ubotuNew bug: #111826 in bzr-gtk "Broken menu items in nautilus integration " [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11182600:01
ubotuNew bug: #149061 in bzr-gtk "Cannot view diff of first revision" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14906100:01
radixPenguinOfDoom: bzr branch lp:~subol-hackers/subol/shared.dev00:28
radixoops, mischan00:28
pooliehi radix!00:36
radixyo poolie :-)00:37
RAOFHeya radix!00:42
radixwow, it's a party00:42
radixHi RAOF :)00:42
poolielifeless: what are your thoughts on rich-root-pack conversion bugs and 1.3?00:43
* Odd_Bloke pumps out the beats.00:44
* TFKyle pumps out the beasts00:47
* j1mc jumps to the pumped out beats00:49
TFKyle(aka. party-goers)00:49
lifelesspoolie: 1.3 is time based, I don't think those things are related00:59
lifelesspoolie: as the conversion issues are not regressions01:00
j1mclifeless: just wanted to say thank you for your explanations yesterday.  you were very helpful.  the history is now correct, and i've used bzr bind to ensure i won't have the same problem again.01:01
pooliein other words go ahead without it01:01
lifelessj1mc: cool01:01
lifelesspoolie: yah01:01
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lifelesspoolie: what do you think01:09
poolieit does seem to have been present for a while01:10
lifelessbbiab food ftw01:13
lifelesssquid folk are liking bzr fwiw01:37
lifelessneed to do some tweaks to bb for them01:37
lifelessuse the right bugtracker01:37
lifelessand allow anonymous email voting01:37
hunmonkanybody have a sec to help me w/ an rspush error i'm getting?03:00
hunmonklifeless: 504 colossus$~/Sites/apartmentlines.com/www: bzr rspush watchdog:bzr/apartmentlines.com03:01
hunmonkbzr: ERROR: Rsync could not use the specified location.  Please ensure that "watchdog:bzr/apartmentlines.com/" is of the form "machine:/path"03:01
hunmonklifeless: if i run scp foo watchdog:bzr/apartmentlines.com03:01
hunmonklifeless: works perfectly03:01
hunmonklifeless: so i'm a bit confused what the issue is03:02
Odd_Blokehunmonk: The path you're giving isn't absolute, which the error message would suggest is required.03:02
lifelesswell spotted03:03
hunmonkOdd_Bloke: full path doens't work, either03:03
lifelessalso, are you aware of push-and-update ? its a plugin03:03
lifelessI would look in .bzr.log and see if anyting interesting is there03:03
lifelessalso perhaps try strace and snarf the actual rsync command line being tried03:03
hunmonklifeless: where is .bzr.log?03:06
hunmonkhome dir?03:06
* hunmonk looks03:06
hunmonklifeless: http://pastebin.ca/94987403:12
lifelessrsync is erroring03:14
lifelessstrace is your friend03:14
hunmonklifeless: lol.  no strace on my mac03:15
hunmonklifeless: guess it's time to hit fink...03:15
lifelesstruss perhaps ?03:15
lifelessgot to me some equivalent03:16
lifelessanyhow, rsync is existing with status 1203:16
hunmonklifeless: doesn't scp use rsync as well?03:17
bob2no, scp is like cat over ssh03:17
lifelesshunmonk: no03:17
mwhudsoni think03:17
fullermdI'd expect rsync is spitting an error somewhere.  Try just running it manually.03:18
hunmonkfullermd: yeah, that was my next thought as well03:18
hunmonklifeless: rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at /SourceCache/rsync/rsync-30/rsync/io.c(359)03:20
hunmonklifeless: i've never seen that before  :|03:20
fullermdWhy, of course!  You forget to giblinetch the huntra in the config file.  Duh03:21
bob2could any of your login scripts on the remote machine be printing something out?03:21
hunmonkbob2: maybe03:22
hunmonklifeless: found the problem03:27
hunmonklifeless: no rsync installed on destination server  :)03:27
abentleylifeless: Do you want to preserve the code style differences between the loom plugin and bazaar?03:41
jmlI sense some restrained frustration there :)03:47
jmlpoolie: how's the release going?04:04
jmlpoolie: also, where's the branch for it?04:06
lifelessabentley: which ones?04:07
abentleyThe imports are the main thing I'm noticing.04:07
pooliejml, http://bazaar-vcs.org/bzr/bzr.1.304:08
abentleyIn bazaar proper, we hardly ever do "import bzrlib.merge", for example.04:08
abentleyIt would be "from bzrlib import merge as _mod_merge"04:08
lifelessabentley: oh, its because loom is old code04:08
abentleyOr possibly a direct object import.04:09
lifelessabentley: it was written in the same style as bzr of the time04:09
* jml registers04:09
abentleyBy which I take it it's fine to use current Bazaar style in it?04:09
abentleyI'm running into a test case failure because we can't represent a tree whose last_revision is NULL_REVISION that has pending merges.  I think I'm going to drop it, but we should really fix that in Bazaar.04:11
lifelesswhats the reason for it ?04:16
lifelesslike is it an existing test04:16
lifelessor a new one, and if new whats the use case?04:16
abentleyNo, I'm writing a new test, and I got an unexpected error.04:17
abentleyI'm doing up_thread(); up_thread()04:17
abentleyThe second up_thread raises cannot switch threads with anout of date tree. Please run bzr update.04:17
abentleyThe underlying cause is that when last_revision is NULL_REVISION, tree.get_parents() is []04:18
abentleySo adding a pending merge sets the lefthand parent.04:19
