jmlpoolie: may I join the call?00:02
pooliejust fiddling with linux audio :/00:02
jmlahh :)00:02
spivThat's an endless source of joy.00:03
* jml finds a bzr bug00:04
spivjml: is it normal that it takes almost a minute to authenticate to bazaar.staging.launchpad.net?00:24
mwhudsonsadly, yes :/00:24
jmlspiv: there's a graph of auth times available internally00:25
jmlso what's the deal with KeyError?00:27
justizinso hey guys, someone said a while back, and i know i ask once in a while about this because i don't have latest bzr and haven't started using, but there is a semi-equivalent to svn:externals in bzr being worked on, or maybe in 1.6, but i can't find it in docs or anywhere..00:28
spivjml: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/20886900:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 208869 in bzr "info -v fails over bzr+ssh" [High,Confirmed]00:28
jmloh. fun.00:28
justizini have access to an ubuntu intrepid box with 1.6 now so want to plan to use that feature if possible..00:28
pooliejml, i wish it was faster to put tags on bugs00:29
lifelessjustizin: its not baked yet unfortunately; the feature is called nested trees, and LarstiQ has a bzr branch on launchpad with it00:29
jmlpoolie: me too.00:30
jmlpoolie: we might actually make it so over the next couple of months.00:30
justizini'd love to help test, i make heavy use of svn externals and have replaced it for now with a bash script in my bzr repo that just fetches the contents of EXTERNALS.txt, but i'm looking to mirror all our svn dependencies in bzr so that i can hand-merge upstream changes, be aware, etc.. and get off svn.00:30
jmlpoolie: is there a "this shows users a stack trace zomg fix it now" tag?00:30
pooliefor bzr?00:31
justizinit's a handy feature but bzr's list tips the scales pretty heavily away from it either way00:31
poolienot really00:31
pooliejust set importance=zomg00:31
justizinit is a one-liner to fetch the externals, and i'm soon going to just use bzr to fetch either bzr or svn externals, and make our file contain svn+http urls00:31
justizinlifeless: I'll try to find the branch in lp :)00:33
lifelessjml: lots of things show stack traces; its not a great metric for how many users it affects00:33
justizinlifeless: do you know anything about the feature's current design?00:33
lifelessjml: we try to set importance by normalising frequency and impact00:33
justizinis it like a shared repo?00:33
lifelessjustizin: not really, shared repos just optimise storage00:34
justizinwell, i mean, i guess a better formed question would be, does it use a shared repo, or similar func, to optimize storage..00:34
jmllifeless: sure. It's something dear to me because I've had reports from friends who show off bzr to *their* friends and then get all embarrassed because of stack traces.00:34
lifelessjml: is it the branch-history one? wtf is branch-history anyhow :P00:38
jmllifeless: it's https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/208869 —  info -v fails over bzr+ssh00:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 208869 in bzr "info -v fails over bzr+ssh" [High,Confirmed]00:38
jmloh look, ubottu doesn't suck :)00:39
jmlpoolie: I get this with your branch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47029/00:42
* jml tries a couple of things to ensure not pebkac00:43
jmlyeah, looks like a bug.00:49
pooliejml, interesting01:11
jmlpoolie: np01:14
lifelessspiv: ping01:20
lifelesspoolie: ping01:25
spivlifeless: pong01:26
poolielifeless, hi01:27
lifelessspiv: is the hash for a char-converted-to-int the same as a 1-length string containing the same char (for dict lookups from C python)01:29
spivlifeless: I don't know, I'd guess not.  It's certainly not guaranteed.01:29
lifelesspyrex FTL then :P01:30
spivYep, definitely different.01:30
lifelessit translated _minikind_to_kind[minikind] to _minikind_to_kind[PyLongInt_FromInt(minikind)]01:30
lifelesswhen I made minikind into a cdef char, rather than a python string01:31
poolielifeless, was that all you wanted?01:31
lifelesspoolie: yeah, echannel :P01:31
poolieintrepid wants to reboot now, biab01:31
spivlifeless: Hmm, maybe pyrex things _minikind_to_kind is a C array rather than a dict, or something?01:31
spivOh, except obviously not if it's doing PyLongInt_FromInt.01:32
spivAnyway, that does seem badly broken :)01:32
spivlifeless: python -c "for i in range(256): print i, hash(i), hash(chr(i))", btw :)01:33
lifelessspiv: yeah, I wasn't going to list all the C Python API calls to do the dict lookup01:37
lifelessI was just showing the key 'oops' moment01:37
lifeless2.4 seconds now01:44
lifelessoh, thats by cheating. doh.01:44
lifelessok, thats annoying01:48
lifelesswe put every dir into a dict during st01:48
lifelessif there are no renames, epic fail.01:48
=== kiko is now known as kiko-zzz
lifelessspiv: is there a constant value for True and False in CPYthon ?02:56
jmlI would like to make a branch using make_branch that has a stackable branch format and a non-stackable repo format.03:00
jmlwhat's the easiest way of doing this?03:00
spivjml: heh03:00
spivjml: take a look at the mail I *just* sent to the bazaar@ list03:01
jmlI saw :)03:01
jmlslightly different though.03:01
spivjml: TestCaseWithMemoryTransport.make_branch unfortunately ignores shared repos.03:01
jmlspiv: I don't need shared repos, just a non-standard branch/repo format pair03:01
spivAnd doesn't give you any way to specify non-standard format groupings.03:02
spivI suppose you could register a new format in the bzrlib.bzrdir.format_registry03:02
jmlI'll just steal code I have elsewhere that does what I want (but doesn't use make_branch)03:03
spivBut simplest is probably to instantiate a custom BzrMetaFormat1 and set the *_format attributes appropriately03:03
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poolielifeless, ping?03:35
pooliei want to run something past you re bug 26131503:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261315 in bzr "getting a stacked branch over the smart protocol fails with "Could not install revisions"" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26131503:36
poolieeither before or after lunch03:36
pooliethat is basically, is it reasonable for the RemoteBranch to get the branch.conf file and interpret it itself to extract the fallback url, rather than relying on the server to do this?03:36
pooliei think it is03:36
lifelesspoolie: you mean via VFS calls?03:47
lifelesspoolie: or delegated to _real_branch?03:47
lifelesspoolie: accessing branch.conf from RemoteBranch, directly, would be unreasonable - abstraction violation IMO03:48
pooliere branch.conf04:25
poolieit kind of is04:25
poolieotoh i'm not sure why it's exposed by an rpc if the client is not supposed to read it directly04:26
pooliemaybe this is a spurious historical reason04:26
lifelessyou've lost me04:26
lifelesssimple thought experiment, imagine the branch at the other end is a bzr svn branch04:26
