JohnFluxjohannes_: go to Desktop00:00
JohnFluxDesktop effects00:00
JohnFluxthen change composition type00:00
JohnFluxjohannes_: randr has nothing to do with it00:00
JohnFluxrandr is for changing rotation and screen resolution00:01
EagleScreenwhy dkms is not installed by default in Ubuntu Desktop Edition?00:01
johannes_JohnFlux: prob still, and tried xrender now00:03
JohnFluxjohannes_: you still get the problem with xrender?00:03
JohnFluxinstead of opengl?00:03
johannes_JohnFlux: yes00:04
JohnFluxjohannes_: oh wait - do you have an ATI card?00:04
johannes_e.g. clicking at the upper border, white, typing here, shady againaand flickering00:04
farhanhello i need help with my xubuntu can please neone help me00:04
JohnFluxjohannes_: do you have focus follows click?00:05
johannes_JohnFlux: yes, but i tried all options, didnt help00:05
JohnFluxjohannes_: Window Behavior -> Click to Focus00:06
farhancan neone help please00:06
JohnFluxjohannes_: do you have the policy of Click To Focus00:06
JohnFluxfarhan: how can anyone help you?00:06
JohnFluxfarhan: you haven't asked a question00:06
JohnFluxfarhan: we aren't psychic00:06
farhanactually i have installed Xubuntu on my pc and i want to get Gnome desktop i m looking in synaptic but unable to find there00:07
johannes_JohnFlux: yes00:07
johannes_JohnFlux: but that behaviour doessnt affct the prob, already tried all options00:07
geniifarhan: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop00:07
JohnFluxjohannes_: ATI card?00:08
farhanthis way i can install ubuntu desktop leme save thanks 1 more to go00:08
johannes_JohnFlux: Graphics Adapter: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) X310000:08
k4hey ! i just installed 9.04 :) and it works !!!00:09
JohnFluxjohannes_: hmm, strange.  dunno sorry00:09
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JohnFluxjohannes_: maybe the people in #kwin can help at some point00:09
k4whats the problem ?00:09
johannes_JohnFlux: nobody there right now, but ill keep tryin it..which option prevents any window from getting shady, if any?00:10
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farhanSecond question is i am trying to install Ubuntu on my other machine and i get this error after installation is complete and every thing "Gave up waiting for root device"00:10
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johannes_k4: hi,  my inital problem was flickering screen and changing focus every second when typing00:10
mareksmssend: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:10
marekwhat can i do with it/00:10
carlos_plz i need help with amsn and cam00:11
k4johannes_: ok something with your graphics driver00:11
johannes_JohnFlux: thanks anyway!00:11
johannes_k4: yep, i agree00:11
johannes_k4: Graphics Adapter: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) X310000:12
k4but i think for the intel card's is only one driver available00:12
k4i got a different intel graphics card - just checked00:13
farhanSecond question is i am trying to install Ubuntu on my other machine and i get this error after installation is complete and every thing "Gave up waiting for root device"00:13
k4johannes_:  try to find out the package name00:13
farhanand how can i use yahoo messenger with cam and vc on ubuntu00:13
k4johannes_: then go to packages.ubuntu.com and check your upgrade possibilities00:14
k4farhan: it's work's out of the box with my 2 computer's00:14
johannes_k4: sorry, which package?00:14
k4farhan: are you seeing any video from your cam ?00:14
k4johannes_: where the driver resides in00:15
johannes_should i search for the driver in adept?00:15
farhanK4 i dont know which yahoo software to download00:15
k4farhan: try pidgin, but you just need to double-click "install new software"00:16
k4johannes_: just checked my netbook , and it's comlicated00:16
k4johannes_:  there are too many intel component's in there00:17
johannes_k4: packages .ubuntu gives me nothing00:18
k4johannes_: the package name is : yserver-xorg-video-intel00:19
k4not y:)00:19
madgeek007how do i configure kwin?00:21
HappySmileManmadgeek007: You mean the effects it provides or just it's basic appearance00:21
madgeek007the effects00:21
HappySmileManOpen up system settings, go to "Desktop" and from there you can enable or disable them00:22
HappySmileManAnd configure them00:22
madgeek007how did i not notice that..thanks00:23
jenniferi have a question; when trying to access this one website; it doesnt load but i can get onto other sites just fine00:23
geniijennifer: Maybe the site is down ... or, it uses something unsupported in linux, like Shockwave00:24
jenniferi called my internet service provider and they said that there wasnt any problems on their end00:24
jenniferthe thing is i am able to get on that site all the time00:24
jenniferand for about 5 mins i was able to use the Konuer web browser to acess the site unti i attempted to log on and then it took forever to load00:25
jenniferthe site isnt down b/c my other friends are able to get onto it just fine00:26
jenniferi am tired of freakin Linux...its one thing after the freakin other00:31
ugajennifer: this has nothing to do with linux00:31
ugabut feel free, install windows, and have your life easier00:31
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johannes_k4: would i need to change my sources.lst?00:32
jenniferi had windows and my comp crashed twice00:32
jenniferi am just frustrated atm00:32
ugajennifer: it has to do with how networking works00:32
ugathere's many sites that can block you or your sysadmins' proxy servers at any moment00:32
ugano matter what OS you run00:32
ugaand from all you said, it looks like the problem is related to packet routing00:33
jenniferokay i installed it now how do i run in00:33
ugajennifer: did you ever run konsole?00:33
ugago to the menu, and search konsole, it should be there00:33
ugayou'll see a black screen00:34
ugaand you type there "traceroute www.google.com"00:34
ugabut instead of www.google.com you put the site you're trying to debug00:34
ugayou'll see that it takes some time, but it will show you the path that packets are following, from one router to another00:34
ugaat some point, it will stop and not continue00:35
elliottis there any way to install firefox in intrepid without installing the entire gnome library?00:35
jenniferits not doing anything00:35
jenniferi typed it in an nadda00:35
elliottean easy way i should say00:35
ugatraceroute to www.google.com (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets00:35
uga 1 (  2.611 ms  2.979 ms  3.166 ms00:35
uga 2 (  53.923 ms  55.505 ms  57.191 ms00:35
ugajennifer: you don't see anything like that?00:35
ugayou are running it in a terminal, right?00:36
ugain one of those "black windows"00:36
ugaand what does it say, nothing?00:36
jenniferall it gives me is >00:36
elliottdon't put a slash or backslash after the command00:37
jenniferi typed traceroute http://fringe-forum.com00:37
ugajennifer: without http00:37
elliottget rid of the http:// part00:37
ugajust fringe-forum.com00:37
jenniferstill nothing00:38
elliottwhat gets printed out now?00:38
axiomtrying to install the lates kde beta from here http://www.kubuntu.org/node/58 but skipped the step about uninstalling koffice-data-kde4.  Now I am stuck in an endless loop that apt-get -f install will not fix.  How do I get out?00:39
jenniferi dont have sudo apt00:40
ugajennifer: forget sudo apt-get etc00:40
ugajust type      traceroute fringe-forum.com00:40
ugasudo apt-get thing is for installing traceroute, and you already did, through adept manager, you said00:40
jenniferThe program 'traceroute' can be found in the following packages:00:40
jennifer * traceroute-nanog00:40
jennifer * traceroute00:40
jenniferTry: sudo apt-get install <selected package>00:40
jenniferbash: traceroute: command not found00:40
jenniferthats what it gives me00:40
geniiuga: tracepath00:41
johannes_k4: I TRIED UPgrade in synaptic from 10 to 10.1 , didnt help, there is a jaunty version but how do i get it installed?00:41
ugagenii: I have traceroute myself, and she has too, according to the output00:41
dookiefaceI'm having trouble installing ubuntu into my toshiba laptop.00:41
ugagenii: what's tracepath? some improvements over traceroute?00:41
geniijohannes_: Ask in #ubuntu+1 please00:41
ugajennifer: try     sudo apt-get install traceroute00:42
ugait seems you didnt' install it00:42
ugajennifer: it will ask you for the root password when doing so00:42
geniiuga: Seems to be the same. Just different name in Ubuntu for some reason00:42
ugagenii: not for me. I do have traceroute00:42
ugain intrepid00:42
uganothing called tracepath00:43
ugathere's iputils-tracepath as package00:43
jenniferi did that and the pass i gave it was wrong00:43
jenniferi only have one password i use for Linux00:44
jenniferthat one according to the freakin screen isnt the one00:44
ugadid you check caps lock etc?00:44
jenniferE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)00:44
jenniferE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?00:44
ugaah, no, that's not incorrect password =)00:44
ugajennifer: close adept manager00:44
ugaand try again00:45
ugaboth applications are trying to access the program installation database00:45
ugaand adept had locked it00:45
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elliottalso, i had kubuntu intrepid crash randomly while downloading updates earlier,  how would i go about finding the cause?00:46
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ugaelliott: what crashed, adept?00:47
ugaor the whole desktop00:47
elliottno, the entire computer shut off00:47
ugathat's hard to debug00:47
elliottexactly, i don't even know where to start00:47
ugawere you using a gfx application to update?00:48
elliottyeah, adept manager00:48
jenniferi tried and got it running but when i ran the traceroute it gave me No buffer space avaliable00:48
ugaelliott: you could try updating from command line (apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade). At least that would tell you if it's related to using xorg/gfx card drivers...00:48
elliottthat's what i'm doing now00:49
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elliotti don't even know if it's related to adept manager, i just know that was the only thing going on00:49
elliottanso, after the crash, the K menu button in the lower left of the screen disappeared00:49
elliotti had to create a widget of one on the desktop00:50
ugajennifer: wow, does it to the same for other sites?00:50
ugacheck google for example00:50
jenniferi tried yahoo..same damn message00:50
elliottalso, i can't run some executables00:50
elliotti'm not having a good time with intrepid so far00:51
ugajennifer: what does "ping www.google.com" do?00:51
ugadoes it work?00:51
uganow that's strange. ping and traceroute do very similar stuff00:52
ugajennifer: does pinging to that site work too?00:52
ugathe one you are having issues with00:52
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uga64 bytes from fx-in-f103.google.com ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=251 time=78.7 ms00:52
ugait should output something like that00:52
ugawith a timne00:52
jenniferwhat does ping do00:53
ugaping sends a packet to the remote site, and asks the site to respond to you00:53
ugayour computer sends "foo",a nd the remote site responds "foo" back00:53
ugait's an echo request00:53
ugaif you see a time, it means you have connectivity to that site, and the response time is that one (in milliseconds)00:53
ugaif you get a timeout, it means packets are not reaching to that site00:54
jenniferwell its still going00:54
ugaPING fringe-forum.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.00:54
uga64 bytes from host.bellyhost.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=251 time=193 ms00:54
uga64 bytes from host.bellyhost.com ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=251 time=192 ms00:54
uga64 bytes from host.bellyhost.com ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=251 time=193 ms00:54
ugajennifer: you get something like that?00:54
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ugawhat's the response time for you?00:54
=== xarchie is now known as roccity_
jennifer64 bytes from host.bellyhost.com ( icmp_seq=99 ttl=48 time=306 ms00:55
jennifer64 bytes from host.bellyhost.com ( icmp_seq=100 ttl=48 time=276 ms00:55
jennifer64 bytes from host.bellyhost.com ( icmp_seq=101 ttl=48 time=301 ms00:55
jennifer64 bytes from host.bellyhost.com ( icmp_seq=102 ttl=48 time=268 ms00:55
jennifer64 bytes from host.bellyhost.com ( icmp_seq=103 ttl=48 time=295 ms00:55
jennifer64 bytes from host.bellyhost.com ( icmp_seq=104 ttl=48 time=305 ms00:55
jennifer64 bytes from host.bellyhost.com ( icmp_seq=105 ttl=48 time=306 ms00:55
ugathat sounds good, not too long timeout00:55
ugajennifer: stop pasting, else you'll get kicked for flooding ;)00:55
ugajennifer: ok, now we'll check if hte site works or not for you. I hope you have telnet installed00:56
jenniferwhats telnet?00:56
ugajennifer: another network program from command line. We will try doing what the browser does, but manually00:56
ugajennifer: if you type   telnet fringe-forum.com 8000:57
ugayou'll see:00:57
ugaConnected to fringe-forum.com.00:57
ugaEscape character is '^]'.00:57
elliottalso, konsole doesn't color anything in commands like ls00:57
ugajennifer: once it shows connected, you can type (exactly, no add-on spaces):00:57
elliotti'm just having problems left and right00:57
ugajennifer: GET HTTP/1.000:57
ugajennifer: and press return twice00:57
jenniferhow do i get telnet?00:58
login_algum brasileiro ai?00:58
ugajennifer: ah, same thing  as before:    sudo apt-get install telnet00:58
geniilogin_: /join #ubuntu-br00:59
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:59
ugauhm... maybe better00:59
uga!br login_00:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about br login_00:59
ugaI thought that worked in the past00:59
jenniferhey i got the site back up00:59
jenniferor u did lol either way thank you01:00
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:00
ugajennifer: sounds like you are having temporary connectivity issues01:00
ugajennifer: next time that fails, try ping again01:00
ugaand you will possibly get no response01:01
ugajennifer: and when you call the service providers tell them "there's no route to the remote host. You have issues on OSI level 3"01:01
ugathey'll pass you through the real technicians on the next level ;)01:01
jenniferwell i have Sprint01:01
ugafirst level "technicians" just follow instructions from a piece of paper01:02
ugaand instructions on fixing are usually "open internet explorer"01:02
jenniferokay i can get on the site but i still cant login01:02
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ugajennifer: that might be a different issue. Are you using firefox or konqueror?01:03
jenniferand i had the same issue when i used konqueror01:03
ugaunless the site is using some strange authentication system it shoudl work =/01:03
jenniferwell before i've never had any issues with that site01:04
ugajennifer: watch out btw, some sites (my own does), block you off if you attempt logging in several times and fail01:04
jenniferthe site i use doesnt do that01:04
ugaif I were you, I'd try from a differnt locatoin01:05
ugajennifer: does it use https:// for authentication?01:05
jenniferi already did..i was on a friends comp and i got on the site just fine01:05
jennifernope, just http://01:05
ugayour friend used firefox?01:05
ugaor IE?01:05
ugathen I really cannot understand =(01:06
jenniferand now konquer isnt loading the site01:06
ugathat's not connectivity issue01:06
jenniferi havent been banned from the site or anyhing and i can get onto other sites just fine01:07
ugajennifer: I don't mean _you_ have been banned from the site01:07
ugayour PC can be banned from the site temporarily if you fail logging in several times01:07
ugaand then you cannot connect to the website01:08
ugabut now you should be able to (in theory) log in01:08
ugaunfortuantely I don't have an account there for testing01:08
ugaand bugmenot doesn't give me any passwords for it01:08
jenniferexactly and i havent had any failed login attempts. I typed in the password and it said thanks for logging in01:09
jenniferthe browser usally automaticly redirects me to the main page01:09
uga[02:02:49] <jennifer> okay i can get on the site but i still cant login01:10
ugathen what does "cannot login" mean01:10
ugait doesn't show you the correct page?01:10
ugaif so, then it's a problem with the browser (firefox)01:10
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wesleydesktop spere how do you control that ?01:27
popc0rnKubuntu id weird.. lol01:28
wesleywhy ?01:29
popc0rnKDE sucks01:30
geniiThere's always gnome.01:31
popc0rni know :P01:31
popc0rnbrb swapping OS01:31
balboa02Sometimes I get a "cannot open display" error when trying to open GUI programs from the terminal, if I open a new terminal and try the command again it will work for a little bit and then start throwing that error again. Has this happened to anyone?01:32
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mike_Hi, I just installed ubuntu yesterday on my rig, and I'm having a bit of a problem running Steam games... Anyone lend a helping hand, please?01:52
SiVA_on my other laptop, thats not on the network, when I try to sudo apt-get install wireless-tools it tells me "package has no installation candidate"01:58
SiVA_I just installed from the CD01:58
familyI'm trying to use a floppy in KDE3, but it says I must specify a filesystem type when I try to mount it (yes, mounting from a terminal works, but this is for my mom)01:59
Armagguedesusing a livecd how can i access my actual disk partitions, instead of the livecd partitions?01:59
Armagguedes(as in, if i go to dolphin/konqueror it only shows /home/ubuntu instead of /home/myusername)02:00
familyArmagguedes: you have to mount them.. try "sudo mount -a" in a terminal02:00
ejatmy kopete always disconnected from Yahoo02:00
SiVA_it's almost like apt-get doesn't know to read the packages from the CD02:00
ejatdid the bugs fix ?02:00
familyI'm trying to mount a floppy from KDE 3, but it says  I must specify a filesystem type. If I go to the drive's properties,  all those options are grayed out, even as root.. any ideas?02:03
wesleyyou said that already02:06
ubottuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone02:07
familywesley: well, no one answered, so I thought I'd say it again since more people arrived ;)02:07
familymister-tea: that doesn't help.. still says no filesystem specified :-(02:09
condonDoes anyone know what might keep cheese or camorama from capturing the stream from a webcam?02:09
Armagguedeshow can i update from 8.10 to jaunty alpha2?02:11
EagleScreenArmagguedes yes you can02:13
EagleScreenbut an alpha2 is not recommended for daily use02:13
Armagguedesit's alright02:13
Armagguedesit'll work better than 8.1002:14
EagleScreenis it by KDE 4.2?02:14
Armagguedesi can't use nvidias drivers for starters02:14
Armagguedesyes, kde4.2 as well02:14
EagleScreenand is nvidias drivers for starters working on Jaunty Alpha2?02:15
EagleScreenyou can download a Live CD to run Jaunty without installing it in you disk, and do all tests you want with drivers02:16
EagleScreenyou also can install KDE 4.2 beta2 in Intrepid02:16
Armagguedesi would install it straight from the livecd, but i need to do some manual partitioning (which is broken in Kubuntu 9.04a2) and access the old partitions before that to movedata over02:17
EagleScreenif you want, you can do a network upgrade02:18
EagleScreenthere is instructions in Ubuntu/Kubuntu web sites02:19
EagleScreenlet me see..02:19
Armagguedesyeah i've looked but can't find any02:19
EagleScreenwait a momment..02:22
wesleysince when is there from kubuntu a daily live ?02:23
Armagguedesdaily live?02:23
Armagguedesi'm talking about the livecd02:23
EagleScreenyou can download daily live CDs builts from cdimage.ubuntu.com02:24
EagleScreenbut it is possible that it still has the manual partitioning broken02:24
EagleScreenit is possible that it has anything broken (including installer)02:25
Armagguedesit only has alternate cds anyway02:25
EagleScreeni cannot find the Ubuntu specific tool to upgrade to jaunty02:28
condonYou're probably better off Eagle02:28
condonJaunty's a pain02:28
EagleScreenyes i know02:28
EagleScreenbut someone here wants to upgrade to jaunty02:29
wesleykde4.2 isnt even label stable02:29
EagleScreenyou always can use Debian style to upgrade to Jaunty02:29
EagleScreenby using aptitude02:29
Armagguedesdoes apt-get install kubuntu-desktop in ubuntu still work02:31
Armagguedesdoes it still install the equivalent to the kubuntu cd?02:32
JontheEchidnaArmagguedes: yes, that will install everything that is on the kubuntu cd02:32
Armagguedeslastly, where is the Kmenu config file?02:33
Armagguedesi need to look at the list of apps i had installed02:33
ArmagguedesJontheEchidna, andthen can i safely purge ubuntu-desktop ?02:33
