bpetersonrandomnewguy: no, revisions just show the flow off changes in time, not the version00:00
bpetersonrandomnewguy: since versions are arbitrary, they are tags, a marked revision number which we assign a version number to00:00
randomnewguyim only just starting with bzr, are tags a feature?00:01
randomnewguyok thanks00:01
fullermdAs opposed to a bug?   :]00:01
randomnewguyi didn't know the option to tag a revision existed00:02
fullermdbpeterson: Why are we referencing a spring from last May?00:02
PengThere are over 16,000 revisions in Bazaar's Bazaar branch. Usually a couple a day. A couple releases a day wouldn't be very nice...00:03
bpetersonfullermd: opps00:04
bpetersonfullermd: oops00:04
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PengIsn't there a new sprint right now?00:05
Pengs/new //00:05
beunoPeng, yeap, at this exact moment00:05
bpetersonPeng: do you know the url so I can get it right00:05
beuno(well, we're suppose to be sleeping now, but bleh)00:05
ToksyuryelThe topic should make a note what the latest version is00:05
randomnewguyPeng: i guess its a little more practical when you only have 6 like me00:06
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PengYesterday, the topic was: http://bazaar-vcs.org/ | Bazaar 1.2 is out! | https://launchpad.net/bzr/1.2/1.2 | Sprint wiki page: http://bazaar-vcs.org/SprintLondonMarch08"00:06
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bpetersonPeng: that should do it... thanks00:07
Toksyuryelthat looks good :)00:08
Toksyuryelshould set +t and turn on topiclock, then only the correct people can set the topic instead of it being able to be screwed up by anyone00:09
beunoToksyuryel, it hasn't been a problem until now00:11
beunoit's much less work to leave it open I think00:11
Toksyuryelbasically all you do is put a /msg chanserv in front of the topic command and it's otherwise the same00:12
Toksyuryeland this is why I don't like the squeaky wheel mentality, it's always better to stop problems before they happen if you find yourself in a situation to be able to do so :)00:12
Toksyuryelbut it is of course your decision00:13
* Toksyuryel is just throwing it out there00:13
beunoToksyuryel, but then you have to give access to people00:14
beunoand only those can change the topic00:14
beunoand they would get bugged to do so by others00:14
hsuhanyone knows why bzr somehow doesn't have problems with line endings when you work with unix <-> windows merges, but hg does?00:14
beunoit's not so straight forward  ;)00:14
Toksyuryeldon't they already have access?00:14
PengWait, what?00:15
PengBzr doesn't handle line endings, but hg optionally can.00:15
PengI'd say you're just lucky that your text editors aren't screwing around with line endings.00:15
* Toksyuryel hates DOS line endings =/ what is wrong with those people00:16
hsuhhm.. i'm using emacs here and there, the editors are the same, so maybe the problem was that i had some type of filter configured... happy now anyway :)00:16
PengHTTP uses DOS line endings. I wonder how much bandwidth that wastes?00:16
Toksyuryeltons probably, people all over the world download millions of multi-kibibyte html documents every day00:17
Toksyuryelthe individual user may not notice anything but the ISPs have a lot of extra strain they don't need because of that00:18
* Verterok sleeps00:21
Toksyuryelestimating extremely conservatively, let's suppose an ISP that serves five million customers that each download 1000 HTML documents every day averaging 100 lines per file. Calculated out that ends up costing the ISP 4tbits per day.00:26
Toksyuryelthe actual amount wasted in reality is probably a lot higher00:27
LeoNerdFor that matter, anyone who properly indents their HTML would waste loads more in leading spaces00:27
LeoNerdgzip FTW :)00:27
Toksyuryelindeed ^_^00:28
johnnyyes.. gzip..00:29
Toksyuryelgzip is a great solution and I know at least firefox supports that00:29
Toksyuryelthere would still be some waste in the HTTP headers but that would be minimal compared to what it would have been otherwise00:30
Toksyuryelunfortunately we probably can't force everyone to gzip their pages any more than we can force them to use UNIX line-endings =/ it's too bad00:30
johnnyhmm.. we force unix line endings in your pre commit hooks :)00:32
Toksyuryelbut anyway, getting back on topic, bzr rocks <300:32
johnnynow if only we could make sure they are using the pre commit hooks :)00:32
johnnythat is on topic tho..00:33
* beuno is off to bed00:35
