Jordan_UHow do I manually set touchpad speed / sensitivity in Xorg.conf? ( right now I have to go across the touchad 16 times to move the cursor from one side of the screen to the other )00:19
x1250Jordan_U, this may help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=573039900:43
Jordan_Ux1250: My problem is with the speed of the cursor, not with the sensitivity to tapping00:45
x1250Jordan_U, synaptics manual claims to cover "Movement with adjustable, non-linear acceleration and speed."00:51
gx009am trying to install kde from an alpha1 install.. is that cool?01:01
gx009285 files ..01:02
gx009i'll never try that stunt again.. it took close to an hour to install alpha101:03
Jordan_Ugx009: Alpha 1? Why are you doing that?01:07
gx009i still had that one in my stash .. and it still worked..01:08
Jordan_Ugx009: But it will probably be more downloading to get current than if you had just grabbed alpha 501:10
gx009truth is i wanted kde but the DL links were bad .. so i thought i could use the alpha1 disc and and then install kde ..01:11
RAOFYou certainly can, yes.01:12
gx009but you are right.. if i wouldve DL alpha 5 i wouldve saved a lot of time01:12
vinu76jsr1my default settings changed to 800x60001:40
vinu76jsr1and monitor type changed to generic from LG700E, and graphic card chaged to vesa compliant from i810 ,,what to do01:41
vinu76jsr1anybody hav any idea, I am on intrepid!!!01:43
vinu76jsr1this problem is not new and was corrected in gutsy and hardy by configuring xorg properly , but this time it's not doing it, some problem with resolution , during logon it dumps me to low resolution mode01:45
bsniderdid ya upgrade to intrepid or clean instlal it?01:45
bsnideri'd certainly start with a totally plain xorg.conf since that file isn't used anymore01:46
bsniderexcept to load binary drivers01:46
vinu76jsr1actually 27 hrs to be precise01:46
vinu76jsr1it worked fine for and i rebooted 3 or 4 times with no problem ,01:47
vinu76jsr1so you are suggesting clean install01:47
bsniderno. i am suggesting running the command to replace xorg.conf with a default version01:47
vinu76jsr1how to do it01:48
vinu76jsr1i always configure via displayconfigure-gtk01:48
bsnidersudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg01:48
vinu76jsr1I am not into development very much01:48
bsnidershut the system down and flea power it before you reboot01:49
vinu76jsr1xserver-xorg postinst warning: overwriting possibly-customised configuration01:49
vinu76jsr1   file; backup in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.2008090706192901:49
vinu76jsr1so i think it is done01:50
vinu76jsr1flea power it before you reboot?? what this mean , what is flea01:51
bsniderdrain all power from the baord by unplugging the power cord and holding in the power switch for 30 seconds01:51
vinu76jsr1Ok , trying will report back soon , thanks for helping out01:52
osmosisi wonder, has a package of django 1.0 been made yet.02:12
bsniderthere's a python-django in here02:13
ryanakcaCould someone help me figure out why my CD drive isn't recognized under 8.10?02:13
bsniderbecause it's alpha software?02:13
=== avis- is now known as avis
vinu76jsrbsnider has left the room but thanks, my system recovered from that error, thanks a lot!!02:45
shadowhywindi know this is kind of stupid, but running kubuntu intrepid. and i can't figure out how to change the clock from 24hr to am/pm anyone have any ideas?02:55
JontheEchidnashadowhywind: systemsettings -> region and language -> time02:58
vinu76jsrcan we run virtualbox on intrepid, i am having kernel issues and i think it may not be solved03:03
emetis intrepid new theme a early April Fools joke?03:04
Jordan_Uvinu76jsr: Yes, I suggest you grab version 2.0 from their site though03:04
EagleSnemet i think is true, ubuntu will come with a new theme03:05
EagleSnor.. are u saying that new theme is horrible?03:06
emetEagleSn, it looks terrible03:06
EagleSni havent seen it, i use kubuntu03:06
Jordan_Uemet: RIght now it's pretty much the same as Hardy, what are you looking at?03:06
EagleSnany capture please?03:06
Jordan_Uemet: Oh, that window decoration is a bug, you don't see it if you use compiz BTW03:07
emetis the planned new theme still secret?03:09
Jordan_Uemet: Not so much secret so much as so far non existent :)03:10
emetis it something that takes months to make?03:11