lifelessright, thats currently by design04:20
lifelessits consistent with our history storage too04:20
abentleyWell, intentional or not, it's a limitation on what Bazaar can do, and it's occasionally reported as a bug.04:22
lifelessso I'm guessing your use case looks like04:23
abentleyAnd in this case, it's causing looms to give an error that doesn't make a lot of sense.04:23
lifelessloomify, create-thread, down-thread, commit, up-thread04:23
abentleyAnd then up-thread again.04:23
lifelessI would say in this case that up-thread leaving the new-thread the same as the bottom thread is actually fine04:23
abentleySo you're saying that if up-thread changes the last_revision, it should change it on the branch also?04:24
abentleyThe bottom thread has a new revision.04:24
abentleyCall it X04:24
abentleybzr up-thread will set X as the tree's last revision, but will set the branch's last_revision to NULL_REVISION04:25
abentleyYou are saying it should set the branch's last_revision to X as well?04:26
lifelessI think it should set X as the threads last revision in this specific case; which will change the branch's last-revision as teh branch is just reflecting the thread state.04:27
abentleylifeless: What mechanism sets a thread's last revision?  All I see being set is the branch and tree.04:31
lifelessset_threads & _set_last_loom04:33
lifelesssee for instance LoomSupport.record_thread04:36
lifelessthats the api you probably want to use here04:36
abentleylifeless: up_thread is currently doing Branch.generate_revision_history.  Swapping Branch.record_thread in breaks things horribly04:45
abentleyI'll leave it generating revision history, and update it so it sets it to X when appropriate.04:47
lifelessabentley: you need both04:50
lifelessabentley: here's why.04:50
lifelessthere is some duplicate data in the current loom branches, because of lazy-robert.04:51
lifelessthe duplicate data is the current branch tip in .bzr/branch/last-revision, and the current thread version of the same data in .bzr/branch/current-loom[branch.nick]04:51
lifelessup-thread is normally just setting the last-revision to match the thread, but now it has to (sometimes) update the thread too04:52
abentleyBut hardly anything updates the thread copy, right?04:52
abentleyWhy isn't that calamitous?04:52
lifelessabentley: with a last-loom format update to record the revno in each thread, we could drop last-revision from disk and remove the duplication04:55
lifelessabentley: its not alamitous because looms hook in very lightly, and try to preserve regular branch behaviour as much as possible.04:56
abentleyBut commit doesn't update the thread copy, so why should up-thread update the thread copy?04:56
lifelesscommit updates it05:01
lifelessnow I need to remember how05:01
lifelessor if it doesn't then thats an interesting bug05:02
abentleyI was just assuming that the behavior was lazy enough that it didn't matter.05:02
lifelessunlock does it05:04
lifelessread the unlock code05:04
lifelessso yes, you can be lazy here.05:04
lifelessand just set branch.last_revision05:04
lifelessas long as you'll be on the right thread when the branch is unlocked05:04
* poolie starts 1.3 packaging05:05
poolielifeless, abentley: any opinions on my mail about testing for unreleased locks?05:09
abentleyAs long as we do it, I don't care how.05:12
pooliei think i will keep a list of held locks05:13
pooliewhich is essentially what we're getting python to do for us, but in a flaky way05:13
lifelesspoolie: did we not plan this at allhands?05:13
lifelesspoolie: I thought the plan was to - provide a global event anyone can subscribe to which fires on lock and unlock05:13
poolieit rings a bell, i can't recall what was decided though? i think we said what i just said05:13
lifelesspoolie: then add to the root TestCase a subscriber to that which accumulates lock/unlock events. And finally an addCleanup that asserts they are all matched.05:14
lifelessthis is better than a global list of locks05:14
lifelessits better because we can then write tests that test the number of locks actually taken/released by a command05:17
lifelessand things like that05:17
poolieright, that sounds good05:17
lifelessit also doesn't depend on gc() having been run before the test finishes, or no-loops, and other such implementation details05:18
poolieit's a strict superset05:18
poolieof what i was proposing05:19
pooliei'll send a patch for it05:19
lifelessstab stab stab get_revision_graph05:20
poolie"that, and a pair of testicles"05:20
pooliemakes me smile every time i make a release05:20
poolievale jdub05:20
pooliewelcome back tim05:26
poolieit turns out jam's renvo code has some bugs.05:32
abentleyAt least it doesn't have a pair of testicles.05:35
lifelesswho knows05:42
lifelesshno in squid called bb bundlebunny the other day05:42
Odd_Blokejml: I'm struggling to get ``bzr merged-branches`` working at all.  If I have a 'bzr' directory with 'bzr.dev' and my topic branches under it, how can I get it to tell me which of those topic branches have been merged?05:51
bob2that wasn't supported according to the release announcement05:53
lifelessk, time to call it a week.05:54
lifelessshee you folk tuesday; except for poolie of course :)05:54
