vaughnOk, I'll try again...I'm trying to get Ubuntu to recognize and mount a Dell PowerVault 200s on an IBM Eserver x34501:43
faulkes-iirc isn't x345 scsi controllers hostraid?01:49
dtsWhat would be some cool ways to make money off a server farm?02:15
faulkes-dts: raise eCattle02:33
faulkes-all depends on the size of the farm and what you can do with it02:33
faulkes-if you have a big enough farm, you could possibly rent out time on it as cluster for SC projects02:34
kgoetzwasnt Sun making a computing grid people could sell time into?02:34
faulkes-not sure02:35
faulkes-although obvious examples that do come to mind are amazons EC2 / S3 stuff02:35
faulkes-unless of course you count that entire "oops the entire thing fell down went boom for a couple hours" incident ;)02:36
pwnguindts: sell render time to poor students in animation02:44
dtsselling to poor students02:45
dtssounds like a failing business plan :-)02:45
pwnguinthey buy books like its nobody's tomorrow02:46
pwnguinjust sell cards redeemable for render time in the bookstores ;)02:46
RingTailedFox_does any one here uses open ldap to auth each client from server (linux)  when login in winxp (client) ?02:46
pwnguindts: if you're good at programming, try mturk02:47
pwnguinthey post these supposedly difficult tasks that humans can do02:47
pwnguinfor cents a task02:47
pwnguinhumans do it slowly, software generally doesn't exist to do it all is the idea02:48
pwnguinwrite the software and then have the cluster take out a thousand tasks at once. grab a few thousand for each task is the idea ;)02:48
pwnguinthings like "find the amount of tax paid on the house on this form"02:49
dtsgood idea02:54
dtsi looked at it02:55
dtsit pays like a penny a task02:55
faulkes-RingTailedFox: see likewise-open03:04
faulkes-a penny a task eh? I think I'll stick to my thinking tasks, they pay a heck of a lot more03:04
pwnguinfaulkes-: i imagine if you do "abnormally well" they forward your contact info to HR ;)03:08
faulkes-I would hope not, HR is the devil03:15
pwnguinyou know what i mean03:20
pwnguindear AI genius, please help amazon take over the world03:21
faulkes-yeah, I don't think that would happen03:27
faulkes-amazon is doing some cool stuff but I'm just not into the company03:27
faulkes-well, not unless they were to make a significantly appropriate offer ;)03:28
pwnguini think if you were to solve some of those computer vision HIT sets they'd find the money somewhere ;)03:30
faulkes-I'm afraid I'm probably not that bright ;)03:32
faulkes-but I can mix up a mean dirty martini03:32
faulkes-that should count for something03:33
pwnguinwell, it takes extra bright people to make money from computer clusters ;)03:35
faulkes-I think I'll stick to the martini's ;)03:40
rhineheart_m_hello! is anybody here could help me? my postfix won't send and receive messages...thanls..05:55
rhineheart_mI just can't run the postfix..05:58
faulkes-have you read the official server documentation and the community based documentation yet06:08
rhineheart_myes..But its not still functioning06:15
rhineheart_mM sure no port has been blocked since I could telnet port 2506:16
rhineheart_mand I have all the control in all ports in our public IP06:16
noodles12Just curious. I installed ubuntu-server (7.10) and when i booted it up, it saied "PANIC: cpu too old for kernel"  but i have a pentium M and i've run regular ubuntu before. anyone know why?07:00
faulkes-rhineheart: then check your logs /var/log, that will likely indicate what the problem is07:10
faulkes-noodles: boot into recovery if possible, or via a live cd, see which kernel is installed07:11
rhineheart_mis it possible to add authentication like SSL to a folder in var/www/site/subfolder?07:11
faulkes-SSL is not authentication, it is encryption07:11
faulkes-but yes, you can use https:// based url's if you configure the server for such07:12
faulkes-that however, will only encrypt the traffic between the client and server, it will not authenticate anything (other than the certificate)07:12
rhineheart_mcan I still download files if I will be using ssl?07:14
rhineheart_mis it possible to only encrypt the login then after that it will go back automatically to http?07:16