emetI am not sure what's involved03:11
Jordan_Uemet: In case you are curious, what Intrepid looks like on my box ( default settings ) : http://trogdoor.googlepages.com/screenshot.png03:11
vinu76jsrjordan_u  downloading version 2.003:13
vinu76jsrthey hav no version available for intrepid03:14
vinu76jsronly upto gutsy is available03:15
Jordan_Uvinu76jsr: The Hardy version works for me03:15
emetJordan_U, are you trogdoor from digg?03:15
Jordan_Uemet: Yea03:15
emetI like that theme03:15
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vinu76jsrgnome-screenshot closed unexpectedly, and ubuntu login sound played , intrepid is weird03:25
vinu76jsrJordan_U : it works, thanks03:27
Jordan_Uvinu76jsr: np03:27
vinu76jsrxvm crashed while savin machine state of the virtual machine created by version 1.603:34
vinu76jsrQt WARNING: QThread: Destroyed while thread is still running03:34
vinu76jsrSegmentation fault (core dumped)03:34
vinu76jsrbut never mind , it still worked03:34
shadowhywindhay all having a bit of a problem.. my ssh when i add the portnumber at the end i get Name or service not known03:40
x1250shadowhywind, what syntax are you using?04:01
mr---t-I burned  the new version but I can't get the cd to boot , I hear the confirmation tones like it loaded but no display, even tried safe graphics mode no dice. Any thoughts04:03
rippsHow's the stability in Intrepid, right now? I'm considering upgrading to help with debugging, but I don't want to if it'll just kill my system04:12
shadowhywindx1250 sorry fot the delay, I am using ssh -p####04:13
shadowhywindx1250: if i do ssh-p#### i get bad port '####'04:13
shadowhywindactraully when i use ssh -p#### i now get coonect to host -p#### port 22:connection refused04:26
shadowhywindhay all having a pit of a problem with ssh, i do ssh -p#### i get ssh:connect to host -p#### port 22: connection refused04:48
doggymenzanyone notice that the folders in 'Places' has strange GNOME icon instead of Human icon?04:52
tretle_i would presume that's a known bug04:53
doggymenzyaeh, its been veryyyyyyyyyy long time04:57
doggymenzit must be fix04:57
voidmage-awayis there any way I can change my kde3 themes?05:14
=== voidmage-away is now known as voidmage
voidmagein intrepid?05:14
voidmageclosest way I found to do it was to revert main to hardy, install kcontrol, then change back to intrepid05:18
floamis there any good reason why I shouldn't have /usr/include/stddef.h with build-essential installed?07:10
floamlost my connection there, does anyone know what I must install to get these headers?07:30
cyphasewoot, i just got alpha5 working in virtualbox08:15
void^great, evince in intrepid seems to work for most pdfs finally09:16
pepie34EXA stops working on ATI R500 since the last xorg-driver-radeon update11:00
pepie34you need to return back to XAA or everything on Xorg is very slow11:01
pepie34and i find on my xorg log "Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)"11:04
taggiepepie34; i've got r500 and same problem. how do i revert to xaa?11:05
pepie34on the device section of /etc/X11/xorg.con11:05
pepie34Option"AccelMethod" "EXA"11:06
pepie34Option"AccelMethod" "XAA"11:06
pepie34but i found something else11:06
pepie34the nvidia thing11:06
pepie34i've nvidia-* package installed that i never asked for11:07
pepie34can you look at it also ?11:07
pepie34I uninstalled it11:07
taggieshould I fix xaa first?11:07
pepie34yes try XAA, you will get normal speed on Xorg but with no glx extension11:08
pepie34I try right now t uninstall the nvidia thing and reload my X server11:08
pepie34see you in few minutes11:08
taggiebrb, need to restart X11:08
pepie34ok I think i found it11:16
pepie34without this nvidia packaged i vere asked for uinstalled11:16
pepie34everything is fine11:16
pepie34even on EXA11:16
taggiepepie34: (II) RADEON(0): XAA Render acceleration unsupported on Radeon 9500/9700 and newer. Please use EXA instead.11:19
pepie34can you look at nvidia* packages installed11:20
taggiebut, later in xorg log, i get: (II) RADEON(0): Using XFree86 Acceleration Architecture (XAA)11:20
pepie34and remove them then go back to EXA accelleration11:20
taggiei'll try, one second.11:20
pepie34first, do you have nvidia* packages installed11:21
taggieyes, lots of nvidia*11:22
taggieif i remove, synaptic wants to remove linux-restricted-modules11:23
