kitchestormzen: install video-xorg-nv package might have got the order wrong but htat's what you need00:00
Operatorwell can someone help me fix my user error of flash not working properly?00:00
arthusanyone know about configuring Squid?00:00
iterkevin_: ahh I think I found it .. reverse the numbers in minX and maxX (and / or minY maxY)00:00
Drk_Guykitche, maybe nvidia-glx-new?00:00
gary4gardblick: for now using ivp6 is not advisable . stick to ipv400:00
kindofabuzzOperator: what's wrong with it?00:00
dblickcrimsum, I suppose it could be a security measure to not give me an internet accessible address, i just hadn't thought of it that way.00:00
Operatorkindofabuzz, it plays for 2 seconds and then turns gray, the sound carries on for a further 2 seconds then stops00:01
kindofabuzzOperator: try Flash 10 beta00:01
mgrantdblick: best bet is to tunnel out to a ipv6-ipv4 broker00:01
plouffemy audio card is not listed at alsa-project.org . What is the best way to go from here and can I use alsa at all? I know that I used alsamixer and it did affect my sound. But I keep getting sound problems. I'm confused.00:01
stormzenkitche: (yes, I know that they disappeared) -- xserver-xorg-video-nv is already the newest version.00:01
gary4gardblick: if you still want ipv6 , read: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv600:02
mgrantdblick: there are a few around (and you get bonus points for joining IRC with a v6 hostmask ;) )00:02
Operatorkindofabuzz, yeah i was in here originally asking for help how to install it, but someone said it didnt exist and to stop being immature00:02
Drk_Guywinkleer, go to my pm00:02
kindofabuzzOperator: said flash 10 doesn't exist?00:02
Operatoryup, lemme find quote00:02
crimsunstormzen: I'm pretty sure you're mistaking nv for something else.  The only 'nv' I'm aware of is the X driver, not a kernel module.00:02
kindofabuzzOperator: don't worry about it, i believe you00:02
mindframeDo they have reserved parking for non-handicapped people at the Special Olympics?00:02
GibbaTheHuttWhen I erase a word with a pencil, where does it go?00:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about quote00:02
elo_Sorry, my mind was wandering.  One time my mind went all the way to Venus on mail order and I couldn't pay for it.00:02
PriceChildkindofabuzz: Operator: flash 10 is not finished and is currently in beta.00:02
Mr_Bad_Newsi just got done reinstalling and everything is incredibly sllow now00:02
Mr_Bad_Newshow do if ixi t?00:02
dblickmgrant, i'm not sure i understand what you mean. dhcp only gives me a subnet ipv4 address, and an ipv6 address that ifconfig reports is 'Scope:Link'00:02
Mr_Bad_Newsi dont think i put enough swap space00:02
Operatoroh quote has gone of screen, never mind00:03
kevin_iter, the problem is i need to specify a driver in order for that to work, where it says "void" need a driver name00:03
kindofabuzzOperator: yeah it's in beta, but sooo much better than 900:03
Drk_Guy!off-topic | mindframe00:03
ubottumindframe: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:03
crimsunplouffe: what's the issue?00:03
OperatorPriceChild, still exists though doesnt it?00:03
Blaqlightfrankly I think they were stressing more the latter versus the former.00:03
PriceChildOperator: flash 10 final doesn't exist.00:03
plouffecrimsun: right now no sound on any application00:03
Deini need urgent help, i've lost my gnome-panel and cannot get it back. it just doesn't appear. i tried reseting it to default, it doesn't help00:03
crimsunplouffe: ok, I'll help in #ubuntu-audio-help00:03
gary4garOperator: yeah, you can install the BETA version from Adobe.com00:03
arthuscan I get support with setting up Squid here? where should I go?00:03
Mr_Bad_Newsseriously it takes up to 50 seconds to a minute when i click a tab00:03
arthussorry, I'm new to Linux and IRC00:03
Mr_Bad_Newseverything is lagging00:03
OperatorPriceChild, so, i was asking for help on how to install it, wether or not the final exists is irrelevant00:03
BlaqlightDein: do you have a terminal?00:04
Operatorgary4gar, yeah, i need help00:04
PriceChildOperator: flash 10 beta can be installed from http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/00:04
gary4gararthus: shoot any spefic question, else read wike00:04
mgrantdblick: http://tunnelbroker.net/ or similar (but gary4gar's link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 is better)00:04
DeinBlaqlight: i can open my yeah-console, but not the terminal. only the wallpaper, and i can run whatever i want from the yeah-console, except gnome-terminal, it doesn't appear too00:04
OperatorPriceChild, i know, i need help installing it!00:04
stormzencrimsun: Ack.  Did I get that name wrong, too?00:04
kindofabuzzOperator: just download the beta, extract it, then sudo cp /whereverthefolderis/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree00:04
Mr_Bad_Newscan  i eddit swap space ffrom the terminal?00:04
PriceChildOperator: it comes with *very* easy instructions, and a script to automate it00:04
gary4gar!squid | arthus:00:04
ubottuarthus:: squid is a caching proxy for the Web.  See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard  See: http://www.squid-cache.org00:04
ghoulyarthus, maybe try        /join #squid           in irc as well00:04
OperatorPriceChild, the script does not worl00:05
BlaqlightDein: type ps ax and see if its running.00:05
Operatorkindofabuzz, thanks, i'll try00:05
PriceChildOperator: what doesn't work about it?00:05
kindofabuzzOperator: make sure FF is close while doing it though00:05
BlaqlightDein: if its not type gnomepanel.00:05
Blaqlighterr gnome-panel00:05
crimsunstormzen: what name did you intend?00:05
arthuswould the client address of "" match "" ?00:05
spiel_mit_feuer_hey.. does anyone think they can help me get a 32-bit ubuntu package i can manually install?00:05
Mr_Bad_Newsi have a gig of ram and its lagging like im on 12800:05
Mr_Bad_Newshow do i fix it00:05
BlaqlightMr_Bad_News: do you have a swap partition?00:06
DeinBlaqlight: it's on the list00:06
spiel_mit_feuer_or.. is there any way to force apt to install a 32 bit app on a 64 bit machine?00:06
kindofabuzzyeah that script asks for the location of FF, not the location of the plugin ubuntu FF looks for the plugin00:06
Operatornow how do i check if its installed?00:06
kindofabuzzOperator: just download the beta, extract it, then sudo cp /whereverthefolderis/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree00:06
Mr_Bad_Newsyes Blaqlight but i doont think i put enough space for it00:06
kindofabuzzOperator: about:plugins00:06
BlaqlightDein: ok its running. kill its process00:06
matichow to get 3d desktop?00:06
ghoulyhi all, ever since i installed a bunch of wireless related packets, i have to do manually make a dhcp request to get an ip for my ethernet after reboot, otherwise it doesn't get an ip, can anyone point me in the right direction please ? i don't know what to search for =(00:06
stormzencrimsun: Whatever module name allows me to specify "nv" in xorg.conf.00:06
Blaqlightdein then restart it00:06
crimsunstormzen: right.  You're confusing modprobe with xorg.conf.00:06
Operatorsweet it works00:06
Operatorthanks kindofabuzz00:07
gary4garghouly: check the wifi docs?00:07
crimsunstormzen: nv is an X driver, not a kernel module.00:07
BlaqlightDein: killall gnome-panel00:07
DeinBlaqlight: okay, i'll try now00:07
BlaqlightDein: then type gnome-panel00:07
stormzencrimsun: Ok.00:07
ghoulygary4gar, i don't really need wifi, but installing packets for wifi broke my normal ethernet, which shouldn't happen i think00:07
DeinBlaqlight: nothing happens00:08
arthusgary4gar: would the client address of "" match "" ?00:08
stormzencrimsun: Thanks for the assist.00:08
spiel_mit_feuer_ubuntu package website is down?00:09
BlaqlightIm not sure the exact command to only show gnome-panel in ps ax.00:09
gary4gararthus: no idea buddy, i always use Free tools for that00:09
gary4garnever did it manual00:09
arthusgar4gar: is there a way to check it?00:09
gary4garhold on00:10
Operatorhi everyone, my name is operator and i am looking for help installing Beryl, to get the awesome cube, anyone up for helping me?00:10
iterkevin_: ok try using the evtouch driver and making the changes mentioned on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/20463300:10
BlaqlightDein: you may want to CTRL ALT F1 and then try that again.00:10
YixilTesiphonanybody able to recommend a good scanning utility?00:10
Kohlrakis there a terminal command to kill and run gnome?00:10
YixilTesiphonhave an epson stylus cx740000:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204633 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "touchscreen only outputs right angles" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:10
nathan__Hi everyone.  I have two monitors, I'm trying to get vncviewer to open full screen on my secondary monitor.  So far the only luck with full screen is it is on both monitors with black bars on either side.  I'm using nvidia Twinview.  anyone have any idea how i can go about making it 'full screen' on my right monitor?00:10
DeinBlaqlight: maybe i can help by saying what i was doing last - i was switching through my themes and there was this one called qt ... i clicked it and everything disappeared, and upon logging in, i managed to switch the theme to another, so now everything works, except no panel00:10
gary4gararthus: http://jodies.de/ipcalc00:11
arthusgary4gar: thanks :)00:11
KleinerHaiDo you know the name?00:11
BlaqlightDein just CTRL ALT BKSP00:11
gary4gararthus: Google FTW!00:11
DeinBlaqlight: i've tried that a couple of times00:11
DeinBlaqlight: i can again00:12
Operatorhi everyone, my name is operator and i am looking for help installing Beryl, to get the awesome cube, anyone up for helping me?00:12
gary4garbye all00:12
gary4garsee ya later00:12
=== jikudu is now known as trytostopme
Viking667really quick question... how do I stop Ubuntu booting up with that infernal splash screen from grub? I've tried adding "splash=none" which of course didn't work, neither did "splash=no"00:12
kindofabuzzOperator: it's already installed in Hardy by default, you just got to install the config thing, don't know why they didn't install that00:12
Operatorah right, and i get the awesome cube, right?00:13
nectronhow do I close a port by port number in ubuntu ?00:13
=== nectron is now known as simsim
simsimhow do I close a port by port number in ubuntu ?00:13
TiredWolfnectron: uhm, you can use iptables, let me see if i can dig you a command line up00:13
simsimthanks a lot!!00:13
kindofabuzzOperator: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager00:13
TiredWolfsimsim, is closing it for TCP enough?00:13
Viking667simsim: uhm, don't repeat too many times, by the way.00:13
Operatorkindofabuzz, thanks, this wont ruin any of my curent config will it?00:14
kindofabuzzOperator: then just play with it, on your own then =)00:14
simsimI want to fully make it closed and unseen on nmap00:14
DeinBlaqlight: still nothing :(00:14
Operatorkindofabuzz, will do, cheers00:14
kindofabuzzOperator: no, unless you're running fluxbox or something00:14
simsimI don't need smtp open00:14
BlaqlightDein: hang on lemme start gnome-session00:15
TiredWolfsimsim, well, i can offer you this: iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport <port-number> -j DROP00:15
itersimsim: /etc/init.d/postfix stop00:15
maticneed help with establishing wireless00:15
TiredWolfsimsim: try and see00:15
dedinheadi haz a lazy00:15
=== StealthCP_ is now known as StealthCP
simsimTiredWolf: You're great, thanks..00:15
simsimlet me see00:15
Viking667meh. found it, quite by accident. Removed the "splash" parameter altogether.00:15
atomichello folks. need help getting wireless to work with 8.04. forum says to "open the restricted drivers management and enable bcm43xx". how do I do this?00:15
=== trytostopme is now known as cansomeonestopme
nathan__Hi everyone.  I have two monitors, I'm trying to get vncviewer to open full screen on my secondary monitor.  So far the only luck with full screen is it is on both monitors with black bars on either side.  I'm using nvidia Twinview.  anyone have any idea how i can go about making it 'full screen' on my right monitor?00:16
TiredWolfsimsim: if you want that to be reinstated every time you boot, i guess you can put it in /etc/rc.local, or possibly use the "iptables-save" command, but i've never used that00:16
mariahi guys, i am using hardy heron, i added polish characters as a second keyboard setting, and im using right control, or right alt as a third level character key, it works fine, but however, every once in a while it just stops working, and i just have to go check and uncheck the third level character keys, anyone know if there is a reason it just stop sworking?00:16
=== bsmus is now known as miraage
Operatorkindofabuzz, how do i run it now its installed, how do i start configuring??00:17
itermaria: sounds like a legit bug, I would submit it00:17
BlaqlightDein: it worked for me,00:17
miraagehey guys. what's the ubuntu way of configuring a server as a router? do i still need to do that MASQUERADE rule in iptables or is there some nicer way?00:17
Analysto/msg ubottu etiquette00:17
mariaiter,  i wouldnt even know where to start, how do i submit something00:17
BlaqlightDein: killall gnome-panel restarts it.00:17
itermaria: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/reportproblem00:18
TiredWolfmiraage: nicer way, i guess you can use firestarter00:18
tobias_how do i adjust the color balance of my monitor in ubuntu?00:18
DeinBlaqlight: i know, i did that a couple of times before when having problems, it doens't help this time00:18
TiredWolf!inetsharing | miraage00:18
ubottumiraage: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php00:18
mariaok thanks00:18
Kiyikoi just installed restriceted drivers for my nvidia card, and and i am looking for a way to change the refresh rate to somehting other than the default options00:18
Epotnim trying to use mysql for the first time on my ubuntu server and i try: mysql -u root it prompts for new password but i get error 1045 and says that root @ localhost denied?00:19
miraagewell i don't have X so firestarter isn't an option00:19
Viking667Right. Time I left. See y'all.00:19
Operatorhey, how much of a head is the drummer from system of a down00:19
krazy-hCan someone tell me how to make my terminal speak any key i tape ?00:19
=== cansomeonestopme is now known as caryon
BlaqlightDein: though after I did that it really started acting strange. note to self don't do that again heh00:20
TiredWolfkrazy-h: uhm perhaps "yasr"00:20
Kiyikothe only selectabel refresh rate for this resolution is 55:(00:20
DeinBlaqlight: any ideas what i can try?00:21
NelaniKiyiko: try using nvidia-settings from the repositories00:21
guidoI'm having a BadMatch Error with KWin, anyone knows how to fix this?00:23
BlaqlightDein: Im out of ideas, ever restarting won't work because your .session is corrupted it sounds like.00:23
=== caryon is now known as newnickbyme
Mirandaokay it says it is out of memory00:23
Blaqlightif you desleted that out of your nome folder it might work. someone correct me if Im wrong00:23
kevin_iter, thats it man your a freakin genious00:24
Blaqlightgeez my typing gets worse day by day.00:24
atomicjust installed hardy.. restricted driver manager not on menu.. how do I run manually?00:24
kevin_iter, thanks for your time :)00:24
DeinBlaqlight: can i fix my session?00:24
AnalystoI configured scim to use arabic input, it lets me to write in arabic but letters are mixed00:25
crdlbatomic: it's now System > Admin > Hardware Drivers00:25
BlaqlightDein: yeah I don't remember how to though00:26
DeinBlaqlight: news - i cannot open nautilus either00:26
Blaqlighthmm ok try this00:27
BlaqlightDein: type gnome-session into the terminal00:27
=== stormze1 is now known as storm-zen
DeinBlaqlight: i managed to open the panels by sudo-ing them, but now i have root panels opened... i've tried that, it says that a session manager is already running00:27
mrtinwhere can i find a vista look like menu for gnome?00:28
BlaqlightDein: thats a bad idea00:28
=== newnickbyme is now known as replytome
DeinBlaqlight: i know, i just wanted to see if i can open any panels at all, i killed them now00:28
miraageii'm trying to use ufw for *nat stuff00:28
=== replytome is now known as norespond`really
Kiyikoi am unable to find my nvidia settings:(00:28
Blaqlightalright then killall gnome-session00:28
reya276is there a way to copy files from my local PC to and SSH connection through terminal?00:29
harpreetcp . . . source .. . destination00:29
whaaatever87where do i find ubuntu repositories?00:29
DeinBlaqlight: when i do that it takes me back to login00:29
miraagedo i need to do something special for ufw *nat rules to work?00:29
inik2reya276:  scp00:30
harpreetwhaaatever87: software sources00:30
Blaqlightok now login gnome-failsafe to see if its gnome itself or just your session00:30
reya276inik2: scp, what is this?00:30
inspyrecan the mobile gui be used on a pc?00:30
harpreetwhaaatever87: /etc/apt/sources00:30
=== norespond`really is now known as i-don`t-care
DeinBlaqlight: tried that one too, no panels00:30
inik2secure copy00:30
qwmcan i run the ubuntu netbook remix on the eee 900?00:31
inik2reya276: secure copy via ssl00:31
reya276inik2: what is the command? or can I find this on the Ubuntu Wiki?00:31
Blaqlightand the funny thing is, I had your problem before I can't remember the exact steps I took to fix it.00:31
l3dis there a way to make a kde app use the gtk theme I am using now?00:31
AnalystoI configured scim to use arabic input, it lets me to write in arabic but letters are mixed00:31
l3d with out having to install kcontrol with synaptic00:32
Alex_hamburgersok listen here you fucks00:33
Alex_hamburgersyou need to use a goddam real op system00:33
Alex_hamburgersbefore i fucking rip all of your dicks off00:33
Alex_hamburgersand ram them down your throughts00:33
nathan__ohh ok00:33
tim_ubuntuHi, can someone try to help me with a problem i have with seeding torrents from what.cd? i am able to upload from other websites like isohunt.com but not from what.cd, i have my firewall disabled and i am not using a router.00:33
=== i-don`t-care is now known as catchme
BlaqlightDein: ok type gedit ~/.xsession-errors00:33
sjaakzmm how do I install my Linksys WMP54G wireless PCI card on Ubuntu 8.04?00:33
BlaqlightDein: that should give you some clue as to why gnome-panel won't load.00:34
Huufartedtim_ubuntu, first off get a firewall and router set up and going.  Like, now.  second, sounds like an issue with what.cd, not your set.00:34
AnalystoHi, anybody can help with scim?, I configured scim to use arabic input, it lets me to write in arabic but letters are mixed00:35
BlaqlightDein: look for anything having to do with gnome-panel.00:35
harpreetsjaakz: is it internal?00:35
DeinBlaqlight: i'ts not even mentioned00:35
sjaakzharpeet: yes00:35
harpreetsjaak u have laptop or desktop?00:36
=== catchme is now known as soon-lastnickcha
sjaakzits a PCI card00:36
harpreetsjaakz: is the card in?00:36
=== Analysto is now known as XII1
riegersnI want to be able to goto places>network and see my other ubuntu pcs is this possible?00:36
glitsj16l3d: have you tried gtk-qt-engine yet (or gtk-qt-engine-kde4 if you run KDE4) ?00:37
tim_ubuntuIs ufw a good enough firewall?00:37
harpreetsjaakz: do this : lspci on terminal and see what cards it lists if urs00:38
=== soon-lastnickcha is now known as Im-a-bot-for-adv
glitsj16tim_ubuntu: ufw is a frontend to the actual firewall called iptables .. i guess ufw is as good as your rules are00:38
liquiasHey guys , Happy to be here .00:38
milanhi all00:38
liquiascan N e 1 Help me a little ?00:38
harpreetsjaakz: follow this : http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/joomla/00:39
sjaakzHarpeet: it says Ralink RT2561/R6100:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rx2x0000:39
harpreetsjaakz: u have linux driver for it?00:39
legend2440tim_ubuntu: firestarter is easier to use00:39
katsif that guy comes back tell him there's no such thing as a throught00:39
BlaqlightDein: my seggestion then is to ask glitsj16.00:39
wolsharpreet: ´there is a linux driver for it00:39
wolsno need for ndiswrapper00:40
sjaakzharpeet: well there is no Linux driver at the Linksys CDrom that came with the WMP54G card00:40
Deinglitsj16: hi, Blaqlight suggested that i should ask you how to get my gnome-panel back, because whatever i try fails00:40
BlaqlightDein: Ive run out of ideas.00:40
liquiasim having extreem newbe trouble ....00:40
wolssjaakz: rt61 it is00:40
DeinBlaqlight: thank you for your time, i'll try asking him00:40
sjaakzwols: yes I loaded the driver in ndiswrapper and it says rt61 / hardware availabke: yes00:41
sjaakzwols: but it doesnt seem to show up as wlam000:41
glitsj16Dein: okay, i didn't follow your thread, will do some scrolling hang on :)00:41
wolssjaakz: I don't care about ndiswrapper. it's not needed00:41
sjaakzlike: the Os doesnt seem to know theres actually a wireless device00:41
sjaakzwols: ok how else can I make it to work?00:41
wolsI told you- rt61 is the driver00:41
sjaakzwols: yes but i dont know what to do with this info00:42
sjaakzwols; like see if synaptics has a rt61?00:42
liquiashow come i cant seem to d/l the ubuntu installation correctly.00:42
sky_guys I need help setting 3D on my ATI card can any1 plz plz help00:42
harpreetsjaakz u have to download rt61 then i guess00:43
liquias4 times in a row md5 come out garbage00:43
wols!ati | sky_00:43
ubottusky_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:43
liquiaswhat am i doing wrong ?00:43
sjaakzdownload "rt61" ?00:43
sjaakzlike google for rt61?00:43
glitsj16Dein:read something about your sessions being corrupt .. correct ?00:43
camrailhas n e 1 had the same problem of getting java to work at pogo.com?00:44
Blaqlightglitsj16: thats what it sounds like. he tried to install/use a theme.00:44
glitsj16Blaqlight: ah okay, thanks00:44
wolscamrail: dpkg -l |grep java00:44
liquiasguys , n e 1 ?00:45
camrailwill that work? thanks00:45
Deinglitsj16: i'll gladly repeat - i was scrolling through my gnome-themes and there was this one called qt so i clicked it to check it out, (i know what qt is, so i have no idea why i did that) and after it applied everything crashed, so i've logged out-in and i had no windows open. so i changed the theme back to default through the yeah-console (can't open terminal) and now i can open anything rom the yeah-console, but i cannot open most gnome-s00:45
wols!ask | liquias00:45
AdamXIIIHi I configured scim to input in arabic, but all letters are mixed each other00:45
ubottuliquias: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:45
sukuriAck! here we go00:45
riegersnI want to be able to goto places>network and see my other ubuntu pcs is this possible?00:45
alan_mwols, you should have a space between the pipe :)00:45
alamii have a bug on my ubuntu00:45
wolsalan_m: no00:45
liquias!ask | liquias00:45
ubottuliquias, please see my private message00:45
sukuriHi, when resuming my computer from standby, it seemed to freeze. I restarted it, and grub had an error. If I recall, it was 'error 15'. How do I fix this? or, how do I reinstall grub? I've forgotten which partition it's in...00:46
sky_I got this running the second command "insmod: error inserting '/lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/volatile/fglrx.ko': -1 File exists"00:46
wolsliquias: "will anyone help me?" is a useless plea for help. State your actual problem instead in a way someone can help you. ask specific questions00:46
zyrorlhey guys... i'm in a bit of a pickle here... rebooted my dual boot ubuntu linux notebook and i nolonger can boot into either vista or ubuntu00:46
giacomo_carissimim having some filesystem errors and fsck doesnt seem to fix them... is there any hope of fixing them, or should i try to salvage what i can and reinstall?00:46
zyrorlcan't repair it with chkdsk using vista either00:46
alan_moh yeah wols, it works either way with or without the space between the pipe, sorry :)00:46
wolsgiacomo_carissim: what filesystem?00:46
zyrorlvista cd even00:46
glitsj16Dein: okay thanks for the rundown .. you might try to empty your session cache, is there something relevant still in ~/.cache/sessions you could move out of the way for now ?00:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:46
zyrorli can't boot into either vista or ubuntu00:46
wolsliquias: either ask your real question or shut up. don't abuse the bot00:47
m0rbidI am trying to install Ubuntu from the Live CD to an External USB HDD. I got the install to finally work all the way thru, even fighting with GRUB, but when we select the option from GRUB menu, it says unable to mount. Can someone explain why?? or how to fix it??00:47
Deinglitsj16: hmmm, so i just delete everything there?00:47
liquiashe he , didnt mean to abuse anything . sorry about that .00:47
AdamXIII!ask I configured scim to input in arabic, but all letters are mixed each other00:47
ubottuAdamXIII: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:47
glitsj16Dein: move them to somewhere for now might be safer00:48
Deinglitsj16: i have a couple of thunar-random numbers files there, i was trying out xfce 2 weeks ago00:48
AdamXIIII configured scim to input in arabic, but all letters are mixed each other, how could i make it to input in a correct way?00:48
liquiasi am trying to d/l the installation from ubuntu and i get 4 times in a row md5 errors.00:48
liquiaswhat am i doing wrong ?00:48
alan_mPlease, can we try not abusing the bot? If your unsure of how to use it please go to #ubuntu-bots and tinker in there, or in private message. Thanks everyone.00:48
ubottupdf: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:48
Psyco_ChipmunkkI have a problem with ubuntu on my laptop.  When I turn on my computer, the sound workes just fine until I stop using it for maybe 20 mins to an hour.  This means that I cant watch videos online, listen to music, watch movies or anything having to do with sound.  This dident use to happen but its really anoying now.  How do I fix this, anyone?00:48
glitsj16Dein: yes they shouldn't interfer, but if you don't use Thunbar any longer, juts remove those00:48
BlaqlightDein: thunar is the xfce version of nautilus. ( a file manager)00:49
Deinglitsj16: well, if i fail repairing this, i'll have to resort to xfce, so if they don't interfere, i would'nt mind keeping them00:49
glitsj16Dein: okay, no problem00:49
zyrorlIs there anyway i can repair my filesystem? i have installed ubuntu into the ntfs partition, and can't boot into either. chkdsk on windows recovery disk wont fix the issue, booting into vista gives me bsod on boot now, booting into ubuntu gives me issues, i can't even boot.  when i use livecd i get  unable to mount disk unless i force it, im able to get in if i force the mount00:50
sukuriHi, when resuming my computer from standby, it seemed to freeze. I restarted it, and grub had an error. If I recall, it was 'error 15'. How do I fix this? or, how do I reinstall grub? I've forgotten which partition it's in...00:50
giacomo_carissimwols, its ext300:50
Deinglitsj16: only one of the files contains something inside, and it's just a default folder to display upon opening it00:50
zyrorlbut how do i recover my ubuntu filesystem00:50
wolsgiacomo_carissim: boot from livecd and then fsck the filesystem00:50
giacomo_carissimjesus, im not the only one having filesystem problems00:50
alan_m!fixgrub | sukuri00:50
ubottusukuri: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:50
wols!errors | zyrorl00:51
ubottuzyrorl: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message00:51
giacomo_carissimwols, i did, and i still am on knoppix00:51
glitsj16Dein: after moving the relevant sesions out of the way, can you type "ps -eaf | grep gnome-panel" in a terminal, to see if there are any processes that draw panels are still actually running ?00:51
giacomo_carissimi just select yes for everything pretty much00:51
wolsgiacomo_carissim: what does fsck say then?00:51
wolsgiacomo_carissim: ALL output00:51
giacomo_carissimthere's a bunch of errors, 2s that should be 1s00:51
m0rbidHow do I fix grub on an External Hard Disk?00:51
wolsm0rbid: are you booting from external harddisk?00:52
wols!errors | m0rbid00:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fixscim00:52
m0rbidwols: attempting too00:52
ubottum0rbid: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message00:52
AdamXIII!fixscim | AdamXIII00:52
ubottuAdamXIII, please see my private message00:52
m0rbidI am trying to install Ubuntu from the Live CD to an External USB HDD. I got the install to finally work all the way thru, even fighting with GRUB, but when we select the option from GRUB menu, it says unable to mount. Can someone explain why?? or how to fix it??00:52
liquiasi am trying to d/l the installation from ubuntu and i get 4 times in a row md5 errors. what am i doing wrong ?00:52
m0rbid^^ wols00:52
wolsAdamXIII: stop abusing the bot. it told you time and again !fixscim does not exist!00:52
wolsmouser-: better detail on what you do and then goes wrong00:53
Dein_glitsj16: sorry, i've lost connection, did you say something?00:53
AdamXIII!scim | AdamXIII00:53
ubottuAdamXIII, please see my private message00:53
wols!selftell | AdamXIII00:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about selftell00:53
Psyco_ChipmunkkWhen I turn on my computer my sound work's until I stop using sound for 20 mins to an hour, anyone know how to fix it?00:53
camrailI have all the java packages and plugins installed and they work fine every place except pogo.com00:53
wolscamrail: I am still waiting....00:53
BlaqlightDein_: type /msg nickserv ghost Dein password.00:53
wolsm0rbid: you heard me00:54
m0rbidI explained it all.00:54
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:54
glitsj16Dein: try checking if there's anything from gnome-panel still running (could be a zombie in there) .. run "ps -eaf | grep gnome-panel" to check00:54
wolsm0rbid: no.00:54
m0rbidIm sorry I missed something then.00:54
=== Dein_ is now known as Dein
BlaqlightDein: there you go :P00:54
miraagehow do i debug internet sharing?00:54
m0rbidwols: I am trying to install Ubuntu from the Live CD to an External USB HDD. I got the install to finally work all the way thru, even fighting with GRUB, but when we select the option from GRUB menu, it says unable to mount. Can someone explain why?? or how to fix it??00:55
Flannelm0rbid: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Installing%20on%20external%20or%20RAID%20hard%20disks00:55
sky_guys btw I think I'm using the ATI driver on my card mas video playback is waaaaaay to slow can anyone help ?00:55
wolsm0rbid: stop addressing me if you can't answer my question. especially with useless repeats00:55
wolssky_: what driver do you use?00:55
m0rbidperhaps I missed your question.00:55
Deinglitsj16: i've got a bunch of output, but little do i understand00:55
DeinBlaqlight: thanks :)00:55
m0rbidI am booting right now from the Live CD00:56
BlaqlightDein: use pastebin.ubuntu.com00:56
glitsj16Dein: yes, make a paste please00:56
sky_wols: /fglrx00:56
liquiashow come i cant seem to d/l the iso file that installs ubunu from any server correctly ? allways MD5 crappy00:57
wolssky_: glxinfo00:57
Flannelliquias: Try doing it through bittorrent00:57
Deinglitsj16: i cannot copy from yeah-console, and i cannot get to a normal terminal :S any way i don't know about?00:57
liquiasthis is MORE reliable than regular d/l using flashget(on windows ?)00:58
liquiasthis is MORE reliable than regular d/l using flashget(on windows)?00:58
wolsliquias: yes00:58
sky_wols: sry bout that OpenGL vendor string: Mesa project: www.mesa3d.org00:58
liquiasgot it .00:58
Gaming4JChey all is it possible to Create a Two computer Network, with simply an Ubuntu and a WinXP box with Ethernet Cards and one Ethernet cable?00:58
wolsflashget does not do any checksums00:58
Prosewas wondering, is there an app thats allows underclocking so that I may be rid of the noisy fan in my server-box?00:58
liquiasthanks !00:58
wolssky_: you are on autoignore. don't bother anymore00:59
hhp2kGnea: You there?00:59
glitsj16Dein: try "ps -eaf | grep gnome-panel > output-to-paste.txt" .. and try to paste the content of that file, not familiar with yeah-console sorry00:59
Gaming4JCThe network only requires to computers so I don't need a Hub?...00:59
Gaming4JC*two computers00:59
Deinglitsj16: could the error in xsession errors file "Not running the gtk-qt engine" be the cause?00:59
wolsGaming4JC: yes. you need a crossover network cable00:59
nikosapiGaming4JC: yeah, just ensure that both PCs are on the same subnet00:59
sky_wols: just warn before00:59
BlaqlightDein: sure can.00:59
glitsj16Dein: if that qt theme refers to the Qt engine yes it might01:00
kindofabuzzgtk-qu engine?  aren't those two seperate things/01:00
BlaqlightDein: especially if the theme your using requires it.01:00
Gaming4JCnikosapi: Any tutorials that use only two computers with Ethernet cards and one Ethernet cable?01:00
Gaming4JCor do I need that crossover thing... :(01:00
inavathello.  I've been messing around with aticonfig and other stuff, trying to get my svideo-out to work.   I must've screwed something up, because the next time I rebooted, I just get a black screen.  When I went into recovery and had it reinitialize my xorg.conf, it worked again, but I'm not using the fglrx drivers anymore.  When I switched back to the copy of xorg.conf I had been using before I started messing around, I still get the01:00
inavatblack screen01:00
sukuriHi, when resuming my computer from standby, it seemed to freeze. I restarted it, and grub had an error. If I recall, it was 'error 15'. How do I fix this? or, how do I reinstall grub? I've forgotten which partition it's in...01:00
inavatthat xorg.conf definitely worked before01:01
hhp2kHey everyone, why is it that whenever I'm trying to go to a URL on firefox, it's redirecting me to wsearch.net?? That looks like the tactics of spyware. :S01:01
Blaqlightkindofabuzz: qt-toolkit is what kde uses to render winow decorations01:01
=== mike is now known as Guest3103
chuy_maxhhp2k, isnt it your home page?01:01
kindofabuzzBlaqlight: he said gtk-qt01:01
Deinkindofabuzz: that's what it says there :S01:01
wolshhp2k: it is. try another browser and check if it's the same. use links for example01:01
chuy_maxhhp2k, that would be if you open a new window, never heard of that in linux01:02
glitsj16Dein: do you have that package installed ? gtk-qt-engine ?01:02
hhp2kchuy_max: No, my homepage is the Welcome to ubuntu thing, for now01:02
Blaqlightkindofabuzz: yes, gtk-qt is the gnome version of the same engine.01:02
nikosapiGaming4JC: if the computers are relatively modern you should be able to do it with a regular ethernet cable (when you plug them together if the lights on the enternet cards turn on you should be good)01:02
dblickhhp2k, i imagine it could be your ISP as well01:02
hhp2kchuy_max: I type something in the google search at the top, it redirs me to wsearch.net.. I try www.google.com and it redirs me to wsearch.net01:02
hhp2kdblick: That's pretty odd.01:02
=== RandomCake___ is now known as RandomCake
PJIs there a way to bypass packages.ubuntu and get to a specific mirror of all packages, so I can download directly?01:03
wolshhp2k: did you do what I told you?01:03
wolsPJ: yes. with apt-get01:03
wolsPJ: or synaptic01:03
Gaming4JCcool thanks nikosapi. And how would I connect them on the same subnet? I'm kinda new to this type of thing... lol01:03
TiredWolfPJ, why would you download directly?01:03
hhp2kwols:  What did you tell me to do?01:03
TiredWolfPJ: APT is right there to help you01:03
Deinglitsj16: yes, already at newest version01:03
wolshhp2k: read01:03
zyrorlcan someone please help me with my pastebin request : http://paste.ubuntu.com/30715/01:03
PJI need to move the files to non network'd systems.01:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about apt-zip01:04
wolsPJ: use apt-zip then01:04
TiredWolf!offline | pj01:04
ubottupj: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.byethost14.com/01:04
hhp2kwols: Ah, missed that01:04
FlannelPJ: use apt-get with -d, and then aptonCD01:04
ShpookAnyone here good with gtk-gnutella filters? Or is that out of the scope of this room?01:04
nikosapiGaming4JC: on your ubuntu box you can then assign the card an IP using ifconfig (sudo ifconfig eth0 192.168.0.x up) and on windows configure the network settings so that the IP starts with 192.168.0.x (x is a random number from 1-254) and the netmask should be
wols!anyone | Shpook01:04
ubottuShpook: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:04
PJThese are all great options for the long term, however 1) Them being offline is temperary so a long term solution is not needed, and 2) I just need 1 package right now.01:05
TiredWolfPJ: or apt-zip, yes, which isn't very different from the Synaptic method i think. anyway, just go to packages.ubuntu.com, select any package, select any mirror, and look carefully at the address. you'll find that you can just strip the last parts of the path and go to the full directory listing.01:05
TiredWolfPJ: yet, using things like the ones suggested to you will ease the task a lot.01:05
Guest3103I've just moved a machine from a boxy "standard" monitor to the input on a LCD monitor that has native resolution of 1366x768.  However nothing shows on the screen except a blue background and "No signal".. can anyone help me fix the resolution?  fglrx is the current driver01:05
PJTiredWolf, packages.ubuntu is not responding.01:05
glitsj16Dein: can't really tell what's going on actually .. you did activate another theme other than "qt" as your default yes ?01:05
Gaming4JCcool thanks nikosapi, I'll test it out now. :)01:05
TiredWolfPJ, then hold on a second.01:05
ShpookNot a problem, I just thought I might be off topic. :-)01:05
Deinglitsj16: yes, as soon as the problem occured01:05
TiredWolfPJ: http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/01:05
FlannelShpook: try #gtk-gnutella01:06
