX4LuvnDarkmystere: I had the same problem.. neither of those working.. nor did wpa_supplicant.. but wicd worked a treat for me on my laptop05:28
Stagusr13: so what should I do now? just restart and then pay attention to what?05:28
brian_Hello all, would anyone mind giving me a hand setting up php.. I'm trying to set up a webserver but I can't seem to tell if PHP is correctly installed05:28
n8tuserspowers umm time is of the essence, wait til next release?05:28
DarkmystereFourX4luvn, any links?05:28
nickrudspowers: depends on the fix, sometimes it'll show up in gutsy-backports or -updates . The dev's are very conservative about what 'important' is05:28
spowersmy trackerd is using about 2gb of ram, and i found a bug in launchpad about it.  The fix has been uploaded to hardy, but is not yet available in backports05:28
FourX4LuvnDarkmystere: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WICD05:30
DarkmystereFourX4luvn,nickrud, well it used to work before i tried booting Windows partion from VMware Workstation with root previlages....then everything turned read-only and then i did fsck /dev/sda5 (ubuntu partion) that fixed that but i havent been able to use networking since..05:30
Stagusr13: should i restart and report dmesg to you?05:30
UnIdiotnickrud: It says that the folder is not writable, i have no idea what im doing05:30
usr13Stag: Just check to see if it is connected properly.  host av.com  ; route -n ; ifconfig ; iwconfig ; ping or ping  etc.05:30
bazhanghttp://wicd.sourceforge.net/ Darkmystere also here05:30
UnIdioti tried to make a blacklist file in abiword05:30
nickrudUnIdiot: oh, bad idea. use    sudoedit05:30
Darkmysterebazhang, also look at what i typed for nickrud and Fourx4luvn?05:30
Stagusr13: thanks a lot for your help05:30
Stagusr13: i will try this05:31
usr13Stag: If   host av.com  returns IP info, you are connected and resolving domain names.05:31
Stagok, i'll see what happens05:31
usr13Stag: Very good.05:31
caligarn1037my firefox won't let me do "copy image" with right click...has anybody hacked through this problem. or know where the solution is on the net?05:31
Staghatter: thanks for your help05:31
UnIdiotnickrud: PM'd05:31
Stagn8tuser: thank you05:32
Stagi'll probably be back in 5 mins lol05:32
usr13caligarn1037: You mean "Save Image As"?05:32
n8tuserStag no sweat..come back again05:32
DarkmystereErr, Can some one upload the .deb...i cant access any Ubuntu install with internet meaning i cant get to synaptics..05:32
caligarn1037usr13: no, Cop image05:32
caligarn1037copy image...05:32
bazhangcaligarn1037: why not just save image as05:32
penbazhang: something is wrong here05:32
dibzhow do i keep my grub conf from losing the kernel options i pass when apt-get updates grub?05:33
brian_Does anyone know anything about apache05:33
penbazhang: with the addtional flag -phigh, it worked05:33
penbazhang: but05:33
bazhangpen which is why I said envy uhoh at the outset05:33
caligarn1037usr13: save image is possible...it makes it a lot easier to copy image and then paste directly into, say, openoffice05:33
usr13caligarn1037: "Save image as..."05:33
n8tuserdibz--> umm save a file copy?05:33
dibzbrian_ im sure someone does05:33
penbazhang: when I enable compiz, it says it need to enable nvidia driver and I reboot again05:33
dibzn8tuser ummm i mean without my intervention05:33
brian_Well, I just need to know how to set it so it receives files from my computer05:33
penbazhang: then it's not working again05:33
caligarn1037usr13: i don't see, though, why this ability is lost in ubuntu05:33
spowerscaligarn1037: i do not believe that this is possible using firefox05:33
penbazhang: why?05:33
caligarn1037spowers: ive done it before though05:33
n8tuserdibz--> what is so wrong with a lil intervention? making a copy?05:33
spowersperhaps on windows05:33
bazhangpen: to enable compiz try alt f2 compiz --replace05:34
brian_As in I access the server from firefox and I want a specific folder on my computer to be the one it goes to05:34
usr13caligarn1037: Highlight it with the mouse and do Ctrl-c  and then  Ctrl-v in openoffice05:34
bladezorDoes anyone know if Parallels is going to have Coherence for linux?05:34
FourX4Luvncaligarn1037: Maybe on the Windows version.  Closest to copy image I have is "Copy image location"05:34
penbazhang: I did that in appearance,05:34
caligarn1037usr13: hm..ill try that.05:34
penbazhang: is that wrong?05:34
spowersbladezor: virtualbox already does something similar05:34
dibzn8tuser thanks , ill ask someone else , i know its possible , just cant remeber how i did it last time05:34
FourX4Luvncaligarn1037: Which would simply copy the URL.. not the image itself05:34
caligarn1037FourX4Luvn: yah...same here05:34
caligarn1037FourX4Luvn: it's a bit tedious of a function05:34
bladezorspowers, yes but virtual box does not support DirectX05:34
bazhangpen do you have ccsm installed?05:34
spowersbladezor: bummer05:34
caligarn1037i hope firefox 3 comes up with a solution05:34
=== z4w3p_ is now known as z4w3p
bobby_Firefox 3 beta 3 is amazing05:34
brambofirefox 3 beta?05:35
spowersbobby_: i pulled the nightly and tried it today... VERY fast!05:35
pentotally agree with you, firefox 3 beta 3 is good05:35
n8tuserdibz--> you dont like simple solution huh? hehe05:35
penbut with some glitches05:35
caligarn1037ctrl-C works.05:35
dibzn8tuser lol05:35
penbazhang: so, should I just run compiz --replace?05:35
caligarn1037usr13: thanks man05:35
usr13caligarn1037: caligarn1037 I do not think it is an issue with firefox.  Content is offered in different ways from websites and so there are different methods of retrieving it.05:35
bobby_I hear webkit is giving Gecko a run for it's money though05:35
spowersHOWEVER, i do not know of very many GTK+ or GNOME apps that support copying and pasting complex image types such as audio or images (which is strange, this has been supported by for example mac os 8 since the mid 90s)05:36
penbazhang: ?05:36
bobby_they say the new build of Safari is EXTREMELY faST05:36
n8tuserdibz--> to me, making a cp of a menu.lst before update is quite simple..hehe05:36
bazhangpen once you have things the way you like after the -phigh then try it that way yes05:36
caligarn1037usr13: nah...i scooped around and it's certainly one limitation in the linux firefox05:36
penbazhang: ok05:36
caligarn1037usr13: ctrl-c is a good work around though05:36
dibzn8tuser i dont want to have to do that every time i run apt-get update on many boxes05:36