bob2don't od on eggs05:54
Odd_Blokebob2: Right, but I can't work out what _was_ supported.05:55
lifelessbob2: *blink*05:55
Odd_Blokelifeless: Happy Easter!05:55
bob2Odd_Bloke: ~/repository/bazaar/bzr/{trunk,fix-bug-41921921,make-foo-baz}, afaict05:56
pooliehello bob, odd05:56
Odd_Blokebob2: Right, so I have a symlink from trunk to bzr.dev now, but am still getting odd errors.05:56
bob2Odd_Bloke: ah, sorry, I imagined a comma (with 'bzr.dev', and my topic branches under it)05:57
abentleylifeless: Okay, I've merged in the up-thread stuff.  Shall I do export-loom (with no default) too?06:03
lifelessabentley: yes please; please be sure to do a merge into the trunk, or use a bound branch - I'd like the mainline to be like bzr's with only the result of feature branches, now that loom is released06:09
abentleylifeless: Sure, I understand.06:09
abentleyTo be safe, you should set append_revisions_only06:10
lifelesshow do I do that06:10
lifelessis there an api call?06:10
lifelessalso, append_revisions_only doesn't enforce all that I want ;)06:10
pooliebug 202778 killed my 1.3 merge06:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 202778 in bzr "false test failure when run in a directory containing the version name" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20277806:10
poolieoh well06:10
abentleylifeless: Branch.set_append_revisions_only06:10
lifelessit only prevents pivots; it doesn't prevent push as opposed to merge + commit06:11
abentleyOh.  Perhaps that's another flag we should support.06:11
abentleyBranch.set_commit_only_merges ?06:12
lifelessabentley: something like that would represent want I want yes06:13
lifelessabentley: but anyhoo I'm off06:13
* lifeless waves06:13
abentleyHappy bunny time.06:13
peteshinnersAnyone have luck getting the eclipse plugin up? The updates site has no files according to eclipse?06:14
pooliei'm going to trivial in http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5915/06:15
abentleyI think that could give a false success, though.06:19
pooliethat's true though06:19
abentleyIf there was a file, but the version number was wrong.06:19
poolieparticularly on the directory name06:19
pooliemaybe i should check it's in the first line06:19
poolieor indeed the exact format of the first line06:20
abentleyEither one sounds good.  I lean towards the second.06:21
pooliegood point, thanks06:21
poolieare you in an unusual timezone or sleep pattern?06:21
pooliehttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5916/ instead then06:28
Odd_BlokeThe comment seems superfluous now.06:29
poolieyou're right, thanks06:30
abentleypoolie: sleep pattern.06:34
Odd_Blokejml: I've done some work on the merged-branches plugin that's at https://code.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/+junk/merged-branches06:56
Odd_BlokeIt now takes a target branch and a directory (which defaults to '.'), uses a transport and has some better user feedback.06:57
jmlOdd_Bloke: thanks.07:18
* jml looks07:18
Odd_Blokejml: I'm writing some tests ATM. :)07:22
jmlOdd_Bloke: thanks!07:23
poolieok i'm done, good nightall07:24
pooliejml, 1.3 is out07:24
jmlpoolie: thanks-07:24
pooliejml, the tarball is up but the merge has not completed yet07:24
jmlpoolie: no worries07:25
jmlpoolie: I'll probably submit it tomorrow anyway07:25
Odd_Blokepoolie: Congrats! :)07:25
poolieoh one more thing07:25
=== poolie changed the topic of #bzr to: http://bazaar-vcs.org/ | Bazaar 1.3 is out 20 Mar | http://launchpad.net/bzr/1.3/1.3
jmlheh heh07:26
poolieactually i'm going to visit Oksh briefly07:26
pooliesee you07:26
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Odd_Blokejml: Some rudimentary tests have been pushed.07:30
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* awilkins yawns10:43
awilkinsDammit, 0400 hackathons do not suit me in my old age10:43
ubotuNew bug: #204211 in bzr-svn (universe) "Displays a version warning on every operation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20421111:56
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nekohayommmh, is there a way to use bzr-svn without the breakalot rich-root-format? or convert rich-root into pack-92 or something?12:52
datonekohayo: no, bzr-svn needs rich-root. what's your problem with it?12:53
nekohayowell, the fact that it seems to break :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/17787412:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177874 in bzr "upgrading to rich-root-pack fails" [Medium,Confirmed]12:54
nekohayoso I was wondering if there was a way around it12:55
nekohayomore precisely I am the one who reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/20288412:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 202884 in bzr "can't merge (dup-of: 177874)" [Undecided,New]12:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177874 in bzr "upgrading to rich-root-pack fails" [Medium,Confirmed]12:56
abentleynekohayo: There are some problems with upgrading to it.  I'm not aware of any problems for branches that are already in it.13:33
nekohayoabentley: well merging dirstate into rich-root fails13:34
Qhestionwhy is the description of a command in the output of "bzr help" indented to column 19 (starting with 1)?? shouldnt that be 20 ??13:34
Qhestionhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Off-by-one_error ??13:35
abentleynekohayo: Are you talking about the general case, or about the Bazaar source tree?13:35
nekohayowhat do you mean?13:35
abentleyThe Bazaar source tree has some weirdness in it that is going to require extra care to upgrade.13:35
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abentleyThe bug you referenced is an upgrade of the source tree to Bazaar itself.13:36
abentleyNow you're talking about merge of dirstate failing.13:37
abentleyBut I don't know if you're talking about the Bazaar source base in particular, or some other source base.13:37
nekohayoabentley: yeah, my bug is #202884, but it was marked a duplicate13:37
abentleynekohayo: Is this a really old branch?13:40
nekohayoabentley: the one in rich-root is a freshly made one from svn, and the other one is dating back from the summer I think13:41
abentleySo the revision in the example is from 2007-05-17.  At that time, we supported unique root ids in our development version, for a while.  I don't believe it was in any released version.13:44
nekohayoabentley: that is what makes things break?13:45
nekohayoany way to have bzr convert that?13:45
abentleyThat's what's been diagnosed so far.13:45
abentleyI haven't looked at your particular branch.13:45
abentleyThough I was going to.13:46
abentleyTo answer your original question, rich-root is mandatory for bzr-svn.  It was created especially for bzr-svn.13:46
nekohayoaah, that explains. the fact that there are multiple formats kind of puzzled me13:47
abentleynekohayo: I have inspected your branch, and it does have a unique id for the tree root.  So it's the same *root* cause :-)13:49
nekohayowhat is that unique id thing?13:49
nekohayoisn't an "ID" unique by definition ?_?13:50
abentleyIn pre-2007 trees, the root directory always has an ID of "TREE_ROOT"13:51
abentleyTrees created in the rich-root format always have unique IDs.13:51
abentleyWe're working on making a rich-root format the default.  It will be a slight tweak of rich-root-pack.13:53
nekohayoabentley: so can this be converted or salvaged without using the method "create a giant patch and lose history"?13:58
abentleyWe haven't yet got a solid patch that fixes it.  You might be able to re-generate the history using rebase.14:02
abentleyThis would preserve metadata such as your comments, but would generate new revision-ids.14:03
nekohayooh, but once such a patch comes in bzr, it should heal itself ?14:03
abentleyYes, we'll support that conversion one way or another.14:04
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ubotuNew bug: #125751 in bzr-svn "Push raises exception about invalid property changes" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12575115:26
lnxtechWhich repository format has the best performance (or will be the new standard in future releases)? I will be the only developer using the repo so I'm not concerned about backwards compatibility.15:40
datolnxtech: the current default, pack-0.9215:43
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statikpoolie: i don't see any ops in this channel, i suspect announcer is still banned. i've fixed it now, know what I should do to get the ban lifted?16:42
* jdong taps jelmer's shoulder...16:45
jdongbzr co on bzr-svn doesn't exactly create a "bound branch" , does it?16:45
ubotuNew bug: #204320 in bzr ""bzr patch" internal error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20432016:46
jdongI tried a bzr co svn+file:///some/svn/repo on system foo, then on bar I did bzr co sftp://foo/bzr/checkout16:46
jdongthen when on bar I tried to ci, I got some sort of svn assertion error16:46
jdongthen I checked bzr info and apparently everything was some sort of svn format, not standard rich-root-pack bzr branches16:47
abentleystaik: The ops don't usually fly their flag.  Hmm, how do I get ops again?16:53
dato/msg ChanServ op #bzr abentley16:53
datoI think16:53
jamabentley: well /op user is used to give ops to 'user', but I think you have to be op first :)16:54
abentleyAnyone know the syntax for listing/altering bans?16:55
abentleyhelp /op16:58
jamabentley: looking at plain help, I only see /kick, and no /ban16:58
abentleyI think it's a mode you set on a wildcard.16:58
jamabentley: then '/help mode'16:58
abentleysomething like /mode +b *announcer*16:59
jamSo /mode -b nick16:59
jamsomething like that16:59
Parker-/mode -b *!*announce@*17:00
stammiis there any chance to check out a svn repository with bzr via https?17:00
stammiit seems to fail, while svn works17:01
stammii tried  bzr svn-import https://subversion..... as well as bzr co17:02
stammiit responds with 401 Auth required17:02
james_wstammi: try svn+https://...17:03
abentleystatik: How you like it now?17:04
Parker-/mode -b *!announce@
stammiit says "No Repository found at ... use bzr branch" if i do so there comes a legthy error which essentially says SubversionException: ("Undefined tunnel scheme 'https'"17:05
Parker-abentley, after that there is no bans17:05
statikabentley: thank you, we should see it work when the next PQM commit mail comes through17:05
datostatik: shouldn't it join the channel first?17:06
