poolie1mkanat: the warning is harmless00:44
poolie1mkanat: is that an imported branch on launchpad, or elsewhere?00:44
mkanatpoolie1: Yeah, I figured.00:44
poolie1nekohayo: he's away this week probably00:44
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mkanatpoolie1: I imported it locally. The problem seemed to be that I was importing into a rich-root-pack repo.00:45
mkanatpoolie: When I used the default repo type instead, it worked.00:45
mkanatpoolie: It also could have been some old bug, since it was bzr 1.5.00:45
nekohayopoolie: .... this "week"?! he leaves IRC on for weeks on end? :)00:46
nekohayooh well too bad I guess00:46
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jelmerasac, hi01:14
jelmerasac, authentication should work out of the box with bzr-svn01:14
jelmerasac, http or https authentication doesn't work with bzr itself, so you may have to specify "svn+http://" or "svn+https://" to get it to bypass the standard bzr http transport.01:14
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asacjelmer: oh. cool. thank you!01:19
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grettkeHi. You guys had any luck running a bzr smart-server on Vista?05:26
spivAFAIK the TCP server works fine.  I think I recall hearing about someone using it over HTTP with NTLM auth at some point, I'm not sure which version of Windows though.05:27
grettkeThanks. Strangest thing, Vista seems to be blocking the smart server. It allows Perl echo servers to run, and I can access bzr locally, but it doesn't show up over the netwoek. It is Vista that is doing something weird.05:30
spivgrettke: try explicitly using the external IP address in the --port argument?  e.g. --port
grettkespiv: Will do.05:38
grettkespiv: That does it. Why is this necessary? There is something with which I am not familiar because it didn't occur to me to bind it in that manner.05:44
AfC(is that the IPv6 bug again?)05:50
AfCgrettke: (we had to do that, but in our case it was a problem of `bzr serve` not starting (blowing up) and this forced it to think of the address as IPv4 only which made it work right)05:51
spivgrettke: good question, it might be to do with IPv605:51
spivOr it might be that passing None as the host to Python's socket.listen method is choosing the wrong interface for some reason.05:51
spivgrettke: it might be related to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/29369705:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 293697 in bzr "bzr serve shows error TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting" [High,Confirmed]05:51
AfCgrettke: (this was on a Linux server, so even more tangential to what you're asking about)05:51
spivHmm, actually, I don't think that's the bug I was thinking of.05:52
spivAh, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/286871 is what I was thinking of.  That's also what AfC is referring to.05:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 286871 in bzr "IndexError raising CannotBindAddress error starting bzr serve" [Medium,Confirmed]05:52
grettkespiv, AfC, ubottu: I had pretty much ruled out the router, the switch, the other computer, and even bzr since I can access from the server box itself, just not other computer; the last thing about which I wondered was whether or not I should disable IPv6 completely on the card.05:53
* AfC {chortle}s at the addressee list in the above line05:54
AfC grettke: I imagine you can just specify a 4 byte IPv4 address as Andrew suggested and move on. I haven't the faintest whether Microsoft uses IPv6 internally in its operating system (if it did, then turning it off might make things go splat) or for the E.T. phone home "feature".05:57
grettkeThanks everyone, now I can sleep well again; this has been a thorn in my side I tell you!05:59
spivgrettke: you could try --port to further narrow down what's going wrong.  If that works, it suggests that it's trying an IPv6 address.05:59
spivgrettke: if it doesn't, it suggests for some reason passing None as the host is causing it to bind to the wrong interface (or perhaps simply that it's not binding to all interfaces).06:00
spivgrettke: either way, a bug report with the details would be good I think.06:00
grettkespiv: That does work: bzr serve --port
grettkespiv: Will do.06:01
grettkebye guys06:04
mtaylorhelp? "bzr: ERROR: [Errno 14] Bad address"06:16