taggiei assume a reboot is in order?11:23
taggiepepie34; no change11:28
pepie34are you still in xAA11:30
pepie34can you put EXA on the xorg.conf file11:30
taggieis there a definitive way to check quickly?11:30
pepie34cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|grep EXA11:31
pepie34cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|grep XAA11:31
taggie(==) RADEON(0): Using XAA acceleration architecture11:33
taggie(II) RADEON(0): XAA Render acceleration unsupported on Radeon 9500/9700 and newer. Please use EXA instead.11:33
taggie(II) RADEON(0): Using XFree86 Acceleration Architecture (XAA)11:33
taggiesorry, don't know the pastebin rules, what is the line limit for pastes?11:33
pepie34OK so edit the device section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:33
taggiei'll put XAA in11:33
pepie34and change  Option"AccelMethod" "XAA"11:34
pepie34Option"AccelMethod" "EXA"11:34
pepie34then relauch Xorg11:34
taggieone sec11:34
pepie34I don't what is the pastebin limit,11:34
pepie34I'm not admin here11:34
pepie34Ok talks in the wind ------->[]11:35
taggieglxinfo still core dumps, but EXA is running11:35
pepie34and what about general speed impression11:36
taggiemuch better.11:36
pepie34firefox is a critical apps can you run it and see how munch xorg consume spu11:36
taggiewhile restoring 4 tabs, 70% cpu, when idle, <1%11:38
taggieyeah, looks pretty normal11:38
pepie34what happen when you drag down a page11:39
taggiefluid, fast. no issue.11:40
taggiefirefox takes 30-45% cpu11:40
pepie34no so cool11:40
pepie34but at east it seems better for you11:41
taggieyes, this is much better. still no glx, but faster 2d11:41
pepie34i can't do more for you11:41
skeritI think the new "Eject" button in Nautilus is great, I just don't want it on my hard drives. Does anyone know a way to disable it, or if there's a bug report for this?11:44
skeritI'm having a hard time thinking up search queries for this.11:44
cameronhthe latest intrepid kernel won't boot my computer -- it doesn't appear to be loading the correct modules in the initrd stage, and it can't find the hard drive11:54
cameronhalso, not with interpid and with hardy, my eth0 device shows a very strange number of dropped packets: RX packets:178 errors:0 dropped:1867048994 (this is about 3 minutes after bootup)11:55
cameronhnot just with intrepid*11:56
cameronhthe dropped packet number seems to go up by a few hundred million a second11:56
s0u][ighthello howcome intrepid changed kernel?12:05
s0u][ightcan anyone confirm intrepid has changed kernel?12:10
lore20now intrepid has the 2.6.27-2-generic12:11
SwedeMikeyes, there was an update to the 2.6.27-2-generic kernel12:11
SwedeMikedon't know why the version number wasn't bumped, havent read the changelog12:12
lore20I've update it a week ago12:12
chronographerhi thunderbird wont start up on my machine, it says: t-bird is already running, but is not responding... any ideas?12:38
lore20chronographer: type "sudo killall -9 thunderbird12:39
chronographerthunderbird: no process killed12:40
chronographerand I get the same message12:40
lore20sorry... i don't know12:40
skeritHave you tried ps -x ?12:41
skeritps -x | grep thunderbird12:41
skeritthen you should just kill all the pids showing up. Thunderbird comes up 3 times in my ps -x list.12:42
chronographerthat command didn't work for me... 'Warning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'?'12:42
chronographerbut I am not running thunderbird ... I am sure of it. maybe i will apt-get purge it and try again/12:43
skeritHold on12:43
skeritYou did type a | and not a / right?12:43
chronographerI copy pasted12:43
skeritJust try a "ps -x" then12:44
skeritAnd manually look for a mention of thunderbird12:44
skeritthen you just need to kill the number in front of it12:44
chronographernot there12:44
chronographerkillall thunderbird12:45
chronographerthunderbird: no process killed12:45
skeritYes, but that won't work, because thunderbird doesn't run under that name12:45
chronographerwell its not running, i can pastebin it to prove it if you like... its a bogus error message.12:46
skeritTry killall /usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird-bin12:47
skeritThat killed it on my machine12:47
skeritIf that doesn't work... well, I have no idea really :P12:47
chronographerI am trying to purge it, got "/usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird-bin: No such file or directory12:48