EagleScreenArmagguedes you could install KDE 4.2 along you 8.10 installation02:33
Armagguedesyes you told me02:34
Armagguedesi need the new nvidia drivers in alpha2 i told you02:34
JontheEchidnaArmagguedes: that would only remove the metapackage02:34
EagleScreenI think you are thinkng about install Ubuntu Jaunty and later install kuubntu-desktop package to install Kuubntu Jaunty02:34
EagleScreenthat is possible, but you will keep many Gnome stuff02:35
EagleScreenif I were you and I wish to upgrade to Kubuntu Jaunty I would use aptitude package manager to do it02:36
xxploitis there a descent qt gnutella clinet, havent really used kde much so trying to find some descent apps for things02:36
EagleScreenapollon is a KDE3 client02:36
xxploithasnt development stoped years ago?02:36
EagleScreeni dont know, may be..02:36
EagleScreenArmagguedes you can also doenload the Alternate Jaunty CD and run a cdromupgrade02:39
mike_Hi, Can someone help me with a problem i'm having on ubuntu?02:49
mike_ive been told this is the place to be02:49
HappySmileManUnless it's Kubuntu you're using02:50
jimp_new to ubuntu, although like it very much so far, cannot get my intel board with intel GMA 3100 Daul Independent display to higher graphics mode. I am not good with the terminal window and don't see anything out for drivers, any thoughts on this?02:51
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mister-teajimp_:  have a look here this might help you http://intellinuxgraphics.org/dualhead.html03:06
szrhawaiihow do i turn off the kubuntu bootsplash the one that says kubuntu in blue letters with the blue loading bar at the beginning of the startup process03:06
szrhawaiii turned everything else off03:07
szrhawaiii rather look at the words loading then that kubuntu splash screen03:08
szrhawaiiso anyone know where i go to shut it down in 8.1003:09
condoncan always remove kdm - I THINK after a rooboot it will warn you then default to gdm03:09
szrhawaiinah the kdm has the standard things that are easy to take off for some reason this kubuntu splash screen isnt part of it03:10
szrhawaiicause you got the grub splash then that kubuntu splash then the kdm then the kdm splash03:10
szrhawaiii turned off the kdm stuff already03:10
szrhawaiibut for some reason inbetween the grub and the kdm theres a kubuntu splash screen03:11
szrhawaiiis there a location in the settings that i can remove it from03:11
condonGotcha, that I know nothing about03:11
condonI know somewhere you can change it03:11
condonbut I'm not entirely sure where in 8.10...or previous versions for that matter, haven't played with it that much.03:12
szrhawaiii know how to get rid of it in kde 3.5 but not this one03:12
szrhawaiii had t gone before03:12
szrhawaiii forgot what i did to do it though03:13
szrhawaiii think i downloaded startupmanager alongside this one03:13
szrhawaiiim gonna try that03:13
EagleScreenszrhawaii to turn off bootsplash you have to delete splash argument to kernel03:15
szrhawaiiso does anyone have amarok 2 and know if its better or nicer than the first one03:15
szrhawaiihow do i do that EagleScreen03:15
EagleScreenrun a text editor as root03:15
EagleScreenfor instance kdesudo kate03:16
EagleScreenand open the file /boot/grub/menu.lst03:16
szrhawaiishould i just delete the file from root instead03:16
EagleScreenyou have not to delete any file03:16
EagleScreenyou have to edit a file03:17
=== roccity is now known as roccity_
szrhawaiiok what part should i edit on it03:17
EagleScreenat the end of the file, you can reach the entries you have in the grub (boot loader) menu03:18
EagleScreenUbuntu entries has a line as this:03:19
EagleScreenkernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27-9-generic root=UUID=147df5e4-a638-46f3-896d-678be23aba92 ro quiet splash03:19
EagleScreenremove splash from the line03:19
szrhawaiiwhat if i also have the 2.6.24 in there as well03:20
szrhawaiishould i leave that one03:20
EagleScreenremove splash from any Linux entrie that you will use and you dont want to has the splash screen03:22
szrhawaiii dont want it at all i want the loading process instead with the words stating what its doing03:22
EagleScreenyou also can have graphical boot with messages from shell, by removinf quiet option instead of splash (and keeping splash)03:22
EagleScreenif you delete splash you will have a full text boot03:23
szrhawaiithats what i want03:24
EagleScreenif you delete quiet (keeping splash) you will have graphical boot but with messages03:24
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szrhawaiilet me restart and check it to see if its all g03:25
EagleScreenif you delete quiet and also splash you will have a full text boot with more messages03:25
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!03:26
Dr_Ripthere's anyone who can help me to conf kismet ? :P03:27
szrhawaiiok the usplash is gone03:33
szrhawaiinow i have one more issue03:33
szrhawaiithere is a white box in the top right hand corner of my screen when it goes through the usplash process03:34
szrhawaiiit was doing it before and now its still there03:34
szrhawaiiit also happens when i log out as well03:34
szrhawaiiany ideas of how to troubleshoot that03:34
EagleScreenno idea03:34
nazarenotem algum brasileiro03:35
EagleScreeni have never seen that03:35
EagleScreennazareno visit #ubuntu-br03:36
szrhawaiianother problem im having is i am downloading vmware and for some reason i cant seem to find it after i downloaded it03:36
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szrhawaiidoes anyone know where to find the ppa or repos for the vmware for kde 8.1003:38
Armagguedeshow do i - using a live cd - actually access my data on the hardrive?03:38
EagleScreenszrhawaii you could install a fork of vmware from Debian repos03:38
szrhawaiido you know the place to go03:38
szrhawaiiill try launchpad03:39
EagleScreenor use "vmware-package" package fromUbuntu repo it build a .deb package from the officiel installer03:39
szrhawaiii did that but the icon for the workstation isnt appearing03:39
szrhawaiion my screen03:39
szrhawaiiand i cant find it after i download it through terminal either03:40
EagleScreentry running it from a terminal or by pressing Alt F203:40
EagleScreenare you sure you installed it right? did you install it in your perosnal folder?03:40
szrhawaiii did it through synaptics03:41
falckonhey, i used to use PDf printer in cups all the time, after updating to 8.10 it was gone so i found it and installed cups-pdf but i can't find where / if the pdf files are being created03:41
Armagguedesfalckon: it used to be /home/user/PDF03:41
falckonyep, its not creating anything there03:42
falckonunless ... it needs certain privileges that wouldn't be default03:42
EagleScreenszrhawaii did you installed "vmware-package" and later..??03:42
Armagguedestry /dev/null then03:42
szrhawaiiyep EagleScreen03:42
EagleScreenwhat did you do later??03:42
szrhawaiithe open-vm-toolbox03:43
falckonwell i assume cups printers either runs as your user or root so permissions wouldn't be a problem03:43
szrhawaiiopen-vm-toolbox open-vm-tools03:43
EagleScreenI think vmware is not Software Libre so it is not installable from Ubuntu repositories03:44
EagleScreenis as like as Googleearth03:44
EagleScreen"vmware-package" provides a script that download vmware from its official site, and build a Debian package (.deb) to you can install it easuly in Ubuntu03:45
szrhawaiiyeah i just noticed it said uninstallable03:45
szrhawaiii got the deb source right now through launchpad03:46
szrhawaiibut im not sure which one I should use03:46
EagleScreenlet me see the source03:46
szrhawaiicause there is like three guys making debs03:46
szrhawaiithis is one of them03:47
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falckonn/m, i just found a forum which has the solution, it requires that you manually create the PDF folder now03:47
szrhawaiithats the other its the same guy03:47
EagleScreenszrhawaii what is your Ubuntu arch?03:49
EagleScreeni386 or amd64?03:49
joe_can someone please tell me how to update a video card in kubuntu???03:52
NewbzHi all03:52
EagleScreenszrhawaii install from that ppa03:53
szrhawaiithe second one03:53
szrhawaiihttps://launchpad.net/~cschieli/+ppa-packages this one03:54
NewbzI'm not that brilliant when it comes to linux but was wondering if there might be a simple fix to my problem.  I play EverQest through wine on Kubuntu 8.10 KDE4.  When I play the game my mouse pointer is moveing around in the game but also on the kde desktop at the same time.  Is there a way to give focus for mouse only to wine?03:54
EagleScreeni think they are the same03:54
EagleScreenyou also can probe virtualbox03:54
EagleScreenNewbz may be03:55
EagleScreenNewbz run winecfg03:56
psilocyliani have a kubuntu installation question03:56
EagleScreenand go to Graphics tab03:56
szrhawaiii have virtualbox already03:56
EagleScreenplay with the options there03:56
EagleScreenpsilocylian just ask03:57
szrhawaiii just want to see the difference between that and vmware03:57
EagleScreenuse any of them in the PPas03:57
szrhawaiiill check it out03:57
psilocyliantrying to install 8.10 desktop i386 and it hangs whenever it tries to read the disc, it seems03:58
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k4psilocylian: did you burn the cd too fast ?03:58
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psilocylianthe disc appears to be fine, the iso has the correct checksum... when rebooting with the disc in the drive and you are presented with the kubuntu menu, choosing any of the options results in the system sitting there doing nothing. if you eject the disc at this point it will give a disc read error and reboot03:59
NewbzDo you have another computer to try booting it in?04:00
psilocyliannope, just the laptop i'm attempting to install on04:00
k4another medium ? like usbstick or flashcard from your photocam ?04:01
EagleScreentry to burn the CD again slower, or try to make a bootable Ubuntu usb drive04:01
k4psilocylian: also try some kernel options like "noacpi" in the menu @ start04:01
NewbzCan you open an TTY CTRL+ALT+F3 at splash screen?04:01
psilocyliancan't open that at the boot menu... didn't work04:02
psilocyliani'll try making a bootable usb drive04:03
k4psilocylian:  there are some tools for this04:03
SilentDishello.  I'm having some problems with knetwork manager under 8.10.  connecting via EVDO over a cellphone.  My phone (motorola v3) works fine (detects it as a CDMA connection) and Just Works (tm).  My parent's machine not so much.  Kubuntu 8.10, LG phone, detects as GSM for some reason, and provides options that won't work with the network.  Any suggestions?04:09
Armagguedeswhen isntalling 8.10, how do i set up that encrypted folder in my user /home directory04:09
pikeshouse88just ran kubuntu live, used 100 more MB than opensuse 11.1, should i expect more memory usage after install too, compared to suse04:14
A_legendHey, guys!04:15
ppibburris there a .deb for transcode that fixes the regisiter register error?04:15
A_legendI'm planning to support and maintain a new Linux-like kernel.04:15
A_legendAnybody wanna join in?04:15
kerry__hi people04:34
kerry__can anybody here help me with Synaptic Package Manager?04:34
p_quarles!ask | kerry__04:37
ubottukerry__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:37
kerry__I'm having a problem with synaptic package manager - whenever I try to add/remove software, after clicking Apply, the "applying changes" dialog box hangs...04:38
kerry__the progress says "removed katomic" but the close button is greyed out...04:39
kerry__it was working fine beofre i tried to remove GDM!!04:40
Digital_PioneerHi. I realize KDE4 is getting pretty decent pretty quickly, but I'm wondering if I can trust Kubuntu 8.10 to be stable enough for some friends I'm trying to give Linux to. They aren't massively computer-literate, and the one who will be using the computer most is the type that freaks out when even the most mundane message pops up.04:51
Digital_PioneerSo any honest opinions as to usability, intuitiveness, stability, etc. born of experience would be appreciated.04:52
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* SilentDis-Away is away: Gone away for now04:56
ZehavaI'm a newbie to sh scripting, are there any sites you could suggest to help me learn please?04:57
p_quarlesDigital_Pioneer: I wouldn't recommend it; 4.1 is stable, but lacks some features; 4.2 is getting there, but Plasma crashes every now and again, and that might cause this user to be uncomfortable04:58
Digital_PioneerZehava: Working under the pretty safe assumption you mean BASH, you can just google BASH tutorials. There's plenty.04:58
Digital_Pioneerp_quarles: Aye, that it would.04:58
ZehavaBASH works too, I just know a couple of the pre compiled things I've ran came with .sh scripts04:58
ZehavaThanks for the info04:58
Digital_PioneerAlt-F2 -> plasma is beyond the comprehension of some. :P04:58
Digital_Pioneer(Or whatever plasma's executable is)04:59
p_quarlesZehava: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/04:59
p_quarlesDigital_Pioneer: actually it restarts fine by itself; just an error message04:59
Zehavap_quarels thanks a ton04:59
Digital_Pioneerp_quarles: Oh? That's new.04:59
Digital_Pioneer(Since I used KDE4 last)05:00
Digital_PioneerIs that the worst of it?05:00
* Digital_Pioneer considers using it himself.05:00
Digital_PioneerZehava: Yeah, .sh scripts usually just mean bash scripts. To be sure, though, the first line should say #!/bin/bash which specifies that it's a bash script.05:01
tweakedehAny one know of a good Media Player that plays .rmvb files??05:01
Digital_Pioneertweakedeh: mplayer?05:01
p_quarlesyeah, I haven't had any real problems with it; there are a few settings that don't stick, like in 3.5.8, but no dealbreakers05:02
Digital_PioneerIn my experience, if mplayer doesn't play it, nothing does. Heheheh05:02
tweakedehDigital_Pioneer: ha ha, ok I usually use VLC and that didnt work.05:02
ZehavaDigital_Pioneer thanks a ton, I"m reading now, I just want to automate updating my SVN and rebuilding it on a timer05:02
p_quarlestweakedeh: is that a Real format?05:02
szrhawaiidoes anyone know the file where the ksrc files are for the kdm theme manager in kubuntu 8.1005:02
tweakedehp_quarles: yes.05:02
p_quarlestweakedeh: go with RealPlayer, then; that's sure to play it05:03
Digital_PioneerZehava: Ahh, OK. If you're looking at actual interaction with a program, as part of the automation, I recommend expect.05:03
Digital_PioneerBut for SVN, that shouldn't be necessary.05:03
tweakedehp_quarles: Alright. Thanks a ton.05:03
p_quarlestweakedeh: it's not in the main Ubuntu repos; I believe it's in the Partner set, but I'm not sure05:04
Digital_PioneerEwww, realplayer SUCKS.05:04
tweakedehp_quarles: I'm still Quite new to Linux so I'm not sure what your talking about.05:04
ZehavaDigital_Pioneer I can google 'expect ubuntu' and get information?05:04
Digital_PioneerZehava: No. Google "expect scripts" and you'll get a little. Expect is very simple though.05:05
p_quarlestweakedeh: I mean that you can't install it using the package manager; it's a closed source program, and you will probably need to get it from their web site05:05
p_quarlestweakedeh: they do make a Linux version, though, and it has installation instructions05:05
ZehavaDigital_Pioneer thanks a lot, I'll check it out now05:06
tweakedehp_quarles: Oh, ok, What about burnning them, would K3b do the trick?05:06
p_quarlestweakedeh: if you mean putting the files onto a disk, then yes; if you mean transcoding them into a video DVD, I don't know05:07
tweakedehp_quarles: Okay. well I'm sure I'll figure some thing out, I all ways do.05:08
Digital_PioneerSo does anyone else have any opinions on the n00b-friendliness of Kubuntu 8.10 and KDE4?05:11
ZehavaHow do I delete a directory that's not empty?05:14
Zehavarmdir isn't working05:14
Digital_PioneerZehava: rm -r05:14
ZehavaDigital_Pioneer does expect work by default or do I need to install it?05:16
Digital_PioneerZehava: You may need to install it, just run `which expect`05:17
Digital_PioneerIf it returns a path (like /usr/bin/expect) you have it.05:17
Digital_PioneerChris47: Hi.05:18
Zehavainstalling now, thanks05:19
ZehavaThis thing works kind of like mud triggers eh?05:20
Chris47Someone now why my Xorg.conf file is short ?05:21
Chris47no ones know ?05:23
stdinChris47: because Xorg auto-detects most things now05:23
Digital_PioneerZehava: Don't know mud triggers.05:25
condonCan anyone tell me why ibex won't find my webcam?05:28
condonkde 4.205:28
condontried with Cheese and Camorama05:28
ZehavaDigital_Pioneer it appears that this expect script has the ability to read IN what's on the prompt and have set reactions to the input, which is exactly what I'll be needing, thanks a ton for the direction05:28
Digital_PioneerZehava: Yup, that's it. "Expect to see this, and when you do, do this." Glad I could help. :)05:29
ZehavaI was told Linux was better for my coding than the windows setup I have on my laptop is so I'm giving it a shot, so far the scripts are going to help a ton once I can get them working properly05:29
Digital_PioneerLinux pwns for programming. :)05:29
maxmahemquestion: I don't seem to have help files for most of my kutilities (kmail, ect..) is there somplace I need to get them from?05:30
ZehavaI'll be able to script many of the things I've had to spend 10-20 mins doing manually.  That is great05:30
ZehavaCan I set scripts to run at timed intervals?05:30
Digital_PioneerOn windows, it seems you're mostly stuck with visual studio, which I really do not like. And that alone costs how many hundred? :\05:30
GreydmiyuYes, cron.05:30
Digital_PioneerZehava: cron?05:30
ZehavaGreat, I'll look into that too05:30
Digital_Pioneermaxmahem: Perhaps search package manager for doc packages? I never have figured out where to get them. :P05:31
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* SilentDis is back.05:32
p_quarles!away | SilentDis05:32
ubottuSilentDis: You should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»05:32
* Digital_Pioneer begins downloading Kubuntu 8.04 DVD via HTTP and Bittorrent simultaneously.05:32
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* SilentDis is back.05:33
Armagguedeswhen is openoffice3 due in kubuntu?05:33
Armagguedesit's not even in jaunty05:34
p_quarlesmaxmahem: the package is khelpcenter405:34
SilentDisagain, my apologies p_quarles, just setting konversation up on a new install.  as i just said.05:34
maxmahemah thanks, I wasn't finding it in adept. I have khelp, but apt-get khelpcenter4 will get me the doc files for all my aps?05:35
p_quarlesmaxmahem: yep05:35
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maxmahemokay I'm still new at this, hold my hand a bit, it would be sudo apt-get install khelpcenter4?05:38
Digital_Pioneermaxmahem: That should do it.05:40
Digital_Pioneermaxmahem: I applaud you. You use APT directly instead of Adept. :)05:41
SilentDiswhat info does the network manager (and therefore knetworkmanager) pull from?  I've got an EVDO phone that's for some reason asking for GSM settings05:41
Digital_PioneerSilentDis: knetworkmanager is a frontend to the networkmanager daemon, if that's what you're asking.05:42
Digital_PioneerNetworkManager has nothing to do with GSM, to my knowledge. But they could've gone and done something strange... Heheh05:43
SilentDisDigital_Pioneer: yes, sort of...  it's a cdma phone, but for some reason the machine is seeing it as a GSM phone, and asking for info that just won't work to connect to the network.  My motorola V3 works great, this LG phone... not so much :)05:43
Digital_PioneerEhhh, I don't even know what CDMA is; but if you're using the phone as a modem, I wouldn't expect the system to care what network standard it uses...05:44
SilentDisbasically, i live in the boonies, it's either EVDO, Satellite, or dialup for me.  I chose EVDO (cost and high speed, mostly).  my motorola Just Works (tm), my mother's LG phone detects as a GSM device, and asks questions related to such a service, that don't work05:44
maxmahemif I can use adept I like to, but this wasn't showing up on there. Also, it seems I already have khelpcenter, just not the updates for it.05:44
maxmahemrather I don't have help files for things like kmail.05:45
Digital_PioneerSilentDis: IDK, sorry. :(05:45
SilentDisexample:  I plug in my V3, knetwork manager lists it on ttyACM0 as a CDMA device, username/password/phone number (just like dialup), and go.  plug in the LG, and it asks for a bunch of other settings related to a GSM data network, that is not what i need.05:46
Digital_Pioneermaxmahem: Ahh, well, at least you know there IS something called APT. :)05:46
Digital_PioneerSilentDis: Does it not make a devnode like the V3?05:46
ArmagguedesSilentDis: can you use your LG with kaddressbook?05:46
Armagguedessync contacts and that05:46
SilentDisArmagguedes: i have no idea, and not what i'm looking for.  I'm looking to basically use it as a dial-up modem on ttyACM005:47