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mwhudsonmtaylor: that's a new one06:21
mtaylormwhudson: well that's not what I want to hear . :(06:21
mwhudsonmtaylor: what were you doing?06:21
spivmtaylor: which version?06:21
spivmtaylor: and which OS?06:21
mtaylormwhudson: I get it doing just about anything - bzr diff , bzr commit06:22
mtaylorspiv: opensolaris06:22
spivmtaylor: I think this may be a bug that was recently fixed in bzr.dev06:22
mtaylorand version is...06:22
spivmtaylor: ah, yep, then it probably is that bug.06:22
mtaylorspiv: 1.906:22
mtaylorphew. I'll just update then06:22
mwhudsonoh, the chdir('') one?06:22
mwhudsonthat makes sense06:22
spivmwhudson: right06:23
spivmtaylor: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/297831 if you're curious06:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 297831 in bzr "EADDR inside pyrex readdir on x86 Solaris" [Medium,Fix released]06:23
spivmtaylor: a workaround would be to delete the _readdir_pyx.so, although that will impact performance a bit06:23
* spiv heads off06:24
mtaylornah. I'm running a pre-release version of opensolaris anyway - I might as well upgrade bzr to bzr.dev :)06:24
mtaylorspiv: thanks!06:24
spivmtaylor: :)06:24
* mtaylor stabs solaris in the face06:24
vilahi all07:11
GPHemsley(fullermd:) What's the deal with the new repo format, 1.9?07:12
Peng_What about it? It has a faster and more space-efficient index format.07:17
GPHemsleyHow would I use it?07:19
GPHemsleyIs there documentation on it somewhere?07:20
Peng_If you don't need your repo to be compatible with bzr 1.8 or earlier, you'd run "bzr upgrade --1.9".07:23
GPHemsleyPeng_: And how is 1.9 better?07:26
Peng_GPHemsley: Like I said, it uses a smaller and faster index format.07:41
Peng_GPHemsley: If your project is pretty small, it probably won't make a huge difference.07:41
loxshello, is there any installer that has "everything included" to install bzr with everything needed to be able to access ssh+bzr repositories from windows?07:56
Peng_Can't the Windows installer do that?08:06
Peng_Though you might want to install putty anyway.08:06
* Peng_ leaves. Sorry, but I don't know much about Windows anyway.08:07
loxswell, I installed bzr and it tells me that ssh+bzr is illegal protocol08:09
lukssounds like a serious bug in the installer08:12
loxsis it possible the reason to be that I previously had python installed?08:14
loxswell, I uninstalled python and installed a "fresh" copy... and it still can't connect to ssh+bzr repositories08:19
loxsI installed the latest version from 1.7 series. Now it doesn't tell that it's illegal protocol, but the connection times out08:41
loxsand there is no networking problem, because I can connect via putty without any problems08:43
loxssame with 1.8 series :(08:52
loxsOK, it's possible I'm doing it wrong09:01
loxsis bzr co bzr+ssh://user@some.address.com/some/directory/ valid syntax?09:01
loxs[]luks, any idea?09:31
luksloxs[]: yes, it's a valid syntax09:31
luksno idea about the problem though09:31
luksit would be probably useful to file a bug report09:32
loxs[]yes, now I'm searching for a similar thing09:32
loxs[]the problem is that I can't provide any useful information :)09:32
loxs[]and I am not sure that something is not wrong with my settings09:35
loxs[]my windows I mean (i have no windows knowledge)09:35
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Odd_Blokepoolie1: lifeless: My ~bzr membership is about to expire, the emails keep telling me to poke one of you about it. :)11:51
matkorWhat it means:  Contents conflict in <file> ?12:33
matkorHow can I resolve it ?12:33
matkorah bzr mv ...12:34
skamhi everyone12:35
spivmatkor: "bzr help conflicts" might be helpful12:35
skami have to "split" a bazaar repository into three parts: a big repository should be split into three smaller ones (due to some changes in our company). is this possible?12:35
vilaskam: If your big repositories contains 3 independents projects, yes. You can create one repository by project, and pull all project branches in their specific repo13:20
vilas/big repositories/big repository/13:20
ras0irim using ftp (vsftpd) to push, however .bzr dir umask is shown as "drwx------", and i cannot clone because of "bzr: ERROR: Transport error: Server refuses to fulfill the request (403 Forbidden)" message.13:38
