nick_[nex]if i reinstall ubuntu over top of an old ubuntu install, will it erase my old home folder?00:00
yow|laptopkintarotpc - that sounds like an old compiz bug00:00
whoDatwhere are the kernel modules on the ubuntu cdrom? i need to reinstall the original version of a module00:00
Flannelnick_[nex]: If your homefolder isn't on its own partition, yes.00:00
teenbeat2007hi guys00:00
dr_willisnick_[nex],  it will want to format the / parttion. so yes basicially it will.  Unless you got /home/ on its own parittion.00:00
Aroghey can someone show me some good UIs for Ubuntu00:01
yow|laptopkintarotpc - that happened to me during testing an alpha and i had to switch to metacity as the wm and it went away00:01
usserwhoDat: /lib/modules00:01
kintarotpcyow|laptop: hmm. It only started after a recent reboot and I did have some effects enabled. Thanks for the hint.00:01
nick_[nex]hmm is there any way around this? my home folder is *huge*, and i have no way of moving it00:01
teenbeat2007any one experience with ubuntu 64 bits00:01
whoDatusser: there is no lib directory on the cdrom starting at the root00:01
usserwhoDat: on the live cd?00:01
Flannelnick_[nex]: fire up a live CD, erase everything else on the partition, and make that partition your home partition?00:02
usserwhoDat: hm im not sure where it is. sorry00:02
Flannelnick_[nex]: Unless you have enough space ot just move it to its own partition00:02
Flannel!separatehome | nick_[nex]00:02
ubottunick_[nex]: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome00:02
yow|laptopkintarotpc - when you get the white screen, try pressing Alt-F2 and type metacity and press enter, see if that works00:02
nick_[nex]ah cheers guys, just saved me losing all my files ;)00:03
yow|laptopthats how i fixed mine, then disable your effects for the time being00:03
Tyrathfor some reason when I install progs using the apt tool it never seems to install the .blahrc file00:03
teenbeat2007is ubuntu 64 bits compatible with geforce 9500 GT00:03
jokkahlets say i add one file to crontab. this file is a very simple batch script, which just call perl scripts. so what happens is, i want to run all the scripts at the same time parallelaly and independently from each other... what can i do to acomplish this without having to add an entry for each script.pl in crontab?00:03
supernoobmy internet connection is extermely unstable, even when i'm near the router and have good reception. what can i do to optimize my networking configuration?00:03
kintarotpcyow|laptop: Thanks. Be right back.00:03
jokkahsupernoob: wireless is unsafe..00:03
jokkahsupernoob: use cables instead00:04
Tyrath!geforce | teenbeat200700:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about geforce00:04
Flanneljokkah: Adding separate entries isn't the end of the world.00:04
dr_willisteenbeat2007,  my nvidia cards work find with 64bit00:04
supernoobwell, it's what i have in my house. cables aren't really an option for me right now00:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about GeForce00:04
supernoobtrue as that may be00:04
teenbeat2007yes Tyrath00:04
Tyrathteenbeat2007: is GeForce nvidia?00:04
Tyrath!nvidia | teenbeat200700:04
ubottuteenbeat2007: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:04
jokkahFlannel: i know, but the problem is i dont want ppl touching the crontab.... so they would only touch one file00:05
supernoobjokkah, could it ahve something to do with my wireless card?00:05
Tyrathteenbeat2007: hopefully there should be something on what's compatible with ubuntu00:05
teenbeat2007ok cause when i start the live cd my monitor is in blur00:05
gerobdr_willis:  By the restricted driver manager you mean the one named Hardware Manager?00:05
teenbeat2007all stripes00:05
jokkahsupernoob: i dont know, but i only hear problems with ppl who use wireless...00:05
jokkahsupernoob: i dont know, but i only hear problems with ppl who use wireless... (windows, linux, whatever.. the wireless is the problem)00:05
dr_willisgerob,  proberly- they keep changing its name.00:05
Flanneljokkah: "the" crontab?  Each user has a separate one. (or can)00:05
dr_willis!find jockey00:06
ubottuFound: jockey-common, jockey-gtk, jockey-kde00:06
IndyGunFreakjokkah: lol, i've never had a problem w my wireless.. people that have probs w/ wireless, are people who don't properly secure their network00:06
IndyGunFreaksupernoob: what wireless device are you tryin to get working?00:06
yow|laptopteenbeat2007 - ive seen that before, try leaving it longer, that happened to me before, but only during boot00:06
dr_willisgerob,  from the cli the command is  jockey-gtk :)00:06
supernoobwell all i know is the mac user in my house has no problems, ditto the vista/gateway user00:06
Tyrathteenbeat2007: that is really weird. i'm guessing you are trying to install the 64 bit version. have you tried installing the 32 bit version?00:06
supernoobseamless internet for everyone but the kid running ubuntu on the new acer00:06
Tyrathteenbeat2007: or are you 100% sure your pc can take the 64 bit version?00:06
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jokkahFlannel: mhmm word!:)00:06
yow|laptopsupernoob - maybe try a fixed ip address?00:06
teenbeat2007Its a quad core amd pc00:07
supernoobyow|laptop: how's that work?00:07
teenbeat2007aswel hdd en mainboard en cpu are compatible with 6400:07
yow|laptopyou can set it through network manager supernoob, it might not do anything, but it could prevent ip conflicts if you are using dhcp in the environment00:08
teenbeat2007can i change maxrate of the live cd tyrath00:08
Arogsomething is wierd with my dell xps 1330. when I do not type, my wifi light is always on, but when I start typing it starts flashing. anyone know what's up with that?00:08
IndyGunFreaksupernoob: what problem are you havign on the acer?.. can you not see wireless networks, or what?00:09
IndyGunFreakArog: its transmitting your messages to the CIA and Secret Service. don't worry about it.00:09
supernoobinygunfreak: i fidn the networks fine. when i'm connected, i just randomly lose the connection00:09
dr_willisArog,  well when you type on IRC. :) its sending the text?00:09
IndyGunFreaksupernoob: ah, i see.. no clue on that one00:09
gerobWhat is the command to close my X server again?  Even the envyng-qt doesnt work...00:09
teenbeat2007Tyrath: ive just checkt all my hardware is 32 and 64 capable00:10
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=== flaocm is now known as flacon
dr_willisgerob,  if you really MUST use the nvidia instrallers.. go to console (alt-ctrl-f1) and use sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop    to make X stop. then run the installer  'sudo sh whatever.run'00:10
Arogdr_willis:  no that doesn't happen in Windows00:10
dr_willisArog,  its the esp type ahead feature! :)00:10
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Tyrathteenbeat2007: sorry I don't know. I was going to point you to a Xorg.log but your trying to do a fresh install00:10
Tyrath!forums > teenbeat200700:11
ubottuteenbeat2007, please see my private message00:11
teenbeat2007mainboard and cpu are AM+ 4x2.300 ghz 4 gb ram00:11
Arogi'm actually serious about this though....00:11
Tyrathteenbeat2007: try reporting it there or on launchpad00:11
redhat_nick cup0beans00:11
=== redhat_ is now known as cup0beans
x1250hey guys, is there any reason why ATI Radeon 9250 (9200 PRO in lspci) does not work with fglrx? envyng does not list any compatible ati driver for this card, and jockey-gtk does not list any driver either.00:12
cup0beansI have a wireless card that I need to modify the SPROM on and it needs the bcm43xx module. I'm running Intrepid, and when I do 'sudo modprobe bcm43xx' I get the error "FATAL: Module bcm43xx not found". Is there a way to install that module on 8.10?00:13
suwro1it is possible to do asyncronious routing using eth and wireless device? upload on eth and download from wireless?00:13
Sylphidcup0beans, if i remember right its bcm43 not bcm43xx00:14
Sylphidcup0beans, sorry wrong again its b4300:15
ubottuBeer is always appreciated.00:15
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:15
Tyraththanks for the help people00:15
Tyrathi'm out00:15
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents00:15
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)00:15
cup0beansSylphid, how do I install that in intrepid?00:16
kintarotpcyow|laptop:  Slightly new problem now. heh. X can't detect my graphics card. Gnome works fine though.00:16
FlannelOchian: Please stop abusing the bot.  If you're curious, use a query.00:16
Sylphidcup0beans, was thinking it came stock .... modprobe -l | grep b4300:16
Sylphid!broadcom | cup0beans00:17
ubottucup0beans: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:17
cup0beansSylphid, b43 replaced bcm43xx00:17
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cup0beansI need bcm43xx for this particular card00:17
Sylphidcup0beans, i think bcm43xx is blacklisted00:18
=== BrownyFuFu is now known as maxbaldwin
Sylphidcup0beans, try removing it from /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist00:18
dr_willisYou still need to install that b43-fwcutter dont ya?00:19
dr_willis!info b43-fwcutter00:19
ubottub43-fwcutter (source: b43-fwcutter): Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware. In component main, is optional. Version 1:011-4ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 15 kB, installed size 100 kB00:19
Sylphidcup0beans, i would reccommend blacklisting b43 to so you dont get a conflict00:19
JHook101I would like to know why all of a sudden my sound does not work and in the music player the option to increase or decrease volume has gone grey and unclickable00:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:20
JHook101Anyone know a answer to that?00:20
JHook101cany anyone answer my question there are 325 people in here00:22
Spreadsheet_i have a logitech quickcam pro 4000 and i am using cheese to view it00:22
Spreadsheet_when i use cheese, a green square comes up00:22
yow|laptopkintarotpc - not sure what you mean - how does gnome work if your graphics card doesn't work?00:22
meekatronhello i have remote ssh sessions connected to my server, how can i close these from the server00:23
kintarotpcWell, it's mostly working, it's just using a generic driver Can't get resolutions higher than 800x600. Guess I need to reinstall my drivers.00:23
yow|laptopkintarotpc - nvidia or ati00:25
kintarotpcyow|laptop:  I actually still have the .run file from amd/ati00:25
yow|laptopthey may have been removed during an upgrade or overwritten which could account for your effects not working, i would try to reinstall them as you mentioned00:25
Arogwhen looking for themes at gnome-look.org should I look for GTK 2.x, compiz, or what?00:26
kintarotpcyow|laptop:  Come to think of it, that's probably what happened. I had an update come through the other day00:26
Arogwhat kind of theme should I look for and what are the differences00:26
LogomachistQuestion- How does the Public folder work? Is it intended to be Public on the computer, the  network or the Internet?00:26
kintarotpcyow|laptop: Thanks for the pointers, by the way.00:26
CmdPrmtMdnsslogo you can make any folder "public" by changing permissions00:28
yow|laptopnp kintarotpc, GL00:28
Aroganyone know the difference between GTK 2.X, Metacity and compiz?00:29
kintarotpcyow|laptop: Hmm, installing the driver doesn't seem to have helped. Should I clear my xorg.conf file and try it again?00:30
JHook101my sound has quit working00:30
JHook101can anyone help me00:30
ubottuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI00:31
MatilloI couldn't play music while I had left a youtube window open in firefox.00:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about metacity00:31
dr_willismetacity - is the default gnome window manager..00:31
dr_williscompiz - is a fancy window manager. with lots of effects00:31
Matillobut i haven't even started on customizing my sound stuff yet00:31
IndyGunFreakMatillo: switch from pulse-audio to alsa00:31
mysterycDoes anybody want help cause I'm really bored and I wanna do something;p00:32
JHook101I have been askign for help00:32
LogomachistI have an easy question00:32
JHook101Regarding my sound not working00:32
LogomachistHow does the Public folder work? Is it intended to be Public on the computer, the  network or the Internet?00:32
OchianDepends on how much you know about Firestarter.00:32
Aroggot it thanks nomexous00:32
mysterycJHook101: Did you check alsa-mixer?00:32
JHook101I have no diea what that is00:33
mysterycJHook101: Ok, you new on Linux?00:33
mysterycJHook101: Ok.00:33
dwizjust a little request00:34
JHook101it was working earlier I was listening to a radio station live on firefox00:34
mysterycJHook101: Was the sound working before?00:34
dwizfor those that know00:34
JHook101then when i closed it no more sound00:34
mysterycJHook101: Ok. I assume you checked that everything that has to do with wiring is plugged in correctly right?00:34
dwizcan anybody give me a working tutorial on postfix mysql and courier on ubntu00:34
JHook101and in the default music player on ubuntu it does not give me option to adjust volume anymore either00:34
yow|laptopkintarotpc - perhaps rename it as a backup and then do a reconfigure for xorg00:34
JHook101I check the wiring nothing has changed00:34
dwizbesides flurdy and howtoforge00:34
MatilloNawp, switching to alsa didn't change that.00:35
mysterycJHook101: Ok. Well, if you didn't download any other sound managing package, you are probably running alsa. Alsa takes care of everything that has to do with sound.00:35
mysterycJHook101: Open up a terminal and type in alsa-mixer.00:35
NecrosanIs it possible to upgrade from 6.06 LTS to 8.10 without reinstalling?00:35
JHook101said command not found00:36
mysterycNecrosan: Without re-installing? Yes, you can upgrade online. Go at the update notifications, there should be an option.00:36
yow|laptopalsamixer has no dash00:36
Necrosanmysteryc: in update manager?00:36
Paul[0]I'm trying to boot an ubuntu 8.10 cd but it gives "no valid modes found" when it should be loading the desktop. S3 savage driver. No matter what i choose, i wind up with a black screen forever...00:36
mysterycJHook101: Oh, yes, sorry. alsamixer with no dash.00:36
NDPTAL85Anyone in here use X-Chat?00:36
mysterycThank you, yow|laptop.00:36
JHook101ok a screen with abrs came up00:36
mysterycNecrosan: Yes.00:36
dwizi use xchat00:36
NDPTAL85dwiz: Whats the keyboard command to bring the menubar back? I closed mine by accident00:37
mysterycJHook101: Ok, use your arrow keys to navigate through. Is any bar turned off? I mean is there any bar which is not filled?00:37
kattollikisdso one here know... where I can find some Usplash for GNOME? (Not gnome-look.org pleases)00:37
JHook101the surround and lfe bar are00:37
dwizdon't know00:38
Necrosanguess it wont work00:38
dwizi dont use mirc that much00:38
mysteryckattollikisd: Check www.gnome.org. I think there is a section for themes, including splashes.00:38
Necrosanit is a sparc64 system00:38
McFrostyHow do I "compile" games that use the Quake3 engine for the PowerPC anyone?00:38
NDPTAL85dwiz: You said you used xchat. mirc is a windows app.00:38
mysterycJHook101: Naviagate to them and use the up arrow key to fill them up.00:38
NDPTAL85Anyways someone in another channel let me know the key combo00:39
=== matt is now known as yamazaki
dwizI use it for the same reson00:39
dwizI use it for the same reason00:39
OchianWhat was it, NDPTAL85?00:39
owhWhen I run aptitude install libvirt-bin, it installs three packages: dnsmasq-base libvirt-bin netcat-openbsd -- but when I run aptitude purge libvirt-bin, it only wants to remove dnsmasq-base libvirt-bin -- this makes no sense. Why is this happening?00:39
gogereaverMcFrosty eer you cant without the sourcecode00:39
JHook101ok i filled them00:39
dwizright now I need some help with postfix on ubuntu00:39
mysterycJHook101: Ok. Now try and play something and let me know if it works. :)00:40
Matilloowh: sounds like it doesn't want to uninstall common packages. you could do them manually?00:40
yamazakiIm having a hugeproblem getting my soundcard working on an hp pavilion laptop dv600000:40
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
yamazakicould someone help me out?00:40
kattollikisdmysteryc, thanks00:40
yamazakiplease :]00:40
JHook101still does not work00:40
owhMatillo: But aptitude installed netcat-openbsd automatically, shouldn't it remove it automatically as well?00:40
enovativi have used cfdisk to try to create a bootable usb stick and i get an error that says "Wrote partition tabe, but re-read table failed.  Rebot to update table."  i have tried to reboot my ubuntu box, and run cfdisk again...that didn't work.  how can i get the new partition that i create to write to the usb stick using cfdisk.  i need to mention that i use the ( -z ) switch when i initally start cfdisk00:41
yamazakiI followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto and the only success is that it now shows an audio device on settings00:41
MatilloNot if other packages may be using netcat-openbsd.00:41
=== ___mikem is now known as __mikem
enovativi am also trying to crete a bootable usb stick using the FAT16 filesystem00:41
mysterycJHook101: Hmm, sorry then I don't know because I am not even on my Linux now I am on Windows cause I am running this software that I can't run on Linux called Final Draft so I can't check for anything myself.00:41
owhMatillo: The two commands are run in sequence, no other installs inbetween.00:41
JHook101anyon else to help me with audio problem?00:42
MatilloThe uninstaller can't check dependancies on packages that aptitude happened to depend on.00:42
MatilloThere may be a way to run some sort of cleanup, but I dunno.00:42
McFrostyhow do i acess the sourcecode or how do i get it?00:42
owhMatillo: But aptitude knows that it automatically installed netcat-openbsd as a result of installing libvirt-bin.00:44
iShockCan anyone help me find out if my drive can burn DVDs?00:44
owhMatillo: Otherwise I might just as well use apt-get.00:44
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
owhiShock: The simplest way is to check the logos on the front of the drive. Simpler than all other solutions.00:45
w3wsrmniShock: ` sudo lshw -C class ` will list drive capabilities.00:45
enovativi have used cfdisk to try to create a bootable usb stick and i get an error that says "Wrote partition tabe, but re-read table failed.  Rebot to update table."  i have tried to reboot my ubuntu box, and run cfdisk again...that didn't work.  how can i get the new partition that i create to write to the usb stick using cfdisk.  i need to mention that i use the ( -z ) switch when i initally start cfdisk00:45
MatilloDoes aptitude know if you've installed anything else which may rely on those packages?00:45
enovativi am also trying to crete a bootable usb stick using the FAT16 filesystem00:45
McFrostyhow do I get the sourcecode to a game that uses a quake3 engine?00:45
jribMatillo: yes...00:46
jribMcFrosty: is such a game in ubuntu's repositories?00:46
MatilloSounds like a problem then, I dunno.00:46
McFrostysorry what you mean by that...00:46
iShockw3wsrmn: Fail?00:46
jribMatillo: huh?  What's a problem?00:46
McFrostyo no its not00:47
MatilloOh, not uninstalling the packages if it already knows dependancies.00:47
iShockw3wsrmn: It just says 'PCI (sysfs)'00:47
kintarotpcyow|laptop: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and reinstalling my video card driver saved the day. yay!00:47
w3wsrmniShock: sorry, brain was thinking different than fingers. replace `class` with `disk`00:47
jribMatillo: you're making less sense.  What exactly are you talking about?00:47
MatilloIt was a response to owh.00:47
owhjrib: Did you see my original question?00:47
jribMcFrosty: then you would have to go to the project's home page and look for the source code00:47
jrib!who | Matillo00:47
ubottuMatillo: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:47
jribowh: nope00:47
iShockw3wsrmn: lee@Vertex:~/FrostWire/Saved$ `sudo lshw -C disk`00:48
iShockbash: *-disk: command not found00:48
Matilloowh is trying to make aptitude purge remove dependancies installed for it.00:48
w3wsrmnerm, sans `00:48
owhjrib: When I run aptitude install libvirt-bin, it installs three packages: dnsmasq-base libvirt-bin netcat-openbsd -- but when I run aptitude purge libvirt-bin, it only wants to remove dnsmasq-base libvirt-bin -- this makes no sense. Why is this happening?00:48
McFrostywhere would i find the source code where to look for it at on the page?00:48
pasaltürkçe  bilen varm0131?00:48
Flannel!tr | pasal00:48
ubottupasal: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.00:48
iShockw3wsrmn:        capabilities: removable audio cd-r cd-rw dvd00:48
ardchoilleowh: you can remove unused deps with: sudo apt-get autoremove00:49
w3wsrmniShock: looks like a cd/dvd player and cd writer, then00:49
iShockw3wsrmn: So I can't write DVDs?00:49
w3wsrmniShock: unfortunately not00:49
BellinXFelongparted to format it to ext3 and xubuntu recognizes it but i cant put anything on it, any suggestions?00:49
owhardchoille: I understand that, but why doesn't aptitude automatically already do this for something it installed. This is the whole point of using aptitude.00:49
hmullerhello fellow xubuntuers00:49
BellinXFelonits a seagate freeagent pro00:49
iShockw3wsrmn: Damn .. Any other ideas how I can install a 2.44GB ISO? VMware is tempting, but VMWare server is wayyyy to big for this box.00:49
Flannelowh: try sudo apt-get --simulate autoremove00:50
Flannelowh: oh00:50
jribowh: what happens when you try to remove netcat-openbsd?00:50
Flannelowh: There's *no* real advantage to using aptitude over apt-get anymore00:50
FloodBot3cYtAmNtmgi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:51
dr_willis'Getting Help  on IRC : Epic Fail'00:51
owhjrib: It removes it without problems.00:51
hmullerFlannel:  Will apt-get automatically remove dependencies that an app installed?00:51