TiredWolfPJ: go into pool/, find what you need.01:06
nikosapiGaming4JC: once you get that done you can ping the other box's IP to see if it works. Good luck ;)01:06
sukuriHey, I found this link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224351&highlight=grub to help me. However, I still have a question: At the step where it says: "setup (hd0)", however, in a previous step, I found "hd1" as the location for grub. Which should I use?01:06
Guest3103Flannel: Scunizi here under a different nic.. did you see my post above? can you help?01:06
substrateI know very little about the linux file system -- what is/are the typical location(s) for storing applications you've downloaded, like Firefox for instance?01:06
ShpookFlannel: Oh, I didn't realize they had a room. Will do, thanks. :-)01:06
Bonsterany good place for cinelerra tutuorials?01:07
Flannel!fixres | Guest310301:07
ubottuGuest3103: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:07
PJthank you much thats what i was looking for.01:07
FlannelGuest3103: That wikipage solve it?01:07
alraunezyrorl: have an answer already ?01:07
obidiahis that the famous PJ of Groklaw? If so, it's an honr01:07
Guest3103Flannel: I'm text based right now on TTY2 with no internet browser.. can't read it.01:07
Blaqlightdoes linx exist in ubuntu?01:08
zyrorlstill hoping someone will help me, its pretty messed up:(, i dont want to lose all my files on the ubuntu file system, i can copy most of the ntfs by forcing to mount and then copying over smb or ftp back to my other pc01:08
PJIt is not.01:08
PJthank you for the information.01:08
wolsBlaqlight: packages.ubuntu.com will know01:08
dblickhhp2k: did you solve your problem? if no, what do you get when you do: wget -q -O - 'http://www.ubuntu.com/' | grep '<title>'01:08
alraunezyrorl: if you can force-mount via ubunru cd, you need an extra medium, e.g. usb-hd to backup your files01:08
Guest3103Flannel: I've dpkg'd the sys and tried to sudo xrandr -s 1366x768 with no results.01:08
Blaqlightwols I was asking in relation to Guest3103's text based system.01:09
zyrorlalraune - i could do that, but then how do i back up my ubuntu install...01:09
Deinglitsj16: so, i'm left with reinstalling the whoel gnome-desktop?01:09
glitsj16Dein: out of ideas on this one, i'm looking around in the forums .. keep stating the issue i'd say, someone knowledgeable with gnome will hopefully chime in01:09
alraunezyrorl: if you got a second pc, you could attach the hd from it to ypour messed machine for backup, much faster01:09
jeeves__is there a GNOME equiv of Amarok?01:10
zyrorlalraune - its a notebook.. so not easily01:10
harpreetjeeves__ xbuntu01:10
swamptinIs there a parameter I can add to the startup command that launches terminal to make it automatically maximised?01:10
nikosapiCan I include GPL v3 code in a GPL v2 (or later) project?01:10
Deini've lost my gnome-panel after applying a faulty theme, and i cannot get it back, any ideas?01:10
harpreetjeeves__: edubuntu01:10
jeeves__harpreet, that's the name of the package?01:10
GreenBlueAlguien ha configurado AR5007EG para inyeccion arp????01:10
chuy_maxjeeves__, rhythmbox01:10
jeeves__chuy_max, I need a media manager, etc01:10
harpreetjeeves__: its another OS that can be found in synaptic01:11
wolsnikosapi: with a "or later" clause yes. the whole project is then GPL v301:11
alraunezyrorl: I see, did you simply power off machine (cold shutdown) before problem occured ?01:11
Blaqlightjeeves__: also there is audacious01:11
GreenBlueAlguien ha configurado AR5007EG para inyeccion arp en 8.04 amd64??????01:11
=== rproenca is now known as cypherbios
zyrorlit was a normal reboot, clicked on power button, reboot... it rebooted and never game back01:11
jeeves__ok, a better question is if there is something that has a great media manager, and will let you search my artist, title, genere, etc01:11
Guest3103Flannel: sorry posted my question on the calif irc channel instead of here01:11
nikosapiwols: so then there's no point in using a GPL v2 (or later) license?01:12
m0rbidok, when I went into grub, menu.lst looks correct, which its hd1,0, but when I select it to boot, it says Error 17, cannot mount selected partition.01:12
harpreetJeeves__ yes serach in synaptic01:12
jeeves__Blaqlight, any other options?01:12
Blaqlightjeeves__: "great media manager" is subjective, check out rythembox, and audacious to start.01:13
Hasonehi, does anyone know what libfglrx_ip.a.GCC4 does? my clamAV tells me I have a bunch of broken copies of it.01:13
jeeves__Blaqlight, I've used both.  I don't like either of them.01:13
chuy_maxjeeves__, noatun is versatile, has lots of plugins, give it a try01:13
Deini've lost my gnome-panel after applying a faulty theme, and i cannot get it back, any ideas?01:13
jeeves__chuy_max, ok, thanks.  I'll have a look01:13
harpreetjeeves__: gnome-do-plugin-amarok01:13
Flannelnikosapi: that question is better off in #ubuntu-offtopic01:13
jeeves__harpreet, ???01:13
nikosapijeeves__: I'm really liking banshee 1.0 :)01:14
alraunezyrorl: just a moment, checking something..01:14
nikosapiFlannel: oh, ok sorry01:14
Hasoneif no one knows what it is, does anybody know where I can find some graphics experts?01:14
harpreetjeeves__: its a plugin for gnome01:14
jeeves__nikosapi, ok, I'll give it a try.  I've takes a LOT of time to tag ALL 50Gb of my MP3s, so I'd like to be able to use everything that I've taged01:15
Deini've lost my gnome-panel after applying a faulty theme, and i cannot get it back, any ideas?01:15
chuy_maxHasone, maybe #opengl01:15
Hasonechuy_max: thx01:15
lealhello all..01:16
chuy_maxHasone, oh, well, not for fglrx01:16
=== Hasone is now known as Hasone_
j2can anyone tell me what laptop i need to get to run hardy this old lattitude is about gone01:16
lealhow can i know if the cxacru-fw.bin is loaded in gutsy?01:16
Hasone_chuy_max: my graphics in general are getting worse, so I'm also going to try #xorg. hopefully someone can figure this all out.01:17
lealthere is no hotplug or the other binaries that did load the application before...01:17
jeeves__what does ".DCOPserver_" mean when I start armok?01:17
Greyscaleis there a list of supported webcams?01:17
wolsleal: dmesg01:17
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras01:17
lealwols: there is not message about load or not?01:17
alraunezyrorl: I just googeld ntfscheck, seems there is a poss. to check an ntfs system from live cd, want to giv it a try ?01:17
chuy_maxj2, I run hardy on a P3 and it runs fine, I just installed extra memory for it to run ok, it has 512MB01:17
lealwols: i mean there is not.01:17
Hasone_I've got a question you might be able to answer:01:18
Deini've lost my gnome-panel after applying a faulty theme, and i cannot get it back, any ideas?01:18
chuy_maxj2, if you want gnome to run you need more than just 256MB01:18
Hasone_is there any way to determine which driver ubuntu uses by default for a specific graphics card?01:18
lealthe cxacru driver is already in ubuntu, the firmware  must be in /lib/firmware/uname right?01:18
chuy_maxj2, I mean, to run acceptably01:18
wolsleal: uname is not a directory. uname probably was in backticks, that's important01:19
=== laura is now known as lauritza
chuy_maxHasone_, that is specified in xorg.conf01:19
zyrorli'll test that01:19
wolschuy_max: no01:19
wolsHasone_: built into X itself01:19
CorbinFo1hey all, i noticed when booting into windows today (for a stupid math class that requires windows, not even macs can use it! gasp!) that my sound is capable of going much louder in windows vs ubuntu.  any ideas on why this is and how to maybe increase my volume?01:20
alraunezyrorl : ?01:21
Hasone_chuy_max: okay.01:21
Hasone_I think something may have fiddled with my xorg.conf. is there any way to reset it to factory settings?01:21
nikinzoranHello. I am new to Ubuntu. Everything is working well except f-spot who is not opening and not importing images at all. How can I make it work? Or how can I make Ubuntu to recognize my camera as a masssive storage device? Thank you.01:21
overlordpuppyI've got a series of PNG images. How do I make them into an mpeg video with the same quality?01:21
Deini've lost my gnome-panel after applying a faulty theme, and i cannot get it back, any ideas?01:21
wolsDein: create a new gnome config01:22
clayghow do i see a list of programs that start when ubuntu does?01:22
Deinwols: how?01:22
claygi went to system>admin>services but didn't see the google desktop search (which slows me computer down from starting)01:22
wolsby moving or deleting the gnome dotfiles in your .01:23
wolsin your ~ rather01:23
Bonsterclayg: sys>pref>session01:23
Deinwols: i've moved the panel files already, didn't help01:23
wolsI didn't say anything about panel files01:23
wolsand uninstall the faulty theme of course01:23
claygBonster,  you da man now dog!01:24
claygthanks alot01:24
=== jon__ is now known as Slurb
Slurbanyone know how to get the side scroll to work on a microsoft wireless laser mouse 600001:25
Flannel!mouse | Slurb01:25
ubottuSlurb: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto01:25
Slurbi got everything working besides that01:25
Slurbdoesnt work01:25
Slurbtried it01:25
derekSany one know why i get this error when untarring something on a mounted cifs drive: Cannot change ownership to uid 111409, gid 42549: Permission denied01:26
Slurbxmodmap says it has 32 buttons01:26
guidowhenever I try to restart, kdm just hangs in there and I can only restart after pressing ctrl-alt-backspace... any thoughts here?01:26
SergeantPonyanyone here good at figuring out sound issues? My sound is running very flaky, won't play audio cd's or dvd. Here's my info http://pastebin.ca/108390001:26
Deinwols: so what files should i move?01:26
=== Blacklight is now known as Blaqlight
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto01:27
inavathi.. I'm trying to get svideo out.  I have a mobility x1400.  I run the "ATI Catalyst Control Center", which is supposed to auto-detect the svideo out as a second display, but it doesn't01:27
Slurbinavat plug something into it first01:28
inavatmy tv is plugged into it01:28
zyrorlalraune - i managed to mount the ubuntu image as a loopdisk so i'm going to just copy the fs over to my other pc and reformat, and a few other vista folders from the ntfs partition01:28
Slurbsee if that helps01:28
zyrorlguess nuking it will just be easier01:28
alrauneSergeantPony: did you install neccessary codecs ?01:28
inavatyes obidiah?01:28
obidiahinavat: make sure the tv is on before you start the computer from a cold boot. the s-video is a dumb peripherial01:28
alraunezyrorl: I just googeld ntfscheck, seems there is a poss. to check an ntfs system from live cd, want to giv it a try ?01:28
SergeantPonyalraune, yes I did01:29
inavatfrom a cold boot?  alright.. here goes.  hopefully i won't be back in five minutes :)01:29
zyrorli'll try it but yeah01:29
zyrorlwe'll see01:29
alrauneSergeantPony: can you play any sound at all ?01:29
SergeantPonyalraune: it worked fine before the upgrade to 8.0401:29
miraageufw question: i just enabled NAT table rules for MASQUERADE packets for internet connection sharing, and now i get ERROR: problem running init script when I execute sudo ufw enable01:29
tim_ubuntuI have a problem, when i try to put my laptop in suspend, it locks up at a black command screen.01:29
SergeantPonyalraune: it's hit or miss... most of the time no sound after I log in01:30
miraage(as per serverguide firewall)01:30
mbrigdananyone know what could be causing the default unzip thing to be dropping the directory structure of the files I unzip? Its *really* annoying.01:31
alrauneSergeantPony: what kind of machine is it ?01:31
SergeantPonyalraune: Toshiba Satellite laptop01:31
Dein_glitsj16: umm, i've restarted the whole computer, not just ctrl-alt-del and it's workin now :|01:31
Dein_glitsj16: i thought that restarting was a windows method :P01:31
glitsj16Dein: lol .. glad you got that fixed nonetheless01:32
crimsunSergeantPony: mv ~/.asoundrc ~/.asoundrc.bak01:32
alrauneSergeantPony: did you check the alsamixer for mute and volume ?01:32
SergeantPonyalraune: no alsamixer and it won't let me reinstall it01:32
tim_ubuntuHello, When i use ctrl alt backspace, it no longer reloads, before it loads the screen stays black and a white rectangle is in the top left screen, large. what might be going on? thanks01:32
mercutio22Hello, is there someone here who uses ImageJ?01:33
guidowhenever I try to restart, kdm just hangs in there and I can only restart after pressing ctrl-alt-backspace... any thoughts here?01:33
BlaqlightFlannel: thanks for the mouse howto, I was wondering how to get this other button (back button in windows) working.01:34
SergeantPonycrimsun: no /.asoundrc file01:34
FlannelBlaqlight: On your mouse?01:34
crimsunSergeantPony: ~/.asoundrc01:34
jeeves__can anyone reccomend a good MP3 normilizer?01:35
BlaqlightFlannel: yeah its got this "extra" button, supposed to work like back in browser in windows, it nevered it ubuntu.01:35
linduxedis there anyone here who's tried out the freerunner01:35
FlannelBlaqlight: And the ManyButtonMouse stuff doesn't work?01:35
SergeantPonycrimsun: mv: cannot stat `/home/richringer/.asoundrc': No such file or directory01:35
BlaqlightFlannel: haven't tried, Im reading up on it now.01:36
SergeantPonycrimsun: I did a cut and paste of your mv command01:36
FlannelBlaqlight: Its unlikely it wont solve your problem01:36
inavatwell.. svideo worked when I had the cord plugged directly into the tv.  It didn't work, however, when I had it plugged into an AV hub which then has a composite outpu tto the tv01:36
alraunesudo apt-get install alsa-basealsa-firmware-loadersalsa-oss alsa-source alsa-toolsalsa-tools-gui alsa-utils alsamixergui01:36
alraunedoesn't work ?01:36
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
crimsunSergeantPony: can you remove the model=auto in your modprobe conffile?01:37
susanna777does any use myth tv?01:37
alraunesudo apt-get install alsa-basealsa-firmware-loadersalsa-oss alsa-source salsa-tools-gui alsa-utils alsamixergui01:37
obidiahinavat: it is a very primitive hardware handshake, as bad as a parallel printer01:37
inavatis there some way to force the svideo signal out of the port?  I don't really get what's going on... is the svideo protocal multidirectional or something?  how's it know if something's plugged in?01:37
FalcHello, I'01:37
alraunesusanna777: did before , but prefer tvtime01:37
MaRi have the poblem with ACPI support in ubuntu, everytime i boot the system i got message: "no DMI BIOS year, acpi=force is requaired to enable ACPI", when i force to load ACPI the system not booting, i have Fujitsu-Siemens D1107 motherboard, on Windows XP, Mandriva everything works fine (suspend-to-RAM, hibernate) sorry for my english01:37
obidiahinavat: now that you've stated with the tv, try switching the wire back to the av hub and see if it works now01:38
susanna777alraune, okay does tv time or myth tv display closed captions01:38
SergeantPonycrimsun: 1 sec01:38
FalcHello, I'm trying to get my sound working correctly in Ubuntu on my EeePC. However, every now and again I cannot hear anything or set the volume. This is due to Ubuntu "switching" to snd_pcsp as opposed to snd_hda-intel. The forum search I did pointed me to blacklisting snd-pcsp. But I can01:39
Falc't find outhow to do it.01:39
SergeantPonyalraune: it updated some of the files01:39
obidiahinavat: deep in the bowels of the video driver you can force it on01:39
alrauneSergeantPony: sudo apt-get update  ....01:39
inavatwell I tried that.  the problem is it's two different tvs.  One, which has a screwed up image, has an svideo-in.  The other, which works fine, doesn't have svideo in, so I wanted to use the AV hub.  So I booted ubuntu with it connected to the broken PC.. then unplugged and ran to the other tv and plugged it into the AV hub01:39
inavatit didn't work01:39
SergeantPonyalraune: still get the alsamixer not found error01:40
obidiahinavat: at radio shack they sell a $15 adapter that converts s-video to rca video out01:40
tabberhi, i need helo setting a cron job. I want the command to be run every 3 minutes until the end of today(saturday 26) will this setup do that? */3 * 26 8 /path/to/command01:40
inavatwell I assumed that would be the exact same thing as what the dumb AV hub is doing01:40
MaRanydoby help me plz01:40
tabberhi, i need helo setting a cron job. I want the command to be run every 3 minutes until the end of today(saturday 26) will this setup do that? */3 * 26 8 6 /path/to/command01:40
MaRi have the poblem with ACPI support in ubuntu, everytime i boot the system i got message: "no DMI BIOS year, acpi=force is requaired to enable ACPI", when i force to load ACPI the system not booting, i have Fujitsu-Siemens D1107 motherboard, on Windows XP, Mandriva everything works fine (suspend-to-RAM, hibernate) sorry for my englis01:40
glitsj16Falc: any modules you want blacklisted you need to add to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist manually01:41
Blaqlight!anyone | MaR01:41
ubottuMaR: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:41
alrauneSergeantPony: but can find the tab under apps>multimedia ???01:41
obidiahinavat: it's how I solved it with an old dell inspiron notebook01:41
alraunesusanna777: what do you mean with captions ?01:41
miraagedoes ufw work for NAT ip forwarding?01:41
FalcAwesome! How do I add snd_pcsp? Just that? snd_pcsp?, glitsj16?01:41
inavatalright, maybe i'll try it.  thanks obidiah01:41
Mecha25MaR, what is your native language?01:41
tabberhi, i need helo setting a cron job. I want the command to be run every 3 minutes until the end of today(saturday 26) will this setup do that? */3 * 26 8 6 /path/to/command anyone please :(01:41
Mecha25anybody know what the polish #ubuntu is?01:42
susanna777alraune, i'm hard of hearing and i want to watch tv on my computer with the captions01:42
glitsj16Falc: use the format "blaclist <module name>" yes01:42
Mecha25try #ubuntu-pl01:42
ubottuMozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl01:42
SergeantPonyalraune: alsamixergui don't load01:42
Falcglitsj16, thank you. :>01:42
Mecha25MaR, that help?01:42
glitsj16Falc: typo .. blacklist01:42
mbrigdananyone know what could be causing the default unzip thing to be dropping the directory structure of the files I unzip? Its *really* annoying.01:43
Flanneltabber: yes.  and please don't repeat so often01:43
alraunesusanna777:  see , undertitel, I'll check, brb01:43
Blaqlightmbrigdan: in archive manager there is a checkbox to retain directory structure, check it.01:43
MaRmecha25 i tried and i not get the answer01:43
SergeantPonyalraune: function snd_mixer_load failed: No such file or directory01:43
alrauneSergeantPony: so you got a problem with the driver then01:44
Mecha25MaR: I don't know about ACPI, sorry01:44
guidohow can I tell if there's a br0 error?01:44
crimsunSergeantPony: did you reboot after making the modprobe conffile change?01:44
Flanneltabber: wait.  No it won't.  That'll run in August.01:44
mbrigdanBlaqlight: hmm, don't seem to see it, which menu is it under?01:44
trueboskoHi there .. I am trying to configur my monitors (dual display) and I've followed numeruos guides with no luck. I just recently updated Ubuntu after a ~5 month hiatus. Has anything changed in the dual screen front?01:45
Blaqlightit should be on the extract dialog01:45
Mecha25truebosko: depends, what graphics card do you have?01:45
trueboskoan amd01:45
MaRmecha25: ok, i keep searching01:45
Blaqlightsorry mbrigdan : it should be on the extract dialog01:45
tabberFlannel: thank you. true, so it doesn't matter it the last command runs at 11.58, it doesn't need to be "complete cycle" for it to stop executing right?01:45
trueboskoI've noticed more people have trouble with ATI cards01:45
mbrigdanBlaqlight: yup, recreate folders. I think... Thanks01:46
trueboskoSorry, meant to say ATI :)01:46
Flanneltabber: cron starts jobs, after that they're on their own01:46
Blaqlightmbrigdan: thats it.01:46
Mecha25truebosko: good luck.  I'm on ATI, I have dual monitors working, but it took me 3 solid weeks and quite literally breaking my xorg.conf to do it01:46
Blaqlightmbrigdan: just for reference was it checked before?01:46
truebosko...Share your xorg? :p01:46
tabberFlannel: thanks, i hope it works. otherwise my server will go to hell :P01:46
trueboskoI have two LCD's, one is bigger then the other (wide screen) .. if atleast for now I could get the resolutions correct (right now the widescreen is kind of wonky) then that'll work until I get dual working01:47
abbazabbasilly question guys, i currently can't get onto ubuntu, and i'm trying to back up all my files through the live cd, however it is saying i do not have read permission, is there any way i could get it?01:47
SergeantPonycrimsun: take out this? : options snd-hda-intel model=auto01:47
mbrigdanBlaqlight: Well, it was working before, then it stopped, but I didn't change it (I didn't even know the option was there) the default might have changed in an update or something01:47
crimsunSergeantPony: or comment it out, yes.01:48
Blaqlightmbrigdan: was it checked when you saw it just then? yes or no?01:48
inavatobidiah: with the radioshack converter, you still need to cold-reboot right?01:48
Mecha25truebosko: I can give you my xorg, but part of the config is in the Catalyst Control center, and you have to reset the thing every boot.  Plus, it only works with one orientation, and with 1280x800 + 1280x1024 resolutions01:48
alrauneSergeantPony: rturn from :  modprobe -l | grep snd | grep pci01:48
Mecha25truebosko: to be perfectly honest, I'm STILL not sure how I got it working01:49
trueboskoMecha25, ah well then it's probably best you not share and confuse me01:49
trueboskoSo you're using which drivers?01:49
alraunesudo SergeantPony: apt-get install hwinfo, pastebin output from hwinfo01:49
Mecha25the restricted ones, the ones that do 3d well01:49
AMLNXUSRHello, I'm trying to get mac like widgets on ubuntu 8.04 any one know how i can do this?01:49
trueboskoCause I tried using the other ones...err can't remember name atm, but they made my card constantly run the fan even with nothing happening so that kind of sucked01:49
ZikeyHi, is there any way to list the files that will be installed through an apt-get install <package> (without installing it)01:49
Mecha25amlnxusr: you can use either gDesklets (it's in Add/Remove programs), or screenlets01:49
inavatobidiah: believe it or not, I just tried one of those converters (I searched through my electronics junk drawer) and it worked!01:50
Mecha25truebosko: envy?01:50
obidiahinavat yes01:50
trueboskoNah..started with an 'f'01:50
inavatobidiah: only thing is, the tv output has no color01:50
truebosko(that's helpful eh?)01:50
abbazabbadoes anyone know the code to move something through terminal?01:50
alraunesusanna777:  in the prefrences of tvtime I could't find any option for that, now installing mythtv..01:50
AMLNXUSRMecha25, which one do you suggest?01:50
BlaqlightAMLNXUSR: you can also use adesklets01:50
Mecha25truebosko: fglrx?01:50
trueboskoYup..that's it01:50
MaR i have the poblem with ACPI support in ubuntu, everytime i boot the system i got message: "no DMI BIOS year, acpi=force is requaired to enable ACPI", when i force to load ACPI the system not booting, i have Fujitsu-Siemens D1107 motherboard, on Windows XP, Mandriva everything works fine (suspend-to-RAM, hibernate) sorry for my english01:50
blue112Hello everyone, is there a packet editor on linux (like Wpe pro on windows) ?01:50
alraune abbazabba: yep01:50
obidiahinavat: you should only be sending 16k color01:50
Mecha25amlnxusr: personally I don't use them, I use conky01:50
abbazabbaalraune: is it something like sudo mv blah blah blah to blahblah blah?01:51
tim167should i make an ext2 or ext3 partition on my harddisk  ? (gparted suggests ext2 by default )01:51
AMLNXUSRwhats conky?01:51
alraune abbazabba: yep01:51
susanna777alraune, thanks01:51
glitsj16Zikey: add the "-s" switch to your apt-get to make a dry run01:51
BlaqlightAMLNXUSR: type apt-cache show conky in a terminal.01:51
obidiahinavat: weird about the bw, I didn't get that. have you thought about running xconfig again (back up your original xorg.conf file first!)01:51
BlaqlightAMLNXUSR: it will explain it all to you.01:52
Zikeyglitsj16: unfortunately it doesn't list the files of the package :(01:52
inavatrun it now that I have the tv plugged into it?  you think it might autodetect it?01:52
bsmusanyone here knowledgeable in UFW?01:52
abbazabbaalraune: alright last question, if i want to move something from my desktop, to a usb, how would i go about that?01:52
lampliterlooking for packages on 6.06 that contains fonts mapping to  "-*-courier-medium-r-*-*-*-120-*-*-*-*-iso8859-*"  a01:52
obidiahinavat: yes01:52
obidiahbackup your xorg.conf first!!!!01:52
lampliterany suggestions?01:52
enno_bsmus: please ask your question01:52
BlaqlightAMLNXUSR: that really goes for any package that you know the name of.01:53
inavatobidiah: well taht wipes out my fglrx install (which I installed using EnvyNG).  Maybe I should try running Envy again?   Or i guess I could do xconfig again, and then envy again01:53
blue112Is there a packet editor on linux (like Wpe pro on windows) ?01:53
bsmusi've closely followed the server howto about setting up UFW for NAT masquerading. but now when i run sudo ufw enable, i get ERROR: problem running init scripts01:53
obidiahinavat: the second thing01:53
bsmusenno_: ever seen that?01:53
trueboskoWhat is the best way to see if I have an app installed?01:54
AMLNXUSRblaqlight, what do you mean?01:54
inavatobidiah: okay, thanks for your help.  I'll try it.  see ya01:54
obidiahinavat: gl01:54
enno_bsmus: sry no, i thought you would mean an easier question ;)01:54
alraune abbazabba: sudo mv  /home/<user>/Desktop/<filename>    /dev/sdx/01:54
glitsj16Zikey: i believe the package "apt-file" lists the contents of a package without installing or fetching it, not sure01:54
TiredWolfyes it does01:54
BlaqlightAMLNXUSR: to get detailed information on a package type apt-cache show packagename into a terminal for a rundown.01:54
nickrud!info apt-file01:54
ubottuapt-file (source: apt-file): APT package searching utility -- command-line interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.0 (hardy), package size 16 kB, installed size 120 kB01:54
AMLNXUSRoh ok01:55
bsmushrm k01:55
obidiahtruebosco: System | Administration | Synaptic Package Manager01:55
BlaqlightAMLNXUSR: you might also want to apt-cache -help to get a feature list of other nice things apt-cache can do.01:55
Zikeyglitsj16: trying :)01:55
kerii need some help01:55
blue112Is there a packet editor on linux (like Wpe pro on windows) ?01:56
R0b0t1Wireshark, maybe?01:56
blue112No, wireshark is read-only :)01:56
blue112I want to edit packets ^^'01:56
simuladoes anyone have an opinion on the best video card for ubuntu / kde4 (x86)?01:56
simulai'm swapping out the guts of my main box01:57
BlaqlightR0b0t1: isn't wireshark a packet sniffer as opposed to an editor?01:57
enno_simula: nvidia runs nice for me01:57
R0b0t1I'm having problems finding a GNOME theme to my liking, does anyone have suggestions?01:57
BlaqlightR0b0t1: checked out gnome-look.org?01:57
lampliterblue112: check out netcat01:57
R0b0t1Blaqlight: Thats where I was looking :D01:57
BlaqlightR0b0t1: freshmeat.net has tons more.01:58
blue112lampliter: Thank's, i take a look.01:58
simulathanks enno_01:58
enno_R0b0t1: http://maketecheasier.com/turn-your-ubuntu-hardy-to-mac-osx-leopard/2008/07/23/01:58
R0b0t1enno_ Thanks, I personally dualboot with OSX01:58
blue112lampliter: Do you know how it works ? It's CLI I guess >_<01:59
enno_R0b0t1: that customization is quite awesome i think01:59
lampliteryup cli01:59
blue112Do you have a tutorial or somethink more clear that the man page ^^' ?02:00
cxoHow do you net-install ubuntu 8?02:00
lampliterblue112: looking02:00
cxothere used to be a netboot image, but its not longer on the disc02:00
alraunecxo: get the net install cd n bott...02:01
nickrud!minimal | cxo02:01
ubottucxo: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:01
cxooh that's a separate disc02:01
cxoi need to netboot the box,02:01
keriok i got a message on my laptop this morning and this is what it said02:01
cxocos the cdrom doesnt work02:01
lampliterblue112: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netcat02:01
Flannelcxo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Installation%20without%20a%20CD02:01
Jorophoseis hardy conflicting with some older BIOSs a general linux problem or just for hardy?02:01
cxodoes the alternate cd have a pxe image?02:01
alraunecxo: what a pc, checked the cd for defects ?02:02
cxoalraune, nah my laptop's cdrom drive is buggered02:02
nickrud!install | cxo (not sure if pxe is covered there, but most likely)02:02
ubottuI'll remember that, nickrud02:02
kerii  think  it  may hae to do with my bios  i re installed ubuntu and the message went, but  i don't want it in  the future.  so  can it be prevented?02:02
enno_cxo: http://wiki.koeln.ccc.de/index.php/Ubuntu_PXE_Install02:02
blue112lampliter: Thank you for this page, but that doesn't explain me the way to use it as I want (packet editor)02:03
alraunecxo: c, could try net install, though you first need a proved burn of the - whatever - installer cd02:03
instabinIm trying to get my wifes game to work under wine... they are from yahoo.. its called sallys spaw02:03
instabinIm trying to get my wifes game to work under wine... they are from yahoo.. its called sallys spa02:03
Blaqlightuh oh.02:03
lampliterblue112: http://linuxgazette.net/issue74/zhaoway.html02:04
alraunesudo SergeantPony: fixed it ?02:04
cxoenno_, thanks, they have a link to a pxe image on that site, i'll try it out02:04
Blaqlightinstabin: most games from there use java, is java installed?02:04
SebNaitsabesinstabin:  try #winehq02:04
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:04
instabinBlaqlight its not ill try that02:04
Flannelnickrud: http://jussi01.com/web/factoids.cgi?db=ubuntu&search=&order=added%20DESC&page=002:04
bsmusany firewall experts? seriously screwed here02:04
SebNaitsabesbsmus: what's the issue?02:05
enno_cxo: should work for x86, don't know if its possible for amd6402:05
bsmusSebNaitsabes: ufw masquerading02:05
lampliterblue112: I'm not sure how to use it as an editor except and to read in a packet, alter it with an editor such as Emacs or a hex editor and then spit it out again02:05
bsmusSebNaitsabes: following the howto i get an ERROR when i ufw enable02:05
Zikeyglitsj16: perfect apt-file is what I was looking for, thx a lot !02:06
cxoenno_, my laptop is a centrino, so it should work02:06
whtahow can i remove a hard drive icon from my desktop without unmounting the drive?02:06
enno_cxo: okay ;D02:06
glitsj16Zikey: np :)02:06
stodgeWow - anyone get sound working in Firefox 3 on youtube?02:06
blue112lampliter: Hum, I'm going to search for make it work, thanks :)02:06
crimsunstodge: sure, what's the issue?  randomly inaudible?02:06
enno_stodge: you need to install libflashsupport from the repos02:06
stodgeno sound at all..02:06
alraunewhta: right click on desktop, configure workspace/behavoir02:07
lordleemoblue112:  netcat nemessis hping hping2 yersinia scapy and many many more dude...  google and learn02:07
crimsunstodge: are you using 32- or 64-bit ?02:07
enno_stodge: should help if you are using pulseaudio02:07
susanna777SebNaitsabes, hi02:07
crimsunstodge: I'll walk you through the fix in #ubuntu-audio-help02:07
whtaalraune: maybe i'm doing it wrong, but right clicking the desktop gives me no such option02:08
stodgeok thanks02:08
jc6how to run yahoo messenger using wine02:08
enno_cxo: btw it's also possible for amd64 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/main/installer-amd64/20070308ubuntu40.4/images/netboot/02:09
instabinBlaqlight : i installed java but that didnt fix it02:09
cxothey should put the netboot folder back on the disc02:09
Blaqlightinstabin: which java version did you install?02:09
instabinBlaqlight: the newest one just downloaded it02:10
overlordpuppyI've got a series of PNG images. How do I make them into an mpeg video with the same quality?02:11
alraun1whta: sry, had to log off for a moment, got it02:12
TiredWolfoverlordpuppy: you don't02:12
TiredWolfoverlordpuppy: mpeg is a lossy format, png is not02:12
Harley^This morning, JACK Control in Ubuntu ran perfectly, I turned off my computer and now it won't start. Another user helped earlier and had me change the order of the somethingorother.ko's  can someone help please ?02:13
mrpocketsJust installed Ubuntu on my laptop. How do i get dual view monitors when using the VGA out on my laptop?02:13
crimsunHarley^: what error is qjackctl giving?02:13
nickrud!dualmonitors | mrpockets (might help)02:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dualmonitors02:13
nickrud!dualmonitor | mrpockets (might help)02:13
ubottumrpockets (might help): Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama02:13
Harley^crimsun: Yes ! Its YOU !02:14
TiredWolfnickrud: dual monitor, dual factoid02:14
nickrudTiredWolf I might alias that, I think dual implies plural ;)02:14
TiredWolfnickrud: nah, or it'd be called "two monitors". but, alias away :P02:15
krazy-hCan somebody help me please02:15
krazy-hI have a problem with yasr02:16
bartekDoes anyone know what repo I need to get BitchX?02:16
CheeseGardenerCould someone here give me a hand choosing a power supply for my dual boot system?02:16
bartekeverone says "universe" but I have a bunch of universe entries in my sources.list so that makes no sense to me02:16
Flannelbartek: BitchX is abandonware.  It isn't in a repo.02:16
JadewolfGuys, would ubuntu be a good OS for using to install on a P1-233MMX laptop with 64mb ram a webcam? I'm trying to setup a commandline "security" camera with it.02:16
bartekok..I need a good irc client then :-)02:16
Flannelbartek: Try irssi02:17
RatKingXtry pidgin02:17
soldatsbartek: irssi is superior to bitchx02:17
soldatsits cli as well02:17
bartekya I heard good things about irssi02:17
TiredWolfbartek, there are four main repositories: 1) hardy, the main one 2) hardy-updates, bugfixes 3) hardy-security, security fixes02:17
soldatsgive it a shot you may like it02:17
bartekOh I see02:17
TiredWolfbartek: then Main, Restricted, Universe and Multiverse are *components*02:17
bartekComponents meaning?02:17
TiredWolfbartek: for each component you want enabled, you should have all three repositories02:17
TiredWolfbartek: it means it's a part of a repository02:17
bartekI see02:18
CheeseGardenerIf anyone could, I need some help choosing a power supply for my dual boot system02:18
ludwighey all, any body get the gtx260 nvidia card working from any stock repository02:18
CheeseGardenerO dpm02:18
TiredWolfbartek: in other words, if you have Universe only enabled in the "hardy" repository, but not in the "hardy-updates" repository, then you won't get bugfixes for Universe packages02:18
CheeseGardenerI don't use the GTX 200 series ludwig02:18
RatKingXCheeseGardener: what hardware do you have?02:18
bazhang#hardware CheeseGardener02:18
FlannelCheeseGardener: #ubuntu-offtopic would be the appropriate place02:18
CheeseGardenerit is a waste of money02:18
CheeseGardenerI use 2 ATI HD 4850s Crossfire02:18
TiredWolfbartek: so as a rule of thumb, you should have every needed component enabled in every repository, and that's why you see Universe in many places02:18
mirandaokay this is another question related to the computer that I am working with...02:18
enno_CheeseGardener: http://web.aanet.com.au/SnooP/psucalc.php02:19
bartekThanks TiredWolf , glad to know what it means now02:19
CheeseGardenerOk, off topic then?02:19
mirandait says that I have 3000MB and that I need 5000MB02:19
alraun1Jadewolf: PI ? not really, a PIII is very cheap at ebay nowadays...  | give additional 64 MB, try win 98, lol02:19
ludwigserisouly...anybody get the new nvidia 200 serious cards working with a default ubuntu package02:19
bazhangJadewolf, that amount of ram really is too minimal unless you want a cli only system02:20
ludwigi've googled till i'm out of ideas on google bait02:20
hsandhufuddi kidaan maaridi aa?02:20
bazhanghsandhu, english please02:20
hsandhubazhang: sorry02:20
chao1I am trying to mount a hdd that I guess is about to fail. is there a way to mount it to view a corrupted ext2 partition. (a mess I know)02:21
mirandais there a version of ubuntu where I can install with less memory because I am deleting all of the files to make more memory02:21
chao1miranda try xubuntu02:21
Ximalxubuntu mm iranda02:21
mirandachao1: thanks02:21
TiredWolfchao1, well, i guess mount it read only, for a start... you don't really want to write on it if it's failing02:22
bazhangmiranda, how little ram we talking02:22
chao1how do I do that?02:22
mirandaIIRC 64 MB bazhang02:22
TiredWolfchao1: sudo mount /dev/whatever /mnt/whatever -o ro - i believe02:22
chao1I tried reading the man entry but those are still hard to understand02:22
Blaqlightthe wine gecko installer won't install gecko, WoW keeps asking for it on load, how can I force it too finish the download?02:22
bartekirssi is interesting :)02:23
lnxmadHows Ubuntu coming on the ps3?02:23
chao1ok i will try now02:23
mirandadoes xubuntu work as well as ubuntu?02:23
Blaqlightbartek: its awesome once you get used to it... < former xchat user02:23
bazhangmiranda, 64mb may not do it; fluxbuntu perhaps but even that is a stretch02:24
Blaqlightmiranda: prolly a little faster, being as though xfce uses less rescources than gnome.02:24
bartekBlaqlight: oh I bet...I remember loading up VIM for the first time and being very confused. Now I swear by it, this seems like the same thing02:24
bazhanglots of gtk stuff in xubuntu though02:24
mirandabazhang: I am updating from windows 9802:24
Blaqlightbartek: Im still lost in vim.02:24
chao1this is what it put on screen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/30726/02:25
chao1... and its /media/whatever instead of /mnt/whatever for those taking notes (in ubuntu)02:26