dibzits just annoying05:36
spowerscaligarn1037: I believe QT and KDE apps do support copying image data.  That might not get you anywhere, but i'm just tossing it out there05:36
dibzand error prone05:36
* nickrud will be interested in the new epiphany, it's supposed to be able to use webkit05:36
spowerscaligarn1037: for example, you may be able to right-click an image in konqueror and paste it into ... uh, some other kde app05:37
n8tuserdibz not really, if you include this in  your script, you know you have a file you can fall-back on05:37
prettyricky_How in the world do you use screenlets?? Confused?05:37
caligarn1037spowers: that's a bit tedious.05:37
dibzn8tuser ok , thanks05:37
n8tuserdibz--> i dont see how copying a file can be error prone05:37
bazhangprettyricky_: you read their faq?05:37
caligarn1037spowers: but usr13's work around is good enough for me05:37
dibzn8tuser you have not admined many boxes?05:37
n8tuserdibz not in the thousands only hundres05:38
spowerscaligarn1037: it's a long standing issue with X framework clipboards unfortunately05:38
dibzthen you must have a lot of spare time05:38
spowersespecially gtk.05:38
dibzor no custom configurations05:38
dibzthat you dont want hosed05:38
weexI'm trying out xubuntu 8.04 alpha 3 on an old p3 with 256mb of ram and as a lark thought i might try to run compiz on it. Unfortunately apt-get couldn't find compiz-core. Are there sources I can put in so this will work?05:38
bramboalot of packages i try say error wrong architecture i386 in red print, is this cause i have ubuntu 64bit?05:38
n8tuserdibz someones got to do it.. <wink>05:38
g35chow do i change my shell from fluxbox to icewm?05:38
serachthey guys with Evolution, how do I remove the category (on the left) On this Computer05:39
nickrudweex: you should ask about 8.04 on #ubuntu+105:39
g35ci have the command line version installed only right now and when i do startx it goes into fluxbox, anyway to change it to icewm?05:39
caligarn1037spowers: really?...maybe it'll be solved in 8.;04?05:39
serachtI just want to show my e-mail accounts05:39
spowerscaligarn1037: don't count on it.05:39
prettyricky_well I extracted and it says to make install, but when I do that in the terminal it says no rule to make targer05:39
usr13g35c: You should have option in the login menus.05:39
spowerscaligarn1037: by long standing issue, i mean i don't think anyone's invented a fix for the problem yet.  sure would like someone to prove otherwise05:39
g35cusr13: i have the command line version instaleld only05:39
g35cand i added x.org manually after installing it, but fluxbox seems to be the default05:40
brambodoes anybody know what im saying?05:40
spowerscaligarn1037: then again firefox may not be the best app, as it is not truly GNOME, but only ancillarily so05:40
spowerscaligarn1037: GIMP supports copy/paste of images..  Maybe try copying an image or image segment in gimp and pasting to Openoffice?05:40
nickrudbrambo: yes, if you are running 64bit, you will have problems with 32bit software installation05:40
brambothere is no way around it? cuz it seems most every thing i get in  .deb dont work05:41
caligarn1037spowers: i did that....i've tried out most of the convenient work arounds...but i'd prefer the immediacy of this simple function....05:41
bramboi got 64bit figuring it would be fast for me05:41
usr13g35c: startkde or startfluxbox starticewm05:41
caligarn1037spowers: im patient about a fix though05:41
spowerscaligarn1037: does it work though?05:41
spowerscaligarn1037: i mean, between GIMP and Ooo05:41
caligarn1037spowers: yah, that works fine...i think it's a firefox thing05:42
usr13g35c: icewm-session to start IceWM05:42
caligarn1037spowers: not an ubuntu problem05:42
nickrudbrambo: you should be installing things with synaptic , rather than downloading random stuff off the net, anyway05:42
spowerscaligarn1037: you might try grabbing a firefox 3 beta and see if you can get it working there05:42
KuroachiaI've asked this before but I'm still looking for recomendations if anyone knows of any decent apps for CAD modeling. Qcad has been nice for 2D diagrams but I need 3D and Blender just isn't cutting it.05:43
caligarn1037spowers: i was thinking about that...have you played around with FF3 yet?05:43
caligarn1037spowers: im not sure how stable it is yet.05:43
brian_Can anyone tell me what I have to do to configure apache to host /home/user/public_html?05:43
bramboyea but .deb just seems the easiest quickest way for me to install things thats why i use it..i can never get .rpm files or install anything out of a .bin file i guess im somewhat a linux noob05:43
nickrudBrian323:  sudo a2enmod userdir && sudo invoke-rc.d apache2 restart05:43
StaggerLeei'm back05:43
StaggerLeeusr13: are you there?05:43
UnIdiotThansk to nickrud, I am now beep free!05:44
nickrudbrambo: rpm files don't install on ubuntu at all :)05:44
nickrudUnIdiot: yw05:44
brambothanks for that05:44
FourX4LuvnKuroachia: I have no experience with any of these programs, so don't ask me how good they are.. but here's a list you may want to look at:  http://www.tech-edv.co.at/lunix/CADlinks.html05:44
n8tuserg35c--> what do you have in your /usr/share/gnome/wm-properties  ?05:44
VulcanisDoes anyone know of a more perminant fix than iwconfig ath0 txpower 16 to fixing wifi range?05:44
nickrudbrambo: if you see something on the net you find interesting, look for it in system->admin->synaptic . 95% or better will be there, ready for installation05:44
brambowhat are all the compatible files for ubuntu?05:44
bramboooh ic05:45
serachthey guys I'm not sure what's wrong05:45
serachtbut on 1 desktop I only have 1 window open05:45
serachtand when I alt tab05:45
serachtit like shifts the alt-tab window05:45
serachtto the left05:45
StaggerLeen8tuser: are you there?05:45
serachtand it isn't centered05:45
nickrud!enter | seracht05:45
ubotuseracht: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:45
n8tuserVulcanis--> the driver must support it, if not, you are out of luck.. iwpriv  to show what it supports05:45
bramboi guess 64bit wasn't quite the way to go for me05:45
n8tuserStaggerLee--> yes am here05:45
Kuroachiafourx4luvn: thanks, I'll take a looK!05:45
nickrudbrambo: I use 64bit myself, and get just about anything I want in synaptic05:46
Vulcanisn8t: It lets me do iwconfig txpower, it just does not hold into next reboot05:46
