VolansI have read the LP legal page, is quite misterious... :)00:00
Volans"Before you use this content in some way please take care to ensure that you have the relevant rights and permissions from the copyright holder.   "00:00
asacVolans: i am sure we can get that permission00:01
asacpoint is that its hairy from the overall licensing POV00:01
asacimo making it themable is the appropriate way to do that.00:01
Volansthen using some theme icon that can be similat to those I have used?00:02
asacVolans: imo we should not tackle the licensing issue now, but take some time for that00:02
asacthe way you did the copyright file was just right for a short term thing00:02
asacyou can also say that the ubuntu logo has special copyrights00:03
asacthat should be fine imo00:03
asacif its for you of course00:03
jimmy___asac: so you want me to diff everything excluding the /extensions/pref directory that included the gconf changes, right?00:03
asacafter this is packaged and uplaoded, we should evaluate the options00:03
asacjimmy___: not sure ... i just want the default preference patch not to be in xulrunner-1.900:03
asac(so its not enabled by default for all other xulrunner apps)00:03
asaci think it was just a one line patch00:04
Volansok asac, I try to find a solution for now and a better solution for the next version00:04
asacVolans: good. can't we keep the icons like before with the copyright you suggested?00:04
VolansI was sure of the CC license for tango icons that I have substituted... for the LP or Ubuntu icons I'm not sure of the relative license, but a ubuntu logo is also in the gnome theme icon that is GPL ( /usr/share/icons/gnome/16x16/places/start-here.png  )00:06
jimmy___asac: i am still confused,  you want a gconf patch for the UPSTREAM.3.x branch, but it is not enabled in the xulrunner?00:07
asacjimmy___: the patch consists of lots of code, and a preference that enables the system proxy stuff00:08
asaci want the code in the patch, but not the preference flip00:08
asaci can also striip that out ... if its just that hunk that is too much :)00:08
asacjimmy___: you see that pref?00:09
jimmy___asac: what patch are you talking about? the original gconf patch for the 2.0.0.x source?00:14
asacjimmy___: i am talking about the patch we currently carry00:24
asace.g. UPSTREAM3.x vs. merge3.x00:24
asacbut just the gconf parts :)00:25
jimmy___but where is the pref flip? i thought it is enabled by default00:26
asacjimmy___: no idea :) ... we will see. just get all the gconf bits together. if there is no such flip its ok as well00:27
asacby afaik its a preference we switched somewhere00:27
asacbut maybe thats in the midbrowser hierarchy00:28
jimmy___asac: http://www.moblin.org/repos/?p=projects/mobile-browser.git;a=commit;h=1af2c210c6c278234e5a9704d52111005a025c3900:28
jimmy___this is the gconf patch00:29
jimmy___that's all the files we've changed00:30
asacjimmy___: yeah so maybe diff the files involved there00:30
jimmy___ok, i'll just diff those files then00:31
asacjimmy___: http://www.moblin.org/repos/?p=projects/mobile-browser.git;a=blobdiff;f=modules/libpref/src/init/all.js;h=dbd2dc439f0bd6bb913641783803f37358c04469;hp=e86cc411e4ce4b2914fe68a345c72958df01e214;hb=ba7a782c2b71e565df7372eca6ae968e03f755e9;hpb=5def8c0ff75f49fe119ea4c021193307ca242c6300:32
asacthats the flip i ment00:32
asacit landed in http://www.moblin.org/repos/?p=projects/mobile-browser.git;a=commit;h=ba7a782c2b71e565df7372eca6ae968e03f755e900:33
asacwhich probably got then carried over until today00:33
asacmaybe see what diffing the files in that commit (if not yet in the other commits) yield now00:33
jimmy___yeah, that was the original patch we did for
asacright ... and since we merged, we might still have those bits i guess00:35
asacso include those files in the diff00:35
asacand we hopefully have everything00:35
cwong1asac: I can't seems to connect to any secure sites https:// with my beta5 build.  Got any idea?00:49
jimmy___asac: how do I send the patch file to u?01:02
cwong1jimmy___: email to him01:07
asaccwong1: libnss properly upgraded? i can visit launchpad01:09
asaccwong1: works for both: system-xul + in-source xul build01:10
asaccwong1: i can also login in gmail (which uses https as well for login i guess)01:11
cwong1asac: I just downloaded the firefox  3.0 from the ppa and I have the same issue01:12
asaccwong1: don't download ... add to sources.list and dist-upgrade01:12
asaclikely that you forgot something01:12