owhFlannel: Since when is that?00:51
jribowh: and doesn't take anything else with it?00:51
Flannelowh: Since autoremove00:51
owhjrib: Nope.00:51
Flannelhmuller: Not automatically, you have to tell it you want to.00:51
hmullerFlannel: that is good news I was unaware of00:52
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
ardchoilleowh: you used purge, and it does that.. did you use --purge-unused ?00:52
w3wsrmniShock: I believe it's possible to split a DVD into CD sized ISOs, but I doubt the installer would realize the split, and never prompt for the other disks.00:52
Flannelhmuller: At least, as far as I'm aware.00:52
iShockw3wsrmn: It's the windows 7 ISO00:52
owhardchoille: No. However, it automatically removes dnsmasq-base.00:53
hmulleriShock: Does your system have usb ports?00:53
sysadminHi Everyone00:53
hmullerh'lo back00:53
iShockhmuller: Ports, but no flash drives.00:53
John`Anderzoni have a little problem with Ubuntu... just installed it and there are some small vertical lines that kinda flash on the screen and is especially apparent on a dark background. how do we correct this?00:53
sysadminis there any who can help me out with the data recovery using ubuntu ?00:53
ardchoilleowh: dnsmasq-base may be dependent on the main app you installed, therefore it can't reside without it and needs to be removed00:53
hmulleriShock: and I assume you've no DVDrom drive?00:54
yow|laptopgood to hear kintarotpc :) nice work00:54
sysadmini have a hard disk from my old linux server ext3 based . .  now i want to retrieve data from that disk ?00:54
iShockhmuller: I can read, but not wrire.00:54
vigosysadmin: From the login screen.....?00:54
=== rich_ is now known as LateralLink
owhardchoille: Not according to apt-cache00:54
ardchoilleowh: no idea, the point is that you didn't use --purge-unused and aptitude was doing exactly what you asked.00:55
sysadmini have just attached that hard drive to my new system based on ubuntu ?00:55
hmulleriShock: I missed all the early information, where do you want to install it?00:55
iShockhmuller: This box.00:55
pasalmillet  beni  duyan varm013100:55
iShockhmuller: A VM would be fine, but VMWare server is too big.00:55
hmulleriShock:  What's wrong with qemu?00:55
vigosysadmin: Ok,,I just read about the errors or bugs of ext3, one of them is backups,,,it was on wikipedia00:55
iShockhmuller: qemu?00:55
owhardchoille: According to the depends for the three packages there is no difference between netcat-openbsd and dnsmasq-base, so if one is uninstalled, the other should also be.00:56
earthmeLonHey guys!  I am trying to add a user to my laptop so that I can use it whenever I connect to an untrusted/insecure hotspot.  I want to do a number of things, like create startup scripts like /etc/init.d/XXX specifically for that user.  Also, I was wondering if there was a way to modify /etc/network/interfaces for only one user.  Any help would be greatly appreciated :D00:56
sysadminvigo : thank you00:56
hmullerIt's a processor emulator, I've used it to install winxp00:56
sysadmincan you please send me the link if youve got one00:56
ardchoilleowh: that's not how it works with the command you used00:56
hmulleriShock: kvm works good too, if you have a processor that supports virtualization00:56
ardchoilleowh: and perhaps you should be talking to the package maintainer?00:56
iShockhmuller: WTF are you talking about, pm me?00:56
pasalcan you  speak  turk0131sh?00:57
owhardchoille: First I'm trying to figure out why it's happening, otherwise all I'll be doing is lodging a bug that makes no sense.00:57
hmulleriShock: I don't know how to pm uxing xchat, gimme a sec and I'll send you a link to some reading material00:57
ardchoilleowh: ok00:57
John`Anderzonne1??? :((((00:57
Flannel!tr | pasal00:57
ubottupasal: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.00:57
John`Anderzon./me cries00:57
iShockhmuller: I don't have that much time, and seriously, /msg iShock MESASAGE.00:57
owhardchoille: I still don't understand the point you're making about --purge-unused00:57
ardchoillehmuller: /query nick00:57
smo_PenguinStyleHey all.  I was wondering if anyone has messed with the commandline interface to make it case-insensative?00:58
Flannel!patience | John`Anderzon00:58
ubottuJohn`Anderzon: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:58
yow|laptopwhich video card John`Anderzon00:58
ardchoilleowh: --purge-unused purges unused packages00:58
John`Anderzonim using  geforce mx 4400:58
John`Anderzonsomeone told me i need to change the refresh rate on the vertical lines00:58
vigosysadmin: still here?00:58
sysadmini am00:58
yow|laptopmx440. which driver? from the repo or from the nvidia site?00:58
John`Anderzoncuz it just looks like static like little static lines...  not very visible but still annoying00:59
dr_willissmo_PenguinStyle,  i dont see that happening any time soon00:59
John`Anderzonim not exactly sure... it came with the machien00:59
vigosysadmin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext3 <<there is the wikipedia00:59
sysadminthank you Vigo00:59
ardchoilleowh: suppose you install a package and it installs 4 deps. using "aptitude purge" may not uninstall all deps but "--purge-unused" will uninstall the package and all "unused" deps00:59
sysadminill have a look now00:59
sysadminbut is it possible to retrieve data from that disk though using Ubuntu01:00
vigoMy pleasure01:00
Flannelsysadmin: Assuming there's no damage, yes, of course.01:00
yow|laptopJohn`Anderzon - look up your vert and horizontal rates for that monitor and the refresh rate and then compare that to what is in your xorg.conf. you may need to try out some different settings and manually edit the file.01:00
sysadminthank you Flannel01:00
sysadminthe disks are abs fine . . no problem01:01
earthmeLonHey guys!  I am trying to add a user to my laptop so that I can use it whenever I connect to an untrusted/insecure hotspot.  I want to do a number of things, like create startup scripts like /etc/init.d/XXX specifically for that user.  Any help would be greatly appreciated :D01:01
yow|laptopand thats assuming that the hw is working correctly01:01
sysadminits just that i have to get the data out from the servers hard disks01:01
gerberDo you know any Free Point Of Sales ?01:01
owhardchoille: The rdepends for netcat-openbsd and dnsmasq-base are almost identical - the difference is that dnsmasq-base rdepends on dnsmasq. As far as I can see they're the same.01:01
Flannelgerber: What?01:01
John`Anderzonok ty so much01:01
yow|laptopearthmeLon - create the account and then you can use the sessions option to run custom scripts if you want01:01
Flannelgerber: For Ubuntu?01:02
yow|laptopnp John`Anderzon01:02
gerberFor restaurant01:02
earthmeLonThanks yow, i'd rather set it up from this account.  Trying to learn as much about the OS as possible without cheating with GUI's :P01:02
earthmeLonyow|laptop  ^01:02
hmullerardchoille: Thanks for that tip01:03
John`Anderzoni checked out my xorg file the only lines that mention 'video' say "configured video device"01:03
gerberI download one But i Dont know how to load it pls help01:03
ardchoillehmuller: yw :)01:03
jribowh: I don't feel like reading aptitude source and can't find documentation on the meaning of the numbers in /var/lib/aptitude/pkgstates, but I would look for differences there next01:04
yow|laptopearthmeLon - in that case, if you are going to use init.d then you will need to create scripts and then link each of them to the corresponding runlevels in which you want them to start and then restrict them to only that user. just my 2 cents, someone else may have a better idea01:04
hmullerAny trac users in the room tonight?01:04
vigogerber: what did you download?01:04
orflona program asks me for openssl >= 0.9.7 , but I have already 0.9.8, what could I do?01:04
earthmeLonyow|laptop  So, if I create a script in init.d, how do I restrict it to only run when that user logs in?01:04
yow|laptopJohn`Anderzon - is this a single boot machine? have you tried a different live cd? a different driver perhaps? just trying to rule out a hw issue or a driver issue.01:04
jriborflon: provide more details01:05
John`Anderzonit had the same problem when i booted from the live CD01:05
jamnzI need to manage available log on times for two user ID's. They are to log on during hours of 3pm to 4pm each day. how do I apply this log on time in Ubuntu 8.10?? Thanks!01:05
John`Anderzoni didnt have this prob when i had damn small linux installed././.01:05
gerberopenbravo pos01:05
vigogerber: I have no idea what that is, but maybe someone that saw it can assist.01:06
orflonjrib, I'm on a live cd 8.10, and I'm trying to install wvstreams. It says in the end missing depedency openssl, >=0.9.7 needed, but I do have 0.9.8 already. Ask me anything else you need, thanks mate.01:06
owhjrib: That's an excellent suggestion.01:06
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:06
VideoSmithWhat's with all the floodbots?01:06
yow|laptopearthmeLon - well thats why i suggested using sessions cause its easier that way, tbh, im not sure how to restrict it to one user. you can login still within your current account by using an xsession window and logging in as your proposed user there01:06
jriborflon: what is the name of the package you are installing?01:06
John`Anderzonit's dual boot but with the other OS is installed on another HD01:07
orflonjrib, I install it from source, it's wvstreams version 4.4.101:07
eseven73VideoSmith: they're here to protect us against Microsoft! You didnt know that already? :P01:07
jriborflon: why?  wvstreams seems to be in the repositories (not that version in particular)01:07
yow|laptopJohn`Anderzon - does it have the same monitor problem on the other OS? what is the other OS?01:08
John`Anderzoni only have this problem with ubuntu01:08
earthmeLonyow|laptop  I am doing some research and maybe .bash_login or .bash_profile might be a better option.01:08
yow|laptopok so it could be a driver issue then01:08
yow|laptopok cool earthmeLon01:08
orflonjrib: hm well I can't find it in my repos01:08
John`Anderzoni see01:09
jriborflon: apt-cache search wvstreams  doesn't return any results?01:09
gerbercan you help01:09
yow|laptopJohn`Anderzon - are using the ubuntu drivers for the card? if so, which one? 177? 180?01:09
vigogerber: Did you apt-get that?01:09
BellinXFeloncan anyone help me configure my seagate free agent pro drive for xubuntu01:09
John`Anderzonhonestly i dont know.. i just installed ubuntu, i'm guessing it installed drivers for it.. but i could be wrong01:09
John`Anderzonhow would i check?01:09
orflonjrib: yes it did return, but apt-get install wvstreams doesn't work :/01:10
jribBellinXFelon: what filesystem?01:10
jriborflon: what did it return?01:10
Barridusis there a terminal command to bring up the add/remove function that's in the applications menu dropdown?  (not the full synaptec)01:10
vigogerber: Did it install?01:10
jribBarridus: gnome-app-install01:10
orflonjrib: libs of this kind-> libwvstreams*01:10
orflonjrib: apt-get install libwvstreams*?01:11
linxehis there a good dyndns client for ubuntu ?01:11
jriborflon: is what you want something different?01:11
yow|laptopJohn`Anderzon - look under system > admin > hw drivers01:11
jriblinxeh: I use ddclient, there are others01:11
vigogerber: maybe sudo apt-get or use the Synaptic Package manager....01:11
yow|laptopsee if it lists any in use for your video card01:11
hmullerBellinXFelon: let me guess, you plug it in, and it is not recognized as mass storage in Ubuntu?01:11
linxehjrib: ok thanks01:11
Jams44I'm currently running 7.04 and want to upgrade to the latest stable version (8.04?) Anywho, the Update Manager can01:11
orflonjrib: well, another program says that I must have wvstreams installed, I'm not sure what exactly I want01:12
vigogerber: It may already be installed01:12
devdavaddoes anyone here know how to enable SHMConfig in xorg.conf?01:12
John`Anderzontheres ONE driver there but its not enabled.... it's called "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver..."01:12
jriborflon: ok... what other program?01:12
gerberhow can i find out ?01:12
Jams44t locate updates so I can't go step by step. Is there anyway I can download an alternate upgrade version so i can mount it?01:12
mFacenetATT = Fail, I just called them with a question about a static ip address order the service tech asked me what os I responded Ubuntu, a distribution of Linux and she argued with me to make sure that it wasn't a version of windows xp01:12
John`Anderzonwhen reading what its about it suposedly  is used with some 3-D effects01:12
linxehjrib: out of interest which dns service do you use ?01:12
hmullerdevdavad: You trying to turn the touchpad off?01:12
orflonjrib: wdial01:12
Barridusjrib, thanks!!!!01:12
vigogerber: look in your home folder01:12
jriblinxeh: dyndns01:12
yow|laptopJohn`Anderzon - its up to you, but i would try enabling that. that should give you 3d acceleration and a better resolution01:12
linxehjrib: ok cool, thanks01:12
devdavadhmuller, yes it's starting to bother me a bit on my laptop01:12
John`Anderzonokay if it doesnt work and im left with a blank screen.. ?01:13
jriblinxeh: afraid dns  is nicer01:13
John`AnderzonWhich i doubt but theres always that possibility, no?01:13
hmullerdevdavad:  I used to use that solution but found one better, give me a minute and I'll send you a link01:13
EliteslaveI need some help setting up Ubuntu, <--- Complete Ubuntu / Linux nublet01:13
ryanakcaWhen setting a Disc # for a track, what id3v2 tag does it represent?01:13
jriborflon: wvdial is also in the repositories01:13
Ryan_DelaneyEliteslave: Go ahead and and your question01:13
orflonjrib: maybe I should add a repository?01:14
hmullerdevdavad: http://theworldofapenguin.blogspot.com/2007/09/keyboard-shortcut-to-disable-touchpad.html01:14
meanburrito920does anyone know of a way to play music bought on iTunes on ubuntu?01:14
devdavadhmuller, thank you01:14
jriborflon: the repositories should be the first place you look for software.  What does « apt-cache search wvdial »return?01:14
hmullerdevdavad: I prefer this now, it works like a champ, and seems to reduce the keyrepeats also01:14
vigogerber: I am returning to Ubuntu from a lond sailing trip absence, so this is all forgotten and has to be relearned for me also, all I know is simple stuff, and not much of that.01:14
Eliteslavewhere can I get drivers for my video card so i can enable 3d01:14
orflonjrib: the initial programs that I want to install are: gppp and an installer for vmc 3g01:14
John`Anderzonokay i need to restart01:14
Jams44I'm currently running 7.04 and want to upgrade to the latest stable version (8.04?) Anywho, the Update Manager01:14
linxehjrib: I just need something simple so I can keep track of a machine thats going to be on an ADSL link (used for offsite rsync backups)01:14
Jams44cant locate updates so I can't go step by step. Is there anyway I can download an alternate upgrade version so i can mount it?01:14
Ryan_DelaneyEliteslave: Go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers and enable them01:15
gerberthis is what i Want to install.../home/gerber/ntpv_bundle-1.2rc101:15
hmullerAny trac users/administrators in the room watching?01:15
jriblinxeh: dyndns will work fine then01:15
earthmeLonOkay, I give up yow|laptop.  how do I keep this session running and start another xsession or whatever with the other user?01:15
jrib!ask | hmuller01:15
ubottuhmuller: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:15
meanburrito920I've used trac01:15
EliteslaveRyan_Delaney:  I have done that, but when i click on lets say Chess and turn 3d mode on it says It doesnt work01:15
vigogerber: uhm,,ok,,let me look for that on the forums.......01:16
hmullerjrib: thanks for the tip :P01:16
gerberi went to systematic and is not there01:16
RobertLaptopCan anyone help with lircd[5211]: segfault at 0 ip b7f47773 sp bfb3b280 error 4 in libusb-0.1.so.4.4.4[b7f43000+6000]01:16
jriborflon: gpppon is in the repositories, if that's what you want.  I don't know about vmc 3g01:16
Ryan_DelaneyEliteslave: Please be more specific with error messages01:16
RobertLaptopNoting shows up on google01:16
meanburrito920how to play protected AAC on Ubuntu01:17
EliteslaveRyan_Delaney: " You are unable to play in 3d mode due to the following Problems : No Python Open GL Support"01:17
devdavadhmuller, I'm setting it up now, thank you for the link01:17
dr_willisEliteslave,  that 3d chess stuff has never worked well.. in every reelase ive ever tried...    Im not sure it has ever worked01:17
hmullerdevdavad: enjoy, It is much preferable to the SHMconfig trick01:17
Jams44What are the "alternate" downloads that Ubuntu refers to in the upgrade FAQ?01:17
jrib!alternate | Jams4401:18
ubottuJams44: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent01:18
vigogerber: http://ubuntuforums.org/search.php?searchid=54351221 <<<<that covers it01:18
orflonjrib: it returned wvdial, but when I apt-get install wvdial, it doesn't find it.01:18
Eliteslavedr_willis: well i was using that as an example01:18
darkdelusions!restrictedformats | meanburrito92001:18
jriborflon: pastebin01:18
ubottumeanburrito920: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:18
EliteslaveI am particulary trying to get Eve-Online to work01:18
Eliteslavebut it is suffering the same error01:18
orflonoh jrib it's ok wvdial is in.01:18
Ryan_DelaneyEliteslave: I'm not sure if that's a driver issue01:19
Jams44jrib: can i mount the alternate disk and upgrade from it?01:19
meanburrito920darkdelusions: so i'm stuck with a bunch of dead files i paid for?01:19
orflonjrib: though gppp is not in.01:19
hmullerI've installed trac (working), the masterticket plugin (working), and the ticketdep plugin but cannot get it to work, is there a trick?01:19
jriborflon: pastebin01:20
EliteslaveRyan - Im using a 9800GTX so do you think that might be a problem?01:20
Flannelmeanburrito920: You just have use one of the various methods for stripping off the encryption01:20
dr_willismeanburrito920,  now ya know why a lot of people HATE itunes.01:20
John`Andersonyow|laptop, thank you so much01:20
Ryan_DelaneyEliteslave: Not that I know of01:20
John`Andersonenabling the driver stopped the flickering01:20
John`Andersonty you again so much01:20
jribJams44: well, if you have packages that are not in the repositories on the cd, you'll need web access anyway01:20
yow|laptopJohn`Anderson - i take it that resolved the issue ?01:20
jribfor them to upgrade01:20
yow|laptopgood good01:20
RonPaulI can't seem to extract img files.   they are being used in a torrent client while i try to extract them is that what is causing the problem?01:21
John`Andersonyes it did01:21
yow|laptopfigured it would01:21
Eliteslavealso is it possible to get Itunes to work on Ubuntu?01:21
meanburrito920Flannel: I've googled for methods and havent found anything that hasnt been  forced to cease and desist01:21
hmullerEliteslave: You can get it to work, but no syncing01:21
RonPaulelite: no01:21
RonPauli dual booted for my iphone only01:21
John`Andersonthe screen looks ALOT better now01:21
darkdelusionshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/AAC might help... I dont but stuff from itunes so I dunno :)01:21
hmullerEliteslave: All that's working now is the app itself, and the iTunes store01:21
John`Andersonmore clearer than my win98 one lol01:22
darkdelusionsbut = buy01:22
EliteslaveI dont care bout the syncing really, I just want it to play the music lol01:22
yow|laptopor a lot even? John`Anderson  ;)01:22
John`Andersonooops i forgot the space01:22
yow|laptopyes, most people feel that way about Linux displays01:22
orflonwell jrib my initial goal is to get this: http://huaweie220.blogspot.com/2008/05/how-to-vodafone-mobile-connect-card-vmc.html, to work.01:22
gerber    * sudo01:22
gerber    * nmap01:22
gerber    * libqt3c102-mt01:22
gerber    * libqt3c102-mt-psql01:22
gerber    * kdelibs401:22
FloodBot1gerber: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:22
gerber    * libgdchart01:22
* RonPaul wish someone would help him01:22
RonPaulI can't seem to extract img files.   they are being used in a torrent client while i try to extract them is that what is causing the problem?01:23
gerberI just want to know if this pks are in ubunutu01:23
yow|laptopwell good, you're all set to become an expert and help others now John`Anderson :)01:23
Jams44jrib: I'm new to this. Respositories refer to... If ive already had a successful install of an old version of ubuntu can iassume that it would upgrade correctly?01:24
Jams44i have web access, the updates just dont work01:24
Jams44it says something about a fetch error.01:24
John`Andersonhope so, im still a newbie at linux but im learning... and ive said it and i'll say again, its A LOT better than Windows.. the only prob is getting software developers to start developing for it instead of windows..01:24
hyperairon a NEC Versa E6500,  the notebook's mouse and touchpad don't work. however usb keyboards and mice work. does anybody know what could cause this issue?01:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about reops01:24
nickrudJams44, if the release is old enough, the repos don't exist anymore. what version?01:24
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories01:24
eseven73Jams44: read those ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^01:25
jribJams44: repositories is the online location of the packages you install.  The alternate cd only has the main repository on it.  So if packages you have installed are not on the cd, they won't get updated unless you let it grab packages from the internet01:25
hyperairi tried booting into single user mode, but the keyboard doesn't work either.01:25
vigo!ndis |gerber01:25
ubottugerber: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:25
yow|laptopJohn`Anderson - you will find that in a lot of cases, the software that Linux has available is equal or superior anyway01:25