TiredWolfchao1: well, actually, it's wherever there is a valid directory :) but yeah, it's supposed to be /media02:26
enno_Blaqlight: get the gecko cab file from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=6241&package_id=195269 and extract it using cabextract to .wine/drive_c/Program Files/02:27
chao1yeah :)02:27
TiredWolfchao1: try forcing ext2 by adding the "-t ext2" option. but if it can't understand it's an ext2 partition... tough luck i'm afraid02:27
piratelordxcan anyone help me in pm im tryin to run internet explorer 7 through wine02:27
TiredWolfchao1, what you should do, really, is take an image of that drive into another drive, and then work on the image02:28
swamptinright, stoopid question, and I'm assuming you can, but... a lot of advice I've gotten has been like "<command> && <command>" in relation to installs etc. etc. Can you que up any sort/number/variation of commands in that way and let it run?02:28
Blaqlightenno_: it gets about 1/3rd of the way through and then mysteriously and without warning, dies.02:28
bazhangpiratelordx, check #winehq and appdb02:28
obidiahmiranda: is your problem a shortage of RAM or a shortage of hard drive space02:28
bazhang!appdb | piratelordx02:28
ubottupiratelordx: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org02:28
soldatsmiranda: honestly as much as i hate to say it, you may need a different distro capable of handling little ram that you have. you may be able to try xubuntu with someting even smaller than fluxbox. possibly xubuntu with DWM may work. youll need some time to get DWm to work for you though02:28
enno_Blaqlight: try the cab file, it is the same thing wine does, just manually02:28
user1 what are the ways to install a .deb ?  i cant install it with gdebi ?02:29
TiredWolfuser1: yes you can, if it's an Ubuntu .deb02:29
Blaqlightmiranda: 64mb ram is all you have?02:29
bazhanguser1, what deb02:29
mirandaso d/l xubuntu right...that handles 64MB of ram?02:29
tim167hello, i can't play a DVD movie, i installed libxine, gsreamer plugins and whatnot, but still no luck, can someone help me ? thanks02:29
TiredWolfmiranda: still a bit tight i'd say02:29
Blaqlightmiranda: you might just consider no gui at all. CLI only is fun.02:29
soldatsthere really isnt an ubuntu that handles such low ram02:29
user1TiredWolf:  bazhang is an ubuntu deb. but its it vanishes in the middle.  limewire it is.02:29
bazhangmiranda, no02:29
TiredWolf!limewire | user102:29
ubottuuser1: limewire is a popular P2P client running on the Gnutella network. To get it running, install /msg ubotu java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider /msg ubotu FrostWire as an alternative.02:29
soldatsthe lowest wanted ram i think is 12802:29
_Zeus_what is ubotu?02:30
_Zeus_doesn't work here02:30
bazhanga bot02:30
soldatsa bot02:30
TiredWolf!bot > _Zeus_02:30
ubottu_Zeus_, please see my private message02:30
obidiahmiranda: xubuntu is your best bet for a real distribution02:30
_Zeus_oh it's ubottu not ubotu02:30
_Zeus_two t;s02:31
TiredWolfcurrently, yes02:31
soldatsits the replacement02:31
tim167what does it take to play a DVD on ubuntu ?02:31
obidiahmiranda: xfce is very similar to gnome and runs on older hardware02:31
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
mirandaok it has 64MB02:31
bazhang!dvd | tim16702:31
ubottutim167: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:31
_Zeus_sry libdvdcss202:31
user1TiredWolf:  sudo dpkg -i LimeWireLinux.deb works02:31
bazhangobidiah, not on 64mb02:31
mouser-tim167: Otherwise you should be able to play unprotected DVDs out of the box.02:31
Blaqlight_Zeus_: libdvdcss202:31
chao1it told me to run e2fsck and this is what I got http://paste.ubuntu.com/30727/02:32
fiXXXerMetI just installed the flash-nonfree plugin from within firefox, but flash still isn't showing (It says "Click here to download the plugin."  But when I do so, it says that the plugin is already installed.02:32
SylphidI have tk8.5 installed to fill the xchat dependancy for tk8.4 but it shows xchat as a broken package without tk8.4 installed ... how can I fix this without installing tk8,4 (it breaks some scripts)02:32
soldatsmiranda: if you have some time to kill look up some distros that handle low ram possibly arch. i dont want to push you away but ubuntu doesnt really run off 6402:32
_Zeus_did you restart firefox, fixxxermet?02:32
enno_fiXXXerMet: have you tried to restart firefox?02:32
_Zeus_ninja'd :-D02:32
fiXXXerMetYeah, I did.02:33
chao1TiredWolf: what should I do?02:33
fiXXXerMetOh, wait - I had another window open on another workspace.02:33
fiXXXerMetThere we go!02:33
enno_fiXXXerMet: maybe you should try the flashplugin from the adobe homepage02:33
soldatsfiXXXerMet: run firefx and int he address bar type "about:plugins" and see what it says about flash02:33
mirandaI am thinking of doing xubuntu b/c it has greater support...second choice02:33
TiredWolfchao1: oh no, don't run fsck (well, too late). the more you write to the drive (and fsck could write a lot), the more you risk that it fails completely02:33
CShadowRunWeirdest bug report you'll ever read people... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/25222802:34
TiredWolfchao1, i'd suggest a "dd if=/dev/sdb2 of=partitionimage-or-whatever", i think that should work to create an image - then work on that02:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252228 in ubuntu "Changing volume changes gnome theme (?)" [Undecided,New]02:34
TiredWolfchao1: if you have the space, of course02:34
soldatsmiranda: if that doesnt work try arch, arch is a lot more complicated but runs a lot better on low memory systems02:34
chao1how would I work on that?02:34
_Zeus_i would use xubuntu02:35
gradini'm having troubles mounting a directory02:35
TiredWolfchao1: just as if it were a real partition. almost. you can mount it with the "-o loop" option02:35
tim167how do i install  libdvdcss2 ?02:35
_Zeus_you need the medibuntu repos02:35
_Zeus_do you have them?02:35
soldatsgradin: explain, maybe we can help02:35
gradinwhats the easiest way to mount /home/test to /var/www/test ?02:35
TiredWolfchao1: like, "sudo mount partitionimage /media/blah -o loop", or you could just try "e2fsck -b 8193 partitionimage"02:35
gradinso that an ftp server can read it...02:35
mlLKin aptitude what does 'A' mean where it is displayed between install-status and package name?02:36
enno_gradin: have you tried to use a symlink02:36
enno_gradin: using ln -s02:36
_Zeus_tim167: type /msg ubottu medibuntu02:36
BlaqlightI need to get gnome-settings-daemon running in fluxbox. it tells me ** (gnome-settings-daemon:11093): WARNING **: Couldn't connect to session bus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-zUXDjxGpmv: Connection refused02:37
gradinServer sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead.02:37
_Zeus_CShadowRun: could  you include a copy of Xorg.log?02:37
CShadowRun_Zeus_ if you tell me where i can get it, sure.02:37
gradinso using symlinks is out02:38
gradini tried a mount --bind and that didn't work either02:38
bartekcan someone say my name? sorry.. wont ask again just need to test something qucik02:38
Johnnyi cant get any themes working02:38
Blaqlightdoes that mean that it won't run without gnome-session running or am I missing something?02:38
enno_gradin: does the ftp server has access to the directory?02:38
Johnnyi installed xfce-goodies and gtk-engines*02:38
bartekalraun1: thank you :)02:38
Johnnyand nothing shows up in preferences02:38
Blaqlightbartek: hi02:38
CShadowRun_Zeus_ can you tell me where i can find it?02:39
gradinenno_: yeah02:39
fdegradin: mount -o loop /whatever /wherever02:39
fdegradin: uhh... -o bind02:39
Johnnyanyone have any idea what the problem is?02:40
Johnnyi only have the standard themes in system prefs02:40
Johnnyand i installed alot of themes02:40
_Zeus_CShadowRun: go to System > Administration > System Log02:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 3+402:41
TwiliHey what's up02:41
kadualguem pode me ajudar com o ubuntu... sou iniciante e não conheço nada02:41
gradinfde: didnt' work either02:41
fdegradin: is there an error?02:41
CShadowRun_Zeus_ i'm on it :D02:41
alraun1CShadowRun: /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:41
mirandaWhat's the net benefit of having more ram with ubuntu?02:41
TwiliWhat new features are expected for the next release of Ubuntu?02:42
lucentSkype + Bluetooth headset + Ubuntu Hardy = pulseaudio segfault02:42
* lucent :(02:42
snarksterjust like windows you go faster more elbow room02:42
fdemiranda: same as with any os... faster access to things you've already ran via cache.02:42
CShadowRuni'll move that one and then reproduce the bug, so in theory you should get a clear log with only the error in it02:42
SylphidI have tk8.5 installed to fill the xchat dependancy for tk8.4 but it shows xchat as a broken package without tk8.4 installed ... how can I fix this without installing tk8,4 (it breaks some scripts)02:42
alraun1miranda: quicker page setup,...02:42
TwiliWhat new features are expected for the next release of Ubuntu?02:42
TwiliWhat new features are expected for the next release of Ubuntu?02:42
lucentmiranda: the downside is that hibernate takes longer02:42
TwiliWhat new features are expected for the next release of Ubuntu?02:42
gradinok now it works sweet02:42
TwiliWhat new features are expected for the next release of Ubuntu?02:42
TwiliWhat new features are expected for the next release of Ubuntu?02:42
FloodBot1Twili: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:43
fdeTwili: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid02:43
lucentmiranda: you need lots of swap to cover the higher quantity of ram02:43
CShadowRun_Zeus_ it doesn't appear to add anything new to the log02:43
lucentmiranda: 2GiB is plenty of RAM for most desktop users02:43
_Zeus_roger CShadowRun02:43
nickelodiunI need help installing UBUNTU on my new Toshiba A305D02:43
_Zeus_they should be bold if there's anything new02:43
fdenickelodiun: What are you confused about?02:43
alraun1lucent: if its enough ram, you could also decrease swap to a min or disable it02:44
CShadowRun_Zeus_ by that i mean, i renamed Xorg.0.log to Xorg.0.log.back, then span my volume knob around for a while, it didn't create a new log02:44
nickelodiunI try to install, but it crash on the start up02:44
lucentalraun1: no, no, listen to what I'm saying here :P   Hibernate uses your swap partition to store the contents of RAM02:44
_Zeus_roger yeah that works02:44
lucentmore ram = need bigger swap02:44
CShadowRunok :)02:44
fdelucent: no02:44
carsIs there an automated way to repair an existing ubuntu installation using the hoary CD?02:44
alraun1nickelodiun: what problem you got ?02:44
_Zeus_that's like 2 years old!02:44
BlaqlightI think Im going to use gparted to remove windows from my system permenantly, I haven't used it in 4 months.02:44
carser, the new one.02:45
alraun1lucent: k, for hibernation02:45
bartektime to try and get atleast one display working properly with the correct resolution...somehow I can see myself staying up till 4am02:45
carsYeah.  4.0802:45
Blaqlightcars: thats hardy heron02:45
fdecars: install something newer, that is almost 4 years old02:45
carsGetting the animal names mixed up.  The newest one that I downloaded a second ago.02:45
nickelodiunthis is the error http://mx.geocities.com/zednanreh69/errorubuntu.jpg02:45
cxohey umm, i tried that netboot thing and its downloading packages from the net, can i point it to the cd i downloaded and kept on an nfs share?02:46
fdeBlaqlight: no it's not... hoary was the only release that wasn't 04 or 1002:46
lucentnickelodiun: Hm, it will be important to drill this down some.   Bad CD? Not enough RAM? wrong display mode for your LCD (happens a lot on Dell or LCD displays)?02:46
Blaqlightcars 8.04 LTS?02:46
Flannelfde: Hoary was, Dapper wasn't.02:46
jeeves__how can I find out why add/remove programs is locking up when I try to install new software?02:46
fdecars: Go grab hardy02:46
CShadowRunnickelodiun lol at the camera, heres a hint. Press the "Print screen" or "Prt Scr" button on your keyboard. It'll save a picture of whats currently on your screen to a file.02:46
carsBlaqlight, yes.  The one that was released this yer.02:46
nickelodiunI got 10 NEW CDS FROM CANONICAL, 3GB RAM02:46
urbanmonkeynickelodiun: have you tried the textbased installer?02:47
Blaqlightfde he said he just did.02:47
lucentnickelodiun: could be bad RAM, bad CD, or you just ran out of RAM because you did something else while running the GUI installer.... try installing using the alternate CD02:47
chao1TireWolf: currently running dd. had to get my external hdd. I have the bad hdd in my media tank that i got from thinkgeek.com (everyone should get one) and running it on my laptop.02:47
alraun1nickelodiun: 10 ??02:47
lucentnickelodiun: are you using a shipit CD? or have you burned your own?02:47
nickelodiunTHIS IS NOT MY PICTURE, but seems like a lot of ppl are having the same problem02:47
fdeFlannel: ahh... well 4.08 may have even been warty, I forget... that's very old.02:47
jeeves__Blaqlight, any ideas on this add/remove programs thing locking up?  I don't think I flushed all the LDAP stuff out02:47
nickelodiunyes, that too02:47
nickelodiunis not the cd, I checked that02:47
Flannelfde: no, 4.10 was Warty, 5.04 was Hoary (5.10 Breezy).  6.06 was Dapper.02:48
=== gardar is now known as gardar`afk
carsfde, Blaqlight, sorry for the confusion.  I'm using the latest release.02:48
Blaqlightjeeves__: sorry but no i don't02:48
lucentnickelodiun: what program do you use to write out your CD?02:48
chao1TiredWolf: /thanks02:48
o0splitpaw0ojoin #o0splitpaw0o's-show02:48
nickelodiunseveral, but is not the CD, this cd installs on other laptops02:48
fdecars: anyway... yes... I think it has a repair feature if you boot like you're going to install.02:48
Johnnycan someone help me02:49
Johnnyi cant get any themes to install02:49
lucentnickelodiun: I am curious though02:49
LinkManDXdoes Hardy come with a MIDI system preinstalled?02:49
fdeJohnny: only if you ask a question.02:49
qwmJohnny: yeah, but you need to find that someone.02:49
lucentLinkManDX: ALSA has the "seq" subsystem which is for MIDI sequencing, yes02:49
guido_I'm getting an error while doing a poweroff ia vbox windows: http://paste.ubuntu.com/30730/ any thoughts?02:49
qwmpray and you will find God too.02:49
jeeves__Blaqlight, when I do a "sudo apt- get install", etc, it says... "sudo: unable to resolve host Pennie2"02:49
carsfde, thanks.  I'll try that.02:49
nickelodiunnero, alcohol just to mention some02:49
alraun1nickelodiun: so does this screen apear after first boot , when install has finished ?02:49
LinkManDXlucent: I was wondering because I'm running TuxGuitar and it's throwing an error at me when I try playback02:50
derekvIs compiz known to hang a lot with the ati proprietary drivers, that anyone is aware of? (i know ubuntu can't support these drivers, i'm just wondering if this is a known buggy combination or if it is unique to me)02:50
EruditeHermitdoes anyone know how to specify which video port xine uses02:50
nickelodiunno, before it trys to install02:50
TiredWolfchao1: well, now keep that drive image safe, and at least you know you won't lose your data, and one way or another you can recover what's left even if the drive fails. i'm heading to bed now though02:50
jeeves__Flannel, any ideas on this questionable issue?02:50
lucentLinkManDX: synthesizing sound based on MIDI events is a different issue though02:50
Flannel!hostname | jeeves__02:50
ubottujeeves__: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at system>administration>networking on the "General" tab02:50
nickelodiunI put the cd in, boot to the loader, select to install and I get this02:50
ManualOverDozer8when will flash plugin for mozilla ever get fixed ? or is there one that works ?02:50
Blaqlightjeeves__: perhaps your link location is bad, try another. or open firefox and try google.com to see if your internet connection is working.02:50
lucentLinkManDX: look into some software called "timidity" there are a lot of posts about it on ubuntu forums02:50
fdelucent: most use brasero or k3b ... personally, I just use 'wodim --data file1 file2 file3'02:50
Flanneljeeves__: Thats your problem (hostname issues)02:51
chao1TiredWolf: thanks02:51
alraun1nickelodiun: did you try boot options, e.g. acpi=off ?02:51
jeeves__Blaqlight, it's comming back with pam_auth error02:51
chao1I had been trying to remember how to use the dd command02:51
ManualOverDozer8if someone knows of a flash-plugin for mozzilla that works, please let me know02:51
Adantan_Alexhey guys is there a way i can download the old version of ubuntu?02:51
* lucent /whois fde02:51
chao1I learned it in my linux class02:51
FlannelAdantan_Alex: which version?02:51
Adantan_Alexthe one before 8.04?02:51
LinkManDXlucent: thanks, i'll check that out02:51
Blaqlightjeeves__: listen to Flannel02:51
alraun1cxo: didn't understand your question02:51
FlannelAdantan_Alex: http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.10/02:51
Adantan_Alexthats it? ty02:51
jeeves__Flannel, thanks02:52
nickelodiunI was told it was that ubuntu did not recongnized my hard drive\02:52
ManualOverDozer8the previous was 7.01 i believe02:52
fdechao1: what do you want to know about it?02:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about info02:52
lucentnickelodiun: it's possible that your computer uses a chipset not yet supported by the installer02:52
fdeManualOverDozer8: 7.0402:52
aileanguys, i want to reinstall windows so i can use my iphone.  at present i have 2 partitions, both of which are linux.  how can i tape over one while keeping my current working linux partition selectable from a menu?02:52
nickelodiunwhat can I do?02:52
alraun1nickelodiun: can you run ubu as live system ?02:53
Blaqlightomg this wine gecko installer may actually finish downloading the file for the first time.02:53
cxoI'm install ubuntu using a pxe image i found on this site http://wiki.koeln.ccc.de/index.php/Ubuntu_PXE_Install however the installer is downloading packages from the net, which is gonna take ages since my connection is slow, I already have 8.04 disc downloaded and placed on an nfs share, how do i get the installer to use it?02:53
gurenManualOverDozer8: flashplugin-nonfree works fine with me02:53
Flannelfde, ManualOverDozer8, 7.10 was directly before, 7.04 was one before that.02:53
jeeves__Flannel, all of them show up as "Pennie2"02:53
urbanmonkeyok, possibly stupid question, under 7.10 i could write to my ext3 usb drive, i've done a clean install of 8.04.1, and now i can't write to the same drive... what changed?02:53
ManualOverDozer8fde: is there an archived one that he can download 7.04 ?02:53
nickelodiunnada, i does not work02:53
chao1i have it running. TiredWolf told me what I needed. However Now I need to mount it02:53
aileanguys, i want to reinstall windows so i can use my iphone.  at present i have 2 partitions, both of which are linux.  how can i tape over one while keeping my current working linux partition selectable from a menu? if i can't do this i'll just go back to windows.02:53
nickelodiunit does not work as live cd02:53
lucentnickelodiun: if it's not supported, there's not a lot you can do except wait for it to be supported.   if instead there is some other issue happening, then you need to do some more research02:53
Flanneljeeves__: Can you open up another terminal and sudo successfully?02:53
fdeManualOverDozer8: yes... but I forget the link... why do you want an old version though?02:53
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:53
jeeves__Flannel, no.  as well, add/remove programs wizard locks up.02:54
fdeFlannel: What is the link for EOL versions of Ubuntu (say for supported upgrades etc)02:54
lucentnickelodiun: I find that Ubuntu Hardy is workable on about 80% of computers I try it on02:54
chao1nickelodiun: what kind of issue are you having again02:54
lucentnickelodiun: if it's not working right away, it takes me an average of 4-5 hours to make it working02:54
nickelodiunalraun1: no I can not run live02:54
ManualOverDozer8fde: another person had asked, but, i was interested in know if there was myself.02:54
gurenailean: resize one linux partition then reformat that partition..  reinstall windows on that separate partition then run grub on a livecd02:54
lucentnickelodiun: the easiest thing is if you have access to multiple computers, skip using it on your laptop and use it on another PC02:55
jeeves__I think I'm just going to blow this install away and try it again02:55
cxoalraun1, did you get it now?02:55
ManualOverDozer8nickelodiunL i found some things dont work on LiveCD, but, when you install it, they work just fine02:55
chao1ailean: try this:02:55
Adantan_Alexlol j/k um ty02:55
Blaqlightjeeves__: thats prolly not a bad idea.02:56
lucentjeeves__: your DNS is pooched02:56
lucentjeeves__: that causes X11 apps to stop functioning02:56
aileanchaol, apparently vmware won't allow the iphone to connect02:56
alraun1cxo: yes,I'm not shure as it is possible in debian, what bandwith does the download have ?02:56
jeeves__lucent, is it an easy fix, or should I just blow it away?02:56
gurenailean: how about wine?02:56
lucentjeeves__: X11 is network based.... when DNS goes fubar, practically nothing works02:56
nickelodiunI CAN NOT INSTALL, RUN LIVE OR BOOT UBUNTU.. I have a toshiba A305D-S6831, AMD Turion 64 x2 Dual-core M 3000mb RAM02:56
Johnnydoes anyone know how to fix themes not being able to install02:56
chao1how do you normally connect it?02:56
lucentjeeves__: should be an easy fix *if* you can still sudo, lol02:56
rockenrolaI have a EPS file that I can't open with gipm, ghostscript and inkscape. It seems to have some errors. Is it possible to correct the errors?02:57
mortal1anyone know how to auto download recommended packages via apt-get?02:57
LinkManDXnickelodiun: did you boot off the cd?02:57
lucentjeeves__: got a LiveCD handy?02:57
cgreennickelodiun: try using the alternate install disc, i had a similiar problem02:57
fdemortal1: you can't, try aptitude02:57
chao1nickelodiun: try puppylinux to see if a different live version will work02:57
alraun1nickelodiun: try goole: ubuntu  toshiba A305D-S6831 ?02:57
cxoalraun1, not much, 512kbit/s02:57
aileanguren, does itunes work under wine?02:57
alraun1nickelodiun: try google: ubuntu  toshiba A305D-S6831 ?02:57
KohlrakI installed ubuntu server, but it hung when installing LAMP, Mail, and a few other things. So i decided to reboot instead and install from there and even install gnome so i have the fancy things with the desktop ubuntu (without all the extra programs), but i can't seem to get ubuntu to start gnome. Any ideas?02:57
fdeailean: yes02:57
gurenailean: yes, i've tried it before02:57
nickelodiunThis is my last hope, I ve try all02:57
mlLKwhere does aptitude and apt-get store packages?02:58
cgreenquick ?, anyone know of a free inventory management software for ubuntu, im talking product inventory not hardware/software02:58
lucentmlLK: /var/cache/apt something or other02:58
fdemlLK: /var/cache/apt/archive02:58
lucentmlLK: just do apt-get clean though02:58
jeeves__lucent, not here, and I don't have the usal blank CD-RW in my drive either.02:58
BlaqlightmlLK: /var/temp02:58
lucentdon't mess with /var/*02:58
mlLKlucent, why?02:58
Kohlrakcgreen, if there aren't any, there's always gcc02:58
fdeBlaqlight: huh?02:58
carsfde, I'm fairly sure I remember seeing it as a menu option in a previous release, but I don't see the automated repair option in the new graphical installer.  Do you know where it is?02:58
jeeves__lucent, are you going to be on-line for a while (under an hour)?02:58
mlLKi just need to configure something02:58
lucentmlLK: trust me!  you may find it exciting if you don't agree with me02:58
mlLKlucent, yikes02:59
nickelodiun<lucent> I want to install linux on this laptop, so I am stock with Windows?02:59
lucentjeeves__: sure mate, are you in the US?  (checking...)02:59
cgreennickelodiun: if the alternate wont work try going to forum.ubuntu.com somebody had to have had a similiar problem and fixed it, if not try using fedora, puppy, or some other linux to see if it is just ubuntu02:59
alraun1cxo: I've got an up to 16 MB downstream,  but never got more then 800kbit/s in Installations, mostly around 700k/s, so that shouldn't matter02:59
mortal1why would apt-get suggest packages that you can't automatically install via some switch?02:59
mlLKlucent, i just wanna configure vbox02:59
fdecars: Maybe it's just part of the GRUB menu after install, I've never had to use it (shocking considering how much I "play" with this system  :P )02:59
Blaqlightfde: mistype. dyxlexia kicks in when I least expect it.02:59
lusepusterOoops.... I've seemed to remove myself from the sudoers list. Any way to fix this without doing a fresh install?02:59
fdemlLK: Are you getting any errors?02:59
chao1ailean: if you create a windows vm with any flavor of vm emulator you should be able to connect the iPHONE the same way as if you installed it on a different partition02:59
lucentlusepuster: yes02:59
alraun1cox: what a pc is it ?02:59
cgreenKohlrak: gcc???02:59
mlLKfde, haven't attempted it yet02:59
cxoalraun1, you do know,  512kbit/s is like 64kbytes/s ?02:59
fdemlLK: Try it, then ask questions  :/03:00
aileanchao1, ok, but you can't03:00
Tetroheadhey guys. i just dragged my trash bin off my desktop. tried "Keep Aligned" and using gconf-editor03:00
lucentlusepuster: reboot, get to GRUB menu (escape key before 3 second count down), choose recovery mode03:00
lusepusterlucent, you happen to know a solution? ;-)03:00
carsfde, well, there is a rescue option which drops you into a CLI root session, but not what I was thinking of.03:00
lusepusterlucent, thanks...03:00
alraun1cxo: oohmps...03:00
lucentlusepuster: and uh...  that's classic03:00
jeeves__lucent, naaa, I'm in Vancouver Canada.  I'm just going to head back to the house to do a fresh install.  I was going to say if you're around, I'd get your help fixing this video issue03:00
lucentit makes me giggle03:00
fdecars: What exactly is wrong?03:00
Kohlrakcgreen, it's a C compiler. A program to take inventory shouldn't be overly hard to make if you don't need something with a professional logo on it03:00
gurenailean: i can't wait to get my hands on an iphone 3g.. have you tried rhythmbox with it?03:00
Kohlrakmany would consider such a thing to be a hello world program03:00
lusepusterlucent, I know, it's stupid... So in reocovery mode...?03:01
SindaciousWhat would one do to extract a .gz file?03:01
aileanguren, not yet. i just got mine today03:01
lusepusterSindacious, by command line you mean?03:01
cgreenKohlrak: lol im still learning how to program in javascript lol, ya know where i could get some good reading on the subject, i really wanna learn03:01
jeeves__Sindacious, if it's in the dir where you want it.  tar -xvf <file name>03:01
TetroheadHelp me haha. I dragged my trash off my desktop. Can't get it back.03:01
Sindaciouslusepuster, sure03:01
lucentlusepuster: recovery mode is a text console, you can "visudo" and stuff.  It's too verbose to explain in-channel03:01
gurenailean: i see.. there are plugins though in rhythmbox that you might wanna try..03:02
lucentjeeves__: alright03:02
fdeSindacious: tar.gz ? tar xzf whatever.tar.gz03:02
lusepusterif it's not a .tar.gz but just a .gz, use gunzip filename03:02
ManualOverDozer8cgreen check your messages, maybe that will help03:02
lucentI wish I could take donations, I know solutions to maybe 40% of problems here03:02
Johnnynm-applet doesnt connect03:02
mlLKok so aptitude runs deb as well?03:02
* lucent =o)03:02
Johnnyit just keeps swirling03:02
Sindaciousfde, it's a sql.gz :/03:02
SylphidI have tk8.5 installed to fill the xchat dependancy for tk8.4 but it shows xchat as a broken package without tk8.4 installed ... how can I fix this without installing tk8,4 (it breaks some scripts)03:02
fdeSindacious: you need the z tar option for gzip files...03:02
Johnnyboth dots are green03:02
mlLKunless optioned03:03
fdeSindacious: eh, then gunzip03:03
nickelodiunlucent help me out03:03
lusepusterSindacious, gunzip03:03
Tetroheadi can't get my trash bin ahh!!!03:03
mlLKwhere does deb store apps?03:03
nickelodiunI will paypal you03:03
mlLKas sudo03:03
fdeTetrohead: You removed it from the panel?03:03
Kohlrakcgreen, it's alot like javascript, only a little more detail is needed for the code. Google "C tutorial" and chances are one of the first links will be enough to learn C. Then it's a matter of using printf and scanf03:03
Tetroheadi dragged it off desktop somehow03:03
Sindaciouslusepuster, gzip: backup_1217058161_4e4d589fcb5688d0.sql.gz: unexpected end of file03:03
lucentnickelodiun: no kidding?  hm.   I'll help you anyways03:03
bartekOk..enabling the ati accelerated drivers was a BAD idea03:03
bahaahi guys03:03
Tetroheadfde: tried gconf-editor. didn't work03:04
bahaawanna to ask about installing a package03:04
lusepusterSindacious, hmmm.... Can't give you an explanation to that, sorry...03:04
fdemlLK: /var/lib/dpkg/ is where most of its info is... I believe it puts the .debs in the same place as apt though.03:04
Kohlrakyes, bahaa?03:04
Johnnyflashplugin is really slow and laggy03:04
fdeTetrohead: That's not what I asked... you removed the applet from the panel?03:04
fdeJohnny: Flash is really slow and laggy  :/03:04
cgreenKohlrak: thanks, as soon as i get a free weekend ill start learning, cya03:04
mlLKfde, k thx again03:04
Kohlraknp, cgreen03:05
Tetroheadfde: no, not the trash on my panel. trash on my desktop03:05
Johnnynot usually fde03:05
fdeTetrohead: remove it and return it?03:05
Johnnyi just reinstalled because everything went to shit and now its craptastic03:05
Tetroheadfde: tried03:05
fdeJohnny: Yes, usually. Flash is horrible.03:05
ManualOverDozer8fde did you get flash running on hardy ?03:05
fdeManualOverDozer8: yes03:05
alraun1cxo: as far I can see you can try to install a minimal text-based system for a first boot and then gould chenge sources.list to a (local) ftp server...03:05
Tetroheadfde: also tried "Keep Aligned"03:05
ManualOverDozer8what version please ?03:05
DunasQuick, what's the command to install the Nvidia GUI Control Panel?03:05
fdeTetrohead: "Clean up by name"?03:06
ManualOverDozer8i tried through SPM and it took forever, only to find, it doesnt work03:06
TetroheadDunas: sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings03:06
alraun1Dunas: try envy03:07
Tetroheadfde: got it, thanks. can't believe i didn't try that hahaha03:07
chao1Someone needs to update the ubottu's information on how to install Limewire. Limewire has a .deb now03:07
Ahadielchao1, Frostwire is open source.03:07
alraun1Dunas: (nick!) ...is an automatic installation tool for ATI/Nvidia chips03:08
fdechao1: try !frostwire is <what you think it should say>03:08
fdechao1: Or if it's a wiki page, just sign up and edit it.03:08
ManualOverDozer8fde i may have missed it, but what version flash you get working, and/or method of install ?03:09
fdeManualOverDozer8: 9.0.120-something I think is what was in hardy... I'm using intrepid atm... it has flash 1003:09
qwmi've had enough of these rascals!03:09
ManualOverDozer8fde: i have 10.x in now, and it doesnt work, i will try 9.x03:10
alraun1Dunas: (nick!) type my nick if u answer, otherwise its going under in the other replies |  apt-get install  envyng-core envyng-qt envyng-gtk03:10
fdeDunas: note you likely only want one of -qt or -gtk ... depending on the desktop you use03:11
bartekDoes anyone know why the accelerated driver would cause my screens to not work? They get shut off as soon as I hit the login screen03:12
RoscoeWipe out :(03:12
indragood morning03:13
gurenhello indra03:13
indrai am putting openchrome driver03:13
indraand i can t start xserver03:13
gurenindra: your nick is the european company?03:13
ahornerHow can I watch dvds?03:13
BlaqlightI want to change the cursor theme in fluxbox anyone know how to do this. I asked in #fluxbox and got nothing but ask someone who knows xorg.03:13
indrai must reconfigure this03:14
giacomohow can i get a video to display on my s-video out to my tv?  everything else shows up (desktop) but videos are just black03:14
alraun1ahorner : with vlc-media player03:14
Blaqlight!dvd | ahorner03:14
ubottuahorner: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:14
indrabut i don-t know how03:14
indrai must put vesa03:14
giacomodoes anyone know?03:14
Flannelfde: old-releases.ubuntu.com03:15
alraun1indra : xorg.conf03:15
indraand kill openchrome03:15
indrabut i booting03:15
indraand when come to xserver03:15
indrathey crash03:15
giacomo how can i get a video to display on my s-video out to my tv?  everything else shows up (desktop) but videos are just black03:15
indrahe crash03:16
Dunasfde: Well, how do I know which one to use?03:16
indrai was from recovery mode03:16
indrabooting him03:16
sivel27hello all03:17
indrai boot x manual03:17
giacomonvm, vlc worked03:17
alraun1indra: hardy 8.04 ?03:17
Dunasalraun1: Which of the two do I need to use?03:17
sivel27any advice on how to check if my box has been hacked?03:17
indrain revovery mode03:17
indrai don t have xorg.conf03:18
sivel27ive got a new dir with go1.txt, priv8.txt, and 2 other text files that the person tried to perl03:18
yoyonedsivel27: why di you think it's been hacked03:18
indradont have etc/x11/xorg.conf03:18
Blaqlightsivel27: when nothing is running yet your outgoing internet usage is high...03:18
alraun1Dunas: you got to install the packages, then find under apps>sytem the envytab, see rest..03:18
sivel27can i paste the code of the text files?03:18
ejsilver26Hello everyone. Anyone have a few min to assist me in an error I am getting compiling 2.6.26? Thanks.03:19
alraun1indra X11 not x1103:19
Blaqlightsivel27: use pastebin.ubuntu.com03:19
indrawell X1103:19
indrathanx a lot03:19
yoyonedejsilver26: post the error03:19
alraun1indra  etc/X11/xorg.conf03:20
ejsilver26yoyoned: No rule to make target `arch/x86/kernel/asm-offsets.s', needed by `include/asm-x86/asm-offsets.h'.  Stop.03:20
yoyonedsivel27: use pastbin03:20
ejsilver26I've been trying to find a "fix" or solution online all night. Any help is appreciated.03:20
Yhapsterhey guys, what's the best option for running WinXP virtualized in Hardy?03:20
sivel27thats from one of the text files priv8.txt03:20
sivel27heres another one03:20
Yhapstermy gf wants to watch some show online, and it's DRM-encumber03:20
alraun1indra  first you should backup the old file, then sudo gedit ...xorg.conf03:21
yoyonedejsilver26: did you run make config03:21
ejsilver26yoyoned: make menuconfig, yes.03:21
sivel27heres go1.txt03:22
namelestheonewhat is this chat room for03:22
lucentYhapster: depending on what you want?03:22
Blaqlightsivel27: just the filenames themeselves lend towards highly suspicious.03:22
giacomowhat is the default gnome sound manager?03:23
alraun1 ! offtopic |namelestheone03:23
Yhapsterlucent: she just needs to run a copy of Firefox in Windows, so the Windows Media plugin will load up and play her show.03:23
alraun1 !offtopic |namelestheone03:23
sivel27the person erased my bash history, but left the few commands where they perled all four of the files03:23
lucentYhapster: so you need sound, and native speed03:23
lucentYhapster: WINE won't do it ?03:24
giacomowhat is the default sound manager for gnome?03:24
lucentI don't know03:24
sivel27thats all chinese to me, and im wondering if its running in the background or something03:24
lucentgiacomo: Pulse Audio lately03:24
Yhapsterlucent: yeah, exactly. i used to use VMWare server for this, but i think it'd be overkill03:24
bartekQuick question .. in the BinaryDriverHowto located here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI#head-02330ccb580b6a9411d32bf617cc5a82116ba6b903:24
giacomolike, for the system tray?03:24
alraun1ubuntu support is the channels theme namelestheone03:24
Yhapsterlucent: will WINE run IE 7.0 with Windows Media Player?03:24
bartekIt states "Enable accelerated the accelerated ATI graphics driver in the restricted-manager, then do: " ... where is this restricted-manager?03:24
ejsilver26yoyoned: I have been googling all afternoon trying to find similar issues. I came across about 10-15 entries, followed them all. I've re-downloaded and un-tar'd the thing a dozen times.03:24
namelestheoneis this a help chat03:25
lucentYhapster: oh... yeah I forgot you said WMP03:25
Yhapsterlucent: at least i think it is. either that, or a silverlight-based player, one of the two. either way, it's Microsoft DRM, that I know for sure03:25
alraun1namelestheone: yup03:26
namelestheoneoh ok cool03:26
Yhapsterlucent: so.... what's my option for virtualization? virtualbox, qemu, kvm...? or back to vmware?03:26
Blaqlightsivel27: is this on a windows machine?03:26
sivel27nope, ubu 8.0403:27
lucentYhapster: I've tried KVM extensively, this laptop has a core2duo with the VT extension.  I helped submit some bug reports and stuff.  Estimated time to screw around and make it work is about 7 hours ( including an install of winxpsp2 )03:27
namelestheoneok i got a question then when i went to reinstall ubuntu on my comp i got a busy boy error03:27
lucentYhapster: sound works, but networking is a lot trickier03:27
Yhapsterlucent: wow, ok, don't really wanna spend 7 hours. i think vmware was faster than that. and this laptop isn't Core2 w/ VT. Mine at home is.03:27
* Joeb454 leaving - need sleep, later03:28
TehRikardHi guys. I'm a fresh Ubuntu user. I'm working on installing some drivers. My first driver is the NVIDIA video card. I can't run the RPM from init 1 because it can't download a file it needs during hte installation, and if I kill gdm, my box locks hard.03:28
alraun1Yhapster:I'd try vmware, but as u need usb (??) for player/phone, the freee verson would't do it03:28
Blaqlightsivel27: yah those are very suspicious. I would dsudo apt0get install firestarter and start it.03:28
sivel27the 3rd file is rm.txt and this is the code.:03:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about usr/bin/perl03:28
sivel27exec("rm -rf *siti* && rm rm.txt");03:28
TehRikardBasically I need to kill x windows so I can install this video driver :(03:28