chiefinnovator#join scipy05:46
usr13caligarn1037: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/24305:46
StaggerLeen8tuser: where can i paste the log so you can give it a look? host av.com is not good05:46
n8tuserVulcanis--> you may be able to use postup  in /etc/network/interfaces05:46
Vulcanishell, even cowsay ins in synaptic05:46
Vulcanisn8t: I'm pretty new, can you help with that?05:47
nickrudand vrms :)05:47
n8tuserVulcanis or in the scripts directory under /etc/network05:47
bramboi dunno if this is the wrong question for here, but do u know of an application like winamp i can use to play online radio station? i know one site but its not a application it streams music but it dont load05:47
nickrudbrambo: streamtuner works pretty well05:47
brambothats in synaptic?05:47
n8tuserVulcanis i really cant tell you what options your driver supports, mine does nt have many options05:47
nickrudbrambo: yes05:47
arekkusu_brambo: you can add radio stream to Rythmbox if that's what you're looking for05:47
OnyxI'm looking for someone to help with troubleshooting my audio issues in wine.  Anyone up for it?05:48
usr13caligarn1037:  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/231905:48
n8tuser!pastebin > StaggerLee-->05:48
StaggerLeen8tuser: i pasted it here http://rafb.net/p/oDYsCg35.html05:48
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:48
kozazzi have some question05:48
jack-desktopis there a keylogger type program for linux like whatpulse?05:48
kozazzhow can i get " mms:// "05:49
StaggerLeen8tuser: here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56815/ :)05:49
n8tuserStaggerLee--> i didnt spot any issues with the 1st paste you had05:49
usr13kozazz: vlc or mplayer05:49
kozazzusr13 : i try mplayer but ...05:50
StaggerLeen8tuser: really? how about ;; Warning: Message parser reports malformed message packet.05:50
StaggerLee;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached05:50
arekkusu_kozazz: It play fine in totem too. (on my box if I go to this URL by default it launch totem)05:50
n8tuserStaggerLee--> nor the second, and what is the issue?05:50
OnyxI have no audio in any applications run with wine, but audio works perfectly natively.  When I run winecfg, I get "ALSA lib ../../src/conf.c:3949:(snd_config_expand) Unknown parameters 0" and "ALSA lib ../../../src/pcm/pcm.c:2144:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM default:0" from the command line.  Any attempt to mess with audio settings in the audio tab of winecfg results in an "Audio test failed!" dialog box.05:50
usr13kozazz: gxine mms://
CarlFKdanbhfive: sudo cat fstab.txt | sudo tee /etc/fstab <- dosn't  --append!!!05:51
n8tuserStaggerLee--> it resolved google.com for you,05:51
spowersI am a huge fan of the update-manager tray icon and system for getting updates.  Is there a version I can deploy on my servers?  I'm talking specifically about its ability to automatically install security updates without confirmation.05:51
StaggerLeen8tuser: indeed. and it makes sense, i am always able to browse the internet. i am confused05:52
serachthi, is it possible to put an application in start up in a certain desktop?05:52
usr13kozazz: totem  mms://
bramboUnable to tune in...Failed to execute child process. "xmms" (no such file or directory) um what did i do ?05:52
serachtsorry, can I start up evolution in workspace 4, when I turn on my computer05:52
n8tuserStaggerLee--> you are able to browse web sites yes?05:52
g35cis there a shortcut to open a terminal in fluxbox?05:52
usr13brambo: What are you tryint to play?05:52
StaggerLeeusr13: do you have time to give my log a look? http://rafb.net/p/oDYsCg35.html05:52
Vulcanis_n8t: What were the commands again? I'm sorry, I was running mirc through wine and it decided to die05:52
brambo.977 hits05:52
usr13brambo: sent url05:53
StaggerLeen8tuser: yes, but still i could not enter Xchat or pidgin until i edited the DNJS05:53
g35ci did startx and i get a blue background and with "one" in the bottom left corner, but i have no icons and cant open a s hell05:53
arekkusu_brambo: sudo apt-get install xmms05:53
CVD-PRbueno c ya later05:53
n8tuserVulcanis--> you may be able to use postup  in /etc/network/interfaces..man interfaces05:53
=== dibz is now known as BigDaddy1
arekkusu_brambo: or in the package manager if you prefer... just install xmms and it'll will work :)05:54
=== BigDaddy1 is now known as mohadib
n8tuserStaggerLee--> which file you have to edit?05:54
usr13StaggerLee: Your wireless connection appears to be working ok.05:54
g35cStaggerLee: try dhcpclient05:55
StaggerLeeusr13: so you guys have do not have an idea why this is happening to me?05:55
n8tuserStaggerLee--> i dont have a grasp of what the issue is yet05:55
g35canyway shortcut keys to open a shell from fluxbox?05:56
usr13StaggerLee: What nameservers are you using?05:56
[chr0n0s]how do i stop gnome to show those huge previews for pdf files/images ?05:56
penbazhang: I think I found the reason05:56
StaggerLeen8user: I was here before as Stag, sorry guys maybe you did not recognize me?05:56
penbazhang: right now I still can't get it to work05:56
bazhangpen what was it05:56
bullgard4What programs use or evaluate the contents of the file /var/log/udev?05:56
penbazhang: but I think maybe because I recently upgrade some libs for the new evince05:56
penbazhang: I went to packages.ubuntu05:56
n8tuserStaggerLee--> i asked you which file you have to modify?05:56
bramboyes install that worked thank u05:57
brambomusic )05:57
penbazhang: and I upgrade some libgtk libglib libpango etc05:57
bazhangpen how did you upgrade them? outside of ubuntu apt?05:57
penbazhang: they are in hardy05:57
g35canyay to open a shell via a shortcut or someway in fluxbox?05:57
penbazhang: and they remove all the dev files05:57
bazhangpen aha05:57
penbazhang: yea05:57
penbazhang: that's why it's acting weird05:57
StaggerLeei go to manual config in the connection manager, DNS tab, enter my provider's DNS05:57
bazhangpen that and envy would seem to be it then05:57
penbazhang: why envy?05:57
brambothere is a new firefox?05:58
penbazhang: this has nothing to do with envy05:58
arekkusu_brambo: No problem :) A small trick: when you have a error message paste it into google (with Ubuntu for exemple) and you have a good chance to get your anwser05:58
penbazhang: just my mistake05:58
usr13StaggerLee: What nameservers are you using?05:58
StaggerLeen8tuser: and remove
bramboaah thanks05:58