lifelessor a BzrBranch504:26
lifelessneither of which have branch.conf04:27
pooliesure, that's just the case i'm thinking of04:27
lifelessan rpc can abstract that04:27
lifelesswithout the client having the format's code locally04:27
pooliemy point is it's odd that RemoteBranch supplies a get_config() method04:30
lifelesswhy is that odd?04:30
pooliearguably that can represent the configuration file as any object04:31
lifelessSvnBranch supplies such a method, and so does Branch504:31
pooliei meant to say Branch.get_config_file,04:32
poolieand it's no longer called, i removed it a while ago iirc04:33
poolieso that's ok04:33
pooliespiv, ping?04:43
pooliemy current plan for this is then04:44
pooliefirst off, read it through the real branch at RemoteBranch construction time04:44
pooliethis is unfortunately going to cause all branches to do vfs operations04:44
pooliebut we need to do this to work with older servers04:44
spivpoolie: pong04:45
pooliethen, add an rpc that gets all the information we need when opening a branch: repository location, last revision, stacking, etc04:45
poolieprobably called Branch.open_v3 or something04:45
pooliethen change the client to call this, and only if the server fails go back to using the vfs04:46
spivThat sounds good to me.04:46
poolieso the fact that we have to be able to do it over vfs suggests i should get that going first04:46
poolieif we do that second stage we will save some roundtrips when opening a branch04:47
pooliebut we need to think a bit about where to cache it04:47
pooliethe straightforward thing would be to just naively cache it in the RemoteBranch object indefinitely04:47
pooliehowever, the general approach aaiu is that caching should be scoped by locks04:47
spivHow do non-remote branches handle caching of stacking info/04:48
poolieso then there seem to be a few options04:48
poolieapparently they don't cache it04:48
poolieheh, nice question :)04:49
poolieso, the stacking info does not particularly need to be cache because it's normally only used from the constructor to open the repository04:49
pooliecaching it would not be particularly important for performance04:49
poolieand if we can arrange to make this open_v3 call from the constructor or nearby we would not need to call it either04:50
pooliei guess i was thinking more about putting other things like the last_revision into the same call04:50
pooliewhere it both would be important to call it and also it's quite likely to change04:51
spivHmm, last revision info is currently cached, and that cache's lifetime is managed by locks.04:51
spivPossibly what's missing is an open-and-immediately-read-lock operation?04:52
poolieum, also, if the only higher-level rpc that reads the stacking location is the open_v3 one, then presumably it needs to be cached for commands like info that might ask for it later04:52
pooliethis does seem related to creating objects locked04:53
poolieboth on disk when we start writing to them and also in the api04:53
pooliespiv, how is the lifetime managed by a lock?04:54
poolieafaics it isn't04:55
spivSee BzrBranch.unlock04:55
spivIt calls _clear_cached_state04:55
spivRemoteBranch also calls _clear_cached_state on unlock.04:56
pooliei was mislead a bit by the lack of a call to the super constructor, but there is a comment saying why04:57
pooliethough it's still a bit tasteless04:57
poolieso it would be a bit dodgy but we could cache it there from the constructor and it would last until the object is first unlocked05:01
lifelessthats lots dodgy05:02
lifelessif you want an idiom for open-locked, do that as a separate branch IMO, possibly lots of things that can break05:02
poolieso if we don't do that, it seems necessary to add a specific fine-grained api to get the stacked location05:04
pooliethis could be done in addition to putting it in the constructor05:04
pooliei guess we need one to set it so it's not unreasonably increasing the number of available apis.05:05
lifelessdidn't jml put up a branch to allow getting stacked location from the branch format object?05:06
jmllifeless: it was rejected.05:07
lifelesswe do have api's for settings and getting the location already05:07
jmlthe problem for me was that I needed a Branch object to use BranchConfig05:07
* poolie reads05:12
poolieok, i read that thread05:18
jmlin the end, I used something close to the original patch.05:20
poolieused meaning it was merged to bzr.dev?05:22
poolieor used in an external patch?05:22
poolielifeless, sure, i'm just wondering how those apis should be implemented on RemoteBranch05:23
poolieor rather, how to most cleanly get my implementation of it to pass the existing test_remote tests05:23
pooliespiv, re those tests we were looking at on friday05:23
jmlpoolie: used as in "wrote a standalone function that did the same thing"05:24
jmlpoolie: https://pastebin.canonical.com/9155/ if you are interested.05:25
spivI think it's useful for tests if merely constructing a RemoteBranch doesn't trigger an RPC.05:25
pooliespiv, that's the heart of the problem here05:28
spivA possibility would be to add an optional fallback_urls= param to RemoteBranch.__init__.05:32
poolieand do it from the RemoteBranchFormat05:32
pooliethat's true05:32
pooliebut, if we find we need to do it through the real_branch, then what...05:32
spivThe existing test_remote tests would just pass fallback_urls=[], and for now the real code can not pass it.05:32
spivAnd when not passed RemoteBranch could then fallback to using real_branch.05:33
poolieso i can see how that's handy if you just want to test some other aspect05:45
poolieof the class05:45
poolieon the other hand it seems a bit like cheating05:45
spivpoolie: it's a bit weird to me that opening a branch mutates the repository object, which potentially belongs to other branches too.05:58
spivpoolie: (i.e. by adding the fallbacks)05:59
pooliethat's true06:02
pooliebut, that's the api06:02
poolieit's kind of related to being able to get the repository either from the bzrdir or the branch06:03
poolieand now you get different behaviour06:03
pooliethere are some other possible paths as far as asking the Repository class method or format object too06:03
poolieit should be more clear which one is primary06:03
lifelesscould someone with linux try this - valgrind --tool=callgrind python2.5 bzr st bzr.dev06:10
lifelessspiv: it was a tradeoff06:10
lifelessspiv: having a arbitrarily large list of fallbacks is intrinsic to a shared repo with stacking06:11
lifelessspiv: having the branch maintain the state allows restricting that scope to just the repository instances that need to know about it06:11
spivlifeless: you say "the branch maintain the state", but they state is kept on the repo afaict?06:12
spivlifeless: I guess my naive expectation would be that stacked_branch.repository would be a FallbackRepository(real_repo, *fallback_urls) rather than having the branch mutate the repo.06:13