maxmahemah, apparently this is not a bug, kmail just doesn't have any help files. awesome.05:47
Armagguedesok just asking05:47
Digital_PioneerIt sounds like it's trying to be smart and use a GSM data network instead of just using the modem. I would think you could just give a dialer the modem devnode and it would work...05:48
SilentDisArmagguedes: understood :)05:48
Armagguedesi'll looking for a phone that can and i'm not having any luck05:48
maxmahemIs there a way I can set kmail to automaticaly get messages?05:48
SilentDisDigital_Pioneer: I tried that, kppp does work, but 1-doesn't set status as 'online' for apps, therefore forcing the user to click 'work online mode' (in firefox and the like, bank website needs it), and requries the user to input a password to just open the app.05:49
Digital_Pioneermaxmahem: I should think so.05:49
supermanin the hardy live CD, koneole colors different files different colors and makes it easier to look at, but when i install, all the coloring goes away. similarly, in the live cd the title bar of konsole contains the current path, ut after installing it just shows "shell". how do I change these things?05:49
Armagguedesmaxmahem: go to tools > options > accounts05:49
Digital_PioneerShould be in settings somewhere, I would expect.05:49
Armagguedesthen on each mail account there05:49
Armagguedesthere will be an option; "fetch messages from server".05:49
Armagguedestick it and then set the time interval05:49
supermani copied the entire .kde folder from the live cd to my installation and it didn't change05:50
Digital_PioneerSilentDis: Weird. Perhaps find whatever driver is using it as GSM and unload it? No idea if you can, just a thought.05:50
SilentDisDigital_Pioneer: hmm...  brb, let me dmsg | tail and see where it's pulling that... thanks for the suggestion :)05:50
Digital_Pioneersuperman: Coloring of output for ls is with ls --color=auto05:51
Digital_Pioneersuperman: My guess is there was an alias for it in ~/.bashrc on the liveCD.05:51
Digital_Pioneersuperman: You should be able to add the line to your ~/.bashrc file: alias ls='ls --color=auto'05:52
maxmahemArmagguedes: thanks. I knew it had to be there someplace, I was looking for the help files so as to try and avoid looking stupid.05:52
SiVA_is it possible apt-get can not find my cd? I'm trying to apt-get install emacs but it's not finding it05:52
Armagguedesyou'd be stupid not to ask for help05:52
supermanDigital_Pioneer: that did it, thanks05:53
ArmagguedesSiVA_: you need to enable the CD repo on the sources.list05:53
Armagguedeskonsole > sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list05:53
Digital_Pioneersuperman: Good. :) You might also look at coloring your prompt, if you like. Look online for PS1 variables.05:53
Armagguedesit should be on top05:53
supermanDigital_Pioneer: i thought it was a konsole configuration thing. what about the title bar?05:53
Armagguedesif not look for the repo online05:53
Digital_Pioneersuperman: I think that's another PS variable... Not sure what though.05:54
Armagguedesand then add the line05:54
SiVA_Armagguedes: at the top it says: deb cdrom:[Kubuntu .....]/ intrepid main restricted05:55
Armagguedesthere should be a "##" at the beginning of the line05:56
Armagguedesor just "#"05:56
Armagguedes(no colons obvs)05:56
Digital_Pioneersuperman: Ehh, it uses PS1 somehow. Not sure how. There's a "Tip of the Day" on it.05:56
Armagguedesdelete it05:56
SiVA_it's not commented out...05:57
Armagguedesthen add MULTIVERSE and UNIVERSE at its end05:57
Armagguedesi am assuming the package you want is even there05:57
Armagguedesthey leave quite a few out due to cd space restrictions05:58
SiVA_should I remove "restricted" ?05:58
Armagguedesno you can leave the other 205:58
superman...that you can let Konsole set the current directory as the window title? For Bash, put 'export PS1=$PS1"\[\e]0;\H:\w\a\]"' in your ~/.bashrc .05:59
Digital_Pioneersuperman: I guess that should do it. :)06:00
ArmagguedesSiVA_: also, try doing sudo apt-get update before trying to install06:01
Digital_PioneerNP. :)06:01
Digital_PioneerOK, well I'm gonna hit the sack.06:01
Armagguedesi don't know if just by adding the repos (even the cd ones) the contents become immediately available06:01
Armagguedesi think you have to refresh the thing06:02
Armagguedesanyway reboot06:03
maxmahemsorry if it seems like if I have a million questions, but I got another one. Is there a way I can configure the pannel/task manager to display my programs in multiple rows, and can I remove some of the notification icons I don't need as well?06:22
maxmahem(actually I guess that is two questions).06:22
szrhawaii[22:28] <szrhawaii> trying to add a new color scheme to my kdm and not sure where the file is located at in 8.10 can anyone help me out06:29
beachsurfineach time i run "man <whatever>" i'm told "terminal is not fully functional, and it's getting annoying06:30
beachsurfinthe paste contains output from gdb06:30
p_quarlesmaxmahem: 1st q: yes, in KDE4.2; 2nd q: you can "hide" them so they don't sit there unless you expand the tray06:30
maxmahemp_quarles: thanks, on q1, on q2, where exactly do I configure it to hide?06:32
p_quarlesszrhawaii: you can add the scheme by clicking on "import scheme" in System Settings06:32
p_quarlesmaxmahem: right-click on tray, select "tray settings" and you'll see the dialogue06:33
szrhawaiino i cant06:33
szrhawaiinot for that06:33
szrhawaiii want to change my kdm not my regular color scheme06:33
szrhawaiiits a manual install it always has been06:33
p_quarlesoh, sorry - kdm06:33
szrhawaiii just dont know what they named it in this newer one06:34
szrhawaiii know where it was in 3.506:34
szrhawaiido you know where the kdm source file is in this version since i think they named it differently or put it in a different pllace06:37
maxmahemp_quarles: sorry to keep buging you on such a simple question, but can't seem to get a settings button on the system tray. I can remove it, but can't seem to configure it.06:38
p_quarlesmaxmahem: using 4.1 or 4.2?06:38
SiVA_is there something wrong with the syntax: patch -Npl -i some.patch ? I keep getting "patch: **** strip count l is not a number"06:38
HappySmileManaccording to man pages06:39
HappySmileMan-p always needs to be in format -p[number]06:39
maxmahemp_quarles: 4.1.306:40
maxmahemer kde that is.06:40
szrhawaiithat means 4.106:40
p_quarlesmaxmahem: I guess that must have made it into the 4.2 beta06:40
SiVA_right on thanks06:40
maxmahemAh, 4.2 is still in beta? would it be disasterous if I upgraded to it?06:41
p_quarlesmaxmahem: no, not at all; I'm using it, and I much prefer it06:41
szrhawaiiwhat features are different on the 4.2 version06:44
GreydMiyu4.2 version of what?06:46
GreydMiyuWell, the panel is a little more well behaved.06:48
GreydMiyuthe added notifications which I think someone should be throttled for.06:48
szrhawaiii couldnt handle the notifications on this 8.1006:48
szrhawaiiso theres more on the beta version06:48
GreydMiyuWell, I don't recall notifications being in 4.1 on 8.10 at all.06:49
szrhawaiithere is now06:49
szrhawaiii have to turn them off06:49
szrhawaiiits kind of irritating06:49
szrhawaiican you point me in the direction to get the beta version06:50
szrhawaiii can always put it on virtualbox to check it out06:50
maxmahemI can!06:50
maxmahemszrhawaii: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-206:51
maxmahembasically you can just add another source to your list and get it with adept.06:51
GreydMiyuYeah, any feature that makes me wish I had i386 ritilin is a bad feature.06:51
szrhawaiiis te beta a jaunty version or ibex intrepid06:52
GreydMiyuAnd I'd love to know why Konversation and kvirc, both "KDE IRC clients" can't pull their colors from my KDE theme.  :/06:52
p_quarlesszrhawaii: http://kde.org/announcements/announce-4.2-beta2.php06:52
szrhawaiiit looks fairly similar to the 4.1 version06:53
szrhawaiii see the ark is improving finally06:54
GreydMiyuStill defaults to Dolphin.  Or, my favorite, on my test box with KDE, GNome and XFCE installed...  Nautilus.  o.O06:55
szrhawaiihow is nautilus06:55
szrhawaiiis it good06:56
jdnewmil_I have had difficulty with my 4GB usb flash drive on kubuntu recently ... I would plug it in, and a "KDE Daemon" dialog would appear asking me if I want to mount it... the problem being that the dialog would hang unresponsive to clicks... then I plugged in my 1G usb flash drive and everything started working again... so I don't know how to repeat the problem but this problem did persist for several days06:56
GreydMiyumeh, don't like it at all.  I prefer Dolphin over it.  Considering my dim view of Dolphin that's pretty bad.06:56
szrhawaiii like dolphin myself06:57
p_quarlesDolphin's a work in progress06:58
szrhawaiithey should changed the K logo on the kmenu06:58
szrhawaiii think they should make a nicer looking one or use someone elses version of it for the kmenu it doesnt go with the new stuff06:59
GreydMiyuIt's part of the default theme, Oxygen.06:59
szrhawaiiman someone needs to talk to them to change that06:59
szrhawaiiits so oddball with all the new stuff07:00
GreydMiyuWhy?  It's blue.  The default background is blue, same color pallette.07:00
maxmahemoh important question. Is there a way I can stop kde from relaunching everything when I start up some times? kwin seems to crash at random times if I don't have my graphics card enabled, and if I disable it, I can have problems with those programs crashing in on startup.07:00
szrhawaiiyeah they can keep the blue just the whole square box thing is what im talking about07:00
supermanmaxmahem: relaunching what?07:01
GreydMiyuNot getting it since it has the same glass look and rounded shape as the window list plasma.07:01
szrhawaiiits all good for me since ill end up making my own icon set anyways07:01
maxmahemsuperman: it's weird and I think related to compiz fusion. Basically expanding or drawing some windows can cause kwin or x or something to crash, which leaves my system unresponsive to keyboard input.07:02
maxmahemoften with messed up gfx on the screen.07:02
p_quarlesmaxmahem: you can't run compiz and kwin at the same time; they conflict07:02
szrhawaiii learned that compiz fusion and kwin dont work together so you have to pick one or the other07:03
szrhawaiiand turn one off07:03
p_quarlesszrhawaii: exactly; they are both window managers07:03
szrhawaiii would turn the kwin off if you have compiz07:03
szrhawaiisince compiz does more than the kwin07:03
maxmahemp_quarles: sorry, I'm still a new at this, I assumed it was kwin that was crashing it. Honestly I'm not sure what app is failing, I'm still pretty new at this.07:04
szrhawaiimaxmahem you have compiz fusion07:05
maxmahemyes, well in any case, with the grafics card hw disabled, random programs openning up can bring it down it seems.07:06
szrhawaiigo to system settings and then desktop and turn off the desktop effects07:06
szrhawaiifor kwin07:06
szrhawaiiyoull see a big difference07:06
szrhawaiiless crashes07:06
maxmahemI had to work around it by launching a seperate session/terminal (ctrl+shift+f2) while they booted, then snuck in afterwards to enable my graphics card.07:06
maxmahemis there a config file I can edit to do that?07:08
szrhawaiifor what07:08
szrhawaiito run only kwin or compiz07:08
maxmahemdisabling desktop effects.07:08
maxmahemor to launch kwin instead of compiz.07:08
GreydMiyueyes up about 6 lines.  ;)07:09
szrhawaiikmenu>system>system settings>desktop>07:09
maxmahemno a config file, so I can do it from the terminal.07:09
alfanhello may i'm joining07:09
maxmahemIn case I bugger up the settings some how and need to revert it.07:09
szrhawaiiim not sure what it is07:09
szrhawaiibut you can easily do it that way as well07:09
maxmahemonly easily if I can find the file :P07:09
szrhawaiiits just a button to turn on and off the desktop effects07:10
szrhawaiiits in your kmenu07:10
GreydMiyuThere's also a shortcut to do it, forget what it is, though.07:10
alfanhow to install the upgrade software from my kubuntu cd07:10
maxmahemRight, but I want to be able to do it from the prompt, like bash?07:10
szrhawaiii know its part of the desktop effects07:11
maxmahembecaues the problem I am having sometimes crashes it on boot, so I can't get to the menus.07:11
szrhawaiiwell uninstall compiz then07:11
GreydMiyuI think you're missing what he's saying.07:11
szrhawaiicause if you have compiz running then you dont need it if you have kwin running07:11
GreydMiyuIf you have kwin and compiz both turned on then they'll conflict and crash.  so turning off kwin will prevent that happening.07:11
GreydMiyuTurning off kwin is kinda hard to munge.  ;)07:12
beachsurfinis there a new way to list a package's deps aside from rdepends?07:12
szrhawaiiyeah or uninstalling compiz will help out too07:12
szrhawaiiuninstalling compiz would be the easiest07:12
szrhawaiiin terminal07:12
GreydMiyubeachsurfin: any decept package manager should be able to show you depends.07:12
szrhawaiijust got to sudo apt-get uninstall07:12
maxmahemhmm... okay I think I could do that if it happens again. apt-get uninstall compiz?07:13
maxmahemthat will disable my effects in kde untill I reinstall it?07:13
szrhawaiino it will just get rid of one of your conflicts of having two desktop effect programs07:14
szrhawaiiit will get rid of one of your problems but not kwin07:14
szrhawaiiyou could try killall kwin07:15
maxmahemI think I mispoke earlier about the problem I was having, which may be making me misunderstood, I haven't installed another desktop effect program besides what comes default with kubuntu07:15
szrhawaiiif you downloaded compiz then you did07:15
szrhawaiiif you havent then you havent07:15
maxmahemI haven't.07:15
szrhawaiiok then you just have kwin07:16
szrhawaiiso what is the problem your having07:16
szrhawaiiyou just cant get in07:16
maxmahembut the desktop effects can crash something (x, kwin, kdm, I don't know something) if my gfx card hardware isn't enabled. so if it gets disabled somehow, some programs launching when I boot can bring it down before I have a change to reconfigure it.07:16
maxmahemI would like to be able to stop those programs from launching on boot, or disable the desktop effects from the terminal.07:17
maxmahemand when I say programs launching on boot, I mean like the last apps I was using and such.07:17
maxmahemwhich kde will auto load for me (nice, most of the time).07:17
szrhawaiithe last apps you were using in the last session07:17
p_quarlesmaxmahem: in 4.2, there is an option in the session manager to "Start with Empty Session"07:18
GreydMiyualso applications to exclude from sessions.07:18
maxmahemp_quarles: Ah, it seems 4.2 will solve most of my problems then, in fact let me logout and give it a try.07:18
GreydMiyuso if you find the specific app that doesn't play nice without compositing you can put it there.07:18
p_quarlesmaxmahem: I don't know if it's in 4.1, since I can't see for myself; that's why I said that07:19
p_quarlesand . . . too late07:19
GreydMiyuEh, not like 4.2 isn't stable by comparison to all the other 4.x series.07:20
maxmahemhmm... first impressions, kde 4.2 seems much improved.07:23
maxmahemexcept kmail seems stuck in fullscreen...07:28
maxmahemdo, fullscreen button was checked.07:29
GreydMiyuI need to get a Jaunty iso to see if kmail is usable in that version.  supposed to be some advancements.07:31
maxmahemI have been using it, and it seems pretty good so far.07:31
p_quarlesGreydMiyu: isn't it the same version as the 4.2 PPA?07:31
p_quarlesGreydMiyu: the repository for the developers working on 4.207:32
GreydMiyunot sure.07:32
p_quarlesin other words, you can run the latest version on Intrepid07:32
GreydMiyuI'm going by what the release notes on kubuntu.org say, "Kmail has gone through some amazing work over and has gotten dressed up in new outfits to show off the sleek powerful physique. Any heavy user of mail is welcomed to try out this tool. For Alpha 2 Kmail is not on the CD but is readily available in the repository for use."07:34
p_quarlesthe version in 4.2 Beta is 1.10.92 - not sure how that compares07:36
GreydMiyuI've got 1.10.92 right now.07:37
GreydMiyuWell, fooie.07:37
GreydMiyuOh wait, duh, I'm on 4.2 beta.07:40
maxmahemhmm... is there a kde 4.2 specific channel? because it doesn't seem to be listening to my window styling options, I would like to use keramic...07:44
OxDeadC0dewhen is 4.2rc1?07:49
OxDeadC0dethe 13th is rc1, 4.2 should be official (non rc non beta) on the 27th07:51
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chris_i have an annoying problem with compiz-fusion. everytime i open a window it will stop for a split second before continuing. otherwise it runs absolutely smoothly. i couldn't find anything useful in google. any suggestions?08:48
JohnFluxchris_: why are you using compiz with kde? :)08:54
chris_why not?08:54
chris_i am using hardy with 3.5. 4.1 is a nuisance with nvidia drivers08:55
JohnFluxah okay08:55
bentob0xhow can I change the default text editor in KDE409:37
GreydMiyuOther than in system settings?09:39
GreydMiyuHEY!  when did system Settings give you the option to choose Konq or Dolphin!?09:41
=== fernando is now known as Guest99355
=== harry is now known as Guest21916
bentob0xyea, in System Settings/Default applications I can't do anything at all in there09:47
snewGood morning everybody09:47
snewi have a little problem since yesterday with my adept... Seems I'm alone with it09:47
snewcan s.o. plz check the Code?09:47
CornholioTRcan anyone recommend a good ftp program besides filezilla?09:50
GreydMiyuncftp, lftp.09:53
GreydMiyuThough these days between torrent and ssh I've rarely had a need for an ftp client much less a good one.09:55
GreydMiyuEr, on the linux side that is.09:56
ubottuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd09:57
jussi01CornholioTR: I just use konqueror tbh09:58
d-techcould not stat /dev/cciss/c0d01 --- no such file or directory09:59
Niski_say, I've got windows installed on another hd, can it be ran "over" linux somehow? virtualisation I think was the term or something like that10:00
faileasNiski_: er, running a 'real' windows install in a vm is rather risky, but its doable- might have to look it up though10:01
GreydMiyuYes, with VirtualBox, provided it isn't vista.10:01
Niski_thank you10:04
CornholioTR kftpgrabber looks like it'll10:06
CornholioTRthanks to everyone10:07
yao_ziyuanwhat will be the most significant updates if i enable backports and proposed?10:07
^Manuhi people10:20
^Manuhas anyone else had serious problems with kubuntu's display settings?10:20
^Manuxorg.conf is empty.... i cant work out whats going on. it seems like it's trying to be smart and autodetecting everything now, except that it's COMPLETELY wrong.. and when i try and apply settings in the display setting tool, most of the time it doesn't do anything, or the gui gets confused and doesn't do what i'm trying to do, etc...10:21
Niski^Manu: not serious, but for whatever reason on restart, the system defaults to some insane resolution and I have to manually reset it back to where I like10:21
^Manuthere's also no obvious way to add custom resolutions, and since it doesn't detect the actual supported resolutions properly, this is a problem.. most of the resolutions in the list are completely irrelevant, and not actually valid...10:21
^Manuyeah, i also find that it doesn't remember its settings either.10:22
^Manuand it's fairly random in what it chooses when it boots..10:22
^Manuie, much of the time it boots, it picks a random one out of the 20 or so resolutions that it 'detects', of which about 80% are invalis resolutions, and i don't have a screen when iu boot..10:22
^Manuif i ctrl-alt-backspace, it restarts x, and if i'm lucky it might pick a better one..10:23
^Manuit has to be said, this system is beyond insane, and i can't find any info about how to configure it manually.. or actually make it work at all..10:23
^Manuone other broken problem i'm having constantly, if i run a fullscreen app, and then quit, the desktop may be kinda, like... shifted, so it's only partly visible on the screen, and the empty area is black..10:24
uni_дайте русский канал)))10:24
^Manuwhat's surprising is that it seems to *work* for most people O_O ??10:26
Niski^Manu: it works, but has some annoying bugs, I suppose most people just shrug it off?10:27
^Manunot having a display when i boot and having to ctrl-alt-backspace a few times every time i boot is not really one i can just shrug off :/10:27
^Manuand then after that, i tend to get crazy resolutions like 1360x400, 1920x540, and other really warped modes that are way out of aspect, and don't have any relevance to the panel. also the refresh rates are mental..10:28
^Manuand when i run 2 displays, they often each choose different refresh rates..10:29
^Manuand the GUI to select the refresh rate is a placebo, because it completely ignores what i select.... and seleting from things like 60, 60.1, 63.5, 72.7, etc is not very useful in its self..10:30
bazylhello everyone!10:32
JohnFluxKGPG doesn't list any keyservers10:33