lucentYhapster: if you don't have VT extensions, then it is pretty horridly slow03:28
lucentYhapster: it's just qemu then03:28
Yhapsteralraun1: why do i need USB?03:28
sivel27whats firestarter?03:29
namelestheonecan any one help03:29
Yhapsterlucent: qemu > virtualbox?03:29
TehRikardAnybody? How do I kill X-Windows to install these nvidia drivers that keep telling me X has to be shutdown?03:29
havocstormhey guys03:29
ejsilver26sivel27: firestarter is a firewall.03:29
Blaqlightsivel27: it gets a file from the internet and then connects to an irc network.03:29
havocstormanyone know how to add programs to ubuntu startup?03:29
alraun1Yhapster:didn't u say u wanted to connect a player ? or was a phone ?03:29
havocstormsivel27: firestarter is an excellent firewall03:29
cxoTehRikard, logoff, hit ctl+alt+f1, login , install03:29
lucentYhapster: I'm thinking more along the lines of suggesting that you get a 2nd computer just for Windows03:29
TehRikardty cxo03:30
lucentYhapster: an old laptop or something?03:30
sap Hi, I just copied video from a camcorder to my computer and now it is in .avi format . The file size is ~ 12 GB and I want to burn the video to a 4.4 GB dvd . I was trying to find out an option in K3b to convert/compress to a suitable format but could not find anything.  Any recommendations ? or perhaps another program etc ? :)03:30
guido_ I'm trying to fix KDM, whenever I try to close a session or restart the computer it hangs and I have to kill it from another terminal. Any thoughts?03:30
cxoTehRikard, woops one more step, "init 3" before you install03:30
TehRikardI'm also having an issue with a lot of missing drivers.03:30
Yhapsterlucent: won't go over well with the GF.03:30
sivel27what does the file do? from the irc channel? is there any way to allow local network only with this firewall?03:30
Blaqlightfirestarter is a gui front-end for iptables.03:30
Yhapsteralraun1: nope, just trying to watch a TV show online on CTV.ca03:30
cxoTehRikard, then "init 5" to get back03:30
lucentsap: oh, there's not an easy GUI that I can think of03:30
TehRikardtyvm cxo.03:30
lucentsap: you want to split, or just compress?03:30
TehRikardAnyway, I'm having an issue with a lot of missing mainboard drivers.03:31
Yhapsterlucent: and I'm trying to get the GF to like Ubuntu03:31
TehRikardUSB, that jazz.03:31
saplucent, hmm.. compress.. because I just want to put it all on one dvd03:31
TehRikardAny suggestions on how to fix this? I don't see much on ASUS website regarding Linux drivers03:31
alraun1Yhapster:didn't get it right then, sry03:31
guido_sap: you should find some avi to divx converter, try googling that03:31
saplucent, I wouldnt mind a CLI program  as long as I can run a command or two for conversion03:31
lucentsap: it's really, hairy03:31
=== intreq is now known as info
=== info is now known as intreq
cxoTehRikard, really? are you sure?03:32
Blaqlightsivel27: if you install firestarter it should block that file or any others from getting out to the internet without your permission03:32
Blaqlight!iptables | sivel03:32
ubottusivel: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).03:32
sapguido_,  hmm.. okay but i suspect most of them would be windows based03:32
TehRikardhm, lxo, even after logging out and ctrl alt f1, init 3, it still says im running an x server03:32
lucentYhapster: well, iPod devices work with Rhythmbox now03:32
lucentthat's a start03:32
lucentand the bird is pretty03:32
sivel27excellent, im installing now03:32
lucentwomen love that bird artwork (can I say that?!)03:32
TehRikardWhen using an iPod with Rhythmbox, make SURE you eject/dismount.03:32
* lucent waits for fembots to mow him down03:32
TehRikardI wiped my ipod twice not dismounting.03:32
cxoTehRikard, ctl+alt+f1 is a key combo, that will drop you into a shell, did you get it?03:33
lucentTehRikard: good to know :|03:33
Blaqlightsivel27: also you might want to make your root password alot stronger :P03:33
smultronwhat does a plus sign mean at the end of permissions? -rw-rw----+03:33
Yhapstermost things work. just this one thing. ok thanks guys, off to do QEMU install03:33
TehRikardI logged in as root.03:33
TehRikardinit 3'd03:33
TehRikardand tried to sh the .run03:33
TehRikardgot into the installer03:33
TehRikardand it told me x was still up03:33
FloodBot1TehRikard: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:33
guido_sap: try adding linux as keyword... "avi to divx converter linux"03:33
dubbyhey anyone03:33
lucentYhapster: look into "virt-manager"03:34
sapguido_, umm.. okay03:34
Blaqlight!hi | dubby03:34
ubottudubby: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:34
dubbyim trying install ubuntu03:34
havocstormdoes anyone know how to add programs to ubuntu startup?03:34
dubbyon a raid device03:34
sivel27heres a couple of quick qs- this box is my stroage server, and torrent box, can i set up firestarter to allow those progs?03:34
lucentYhapster: it's a front-end gui for managing libvirtd controlled vt stuff, like qemu, kvm, xen03:34
dubbyyet i cannot see my raid device anywhere03:34
guido_sap: yeah, I know.. it's a long shot.. but there's bound to be one out there03:34
dubbybut instead the drives that comprise it03:34
TehRikardAnyone? I can NOT figure out how to kill X to install these nvidia drivers :(03:34
dubbyanyone know how to get raid devices working?03:34
lucenthavocstorm: System | Preferences| Sessions03:34
Bonsterhavocstorm: sys>perf>session03:35
cxoTehRikard, try init 2, then03:35
dubbyTehRikard : synaptic can do it for you03:35
Blaqlightsivel27: it will do whatever you tell it.03:35
havocstormlucent, bonster, thanks03:35
sapguido_, another thing i think might be a hindrance is I probably dont want to burn it in divx format lest it refuses to play on a dvd player03:35
cxoTehRikard, and give it a sec or two, you might see some messages on the screen03:35
havocstormlucent, bonster, hmm, what do I type in the commands?03:35
obidiahhavocstorm: do you have an init script to add?03:35
Blaqlightit being a torrentbox is prolly why it got hacked in the first place to be frank with you.03:35
guido_TehRikard: the nvidia drivers from the website? try the ones from synaptic or apt-get..03:35
havocstormlucent, bonster, hmm, just to run a program I guess03:35
TehRikardSynaptic has drivers? Mmm.03:35
lucenthavocstorm: I have no idea03:35
havocstormobidiah, just to run a program03:36
lucenthavocstorm: I rarely ever turn off this computer or log out03:36
dubbyanyone with raid devices ?03:36
obidiahhavocstorm: /etc/rc.local03:36
alraun1TehRikard:tried envy ?03:36
TehRikardWhats envy?03:36
guido_sap: how old would the dvd player in question be? as far as I know, most can play divx03:36
cxodubby, i have raid03:36
lucentdubby: softraid, halfraid, or hard raid?03:36
havocstormobidiah, is that the command to run a program?03:36
dubby? well i set it up from bios03:36
obidiahit is a text file03:36
alraun1TehRikard:automatic driver installer for ATI/Nvidia03:36
lucentdubby: probably won't work03:36
lusepusterlucent, thanks for your help before regarding the sudoers list problem. Found out wha my problem was; someone had given me wrong instructions for using usermod, so I'd removed myself from the admin group...03:36
lucentlusepuster: ouch03:36
obidiahit runs as a batch file at startup03:36
sapguido_, hmm.. actually I have no idea.. I am sending a friend's wedding video to his home country  ;D03:37
dubbylucent and why not ?03:37
* lucent laughs hysterically03:37
obidiahput your command before the line with exit 003:37
TehRikardwhere can i find this envy?03:37
lucentlusepuster: can't remember the last time I did that... it's been years03:37
Blaqlightguido_: lol the 8 year old dvd player in my car plays divx, it would have to be really old...03:37
havocstormobidiah, lol, sorru I'm lost, what's the program that runs firestarter?03:37
lucentwatch though my luck... I'll do it tomorrow when I'm half awake03:37
lusepusterlucent, there's a first time for everything - and last, hopefully :-)03:37
Yhapsterlucent: will do thanks!03:37
lucentlusepuster: watch out if you own cats03:38
havocstormobidiah, I found the firestarter program, but which file is the executable?03:38
guido_hey, things happen, people don't upgrade dvd players as often as they do computers Blaqlight ;)03:38
alraun1TehRikard:sudo apt-get install  envyng-core envyng-qt envyng-gtk03:38
ejsilver26Anyone seen the error "No rule to make target `arch/x86/kernel/asm-offsets.s', needed by `include/asm-x86/asm-offsets.h'.  Stop." and been able to solve it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.03:38
lucentcats know how to screw with me when I'm typing in sudo commands03:38
abbzabbwould anyone possibly know how to move files from a hard drive to a usb external hard drive through terminal?03:38
Schuenemannhey, is it possible to uninstall specific screensavers?03:38
dubbyhavocstorm: if you installed firestarter through synaptic you have an icon in your applications menu03:38
lucentabbzabb: should be possible03:38
lucentabbzabb: is GUI not an option?03:38
dubbyhavocstorm: also the command to start the app would be "firestarter"03:38
obidiahhavocstorm: what are you trying to do? modify the firewall or run a program at startup03:38
guido_I'm trying to fix KDM, whenever I try to close a session or restart the computer it hangs and I have to kill it from another terminal. Any thoughts?03:39
alraun1TehRikard:after installing ennvy   apps>system>envy...,,,03:39
lucentSchuenemann: "uninstall"  why?03:39
havocstormobidiah, run the program03:39
TehRikardnow if only i could figure out how to get my usb wireless-n belkin card to work03:39
abbzabblucent: i'm pretty sure it is. it's probably sudo mv hd/home/ usb/home or something.. sadly gui is not an option03:39
dubbyTehRikard : madwifi03:39
Schuenemannlucent, I want a random one, but some of the default ones are ugly and boring and I don't want them showing up =;03:39
Blaqlightguido_: you might try #kubuntu03:39
TehRikardis madwifi on apt-get?03:39
havocstormobidiah, dubby, thanks I think I've got it03:39
lucentabbzabb: err... cp -a source dest03:39
MTeckwhat am i doing wrong?    root@kabbalah:/var/chroot# ldd znc         ldd: ./znc: No such file or directory03:40
guido_Blaqlight: I'm already there.... people haven't said a word for a while03:40
lucentabbzabb: starting with Hardy, it's using gvfs for Gnome... but you're talking about Server or something?03:40
=== kevin_ is now known as KevinOO
alraun1TehRikard:checked out synaptic ?03:40
TehRikardyeah im apt-getting the things you suggested atm.03:40
ejsilver26TehRikard: I used ndiswrapper (Windows Wireless drivers) to install my D-Link card.03:40
LeefmcQuestion: It seems i need Java, what is the main java (ie, a standard java install) package called in the apt repo?03:40
abbzabblucent: i tried upgrading my computer, but it froze in the middle and now is stuck generating a locale, so i have to get to the hard drive take all mystuff off and put it onto a usb drive, then reformat the main drive, and bring all the files back on.03:40
TehRikardsorry if i'm asking stupid questions. i literally dropped ubuntu on my laptop and desktop an hour ago.03:41
Schuenemannlucent, is it possible?03:41
Blaqlight!java | Leefmc03:41
ubottuLeefmc: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository03:41
Johnnycan someone help me with a theme problem , im trying to get xfce-dusk but after installing all the themes there is nothing in appearnce manager except the standard themes03:41
LeefmcBlaqlight: Ty03:41
Schuenemannlucent, or at least find a way to choose which should compose random03:41
Johnnyis this because i set up /home on a different partition?03:41
TehRikardyeah, i alreayd extracted the inf from the driver disk, ejsilver26, but it won't recognize the hardware is there.03:41
abbzabbunless of course someone knows how to get passed generating a locale en_AU.UTF-803:41
lucentSchuenemann: oh, there's a way to "comment out" .... or at least there was for xscreensaver03:41
havocstormhey guys03:42
Schuenemannlucent, but xscreensaver doesn't use my system screensavers, it brings its own ones, right?03:42
ejsilver26TehRikard: Ah, I had a hard time with mine as well. madwifi might work for you. Didn't for me. But we have different hardware.03:42
lucentSchuenemann: poke around google search for gnome screensaver and the list of active screensavers, you might find a reference to it with electricsheep ( which often necessitated a config mod of gnome screensaver to get it to show up)03:42
TehRikardafter i grab mad-wifi tools from synaptic03:43
TehRikardwheres it go? i cant seem to find it03:43
BlaqlightSchuenemann: xscreensaver has its screensavers.03:43
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:43
lusepusterSchuenemann, I think installing xscreensaver would do it - it has, if I recall correctly, a few more options thyan the default one03:43
lucentSchuenemann: I haven't the time resources to check this out for you03:43
Schuenemannlusepuster, doesn't it add its own screensavers?03:44
lusepusterShuenemann, one of which is ticking/unticking those you don't want for random screensavers03:44
lucentabbzabb: yeah, don't sweat it03:44
ejsilver26Anyone else having sound issues with 8.04? I've been trying to fix my sound for 2 weeks....03:44
Schuenemannlusepuster, but the ones shown there aren't the ones I have in my desktop03:44
lucentabbzabb: you could boot a livecd and do that pretty easily03:44
alraun1 ejsilver26:hardware ?03:44
lusepusterSchuenemann, I didn't understand that one...?03:45
michael_hello nube here....have ubuntu and with 1 wk worth of learning ....still sorta lost but love the system w/o windows...have linux on this machine and windows on the other....with dlink inbetween...cant seem to see my other window machine >>> any suggestions??03:45
lusepusterYou have where?03:45
Blaqlightejsilver26: if it had been 7.10 Id be in the same boat as you, with 8.04 its worked flawlessly out of the box.03:45
TehRikardafter i grab mad-wifi tools from synaptic, wheres it go? i cant find it03:45
havocstormdoes anyone know how to start up a program in ubuntu minimised?03:45
Schuenemannlusepuster, you know, the ones that came with my system and those I installed. I lists different ones03:45
lucentmichael_: filesharing?03:45
ejsilver26alraun1: SIS AC'97 (SI7012)03:45
michael_on other machine and i think this one too03:45
ejsilver26Blaqlight: 7.10 worked perfectly for me, 8.04 killed t.03:45
lucenthavocstorm: not supported by Metacity... might be supported by a compiz fusion plugin03:45
lucenthavocstorm: it's a window manager thing03:46
Blaqlightcrimsun is the audio expert, you might want to ask him.03:46
lusepusterSchuenemann, try installing the xscreens package, I think that'll give you the option...  Where do you say they're listed differently?aver03:46
Schuenemannlusepuster, in xscreen03:46
abbzabblucent: heh i'm on a live cd, and it says i don't have permissions to copy it from the hard drive03:46
TehRikardwhoever suggested madwifi, where do you access it from after oy install it?03:46
dubbyanyone is it possible to install applications from live-cd03:46
crimsunejsilver26: what's the issue?03:46
lucentabbzabb: weird... maybe it wasn't cleanly unmounted03:47
ejsilver26crimsun: No sound. Period. Nothing is muted, been trying to fix the damned thing for 2 weeks.03:47
havocstormlucent, k I'll look into it03:47
lucentabbzabb: are you copying from an NTFS partition or something?03:47
vaylenceI'm having trouble installing, can anyone help?03:47
lucenthavocstorm: apt-get install simple-ccsm to get the config interface03:47
LeefmcBlaqlight: Is a reboot required? I installed it and it still doesn't seem to be working on a site03:47
LeefmcBlaqlight: Note that i did the -version check, and made sure to apply the jre6 version03:48
TehRikardrofl :( Cmon. Theres no CLI command of "madwifi"03:48
Blaqlightit shouldn't require it.03:48
TehRikardAnd its not in any of the menus.03:48
crisanyone awake?03:48
BlaqlightLeefmc: try it anyway, it can't hurt.03:48
crimsunejsilver26: run the alsa-info.sh script and tell me the url03:48
vaylenceI get to the partitioner but cant get past, ubuntu isnt letting me format the whole hard drive :o(03:48
TehRikardany other suggestions on how to get my USB Belkin wireless N card to work? It's not being detected.03:48
Johnnyhow do i install xfce-dusk by itself?03:49
=== bobkat is now known as cdtech
BlaqlightLeefmc: also03:49
crisi just got to know the totem p[layer, nice prog03:49
BlaqlightLeefmc: is this in firefox?03:49
lucentTehRikard: "detected"03:49
ejsilver26crimsun: Where is that located?03:49
TehRikardWell, I'm sorry, excuse that: let me be more specific.03:50
MTeckHow do I fix this? root@kabbalah:/var/chroot# ldd znc         ldd: ./znc: No such file or directory03:50
TehRikardAn ifconfig yields an "wmaster0-00" interface.03:50
crimsunejsilver26: http://git.alsa-project.org/?p=alsa-driver.git;a=blob_plain;f=utils/alsa-info.sh03:50
TehRikardAs well as a wlan0 interface.03:50
TehRikardWhich is my OTHER wireless card.03:50
TehRikardA PCI one.03:50
TehRikardThat's a POS.03:50
Johnnyi installed xfce4 and its still not in preferences > apperance03:50
FloodBot1TehRikard: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:50
abbzabblucent: i'm not too sure, one is linux, the other might be windows03:51
LeefmcBlaqlight: Try what? I said i already did try the version 6 jre. And yes, it is in firefox. Sorry for the late reply03:51
havocstormhey guys03:51
TehRikardCould having a PCI wireless card installed at the same time as having a Belkin USB Wireless-N adapter plugged in be causing an issue?03:51
havocstormIs there a command that closes the window of a program03:51
havocstormbut not the program03:51
BlaqlightJohnny: log out and log into your xfce session.03:51
havocstormI have firestarter on startup03:51
abbzabblucent: my the hd is linux and the usb is possibly from windows, pretty much out of the box.03:51
havocstormbut the window always pops up03:51
BlaqlightLeefmc: open firefox and type about:plugins into the addressbar03:52
havocstormis there a command I can include in the startup that closes  the windows to the tray icon?03:52
lucentabbzabb: if NTFS is not cleanly unmounted, you will need to boot into windows, reboot, boot into windows, reboot, boot into windows, reboot03:52
BlaqlightLeefmc: is java listed there?03:52
lucentabbzabb: otherwise it won't be readable from the Live CD03:52
ejsilver26crimsun: Just a sec... running it now.03:52
=== iosif_ is now known as anachoret
LeefmcBlaqlight: There is no existance of "java " (with space, to separate it from javascript.). And im not seeing any existence of a java runtime, only javascript03:53
abbzabblucent: trying to get files off of linux hard drive.03:53
BlaqlightLeefmc: try rebooting.03:53
alraun1 ejsilver26:could you pastebin your /etc/modules     file ?03:53
omarhi, my CDRW is not recognized anymore, I was using gnomebaker to burn something but it froze and I had to kill the app. Now when I insert the CD, I cant even erase it, nor rewrite it, do you think the CDRW is screwed?03:53
LeefmcBlaqlight: Will do. Will desktop work? (ctrl+alt+backspace), or will a full reboot be required03:54
lucentabbzabb: oh ...  I wonder, how to browse as root user with nautilus?03:54
Blaqlightnot sure try both. firefox about:plugins after both.03:54
glitsj16havocstorm: you don't need to run firestarter all the time for its rules to be active (as it is only a frontend for iptables), but if you want to, there's a "--start-hidden" switch you can use03:54
LeefmcBlaqlight: I'll just full to save time hehe, brb then03:54
Blaqlightif neither work then we have to point firefox towards your binary03:55
=== TehRikard is now known as Rikard|ECHO
=== Rikard|ECHO is now known as TehRikard|ECHO
scifiguy951how can i get onto other networks?03:55
GraniteGargoyleis Wine what I would use to get Windows games running under this?03:55
havocstormglits16, thanks03:55
ejsilver26crimsun: Having trouble running the file.. sec....03:55
abbzabblucent: is there a way to browse as root through nautilus (i'm on a live cd now)03:55
ejsilver26alraun1: I'll do that... 1 sec.03:55
lucentabbzabb: that's what we need to figure out, I have no idea :/03:56
lusepusterGraniteGargoyle, depends on which games. Not all run in wine03:56
crimsunejsilver26: requires bash03:56
wols_GraniteGargoyle: yes03:56
GraniteGargoylethank you03:56
lucentabbzabb: from a terminal you could try "sudo nautilus"03:56
GraniteGargoyleolder laptop so prolly like Diablo 2 and such03:56
TehRikard|ECHOwhere can i configure the graphics options in ubuntu? compiz like special effects, i mean.03:56
lusepusterGraniteGargoyle, there's a database of supported games and apps on the wine web site03:56
TehRikard|ECHOnm got it.03:57
lucentTehRikard|ECHO: apt-get install simple-ccsm03:57
GraniteGargoylesweet, thanks lusepuster03:57
entropy51423Most main stream games are in the DB, and a ton of games that are unknown to me03:57
lucentTehRikard|ECHO: there's an advanced compiz config GUI that's not in by default03:57
ejsilver26alraun1: http://pastebin.com/d2086722103:57
Kohlrakwhat's the terminal command for getting the size remaining on the current partition?03:57
TehRikard|ECHOgetting it now03:57
GraniteGargoylesorry for the questions but just installed this tonight03:57
ejsilver26crimsun: ok... sec.03:57
TehRikard|ECHOany recommendations on where to pick up a darker theme for gnome?03:57
obidiahkohlrak: df03:57
GraniteGargoylelike it so far03:58
Kohlrakthank you03:58
TehRikard|ECHOthe only ones that come by default are hig hcontrast bull.03:58
Blaqlightlucent: its called ccsm or compizconfig-settings-manager03:58
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:58
entropy51423Completely understandable GraniteGargoyle03:58
crimsunejsilver26: I'm away for about 30 minutes, but I'll be back.  Just stick around in #ubuntu-audio-help, please.03:58
lucentBlaqlight: that's the one!03:58
lusepusterGraniteGargoyle, don't apologize! That's what community support is for. Google is your friend in many questions though. Will probably bring you to a thread on Ubuntuforums...03:58
LeefmcBlaqlight: I remember seeing some type of error during installation, so imma try a complete removal and reinstall (then reboot)03:58
ejsilver26crimsun: ok.03:58
alraun1 ejsilver26:could you pastebin your  /etc/modules     file ?03:58
TehRikard|ECHOhm. keeps freezing on connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com when i try to use apt-get03:59
GraniteGargoyleanyone know about grafx settings under this OS? Trying to use the effects and it won't let me03:59
lucentBlaqlight: I remember that simple-ccsm drags it in as a dep03:59
TehRikard|ECHOthey're servers drop out?03:59
entropy51423Google Unix commands, Linux How-Tos, and Free Online Linux Ebooks for more help Granite03:59
ejsilver26alraun1: sorry, I pastebin'd my /lib/modules... sec...03:59
alraun1 ejsilver26:(terminal)gedit /etc/modules  > copy n paste03:59
lucentTehRikard|ECHO: I've seen that before, it happens sometimes... servers don't play nice03:59
lucentTehRikard|ECHO: usually it's a DNS issue03:59
t35t0rdoes anyone know how to get the audio that's being fed directly into ALSA?03:59
BlaqlightLeefmc: make note of the error.03:59
GraniteGargoylethanks, use to googling windows problems, this is new :)04:00
lucentt35t0r: explain?04:00
ejsilver26alraun1: http://pastebin.com/d67f8508604:00
lusepusterGraniteGargoyle, under Appearance, there's a tab with desktop effects. There might be driver issues though, depends on your card.04:00
entropy51423It also helps to find a good Linux Forum04:00
TehRikard|ECHOi really need to figure out why my usb wireless card won't show up under lspci04:00
TehRikard|ECHOcause my pci one is g, and i want to connect to my n network :(04:00
lucentTehRikard|ECHO: sorry, this one is obvious to me, but must be difficult to you04:00
entropy51423Linux.com is a pretty good site04:00
lucentTehRikard|ECHO: lsusb04:00
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions04:00
Johnnyfirefox keeps freezing with little or no provocation04:00
GraniteGargoyleluse it's an ati mobility that is several years old, believe it's about a 790004:00
TehRikard|ECHOah. ok. well, there it is04:01
TehRikard|ECHOBelkin Components.04:01
entropy51423of course ubuntu.com is also good04:01
t35t0rlucent, some source -> some data (mp3, wav, whatever) -> alsa -> sound drivers -> out to speakers ..how do i grab the data ?04:01
TehRikard|ECHObut.. why won't it use it?04:01
Blaqlightusb is scanned from the pci bus?04:01
TehRikard|ECHOHey, I didn't even know what lspci meant, ok? :/04:01
=== obx is now known as col
lucentt35t0r: you could record, and set your device's capture source to PCM04:01
Ademanis it possible to set the exact command firefox will run to handle a certain file? i can set the program that will be run, but the program (unfortunately) needs options, and therefore i need to have more control than what firefox's preferences provides04:01
LeefmcBlaqlight: Well i installed it twice with no error, all it was (i think) was that i clicked forward on an acceptance page without seeing the check box for accepting the terms. Well then i got some did not install correctly message04:01
=== col is now known as obx
lucentt35t0r: depends on the hardware.04:01
TehRikard|ECHOI mean, if I had considered it, I would have. But I didn't, because I'm a retarded stoner.04:01
LeefmcBlaqlight: But this is now the second time it installed correctly.. heh, so no luck yet04:01
t35t0rok ..04:02
alraun1 ejsilver26:(terminal) sudo gedit /etc/modules , add a line :  snd-intel8x0m04:02
LeefmcBlaqlight: perhaps aptitude purge is needed, that does better than synaptics complete removal doesn't it?04:02
=== gardar`afk is now known as gardar
TehRikard|NARCSo, if it sees my Belkin device in lsusb, why isn't it showing up in ifconfig? All I have is my ethernet interfaces, wlan0, and wmaster0.04:03
BlaqlightLeefmc: this is the name of the plugin in my firefox : gcjwebplugin.so04:03
TehRikard|NARCwlan0 is my PCI wireless card.04:03
BlaqlightLeefmc: and it uses icedtea.04:03
ejsilver26alraun1: ok, done.04:03
LeefmcBlaqlight: icedtea?04:03
Blaqlight!info | Icedtea04:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about info04:03
bartekHi there...has anyone here been able to get their ATI card using a non-vesa driver? Both fglrx, ati, and radeon drivers either crash my pc to a black screen, or simply turn my monitors off04:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about icedtea04:04
MethodOnebartek, which one do you have?04:04
entropy51423What Radeon do you have?04:04
Drk_GuyHi guys!04:04
bartekATI Radeon X850XT04:04
Blaqlightok thats not working04:04
TehRikard|NARCSo, if it sees my Belkin wireless device in lsusb, why isn't it showing up in ifconfig? All I have is my ethernet interfaces, wlan0, and wmaster0, where wlan0 is my PCI Linksys wireless card.04:04
Drk_GuyI'm having issues with the exit applet04:04
lucentTehRikard|ECHO: ifconfig -a04:04
alraun1 ejsilver26: sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-sound-base04:05
TehRikard|NARCSame results.04:05
Blaqlight!hi | Drk_Guy04:05
ubottuDrk_Guy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:05
Drk_GuyWhen i press it, my system freezes, my mouse works, but the system won't react04:05
glitsj16Ademan: have you tried putting the needed commands into a bash script and point firefox to that ? should do the trick if you make that script executable i believe ..04:05
entropy51423I am not too experienced with Radeon, but am considering getting a HD 4850, but if it won't work then I shouldn't04:05
bartekentropy51423: ATI Radeon X850XT .. sorry :)04:05
ejsilver26alraun1: Ok, done.04:05
Drk_Guyentropy51423, ATi sucks with Linux, get an Nvidia if you have the chance04:05
Ademanglitsj16: yeah, that would work, that's kinda my last resort though, i feel like this should be possible (since firefox just stores a string internally anyways...)04:06
LeefmcBlaqlight: Well i havent restarted yet, but i purged, and reinstalled via apt, no luck still04:06
Drk_GuyI'm having issues with the exit applet04:06
Drk_Guyentropy51423, ATi sucks with Linux, get an Nvidia if you have the chance04:06
entropy51423I can't afford the competitor from Nvida04:06
Drk_GuyWhen i press it, my system freezes, my mouse works, but the system won't react04:06
FloodBot1Drk_Guy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:06
alraun1 ejsilver26: can u start the alsa-mixer?04:06
BlaqlightLeefmc: do you use apt-get or aptitude?04:06
ejsilver26alraun1: Yup..04:06
LeefmcBlaqlight: I used aptitude to purge and install this last time04:07
alraun1 ejsilver26: see your card in the top ?04:07
ejsilver26alraun1: nothing is muted.04:07
ejsilver26alraun1: Yup.04:07
glitsj16Ademan: well yes, you might be able to manipulate that if it's somewhere in the firefox profile04:07
Drk_GuyI'm having issues with the exit applet04:07
Blaqlightand there is no mention of it in about:plugins eh?04:07
Drk_GuyWhen i press it, my system freezes, my mouse works, but the system won't react04:07
lucentAdeman: it's considered normal to whip up a script to run your command, like you're describing, and save it to ~/bin/name_of_script.sh04:07
lucentAdeman: FYI... that's just the normal thing as far as I know it04:08
alraun1 ejsilver26: above the sliders, there are speaker-icons, they have to be green..04:08
LeefmcBlaqlight: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=183825 , I'm trying that (with 6 instead of 5)04:08
mhz128hi all04:08
TehRikard|ECHOI've rebooted and removed the PCI wireless card.04:08
TehRikard|ECHOI have a Belkin USB Wireless-N card that refuses to show up in ifconfig04:08
LeefmcBlaqlight: Worked!04:09
TehRikard|ECHOThe blue light is on, indicating it's receiving power.04:09
ejsilver26alraun1: I have no speaker icons (I'm using alsamixer in the terminal, did you want a graphic one?)04:09
AhadielTehRikard|ECHO, ifconfig -a?04:09
Blaqlightmy internet is way to slow to check out any sites, sorry.04:09
mhz128How do I force VLC or other mp3 players to open a file in the same window? instead of opening a new instance each time04:09
TehRikard|ECHOlsusb provides a device with Belkin Components label.,04:09
BlaqlightLeefmc: really?!?04:09
TehRikard|ECHOjust my two ethernet interfaces and hte loopback04:09
LeefmcBlaqlight: So sun-java6-plugin is what is required04:09
criscan u tell me the command to see what vdeo driver i got???04:09
alraun1 ejsilver26: above the sliders, there are speaker-icons, they have to be green..  (left mouseclick)|  apps>multimedia>alsamixer-gui  ,yo04:09
keanuis there any way to increase the range of my broadcom wifi card? (that I so ever hate)04:09
AhadielTehRikard|ECHO, How about iwconfig?04:09
TehRikard|ECHOlo, eth0, eth104:10
ejsilver26alraun1: Ok, I started the GUI alsamixer. Yes, they are all green.04:10
criscan u tell me the command to see what video driver i got???04:10
lucentTehRikard|ECHO: at this point you might have to realize that your device doesn't have a native driver ;P...    and to try ndiswrapper or search for a native driver and do some research on your own :(04:10
=== bascule is now known as Sho-Kosugi
lucentcris: AFAIK there isn't one04:10
TehRikard|ECHOhow do i use ndiswrapper?04:10
cristhere is one lnscp or something like thast04:10
alraun1 ejsilver26: not just volume, but also pcm slider risen ?04:10
keanubased on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/b43-fwcutter/+bug/201225/comments/28 it seems that the tx power isn't set as high as with ndiswrapper04:10
lucentcris: what I suggest is searching through your /var/log/Xorg.log.0 to see what it says04:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 201225 in b43-fwcutter "Wifi working but at 1Mb/s" [Undecided,New]04:10
ejsilver26alraun1: All sliders are all the way up.04:11
cristhere was a command i could type in the terminal to get a list, but i dont remeber anymore. cna u help me?04:11
TehRikard|ECHOhow do I use ndiswrpaper?04:11
zelrikriandoIs there an simple way to acces an history of installed/uninstalled packages via synaptic or other?04:11
keanuvery frustrating when there's a WinXP computer farther from the AP than me and can game using wifi (without dropping the connection) while my connection drops every five minutes04:11
newbyx86OS X IS AMAZING04:11
newbyx86that is all04:11
alraun1 ejsilver26: do you hear a sound at bootup/login time ?04:11
ejsilver26alraun1: Not a peep.04:12
lucentnewbyx86: buy me a copy of it?  oh and a mac book?  and applecare?04:12
newbyx86I got all that while I was up at uc davis04:12
alraun1 ejsilver26: shure hw is in order ? wrong jack ?04:12
newbyx86for likr $200004:12
keanuany tips on how to increase the tx power?04:12
newbyx86lowend macbook w/ extra 2gb of rm + applecare04:12
=== Sho-Kosugi is now known as bascule
cristhere was a command i could type in the terminal to get a list, but i dont remeber anymore. cna u help me?04:12
imageekcris, list of what?04:13
ejsilver26alraun1: Notebook computer. Was working fine in 7.10, nothing after the upgrade to 8.04.04:13
BlaqlightLeefmc: so your good to go?04:13
ejsilver26alraun1: No sound out of either internal speakers or headphoes.04:13
TehRikard|ECHOOk, this is WEIRD.04:13
TehRikard|ECHOSo I go to ndiswrapper, and there is already a drive rin use for my device04:13
LeefmcBlaqlight: Yup! So just fyi, seems sun-java6-plugin is basically required during a java install :)04:13
TehRikard|ECHOand yet its STILL not showing in ifconfig04:13
glitsj16zelrikriando: in synaptic you'll find that under "file > history" via the menu04:14
TehRikard|ECHOanyone have any ideas?04:14
=== Gyver is now known as cav3m4n
storm-zenI have a single prompt, "GRUB " on a black screen.  Can someone point me to the right FAQ to fix it, please?  It's not so google-able...04:14
lucentTehRikard|ECHO: return it, get one that works with a native driver.04:14
TehRikard|ECHOive had this card for months :(04:14
zelrikriandoglitsj16, thanks, I almost posted a feature request in brainstorm :D04:14
lucentTehRikard|ECHO: ask someone who has it working in Ubuntu how they did it04:14
keanuno tips on how to increase tx power/range for a broadcom wifi card?04:14
alraun1 ejsilver26: apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-$(uname -r),   if not done...04:14
lucentTehRikard|ECHO: otherwise, I don't think you'll find a soul who wants to deal with a proprietary mess :(04:14
glitsj16zelrikriando: :p04:14
ejsilver26alraun1: I believe I did that, but I'll do it again for S&G...04:15
l3dI would like to make the kde apps use the gtk theme can this be done with out the use of kcontrol04:15
ejsilver26alraun1: Nothing to upgrade/install/remove/modify/bend/fold/mutilate/spindle...04:15
BlaqlightLeefmc: I suspect that my java is old or no longer in use, nobody seems to know anything about it.04:16
alraun1 ejsilver26: ..and also from adept-manager, install alsa packages (i.e. alsa firmwareloaders)04:16
LeefmcBlaqlight: hehe04:16
ejsilver26alraun1: I've installed the latest/greatest.... I'll check again...04:16
BlaqlightLeefmc: which would explain also why yahoo pool doesn't work.04:16
ejsilver26alraun1: Synaptic good enough?04:17
alraun1 ejsilver26: never wrong : yup04:17
david123anyone know of a window manager or theme for gnome/ubuntu thats as fast as xfce but friendly as gnome and not needing configuration like fluxbox?04:17
keanuno tips on how to increase tx power/range for a broadcom wifi card?04:17
t35t0rnope still can't record the pcm04:17
MTeckanybody know what i'm doing wrong? http://pastebin.com/d9f4363404:17
ejsilver26alraun1: Searching now...04:17
MTeckI tried to set up a jail for znc04:17
Blaqlightive got about 4 days left on a WoW update so Im kinda outta lick for now.04:17
Drk_GuyI'm having issues with the exit applet04:17
Drk_GuyWhen i press it, my system freezes, my mouse works, but the system won't react04:18
=== VERA_AN is now known as c
crashsystems@MTeck what is znc?04:18
lucentdavid123: Metacity?04:18
LeefmcBlaqlight: Heh, just tryin out yahoo texttwist seems slow as hell though04:18
=== c is now known as Guest17097
BlaqlightDrk_Guy: have you tried just straight CTRL ALT BKSP04:18
MTeckcrashsystems, irc proxy - It's set up right - but I'm not getting the jail to work04:18
Drk_GuyBlaqlight, That's my only way out04:19
ejsilver26alraun1: I'm adding the firmware loaders, even though they are not for my card... gimme a sec.04:19
crashsystems@MTeck I've never tried to do a jail before. Are you setting one up for security reasons?04:19
ekowcan anyone help me with this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5454493#post545449304:19
keanuany tips on how to increase tx power/range for a broadcom wifi card?04:19
BlaqlightDrk_Guy: and you have the latest version of gnome-panel?04:19
Drk_GuyBlaqlight, Backports enabled04:20
omarhi, I got a CDRW that was half written (the burner app froze), so I try to burn it but I cant, brasero doesnt recognize any CD, but if I try to mount it, it gives me an UDF partition error, any ideas how to get the CD working back?04:20
MTeckcrashsystems, yup - once i figure out a jail for this - i'm doing the same for apache04:20
glitsj16MTeck: as it complains of not finding the znc config files, have you tried putting those inside the jail ?04:20
GraniteGargoylewhere do you look to see a list of hardware on your system under Ubuntu?04:20
crashsystems@MTeck I cannot remember where, but I recall someone saying that it is actually not that difficult for an attacker to break out of jail, despite the name.04:20
l3dI would like to make the kde apps use the gtk theme can this be done with out the use of kcontrol04:21
alraun1 ejsilver26: in moduls it was missing, too  ;; I'm sorry for one of my boxes being down using the same chip (desktop, sound worked out the box)04:21
FlannelMTeck: chroot is not meant for security04:21
MTeckglitsj16, ya, inside of /var/chroot/home/bouncer/.znc/configs04:21
MTeckFlannel, what are they meant for?04:21
Gneaekow: have you tried making a new panel?04:21
FlannelMTeck: http://kerneltrap.org/Linux/Abusing_chroot04:21
keanuwould an intel 4965agn have better range?04:21