penbazhang: now I'm just asking how to downgrade05:58
penbazhang: so I can get all the packages back?05:58
bramboi think i will leave this window open very often alot of tips thx05:58
Geoffrey2ok, I'm trying to install an application from source, when running ./configure, several .h files that are definitely installed aren't being found...I'm trying to figure out what directories are actually being searched....anyone have any ideas?05:58
StaggerLeeusr13: and
ploompen, why all packages?05:58
bazhangpen you have done so much customization with the hardy libs and envy I am not sure how you can get back05:59
penploom: I want to downgrade some packages05:59
ploompen, usually its easier to fix them and install new versions ;-)05:59
penbazhang: easy, just downgrade the libs05:59
g35cusr13: do you know if there is a way to open a shell via a shortcut of some sort in fluxbox, i have no icons in my fluxbox desktop and i dont know how to open a shell.05:59
penploom: but with the new packages, they conflict with the dev files05:59
usr13StaggerLee: Verify your nameservers.  Plug them in one at a time and do host av.com   or   host yahoo.com  or  host google.com  and verify that each one is resolving domain names.05:59
ploompen,  anyways - aptitude is my friend in doing just that06:00
n8tuserStaggerLee--> paste into pastebin the contents of your /etc/nsswitch.conf06:00
bazhangpen then have at it; but that kind of customization is just what this channel abhors and often leads to troubles like your own06:00
njolhow to "make, make install" debian way?06:00
penbazhang: so how do I downgrade packages?06:00
usr13StaggerLee: See how fast they resolve a domain name for you.  One may be responding very slow.  The fastest one should be first in the list.06:00
ploompen, it provides nice suggestions to choose from - even when downgrading06:00
penwhat should i type in ploom06:00
n8tusernjol--> no difference to others, if you have the Makefile and the targets for it06:01
usr13StaggerLee: Try using the router's IP address.  (Most routers have caching name server enabled, and if it is not, enable it, and use it for  primary nameserver.)06:01
StaggerLeeusr13: i get the problems when i use the autodetected dns, when i use the one i told you i am fine06:01
g35cn8tuser: do you know if there is a way to open a shell via a shortcut of some sort in fluxbox, i have no icons in my fluxbox desktop and i dont know how to open a shell.06:01
jeffMASTERflexubu2: i figured out the framebuffer issue if you haven't already06:01
usr13StaggerLee: nameserver
z3xdoes anyone know the boot option to disable bluetooth?06:02
n8tuserg35c--> am not familiar with fluxbox, btw  what shows up in /usr/share/gnome/06:02
StaggerLeeusr13: yes, it is when i use as nameserver for dns that i cant connect to xchat, pidgin or synaptic repositories06:02
usr13StaggerLee: If one of the nameservers is slow or un-reliable, report it to your ISP and ask for an alternative.06:02
jeffMASTERflexz3x: go to System/Administration/Services and disable it06:02
n8tuserStaggerLee--> you dont connect to xchat, you connect to the irc servers06:02
ubu2jeffMASTERflex: EADG gave me this link and it worked! http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-652038.html06:02
z3xI'd love to jeffMASTERflex, but I can't get it to boot in the first place06:02
Flannel!pinning | pen06:03
ubotupen: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto06:03
Vulcanis_Hm, hopefully it won't lag horribly this time06:03
usr13StaggerLee: See that the router's caching nameserver is turned on.  And that it has the fastest, most reliable nameserver at top of it's list.)06:03
ubu2finally kicking butt in the CLI06:03
z3xthus the request for the boot param06:03
penFlannel: I think I will use aptitude for now06:03
Flannelpen: Depending on what all you've done, it may be faster to backup and reinstall.06:03
StaggerLeen8tuser: sorry! i cant connect to irc servers06:03
penFlannel: reinstall???06:03
anonymous_anybody know what this means? sh: 2/DOOM: not found06:03
anonymous_LoadPlugin: /usr/lib/libdpdehread06:03
anonymous_LoadPlugin: /usr/lib/libdpmapload06:03
bazhangFlannel: envy and hardy libs06:03
usr13StaggerLee: Check the router's WAN settings.06:03
AtomicSparkwhat no ubuntu ps3 channel?06:03
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »06:04
n8tuserStaggerLee--> what exact errors were you getting?06:04
jeffMASTERflexubu2: cool, i solved it independently, it just took uncommenting some modules and adding them to initram. i wish i didn't have such an awkward resolution though, 1024 X 768 doesn'tdo it for me06:04
Flannelpen: envy and a partial upgrade are rather odd and potentially dangerous (well, for stability anyway) experiments06:04
penFlannel, ok I will avoid envy from now on, maybe :S06:04
brambois there any better messenger but gaim which i cant get to work, and pidgin, any yahoo messenger for ubuntu so i can use webcam etc?06:05
anonymous_I tried envy and it locked up my system, had to reinstall ubuntu06:05
StaggerLeen8tuser: i get  Tcl plugin for XChat - Version 1.6206:05
StaggerLee Copyright 2002-2005 Daniel P. Stasinski06:05
StaggerLee http://www.scriptkitties.com/tclplugin/06:05
StaggerLee Tcl interface loaded06:05
usr13StaggerLee: If  you find that one of the suggested nameserver's is not working or not performing well, report it to your ISP.06:05
FloodBot2StaggerLee: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:05
n0greenf1anyone have any luck with the iphone and ubunut06:05
StaggerLeen8tuser: Perl interface loaded06:05
StaggerLee Python interface loaded06:05
StaggerLee* Ricerca di irc.ubuntu.com06:05
StaggerLee* Connessione a irc.ubuntu.com ( porta 6667...06:05
n8tuserStaggerLee--> dont paste here, you should know by now06:05
StaggerLeen8user: sorry, my bad06:06
AtomicSparkdo we have a ps3 channel? i'm installing it right now. :306:06
z3xdoes anyone know the boot param to disable bluetooth? I can't get the live cd to boot past it06:06
Decayhello all06:06
AtomicSparkz3x: try disabling it in your bios.06:06
StaggerLeen8tuser: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56816/06:07
n8tuserAtomicSpark--> am curious, do you require a special cable to load your ps3 ? what cable do you use?06:07
FourX4Luvnbrambo: I've never used it, but aMSN supports webcam06:07
AzMooHey, I want to have a modem answer a telephone call and redirect the voice directly to the sound card. Can I do that? If so, how?06:07