skeritHow strange12:48
chronographeryou know what... it was because I used an old ~/.mozilla-thunderbird folder...12:50
chronographermaybe I had copied it over when t-bird was running?12:50
skeritI honestly don't know, in my entire ubuntu career, thunderbird has never ever acted up.12:51
skeritCan't say the same for firefox, though :P12:51
chronographerme too, I have used this same folder since I was on debian with thunderbird! now it bloody wont start!12:52
chronographeryeah, the chrome idea of separate processes for tabs would fix near al of my firefox freezes though!12:52
skeritHmm, I hope that doesn't happen to me in the future!12:55
skeritThat's the only idea I really liked about chrome, the seperate processes :)12:56
MrKennieI have a problem with getting glx working on an Intel chip but I see a rather odd message in Xorg.0.log: Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)12:58
MrKennienot quite sure why it assumes I have an nvidia13:00
MrKennieShall I just report it as a bug? I would like to help fix the problem, just not sure where to start with this one.13:03
chronographerglx is nvidia afaik13:10
chronographerwhat graphics card do you have?13:11
JontheEchidnahe said intel13:11
phoenix116I dont have intrepid, but I updated to kernel 2.6.27rc5 and I am having problems with getting my graphics driver to work, can someone help me with this or is this the wrong channel?13:12
MrKenniechronographer: er yea, intel :)13:13
chronographertry another kernel maybe, perhaps 2.6.27-1-generic which is what I use and which works fine13:15
chronographer JontheEchidna: oh yeah... why would you want glx working?13:15
chronographerit is specifically nvidia right?13:15
JontheEchidnabut that's the problem13:16
MrKenniewell, glx normally works ok with intel13:16
MrKennieok as it can be anyway13:16
chronographernot nvidia-glx-* ??13:16
chronographerglx gears or someting like that?13:17
MrKenniethis is a notebook, n nvidia chips here :)13:17
MrKennieglxinfo segfaults13:17
MrKennieI get a bunch of Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display..13:17
MrKenniethen it segfaults13:17
MrKenniebut I think the problem is xorg is not initialising glx because I do not have an nvidia.13:19
MrKennieI missed the nvidia-glx-* thing, there was one package installed and removing it fixed the problem.13:30
pepie34I don"t know why but i get a lot of nvidia-* package installed13:31
MrKennieand I'm an idiot because I restarted X without noting down what package it was13:31
pepie34removing it resolve my problem13:31
MrKennieyea, I'm not sure why anything nvidia is installed in the first place.13:32
pepie34there was a linux-restricted update13:33
pepie34a few days ago13:33
MrKennieis there a reason restricted drivers are all part of one package?13:33
MrKenniewondered that for a while.13:34
pepie34the probleme is that normally resticted-manager installed needed package13:34
pepie34i don't know why nvidia has been installed on my radeon computer ...13:35
pepie34is there anyone using ath9k driver for atheros ?13:36
pepie34not working sin,ce friday13:36
Hiratowas just checking of upgrading was no longer strongly discouraged... obviously it still it14:09
hdevalenceI'm having a very strange problem where some websites don't load at all15:22
hdevalencethey work on other computers, but not mine, regardless of browser (konq, FF, or links)15:23
hdevalenceit will just say "waiting for planetkde.org" forever15:24
EagleSnDNS problems?15:25
hdevalenceEagleSn: if I try to ping the server it will look up the IP address fine and recieve responses15:27
hdevalencebut trying to do anything fails15:27
hdevalenceand it's not just HTTP; trying to use the SVN from svn.kde.org also fails15:28
hdevalenceis there a mailinglist that this would be appropriate for?15:39
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
IdleOnelast night I ran a scan with clamTK and it found 3 viruses on my system. Quarantine does not have anything in it.How do I clean/remove these viruses and how do I know they are gone?15:50
Hobbseerm -rf ?15:51
IdleOneHobbsee: the problem is I don't see what files are infected15:59
Hobbseeah.  then i don't know.16:00