Drk_Guy Blaqlight ???04:21
bartekThis isnt really ubuntu related but does Ubuntu use X Windows?04:21
ejsilver26alraun1: ok... Well, we'll see if we can make this work. I'd be forever in your debt... :)04:21
Gneabartek: yes04:22
BlaqlightDrk_Guy: I totally missed what you said04:22
ejsilver26alraun1: I'd be able to watch YouTube again with sound (It's just not the same if it's not a talkie...)04:22
bartekok ... I'm reading about Modeline's for xorg.conf and I guess it's applicable then, thanks Gnea04:22
Drk_GuyBlaqlight, Backports enabled04:22
robdigekow: use ALT+F2 to run gconf-editor and change the value in the key /apps/panel/toplevels/top_panel_screen0/size. The default value is 24.04:22
glitsj16MTeck: not familiar with znc, but it might have a switch to point it to those, i assume it still looks for those in the default location ?04:22
ejsilver26alraun1: Ok... done.. it's installed... next? :)04:22
Gneabartek: look in /etc/X11/ :)04:22
Blaqlightare you asking if they should be, shouldn't be, are, aren't what?04:22
FlannelMTeck: they allow you to house something is a separate/sanitary environment (32bit on 64bit, etc) for a number of purposes.04:23
bartekGnea: oh I have..too much alreayd tonight :p04:23
alraun1 ejsilver26: did you ever tried sound with live cd (radio stream or so ?)  you could then look up /etc/modules04:23
ekowGnea: no but i did try putting the upper task bar on the bottom instead, my panels always expand on the bottom but not the top04:23
bartekgetting this monitor to work on this card is fun04:23
MTeckFlannel, so setting the thing up in there won't do much good?04:23
Drk_GuyBlaqlight, I mean, i have latest version on repos04:23
ekowrobdig: ok i'll try thanks!04:23
ejsilver26alraun1: Havn't tried that, no...04:23
Gneaekow: try making one on the side and sliding it to the top and see what happens04:23
alraun1 ejsilver26: do the always : apt-get udate, try a reboot04:24
keanuwould an intel 4965agn have better range than the broadcom card i'm stuck using, that's disconnecting every ~5 minutes?04:24
BlaqlightDrk_Guy: ok, try killall gnome-panel and see if it works on reload.04:24
ekowGnea: i've tried that too, i'm gonna try what robdig suggested, thanks04:24
ejsilver26alraun1: ok... I'll reboot now... BRB04:24
Gneaekow: d'oh, what about the panel properties?04:24
crashsystems@MTeck I think it would provide a _little bit_ of extra security, but only in that it would make the attacker walk through one more step. If they are smart enough to get into a fully patched ubuntu box, then this will not be a problem for them.04:24
FlannelMTeck: What are you setting up? and whta is your definition of "doing good"?04:25
ekowGnea: one sec brb04:25
Gneaekow: try changing the orientation a couple times04:25
hou5tonyou know ... no matter what wireless windows driver I download (.inf) ... System / Administration / Windows Wireless Drivers always tells me it's invalid.  ???04:25
MTeckFlannel, idk... I'll just stick with my proxy w/o extra stuff - i was just trying to follow a guide04:25
Gneahou5ton: are you setting ndiswrapper up correctly?04:25
keanuwould an intel 4965agn have better range than the broadcom card i'm stuck using, that keeps disconnecting?04:26
Drk_GuyBlaqlight, Nope04:26
Blaqlight!repeat | keanu04:26
ubottukeanu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:26
hou5tonGnea:  well ... I think so .. but I don't have much experience with it?   So .. I probably wouldn't know for sure.04:26
hou5tonGnea:  I know I've spent a LOT of time trying to get this working ...04:26
Gnea!ndiswrapper | hou5ton04:27
ubottuhou5ton: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:27
rafaelscjhow do I to config my wireless ip with iwconfig? I am using eth1:avahi's ip only...04:27
keanusorry Blaqlight - it's just really frustrating - i've had to reconnect three times already because of it dropping out - that to me makes wifi near worthless04:27
Gneahou5ton: give that a read and make sure you follow the procedure correctly - if that doesn't get the .inf to work right, let us know what went wrong04:27
BlaqlightDrk_Guy: thats really strange.04:27
lucentbroadcom = fecal matter.  avoid whenever possible.  The Broadcom company itself is a sham, run by a drug abusing sex-fiend (see articles about the CEO's sex dungeon in his mansion), oh yeah and they're somewhat hostile towards Linux developers.04:27
ludwiganyone have luck with the latest beta nvidia driver?04:28
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx04:28
Drk_GuyBlaqlight, Weird, in my mom's account it works fine04:28
BlaqlightDrk_Guy: usually its not one applet that gives problems but the whole panel or nothing,04:28
lucentI wish I were making that up.04:28
Gnealucent: you.. worked there?04:28
Flannellucent: That's not really appropriate, or topical.  Please refrain from it in the future04:28
Drk_GuyBlaqlight, Should i remove it and put it again?04:28
=== MC_47 is now known as DINO_MC_47
l3dI would like to make the kde apps use the gtk theme can this be done with out the use of kcontrol04:29
keanulucent, i have b43 running, it's just the range is horrible04:29
dunasWhat's the command to install the nonfree plugins, flash, mp3, etc?04:29
BlaqlightDrk_Guy: anything is worth a try, but it sounds like the applet itself is bad or corrupt or sending the wrong signal04:29
lucentGnea: the sex dungeon made the news recently, it was kind of a big deal.   That BCM has been hostile towards Linux developers is sort of an ongoing thing though.04:29
Gneadunas: would it help you better to know the command how to FIND them?04:29
alraun1dunas:apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:29
dunasGnea, Most likely.04:30
Gnealucent: ah, ok. we should probably take it to the #ubuntu-offtopic room then04:30
alraun1Gmea: :)04:30
ekowrobdig: changing that value just increased the scale, i just want to increase the length of the panel...04:30
Drk_GuyBlaqlight, nope04:30
Gneadunas: apt-cache search flash04:30
BlaqlightDrk_Guy: anything is worth a try, but it sounds like the applet itself is bad or corrupt or sending the wrong signal04:30
Drk_GuyBlaqlight, :/04:31
robdigekow: hmm04:31
=== DINO_MC_47 is now known as MC_47
dunasGnea, thank you.04:31
ejsilver26alraun1: Well, that was exciting... same as always... :)04:31
=== MC_47 is now known as DINO_MC_47
GraniteGargoylewhere can you look in Ubuntu to see your hardware...IE Grafx card04:31
* ejsilver26 ponders giving up... 04:32
Drk_GuyBlaqlight, Not even System -> Exit works04:32
dwarmeGranite, you can go to system -> Preferences -Hardware info usually04:32
lucentkeanu: I've had similar experiences on 3 installs, 2 are laptops the other a desktop.   Kind of sort of works, slow to come up in nm-applet, ultimately unplesant to use04:32
dwarmeif not, do a sudo apt-get install hardinfo04:32
BlaqlightDrk_Guy: no idea then04:33
ejsilver26alraun1: Any other ideas? :)04:33
GraniteGargoylehmmm hardware info not in the list04:33
lucentkeanu: intel wireless is working fabulously for everything except kismet ;)04:33
ekowanyone else have any ideas to fix this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5454493#post545449304:33
* ComanDos :D04:33
alraun1 ejsilver26: velly strange, as device shows up in alsa, but I'm not shure for the right driver in modules and can't look it up here> live cd04:33
* ComanDos yo04:33
keanulucent, do intel cards have better range?04:33
dwarmeok granite open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install hardinfo"04:33
dwarmewithout the quotes04:33
hou5tonGnea:  when it says to "untar" it ... does that mean right click and open, or is there a specific tar command that should be used ... like tar -xvf... whatever?04:33
Gnealucent: btw, that's last year's news04:33
crashsystemsI like the idea of a chroot like mechanism for securing server programs, though chroot isn't meant for that. Does anyone know of a tool like chroot, but that is meant for security?04:33
Drk_GuyBlaqlight, -.-04:33
* ComanDos me qi diqka sko jo?04:33
dwarmeand when its installed a new icon will be at the bottom called System Profiler and Benchmark04:33
ejsilver26alraun1: All the places I've looked show the same drivers. I've been to the alsa site and they tell me to use the same drivers I am using now.04:33
* ComanDos slaps foka...04:34
GraniteGargoyle*sounding very stupid* how do I open a terminal04:34
sugii have p4 1.8 ghz, 1gb ddr, 9600 se.  Does anyone know if I can play Morrowind with wine?04:34
lucentGraniteGargoyle: it's never explained aloud04:34
dwarmehehe go to Applications -> Accesories -> Terminal04:34
Gneahou5ton: you can do it whatever you way you like - me, i'll click on it and then extract from there sometimes, or i'll just cd to it and tar xzvf file.tar.gz04:34
GraniteGargoyleoh ok04:34
ejsilver26alraun1: It is very strange. By all accounts it should be working. sucks to be me, I guess... :)04:34
dwarmetype that in and hit enter04:34
* ComanDos foka MpuCh!04:34
robdigekow: these three commands should re-initialize your panel...04:34
dwarmeand it should ask for a y/n04:34
robdigekow: gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/panel04:34
* lucent whispers to GraniteGargoyle "Applications | Accessories | Terminal"04:34
dwarmejust hit Y and enter and it'll install the profiler.04:34
fokaComanDos, Hi, eh, what's up?04:34
robdigekow: killall gnome-panel04:35
Flannel!english | ComanDos04:35
ubottuComanDos: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat04:35
robdigekow: gnome-panel &04:35
GraniteGargoyleahhhh there it is, I learnt something :p04:35
fokaIs ComanDos a bot?04:35
=== webby is now known as webby_
ekowrobdig: ok where do i type those?04:35
* ComanDos no04:35
* ComanDos lol04:35
alraun1 ejsilver26: still got the Installer)live cd ?04:35
dwarmeGranite let me know if that works for you.04:35
* ComanDos foka are u. fine?04:35
robdigekow: in a terminal...04:35
FlannelComanDos: Please stay on topic.04:35
=== webby_ is now known as webby__
crashsystemsYou are my friend ubottu.04:35
robdigekow: applications->accessories->terminal04:35
ejsilver26alraun1: I have the 7.10 one, but not one for 8.0404:35
ekowrobdig: right ok, i'll give them a try thanks04:36
lucentkeanu: I haven't done many tests to give you an answer based on fact?  but that said I've managed to break into most of the wifi AP's nearby and change the SSIDs to politically themed phrases04:36
crimsunejsilver26: so...04:36
lucentkeanu: so the range is at least better than the BCM crap04:36
ejsilver26crimsun: I pasted the url in the other channel for you.04:36
dwarmeGranite did it install?04:36
sugiI have a p4 1.8 ghz, 1gb ddr, ati 9600 se on 8.04 Hardy.  Would I be able to play Morrowind in wine?04:37
ejsilver26crimsun: alraun1 was trying to help as well. No luck as of yet.04:37
alraun1 ejsilver26: should be the same driver, boot with that as live system, then gedit /etc/modules then find /remember /write down the correct driver04:37
GraniteGargoyleI think so04:37
dwarmeSugi, yes. quite well, too ive done it04:37
Gnea!language | lucent04:37
ubottulucent: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:37
segfault1lucent, aircrack can be fun04:37
ejsilver26alraun1: I'll give that a shot as well.04:37
crimsunejsilver26: the problem is that you've given me no context for that url04:37
ejsilver26alraun1: not tonight, though. :)04:37
jrolsontoday i went to synaptic package manager and installed kgreetingcard. I've tried to find it and can't find it in the apps at all. any help??04:37
GraniteGargoyledwarme, it did a bunch of unpacking and such04:37
sugidwarme: what's the specs of your machine?04:38
alraun1 ejsilver26: def tube? lol04:38
ejsilver26crimsun: You asked me to run the alsa-info.sh script and give you the url. :)  Sound issues.04:38
dwarmeGranite, now go to system -> Preferences -> System Profiler04:38
hou5tonGnea:  The docs say to go to the ndiswrapper directory ... and then the Debian directory ... and then to the Control files.   But there is NO Debian directory or Control files.04:38
* lucent ignores the trolls04:38
Gneajrolson: since it's a kde app, it's not going to show up in a gnome menu by default - you'll need to add it to the panel04:38
crimsunejsilver26: but that's not the output I expected04:38
GraniteGargoyleyay there it is thanks04:38
dwarmeSugi I have an nvidia 7600, AMD 2.4 ghz and 1 GB ram04:38
lucentsegfault1: yeah, I wish I could figure out aircrack to be honest... but that's offtopic :P04:38
crimsunejsilver26: that's only the output from /etc/modules, which is not relevant04:38
ejsilver26alraun1: Least I won't get caught with my sound on when surfing "artistic" sites.04:38
jrolsonhow do i add it to the panel??04:38
Flanneljrolson: right click on it and "add to panel"04:39
sp00nHello, I am trying to find out where the icon is for an application I installed using dpkg, so that I may use the icon when adding it to the launcer is Xfce.  Anyone know?04:39
sugidwarme: it's a bit high for my specs.  thanks though04:39
dwarmeNo problem GraniteGargoyle , under Display it should give you some GFX card info,04:39
ejsilver26crimsun: Let me run it again and I'll give you a new url...04:39
l3dsomeone please say my nick so i know what libnotify i need to install04:39
nickrudl3d notified04:39
Gneal3d: ok04:39
crashsystemshello I3d!04:39
dwarmeSugi dont worry I played morrowind on a horrible laptop with an on board gfx card and 256 MB ram, youre all set04:39
Blaqlightsp00n: check /usr/share/{pixmaps,icons}04:39
hou5tonWhen you "tar" something, does it do something different than what would happen if you just double click on it?04:39
ekowrobdig: hmm no luck...04:40
Gneahou5ton: wait - did you download ndiswrapper from the site or did you install it with apt/synaptic?04:40
jrolsonwhere do i find it to add it to the panel then??04:40
* ComanDos lol04:40
hou5tonGnea:  followed the docs .... downloaded it from the site04:40
ejsilver26crimsun: http://pastebin.ca/108400404:40
sp00nBlaqlight, I have searched there, but there are no files by the name of the application.  Is there a way to determine what icon an application is set to use?  When I run it the taskbar entry does have an icon.04:40
jrolsonI can't find it since i was in package mgr04:40
nickrudhou5ton it unpacks it directly, when you double click you are viewing it, and may extract it. Both extractions are identical04:40
crashsystemshmm, I just stuck a blank CDR into my drive to burn an ISO, but Ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize that there is a CD in there.04:40
TehRikard|NARCSo, wireshark won't see the wireless card I'm connected on. Can anyone tell me why this might happen?04:40
jrolsoni'm new to ubuntu if you can'04:40
nickrudjrolson   dpkg -L kgreetingcard | grep /bin04:40
Blaqlightsp00n: start with sudo updatedb then loacate appname04:40
Gneaoh boy...04:40
dwarmeOk now maybe someone can help me with my problem - I am fixing a Medion MD1768 computer for my friend and ubuntu installed smoothly. My only problem is the 3D acceleration, it says it is not enabled. It claims I have a "SGI" graphics card04:40
robdigekow: hmm, wierd...let me look at something else04:41
nickrudjrolson that will give you the appname and path to put into the launcher you create04:41
lucentTehRikard|NARC: wireshark needs root rights?04:41
crimsunejsilver26: your ~/.asoundrc is extraneous; erase it04:41
Flannellucent: yes04:41
Blaqlightsp00n: obviusly spelling locate right.04:41
sugidwarme: i am having issues with my box.  I can bearly handle zsnes.  So, yea.... I am having problems.04:41
jrolsonenter that in a terminal??04:41
TehRikard|NARCYeah. How do I launch something from the drop down menus as root?04:41
nickrudjrolson yes04:41
crimsunejsilver26: also, is there a reason you're running -16- instead of -19- (kernel)/04:41
l3dok say my nick for a test run04:41
sp00nBlaqlight, K.  Oh also running dpkg -S packageName did not yield any icon results04:41
sugidwarme: were you on gnome? kde? xubuntu? or something else?04:41
dwarmeI was on Ubuntu 8.04 with wine 1.004:41
lucentTehRikard|NARC: don't know that you can easily,  if you bring up the run dialog or a terminal, you'd do sudo wireshark04:42
l3d it worked04:42
TehRikard|NARCYeah, except when I try that: Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:04:42
sugidwarme: thanks04:42
hou5tonnickrud:  so ... is "tar" basically the same idea as unzipping a file ... and when I double click, or right-click and open, as long as I can see the individual directorires and files, I can consider it extracted??04:42
dwarmeno prob sugi04:42
ejsilver26crimsun: Nope. No reason. I'll go erase that file...04:42
jrolsonit says that it's not installed, but on the spm it says it is.....what to do??04:42
TehRikard|NARCThis is on two machines. A t42 ibm laptop, and a homebrew desktop.04:42
FlannelTehRikard|NARC: warnings are warnings.  But you shouldn't use sudo for graphical programs, you should use gksu04:42
lucenthou5ton: tar + gzip = zip, functionally04:42
KohlrakAre all the programs from the ubuntu-server installable from the dovecot files, or are there others as well?04:42
nickrudhou5ton not yet extracted, you'd have to click extract there04:42
ekowrobdig: it has something to do with ubuntu recognizing where the top of my screen is because my panels can expand fully on the bottom, and when a panel is not on the very edge of the screen it is the same size as my top one04:42
lucenthou5ton: zip combines compression and directory structure04:42
crimsunejsilver26: I highly recommend you upgrade to the latest kernel in the hardy repo, then (-19-)04:43
FlannelKohlrak: What do you mean?04:43
TehRikard|NARCYeah, it's warning me, but it's not bringing the program up.04:43
TehRikard|NARCSo it's not JUST a warning :(04:43
TehRikard|NARCEven when I gksu wireshark04:43
crashsystemsmy cdrom drive is not spinning up! Grr...04:43
dwarmeOk now maybe someone can help me with my problem - I am fixing a Medion MD1768 computer for my friend and ubuntu installed smoothly. My only problem is the 3D acceleration, it says it is not enabled. It claims I have a "SGI" graphics card. I dont really know if this is the graphics card in it (I know it's on-board...) but I want to know if direct rendering / 3D acceleration is even possible.04:43
lucentTehRikard|NARC: my bad, gksu wireshark04:43
nickrudjrolson  dpkg -l kgreetingcard  (make sure you're using the right package name)04:43
ejsilver26crimsun: Ok, how do I do that... ? :)04:43
TehRikard|NARCSame warning, lucent.04:43
wols_dwarme: lspci |grep VGA04:43
Blaqlightsp00n: that will show everything with that string04:43
sp00nBlaqlight, locate absvolume shows no icon results04:44
KohlrakFlannel: I'm trying to install gnome on a ubuntu-server, but realize that it's really difficult, and thought i would try to install ubuntu-desktop instead, then remove the apps that i don't need.04:44
crimsunejsilver26: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:44
jrolsoni copied what you typed04:44
wols_dwarme: SGI it is cause of MESA, software 3D04:44
GraniteGargoyleoooh dwarme me too04:44
Gneahou5ton: ok, the docs are obviously outdated - try this instead: sudo apt-get install ndisgtk04:44
dwarmewols_ I'm trying that now04:44
ejsilver26crimsun: I've run update after update and it hasn't done that.... ok.. I'll try those commands... sec..04:44
robdigekow: what theme are you using? some of them control the panel size...04:44
Blaqlightsp00n: then it doesn't have/didn't come with one.04:44
hou5tonGnea:  ok04:44
alraun1dwarme:terminal) sudo apt-get install hwinfo04:44
nickrudjrolson what we're looking for is  ii in the first two characters, says it's installed. anything else means it's not. like   ii    kgreetingcard04:44
ekowrobdig: default human theme04:44
FlannelKohlrak: To add ubuntu to your server, you just install ubuntu-desktop04:44
jrolsonjrolson@emachine:~$ dpkg -l kgreetingcard04:44
jrolsonNo packages found matching kgreetingcard.04:44
alraun1dwarme:then hwinfo > card model,  maybe a simple   "lspci",  too04:44
robdigekow: well, that one shouldn't limit you :)04:44
dwarmealraunl I'm installing that now04:44
Blaqlightsp00n: use a generic pixmap/icon from the above mentioned locations04:45
hou5tonGnea:  already installed04:45
sp00nBlaqlight, when I run absvolume, it has a speaker icon in the taskbar.  I figure it may use an existing icon...04:45
KohlrakFlannel, i tried a few thinsg like that, but it ended up conflicting and crashing with problems04:45
TehRikard|NARCAnyone? My wireless won't show up in Wireshark.04:45
nickrudjrolson then it didn't install.  do   sudo apt-get install  kgreetingcard04:45
glitsj16sp00n: synaptic has a tab labeled 'installed files' for each package, that should give you the location of installed icons too04:45
GraniteGargoyledwarme if you find out that please help me out with it04:45
sp00nglitsj16, Thx04:45
dwarmeGranite you got it =)04:45
Gneahou5ton: ok, should be able to find it in the menu then04:45
GraniteGargoylethank you, main reason I'm in here04:45
ejsilver26crimsun: 1 upgrade to be done....04:45
FlannelKohlrak: That doesn't really make sense.  Anyway, if you use "tasksel" you can install the mail server just like the server CD does at install.04:45
Gneahou5ton: and if not, then: sudo ndisgtk04:45
MTeckAnybody know anything about ZNC? I'm having this problem -> http://pastebin.com/d2e9e54fa04:45
wols_dwarme: what did lspci say?04:45
FlannelKohlrak: But to answer your original question, all the stuff is in the packages.04:45
dwarmewols_ 1 second its doing a lot o_o04:46
sp00nBlaqlight, Synaptic lists no icons either.  Where does the icon used for the taskbar entry come from then?04:46
wols_dwarme: no it's not. it will just output around 10-15 lines of text04:46
ekowrobdig: seems to be something with my video card or resolution or something, however i have my drivers installed and my right resolution set...04:46
nickrudjrolson is that working?04:46
dwarmewols_ I got a Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 65x/M650/740 PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter04:46
KohlrakFlannel: probably is, but for some reason the stuff doesn't want to install and/or work properly (don't know why). What about the LAMP apps, is there a single package for that too?04:46
hou5tonGnea:  right ... I've had that all along ... but anytime I attempt to install a new driver, and I've tried several ... it always tells me it's an invalid driver.04:46
Blaqlightsp00n: its probably a generic one.04:46
dwarmethats what lspci says04:46
wols_dwarme: poor you. driver is "SIS". you'd be very lucky to get hardware 3D. forget compiz04:47
l3d now if only i could I could get the kde apps i installed to use the theme I have  I would be happy04:47
jrolsoncheck im nickrud04:47
FlannelKohlrak: you can use tasksel for that (in fact, tasksel is basically what the server CD uses).04:47
dwarmeI dont want compiz, but can I get SIS driver to at least run OpenGL games decently?04:47
sp00nBlaqlight, you mean the window mgr picked it or something?  There isn't something that specifies what icon is used there?04:47
wols_dwarme: no04:47
nickrudjrolson are you running ubuntu or kubuntu ?04:47
Kohlrakoooooh, i just realized what tasksel is... Thank you for your help (will remember this for the future)04:47
dwarmewols_ should I throw an old Nvidia 6700FX into it and do that then?04:47
wols_dwarme: a LOT better04:47
dwarmeok good04:47
ejsilver26crimsun: Done.. next? :)04:48
dwarmeGraniteGargoyle sorry man looks like were out of luck unless we install 3rd party graphics cards04:48
GraniteGargoylehow to do that check Dwarme? please...04:48
ejsilver26crimsun: Now I have a nice, upgraded... uhm.... Gimp... :)04:48
robdigekow: if you right click on the panel, is the expand option checked?04:48
Blaqlightsp00n: if you can't find the icon when searching yet it has one, its using a generic backup icon for continuity.04:48
crimsunejsilver26: apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic04:48
dwarmeGranite type lspci and read the bottom04:48
ekowrobdig: yeah ofc04:48
robdigekow: that is in the properties menu, after right click, sorry04:48
dwarmegranite type it into a terminal04:48
wols_GraniteGargoyle: lspci |grep VGA04:48
TehRikard|NARCCan anyone help me? I cannot get any interfaces to show up in wireshark.04:48
dwarmeyeah that.04:48
Gneahou5ton: url for the .inf file that you're trying to use?04:49
sp00nBlaqlight, is there a way to determine which generic backup icon it's using?  I would like to use the same one adding it to the quicklauncher to avoid confusion04:49
dwarmeTehRikard in a terminal run gksu wireshark04:49
l3d run wireshark as root04:49
xtknightif anyone is having trouble adjusting volume in ubuntu by keyboard shortcuts, or the mixer applet, or gnome-volume-control (jumpy/muting/slow/channel adjustment issues), i URGE you to take a look at this bug and please reply so it can be fixed.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/25223704:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252237 in ubuntu "volume control races render control useless, worse on SMP" [Undecided,New]04:49
dwarmeTehRikard then it should show up04:49
TehRikard|NARCcannot open display.04:49
GraniteGargoyle Host bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS200/RS200M AGP Bridge [IGP 340M] (rev 02)04:49
wols_TehRikard|NARC: in a X04:49
ejsilver26crimsun: unable to locate04:49
wols_TehRikard|NARC: in X04:49
TehRikard|NARCI'm in a term.04:49
wols_GraniteGargoyle: ati is the driver04:50
crimsunejsilver26: you are running hardy, yes?04:50
Blaqlightsp00n: have a look in those folders find it and you'll have you answer.04:50
TehRikard|NARCgksu wireshark   yields Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:04:50
wols_TehRikard|NARC: ´not sudo. gksudo04:50
ejsilver26crimsun: 8.04, yes.04:50
GraniteGargoylehow do I know if 3d is on and such and can I change it04:50
TehRikard|NARCYes, gksudo.04:50
wols_TehRikard|NARC: env |grep -i DISPLAY04:50
TehRikard|NARCI'm using it.04:50
crimsunejsilver26: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list, please?04:50
TehRikard|NARCNothing came up.04:50
ruffleShi everybody. is there any easy way to make a .iso file with my hardy heron settings? like gnome settings, installed packages, etc04:50
wols_TehRikard|NARC: you are not in X then04:50
TehRikard|NARCHow.. how am I not in X?04:51
Blaqlightsp00n: that would be /usr/share/{pixmaps,icons}04:51
alraun1wols_: couldn't the medion lap use envy then ?04:51
GraniteGargoylelol I can do this stuff in Won but I feel stupid right about now. Like learning dos again04:51
TehRikard|NARCI have a desktop behind me04:51
sp00nBlaqlight, k. there are 90 files containing "volume" in /usr/share/icons ...guess I will get to searching.04:51
TehRikard|NARCThat means I'm in x, right?04:51
sp00nBlaqlight, filenames that is04:51
wols_alraun1: we do not support envy in any way. and envy can't do 3D when there are no good drivers04:51
KohlrakTehRikard: Yes, and gnome04:51
Yach1i was wondering if someone could help me. i'm running Ubuntu 8.04 on a PPC PowerBook, and i'm trying to use Synaptic Package Manager to find a flash plugin, but whenever i search things like "swfdec" or "gnash", i get no results. could it be my repositories?04:51
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk04:51
TehRikard|NARCOk, well, gksu still gives me a GTK warning, and a middle finger.04:52
ekowrobdig: i have a widescreen laptop, i think ubuntu seems to think i don't...04:52
Kohlrakwhat's it warning you about?04:52
ejsilver26crimsun: http://pastebin.ca/108401504:52
wols_TehRikard|NARC: export DISPLAY=localhost:004:52
TehRikard|NARCYields nothing.04:52
wols_TehRikard|NARC: it's not supposed to. now run wireshark again04:52
glitsj16l3d: you want kde apps to have the look of a gnome theme ?04:53
hou5tonGnea:  http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PFid=1&Level=6&Conn=5&ProdID=35&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true04:53
Yach1i was wondering if someone could help me. i'm running Ubuntu 8.04 on a PPC PowerBook, and i'm trying to use Synaptic Package Manager to find a flash plugin, but whenever i search things like "swfdec" or "gnash", i get no results. could it be my repositories?04:53
TehRikard|NARCcannot open display: localhost:004:53
TehRikard|NARCBRB. I have an idea.04:53
`brooksubuntu has finished updating and requires a reboot? i thought reboots were atypical of linux?04:53
wols_`brooks: kernel upgrades need a reboot04:53
glitsj16l3d: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/02/11/theme-qt3-applications-in-gnome/ .. uses qt3 in the examples, but if you need qt4, make the needed name changes and it will work the same04:53
robdigekow: maybe. i'm sorry, but i don't know anything else to suggest04:53
`brooksoh. i see.04:54
ruffleS`brooks, kernel updates requires a boot04:54
Blaqlight`brooks: kernel updates require reboot... so you boot into the new kernel :D04:54
ekowrobdig: np appreciate the help04:54
lonejackhi, does somebody know about an UBUNTU compatibility list regarding motherboard ? Thx04:54
wols_ekow: what driver?04:54
hou5tonGnea:  they also have a linux driver on that page ... but I don't know what to do with it04:54
Gneahou5ton: did you get the XP/2000 driver?04:54
l3dthank you04:55
Kohlraklonejack, if it uses intel or amd, you're probably fine04:55
hou5tonGnea:  yes ... it said invalid ... so I tried the 98 one too ... same message04:55
BloodFollowsDCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 004:55
ekowwols_: Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family04:55
Gneaouch, that was fast04:55
glitsj16l3d: no problem, just did it the other day for k3b, it stuck04:55
wols_ekow: that's no driver04:55
GraniteGargoyleany way for me to check if 3d accel is enabled on my laptop?04:55
Gneahou5ton: ok, one min04:55
crimsunejsilver26: you're missing a line for hardy-updates ...04:56
lonejackKohlrak: chipset compatibility no problem amd-64 or core duo... doesn't care?04:56
Yach1i was wondering if someone could help me. i'm running Ubuntu 8.04 on a PPC PowerBook, and i'm trying to use Synaptic Package Manager to find a flash plugin, but whenever i search things like "swfdec" or "gnash", i get no results. could it be my repositories? i04:56
l3d so I would want to do it for qt4 or 304:56
ejsilver26crimsun: ok... what should I put into the file?04:56
KohlrakBloodFollows: What?04:56
ekowwols_: oh that's my video card chipset sorry04:56
wols_lonejack: nope it doesn't04:56
crimsunejsilver26: deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hardy-updates main universe restricted multiverse04:56
wols_!info gnash04:56
ubottugnash (source: gnash): free SWF movie player. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.2-0ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 328 kB, installed size 1000 kB04:56
alraun1crimsun: and sec updates ond so on commented04:56
wols_Yach1: universe04:56
glitsj16l3d: that depends on the application, qt3 for older ones04:56
Gneahou5ton: ok, if you download the linux file, you should be able to extract the contents (the directory)04:56
shishiohi guys does ubuntu has a System Restore like program?04:57
Gneahou5ton: then read the readme file - it tells you how to install it04:57
dsmith_I have someone thats asking me for help, he is installing or trying to install ubuntu 8.04 and says he is getting this "it gets up to the part where it determines what packages to remove, and dies"04:57
Kohlraklonejack: I'm guess it won't have a problem, i have an AMD Athlon (dual core) on my laptop here ,and my only problem is sometimes my video card and my audio card, which are seperate issues04:57
hou5tonGnea:  It seemed pretty complex ... I'll look at it again04:57
lonejackwols_: Kohlrak: thx04:57
l3dok as of now ktorrent and konsole04:57
Gneashishio: not really - i usually use something like clonezilla for that04:57
Yach1wols_: i have that repository enabled04:57
Gneahou5ton: it's much easier than it looks :)04:57
os2macinteresting... my sound only works through wine.04:58
w0jrlhello all04:58
ejsilver26crimsun: ok, I added that line...04:58
shishio@Gnea, clonezilla?04:58
crimsunejsilver26: after you add the line, make sure you run:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:58
Gneashishio: clonezilla.04:58
ejsilver26crimsun: ok... sec..04:58
Blaqlightdsmith_: if your installing, why is it removing?04:58
shishio@Gnea, do i have to install it or does ubuntu already have it04:59
dsmith_Blaqlight: thats what I asked and his response was "I said it gets to the part where it decides if it should, and dies"04:59
hou5tonGnea:  when I tar the file, what letters should I use?04:59
Yach1wols_: i have that repository enabled, and yet i get nothing when i search swfdec04:59
dsmith_Blaqlight: I dont ever remember Ubuntu installer saying that04:59
Bad_HackerI have am running Ubuntu on a PC Chips M810 LMR-H with about 655 of ram, and running a ati radeon 128mb 9600 card. I notice one I installed the graphic card it appears that the screen goes " blank or black" is this some sort of bug with ati radeon cards and xforce software, if so, how can i fix this issue? Please help. Thanks05:00
dsmith_for clean up yes05:00
ejsilver26crimsun: Well.. that certainly changed things a bit... 275 upgrades....05:00
ejsilver26alraun1: I hope you're taking notes... ;)  (JK)05:00
Gneashishio: it's actually a livecd based on debian - the .iso is very small, it's very extensive, although i do not recommend it for fat32 migrations - www.clonezilla.org05:00
glitsj16l3d: i don't know exactly, i installed both sets (qt3-qtconfig and qt4-qtconfig) and experimented a bit, changes are applied immediately so should be easily figured out05:00
ejsilver26Gnea: clonezilla rocks.. used it in one our classrooms/labs...05:01
Blaqlightyeah for clean-up, perhaps he's just impatient? maybe its already done?05:01
Gneaejsilver26: i use it every week, it's a lifesaver05:01
ejsilver26Gnea: I don't have need for it right now, but when you are re-imaging 20-30 computers at a time for each class to solve different problems or learn something new on XP/Vista... it helps a lot.05:02
hou5tonWhen I tar the file, what letters should I use?05:02
l3dnice ok thanks05:02
ejsilver26Gnea: Faster than Norton Ghost, that is for sure.05:02
dsmith_Blaqlight: I dont know really, this person supposedly uses gentoo05:02
Blaqlightdsmith_: or maybe claiming gentoo make em look cool?05:02
glitsj16l3d: you're welcome05:02
dsmith_could be05:03
Bad_HackerI am running Ubuntu on a PC Chips M810 LMR-H with about 655 of ram, and running a ati radeon 128mb 9600 card. I notice that once I installed the graphic card it appears that the screen goes " blank or black" is this some sort of bug with ati radeon cards and xforce software, if so, how can i fix this issue? Please help. Thanks!!!05:03
LanUserHello - How can I get the "You have new email" notifications that I've had in previous linux distros?05:03
ejsilver26crimsun: THis is going to take a while. I'll come back tomorrow night. I'll let you know what happens... You too alraun1...05:04
ejsilver26crimsun and alraun1: Thanks for all your help... Have a great night.05:04
alraun1 ejsilver26: live-cd05:04
ejsilver26alraun1: If this doesn't work, that is what I'll probably end up doing. Thanks for the tip. :)05:05
alraun1 ejsilver26: def tube? lol  n805:05
dsmith_Blaqlight: now he wants to know how set a root password, lol... Geez05:05
crimsunejsilver26: ok.05:05
Blaqlightdsmith_: so then its not freezzing anymore?05:06
The_GopherHi, trying to boot into terminal without X (so I can install new nvidia drivers), I've found a lot of old information on how to do it but it involves editing inittab which no longer exists, can anybody help (8.0.4)05:06
dsmith_he says its working05:06
dsmith_thx for the response05:06
BlaqlightThe_Gopher: CTRL ALT F105:06
harejIs there a way to get around having to put in an install CD for when I do "sudo apt-get install build-essential" ?05:06
w0jrlhow's everyone doing?05:06
The_Gopherit's that easy, gdi :(05:06
=== i is now known as Guest60087
Bad_HackerI am running Ubuntu on a PC Chips M810 LMR-H with about 655 of ram, and running a ati radeon 128mb 9600 card. I notice that once I installed the graphic card it appears that the screen goes " blank or black" is this some sort of bug with ati radeon cards and xforce software, if so, how can i fix this issue? Please help. Thanks!!!05:07
alraun1The_Gopher: you can choose session type at login05:07
aga^_^how to remove display manager on ubuntu 7.1005:07
BlaqlightThe_Gopher: yes unfortunately it is. also there is CTRL Alt 2,3,4,5,6,and 7 for desktop again.05:07
aga^_^i make ubuntu desktop 7.10 for router05:08
w0jrli have a question about sound cards05:08
LanUserThe_Gopher: you can also turn off gdm with "/etc/init.d/./gdm stop"05:08
Kernelhello all. my computer just froze up and became unresponsive and left me the only option of force rebooting it....but in my /var/log/messages i see all this right before the restart : http://pastebin.com/m482299a1 . any ideas on what might cause this?05:08
aga^_^how to remove it05:09
LanUseraga^_^: you mean the login manager?05:09
yehudah`e ae galera05:09
aga^_^i want to make ubuntu-desktop to05:09
w0jrldoes anyone know how to get gnome-orca to use  an external sound card?05:09
aga^_^i want to change ubuntu-desktop to ubuntu-server05:09
Blaqlightw0jrl: sudo apt-get install packagename05:10
harejIs there a way to get around having to put in an install CD for when I do "sudo apt-get install build-essential" ?05:10
Flannelharej: remove your CD from your sources05:10
harejFlannel, and how may I do that?05:10
alraun1harej: internet connection and a complete source.list05:10
alraun1harej: internet connection and a complete sources.list05:11
Flannelharej: Go to your software sources, and uncheck the CD one.  Or manually edit /etc/apt/sources.list and comment out (#) the CD line (near the top)05:11
w0jrli have orca installed but i want it to use my USB headset05:11
aga^_^i want to change ubuntu-desktop to ubuntu-server05:11
aga^_^anyone can help me05:12