datoor will it auto-join by then?17:06
statikdato: it is supposed to auto-join when it has something to announce17:06
abentleystatik: Okay, holler if it doesn't work.17:06
* stammi just recently noticesd to be out of vcs for the next two weeks17:07
statikbut, I don't really have a good way to see the response from the IRC server to the IRC-talking part of the bot, I'm just re-using radix's publish-bot17:07
statikabentley: thanks for the help17:07
j^hi, is it possible to import tags from svn?17:17
jelmerj^: yes, but only as branches not as bzr tags yet17:24
jelmerstammi: Looks like your subversion library wasn't built with http support17:25
jelmerjdong: still there?17:26
jdongjelmer: yeppers17:27
jelmerjdong: you can't make a checkout of a checkout in bzr17:27
j^jelmer, i was hoping for bzr tags, getting the revision numbers and creating the tags should not be to hard17:27
jdongjelmer: oh.17:27
jelmer(which if I understand correctly, is what you're trying to do)17:27
jdongjelmer: I didn't know that :) well that explains a lot17:27
stammijelmer, have ubuntu 7.10 and installed bzr-svn17:27
stammiand its https not http17:28
jelmerstammi: the svn+https:// / svn+http:// syntax was broken in bzr-svn 0.4.1, which is what is in gutsy17:28
stammijelmer, so i should just manually install bzr from the homepage?17:28
j^there is a newer version in guty-backports17:28
stammiahh ok17:29
stammithx jelmer17:32
jelmerj^: it's not trivial since tags may be in different locations across svn repositories17:44
j^true, is there a way to map svn revision to the one used in bzr, that way one could collect the revision numbers and run a script to apply the tags, right now i would have to look up the commit message, find the one in bzr and map the revision that way17:46
jelmerj^: just taking the revision in which the tag was created in svn won't help17:47
jelmersince that will be a revision that's not actually in your bzr branch17:48
jelmeryou would have to take the revision from which the tag was created17:48
jelmerbut that's not going to be correct in a lot of cases either, since the revision that created the tag could also have slightly modified it17:48
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j^what could cause17:55
j^SubversionException: ("PROPFIND request failed on '/!svn/bc/12853/trunk/foobar'", 175007)17:55
jelmerdoes "svn log -r12853 <repos-url>" work?17:57
j^is all i get17:59
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jelmerj^: is this a public branch?18:03
j^at that revision there is nothing in svn log, its one before the trunk was moved from a branch18:04
jamstatik: you should have a new pqm email18:30
jamI just had a patch merged18:30
statikjam: cool, i hope we see an announcement in a couple of minutes18:31
grutte_pierDoes anyone know what happened to the webserve plug-in?18:40
james_wgrutte_pier: it's still going18:41
grutte_pierSo which url should i branch from then? on the webpage there is a 'download' link and an 'URL to branch' link18:43
grutte_pierthe former gets me an 500-error (Internal Error)18:43
grutte_pierthe latter gets me the source-code of some webpage18:43
grutte_pierthanks a lot! Is there a way that I could or should have found this link myself?18:45
james_wgrutte_pier: I'm not sure, maybe we should contact the author to update his webpage.18:46
james_wNote that launchpad is just mirroring his branch, so I imagine that he has reorganised things at some point and not updated the webpage.18:46
grutte_piersounds like something that could easily happen.....18:51
blueyedWhat's the reason that e.g. "bzr status" does not list the files relative to the current working directory, but to the branch root?19:10
blueyedIt's not as easy to select filenames for further actions then, e.g. by doubleclicking them.19:11
LeoNerdBecause there might be more files modified than just within cwd19:12
LeoNerdSo how do you display those?19:13
blueyedLeoNerd: well, good point for commands on the branch, but with e.g. "bzr st ." there's a path given..19:14
blueyedotherwise they could get prepended with "../" anyway.19:14
yaccWhat's the recommened way to push a local bzr branch to a fresh (not yet existing) SVN url?19:15
ubotuNew bug: #204370 in bzr "bzr bombs during push to svn" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20437019:15
yaccnice ubotu detected my bug report ;)19:15
fbondHi, using bzr-svn I get "CHECKOUT of ...: authorization failed" when trying to push to the repository...19:25
fbondbzr-svn 0.4.719:25
fbondbzr 1.2.019:25
fbondWhat do I need to do?19:25
fbondsvn has my credentials cached already.19:25
fbondI'm pushing over http19:25
yaccahhh, the newest version of bzr-svn works for bzr 1.1 *weep*19:25
fbondyacc: but not for 1.2.0?19:26
yaccWell, the wiki page shows only versions for up to 1.1 ;(19:34
yaccPlease anybody tell me that there is svn support for current bzr versions?19:38
nekohayohm, is there people working primarily on bzr-gtk?20:02
ubotuNew bug: #151825 in bzr-gtk "jumping progressbars" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15182520:03
ubotuNew bug: #125144 in bzr-gtk "Crashes when directory contains broken symlink" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12514420:06