spivI haven't spent much time thinking about this, though :)06:13
lifelessspiv: the disk state is in the branch06:14
lifelessspiv: reconcile needs to be able to work with all branch's fallback repos at once06:15
jmllifeless: I've run that valgrind command, what output do you want?06:15
lifelessjml: did it fail with 'cannot allocate memory' ?06:16
jmllifeless: nope.06:16
jmlthat's using bzr.dev built for py2.506:16
pooliespiv, the thing is that the repo implementation might want to know about how they're stacked06:17
poolierather than it just being a composite object06:17
lifelessjml: thanks06:17
poolieit might be cleaner though to unambiguously give the branch responsibility for opening the repo06:17
poolieif it has the knowledge how to do so06:17
lifelessby comparison, git has a single repo instance with a list of 'alternates', and hg just writes nulls for parents at the edge of the stacking boundary06:18
pooliecould it be a security problem for the server to give arbitrary urls back to the client?06:21
lifelessyes, if they are trusted06:22
lifelessbut that applies to normal content and hooks too06:22
lifelessso I don't think they are any more special than reading a file from a http server06:22
poolieit seems like it'd be good for test_smart to start its test with the tuple-like request it wants to test06:49
poolieso it can also check the right thing gets called06:50
poolierather than starting with the Request class that's going to ultimately run...06:50
poolieit's not really easily accessible though06:55
vilaGood morning Bazaar07:07
lifelesshi vila07:08
pooliehello vila07:13
chandlerci got an odd error when upgrading a shared repository with a bzr-svn branch in it:07:20
chandlercbzr: ERROR: No such file: ('3@fc50161f-d74b-0410-97f1-43881e8fa688:parser%2Ftrunk:templates', 'svn-v3-trunk1:fc50161f-d74b-0410-97f1-43881e8fa688:parser%2Ftrunk:18')07:20
spivjelmer: ^ see chandlerc's upgrade problem07:24
spivpoolie: have you seen David Ingamells' stacking problem on the mailing list?07:26
spivpoolie: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2008q3/047516.html is the most recent post in the thread07:27
poolieok, yes07:27
pooliespiv, what about it?07:28
spivJust that you are somewhat likely to know if it's a already known issue or not.07:29
poolieit's not totally surprising to me, but i don't specifically know what it is07:30
spivi.e. you're probably best placed to reply and say "yes, that's bug #NNN" or "that's a problem, please file a new bug report".07:30
poolienot off hand07:30
pooliei'd have to try to reproduce it07:30
poolieso, (B)07:30
poolieit would be nice if we could just say "expose this as an rpc" rather than declaring each one as a custom class07:31
pooliei guess there's no strong reason why we can't?07:31
poolielike it would probably fit into the registry format07:31
spivpoolie: for RPCs with simple arguments and return values?07:32
poolieat least to start with07:32
pooliei'm going to put the fallback repositories into the real_repository fallback, as well as the remote one07:34
spivOr rather than changing the registry, you could perhaps have a helper to construct a SmartServerRequest* subclass for you, and then register that.07:34
poolieor even just an instance07:34
pooliewell, archetype or something07:34
pooliespiv, i wouldn't be totally surprised if this current branch fixes it but i'm not sure it will07:35
spivI needs to be a class, or object factory of some sort, I think.07:35
spivpoolie: yeah.  That's what I thought about my last fix, though ;)07:35
poolie^^ which "that"?07:35
spiv"i wouldn't be totally surprised if this current branch fixes it but i'm not sure it will"07:36
vilaspiv: regarding but #269535, could you make a quick review of lp:~vila/bzr/py26bzr revno 2940 ? It fixes a lot of python-2.6 failures and errors but makes  bzrlib.tests.test_fetch.TestHttpFetch.test_weaves_are_retrieved_once fails.07:50
vilaWhich is a bit puzzling...07:51
vilaspiv: I'm not asking for a true review, just a look and feedback, it may need more polish (I'm just trying to make it work for now)07:52
spivvila: ok07:52
vilaspiv: thanks07:53
* AfC would just like to say that he is finding bzr fast today.07:57
AfCTake THAT all you whingers.07:57
spivAfC: :)07:59
gourAfC: 1.7x?08:00
AfCgour: don't be ridiculous;
AfCRunning released software == sanity.08:02
gourok, ok...nice to hear08:02
AfC[Unless of course it's a project you're hacking on. Then of course you run upstream from source.08:02
AfCWhich reminds me of something I was chatting about with Rusty one day... I was observing that I had just done a release of my project, and didn't feel terribly enlightened or uplifted as a result.08:03
AfCAfter all, *I* don't need to do a release to use my code. We just need everyone _else_ in the software universe to release _their_ code so we can use it  :) :)]08:03
AfC(I first thought of this when I'd get "congratulations on your release" type emails from colleagues, when all doing a release was good for was a lot of time consumed away from time spent on hacking ... and bug reports for OSes I don't use and for situations that were all WORKSFORME)08:05
spivvila: wow that's a lot of changes!08:06
gour"everybody is thinking about himself/herself, only I think..."08:07
viladon't look at the whole ! Just diff -c 2940 !08:07
AfC(made me realize just how big a burden doing releases really is. Its not only work. It's also psychological pain and distraction ... just so other people can use your work and not pay your anything. Reminds you just how much we owe people who offer their work as Open Source and promote Software Freedom).08:07
spivvila: sure :)08:07
vilaI'm not sure all changes in that branch are still needed, but since that was an early attempt to be compatible with python-2.6 I didn't re-start from scratch08:07
vilabut if your remark was about: "what is needed to be compatible with 2.6" then, yes, it's not as trivial as one may hope ;-/08:08
gourAfC: just consider eternal glory people are using your software08:09
gourvila: bzr will soon jump to 2.6 bandwagon?08:09
spivvila: yeah, that's what my remark was08:09
spivgour: no, we'll still support 2.4 for quite a while I think08:09
vilagour: no, I'm looking at what is needed, I don't think we want to rush08:10
spivgour: (and 2.5).  But we want to work with 2.6 as well.08:10
* gour wonders who will use 3.0 then08:10
spivvila: so at a glance the changes in 2940 look nice.  Interesting that it causes that test to fail.08:10
vilavila == puzzled, spiv == interested :D08:11
vilaspiv: I don't really like passing transport at medium construction time, it may be enough to provide it at request time08:12
vilabut that's the make it right part ;)08:12
pooliespiv, did we ever settle something about systematically marshalling all/most errors across hpss?08:13
spivvila: so for some reason it's reprobing for a smart server08:13
poolieafc, that's good to hear08:13
spivpoolie: somewhat08:13