asaccwong1: thats most likely a libnss thats too old01:12
cwong1asac: I updated the sources.list and did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade01:13
asacyou need libnss3-1d libnss3-0d and libnss3-dev01:13
asacwhich versions do you have for the ones above?01:13
asac0d is not required01:14
cwong1I did dpkg -l libnss3 and <version> is none01:14
asacdpkg -l libnss3\*01:15
asacshould give you all01:15
cwong1I see the following:01:15
cwong1un  libnss3        <none>         (no description available)01:15
cwong1un  libnss3-0d     <none>         (no description available)01:15
cwong1ii  libnss3-1d     3.12.0~cvs2008 Network Security Service libraries01:15
cwong1ii  libnss3-dev    3.12.0~cvs2008 Development files for the Network Security S01:15
asacCOLUMNS=200 dpkg -l libnss3\*01:15
asacgives you more context01:15
asacbut i guess that looks right01:16
asaccwong1: did you build with or without system-xul?01:16
cwong1asac: I use --with-libxul-sdk01:17
cwong1that should do it right?01:17
asacfor mit works with xulrunner-1.9 1.9~b5~rc2*01:17
asacand with the .mozconfig i sent you01:18
asaccwong1: do you have more than one version of xulrunner in /usr/lib/ ?01:19
asacbut i doubt that thats it01:19
cwong1yes I have multiple libxul in my directory01:19
asacwhat does ls -d /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9* give ?01:20
cwong1and I use ac_add_options --with-libxul-sdk=$(ls -d /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9*)01:20
asacis that un-ambigious?01:20
cwong1it return /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9b501:20
asacwhat do you have in /etc/gre.d ?01:21
asaccwong1: actually, maybe fire it up with strace -f -eopen ./midbrowser and see if the right xulrunner is really used01:21
cwong1it has 1.9b4.system.conf  1.9b5.system.conf  libxul0d.conf  xulrunner.conf01:21
cwong1how can I tell if I am using the right xulrunner?01:23
cwong1from the strace I mean?01:23
asachmm apparently it copies the xulrunner files to dist ... so you can't01:24
asacwhat a shame01:24
asacbut that means that it should pick up the right one01:24
asaccwong1: what happens if you try to go to launchpad.net ?01:25
cwong1just 1 sec01:25
cwong1it sits there and try to connect to it just like any other https sites01:26
cwong1it will timeout eventually01:26
asachow sure are you that you are not struck by any firewall bug :) ?01:27
cwong1that is the next thing I am going to try01:27
asactry that first ;)01:27
cwong1ok  chat with you later01:27
asaci mean if even firefox-3 from that archive is broken its likely a network setup01:27
cwong1I need to do it from home to get a direct connection to internet..  :)01:28
asacbut i see ;)01:28
cwong1big company....paranoid..:(01:28
jimmy___asac: i emailed u the patch already01:42
asacphoenix24: hi06:48
asacphoenix24: did you see my comments/changes i did to the extension i uploaded?06:48
phoenix24Hi asac07:39
phoenix24Yes, I did see.. I was all fine with the changes, so did not reply.07:40
phoenix24I think I should have.07:40
asacphoenix24: no thats fine. http://www.asoftsite.org/s9y/archives/132-firefox-3-extension-package-submission-deadline-reminder.html07:40
asacphoenix24: just wanted to ensure that you read what i suggested07:41
asacas i am particular bad in followin gup on bug mail for times :)07:41
[reed][09:02:52PM] <EruditeHermit> hi, I noticed you checked in a fix to a DPI problem, bug 394103, that seems to revert everything to 96dpi. This is causing everything to be tiny on my 147DPI 1920x1200 screen. As a compromise for those who the DPI setting makes everything too big and people who have high DPI screens, there should be an option to set the default zoom level before any site specific zoom level. This would stop people from ha07:46
[reed]ving to change the zoom level all the time for07:46
[reed][09:03:38PM] <EruditeHermit> thanks for looking into this issue, you can contact me at rohitpid@gmail.com07:46
asac[reed]: the font dpi can be overwritten from outside iirc07:50
[reed]can you e-mail him?07:50
asacwho is he?07:54
asachmm, maybe i should comment on bug?07:55
[reed]never heard of the guy07:55
[reed]he just msg'd me on IRC07:56
[reed]out of the blue07:56
asac[reed]: ... he should then follow up on the bug ;)08:05
[reed]well, can you comment in the bug, at least?08:06
asacyeah ... but only because location search is so easy nowadays :)08:06
asacno need to remember bugid08:06
asac[reed]: ok i commented a rather cryptic text08:11