x1250I have to problems with pidgin: (1) I can't use the invisible status, it disconnects with a "read error", and (2) adding friends seems to only save them locally, so every time you restart pidgin it will say there is a difference between your local list and the remote server list, and if you would like to add your friends. I just want to through pidgin in the trash.16:35
Ampelbeinx1250: what chat-protocol?16:44
x1250Ampelbein, I use only MSN, so I don't know if any other16:45
=== emma_ is now known as emma
Ampelbeinx1250: there could be a problem with your profile. try renaming the .pidgin-folder in your home, then reconfigure msn and try again. if that does not solve it, please file a bug on launchpad.16:49
pepie34for a few days ath9k stops working16:49
pepie34i get authentification time out16:49
x1250Ampelbein, musictracker was responsible for the "read error" when using invisible status. Disabling it makes invisible status usable again.16:50
pepie34(ath9k ----> driver for new atheros wifi chipset)16:50
Ampelbeinx1250: then please file a bug about musictracker-plugin on launchpad. (in pidgin) then we can send to developers to have them fix the problem.16:51
jakobbgHi. I'm having big problems getting nvidia and ibex5 working. Now I'm at 800x600 and unable to enable the extra desktop effect17:03
bsniderjakobbg, are you sure you've got the nvidia driver instlaled?17:04
jakobbgbsnider: gui says so, and have installed this: http://jakobbg.pastebin.com/m6167befa17:05
bsniderwhat do you mean gui says so?17:06
jakobbgbsnider: I used "Hardware drivers" and enabled it. And they say "In use" there.17:07
bsnideryeah, last i saw jockey's broken so i wouldn't bet on that horse17:07
bsnideropen up your xorg.conf file in gedit17:08
jakobbgI vim it, but yes :)17:08
bsniderpastebin its contents please17:08
jakobbgbsnider: http://jakobbg.pastebin.com/m2ffc34a017:09
bsnideri had to add the vendorname line under the driver line17:10
bsniderto get mine to load17:10
bsniderVendorName "NVIDIA Corporation"17:11
bsniderput that int he device section under the driver17:11
jakobbghuh. ok17:11
jakobbgjust insert that and restart x?17:11
bsniderrestart x with ctrl+alt+backspace17:12
jakobbgyes. 2seconds17:12
bsnideryeah, do it young man17:12
jakobbghm. no change.17:13
bsniderwhich card do you have?17:13
jakobbg01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G72M [Quadro NVS 110M/GeForce Go 7300] (rev a1)17:14
jakobbgDell D82017:14
bsniderhas the nvidia driver worked before, like on hardy?17:15
jakobbgoh yes. very nice, even :)17:15
bsnideryou've got the right one installed, the 177 driver17:15
jakobbgi tried the two others as well, but no change in appearance.17:16
jakobbgv173 and ... an old one17:16
bsnideralright, here's what i'll do. i'll pastebin my xoprg.conf, and you can just copy-paste it into yours, k?17:16
jakobbgsounds nice17:16
jakobbgjust installed alpha5, nothing to lose :)17:17
jakobbgbsnider: no :-(17:22
bsnidertry starting nvidia-settings17:22
bsnideris there an error message?17:22
jakobbgbsnider: "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."17:23
bsnideralright, reinstall nvidia-glx-17717:23
bsniderthen reboot, don't just restart x17:23
jakobbgjust that package?17:24
bsniderthat package will also ask for the kernel-source package17:24
bsniderthose are the two that you need17:24
jakobbgkernel-source are already installed17:24
bsniderreinstall that one too17:24
jakobbgI assume you referred to nvidia-headers, not source17:26
bsniderthat has to be there to build the module into the linux kernel17:27
jakobbg*rebooting after reinstall*17:27
jakobbgbsnider: install error: http://jakobbg.pastebin.com/d1fa3b7f717:31
bsniderok just a sec17:33
bsniderhave you got linux-headers installed?17:34
jakobbgpro'lly not. let's see17:35
jakobbgfound it :) but thanks17:36
jakobbgretrying now17:36
bsniderit wasn't installed?17:37
jakobbgit was not installed.17:40
jakobbgdamn. still not building correctly.17:41
jakobbgbut have now installed linux-headers-2.6.27-2 prior to install of nvidia-glx-17717:41
jakobbgbsnider: same error as last pastebin about "nvidia in the DKMS tree"17:42
jakobbgbsnider: full output of "sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-177": http://jakobbg.pastebin.com/d508b880117:44
jakobbggot to run, but feel free to give me suggestions :)17:44
shirishhi all, does somebody know of a certain utility by which one can know which packages are installed in the system17:47