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troretupmoca: line endings. can bzr handle them or would i have to write a pre-commit hook?01:45
fullermdI think "neither" is the current answer...01:45
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fullermdI believe line ending stuff (and I/O filters in general) is on the topic list for the current sprint, but I'm not sure.  And of course that doesn't help anything at the moment.01:48
retupmocasomeone set off my highlight02:00
* retupmoca fades back into the darkness02:01
indravenihi all04:49
indraveniwhen I am trying to run loggerhead, I am seeing an error message04:49
indraveniwhat does error message mean?04:50
indravenithus i am not able to start loggerhead04:50
PengIt means UART gettin' online!04:51
PengI don't know, Google it.04:51
PengYou need to set autoreload.package, even if to an empty value.04:51
indravenibut, yesterday it was working without any problem Peng05:02
indraveniafter some time, only it started showing this problem05:02
PengWell, I have no idea.05:03
PengI've never used TurboGears.05:03
indraveniPeng, have u used loggerhead ?05:04
PengI'm on shared hosting so I've been afraid to try it.05:04
DataShamanhi there08:00
DataShamananyone give a hint what i'm doing wrong?08:00
DataShamanI've setup a central branch as per Team collaboration, distributed style08:01
DataShamanwhere you can have local bugfix branches08:01
DataShamanwhen I create a pristine branch of the central trunk, it has no files in it, even though the repo has files in it08:01
jakobbDataShaman: what is the command you use to create the branch?08:03
DataShamananyone here want to help me with a problem using bzr?08:12
fullermd02:03 <jakobb> DataShaman: what is the command you use to create the branch?08:16
DataShamanthe local branch?08:16
fullermdWhichever one has no files in it.08:16
DataShamanstd bar branch bzr+ssh:....08:16
DataShamanbzr branch bzr+ssh://blah...08:16
DataShamanthe central repo has files in it08:17
DataShamanwhen i pull in the branch, it says 35 revisions are branched08:17
DataShamanbut no files are created in the pristine copy08:17
fullermdTry info.08:18
DataShamanshared repo is the parent folder, which makes sense08:18
DataShamanrepository branch is .08:18
DataShamanparent branch is the remote repo08:18
fullermdPastebin the whole output.08:19
DataShamanwith -v08:23
DataShamando a info on the central repo as well?08:24
DataShamancentral repo: http://pastebin.com/d776df7b508:25
fullermdNo, that's enough.  Shows the expected.08:25
fullermdYou don't have a WT, which means you created the repository with --no-trees.  So, nothing's "broken"; it's doing just what you asked.08:25
fullermdRun a "bzr co" in the branch to instantite a WT for it.08:25
PengAny good way to turn --no-trees off? You can rm .bzr/repository/no-working-trees.08:27
fullermdI think it's one of those things to slot into reconfigure.08:28
DataShamani get it08:30
DataShamanmy pristine copy of the central repo shouldn't have a working tree, ideally correct?08:31
DataShamanwhen I create a feature branch off the pristine copy, how do i get it to create a working tree with the branch command?08:31
PengDataShaman: <Peng> ... rm .bzr/repository/no-working-trees.08:32
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PengOdd_Block? :)08:34
fullermdWell, it shouldn't if you don't want it to   :)08:34
Odd_BlokePeng: Ping? ;)08:34
fullermdIt depends on the details of how you want to work.08:34
DataShamanlet me give you a brief rundown08:34
DataShamancentral repo, with trunk08:34
DataShamanme at remote site, with pristine branch copy, and local branches for bugfixes, features, etc08:35
Odd_BlokeSprint People: I was denied access to the Executive Lounge (No Executive Lounge?! DENIED!) so will hang around in the lobby until ~quarter to.08:35
DataShamanthe pristine branch copy with no WT, since it seems wasteful to have one there08:35
DataShamanbut local bugfix branches obv must have WTs :)08:35
fullermdHow do you intend to land the bugfix branches when they're completed?08:36
DataShamani assume that in my case, the pristine copy MUST have a WT?08:36
DataShamanhmm, point08:36
DataShamanit has to merge into the local i suppose08:37
fullermdThe way I do such things is to use a checkout of the trunk for my "local pristine" copy.08:37
PengDataShaman: You can use "bzr remove-tree" and "bzr checkout" ("bzr co") to switch a branch between having a WT and not.08:37
fullermdThen when I need to land a bugfix branch, I can go into it and "bzr up ; bzr merge ../bugfix ; bzr ci" to land it into trunk.08:37