JohnFluxany ideas why not?10:33
^Manuso what causes this display mode problem? is there any solution? can i override all that auto-magic stuff.. i just need to tell it what mode to use..10:34
^Manuthere are 2 monitors, and they should each use exactly one display mode, and those modes don't appear on either monitor's resolution lists..10:34
SlimeyPete^Manu: anything you add to the xorg file will override the automatic configuration, I think10:34
SlimeyPeteso you could still set things up manually10:35
^Manuit seems to be ignored.10:36
^Manuunless i'm doing something wrong.10:36
andrey__Hello guys. I am andrey.10:36
uni_есть русские тут?10:36
^Manuwhich is likely.. :/10:36
andrey__Это я!10:36
uni_<andrey__> у мя трабл....повысился исходящий трафик...хотя сеня с утра он был 0кб\с, а щас 50кб\с,,, я ничего не отправляю..в чем мможет быть проблема???10:38
^Manuis this a kde4 thing?10:38
^Manuthey seemed to remove 3.5 from intrepid :(10:38
jussi01!ru | uni andrey__10:39
ubottuuni andrey__: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:39
GreydMiyuYes, yes they did.10:39
^Manuis there some way to have what's running now produce an xorg.conf file..10:40
^Manuso then i can edit it..10:40
^Manucus i can't write one from scratch that will work how i want.. but i should be able to tweak a close one, and remove all the crap, and just add the 2 modes that i expect to be default..10:41
^Manudoes ubuntu work better?10:43
^Manushould i install that instead?10:43
SlimeyPeteI think it's a new xorg thing rather than a kde4 thing10:44
SlimeyPeteso I imagine ubuntu does the same thing10:44
SlimeyPeteyou can always try installing the ubuntu-desktop package, and try it out...10:44
GreydMiyuWon't make a difference.10:44
GreydMiyuThey both use the same xorg package.10:44
andrey__Слушай <uni> я новичок в этой системе? поэтому мало в ней разбираюсь.10:46
^Manu_okay, so what's my solution then>10:48
^Manu_this is a media box connected to my tv, and unless my tv is on, and on the correct channel when i power the machine on, it'll completely ignore the HDMI altogether, and boot using the DVI (which is disconnected), and even when i do boot from the HDMI, it usually chooses one of the rubbish modes it think it detects..10:50
GreydMiyuDunno, never ran into that problem.10:50
^Manu_when really, it's an lcd, there is exactly one 'correct' display mode, but it doesn't offer that in its magic list :(10:50
=== bayram is now known as Lenovoo
GreydMiyuxorg's been putting a lot of effort into autodetecting.  On the 3 KUbuntu machines I have (1 desktop, 1 laptop, 1 VM) I don't have any issues bad enough for me to look into it.10:50
^Manu_well the autodetection is one thing, but it doesn't even seem to save the settings.. i'll set it one way, restart, and it's completely reconfigured its self..10:51
^Manu_the whole thing is a shambles..10:51
GreydMiyuYeah, that's the one area where it's weak for me.  the laptop is plugged into my LCD TV via a VGA cable and can't quite decide it can do 1080p.  :/10:51
^Manu_and they've removed all options for manual configuration as far as i can tell :(10:51
^Manu_it offers 1920x540 ;)10:52
^Manu_that's useful..10:52
GreydMiyuWell, the DEs have been taking over that role.10:52
GreydMiyuTo mixed results, granted.10:52
^Manu_along with about 20 other invalid resolutions, at really stupid refresh rates that are unsupported.10:52
GreydMiyuheh, sweeeet.10:52
^Manu_why would they add a new technology that's largely experimental, and remove all the options to override the autoconfig :/10:53
^Manu_i just want to add 1920x1080@60, and delete everything else it thinks it can do..10:54
^Manu_and force it to use that mode when it boots, not a random one..10:54
GreydMiyuI don't think they've removed it, just that you have to hand craft now to override.10:54
^Manu_also, it needs to assume the tv it attached, not decide it's not attached when it's off, and then bail out and use another display that's also not connected.10:54
^Manu_i've tried that, but it seems to be ignored..10:54
^Manu_more likely, i have no idea what to write in there..10:55
^Manu_can i make it write an xorg.conf with it's 'detected' settings?10:55
^Manu_as a starting point.10:55
^Manu_mine is completely blank.10:57
^Manu_theres a lot of 'magic' strings and names of things that i need to use, which i just couldn't possibly guess at.10:58
emakwhois ^Manu10:58
=== emak is now known as smilemak
ActionParsnipyo yo yo11:04
popeyIs there a "sudo update-manager -c -d" equivalent for Kubuntu, for someone wanting to go to Jaunty?11:07
wesleyHow can i look which driver my vga is using ?11:08
ActionParsnippopey: !update11:09
* popey pokes the bot11:09
ActionParsnipwesley: lshw -C video11:09
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes11:09
^Manu_thing is, that xorg.conf doesn't work on it's own...11:09
^Manu_it just seems to ignore anything in xorg.conf11:09
popeyActionParsnip: was that a kneejerk or do you actually know it says how to upgrade there?11:10
ActionParsnippopey: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades#Network%20Upgrade%20for%20Ubuntu%20Servers%20(Recommended)11:10
^Manu_unless i need to have a full blown xorg.conf before it'll take any notice.11:10
popeyok, so do-release-upgrade11:10
ActionParsnip^Manu_: what video card are you using?11:10
popeyi thought adept might be able to do it, thanks11:10
^Manu_X4500HD IGP11:10
popeyActionParsnip: you know that I said upgrade _to_ _jaunty_ not to intrepid..11:11
ActionParsnippopey: just change whatever it says for intrepid to jaunty11:11
popeyahh -d works on d-r-u11:12
ActionParsnip!jaunty | popey11:12
ubottupopey: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April -Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion11:12
^Manu_also, there are 2 displays, and 3 display ports.. how am i supposed to identify the 3 displays in xorg.conf?11:14
ActionParsnipsounds like a lot of mess, have you read11:16
ActionParsnip!dualhead | ^Manu_11:17
ubottu^Manu_: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama11:17
^Manu_i just don't understand how to even make it look at xorg.conf in the first place. since its empty, and apparently ignored :/11:18
wesleyupgrading to jaunty isnt safe11:19
popeywesley: how so?11:30
ActionParsnipits 4 months til release date so will be buggy11:32
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jacques_13566Hallo allemaal11:34
jacques_13566Iemand op de hoogte van de apt update server?11:35
jacques_13566Ik kan dit pakketniet installeren http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/o/openal-soft/libopenal1_1.3.253-4ubuntu1_i386.deb11:35
jacques_13566het is nodig voor live radio streams vanaf internet11:36
jacques_13566weet iemand hier een oplosing voor?11:36
wesleyEngels praten11:36
jacques_13566Is this the english ubuntu channel?11:37
wesleyEn anders naar #ubuntu-nl gaan kun je ze meteen de groeten doen van Wesley Velroij11:37
jacques_13566Thanks zal ik doen wesley11:38
jacques_13566The dutch channel seems to be empty11:38
jacques_13566Do you know the answer to m question wesley?11:39
popeyActionParsnip: well yes, I appreciate that, I've run Ubuntu since Warty and used devel version of most versions since hoary, but never used a devel version of Kubuntu11:41
ActionParsnippopey: same deal, just kde instead of gnome11:42
popeyyeah, sure, I just wondered if there was some specific breakage rather than the standard disclaimer11:42
ActionParsnippopey: I always use stable / released stuff and have had zero issues since gutsy11:42
matiaixвсем привет!11:49
matiaixтут русские есть?11:50
matiaixhi people! I have talking(flud) with russian11:52
RurouniJones!ru | matiaix11:54
ubottumatiaix: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:54
matiaix<ubottu> спасибо11:55
matiaix<RurouniJones> ру ру =)11:55
RurouniJonesHehe, I don't know how to say "No problem" in russian11:55
matiaix<RurouniJones> =) "нет проблем" "без проблем" "как нехуй делать" =))) можно по всякому сказать =)11:56
* RurouniJones makes a note11:59
matiaix<RurouniJones> I can say it different(sorry - my english not fine)11:59
RurouniJonesнет проблем12:01
matiaix<RurouniJones> "нет проблем" and "без проблем" it culture words, but "как нехуй делать" mmm... it is far far not culture words12:02
^Manu_okay, so i have made progress...12:20
^Manu_xorg.conf loads and i can add 1080p to my mode list now..12:20
^Manu_except when x starts, it ignores xorg.conf, until i run the display mode config tool.. just running the displsy mode config tool causes the screens to do their thing and both monitors flick into their proper modes..12:21
^Manu_however, it always boots with one monitor in the wrong mode, and only corrects its self when i run the display mode tool.. what's the story with that?12:22
=== rohan is now known as Shadeslayer
Niskisay, how would I most easily access one of my ntfs-formatted partitions? I've tried mounting the partition to an empty directory by some guide I googled, but that gave me an error that the partition was already in use, and indeed, dolphin shows the partitions in the "places" list, so I assume they've been automatically mounted already, now, how do I access them?12:34
bazylhi everyone!12:35
EagleScreentry to access by Dolphin or Konqueror12:35
abongileHello please help: MCE remote is responded to correctly by irw but does not work properly in mythbuntu, how can I resolve this?12:35
NiskiEagleScreen: I did, it asked me for my password and then did nothing12:35
EagleScreenNiski use the command "df -h" on a terminal to watch what partitions are mounted and where they are12:35
EagleScreenNiski you should learn how to write a partiotion in /etc/fstab file12:36
ActionParsnipEagleScreen: that shows free space, mount shows where partitions are mounted12:36
^Manu_hmmmm, okay, new completely mental problem.. it seems that kubuntu has 'intelligently' detected i'm running on a tv (hdtv@1080p), and it's decided to make all my fonts huge...12:37
^Manu_whats the go with that? O_o12:37
ActionParsnip^Manu_: set them smaller12:37
^Manu_if i plug the dvi monitor in, they shrink..12:37
^Manu_just if i unlplug the dvi monitor so only the tv's attached, it all go's mental..12:38
=== abongile is now known as Newbie
^Manu_and is there a way to make it boot an app, instead of booting kdm?12:38
jussi01hrm, I need the gtk libs, someone know which packages to install?12:38
^Manu_i want it to run xbmc instead of kdm.12:38
EagleScreen^Manu_ yes it must be possible12:38
NiskiEagleScreen: curiously enough, df doesn't list those partitions to be mounted12:38
EagleScreenNiski then they are not mounted12:39
EagleScreentest also with "mount" command12:39
Niskiyet why do I get "Mount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use. Choose one action:"?12:39
^Manu_and i can't work out why it'll only use the correct resolutions when i run the display settings tool :/ .. i don't need to change anything.. just when i launch the tool, the monitors flicker and sort themselves out.12:39
Niskiwhen I manually try to mount it12:39
ActionParsnipjussi01: install gnome-libs12:39
jussi01ActionParsnip: ahh, good point. :)12:40
EagleScreenNiski have you got Windows isntalled on that partition?12:40
jussi01hrm, gnome-libs doesnt exist12:40
NiskiEagleScreen: no, but it is an ntfs one12:41
EagleScreenNiski try mounting manually by the terminal12:42
Niskiwhich is precisely what I tried12:42
EagleScreencreate a folder where mount the partition12:42
Niskialready done12:42
EagleScreenNiski use sudo mount /dev/sda1 -t ntfs-3g /mnt12:43
EagleScreenbut change sda1 by your device12:44
NiskiEagleScreen: same error12:45
EagleScreenNiski please paste the error12:46
william__This is not a kubuntu specific question but it is linux related. removing large directories using 'rm -R dir' is really slow. Is there a better, fast way of doing it?12:48
NiskiEagleScreen: http://pastebin.ca/130007012:48
EagleScreenwait  amomment12:49
rastowilliam__: no12:52
EagleScreenNiski you cannot mount it on Linux becouse partition is not clean12:53
Niskiclean meaning?12:53
EagleScreenyou closed bad Windows when paritition was in use12:54
EagleScreenWindows or may be Linux12:54
Niskithat's not really informative, what do I need to do to access the disk?12:56
EagleScreenNiski do you have Windows installed?12:58
Niskiyes, though I'll have to edit the grub boot menu to access it12:58
EagleScreenNiski I recommend you to edit grub menu, start Windows amd pass a chkdsk to that partition13:00
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^Manu_linux reports my cpu clock rate as 1.5ghz, but it's a 2.66ghz chip, and the bios reports it as running at 2.66ghz...13:11
^Manu_do core2 duo's have some throttling tech, and can linux throttle the clock rate if it wants to?13:13
EagleScreen^Manu_ frecuancy scaling??13:16
EagleScreenfrequency scaling change the speed of your processor by demand to safe power on laptops, isnt it your case??13:17
^Manu_its not a maptop13:17
^Manu_and it had no real reason to save power...13:17
toby_Going blind here... how do I configure my network (manual IP) in Kubuntu? Nothing appropriate under System Settings/Network Settings13:22
EagleScreentoby_ ultimate way is write values on /etc/network/interfaces13:24
EagleScreenor you can try with networkmanag if using 8.1013:25
william__I use network manager and it works great13:28
william__it manages both my wireless and lan network connections when I am at work or at home13:28
ActionParsniptoby_: if you edit the interfaces file, no gui apps for network will work as that file will override settings13:28
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william__very impressed, I never had wireless and lan configuration so easy under my last distribution13:29
ActionParsnipwilliam__: what was your last distro?13:29
ActionParsnipwilliam__: gentoo uses the same interfaces file as all the other Linux's13:29
toby_I played around with KNetworkManager but it looks like it needs to stay running to work. I'll edit /etc/network/interfaces. I'm glad I'm not going blind yet though :)13:29
=== andrey__ is now known as andrey_
william__yes, but I like KNetworkManager13:30
ActionParsnipwilliam__: you can install knetworkmanager in gentoo13:30
ActionParsnipvia the godly power of emerge13:30
william__ActionParsnip, it did not work with the wireless13:30
william__they were still using older drivers not the awl ones13:31
william__gentoo is out of date13:31
william__they don't have kde 4 either13:31
william__gentoo sucks13:31
william__they still on postgres 8.013:31
william__it's like 5 years old!13:31
ActionParsnipi like gentoo, i use fluxbox though13:31
william__they got some serious issues over there13:31
EagleScreengentoo is for freaks13:32
ActionParsnipruns my fileserver / torrents / amarok pretty deccently :)13:32
william__gentoo == too much politics13:32
william__I still use gentoo on my servers but would like to eventually replace with ubuntu13:32
ActionParsnipone think ubuntu does need, package selection at install time13:32
ActionParsnipi'd choose mandriva over ubuntu personally, I like both on the desktop and have them both installed13:34
william__I like ubuntu, it's simple. just install a package and off you go. Everything worked on this laptop, even the camera under skype!13:34
ActionParsnipi find it a bit clunky and full of fluff i have to wrench out13:34
william__the only thing I did do was install the latest nvidia beta driver because kde 4 felt a bit slow.13:34
william__but that will be fixed as soon as it leaves beta so will be able to apt-get it13:35
ActionParsnipkde4 is ok, kwin is ghastly but the kde apps are great13:35
william__I like kwin, it's like compiz13:35
ActionParsnipi dont like either of those13:36
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william__I don't like fruit13:36
meonthemoonhey wassup people13:36
ActionParsnipwerd up meonthemoon13:37
meonthemoonwhats goin on round here13:37
meonthemoonguess i have to test anotha chan13:38
Niskibtw, is there a media player that would approximate the functionality of mpc on windows? that is, simple, light and runs everything and their mother13:40
SlimeyPete(which, incidentally, I would use under Windows too rather than using MPC :) )13:41
ActionParsnip!player | Niski13:41
ubottuNiski: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs13:41
ActionParsnipNiski: if you want something media centre styled try XBMC13:43
Niskivlc was the farthest thing from light when I tried it on windows, crashes every other minute, made my computer crawl with extreme slowness and had an extremely cumbersome ui, but I suppose they could have improved it a bit, this was maybe 5 years ago13:44
ActionParsnipNiski: its not for everybody13:45
NiskiActionParsnip: hey, I'll try it anyways13:45
william__often the slugish behaviour of video players is todo with codecs rather than the player itself13:47
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EagleScreenHow can I install qdbusviewer in Kuubntu 8.10?13:50
william__I didn't know this was on freenode13:50
william__isn't it ubuntu irc server?13:51
H-Nuhow do i set the kde menu to show most recently used apps?13:51
william__H-Nu, there is a recently used tab13:51
william__the first tab is favourites13:51
william__you set favourites manually13:51
^Manu_so like, if i use my tv as the monitor, for some reason all my fonts get huge!13:51
^Manu_like 10x size//13:52
william__right click on the application you like using under the k menu and select 'add to favourites'13:52
^Manu_ie, i can fit around 8 lines of text on a 1080p display.13:52
^Manu_i think it's trying to be helpful because it detected a HDTV :/13:52
H-Nuthanks, but it used to do it in the classic view mode as well - put them at the top.  is there anyway to do that with Intrepid13:52
^Manu_since i'm on a tv, it wants to make the fonts bigger, but i don't want it to change anything!13:52
william__H-Nu, I don't think so, everything is done in tabs now13:54
H-Nuoh well, thanks anyway13:54
william__H-Nu, but if you are looking for quick access to applications why not add them to your favourites?13:54
william__in my opinion favourites are a better mechanism than most recently used13:55
^Manu_the fonts are so huge, the os is completely unusable..13:55
^Manu_and the font settings tool reports all the fonts being size 913:55
H-Nui guess that's what i'll end up doing.  i just kind of liked it the way it was before intrepid13:55
^Manu_its lying to me, and nothing i change has any effect :/13:55
william__^Manu_ that sounds like a real nasty bug in Xorg probably13:56
=== nicolas__ is now known as Bou
^Manu_ffs, xorg is so busted these days..13:56
^Manu_it cant detect display modes, fonts go mental, always forgets the display settings..13:56
^Manu_lists a pile of invalid modes in the display config tool, it's a mess..13:57
william__I aggree, in my opinion xorg has gotten too overly complicated13:57
LilllyzHey does anyone know a program that will convert id3 tags to utf8 automatically from its current encoding. I have a bunch of mp3s with different encodings and can't seem to find a way to find out what they are and to change it over to utf8. I have tried easy tag but it doesn't seem to change it without garbling it up.13:58
william__omg someone put a blond in charge of a computer!13:58
^Manu_is there some way to fix it?13:58
^Manu_the fonts section in xorg.conf?13:59
william__Manu_, the problem could be resolution rather than font size13:59
william__I had a simliar thing happen before13:59
william__e.g: you have a really low resolutions selected so your fonts look huge!13:59
william__first thing todo if find out the exact native resolution of your hdtv and put and entry in xorg for that14:00
ghostcubehi folks me again anyone knows how to get jackd into the systemsettings sound available sources ? when using xine backend ?14:01
^Manu_its not resolution, i'm not retarded ;)14:01
^Manu_if i enable the second display (a regular dvi lcd), the fonts are mornal.. if i only have the tv connected (hdmi), the fonts turn insanely huge..14:02
william__how many displays are you using?14:06
william__^Manu_, I think it could be your dpi settings14:08
^Manu_if i boot with only the LCD, or if i boot with the LCD and the TV, fonts are normal..14:08
^Manu_if i boot with the TV only, fonts are massive.14:08
william__you can use "xdpyinfo | grep resolution" to see what dpi X is using14:09
^Manu_where should i set that? the settings in the font config tool dont have any effect.14:09
william__do it for each different screen you have and see what values are comming back14:09
^Manu_okay just a sec14:09
william__you can control dpi with the DisplaySize option in xorg14:09
^Manu_what's DisplaySize mean?14:09
^Manu_i've seen that, but i didn't know what it did..14:10
william__it's basicly the size of your display14:10
william__ie, how bit is your screen14:10
william__so it can work out the dpi for you14:10
^Manu_err, in what section?14:10
^Manu_in Screen?14:10