faulkes-yes, that is possible07:20
rhineheart_mhow to do it?07:22
faulkes-I refer you to the community documentation, please read that first and make an attempt yourself07:23
faulkes-if you then have problems, come back with questions and logs / errors so we can understand what is happening07:24
rhineheart_mIs any of you here running ISPConfig?07:29
rhineheart_mfaulkes: I got that error..07:41
henkjanrrrr, ispconfig. i once had a customers server with ispconfig, but didnt like it :)07:42
rhineheart_mwhy? somethings wrong with it?07:43
henkjanits a mess07:45
rhineheart_mokay.. have you tried their latest version?07:57
henkjanrhineheart_m: no, we don't use any 'panel' for managing servers08:45
rhineheart_mhave you tried using webmin?08:46
henkjani have one customer using webmin08:46
rhineheart_mhenkjan: I like its functionality08:46
rhineheart_mhenkjan: okay..08:46
henkjanits breaking configfiles08:46
rhineheart_mhenkjan: really?08:46
henkjanrhineheart_m: well, we you once use webmin, you can't use cli anymore08:47
rhineheart_mhenkjan: I have two domains.. and its nameservers are pointing to my public IP now.. how can I host them with different CMS each?08:48
henkjanrhineheart_m: http://www.debuntu.org/2006/02/22/7-virtual-hosting-using-apache-208:49
rhineheart_mhenkjan: thanks..do you know how to completely remove postgresql?08:50
henkjanapt-get remove --purge $packagename08:52
AlferedHichcokhaving problems with setting up LDAP. there is no conf file in /usr/local/etc/openldap        and when i just edited  /etc/ldap/slapd.conf. . it says "no conf file found in there" when i typed $ /etc/init.d/slapd restart. any help?09:56
henkjan/usr/local/etc sounds like FreeBSD09:56
Kamping_Kaiseryeah ^^09:57
AlferedHichcokhenkjan,  iam using kubuntu09:57
Kamping_Kaiseror a weird custom install09:57
henkjandid you install openldap by hand?09:57
henkjanor using dpkg/apt-get ?09:57
AlferedHichcokhenkjan,  Kamping_Kaiser  the openldap site showed me that. i thought it was talking about linux09:57
AlferedHichcokno. i did it by apt09:58
AlferedHichcokapt .ya09:58
AlferedHichcok/etc/ldap/slapd.conf is there. i edited it. but when i restarted it by the above command. it says no conf in there09:58
AlferedHichcokwhat the heck is going on09:59
Kamping_Kaiserthen yoru after /etc/ldap.conf and /etc/ldap/slapd.conf09:59
Kamping_KaiserAlferedHichcok, give us the whole error please09:59
Kamping_Kaiserand check syslog for relevent info09:59
Kamping_Kaiser(eg, are you restarting slapd with sudo?)09:59
AlferedHichcokok. wait09:59
AlferedHichcokhaving problems with setting up LDAP. there is no conf file in /usr/local/etc/openldap        and when i just edited  /etc/ldap/slapd.conf. . it says "no conf file found in there" when i typed $ /etc/init.d/slapd restart. any help?09:59
AlferedHichcok$ /etc/init.d/slapd restart10:00
AlferedHichcokNo configuration file was found for slapd at /etc/ldap/slapd.conf.10:00
AlferedHichcokIf you have moved the slapd configuration file please modify10:00
AlferedHichcok/etc/default/slapd to reflect this.  If you chose to not10:00
AlferedHichcokconfigure slapd during installation then you need to do so10:00
AlferedHichcokprior to attempting to start slapd.10:00
AlferedHichcokAn example slapd.conf is in /usr/share/slapd10:00
Kamping_Kaiser!tell AlferedHichcok about pastebin10:00
Kamping_KaiserAlferedHichcok, and if you restart with sudo what happens?10:01
AlferedHichcoklet me10:01
AlferedHichcokStopping OpenLDAP: slapd.10:01
AlferedHichcokStarting OpenLDAP: slapd - failed:10:02
AlferedHichcokUnrecognized database type (<other>)10:02
AlferedHichcoksory. my bad.10:02
AlferedHichcokKamping_Kaiser,  i cant get a "good" guide on how to setup ldap. for kubuntu.  the openldap.org has given guide for freebsd i think ?10:03
Kamping_KaiserAlferedHichcok, have you looked in the ubuntu wiki and help.ubuntu.com ?10:04
AlferedHichcokKamping_Kaiser,  yes but there are some unclear thing in that too.10:04
AlferedHichcokis this site for bsd only http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/quickstart.html ?10:04