fullermd(actually, I also often do trivial stuff straight on trunk too, but that's all up to your workflow choices)08:38
DataShamanfullermd: ok, thanks for your help, it makes sense now08:38
DataShamanviola, all there now :)08:38
PengLazyweb: Can "bzr up" show a log of the revisions it's pulling, like "bzr pull -v"?08:40
james_wbzr up -v perhaps?08:41
james_wah, no, sorry, you want log, rather than file changes, I don't think that's possible.08:41
PengI'll stick with avoiding checkouts then.08:45
Peng(Except for the occasional lightweight checkout.)08:46
fullermdI've never found pull -v useful myself...08:52
AfCThis is a few days old, but an interesting post from elijah: http://blogs.gnome.org/newren/2008/03/01/happenings-in-the-vcs-world/09:41
pooliehi afc09:42
poolieyou've landed in london?09:42
pooliethat is interesting09:43
AfCpoolie: yeah. His section on Bazaar was a bit of a ramble (perhaps that's a bad sign) but his comments on Subversion, Mecurial, and Git seemed insightful.09:45
jameshAfC: it'd be interesting to know what the "several features of git not present in other systems that [he is] absolutely addicted to" are09:50
jameshah.  he's elaborated in a comment09:51
luksthe various ways of destrying your history with rebasing/filtering/etc.? :)09:51
jamesh"speed[1], repository container[2], the index[3]"09:51
jamesh"and history rewriting[4]"09:53
bialixabentley: BB is down.09:57
Odd_Blokelifeless: I've written up the network performance stuff at http://bazaar-vcs.org/SprintLondonMarch08/Brainstorms10:15
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Odd_Blokepoolie: At the bottom of http://bazaar-vcs.org/SprintLondonMarch08/Brainstorms10:26
lifelessOdd_Bloke: thanks10:42
Odd_Blokejelmer: I've added the stuff on the board re: bzr-gtk to http://bazaar-vcs.org/SprintLondonMarch08/Brainstorms10:57
jelmerOdd_Bloke, w00t, thanks!10:58
beunopoolie, at some point in the sprint, I'd like to chat with you about the "command not found" spec if you can11:13
poolieyes, we should11:17
Verterokvila: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.bazaar-ng.general/3776811:45
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Zindarhi guys.. are you in london now?12:32
beunoZindar, yeap, we're all in London12:49
Zindarso am I today/tonight12:50
Zindarjust wanted to see if anyone feels like meeting up, drinking bear, etc tonight... if there is time12:51
Zindarbear = beer....12:53
Zindarstrange if not :)12:53
beunoZindar, not sure what happens after we finish, but you can re-check at ~6pm and see12:54
ZindarI might not have internet this afternoon though....12:54
Zindarsms possibilities to someone? :)12:54
jelmerZindar: hi12:55
Zindarthank you :)12:55
Zindar+46730808013 if you need me12:55
Zindaror somehting12:55
* awilkins fancies a nice drop of bear13:08
Odd_Blokeawilkins: TMI. ;)13:20
PengYou can get bear online.13:23
* Peng wanders off.13:28
TFKylemm, bear13:43
TFKylethough I think I'd prefer some venison13:43
luriswhat do I do if I accitently added a symlink to my repo?14:08
lurisbzr remove <linkname> doesn't seem to work14:08
AfCluris: it ought to.14:29
AfCluris: you could always just14:29
AfC$ rm linkname14:29
AfCand see what `bzr status`14:29
lurisAfC: I ended up running bzr rm --new && bzr add14:29
datois igc in London?16:03
Odd_BlokeHe's over there -->16:06
lifelessindeed, -->16:09
lifelessdato: ping16:10
datolifeless: pong16:10
lifelessdid you write something to watch a branch and email out changes observed on it?16:11
datocould somebody ask him if by «your thoughts will give us things to keep in mind when developing bzr-fastexport soon» he meant that he's going to write it?16:12
jdongwhile true; do bzr log | mail ..... LOL16:12
datolifeless: yes, though it's a bit rough.16:12
lifelessdato: url ? squid3 is mocving to bzr :)16:13
lifelessdato: he says 'yes ian will write it if noone else does'16:13
datolifeless: ok16:13
datolifeless: https://launchpad.net/bzr-hookless-email16:14
igchi dato16:14
datohi igc16:14
lifelessdato: syou should put that on the plugins page or osomething16:14
datolifeless: ah yes, I forgot to do that.16:14
lifelessperhaps we should have a 'extensions' page or something that lists all the not-a-plugin ut works-with-bzr stuff16:14
lifelessdato: can local_bzrlib be deleted now ? :)16:16
datolifeless: actually no. it has a patch that I didn't manage to submit yet. (also because I wasn't very sure it would be ok)16:17
dato(code for setting the envelope-sender and smtp recipients)16:18