^Manu_shouldn't that then just be the same as the resolution?14:11
william__you would put it in your monitor section, specifically the hdmi monitor section14:11
^Manu_every time i've seen it, the numbers have been totally irrelevant.,14:11
william__the size of you screen does not determine the resolution14:11
^Manu_oh, so '14:11
^Manu_so 'size' is referring to some sort of physical units?14:11
william__e.g: you could have 2 screen of equal resolution but on is 10" and the other a 32"14:11
william__BIG DIFFERENCE14:11
william__yes, size is the actually physical size14:12
^Manu_heh, fair enough.. i never considered it might be a physical size.14:12
^Manu_in what measurement?14:12
william__it's in mm14:13
william__not the diagonal but both x and y measurements14:13
william__e.g:  DisplaySize 400 30014:13
william__ie 400mmx300mm14:14
xxploitquestion: I'm using kubuntu 8.10 with the 4.2 beta and I was working if there is some kind of tweak for the menus, like the main menu/right click menu/and all others. Im using open desktop effect in kde 4.2 and the menus seems sluggish and glitchy.14:14
william__^Manu_, depending on your driver it may try and determine DisplaySize automatically and get it wrong.14:15
^Manu_what section?14:15
ActionParsnipxxploit: kmenuedit14:15
william__you can display stuff like DCC and DPMS to set these things manually14:15
^Manu_in Monitor i guess in that case?14:15
william__all under the monitor section I think14:15
xxploitActionParsnip: isn't that just the menu editor? My problem is basically that menus kind of lag and flicker14:16
william__xxploit sounds like my problem with nvidia drivers14:17
ActionParsnipxxploit: oic, my bad14:17
xxploityeh im using nvidia etc..my system isn't slow at all even though kde is kind of giving the appearance as if it were14:18
^Manu_cool, i gave it the proper DisplaySize and now it's correct.. thanks! :)14:19
^Manu_actually, i wouldn't say it's 'correct'... now the fonts are microscopic ;)14:19
^Manu_but increasing the font dpi helped :P14:20
william__your welcome14:23
william__xxploit, which version of nvidia drivers are you using14:23
william__xxploit, I recommend installing the latest beta drivers from the nvidia site using the nvidia install script14:24
xxploit177..latest restricted14:24
william__remove your current 177 packages14:24
william__and then download and run the install scripts from the nvidia site14:25
xxploitwilliam__: yeh I might give that a go and see if it helps14:25
william__it make my computer soooooo much faster14:25
william__I got spinings cubes and lightning fast plasma and window switching14:25
william__180 works great with opengl rendering and share memory pixmaps too14:25
^Manu_next problem... my 1080p display mode seems to be shifted off the right hand side of the screen..14:26
^Manu_is this a modeline problem? :/14:26
william__ah, that often suggests a slightly bad DisplaySize setting14:26
william__remember to measure the viewable area, not your entire screen!14:27
=== nicolas__ is now known as Bou
^Manu_yes, i did14:29
^Manu_i measured it correctly, within 1-2 mm..14:29
^Manu_the whole screen's just shifted a little to the right..14:29
^Manu_theres a black column on the left, and the right hand side of the screen is off the right hand edge.. :/14:30
ActionParsnip^Manu_: can you shift it with OSD?14:30
william__oh,.... hmmm could be settings on the screen itself14:30
^Manu_whats osd?14:31
ActionParsnipOn Screen Display14:31
^Manu_no.. no osd on the tv..14:31
^Manu_and that's silly anyway..14:31
ActionParsnipso you can shift the display round with the monitor itself14:31
^Manu_it's an atsc 1080p signal, the tv should map it correctly..14:31
ActionParsnip^Manu_: try, it might be silly enough to work14:31
^Manu_if the tv's rendering it wrong, i expect it's not getting quite a correct signal.14:31
^Manu_i'd rather fix it properly..14:32
william__ah, Manu, for best results with DisplaySize you need to take the resolution and multiply by the dot pitch14:32
ActionParsnipwell its worth trying just to test the system is outputting all of the signal14:32
william__e.g:  1600x1200 with a dotpitch of 0.255mm is DisplaySize 408 30614:32
william__try that first14:33
^Manu_i'm confident it is, since the right hand side of the screen is chopped off ;)14:33
^Manu_hrmm, don't know the dot pitch ;)14:33
william__imo, it is a displaySize setting here14:33
william__Manu, do you have a model number of your screen?14:33
^Manu_okay, i'll try and find a dot pitch14:33
william__what screen to you have?14:34
^Manu_well i guess i can calculate it by size/res ;)14:35
william__Manu, what is your screen model?14:36
^Manu_120mm/1920 = 0.062514:36
^Manu_samsung la46f14:36
william__I can't find that model14:36
william__you sure it is la46f?14:36
william__not le?14:37
^Manu_anyway, it's obviously 0.0625 ;)14:37
^Manu_1200mm/1920 = 0.0625, which means the vertical would be 675mm14:38
^Manu_nope, no difference..14:41
^Manu_still horizontally shifted..14:41
=== _juvinious is now known as juvinious
^Manu_i just tweaked the horizontal timing of the 1080p modeline, and it's back on the screen again...14:48
Zehavais it possible to search for a string within an entire directory and remove that string where ever it's found?14:48
^Manu_i'm a little worried, i used the ATSC standard modelines.. i don't know why the atsc standard modelines would produce a non-standard signal..14:48
=== khakane_ is now known as khakane
^Manu_(ie, the ps3 and 360 aren't shifted off the screen, obviously something linux/video driver related)14:49
william__Manu, yes, It is something that you can configure in xorg14:49
^Manu_what is?14:50
william__it is something in your modeline14:51
ruzaimiManu !14:51
^Manu_like i just said, i was using the standard atsc modelines, and that gave me the shifted picture..14:51
william__you can use xvidtune to generate modelines for you14:51
^Manu_i tweaked the horizontal timing, and that moved it back onto the screen..14:51
ruzaimihow to install real player in kubuntu14:51
^Manu_why would the atsc timings be wrong? they define the HDTV standard..14:51
^Manu_precisely what the tv should expect to receive..14:51
=== harry is now known as Guest17731
^Manu_either linux or the display driver must be doing something slightly not right with them14:52
william__Manu, I found this similiar problem that someone had  http://fixunix.com/xwindows/91788-x-org-horizontal-screen-position-setting.html14:53
^Manu_these are the ratified standard timings...14:54
^Manu_i'm interested in the hdtv timings obviously, so i can map 1:1 to my screen, and the 59.94 hz stuff so there's no jitter in video playback..14:54
^Manu_just weird that they don't 'just work'... the driver must not be respecting those timings exactly..14:55
^Manu_which is a bit scary..14:55
william__Manu, does redusing the x value of DisplaySize not help at all?14:55
william__DisplaySize x y14:55
^Manu_nar, that's unrelated.. tweaking the horizontal timing fixed it..14:55
william__leave the y size as is and reduce the x size14:55
^Manu_i set the hsync to be a little later..14:55
william__oh well done14:56
^Manu_thing is, i would expect consumer hardware like the ps3 and 360 would stick with the atsc standard very strictly..14:56
^Manu_so i'm surprised when i set the standard timings that the tv didn't display it correctly..14:56
^Manu_i don't like that.14:56
^Manu_it means i can't trust the driver/xorg..14:56
william__yes, that sucks14:56
william__well the auto screen detection is obviously broken for your tv but don't be too quick to blame linux14:57
^Manu_i'm not using the auto stuff anymore.. my xorg.conf is very thorough :P14:58
william__often you will find that linux is adhering to the standard but this particular samsung is not. so what happens is that popular operating systems like windows will have a workaround inbuild for this but linux does not14:58
^Manu_why would the tv render the ps3, 360, and set top box correctly?14:58
^Manu_i'll assume they stick with the standard.14:58
william__that's true14:58
^Manu_anyway, its fixed for the time being..14:58
william__in which case it is a problem with the xorg driver you are using14:59
^Manu_my screens good now. boots into the correct modes and stuff..14:59
^Manu_next problem ;)14:59
^Manu_my sound isn't working at all :(14:59
william__if it is an opensource driver you should try and report a bug14:59
^Manu_its the intel driver, so yeah..14:59
william__ie, autodetection not working with your tv14:59
^Manu_oh right..14:59
^Manu_yeah that too.. it's totally messed up. :P14:59
^Manu_where do i report that stuff?14:59
william__somewhere at xorg probably for an intel driver15:00
^Manu_so kmix shows i have a sound card, looks like its working, audio players play music, seems like the os is doing something... but no sound...15:00
^Manu_it's an intel HDAudio which should be muxed into the HDMI...15:00
^Manu_but i'll bet i have to configure the HDMI somehow :/15:00
^Manu_google isn't helping me :(15:00
^Manu_is there alsa config type stuff that i'll need to mess with here?15:01
william__it is worth taking the time to report bugs (ie, take out the fix you put in your xorg.conf file. restart x, save your xorg.0.log and send it over to xorg with your monitor model15:01
william__the xorg log will have details of the monitor autodetection and what it is setting the displaysize too etc...15:01
Zehavais it possible to search for a string within an entire directory and remove that string where ever it's found?15:01
^Manu_okay, well i'll do that later on :P15:04
^Manu_i'm just keen to get this system working before bed :P15:04
william__Zehava, sed on the command line in combination with find15:04
^Manu_any idea about the sound?15:04
william__oh the audio15:04
william__I have never done audio through hdmi15:05
ZehavaI'll google those, thanks15:05
william__didn't know it was possible ;-)15:05
^Manu_course it's possible :P .. that's the whole point! :)15:05
william__Manu, I got same audio hardware here15:06
william__are you on a laptop?15:06
^Manu_i google and i just get things like "here's a patch" ... "patch submitted to alsa some months ago", etc..15:06
^Manu_Intel HDAudio is their most recent integrated chip though.15:06
^Manu_its a good chip.15:06
^Manu_theres a bonus bit that the driver has to do though, which is mux it with the HDMI..15:07
william__there is no mention of hdmi in my mixer15:07
^Manu_you probably don't have HDMI..15:07
william__I have the hdmi connector on the left of my laptop ;-)15:07
^Manu_oh right..15:07
^Manu_new vaio?15:07
william__no left15:07
william__dell xps m153015:07
^Manu_ah okay..15:07
^Manu_yeah same shit..15:07
^Manu_so, there's a way to get it working.15:08
^Manu_the internets say so..15:08
^Manu_but i'm too much of a linux spastic to understand :(15:08
william__well, the ubuntu kernel is very up to date so it may have something in there already15:08
william__or it's a patch for snd-hda-intel.ko15:09
^Manu_see this sort of things is everywhere..15:10
^Manu_how do i know if that code's made it into alsa?15:10
william__hmm, I found this in ubuntu forums http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-914925.html15:11
william__oh wait15:13
^Manu_oh yeah, i meant to ask, what's XvMC, and how do i make sure its running?15:13
william__I do already have it, it's the IEC958 thingy15:13
william__Id duno what XvMC is15:13
^Manu_apparently its a hardware assisted video codec..15:13
^Manu_some linux codec interface or something.15:13
^Manu_and intel has a hardware assisted backend.15:13
^Manu_i have that IEC958 thing too, but it doesn't do anything..15:14
^Manu_or do i need to manually configure alsa to use that audio output?15:15
william__oh wait15:16
william__it is your sound in combination with your intel graphics card driver15:16
^Manu_in a sense..15:16
william__you need to make sure you have the IEC958 setting unmuted on your sound mixer15:17
^Manu_the sound output can be muxed with the video and send over hdmi.15:17
^Manu_it is.15:17
william__then you need to do some shit with your graphics card15:17
jussi01!ohmy | william__15:17
ubottuwilliam__: Please watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!15:17
william__oh sorry,15:18
william__then you need to do some stuff with your graphics card15:18
^Manu_you reckon?15:18
^Manu_i don't imagine the video driver would need to know about it...15:18
^Manu_but aybe..15:18
william__yeah, for me on my nvidia card I need to change sound settings from auto to STAC92xx digital15:18
cllaudyucan someone help me?15:19
khakanewow what an easy question to answer.  YES!15:19
khakanehave a nice day15:19
^Manu_wheres that?15:20
cllaudyui can't install nvidia driver from the installer can i install it in the therminal?15:20
khakanemmm terminal.. for when its cold outside15:20
jimmy51_!dvdrip | jimmy51_15:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dvdrip15:20
cllaudyuu'r full of jokes today15:20
^Manu_on your nvidia card, you set sound settings? O_o15:20
william__you'll need todo something simliar with your intel card, maybe even set some driver option in your modules config file15:20
^Manu_... where did you set that?15:21
william__yeah, on my nvidia card I have a gui settings manager thingy15:21
cllaudyui can't install my nvidia display driver from the net15:21
william__but you will have something different on yours15:21
^Manu_i don't have any video settings..15:21
^Manu_is there a standard one to install?15:21
cllaudyuthe installer isn't downloading nothing15:21
william__can we say poo?15:21
^Manu_or should that be provided (or not) from intel?15:21
cllaudyuhow can i install it in the terminal?15:22
^Manu_well, my final issue from the evening... how do i make kubuntu NOT boot kdm, and boot something else instead?15:22
jimmy51_!dvd::rip | jimmy51_15:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dvd::rip15:22
^Manu_(in this case, xbmc)15:22
MelancholHello, i just installed Kubuntu 8.10, and i cant get my Nvidia 8400M G graphics card working15:22
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!15:22
cllaudyumy ghrafic driver does not activate what is the problem?15:23
william__Melanchol, I recomend downloading and running the latest install script from the nvidia website. it will generate a correct xorg.conf for you too15:23
william__Melanchol, does any of the above make sence or are you a total noob?15:24
MelancholTotal noob :D15:24
MelancholI get point like nvidia website and xorg.conf :D15:24
william__ok, here's the thing... the current official nvidia drivers 177 are kinda slow with kde 4 for most users.15:25
MelancholNoticed that, yes :)15:25
cllaudyuthis would be easier for me if this channel was with romanians15:25
william__the new nvidia drivers 180 are still in beta but are very stable anyway15:25
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro15:25
jimmy51_!romanian | cllaudyu15:26
ubottucllaudyu: please see above15:26
william__so I recomend removing your nvidia 177 driver packages from apt and installing the 180 drivers from nvidia.com15:26
jimmy51_ubottu is witty15:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is witty15:26
Melancholwilliam__: ill try. thanks :)15:26
cllaudyui tried to open hardware drivers and tried to activate nvidia display graphic card but it wont install or download nothing can some one help me15:26
cllaudyuhardware drivers does not respond how the hell can i install nvidia on kubuntu 8.1015:28
khakanecllaudyu: by joining #ubuntu-ro15:28
cllaudyuthank u verry muci15:29
khakaneand learning to read, someone told you to join there 3 mins ago15:29
cllaudyui konw but that did not help15:29
khakaneeven in romanian15:29
^Manu_william__: http://www.mail-archive.com/xorg@lists.freedesktop.org/msg01837.html <- how can i know if i'm running drivers with that code in it?15:29
cllaudyuthat channel is empty15:29
khakanenah, lame is asking your question 20 times in 10 mins. :|15:30
william__Manu, what does aplay -l  tell you?15:30
jussi01How does one list the existing groups from the commandline?15:31
cllaudyuthis is getting anoying15:31
khakanejussi01: cat /etc/group ?15:31
jussi01khakane: ahh, thanks15:32
william__Manu, it looks like you need the latest xf86-video-intel15:33
khakaneyea and that package is very lacking on intel driver performance15:33
william__oh poo15:34
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!15:34
^Manu_aplay -l doesn't mention hdmi15:34
^Manu_do i need to compile that from source or something?15:34
^Manu_or is there a binary for 8.10?15:34
william__I don't know but I bet it is in a developement repository somewhere15:35
william__to be honest Manu getting this working looks a bit long winded atm15:35
^Manu_how do i find what version of the driver i'm running currently?15:35
william__oh, you can find that out with modprobe15:36
Melancholwilliam__: is there way manually to disable drivers, Restricted Drivers manager wont let me to disable15:38
^Manu_i can't work out how to make modprobe tell me anything useful :S15:40
* BluesKaj wonders where all the app help files are located ...there don't seem to be any useful ones in kde4.2 for apps like k3b15:42
khakanewho would need help using k3b? :)15:43
^Manu_okay, so how to i tell kubuntu to boot another app instead of kdm?15:44
BluesKajthere's a way to use k3b to ripdvds (decode) to hdd without having go the iso route15:44
BluesKajI want to copy a dvd to mpeg 2 or 4 so that I can play it on my tivo thru our home network15:45
MelancholHow do i turn of X?15:46
jussi01!info k9copy | BluesKaj15:46
ubottuk9copy (source: k9copy): DVD backup tool for KDE. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.0.2-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 1349 kB, installed size 3024 kB15:46
jussi01!info dvdrip | BluesKaj15:46
ubottudvdrip (source: dvdrip): perl front end for transcode. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:0.98.6-0.0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 1083 kB, installed size 2588 kB15:46
BluesKajjussi01 , yeah I know k9copy , but it doesn't do what i want15:46
BluesKajsame goes for dvdrip15:47
jussi01anyone know how to fix this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/100395/15:47
khakane^ BluesKaj15:47
Niskidoes anyone know of a good (operative word here) guide to editing the grub menu to set up a dual boot system15:47
BluesKajI'm up against some difficult to copy disney dvds ..and these dvds' confuse the hell out of k9copy and dvdrip15:48
Niskigoogle gives me alternatively ancient, or lousy articles on it15:48
SiVA_I just put a PCMCIA wireless card into my laptop. Is something supposed to happen in ubuntu? how do I tell if this thing is working?15:48
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto15:48
jussi01BluesKaj: oh, also vlc can do it iirc15:49
^Manu_how do i make another app boot instead of kdm?15:49
khakaneremove kdm and install a different one15:49
jussi01^Manu_: iirc, install the other dm ie. gdm, then: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm15:50
afeijois it safe to use cron to run apt-get upgrade every week on my servers?15:50
SiVA_any special I need to do to enable pcmcia?15:50
MelancholI cant install my graphics driver because x-server is on, how do i turn it off15:51
afeijoand I have a problem with libcurl-gnutls.so.4, where can I get that file?15:51
william__Manu, I'm new to kubuntu but on most distributions you can control your runlevels and which applications run in each runlevel15:51
khakaneafeijo: sure but what if a package prompts you?15:51
afeijokhakane: than I'm screwd lol15:51
afeijokhakane: dont apt-get have a YES TO ALL ?15:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libcurl4-gnutls15:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libcurl415:53
william__ah, Manu, on ubuntu your runlevels are under /etc/rc*.d15:53
william__your default runlevel is runlevel 2 I think15:53
afeijomy amarok dont run without libcurl-gnutls.so.4 :(15:53
khakanethere is libcurl4-gnutls-dev15:53
william__notice that the files under /etc/rc2.d are just symbolic links to one of your services under /etc/init.d15:53
=== spider is now known as Guest97987
khakaneariva: i use amarok and i only have libcurl3 installed15:54
=== alexey is now known as semen7
jussi01khakane: you need the !info packagename ;)15:54
william__so to remove kdm from your default runlevel you could just do rm /etc/rc2.d/S30kdm15:54
khakanejussi01: ah15:54
william__I'm not sure if kubuntu has some kinda gui runlevel editor15:54
william__I would assume it does15:54
BluesKajjussi01 the new version of VLC doesn't seem to be as easy to use as the older versions ...I tried to rip the disney dvd with it but it just crashes15:55
khakaneBluesKaj: did you read the Url i posted you?15:55
jussi01the joys of protected dvd's15:55
Melancholwilliam__: it helped a bit, but this is still awful!15:56
BluesKajyeah khakane , I'm looking now15:56
=== harry is now known as Guest44568
^Manu_i thought the xserver started the dm..15:58
william__Melanchol, you have the 180 driver?15:58