spivpoolie: bzrlib/remote.py now has a _translate_error helper.08:14
pooliei saw08:14
pooliei guess i meant, on the server side, it's be nice to let the do() method just pass the error up and have it automatically sent08:14
* vila thinks that the smart probes are itching more and more.... redirection bugs, now that :-/08:15
vilaspiv: That's why I asked for feedback, I'm wondering if my patch is in the right direction or is foobaring some "ok, I have already probed, no need for more"08:16
spivpoolie: so there's a single place to handle the unmarshalling now, and it deals with the "this exception needs an other_branch param" problem.  On the server side I think it's enough to make _call_converting_errors smarter.08:16
spivvila: I think it's the right direction08:23
spivvila: so the reason it fails is that SmartClientMedium is the thing that remembers if there's been a protocol error or not08:24
spivvila: and now we are making new SmartClientMedia rather than re-using them.08:25
lifelessvila: bug 24688008:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246880 in bzr "ghost fetch issue: fail when fetching a text referenced by a live revision introduced by a ghost revision" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24688008:25
spivvila: probably the thing to do is keep the medium in the _shared_connection object, so there's one instance per connection.08:25
vilaspiv: Haaaaa ! Thks08:25
spivvila: rather than making a new one for each get_smart_medium call08:25
lifelessvila: please poke now at my fixed branch and script so you can see what I've done08:25
lifelessvila: as the EU guys come online, I won't be around to answer questions shortly08:26
vilaspiv: so it should not keep a transport instance08:26
lifelessvila: we still have code changes to make vis-a-vis the bug, but the casper branch should be done08:26
spivvila: (search for _protocol_version_error inside SmartClientMedium to see where/how this state is tracked)08:26
vilalifeless: ok, switching to it right now so that *I* can ask questions :)08:26
vilaspiv: sure, now that you mention that, it should be easy08:27
vilalifeless: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47101/08:54
vilawhen trying your script on cp -R casper.backup casper08:55
vilaYour script is intended to produce a 'cleaned' branch from a 'casper' branch, the later being broken, right ?08:56
lifelessvila: you shouldn't need to run it though, I uploaded a fixed branch09:00
vilaI downloaded it, your script runs ok on it :D09:00
vilaI thought your script was intended to be used by people having broken branches09:01
vilalifeless: what should be done with your clean branch ? push --overwrite it to lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/casper/trunk ?09:01
vilaand from there everybody should re-clone ?09:02
vilashould we go private from here to avoid spamming this channel ?09:02
pooliehere is fine09:02
pooliebut i think he's signed off09:02
lifelessvila: something like that09:03
lifelessvila: that error is a local repo error in whatever branch you tried it on09:04
lifelessmy script assumes a 'working but cannot clone' branch09:05
vilalifeless: ok, I may have played too much, I'll retry with a less broken one09:05
vilaso, starting again with the casper.backup from  http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/tmp/casper-wreckage.tar.gz, your script works09:14
vilalifeless: I won't pretend I understand everything that is going on nor that I can go further, but I think I can help them get back a clean branch09:15
vilalifeless: that's what you're expecting from me right ?09:16
lifelessvila: well, ideally they grab my cleaned branch09:55
lifelessvila: and you help them become users of that branch, and its all good09:55
vilalifeless: ok09:55
VSpikemorning folks... just looking for advice on an easier way to do something10:31
VSpikeI keep coming across a similar problem.. I organised a directory of files under source control by creating subdirectories and moving the file in there10:31
VSpikePreviously I've resolved this with bzr after the fact by doing a series of bzr move --after file1 /newdir/file110:33
VSpikeTrouble is, if the directory is new, it complains there about it not being controlled, so I have to do bzr add newdir, but this then adds all the files in that new directory.. so I have to then remove each one before issuing the move --after command10:34
VSpikeIs there an easier way to do this?10:34
VSpikeIt's bad enough that on windows the files are listed in bzr st with "/" when windows won't accept that so you can't even copy and paste to speed things up :)10:34
spivVSpike: "bzr add --no-recurse newdir" would help you I think10:35
spivThat will add newdir without adding the files underneath it10:35
VSpikespiv: ah was hoping there was something like that :)10:36
lifelessvila: may need LOSA help to zap the existing branches10:36
lifelessjml: could you draft a _real quick_ mail to vila about what it would take to zap the existing corrupt branches of casper, for LOSA's to execute ?10:36
lifelessjml: (you know the details I'd have to say 'look up' on)10:37
jmlcasper's a project on Launchpad?10:38
vilajml: yes10:38
lifelessjml: its a package whose source is managed in bzr10:38
lifelessjml: I'm not sure what product the branches are attached to10:38
* vila would really like to know the expansion of LOSA...10:39
lifelesssome are not on LP but are mirrored - the 'remirror now' button discussed previously would suite those branches, others are hosted on LP10:39
mwhudsonvila: Launchpad/Landscape Operation System Administrator10:39
vilaok, I was close with my Launchpad Overlord System Admins, but no cigar :)10:40
gnomefreakmy bzr login id would be just gnomefreak?11:14
gnomefreaknope guess not11:15
cjwatsonvila: hey, so I'm looking through lifeless' work on bug 246880, and I understand he briefed you on what it'll take to deal with existing LP branches11:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246880 in bzr "ghost fetch issue: fail when fetching a text referenced by a live revision introduced by a ghost revision" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24688011:16
Kinnisongnomefreak: It's unclear to me what you mean11:16
Kinnisongnomefreak: If your username is gnomefreak then bzr will default to using that to record commits11:16
gnomefreakKinnison: trying to push to my bzr branch it asks for "bzr launchpad-login YOUR_ID"11:16
Kinnisongnomefreak: aah, you need to tell it your launchpad login id11:17
spivgnomefreak: that's not a "bzr login", that's your Launchpad login :)11:17
Kinnisongnomefreak: e.g. mine is 'dsilvers'11:17
vilacjwatson: yes, basically the bug has a clean branch associated with it11:17
gnomefreaki used gnomefreak as ID and it still failed permissions on ssh key11:17
cjwatsonvila: right, I actually had to reconvert it using lifeless' script as he was missing some new revisions11:17