asacit doesn't answer his questin explicitly ... but if he reads carefully he might figure out08:11
[reed]how nice of you08:12
asac[reed]: i had a hard time debugging why a generated langpack made firefox choke here08:12
asac[reed]: do you have any idea how to get more detailed info to the console about parser issues (like undefined entittes)08:13
asacconsole aka gnome terminal08:13
[reed]not off the top of my head, no... maybe #developers or #extdev on moznet?08:13
asacyeah :)08:20
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asaccarlos: we have a bug for accesskeys: the msgid for accesskey-accept reads "accesskey-accept" (instead of "O")11:24
asacbut maybe thats already fixed?11:25
asacafaik we don't special treat accesskeys anymore11:25
carlosasac: which files are you using now?11:25
asaccarlos: look in xulrunner-de.po11:25
carlosthe ones I sent you last week?11:25
asaccarlos: hmm ... the one you gave me last week i think11:25
carlosI gave you a tarball link for firefox and xulrunner11:26
asacyes i think that should be them11:26
carlosis it coming from there or the German file I prepare in my laptop?11:26
asaccarlos: i am 95% sure that its from the tarballs11:26
asaci have a rather complete translation set here11:26
carloshmm, then no, it's not fixed, because I didn't change the code11:26
carlosbut I don't know how that would happen11:26
asace.g. xulrunner-de, xulrunner-xy and so on11:27
carlosso I think is not from hte tarball :-P11:27
asac#: en-US.xpi/en-US.jar!/locale/en-US/global/dialog.properties:5(accesskey-accept)11:27
asacmsgid "accesskey-accept"11:27
asacmsgstr ""11:27
carlosok, there is a case when it may happen11:27
carlosthat's different in the way we handle that in the old code11:27
asaccarlos:   * remove alternative for xulrunner-addons in prerm as well11:28
asac    - update debian/mozilla-plugin-gnash.prerm11:28
asacthats the one11:28
carloswhen for some reason we don't find the 'translation' used by the en-US11:28
asacthe files i have for xulrunner11:28
jtvasac: can we borrow carlos for a bit?11:28
asacjtv: sure11:28
jtvasac: thanks :)11:28
asacif you give him back ;)11:29
jtvlater!  :)11:29
carlosasac: btw, firefox and xulrunner are available in Hardy already11:29
carlosasac: see you later!11:29
carlosasac: I mean for translating using Ubuntu11:29
asaccarlos: can you give me rights so i can confirm the missing strings for german?11:30
asaci would like to have one complete so i can see if there are bogus ui elements11:30
carlosasac: rights for what?11:30
asaccarlos: btw, it works :-D11:30
asaccarlos: to approve translations (for all those that currently hav two suggestions due to import clashes)11:31
asaccarlos: or who to ask?11:31
asacright aka permissions ;)11:31
asacanyway ... lets do that later when you have more time11:31
carlosasac: you don't have permissions to translate, but you should have permissions to see them and download them too11:34
armin76poor asac11:35
asaccarlos: yeah. thats why i ask whom to ask11:55
carlosasac: sorry, I didn't read your last part11:56
carlosasac: hmm11:56
asaci just want them temporarily11:56
asacto approve them once :)11:56
asacand only for de ;)11:56
carlosok, jtv just told me that he forgot to talk with you about it...11:56
jtvasac: sorry about that!11:56
carlosasac: could you talk with mrevell about it so he prepares and sends an announcement to ubuntu-translators mailing list asking for such approval?11:57
asaccarlos: well i would like to do the test right now ;)11:57
carlosmrevell handles all the announcements from Launchpad team to our users11:57
asacbut i can talk to him ... sure11:57
carlosasac: which test? changing strings?11:57
asacno ... having a complete translation ;)11:58
asacto see if there are bits missing11:58
carloswell, we cannot do it automatically right now...11:58
carloswe need to fix the bug that produced it, which is not trivial and thus, nothing we can deploy before the end of the month11:58
asacthats why i ask who i should ask so i can go through the german list manually and approve the right ones ;)11:59
carlosasac: oh, so you want it for a single language?11:59
asacyou understand what i ask for?11:59
asaci want de ... which is where i can check best if things are correct11:59
carlosif you are able to do such approval, I can give you such permissions11:59
carlosis that enough?11:59
carlosjust a second...12:00
asaci go through them and once hardy is out ill ask for removal of that permissions ;)12:00
carlosasac: actually12:00