EliteslaveIf i were to d/l a driver at www.nvidia.com and its for "linux 64bit" would that work for Ubuntu? or no?01:25
ahecklerEliteslave: it should01:25
jribEliteslave: just use System -> Administration -> Hardware Driver01:25
aheckleror that01:26
IndyGunFreakEliteslave: it should, but why not just use the restricted driver ..01:26
John`Andersonthats true, and it's free01:26
Eliteslaveits old?01:26
hyperairon a NEC Versa E6500,  the notebook's mouse and touchpad don't work. however usb keyboards and mice work. does anybody know what could cause this issue? it doesn't work in single user mode either, leading me to believe that there are issues between linux and the PS/2 controller. it seems to work on solaris, and windows, but not on anything that uses a linux kernel.01:26
IndyGunFreakEliteslave: is it not working or something?01:26
yow|laptopyes John`Anderson free in every sense01:26
hmullerEliteslave: Follow jrib's advice, if you have the amd64 ubuntu version installed, then  you'll get the 64bit nvidia driver01:26
IndyGunFreak!latest | Eliteslave01:27
ubottuEliteslave: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.01:27
eseven73hyperair: touchpads are so annoying are you really sure you want that enabled?01:27
eseven73i disabled mine :)01:27
dy_Hi, do you guys know how to  filter messages in pidgin? I'm getting a lot of spam from my live.com account and I want to allow messages only from my contacts.01:27
John`Andersoni was talking to a friend on another network, and we got into the subject of windows security issues.. and i told him, i think pretty honestly that its a marketing tactic01:28
hmullereseven73: that's not the point, hyperair WANTS them working01:28
earthmeLonHello!! I need to figure out a way to run SAMBA on user logon instead of at startup.. I only want samba to run if a specific user logs in.01:28
John`Andersonwith windows you're FORCED to buy and upgrade01:28
hyperaireseven73, hmuller: the pressing issue is that the onboard keyboard does not work!01:28
=== _wendy_ is now known as wendyyyyy
yow|laptopJohn`Anderson - i make a fair bit of money on the side cleaning and reinstalling windows boxes. i dont mind ;)01:28
hyperaireseven73, hmuller: not even in a tty!01:28
dr_willisearthmeLon,  samba is a service.. that makes little sence01:28
hmullerearthmelon: Session settings?01:29
hyperaireseven73, hmuller: but it does work in GRUB01:29
John`Andersonup until a week ago i was using Win98, and microsoft no longer offers support or patches for it. Why? because they cant make money off it no more :P01:29
dr_willisearthmeLon,  the samba-doc pakcage has all the info you would ever want on samba - if its doable - it may be mentioned in there.01:29
linxehJohn`Anderson: also because it is crap01:29
John`Andersonwindows is good, dont get me wrong. i think its excellent as a entertainment system01:29
hmullerhyperair: Does dmesg reveal anything?01:29
=== Imaginativeone__ is now known as swiper
John`Andersonbut it lacks security and stability..01:29
yow|laptopif you find virii and spyware entertaining John`Anderson lol01:29
earthmeLondr_willis  It makes perfect sense to me.  I only want to run the service if my main user logs in.  Not if a guest user logs in.  It has nothing to do with samba, it has to do with Linux/Ubuntu.  The samba docs will provide little/no help in what I'm trying to do01:30
John`Andersonmy old tandy computer was more stable than my win98 machine lmao01:30
tj83anyone know a chan related to the Kino video editor?01:30
hyperairhmuller: i didn't try checking. i should have eh.01:30
=== swiper is now known as superduper
hmullerrun it in a terminal:  dmesg | less01:30
John`Andersonatleast i can browse the net on here and not keep checking file directories for new entries01:30
=== superduper is now known as dvdmaster
hyperairhmuller: wait wait, it's not my notebook. i'll have to get my friend to switch back to linux01:31
John`Andersoni have XP on the other HD... and after i rebooted today, i logged in and found that firefox had been invaded by a Yahoo toolbar which i did not install01:31
John`Andersonand amazingly AVG didnt even pick anything up as installing without my permission01:31
John`Andersonnor did windows01:31
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents01:31
=== dvdmaster is now known as quantumstorm
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu-chat01:31
unopJohn`Anderson, please stay on topic01:32
FlannelearthmeLon: #ubuntu-offtopic is the place to go for chatting01:32
earthmeLonJohn`Anderson  /join #ubuntu-offtopic01:32
John`Andersonsoory unop my bad01:32
earthmeLonThanks Flannel01:32
MatilloCan anyone explain to me why I can't use two sources of sound at once?01:32
IndyGunFreakMatillo: i told you earlier01:32
Matillowell, I need further explanation, and just switching to alsa didn't fix the problem.01:33
earthmeLonMatillo  you need to install ALSA and/or PulseAudio.  Check the ubuntu docs page01:33
yow|laptopcant pulseaudio do that?01:33
IndyGunFreakyow|laptop: it never has for me... it always kills 1 sound,01:33
Eliteslavewell I feel really dumb guys01:33
hmullerIs there a trick to getting the trac plugin ticketdep working?  I have masterticket installed working correctly, just can't get ticketdep going.01:33
earthmeLonIndyGunFreak  yow|laptop I had to install ALSA and use PulseAudio to get my audio working perfectly01:33
yow|laptophmmm, dont think ive ever tried it. ive used sound within a browser and also a music player at the same time though01:33
EliteslaveI didnt look at the second window, and guess what was running in the background? my game lol01:33
IndyGunFreakearthmeLon: i just went to Alsa, and it works fine.. ddn't need to install anything01:34
justin__does anyone here feeling like helping a newb with some dve problems01:34
Matilloyow|laptop: well that's exactly what isn't working for me.01:34
ahecklerjustin__: just ask your question :)01:34
earthmeLonI do not want samba running when a specific user logs in.  To do this, I need to remove it from init.d list and have it run when the user(s) i do want it running with logon.  Does anybody have any suggestions?01:34
yow|laptopMatillo - which flash plugin is selected for your browser?01:35
Matilloyow|laptop: adobe flash.01:35
=== nathan is now known as Guest74978
yow|laptopthats what i have. i remember turning the volume down (but not off) for my music player (sonata) and being able to watch a flash video through firefox01:35
justin__i install ubuntu for the first time about a week ago and was trying to get my dvd  drive to work in virtual box and i guess i changed something i wasnt suppose to now i cant read cd  or dvds01:35
RadI'm running Ubuntu server with Apache2 and I can't get my GoDaddy SSL to work properly. Mod SSL is installed and working, and I'm specifically working with a virtual host. I get (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)01:36
owhjrib: FYI the bug with aptitude has already been reported: Bug #30550401:36
Matilloyow|laptop: My music player hangs up until the sound resource is freed.01:36
owhMatillo, jrib ardchoille, thanks all for your help.01:36
yow|laptopjustin__ - try unchecking passthrough on the dvd settings?01:36
justin__how do  i do that01:36
jribowh: I see, cool.  Thanks for reporting!01:36
earthmeLonMatillo  if you have problems after following these instructions come ask questions:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio01:37
Eliteslaveare there drivers to make blueray work on ubuntu?01:37
yow|laptopMatillo - is pulseaudio or alsa selected in your sound settings? what does alsamixer show?01:37
hmullerearthmelon: Add the startup commands to .xinitrc in each users home directory, and if necessary adding their names to /etc/sudoers for the startup?01:37
yow|laptopjustin__ - look under settings for the vm you created01:37
justin__im running duel boot with vista now vista shows everything correct01:37
Jaffarkelshaci am trying to use a website, bomomo.com its a flash based website but when i try it in ubuntu, my cpu usage goes 100% . is it a problem with my flash?01:37
Matilloyow|laptop: I've tried both and autodetect, and alsamixer showed the levels? Not off.01:37
justin__it's gone now i had formatted and redone everything after a bad mbr01:38
SylphidIm trying to convert my single disk install to a 2disk raid 1 setup folloing instructions here http://www.howtoforge.com/software-raid1-grub-boot-debian-etch however when i try to reboot into the raid volume it fails to an initramfs prompt and also fails when trying to boot to the original volume... i believe that the  update-initramfs -u command screwed it up but im not sure how to repair this01:38
bthorntonDoes anyone else who uses Ubuntu/Gnome go through periods where your 10-key keys don't work, regardless of if Num Lock is on/off?01:38
earthmeLonThank you hmuller I think you understand what I'm asking.  In order to run stuff from .xinitrc as root, I need to add my user to sudoers file, eh?  I will look up how to do that01:38
Radjaffarkelshac: That's a pretty cpu intensive flash application in general.01:38
yow|laptopMatillo, hmmm. its possible that it could be a restriction on your sound card. did it ever work for two inputs?01:38
xinelbthornton: nope01:38
justin__vista just ejects every disk as if it were no good01:39
hmullerearthmelon: I do something similar to what you are trying to do, and that's how I did it01:39
Matilloyow|laptop: In windows it did, yeah.01:39
macmanguys .. im hooking up a palm centro to my ubuntu 8.10 .. there any software i should use ? .. i just want to get the pictures01:39
JaffarkelshacRad: it runs fine on my laptop and compared to my pc its very low spec01:39
hmullerearthmelon: remember the /etc/sudoers file is modified using visudo01:39
bthorntonjaffarkelshac: Which version of Ubuntu and what arch?01:39
earthmeLonhmuller  after I add my user to this list, I will be able to sudo foo without request for password?01:39
yow|laptopwell, that uses different drivers. pulse is a fairly new thing in linux and my understanding is that using two simultaneous audio devices is relatively new territory01:39
Radjaffarkelshac: Any other flash sites do it or just this one?01:40
JaffarkelshacIntrepid 32 bit01:40
Jaffarkelshacjust this one Rad01:40
hmullerearthmelon: I'll pm with you an example from my /etc/sudoers file01:40
Matilloyow|laptop: Well, I played a flash video, without audio, then paused and unpaused my music player, and now the music player's not playing again.01:40
RadI bet it's the calculations in the actionscript01:40
earthmeLonhmuller  thanks, but it seems all I have to do is add my main user to admin users01:40
bthorntonjaffarkelshac: I've noticed in Intrepid that flash tends to slow Firefox down completely (i.e. scrolling and even clicking menus). The slowdown seems to be porportional to the number of Flash elements on a page.01:40
maxbaldwinwhat exactly happens when you run "  :!:01:41
maxbaldwinit just returns "bash:"01:41
adm9393Hello, I am having serious trouble after upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04LTS and my graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 460go. After I used envyNG, I reboot to come to find that my screen/graphics card cannot be detected. I understand that many people have had this problem but I've been searching and searching for a very long time only to just give up each day and boot into windows... I've tried all I can. from the hex editing to adding to the xorg...01:41
yow|laptopjustin__ - if its doing it in two different OS's then it could be a hardware issue. maybe try disconnecting it and reconnecting it?01:41
RadAnybody here have any ideas on my ssl issue?01:41
xelapondwhat version of python comes with ubuntu 8.10?01:41
ahecklerxelapong: 2.5.2 IIRC01:42
xelapondaheckler: thanks01:42
yow|laptopMatillo - it sounds like its grabbing the audio and not letting go then01:42
ahecklerxelapong: enter "python -V" in a terminal to see which version you have01:42
ahecklerxelapond ^^^01:42
Sorcererbobadm9393: can you get to a command prompt?01:42
Matilloyow|laptop: Well it's happening with any sources, not just flash or music.01:42
unop!info python | aheckler01:42
ubottupython (source: python-defaults): An interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.5.2-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 138 kB, installed size 624 kB01:42
crashsystemsDoes anyone know how to get rid of the bootloader on a pen drive?01:42
yow|laptopMatillo - are system sounds enabled and esd as well?01:43
Matilloyow|laptop: system sounds yeah, ESD?01:43
ahecklerooooo thanks unop, i didnt know about that handy bot thing01:43
unopcrashsystems, do you want to destroy the partition table in the process?01:43
crashsystemsthat would be fine01:43
yow|laptopMatillo - system > prefs > sound01:43
Matilloyow|laptop: ok, i sees it. Yes it's on.01:44
Eliteslaveok guys, heres my last question If I can get this to work I think I will never ever use Windows again, How do i setup Evolution to connect to my Exchange server?01:44
yow|laptopi always disable system sounds but enable esd01:44
crashsystems@unop I created a new partition table in gparted, but that did not remove grub01:44
NET||abuseHi everybody, i need a pointer in the right direction,, I did a bunch of work setting up and the guys have been adding content to a trac setup on the old LTS, dapper drake, it's running 0.9.3, i need to get it up to a more recent version, in the 0.11 range, so is anyone familliar with it, and help me upgrade here?01:44
unopcrashsystems,  use this command.  dd if=/dev/zero  of=/dev/sdX  # be very careful that you have the right device here.01:44
justin__when it first happened i got it to read an old win 98 cd the only cd that would run then i flashed a differnt firmware and it would only read reg dvds flashed back and now nothing01:44
adm9393Sorcererbob: yes I can01:45
yow|laptopjustin__ - do you have another drive to try? it sounds like it could be a hw issue. drives do die sometimes01:45
crashsystems@unop does that just rewrite everything with zeros?01:45
ahecklerEliteslave: try this -> http://tinyurl.com/a2fd5r01:45
justin__no i dont ill probably just buy another when i get some money do you think possibly my etc/fstab is corrupt01:46
unopEliteslave, the evolution connection wizard has an option for MS exchange  http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/trench/16234.html01:46
unopcrashsystems, it does indeed01:46
bloufdoes someone use banshee with the nowplaying screenlet here ?01:46
RonPaulI can't seem to extract img files.   they are being used in a torrent client while i try to extract them is that what is causing the problem?01:46
crashsystems@unop um, I hope it does not matter that the thing is mounted...01:46
* RonPaul is wondering if anyone can help him01:46
RonPaulI can't seem to extract img files.   they are being used in a torrent client while i try to extract them is that what is causing the problem?01:46
yow|laptopjustin__ - i doubt thats the issue if it happens in multiple OS's01:46
Eliteslavety unop01:47
unopcrashsystems, best to unmount it first01:47
eseven73!repeat | RonPaul01:47
ubottuRonPaul: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:47
justin__cool thanks01:47
crashsystemstoo late01:47
RonPauloh snap01:47
yow|laptopRonPaul - an img would be mounted, wouldnt it? not extracted01:47
justin__i love ubuntu vista is going buy buy soon lol01:47
jgarbersis it possible to use compiz (which, i assume, is the "enhanced desktop effects") with the non-proprietary (built-in) ATI RADEON drivers?01:47
tonsofpcsjgarbers: pretty sure, will probably suck, but i think you can01:47
kr00lcan someone help me install pdfsam?01:48
jgarbershave proprietary drivers working but they don't seem to be allowing me to set up my dual monitors properly01:48
jgarberstonsofpcs, any insight into dealing with dual monitors?01:48
jgarbersi get really weird effects when i try to set the resolutions with the ATI Catalyst control center thing01:48
* crashsystems crosses fingers, hopes he did not destroy $5 pen drive.01:48
tonsofpcsjgarbers: sure, after 24 and the Unit01:48
tonsofpcs[or during commercials]01:48
VixyHello everyone. I'm wondering with a system that has a 64 bit processor and 6gigs of memory should run the 64 bit version of Ubuntu or if everyone would suggest sticking to the 32bit version for better support?01:48
nickrudjgarbers, 9500 and before have decent 3d accel with ati driver; later no01:48
yow|laptophaha, im watching 24 too01:48
crashsystems@vixy I have ubuntu 64bit and love it01:49
ahecklerVixy: go for 64-bit, it's not nearly as bad as it's reputation is01:49
jgarbersthis is a 9800, so i guess i need the proprietary drivers01:49
ahecklerplus it will use *all* your RAM01:49
crashsystems64bit has improved a lot in recent years01:49
woltermy webcam works in xawtv on the first run of the boot, but not in cheese, help!01:49
RonPaulI can't seem to extract img files.   they are being used in a torrent client while i try to extract them is that what is causing the problem?01:49
nickrudjgarbers, try system->admin->hardware drivers01:49
VixyFor someone like myself who is new to Linux and Ubuntu I was told that wouldn't be the best choice. Was I told wrong?01:49
yow|laptopRonPaul - i already addressed your question01:49
jos_I am trying to install a program and I when I do "./configure" I get this error: "C compiler cannot create executables"01:50
jgarbersnickrud: yes, i have done that - have the ATI proprietary drivers installed and am seeing compiz effects01:50
justin__ohh yeh when i try my drfive it says unable to mount location no media in drive01:50
nickrudjgarbers, in software probaby01:50
nickrudjgarbers, sorry, misread01:50
ahecklerVixy: why did the person you asked say that? did they give a reason?01:50
unopjos_,  sudo apt-get install build-essential01:50
VixyThis was some time ago, but they had mentioned compatibility issues with some of my hardware components and the 64 bit version having quite a few "bugs" as they said.01:51
BellinXFelonim sorry, i didnt get the message about configuring my seagate freeagent pro01:51
nickrudjgarbers, that's the 8.543 driver, according to apt01:51
jos_thanks, I just installed and upgraded 8.04, why it did not come pre-installed?01:51
ahecklerVixy: 64-bit has come a long way in the past year or so, you should be perfectly fine01:51
sfuentesanyone know how to enable wireless without having to log into X first?01:52
Arethiusis there anywhere where I can test to see if my mic is set up properly? I can't get anything to record in Audacity01:52
VixyThe only thing I'm concerned about is my graphics card. I have a GeForce 9600 GT.01:52
joejcwhy isnt ubuntu colorful ?01:52
woltermy webcam doesn't work in cheese, just in xawtv, please help me!01:52
Flanneljoejc: That question may be best asked in #ubuntu-offtopic01:52
justin__does anyone no of a way to get magicjack to work on linux01:52
LinuxLover4I am running ubuntu server 8.10. On startup my raid0 array doesnt load. Madadm says that the array is degraded, and it cant load (or somethign), i know that none of the drives have failed however. Any help???01:52
eseven73justin__: do those actually work?01:53
justin__i have three of them and for the price its worth it01:53
crashsystemsmmm, I'd love to raid0 4 intel ssd drives...01:53
eseven73justin__: ah, ive heard they dont, good to know that they do :)01:54
jdevelis iptables off topic from ubuntu?01:54
LinuxLover4i have 3 36gb scsi and 1 40gb sata hd in the raid0 array01:54
justin__great for a fax or if you make alot of long distanc phone calls01:54
jos_thanks, I just installed and upgraded 8.04, why i"./CONFIGURE" is not pre-installed?01:54
wolterwhere can i get the gspca driver?01:54
arimakunalguien tiene experiencia en xubuntu???01:54
ahecklerVixy: just google for "ubuntu geforce 9600" and you can see how others' experiences have gone01:54
ahecklerfrom a quick check, it looks ok01:54
wolter!es > arimakun01:54
ubottuarimakun, please see my private message01:54
Bax_what's the HDD footprint of 8.04?01:54
justin__if you have low bandwidth then i wouldnt suggest causes choppyness01:55
wolterwhere can i download the offcial gspca driver for ubuntu intrepid?01:55
eseven73Vixy: you might also want to append [SOLVED] to the end of that google search01:55
VixySo type in something like "ubuntu geforce 9600 [solved]"?01:55
RadAnybody able to help me with the SSL certificates?01:55
justin__i run three computers xbox 3 majicjacks of an unsecured connection aint had no problems01:56
Tyrathcould anyone help me getting qtstalker working on ubuntu?01:56
RadI'm running Ubuntu server with Apache2 and I can't get my GoDaddy SSL to work properly. Mod SSL is installed and working, and I'm specifically working with a virtual host. I get (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)01:56
ghostcubehi iam missing the libGl.so in /usr/lib i have the libgl1-mesa-dev package isntalled i have seen there is an nvidia-glx-180-dev package containing this lib too which one is needed01:56
Tyrathlike it works, it just doesn't download quotes from yahoo01:56
ahecklerVixy: yeah01:57
Tyrathi've been to the install manual, downloaded all the requirements, downloaded all the ubuntu requirements...01:57
Jams44How do I mount an iso?01:57
Tyrathstill no luck - it's not getting the quotes01:57
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.01:57
tonsofpcsok, break, what's up?01:57
kr00lJams44, you should go to add/remove and then select Gmout-isso01:58
ahecklerVixy: it looks like your card is support by this package: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/nvidia-glx-17301:58
jer3myWondering if any one can give me a hand with Atheros ar242x wifi card and 8.10, i have tried many guide to get it enabled and still no wifi.01:58
TyrathJams44: I use  mount -o loop -t iso9660 <filename>.iso dir/01:58
Arethiuswhere is the linux equivalent to the sounds and audio device properties?01:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about qttracker01:58
Vixyaheckler: Thank you very much01:59