Kinnisongnomefreak: You are John Vivirito?11:17
cjwatsonvila: I'm doing a diff-at-every-revision test now11:17
gnomefreakKinnison: yes11:17
vilacjwatson: great11:17
cjwatsonvila: I'm going to want to push to lp:casper, and I have a funny feeling that I'll need to move the old branch out of the way first11:18
Kinnisongnomefreak: and you're using one of gnomefreak@Development or gnomefreak@Hardy in terms of ssh keys?11:18
cjwatsonvila: do you know whether simply changing the branch name with "edit details" in LP will do the trick there?11:18
gnomefreakDevelopment Kinnison11:18
Kinnisongnomefreak: so, having done bzr launchpad-login gnomefreak, did it give you errors?11:18
gnomefreakit seems the permissions are due to shh key :(11:19
vilacjwatson: ah, I don't remember if lp supports branch renames, it wasn't a long time ago, but that may have changed11:19
poolievila, i think it does11:19
cjwatsonI suppose I can just try it11:19
vilapoolie: thks :)11:20
spivcjwatson: To change the branch that "lp:casper" resolves to you'd need to use https://code.edge.launchpad.net/casper/trunk/+edit11:20
gnomefreakand i know it worksoh yuck looks like no key in my ~/.ssh dir :( is there a way to add the exsisting key to it?11:20
spivcjwatson: (and simply renaming the underlying branch wouldn't affect lp:casper AIUI)11:20
Kinnisongnomefreak: either copy your .id_{dsa,rsa}{,.pub} files in, or make a new key for that machine and register it on launchpad11:20
cjwatsonspiv: right, the bazaar.launchpad.net mirror won't care about what lp:casper is though. I just want to make sure the physical branch data is out of the way so that a fresh push will copy it all from scratch11:20
cjwatsonsee what I mean?11:20
Kinnisongnomefreak: s/\.id/.ssh/id/11:21
spivcjwatson: so probably for clarity for everyone you'd want to rename the existing branch, make a new one, and then point lp:casper at the new one11:21
=== mvo__ is now known as mvo
cjwatsonI've renamed the existing one to trunk.old11:21
gnomefreakKinnison: that is gonna be hard since the dir is empty but i think i saved it to USB stick11:21
cjwatson$ lftp sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/casper/trunk11:21
cjwatsoncd: Access failed: stat/lstat failed (~ubuntu-core-dev/casper/trunk)11:21
cjwatsonthat looks promising11:21
spivcjwatson: (or get an admin to empty branch directory behind the scenes for casper in both the hosted and mirror areas then re-use that)11:22
cjwatsonhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/casper/trunk/ says "no changes!" rather than missing11:22
spivcjwatson: bazaar.launchpad.net mapping of name->branch has a slight lag11:22
spivcjwatson: so check again in say 2 minutes11:22
gnomefreakKinnison: thanks i got it working11:23
spivcjwatson: if https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/casper/trunk is 404 (and it is), bazaar.launchpad.net should follow suit shortly11:23
cjwatsonok, even if bzr barfed on that branch?11:23
cjwatsonI wasn't sure of the level at which that stuff worked11:24
cjwatsonaha, yes, it's 404 now11:24
cjwatsonspiv: so that will definitely have moved aside all traces of the broken branch?11:24
spivbazaar.launchpad.net stores branches internally by a fixed ID, and maps alls requests as they come in to the underlying ID.11:25
cjwatsonoh, right, so no moving directories around required11:25
* spiv -> food11:27
vilacjwatson: now you can push the cleaned one on lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/casper/trunk11:27
cjwatsonyep, in progress11:27
vilacjwatson: ok11:27
Kinnisongnomefreak: you're welcome11:32
vilacjwatson: looks like the new trunk has been uploaded, now you should be able to update lp:casper11:33
cjwatsonvila: yep, I asked Mithrandir to do that a few minutes ago11:34
cjwatson(can't do it myself, I don't own the casper product)11:34
vilaha, ok11:34
cjwatsonthanks for all the help, this is looking good now11:36
vilacjwatson: lp:casper is not updated yet though11:40
cjwatsonyes, that will have to wait for Mithrandir to be present11:41
cjwatsonI'm not in much of a rush there11:41
vilaok, as long as people needing the cleaned branch use the one you just uploaded, they should be fine11:42
VSpikeTo use bzr in windows, which works best overall - cygwin + windows port of bzr, or cygwin + cygwin port of bzr?12:31
VSpikeI've used both - I'm currently using windows port without cygwin, but using the normal cmd prompt is driving me insane12:32
poolieVSpike, i'm not totally sure but i think the cygwin one works better within cygwin12:35
poolieand the windows one is better outside12:35
pooliethe windows one comes with some Explorer integration, if that's useful12:35
VSpikepoolie: thanks - I agree, the all-cygwin one worked OK for me mostly, once you get used to the quirks of cygwin and also hack it to make ssh work with bzr12:46
VSpikepoolie: the explorer integration is not enough to make up for the horror of the windows command line :)12:46
nDuffaren't there alternatives available to cmd.exe?12:46
* nDuff remembers... 4dos, was it?... from back in the day.12:47
VSpikenDuff: yes, there's the windows power shell12:47
nDuffand I've heard Microsoft talking about how they were going to make a decent shell for a *long* while12:47
VSpikeI thought about trying learn that, but decided i just didn't have enough time when i could better put my efforts into improving my bash skills12:47
VSpiketheir enhanced shell does look interesting but .. well, deadlines loom etc12:48
poolieVSpike, learn zsh :-)12:57
poolielike bash but a bit better12:57
poolieback to work...12:57
VSpikepoolie: Ah yeah saw an article about it somewhere recenly12:58
VSpikewill push it up the project queue :) thx12:58
* nDuff has been using zsh for some time, and is constantly annoyed / trying to decide whether to go back to bash.12:59
nDuff...granted, though, the things that annoy me are probably configurable.12:59
* vila trying export ANNOYING=False13:05
msq_Hi guys, after upgrading bzr on both ends I'm getting http://pastie.org/27262813:20
spivmsq_: huh, weird.  What versions on both ends?13:26
msq_spiv: 1.6.113:26
spivmsq_: does "ssh <host> bzr --version" report the version you expect?13:26
msq_spiv: that's it :)13:27
msq_spiv: though, how do I change it13:27
msq_spiv: I use bzr in my own PATH on the server13:27
spivmsq_: You can set BZR_REMOTE_PATH locally, or set bzr_remote_path in your locations.conf13:28
msq_spiv: the latter on my server?13:29
spivNo, both on the client.13:29
spivThey are ways to configure the client to run a different path than just 'bzr'13:30
msq_spiv: I assume that there is no server-side13:30
spivWell, if you replace OpenSSH with something more configurable there is ;)13:30
msq_spiv:  heh ;)13:31
spivBut I don't know of a way to make OpenSSH run your .bashrc or whatever before running any command.  And bzr doesn't have any feature on the server to workaround this, the client side is generally enough.13:31