datolifeless: anyway this program could be rewritten as something that just calls the configured plugins as if they were being called by the committer. so that it'd be also able to send stuff to CIA and else.16:19
lifelessdato: right, but I needed something now :>16:21
datoright. it'll do the job.16:21
datoigc: so, ooi, do you have an estimate of how much code bzr-fast-export.py would be?16:21
LarstiQwasn't there a revspec or so to get the working tree state?16:24
* LarstiQ wants to diff his workingtree state against the top pending merge16:24
LarstiQor perhaps I mean just diff against a pending merge16:25
igcdato: I think a simple implementation of bzr-fast-export could take as little as an hour or so16:31
igcdato: I would like to include one in bzr-fastimport16:32
datoI'll read that as "igc time" ;)16:32
igcdato: the key word is "simple"16:32
igcit's one thing to dump stuff out16:32
igcit's another to think through all the issues needed to make bzr-fast-export and bzr-fast-import "round-trip"16:33
igcin other words, I want to get a fast-export that is useful to our community, not just other communities :-)16:34
datoyah :)16:35
igcmy first driver for fast-export though is as a QA tool to show that fast-import works16:35
igcmy second driver is making some funky 'filter' branch' style functionality possible16:36
igcdato: there are also some implementation options to consider ...16:36
igcthe easiest fast-export is to walk the repo and print stuff as you go16:37
igca slower, but maybe more useful way?, is to generate Command objects and add __str__ to each16:38
LarstiQwhat is fast-export?16:38
igcthe latter is more object-oriented, but might suck performance wise16:38
igcLarstiQ: git implemented a tool called git-fast-import that accepts a stream of comands/data16:39
igctools that generate that stream are called *-fast-export16:40
igcI've written a plugin that takes the same import stream as git handles16:40
igcso we can reuse all the existing exporters16:40
igcbut we're yet to have an exporter that dumps that format16:40
igcafter all, no-one ever wants to use another VCS having used bzr :-)16:41
* LarstiQ swallows the switching to git stories16:41
* dato confesses he has temptations at times.16:42
datonot because I'm unhappy, which I'm not16:42
igcseriously though, it's actually a feature being able to get from bzr to other tools in that ...16:43
igcsome teams want to be confident that picking bzr wouldn't lock them in16:44
ubotuNew bug: #198417 in bzr "bzr diff -r ancestor: should use parent branch if not specified" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19841716:45
ubotuNew bug: #198418 in bzr "bzr send gives incomplete help on error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19841816:45
LarstiQigc: which entirely makes sense16:46
igcLarstiQ: for more info, see http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrFastImport16:56
LarstiQigc: thanks16:58
tbnorthhi all - how can I tell if bzr thinks a file's binary?17:04
ubotuNew bug: #198422 in bzr-gtk "Annotate doesn't show active revision" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19842217:05
james_wtbnorth: the only way I know is to edit the file and run bzr diff. binary/not binary isn't much of distinction in bzr currently though, why would you like to know?17:20
tbnorthI use an IDE that changes the EOLs, I have a script that changes them back (i.e. makes working copy EOLs match last revision)  I don't want the script tripping over binary files17:21
ubotuNew bug: #198425 in bzr "bzr info should not say "shared repository" unless it is actually a shared rather than colocated repository" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19842517:21
tbnorthjames_w: so perhaps I should do my own test for binariness17:24
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ubotuNew bug: #198441 in bzr "Windows XP install nit: missing new program highlight on start menu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19844118:00
spivjelmer: fwiw, there's no python-subversion update in gutsy-backports, but the dependencies to take it directly from hardy aren't too bacd.18:14
jelmerspiv, ah, ok18:18
spivjelmer: svn-import of Twisted seems to be stable at ~79MB, which is a dramatic improvement :)18:18
spivHmm, spoke too soon.  It just jumped to 145MB... still doing much better than before though.18:19
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=== he-man is now known as ferringb
cr3is there a way to grab source from a repository but not the .bzr directory?19:00