brambonothing for yahoo?06:07
AtomicSparkn8tuser: no followed instructions here: http://psubuntu.com06:07
FourX4Luvnbrambo: No idea, sorry06:07
ubu2jeffMASTERflex: check your /etc/usplash.conf resolution to see if it matches06:07
Decaywho know as connecting by vpn from Ubuntu pptp  to FreeBSD vpn-server mpd 3.18 ?06:08
brambonp thanks for help06:08
AtomicSparkn8tuser: pretty easy to follow. you have to reformat your ps3 though to make room. so you have to back up all your saved stuff (i was too lazy).06:08
n8tuserStaggerLee--> i dont see any errors, or maybe i dont comprehend italiano, but i dont see connect error06:08
=== chaos_ is now known as Vulcanis
Survivormanbrambo, try kopete yet?06:08
AntiUSAis there a guide to installing windows after I have already installed Ubuntu?06:08
ploompen, aptitude06:09
VulcanisHmm, apparently txpower doesn't even last 5 minutes...06:09
n8tuserAtomicSpark--> i meant the physical cable to load your ps3..special cable? serial? ethernet only?06:09
anonymous_Anyone have an idea why I am getting this message when loading Doomsday? sh: 2/DOOM: not found06:09
anonymous_LoadPlugin: /usr/lib/libdpdehread06:09
anonymous_LoadPlugin: /usr/lib/libdpmapload06:09
ploompen, to be exact - sudo aptitude06:09
StaggerLee n8tuser: sorry i cut the error out by mistake06:09
ploom? aptitude06:09
StaggerLeebasically it just times out06:09
VulcanisSo, I'm sorry for cutting off something like four times, but the wifi keeps cutting out, and thats pretty much why I'm here :\06:09
bramboa messenger?06:09
n8tuserStaggerLee--> try to use like irc.undernet.org or irc.freenode.org and see if it resolvs06:09
brambono but i willl if it works on 64bit ?06:10
AtomicSparkn8tuser: i don't get what you mean? you hook up a keyboard and a mouse. then boot it via a cd. :P06:10
Vulcanisn8tuser, sorry to bother you so much, but can you help again?06:10
ploombrambo, just try  it06:10
bramboits in synaptic?06:10
StaggerLeeyou mean entering irc.undernet.org into terminal?06:10
n8tuserAtomicSpark--> ahh i thought you download it from a pc, and ps3 is somehow connected to your pc..06:10
ubu2jeffMASTERflex: in /boot/grub/menu.lst you want to change "# defoptions=splash vga=791" (leaving in the #) to 794 for 1280x1024 or 838 for 1600x120006:11
Survivormanit's the default IM in kubuntu i think06:11
=== Fryda is now known as compiz
AtomicSparkn8tuser: nope. going to see what it's like using the ps3 as a computer. ha.06:11
AntiUSAif anyone can get my laptop cam working I will paypal them $1006:11
presumptious85new ubuntu user here06:11
=== compiz is now known as Fryda
n8tuserVulcanis, i will try to assist, I said earlier, some drivers do not support features, and if yours does, i dont know the parameters you can use to set them, try  iwpriv wlan006:11
AntiUSAI have tried several guides and haven't had luck, but I'm a noob06:12
n8tuserStaggerLee--> yes06:12
StaggerLeen8tuser: cant seem to ping06:12
n8tuserStaggerLee--> yes, i mean in the xchat06:12
z3xdoes anyone know the boot param to disable bluetooth? I can't get the live cd to boot past it06:13
Vulcanisn8tuser, "wlan0     no private ioctls."06:13
StaggerLeen8tuser: sorry, what i am supposed to do exactly with the irc.undernet.org line in Xchat?06:14
n8tuserVulcanis--> right, and you by chance able to set a txpower, kind of hocus pocus..lest your driver really supports it06:14
AntiUSAcan anyone help me with getting a generic laptop webcam to work? I will pay you $10!!! maybe even more06:14
n8tuserStaggerLee--> in xchat, you use that irc.undernet.org as the server to connect to...06:14
presumptious85anyone have an hauppage tv tuner06:15
presumptious85and working properly?06:15
StaggerLeeok i will try restarting xchat06:15
Vulcanisn8tuser: So, no way to get my wifi to the range I had in windows?06:15
presumptious85on their Ubuntu06:15
presumptious85i'm trying to get mine to work06:15
syndr0any one have a problem with an nvidia vc and gamma correction ( like  keeping the settings all the time)06:15
presumptious85but i dont know how to install06:15
presumptious85it says i have to make, make install06:16
syndr0any one have a problem with an nvidia vc and gamma correction ( like  keeping the settings all the time)06:16
n8tuserVulcanis--> i dont know, not all drivers support those features..so it is unique to yours, meaning the options are unique to yours too06:16
AtomicSparkVulcanis: windows exaggerates on the wifi signal strength06:16
z3xdoes anyone know the boot param to disable bluetooth? I can't get the live cd to boot past it06:16
presumptious85but i dont know how to properly use the terminal or know the commands06:16
syndr0anyone have an nvidia video card?06:16
Werdnahey, my kubuntu desktop has the annoying habit of only letting me type a ' or a " or a ` if I press the key twice. If I press it once, it puts an accent over the next character that I type. Can I turn this annoying feature off?06:16
ckorgAntiUSA:  Here is a link with a step by step dual-boot setup with screenshots.  Hope it helps.  http://neosmart.net/wiki/display/EBCD/Ubuntu06:17
Vulcanisatomicspark: Thats not the problem.  I can connect to the router just fine from here in windows06:17
presumptious85i so syndro06:17
VulcanisI need to bring txpower to 16 in order to just get a signal where I am06:17
Vulcanisin ubuntu06:17
musikgoatpresumptious85: make and make install are just commands you type06:17
SkinnypuppY34will ffmpeg convert .swf files ?06:17
syndr0presumptious85, can you private chat with me for a min06:17
=== Onyx_ is now known as Onyx
pen_hey guys06:18
ere4siz3x, found this - https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/2284306:18
pen_unfortunately, envy still saves me day06:18
pen_it just works06:18
Flannelpen_: It also makes it so you can't safely upgrade.06:18
AtomicSparkpen_: that's good and all but its not supported here. :P06:19
syndr0presumptious85, i pmed you06:19
AntiUSAckorg, I have already done the partitioning all to ubuntu... how can I adjust it?06:19
z3xere4si: sorry but that doesn't help06:19
xUFOxdoes anyone know how to install when the cd boots fine but goes to a blank screen while the cd reads? i have a nvidia 8800gts06:19
presumptious85but i'm not registered yet06:19
z3xI can't even get to a command line06:19
pen_I think I will reinstall when hardy comes06:19
presumptious85to musikgoat06:20