^Manu_so is the xserver started before the dm?15:59
^Manu_i want to launch xbmc15:59
william__Manu, other way around, kdm can launch xserver if you like15:59
Melancholwilliam__: ya, now i do15:59
william__Manu, do you have xbmc in your /etc/init.d directory?15:59
william__Melanchol, you restarted X?16:00
Melancholi mean i rebooted my computer if that is the same16:00
william__ok, under your settings make sure you are using opengl rendering16:00
william__system settings -> Desktop -> Advanced options16:01
chris_i am using hardy with kde 3.5 (cause those nvidia drivers are just horrible) and i wanna use compiz as well. everytime i start up kde, it takes ages for it to come up. it just stalls for minutes for no obvious reason. any ideas?16:02
william__you should have opengl rendering, direct rendering, and opengl mode 'shared memory' enable for best performance16:02
cuzntwhat about self rendering16:02
cuzntno im kidding16:03
william__Manu, then you are can create and ~/.xsessions file that launches it and start xserver from kdm16:03
william__I think16:03
MelancholAnd yet again, just a bit better16:04
MelancholI turned direct rendering off and now this works like chars16:06
^Manu_well see heres the thing, i don't actually want kde running at all.16:06
cuzntno kde?16:07
* cuznt loves his kde16:08
^Manu_its a funnscreen ap.16:09
william__Melanchol, that's weird, sounds like a driver configuration problem16:09
william__Melanchol, try running glxinfo16:10
CrypTomHi all, how can I setup kdm to automatically login into kde (for new users)? I've installed KDE and GNOME on my LTSP server and new users always get GNOME first.16:10
chris_does anybody have performance issues with compiz-fusion in kde 3.5? (does anybody still use kde 3.5?)16:10
william__Manu, sounds like a media center app or something similiar?16:10
william__Melanchol, everything looks good there. Very strange that your direct rendering option is slow under kde16:16
william__Melanchol what is your fps from glxgears?16:16
chris_how is the channel called for kubuntu and compiz related questions?16:17
william__Melanchol, did you run glxgears with 'sudo glxgears'16:17
william__one will have dri and the other will not16:17
Melancholround 120016:18
william__so glxgears confirms it, on your computer dri is slower16:18
GreydMiyuAnyone know how to kill knotify4 to the point where it will stay DEAD?16:19
william__something wrong with your xorg configuration I think16:19
william__direct rendering support16:19
Melancholbrb, pastebinning xorg.conf16:19
william__I get around 1400 with no direct rendering under glxgears but I get about 2000 with direct rendering16:19
MelancholUbuntu has gedit, what is similar program for kubuntu16:20
william__kate has some extra features like sessions16:21
william__and plugin support16:21
william__Melanchol, that looks fine, can I have your xorg.0.log too please16:22
william__under /var/logs/16:22
GreydMiyuSo, noone know how to stop that very, very annoying popup notification crap over the tray?16:23
william__Melanchol your xorg.conf is very similiar to mine and does not really enforce anything so you driver will pretty much autoconfigure whatever hardware it finds16:24
Melancholbrb, smoke16:25
william__Melanchol, what is your computer/laptop?16:26
=== keith__ is now known as compilerwriter
compilerwriteranybody feel like making a package for me?16:30
MelancholNow i got it! :D I installed 32bit and im runing AMD 64 :D16:31
william__Melanchol, ah, that would explain it then16:31
MelancholThanks for all your help :)16:32
william__you xorg.0.log looks fine btw16:32
Melancholkk :)16:32
Rene2177hi :)16:33
SiVA_I put in a USB wifi card into my ubuntu laptop. dmesg reports finding it. Not sure how to setup a wifi connection using it though?16:34
Rene2177is there no german kubuntu chanel like kubuntu.de ?16:34
william__SiVA, what is your usb device?16:35
SiVA_linksys wusb600n16:35
Rene2177ok, i'll try it in englisch :) Does anybody has the same problem on kubuntu with any kde 4 Version that he gets recently thrown back to the login screen ?16:38
SiVA_man this sucks.. internal wifi doesn't work. PCMCIA card doesn't work, and now USB wifi doesn't work. Guess this old laptop is destined for win XP16:39
william__the linksys wusb600n does not appear to work with ubuntu out of the box but there is a modified driver available for the usb version16:40
william__you will need to download and make it yourself16:40
Rene2177i have this on my native booted installed system and also on livesystem booted in virtual box under windows16:41
SiVA_william__ I think I just tried that. Did you have a link to the driver you're referring to?16:41
william__you will find them at the linsys website16:43
SiVA_william__ how do I tell if this thing is even working or not? lsusb reports finding it16:43
william__so you have the driver installed and loaded into your kernel?16:43
ZehavaI have downloaded and extracted the latest sun java jdk from sun.  How do I change my java path for my system?16:43
SiVA_I followed the instructions here but not sure: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/4544016:44
william__once you have the driver for this device loaded you will automatically see a new wireless inteface appear in iwconfig16:44
SiVA_william__ yes16:44
SiVA_I built the driver installed it, put it in /etc/modules and restarted16:44
william__what does iwconfig tell you16:44
william__SiVA, that does not mean the driver is loaded16:44
william__the system will autoload modules in most cases but it will probably not in this instance since it is a usb device16:45
SiVA_lo, eth0, eth1, pan016:45
SiVA_no wireless extensions for all16:45
william__type lsmod | grep 'netr28ux'16:46
SiVA_I thought the driver was differnet then that though16:46
william__that means your netr28ux driver has not been loaded16:46
SiVA_that's the one I built16:47
william__ah, maybe it is16:47
william__type lsmod | grep 'rt280sta'16:47
SiVA_nothing returned16:47
william__ok, now try loading that module with modprobe rt280sta16:48
william__sudo modprobe rt280sta16:48
SiVA_not found16:48
william__try modprobenetr28ux16:48
SiVA_this site: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/4544016:48
SiVA_it says to copy the driver to /etc/Wireless/RT2870STA directory16:49
SiVA_I thought the /etc/Wireless looked strange16:49
william__SiVA, you need to find out what the name of the module is and where you installed it16:49
william__and you module will be installed under /lib/modules but you may have some kinda firmware install under /etc/Wirelesss/RT28... too16:49
SiVA_I will do those directions again16:51
SiVA_at: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/4544016:51
ZehavaIsn't there a GUI package I can get for setting my java path? I forget the name of it16:52
SiVA_william__ I think it works now... I did insmod again and now iwconfig shows ra0 device16:53
SiVA_now how do I setup a new wireless connection using this device?16:53
SiVA_iwlist ra0 scan shows my wireless router16:53
william__then you are done16:53
william__install knetworkmanager if you don't already have it16:54
SiVA_it says wireless is disabled16:54
william__that just means you have not connected to a wireless network16:54
william__click on new connection16:55
william__select the wireless interface ra016:55
william__it should do the rest for you16:55
SiVA_cool thanks16:55
SiVA_9 hours later16:56
SiVA_stupid internal wifi isn't working... keeps saying the KILL switch is turned on16:56
SiVA_so I gave up on that16:56
william__SiVA, I recommend loading the driver at boot16:56
william__the alternative is to edit your hal config to load it for you16:57
william__but loading it at boot is easiest16:57
william__just add rt2870sta to the end of your /etc/modules file on a new line16:58
=== rob is now known as Guest79780
dwidmannHmm, I had to reinstall grub (was playing with pcbsd a while back), but I think I goofed when I was doing it. Grub is definitely installed to the boot sector, but it just gives me a grub shell ... Doing "root (hd0,1); configfile /grub/menu.lst" works fine, but it's a hassle, what do I need ta do here?16:59
ZehavaHow do I set my java path globaly please17:00
william__dwidmann, sounds like you need to reinstall grub17:01
william__if you have 2 hard drives make sure you install it on both drives17:01
dr_willisive done that befor. :) installed grub to every hd in the system to make sure i got it on the right one17:05
ZehavaWhat is the best method for setting my java class path permanently and globaly please?17:14
dr_willisZehava,  why do you need to do so? You could set it in the .bashrc or /etc/profile I guess.. but ive never had to touch that befor17:16
dr_willisIt gets set properly when you install the Java packages normally17:16
Zehavathe repositories don't have the most up to date java jdk and the code I'm working with calls on things that aren't in what's available17:17
ZehavaSo I need the newest one that I've downloaded17:17
dr_willisuse the .bashrc or .bash_profile or /etc/profile then to set the ENV vari17:20
besitzer_hello have you time ?17:32
besitzer_you , you and you (hihii)17:32
besitzer_you , you and you (hihii)17:32
coltinhey everyone I was just wondering, if there are any times where there are some seasoned ubuntu professionals on here, cuz it seems every time i come on with a problem, I get a bunch of people who know about the same amount as me (not much) guessing the already obvious stuff lol17:32
william__oh sorry coltin, you just missed me17:34
dr_willisits often a matter of 'experienced the same problem befor, and trouble shooting fundamentals' coltin  :)17:34
dr_willisOf course most of the problems ive seen lately are either due to driver (nvidia/ati) issues.  Or issues with the new changes to how X auto configures. or due to the changes in the wireless drivers system17:35
=== andreas is now known as barista78
ghostcubeany news for nvidia 180.x in intrepid ?? kde4 on an 8600gt isnt working this way if uenable compiz17:38
=== hannascott is now known as hannascott_NA
nethanshi guys.17:47
d-techcould not stat /dev/cciss/c0d01 --- no such file or directory17:47
nethanscan I ask a question._17:47
nethansits just that I had done a lot of things in my ubuntu..and sometimes I broke down the system.. so I would like to know if there is a way to backit up...17:48
nethanssomething like system restore.. in windows.17:48
marcoHow can I define default permissions for vfat removable devices?17:52
marcoalso, what's the program/package/script responsible for auto mounting devices on ubuntu?17:53
=== marco is now known as marco_away
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.18:23
=== zagaroth__ is now known as Borg^Zap
shbanyone know how to properly resize ogg video?18:43
dr_willisdefine properly ? :)18:43
dr_willisffmpeg/mencoder/avidmux can all proberly do it18:43
shbI got a video that is 1400+105018:44
shbis should be 1024x768 for example18:44
shbit is ogg video18:45
shbfrom recordmydesktop18:45
lupinskyi have tried kubuntu 8.10 in a eeepc 1000 but there's often some flickering in the area where the applications open or close (ie firefox) any help?18:53
=== familia is now known as DiegoH
=== StasV is now known as LegolasV
user_come ci si va?18:59
lupinskyi ho prova to adesso ubuntu-it-doc19:01
lupinskyc'e' pure ubuntu-it19:02
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.19:02
heide99Hi there :)19:05
heide99did somebody run the kubuntu 8.10 on a eee 901 ??19:06
lupinskyi did in eee100019:06
lupinskyactually i do19:07
heide99i woukd like to know how big the install size is cause it only has 4 gb harddisk19:07
=== marius is now known as Guest88405
heide99do you use swap space ??19:08
Guest88405hello ppl, pls help, I cannot open a folder as root under Kubuntu 8.1019:08
Guest88405any suggestions please?19:08
HappySmileManGuest88405: Alt+F2, then "kdesu dolphin" should work19:09
HappySmileManOh wait, just did that and get error when trying to open the folders19:09
Guest88405it sais "kdesu: command not found"19:10
lupinskyheide99:i do but i have a 160gb hd19:10
HappySmileManErm, not too sure then, kdesu should be installed by default I think19:10
heide99Okay Thank You i know the 1000h has 160 gb hard disk19:11
heide99but 901 only has a 4 gb ssd19:11
Guest88405it's a drama, I have no option to open a folder as root19:11
heide99my questeion is how big is the install sice from kubuntu more than 2 gigs ??19:12
heide99Laughing Out Loud19:12
Guest88405I'd better stick with my old 8.0419:12
heide99has the 804 also kde 4 ??19:12
Guest88405mine nope19:12
lupinskya df on my pc give me 3GB19:13
Guest88405but what's the point...I'm interrested in functionality not necesarilly graphics19:13
heide99Thank You :)19:13
heide99i will give it a try19:13
SlimeyPete8.04 has kde 3.5. 8.04 remix has kde 4.19:13
heide99Thank You :)19:14
lupinskybut it takes almost a GB ot ram19:14
heide99my has 2 gb ram19:14
heide99my 90119:14
Guest88405kde4 is the same with kde 4.1???19:14
=== ivan_ is now known as VirtuoS
* VirtuoS Srekni Novogodisni I bozikni praznici19:18
Guest88405hey ppl, do u have any idea why a webcam wouldn't work in kubuntu 8.10 and perfectly work under previous kubuntu versions?19:19
Guest88405I mean...is kubuntu itself the problem or is it kde 4.1 the problem19:20
altctrlhi guys help me19:22
marcowhat's the program/package/script responsible for auto mounting devices in (k)ubuntu?19:23
heide99Laughing Out Loud No problem No solution HeHeHe19:23
altctrli have this checking battery state right after when i lose the windows and i have to relog again and again it is like hitting ctl alt backspace randonly.... extremely annoying19:23
altctrlwhat is wrong and how can i fix it?19:24
altctrlmy x dies and i get a messege checking battery state.... what to do?19:28
=== bpsg is now known as Armagguedes
altctrlnow i was gone again becasue of this error19:33
altctrlanyone has any idea what to do?19:34
OrbJinzoare you on a laptop?19:35
=== RC30rootAskMeHow is now known as DarkriftX
altctrlwho me? i am19:36
robiledoes anyone know a plugin for xmms to show the available playlists in an extra window or so?19:36
=== faled_ is now known as faled
OrbJinzoWell I would make sure your battery isnt screwed up first.19:36
Koordinhow can i set up a keyboard shortcut for the widget "Show Desktop" ? i have kde 4.1.319:37
altctrlit is ok i never had this problem before i upgraded from 8.0419:37
altctrland actually what happned first that i did the network upgrade and it stopped after it was downloading everything19:37
SiVA_iwlist ra0 scan shows my router19:38
altctrlso i had to do the install from a cd instead19:38
=== claudiu is now known as claudiu_
OrbJinzoim not sure about kde 4.19:38
SiVA_but when I try to create a new connection, selecting ra0, it doesn't find my router in the list19:38
altctrlnow i have this stupid thing occuring very frequently seemingly random19:38
altctrlyes it might be kde419:38
steveireHi. What's the recommended way to upgrade hardy to intrepid? I tried sudo do-release-upgrade,  but that didn't work.19:39
altctrli have no idea thats what i did and when it started to actually installing it it froze and i had to do it from a cd19:39
altctrlnow i have one part old notfinished kubuntu and this one that gets me out of x and telling me checking battery state    [OK]19:40
OrbJinzoHrm corrupted install19:41
altctrlhow can i tell no to check batter state?19:41
OrbJinzoi would assume it would do something about power settings19:41
altctrlit works fine except this annoying kicking me out of x19:41
altctrli might just dissapear any seconds... power setting? where do  you change it?19:42
OrbJinzokde4 right?19:42
thomas_why kubuntu?19:42
thomas_why not ubuntu?19:42
steveireOrbJinzo: Thanks. I was missing the sudo vi /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades part19:42
altctrlare we not in kubuntu channel?19:43
altctrlthat's why19:43
thomas_but  I have Ubuntu, and I wonder why you gys chose Kubuntu19:43
OrbJinzoheh its all ubuntu19:43
OrbJinzoI actually use Xubuntu with kde installed.19:43
OrbJinzokde 3.5.1019:44
OrbJinzoand altctrl try opening a terminal with the command powerdevil in it19:44
dawidcan anyone give me program i .deb package to change most of options o kubuntu i mean welcome logo.....19:45
thomas_so why specificly that distro with KDE, why not gome?19:45
OrbJinzoIm not too fond of gnome19:45
SiVA_when I try to create a new network connection, using my wifi device, my wifi router doesn't show up. But when I run this it does: iwlist ra0 scan19:45
OrbJinzoi thought it was always slow.19:45
altctrlpersonal preferences19:45
altctrli used to like the idea that i can set different backgrounds for different desktops19:46
altctrlnow it looks like kde4 does not have it or it is not as obvious to set19:46
OrbJinzoI dont like kde4 either19:46
thomas_That's a nice Idea, too bad I can't19:46
OrbJinzoso ill remain in the past with 3.519:46
altctrli think 4.2 will have that coming at of this months19:47
HappySmileManIt has that in Beta I think?19:47
altctrlthe look of kde4 is better19:47
OrbJinzoI used to use primary xfce19:47
OrbJinzolooks yes19:47
Koordinhow can i set up a keyboard shortcut for the widget "Show Desktop" ? i have kde 4.1.319:47
OrbJinzothen i got tried of desktop icons always screwing up19:48
HappySmileManYeha I just set a different background for a different activity19:48
OrbJinzoso i resintalled kde 3.519:48
OrbJinzobeen happy as a clam ever since19:48
aibis there a cron gui in kubuntu?19:48
altctrli have not figured out the activitis yet since i cant stay long enough there19:48
SiVA_how can I configure a wifi connection through the console? The knetwork tool doesn't list any ssids19:48
altctrlwell powerdevil said command not found...19:49
OrbJinzoaib: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9361119:49
Armagguedeshow can i report bugs (especially when i don't know what the problem package is)?19:51
OrbJinzothis channel #ubuntu-bugs19:52
BluesKajI ended up with a folder in a folder somehow and konq won't allow cutting and pasting the contents to a new folder which would then be in my /home/user path .19:52
Armagguedescheers OrbJinzo19:53
* OrbJinzo is the master of google.19:54
altctrlwhen i searched on "checking battery state" it looked like a lots of different porblem arisen...19:54
OrbJinzoTo me altcrtl it sounds like a corrupted install19:55
OrbJinzoIm not 100% sure on kde4 so im just guessing really19:56
altctrlok so where is it corruptd and what can i do about it?19:56
altctrltry to reinstal it?19:56
altctrlis there a way to see which part isnt good?19:56
OrbJinzoheh knowing me id wipe the whole thing and start from square one.19:57
altctrlyeah but first i want to save some stuff from my old nonfinished part19:58
altctrlthen i willdo that19:58
altctrlbut always stopping int he middle of everything makes it hard19:58
OrbJinzoif its files and stuff id burn it to a CD19:59
OrbJinzoor an external HD if you have one19:59
altctrlyes that is what i do20:00
altctrlbut when i start doing something else what i am doing like run a new program it jsut kicks me out of x20:00
OrbJinzoI just had a thought though20:00
altctrlreally annoying i am here now to see if i can get this fixed20:01
SiVA_how can I configure a wifi connection through the console? The knetwork tool doesn't list any ssids, although iwlist does20:01
OrbJinzodo you have your video drivers installed?20:01
altctrli guess... everything looks ok jsut by looking at it20:01
altctrlbut i am not sure how can i have an interface wihout video driver...20:02
OrbJinzothis looks like a known issue.20:03
OrbJinzoyou could try booting into a different kernel20:04
altctrlwhere is my different kernel?20:04
OrbJinzowell when you first boot up it will say something about GRUB i think you hit escape20:05
OrbJinzoand it will show you options20:05
altctrli see they have the same thing....20:05
altctrlthey all look like the same numbered kernel...20:06
OrbJinzoI guess its an issue with the lastest kernel20:06
altctrlonly diff its failsafe or soemthing... im going by memory now20:06
altctrli see the one where he saying diff kernel is ok...20:07
altctrlhow can i check which kernel i got?20:07
OrbJinzohit up a terminal and do uname -r20:07
OrbJinzothis sounds like a bug in the kernel20:10
altctrlwhy they dont fix it?20:10
altctrli am telling everyone to upgrade then they will have the same shit20:10
altctrlwhere do we report it or see if it is reported already/20:10
OrbJinzowell man about all i can it happens20:10
OrbJinzonothing can be 100% when you release.20:11
altctrlthanks let me see20:11
altctrlnow registration... i hate that everyone wants me to register everywheree20:12
OrbJinzoheh life sucks doesnt it?20:12
altctrlsometimes it does20:13
OrbJinzoill tell ya a fun part20:13
altctrlit should be shit this mesed up u wanna send all the details? yes/no20:13
OrbJinzoTis the adventure of linux though20:13
altctrlnow i have to register jsut to see they already know about it20:14
altctrlyes but it was an adventure 6 years ago20:14