msq_spiv: thanks anyway!13:31
spivIt wouldn't surprise me if there's some magic setting for OpenSSH on the server to change this behaviour, but I haven't been able to find it.13:32
msq_spiv: ok, everything works perfect, locations.conf updated13:35
hsn_i really need python based installers for windows, anybody knows who is building them?14:02
pooliehsn_, as opposed to the exe installer?14:02
matejcikvila: are you there?14:03
hsn_yes i need something like this http://launchpad.net/bzr/1.6/1.6beta3/+download/bzr-1.6b3.win32-py2.5.exe14:03
pooliehsn_, i think bialix was building them, but i might be behind the times14:05
poolieyou could ask on the list14:05
poolietest_remote is clearing up nicely14:05
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vilamatejci1: back, sorry, I was in the basement for a central heating problem :-/14:55
matejci1vila: cool, now i'm back too14:58
matejci1reporter of https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/269535 pointed me to you, said that you were working on it today14:58
vilaand the heating is back too, we are all here, good14:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269535 in bzr "bzr does not work with python2.6" [Medium,In progress]14:58
matejci1i'm the guy who maintains python in opensuse, so this issue is kind of my responsibility14:59
matejci1so is there anything i can help with?14:59
vilamatejci1: phone, hold on14:59
* matejci1 holds14:59
vilaback, pfew, some days..15:05
vilaok, so, bzr supports python-2.4 and 2.515:05
matejci1yes, and there's some subtle change that breaks it for python 2.615:05
vilaI'm working on 2.6 and the last problem seems to related to our test framework15:06
vilaso, out of our ~1300 tests there remains only 8 failing and I don't think there are really problematic15:07
vilayet, it will take time for python-2.6 to be truly supported, so if you want to include bzr in opensuse, it will be better to also include python-2.515:07
vilamatejci1: is this possible ?15:08
matejci1well... the thing is, that we only recently started working on the possibility of having two different pythons installed15:08
vilabah, s/1300/13000/15:08
matejci1so at least for 11.1 that probably won't happen15:08
poolieare they really shipping only 2.6 even before 2.6 is released?15:09
poolieor am i just out of date15:09
matejci1poolie: we're not -shipping- it, mind you15:09
vilaand none of your packages that depends on python break ? Amazing...15:09
matejci1poolie: python 2.6 release date is way before 11.1 release15:09
vilawhen is 11.1 due ?15:10
pooliecertainly if you're using ubuntu numbering and that's January 2011 :-)15:10
pooliei realize you're probably not :)15:10
matejci1hah :e)15:10
matejci1nope, its ... i'm not sure how the numbering works actually15:10
matejci111.1 should be out in december or something15:10
matejci1and yes, packages do break ... mostly the "wild" complex ones like bzr, scons...15:11
poolievila, yay, my 261315 is all passing15:11
pooliei think it still needs packwards compatibility15:11
matejci1strangely enough, twisted framework seems to work perfectly15:11
vilapoolie: like hewlett packwards ?15:11
vilapoolie: woot, was the last remaining one to use stacked branches on lp ?15:13
poolierealistically i think we will find some more15:13
pooliebut, basically yes15:13
vilapoolie: great15:13
pooliealso i think the remote tests are now easier to read and debug15:13
poolieor at least the ones i've updated15:13
vilapoolie: I'll look at that asap then :)15:15
pooliei was kind of fishing for reviews15:15
poolieso it may not be perfect but i want to sleep15:15
poolieif you can read it that would be good15:15
poolieit will be kind of large so don't rubber stamp it15:15
vilamatejci1, poolie : I don't know how to proceed from there, but we need someone to pass the test suite with python-2.6 to ensure we don't regress15:15
pooliebut hopefully it will be ok enough to do 1.7 roughly on schedule15:16
pooliemultiple inheritance is annoying...15:16
matejci1okay. where can i get the thing that needs testing?15:17
vilabug #26131515:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261315 in bzr "getting a stacked branch over the smart protocol fails with "Could not install revisions"" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26131515:18
vilabug #26953515:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269535 in bzr "bzr does not work with python2.6" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26953515:19
vilamatejci1: do you have a working bzr ?15:20
vilamatejci1: use it to 'bzr branch lp:~vila/bzr/py26bzr'15:20
vilaand file new bugs if you encounter problems15:21
vilaI intend to use that one for the first round and close it once the test suite fully pass15:21
=== kiko-phone is now known as kiko
poolievila, we can probably get 2.6 running inside pqm though it might be annoying15:32
poolieno 2.6 at all in intrepid yet15:33
vilapoolie: at least we should do that as we intend to do for windows and maybe osx ?15:33
pooliepatch sent, off to bed15:34
matejci1alright, what's the official way to run the testsuite?15:34
poolie'make check' or './bzr selftest'15:34
pooliefirst is more thorough15:34
matejci1hmm ... i wonder what would happen if we made that run at build time...15:34
vilamatejci1: as poolie said :) But if you have some plugins installed (and they fail to pass the test suite) you may try bzr selftest --no-plugins15:34
pooliematejci1, actually i think that would be a great idea15:35
vilamatejci1: running it at build time will be perfect until we officially support it15:35
poolieit takes 10 minutes or so15:35
pooliedepending on your hardware etc15:35
matejci1that should be ok15:35
matejci1but make check requires docutils, which we don't have...15:36
matejci1selftest appears to work fine though15:36
poolieit would be good to get docutils so that you'll get html documentation for bazaar15:37
matejci1i'll leave that to bzr maintainer15:37
poolienote that you should probably run 'make' or some sub-targets15:37
poolieotherwise the binary extensions won't be built and it will be slow15:37
matejci1setup.py build is sufficient?15:37
pooliethat also works15:43
matejci1....heh, cool, turns out most of the extensions did not build because of missing pyrex. i'll end up rewriting the package beyond recognition15:44
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matejci1  warnings.warn("this is your last warning")15:55
=== abadger1999_afk is now known as abadger1999
matejci1vila: http://pastebin.ca/1203397 is test output16:01
matejci1i don't like how it skips tests due to "missing feature" ... even though the modules do get compiled16:02
matejci1but that is probably due to bad module paths...16:05
vilaAre you running as root ?16:05
vilatry a regular user :D16:05
matejci1that won't fly :ep this is a chrooted env16:06
vilaMissing feature 'bzrlib._walkdirs_win32', obviously concerns windows only16:06