ckorgAntiUSA: This link has some information on resizing partitions for you.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot06:20
TrustNoOneHelp: how to share your root drive on linux so other boxes on the network can access it06:20
z3xI need to disable bluetooth as a boot param06:20
presumptious85what is the command line like06:20
z3xdoes anyone know the boot param to disable bluetooth? I can't get the live cd to boot past it06:20
musikgoatpresumptious85: go to Applications -> Accessories -> terminal06:20
presumptious85but i mean what do i type06:21
presumptious85in the terminal06:21
presumptious85here is a page of the instruction06:21
musikgoatpresumptious85: you need to follow what ever instructions told you to type make and make install06:21
n0greenf1new linux\ubuntu user im loving it by the way anyone have any suggestions for me?06:22
xUFOxdoes anyone know how to install when the cd boots fine but goes to a blank screen while the cd reads? i have a nvidia 8800gts06:22
z3xtried safe graphics mode xUFOx ?06:22
xUFOxyeah doesn't work either06:22
xUFOxthe mem test screen comes up06:23
musikgoatalt install xUFOx?06:23
SkinnypuppY34Would someone give me a syntax for ffmpeg to convert a .swf to flv mpeg or other? I issued ffmpeg -1 vid.swf vid.flv and get an error No audio or video streams available06:23
SkinnypuppY34 06:23
presumptious85i'm trying to install the driver for my tv tuner06:23
xUFOxwhats alt install06:23
TrustNoOnecan anyone tell me how to share my root drive so other boxes on the network can access it?06:23
musikgoatpresumptious85: do you have a link to the instructions?06:23
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal06:23
n8tuserxUFOx--> tried  removing the splash ?06:23
xUFOxthats deleting the 'splash' from that command line right?06:23
xUFOxif so,  yes06:23
ubotuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:24
xUFOxahh..ill try that out..thanks!06:24
presumptious85yeaa musikgoat06:24
pen_what do you guys think of hardy live cd?06:25
presumptious85i cant respond because i am not registered06:25
presumptious85i'm tryin to figure how to register06:26
musikgoatok presumptious85 where is the tip.tar.bz2 file you downloaded?06:26
TrustNoOneisnt hardy still in beta06:26
pen_yea, but what do you guys think? is it getting better?06:26
presumptious85in my home documents06:26
TrustNoOnei wont use an OS until its released officially, i hate dealing with bugs, im not a tester06:27
musikgoatok presumptious85 in the terminal type:  cd ~/Documents06:27
syndr0could anyone help me with writing a script that will run a program say every hour06:27
ere4si!cron | syndr006:27
ubotusyndr0: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm06:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about at - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:28
FourX4LuvnHrm.. Someone needs to teach the bot about at06:28
ubotuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.06:28
musikgoatpresumptious85: then type:  ls  and output the name of the file there06:29
TrustNoOnedoes mirc work well under wine?06:29
TrustNoOneim asking someone with experience with that06:29
Jangarimirc doesn't work well.06:29
Jangarifull stop.06:29
Jangari(which is english for 'period')06:30
bullgard4What programs use or evaluate the contents of the file /var/log/udev?06:30
kozazz i have some question06:30
kozazz how can i get mms://
pen_what is the safest and fastest way to backup my ubuntu partition?06:30
kozazz i try mplayer , totem  but i didn't work06:30
FourX4LuvnTrustNoOne: If you want an IRC client that supports scripting, aliases, popups, etc.. like mirc, check out x-chat if you haven't.  It's pretty much the *NIX version of mirc06:30
atrainWierd issue: xorg wont start, unless I go into failsafe, load gdm, restart, then it goes for 1 boot, then broken again. what could be causing this?06:30
z3xdoes anyone know the boot param to disable bluetooth? I can't get the live cd to boot past it06:30
Geoffrey2anyone wanna take a stab at why md5.h is present but cannot be compiled?06:31
TrustNoOneim using xchat, i just dont like the color schemes, and its too much work to change it all around06:31
Jangaripen_: "apt-cache search backup" you'll surely find something06:31
kozazzhow can i get mms://
pen_Jangari: k, thx06:31
FourX4Luvnz3x: Don't know how to disable BT.. but would it be possible for you to use the server CD instead?06:31
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:31
presumptious85thanks alot z3x06:32
StaggerLeen8tuser: i am back. cannot connect to irc.undernet.org either. All i get is an error message like, "Connection failed. Connection timed out" (my translation)06:32
kozazz i have some question06:32
pen_Jangari: are they all installed?06:32
kozazz how can i get mms://
kozazz i try mplayer , totem  but i didn't work06:32
presumptious85will work with wat u gave me immediatel to turn off computer tat his moment06:32
slack-lovewget mms://xxxx06:32
presumptious85because i am about to have a lights out06:32
presumptious85but i will be back06:32
Jangarino pen_, they are programs that you can install easily by "sudo apt-get install (package)"06:32
TrustNoOnewhat i think is horrible, is this one time i was playing halo2 and there was a netsplit during the online match, and my friend was on my team and he ended up leaving, so it got split into two games, so there were 2 different game outcoms and it was strange how that turned out06:33
pen_Jangari: ok06:33
pen_Jangari: got it06:33
kozazzwget didn't support mms06:33
Jangarigood, cause i gotta go06:33
acee1234any work around to keep computer from freezing when logging of or restarting x?06:33
slack-loverecompile mplayer and don't use apt-packages06:33
n8tuserStaggerLee--> just times out? no re-tries? how about somethinge like you type  /QUOTE passwd xxxx ?06:33
musikgoatpresumptious85: I didn't read anything before "but i will be back"06:33
slack-lovesee codecs for mplayer06:33
acee1234i hav ati x1400 usung resticted drivers06:33
pen_Jangari: which one do you recommand?06:34
kozazzrecompile mplayer ???06:34
StaggerLeen8tuser: it retries, and fails again06:34
n0greenf1what is mplayer?06:34
z3xdoes anyone know the boot param to disable bluetooth? I can't get the live cd to boot past it06:34
n8tuserStaggerLee--> maybe undernet is hard to get to,  try  irc.freenode.org06:34
kozazzrecompile mplayer then can i down load .wma througt mms ??06:34
g35cmy xorg is setup with 24 bit depth and 1024x786 resolution, but the text and graphics are very pixelated. Any ideas?06:34