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fta2hiredman, any plan to update bzrtools in jaunty ? bzr is stuck to 1.6.1 instead of 1.9 because of this.15:38
fta2hiredman, nm15:38
fta2i meant "hi," (damn xchat)15:38
jelmerfta2: iirc James had requested a sync for bzrtools as well15:39
james_wnope, I forgot15:40
james_wlooks like we need bzrtools and bzr-gtk, anything else?15:40
fta2bzr-builddeb is stuck too15:41
vilajam: ping15:41
james_wfta: stuck?15:41
fta2well, i mean, upgrading bzr removes bzr-builddeb and bzrtools15:42
james_wah, ok15:42
james_wthat will take an upload, need to check that it works first though15:42
quicksilveris there a more recommended protocol than sftp these days?16:03
quicksilverdoes that work better over slightly higher latency links?16:06
quicksilverfresh branch checkouts are a bit painful over adsl.16:06
LarstiQbzr+ssh has 1/3rd the roundtrips of sftp16:06
LarstiQquicksilver: so you'll notice with high latency links16:07
quicksilverHmm, well bzr+ssh is making much more substantial use of my network connection, but it's not saying much while it does it.16:19
quicksilverno funky progress bar16:19
jelmeryeah, progress reporting sucks a bit atm :-/16:19
quicksilversftp was 14 minutes to check out 604 revision, 70 megabyte repo16:20
quicksilverbzr+ssh was 2 minutes 40 seconds.16:21
quicksilverwoot :)16:21
vilaLarstiQ: hi ! Where did you get that 1/3rd ?16:23
LarstiQvila: here from what lifeless has said, I suppose16:23
vilaok, it's for bzr branch without shared repos I presume then16:25
LarstiQI think so, yes.16:25
vilaFor a split second I thought you had implemented some effort tests to compare sftp vs bzr+ssh without telling us :-)16:26
LarstiQno no, sorry :)16:27
* LarstiQ goes to his mom for dinner, ciao16:27
DvyjonesHow do I set up bzr for launchpad?16:34
Takset up?16:36
Kobazso what's the preferred repo layout16:42
Kobazi was trying to do like, repo/project/trunk repo/project/branches, etc16:42
Kobazwhat would the /project/ be... making it a branch doesn't seem to work16:43
Kobazie: branch within a branch16:43
james_wKobaz: if you want then it can just be a plain directory16:44
james_wI would advise you make repo/ a plain directory16:44
DvyjonesHow do I set up SSH keys with Bazaar? It seems like it isn't detecting my key...16:44
james_weach /project/ a shared repository16:44
james_wthen branches underneath that16:45
Peng_Dvyjones: What OS?16:50
Peng_Dvyjones: There is absolutely no magic involved. It just calls out to OpenSSH. If "ssh foo@bar" works, it will work with bzr.16:50
DvyjonesSo it's probably me specifying the wrong SSH key in launchpad, or it hasn't updated yet...16:51
Peng_Probably, yeah. Or your SSH key suffers from the OpenSSL vulnerability.16:53
Peng_Or you made some sort of mistake when pasting it into the box on LP.16:53
DvyjonesIt was generated just a couple of days ago on Ubuntu 8.120, so I guess not :P16:53
Peng_heh, ok16:55
Peng_I don't know what's wrong, then. Sorry.16:55
* Dvyjones copied it again, and it worked16:56
Kobazhow do i do an unpush17:06
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ras0ircan someone explain me why chmod values are different in bzr push sftp:// and bzr push ftp:// ?17:56
cody-somervilleHow do I configure who it says made the commit?18:20
cody-somervilleRight now it is using my hostname18:20
beunocody-somerville, bzr whoami18:20
danserI accidentally did some commits without having my whoami configured. is there a way to change the committer's names afterwards?18:25
jelmerdanser, only by redoing the commits18:26
danserjelmer: ok, thanks18:26
Peng_Unless your default username is really embarrassing, it's probably best to just live with the mistake.18:29
danserit's only about two recent commits, and I'm still the only author, so I don't mind redoing these :-)18:30
Takis it possible to encode a password in a location? or noninteractively at the commandline at all?19:00
jelmerTak, yes, "bzr://username:password@hostname/path"19:00
Takhmm - I get: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "invalid port number (part of password) in url19:02
Peng_Maybe supply a port too?19:02
TakI am, actually19:02
Takthe entire url looks like: sftp://user:pass@host:port/path/19:05
Takdo I need to urlescape the password? (the url is already in single-quotes for the shell)19:49
seb_kuzminskyi'm thankful for the vcs-imports team20:43