* Tyrath wishes there was a support channel for qttracker01:59
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:59
Mal3kowhere does ubuntu store cronjob files?01:59
Mal3kowhere does ubuntu store cronjob files/settings*01:59
Bax_what's the terminal command to show my video card specs?01:59
VixyI do have one more question. In terms of installing Ubuntu. I'd like to at first isntall it on a secondary drive that I have (two sata drives, one 500GB and the other 750GB) Reason being is I'm a bit of a gamer still and would like to keep my windows installation for now. If at a later time I decided to get rid of windows all together, is there a way to have my comptuer boot directly to Linux even though it's on the secondary drive02:00
Vixy? Or would I have to reinstall it on the primary drive?02:00
comradekinguBax_: Sudo lshw -C video02:01
ahecklerVixy: yes there is a way through GRUB, the Linux bootloader, although it's probably a bit of a stretch to explain it now02:01
Vixyaheckler: I wouldn't want it even if you could. Hehe, Not right now anyways, seeing as how I would be exploring with ubuntu first. But it's good to know that there is a way to do that.02:01
wolterwhere are the official spca5xx drivers for ubuntu?02:02
usserVixy: just remove harddrive with windows when installing ubuntu, that way it will think its alone, and completely self contained, you can use bios boot menu to choose which hdd to boot02:02
Tyrathok bbl, hopefully someone may know then02:02
Cpudan80usser: thats not a good idea02:02
usserCpudan80: why not?02:02
* yow|laptop agrees with usser about the bios option02:03
Cpudan80usser: because then you rely on the bios to do the bootloading02:03
Cpudan80usser: Just replace the windows bootloader with grub02:03
Vixyusser: Won't my computer be confused by the fact that there would be no HD in the Sata1 slot?02:03
usserCpudan80: yea but he said he wanted to keep windows sort of separate02:03
Cpudan80so what02:03
usserVixy: not really with satas it doesnt matter02:03
Cpudan80The bootloader isnt part of windows02:03
yow|laptopdepends where he wants the bootloader, from what i heard, he doesnt want it on the mbr02:04
Cpudan80oh I missed that part02:04
Cpudan80Why not?02:04
Vixyusser: And then when I do re-put in the hard drive, how will the computer know which to go to? I know you said in the bios, but I've had hard times before booting to different operating systems when things go wrong.02:04
yow|laptophe wants to just pull the other drive at will02:04
yow|laptopthats the way i took it, i could be wrong02:04
Cpudan80thats not a very good idea02:05
VixyI think I'm confusing people ^^;02:05
usserVixy: they will be completely independent, one os wont know about the other, and bios bootloader is usually something like F12 when computer boots, at least on dells that is02:05
yow|laptopVixy - its just a not a very typical way to do things, thats all02:05
Cpudan80Vixy: what are you trying to achieve ?02:05
Cpudan80Vixy: and what is your HDD setup now02:06
aheckler@Cpudan80 - Vixy: I do have one more question. In terms of installing Ubuntu. I'd like to at first isntall it on a secondary drive that I have (two sata drives, one 500GB and the other 750GB) Reason being is I'm a bit of a gamer still and would like to keep my windows installation for now. If at a later time I decided to get rid of windows all together, is there a way to have my comptuer boot directly to Linux even though it's on the secondary drive02:06
VixyLet me explain. I have right now Vista Ultimate on my main hard drive (sata 500GB) I have a blank secondary hard drive (sata 750GB) that I would want to install Ubuntu on. At a later date, I might wish to get rid of windows all together, and I was just wondering if it was possible to have the computer automatically boot to that secondary hard drive automatically with windows gone.02:06
wolterwhere can i get a working gspca for intrepid ibex?02:06
Cpudan80aheckler: Yes - you just change the default boot option for grub02:07
Cpudan80!info gspca02:07
ubottuPackage gspca does not exist in intrepid02:07
ahecklerCpudan80: haha that was Vixy's original question, not mine :)02:07
FlannelVixy: Are you looking to overwrite your windows bootloader right now?or no? or you don't care?02:07
Cpudan80aheckler: heh ok02:07
macmanhmm.. the palm thing works .. i just can get pictures02:08
macmanit syncs everything else but that02:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about AR242x02:08
VixyFlannel: No no. As I said earlier, I'm a gamer. I'd still like to be able to use my windows installation, but I'm saying at a later date when I get rid of windows, to have the computer boot to linux on the secondary drive like it was on the primary.02:08
jer3my!Atheros AR242x02:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Atheros AR242x02:08
Cpudan80Vixy: you can do that with a standard installation02:08
ahecklerVixy: installing a new bootloader wont effect windows02:08
=== zeb is now known as zesss
Cpudan80Vixy: The bootloader allows you to choose which one to start up02:09
FlannelVixy: Yes, "overwriting the bootloader" doesn't mean can't boot to windows.  It would only affect it if you removed Ubuntu, you'd have to do a few steps to boot windows.02:09
usserCpudan80: but if u install grub on primary disk and later remove it wouldnt it break things?02:09
[TiZ]Hi. My ellipses... the triple periods that appear when text is too long... they're turning into accented capital Es. It happens in the window switcher and in Firefox's tabs. I can't really pinpoint when it happens, it's kind of random. Does anyone know anything about this?02:09
Cpudan80usser: oh I see02:09
usserCpudan80: remove the disk that is02:09
Cpudan80usser: well yes - but its not hard to reinstall grub02:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about udev02:09
djabbourare there any good resources for converting blu-ray movies to MKV files under linux? I found several tutorials and applications for Windows but can't seem to find any linux-specific resources?02:10
yow|laptopVixy - i think it comes down to how often you would be booting between the OS's02:10
VixyFlannel - Cpudan80: So pretty much when I install Ubuntu on my secondary drive it will create the "bootloader" which will give me the option of which to start up in. At a later date when I get rid of windows, I can just adjust the bootloader to automatically go to linux?02:10
Tyrathdoes this mean anything to anyone: QSettings: failed to open file '/etc/qt3/qt_plugins_3.3rc' ?02:10
zesssanyone know of a good http mail program for ubuntu02:10
Cpudan80Vixy: yes - you just reinstall it02:11
VixyReinstall the bootloader?02:11
Tyrathzesss: http mail program? gmail.com would be one02:11
zesssto check hotmail02:11
Cpudan80Vixy: yes - the bootloader has to go on the primary drive02:11
Tyrathzesss: hotmail.com ?02:11
Cpudan80Vixy: if you remove it - then you have to reinstall it02:11
Tyrathzesss: i'm not sure an HTML program is what you're looking for02:11
Tyrathzesss: programs are seldom written in HTML unless they're located on a server02:12
zessstryath im asking if there is a mail program like claw that will check my http mail also as well as my pop302:12
VixyCpudan80: So even though nothing else would be on that primary hard drive because I "uninstalled" windows, I would have to have the bootloader as the only thing on there to point the computer to my secondary hard drive?02:12
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.02:12
Tyrathzesss: oh. that's a different question. have you tried evolution or thunderbird?02:12
Tyrath!thunderbird | zesss02:13
ubottuzesss: Thunderbird is a free email client, capable of close cooperation with Firefox (both by the Mozilla Foundation). To make Thunderbird links open in Firefox, see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=6042702:13
Cpudan80Vixy: ehhhhh yes02:13
Tyrath!evolution | zesss02:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about evolution02:13
zesssill check it out02:13
Tyrathzesss: hope you like it02:13
Cpudan80Vixy: youd have to do this with windows too02:13
Vixycpudan80: sorry for the stupid questions. I just want to make sure I would be doing this right.02:13
FlyboarderInstallation help plz!02:13
Cpudan80Vixy: ex if linux was on the primary drive and you got rid of it02:13
ahecklerFlyboarder: just ask your question :)02:13
EliteslaveIs there any Anti-Virus software for Ubuntu?02:13
Cpudan80Vixy: The installer handles it all for you -- just make sure you dont overwrite Windows02:13
lespeadoes anybody know if ibex is going to use 2.6.29 or 2.6.28?02:13
ahecklerEliteslave: you dont need it :)02:14
Cpudan80Eliteslave: Yes there are -- but you really dont need them02:14
Tyraththe error message: QSettings: failed to open file '/etc/qt3/qt_plugins_3.3rc'02:14
Tyrath- any way to fix it?02:14
Flyboarderaheckler: I am trying to install ubuntu and every time i do it opens BusyBox?02:14
Cpudan80Eliteslave: Just dont run random things with sudo02:14
VixyCpudan80: Just one more question and I'll leave you be ^^. Which would be best for someone like me to use? The Ubuntu 8.10 release? Or the 8.04 release?02:14
ahecklerFlyboarder: that is odd...02:14
TyrathI've set permissions to execute read and write02:14
Tyrathboth group and universal permissions are switched off02:14
Tyrathstill no luck02:14
EliteslaveOk cool02:14
Flyboarderaheckler: it does the same with all the other buntu cd's i have02:15
ahecklerFlyboarder: which ones have you tried?02:15
Tyrathshould I enable group permissions?02:15
adam_is there a terminal command that cleans up unused packages/libs etc?02:15
jer3myAnyone here have or know anything about Atheros AR242x wifi cards? I have tried many guides to get it working on mine and i am having no luck.02:15
yow|laptopFlyboarder - did you check the cd before the install for integtrity?02:15
aheckleradam_: sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get autoremove02:15
Tyrathadam_: there may be something under aptitude02:15
Flyboarderaheckler: ubuntu,kubuntu,xubuntu, ubuntu studio,02:15
Tyrathadam_: actually scrap that and follow what aheckler said02:16
adam_badass, thanks. Ill go man those too02:16
Flyboarderyow|laptop: yeah i have02:16
ahecklerFlyboarder: and those were all regular CD's? have you tried the alternate CD?02:16
Flyboarderyep i tried that oo02:16
Eliteslaveso do I need to d/l any drivers for my motherboard?02:16
ahecklerEliteslave: you shouldnt need to, you've tested with the LiveCD right?02:17
Ryan_DelaneyEliteslave: intensely unlikely02:17
Tyrathi've looking for a fix where I don't have to change permissions if at all possible02:17
Tyrathbecause for every problem I seem to get with ubuntu I'm always changing permission ownership to this user02:17
Eliteslaveaheckler: I just installed it on a test laptop here at work02:17
Tyrathand i'm sure that's not the right way to do things02:17
Flyboarderaheckler: a text line came up saying rejecting drive02:17
ahecklerFlyboarder: that's weird, you might want to make a post in the Installation subforum about that, more people will see it02:18
Flyboarderaheckler: how can i format my drive for buntu?02:18
zesssnope does gamil only02:18
zessswould like it to check hotmail02:18
yow|laptopFlyboarder -did you try safe graphics mode as well?02:18
EliteslaveRyan - like under my Ethernet connection it says "ForcedEth0" what does that mean?02:18
Flyboarderyow|laptop: no ill try that02:19
enovativcan anyone help me with cfdisk ?   i was trying to create a bootable usb disk..but got the error : "Wrote partition table, but re-read table failed.  Reboot to update table"02:19
ahecklerFlyboarder: well if you choose to install, ubuntu will format it for you, usually as ext3 (a linux filesystem)02:19
Flannelzesss: You'll need to get a scraper that does pop to web.  http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=hotmail&searchon=all&suite=intrepid&section=all02:19
enovativi used the ( -z ) switch when i ran cfddisk at the command line02:19
SylphidFlyboarder, you may want to try running badblocks against your hard drive from a live disk as your drive may be failing02:19
adam_is there a website/reference that will explain the linux(ubuntu) file system? i.e. usr/lib/etc?02:19
Flannel!filesyste | adam_02:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about filesyste02:20
Flannel!filesystem | adam_02:20
Flyboarderaheckler: I have a live cd for windows but can i get a tool that will allow me to format the drive before i install02:20
ubottuadam_: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview02:20
FlyboarderSylphid: what?02:20
Jams44So I have my alternate disk in my drive and it appears on my desktop but when i click it, it just goes into folder mode or whatever. io was never given an option to upgrade from it. any ideas?02:20
adam_lol you guys are good at this02:20
Flanneladam_: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/index.html Also has more detail02:20
aheckleradam_:  we try ;-)02:20
FlyboarderSylphid: oI had some bad sectors in my drive that i repaired with windows02:20
jtajiadam_: http://www.pathname.com/fhs/02:20
ahecklerFlyboarder: so you want to erase your entire disk before installing ubuntu, is that what you're asking?02:21
adam_wish I had known about this place when I was attempting to setup VMware server 2,  but I switched to virtualbox02:21
adam_which was 10x easier02:21
Flyboarderaheckler: yeah i want it to be a buntu box02:21
SylphidFlyboarder, linux marks a drive as "failing" if there have been more than 3 bad blocks02:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dban02:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about DBAN02:21
FlyboarderSlyphid: ok so i should try another hdd02:22
enovativcan anyone help me with cfdisk ?02:22
SylphidFlyboarder, if your in a live system open a terminal and run badblocks /dev/xxx where xxx is your hard drive (mine is sda)02:22
ahecklerFlyboarder: try another HDD or maybe boot the livecd into "safe graphics mode" if you havent already02:22
yow|laptopenovativ - mark it as bootable and then quit the app, it is typically recommended to reboot after02:23
eseven73my swap is 4GiB is it safe to cut it to 2 gigs instead? If so how would i go about doing that Gparted?02:23
FlyboarderSlyphid: no working box aside from the vista one im one now02:23
m3lawrenanyone have any idea why I'd be getting "Unable to retrieve MSN Address Book." when I try to log into my MSN account on Pidgin?02:23
jer3myAnyone give me a hand with dealing with Atheros AR242x wifi. I have followed many guides and yet i still dont have wifi. =(02:23
Flyboarderaheckler: ill swap out the HDD and try it again02:23
enovativyow|laptop: i have tried to reboot , but i can not rebot with the usb stick to on my laptop....02:23
enovativyow|laptop: my laptop does not fully boot to ubuntu when i do that02:24
enovativyow|laptop: once i take the usb stick out...it boots fine02:24
maryellenHey Gang. Running 6.06.2 here and I don't find  keytouch  in the repositories. Am I missing something? or blind?  :-)02:24
ahecklereseven73: 2GB is plenty but if you just change the partition then ubuntu will not recognize it and then it wont use *any* swap02:24
n8tuser2jer3my -> what does sudo lshw -c network tell you about your wifi?02:24
jer3myNothing in there about wifi.02:24
maryellenThe reason for asking is that my son bought me a nice 'multi-media' kbd and I read in the forum that keytouch is the simpliest way to get it setup.02:24
n8tuser2jer3my -> what does sudo lshw -C network tell you about your wifi?02:25
=== NetEcho__ is now known as NetEcho
eseven73aheckler: hmmm I dont think i need it anyways, so its safe to delete ?02:25
Sylphideseven73, install gparted with synaptic then run swapoff -a ... open gparted and modify the swap partition to the size you want then run swapon -a02:25
yow|laptopenovativ - what are you trying to set up? maybe i missed the original question02:25
TheFunkbombsilly question.  What's the difference between Remote Desktop Viewer and Terminal Server Client?02:25
jer3myn8tuser2, http://pastebin.com/d6fdba75a02:25
ahecklereseven73: yeah you could just remove it, but you may have to edit your fstab afterward so ubuntu doesnt go looking for it02:26
=== dhoss-laptop_ is now known as dhoss
eseven73ok ty Sylphid and aheckler02:26
ahecklereseven73: what Sylphid said lol02:26
enovativyow|laptop: i want to make the usb stick bootable, and then copy windows setup files to the stick so that i can install windows onto a machine that doesn't have a cd rom02:26
eseven73lol ok02:26
n8tuser2jer3my -> what can you summarize from that result?02:26
Flyboarderaheckler: what do you recomend for multi boot managment?02:26
ahecklerFlyboarder: i thought you said you wanted only Ubuntu on your disk?02:27
jer3myn8tuser2, That its not enabled or drivers are missing, I have tried a guide that was talking about installing madwifi but it still doesnt work.02:27
enovativyow|laptop: i thought i could use linux to make the usb stick bootable......thru research i have found that i could use cfdisk to make the usb stick bootable.  In using cfdisk i was able to pick out the options that i wanted but once i "write" to the usb stick...i get that error i mentionaed earlier.02:27
Flyboarderaheckler: i do but i want all 3 so i can compare for when im building my LFS build02:27
=== five_ is now known as Guest26812
n8tuser2jer3my -> correct, so attempt to load the driver for it, the native or use ndiswrapper with windows drivers02:28
mib_md77k2maryellen: I only see Keytouch support feisty (7.x) on02:28
KomiaPoikainstalling kubuntu 8.10 on the sata disk of a pc that has an ide hard disk also with xp. how do i force grub to install on the ide disk? cause the pc doesn't see the sata disk at boot?02:28
yow|laptopenovativ - so if you open it using sudo and toggle the bootable option and then try to save and then quit, you get an error?02:28
ahecklerFlyboarder: going to that length is really unnecessary, there's enough pro/con discussion online to point you to the right one02:28
=== Sorcererb0b is now known as Sorcererbob
adam_i think you have to force Compatibility mode02:29
adam_in BIOS02:29
maryellenmib_md77k2, drats! what should I use here then? ;-(02:29
adam_disable AHCI?02:29
jer3myn8tuser2, When i goto System>Admin>Hardware Drivers, all it says that it IS enabled  but a different version of this driver is in use.02:29
ahecklerFlyboarder: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kdegnome02:29
n8tuser2jer3my -> not from what you posted, its not loaded02:29
mib_md77k2maryellen: i wish i knew -- sorry :( .   R U stuck on 6 or planning to upgrade would be my guess02:29
Flyboarderaheckler: what is that?02:30
ahecklerFlyboarder: a comparison of the 2 most popular versions of Ubuntu, Ubuntu (using GNOME desktop) and Kubuntu (using KDE)02:30
enovativyow|laptop: i left for a minute ...did i miss a response from you ?02:30
yow|laptopenovativ - so if you open it using sudo and toggle the bootable option and then try to save and then quit, you get an error?02:30
maryellenmib_md77k2, i'm a FIRM believer that if it isn't broke, don't fix it! :-) this has been running like a DREAM for years and years now. I don't want to chance it or go thru the blues.02:31
Flyboarderaheckler: ok so its booting with new HDD02:31
adm9393using a geforce4 460 go graphics card....after installing drivers with envyNG on Ubuntu 8.04, I reboot to find that my screen and graphics card cannot be detected at all and am stuck in low graphics mode...any ideas? I've searched through forums and have found no results except to uninstall the driver and use very generic drivers.02:31
ahecklerFlyboarder: so the LiveCD works on it now?02:31
Flyboarderaheckler: its still doing the loading screen02:32
enovativyow|laptop: yes, the error that i get is as follows : "Wrote partition table, but re-read table failed.  Reboot to update table"02:32
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=== dmay is now known as dmay[
ahecklerFlyboarder: ahh ok, but it's past the point where it failed before?02:32
=== dmay[ is now known as dmay
yow|laptopenovativ - are you making these changes using sudo?02:32
Flyboarderaheckler: no02:32
aheckleroh lol02:32
Flyboarderaheckler: not yet02:32
ahecklercross your fingers02:32
enovativyow|laptop: i su to root before i run cfdisk -z02:32
Flyboarderaheckler: what do you recommend as a base for my LFS?02:33
Flyboarderwhich distro?02:33
enovativyow|laptop: is there a difference between "su" to root and "sudo" to root ?02:33
ahecklerFlyboarder: what do you mean? which filesystem type would i suggest?02:33
yow|laptopyes enovativ but not for that example really02:33
aheckleror partition plan?02:33
justin__how do i put a picture on the bottem of my cube02:34
Flyboarderaheckler: well which distro would you suggest i use to start my LFS?02:34
Sylphidenovativ, sudo retains user environment variables while su does not02:34
mib_md77k2maryellen: I hear you.  I looked thru some release notes.  Looks like there *may* have been package inclusion notes on Dapper and Edgy to include keytouch & keytouch-editor, but doesnt look like they made it in.  Have you tried ALL repositories?02:34
yow|laptopmaryellen - i can see your point, but then you are cut off from advances in the OS. might be worth trying to live cd to test out the hw and such02:34
enovativSylphid: thank you very much02:34
ahecklerFlyboarder: I run Ubuntu with GNOME and it suits me just fine02:34
Sylphidenovativ, if you what to get to a root shell the best way is sudo -i02:34
BellinXFeloncan someone help me with my seagate freeagent drive, i used gparted to format it to ext3, and xubuntu recognizes it but i cant put anything on it02:34
Flyboarderaheckler: so now it keeps bringing up errors02:35
yow|laptopBellinXFelon - check the permissions on the drive folder02:35
n8tuser2BellinXFelon -> you made an ext3 filesystem on it?02:35
BellinXFeloni did that it says read/write02:35
ahecklerFlyboarder: what do they say?02:35