brambowat would be the quickest way for me to grab the new firefox?06:35
Geoffrey2oh well, this is what I get for trying to upgrade the desktop manager unstead of just waiting for xubuntu 8.04, I guess.....06:35
StaggerLeen8tuser: ok i will try, but the same happens with this channel. i'll be right back :)06:35
syndr0how do i run the cron editor06:35
syndr0cron -e right06:35
syndr0for that edito06:35
musikgoatbrambo: sudo apt-get install firefox-granparadiso  is it I believe06:35
acee1234if there is no known solution or there is a better place to ask please tell me06:36
bramboill try thanks06:36
n8tusersyndr0--> crontab -e06:36
kozazz slack-love : can you download mms:// now by mplayer??06:36
atrainWierd issue: xorg wont start, unless I go into failsafe, load gdm, restart, then it goes for 1 boot, then broken again. what could be causing this?06:36
bramboE: Couldn't find package firefox-granparadis06:36
kozazz how can i get mms://
musikgoatbrambo: +o at the end06:37
presumptious85how do i register?06:37
brambosorry i must be getting tired06:37
mysteriosoif there is a -dev in a package do I need it?06:37
TurtleOfDoompresumptious85: register what?06:37
mysteriosoif there is a -dev in a package do I need it?06:37
musikgoatpresumptious85: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup06:37
presumptious85as a member06:38
Geoffrey2if I want to go back to an earlier version of xfce once I've started manually updating, is the solution to grab the liveCD and reinstall?06:38
musikgoatmysterioso: mostly no06:38
TurtleOfDoomread and follow all seven steps at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup06:38
mysteriosowhat is it for?06:38
brambostill dont work tho with that +o06:38
TurtleOfDoompresumptious85: then ask on #freenode06:38
musikgoatmysterioso: usually for modifying the source, and "development"06:38
mysteriosook thanx06:38
musikgoatbrambo: try tab completion,  after sudo apt-get install firefox-   then tab twice06:39
luisaHas anyone installed Mac/Global Menu applet    /   knows how to get around libgtk2.0-0 dependency issue?06:39
musikgoatbrambo: you may have to open some repositories06:39
StaggerLeen8tuser: nope, wont connect to freenode either. it tries to connect to irc.freenode.net (, on port 6667. Nothing happens until i am told connection has timed out. it tries again and times out again, ad lib06:41
bramboforgive me im sorta new i dunno what u mean open some repositories06:41
pen_what do you guys think of hubackup?06:41
pen_is it good for backup files and configuration in my ubnutu partition?06:41
Jewsus_My computer is going very slowly and top says the process "Xgl" is taking about 70% of the cpu.  What is "Xgl" and can I kill it?06:41
luisajewsus_ it's a video driver06:42
Jewsus_so if I kill it will my monitor turn blank?06:42
musikgoatbrambo: head to system -> admin -> software sources06:42
syndr0whats the file type that you would save acron file as06:42
Slurpeei could never get my alsa sound drivers to work. i was playing with alsa settings trying to install the drivers and get sound to work.  i reboot and now i am stuck wit the "your session only lasted 10 seconds" menu.  i can only boot to the command line.  any ideas ?06:42
luisajewsus_ you probably need to replace it by the other version (open vs restriscted, someone correct me if I'm wrong)06:42
Jewsus_Where can I find the other version?06:43
musikgoatbrambo: then go to the updates tab, and check unsupported updates (backports)06:43
paltemaltei have a dell inspiron 1100 that i finally got working (ubuntu does not correctly detect its video card) .. but now ubuntu starts up, and gdm starts up, and everything is fine - until i use it for a few minutes, start a few programs etc.  then the whole xserver becomes so slow not even the mouse pointer can move without hacking. does anyone have any idea of what might be wrong?06:43
musikgoatbrambo: then close it and press reload06:43
luisajewsus_ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67950006:43
musikgoatbrambo: then back in teh terminal, do the same, and you should have -granparadiso06:44
Jewsus_thanks for the link luisa06:44
paltemaltethe video card is particularly crappy, with no ram memory of its own, rather it shares the machines memory.  but the thing is windows xp can handle this alright, so i was hoping and assuming ubuntu could too06:44
luisapaltermalte might want to check that link too06:44
bullgard4What programs utilize or evaluate the contents of the file /var/log/udev for what purpose?06:44
bramboah its getting it now thanks all06:45
paltemalteluisa: hmm, xgl, don't think that is enabled as it is06:45
iceman_hello all06:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gdm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:46
brambothe new firefox over writes the old one?06:46
ol_dude67paltemalte, what video card and how much ram are you using?06:46
presumptious85z3x, u still here?06:46
luisabullgared4 udev is the device manager for the Linux 2.6 kernel series. Its primary function is managing device nodes in /dev. BASICALLY it tells your computer your hardware. Basically :P06:47
paltemalteol_dude67: its a an inte 82845G/GL, and i can set the amount of ram it can use with VideoRam (actually i must set it)06:47
musikgoatbrambo: no06:47
paltemalteol_dude67: it seems to work the longest when i use exactly 64 mb06:47
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!06:47
paltemalteol_dude67: which is the recommended level too, when having 256 mb in total06:47
iceman_does anyone know how to install ubuntu on a computer with nvidia graphics?06:48
bullgard4luisa: I know already what you have told me. My question was more specific and not general.06:48
bramboi have the first try i hav nvidia graphics06:48
ol_dude67paltemalte, the problem is i think that you need at least 256 to run ubuntu as well not including the video how much swap?06:48
ol_dude67i run a intel 945gz at 64 and it is good but i have over a gig of ram06:49
paltemalteol_dude67: i never got the opportunity to set the swap size i don't think, but it doesn't seem to start using the swap anyways06:49
bramboi dont see a difference is the new firefox any different looking?06:50
paltemalteol_dude67: i didn't realize ubuntu required that much ram, but if that is the case, then i might as well stop trying now :p06:50
ol_dude67paltemalte, try using the xubuntu instead.06:50