altctrltoday it should be jsut work or play20:14
OrbJinzoIt happens even to mac os x or windows users20:15
OrbJinzoanything human made is not without flaws20:15
marcoindeed, it's just that linux has disproportionally more flaws than what people expect from their experience on other systems20:17
=== ssj is now known as SSJ_GZ
OrbJinzoTrue. I think to use linux though you have to have rubix cube mind type20:18
OrbJinzoeverything is a puzzle waiting to be figured out20:18
marcoif you mean "it's an overcomplicated puzzle which will take more time to solve it than most care", then I completely agree with you ;-)20:19
OrbJinzohey i find it fun20:19
marco:P yeah, I also find it fun. The problem is that linux seems to be more and more focused either on enterprise uses which are addicted to linux or on rapid (and kludgy) development to satisfy first time users20:22
SiVA_when I right click on knetworkmanager it says my wifi device has "wireless disabled". How can I enable that so I can create a wifi connection?20:22
marcoI find it increasingly less fun to learn ever new specific purpose paradigms for every new program, only to find out it's not working because I'm not thinking exactly like the developer who didn't bother much with documentation20:23
marcooh well, such is life :P20:23
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
Orachello all20:24
Oracany ladies fancy a chat?20:25
marcogod bless you, this is a linux IRC chat. All ladies here are either perverts or FBI agents20:26
Oracnothing wrong with a bit of f.b.i.20:26
OrbJinzoi doubt its fbi20:27
OrbJinzomaybe local police depts20:27
OrbJinzosides theres no ladies in linux chat20:27
Oracwhere i live thay dont offer that service20:27
Oracdose any one know how i can get my web cam working on linux20:30
SiVA_how do I enable my wireless device? It talks about it here but I think it's for gnome: http://www.geek.com/forums/topic/cannot-enable-my-wireless-device-in-kubuntu20:30
Oracsnowing again20:32
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=== neo_nit is now known as manish
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denis_fir3_ hab das entsprechende Programm hinzugefügt und mal auf 1440 x 900 gestellt, hat nix geändert, echt schlimm, so ne Kleinigkeit is so kompliziert :-( Naja, ich lass es erst mal, gibt wichtigeres20:39
denis_ups, sorry, wrong channel20:39
=== neo_nit is now known as manish__
SiVA_when I try to log in kde 4.1 hangs when the globe shows up on the spash page20:42
SiVA_I think I screwed some networking option up20:42
ActionParsnipSiVA_: if you screwed networking, rename /etc/network/interfaces and reboot20:44
ActionParsnipSiVA_: if its no better, you can easily rename back20:45
Trijntjewhen playing a movie in kubuntu 8.04 the image, not the sound, starts lagging after about 10 minutes. Does anyone have an idea how to fix/diagnose this problem?20:45
SiVA_seems I was messing with that file a few minutes ago ...lol20:45
ActionParsnip!codecs | Trijntje20:45
ubottuTrijntje: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:45
marcohow can I download the source code from a specific package? Can I use APT tools to do that?20:46
ActionParsnipmarco: sudo apt-get source install <app>20:46
SiVA_ActionParsnip: Still hangs at the globe.....20:46
ActionParsnipSiVA_: whats this globe thing?20:47
SiVA_when you first login.. the splash screen20:47
SiVA_shows the harddrive, then the screw driver, then the globe, then the K20:47
marcoActionParsnip: I get "E: Unable to find a source package for install"20:49
marcoI tried "sudo apt-get source install xterm"20:49
=== francy is now known as franceschina13
OrbJinzoxterm is installed by default.20:50
OrbJinzothats part of x itself.20:50
ActionParsnipSiVA_: ok i just watched a vid of the splash20:50
marcoI see, I take the source code is also installed?20:50
OrbJinzoUhmm that i dont know.20:51
ActionParsnipSiVA_: you could try pressing alt+f1 and see whats runnning20:51
ActionParsnipmarco: then you need to add the source repo for the app you want20:51
SiVA_not much info there... guess I gotta do another install20:52
ActionParsnipSiVA_: try renaming your ~/.kde folder20:52
ActionParsnipSiVA_: or create a new user, see ifits identical20:52
marcoActionParsnip: Ah. Aren't the sources hosted by ubuntu's repo servers that already are on the source list? I mean, they need to distribute the source code of each program they distribute with a GPL licence, right?20:54
ActionParsnipmarco: yes but you look at /etc/apt/sources.list you will see some deb-src repos20:55
ActionParsnipmarco: you need to add the src repo20:55
renealoha folks!21:06
renecan somebody read this? its my first time that i ma logged in to irc21:07
reneit doesnt looks like21:07
SSJ_GZrene: Yes.21:07
renethanks for oyur answer! nice! it works121:08
reneis nobody talking or everybody on a private speach. or do i something wrong21:09
renedo someone has experiences with tork ?21:10
SSJ_GZrene: Nobody is talking at the moment.21:10
reneok, thanks again. i have to raise a ticket for my thanks to you...21:11
JontheEchidnaIf you need help, just ask. If somebody knows the answer they'll usually respond :)21:11
reneso, i installed tork, with privoxy and tor, everything what i needed. now he says something like, "cannot connect to tor" or, "cannot FIND tor", but its there. i think that some configuration are not right. soembody any idea?21:13
JontheEchidnahmm, I've never had much luck getting tor to work myself21:14
renesomething like" cannot comunicate with tor"21:14
reneyes, thanks, i thought that i am a littel bit, dumb.21:15
renebut now trok is communicating with tor, BUT, if i chekc my ip, its still the same. configuraton on my browser are also ok.21:15
renenot trok, tork of course..sorry 4 that21:16
reneso many people and not one is talking 2 me21:16
reneTHANKS!! GUYS!!21:17
reneexcept SSj, of course21:17
JontheEchidnaIf I had a guess I'd say that tor itself isn't working or at least not running21:17
BluesKajIIRC tor needs privoxy to work right , rene21:18
renewell, it is running, its is connected, privoxy is ok, and, then it came up a messages, "cannot communicate with tor",.well, now he says "connected to tor" but, if i check the ip, its the same, also if i try to chnage the server, ip is the same. so, i am not running over tor.21:19
renei am sitting on this problem now fro 5 days.. and, go slowly really mad21:20
reneBluesKaj, privoxy is on.. its ok.. ....i hope..21:20
BluesKajwhat are doing that you need to proxy ?21:21
reneBluesKaj: i am not sure if i understand your question right..21:21
=== dYna is now known as basti
renewell, tork (kubuntu) runs torK with privoxy. right?21:22
BluesKajrene, well if you are trying to hide your IP cuz you're DLing torrents then most proxy hosts will check you out and ban you if that's the case.21:23
reneand also, what is this pleas:21:23
reneJan 05 22:23:12.089 Privoxy(b7d526b0) Fatal error: can't check configuration file '/root/config':  No such file or directory21:23
reneBluesKaj: yes, thats true, but, you can setup the settings so that you will be not fired from a server because of this.21:24
BluesKajrene , I know this cuz I already tried it :)21:24
renereally? but, (the word BUT is mylovely word for the last days i think) it doesnt matter if i get no access to a server, or, you mean to the tor server?21:26
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
gallus! infobash21:27
reneit doesnt metter with side i am looking 4, i am not runnig over tor. i saw the last time, few months ago when i had my old pc with linux and my ex took it from me, that tor works. now, not. it doesnt metter if i try kubuntu or ubuntu. both are not runnig. can  this be a configuration misstake with bios? because i have a new HDD##21:29
renebut i dont think so...21:29
renefurther i get a failer messages from snort all the time.. can this be the problem maybe?21:30
AdolaOk, if you use the command "cat" it writes to a file where you can't see it....21:30
AdolaRight?  Well, how can I edit it?21:31
reneeverytime when i install some programm, there is this message from snort..21:31
renedo somebody know how i configurate the privoxy? i know i did few mothns ago something where i had to write soemthing like: forwardsock4 and, 9050 . but i dont know anymore how?21:33
Wickedrene, google. tor. gotot here website. check there docs. they have detailed howto's.21:34
reneWicked: i did it already. nothing. thats why i am so, confused.. i follow everything what there was.. nothing21:35
Wickedrene, or here. ill make it it easy. http://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-doc-unix.html.en21:35
Trijntjewhen i play a movie on 8.04 the picture laggs after about 10 minutes. The sound is still good. I have all codex installed. Does anybody know how to diagnose/fix this?21:35
renei know this side. its tar.gz.i had already look at it. now a really stupid question and please, dont kill me..21:37
renei have now kubuntun, that means i need packages with debian, not tar. or?21:37
s0101hi all could i please get some help installing a di-604 router?21:38
renei am really confused as you can see21:38
Wicked!apt | rene21:38
ubotturene: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)21:38
Wickedrene, ok listen for a sec. before installing anything always check to see if its in the repositories. check with this command "aptitude search tor" if it find something use this to install it "aptitude install package"21:39
reneubottu: thanks, really, but i know how to this commands.21:39
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:39
reneok, Wicked, let me see..21:40
reneaptitude search tor21:40
s0101when i connect it like it should be (cables are correct) i dont get any connection i have all the ip:s except the secondary dns21:40
reneok, this is a long list. what i have to looking 4?21:41
Wickedrene, whatever u want to install.21:41
StR|Sangrealexcuse me, i am new to kubuntu, and i am willing to upgrade to .10, but the simple upgrade process via adept_upgrader fails as i click next on "new distr available" window... what shlould i do?21:42
renethe problem is not the installing, the problem is, as i can see it, to configurate tork with privoxy and/ot tor###21:43
Wickedive never used that StR|Sangreal . but there are other ways to upgrade21:43
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes21:44
Wickedrene, seriously. i have given u ALL the info u need to install and configure tor and privoxy.21:44
Wickedrene, please actually read the link i gave you.21:44
renethats strange. i know that i used synaptic from the monitor. now, i asked for "synaptic2 and he couldnt find that. i have to install it..21:45
StR|Sangreali followed all instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades/Kubuntu21:45
Wickedrene, http://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-doc-unix.html.en21:45
renei am reading and i wrote this also be4. really, i dont know whats going on.21:45
WickedStR|Sangreal, when u say it fails....what does it do? does it just quit? or does it give u errors?21:46
StR|Sangrealkdesudo "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel" i use this command, press upgrade distro, press next21:46
Wickedrene, i dont think i can make it any clearer for you.21:46
renewhat is also funny that tork is asking me "where i can find tor" =????? hää?21:46
reneWicked: no, its ok, and thansk a lot.21:47
StR|Sangrealthen a new window claims error like signal 11 (SIGSEGV)21:47
StR|Sangrealbut i cannot interpret what it means21:47
reneok, privoxy failer what comes up in terminal:21:48
reneJan 05 22:47:29.177 Privoxy(b7db96b0) Fatal error: can't check configuration fil                        e '/root/config':  No such file or directory21:48
renethe config file is not setup.. i would say21:48
Wickedrene, how are you trying to start it?21:48
renei really go crazy... slowly...21:48
StR|Sangrealthen adept terminates21:49
renei dont do anything, its starts with reboot21:49
reneno manuell start..21:49
StR|Sangreali used >> sudo dpkg --configure -a21:50
=== Daisuke-Ido is now known as Daisuke_Ido
StR|Sangrealbut it didnt bring any progress21:50
StR|Sangrealcould sb explain me how should i upgrade and where is my fault?21:50
reneand i had a failer with dpkg21:50
WickedStR|Sangreal, hmm. i havent done a upgrade in a long time. but i do belive u can do it with apt. i think its aptitude dist-upgrade21:51
Wickedrene, how did u install privoxy originally?21:51
renewell, with tor together. than i tried to install vidalia and that doesnt worked. so, than i find torK and install it.21:52
reneand the old tor version is still in the directory.. can be this a problem?21:52
StR|Sangrealroot@vladislav-laptop:/home/vladislav# aptitude dist-upgrade21:53
StR|SangrealNačítavajú sa zoznamy balíkov... Hotovo21:53
StR|SangrealVytvára sa strom závislostí21:53
StR|SangrealReading state information... Hotovo21:53
StR|SangrealInicializujú sa stavy balíkov... Hotovo21:53
StR|SangrealZapisujú sa rozšírené stavové informácie... Hotovo21:53
StR|SangrealVytvára sa databáza značiek... Hotovo21:53
StR|SangrealNasledujúce balíky sa nepoužívajú a budú ODSTRÁNENÉ:21:53
StR|Sangreal  linux-headers-2.6.24-19 linux-headers-2.6.24-19-generic21:53
StR|Sangreal  linux-headers-2.6.24-21 linux-headers-2.6.24-21-generic21:53
StR|Sangreal  openoffice.org-filter-mobiledev openoffice.org-officebean21:53
StR|Sangreal0 balíkov aktualizovaných, 0 nových nainštalovaných, 6 na odstránenie a 0 neaktualizovaných.21:53
StR|SangrealTreba stiahnuť 0B archívov. Po rozbalení sa uvoľní 137MB.21:53
StR|SangrealChcete pokračovať? [Y/n/?]21:53
renei canwhat is this?21:53
Wicked!flood | StR|Sangreal21:53
ubottuStR|Sangreal: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)21:53
StR|Sangrealok, i am sorry21:53
misoHi - I have a question about the LiveCD if anyone has a second21:53
StR|SangrealWicked, the command will only remove some packages21:53
Wickedrene, im not sure i understand you. how did u install tor21:54
reneprimary we have to fix the tor problem..21:54
StR|Sangrealit isnt probably what i am looking for21:54
WickedStR|Sangreal, hmm ok. i vaughly remember having to change the sources.list to use the upgraded repo's21:54
BluesKaj!ask | miso21:54
ubottumiso: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:54
misoNo matter what K/Ubuntu LiveCD I use, I get the following error: "kernel panic: try passing init= option to kernel". Any ideas why?21:55
renethrue the site http://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-doc-unix.html.en , than i tried to install vidalia, over the vidalia HP, but this really not functioned. so, after few days i install tork, (privoxy i installed few days ago, manueally thrue monitor) a21:55
StR|SangrealWicked, do you possibly understand why adept fails?21:56
rene(privoxy i installed few days ago WITH TOR, manueally thrue monitor)21:56
renei also have made a up & upgrade..21:57
WickedStR|Sangreal, not really. but i know from past experiences that the gui package managers are much less stable then using the command line...which is why i only use the cli to maintain updates and install packages21:57
renelibrary: everything is in place, installed21:57
Wickedrene, did you use apt to install everything? or did u seperatly download and install them>21:58
misocli = command line interface21:58
Wickedrene, i think you downloaded the wrong version and messed something up.21:58
reneso many people and just some GOOD GUYS are answering me..21:58
BluesKaj!kernel panic21:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kernel panic21:58
reneooh, maybe you are right..21:58
renedo you know the HP for kubuntu deb priovxy?21:59
misoBluesKaj - I don't understand.21:59
StR|Sangrealok, wicked, pls give me the sequence i should execute21:59
StR|Sangreal(maybe with a little comment what it does)21:59
Wickedrene, ONLY install stuff through apt. avoid downloading stuff from websites and installing...we are not on windows!21:59
renewell, sometimes i received on an homepage which i visited an 503 error. privoxy error, can this help a littel?22:00
Wickedrene, i dont.22:00
StR|SangrealWicked, could you pay a little attention to my problem so that i may proceed the update and quit, please?22:00
reneno, no worries, i know how to install programms. but, how can i check if it is the right version?22:00
WickedStR|Sangreal, well you would edit /etc/apt/sources.list. change all the hardy to intrepid. then you would reload the list "aptitude update" then you would "aptitude dist-upgrade"22:00
BluesKajmiso , I was trying to get our infobot to give an explanation of possible kernel panic causes , but it doesn't have any information22:00
Wicked!patience | StR|Sangreal22:01
ubottuStR|Sangreal: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines22:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about panic22:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kp22:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kernelpanic22:01
BluesKaj!info kernelpanic22:01
ubottuPackage kernelpanic does not exist in intrepid22:01
misoAh, I see, thanks. The *only* LiveCD I seem to be able to boot is OpenSuse 11.22:01
BluesKaj!info kernel panic22:01
ubottupanic is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']22:01
reneWicked; just a question: to who you are talking 2?22:01
misowhich suggests I may have a hardware issue...22:02
renei am confused if you are talking to me or not..22:02
misoWicked's showing how the ubuntu bot works22:02
Wickedrene, i am helping you and StR|Sangreal . when i want to tell you something i prefix it with your name22:02
StR|Sangreali am sorry for violating the community rules... i am new here and i do not really know what to expect and how to request... but i am thankful to your advice, i would try22:02
BluesKajmiso, could be hardware alright22:02
WickedStR|Sangreal, yea. no probs. just remeber we are helping to be nice...and we once got help here when we didnt know what to do.22:03
BluesKajmiso, are you taliking about just trying to run the live cd or installing the OS ?22:04
misoeither way, it won't work22:04
Wickedis this a laptop?22:04
Wickedor desktop?22:04
misoWicked - you're asking me? if so, Desktop22:04
StR|Sangrealwell, wicked, i know that i cannot offer anything here, but mostly i recognize two states: being attended or not being attended22:05
reneso the possibilities are there that i  have the wrong privoxy.. maybe.. thats why is tork all the time asking "where is tor". also, now he says, connected to tor.. but.. again but.. i am really sorry for the BUT, but, it doesnt work right. .22:05
BluesKajok miso, which desktop and how old and which kubuntu release ?22:05
Wickedmiso, yea i was.22:05
Wickedmiso, have you verified the downloads before burning them?22:06
misoSempron 2200, 3GB RAM, 40GB & 80 GB harddrives, about 4-5 years old.22:06
misoYes, download was verified. Burn's were fine.22:06
Wickedmiso, thats more then capable...but i would verify the download is complete. check the md522:07
misoTo give some background.... this is an old box that I want to set an LFS system up on. Easiest way to do that is to install anoither distro first so I thought I'd use kubuntu as that is what I use on my regular box.22:08
renehello? did you droped me??22:08
misobut *no* version of the kubuntu livecd will work - same error22:08
misoThe OPenSuse liveCD however, does work.22:08
misoSo I installed OpenSuse and have run the lfs install and I *know* I got it right.22:09
StR|SangrealWicked, what is the meaning and usage to aptitude command?22:09
misoUnfortunately, on booting lfs I get this kernel panic error - exactly the same as when booting the Kubuntu liveCD.22:09
misoSo I'm trying to redue possibilities and unfortunately I'm thinking it's more an more likely be hardware related...22:09
BluesKajmiso , lfs , 'scuse me but what file system is that , or is it one ?22:10
misosorry - lfs = Linux From Scratch. It's a bare-bones distro...22:11
BluesKajearly dinner, bbiab22:11
reneok guys, thanks for oyur help22:13
=== rene is now known as rene_
=== rene_ is now known as rene
StR|Sangrealreplacing hardy with interpid caused all repositories to malfunction22:15
WickedStR|Sangreal, aptitude is like apt-get22:15
StR|SangrealWicked, could you chceck my problem please?22:16
StR|Sangreali think the last step was in a wrong direction22:16
Wickedwhich step?22:17
StR|Sangrealreplacing hardy with interpid22:18
Wickedthats right.22:18
StR|Sangrealaptitude then didnt recognize any of the formerly valid repositories22:18
StR|Sangrealok, undone, what next?22:18
WickedStR|Sangreal, well you would edit /etc/apt/sources.list. change all the hardy to intrepid. then you would reload the list "aptitude update" then you would "aptitude dist-upgrade"22:19
StR|Sangreali said i did that22:19
StR|Sangrealall the repositories went to invalid and no package could be recognized22:20
Wicked*sigh*. obviously ya didnt change them all..or typo'ed22:20
Wickedplease verify that you ONLY changed hardy to intrepid.22:21