vilaMissing feature 'FTPServer' skipped 94 tests => You need to install nedusa (python ftp server)16:06
vilaMissing feature 'bzrlib._dirstate_helpers_c' and all that ends up with _c, you need pyrex and to run 'make'16:08
matejci1i have that16:08
matejci1but this is before installation, in the source dir16:08
vilayou did run make ?16:08
matejci1so those .so aren't on pythonpath16:09
matejci1that's what i'm trying to work around now16:09
vila./bzr selftest isn't enough ?16:09
matejci1doesn't seem to be ... should it?16:09
vilaAFAIK, if you're running from sources, yes16:10
matejci1okay let me find out what exactly happens16:10
matejci1well ... correct me if i'm wrong but that can't work16:11
matejci1the .so are in build/lib.linux.blabla/bzrlib16:12
matejci1but when bzr says import bzrlib, it takes the bzrlib directory from source tree root16:12
matejci1completely avoiding the .so libraries16:12
matejci1and there doesn't seem to be anything to override this in sys.path..16:12
vilaforget the build directory16:14
vilamake build the .so in the bzrlib directory16:15
vilabuild is a selftest produced directory, arguably a leak :)16:15
matejci1hmm, indeed16:16
matejci1is it possible to run only tests for the .so modules?16:16
=== kiko is now known as kiko-phone
vilathere are ways, but we risk spending more time establishing the list of tests than just re-running the whole ;)16:18
matejci1whatever, just give me one ;e) i don't want to spend 10 minutes just to see "sorry your libraries didn't load"16:22
matejci1ah, i get it now16:24
matejci1"make" places the .so's in bzrlib/16:24
matejci1"python setup.py build" doesn't16:24
rockstarCan I use a wildcard in my locations.conf ?16:25
vilamatejci1: haaa, one is another story :)16:27
vilamatejci1: try ./bzr selftest -s bzrlib.tests.test__dirstate_helpers -v16:30
vilait should run in less than one second and show you which tests are skipped (if any) for which feature16:31
vilawell, for the bzrlib._dirstate_helpers_c feature16:31
vilamatejci1: did the Exception class hierarchy changed in 2.6 ?16:34
matejci1i'm not sure16:34
matejci1i've lost the list of changes ;e)16:34
matejci1let me find it16:34
matejci1well, nothing about Exceptions is in PEP361, so i assume that if something changed, it did in a slight, almost unnoticeable way. just like the __init__ thing16:36
matejci1- Issue #1537: Changed GeneratorExit's base class from Exception to   BaseException.16:40
matejci1this is what i found, only mention of exception hierarchy in NEWS. that should be much more trustworthy16:40
matejci1why does "internaly performed glob", "utf8filesystem" and "unicodefilename" skip?16:41
vilathat's NEWS in Misc/ directory from sources right ?16:41
matejci1....and why do i now skip 1138 tests, even though i have more features?16:42
vilahow many were you skipping before ?16:42
matejci1800something, iirc16:42
matejci1yes, 84116:42
vilahmmm, I don't really know from here :-/16:43
matejci1http://pastebin.ca/1203434 there's a new selftest output16:44
vilathe first one is caused by running as root I think (per_lock.test_lock.TestLock.test_readonly_file(fcntl) )16:46
matejci1i see16:46
matejci1then there's a bunch about missing thread.get_name16:46
matejci1oh, but those aren't failures16:46
matejci1but appear to break stuff anyway16:47
vilaI can't reproduce that one ( thread.get_name) but it's highly suspicious of either a 2.6 bug or an change not backward compatible16:47
vilaall the PROXY ones seems due to a surprising change in SokectServer.py (currently trying to fix or work around that one)16:48
matejci1let's see what NEWS say about get_name16:48
matejci1wait a minute16:49
matejci1the method name is supposed to be getName, not get_name16:49
vilaright and this is in python2.6/threading.py...16:51
matejci1hmm, indeed16:51
=== bobbo_ is now known as bobbo
matejci1that makes sense - they were renaming the methods to python naming convention (underscores), apparently didn't do a good enough job16:52
matejci1lemme fix it and retry16:52
vilayou seem to running python2.6b3, I'm running python2.6rc1 do you know who got the older one ?16:53
vilas/to/to be/16:53
matejci1you have the newer one16:53
matejci1i'm going to package rc1 now16:53
matejci1should be straightforward, too16:53
=== mark1 is now known as markh
matejci1get_name was python's fault, it works fine on 2.6rc117:35
vilamatejci1: ok, I will stop shortly, at least for one run, all the proxy related tests succeeded, so I strongly suspect a python bug, especially since now, when I try to catch the exceptions related to  error: (9, 'Bad file descriptor'), I get either socket.error or select.error exceptions17:44
vilanone of which occurred with 2.5 and the modified code in SocketServer.py having some XXX, now use select with a timeout (I rely on a blocking behavior)17:46
vilaall in all, a can of worms that needs a fresh mind :)17:46
LarstiQvila: you take your rest now :)17:46
vilaLarstiQ: indeed :)17:46
matejci1okay, i'll follow suit and go home get some sleep ;e)17:47
matejci1(down to 841 skips, making much more sense)17:47
nanderssonVerterok, hurray!!! I can branch directly from Launchpad :-) Thanks tons for fixing this :-) Great job!17:47
nanderssonUsing BzrEclipse that is :-)17:48
LarstiQnandersson: what are you branching? (I see you're in some blender channels as well)17:49
nanderssonLarstiQ, I tested with some stuff from my personal archives in Launchpad17:49
nanderssonRegarding Blender I'm investigating how to get the 3D-controllers from 3DConnexion to work :)17:50
LarstiQnandersson: good luck with that :)17:51
nanderssonHave you seen those?17:51
LarstiQnot in real life, but yes17:51
nanderssonI'm also covering F/OSS for Swedish netmag Techworld Open Source and bzr+bzreclipse is an important implementation17:54
nanderssonThat together with Launchpad will hopefully speed up development17:54
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Verteroknandersson: glad you like it! (you can branch directly from a project into a new one too ;) )17:56
nanderssonVerterok, yes I saw that :-) Very impressive stuff!!17:58
Verteroknandersson: thanks, more comming soon :-)17:59
nanderssonVerterok, hehe, with this I'm more than happy :-) Launchpad+Eclipse is now a one-stop-shop18:00
Verteroknandersson: and with mylyn integration should be awesone ;)18:02
nanderssonVerterok, Yes, the possibilities are mind blowing :-)18:12
nandersson...and now with all Ubuntu-packages under distributed version control :-) Very exiting times indeed18:12
justizinnandersson: i've also wondered about 3dconnexion and blender.  have you met #blender?18:14
justizinmy understanding is that it requires linking to their libs somehow.18:14
nanderssonjustizin, I don't know but there has been experimental support for 3dconnexion in blender for quite some time, but it seems that the support is still not in main.18:23
nanderssonjustizin, I asked in #blendercoders18:24