jelmernekohayo: yeah20:09
nekohayook, so I assume my pile of bugs (a few of them with patches) were not seen20:11
nekohayoso I'm changing them all to be assigned to bzr-gtk20:11
yaccfbond: ok, the branch seems to be maintained :) => but the current head seems to work only with bzr >= 1.3 ;)20:24
yaccIt still bombs :(20:32
awmcclainIs it possible to import a single file into my repo?20:40
awmcclainOr do I have to import the containing directory like SVN?20:41
yaccawmcclain: any repo is a directory so logically speaking your question does not make much sense ;)20:54
awmcclainyacc: s/repo/branch20:55
yaccYeah, still your question makes no sense ;)20:55
awmcclainIs it possible to commit a single file which does not live under an existing branch into a branch. I'm pretty sure the answer is no.20:56
awmcclainHrm. Can you check out or branch a subset of a working tree?20:57
datothose are two different questions?20:58
dato(b) you can't do partial checkouts20:58
awmcclainOkee doke.20:58
dato(a) I'm failing to see your question, how's what you ask different to `bzr add $FILE` ?20:58
awmcclaindato: Becauase I'm guess bzr add $FILE will only work if the containing directory is in a working tree20:59
awmcclainI'm trying to collect a bunch of conf files scattered about into source control20:59
datothe file has to be underneath the branch, of course21:00
awmcclainI'll just put them in a directory and then move from there21:00
yaccbzr: ERROR: Revision {('andreas@andi-lap-20080318110425-b4uvstmj62j90z2s',)} not present in "<bzrlib.knit.KnitGraphIndex object at 0xb6c6a30c>".21:12
yaccon upgrade --rich-root-pack21:12
Pengyacc: Known issue.21:12
yaccYeah, but what do I do, considering that I should deliver my stuff today?21:13
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yaccTrying to do a svn-push I'm getting an error too :(21:13
Pengyacc: I don't know of a solution.21:14
yaccWell, I can try to revert to bzr 1.1, and see if that helps, ...21:14
PengI dunno.21:15
kikoabentley, ping?21:20
abentleykiko: pong21:20
kikoabentley, do you have any advice for yacc's problem above?21:20
abentleyAt this point, we don't have a fix for that.21:22
kikoabentley, what's the source of the problem?21:22
yaccabentley: basically bzr svn-push craps out with the "SubversionException: ('At least one property change failed; repository is unchanged', 175008)" problem ;(21:23
* yacc had such high hopes to have escaped svk, ...21:23
abentleyWait, which is your bug?  SubversionException or Revision not present?21:24
yaccabentley: SubversionException. README in bzr-svn (I think, might been google) suggested that an upgrade --rich-root-pack might be useful, ...21:25
abentleyWhich version of bzr-svn have you been using?21:26
yacchead of stable with bzr 1.321:26
yaccNow I'm downgrading to bzr 1.1rc1 in Debian, that include bzr-svn 0.4.7 I think.21:26
yaccWell, bzr1.1 gives me the "at least one property changed" traceback too :(21:27
abentleybzr plugins should tell you the version number21:28
yaccand bzr 1.121:28
yaccSame error as it was with bzr 1.3/stable-head21:28
abentleySo "stable-head" doesn't help me understand what's going on.21:29
abentleyThere was a major change at 0.4, and if you're using something earlier, the scenario is completely different.21:29
yaccstable head == an hour old pull from the branchurl on the plugins wiki page.21:29
yaccNo it's the newest one.21:30
datoyacc: trunk, or the bzr-0.4 branch?21:31
abentleyOkay, so if you do bzr info -v in your branch, what does it say about formats?21:32
yaccdato: no idea which branch is stored at that url.21:32
yaccyou mean the one that I try to push to svn?21:32
abentleyyacc: yes21:32
yacc       control: Meta directory format 121:32
yacc  working tree: Working tree format 421:33
yacc        branch: Branch format 621:33
yacc    repository: Packs containing knits without subtree support21:33
abentleySo is this a branch that you originated in Bazaar?21:33
yaccYes, it orginated from a bzr init (with bzr 1.1rc1)21:33
yaccI wonder if it would help to push an empty bzr branch first to the SVN url, ...21:34
yaccany ideas how to get the stuff into svn?21:35
abentleyCould you run this and tell me what the output is?21:36
abentleypython -c 'from bzrlib.workingtree import WorkingTree; wt=WorkingTree.open("."); wt.lock_read(); print wt.inventory.root.file_id; wt.unlock()'21:36
abentleyYou need to run it in your working tree.21:36
abentleyWell, that's normal.  I don't know why upgrade would be a problem.21:38
abentleyI don't think you'll be able to push into svn until you change your format.21:39
yaccWell, it complains that a version does not exist where it expects it. but technically speaking the upgrade is less of an issue for me, bzr-svn is :(21:39
yaccTo which format?21:39
abentleyI would recomment rich-root-pack.21:39
yaccWell, rich-root-pack and rich-root both complain about non-existing versions, and it seems to be a known bug :(21:40
datoabentley: fwiw pushing from !rich-root to svn works just fine. I use it in one of my projects.21:41
abentleydato: Ah, okay.  It's been a while since I used bzr-svn.21:41
yaccAny hints that I can try?21:41
abentleyWe probably need Jelmer to debug the SubversionException.21:42