BellinXFelonwas i supposed to do differently?02:35
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:35
yow|laptopBellinXFelon - you cant create a directory even using sudo on it?02:35
Elive_user54just did the 'Make bootable USB stick' from a Live Ubuntu 8.10 CD...02:36
Joe_for some reason, randomly, firefox (on 8.10) keeps typing "backwards"... anyone have any ideas?02:36
FlyboarderBuffer I/O error on device sr1, logical block .........02:36
Elive_user54... how do I boot from it on an iMaac?02:36
BellinXFeloni havent tried02:36
BellinXFelonit reads it as "499G Volume"02:36
n8tuser2!who  | BellinXFelon02:36
ubottuBellinXFelon: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:36
SylphidJoe_, ive had that happen befor but im not sure what caused it but restarting firefox fixed it02:36
ahecklerFlyboarder: sheesh....i dunno man, i'd probably post in the forums02:36
Flyboarderaheckler: well this blows02:37
BellinXFelon!n8tuser2 i dont know how to get it to read/write02:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:37
n8tuser2BellinXFelon -> you made an ext3 filesystem on it?02:37
ahecklerFlyboarder: yeah sorry dude, i cant help you too much more02:37
BellinXFelonn8tuser2 yes i did with gparted02:38
Flyboarderaheckler: i will try installing windows 7 make sure the new drive works02:38
ahecklerFlyboarder: good idea02:38
n8tuser2BellinXFelon -> i dont believe gparted makes a filesystem, you have to issue a command to make a file system, man mk2efs something like that02:38
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=== DBO2 is now known as DBO_VM
n8tuser2BellinXFelon -> man mkfs.ext302:39
RainHey guys I need help with a deb packagae02:39
yow|laptopgparted will format can it not?02:39
ahecklerRain: just ask :)02:39
BellinXFelonn8tuser2 im not sure how to do that, i am new to this02:39
fliphey guys ---- i just installed 8.10 on a lenovo t60p; working outta the box absolutely great, except it connect to my wlan for a few minutes then just drops it02:39
flipanyone ever see this?02:39
techsupporthow can i uninstall perl without the other packages ?02:39
RainWell I downloaded the edb package to install wine for ubuntu 8.04 but it says "dependacy not satisfiable: binfmt-support" what does this mean?02:40
flipif i reconnect to the wlan it connects up np02:40
DiiPhantomtrying to install xchat on another pc, but its not showing on synaptic02:40
flipthen dies again in a few minutes02:40
FlannelRain: You likely grabbed the wrong version.  If you need an up-to-date wine version, check out the winehq repositories.02:40
ahecklerRain: you need the package called "binfmt-support"02:40
n8tuser2BellinXFelon -> man mkfs.ext302:41
RainLet me try..02:41
BellinXFelonin terminal?02:41
n8tuser2BellinXFelon -> yes, type in a terminal02:42
Flyboarderaheckler: so my windows live cd is booting, is the a tool for linux formating?02:42
[TiZ]Hi. The ellipse character that indicates that the title of a window is too big for gnome-panel's window switcher... it's turned into an uppercase accented E. Can anyone help me fix this?02:42
[TiZ]It'll go back to normal if I restart, but I'd like to know why in hades it's happening.02:42
ahecklerFlyboarder: not that i know of in Windows, there might be though, i'm not sure02:43
jinja-sheepWhat excellent package have the ability to create *.img ?02:43
Joe_I waited months to upgrade to Intrepid... in hopes small stupid bugs like this would have been fixed... wtf02:43
RainI'm confused -_-02:43
mib_7fb92amaryellen: i found these:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/dapper/+source/keytouch-editor   &&   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=694334    if you want to try adding it yourself02:44
jinja-sheepSmall bugs?  Fix them yourself. :)02:44
Cometcan anyone tell me the way to completely flush everything in ifconfig ?02:44
ahecklerComet: what do you mean flush?02:44
mib_7fb92amaryellen: and the sourceforge project page http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=11120102:44
Cometaheckler: just get rid of any inet entries and such02:44
Cometi tried a flushall but i get an invalid argument02:44
Flyboarderaheckler: ok so it looks like im gonna be building a whole new box (instead of fixing these old ones i have) anything i should stay away from if im building a buntu box?02:44
ahecklerFlyboarder: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/02:45
Flyboarderaheckler: great thanks02:45
n8tuser2Comet -> what do you meant by flush all? are you understanding what needs disabled?02:45
ahecklerComet: try looking under "man ifconfig" for what you need02:46
techqbertSound stopped working on my Asus EEE 1000h 40g (Ubuntu 8.10).  Would it be wise to uninstall pulse audio and see if sound works then?02:46
Jams44I am trying to run update manager on 7.04 and I get a error that repositories could not be found and lists 404 errors on a series of updates? how can i update from 7.04 to 7.10 if it can find the files on ubuntu's server?02:46
ahecklerJams44: try switching to a different server in System > Administration > Software Sources02:47
n8tuser2Jams44 -> may I suggest a fresh install instead of just an upgrade,  usually upgrade causes so much headaches02:47
Jams44aheckler: alright, thanks, ill tryi out02:47
Jams44n8user2: I may just have to02:47
earthmeLonI have a question about using "ifconfig hw"  Do I do "ifconfig hw wlan0" or do I have to use ether.  All of the examples I see use ether, but I'm not sure if that's supposed to be the controler name or what... "\02:47
ahecklerJams44: i agree with n8tuser2 though, fresh install usually are much cleaner02:48
=== five_ is now known as Guest87814
RainWhere can I get this binfmt support thing?02:48
earthmeLonOH!!! hw is the interface name02:48
DiiPhantomany ideas why xchat not coming up in synaptic?02:48
earthmeLonerr, it goes before hw*02:49
ahecklerRain: if you're using the latest WINE, install binfmt-support with "sudo apt-get install binfmt-support"02:49
Ryan_DelaneyDiiPhantom: all repos enabled?02:49
Flyboarderaheckler: any idea where i can sell some old pc parts?02:49
FlannelDiiPhantom: Have you reloaded your lists?02:49
BellinXFelonn8tuser2 i am in terminal and i typed that02:49
DiiPhantomi did click reload02:49
DiiPhantomrestarted twice02:49
Ryan_DelaneyFlyboarder: ebay?02:49
earthmeLon ifconfig wlan0 hw eth0  < That's correct, eh?02:49
n8tuser2earthmeLon -> nope02:49
DiiPhantomhad to install it with aptitude02:49
ahecklerFlyboarder: the Community Market forum -> http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=3802:50
earthmeLonWhaaaa n8tuser2.  errr eth0=ether02:50
n8tuser2BellinXFelon -> read up what it says about making a file system02:50
FlyboarderRyan_Delaney: thought of that but i wont make anything due to shipping and these parts are like 8+ years old02:50
imyousufI am can not connect to MSN/GTalk from pidgin because of "No SSL/TLS installed" any idea what packages I should install for it in hardy?02:50
Joe_anyone else use a Logitech MX5500 keyboard in 8.10, I had found a way to make the number pad work but I can't find it again...02:51
=== david_ is now known as DavidH_
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ssl02:52
techsupporthow can i downgrade my perl version ?02:52
bartekHi, I'm looking to create a DVD that would be playable on a DVD player. What programs would you recommend for this? Dont need fancy titles, just needs to be playable on a standard dvd player02:52
AbstortedMindswould gnome take advantage of a quad core 64 bit?02:53
AbstortedMindsmeaning the whole desktop experience02:53
AbstortedMindsie, is gnome multithreaded02:54
techsupportubuntu server 8.10 , from perl v.5.10 to perl v.5.802:54
taveI have Vista and ubuntu duel boot on my system and I want to make more space for ubuntu from the Vista partition what is a good tool to do this with an already installed system?02:54
techsupporthow can i downgrade ?02:54
ahecklertave: gparted02:54
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php02:54
tavecool thanks02:54
Flyboardertave: diskpart - opened from run02:55
tavek, will try that too, thanks guys02:55
ryanakcaI've shrunk my PV using pvresize. How can I shrink the PV's partition to match it's size?02:55
Flyboardertave: google diskpart you should find a good list of commands for that02:55
Rainthanks guys.02:56
bartekIf I put in a DVD into my drive, how can I check via the command line what type it is (DVD-R, DVD+R, etc .. )02:56
maryellenmib_7fb92a, Thank You Very Much, but I've just decided to compile it.02:56
imyousufI have libnss3 and libgnutls13 installed but pidgin (for gtalk & msn) still complains it can not find suitable ssl, any hints please? (Ubuntu 8.04, Pidgin 2.1.1)02:56
mib_7fb92amaryellen: that would be my path.  good luck.02:56
Starnestommyimyousuf: what about openssl's libssl?02:57
imyousufStarnestommy: ok, installing that as well02:57
maryellenmib_7fb92a, wherein lies my next issue. :-(  configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH   Is this gcc that I need to install?02:57
imyousufStarnestommy: I have libssl0.9.8 installed as well :(02:58
maryellenmib_7fb92a, i'm seeing QUITE the list of gcc's available. Is there a 'certian one' I should go for?02:58
imyousufI have libssl0.9.8, libnss3 and libgnutls13 installed but pidgin (for gtalk & msn) still complains it can not find suitable ssl, any hints please? (Ubuntu 8.04, Pidgin 2.1.1) (modified rerun)02:59
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy02:59
mib_7fb92amaryellen: itll depend on which lib headers that particular package needs to pull in02:59
maryellenmib_7fb92a, would gcc-4.0 be alright?02:59
mib_7fb92amaryellen: should be .    problem will be finding the right one that mathces the age of that package and which was compatible with 6.0x03:00
LogomachistAnyone know where Jedit installs itself? I'm looking in a bunch of folders and Linux seems to put programs all over the place. Why are there so many directories?03:00
ryanakcaI've shrunk my PV using pvresize. How can I shrink the PV's partition to match it's size?03:01
enovativnow that i have used cfdisk, i think the "write" took place of what i want the usb stick to be and that is bootable...but now i can not mount the usb stick for some reason.  i have tried the following at a commnad line : mount -t vfat -o uid=username,gid=user /dev/sdb /media/disk03:02
enovativi get the error : "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some case useful info is found in syslog - try dmegs | tail or so03:03
gopphow do I make ubuntu look like windows 200003:06
Flyboardergop: you theme it lmao03:06
Eliteslaveis there a way to get Ubuntu to play my dvd's or Bluerays?03:07
goppno i mean I understand theme it03:07
goppfly but which theme03:07
goppand were do I find it03:07
goppI only seen xp theme03:07
peepawwhat zip works with xubuntu?03:07
n8tuser2jar too03:07
goppapt-cache search zip peepaw03:07
goppsudo apt-cache search zip03:08
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Y-TownEliteslave: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=766683&highlight=howto+multimedia03:09
gizmohow im going to be root in my terminaL?03:11
Y-Towngizmo: sudo03:11
eseven73 !root03:11
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:11
gbear14275I seem to be having problems getting my pidgin to connect to MSN  I get the Unable to retrieve MSN Address Book error03:11
Joe_8.10 using old drivers (nvidia-96) glx doesn't seem to load... any ideas?03:11
mosnoin evolution, how can i add a securty exception for an invalid https certificate (Outlook Web Access)?03:12
operahello.what mean this word :                                                                              Coming03:12
operafrom a Microsoft world, where you might just be used to having one hard drive, it can03:12
operaseem a bit strange to use an operating system that makes partitioning important.03:12
exodus_ms!enter > opera03:12
ubottuopera, please see my private message03:12
Ryan_Delaney!enter > Ryan_Delaney03:13
ubottuRyan_Delaney, please see my private message03:13
computer13137I'm following a how-to posted online about limiting local network traffic by IP address.  I'm trying to setup qdisks with TC.  I'm getting an error with the simplest command, there must be something wrong with the syntax from the tutorial I'm guessing.03:13
computer13137The error is:03:13
computer13137Object "qdisk" is unknown, try "tc help".03:13
Y-Townkinda quiet tonight03:13
computer13137The command I tried to run:03:13
computer13137tc qdisc add dev eth1 root handle 1: cbq avpkt 1000 bandwidth 10mbit03:14
=== dhoss-laptop_ is now known as dhoss
quinn2005i need some tech help03:18
quinn2005i have a problem using my DVD-ROM drive in ubuntu 8.04 to read NTFS burnt dvd-rs that contain multiple mp3 and avi files03:18
quinn2005can anyone help? i heard something about ntfs-3g03:19
pyropheliaway back when I use to use fxp clients to update ftp server mirrors manually.  Is there anything like fxp for sftp?03:19
gbear14275I'm having problems getting my MSN to connect correctly... anyone had any problems recently?  Says "Unable to retrieve MSN Address Book"03:19
quinn2005gbear14275, pidgin is having server problem. it'll be back up soon03:19
e75does audio not work under hdmi in ubuntu?03:19
quinn2005i checked their official IRC chat channel03:19
gbear14275thanks quinn200503:20
Bmapis there a minimal ubuntu install without a gui?03:20
quinn2005your welcome gbear1427503:20
quinn2005bmap, check out wikipedia.03:20
quinn2005search ubuntu03:20
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:20
quinn2005lists all verersions03:20
Bmapi did03:20
Bmapi found the minimal cd03:21
Bmapwasnt sure if it just is a small cd03:21
Bmapor a small os03:21
ZuckusFIllis anyone else having trouble connecting to MSN with Pidgin right now?03:21
ZuckusFIllsays it's unable to rerieve MSN address book03:21
luis_is good03:21
jacekowskihttp://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VcydqSpYN00&feature=channel - WOW03:21
e75does ubuntu handle audio through hdmi?03:21
luis_maybe you got some misstyping03:21
jacekowskii started melting my brain with /b/ on 4chan and i can feel it working03:22
eseven73!ot | jacekowski03:22
ubottujacekowski: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:22
DavidH_what could be that i cant see xchat or ndiswrapper from synaptic in one laptop, but i can from another one?03:22
pyropheliajacekowski, I can only watch about 15 seconds before my brain starts to bleed.  does something happen?03:22
e75ummm hellllo?03:23
e75hdmi + ubuntu. does it work?03:23
tritiume75: yes03:23
e75as far as audio is concerned03:23
bikerhow do i set up the link between /home/USER and /var/www/ to set up www.boscoslife.com03:23
Y-Townjacekowski: We can go downtown to see the crackheads03:23
jacekowskipyrophelia: nothing really, except you can't stop watching her03:23
Bmapis there an option to remove the desktop enviroment from ubuntu install03:23
e75well i know the video works03:23
tritiume75: for audio, newer nvidia, ati and intel are supported03:23
pyropheliayea I can...03:23
e75buuut audio yeah.03:23
eseven73!repos | DavidH_03:23
ubottuDavidH_: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:23
b|urry /join #slackware03:24
e75well i guess just not outta the box?03:24
alinaloveshello! anyone know anything 'bout nvidia geforce4 go drivers? a relative tried here earlier, but we could def use help! nvidia geforce4 460go doesnt detect correctly on ubuntu 8.04LTS after installing with envyNG. any ideas?03:24
Lemmingsi need some help,I can't login to my ubuntu desktop cus I changed the refresh setting,and all I see now is white screen,how to I change that from commandline,pardon my noobness03:24
tritiume75: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux_hdmi&num=103:24
ZuckusFIll is anyone else having trouble connecting to MSN with Pidgin right now? says it's unable to rerieve MSN address book03:25
eseven73ZuckusFIll: a few people are reporting that too03:25
Y-TownZuckusFIll: <quinn2005> gbear14275, pidgin is having server problem. it'll be back up soon03:25
PhrozenDeadHow do you install KDE on ubuntu?03:26
tritiume75: that was as of one month ago.  The situation is about the same now.03:26
ZuckusFIllok cool man, thanks alot03:26
bikerhow do i set up the link between /home/USER and /var/www/ to set up www.boscoslife.com03:26
tritiumPhrozenDead: if you want KDE in addition to your existing gnome install, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop03:26
Joe_is there a work around (besides autostart) for the 8.10 gnome session restore bug?03:27
PhrozenDeadthank you03:27
tritiumJoe_: bug #?03:27
Joe_tritium there's quite a few of them, but it's quite simple... gnome's session restore doesn't restore03:27
bikerhow do i link /home/USER and /var/www/ to get www.boscoslife.com working in my own user accuount03:28
tritiumJoe_: nothing on launchpad?03:28
=== osxdude__ is now known as osxdude|l
alinalovessorry for being so persistent but we are a little desperate at this point...anyone know anything 'bout nvidia geforce4 go drivers? nvidia geforce4 460go doesnt detect correctly on ubuntu 8.04LTS after installing with envyNG. We've tried a lot of searching but no success...03:28
Joe_tritium as I said, quite a few of them, here's one 249373 I haven't finished reading the comments to see if someone put in a work around, figured it would be faster to ask here03:29
tritiumalinaloves: we don't advise using envy03:29
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk03:29
ZuckusFIllPhrozenDead check PIM03:29
tritiumJoe_: don't know, as I've not encountered that bug03:29
Jack_Sparrowalinaloves, Notice Unsupported and use at your own risk03:29
Y-TownPhrozenDead: You can also run kde apps on ubuntu without having to do a full kubuntu/kde install03:29
Joe_tritium are you using 8.10 with gnome 2.24?03:30
DasEialinaloves: which g-card ?03:30
tritiumJoe_: yes03:30
kosharialinaloves i would suspect the standard nvidia drivers should work, i have a couple of gf4s and gf2 working frine03:30
Joe_tritium go save your session and restart the computer, you'll encouter it ;)03:30
tritiumJoe_: perhaps another time03:30
alinalovesgeforce4 460go.....i apologize, i had no idea that this was not supported.03:31
tritiumalinaloves: it's always best to use the standard ubuntu packages03:31
Jack_Sparrowalinaloves, np, we do try to help03:31
exacubehow do i automount my other partitions when ubuntu starts03:31
DasEialinaloves: did you look at nvidia hp for a linux driver ?03:31
Joe_tritium it's quite irritating, expecially combined with the xinerama bug where all mouse buttons stop working... but I at least found a way around that one03:31
Jack_Sparrowexacube, create mount point and add entry to fstab03:31
DasEiexacube: put 'em in fstab03:31
alinalovesnvidia hp...?03:31
TheFunkbombso, now I'm looking to do cooler stuff with ubuntu but I'm not sure what03:31
alinalovesim sorry i dont quite understand03:32
DasEialinaloves: did you look at nvidia homepage for a linux driver ?03:32
lex0for sound nob on my keyboard, its master volume that moves even though the other slider is set to control pcm. how do i change it to one that does affect my volume?03:32
tritiumalinaloves, DasEi: no, don't use nvidia downloads either.  Please use ubuntu packages.03:32
eseven73Joe_: Window Maker has a nice session storage, if you're not apposed to using alternative Window managers :)   it works with Gnome and KDE too. so you wouldnt be loosing anything.03:32
alinalovesand where could i find those packages?03:32
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:32
DasEitritium:it's 8.04, drivers there did well for me..03:32
exacubehow would i go about adding it to fstab?03:33
tritiumDasEi: it's always best to use ubuntu packages that will be under package-management of dpkg/apt03:33
DasEiexacube: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab03:33
Joe_seven73 thanks... I might try that if I don't find something else, actually thinking of using kubuntu on my next computer (not a big fan of testing things on this one as it's my main work computer)03:33
lex0for sound nob on my keyboard, its master volume that moves even though the other slider is set to control pcm. how do i change it to one that does affect my volume?03:33
alinalovesubottu: thank you03:33
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:33
Jack_Sparrowtritium, goodnight see you tomorrow03:33
tritiumSee you, Jack_Sparrow.03:34
eseven73Joe_: that's what VirtualBox is for! Testing!!!! hehe ;)03:34
exacube# <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>03:34
exacubeso that's..03:34
Joe_seven73 prefer VMware myself03:34
exacube/dev/sda5 /media/WinXP ntfs rw 0 003:35
eseven73Vmware with that horrid web interface?! O.o.......hmmm to each their own i guess ;)03:35
DasEiexacube : which parti you want to automount ?03:35
n9xphI have a boot problem with gutsy. seems to not be able to find /dev/hda503:35
exacubeDasEi, /dev/sda503:35
Joe_eseven73 more of a, I used this one first so I'm used to it any other things "feel" strange03:35
DasEiexacube: /dev/sda5 /media/WinXP ntfs user,auto,rw   0 003:36
eseven73Joe_: yeah i know how that is, qemu feels weird to me although i hear good things about it.03:36
exacubewhat's user,auto,rw mean?03:36
Joe_anyone know if there's a way to make xbindkeys change a keys function based off the active application?  I use imwheel for my MX Revo, but for some reason imwheel doesn't recognize 3 buttons (side thumb wheel) but xbindkeys does03:36
DasEiexacube: user makes it accesible without sudo, auto is automount, rw is read-write03:37
hckyplayer024Hi, so im trying to connect to my wireless network. The security is WPA2 and at first It could not see my network at all. I then installed wpasupplicant and I could then see my network but when I enter in my password it just tries to connect and then displays the enter password screen again. Im positive im putting my password in right and when i click show password its a bunch of letters and nubers03:37