carlostranslators already started doing that job ;-)12:00
carlosSpanish is already full translated12:00
carlosSwedish is near to be full translated (only 2 strings left)12:01
asacand xulrunner?12:01
asacthats much more important12:01
carloslet me check...12:01
carlosno one started with xulrunner12:01
asaccarlos: can you give me the permissions for now?12:02
carlosasac: btw, I had a problem with zh-TW.xpi I hope to get it fixed soon (no need to wait for the end of the month)12:02
carlosasac: yeah, I'm preparing that now12:02
asaccarlos: sure. a unicode issue?12:03
carlosno, the same problem I found, seems like I didn't fix it properly12:03
carlosa bug handling one of the comments12:03
asaccarlos: what makes me wonder is that there is often only one translation suggestion?12:03
asaccan't we use that by default (looks like its always right here)12:03
asaclook for Host:12:04
asacor Path:12:04
jtvasac: sorry, Carlos is very busy at the moment.  I'll take over for a bit.12:04
asacno problem12:05
jtvasac: the idea sounds good.12:05
asacdoing lunch anyway12:05
asacjtv: what is up with MODIFIER_SEPARATOR ... why is there a "+" as suggestion?12:06
asac(in de for xulrunnre)12:06
jtvasac: isn't that one of those ids from the system-specific part?12:06
asacjtv: yes12:07
jtvasac: then what happens is this:12:07
asacmac/platformKeys.properties is in ctxt12:07
jtvWe detect that there are multiple strings with the same msgid ("message key").12:07
jtvSo we give them different context strings.12:07
jtvAh wait, you already know this.12:08
asaci can follow for that12:08
asaci just wonder why there is a "+" suggestion instead of nothing12:08
jtvSo question: why would there not be a suggestion?12:08
asacno ... why is there a "+" ;)12:08
asacinstead of nothing12:08
jtvIsn't there at least an "English translation" of that message somewhere?12:09
jtvMaybe even outside the platform-specific directories?12:09
asacthe top most12:09
asacEnglish: MODIFIER_SEPARATOR .. Suggetsions: +12:09
jtvasac: the Unix and Windows versions of that string are translated.12:11
jtvSo that's where the suggestion is coming from.12:11
jtvThey happen to be identical, which is why you see only one of them popping up as a suggestion here.12:11
jtvThe suggestions code looks for identical msgids, but ignores the difference in context.12:11
asacthe unix and windows version have a 'x' as translation?12:12
asacaeh '+'12:12
asacanyway .. doing lunch now12:13
jtvYes, they do.  Bon app├ętit!12:13
asacjtv: can you add me to the german translators/contributors? or did carlos already do that and i have no clue where to look in LP :) ?12:39
jtvasac: just a moment, I'll have a look.12:39
carlosasac: I think you should have those permissions already12:40
jtvasac: you're the owner of the template, so that should give you privileges.12:40
jtvasac: we may be mistaken... have you tried?12:40
asachmm ... on the left i only see overview, translate, upload a file and download12:40
asacand when going to translate i can only add new suggestions12:41
asaclike: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/firefox-3.0/+pots/firefox/de/+translate12:41
jtvasac: Ah.  Problem is, we don't run the German translators team.12:41
asacwho does?12:42
jtvasac: don't know off the top of my head.  Have to look up the team.12:42
jtvasac: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-de12:43
asachow unfortunate :( i pinged smurf for now12:47
jtvBest we can do for now I'm afraid.12:49
asacjtv: how long does it usually take after requesting a download and receiving the mail?12:55
jtvasac: usually, very briefly.  At the moment, we're catching up from a problem we had over the weekend.12:57
jtvasac: a fix is being tested right now.12:57
asacill wait a bit longer then ;)12:57
jeroen-any change Firefox 3b5 will be in the Hardy-repos today or tomorrow - or can I download a Ubuntu Hardy package somewhere else in the meantime?13:56
asacjeroen-: why so eager?13:58
asacwe will upload asap14:00
jeroen-asac: because b5 will be released today and I like to try it out, but its better to wait for the ubuntu stuff14:00
jeroen-ok thanks14:01
asacjeroen-: we have an archive, but i'd advice to stay on plain hardy given that the upload will happen very soon14:01
jeroen-asac: is very soon today?14:01
jeroen-or else I just use the version in the archive14:01
asacmore like tomorrow14:02
jeroen-I'm not a newbie14:02
jeroen-so I can handle any glitches14:02
asacthats the archive14:02
jeroen-ok tnx14:02