shirishplease don't say synaptic, its a listing of packages which are not in the base CD17:48
Unksishirish: synaptic can filter to show only packages that are installed to the system, it may still show packages that are not in the cd though if you have such packages installed17:50
bsniderjakobbg, do you have a /lib/modules/2.6.27-2-generic/build directory?18:02
FujisanHello, i have windows and ubuntu dual boot on grub and now i want to install IntrepidIbex alpha via wubi will that be recognised by grub automagically?18:03
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
hdevalencewhich mailing list is appropriate for strange issues with Intrepid?18:20
hdevalenceI'm having a problem where I can't connect to some websites18:25
void^cd /var/log18:31
void^disregard that.18:31
jakobbgbsnider asked me whether I had a /lib/modules/2.6.27-2-generic/build folder - what should I do when I don't have one - to actually have one? I have problems getting the nvidia-driver installed properly.19:08
pwnguinodel name: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU            5150  @ 2.66GHz19:44
Reed_Solomonusing intrepid, and I realised my /var/log directory was taking like 50 gigs19:58
Reed_Solomonso I deleted it and now I don't know why19:58
emet!info deluge-torrent20:00
ubottudeluge-torrent (source: deluge-torrent): A Bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK. In component universe, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 2074 kB, installed size 5872 kB20:00
emet!info deluge-torrent hardy20:00
ubottudeluge-torrent (source: deluge-torrent): A Bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK. In component universe, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 2329 kB, installed size 6572 kB20:00
pwnguini like deluge20:03
Reed_Solomoni like ktorrent20:03
pwnguindeluge is light, works well, has good encryption features20:04
pwnguini guess deluge is working on a 1.020:10
pwnguinis apt-get source supposed to work on the live CD?20:13
pwnguini get a "dpkg-source" not installed error20:13
MyrttiI seriously doubt it would work20:13
pwnguinit does once you install dpkg-dev20:17
alex_mayorgaHi, I've been bitten by bug 254840 any workarounds?20:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 254840 in xorg-server "[intrepid] mouse and keyboard stop working under gdm and gnome" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25484020:57
nachoanybody with problems in dell 1530?20:58
alex_mayorganacho: I've got the Inspiron 1501, no significant problems on Ibex20:59
nachoalex_mayorga, I had to add i8082.mutex=1 or something like that to not having it crazy20:59
nachobut now it is really slow21:00
nachowith an usb mouse it works perfect21:00
alex_mayorgahow do I get my keyboardmouse back on GDM?21:02
DavidTalbot1hiho, i try out 8.10 a5 and after fixing a symbolic link problem with ifupdown, i doesn't get the connection in the outer space ;) i can ping and surf on my local server but everything else doesn't work21:42
DavidTalbot1any ideas?21:42
w8tahhi folks -- can someone please suggest a good piece of VPN Software that is a) easy to configure, b) has good cookbook docs for me to set it up on my hardy gateway, and c) would allow me to vpn in from either windows or linux?21:46
w8tahoh nuts -- sorry folks -- wrong chan21:54
dupondjecan I reset ubuntu to remove all packages that are not default ?21:55
dupondjecause I want to start again, but not format ... :)21:55
nandemonaiHiya guys. Any major installer flaws I should know about? About to install the latest Alpha for testing.21:56
dupondjecrappy fglrx made my install go crazy :(22:27
dupondjegdm doesn't work anymore now :(22:27
dupondjeok gdm back :x22:33
dupondjenow fix next prob :p22:33
dupondjeany id why I have green lines when I playback a movie22:44
dupondje[  366.146609] mythfrontend.re[9223]: segfault at 20 ip 00007fb2205efde4 sp 00000000450cb368 error 4 in libGL.so.1.2[7fb2205a9000+72000]22:44
dupondjeand that mythtv is crashing with22:45
hdevalencewhich is the right mailinglist for problems with 8.10?22:53
hdevalencepwnguin: the problem is that I have no idea what package is responsible23:07
hdevalenceand it even occurred on a clean install so I am really puzzled23:25
_Zeus_what occured?23:29