justizinah right on, so maybe it's in the experimental tree.. ipthopthotet or whatever it's called ;d18:24
justizinblender, iirc, isn't too much trouble to build.  what platform are you on?18:24
justizinanyway whatev.  have fun. :)18:24
* justizin back to bzr-ing18:25
LarstiQjustizin: I'm going shopping for food, after that maybe we can talk about nested trees? (svn:externals)18:38
justizinthat would rawk!18:40
justizini'll be around18:40
mthaddonhave upgraded the version of bzr that's being used by PQM to 1.6.1 - if anyone experiences any issues, please let me know18:40
justizinactually, i should also go shopping for food, but ... meh. ;d18:40
vilamthaddon: thanks, I'll keep you informed about my next submissions :)18:58
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=== they is now known as ozzloy
justizinum, i just commited some renames from one directory to another, pushed via ssh, 'bzr update' on the server says the tree is up to date, but the changes are not proliferated.  am i missing something?20:08
beunovila, hi! Have you seen bug #270219 ?20:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270219 in bzr-upload "File contents are not updated when a revision also renames the file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27021920:09
vilabeuno: yes, surprising, I didn't find the time to write the test to confirm it, that's shouldn't be hard20:11
vilabeuno: and you catch me just passing in front of my computer, I'm not there :)20:11
vilabeuno: but we shoud chat some day ;)20:12
beunovila, heh, ok ok. Just wanted to see if you'd seen it20:12
beunoyes we do!20:12
beunoI'm usually around from 13UTC on20:12
justizinLarstiQ: reading some of the nested tree details, would love to give some input, some good ideas but also some things need to be optional, like fetching subtrees (sometimes you just want to check out the master, to change the subtree locations, or just to make minor edits without trying to run or compile)20:43
epsyhi, i'm getting trouble using my launchpad account20:43
epsyi recently changed my "name" on launchpad, i changed bzr launchpad-login, but bzr up fails telling me that there is no "epsy46" account on launchpad20:43
LarstiQjustizin: something like --ignore-externals?20:44
epsybzr launchpad-login tells me my account is "epsy"20:44
LarstiQjustizin: you can play with https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~larstiq/bzr/nested-trees to see what the status is at20:44
LarstiQepsy: hmm20:44
=== kiko-fud is now known as kiko
nanderssonepsy, Do you have the correct name in ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf?20:45
justizinLarstiQ: yeah, i thought you might be aware, just didn't see it in the notes / status..20:45
justizini'll check out the tree and give it a spin.20:45
LarstiQepsy: is your branch bound to epsy46@... ?20:45
LarstiQjustizin: to be truthful, development has been very stagnant20:46
mbtAnyone run into an issue with bzr on Win32 (XP) accessing a https:// repo?  Am getting an error in bzr 1.7rc1 thrown from pycurl, saying 'error: (65, "necessary data rewind wasn't possible")'20:46
epsyLarstiQ, indeed20:46
mbtI am able to check out the same repository on a Linux box with bzr just fine.20:46
LarstiQmbt: that one is new to me20:46
mbtI did find one mention of it here on 8/29, but no fix was mentioned: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/08/29/%23bzr.txt20:46
LarstiQmbt: does it do that with https+urllib:// as well?20:47
mbtcan try that20:47
epsyLarstiQ, thanks, got it solved20:47
LarstiQmbt: bug 207734 and bug 241698 might be relevant20:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 207734 in bzr "push on bzr+http, pycurl fails with: necessary data rewind wasn't possible" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20773420:47
LarstiQepsy: cheers20:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 241698 in bzr "POST to authenticating proxy causes "necessary data rewind wasn't possible" error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24169820:47
justizinLarstiQ: yah i see it is based on bzr 0.15 O.o20:49
LarstiQjustizin: last I really touched it was the sprint in may this year or so?20:50
mbtLarstiQ: Yeah, https+urllib:// worked, but plain https:// did not20:59
LarstiQmbt: right, without the urllib decorator you're using pycurl21:01
LarstiQmbt: did you see the bugs I mentioned?21:01
mbtYes, though this one is without a proxy, so I am going to guess that the problem has to be with pycurl and is more fundamental, though what it is I've not a clue21:02
LarstiQmbt: if you could comment that on 241698, then we can prod spiv again that there's more information21:06
mbtLarstiQ: Will do, thanks21:06
LarstiQmbt: other than that, I've stopped using pycurl a while ago. Did it get installed with the windows installer, or did you install it seperately?21:06
mbtWindows installer, from the launchpad page21:07
mbtFirst Python app on the machine, so I assume its bundled21:07
LarstiQmarkh, vila: are there reasons to not drop pycurl from the bundled win32 installer?21:08
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nanderssonI filed an idea at Brainstorm "Integrate bzr-builddeb in Eclipse" http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/13260/21:34
beunoVerterok, cool!  Verterok will be very please21:35
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* Verterok looks21:37
Verteroknandersson: cool :)21:42
nanderssonAs long as bzr-builddeb is installed it's a matter of executing bzr bd in the root directory - the file ends up in ../buildarea21:43
james_wnandersson: "bzr bd lp:update-manager"21:43
vilaLarstiQ: pycurl validates ssl certificates, urllib doesn't, I wonder why I've never thought about making urllib the default for http, yet leaving pycurl the default for https...The least I could now is to send a one-lie patch on the list to get it discussed21:43
* vila off to bed21:43
james_wor rather a URI that works21:44
* nandersson looks into lp:update-manager :-)21:44
* vila coughs one li*n*e-patch, where do I find my typos....21:44
LarstiQvila: it brought a smile to my face though :)21:44
nanderssonjames_w, That's cool! Didn't knew you could do that :-)21:47
james_wnandersson: thanks jelmer21:47
nanderssonjames_w, Then perhaps the next thing would be to specify where to store the files? As in the Personal Package Archive for example?21:51
james_wnandersson: yeah, I don't know about automatically uploading21:52
nanderssonjames_w, Then my idea would basically already be implemented - just build a wrapper around it in Eclipse21:53
nanderssonThat runs the command21:53
nanderssonbzr bd lp:my-package my-personal-package-archive21:53
Verteroknandersson: you could setup a external tool in eclipse to run the command, in the meantime21:54
nanderssonVerterok, Yes, you're right, I can create my own script :-)21:55
awilkinsI keep having problems with Pycurl too23:07

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