StR|Sangrealspelling fail :D22:21
Wickedah ok.22:21
UbuNoo1I just installed Kubuntu 8.04 on Toshiba Laptop.  My first linux install on a machine so I'm still learning... Everything seems to work well except the Sound.  I've checked online documentation.  I know that the sound card type, and the kernel module that should be loading (which is loaded).  So, I'm not sure what to try next.  Any ideas?22:21
WickedUbuNoo1, in a terminal. type "alsamixer" make sure nothing is muted and that the sliders are uo22:22
StR|Sangreali had a similar problem and i needed to have my alsa fully reinstalled22:22
UbuNoo1Wicked- chking...22:23
StR|Sangrealafter aptitude update, except a few invalid repositories the rest appears to be fine22:24
Wickedubottu, also how are you checking the sound?22:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:24
WickedUbuNoo1, how are you checking the sound too?22:24
Wickedby default mp3's wont play22:24
StR|Sangrealnow i should execute aptitude dist-upgrade and pray?22:24
WickedStR|Sangreal, what invalid repos?22:25
Wickedpastebin me the output22:25
geniiPerhaps pray first22:25
StR|Sangrealokay i will try22:26
StR|SangrealIgn http://sk.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid/restricted Translation-sk22:26
StR|Sangrealeg this has gone wrong hasnt it?22:26
UbuNoo1Wicked - Just ran alsamixer... All the sliders are up.  I've been trying to play *wav files from /usr/share/sounds/ using Kaffeine.  (BTW - how do I check if something is muted with alsamixer?  I've been using KMix to check sound configurations)22:27
StR|Sangrealin the mixer22:27
MatisseI have changed the UUID in /boot/grub/menu.lst  and in /etc/fstab  and now my system boots with an ash shell as result I've changed the UUID using bklid or sth. like supposed when booting ends with fsck error 80. WHAT can I do now ? I dont even see the root partion, only a certain one, which I used for data storage. How can I mount the missing partitions ? I need to do it to change back the uuid i think (but actually the uuid which was there befo22:27
Matissere, maybe I just got the wrong one)22:27
StR|Sangrealyou have to have all the green points above the bar checked22:27
StR|Sangrealmeans light green, not dark green22:28
WickedStR|Sangreal, umm. something has i think. check to make sure u didnt erase to much...or everything is spelt correct22:28
StR|Sangrealafter reconfigurating the text file, automatic updates have detected some 800MB to install22:29
StR|Sangreal235 to install, 800 to upgrade and 30 to remove22:29
StR|Sangrealthus i have launched the adept updater and now i am praying22:30
StR|Sangrealis that finish?22:30
UbuNoo1Wicked - Alsamixer has all the bars "up", and all items are active (not muted).    Any other ideas about how I should test the sound?22:36
UbuNoo1Anyone else have experience getting the sound to work on install of Kubuntu 8.04 on a laptop?22:42
Wickedhey sorry. im really busy atm22:43
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP322:43
UbuNoo1wicked - I know you're busy; thought someone else might be able to help too...22:44
StR|Sangrealanother important nottice to sound22:44
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!22:44
StR|Sangrealin system configuration, you have auto detect driver by default22:44
Riddelldivinebovine: hmm?22:45
divinebovinezumran: is harrasing users inapropriately online.  can we have him banned?22:45
geniidivinebovine: Don't do that22:45
StR|Sangrealchange it into alsa22:45
Riddelldivinebovine: he hasn't said anything on channel22:45
divinebovineno worries, just wait22:45
ikoniawhat's up ?22:46
Riddelldivinebovine: try nalioth if you need a freenode staff member22:46
ikoniadivinebovine: what did he say he's not said anything in the channel22:46
divinebovinehe's messaging users with asl requests22:46
ikoniadivinebovine: who is he messaging ?22:47
Skrot-Hi. Is there a way to boot the kubuntu installer from a small USB key and install the packages via network?22:47
divinebovinei've got no proof of anyone but me.  however considering i've been silent for about 4 months and had no reason to be clicked on i'm surmising there are more than one user being approached22:47
StR|Sangrealplease, there is another problem with running x module components...22:47
genii!install | Skrot-22:49
ubottuSkrot-: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate22:49
geniiSkrot-: The first link there has different methods22:49
Skrot-great. DVD is broken and Ive formatted my old partitions22:50
StR|Sangrealin my own world its getting worse... how can i reboot the x server?22:50
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs22:50
StR|Sangrealbtw is ubottu a bot?22:51
geniiStR|Sangreal: The dirty way should be ctrl-alt-backspace. The proper way would be logout, choose "Restart X Server" in login screen menu22:52
geniiStR|Sangreal: Yes, ubottu is a bot22:52
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StR|Sangrealgenii, to introduce my problem: i have probably started an update to 8.10, changed repositories and asked my adept to update22:54
StR|Sangrealafter trying to install some packages, he claimed that sth cannot be installed until i reboot x22:54
StR|Sangrealbut the setup itself goes on22:55
StR|Sangrealwhat would you recommend me to do?22:55
geniiStR|Sangreal: did it say "restart X"   or just something like "reboot"   they are two different things22:55
geniiStR|Sangreal: Then you can use the way I said22:56
StR|Sangrealit said some thinx like kdm, xdm will only do sth if i restart x22:56
geniiStR|Sangreal: But if it's continuing on , wait til it's done.22:56
StR|Sangrealbut i am afraid of breaking the process of setup of other things22:56
geniiStR|Sangreal: That is only the login manager. No worries22:56
StR|Sangrealok, the update went wrong22:57
Skrot-is the live USB system creator supposed to be bundled with the live cd?22:57
StR|Sangrealprobably cuz i havent restarted at the proper point22:57
StR|Sangrealwhat shall i do?22:57
geniiSkrot-: Yes, with 8.10 it is22:58
Skrot-genii: Whats the exec called?22:58
UbuNoo1Sangreal - On the Hardware tab of Sound System Settings, I changed the "Select the audio device" from autodetect to "ALSA" -- It then tried to restart the sound system but seems to be an infinite loop. (Progress bar reaches 100%, and starts over at 0%)22:58
geniiSkrot-: I don't know offhand22:58
Skrot-genii: how about where to start it from using GUI?22:58
geniiStR|Sangreal: What error or so is it saying?22:59
StR|Sangrealwait pls22:59
UbuNoo1Sangreal - no pblm.22:59
geniiSkrot-: I think unetbootin perhaps22:59
StR|Sangrealfirst of all i have some yet not understood troubles22:59
StR|Sangreali have accidentally launched katapult22:59
Skrot-genii: I have no such executable23:00
StR|Sangreali have no clue what it does... except that i see that my notebook doesnt recognize the accumulator23:00
StR|Sangrealand icons in the main menu have disappeared23:00
StR|Sangrealgenii, what should i do?23:00
geniiSkrot-: Let me finish with StR|Sangreal first please23:01
Skrot-sure, np :(23:01
Skrot-err, :)23:01
Skrot-not that used to the english keyboard layout23:01
zumranhi, is there a way to run .exe files in ubuntu, ...i am new to ubuntu and linux23:01
BluesKaj!wine | zumran23:02
geniiStR|Sangreal: These issues are likely due to the method you did of upgrading instead of the regular way23:02
StR|Sangrealif you have wine properly installed and configured, it will execute automatically23:02
zumranwhere can i download wine23:02
StR|Sangrealsudo apt-get install wine23:03
hyper_chzumran: what windows program do you think you need?23:03
StR|Sangrealhyper_ch, let him be23:04
zumranms office @ hyper_ch23:04
hyper_chzumran: what for?23:04
StR|Sangrealsorry, hyper_ch23:04
StR|Sangrealuse openoffice instead :)23:04
hyper_chStR|Sangreal: :)23:04
zumranfor working with documents @hyper23:05
hyper_chOOo is much better at consistent formatting and structuring of documents23:05
StR|Sangrealsudo apt-get install openoffice23:05
StR|Sangrealyou will like it23:05
geniiStR|Sangreal: Does ctrl-alt-f1 gain you a console screen?23:05
hyper_chtook me like 4h to style my master thesis23:05
StR|Sangrealyou mean tty?23:05
geniiStR|Sangreal: Yes23:05
hyper_chgenii: ctrl+alt+ [F1-F6] and F7 is back at the "normal" desktop23:06
StR|Sangreali can run all ttys except on tty7 where x runs23:06
geniihyper_ch: Yes, I know. Thanks for the extended explanation23:06
geniiStR|Sangreal: I would suggest to try the !aptfix23:06
StR|Sangreali think that my installation went pretty wrong23:07
cantropyhello, I have just installed Kubuntu 8.10 and am using the default xorg.conf, there are some strange refresh problems. especially in gtk applications like Firefox23:07
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »23:07
zumranok ive installed wine, now can i use it to launch an exe file?23:07
StR|Sangrealfirst install ooo :)23:08
hyper_chzumran: any reason you don't want to use openoffice?23:08
BluesKajStR|Sangreal , for ppl new to linux , telling them to sud apt-get an app can be confusing ...perhaps explaining that the konsole should be used with the commands will help.23:08
StR|Sangrealbut, it should :)23:08
hyper_chBluesKaj: if they don't understand, then they can ask23:08
zumranim just used to ms office nothing else i already have oppen office installed23:08
geniiStR|Sangreal: Since the gui update is still working we need to kill the lockfile, etc this way to try and get it going again23:09
StR|Sangrealwell, the man has successfully installed wine hence he is fine with that23:09
BluesKajhyper_ch , they may not know enough to ask23:09
hyper_chBluesKaj: yet they have been capable of installing Linux?23:09
BluesKajwe don't need to discoutrage ppl here23:09
StR|SangrealBluesKaj, you are right, but i am rather busy with my problem :(23:10
UbuNoo1zumran: What version of Office do you use?? OOffice is nearly identically to MS Office 2003 and before.23:10
BluesKajhyper_ch , if ppl are here to help then a full expalnation is in order23:10
hyper_chBluesKaj: IMHO if someone is capable of installing Linux then I do credit them and think they are also capable of asking for help23:10
zumrani think its version 223:10
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geniiStR|Sangreal: Is it chugging away noe on the --reconfigure   ?23:11
cantropyhas anybody has refresh problems in firefox? like when the Alt-F1 menu is popped up, it flickers with a weird line for an instant but later on refreshes okay.23:11
BluesKajthey ask for help but not getting proper instructions can be discoutraging23:11
StR|Sangreali am fully lost right now23:11
UbuNoo1zumran - Are you using MS Office 2007?23:11
StR|Sangreali didnt make anything since adept failed23:11
BluesKajhmm my KB seems to be sticking again ...coffee23:11
StR|Sangrealso you know my recent state23:12
hyper_chBluesKaj: you may think of them as helpless... I rather think of them as eager to explore23:12
zumran@ubunoo1 yes23:12
geniiStR|Sangreal: Since the X terminal is unresponsive, we are currently trying to unlock the package system, then to tell it to finish configuring everything that was pending.23:12
BluesKajno i don't think of them as helpless , pls don't assume stuff23:12
hyper_chI don't think MSO '07 runs in wine23:12
zumranok....how do i use wine to run a file???23:12
StR|Sangrealme neither23:12
StR|Sangrealokay, genii23:12
hyper_chzumran: wine /path/to/file.exe23:13
StR|Sangrealwhat shall i execute?23:13
StR|Sangrealshould i reboot the x session?23:13
geniizumran: Usually if you select an exe from in the file manager it will want to use wine as the default app to ruin it with23:13
genii*run    ;)23:13
zumranok thanks23:13
cantropydoes anyone see strange refresh update problems in kubuntu? Any pointers on what I could check? I think the integrated Intel graphics card has been installed properly.23:13
StR|SangrealBluesKaj, that was an exceptional kindness towards the newbie :)23:14
zumranok i have a question23:14
geniiStR|Sangreal: In the tty screen on ctrl-alt-f1       to do the instruction provided by the bot23:14
hyper_chBluesKaj: well, I think if they don't understand something they can ask... you think if they don't understand anything then they can't ask... so IMHO I think you consider them as helpless23:14
StR|Sangrealand those are pls?23:14
zumranis it possible to browse the linux partition in windows???23:14
StR|Sangrealeg download ext2 plugin for total commander23:14
geniiStR|Sangreal: sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a23:14
StR|Sangrealcan i copy it into a kind of clipboard or do i have to memorize?23:14
UbuNoo1cantropy - I haven't... What version of kubuntu are you running?23:15
hyper_chthere's an ext2 plugin for TC? wow... if I'd known that while I still had a windows partition....23:15
geniizumran: http://www.fs-driver.org/23:15
cantropyUbuNoo1: 8.10 I have checked glxgears etc. get about 550 fps23:15
hyper_chcantropy: what videocard?23:16
geniiStR|Sangreal: The command?23:16
cantropyits the Intel E310023:16
UbuNoo1I'm running 8.04.. Started with 8.10; ran into pblms, and installed 8.04.23:16
geniiStR|Sangreal: You are currently using the box which is problemmatic to be here in irc?23:16
zumrando i have to install total commander in windows23:16
josh_i how do change my X Configuration file from the KDE GUI?23:16
josh_im messing with Duel Monitor support23:17
StR|Sangrealgenii, i do not understand your questions23:17
cantropyI recall reading recently that there was some issue with the graphics driver and that I might need to wait for kernel .2823:17
josh_i need SU Status23:17
josh_or something23:17
hyper_chzumran: just install this here:  http://www.fs-driver.org/download/Ext2IFS_1_11a.exe23:17
StR|Sangrealsome kde features are going wrong but except that i can do most of things regularly23:17
StR|Sangrealwhat box?23:17
Skrot-computer, StR|Sangreal23:17
cantropyUbuNoo1: what problems did you get?23:17
geniiStR|Sangreal: The computer which is being updated, is it the same computer you are using right now talking to us with?23:17
hyper_chcantropy: 8.10 won't feature a .28 kernel23:18
cantropyhyper_ch: I meant the 2.6.2823:18
geniiStR|Sangreal: So then your X is not entirely locked up or so23:18
hyper_chcantropy: that's what I was refering to as well23:18
geniiStR|Sangreal: In this case, open Konsole. Then copy the command from here to Konsole and run it there.23:19
josh_somebody please, how do i get Sudo Status to change my Ress  under Nvidia X Server Settings so i can save the new changes to my  ( X Config File )23:19
zumranttp://www.fs-driver.org/download/Ext2IFS_1_11a.exe - - should i install this in windows23:19
cantropyhyper_ch: okay, that means, I would have to wait until April for the next installment of Kubuntu23:19
hyper_chjosh_: kdesu nvidia-settings23:19
josh_thanks Hyper XD23:20
hyper_chcantropy: the next release is already available as alpha 223:20
hyper_chcantropy: might be that someone backports the 28 kernel - but I doubt it23:20
BluesKajzumran, yes23:20
geniizumran: I would recommend that as the solution to viewing your linux partitions under windows, yes23:20
StR|Sangreali am losing on computing potential23:20
zumranok thanks23:20
StR|Sangrealprobably some dying processes are hanging on23:21
cantropyhyper_ch: thanks, but I want to get comfortable with tinkering things before I am comfortable using a non release version.23:21
hyper_chStR|Sangreal: got htop installed?23:21
StR|Sangrealno clue23:21
hyper_chcantropy: wise choice :)23:21
geniiStR|Sangreal: What happened during the update. Did it stop with some error you could say to us? Is it still going? etc23:21
cantropyhyper_ch: thank u :)23:21
hyper_chStR|Sangreal: sudo apt-get install htop     and then run  "htop" in the terminal23:21
hyper_chStR|Sangreal: sorry, update still in progress for you... then this won't work23:22
zumranwhat if i want to cut and copy files from one partition to another, i know its possible in linux what will it be possible in windows with that program?23:22
StR|Sangrealokay to refer to my state... i changed repositories, let auto updates proceed... some components corrupted whence x ran; then the install completed with saying some of the packages couldnt be installed23:23
StR|Sangrealnow i have killed the daemon that remained after those updates23:24
StR|Sangrealdpkg is still running23:24
geniizumran: The driver there allows for write to ext3 and ext2, so yes23:24
StR|Sangrealis there sth more i could reveal to solve my problem?23:24
StR|Sangrealbtw in 40 hours i have an important exam whence i would like to end with this as soon as possible23:25
geniiStR|Sangreal: Since your computer is not locked up or so, suggest to reboot it. Then to try running update again.23:25
StR|Sangrealdont you thing some installed things may collide with some not installed ones?23:26
StR|Sangrealdpkg completed23:26
geniiStR|Sangreal: If you have problems when next boot into newest kernel, try boot into the previous kernel23:27
geniiHmm. Perhaps you were just impatient23:28
StR|Sangrealanything else i should now?23:28
cantropythanks all, bye ...23:28
StR|Sangreal(well its quite late in sk ...)23:29
geniiStR|Sangreal: Try in Konsole:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade                 and say if it has some problem23:29
geniiIf a very long output then use pastebin23:29
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)23:29
StR|Sangrealvladislav@vladislav-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get update23:30
StR|SangrealHit http://sk.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid Release.gpg23:30
StR|SangrealHit http://sk.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid/main Translation-sk23:30
StR|SangrealHit http://security.ubuntu.com intrepid-security Release.gpg23:30
StR|SangrealIgn http://sk.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid/restricted Translation-sk23:30
StR|SangrealHit http://sk.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid/universe Translation-sk23:30
StR|SangrealGet: 1 http://archive.canonical.com intrepid Release.gpg [189B]23:31
StR|SangrealIgn http://security.ubuntu.com intrepid-security/main Translation-sk23:31
StR|SangrealHit http://sk.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid/multiverse Translation-sk23:31
StR|SangrealHit http://sk.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid-updates Release.gpg23:31
StR|SangrealIgn http://archive.canonical.com intrepid/partner Translation-sk23:31
StR|SangrealHit http://sk.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid-updates/main Translation-sk23:31
StR|Sangrealand so23:31
BluesKaj!pastebin | StR|Sangreal23:31
ubottuStR|Sangreal: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)23:31
StR|Sangrealwhat does it mean?23:31
geniiStR|Sangreal: Please use the pastebin as I told you if it is more than 2 or 3 lines!!23:32
StR|Sangreali am sorry23:32
LeeJunFanKDE4 ticked me off so much I switched to Gnome. Gnome bored me so much I switched back.23:32
geniiStR|Sangreal: So far, nothing extraordinary. This is just getting the lists23:32
geniiStR|Sangreal: The: sudo apt-get upgrade                      result is what we are interested in23:33
geniiStR|Sangreal: Does it give some error, or does it say a bunch of packages can be upgraded, or does it say "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.", or something else entirely different? etc23:35
StR|Sangrealsome packages have corrupted dependancies23:35
geniiOK. At least thats informative23:36
StR|Sangrealmost of them are related to amarok23:36
StR|Sangreali disable its service and retry23:36
StR|Sangrealdidnt help23:36
geniiStR|Sangreal: Thats because it doesn't matter if its running or not, but rather if it's installed. It will try to upgrade whatever you have installed, whether it's running or not.23:37
ZehavaIsn't there a GUI for altering things like your java class path for kubuntu?23:37
geniiAway a few minutes23:37
StR|Sangrealwould it help if i terminated x, and then in tty called apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade?23:37
StR|Sangrealok i try rebooting23:38
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geniiSkrot-: Have you looked at pendrivelinux  instructions for making a bootable usb install ? They have there from livecd, however same method can be used from existing install.23:44
ZehavaHow can I change my java path globaly please23:49
UbuNoo1webpigeon - Can installing Pulseaudio solve my problem, given that sound isn't working currently?? I should be able to get sound working without pulseaudio, right?23:52
BluesKajUbuNoo1 , yes ..have you tried alsa ?23:56
=== hothoofs is now known as moocow
UbuNoo1Yeah... Actually, ALSA is not working.23:58
UbuNoo1alsamixer says everything is "on", and volumes are up.23:58
UbuNoo1System Settings -- Sound System -- Hardware tab -- Select audio device -- autodetect.  Tried changing autodetect to ALSA, but the Sound System is not able to restart when it tries to.23:59

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