ZuckusFIllJoe_: but vmware is SOO proprietary03:37
DasEiexacube:also did you create /media/WinXP ?03:37
Joe_eseven73 well... I did find a "workaround" for this session restore bug... but it's more like making scripts to reproduce the functionality... not exactly how I would want to do it, but being able to script anything is why we all use Linux...03:37
exacubeDasEi: yup :)03:38
exacubethanks so much!03:38
andresmhembedded Flash on Firefox shows as a gray rectangle after a few hours of browsing on a couple of Flash websites. Restarting Frirefox helps but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent it or debug it.03:38
mib_7fb92aZuckusFIll: try the Sun xVM player.  I tried it yesterday and put 8.04 in a VM on an xp box.  flawless....03:38
=== five_ is now known as Guest94563
DiiPhantomwhy arent some packages, like XCHAT and ndiswrapper no showing up in synaptic03:38
DasEiexacube: so save fstab, then mount -a  and take a look in /media....03:38
earthmeLonUhm, wth....My computer just started randomly typing backwards in all FF input fields, including the google search03:38
DasEiexacube: so save fstab, then sudo mount -a  and take a look in /media....03:38
exacubeDasEi: it wokrs :D03:38
High_Speedwhere can i find the list of localized ubuntu channels (like for specific regions or states in the US)?03:38
ZuckusFIllyeah, I know, I love virtuakl box03:38
earthmeLonAs in, instead of the cursor moving to the right, it moves to the left.  Any suggestions guys?03:38
andresmhanother interesting thing is that when Flash goes gray on Firefox and I open Mozilla Prism it still works on Prism. So it must be an issue with Firefox.03:39
exacubeDasEi: so i can expect it to auto-mount the partitions when i boot next time?03:39
Guest94563can anyone help me with wine?03:39
DasEiexacube: nice and yes03:39
exacubeDasEi, again, thanks a lot!03:39
vigoandresmh: I use that plugin thing,,,from Mozilla03:39
eseven73Joe_: glad you got it "working" :)03:39
andresmhwhat plugin thing vigo?03:39
DasEiGuest94563: more specific ?03:39
Joe_anyone know how to reprogram the clear calc button on an MX5500 keyboard back into the numlock key?  it seems to act like backspace which is irritating as my attempts to fix it also made the real backspace key become numlock03:40
Guest94563im trying to play on a private ragnarok server with wine but wine does not know how to connect, i think it has something to do with iptables but idk how to redirect to the server address03:40
vigoandresmh: No Script,,one sec,,let me look at it03:40
ryanakcaI've shrunk my PV using pvresize. How can I shrink the PV's partition to match it's size?03:40
andresmhvigo, ah yes, but how does that help?03:40
andresmhI do want Flash to appear03:40
vigoandresmh: Flash Block03:40
eseven73Guest94563: you could try firestarter.03:41
Joe_eseven73 this has probably been my hardest upgrade yet, but a lot of it was because I wanted to get my new mouse/keyboard fully working... and Logitech sucks in that they don't have Linux drivers03:41
mib_7fb92aHigh_Speed: list of loco teams on Community pages (i.e. #ubuntu-california)03:41
CarlFKare there other voices for espeak?03:41
ZuckusFIlllex0: check PIM03:41
vigoandresmh: It gives an option to flash,,,is rather handy03:41
eseven73Joe_: odd, my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse work great in Linux03:41
andresmhvigo: Flash block will help me if I wanted to block Flash, but my problem is that Flash stops working after a few hours of browsing and I do want Flash to continue working.03:42
Guest94563eseven73 downloading and installing03:42
dragon1can someone guide me to troubleshoot audio.....? I am using ubuntu 8.10 and not able to hear any sound or play video in movie player..03:42
Joe_eseven73 MX5500 Revolution, no open drivers for the keyboard (got it mostly working, only 5 extra buttons not working so far and half of the LCD features)  Got the mouse all working (required upgrade to intrepid, hardy just didn't like it)03:42
vigoandresmh: this plugin allows or does not allow, is based on what you decide when flash is wanting to run,,the h2g2 was not working, I installed that, it works fine now.03:43
DasEi!sound | dragon103:43
ubottudragon1: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:43
Joe_eseven73 had a nice bonus of now my wife will NEVER touch my computer... 5 monitors and a mouse with 15 buttons just confuses the hell out of her :P03:43
andresmhwhat is h2g2?03:43
DasEi dragon1: alsamixer installed ?03:43
eseven73Joe_: haha03:43
vigoHitchikers Guide to the Galaxy03:43
andresmhah :)03:44
andresmhi'll try it out!03:44
andresmhdo you have by default that it blocks out all the Flash content?03:44
joborociroboroquhow can i play need for speed, medal of honor and so on on ubuntu?03:44
vigoandresmh: Is still online in the Comm64/Amiga mode03:44
dragon1DasEi: yes when i try to play it gives error as "Could not get/set settings from/on resource."03:44
vigoandresmh: Yes03:44
andresmhinteresting vigo, I'd like it so by default it plays all Flash. do you think that would help?03:45
DasEi dragon1: this is what alsamixer gives out ?03:45
Joe_oh... here's another small thing I can't figure out, in Hardy (and the live CD for intrepid, but that's just 1 monitor) the desktop switcher (on my tool bar) uses small squares for the desktops... but when I upgraded they became these massive rectagles (twice the size of hardy)... how do I resize them, I like having 4 workspaces but that just takes up way too much room on my toolbar03:45
noodlesgcNice. Ubuntu in the NyTimes: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/11/business/11ubuntu.html?_r=1&emc=eta103:45
vigoandresmh: when I visit like youtoob or BBC1,2, I activate or allow it to run03:45
omny_devijoborociroboroqu: wine or cedega03:45
kosharijoborociroboroqu wine? to be honest windows is prolly a better platform for proprietry gaming03:45
=== u is now known as Guest6796
modjorhi all03:46
andresmhvigo, did you see on their page Flash Block is having an issue with Firefox from Ubuntu?03:46
vigoandresmh: Yes, it is completely customizable by the user.03:46
vigoandresmh: I use SeaMonkey and the UbuFox03:47
dragon1DasEi: how do i go about...?03:47
joborociroboroquomny_devi, but dont i need any config or file to play?03:47
DasEi dragon1: using ibex ?03:47
dragon1DasEi: no i dont know about that..03:48
modjorI have a plain text file of the format <number> <tab> <path-of-file>. I want to grep the <path-of-file> part only which is made of only strings. Any oneliner code that would do that ?03:48
DasEi!version | dragon103:49
BarryManilowI am a version 1.1.0 PyBorg03:49
ubottudragon1: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »03:49
dragon1ubuntu 8.1003:50
tritiumBarryManilow: test03:51
jinja-sheepAny good voice-to-text app?03:51
dragon1 DasEi: i am unable to open even preferences on volume control...03:51
e75alright, so where would you manually edit which driver ubuntu uses? (considering its not in xorg.conf anymore)03:51
DasEidragon1: open a terminal03:52
dragon1ok opened03:52
miranda_psie75: what driver are you talking about?03:53
jillian876hi. does anyone know how to list all drives in terminal in ubuntu 8.0403:53
jillian876trying to id my dvd rom drive03:53
tritiume75: the driver *is* specified in /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:54
MakuseruHi, I seem to be having a problem with a program. It's too long horizontally to fit on my screen, but when i grab the edge to resize it it only lets me make it even longer, i can't  make it any shorter. Anyone know what would cause this, and how i could fix it?03:54
e75hmm, well in my xorg.conf its not hardly specifying anything.03:54
Joe_grumble, why does nvidia-glx-96 not work?03:54
earthmeLonOkay guys, I am getting really upset.  All of my input fields in FF are typing backwards.  I can't use CTRL+A to select everything and moving the cursor with the arrow keys fails.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  I've restarted FF.  It remedied the problem, but only for a few minutes.  Help will be GREATLY appreciated03:55
miranda_psie75: the new ubuntu doesn't put much in there as it uses other methods, but you can put the usual xorg.conf stuff in there and it will work03:55
tritiumJoe_: is that the proper driver for your card?  There are much newer versions.03:55
* tanis143 comes in and flops on a couch03:55
jillian876gotta get my dvd-rom id'd. anyone know to list id's in terminal?03:55
Joe_tritium it is, one of my two cards is pretty old (Quadro NVS 280 PCI)03:56
jillian876so then i can mount it using ntfs-g303:56
jeeves_Mossis anyone else having problems with signing into MSN with pidgion?03:56
jillian876it's still resolving itself, jeeves03:56
jillian876i checked pidgins IRC03:56
jeeves_Mossjillian876, I can get it to sign into my g-mail account03:56
jillian876i can get AIM.03:57
jillian876some stupid MSN certificate problem is occuring03:57
jillian876pissing me off actually....03:57
ultratekcan anyone help me with this:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103692603:57
jillian876just like how i can't list all my drives in terminal03:57
Joe_tritium I had a similiar problem with 8.04 which I fixed by installing the drivers manually... but they all fail to build now03:57
jillian876and find out my dvd rom03:57
jeeves_Mossjillian876, so it's not just me?03:57
jillian876no it's everyone!!03:57
tanis143OK, quick xchat question: Is there a way to move join and part notices to the server tab?03:58
jeeves_Mossjillian876, ok, thanks03:58
jillian876it'll be awhile yet.03:58
* tanis143 gets annoyed by those to no end03:58
TheFunkbombWeird question... I have a gift certificate to Borders books.  Any good Ubuntu books for a beginner?03:58
jillian876anyone here know how to list CD-ROMs and DVDROMS IN TERMINAL???03:58
_Cidjillian876:  use 'ls' :-)03:58
jeeves_Mossjillian876, check the /media directory03:58
tanis143Funk, ubuntu for dummies? :)03:58
miranda_psijillian876: look in the file /etc/fstab and your dvd drive should be listed in there03:59
TheFunkbombtanis143, I never do well with the for dummies books lol03:59
TheFunkbombhow sad is that?03:59
tanis143Yeah, me neither, I think they are above my level most of the time03:59
e75gaah. well the nvidia driver from what ive read shouldnt have any issue with audio and hdmi :(03:59
jillian876miranda_psi how to do you access /etc/fstab file?03:59
e75jillian876: any text editor03:59
tritiume75: so why the sad face?  That's good news.03:59
_Cidjillian876:  its a text file, you can cat, vi, less whatever it - it lists all your drives and partitions03:59
Joe_tritum I get this error in Xorg.0.log: (EE) Failed to load /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions//libglx.so04:00
miranda_psijillian876: just open it in any text editor04:00
DasE1dragon1 :trml open ?04:00
tanis143I did get a beginning ubuntu server admin book thats easy to understand04:00
TheFunkbombI will look around and see what they have to offer04:00
e75tritium: because that means it is something else lol and yeah, i just want this done with.04:00
tanis143Not that I have read it yet, figured I should master the basics before I work on server stuff04:00
dragon1DasE1: yes04:00
TheFunkbombI'm not exactly sure what I want to do with Ubuntu yet.  Seems kind of a waste just to use it the same way I'd use XP04:00
jillian876miranda_psi - what is the terminal command to open /etc/fstab in text editor04:01
tanis143Actually, thats why I switched04:01
e75ill just pass out my user name and password and first one to ssh in and fix it will get a dolllar04:01
DasE1dragon1 :sudo apt-get install alsamixer-gui04:01
tanis143I used to do a lot of gaming, thats why I never made the full switch04:01
miranda_psijillian976: vim /etc/fstab04:01
tanis143But I've gotten bored with games so I decided to do ubuntu for a month with no windows on my pc04:01
TheFunkbombthe only thing I need XP for is for Yahoo literati.  I can't get it to run reliably in Ubuntu04:01
tanis143I will say I like the boost I've gotten from running a 64bit o/s as opposed to my 32bit xp pro04:02
TheFunkbombstupid Java04:02
dragon1 DasE1: Sorry i have network problemhere .i come back to you later..04:02
=== tanis143 is now known as Tanis143
TheFunkbombit's like scrabble.  I play with my ex-girlfriend/fiancee04:02
Tanis143Ah ok04:02
Tanis143Wait wait wait04:02
Tanis143ex-girlfriend/fiancee, so is she your ex-fiancee as well?04:03
Tanis143Ah ok04:03
tritiumPlease stay on topic, guys.04:03
* Tanis143 ducks his head in shame04:03
TheFunkbombAnyway, sometimes it will load but soon after, it makes FF do a force quit04:03
TheFunkbombso, I have to switch over to XP just to play her04:03
TheFunkbombreally annoying04:04
Tanis143Which ubuntu you running, 8.1?04:04
TheFunkbombyep, Intrepid04:04
McFrostyOn the Ubuntu Forums how do i list my hardware thats underneath my post?04:04
Tanis143McFrosty, edit your sig04:04
McFrostyI put what my Hardware is in my Sig04:05
TheFunkbombI even tried installing openJDK with no love04:05
Tanis143Thats what most people do, put their hardware in their sig line04:05
mib_fdczn6gnQuick question about reconfiguring xorg......I had to install ubuntu 8.10 with the standard 'vesa' driver.  My video card is actually a "Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)" (945gm chipset in the computer).... What do I put in my "Device" section?04:05
mib_7fb92aTheFunkbomb: u try icedtea?04:05
miranda_psiTheFunkbomb: have you tried using the official java from sun?04:05
TheFunkbombmib_7fb92a, yes, I tried icedtea as well.  No joy there either04:06
TheFunkbombmiranda_psi, yes, that's what I have installed now, I believe.  Java604:06
TheFunkbombI even did a command line to get the latest04:06
miranda_psiTheFunkbomb: you using 64bit?04:06
TheFunkbombmiranda_psi, 32bit04:06
Tanis143Ah, I'm using 64bit and have had no problems with java for flash on mine04:07
Tanis143java or flash that is...04:07
miranda_psiTheFunkbomb: then you shouldn't have any problems - I'm using 64bit and a prerelease of the next java update that has a 64bit plugin and I don't have any problems with java online04:07
mib_7fb92aTheFunkbomb: i hate java.  its even worse in fedora & suse.  but -- icedteam usually works for me04:07
TheFunkbombI think maybe I mucked something up with my install.04:08
TheFunkbombmy ubuntu install.04:08
mib_7fb92aTheFunkbomb: u load jre too???04:08
TheFunkbombmib_7fb92a, let me check04:08
TheFunkbombmib_7fb92a, I have Sun Java 6 run time and Sun Java 6.0 Plugin04:09
mib_fdczn6gnNo takers on my xorg question?04:09
EADGHow can I input a text file into the rm command to automatically delete a list of dupe files? "rm < /home/dupelist.txt" gives the error "rm: missing operand"04:09
mib_7fb92aTheFunkbomb: that *should* work04:09
TheFunkbombLast night I was talking to a dude who had issues too.  We tried to resolve it together but we are both new to this04:10
TeamColtra[TFDI was following some instructions on how to mount an FTP file Using curlftpfd and I came to the following code:04:10
TeamColtra[TFDsudo echo "curlftpfs#ftpusername:ftppassword@ftp.site.address /path/to/mountpoint fuse allow_other,uid=userid,gid=groupid 0 0" >> /etc/fstab04:10
clopHalo... I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy 8.10.. I want to install postgresql-8.2 but I can't get the package from apt. I just can see postgresql-8.3. How I can get package postgresql-8.2 as I get it in Ubuntu 7.1004:11
TheFunkbombI'm sure it's a user error.  When I reinstall Ubuntu, I'll just give XP enough room for some updates and Firefox.  Not half of my HDD like I have it now04:11
TeamColtra[TFDDoes that mean the FULL path, or the path of FTP (for instance the full path is like /fatcow/hosting/teamcoltra/www while FTP recognises it as /www04:11
jedexhi all. when i run ps from a terminal i dont see an x11 related processes. is this because those processes are not associated with the terminal that i invoked?04:11
mib_7fb92aTheFunkbomb: mine has Java 1.7 JRE with icedtea04:11
Starnestommyjoejc: try running ps aux04:11
Starnestommyjoejc: oops04:11
TheFunkbombmib_7fb92a, I'm going to look for other java based games and see what happens04:11
Starnestommyjedex: try ps aux04:11
joborociroboroquwhy when I try to enter in some channels im directed to ##you_are_kidding thing like that??04:11
miranda_psijedex: ps -A04:11
Starnestommyjoborociroboroqu: which channels?04:12
jedexthank you04:12
miranda_psijedex: ps just get the process involved with where you call it from, the -A tells it to list all processes04:12
Starnestommyjoborociroboroqu: #brasil?04:12
MakuseruHi, Ive got a program that wont let me shrink its size horizontally, only make it longer. Does anyone know why this would happen, or how i could fix it?04:12
=== elpargo_ is now known as elpargo
EADGTeamColtra[TFD: I believe the /path/to/mountpoint fuse is the path you where you want to mount locally, /media/FTP1 for ex.04:13
Starnestommyjoborociroboroqu: some channels are closed and forwarded to that channel or ##unavailable if they violate freenode's policies04:13
miranda_psiMakuseru: the only way to fix that would be to go get the code and edit it...04:13
TheFunkbombhmm, this java game worked04:14
joejchow big should my home folder be?04:14
TheFunkbomblet me see what literati requires04:14
Makuserumiranda_psi: The program use to let me make it any size i want, but now i can only increase its horzintal size, or shrink or inscrease its vertical size.04:14
mib_7fb92aTheFunkbomb: cool.  then its the game...   my test is always: go to NYTimes site and try loading the classic crossword puzzl04:14
=== five_ is now known as Guest67283
TheFunkbombmib_7fb92a, I will try that next04:14
TeamColtra[TFDEADG: Does it have to exsist first, or will it create it (do you think?)04:15
earthmeLonOkay guys, I am getting really upset.  All of my input fields in FF are typing backwards.  I can't use CTRL+A to select everything and moving the cursor with the arrow keys fails.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  I've restarted FF.  It remedied the problem, but only for a few minutes.  Help will be GREATLY appreciated04:15
EADGTeamColtra[TFD: Create the dir first... gimme a sec, need to look something up.04:15
miranda_psiMakuseru: is this a different version than what you used to use?04:16
dragon1DasE1:sorry when i type aplay -l it shows no sound card found . howdo i go furrther04:16
SoulwarpI have a novice question.04:16
Makuserumiranda_psi: No, one day when i opened it it just decided to only let me increase the horizintal size04:17
snowcombHave any of you ever come across a fixed-width font that had equal height and width?04:17
SoulwarpHow do i find my IP address if im on a network04:17
EADGTeamColtra[TFD: Yes, mkdir first. then do sudo modprobe fuse.04:17
miranda_psiMakuseru: what program is it?04:17
Makuserumiranda_psi: Ardour04:17
EADGSoulwarp: ifconfig04:17
miranda_psisoulwarp: ifconfig eth0 (assuming you are using ethernet) or you can use the networkmanager tool in the system tray04:18
TeamColtra[TFDEADG: Mkdir Media/FTP1 should work?04:18
click170earthmeLon: Did you try #firefox or #mozilla?04:18
EADGsnowcomb: Other than using caps none come to mind.04:18
Soulwarpmiranda_psi: it's only showing my network IP address04:19
earthmeLonNo click170 willdo04:19
click170earthmeLon: scratch #mozilla, not a room04:19
luis_hi guys good nite all i like to ask for help i have xubuntu 8.10 and i am trying to launch zsnes but it just wont happen can somebody help me to fix this pls?????04:19
MyNamedid u guys watch the golden globes?04:19
miranda_psisoulwarp: isn't that what you wanted?04:19
abzluis_: morning (here)04:20
quaalwhy does gnome panel disappear04:20
abzluis_: try to launch zsnes from terminal04:20
rookie1golden globes are boring04:20
dragon2can someone guide me to conf sound card04:20
=== mitch_ is now known as Guest45498
EADGTeamColtra[TFD: mkdir /media/FTP04:20
clop Halo... I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy 8.10.. I need to install postgresql-8.2 but I can't get the package from apt. I just can see postgresql-8.3. How I can get package postgresql-8.2 as I get it in Ubuntu 7.10 thanks04:20
=== Guest45498 is now known as melch
Soulwarpmiranda_psi: i don't think my IP address is the generic 192.168 address04:21
EADGHow can I input a text file into the rm command to automatically delete a list of dupe files? "rm < /home/dupelist.txt" gives the error "rm: missing operand"04:21
luis_i tried already but it wont launch i also created a zsnes launcher icon on my desktop but it just wont work04:21
Soulwarpmiranda_psi: lets say i wanted to VNC this PC from another location04:22
jdjenninHello, everyone. I'm on Ubuntu 8.04 with compiz running and emerald as the window decorator. When I try to use Maple, the JPanel that has the whole workspace in Maple won't appear. When I turn off compiz, it works perfectly fine. Can anyone help me with this?04:22
abzclop: 8.10 is intrepid not gutsy -_-04:22
miranda_psisoulwarp: how are you connected to the network?04:22
Soulwarpmiranda_psi: how can i get the IP address to help me connect to it over the internet04:22
Soulwarpmiranda_psi: router04:22
abzluis_: try open terminal, and type "zsnes" then the problem causes will appeared  .04:23
SoulwarpHannibalism: i think that's wifi04:23
Joe_intrepid, how do I fix: (EE) Failed to load /usr/lib/xorg/modules//libglx.so04:23
miranda_psisoulwarp: then the ip it gave you - the 192.168 is probably correct04:23
Joe_The problem is obvious, the // but I can't figure out WHY it does that04:23
Ryan_DelaneySoulwarp: To find ip addreses of devices on your network, I recommend zenmap. $ sudo apt-get install nmap zenmap04:23
luis_abz thats the weird thing theres no error see for your self look04:23
dragon2how can i troubleshoot my sound card...for aplay -l its shows no sound card found...04:24
SoulwarpRyan_Delaney: thanks i'll try that04:24
abzluis_: ow yeah?? try delete .zsnes in home directory to reset zsnes config04:24