seb_kuzminskybut i have a question20:44
seb_kuzminskyi'm trying to branch this: https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/emc/trunk20:44
seb_kuzminskyif i branch it into its own, new repo (ie, i run bzr branch in a directory which is not initialized) it works nice & fast20:45
zephyris there anything special i have to do to push files from olive to a website through ftp?20:45
seb_kuzminskybut if i try to branch into an existing shared repo, with some other locally-created branches, it's awfully slow20:45
seb_kuzminskyit says "Transferring 0/4", then stops & bzr pegs the CPU, and it just sits there20:46
luksseb_kuzminsky: your repository is probably in a different format and it has to convert it20:46
lukstry bzr info on both20:46
seb_kuzminskynew branch of lp: pack-0.9220:46
seb_kuzminskybranch into existing repo: rich-root-pack20:47
seb_kuzminskythanks luks!20:47
seb_kuzminskyi'm a bit confused by the different repo formats20:48
luksyou are not the only one :)20:48
seb_kuzminskyi guess i should stay on the default pack-0.92, but it kept bugging me to "upgrade my repo"20:48
zephyrhi. i just started using bzr through olive - i am trying to push some test files to my server through ftp, i dont get an error, but nothing happens20:49
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hiredmanI grabbed bzr-git from launch bad, I see "TypeError: 'Tree' object is not iterable" when I try to branch from a git repo21:00
* mwhudson points at jelmer 21:02
mwhudsonhiredman: what version of bazaar?21:02
hiredmanpython 2.521:04
mwhudsonhiredman: are there bug reports for bzr-git?21:04
hiredmanhttp://gist.github.com/29575 is the output21:10
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jmlI just got bit by a UI bug in loom.21:10
jmlbut it's a pretty subtle one.21:10
mwhudsonhiredman: hm, fairly mysterious21:11
jmlI was submitting threads to a PQM via exported branches, I ended up having one of the threads rejected because of a text conflict caused by one of my lower threads.21:12
jmlI feel that loom should have warned me about this.21:13
* james_w waves to jml 21:13
jmljames_w: hello.21:13
james_wmwhudson: thanks again for loggerhead, just set it up on a site and it was painless and works beautifully21:13
mwhudsonjames_w: glad it worked for you!21:13
james_wjml: presumably they didn't conflict before you started exporting?21:14
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jmljames_w: they did!21:14
jmljames_w: the interesting thing here is that the lower thread had commits that were not yet merged into the upper threads.21:14
james_wah, that'll do it21:14
james_wso you're able to export threads from above your current position in the stack?21:15
jmlthing is, the only way to find that out with loom is to go to the bottom thread and merge all the way up.21:15
jmljames_w: I think export-loom just does the whole stack -- not sure though.21:15
jmljames_w: I might have switched to a higher thread also, again not sure.21:16
james_wah, I haven't used export-loom, I see that would be a problem21:16
james_wwhat warning would you have liked?21:16
james_w"You are exporting a loom that hasn't been fully merged. The resulting branches may conflict"?21:16
jmljames_w: I guess what I would like is something akin to "bzr status" that shows me if any threads have revisions that haven't been merged into the higher threads21:17
jmland also what's changed since the last record (hah!)21:17
james_wit sounds like they are things that bzr-loom should provide21:18
james_wrepresenting it obviously won't be easy, as you indicate21:18
jfroy|workHello people21:38
* jml shakes his fist at combine-thread21:38
jfroy|workI was wondering if there was an semantical equivalent of "svn mv" something out of a branch into a new one.21:38
jfroy|workThat is, I have a project that has grown way too large, and I'd like to refactor a sub-component of it as a sub-project, with its own set of branches.21:39
jfroy|workIs there a way to grab a sub-tree of a branch and turn that into a branch, or branch a sub-tree of a branch. Or is the infamous "move the file manually into a new branch" the way to go.21:39
jmlanyone know how I can get info from the last record?21:40
jelmerbeuno, hi21:57
jelmermwhudson, hi21:58
mwhudsonjelmer: some bzr-git queries from hiredman21:58
jelmerhiredman, pong21:59