hdevalence_Zeus_: I'm having a strange problem where certain web servers are inaccessible from my computer, but when I tried it on a different computer which connects through the same router/modem it worked, and it still had the problem when I did a clean install23:31
_Zeus_some websites work and some don't?23:31
hdevalence_Zeus_: yes23:34
hdevalenceit's strange23:34
_Zeus_how even is the spread?23:34
_Zeus_is it about 50-5023:34
hdevalencethe timeout is for recieving a response, and it's only a few that I know of23:34
hdevalenceplanetkde.org, svn.kde.org, and kdedevelopers.org, though there might be other ones; those are just the ones I noticed23:35
_Zeus_there, uh, seems to be a pattern :P23:37
_Zeus_maybe GNOME is having her period23:37
hdevalence_Zeus_: on the other hand those are site which I visit often23:38
pwnguinhdevalence: so you use kubuntu?23:38
hdevalencehowever there is no #kubuntu+1 afaik23:39
pwnguinhdevalence: is it possible that you're using ff3 on one computer but not the other?23:39
Myrtti_Zeus_: bad joke, btw23:40
_Zeus_i thought he was using gnome23:40
_Zeus_at least planetkde.org and svn.kde.org seem to be registered to the same person23:40
_Zeus_i exceeded my lookup amount on kdedevelopers.org23:41
pwnguinsvn.kde.org has a website?23:41
hdevalencepwnguin: no23:41
hdevalencepwnguin: SVN fails23:41
pwnguinit fails for me too23:41
pwnguinperhaps... it's just down?23:41
hdevalencepwnguin: it works fine for other people, and the problem's been there for several days23:42
Myrttidns borkage23:42
_Zeus_planetkde works fine for me23:42
hdevalenceMyrtti: wouldn't two computers on the same home network then have the same DNS borkage?23:42
_Zeus_can you ping them?23:42
pwnguini can ping svn.kde but ff cant get to it23:43
hdevalencepwnguin: it doesn't have a website23:43
pwnguinactually it does23:43
pwnguintry https23:43
hdevalencenvm then23:43
pwnguinit just has an invalid cert23:44
hdevalencepwnguin: I can't use subversion with svn.kde.org23:44
hdevalencepwnguin: and for my svn checkout I use svn+ssh:// rather than https:// because it's faster and easier23:44
_Zeus_can you ping the other ones?23:44
hdevalencethey ping fine23:44
_Zeus_try removeing your firefox folder23:45
_Zeus_or rename it23:45
pwnguinmake a new user23:45
pwnguinfor testing purposes23:45
pwnguindeleting your profile isn't fun23:45
hdevalencebut how does that change the fact that it happened right after a clean install?23:45
Myrttioh - if this is like clean clean install23:46
Myrttimaybe it is dns borkage23:46
_Zeus_you could try reconfiguring dns23:46
_Zeus_try running dhclient323:46
Myrtticomputers do sometimes (quite often actually) cache dns entries to fasten up connection phase23:46
Myrttibut anyways23:47
Myrttiit's too late for me to be awake and up - I do need my beauty sleep23:47
hdevalencerunning dhclient3 doesn't seem to have helped23:47
Myrttitatah, kids23:47
_Zeus_try opera?23:47
hdevalence_Zeus_: I've already tried with FF, Konq, and links23:50
_Zeus_you mean lynx i take it.  ouch23:50
pwnguinthere is a links23:50
hdevalencelinks > lynx IMO23:50
_Zeus_is links also console?23:51
pwnguinlinks is similar to lynx23:51
pwnguinif they're all the same23:51
hdevalence_Zeus_: but it has nice menus and stuff23:51
_Zeus_i'll have to try it out23:51
pwnguinthen what IP does your system resolve planetkde.org to?23:51
pwnguinand what does traceroute say about it?23:51
_Zeus_hdevalence: try pasting into FF23:52
hdevalence_Zeus_: that's what it resolves to23:52
_Zeus_what resolves to?23:52
_Zeus_yes i know.  what happens?23:52
hdevalenceit opens23:53
hdevalencebut not to planetkde23:53
_Zeus_to what?23:53
hdevalence_Zeus_: to a page which links to other pages.. "There are lots of things on Capricorn. Perhaps you are looking for one of these things:"23:54
hdevalenceand planetkde is not listed23:54
_Zeus_ew i get that too23:54
pwnguinim guessing planetkde is a redirect to a higher port23:55
pwnguinand somewhere a firewall is blocking it?23:55
pwnguinthis wont be solved without wireshark23:55
hdevalencestrange that it would suddenly stop working though23:55
pwnguinnot if they transparently moved servers23:55
dupondjeany Id why my avi's are full of green bars when I play them ?23:57
Jordan_UATI card by any chance?23:57
dupondjeYEP :(23:57
hdevalencepwnguin: my tracroute is not the same as yours23:58

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