luis_abz this si just a part of what comes up on terminal after typing zsnes:04:24
luis_ZSNES v1.51, (c) 1997-2007, ZSNES Team04:24
luis_Be sure to check http://www.zsnes.com/ for the latest version.04:24
luis_ZSNES is written by the ZSNES Team (See AUTHORS.TXT)04:24
luis_ZSNES comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  This is free software,04:24
luis_and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions;04:24
FloodBot1luis_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:24
miranda_psisoulwarp: if you wanted to use vnc to get to it from the internet you would have to configure your router to forward the vnc port to your computer and you would connect to the ip of your router as given by your isp (you can find the ipaddress in the router status area usually)04:24
MyNamedid u guys watch the golden globes?04:25
mib_7fb92aMyName: OT04:25
abzluis_: i c i c04:25
Soulwarpmiranda_psi: that makes sense04:25
mib_7fb92aMyName: offtopic.   do you have an ubuntu question?04:25
dragon2 how can i troubleshoot my sound card...for aplay -l its shows no sound card found...i am using ubuntu 8.10...04:26
FrederickFolks I need help.My PC does not allow a partition to be smaller. I tried to resize it both with in vista partitioner and kubuntu partitioner with no luck. Ive ran a defrag and scan disk, what else can I do?04:26
outofthemadnesshey does anyone in here know how to change the syntax highlighting for an entire filetype in gedit?04:26
abzluis_: how??04:26
Ryan_DelaneyFrederick: What kind of partition is it? filesystem?04:26
luis_abz whas i c i c ???04:27
FrederickRyan_Delaney: at the momment i have a big ntsf part04:27
FrederickRyan_Delaney: I want to add partiotions for linux and data04:27
abzluis_: have u del .znes dir in your home dir?04:27
luis_i am working on it04:27
Ryan_DelaneyFrederick: Some filesystems cannot be shrunk. I think NTFS can be but I'm not sure. also, double check that the partition isn't mounted anywhere04:27
luis_i am on file system and then where to???04:28
abzluis_: i've theproblem in zsnes . ..but in my case, i must reconfig .lock directory04:28
abzluis_: cd ~ in terminal04:28
dragon2when i try  aplay -l its shows no sound card found...i am using ubuntu 8.10...i am not able to play any sounds how do i go about?04:29
DasE1dragon2: does lspci find your s-card ?04:29
lex0hey to the guy i was just talking to plz message me i forgot your nick lol04:29
dragon2DasE1: no...04:29
DasE1dragon2:sure there is on on themn at all ? or broken ?04:30
quaalwhy does gnome panel disappear04:30
mib_7fb92aTheFunkbomb: logging off for the nite.  any luck with java?04:30
dragon2 DasE1: what do i do ..?04:31
DasE1dragon2:type lspci in terminal and look fo a soundcard04:31
dragon2DasE1:http://paste.ubuntu.com/103766/ check this link04:32
Joe_intrepid, how do I fix: (EE) Failed to load /usr/lib/xorg/modules//libglx.so04:33
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »04:33
jenpojcual es el canal de ubuntu español?04:34
eseven73 !es04:34
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:34
malikeyelooking for some info on mirroring... is the 'pool' directory a collection of all versions of ubuntu?04:34
malikeyeI just want intrepid mirrored locally, for now04:34
rwparris2hey guys I just installed ubuntu 8.04 and my screen is not centered, and sometimes flashes black, anyone know the solution to this?  it did not happen on the live CD04:35
dragon2DasE1:there is no entry on sound card but adio device...04:35
nsadminrwparris2: find out what driver it used on the live cd and what driver it's using now04:35
rwparris2the resolution is correct it is just shifted about 1.5 inches to the right04:35
dragon2DasE1:sorry there is no entry on sound card but audio device04:35
malikeyeif I go down into the different versions, I just see tarballs, so I have to assume pool is the repo itself04:36
rwparris2nsadmin: how do i know what driver is on the Live CD?04:36
ubottuEnlightenment (or "E") is a window manager for X, providing a useful, and good looking graphical shell in which to work. E17 is the current development version.04:36
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:36
nsadminnot what driver is on the cd, but what driver is actually used for the video (maybe lsmod will show that)04:36
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209804:36
mib_cabpo7bqwhat are keyboard shortcuts to change screen resolution; i made my inaccessible by mouse??04:37
nsadminalso compare kernel versions04:37
malikeyethanks abz04:37
abzmalikeye: why thx to me?? did i help u?04:37
lianimatorImage Viewer is very slow after the latest upgrade, it's really starting to bug me.04:37
nsadminstart collecting this information into a text file04:37
malikeyeabz: haha, yep :)04:37
DasE1dragon2:what a device ?04:37
abzmalikeye: wew, the odd things . .04:38
mib_cabpo7bqi should just boot in in safe mode eh?04:38
dragon2DasE1: how do i make sound card to be detected04:38
malikeyeabz: less than a minute after I asked the question :D04:38
quaalwhy has my gnome panel disappeared and how can i make it come back without rebooting?04:38
DasE1dragon2:what a device ?04:39
dragon2 DasE1: i didnt get you...?04:39
Hannibalismhay guise, is there a good tutorial for adding routing features to ubuntu 8.10?04:39
abzmalikeye: heuu, i dunno watu talking .04:39
DasE1dragon2:what tells you lspci about sound ? (or audio...)04:39
jskrollHello everyone.  I was wondering if you could help me figure out why I can't make an alarm play an mp3 in evolution mail? It won't play any sound in evolution, but all other sounds work. Ubuntu 8.1004:39
abzmalikeye: i c i c . . bout command to obuttu yap?? =))04:40
FrederickRyan_Delaney: NTFS can be shrunk Ivew done it before and for the mommet it is the only partition on the disk04:40
dragon2 DasE1: I had pasted the output in pastebin.http://paste.ubuntu.com/103766/04:40
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE04:40
sidneymy audigy sound card was installed but the drivers were not and ubuntu says  Module snd_ not found.04:40
Frederickabz: ?04:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext404:40
malikeyeabz: nope... I need the repo information04:41
exacubehey, is it possible to get a list of all the libraries installed04:41
exacubethat is, all the libs i can use for the -l argument for gcc04:41
nsadminexacube: ls /usr/lib /lib04:41
abzmalikeye: u want to mirroring yupz??04:41
FrederickOKI FOLKS IM OUT04:41
jskrollCan anyone help with evolution mail sounds?04:41
Frederickops caps sorry04:41
abzanyone have tried ext4 fs??04:41
malikeyeabz: yep04:41
malikeyewith rsycn though04:42
malikeyeerr, rsync04:42
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO04:42
dragon2DasE1: hey are you there........?04:42
DasE1dragon2:close alsamixer, in trml : sudo modprobe hda_intel, reopen alsamixer, card there ?04:43
abzmalikeye: i've found a tutor for deb mirroring . .04:43
jskrollI was wondering if you could help me figure out why I can't make an alarm play an mp3 in evolution mail? It won't play any sound in evolution, but all other sounds work. Ubuntu 8.1004:43
abzmalikeye: but in indonesian lang . .:p04:43
malikeyeabz: yeah, that won't help me ;)04:44
abzmalikeye: i can translate for you . .04:44
malikeyejust need to get familiar with the layout04:44
eseven73jskroll: you might have to install ubuntu-restricted-extras for mp3 stuff04:44
abzmalikeye: fir u've to : sudo apt-get install debmirror apache204:45
jskrolleseven73: I already have a restricted video driver04:45
malikeyeabz: yeah, I need to rsync... my mirror server isn't ubuntu04:45
eseven73jskroll: that has nothing to do with mp3 stuff04:46
quaalwhy has my gnome panel disappeared and how can i make it come back without rebooting?04:46
eseven73jskroll: do 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras' in a terminal04:46
jskrolleseven73: I was only making a point that I've already broke the code04:46
jskrolleseven73: kidding04:46
abzmalikeye: yeee . .. here is an ubuntu channel . . :p04:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rsync04:47
whufforWhat does ubuntu-restricted-extras contain?04:47
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:48
Joe_with xorg what is module type1?  I get errors that it cna't be found to load04:48
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Intrepid, and help keeping the servers' load low!04:48
jedexHas anyone here installed Abuse from the ubuntu packages site?04:48
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility04:48
earthmeLonI am having a problem with FF.  All input fields type backwords.  It seem my cursor isn't moving as I type.  i've tried pressing insert.  This effects FF!  Also, my arrow keys do not work and I can't perform CTRL+A or anything similar.  I'm in #firefox and nobody in there knows what to do.  ANy suggestions will be appreciated04:51
jskrolleseven73: that's taking a minute04:51
DasE1earthmeLon: you tried reinstallation  ?04:51
earthmeLonNo DasE1, I have not.  That seems like an easy way out.  I'd rather figure out what is going on to not have it happen again, but it looks like that's my only option :\04:52
DasE1earthmeLon: f.e. the arrow keys work in other apps ?04:52
Joe_ah... shit04:52
earthmeLonThis problem is restricted to FIREFOX04:53
dragon2Can someone guide me to enable sounds in ubuntu 8.10. my sound card is working well in windows but sound car not detected in ubuntu....04:53
jskrolleseven73: am I done when it shows this gray disclaimer thing? It says <ok> but it does nothing. Yes, I'm partially retarded.04:53
juiceypooim having the same problem04:53
DasE1earthmeLon:(save your bookmarks ???!), then           sudo apt-get remove --purge firefox04:54
eseven73jskroll: does tab move it to <OK>?04:54
rwparris2is there a keyboard shortcut for terminal?04:54
DasE1rwparris2: alt&F2 > gnome-terminal04:54
opera_DRAGON2,have you the software of media?04:54
jskrolleseven73: yep04:55
TeamColtra[TFDI am having problems I am running a script to update my fstab file... and I keep getting: bash: /etc/fstab: Permission denied04:55
earthmeLonDasE1  restarting firefox fixes the problem temporarily04:55
=== cakey is now known as cakey|lunch
eseven73!away > cakey|lunch04:55
ubottucakey|lunch, please see my private message04:55
juiceypooI just installed xubuntu,  can someone assist me in getting my wireless working? :-)04:55
dragon2 opera_:be clear please...04:55
EADGrwparris2: ctrl + alt + F1, or install Yaquake, gives a drop-down terminal with F12.04:55
IndyGunFreakjuiceypoo: what is your wireless device?04:55
eseven73jskroll: ok then you should just be able to press the ENTER key, if you havent already done that ;)04:55
TeamColtra[TFDI have updated permissions on /etc/fstab and still getting the error... I was going to do it manuly, however the fstab file scares me, and I would prefer to just use the prewriten code04:56
DasE1earthmeLon: which ubuntu do you use ? is it up to date ? if so, save your bookmarks.html and reinstall it04:56
juiceypoono clue just bought this laptop, brb ill find out04:56
Joe_umm... 8.10 was having problems getting glx to work, found the /usr/lib/libGL* symlinks were pointing to the old drivers so I removed them and recreated the links pointing to the correct version... now X won't display... help...04:56
IndyGunFreakjuiceypoo: just run lspci in a terminal and see what it s04:56
jskrolleseven73: ya, it's been chuggin away04:56
EADGHow can I input a text file into the rm command to automatically delete a list of dupe files? "rm < /home/dupelist.txt" gives the error "rm: missing operand"04:56
ltgg8.10 newbie problem: cannot play a movie in DVD ..get ...Could not open location; you might not have permission to open the file04:56
ltggYou might want to check that a disc is present in the drive and that it is correctly configured. ... any help?04:56
juiceypoolol, pardon my noobishness but how do i do that?04:56
nsadminEADG: man xargs04:57
opera_when you click the iron of sound, it won't have any sound,in ubuntu.so you should download a sotfware of sound for test04:57
jskrolleseven73: Ok, I guess it's done.04:57
EADGnsadmin: will do.04:57
IndyGunFreakjuiceypoo: open a terminal ( can't remember exactly where thats at in Xubuntu).. then type "lspci" no quotes(thats a lower case L) hit enter, and see how it identifies your wireless device04:57
jskrolleseven73: reboot?04:57
dragon2opera_:how do i do that...?04:57
eseven73jskroll: na reboot is a windows concept...usually not needed in Linux04:57
juiceypooRealtek Semiconductor04:58
dragon2opera_:when i click on sound ikon i see "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found"04:58
ltggthis as a recent install, all updates, seem to recall it working before.04:58
IndyGunFreak!realtek | juiceypoo04:59
ubottujuiceypoo: some help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b04:59
jskrolleseven73:-) I was planning to install Windows7, but I got discouraged because I had to wait, so I installed Ubuntu and it's been otherwise easier than Windows, considering the help I can get.04:59
ltggseems like something broke it04:59
juiceypoothanks :) u are all so helpful here04:59
jskrolleseven73: windows7 beta, that is04:59
ernzHi, I want to build a how-to on integrating Gmail into 8.10 seamlessly. I have forgotten how to create a new post on ubuntuforums.org, can anyone point me in the right direction please?04:59
opera_you can try to listen singer online.it will auto install some  fit software.05:00
eseven73jskroll: yep, that's what makes Ubuntu great, its not the OS, there's a million distros, just as good,  but its the Community that makes Ubuntu good. :)05:00
Hikeractiveernz, integrate how?05:00
DasE1earthmeLon: ?05:01
juiceypooindygunfreak, do you know how to get compiz working on xubuntu?05:01
earthmeLonDasE1  ubuntu is what I use.  Latest kernel.  I re-installed FF.  Seeing if it fixes it05:01
Joe_please... X appears to be broken... very very bad...05:01
ernzGmail as default app, evolution database linking for contact applet compatibility, in-browser compose mailto links and notifier all in one how-to Hikeractive. Just the sort of thing I WANTED half an hour ago. I'm sure other people would be interested too.05:02
IndyGunFreakjuiceypoo: no.. seems kinda counter productive though counter productive.. xubuntu is for older hardware, compiz, can be quite resource intensive05:02
ltgganyone? ... any help?05:02
eseven73Compiz in Xubuntu is an Oxymoron05:03
DasE1Joe_:are you on cmd-line ?05:03
juiceypoohmmm, my system is decent, should i switch to ubuntu instead?05:03
eseven73O.o lol didnt know there was a nick by that name!05:03
IndyGunFreakjuiceypoo: well what do you consider "decent'.. adn if its decent, what made you deside to try xubuntu?05:03
dy_server  eu.undernet.org 700005:03
ernzHikeractive: Do you know how to make a new thread on ubuntuforums.org?05:03
eseven73dy_: that's a no no.05:03
HikeractiveHmm, I know Gmail IS integrated by default in Firefox -- just go to Preferences, Applications and search for mailto. The contact comp. might interest others.05:03
Joe_DasE1 yes, though an irritatingly broken one (doesn't scroll with more input and arrow keys don't work...), I have to switch to another screen (CTRL+ALT+F2) then back to see the new input...05:03
juiceypooi just am sick of windows and wanted to learn about a new os05:04
koshar1juiceypoo you can have as many window managers as you like, if you want gnome, (default ubuntu window manager just install it, with sudo apt-get inastall ubuntu-desktop05:04
oxymoroneseven73, that's what I get for using a noun as a nick :D05:04
juiceypoowell lol...a FREE os05:04
IndyGunFreakjuiceypoo: that makes sense, but you can always research the best choice.05:04
eseven73oxymoron: haha yep :)05:04
juiceypooyes, i guess i listened to my friends first and google was thrown out the window05:04
jskrolleseven73: thanks for whatever that was, but it did not help evolution mail :-(05:04
ernzHikeractive: Yea, that's the idea. The mailto links are actually handled by an addon called WebMailCompose in my solution.05:05
eseven73ah well jskroll least now you'll have everything you need to play mp3s/videos ;)05:05
Necrosancan't perform an upgrade for some reason05:05
IndyGunFreakjuiceypoo: xubuntu is good, nothing wrong with it, its just kinda geared towards older hardware, so compiz and xubuntu, just doesn't make much sense05:05
Necrosansays it can't calculate05:05
jskrolleseven73: cool05:05
koshar1IndyGunFreak IMHO the choice od desktop manager is a preferentual one, i actually like flux and use it on some machines that kde or gnome could reside quite welel05:05
eseven73jskroll: have you tried thunderbird?05:05
DasE1Joe_:if your x is broken, backup /etc/X11/xorg.conf and do : sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:05
juiceypooi understand, so ubuntu would be a better choice for running compiz?05:05
Hikeractiveernz, since it's built in on the latest versions of Firefox, I would use the native -- just instruct people on HOW to do it. I'll check out the Ubuntu forums question for you.05:06
eseven73juiceypoo: yep05:06
jskrolleseven73: you would say that now that Ive worked so hard and dumped my gmail account in evolution05:06
IndyGunFreakkoshar1: i agree, it is definitely preferential.. but if he's wanting to use compiz.. it just seems a normal gnome or kde install would make more sense05:06
koshar1IndyGunFreak many eeepc users use xfce with compiz05:06
ernzHikeractive: I know a lot of people who prefer to rely on web-based email apps like Gmail. It's nice to have it all in one place. Nobody has done a comprehensive guide on making it all "Just work" (which people seem to obsess about in the Linux community)05:06
IndyGunFreakkoshar1: i didn't say it couldn't be done, i just said it doesn't make much sense to me.. i use regular gnome on my AAO05:06
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.05:06
ernzHikeractive: I like the suggestion, how do you say to go about using FF3 to handle mailto's?05:06
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is the current release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81005:06
Joe_DasE1 as I said earlier... I was trying to fix an issue where (after upgrade to intrepid) my glx wouldn't work (using nvidia-glx-96), I found /usr/lib/libGLcore.so.1 was a symlink to the old drivers so I removed it and recreated with a symlink to the correct one, did the same for libGL.so.1 and restarted X... now it doesn't work05:07
eseven73jskroll: lol i spent an hour trying to get Seamonkey working with gmail just this morning, failed and went back to Thunderbird05:07
HikeractiveYou go to FF3's prefs, then to Application tab, then search for mailto. You can select Gmail as a default there.05:07
koshar1IndyGunFreak while i see your point i still dont concur , compiz can run fine with any desktop manager that supports it05:07
jskrolleseven73: I have an idea: Could it be that I'm trying to access music from another user on my pc?05:07
juiceypooi wonder if im the only 12 year old running xubuntu :P05:07
IndyGunFreakkoshar1: well, then don't concur, i didn't ask for your approval of my opinion05:07
IndyGunFreakkoshar1: and i never once said you couldn't run xfce and compiz05:07
koshar1juiceypoo i doubt it05:08
ernzHikeractive: Negatory. I see "Yahoo!" mail. No gmail by default though. :(05:08
eseven73jskroll: hmmm could be, im not really a sound guru so i couldnt say for sure.05:08
ltggis there another Ubuntu channel where someone new to Linux might get some help?05:08
jskrolleseven73: ok05:08
ernzHikeractive: Perhaps it installed on your FF3 alongside a toolbar or something?05:08
jskrolleseven73: thinking with my fingers, I should just try it05:08
koshar1IndyGunFreak i definately didnt set out to offend you just i beleive your view is incorrect05:08
Hikeractiveernz, no, default install. In fact, I just installed last night onto my netbook. Which version are you running?05:09
eseven73jskroll: are you using pulseaudio?05:09
IndyGunFreakkoshar1: well, like i said, if i'd wanted your approval, i'd have asked for it..05:09
DasE1Joe_:k, I see, the hint for reconfiguring xorg works on ibex too, but I'm out for upgrading issues05:09
ernz8.10 w/ FF3 3.0.505:09
ernzHikeractive: 8.10 w/ FF3 3.0.505:09
juiceypooi didnt mean to start that argument lol05:09
HikeractiveHmm... that's peculiar. Same here. Maybe the Better Gmail 2 Add on did it.05:09
juiceypoowould i be able to find gnome or compiz on the synaptic package manager?05:10
ernzHikeractive: I'll test your theory.05:10
eseven73yep juiceypoo05:10
Hikeractiveernz, it's the only addon that I have presently installed.05:10
juiceypoothanks eseven05:10
IndyGunFreakjuiceypoo: its not an argument, he's trying to suggest i said something that i didn't.05:10
koshar1juiceypoo yes, to install gnome as i said earlier, use ubuntu -desktop and for kde , use kubuntu-desktop ect..05:11
juiceypooim just yankin ur chain05:11
NecrosanHow do I update ubuntu with apt-get dist-upgrade/05:11
Joe_DasE1 it seems the issue is that I had manually installed Nvidia 169.12 in hardy, when I upgraded it went to ubuntu's version of the 96.43.09 driver... but left all the symlinks as they were (pointing ot 169.12 drivers)05:11
Necrosanis there a guide somewhere? update manager is borking05:11
Necrosan2009-01-11 22:37:30,949 ERROR Dist-upgrade failed: 'E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'05:11
ernzHikeractive: Interesting: Still no Gmail application05:11
ltggthanks for nada folks05:12
eseven73juiceypoo: thats the nice thing about ubuntu, theres over 23,000 apps for it, if you look on wikipedia for comparison of linux distros, most of them only have like 10K or 5K apps in the repos05:12
tonsofpcseseven73: and how many of them work right from the official distros?05:12
juiceypoodang thats alot of apps, ill be having my fun :)05:12
tonsofpcsand are you counting true apps or packages?05:12
koshar1IndyGunFreak "it doesn't make much sense to me" 30 lines up, and it makes perfect sence to me why people would use compiz with xfce, and i gave an example with a EEEpc,05:12