jelmermwhudson, we (and by that I mean Lo-Lan-Do) are working on also getting loggerhead up and running on alioth21:59
mwhudsonjelmer: nice21:59
james_wjelmer: cool22:03
james_wjelmer: does the version of loggerhead you are using include the serve-branches script? Is that what you are using?22:06
jelmerjames_w, no, we're the standard loggerhead package - which uses start-loggerhead22:07
james_wusing serve-branches can display the hierarchy nicely22:07
james_wgoing by one of the bug reports it sounds like that is what would be preferred22:08
jelmerah, wasn't aware they're actually doing different things these days22:09
mwhudsonserve-branches -- new, perhaps a little dwimmish, liked\22:10
mwhudsonstart-loggerhead -- old, crappy, i personally hate it22:10
james_wI'm not sure where the extra port is coming from, do you have the public URL setting in loggerhead.conf?22:11
jelmermwhudson, but serve-branches doesn't use loggerhead.conf, does it?22:22
mwhudsonjelmer: no, you have to use --style options22:22
jelmerit would be nice if there was a way to just get the stylistic improvements by setting some variable in lgogerhead.conf22:23
mwhudsonyou mean the serving from directories stuff?22:24
mwhudsonbecause there isn't any real difference in appearance, i thought22:24
jelmerI'd like to get the hierarchy that serve-branches has22:25
mwhudsonwhat else can't you get with serve-branches?22:25
jelmerThat's the only bit I'm aware of that's differnet (but I may not be very well informed)22:26
mwhudsonthen why not use serve-branches?22:26
mwhudsoni realize you can't use loggerhead.conf so neatly, but a little shell script with --port this and --host that doesn't seem so hard22:27
jelmermwhudson, this is for the debian package, which already uses start-loggerhead22:28
mwhudsonjelmer: now you've lost me22:29
mwhudsonwhich part of the debian package?22:29
jelmerthe init script22:29
mwhudsonoh right\22:30
mwhudsondid you see that trunk loggerhead has one of them too now?22:30
jelmerthe alternative is for me to allow the user to configure a choice between start-loggerhead and serve-branches22:30
jelmerand to confuse users since their configuration for address/port to listen on is in different places22:31
james_wthe loggerhead.conf suits a package really well, and so having an option to turn on the hierarchical browsing would be great IMO22:31
mwhudsoni'm fine with the idea of configuring serve-branches from a config file22:32
mwhudsoni'm not really fine with it being the same as loggerhead.conf currently is though22:32
lifelessnuke loggerhead.conf completely22:34
lifelessand let a /etc/defaults/loggerhead set variables22:35
lifeless(in the packaging)22:35
jelmermwhudson, serve-branches doesn't necessarily have to support a config file - it can just be a tool to quickly get a loggerhead up22:38
jelmerthe important thing (for me at least) is that the same functionality is in start-loggerhead22:38
fullermdLooks like Dragonfly finished their git conversion.22:41
mwhudsonjelmer: i don't see why you so want start-loggerhead22:54
jelmermwhudson, it means I don't have to worry about the configuration (since except for enabling it, it is all outside of /etc/default), because it can fork for me as well as log etc, and because it's already there (otherwise I'd have to make sure there's a smooth transition from start-loggerhead to serve-branches)22:57
mwhudsonjelmer: well if you'd _asked_ me when you were packaging loggerhead, i'd have told you to stay away from it ;-p22:58
mwhudsonjelmer: when serve-branches is feature compatible, we can do a compatibility shim somehow22:58
lifelessmwhudson: or, as some of the features are insane22:59
jelmermwhudson: at that time, serve-branches wasn't even installed by setup.py IIRC..22:59
lifelessmwhudson: you could just deprecate it22:59
mwhudsonthere's always going to be a spot of friction though, because the way the branches are specified22:59
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hiredmanjelmer: ping23:43
jelmerhiredman, pong23:43
jelmerhiredman, you were hitting issues in bzr-git23:47
hiredmanI was not able to branch from a git tree, or whatever you call it23:49
hiredmanI am not even sure how complete bzr-git is suposed to be23:50
hiredmanhttp://gist.github.com/29575 was the output23:50

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