asacbut we have a nss version screw in there14:02
asacso remember to reinstall the version that landin hardy in a few days14:02
jeroen-a what?14:02
asacand remove that archive14:02
jeroen-ok, it will not do that automaticaly14:02
asacjeroen-: the version is too high so you won't auto upgrade to hardy14:02
jeroen-I understand14:03
asacits just nss and maybe nspr14:03
jeroen-but its the same binary?14:03
asacjust remember if you have issues in the future that you have the nss/nspr version from hardy before reporting a bug14:03
asacjeroen-: in the archive its b5~rc2 ... which is identical to what gets released14:03
jeroen-I will reinstall in a few days14:03
jeroen-asac: I see one bug14:27
jeroen-tested with a clean profile14:27
jeroen-I can't see a list in preferences > applications - allthough I added one as a test14:28
asacyes thats known14:33
jeroen-ok thanks14:34
asacjeroen-: do you have xulrunner gnome-support installed?14:37
jeroen-asac: no, I am running in Kubuntu14:41
jeroen-asac: I tested it with en_US version from ftp.mozilla.org and that seems to work14:46
jeroen-should I install xulrunner gnome-support (1.9) ?14:46
asacit doesn't help14:47
asacits on my TODOs14:47
jeroen-ok, good luck with it asac14:47
Volansasac: I'm back, with the license problem of the day :D15:02
Volansthe gnome theme icons are GPL without any exception: /usr/share/doc/gnome-icon-theme/copyright15:03
Volansbut... /usr/share/icons/gnome/16x16/places/start-here.png is the Ubuntu logo...15:03
Volansthus I can use it without any problem?15:04
asacVolans: is it part of the gnome-icon-theme package?15:08
VolansI'm not sure, I will check if is in the source package15:08
asacVolans: ok just use that for now15:08
asacif someone complains we can react15:09
asacVolans: yes, please check the source15:09
Volansin the tar.gz of the source package there is the start-here.png icon but is the Gnome foot icon... not Ubuntu15:15
Volansasac: in the source package there is the gnome logo, in the .deb package there is the ubuntu logo, then is at compiling time that automagically the logo changes :)16:23
Volansmaybe I can do the same?16:23
asaci think its dirty16:24
asacyou should just grant an exception :)16:24
asacthen you can copy16:24
Volansthe only thing is that I need all the 4 logos (ub, kub, xub, edub) at one time16:24
asacbut without adapting the license is a bi harsh16:24
asacyou can build-depend on multiple packages (whatever include the required)16:24
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fta[reed], why is mozilla bug 423334 shifting to posix_memalign ?17:58
ubotuMozilla bug 423334 in XPCOM "crash at startup in [@ NS_CompareVersions] when using --with-libxul-sdk" [Critical,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42333417:58
ftaasac, do you think we should release b5 with the gnome helper bug and print to pdf crash ? I'm kind of reluctant19:19
asacfta: no print crash here19:39
ftaasac, go to the forums and print that in a pdf19:59
ftaon launchpad, it works, on the forums, it crashes 100%20:00
asacfta: and upstream build works?20:05
asacfta: i can print a forum thread to pdf20:06
ftai can't20:07
ftaupstream build works20:07
asacthat works20:07
ftai have 54 tabs...20:08
asactry to reproduce with a single tab open20:09
asacmaybe its flash related20:09
ftayour url crashes, it even crashes gdb20:09
ftahm, no crash with a fresh profile20:11
asacfta: plugin/extension ? ;)20:13
ftaall extensions disabled => crash20:29
ftai've deleted extension* and plugin* in my profile => crash20:33
ftaasac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=73766620:37
ftathat why I tried in the 1st place20:37
asaci think we'll upload tomorrow20:38
asaci guess i can fix the applications dialog at least20:38
asacfta: are you running hardy cairo?20:58
ftafta@ix:~ $ apt-cache madison cairo20:59
fta     cairo | 1.5.14-0ubuntu2 | http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Sources20:59
Jazzvaasac: The new revisions of mozilla-imagezoom are uploaded. I'm not really satisfied with the looks of zip command in debian/rules, but it does what it needs to do :). bug 20999023:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 209990 in firefox-extensions "REVIEW/SPONSOR: please review and sponsor mozilla-imagezoom" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20999023:58
JazzvaSorry for the delay, I felt asleep last night, so I didn't do anything until now...23:59

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