Bad_HackerI am running Ubuntu on a PC Chips M810 LMR-H with about 655 of ram, and running a ati radeon 128mb 9600 card. I notice that once I installed the graphic card it appears that the screen goes " blank or black" is this some sort of bug with ati radeon cards and xforce software, if so, how can i fix this issue? Please help. Thanks!!!05:12
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Daisuke_Laptophow does one even get to 655mb ram?05:13
Benito_whats the best ftp client for ubuntu05:13
Daisuke_Laptopit's not even a reasonable number05:13
hou5tonGnea:  ok ... I tried doing the REadme .... didn't turn out well ....05:13
Daisuke_Laptop!best | Benito_05:13
ubottuBenito_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:13
sugiif i do apt-get install wine, would it install the version from the repos or does it install the latest version from the website05:14
Benito_ok well is there a included ftp/05:14
w0jrli use nautilus for ftp05:14
harejDaisuke_Laptop, I'd like to know myself05:14
alraun1sugi: repos05:14
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
Bad_Hackertypo : 630mb or ram05:15
FlannelBenito_: Places > Connect to Server, will connect you to ftp05:15
will00is there a way to automatically schedule a restart under hardy?05:15
Bad_HackerI am running Ubuntu on a PC Chips M810 LMR-H with about 630 of ram, and running a ati radeon 128mb 9600 card. I notice that once I installed the graphic card it appears that the screen goes " blank or black" is this some sort of bug with ati radeon cards and xforce software, if so, how can i fix this issue? Please help. Thanks!!!05:15
harejok, how do you get 630 MB of RAM?05:15
sugialraun1:  repos05:16
tonyyarussowill00: details?05:16
=== Intrepid_ is now known as Intrepid
Flannelsugi: the wine in the repos is fairly up to date05:16
Bad_Hacker512mb + 128mb = 63005:17
FlannelBad_Hacker: 64005:17
harejThat makes sense05:17
will00tonyyarusso, im leaving a small server behind when i go off to college, i would like the system to automatically restart every sunday at 2am, is there a way  can set that up?05:17
Bad_Hackerdid i mention i sux at math!!05:17
sugiflannel, but what about other problems?  does it install the latest version from their website or whatever version the repos are set to?05:17
Flannelwill00: cron can do that, yeah, but why do you need it to reboot every week?05:17
soul_786How can i partition a USB drive with both a FAT32 partion and a ext2 partition easily?05:17
=== i is now known as Guest65325
Flannelsugi: It installs from the repos.05:17
tonyyarussowill00: sure, although it seems unnecessary.  cron can certainly do it.05:18
gurensoul_768: gparted05:18
will00ok thanks05:18
Bad_HackerAnyhow, can my issue be fixed?05:18
soul_786guren: will gparted do both a fat32 partition and a ext2? Or just the ext2 because its linux?05:18
sugiFlannel: so the version from the repos, may not always be the latest version?05:18
[3][Finity]Hey all I'm wondering about installing ubuntu into my windows install so I can run linux apps without emulation from within windows..anybody know if I can use the GNOME WM instead of windows explorer and what not ?05:18
chronographerHi folks, I have a new mythbuntu install and it locks up after playing a movie for a few minutes... I mean HARD lock up... need to reset it from the button on the front of the CPU locked up... Anybody want to help me find the problem?05:19
chronographerits a via nehemiah mobo05:19
gurensoul_768: gparted can format a partition to vfat and ext205:19
[3][Finity][==] #5405 [==] 057 - I-15 - Lost In Love [Torrent-Tatty] (™ Zone 4 - Interscope) [==] 3:31 [==] 224Kbps [==]05:19
glitsj16hou5ton: not trying to interfere with Gnea's instructions, but today someone posted about a new project called 'auto-NDISwrapper' --> http://easylinuxwifi.org/ .. basically looks like a script you run and answer some questions to install windows wifi drivers, might be of use if all else fails05:19
moDumasshey all, i rebooted but now that its rebooted it says "BusyBox v1.1.3 (debian1:1.1.3-5ubuntu12) Built in shell (ash) Enter 'help' for a list of built0in commans05:20
Flannelsugi: Well, normally I'd say yes, defintaely.  But strange things have been being updated in Hardy.  Bugfixes and stuff have always been updated.  And if you're really worried about it, you can always use the winehq repos, which stay up to date05:20
hou5tonglitsj16:  thanks05:20
Flannel[3][Finity]: please turn that off05:20
soul_786guren: and making those partition changes on gparted will work for the usb flash drive? I've only used gparted on partitioning an HD05:20
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moDumass(initramfs) _05:20
moDumassany idea why this has happened05:20
=== Matias is now known as EmmcoRe
moDumassfor no reason05:20
sugiFlannel: thanks you answered my question.05:20
[3][Finity]my bad05:20
|gandhii|I've finally got around to upgrading from 7.10 to 8.04..  and the install has apparently stalled while "Generating locales..."     How screwed am I?  what is my best recourse?05:20
xtknightmoDumass, are you using Hardy or Intrepid05:20
moDumassxtknight hardy05:21
crimsun|gandhii|: kill it, and rerun the upgrade while in the hardy kernel.05:21
gurensoul_768: i haven't tried usb.. but it works for my solid state flash drive..05:21
xtknightmoDumass, and what motherboard/chipset do you have ?05:21
soul_786guren: Alright I'll give it a try and finger's crossed it'll work! =) thanks05:21
moDumassxtknight its a toshiba laptop05:21
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moDumasssatalite pro05:21
gurensoul_768: it's not a risk at all. it's simply trial and error.05:22
xtknightmoDumass, have any linux distributions been run successfully on it or is this your first try.  or have others failed?05:22
|gandhii|while in the "hardy kernel"?    whats that mean?05:22
vaylenceI'm struggling here folks, I cant get ubuntu installed05:22
CocoabeanSo I am trying to install ubuntu desktop but I have no black cds. My computer is running ubuntu server and one HDD is the system disk while the other one has an ubuntu desktop image. is there a way i can boot the live cd image from a working linux installation05:22
Cocoabeanblank* cds05:22
EmmcoReNecesito configurar mi placa de sonido ya que he instalado recientemente Ubuntu, alguien puede ayudarme ??05:22
EmmcoReNecesito configurar mi placa de sonido ya que he instalado recientemente Ubuntu, alguien puede ayudarme ??05:22
xtknightCocoabean, you can burn to blank dvds if you have those as well05:22
Cocoabeanmy computer has no DVD drive05:22
unavailablescreenlets problem -->  i have eight running, 3 of which dont want to autostart at login05:23
prince_jammys!es > EmmcoRe05:23
ubottuEmmcoRe, please see my private message05:23
xtknight!install | Cocoabean various installation options are here05:23
moDumassxtknight i have been happily and sucessfully running hardy until i rebooted05:23
ubottuCocoabean various installation options are here: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:23
Blaqlight!es | EmmcoRe05:23
ubottuEmmcoRe: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:23
kanakHi, I'm having troubles getting Ubuntu to recognize my external drive. I'm using a Vantec Nexstar 3 2.5" SATA enclosure with my Western Digital Scorpio 120 GB hard drive. I know my hard drive is working because I just checked it in my laptop, and I know the external is working because I can hear the drive spin when i connect it.  The hard drive was formatted to ext3. I can't seem to access the drive. Help please.05:23
[3][Finity]Hey all I'm wondering about installing ubuntu into my windows install so I can run linux apps without emulation from within windows..anybody know if I can use the GNOME WM instead of windows explorer and what not ?05:23
xtknightmoDumass, if you have other kernels listed in the boot menu can you see if these older ones work?05:23
EmmcoReOK english05:23
moDumassokapi14, gimme a sec05:23
Cocoabeanbut if someone knows how to boot an image from inside a working linux install, i would like to know05:23
unavailablescreenlets problem -->  i have eight running, 3 of which dont want to autostart at login, these three also do not show up in the current session when they are running05:23
vaylenceI cant get passed the prepare partitions screen, I dont even want to partition05:23
Flannel[3][Finity]: No, wubi is a dualboot sort of thing.  It only frees you from having to partition05:24
EmmcoReI need help with sound card config under ubuntu05:24
unavailablevaylence you have to set the partitions you want to use for "\" and swap05:24
EmmcoResomebody ?05:24
unavailablescreenlets problem -->  i have eight running, 3 of which dont want to autostart at login, these three also do not show up in the current session when they are running05:24
ybithow do you compile the kernel in ubuntu?05:24
[3][Finity]ty Flannel05:24
os2machaving difficulty playing music on my ubuntu box. I can hear audio through Wine and my browser but am unable to play any music file or system sound.05:24
Flannel!kernel | ybit05:24
ubottuybit: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages05:24
Flannel!sound | EmmcoRe05:24
ubottuEmmcoRe: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:24
EmmcoReI havent sound after ubuntuś installation05:24
unavailableybit why do you want to compile the kernel?05:24
ybitwell, that was nice05:24
hou5tonglitsj16:  got this message:  Sorry, card not yet supported by Auto-NDISwrapper05:24
EmmcoReOk ubottu thanks05:25
ybitunavailable: its needed for openvas server and its plugins05:25
chronographerhi is this bad: (in dmesg) [  128.851690] Marking TSC unstable due to: cpufreq changes.05:25
glitsj16hou5ton: tough luck indeed05:25
vaylenceunavailable: I had the installer once give me the option to format the hard drive, every other time it goes straight to the partitioner, but I have no options on that screen, its a dead end.05:25
moDumassxtknight nope, same error with older releases05:25
Kohlrakwhat's the terminal command for unmounting something?05:26
xtknightKohlrak, sudo umount /mount/point05:26
xtknightor sudo umount /block/device05:26
Kohlraki thought it was uNmount XD thanks05:26
unavailablevaylence and you picked manual?  or guided?05:26
unavailableybit https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile05:26
xtknightmoDumass, i am not sure what to say but if you recently had disk corruption of some kind, that could be it.  it doesn't work if you goto recovery mode?  do you use any kind of RAID?05:26
ybitalready there :)05:26
unavailablewell then05:27
moDumassxtknight, no raid, nothing special here05:27
ybitthanks though :)05:27
vaylenceunavaliable: guided, I just wanted to wipe it clean and install ubuntu, but the comp locked, the install failed, and I've never gotten that screen back with the installer off the live cd05:27
unavailablescreenlets problem -->  i have eight running, 3 of which dont want to autostart at login, these three also do not show up in the current session when they are running05:27
xtknightmoDumass, i assume if you tried a livecd  right now it would boot just fine?05:27
moDumassand there really shouldnt be any disk corruption, is there a scandisk i could run from initramfs05:27
moDumasshmm, no i installed from a windows installer05:27
xtknightmoDumass, hmm the program is called fsck but i am not sure that you can execute it from there05:27
chronographerIf my system freezes, how can I find out what is causing it and fix it?05:28
unavailablescreenlets problem -->  i have eight running, 3 of which dont want to autostart at login, these three also do not show up in the current session when they are running    >> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87001505:28
xtknightchronographer, how badly is it freezing?  do your numlock keys respond during the freeze?05:28
chronographeractually i havenb't checked that05:28
xtknightchronographer, and under what circumstances does it freeze?05:28
chronographerI can't ctrl alt backspace-F1 or anything05:29
chronographerplaying a movie05:29
* ComanDos foka ;)05:29
xtknightmoDumass, the only solution i can see is to reinstall, i am not sure what the cause is05:29
hou5tonglitsj16:   supposedly rtl8185 support is in mainline as of 2.6.25 .... is there a way to make my Hardy Heron upgrade to that kernel?05:29
xtknightchronographer, what video card do you have?05:29
unavailablescreenlets problem -->  i have eight running, 3 of which dont want to autostart at login, these three also do not show up in the current session when they are running    >> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87001505:29
chronographerits a via onboard05:29
chronographer12000 nehemiah05:29
xtknighthou5ton, yes use this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=311158   keep in mind you might also need to enable CONFIG_SND and support for your sound card in a new kernel, i am not sure if that is mentioned05:30
chronographeris there a log somewhere that I can find out what happens in? I checkd dmesg, all seems ok (what I can understand anyhow)05:30
xtknightchronographer, there are various logs in /var/log like messages, klog, etc05:30
unavailablenickrud: you there man?05:30
xtknightthe current dmesg would not show an error of a previous crash05:30
ubottuA desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training05:30
xtknight"dmesg" in /var/log might05:30
vaylenceany ideas why I cant format during my install? I keep getting dead ended05:31
nickrudunavailable you rang ?05:31
unavailablenickrud: you know about screenlets?  i have a problem with mainmenu volumecontrol and trash autostarting05:31
unavailablethey wont05:31
guido_hey guys, can anyone tell me if my sources.list has anything wrong? http://paste.ubuntu.com/30785/05:31
nickrudunavailable no, I don't like a lot of stuff on my desktop. I have my home, doc and projects folders there and nothing else05:32
ankit_guido_: looks fine05:32
xtknightguido_, i think it's fine, you can try "sudo apt-get update" and see if it updates the repositories list properly05:32
unavailablenickrud well what puzzles me is the four that autostart show up in sessions, but even when all are running, the other three wont show up at all in sessions05:33
chronographeri get lots of these: Jul 25 21:38:55 mythbox kernel: [ 1637.947157] phy0: tx overflow.05:33
guido_I ask because I get a * The update-modules command is deprecated and should not be used! message05:33
xtknightchronographer, huh.  what kind of network adapter do you have?05:33
xtknightthat means that a transfer buffer of a PHY(network interface) is overflowing05:33
=== SamSamSam is now known as RevFnord
chronographerits a pcmcia wireless, don't know exactly it worked ootb so I don't worry about it05:33
nickrudunavailable they probably run under the screenlets main process. But that's really only a guess05:33
ankit_I have a problem with Firefox on Ubuntu... certain websites (such as Facebook) are really slow to scroll and use up a lot of processing power. it's only certain sites though, most are fine.05:33
RevFnordSo I am looking at these install instructions on this website and they say to deb http:// something, but terminal says unknown command deb05:34
xtknightankit_, what video card do you have and what video driver are you using now in xorg.conf(if any)05:34
chronographerok so maybe new wireless network drivers are in order?  thats not my lock up problem then05:34
unavailableankit_ do these sites in question use flash ??05:34
xtknightRevFnord, you probably add it to /etc/apt/sources.list and then do sudo apt-get update in terminal05:34
cxoHow do you change the boot up logo?05:34
amenadoRevFnord-> thats aded to the sources.list not a command you type in05:34
blUbuntuhow good is transmission is there a better torrent client?05:34
chronographerJul 25 21:46:00 mythbox kernel: [   39.762776] via-rhine: Broken BIOS detected, avoid_D3 enabled.  <-- is this bad?05:34
xtknightchronographer, i am not sure, it could be the cause but not if videos trigger it probably.  are you runnig mythtv that uses video AND network at same time?  could that do it?05:34
unavailableankit_ and after visiting a site like youtube, does firefox crash if you close the tab?05:34
ankit_unavailable: they have flash, but other sites with extensive flash, including youtube work fine (although they do crash very occasionally, nothing too bad), so I don't think it's a flash related problem05:35
chronographerhmm.... it happend using vlc, and also mythtv... mythtv has been playing video for 15 mins this time, no lock up05:35
cxoHow do you turn off automatic updates?05:35
xtknight!usplash | cxo05:35
ubottucxo: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork05:35
unavailable!screenlets > unavailable05:36
ubottuunavailable, please see my private message05:36
guido_what does a "The update-modules command is deprecated and should not be used!" message means?05:36
Flannelcxo: There are no automatic updates05:36
xtknightcxo, system->admin->software sources05:36
pobbelG'day all05:36
unavailablescreenlets problem -->  i have eight running, 3 of which dont want to autostart at login, these three also do not show up in the current session when they are running    >> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87001505:36
ankit_unavailable: and I'm using the "nvidia" driver with my Nvidia Go 7950 GTX05:36
unavailableankit_ the propritary??05:37
WSouBarhi guys05:37
amenadoguido_-> what are you trying to do?05:37
chronographerlooks like this is the last line before freezing in messages: mythbox kernel: [  110.596964] agpgart: Putting AGP V2 device at 0000:01:00.0 into 4x mode05:37
xtknightankit_, is dragging a window on the desktop also slow and jerky?05:37
ankit_unavailable: yes, and compiz is running as well05:37
blUbuntuhow good is transmission is there a better torrent client? I downloaded some audiobooks (free and legal of course) but they were quite messed up or was that just a bad hash05:37
guido_amenado: install the nvidia drivers05:37
xtknightchronographer, what do you mean by 'before freezing' what is the freezing message?05:37
jeeves__how can I change my rez on my screen?  I tried the restricted drivers only to find out that it locks up my system.  So I unselected them, and now I'm stuck in a max of 800x60005:37
=== root is now known as Guest2641
amenadoguido_-> do you use update-modules command? it is indeed obsolete05:37
ankit_xtknight: no, the accelerated graphics are working very well, and I'm having no problems with the graphics card05:38
pobbelIs it normal to have two kernel options at boot for Hardy i.e. 2.6.24-16 an 2.6.24-19 ?05:38
unavailableankit_ can you post a page that is slowscrolling?05:38
xtknightpobbel, yes old one are saved05:38
* ComanDos foka :K05:38
ankit_unavailable: facebook.com05:38
chronographerthe machine actually freezing... there are 5 mins between that message and the first next time (ater restart05:38
koyo001i have a problem with totem05:38
xtknightankit_, facebook can be a bit slow for me, sems to have a lot of images and media05:38
pobbelxtknight: thanks05:38
RevFnordxtknight - I am getting a NO_PUBKEY error05:38
* ComanDos foka :K !05:38
* ComanDos foka :K !`05:38
* ComanDos foka :K !``05:38
unavailableankit_ i dont use facebook, so i cant see if its common or not, got another??05:38
koyo001it plays everything in slow motion05:39
koyo001has anyone had this happen to them05:39
xtknightRevFnord, your repository would benefit from using a GPG key.  see if the site provides one05:39
ankit_unavailable: sorry, http://www.tuaw.com/ does too, but not as much05:39
guido_amenado: I don't.. it came up during this command "sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-19-generic"05:39
ankit_xtknight: slow to the point where it's unusable? and it works fine on any other OS, so I'm fairly sure something is wrong05:39
RevFnordxtknight - Thank You05:39
jeeves__Flannel, man, you must live in here.05:39
unavailableankit_ seems to be not localized, it happens to me too05:39
pobbelhas anyone had the problem that requires them to disable roaming then enable roaming before their wireless will connect?05:39
* ComanDos no kick!05:40
xtknightankit_, not unusable.  it is mildly laggy on mine because it has a lot of graphics.  not much you can do about that.  GPU can't accelerate everything05:40
koyo001Totem plroblem05:40
FlannelComanDos: Follow the rules05:40
* ComanDos lol05:40
alan_mComanDos, err...nevermind.05:40
* ComanDos :(05:40
amenadoguido_-> oh, i dont know then.05:40
ankit_xtknight: hm... so I just have to live with it? no workarounds or anything?05:40
xtknightankit_, i have heard of some 2D acceleration problems in the newer nvidi cards but i have a nvidia 7800gt and no issues.  you said your video wasnt the problem so im not sure what's going on.  try closing all firefox windows then running firefox in the terminal and see if there are any errors05:40
* ComanDos the bloody alboz...05:40
ankit_xtknight: good idea, didn't think of that05:40
xtknightpobbel, ive heard of people needing to use roaming mode enabled05:40
l3dwhere are the themes for kde located05:41
cxoI cant seem to get my wireless working, its a ipw2200 card, is that supported?05:41
xtknightankit_, and you're not using compiz are you?05:41
xtknightcxo, ya is it not working for you?05:41
xtknightnew drivers here http://ipw2200.sourceforge.net/05:41
ankit_xtknight: actually, I am05:41
xtknightankit_, can you try disabling it and see if it fixes it to help debug the problem05:41
ankit_xtknight: alright05:42
unavailablextknight its happening to me too05:42
cxoxtknight, iwconfig makes it looks like everything is working, but i get no dhcp address05:42
xtknightunavailable, but is yours extremely slow, like one update every 2 seconds, or just mildly slow?05:42
ankit_xtknight: nope, same problem with metacity05:42
xtknightankit_, and how slow is yours?  one update every 2 secs or so?  for me it is still a couple a second just a tad slower than text sites05:42
unavailablemildly slow xtknight05:42
cxoxtknight, do i need to install the firmware separately?05:43
ankit_xtknight: yes, something around that05:43
xtknightcxo, you can install wireless and other modules firmware into /lib/firmware but i am not sure if you must.  not all drivers require firmware05:43
Sp0tterI'm trying to create an auto-install ubuntu server cd using preseeeding, been going through the tutorial and on my first real test with it i get the  isolinux checksum error because i remastered the iso image.  Is there a way to disable this check? It's much easier to have the seed file on the install cd then on a seperate media05:43
xtknightankit_, can you try installing konqueror(KDE web browser) and see if it happens here?05:43
xtknightor opera05:43
FlannelSp0tter: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization05:44
ankit_xtknight: I think I already have some KDE libs installed, so that shouldn't take too long... I'll try it05:44
Bad_HackerI am running Ubuntu on a PC Chips M810 LMR-H with about 630 of ram, and running a ati radeon 128mb 9600 card. I notice that once I installed the graphic card it appears that the screen goes " blank or black" is this some sort of bug with ati radeon cards and xforce software, if so, how can i fix this issue? Please help. Thanks!!!05:44
Sp0tterFlannel, thanks.05:44
unavailablextknight ankit_ well there are a lot of scripts on that site: http://www.tuaw.com/   but thats not the problem either05:45
mirandahi again...how do I increase memory on my hard drive for ubuntu installation05:45
bazhangmiranda, not your hdd, need to add ram05:46
ankit_unavailable: yea, it's only on Ubuntu that this happens05:46
sugihow do i mount a iso from terminal??  mount /path/to/iso/ /path/to/mount/point/05:46
mirandano it says you have 3000 and you need 500005:46
Bad_HackerI am running Ubuntu on a PC Chips M810 LMR-H with about 640 of ram, and running a ati radeon 128mb 9600 card. I notice that once I installed the graphic card it appears that the screen goes " blank or blacks out" is this some sort of bug with ati radeon cards and xforce software, if so, how can i fix this issue? Please help. Thanks!!!05:46
Flannel!iso | sugi05:46
BigUrsisDoes anyone here have any ipod and the most recent version of quod libet? (from the repos)05:46
ubottusugi: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.05:46
Blaqlight!repeat | Bad_Hacker05:46
ubottuBad_Hacker: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:46
bazhangmiranda, you are referring to hard drive space; though with 64mb of ram it is a moot point05:47
bazhangBad_Hacker, what version of ubuntu05:47
mirandaI am using kubuntu though...but this isn't kubuntu help though05:47
xtknight!kubuntu | miranda05:47
Bad_Hackerubuntu 8.0405:47
ubottumiranda: Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE05:47
Bad_HackerSorry, Ubottu!!!05:47
bazhangmiranda, you have kubuntu installed successfully with only 64mb of ram?05:47
mirandaxtknight: thanks for the reminder :-)05:48
mirandabazhang: no I am trying to install05:48
=== lulzzz is now known as cautionaryx
bazhangmiranda, no way kubuntu will install on that tiny amount of ram05:48
unavailableProblem with Screenlets, three of them will not autostart on login and these three also do not show up in the session manager, when the other four do.05:48
mirandabazhang: ok what do you suggest?05:48
Bad_Hackerbazhang: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS05:48
bazhangBad_Hacker, what driver are you using for that video card05:49
Blaqlightmiranda: your going to need more ram to install a funtioning system.05:49
Bad_HackerUbuntu installed the FLGRX Driver05:49
bazhangmiranda, is adding ram just not an option? you insist on running that system as is?05:49
chronographerdo you get a white screen after login?05:49
sugiFlannel: thanks05:49
Bonsteruse acetoneiso if u need to mount05:50
mirandabazhang: yes05:50
mirandabazhang: SDRAM =  RAM right?05:50
chronographermiranda, try xubuntu for little ram05:51
bazhangmiranda, yes, as is?05:51
bazhangchronographer, that is too heavy05:51
unavailablemiranda as long as its not rdram    youre in the good...05:51
ankit_xtknight, unavailable: same problem in konqueror05:51
Bonsteruse puppy linux if u got slow pc05:51
Yhapsterhey lucent, you still here?05:51
mirandaBonster: link?05:51
bazhangmiranda, care to join #ubuntu-offtopic ?05:51
mirandabazhang: ok05:52
Blaqlightwindows 98 is built for little ram, most OS's these days require atleast 128MB of ram05:52
ankit_xtknight, unavailable: it's better on konqueror though... less noticable, but it might be because konqueror doesn't have smooth scrolling05:52
unavailablecould be ankit_05:52
unavailablemiranda  http://www.acetoneiso.netsons.org/05:53
Blaqlightyou could probably get gentoo to run though. with a little work and all commandline.05:53
xtknightankit_, hmmm well i'm still thinking some type of video resource allocation issue.  i dont know though.  does it get better if you close all your big windows except irc and one firefox05:53
pobbelWhy do I need to disable roaming in network admin and then re-enable roaming before network manager will connect my wireless?05:54
xtknightankit_, what kind of CPU are you using as well?05:54
ankit_xtknight: that's all I have open05:54
xtknightno telling, network manager is kinda buggy05:54
ankit_xtknight: Core 2 Duo (Conroe) 2.67 GHz * 205:54
bazhangBad_Hacker, the hardware drivers was where you added the drivers?05:54
pobbelI have tried wicd but it will not connect and network manager will not connect either, the only way I can connect is using ntwork manager05:55
xtknightankit_, ohh ok more than i have lol05:55
pobbelnetwork admin I mean05:55
Bad_HackerAfter the install of the driver, and with in 2-5 mins. of web surfing  the screen goes blank or blacks out.05:55
fazuka_i did a fresh install of hardy and my broadcom wireless can't connect to my wireless network after i installed the driver in hardware drivers05:55
ankit_xtknight, unavailable: actually, facebook is fine on konqueror, but tuaw.com is slow on both, so I think these are two seperate problems...05:55
ankit_tuaw.com might be slow on all systems.05:55
unavailableok to fix my screenlets problem would i be able to make an executable sh added to startup with the required lines??05:55
xtknightankit_, i have no idea.  no sites i visit update once every 2 secs, most are just slightly laggier05:56
Bad_Hackerbazhang: then i would have to resort to a soft reboot.05:56
ankit_this is bothersome...05:56
xtknightkinda feels like running in sand but not like extremely slow05:56
bazhangBad_Hacker, this is nvidia?05:57
xtknightankit_, does it happen in vesa and have you ever tried the nouveau drivers?05:57
Bad_Hackerbazhang: no, ATI card05:58
ankit_xtknight: not sure, but I definitely don't want to screw with my video drivers again... had to reinstall last time I tried something stupid, haha.05:58
pobbelokay then, cant I get my wireless to connect manually under network admin?05:58
cxoxtknight, hey man, figured it out05:58
cxoi used to gui to type in my ascii wep key05:58
xtknightankit_, ah well you can always try a livecd to try the vesa/nv ones05:58
cxoand looked at the hex it produced, using iwconfig05:58
cxoand it was incorrect05:58
cxoso i used md5sum manually and did it05:58
xtknightankit_, might give you some closure i have no idea how to fix the problem you're having though.   no messages in dmesg i assume05:58
cxoand now it works05:58
xtknightcxo, ah i see05:58
Bad_Hackerbazhang: an Ati raideon 9600 card.05:59
eruistoHey guys, I'm having a hard time setting my Xorg resolution. I'm not using a default Ubuntu/Gnome install; I have an Ubuntu-server install with fluxbox/X11 installed myself. Everything works great with the monitor attached (1280x1024-60Hz, autodetected), but I'm going to be removing the monitor and using VNC to use the GUI for the few things I need it for. The only problem is, My main PC's resolution is 1440x900, which is shorter th05:59
eruistoan the server's. I'm trying to get X11 to use a 1024x768 resolution instead of 1280x1024, but everything I'm trying is not working. My current xorg.conf is http://pastebin.com/m1ce75b96. I've tried doing the "Display" subsection with the resolution, etc, but it didn't work. Is there something I'm missing?05:59
The_GopherHi again, I tried doing things with the command line interfact (ctrl-alt-f1), but it doesnt kill x, when I tried killing it manually it just restarted the x interface05:59
ankit_xtknight: true, but the I think the nvidia proprietary drivers are the best of the lot. and nope, no messages in dmesg05:59
The_Gopheris there a way I can change a runlevel to start with all my processes without x?06:00
ankit_The_Gopher: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:00
The_Gopheris that just for the session?06:00
xtknightya that just stops gdm06:00
xtknightfor now06:00
The_Gopherright on06:00
railzok this is driving me nuts.  i want to specify dns manually, if i change resolve.conf it changes on reboot.06:00
ankit_The_Gopher: yes, that just stops it until you reboot or restart it manually06:00
xtknightrailz, you need to edit dhclient conf files06:00
The_Gopherrighto, let me try that thanks06:01
xtknightrailz,  i think it's /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf you need to modify06:01
ankit_wow, konqueror is weird on gnome06:01
xtknightrailz that tells you how to change dns on ubuntu https://www.opendns.com/start/ubuntu.php06:02
ankit_the quest for finding a browser that works when firefox doesn't begins...06:02
Blaqlightankit_: try opera06:03
fyrestrtrankit_: Konqueror, Opera.06:03
xtknightopera,midori (webkit),epiphany w/ gecko, epiphany w/ webkit backend,etc06:03
=== Svenstar0 is now known as Svenstaro
Blaqlightunless you like text based ones, then its linx06:04
railzxtknight, i've done what's detailed on that site and yet it's still replacing it's own auto-detected dns06:04
ankit_well I don't like opera, konqueror is wonky on gnome, and I'm checking out midori and stuff now06:04
Bad_HackerBazhang: Should I uninstall the "Hardware Driver" Ubuntu set for, so I can use this method " https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI "06:04
ankit_Blaqlight: only when I get really dirty.06:04
l3dok I did figure out why the kde apps wasnt taking the gnome theme I had well with out knowing it installed the apps for kde4 and not just kde I dont know why but it does make a difference06:04
xtknightrailz, even replacing dhclient conf?06:04
l3dthank god for synaptic06:05
fyrestrtrrailz: you can customize your dhcp client's configuration to ignore or pre-pend your custom DNS to the ones pushed to you by the server.06:05
xtknightrailz, it could be something with network-manager but i'm not sure how to fix that06:05
blogihow can i install driver in my lan card?06:05
Blaqlightlinx is really nice for all text. it does everything 1000 times faster than any other browser.06:05
ankit_links2 -g is pretty nice for graphical too06:05
fyrestrtrBlaqlight: linx can also display images.06:05
railzok trying something. resetting my nic06:06
Blaqlightbut then you get no tpretty pictures.06:06
The_Gopherok so I tried installing my nvidia drivers (up to date, following instructions...now) but it seems by trying to install them in runlevel 1 I kinda screwed up the installation, any advice on what I should do?06:06
ankit_midori is a little unpolished, but fine for only a website or two... definitely works on certain sites where firefox fails06:06
bazhangfglrxinfo run that command in terminal Bad_Hacker and paste the output to paste.ubuntu.com (NOT here)06:06
blogihow can i install my new lan car driver?06:07
Blaqlightfyrestrtr: how... when they are ASCII?06:07
bazhangblogi, which chipset06:08
Bad_HackeroKay, once the computer is up and running, It froze again.06:08
cre8torx? what distro's of linux are for pda's06:08
The_Gopherat least it'd be great if somebody could tell me how to reset my driver installation so I can do it again the proper way06:08
Bad_Hackerhad to reboot06:08
eruistoNobody know anything about X11?06:08
railzif i run sudo ifdown eth0 i get eht0 not configured06:08
ankit_midori is a box of crash...06:08
railzbut i verified it's eth0 and not eht106:08
bazhangeruisto, what is the question06:08
eruistoI'm having a hard time setting my Xorg resolution. I'm not using a default Ubuntu/Gnome install; I have an Ubuntu-server install with fluxbox/X11 installed myself. Everything works great with the monitor attached (1280x1024-60Hz, autodetected), but I'm going to be removing the monitor and using VNC to use the GUI for the few things I need it for. The only problem is, My main PC's resolution is 1440x900, which is shorter than the ser06:08
eruistover's. I'm trying to get X11 to use a 1024x768 resolution instead of 1280x1024, but everything I'm trying is not working. My current xorg.conf is http://pastebin.com/m1ce75b96. I've tried doing the "Display" subsection with the resolution, etc, but it didn't work. Is there something I'm missing?06:08
eruisto^ That >.<06:08
ankit_cre8torx: what PDA?06:08
fyrestrtrBlaqlight: it can use the framebuffer device to render images, and ASCII is not the same thing as text :)06:08
Blaqlightankit_: lol06:09
cre8torxpalm treo 65006:09
Blaqlightfyrestrtr: man much has changed since my gentoo days then.06:09
ankit_oooh, epiphany looks promising06:09
xtknightankit_, also galeon06:09
ankit_fastest of them all so far06:09
fyrestrtrBlaqlight: ASCII is older than Gentoo or Linux06:10
ankit_xtknight: cool, I'll check it out, thanks06:10
Blaqlightand yes I knew that,06:10
xtknightankit_, and try firefox-2 while ur at it lol06:10
blogibazhang: 3com06:10
EmmcoReI have soundcore compiled as a module but I dont know how to install it :|06:10
ankit_xtknight: actually, firefox-2 worked, so perhaps...06:10
EmmcoResomeboody ?06:10
cre8torxis there a distro for download that's for PDA06:10
bazhangblogi, this is usb external or pci internal06:10
ubottuLearn more about Ubuntu Mobile at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded06:11
fyrestrtrEmmcoRe: modprobe06:11
blogipci lan card06:11
EmmcoRefyrestrtr: that is the command ?06:11
Blaqlightwell before I get foot in mouth disease again, Ive gotta go lol06:11
bazhang#linux cre8torx06:11
GraniteGargoyleanyone know why I can't get desktop effects going06:11
blogiwhat u mean bazhang?06:11
ankit_GraniteGargoyle: no? give us some more to go on.06:12
bazhangcre8torx, that is the channel to ask in06:12
fyrestrtrEmmcoRe: yes, modprobe nameofmodule06:12
lebutcherpci tried compiz fusion06:12
Blaqlightblogi: please do not PM me abain without asking.06:12
GraniteGargoyleI try to enable them and it just says it is unable to start them06:12
cxoi love this ubuntu thing06:12
cre8torxi put linux on every thing except pda06:12
EmmcoRefyrestrtr: Ok let me see06:12
kudingi love ubuntu too06:12
bazhangblogi, open a terminal and type lspci and paste the output to paste.ubuntu.com (NOT here)06:12
GraniteGargoylenot sure how to see if 3d accel is on06:13
lebutcherpcyou do have a graphics card right?06:13
cxoive used redhat for over 10yrs now, and the difference is like night and day06:13
Blaqlightcre8torx: that treo 650 has nothing even halfway decent in the way of hardware.06:13
ankit_cre8torx: oh YEA? my TOASTER runs linux... you should see the kernel panics... thats why I had to move to this house.06:13
lebutcherpcmake sure drivers are properly installes06:13
blogiwhere do i paste it?06:13
cxoits like someone actually used the distro before they released it06:13
bazhangblogi, paste.ubuntu.com06:13
Blaqlightankit_: lmao06:13
kudingi never used redhat, what it do like06:13
lebutcherpcand also the latest drivers for the card06:13
bazhangyes blogi06:13
cre8torxyeah but for 30 bucks who cares06:13
GraniteGargoyleleb how to check that?06:14
bazhangtake chat to #ubuntu-offtopic06:14
blogibazhang...in the forum?06:14
bazhangblogi, no; open a terminal and type lspci then paste the output of that to paste.ubuntu.com06:15
guido_hey, I mistakenly installed NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.09-pkg1.run asked me if it should try to make a module, i said yes but now the nvidia drivers don't work and I can only use nv. help!06:15