cr3I'm grabbing a project now and the .bzr directory itself is over 300MB, that's overkill considering I just want to build the project19:01
TFKylecr3: I believe you could do a lightweight checkout (bzr branch --lightweight)19:02
TFKyleer, bzr co --lightweight rather :)19:02
jdongTFKyle: I'm not convinced that it's really much faster.19:02
cr3TFKyle: thanks, I'll try that19:02
jdongit might involve downloading fewer bytes but I don't think it'll actually be "faster" per se19:02
jdongcr3: the real feature you want is shallow branching *cough* *cough* (looks at jelmer, lifeless , and those at the bzr sprint)19:03
TFKylepossibly, not sure exactly how it works19:03
cr3jdong: branch compared to co --lightweight was 5 times bigger, significant difference. thanks!19:22
jdongcr3: I know it's gonna be bigger, but I didn't know whether or not it's gonna be faster19:23
jdongcr3: slight disclaimer, I've got a gigabit internet pipeline so YMMV :D19:24
jdongcr3: and I'm not sure if it works, but bzr export might be able to operate on a branch URL and be even faster?19:24
james_wbzr export DEST [BRANCH]19:30
_flxwhat is the migration procedure for a bzr server 1.1 to 1.2 ?19:45
jdongI believe just do the upgrade? Nothing broke backwards-compatibly19:46
jdong(I think)19:46
_flxjdong: Thx it worked19:50
jdonggreat to hear19:50
ubotuNew bug: #198479 in bzr "crash: "bzr branch https://code.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr/trunk"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19847919:50
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james_whi mwhudson_. It's good to see loggerhead still getting standalone releases. Thanks.20:46
=== mwhudson_ is now known as mwhudson
mwhudsonjames_w: news travels fast :)20:46
mwhudsonjames_w: are you at the bzr sprint?20:47
james_wmwhudson: I arrive on Thursday. Are you there>20:47
mwhudsonjames_w: sadly, no20:47
mwhudsonhaving flown half way around the world moving from the uk to new zealand, my response to "hey!  do you want to fly back to the uk again in a few weeks?" was, perhaps, predictable20:48
james_wI think you got the better end of the deal though.20:48
ubotuNew bug: #198519 in bzr "'Connection timed out' on lp branch attempt shouldn't result in a crash" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19851920:50
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ubotuNew bug: #198552 in bzr-gtk "Doesn't apply bzr metadata-only changes to files" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19855222:35
philn__i'm trying to branch a https:// repo but get a curl error:22:36
philn__    curl.perform()22:36
philn__error: (60, 'server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt')22:36
radixphiln__: If you're on Ubuntu or Debian, make sure your ca-certificates package is up-to-date.22:36
philn__hi radix ;)22:37
radixyo :)22:37
philn__using gutsy here plus pinned hardy .. ca-certificates is up-to-date22:37
radixphiln__: And you have the -updates repositories enabled?22:37
philn__hmm lemme check22:38
radixhmm, yeah, that's what I have on Hardy.22:38
philn__i have gutsy-updates yes22:38
philn__should i try some bleeding bzr edge?22:39
radixI dunno, I'm not sure what the problem is. It doesn't sound like updating bzr would make a difference.22:39
radixphiln__: oh, wait, what's the https:// server you're trying to branch from?22:39
philn__it didn't, had exact same error with gutsy version22:40
radixphiln__: maybe it really doesn't have a certificate that is registered with your system22:40
philn__it's a seecreet server ;)22:40
radixphiln__: and is it signed by a "normally trusted" CA?22:40
radixor is it some self-signed cert?22:41
philn__how can i know that?22:41
radixphiln__: Well, does your browser complain when you visit the site with it?22:42
radix(or did it complain and did you permantly accept the certificate anyway, some long time ago? ;)22:43
mwhudsonyou can also try using bzr branch https+urllib://whatever/...22:43
radixah. is that the way you get around verification :)22:43
philn__i get a warning in my browser yes22:44
philn__mwhudson: tries that; didn't work22:44
radixwhat happened ?22:44
philn__SubversionException: ("PROPFIND request failed on '/blahblah')22:44
philn__wtf, it's not a svn repo ;)22:45
radixoh dear, so you're also trying to branch an svn branch?22:45
* radix looks at mwhudson 22:45
philn__looks like that /svn_path comes from my ~/.subversion directory btw22:46
mwhudsonoh er what?22:47
radixI got no idea.22:47
mwhudsonphiln__: i guess you could try --no-plugins too22:47
philn__mwhudson: dude, it works :)22:48