Kamping_KaiserAlferedHichcok, try following that then asking specific questions.10:05
AlferedHichcokKamping_Kaiser,  ok10:05
AlferedHichcokis this site for bsd only http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/quickstart.html ?10:05
Kamping_KaiserAlferedHichcok, its for if you do a compile of openldap from source10:05
AlferedHichcokah . ic10:06
AlferedHichcokthx. ill be back soon10:06
AlferedHichcok:) thanks again10:15
Kamping_KaiserAlferedHichcok, you up and running?10:16
AlferedHichcokwhere to add   BASE    dc=example,dc=com          and   what should come after  database10:16
AlferedHichcokas it said.        Unrecognized database type (<other>)10:16
AlferedHichcokKamping_Kaiser,  no just with configuring it10:18
* AlferedHichcok is following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer#head-364d440097c2dc33eb577fb37237fb937b39208d10:18
Kamping_KaiserAlferedHichcok, database by default is bdb. looks like you uncommented the '<other>' database entry10:19
AlferedHichcoki shouldnt?10:19
AlferedHichcokiam adding   BASE    dc=example,dc=com     at the end of the file10:19
Kamping_Kaiser# The base of your directory in database #110:19
Kamping_Kaiserits *just* below the database section10:20
AlferedHichcoki see # The base of your directory in database #1             suffix          "dc=nodomain"               in                  # Specific Directives for database #1, of type bdb:          # Database specific directives apply to this databasse until another   # 'database' directive occurs10:22
Kamping_Kaiseryep. that one10:22
AlferedHichcoki should just add bas  BASE    dc=example,dc=com        below suffix  ?10:23
* Kamping_Kaiser suggests readng the full config file10:23
Kamping_Kaiserthen wondering about adding stuff10:23
* AlferedHichcok 's first day it is.10:24
* AlferedHichcok is aware he had to change dc=domain to dc=example10:25
AlferedHichcokany body home?10:26
AlferedHichcokKamping_Kaiser,  henkjan10:28
henkjanAlferedHichcok: http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_ldap_authentication covers installation and configuration of openldap10:30
* AlferedHichcok waits10:41
AlferedHichcoki cant understand. where to put        BASE    dc=example,dc=com          and what does the comands  in 'Populating The LDAP Tree' heading in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer        means........ can any one help?10:47
AlferedHichcokhenkjan,  Kamping_Kaiser  sudo slapadd -l init.ldif          bdb_db_open: only one suffix allowed          backend_startup_one: bi_db_open failed! (-1)           slap_startup failed11:32
AlferedHichcokhenkjan, Kamping_Kaiser  you there..................?11:45
david2Hi all..11:46
david2How can I count the total number of files inside a directory & subdirectories?11:47
juliuxfind ./ * |wc -l11:51
juliuxbut i also counts .  and ..11:51
_ruben`find -type f | wc -l` for files only11:58
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henkjanhmm, receiving a shipment of ubuntu-server cds from canonical13:33
henkjanbut, how do they know where i work?13:34
henkjani recently joined the ubuntu-server team13:36
henkjanbut afaik didnt mention my employer13:36
henkjani also didn't know there were server cd's available13:38
henkjanwell, nice giveaways for our customers13:38
rglyou guys known how to create a bootable cd with ms-dos?  I need to flash an SMDC/IPMI board, but its failing in Linux :(13:39
jjessehrmm never made a bootable cd rom before, made plenty fo bootable floppy disks and usb drives13:40
jjesseyou can make a boot usb drive by formating it with the /system option13:40
rgljjesse, humm a flash drive is good enough too :D13:41
rgljjesse, I just need to go into cmd.exe and type format x: /system ?13:41
jjessergl: is the computer you are running dos?13:42
jjesseor is it a linux box?13:42
rgljjesse, not really.  its windows vista.13:42
rgljjesse, I can use linux too.13:43
jjessergl: in vista you can't create a bootdisk w/ the format command13:43
jjesseit was in win98 or earlier that you could use the format x: /system command13:43
rgloh I only have vista :/13:43
jjessecheck out www.bootdisk.com for some more information13:43