ankit_cre8torx: s/he said that because you're trying to run linux on it... the hardware isn't really up to the challenge.06:15
bazhangblogi, dont paste it here.06:15
cre8torxblaqlight it beats' the gay palm OS  that's on it besides carring a laptop with you every where can be a little painful06:15
storm-zenI'm having difficulty with grub.  I'm getting 16: Inconsistent filesystem structure, but fsck 'ing reveals a clean partition.  Anyone have an idea what might be happening?06:15
bazhangcre8torx, this is not a chat channel.06:15
blogiwhere do i paste it in ubuntu.com, which part of the site?06:16
bazhangblogi, paste.ubuntu.com is the site.06:16
Bad_Hackerbazhang: http://pastebin.com/m494a9fca06:16
lebutcherpci can't get a cube on compiz fusion06:16
lebutcherpcsomebody help06:16
ankit_lebutcherpc: do you have compiz fusion running?06:17
ankit_and accelerated graphics working?06:17
lebutcherpci installed everything but i cant see it06:17
cre8torxbad monitor06:17
lebutcherpcall i get is the beryl icon06:17
bazhanglebutcherpc, install 3d drivers, install compizconfig-settings-manager set appearances visual effects then in ccsm set virtual horizontal desktops to 406:17
gescapeis menu.lst in ubuntu relevant to grub.conf?06:17
blogihttp://pastebin.com/m5702c975 ----i paste it in here06:17
cre8torxask ubotu06:18
bazhangcre8torx, please stop06:18
lebutcherpchow do i get to ccsm06:18
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:18
cre8torxyour the one who's talking to me im just tring to help some folks out06:19
legend2440storm-zen: http://www.astahost.com/info.php/problem-grub_t8599.html06:19
ankit_cre8torx: that would be awfully nice of you if you knew what you were talking about...06:19
guido_hey, I mistakenly installed NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.09-pkg1.run asked me if it should try to make a module, i said yes but now the nvidia drivers don't work and I can only use nv. this is what dmesg|grep NVRM says http://paste.ubuntu.com/30798/ help!06:19
jeeves__is there a way to find out what program caused the last crash that just happened?06:19
ankit_cre8torx: unfortunately, it seems like this is not the case, and "bad monitor" is probably not why he doesn't have compiz working... so, in bazhang's words, please stop.06:20
bazhanglebutcherpc, in system prefs advanced desktop settings06:20
jeeves__ankit_, don't feel bad, I've got a display problem as well!06:20
blogibazhang: here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/30802/06:20
fyrestrtrjeeves__: there is a crash monitor in hardy that should pick it up.06:20
Bad_HackerBazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/30801/06:20
jeeves__fyrestrtr, well, this system locked up, then hard rebooted back to a cold boot06:21
storm-zenlegend2440: Am I to take it, then, that what I'm doing wrong is trying to install grub to (hd2,0) instead of (hd2) ?06:21
ankit_jeeves__: oh, I don't, I was just pointing out to cre8torx that his diagnosis is probably wrong06:21
ankit_what happened to your monitor?06:21
jeeves__ankit_, ahhhh, think you can help me lick this nVidia issue?06:22
bazhangBad_Hacker, please paste xorg.conf to paste.ubuntu.com06:22
lebutcherpcok in ther right now06:22
bazhangblogi, dont see any wireless in there06:23
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blogiits not wireless06:23
blogilan card for cable06:23
ankit_jeeves__: I might be be able to, lemme see what I can do06:23
storm-zenlegend2440: Installing to (hd2) didn't fix it either.06:23
bazhangblogi, open a terminal and type ifconfig; how many entries two or three06:24
blogibzhang i just added new lan card...which is 3com06:24
ankit_I need to go off topic for just a second here to point out... FAIL IS cre8torx. yeesh.06:24
FunnyLookinHatAnyone here have any experience with 8.04.1 freezing when it tries to scan disks in the installer?06:24
blogionly eth006:24
ankit_FunnyLookinHat: I had that before06:24
FunnyLookinHatankit_: any solution?06:24
bazhangblogi, and that will not connect; is that the issue?06:24
ankit_FunnyLookinHat: I just rebooted and tried again and it worked06:24
blogiits note detected06:25
blogiits not detected06:25
legend2440storm-zen: are you dual booting windows and ubuntu?06:25
jeeves__ankit_, ok, it's the "common" nVidia issue.  artifacts, flashing screen, X freezes, grey screen, etc06:25
storm-zenlegend2440: No.  There isn't a trace of Windows on the box.06:25
ankit_jeeves__: what card do you have?06:25
FunnyLookinHatankit_: heh, I hate using the windows "fix-it-all" solution on Linux... but I'll give it a try.06:25
bazhangblogi, this is an external pci card? did you hotplug it or was it in when you started up06:25
jeeves__ankit_, it's a nVidia 7300GO in a Toshiba P10006:25
ankit_FunnyLookinHat: haha, yea, I have no idea why it does that sometimes, but it just worked eventually... it was frusterating, I had to do it twice or thrice.06:26
storm-zenlegend2440: Sorry, that may have sounded a little unfriendly.  I'm just frustrated.  Been at this for hours.06:26
lebutcherpcthanks for the help06:26
blogibazhang---yes...i restarted my pc then put my new lan card then reboot06:26
legend2440storm-zen: no problem06:26
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Bad_HackerBazhang: here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/30804/06:26
ankit_jeeves__: hm, alright... are your running on the nvidia proprietary drivers?06:26
storm-zen... last day at this office and it up and fries at 6pm on saturday.06:26
ankit_marmelaati: haha, nice comic on your /quit06:27
jeeves__ankit_, if I run the restricted set, it locks up every 45 or so seconds.  So I'm using the Envyng set of drivers, and I'm getting some glitches.  I've tried running the driver from the nVidia site as well.  nothing works.  This is the ONLY thing left on the latop to get running.06:27
EmmcoReSomebody knows the name of the module...06:28
EmmcoRefilename:       /lib/modules/2.6.24-16-generic/kernel/sound/soundcore.ko06:28
EmmcoRealias:          char-major-14-*06:28
EmmcoRelicense:        GPL06:28
EmmcoReauthor:         Alan Cox06:28
EmmcoRedescription:    Core sound module06:28
FloodBot2EmmcoRe: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:28
EmmcoResrcversion:     548AA54AF08207316C104F806:28
jacobuI have a Dell Latitude D600 with an internal resolution of 1024x768, hooked up to an external VGA monitor with a resolution of 1280x1024.  The external monitor shows the screen at 1280x1024, but the gnome toolbars and gdm login window are all only displayed in the top left corner of the screen at the 1024x768 resolution.  How can I fix this?  I only want to use the external monitor, so I tried disabling the internal screen with xrandr to no avail.  Help is m06:28
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=== Emm is now known as EmmcoRe
jeeves__ankit_, trust me, I've been @ this ALL day today.  I FINALLY got everything else running on the unit (sound, etc), and now it's just this video issue06:29
ankit_jeeves__: that's very weird, did you try the nvidia-new drivers in the repositories?06:29
fyrestrtrEmmcoRe: its soundcore06:29
bazhangblogi, pcmcia card?06:30
jeeves__ankit_, I've tried the nvidia-glk, nvidia-glk-new, and nvidia-glk-legacy  AND the drivers from the nvidia site, etc.06:30
jeeves__ankit_, ALL of them product the atrifacts, and system lock ups.06:30
fyrestrtrjeeves__: you need to let the hardware wizard find the drivers for you, not guess like that.06:31
Bad_Hackerblogi: patience is virtue...He's a busy person....06:31
jeeves__fyrestrtr, and how do I do that?06:31
ankit_jeeves__: yea, I agree with fyrestrtr. I think that might have caused some of the issues.06:31
ankit_jeeves__: you go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers06:31
Bad_HackerHe's helping alot of others as well.06:31
legend2440storm-zen: can you paste your   /boot/grub/menu.lst file06:32
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:32
jeeves__ankit_, I did that when it first fired up, and the drivers it "reccomends" locks the system up and forced a hard reboot06:32
bazhangBad_Hacker, did you use envyng-gtk? perhaps the logs will tell a tale, though at this point I'm on fumes as ATI is something I dont know a heck of a lot about; also, do you need the 3d stuff for compiz etc or just dont care06:32
EmmcoRefyrestrtr: matias@Pnomic:~$ modprobe soundcore06:33
EmmcoRenothing happend06:33
ankit_jeeves__: every time? by the way, you don't have to hard reboot, you can: 1. try to restart X (CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE)   2. emergency reboot (Alt+SysRq+ R E I S U B)06:33
fyrestrtrEmmcoRe: you need to run it as sudo, and it doesn't output anything.06:33
ankit_EmmcoRe: modprobe doesn't have an output.06:33
fyrestrtrEmmcoRe: in other words, if nothing happened, something good happened.06:33
jeeves__ankit_, you're right, a better way of saying it is it CRASHES back to a cold boot06:34
fyrestrtrEmmcoRe: you can verify if its loaded and being used by lsmode | grep soundcode06:34
fyrestrtrerr, soundcore06:34
Athenon_ok guys....ive used ubuntu before, but im having a really weird problem this time around (even used the same version before without it happening....on the same computer)....when i use synaptic to install stuff, itll only download a bit and then itll freeze and i have to either wait awhile or restart the synaptic download......how can i fix this?06:34
ankit_jeeves__: oh, sorry, my fault06:34
FunnyLookinHatankit_: wouldn't ya know...  that fixed it.   haha thanks!06:34
jeeves__ankit_, naaa, it was mine, I didn't word it right06:34
Bad_Hackerbazhang: It would be nice to have compiz on, but it is a memory hog, so it does not matter. Also, I have not used " envyng-gtk " is there an install guide for it.06:34
Athenon_its on wireless, but thats the same as last time too -_-06:34
ankit_FunnyLookinHat: yea, it's weird... no problem.06:34
jacobunm, ignore earlier query, in case anybody cared anyway06:35
fyrestrtrAthenon_: sounds like a problem with your Internet.06:35
Athenon_fyrestrtr: this computer uses the same internet without any issues....even wireless....a tad further away from the router in fact06:35
ankit_jeeves__: hm... I'm not really exceptionally good with video drivers... I've had my share of problems with them, so sorry if I'm not really helping06:35
Bad_Hackerbazhang: i only have 640 mb of ram, so no, I do not need compiz?06:35
fyrestrtrAthenon_: where does it stop?06:36
bazhangBad_Hacker, mixed opinion on envyng-gtk; it 'works for me', but others dislike it; it does allow for the 3d drivers etc though06:36
Athenon_fyrestrtr: whenever and wherever it feels like....it doesnt stop after a set time or at a set place or anything06:36
ankit_jeeves__: my solution to video driver issues is a reinstall, and letting the auto config work it's magic... but that doesn't seem to be helping you...06:36
ankit_jeeves__: did you try the "nv" driver?06:37
fyrestrtrAthenon_: I meant where in the process does it stop -- refreshing repos, downloading, installing, etc. Or is it random.06:37
jeeves__ankit_, this is a fresh install!!  as in less than 2 hours!06:37
Athenon_fyrestrtr: downloading....always downloading :P06:37
Athenon_fyrestrtr: it stops and gives me a download rate of unknown06:37
bazhangiirc the radeonhd non 3d is not bad for ati; again I have nvidia, so that is just from observing here Bad_Hacker06:37
ankit_jeeves__: did you try the "nv" or "nouveau" drivers?06:38
storm-zenlegend2440: Sort of... I can type it what I'm trying to start the bootup.  In theory, I have access to the network on that box, but I would need some sort of script to get the contents to the pastebin.06:38
jeeves__ankit_, nv driver?  do you have a howto on that?06:38
fyrestrtrAthenon_: change your repos06:38
bazhangAthenon_, pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list to paste.ubuntu.com for us to see06:38
ankit_jeeves__: it's an alternative to the proprietary "nvidia" drivers06:39
=== urbanmonkey is now known as um|zZzZ
jeeves__ankit_, do you have a URL for a howto06:39
storm-zenso much for the console paste idea, I don't have perl in the rescue environment.06:39
ankit_jeeves__: the thing is, do you want accelerated 3D (compiz or games or the like)?06:40
ankit_jeeves__: if you just want a working accelerated 2D solution, those drivers might be the answer.06:40
jeeves__ankit_, yea.  that's the problem.  what's annoying me is that up untill 2 major releases ago, EVERYTHING worked fine.06:40
Athenon_bazhang: i, erm...cant :S06:40
bazhangAthenon_, why not?06:41
Athenon_bazhang: i cant get a web browser to load to pastebin the thing -_-  firefox says its running even though its not....i even did a ps -gaux |grep fire06:41
Binhohi fulks06:41
bazhangAthenon_, can you install pastebinit?06:41
Binhoalguém fala português?06:41
ankit_jeeves__: hm, I'm not sure if the nouveau drivers have 3D or not06:41
bazhang!pt | Binho06:42
ubottuBinho: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.06:42
Athenon_bazhang: let me check the next time it freezes06:42
rexushi guys, how can i add a user into a particular group?06:43
bazhangAthenon_, if you can install pastebinit then cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit and tell us the url your terminal shows06:43
ankit_jeeves__: seems like 3D is very very shaky in the nouveau drivers right now, so looks like the nvidia drivers are your only shot at 3D.06:43
jeeves__ankit_, hummm, have 3d and crashes, or put up with 2D.  WOW, choices!06:43
Athenon_bazhang: nod, i will.  synaptic is currently installing stuff though....although if it doesnt freeze i dont have a problem anymore XD06:43
bazhangAthenon_, okay; just a fyi then :)06:44
Athenon_bazhang: hehe thanks.  it hasnt frozen in awhile....my friend suggested to change my mirror, and so far that seems to be working06:44
jeeves__ankit_, well, I guess anything is better than the freezing.  how do I install the the drivers?06:44
ankit_jeeves__: you can try uninstalling everything graphics related and then reinstalling the nvidia drivers to see if that helps... maybe some remenants from the various driver installs are causing problems?06:45
Bad_HackerAnyone know of good open source driver for ATI Radeon 9600 Card.06:45
help1234564321hi I'm trying to play pogo games on ubuntu.... was able to install java java applet starts but does not completely load (applet bail)06:45
=== i is now known as Guest96549
jeeves__ankit_, I've tried that allready06:46
ankit_Bad_Hacker: the radeon drivers are pretty decent, arent they?06:46
mlLKanyone know how to exclude a path w/ du?06:46
Maco10Ubuntu piada06:47
storm-zenlegend2440: http://paste.ubuntu.com/30812/  (thanks!)06:47
help1234564321can anyone help me?06:47
bazhangMaco10, do you have a support question?06:47
studenthow do I add users to groups via the command line?06:48
Brome'gMorning all. I get the package management error "E: dpkg was interruped, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem" However, when I do that I get "too man errors, stopping. dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:252:process_queue: Assertion '!queuelen' Failed. It encounters lots of kde dependancy problems (kde4 I think). Can anybody help me?06:48
Bad_Hackerankit_: are you talking about Proprietary Drivers? If so, then no, in my case.06:48
geniistudent: sudo usermod -G newgroupname -a username06:48
storm-zenstudent: Something like usermod, I believe.06:48
blogibazhang: blogi, pcmcia card?----whats a pcmcia?06:48
ankit_Bad_Hacker: aren't the radeon drivers the open-source ones?06:49
geniistudent: The -a is ultra important. If you omit it then "newgroupname" will be the ONLY group the user will belong to06:49
storm-zengenii: I've learned that one the hard way... ... repeatedly.06:49
geniistorm-zen: Those are lessons you don't forget easily :)06:49
bazhangblogi, the fact that it is not detected is not an especially good sign; there is nothing in lspci that I can see about it; and as you restarted with the card in (ie not hotplugging when system is running) not sure where to take this06:50
Bad_Hackerthey are, but the one's from the ATI/AMD Crew, have issues.06:50
ankit_jeeves__: to install the nv driver, I think all you need is: "sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nv", and then change your /etc/X11/xorg.conf driver section for your video card to say "nv"06:50
help1234564321does anyone know why pogo and ubuntu don't work?06:50
bazhangblogi, though if you do see eth0 what does sudo dhclient eth0 return in the terminal (paste output to paste.ubuntu.com , NOT here)06:51
Bad_HackerATI/AM = Proprietary Drivers and then you have your Open source drivers.06:51
jeeves__ankit_, thanks man.06:51
ankit_jeeves__: haha, I didn't even fix your problem...06:51
blogibazhang, does it need any driver to detect of something?06:52
bazhangblogi, you can see eth0 in ifconfig, correct? then try sudo dhclient eth0 and paste output to paste.ubuntu.com (make sure ethernet cable is attached of course)06:53
ankit_Bad_Hacker: I heard good things about the proprietary drivers recently, but I guess not in this instance... I had an ATi Radeon 9600XT and the open source drivers worked fairly tolerably and let me run compiz at a fairly decent FPS.06:53
m0u5ei would like to set my hardware volume control tab to control PCM rather than volume, what is the manual way to do this (config file anywhere?)06:53
Bad_Hackernice for you.06:54
blogibazhang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/30814/06:54
m0u5eit works now06:54
m0u5envm guys :D06:54
m0u5ecoming to #ubuntu must automatically fix stuff lol06:54
ankit_m0u5e: System -> Preferences -> Sound, default mixer tracks06:54
m0u5eankit_: there seems to just have been a delay, thx though, it works now :D06:55
BromeAnybody? I'm afraid my whole dpkg is fried...06:55
legend2440storm-zen: sorry i can't tell much from that. not really familiar with Centos. have you tried googling   grub error 16?06:55
bazhangblogi, there is a lease; it should be connected to the internet now06:55
m0u5eankit_: also, do you know how to set so my volume is relative to a percentage system, rather than each step being logarithmically louder?06:55
blogibazhang, my eth0 is fine...but my new lan card wont detect06:56
legend2440storm-zen: perhaps someone in    channel    #centos  would know06:56
bazhangblogi, new lan card? wired?06:56
raghuhiiiiiiiiiiii im unable to take snapshot by pressing print screen06:56
raghucan someone help06:57
blogibazhang, i have two lan card eth0 and it should be eth1 (my new lan card)06:57
ankit_m0u5e: I thought it was a linear percentage increase as opposed to logarithmic, but I'm not sure. the on-screen display makes it seem like it is.06:57
bazhangblogi, why do you need two ethernet cards if the first is working06:57
blogibazhang, yes...wired for my local connection06:57
DedoimedoSTORM-ZEN do you have any question regarding centos - i can help ... :)06:57
ankit_raghu: what happens when you press the print screen button?06:57
blogifor my local connection :)06:57
bazhangblogi, not sure what you mean; are you doing ics?06:58
m0u5eankit_: it is for pcm, but for some reason master seems to be using a logarithmic scale06:58
blogiwhats ics?06:58
bazhang!ics | blogi06:58
ubottublogi: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php06:58
ankit_m0u5e: I'm not sure... you can change only PCM, if that works for you06:59
blogiahhh....no. i have another connection for local and for internet06:59
bazhangblogi, no idea what you are trying to do.06:59
blogiits so tiresome to change between cables just to switch to local and internet..hehehe06:59
m0u5eankit_: yeah i guess it works for now... just don't understand why it would ever be set to a log scale, not very practical for users07:00
bazhangblogi, good luck to you.07:00
blogihehehe...it wont work that way?07:00
ankit_m0u5e: because we all love exponents!07:00
storm-zenDedoimedo: Yes.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/30812/  help greatly appreciated!!07:01
rexushi guys, can i install firefox 2 altogether with firefox 3 in the same system?07:01
studentgenii, storm-zen: thanks07:01
storm-zenlegend2440: Yes, tried googling error 16.  Was hoping for something common to linux.07:01
ankit_rexus: yes.07:01
fairywingsi think so rexus. just make sure to create a new directory in /opt for it07:01
geniistudent: You're welcome. Use wisely :)07:01
arooniis there a way to make audacious gigantic?  also is there a way for it to have cool visualization effects (like winamp does .. that can full screen or big ? )?07:01
rexusso I cannot use the synaptic package manager then?07:02
ankit_rexus: sudo apt-get install firefox-207:02
havocstormdoes anyone else have the problem where their firefox crashes when trying to play falsh files?07:02
ankit_rexus: or search for firefox-2 in synaptic, if you prefer the GUI07:02
bazhangblogi, please address questions in the channel so others can help; as I said I have no idea how to help you at this point. Good Luck.07:02
rexusankit_ I already have firefox 3 installed , currently I'm using 8.0407:03
blogiohhh...i thought it would be a driver problem :(07:03
ankit_rexus: I'm fairly sure if you install the firefox-2 package, you can choose between firefox 2 and 3... they should have different entries in the Applications -> Internet menu07:03
ankit_rexus: I'm actually just installing firefox-2 myself07:04
Raheem!inf Opera07:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about inf opera07:05
ubottuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser07:05
cxoAnyone running the ati driver, get a lockup when they logoff?07:05
rexusankit_, are you using 8.04 as well?07:05
ankit_rexus: yes07:05
ankit_rexus: if you wait for a minute, I'll tell you how the install goes07:05
rexusankit_: how do you installed the firefox 2? using the synaptic?07:06
=== gardar is now known as gardar`afk
rexusankit_: I can wait07:06
bazhang!away > gardar`afk07:06
ubottugardar`afk, please see my private message07:06
akhil_Is there any calculator which i can add to panel on Ubuntu 8.04? I have to  open gnome-calculator every time i want to do a calculation07:06
akhil_or probably something like Sticky notes07:07
wbmjakhil: you can add gnome-calculator07:07
ankit_rexus: works great, I can choose between firefox-2 and firefox-3 in the menu, firefox-3 is still the default. the settings are shared between them... even tab sessions, which is pretty cool.07:07
akhil_wbmj, Is there any option to always load it in scientific mode?07:07
iceswordnickrud, hi, MR. Rudnick07:07
wbmjakhil: I believe it is in edit preferences07:08
akhil_wbmj, Thanks :)07:08
akhil_wbmj, There is not Edit -> Preferences07:08
ryan_anyone know how to change permissions on a themes folder07:08
akhil_** no07:08
rexusankit_: did you install it using synaptic?07:08
ankit_rexus: no, I used the command-line and apt-get, but it's the same thing... synaptic is just a front-end for apt-get, so you can use either.07:09
osmosishow can I install just a single packages from intrepid? (Im on hardy)07:09
jacobuAnybody know how to save the current configuration as set by xrandr?07:09
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for that osmosis07:10
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amenadorexus-> look into using  update-alternatives  for allowing you to have choices of which firefox to use07:10
ryan_i am just try to install a theme but i cannot copy or paste into the themes folder07:10
wbmjryan_: left click on folder ;;;; go to properties07:10
ryan_im there07:10
ankit_amenado: that's only if he wants to change the default, otherwise just installing should be fine to use both07:10
rexusamenado: where is that update-alternatives?07:10
wbmjryan_ most themes are drag and drop07:10
ankit_rexus: do you want firefox-2 to be your default browser?07:11
Bubsydoes anyone know a good guide for setting up tv tuner cards?07:11
ryan_ok i do that and then nothing happens07:11
ryan_just to let u know im new but rlly intrested in ubuntu07:11
amenadoankit_-> using update-alternatives gives a cleaner way to choose which firefox to use does it not?07:11
rexusankit_: no..07:11
bazhangryan_, then it is a poorly written theme; try imetal for gnome from gnome-look.org07:12
amenadorexus-> man update-alternatives or google for how create the menu choices..i dont know the details off hand07:12
ankit_amenado: no, installing the firefox-3 and firefox-2 packages in 8.04 gives two seperate options in the menu, so you can choose between... update-alternatives doesn't even work with firefox actually07:12
ankit_rexus: then you don't need to tinker update-alternatives. just install firefox-2 and then you should be fine.07:13
amenadoankit_-> why would it not work, is the symlinks pointing to the correct firefox?07:13
ryan_ok i  will i am using Hardy-Mariux 2.007:13
rexusankit_: let me try your way first07:13
bazhangryan_, what distro is that07:13
ryan_ubuntu hardy 8.0407:13
wbmjankit : if you open Preferred Applications ... select custom and change the command to firefox-2 it will be the default07:14
bazhangoh the theme07:14
ankit_amenado: I tried a update-alternatives firefox and it said no alternatives07:14
ankit_amenado: wbmj's solution is much easier and better.07:14
ankit_wbmj: good point, thanks.07:14
kiosk_M IRC07:15
=== PZt is now known as spres
=== spres is now known as PZt
amenadoankit_-> i think its because you didnt configure it right and not pointing to the correct symlink..seems all this update-alternative is managing the symlinks..07:15
ua_how to get the package lists offline07:15
BromeHello. I get the package management error "E: dpkg was interruped, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem" However, when I do that I get "too man errors, stopping. dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:252:process_queue: Assertion '!queuelen' Failed. It encounters lots of kde dependancy problems (kde4 I think). Can anybody help me?07:16
coolHI  HOW CAN  I SETUP WEB CAM????07:16
rexusthis synaptic and apt things made my migration from FC6 faster :)07:16
bazhang!webcams | cool07:16
ubottucool: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras07:16
ankit_cool: by turning off caps lock, for starters07:16
aaronwiwill ubuntu use all 4 cores in a quad core processor?07:16
ryan_well anyway it was an ok theme so i will just look for a better 107:16
ryan_thanks a bunch tho07:16
BubsyIf my tv card doesn't show up in lspci, is it broken?07:17
ankit_amenado: I installed from the packages, and the symlinks are working07:17
geniiBubsy: Not if it's for instnce USB07:17
ankit_amenado: it doesn't matter though, wbmj's way is better anyway07:17
BubsyNo, genii, it's a pci card07:17
SNuxoll!caps | cool07:18
dlozariehi all. how do I use the stack functionality of AWN?07:18
ubottucool: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:18
bazhangcool, read the link I gave you07:19
geniiBubsy: It's conceivable it has some controller which does not appear to the pci bus as a viable device. Some winmodems for instance are like this.07:19
bazhangcool, and dont use caps07:19
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dlozarieHas anyone else OS X-ified their desktop with instructions from lifehacker.com?07:19
Tsukasa-Ujiiewhats it like?07:20
bazhanglooks like os x07:20
Tsukasa-Ujiieil check it out07:20
Tsukasa-Ujiieoh yea07:21
dlozarieI like it. One question, though: in AWN, there's this stacks thing and it does absolutely nothing. How do I use it?07:21
Tsukasa-Ujiiedoes anyone know why ubnutu has issues connecting to windows xop ad-hoc networks?07:21
tv7497guys during installation of vmware i got this error and the installation aborted any idea what went wrong http://paste.ubuntu.com/30818/07:21
dlozarieTsukasa, because XP sucks. :D07:21
kerihow  can i make  digikam  the default  camera detection program  instead of fspot. or it is easier to just delete fspot?07:22
=== cyntek is now known as Bad_Hacker
tv7497anyone ??? i contacted #vmware channel they said better u ask in ubuntu  channel07:23
dlozariein AWN, there's this stacks thing and it does absolutely nothing. How do I use it?07:23
Thanatos____I have hardy with GNOME, is there a package I can install to make it so I have kubuntu? and easily switch back and forth?07:23
cxoHow do i get the Computer, Home and Trash icons on the desktop?07:25
=== cyntek is now known as Bad_Hacker
bazhangThanatos____, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ; change in login window sessions07:26
Thanatos____cxo Open the places menu, and drag the icon onto the desktop07:26
coolno did not work  says The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required07:26
Thanatos____bazhang, Thanks. I love this community07:27
dunnencxo, go to applications/system tools/configuration editor07:27
legend2440cxo: in terminal    gconf-editor     browse to   /apps/nautilus/desktop/volumes_visible07:27
Tsukasa-Ujiiedoes anyone know why my ubuntu hardy cannot connect to a windows ad hoc network (created using ipw) and cannot create an adhoc network, the netowkr card is a ipw3945abg07:27
bazhangnp :)07:27
dunnendamn legend beat me to it07:27
rexusguys, while booting, in fedora I can see the services being turned on, is there any way I can do the same in ubuntu?07:28
bazhangrexus, remove quiet and splash from boot parameters07:28
Bad_Hackerbazhang: I uninstalled the "proprietary drivers" so its running without the 3D fx's. Now, I will check to see if the "blank" bug will happen? It's now a waiting game?07:28
rexuswhere can i find the boot parameters?07:28
Bubsygenii: does that mean the card won't work?07:29
dlozarienvm, figured the stacks thing out. one more question: how come my icons are doubled in AWN? like, if i have Filezilla open it shows two filezilla icons even though only one window is really open?07:29
bazhangBad_Hacker, good luck; will troubleshoot more if that does not do it07:29
geniiBubsy: I would say so, yes07:29
Tsukasa-Ujiiedlozarie: do you ahve the link to that osX thing u were talkign about earlier?07:29
dlozarieTsukasa-Ujiie, hold on a sec.07:29
bazhangrexus, in grub hit e to edit the kernel you are booting near the bottom of the list07:29
Tsukasa-Ujiiedw found it07:30
Bad_Hackerbazhang: sure thing, also, will be looking for some real good open source drivers not from ati/amd!!!07:30
Tsukasa-Ujiiethought it wud be in the archives but its still th hompage07:30
Tsukasa-UjiieWOW THAT IS COOO07:30
rexusbazhang, it means that I have to restart my laptop?07:30
dlozarieTsukasa-Ujiie, it is isn't it? Even the fonts were changed. This is fricking awesome.07:31
bazhangrexus, to see the setup sequence on boot? do you need to boot to see the boot sequence? is that your question?07:31
Tsukasa-Ujiiedlozarie: was it hard or require many downlaods?07:31
dlozarieanyway do you guys know exactly why AWN doubles my icons?like, if i have Filezilla open it shows two filezilla icons even though only one window is really open?07:31
sirjoebobhello all. i am having some wireless problems. i can connect to almost any network just fine but i cant connect to networks with weaker signals. i could when i was running windows and i know the networks are live, just wont connect when signal is weaker. any ideas?07:32
dlozarieTsukasa-Ujiie only four dloads, took less than 30 mins to dload all four files. It's a painless job provided you follow the instructions concisely. :D07:32
Flanneldlozarie: Do you have two ... [these are my active windows] thigns in your dock?07:32
Tsukasa-Ujiiedlozarie: 30 minutes to download? what speed, im going at 7k ='(07:33
dlozarieFlannel: well for example I have one filezilla window open. Two filezilla icons appear in my dock.07:33
Flanneldlozarie: Right, thats not what I asked.  In the dock (go to dock config, or whatever) check to see if you have two dock components that are displaying your active window07:34
dlozarieTuskasa-Ujiie: just check out the tutorial page, it shouldn't take *too* long. :D07:34
dlozarieFlannel: oh, sorry. :) okay, thanks.07:34
Flanneldlozarie: If you open up another app, does it show FZ FZ [other app] [otherapp]? or FZ [otherapp] FZ [otherapp]?07:34
russDoes anybody know how to get midi files to play on ubuntu?07:34
ubottuTrouble playing MIDI files? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MidiSoftwareSynthesisHowTo07:35
m0u5ethe m1330's geforce 8400m go is slow when using compiz transformations after a while of idle time, is there a way bump up my default nvidia clock speed?07:35
russbazhang thanks I'll check it out07:35
dlozarieTsukasa-Ujiie: some other time then. lol :)07:35
Tsukasa-Ujiiedlozarie: ty for showing me, ill try later07:35
dlozarieFlannel: FZ [otherapp] FZ [otherapp], but I fixed it now. thanks dude! :)07:35
Tsukasa-Ujiiebut still, any one have experience with adhoc in ubuntu?07:36
dlozarieTsukasa-Ujiie: NP07:36
BsimsI run envyng on ubuntu and it broke following the kernel updates how do I fix it07:37
dunnenjust use the old kernel07:38
dunnenthat is the easiest way07:38
BsimsI suppose07:38
Bsimsbut my real annoyance is I shouldn't have to07:38
dunnenyea i know07:38
dunnensorry i can't give a better answer07:38
* Bsims nods thanks anyway07:39
FlannelBsims: Envy will do that, thats just the nature of the beast07:39
nickrudBsims you need to run envy for each upgrade iirc07:39
BsimsI ran envy again07:39
=== niki77 is now known as nikola77
Bsimsit said I already had the latest07:40
coolno  cant get cam 2 work07:40
legend2440m0u5e: check out   nvclock and   nvclock-gtk   in synaptic       Allows you to overclock your nVidia card under GNU/Linux07:40
dlcdoes ubuntu amd raid07:40
m0u5elegend2440: it wont let me set the speedstep clock freqs though, compiz is fast once my gpu has moved out of its idle state, but waking up is painful07:40
coolany thing like wine and free that works  better thane wine07:42
nickrudcool virtualbox or vmware, if you have xp to install in it07:42
coolno on linux07:43
coolany thing that fix borken cam   my  cam  wors on  wiin need it to work on linux07:44
giacomowhere do i add simple scripts that i'd like to run from the terminal without typing the path to out?07:45
Flannelgiacomo: ~/bin07:45
geniiFlannel: Hehe nice answer07:46
Flannelgenii: its true07:46
geniiFlannel: Local bin, yup07:46
kuber_can anyone help me07:46
tv7497guys little bit help i tried to install vmware it gets aborted http://paste.ubuntu.com/30825/ :)07:46
kuber_i am a new user for ubuntu07:46
Flannel!ask | kuber_07:46
ubottukuber_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:46
bazhangkuber_, need a question07:46
R0b0t1What is the console command to view a PDF file? (Much like type 'totem FILE' plays a file in totem)07:46
kuber_how can i install updates to ubuntu 507:47
kuber_can anyone suggest ne07:47
tv7497bazhang: Flannel http://paste.ubuntu.com/30825/  error during installation of vmware little help sir ?07:47
bazhangkuber_, you cant07:47
kuber_how can i update ubuntu 5 to latest version07:47
* Bsims smiles solved my own problem07:48
bazhangkuber_, fresh install07:48
bazhangBsims, how07:48
R0b0t1What is the console command to view a PDF file? (Much like type 'totem FILE' plays a file in totem)07:48
ankit_kuber_: fresh install is definitely the easiest way.07:48
Bsimsbazhang: I had forced the newest nvidia drives07:48
arrenlexR0b0t1: On gnome, "evince"07:48
BsimsI let it pick the older ones in envy and it worked07:48
bazhangBsims, thanks07:48
kuber_ya i have already installed 5.... version and i need latest version to install in already installed computer07:48
giacomoi keep getting "error while loading shared libraries: libssh.so"  is it missing?  where should it be?07:48
dorianhey, does anyone in here know offhand about PAM/LDAP? specifically what happened to /etc/libnss-ldap.conf and /etc/pam_ldap.conf?07:48
Flanneltv7497: I have no idea when it comes to vmware.  You might try #vmware, they may be able to help.07:49
arrenlexWhoops, left rich formatting on, sorry everyone >_<07:49
Bsimsbazhang: and to prove it 2.6.24-20-generic and nvidia version 173.14.0907:49
kuber_how to download and install latest version?07:49
Flannelkuber_: You can download 8.04 and then burn it with 5.x07:49
Bsimskuber_: the version you have is too old to upgrade07:49
kuber_now i have broadband internet connection07:49
Flannelkuber_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation follow the "standard installation" steps at the top of that page07:49
k1gwbHas anyone else had a problem in 8.04 with firefox 3.0 (but not 2.0) working fine for about 20-30 mins then having to be restarted or else it just sits there trying to load forever?07:49
russR0b0t1 in general you can type "apropos pdf" to find things related to pdf - try ghostview07:50
R0b0t1Someone told me, but thank you.07:50
Bsimsruss: man -k does the same thing and is easier to type <g>07:50
FlannelBsims: thats not true, it'd just be easier for him to reinstall than upgrade a few times.07:50
kuber_cant i download through internet and install it07:50
tanjuyou should07:50
Flannelkuber_: Yes, thats what that page walks you through doing.07:50
BsimsFlannel: Hrm I didnt think upgrading more than a one release was considered smart07:50
BsimsWasn't on Debian07:51
arrenlexgiacomo: I don't even have libssh.so on my system, I have libssh2.so. What software are you trying to run\how old is it?07:51
russBsims learn something every day ...07:51
FlannelBsims: You can't upgrade more than one release at a time.  But you upgrade from 5.04 to 5.10, to 6.06, to 8.04 (or 5.10 to 6.06 to 8.04, if he's on 5.10 currently)07:51
* Bsims nods true enough07:51
=== flavio_ is now known as Betun
kuber_sir, in my computer ubuntu 5.10 mysql is also not installed07:52
kuber_how to installed it07:52
kuber_please suggest07:52
Bsimsruss: Get screen if you spend a lot of time in a terminal07:52
tv7497Flannel: k sir will ask them again they said to go to ubuntu channel  last time07:52
Bsimskuber_: open synaptic07:52
Flannelkuber_: You'll be able to install it once you upgrade.07:52
giacomoarrenlex: i have libssh.so in my /usr/lib07:52