philn__thx mwhudson and radix22:51
mwhudsonthe subversion exception is some kind of bug, clearly22:52
mwhudsondon't know if it's reported yet...22:52
philn__i can report it if needed22:54
abentleyWould that be #192743?22:55
philn__i have a $HOME/.svn .. so could be yes22:58
Odd_BlokeBug #19274322:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192743 in bzr-svn "bzr-svn is irritating when in a (non-svn) subdirectory of an svn working tree" [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19274322:58
nslaterhow do i do a get without having any of the .bzr directories?22:59
philn__heading bed, gn823:00
Odd_Blokenslater: Could you expand on your problem a little?23:00
nslateri would like to do "bzr get -r 666 http://example example" but not have the .bzr dirs23:01
nslateri thought export would do it, but alas no23:01
Odd_Blokenslater: Where do you not have the .bzr dirs?23:01
nslatercan you rephrase please?23:02
nslaterOdd_Bloke: ?23:04
Odd_Blokenslater: Which location does not have the .bzr dirs?23:04
nslaterim not sure what that means, i want to create a local directory of the repository with no .bzr directories23:04
bob2nslater: in what way does 'bzr export' not do what you want?23:05
Odd_Blokenslater: Do the bzr get and then bzr export locally.23:05
nslaterbzr export -r 86 http://intertwingly.net/code/venus/ planet-venus-0~bzr86.orig23:05
nslaterbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/nslater/svn/python-apps/packages/planet-venus/trunk/planet-venus-0~bzr86.orig/".23:05
nslaterdo i really have to do two operations to get a "clean" version of the repository?23:06
bob2nslater: arguments go the other way round23:06
beunoOdd_Bloke, is there coffe up there?  my gf keeps kicking her adsl modem, so the conversation is taking a bit longer than expected23:06
Odd_Blokebeuno: Yeah, there is.23:06
Odd_BlokeNice hot choocolate too.23:06
bob2nslater: bzr export -r 86 planetblah http://...23:06
beunoVerterok, mate?23:06
nslatertrying with reversed arguments23:06
Verterokbeuno: yeap23:07
beunoVerterok, be up in ~15 then23:07
nslaterbzr export -r 86 planet-venus-0~bzr86.orig http://intertwingly.net/code/venus/23:07
nslaterbzr: ERROR: Connection error: while sending GET /code/venus/.bzr/branch-format: (111, 'Connection refused')23:07
* Verterok 'll be waiting23:07
nslaterit works fine for a "get"23:07
nslaterit's really slow, is that normal?23:08
nslateranother error:23:08
nslaterbzr export -r 86 planet-venus-0~bzr86.orig http://intertwingly.net/code/venus23:08
nslaterbzr: ERROR: Connection error: while sending GET /code/venus/.bzr/repository/knits/eb/%254c%2549%2543%2545%254e%2543%2545-20060830201635-546cbbdb8a049f22.kndx: (111, 'Connection refused')23:08
bob2I''m having intermittent trouble reaching that website in my browser23:09
beunonslater, the first thing to do would be to upgrade your storage format (although it's unrelated)23:09
bob2as well as with bzr23:09
nslaterbeuno: what do you mean storage format?23:09
bob2beuno: nslater is branching someone else's branch23:09
beunobob2, aaah, right. nslater nevermind than, carry on23:10
nslaterhmm, i am also getting general errors from that site23:10
nslaterweird, it was working before23:10
Odd_Blokenslater: Try pulling into a shared-repo, you'll be able to do it in segments (i.e. resume when the connection fails).23:11
nslatersorry, i dont know what that means23:11
nslateralso, this needs to work reliably with no assistance23:11
bob2bzr init-repo blah ; bzr branch htp://... blah/blah ; bzr export foo.tar.gz blah/blah23:12
bob2bzr export should do what you want, it just seems that intertwingly is having network issues23:12
nslaterokay, thanks23:13
bob2the init-repo thing is what Odd_Bloke was sugesting, since the "branch" command will resume if rerun23:13
nslaterokay, thanks for all the help guys!23:19
mwhudsonso hm23:34
beunoVerterok, on my way up23:34
mwhudsoni want to know the set of revisions that are introduced by the revision23:34
* Verterok hopes so :P23:34
mwhudsoni.e. those revisions which are ancestors of revision X but not of X's left-hand parent23:35
mwhudsonoh er23:35
abentleymwhudson: Unfortunately, that method's not completely accurate.23:45
mwhudsonabentley: ah23:46
abentleyThe accurate way is to use get_ancestry on both revisions and then do set operations.23:46
abentleyWe are strongly interested in making find_difference accurate, since it scales much better.23:47
abentleyGood night.23:48
mwhudsonseems pretty slow23:49
mwhudsongood night23:49

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