rglhttp://www.allbootdisks.com/download/iso.html ?13:43
jjessethey have bootdisks for dos/9x/nt/2k/xp13:43
rglthey seem to have boot disks too :D13:43
rglah thx :D13:44
jjesseis what i use when i need a bootdisk13:44
rglwhich one do you use to write into flash?13:45
jjessei use one of the ultiies at the main page if i remember correctly13:46
rglhow to edit an .iso file?  that is, I have to boot disk, but what to push some files into it13:57
sergevnHello, I have Postfix up and running with virtual domains,  great. But the problem is, Im relaying with my ISP, and the  sender gets "relaying denied" mails back. I think I narrowed  the problem down, it has something to do with "ident  callbacks" how do i disable this in postfix?14:22
ScottKAre you doing the ident callbacks or is someone doing them to you?14:25
ScottKIn Postfix it's called SAV (Sender Address Verification) and it's not done by default.14:26
sergevnScottK: setup: mailserver-->ISPrelayhost--> Gmail14:26
sergevnScottK: when im sending from gmail to mailserver, i am getting relaying denied.14:27
ScottKsergevn: pastebin the relevant bits from /var/log/mail.log14:27
sergevnScottK: nothing relevant there :)14:28
sergevnScottK: Let me double check14:28
henkjansergevn: add the domain for wich you are receiving to /etc/postfix/main.cf mydestination =14:28
ScottKsergevn: If it's your postfix that's getting rejected then it will be.14:28
ScottKhenkjan: I think he's sending, not receiving.14:29
henkjanScottK: " when im sending from gmail to mailserver, i am getting relaying denied."14:29
sergevnhenkjan: so im receiving :)14:29
ScottKOK.  So it's not mailserver-->ISPrelayhost--> Gmail14:30
ScottKWhat henkjan says it probably what you need then.14:30
sergevnScottK: Gmail --> ISPrelayhost --> mailserver14:31
sergevnScottK: yeah sorry :)14:31
sergevnScottK: when my mailserver is long time up, im getting emails, no problem, when i restarted it, it takes hours to get emails.14:31
ScottKsergevn: So far you've described at least two different problems.  Let's fix one at a time.14:32
sergevnScottK: i think they are linked14:33
ScottKsergevn: Please pastebin the output of postconf -n14:33
ScottKmorning zul14:34
zulhi ScottK14:34
ScottKmathiaz: I think we ought to add ntp to the list of server packages.  It's in desperate need of some bug triage at the very least.14:34
sergevnScottK: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5005/14:34
sergevnScottK: local mail traffic works14:35
ScottKsergevn: As henkjan, add the domain you're receiving mail for to mydestination.  It's not in mydestination = manny.local, localhost.local14:35
sergevnScottK: does it also has to be in mydestination if it are virtual domains?14:36
ScottKThat's how Postfix knows it's supposed to deliver mail for those domains.14:36
ScottKlocally I mean.14:36
LupusNoctiscan anyone recommend a good remote administration package for a fresh 7.10 server?  I love the command shell, honest I do, but other administrators just can't handle it. =]14:38
LupusNoctisand the only other one I remember, webmin, has been disowned by the Ubuntu community.14:38
henkjanLupusNoctis: ebox might be an option in hardy14:39
LupusNoctisthat's the next version, right?  I kinda need something to help me configure the 7.10 server I set up yesterday.14:39
LupusNoctisspecifically something to help manage the ethernet interfaces.  Managed to get the thing a DHCP addy, but eventually it needs to be static14:40
ScottKIf by disowned, you mean recognized that the way webmin works is fundamentally incompatible with the Debian package management system, then yes (about webmin).14:40
LupusNoctisthat's what I heard. =]14:41
ScottKLupusNoctis: That's just a matter of editing /etc/network/interfaces.  It's not particularly needing a gui.14:41
LupusNoctisI hate to admit it, but it took me about 4 minutes to remember what program to use to edit text files. =\   been far too long since I've set up a linux box14:42
henkjanLupusNoctis: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5007/14:42
henkjanLupusNoctis: /etc/network/interfaces is trivial14:42
AnRkeywhat imap server is suggested for a server running postfix?14:42
henkjanAnRkey: dovecot14:43