ol_dude67less ram required06:50
presumptious85u were trying to help me out earlier06:50
presumptious85but my lights went off06:50
paltemalteol_dude67: oh yeah?  i'll check it out06:50
presumptious85so here is the site again http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/faq/support_faq_hvr1600.html#306:51
musikgoatbrambo: the graphics of beta 2 are not different (at least in ubuntu currently, i haven't looked into why), but are on windows06:51
ol_dude67paltemalte, its the same with windows now, if your running vista with that amount your going to go real slow as well.06:51
musikgoatbrambo: but its MUCH speedier06:51
apersonI just installed Ubuntu from Vista. I didn't back anything up and don't even have a windows back up CD. What I Want to know is how can I get back to Vista, my biggest fear is that ubuntu formated my HDD and installed itself. I've tried using the boot menu then hard drive boot but all that comes up is Ubuntu which I currently don't want.06:51
presumptious85and i saved the file to be extracted in my documents folder06:52
musikgoatpresumptious85: yes, I remember,  did you follow the commands I told you?06:52
AntiUSAcan anyone help me with getting a generic laptop webcam to work? I will pay you $10!!! maybe even more06:52
brambohow can i tell its installed right?06:52
bramboi open the browser all seems same06:52
presumptious85cd document06:52
musikgoatbrambo: go to Help -> About06:52
musikgoatpresumptious85: not quite06:52
ol_dude67aperson, what type of computer?06:52
bramboah version 2 okay06:52
musikgoatpresumptious85: cd Documents06:52
paltemalteol_dude67: oh yeah no doubt with vista .. i was still hoping i could squeeze ubuntu onto this old machine though. it belongs to a friend of mine, and she thought ubuntu looked cool on my other machine06:53
apersonUmm it's a HP media center, not sure what model.06:53
malnilionaperson, unless you manually partitioned your hard drive (shrunk the vista partition and installed ubuntu on a new partition you created), you're data's gone from everything but something a data recovery service could recover06:53
musikgoatpresumptious85: did you register?  it would be easier to follow along by PM06:53
mysteriosois there a way to save all pref. and internet bookmarks and EVERYTHING on a cd?  i already have aptoncd.06:53
ol_dude67paltemalte, try xubuntu06:53
presumptious85yeaa i think i did06:53
mysteriosois there a way to save all pref. and internet bookmarks and EVERYTHING on a cd?  i already have aptoncd.06:53
ol_dude67aperson, try hitting f10 when booting06:53
paltemalteol_dude67: just trying to find some sort of requirements page for xubuntu .. something that tells you the recommended amount of ram etc. you wouldn't happen to know about a such page?06:54
apersonI believe I've tried that06:54
luisaAnyone know how to get around this:06:54
luisadpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of gtk2.0-examples:06:54
luisa gtk2.0-examples depends on libgtk2.0-0 (= 2.12.0-1ubuntu3.1); however:06:54
luisa  Version of libgtk2.0-0 on system is 2.12.0-1ubuntu3.06:54
apersonaperson, unless you manually partitioned your hard drive (shrunk the vista partition and installed ubuntu on a new partition you created), you're data's gone from everything but something a data recovery service could recover-----------So I'm screwed? Great I hate Ubuntu now.06:54
ol_dude67paltemalte, try going to ubuntu and in search type in xubuntu06:54
ssLost windows borders in gnome after uninstalling default compiz packages can someone guide me how to make it ok again? I have to use metacity --repalce at each boot, tried to make it automatic but could't. Adding it to startup does not work, adding it to /home/.bashrc did not worked plz tell me some solution06:54
ol_dude67aperson, call dell cause they will have to help you.06:54
ol_dude67i hope its new06:55
apersonMy computer isn't a dell...06:55
mysteriosois there a way to save all pref. and internet bookmarks and EVERYTHING on a cd?  i already have aptoncd.06:55
ol_dude67oops sorry hp06:55
luisass: ALT + F2 : type this:   metacity --replace06:55
luisaoops nevermind06:55
sslusia: I am already using it in terminal but want to make it automatic on each boot06:56
ol_dude67aperson, cause if it redid the whole hard drive then it killed windows.06:56
mysteriosohow do i use b43-fwcutter-009.tar.bz2?06:56
apersonOK, i'll call them tomorrow I'm going to bed, it's currently 3AM. I hope can send me a new disk.   I just did what Ubuntu told me to do.06:56
mysteriosohow do i use b43-fwcutter-009.tar.bz2?06:57
luisaI know, I just noticed. Anyway, make a SH file with #/bin/bash  (newline) metacity replace & (end of file) make it executable then add it to your Session so it loads each time you log in06:57
lutz_mysterioso, tar -xvf ur.tar.bz206:57
apersonI'd figure it've warned me that it would format my HDD06:57
mysteriosolutz im sorry?06:57
ol_dude67aperson, it does before it does it.06:57
ssokiez I try it as well..... Thnx06:58
mysteriosolutz_ i already downloaded it06:58
apersonI don't remember it say it would format anything.06:58
lutz_to extract it us "tar -xvf ur.tar.bz2"06:58
ol_dude67aperson, i have used several different linux versions and all of them warn you.06:58
=== brambo is now known as brambo^_^
mysteriosolutz_ not workin06:59
luisaYeah they do warn you... :P06:59
lutz_u typed it in a terminal?06:59
mysterioso]copied and pasted06:59
rkviraniI've got a server06:59
lutz_what does it say?06:59
mysteriosoin the directory of the file06:59
rkvirani... its completely messed up06:59
mysteriosoit doesnt say nething06:59
mysteriosoit says >07:00
rkviranithe apt repositories are all fscked up07:00
rkvirani /var/cache/apt/archives/debianutils_2.22.1_i386.deb07:00
rkviraniE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)07:00
apersonIt didn't say in big red letters "Will format whole hard drive!"07:00
mysteriosolutz_ it is a driver/firmware for my 43xx wireless card07:00
thedefenderwhats the current FGLRX version in the ubuntu restricted repos?07:00
luisawell it's usually what happens when you install a OS :-/07:00
rkviranithere was a problem with the dependancy for passwd so I tried removing it and that make things even worse07:00
lutz_mysterioso, tar -xvf b43-fwcutter-009.tar.bz2 don't work?07:00
rkviranihow do I fix the stupid debianutils package?07:00
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:01