simihi, i compiled my own kernel(build my drivers and other required module into kernel), i tried 3 difrent .configure (in some i do not disable any modules) Problem is that i do not have sound or network driver07:52
giacomoim looking into why it's giving me trouble07:52
kuber_from where to open synaptic07:52
kuber_i am a new for this opearing system07:53
Bsimsadd programs07:53
simii need help to diagnostic my problem07:53
Flannelkuber_: don't worry about synaptic, worry about upgrading first.  Synaptic won't work, and it won't matter after you reinstall either.07:53
arrenlexgiacomo: Do you? Where did it come from? What does "dpkg -S libssh.so" say?07:53
FlannelBsims: Repos for EOL versions aren't around anymore.07:53
arrenlexgiacomo: What does "file /usr/lib/libssh.so" say?07:53
BsimsI don't think the version you want is packaged for your release07:53
Flannelkuber_: Upgrade first, then worry about mysql07:53
kuber_then my first step is to update the version of ubuntu07:53
kuber_its ok07:53
* Bsims nods07:53
Flannelkuber_: yep07:53
kuber_sir i didnt have the update cd07:54
simianyone compiled  a custom kernel here?07:54
Flannelkuber_: Do you have a blank CD?07:54
arrenlexsimi: I have, what's your question?07:54
kuber_is it available in nepal07:54
simihi, i compiled my own kernel(build my drivers and other required module into kernel), i tried 3 difrent .configure (in some i do not disable any modules) Problem is that i do not have sound or network driver07:54
giacomoarrenlex: it says: "broken sybolic link to 'usr/local/lib/libssh.so'07:54
Flannelkuber_: It is. http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download07:54
BsimsFlannel: ya ever use screen?07:54
FlannelBsims: I'm using it right now.07:55
arrenlexgiacomo: So in other words, you tried to install it manually, and you didn't do it right. :)07:55
BsimsFlannel: http://home.insightbb.com/~bmsims1/Scripts/Screenrc.html07:55
BsimsTake a look at my screenrc and see if you like it07:55
giacomoarrenlex: i failed?!?!?!07:55
FlannelBsims: (old archives are technically still around, just moved to a single server for archival purposes)07:55
kuber_which version i have to download sir?>07:55
* Bsims nods noted07:55
arrenlexgiacomo: Well, your symlink is broken, that doesn't sound like success to me.07:55
kuber_desktop edition or server edition?07:55
Flannelkuber_: desktop07:55
Bsimsdesktop will work07:55
cwillugiacomo, it looks like you tried to install it by hand (not via apt or synaptic), or build it from source07:56
* Bsims grrs and considers filing a minor bug about nvidia-settings... should ask for sudo password 07:56
cwillusimi, did you do make oldconfig?07:56
giacomowell how might i be able to install this libssh.so without so much failure?07:57
cwilluBsims, you can just run it with a parameter in your login script, and it'll work without modifying xorg07:57
kuber_oh its too large07:57
kuber_in size07:57
arrenlexgiacomo: First of all, what software do you need it for? Secondly, what does "file /usr/local/lib/libssh.so" say/07:57
cwillugiacomo, what do you need it for?07:58
simicwillu: yes, i do that one time, other time configured manualy the .config because the menu config  saved a file with fewer lines07:58
giacomoahhh, it can't open it... (no such file or directory)07:58
arrenlexgiacomo: What software do you need it for?07:59
cwillusimi, which kernel are you compiling?  (and as long as I'm asking, why are you compiling a kernel?)07:59
kuber_sir i think canonical provides free cd07:59
simicwillu: can you tell me what logs should i look in , what coomands to do to find out what could be the problem07:59
kuber_can i get that latest ubunt from their?07:59
Bsimscwillu: its not even that, its editing a menu item07:59
bazhangkuber_, yes from shipit07:59
cwillugiacomo, libssh2 is probably the package you need07:59
simicwillu: the 2.6.24 from hard repos07:59
arrenlex!hu | ujos07:59
ubottuujos: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál07:59
arrenlex!hi | ujos08:00
ubottuujos: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:00
Bsimskuber_: Yess adn they will mail it to you free of charge08:00
kuber_please provide their url08:00
kuber_so that i can order08:00
giacomoarrenlex: i was messing around with hydra,08:00
Flannel!np | kuber_08:00
ubottukuber_: The Nepali Ubuntu Local Community is in #ubuntu-np - Also see: http://wiki.ubuntu.org.np08:00
Ben-G-Man Ubuntu/Linux is OWNAGE //sry for spam ^^08:00
Bsimskuber_: https://shipit.ubuntu.com/08:00
Flannelkuber_: You might ask the nepali Loco team, they might be able to get you one sooner.08:00
cwillugiacomo, if you're trying to compile a package that's not in the repositories, try to install all of its dependencies via synaptic as much as possible08:00
cwillugiacomo, so for instance, if it needs libssh2, then you'd search for that in synaptic, and install any -dev packages you find08:01
kuber_thanks for your help08:01
cwillugiacomo, libssh2-1-dev and libssh-2-dev, in this case08:01
giacomocwillu: one of hydra's dependencies is libssh v0.1108:01
simicwillu: i compile a kernel to build my driver in to increase the performance08:01
giacomoi think i have those installed already cwillu08:01
cwillugiacomo, .11 exactly, or just that or better?08:01
giacomoexactly cwillu08:02
Bsimsgiacomo: also apt-get install checkinstall08:02
russbazhang timidity works just fine thanks08:02
cwillusimi, where did you get the idea that compiling your own kernel would increase performance?08:02
Bsimsgiacomo: it will make you a deb08:02
cwillusimi, i.e., are you adding any patches?08:02
giacomobsims, i've already run make install, will it matter at this point?08:02
cwilluBsims, giacomo, try to stay away from checkinstall, it's deprecated as far as I know08:02
Bsimsgiacomo: Hrm might08:03
cwillugiacomo, do you know that it won't work with libssh2-1-dev?08:03
giacomoi dont think so... i just need the libssh.so... i guess i could just download it and put it in the right place08:03
simicwillu: i do not add patches just my drivers like scsi acpi  VFAT, FUSE i build them into the kernel,08:03
Bsimsin fact probly giacomo08:03
TATsorry about the caps08:03
bazhangTAT, no caps08:03
Bsimsgiacomo: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/ch-first.en.html#s-dh_make08:03
bazhangTAT, need a question08:03
simicwillu: maybe i should seitch to gentoo08:03
aaa我靠 不会全是老外把 没人会说中文08:03
cwillusimi, there's no practical difference between the performance of using modules vs the performance of compiling them straight in,08:03
bazhang!cn | aaa08:04
ubottuaaa: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:04
giacomocwillu: i KNOW that it needs libssh v0.1108:04
Bsimsgiacomo: and then run dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot08:04
cwillusimi, except that when you compile them in, you're forced to use that memory, which may be a waste in many many cases08:04
tv7497bazhang: my server is broken :'(08:04
simicwillu: but at boot speed? that modules are loaded at boot speed, and it must be some slight performance if i optimize the kernel for my intel pentium cpu08:04
Bsimsgiacomo: try make uninstall and then follow the instructions in the link I sent you08:05
cwillusimi, not really, no08:05
cwillusimi, the generic kernel already has pentium optimizations in08:05
bazhangTAT, ask questions in channel not in PM; that way others can help too08:05
TATis there any other salutions besides vmware08:05
cwilluand at boot speed, there's at most a second or two's difference in not using an initrd (which you'll probably still be using, to support any other hardware you may add)08:06
TATit says it wont work on my system08:06
bazhang!vm | TAT08:06
ubottuTAT: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications08:06
MuntrueGood morning08:06
arrenlexsimi: lol, are you trying to make your system faster by recompiling your kernel? Honestly, it's the gentoo condradiction... any microscopic gains in performance will be cancelled out a hundred times by the hour you spend compiling it. The kernel is already very optimised; don't bother, it doesn't help.08:06
MuntrueAnyone know of a way to change application titles ?08:06
simicwillu:  from the .config of the generic kernel it is not optimized for pentium08:06
cwillusimi, ubuntu's -generic kernel is, yes08:06
sirexwhen a game such as enemy territory crashes (or in m case, trys a res you dont have) and you kill the process, you lose control of your mouse. is there a command you can do to regain control of it ?08:07
TATwere do i go about geting kqem and the others is it on the ubuntu web site or shall i google it08:07
PucKidgood morning (:08:07
Bsimssirex: ctrl-alt-backspace will restart X... thats kind of a crude way to do it though08:07
arrenlex!kqemu | TAT08:07
ubottuTAT: kqemu is a kernel module (now free under the GPL license) for speeding up the !QEMU virtual machine. Installation instructions can be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/KQEmu08:07
sirexyea, that's what im doing at the moment, but it is a bit, erm, crude.08:07
cwillusirex, Bsims there's a command you can turn on to force ungrab (ctrl+alt+* or something)08:07
cwilluthere's probably a util to do it too, although I can't recall the name right now08:08
ffiarpgI am currently trying to get my Tablet PC functions working properly in Linux to take notes in college. I use a Gateway E-295C (C-140x) Tablet PC and I am currently running Ubuntu 8.04. I have tried a few things from several tutorials on line without any luck. If anyone has any experience with this I would greatly appreciate it as it is the only reason I still require Vista.08:08
Bsimshrm dunno08:08
* Bsims is off for a bit08:08
TATis it an installer perhaps not to good with this terminal stuff atm..08:08
MuntrueAnyone know of a way to change application titles ?08:08
arrenlexffiarpg: I run linux successfully on my tablet; I had to mess with xorg.conf a while to do it though.08:09
Lvl21nerdsomeone help me out with Teamspeak on ubuntu 8.04?08:09
arrenlexffiarpg: Do you have any experience\familiarity with the xorg.conf file?08:09
sirexok ill crash it now and stab buttons see what works08:09
ffiarpgarrenlex I have tried adding a few entries, Input Devices, and a few things to the server layout section as well08:10
simiis mysql requird in kubuntu? who uses it? can i stop it to start or remove it?08:10
Kitunormally yes simi08:10
cwillugiacomo, hydra-5.4?08:10
tv7497guys me using a lamp home server for 2 and a half month nothing went wrong in this period for past few days nothing seems to work i thought must be with DYDNS but even http://ip address is not working really need help guys plz help if it works kindly info me http://tv.kicks-ass.org/tv  or
anparkshow can i turn off my monitor from the terminal?08:11
cwilluanparks, man vbetool08:11
arrenlexffiarpg: This is the xorg.conf file that works for me... I think you only care about the stuff after DRI mode 0666. Let me know if you need some more help. http://arrenlex.ls.la/xorg.conf08:11
ffiarpgarrenlex one guide suggested i add one for stylus, eraser, and one other that i forget atm, another guide says that 8.04 only requires the stylus entry, one guide says that the device is /dev/input/wacom, another says it is dev/SS04 or something, i can check bookmarks if need be.08:11
cwilluanparks, and DISPLAY=:0 xset, man xset08:11
MuntrueAnyone know of a way to change application titles ?08:11
ffiarpgarrenlex ill give that a quick look thanks for uploading it08:11
arrenlexffiarpg: Actually that page doesn't load for me, does it load for you?08:12
ffiarpgarrenlex it doesnt :P08:12
Kitutv7497,  only http://ip works ?08:12
arrenlexffiarpg: http://pastebin.ca/108412608:12
ffiarpgarrenlex what brand of tablet pc do you use? does it use a wacom Penabled pen? Did you have to install wacom-tools08:12
sirexi've tried ctrl-alt- and everykey on the keyboard. nothign got mouse back08:13
arrenlexffiarpg: It's a toshiba r20. Yes, the pen is wacom. I had to install\upgrade wacom-tools to get pen rotation working.08:13
giacomocwillu: c08:13
Kitutv7497, you don't have domain name ?08:13
ffiarpgarrenlex did you have to install or update anything to get simple cursor movement working or only xorg.conf editing?08:13
tv7497Kitu:  what i didnt get you i hand a domain name in dydns08:13
Kitui must understand bad08:14
arrenlexffiarpg: It was a while ago but I think it was only xorg.conf.08:14
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
d343khey can anyone help me with grub images08:14
ImaginalI have VMware server on 8.04, but can't get internet on the virtual machine (host has wireless). Will someone walk me through this?08:14
d343kit wont read the file i got loaded on there08:14
d343kand it is a jpeg08:14
Kitutv7497, you can ping this ip ?08:15
d343k[Kitu PING reply]: 1sec08:15
tv7497Kitu: karthik@karthik-desktop:~$ ping tv.kicks-ass.org08:15
tv7497PING tv.kicks-ass.org ( 56(84) bytes of data.08:15
tv749764 bytes from ABTS-KK-Dynamic- ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=1.79 ms08:15
coz_d343k, there is a gui app named startup manager that can help with installing grub images08:16
Kitu[09:15:59] <tv7497> PING tv.kicks-ass.org ( 56(84) bytes of data.08:16
d343ki got that start up manager08:16
d343kthats where i did it08:16
tv7497Kitu: does that mean it works08:16
ffiarpgarrenlex im sorry i dont remember what i did, but i was somehow able to type something in the terminal to see coordinates updated instantly of what my tablet pen was doing, it did not work when i said the pen was "/detv/ttyS0" and yet it did when i said it was "/dev/input/wacom".08:16
d343kits just not reading that type of file or somthing08:16
giacomocwillu: am i crazy?  am i missing something?08:16
ffiarpgarrenlex do you have any idea what i am talking about from such a poor description? and if so, does that sound normal? i thought it might be useful in troubleshooting my problems08:17
cwillugiacomo, one sec08:17
coz_d343k, ah go to gnome-look.org and look under or search for grub  you will find images with the correct extrension and resolution08:17
tv7497Kitu: does it mean it works ???????08:17
d343ki looked that the prop and now its saying the type of file is .ink08:17
giacomocwillu: oh!  figured it out08:17
prencherhi, during install ubuntu detected my monitor fine - name and all - including all resolutions.. However after installing the nv drivers that's no longer the case; I've got it booting up at the right resolution, but as soon as i log in it reverts to a lower one and the right one cant be picked in prefs, any thoughts?08:17
sirexnoone knows the key input to regain mouse control on xorg ? google not being very helpful08:17
Kitui don't know tv7497, it's probably a shit in hosts conf files ....08:17
kerihello,  i need help i have a digital camera and on ubuntu i have f-spot and digikam and when i turn camera on it goes to f-spot.  but i would like it to go to digikam   can i get some help08:17
cwillugiacomo, k :)08:17
giacomocwillu: i downloaded libssh-0.2.tgz and it has the right libs to get hydra to work right08:18
arrenlexffiarpg: Depends how your tablet is hooked up internally. Mine's over serial so ttyS0 is the right one for me, and that's what's in xorg.conf. I suggest trying both ways. I have never seen /dev/input/wacom before but that doesn't mean anything, there's a lot of things I haven't seen before.08:18
giacomocwillu: thanks for the help08:18
Kitutv7497, yes the ping works08:18
Kitubut http08:18
=== allen is now known as silly
deehow can i manage it in a bash-script to get "$YEAR_$MONTH" to "2008_08" where YEAR and MONTH has been set before?08:18
Kituit doesn't work08:18
Kituat least y can't accede it08:18
cwillugiacomo, one thing I want to point out is that downloading a binary library that a tool of such provenance is rather sketchy from a security standpoint08:18
c0mp13371331337I'm thinking about getting a low-end fingerprint scanner for my system.  I've currently got my eyes on the APC USB scanner.  Does anyone have any experience with this or fingerprint scanners in general?  Trying to get a feel for how well they're supported at this point.  Pros?  Cons?  Caveats?08:19
arrenlexdee_: Do you want to put 2008_08 into another variable? Print it on the command line? What?08:19
deearrenlex: use it for some other file operations like sed, cp, etc.08:19
giacomocwillu: hmmm, you mean as it's outdated and may have security holes or something?08:19
sirexc0mp13371331337, yea, overall, their rubbish.08:19
cwillugiacomo, no, more that it could include backdoors08:20
Kitutv7497, or maybe an iptables tule on your local system, at least if http server work on
cwilluif it's on the path, it might get picked up by other applications08:20
c0mp13371331337sirex: That bad, eh?08:20
fyrestrtrc0mp13371331337: the one on my laptop works great, but I haven't figured out how to store more than one fingerprint yet.08:20
=== gardar`afk is now known as gardar
deearrenlex: the problem is the underscore. It's recognied as part of YEAR.08:20
tv7497Kitu: you mean http://ip adress works ?08:20
arrenlexdee: This worked for me: MY="${MONTH}_${YEAR}"08:20
giacomocwillu: i see08:20
Kituyes tv749708:20
=== Mez is now known as Mez|Moving
deeah, some brackets... I will test it, thanks.08:20
c0mp13371331337fyrestrtr: So basically only one user can ever be authenticated by fingerprint on the system?08:20
giacomocwillu: would it be better not to mess with it?08:20
Kituit's the reale ip ?08:20
ffiarpgarrenlex: what do the lines "Section "DRI"         Mode    0666 EndSection" do?08:21
fyrestrtrc0mp13371331337: no, you can have multiple users, but only one digit per user afaik08:21
deearrenlex: work's fine. Thanks! :)08:21
cwillugiacomo, there are other tools available, but I'd definately try to stick to trustable sources, or else keep that binary contained on a seperate machine08:21
tv7497Kitu: thank god i need to screw those dydns guys08:21
cwillu(vm, or whatever)08:21
Scorp_I need help regarding CGI Scripts on Ubuntu. My router uses .cgi files which dont run on Firefox and Opera both. What should i do ??08:22
sirexarg.... gimmi my mouse back xorg, or i'll slay you with the backspace !08:22
cwillusirex, eh?08:22
c0mp13371331337fyrestrtr: I see, gotcha.  How well does it integrate into the system?  For example, is it just GDM and perhaps some gnome-keyring type things?  Or can it also cover sudo commands, firefox master password (or individual sites...) and the like?08:23
arrenlexffiarpg: I don't know, actually. DRI is the direct rendering infrastructure, i.e. it's the magical layer that lets graphics be accelerated by the graphics card and not drawn in slow software. Mode 666 looks like a permissions mask but I don't know what one would be doing here... as a permissions it means read\write but no execute to everyone.08:23
arrenlexffiarpg: Google I guess.08:23
arrenlexffiarpg: In any case, it's definitely not tablet related, it's 3d accel related.08:23
cwilluarrenlex, ffiarpg, dri creates a device accessible in /dev.  Those are the permissions set on that device08:23
Kitutv7497, it's not dyNdns ?08:23
cwilluaka, who can mess with dri08:23
fyrestrtrc0mp13371331337: it covers sudo and login, but not the screensaver.08:24
cwillu(regardless of access to the server, iirc)08:24
arrenlexcwillu: Thanks, that's useful to know... so I was close to right :D08:24
fyrestrtrc0mp13371331337: your prompt changes to 'Password or swipe finger:'08:24
sirexbe back, gonna kill xorg. ;-(08:24
ffiarpgarrenlex: alright thanks, ill go ahead and leave that out then as my dedicated ati graphics are working perfectly, thanks again for uploading your xorg.conf file08:24
giacomooh hey, while im here, i've got some questions about port forwarding...08:24
cwillusirex, man xorg, search for allowclosedowngrabs (/ to search)08:24
Scorp_I need help regarding CGI Scripts on Ubuntu. My router uses .cgi files which dont run on Firefox and Opera both. What should i do ??08:25
Kitutv7497, in fact i understand your problem now08:25
cwilluScorp_, cgi where?08:25
c0mp13371331337fyrestrtr: X-) Ouch, screensaver + locked screen is my main security protocol.  I suppose I'll hold off, let the support ripen a bit.  Many thanks!08:25
tv7497Kitu: eh???08:25
fyrestrtrScorp_: this is not a problem that Ubuntu can fix.08:25
cwilluScorp_, cgi's are run on the server, firefox/opera only ever see the output of that (which is just like any other webpage)08:25
Kitutv7497,  you must install dns server to connect you on http://ip from internet08:25
OldSageHey I have a question...08:25
Kituonly from internet tv749708:25
Kituin LAN it work on ip08:26
cwilluScorp_, if your router (dlink, linksys, whatever?) doesn't work under firefox/opera, then it's broken08:26
Scorp_cwillu: The linksys router uses setup.cgi files which dont work on both firefox and opera. They run normally even on a PDA and other windows laptops08:26
OldSageIs there any advantage to using the 64bit version over the 32 version of Ubuntu?08:26
giacomoi use portforwarding for bittorrent, but whenever i use bittorrent, it kills all http traffic on my network... i can still use some internet things such as pidgin, but i can't browse websites and neither can anyone on my network08:26
giacomoam i doing it wrong?08:26
cwilluScorp_, in some cases, you can tell firefox/opera to pretend to be internet explorer, which solves some of those problems (broken websites)08:26
kerihello i would like some help,   i have digital camera and i have f-spot and digikam on here and f-spot is where my pictures goes to and i would like them to go to digikam how can i do this?08:26
Scorp_cwillu: how do i do that ???08:26
cwilluScorp_, otherwise, it's possible to install internetexplorer via wine, although that's not really supported.  But seriously, your router's design is broken, and it'd be best to not give the manufacturer any more money in the future08:27
arrenlexOldSage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/64-bit#Pros_and_cons08:27
cwilluthere's no reason in this day and age to make a consumer router that doesn't work with firefox08:27
c0mp13371331337OldSage: 64 will run much better on a 64bit processor, but 64bit application support is a bit lacking (but getting there....)  You'll need 64 if you want to run any more than 4GB (3.2GB, actually) of RAM.08:27
cwilluScorp_, having said all that, what brand and model of router?08:27
Scorp_cwillu: Linksys is supposed to be the biggest designer of router world over. Its design wont possibly be broken.08:27
arrenlexOldSage: The short answer is, "not enough that the compatibility problems won't be much worse than the tiny performance gains"08:28
tv7497Kitu: i asked them how but they said opt for any DNS service provider08:28
cwilluScorp_, is it a linksys?08:28
Scorp_cwillu: Yea... Linksys WAG200G08:28
arrenlexc0mp13371331337: Why would 64-bit run much better than 32-bit on a 64-bit processor?08:28
cwilluScorp_, and if it works in ie, and doesn't in ff, it's broken08:28
Amunrecompiling the kernel sucks. too many options.08:28
arrenlexc0mp13371331337: Additionally, the -server kernel supports 4GB of ram, in 32-bit mode.08:28
Scorp_cwillu: it works well with firefox on windows OS..08:28
cwilluone sec08:28
Kitutv7497, i don't know08:29
cwillulinksys is usually pretty good about this stuff (the wrt54g actually ran linux for a long time, and you can still buy models that support it)08:29
cwilluScorp_, what error do you see?08:30
Kitutv7497, in reading RFC DNS maybe08:30
Scorp_cwillu: wrt54g is the base model of this one...08:30
kerihello i would like some help,   i have digital camera and i have f-spot and digikam on here and f-spot is where my pictures goes to and i would like them to go to digikam how can i do this08:30
Scorp_cwillu: there's no error... when i enter the username and password, the page shows its loading, but doesnt. It actually should forward to another page, which doesnt happen..08:30
cwilluScorp_, wag200g is the adsl model one, right?08:30
tv7497kiokie thanx for your time sir :)08:30
Scorp_cwillu: yeah...08:30
c0mp13371331337arrenlex: The 64bit version is made to take advantage of a 64bit processor, so it would stand to reason that it would run better than the 32bit version on the same processor.08:30
cwilluokay, it's not really related to the wrt54g08:31
Kitutv7497, sorry i'm a stupid french beginner who believe know all08:31
OldSageSo basically, unless I have a pressing need to go to 64Bit... its not worth the trouble eh?08:31
cwilluScorp_, it prompts for a password, right?08:31
Scorp_cwillu: i had the wrt54g earlier, but just to remove the dsl modem i bought this one..08:31
Scorp_cwillu: yes, it prompts for that08:31
Scorp_but after that it doesnt load the next page... which is setup.htm, after setup.cgi..08:32
arrenlexc0mp13371331337: 64-bit isn't like another core, it doesn't offer direct performance advantages. Some programs can benefit from being able to do math in 64 bit of precision, but these are specially designed high performance apps that have to be tuned for it. Other than that, all you'll notice is crushing incompaibilities with 32-bit only software, and bigger binaries due to swollen pointers.08:32
Scorp_cwillu: the setup.cgi script is to load setup.htm page with the required inputs i guess... that doesnt happen..08:32
cwilluScorp_, setup.cgi is what you get redirected to when you go directly to
cwillu(or whichever the ip is)08:33
Scorp_cwillu: yeah...08:33
cwilluodd that it redirects you immediately08:33
OldSageWell I guess that answers that08:34
OldSageThanks for the help08:34
vipacaIm so tired of the default terminals in gnome does anyone have a suggestion?08:35
MuntrueHello, i downloaded firefox-3.0 from the backports. its working great so-far but im wondering how i can enable the firefox-mplayer plugin for firefox-3.0. Anyone knows ?08:35
cwilluScorp_, what happens if you just go to directly?08:35
Scorp_that page opens, but it doesnt have the right field values cuz those arent supplied by the CGI page..08:36
Scorp_cwillu: that page opens, but it doesnt have the right field values cuz those arent supplied by the CGI page.. So the fields are there but blank.08:36
fyrestrtrScorp_: this is not a problem that you can solve from Ubuntu. Its a problem with your router.08:37
fyrestrtrvipaca: rxvt08:37
kerihello    i would like to know how to make digikam my default where my pciture goes from my camera.  they go to f-spot no08:39
lariI need help08:39
lariWhen i start the a song says me :  failed to connect stream : invalid argument08:40
cwilluScorp_, http://www.linksysinfo.org/forums/showthread.php?t=5525008:40
lariWhat i have to do?08:41
kerican i get a little help please08:41
cwillufyrestrtr, if Scorp_ comes back (and you notice him), can you tell him to access the router via https, and it should start working?08:42
jdbartis there a way to make my laptop moniter not come on when it's closed and i push the multimedia buttons on the front?08:42
fyrestrtrcwillu: ok08:42
cwillukeri, System | Preferences | Removable Drives and Media08:43
g00seIs there a floppy disc installer like for Debian?08:46
keriimport and only says f-spot and when i hit browse it dont show digikam08:46
Sam__g00se: no, but you can try the netinstall usb image08:47
cwillukeri, just type digikam08:47
cwilluI believe08:47
=== iqson716_ is now known as iqson716
cwillukeri, give me one sec, might have a better answer though08:47
keriok ty08:48
cwillukeri, go to places | home, and then go to Edit | Preferences | Media (tab), and tell me, do you see anything under Photos?08:48
cwillukeri, if it's not greyed out, then select something there, and then disable the import on the other thing08:48
dlozariehi, it's me again. I'm trying to add a launcher for firefox in AWN, and it's asking for a command for firefox. I type in 'firefox' right? :)08:48
muntrue_Hi, i have installed firefox-3.0 from the backports. Now im wondering how to enable the mplayer plugin for it. Anyone that can help ?08:49
g00seSam__: Pity. Thanks08:49
cwillumuntrue_, probably need to see if the backports have a backported version of it08:49
cwillumuntrue_, which version of ubuntu are you on?08:49
muntrue_cwillu, 7.10 I checked the backports for mplayer plugin for 3.0 but no luck08:49
g00seSam__: Is there no USB installer per se - i.e. one that can be used outside netboot?08:50
kericwillu: it says open f=spot manger08:50
unop!info mozilla-mplayer | Muntrue08:50
ubottumuntrue: mozilla-mplayer (source: mplayerplug-in): MPlayer-Plugin for Mozilla. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.50-1ubuntu2.1 (hardy), package size 494 kB, installed size 1796 kB08:50
cwillug00se, you can covert a livecd to a liveusb08:50
cwillukeri, well, that was useless :p08:50
=== bascule is now known as [bascule]
cwilluone more sec :p08:50
g00secwillu: is it small enough?08:50
kericwillu: ok08:51
cwillug00se, how small of a usb drive do you have?08:51
g00secwillu: 1GB08:51
cwilludon't think you can even buy them smaller than 1gig anymore08:51
cwillug00se, well, a cd is 650-700mb, so there's the answer :p08:51
cwilluthere's a guide on ubuntu's wiki, don't have the link right now08:51
g00secwillu: Doh ;-)08:51
cwillug00se, I think it's under the eeepc install guide though (it uses a usb keydrive to install because it doesn't have a cd drive)08:52
dlozariehi, it's me again. I'm trying to add a launcher for firefox in AWN, and it's asking for a command for firefox. I type in 'firefox' right? :)08:52
hajikihey guys how come ubuntuforums.org looks so ugly in firefox?? how can i fix it??08:52
g00secwillu: Makes sense08:52
cwillug00se, ...which will work fine, as there's nothing eeepc specific until ubuntu is actually installed08:52
unopdlozarie, yes08:52
hajikihere have a look: http://img243.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=45090_lol_123_337lo.jpg08:52
arrenlexg00se: There's a windows-based installer, does that help at all?08:52
cwillukeri, just working on figuring out how it knows that fspot is a photo app08:52
dlozarieunop, thanks.08:53
cwilluI didn't even have fspot installed anymore, so this is taking a few moments :p08:53
arrenlexHajiki: I don't think ubuntuforums.org supports firefox, I think it's an ie only site.08:53
g00searrenlex: No, thanks. I've got Etch on one disk right now. Just about to install 2nd HD. No CD08:53
arrenlexHajiki: ( = p )08:53
kericwillu: when i turned my camera on it went to digikam just nothing happen08:53
cwilluhajiki, can you post a screenshot to photobucket or something?08:53
arrenlexg00se: Mmm... you could netboot.08:54
arrenlexcwillu: He did: http://img243.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=45090_lol_123_337lo.jpg08:54
arvind_khadriarrenlex, sites arent browser specific08:54
g00searrenlex: Messy08:54
hajikiarrenlex: that was a bad joke08:54
cwillumissed it :p08:54
arrenlexarvind_khadri: what do you mean, sites aren't browser specific?08:54
muntrue_cwillu, Fixed, i had to make a link between firefox 2 plugins and firefox 3 plugins08:55
cwilluhajiki, do you have user-agent-switcher installed? or some equivalent plugin?08:55
arvind_khadriarrenlex, you said ubuntuforums arent supported by FF ... i use to see them of FF08:56
hajikimmm let me check08:56
g00seI've got an Etch floppy installer - wonder if i can hack it?08:56
cwilluarvind_khadri, he was joking08:56
hajikicwillu: nope, i dont have user-agent-switcher08:57
cwilluhajiki, for what it's worth, it shows up fine on my machine08:57
geniig00se: Just use it then go to debbootstrap way onto hd specifying ubuntu and not debian etch08:57
arrenlexHajiki: What does the last field on this page say? http://www.thismachine.info/08:57
arvind_khadricwillu, oh ok ... i just entered and saw that...08:57
cwilluhajiki, can you try opening up firefox in safe-mode, and see if it's still messed up?08:57
* arvind_khadri is sorry08:57
* cwillu pokes arvind_khadri with a stick08:57
hajikiarrenlex: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008071719 Firefox/ MEGAUPLOAD 1.008:58
* arvind_khadri grins :D08:58
dlozariehow come the firefox launcher I added in AWN manager doesn't show up in the dock?08:58
geniig00se: Or better since you have a running linux box do it from the Etch you have already there08:58
g00segenii: Thanks - i'll look into that08:58
cwillukeri, hold on, I'm making progress :p08:59
preben_hi! How do I turn off that f-spot is opened when I connect a camera in XFCE. I got a dialog and misunderstood it so now it opens f-spot which I don't use every time I connect camera. I would like to change it to ignore08:59
arrenlexHajiki: That megaupload doesn't sit well with me; is this an extension you chose to install? Anyway, whoever said to try in safemode has good advice... does it look okay if you launch it as firefox -safe-mode ?08:59
g00seThe idea would be to get Ubuntu onto my 2nd HD and then dual-boot Etch and U08:59
cwillupreben_, system | preferences | removable..., and then in places | <anything> | Edit | Preferences | Media09:00
kericwillu: i think u really fixed it and we did not know i am checking now09:00
cwillupreben_, (there's two places)09:00
preben_cwillu: in removable I can only turn on and off the command I want to run09:00
cwillupreben_, so turn it off09:01
preben_cwillu: I use another program but still f-spot get opened two09:01
cwillupreben_, so turn it off, and then look at the other spot I mentioned09:01
HorizonXPhey guys, any idea why programs seem to shutdown on me automatically, after being left on for a few hours? like Transmission?09:01
preben_cwillu: but i want my command to run, not f-spot09:01
cwillupreben_, so. check. the. other. spot. I. mentioned.09:02
hajikicwillu: i ran firefox in safe mode and it looks the same09:02
preben_cwillu: ok09:02
arrenlexHajiki: Can you give the exact url that you're seeing this on?09:02
kericwillu: i guess when u had me go to system,  pref and then to removable and change to digikam  it worked,  i turned on my camera and digikam came on and then i downloaded and they are there09:02
cwilluoh, okay then09:03
kericwillu: thank you09:03
hajikiarrenlex: ubuntuforums.org?09:03
cwilluanything for a fellow Carey, even if you spell it wrong :p09:03
preben_cwillu: and then in places | <anything> | Edit | Preferences | Media09:04
preben_cwillu: don't find this09:04
preben_cwillu: you mean from thunar, then I get same menu09:05
hajikiarrenlex: what do you mean? http://ubuntuforums.org/09:05
cwilluoh, not nautilus :/09:05
arrenlexHajiki: Looks okay to me in 3.0.1... sorry, I don't know what's going on with you.09:05
cwillugood to know if you're not running straight ubuntu :p09:05
preben_cwillu: I said xfce09:05
cwillusorry, missed that09:05
cwillupreben_, you might want to check out #xubuntu, they'll probably be a bit more familiar with where autolaunching things are set09:06
preben_cwillu: if I turn off the importing my command doesn't get run but f-spot opens anyway09:06
hajikiarrenlex: thanks anyway...09:06
* genii hires a crew fom Bangalore to live his life for him09:06
preben_cwillu: so I guess it is gnome thing09:06
geniioops wrong channel09:06
cwillupreben_, you aren't running nautilus for a desktop are you?09:06
cwillupreben_, try running nautilus from a terminal, and then check the Edit | Preferences | Media thing09:06
FibonacciGoldFrom which package do I get zlib ?09:07
preben_cwillu: i instaleld ubuntu and xubuntu packages and kubuntu packages09:07
cwillupreben_, (ctrl+c in the terminal, possibly followed by a killall nautilus will kill it off if it starts misbehaving)09:07
preben_some people use xfce some kde etc...09:07
preben_I opened nautilus now09:07
preben_found the menu09:07
cwilluFibonacciGold, probably libzlib or something like that, just do a search for zlib in synaptic09:08
FibonacciGoldcwillu: Did that, couldn't find it.09:08
preben_I'll try xubuntu09:08
cwilluFibonacciGold, there's a zlib1g09:08
cwilluFibonacciGold, if you're compiling something, you'll need zlib1g-dev09:09
cwillupreben_, nothing there?09:09
cwilluunder images?09:09
FibonacciGoldcwillu: Yes, ofcourse, my bad. Cheers...09:09
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eko1i'm trying to do a certain sudo command <sudo patch -p1 < 2.6.24.patch> in terminal but it's giving me the message "permission denied" anyone know how to fix this09:10
preben_cwillu: found it in gconf-editor some gnome autorun command and I turned it off and now my script runs only09:10
=== Guest97593 is now known as Travisss
TravisssHi, I setup a PPTP vpn server and have it working to access my network, but I would like to also be able to access my internet over the vpn...how do I set this up?09:11
arrenlexeko1: sudo -s ; patch -p1 < 2.6.24.patch ; exit09:11
darren_anyone offer advice on outlook 2007?09:11
unopeko1, sudo bash -c "patch -p1 < 2.6.24.patch"09:11
cwilluTravisss, you mean access the internet via the work vpn?09:11
=== laura is now known as lauritza
arrenlexeko1: unop_ suggests a better way.09:12
eko1ok thanks both of you09:12
Travissscwillu yes, I am running the VPS, I want to go down the street to the cafe and access the internet over my VPN09:12
unoparrenlex, I doubt your way works - considering that is a valid compound command :)09:12
cwilluTravisss, sorry, still confused09:12
Travissscwillu I can only access network resources right now, not the actual internet09:12
Miksag1hey.. um, is it possible to turn of the automatic ligtures in Ubuntu?09:12
cwilluTravisss, we're not talking about any remote desktop, right?09:13
darren_ anyone offer advice on outlook 2007? -or point me in a direction that can?09:13
cwilluTravisss, because accessing the internet from your work machine via the vpn is a definite no-no09:13
Travissscwillu no, I have an ubuntu computer with a vpn server running (pptp)09:13
arrenlexunop: Quite right, it's total crap. My bad.09:13
arvind_khadridarren_, ask #windows09:13
Travissscwillu why is that?09:13
darren_many thanks, arvind...09:14
cwilluallowing a work computer to access the internet directly implies circumventing the corporate firewall, which is the sort of thing that would cause me (as an administrator) to talk to your boss about your activities09:15
cwilluhowever, that's not what