AnRkeyhenkjan, is it easy?14:43
henkjanapt-get install dovecot14:43
LupusNoctisit's trivial if you remember how. =]14:43
AnRkeyhaha ok14:43
henkjanmaybe little tweaking needed in /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf14:44
sergevnScottK: it's not the problem, it worked before without those domains added to the config, they are delivered to virtual domains14:44
AnRkeyand I want to use a semi-catch-all account for incoming email14:44
ScottKsergevn: OK.  Then show logs.14:44
AnRkeyone account with an alias for each extra user14:44
AnRkeyi am installing postfix now14:44
AnRkeyit's asking what mode to install it as14:44
henkjanAnRkey: thats not configured in your imap server but in your MTA14:44
AnRkeyi know14:45
AnRkeystill busy with the postfix install14:45
AnRkeywhat is a smarthost?14:45
henkjansmarthost is eg smtp server from your isp14:46
AnRkeyahh ok14:46
henkjansome isps block outgoing port 2514:46
AnRkeythen it's internet with smarthost14:46
AnRkeythis looks easy enough14:46
AnRkeyyeah i think thats the case here14:46
AnRkeygonna use my isp for outgoing14:47
AnRkeyand fetchmail for incoming14:47
AnRkeythanks henkjan14:47
henkjannp :)14:47
sergevnScottK: Ok, by the location of the moon it started working again, definitly problem/policy of my ISP for relaying email if server is down14:49
sergevnScottK: (without changing any configs)14:49
* AnRkey is in love with ubuntu14:49
AnRkeyis that normal?14:49
sergevnScottK: henkjan: thanks for the help :)14:49
henkjanAnRkey: yep. here the same :)14:49
ScottKIt may be that if your ISP think's you're down it queues up your mail for awhile before it retries.  That's actually sensible.14:49
AnRkeyi find myself handing out cd's every chance i get14:50
sergevnScottK: ah well, at least my mail doesnt get lost :)14:50
AnRkeyhenkjan, Package dovecot is not available, but is referred to by another package.14:53
AnRkeyjust done an apt-get update too14:54
AnRkeythanks anyhoo14:54
faulkes-afternoon nijaba15:05
nijabahello faulkes-, actually it is morning in boston15:11
faulkes-hadn't realized you'd flown over yet15:21
faulkes-hope all is well15:21
nijabafaulkes-: all is well, thanks :) what about you?15:28
faulkes-long night last night15:33
faulkes-between regex, perl dbi, oo php and project management coursework I didn't get to bed until late15:33
jjessewow sounds busy15:34
faulkes-oh and a client had an emergency they needed me to deal with15:34
jjessei'm glad my clients don't have emergencies i deal with :)15:34
* faulkes- is good at multi-tasking15:34
* faulkes- is better at it after a couple good belts of scotch though15:34
faulkes-well, emergency on there part, which does not particularly equate to an emergency on mine ;)15:35
faulkes-but dollars are dollars15:35
faulkes-oh and a side note, if you ever try to install xp sp2 on a g4 350mhz via qemu, don't unless you have 4 days to wait for it to install ;)15:37
faulkes-hopefully today will be a much slower day for me though15:39
jjesseinterseting never tried to install xp on any mac before15:41
atomic__hello, i am using apt-mirror to mirror gutsy for my local lan and the issue is this:15:44
faulkes-your issue is you disconnect from irc?15:46
jjessedon't you hate it when you forgot to finish the problem and then hit enter15:46
atomic__so, some people put "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ gutsy main restricted" in their mirror.list15:46
* faulkes- checks apt-mirror for irc dependencies15:46
atomic__lol :)15:46
atomic__i cant get used to this new laptop15:46
atomic__so i mistype and misclick15:46
atomic__i was wondering if i can put "deb http://mk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ gutsy main restricted universe" (and the same for gutsy-updates and gutsy-security)15:47
atomic__as oposed to having separate entries15:48
atomic__ill just paste the 3 lines...15:49
atomic__deb http://mk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ gutsy main restricted universe15:49
atomic__deb http://mk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ gutsy-updates main restricted universe15:49