abentleyjelmer: ping21:43
abentleyIt sounds like the upgrade's not necessary, and we're planning to fix it for branches like yours.21:43
yaccWhich timezone jelmer is in?21:43
james_wUTC+1 I think.21:44
james_whi dato21:44
abentleyyacc: One thing you could try is running "reconcile".21:44
abentleyie "bzr reconcile".21:45
datohi james_w. I meant to ask you the other day, were you in dc7?21:45
james_wdato: nope.21:45
yaccabentley: what does reconcile do?21:46
datook. then no regrets I didn't meet you :-P21:46
yaccabentley: same SubversionError :(21:46
james_wdato: :-)21:46
james_wdato: are you going to dc8?21:46
abentleyyacc: Running reconcile in your repository gives you a SubversionError?21:46
yaccno, but doing a svn+push after the reconcile.21:47
yaccthe reconcile did fine.21:47
abentleybzr reconcile corrects some kinds of data inconsistency.21:47
yaccWhatever it did.21:47
datojames_w: it's going to be a bit complicated, but so has been the previous 3 times and I always managed. but maybe I'm overconfident this time. :-)21:47
abentleyDoes the upgrade work?21:47
yaccabentley: but the upgrade to rich root pack did work :)21:47
yaccThe question is if that will help the svn+push or not.21:48
yaccNope, same thing as before.21:48
abentleyI don't know enough about bzr-svn to understand that error.21:49
abentleyI'm glad the upgrade worked, but you may want to go back.21:50
abentleyIt depends on whether you're expecting to pull/merge from bzr-svn.21:51
yaccWell, for the moment I'm the only one that will be commiting around that svn path ;)21:52
yaccI might try it out if pushing to my private svn repo works.21:52
abentleyProbably you should stick with it.21:52
abentleyExisting projects shouldn't convert to rich-root-pack unless all their members are willing to upgrade.21:53
abentleyBut yours is a new project, so it doesn't matter.21:53
yaccabentley: basically, I'm having a high level of aversion against svn, svk and git-svn, that doesn't leave many options when you need to work with a svn repo ;(21:53
yaccabentley: mine is a project where nobody but me will see the bzr branch, because all other will be pulling it from svn.21:54
abentleyWhat's the command you're running?  push or svn-push?21:54
yaccpush gives an IndexError.21:54
yaccGoogling the error returns basically only the bzr-svn problems and one old svn error which was fixed back then by upgrading the svn client version, ...21:55
abentleyyacc: Do the permissions on your SVN repo forbid changing revision properties?21:55
yaccabentley: as this is a public svn repo server, I have no idea.21:56
yaccabentley: but that's an interesting theory.21:56
abentleyI know it's a configurable option.21:56
yaccabentley: It will most probably forbid changing revprop.21:56
datoboth for SVN and bzr-svn21:56
datoi.e. bzr-svn does not do it by default21:57
yaccabentley: Actually it's a hook that decides which properties you are allowed to change.21:57
yaccdato: What?21:57
datomy understanding is that bzr-svn uses properties in a way that is allowed by default in SVN repositories21:57
datoand then it has a switch to override svn:date and svn:author, but I don't know if this was abentley meant or not21:58
yaccdato: which switches.21:58
datoor maybe your repo is forbiding even the kind of safe properties bzr-svn needs, though it sounds unlikely21:59
yaccsvn:date won't be overrideable in that repo for sure.21:59
dato% grep override ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf21:59
datooverride-svn-revprops = True21:59
yaccdato: I have no bazaar.conf ;)22:00
abentleyyacc: You are allowed to create one :-)22:00
yaccabentley: yeah, but where do I learn about the options/sections (assuming that it's a ConfigParser thing)22:01
abentleyIt's ini format.  There are no mandatory sections.22:01
abentleybzr help configuration will tell you about Bazaar's options, but not bzr-svn's.22:02
yaccYeah, but where does that override-svn--revprops belong to?22:02
datoI have in [DEFAULT]22:02
abentleyBut DEFAULT is optional.22:03
yaccNow, it would be highly interesting what the default for it is.22:03
datoI'm sure it defaults to False22:03
abentleyYou can just have a single-line file with "override-svn-revprops = True"22:03
yaccWell, technically it defaults to None, but yes that's false too *g*22:05
yaccOk, the SubversionError is raised in something that looks like a decorator that catches SVN exceptions.22:05
yaccHow does one set the debug.debug_flags in bzr?22:07
abentleyWith -Dfoo22:08
abentleywhere foo is the flag you want to set.22:08
yaccSo let's see what bzr-svn is doing before it the bad thing happens :)22:10
yaccabentley: see you are bad. You made me start debugging myself,22:10
abentleyYou could also try doing import pdb; pdb.set_trace() in the final else clause of convert_error22:12
yaccWell, it's one of these then:22:12
yaccsetting revision property 'bzr:file-ids' to '\tTREE_ROOT\n.bzrignore\tbzrignore-20080314001943-npoqulq31axmxa8g-1\nez_setup.py\tez_setup.py-20080314002020-4ktxnl1abormwysn-1\nsetup.py\tsetup.py-20080314002020-4ktxnl1abormwysn-2\nlookery\tlookery-20080314002159-q2mdytaryo7wbdcf-1\nlookery/__init__.py\t__init__.py-20080314002211-5qqxrkuk0wqqoyvi-1\nlookery/lib\tlib-20080314002211-5qqxrkuk0wqqoyvi-2\nlookery/lib/apachelog.py\tapachelog.py-20080314002222:12