atomic__deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu gutsy-security main restricted universe15:49
atomic__i built the mirror with only the first line, apt-mirror is currently downloading files for gutsy-updates and gutsy-security15:50
atomic__anyone please?15:54
ScottKmathiaz: Would there be any chance of you merging cyrus-sasl2 soon?  I think we definitely want it (adding saslfinger to our package is enough by itself, but there's also a security fix), but I'm unlikely to have time this week.15:57
atomic__i dont understand the repo mechanism very well, and i just need to know if that will work15:57
mathiazScottK: I can have a look at it.15:58
ScottKmathiaz: Great.   I did check with pitti and the changes debian made to his libdb4.6 migration patch are fine.16:00
mruizhi all16:10
JaacIm i run ps auxw it shows /usr/bin/mysqld_safe using up 98.3% CPU time? Does anyone what could be wrong or how i can resulve the problem??16:21
JaacThough if i run uptime, it'll only show  load average: 1.44, 1.30, 1.2816:21
faulkes-Jaac: all depends what mysqld is doing16:27
faulkes-use the mysql cli client and issue a "show processlist"16:28
faulkes-err, "show processlist;" without quotes that is16:28
faulkes-depending on your tables, I would also check to see if any of them need to be repaired16:29
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soulcok so do I add my network to the changes I make for PostfixAmavisNew? the changes are just putting
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soulchey all17:50
soulcso I know this is a dumb question but how do I add a user to a group?17:50
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faulkes-nijaba: oh, see my attachment for the privacy statement18:35
nijabafaulkes-: I think I did and already replied to your bug.  Have you updated it?18:36
faulkes-nm, I just looked at the site ;)18:37
faulkes-saw your comment18:37
mruizhey mathiaz19:17
mok__yrkk a process somewhere is sitting on my usual nick :-(19:53
vaughnSigh...how do I list the groups that exist in the cli?19:55
sommervaughn: cat /etc/group19:55
vaughnsommer: thank you!19:55
sommerheh, np19:55
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soneilIs there a boot opt without PAE?  (or highmem646g, whichever is causing the "please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU." boot failure)20:27
nealmcb 21:40
nealmcb 21:44
sommernealmcb: yo21:47
nealmcbsommer: howdy21:53
nealmcbahh - hmm - wonder what I was doing there....21:54
anthonyDoes Ubuntu Server automatically run updates, or do you need to do them manually?  (by default)22:08
ScottKYou have to do it manually by default.22:14
zulhi sommer22:14
anthonyScottK: okay, thanks22:14
nijabafaulkes-: it just worked great, thanks :)22:15
nijabaanthony: to apply updates automatically, install unattended-upgrade22:17
nijabafaulkes-: what's your feeling on bug #19583822:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195838 in server-survey "Alphabetization of answers" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19583822:19
faulkes-ah, I looked at that, I'm currently undecided on it22:20
faulkes-I will add a note tonight after dinner and some time to consider it (8pm est'ish)22:20
nijabafaulkes-: no hurry..  Just wanted to know.22:20
* faulkes- nods22:21
faulkes-we have meeting tomorrow, so I'd like to get as many ducks in a row and all that22:21
anthonynijaba: Will that need any configuration, or just install it and leave it?22:21
nijabafaulkes-: I did look at our graph.  Pretty neat22:21
faulkes-nijaba: well, that's just the first part of it, I'm currently working on the individual breakdown categories22:22
nijabaantony: should be configured when you install it.  Check for a new entry /etc/cron.daily22:23
nijabafaulkes-: cool22:23
faulkes-first one is sort of the 10,000 ft. look at what is happening, then drill down to category, then to topic/issues, then to related posts22:26
faulkes-I'm also including by date, so it can be looked at in total or by month as time goes by22:29
zulwhats the url for the forum again?22:30
faulkes-I also bumped your eBox post again so it gets more visibility22:35

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