yaccsetting revision property 'bzr:revision-info' to 'timestamp: 2008-03-14 02:15:10.638999939 +0100\ncommitter: Andreas Kostyrka <andreas@andi-lap>\nproperties: \n\tbranch-nick: lookery\n'22:12
yaccsetting revision property 'bzr:revision-id:v3-single-trunk/logs/Lookery-Base' to '1 andreas@andi-lap-20080314011510-z091afzyx1t7i3gq\n'22:13
yaccabentley: I'm not big on pdb style debugging. Lucky for me bzr-svn is not in an egg, so adding prints is not exactly hard.22:13
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abentleyAcutally, it would be better if convert_error just did "raise" when it couldn't convert.22:17
abentleyThat would give a more useful traceback.22:18
rindolfHi all.22:18
rindolfI'm trying to do {{{ bzr export http://www.gnome.org/~jdub/bzr/planet/2.0/ }}} but it tells me "not a branch".22:19
rindolfWhat's the equivalent of svn export URL in bzr?22:19
abentleyrindolf: I don't know svn.  In bazaar, it creates a copy of the working tree files, optionally gzipped, tarred, zipped, etc.22:20
datoabentley: but does it work over remote?22:20
datooh, you'd need to give it a second arg22:21
rindolfdato: thanks.22:21
james_wrindolf: bzr export target http://www.gnome.org/~jdub/bzr/planet/2.0/22:21
datorindolf: personally I'd recommend you just clone instead of export, for easy updating22:21
rindolfjames_w: thanks.22:21
datorindolf: but your choice :)22:21
rindolfOK, it's making slow progress.22:21
rindolfdato: problem is that at the moment, my Internet connectivity sucks.22:22
yaccNow I wonder if there is a doc on the SVN API somewhere ;)22:22
rindolfblame my ISP.22:22
james_wyacc: I have found API docs22:22
abentleyrindolf: Also, it's in an older, less-efficient format.22:23
james_wI found them to be under-documented, but at least better than un-documented22:23
yaccjames_w: me too ;)22:23
rindolfabentley: what is?22:23
abentleyhttp://www.gnome.org/~jdub/bzr/planet/2.0/ is in a slower format.22:24
yaccThat's cool, http://svn.collab.net/svn-doxygen/search.php?query=change_dir_prop gives me the HTML source including PHP ;)22:24
yaccWell, at least there is google ;)22:25
awmcclainIs 1.2 in gutsy yet?22:27
abentleyawmcclain: No idea, but packages.ubuntu.com should know.  Or you can use our gutsy APT repository.22:29
awmcclainabentley: Yeah, it's only at 0.9. Thanks!22:29
abentleyawmcclain: If you mean *our* repository is at 0.9, that is unlikely.  0.9 was released in 200622:31
awmcclainNo no gutsy. I'm using 1.2 from your repository now.22:32
abentleyGutsy includes 0.90, not 0.922:33
abentleygutsy-backports has 1.022:33
jdongI will update backports to bzr 1.3 if Hardy is going to get it plus bzr-svn and friends.22:36
* abentley is completely disconnected from the Ubuntu release cycle.22:37
jdongwho typically takes care of Ubuntu packaging for bzr?22:38
datojdong: package just migrates from debian22:39
dato(fwiw I'll upload 1.3 to debian tomorrow; rc1 is in atm)22:39
james_wjdong: I can't remember who did the last sync, someone just pinged me on IRC one day to confirm that they had all the necessary bits together.22:40
james_wI wasn't going to FFe for 1.3 in Hardy. I've just submitted a patch to get bzr-svn to stop complaining about version mismatch.22:40
jdongjames_w / dato: Ok, I'll take some time later tonight to look into this; I'd like to ensure we freeze Hardy with the latest bzr release in there.22:40
datojames_w: are the syncs manual at this point?22:40
jdongdato: have been for a long time22:41
james_wdato: yes, and they have been for a while.22:41
james_wdato: thanks to your work it's just a quick test and a manual sync though.22:41
jdongjames_w: unless bzr devs have any objection/hesitation, I'd have no problem FFe'ing bzr. I don't think any of the folks will complain22:41
jdongeveryone in Ubuntu-land loves bzr anyway :)22:42
james_w*almost* everyone :-)22:42
james_wjdong: I don't think anyone will mind. I was just wary as it will be post-beta.22:43
james_wjdong: but I haven't got a feel for the Ubuntu release cycle yet, so that may be quite common.22:43
jdongjames_w: normally I would be too, but you guys have such a solid track record22:43
james_wjdong: that's true. And there will probably be a boat load of fixes in there.22:44
jdongjames_w: indeed22:44
james_wwell the 1.3 NEWS is a little smaller than usual due to all the sprints/conferences etc. this month.22:44
jdongjames_w: I'd rather not have a LTS kick off with outdated bzr :)22:44
james_wjdong: yeah, let's go for it. Anything you would like me to do?22:45
jdongwell I think I'll have time later tonight to research the bits; just poke me when the Debian package is uploaded :)22:45
james_wjdong: sure. Though I will be online for limited periods this weekend.22:46
james_wdato: would you mind poking jdong when you upload 1.3?22:46
james_wThe only other thing I haven't seen an upload for is bzr-gtk, is there a new release available?22:46
james_wdato: great, thanks.22:46
james_wjdong: you'll need bzr-svn as well I think, and I'd like it if you took bzr-builddeb as well.22:47
datoand bzrtools22:47
james_woh, of course.22:47
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