DasE1Joe_:did ibex overtook the xorg.conf of hardy ?05:12
tonsofpcsbecause ubuntu requires about 12 packages for an app that on deb required only one.05:13
ernzHikeractive: U got any google apps or products installed elsewhere?05:13
Hikeractiveernz, I just read that some people, like me, DO have it as a default. Perhaps it depends on whether you upgraded from a previous version to the latest or not.05:13
Hikeractiveernz, and no.05:13
IndyGunFreakkoshar1: and thats why its an opinion, if you don't liek it, "/ignore indygunfreak", no quotes, will fix your problem05:13
Joe_DasE1 yes, it all worked find minus the glx failing to load, which AFAIK is because these symlinks are all wrong05:13
koshar1IndyGunFreak whatever05:13
eseven73tonsofpcs: according to wikipedia, appz, but who knows really05:13
Joe_DasE1 manually putting the symlinks back to the way they were lets X start up, without working glx05:14
Joe_DasE1 (thank god)05:14
Hikeractiveernz, alternatively, while at gmail.com, you can type this in the location bar, and it will allow you to set gmail as default: javascript:window.navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto","https://05:14
juiceypootheres alot of gnome apps i dont know which one to choose05:14
ernzHikeractive: A nice workaround to install the service http://lifehacker.com/392287/set-firefox-3-to-launch-gmail-for-mailto-links05:14
Guest67283how can i figure out what server wine is trying to connect to for a games o i can change the iptables to the proper address?05:15
Baz_hey, I setup Raid5 through my bios (some call it FakeRAID) and I am trying to install ubuntu 8.10... I read the docs on using dmraid or the alternate install, but when I do the drive is detected as a RAID1 rather than RAID5  -anyone know about this? Thanks!05:15
eseven73tonsofpcs: like example Fedora doesnt have a lot of window managers in the repos like Ubuntu does, I know im comparing apples to oranges at this point, but meh :/05:15
NecrosanHow do I update ubuntu with apt-get dist-upgrade/05:15
Necrosan2009-01-11 22:37:30,949 ERROR Dist-upgrade failed: 'E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'05:15
DasE1Joe_:hm, ibex uses xorg 7.4 and more functions are implemented in the kernel by dbus and hal, and I have no idea how to translate that to ibex, maybe a start with an emtpy xorg works05:16
koshar1juiceypoo choose the ones you want to use, it comes down to choice at the end of the day, you are not even locked into apps by window manager, most apps will run fine on any window manager. lots of people use amarok on gnome, xfce... and firefox on KDE.05:16
juiceypooi see05:16
modjorhow do i make chmod work on my mounted drive ? any other alternatives for changing priviledges on mounted drives ?05:16
Joe_DasE1 definately not an xorg issue (xorg.conf.failsafe failed to load as well), it's something to do with the upgrade not doing what it should have and migrating everything over to the "new" way05:16
koshar1modjor you could use an fstab line with specific priveliges rather than using hal05:17
ernzHikeractive: Would have been a nice idea. There are too many steps for a n00b. Either way something needs installed. It may as well be webmailcompose which is configurable and supported by documentation.05:17
scuniziDasE1, video is handled by xrandr05:17
ernzHikeractive: Thanks for the idea though05:17
modjorlet me look into fstab. thanks koshar105:17
DasE1Joe_: so I got to step back there as I did fresh installs only05:17
opera_what is 'dual-boot system05:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dual05:18
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:18
scuniziopera_, two or more os's on the same hard drive or computer05:18
opera_SCUNIzi, dual is double?05:19
scuniziopera_, yep05:19
scunizilike he didn't know05:19
IndyGunFreakscunizi: lol.. i wasn't gonna say anything.. I'll order a dual burger next time see if they understand05:20
Necrosan2009-01-11 22:37:30,949 ERROR Dist-upgrade failed: 'E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'  <---- getting this when trying to upgrade in main.log05:21
jitu3485hi , I am using ubuntu 8.10 and today my system re-started automatically. can't figure out what happened? /var/log/messages is at this URL: http://rafb.net/p/TlO4IV32.html05:21
scuniziNecrosan, do you have more repos enabled other than the standard? like "preposed" or something similar?05:21
Brack101hey is it possible to add a "sudo this" command to the context menu in nautilus kinda like in vista?  For example I want to extract some icons to /usr/share/icons but I have to go through the trouble of using the command line (I know, that's how I'm suppoed to do it)05:22
Necrosanscunizi: I don't think so. Just universe05:22
Necrosanill put the sources.list online, sec05:22
Necrosanscunizi: http://koopanet.cjb.net/sources.list05:22
eseven73Brack101: i think Krusader or Thunar has that05:23
eseven73Krusader has everything05:23
scuniziNecrosan, try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   .... cut and paste and see what happens.05:23
corpisi just installed ubuntu, whenever i install alot of the apt-get functions it is not finding them, comes up with... monster@monster-ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install wine05:23
corpisReading package lists... Done05:23
corpisBuilding dependency tree05:23
corpisReading state information... Done05:23
corpisE: Couldn't find package wine05:23
FloodBot1corpis: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:23
Necrosanscunizi: OK05:23
corpisbut when I loaded the same install in wmware on windows it worked fine05:24
corpisany ideas?\05:24
scunizicorpis do all the updates first.. see my last post above for the update  line.05:24
IndyGunFreakcorpis: you probably need to add the wine repository05:24
scuniziIndyGunFreak, wine should be in the repos though.05:24
eseven73wine is in the repos already05:25
IndyGunFreakscunizi: oh is it?.. i always just use the wine repo..  I stand corrected.05:25
scuniziNecrosan, looks good.05:25
NecrosanHow do I get it to upgrade, now? ;)05:25
NecrosanIt's running 6.06,, I'd like 8.10.05:26
juiceypooWell thanks for the help everyone. Goodbye05:26
scunizi!upgrade | Necrosan05:26
ubottuNecrosan: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:26
IndyGunFreakNecrosan: you'll have to go 6.06-8.04, then 8.04-8.1005:26
DasE1Necrosan: do a fresh install05:26
* IndyGunFreak agrees w/ DasE1 05:26
NecrosanI can't. no cd drive in machine.05:26
corpisi didnt need the updates last time... but I will try that first05:26
IndyGunFreakNecrosan: ca you boot a USB device, like a thumbdrive?05:26
NecrosanNo USB on this machine.05:27
scuniziNecrosan, if you have a seperate /home then you can fresh install the latest just don't format /home on install05:27
IndyGunFreakNecrosan: lol, might be time to sell that to me for target practice05:27
Necrosanscunizi: It's a complicated install.05:27
NecrosanIt's not x86.05:27
opera_Pentium-class CPU--what05:27
Baz_has anyone successfully get RAID5 to work with ubuntu?05:27
NecrosanAn upgrade should be possible.. But it's borking.05:28
BinaryBoy000Will I be able to get good performance when running counter strike source using wine?05:28
NecrosanThe error I posted is coming from main.log.05:28
BinaryBoy000my vid card is a 9800gtx+05:28
Necrosan/var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log, anyway05:28
NecrosanIndyGunFreak: Can i go from 6.06 LTS to 8.04 directly?05:29
NecrosanOr must I hit hardy first?05:29
remuHello everyone, quick question. I like using Geany to edit .c .java .html, and pretty much all source files that I deal with. Though currently I have to either open Geany and then use that to open a file, or right click the file and choose Geany to open it. If I just open the file on its own it opens up in Gedit. How can I set it so all source files are opened with Geany? I tried looking in "Preferred Applications" under System>Pre05:29
remuf. But either I'm blind or the option isn't there.05:29
IndyGunFreakNecrosan: 8.04 is hardy.05:29
scuniziNecrosan, you can't go direct.. unless you fresh install05:29
NecrosanOh, duh.05:29
IndyGunFreakNecrosan: 6.06 and 8.04 are both LTS releases, so you can go from 6.06 to 8.0405:29
IndyGunFreakscunizi: yes he can.05:29
qwexer__how could I mount a partition automatically upon boot?05:29
=== qwexer__ is now known as qwexer___
scuniziIndyGunFreak, from 6.06 to 8.10?05:30
NecrosanIndyGunFreak: It is borking when I sudo do-release-upgrade05:30
IndyGunFreakscunizi: no, he said hardy..05:30
NecrosanI don't care if I must do 8.04 first05:30
koshar1Baz_ you mean software raid?05:30
IndyGunFreakNecrosan: then yes, you must to 8.04 first05:30
scuniziIndyGunFreak, ah.. missed that.. yep your right05:30
FlannelNecrosan: What do you mean borking?05:30
IndyGunFreakNecrosan: go 6.06 to 8.04, then 8.04 to 8.1005:30
Baz_remu: i think you have to have nautilus scripts for that - the easiest way would be to install 'ubuntu tweak' and use their menu for doing that05:30
NecrosanI am trying to do that, IndyGunFreak.05:30
NecrosanIt stops and says cannot calculate or some crap05:31
IndyGunFreakFlannel: i think he was trying to go 6.06-8.1005:31
ohmygodqwexer___, you have to edit /etc/fstab05:31
Baz_koshar1: ya, or fakeraid thru the bios05:31
Necrosanno, IndyGunFreak05:31
NecrosanI was trying to upgrade to hardy.05:31
FlannelNecrosan: What method are you using?05:31
IndyGunFreakNecrosan: ah, ok... sorry05:31
remuBinaryBoy000, I have an Nvidia 9200m GS, I also had an Nvidia 8400m GS, and an Nvidia Go Geforce 6150....running CS:S my performance with Wine was similar to that of it under Windows.05:31
NecrosanFlannel: sudo do-release-upgrade05:31
FlannelNecrosan: Are you fully up-to-date with Dapper?05:31
NecrosanFlannel: Yes.05:31
qwexer___ohmygod: ok thank you05:31
FlannelNecrosan: Hmmm, do you have any third party repositories enabled?05:31
BinaryBoy000when I tried last time, I was only getting like 25 FPS....05:31
qwexer___also, what does everyone use as an IRC client?05:31
mbent_hi, has anyone setup virtualisation with virtualbox with harddrive encryption (dm-crypt, cryptsetup etc)?05:32
NecrosanFlannel: Nope..05:32
BinaryBoy000can i use the same settings that I used in windows xp?05:32
BinaryBoy000like the same resolution and antialiasing05:32
Necrosanmy sources.list is at http://koopanet.cjb.net/sources.list05:32
trailmongerwhats the easiest way to convert ubuntu into debian?05:32
FlannelNecrosan: hmm, alright; that all looks good.  And you've installed update-manager-core I imagine, yes?05:33
Flanneltrailmonger: Not painlessly, no.  Reinstallation is the easiest way05:33
NecrosanFlannel: yep. If you'd like I can let you ssh in to poke around..05:33
strychnineanyone know of any good free windows proxy servers05:34
eseven73strychnine: ask in ##windows05:34
FlannelNecrosan: Hmm.  I see a bug about this here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/277985  Does your main.log (I have no idea where that log is in your filesystem) say somethign similar?05:35
strychninecool umm fist time in irc chat rooms how do i change room05:35
eseven73strychnine: type /join ##windows05:35
NecrosanFlannel: Nope, my main.log has this05:35
Flannel!paste | Necrosan05:35
ubottuNecrosan: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:35
FlannelOh, right.  You know how to paste already.05:35
Necrosan2009-01-11 22:37:30,949 ERROR Dist-upgrade failed: 'E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'05:35
Necrosanits one line ;)05:36
strychninehey anyone know of a simple free proxy server for windows05:36
christozgreetings, i've read a rumor that canonical has recently decided to provide by pay, multimedia codecs and DVD playback software, to their users, is that a fact?05:36
Flannelstrychnine: Please don't ask here.  Ask in ##windows (/join ##windows)05:36
scunizistrychnine, still on the wrong channel ... what irc client are  you using.?05:36
=== qwexer___ is now known as qwexer
nroot7I am upgrading to 9.04 and in the list of known issues, one issue is that it does not work properly with ATI drivers. Now I am using closed source ATI drivers right now. In case a problem comes when I restart the system, how should i revert to open source drivers?05:36
Flannelchristoz: They have made them available by payment, yes.05:36
Flannelnroot7: #ubuntu+1 for Jaunty support questions, thanks05:37
zetherooI followed the how-to on medibuntu to get DVD's to play but its still not playing them ... what to do?05:37
FlannelNecrosan: interesting.  Well, if you feel comfortable, we can do it manually05:37
koshar1zetheroo you could always try VLC05:37
NecrosanFlannel: More than comfortable :005:37
NecrosanGF won't be home for another hour and a half too05:37
zetherookoshar1: thats what I am using05:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubutnu05:37
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:38
FlannelNecrosan: alright, first thing is to disable backports.  And then (just to be sure) sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.  Is this a server machine? or a desktop machine?05:38
NecrosanFlannel: A bit of both05:38
eseven73Flannel: does that mean the ops here will start taking out factoids like '!codecs' and '!medibuntu' because of competition financially?05:38
NecrosanJust comment out each line in sources.list with backports in it to disable them, correct?05:38
Flanneleseven73: No.05:38
eseven73cool :)05:38
FlannelNecrosan: right.  And "desktop" -- Do you have ubuntu-desktop installed? (or xubuntu/kubuntu)05:39
NecrosanIt should be installed, how do I check again?05:39
NecrosanAlso, without this line apt cannot find binary-sparc folder05:40
Necrosandeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-backports main/debian-installer05:40
FlannelNecrosan: once you've updated/dist-upgraded, we'll worry about making sure proper packages are installed.  Also, what kernel are you using?  (-686? -386? what?)05:40
FlannelNecrosan: Oh, is this a sparc machine?05:40
NecrosanLinux falsity 2.6.15-53-sparc64-smp #1 SMP Mon Nov 24 21:20:59 UTC 2008 sparc64 GNU/Linux05:40
FlannelNecrosan: oooooh.  Umm... Well, that may very well be why it can't successfully upgrade.05:41
opera_what is grub05:41
FlannelLet me... do some research.05:41
koshar1zetheroo what specificly is the prob? try runningfrom command prompt and look for a message, are you using simple or menu mode?05:41
NecrosanFlannel: I don't see why it should be a problem, all needed packages are there.05:41
NecrosanAnd PPC guys can do it.05:41
scunizi!grub | opera_05:41
ubottuopera_: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:41
christozFlannel, hmm ok , and how the procedure will be in order for someone to download his/her preffered codec? sudo apt-get install "codec-name"  " please enter your credit card number" ?05:41
powertoo108Does anyone know how to kick a ghost nick? I didn't get a clean disconnect.05:42
eseven73haha christoz is it was only that easy05:42
eseven73if it*05:42
scunizi!ghost | powertoo10805:42
ubottupowertoo108: On IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>05:42
FlannelNecrosan: Hmm, alright.  SPARC is still supported, yeah.  Well, ok, don't worry abotu disabling backports yet.  We'll disable them when we mvoe to Hardy05:42
error404notfoundI have install gsynaptic, and it asks me to add "SHMConfig" to true in xorg.conf or XFree86Config, thing is I don't have the latter and in the first there is no device section for mouse..05:42
NecrosanFlannel: Alright.05:42
powertoo108scunizi: thanks05:42
zetherookoshar1: just doing what it says to do on the Ubuntu docs .. and its not working ...05:42
Flannelchristoz: No, You purchase them through the canonical store: http://shop.canonical.com/index.php?cPath=19&osCsid=44fd96cf0e66273cba78ee325bde664305:43
FlannelNecrosan: So, uncomment the backports, then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:43
remuBaz_, Thanks, Ubuntu-Tweaks solved my issues.05:43
NecrosanFlannel: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.05:44
FlannelNecrosan: then... we're going to make sure you have the proper metapackages.  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-standard ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-desktop, and... linux-sparc64?  I don't know what the proper metapackage for sparc is.  but something like that.05:45
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:45
ubottumplayer is a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs05:45
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:45
NecrosanFlannel: Do all of the meta packages?05:45
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:45
FlannelNecrosan: No, just those four.  -desktop -standard -minimal and your kernel05:45
rachkoshar1: this is zetheroo on the machine that is giving problems with DVD playback ...05:45
NecrosanOK, that's what I meant. ;)05:46
rxs!gparted | rxs05:46
ubotturxs, please see my private message05:46
rachkoshar1: http://pastebin.com/m32622f8a05:46
FlannelNecrosan: Once that's done, edit all the dappers and make them hardys, and comment out the backports (we'll assume you don't need hardy-backports, but you can enable them later if you do)05:46
GrayvonCan anyone tell me why wicd would not see my wireless adapter after I reinstalled it, when it was working just fine the first time?05:47
FlannelNecrosan: then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:47
NecrosanOK, I can do this all over ssh safely, right?05:47
Necrosanit's not gonna kill sshd at all i presume?05:47
scuniziGrayvon, if you have more than one wifi manager installed they could be interfearing with each other.05:47
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:47
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:47
Grayvonhow can i tell if i do?05:48
FlannelNecrosan: Um, you really shouldn't upgrade over ssh... I know the installer opens up another sshd on another port.  If you can, start this from a physical terminal.05:48
Necrosanok, that's fine.05:48
NecrosanFlannel: This machine is SMP.05:48
scuniziGrayvon, the wifi manager that is the default install is network manager..05:48
Baz_anyone know anything about DMRAID?05:48
NecrosanI think I messed up doing linux-sparc6405:48
NecrosanCan I just modify silo to point to the SMP kernel?05:48
FlannelNecrosan: Just install the -smp kernel and remove the non-smp kernel05:49
GrayvonWicd uninstalls the nm-applet automatically, but i think ndiswrapper might be messing with wicd05:49
NecrosanOK, I'll probably have to do that in synaptic. Hold on.05:50
Joe_the upgrade from hardy to intrepid did not seem to migrate all of the 169.12 nvidia driver symlinks to the new 96 driver... is there a way to fix this besides manually fixing every symlink?05:51
Weezis there a utility that i can run that will tell me what ip on my lan is grabbing all my bandwith?05:52
rachplease help ... no DVD playback05:52
Joe_weez EtherApe is a util to monitor bandwidth usage05:52
scuniziWeez, wireshark maybe05:52
Weezthanks guys05:52
=== ember is now known as somethingclever
MTecknologyIs atd necessary to be running for the normal operation of a desktop installation?05:53
stroyanWeez: ntop is another good option.05:53
somethingcleverCan someone help me with Wine? im trying to install guild wars from CD or from download, and it loads to 100% then it hangs and doesnt do anything05:53
StarnestommyMTecknology: I think atd is used for scheduling tasks05:54
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
Grayvonis anyone else using a linksys wireless adapter wusb54g?05:54
DasE1rach:install vlc05:54
jabagaweeall my shows are in the filename Show.s##e##.mkv (for season and episode number). someone wanna craft me up a "find -exec" statement that'll add a period between "s##" and "e##"?05:54
MTecknologyStarnestommy: ya - I just don't know if the system has tasks setup to use it by default or not05:54
rachDasE1: already did that05:54
Weezthanks stroyan05:54
MTecknologyStarnestommy: same question for cron05:54
DasE1rach: what happens (not) ?05:54
jinja-sheep!dvd | rach05:55
ubotturach: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:55
rachDasE1: no dvd playback05:55
rachjinja-sheep: already did all that05:55
somethingcleverGrayvon, check PM05:55
Vincemanany kformula users here? I can't get the summation symbol to work :(05:55
StarnestommyMTecknology: cron is used for running repetitive tasks at a scheduled time, such as checking for package updates or rotating logs05:55
MTecknologyStarnestommy: i know this05:55
somethingcleverCan someone help me with Wine? im trying to install guild wars from CD or from download, and it loads to 100% then it hangs and doesnt do anything05:55
shredder12how can i configure firefox to connect to a proxy server somewhere if i m already using  a proxy server to gain access to internet..05:56
DasE1rach: you have a dvd in drive being alright, in vlc, open media ....> scd0 (or what tthe rom is) doesn't work ?05:56
MTecknologyStarnestommy: is it used by a default installation or is it safe to turn off05:56
StarnestommyMTecknology: it is used by default05:56
MTecknologyStarnestommy: both?05:56
Xcercawhats a good program for importing pictures from a camera and organizing ?05:56
rachDasE1: does nto work ... when i do it form the terminal I get errors pertaining to the decoding of the css05:56
kalvin_hello, anyone know if theres any software that will recognize my windows mobile 6 phone?05:56
kingI need help getting my external mic to work on Dell 1525. There are no instructions on the web to get it to work with pulseaudio. The instructions at Dell wiki give a custom backport deb which is for Ubuntu 7.10 and that too uses ALSA. In addition, the package is incompatible with current kernel.05:56
jabagaweeXcerca, picasa or f-spot work great for me05:56
StarnestommyMTecknology: I'm not sure about atd.  It might be used for something05:57
DasE1rach: tried another dvd ?05:57
Xcercakalvin_ what are you trying to do , i just plug mine in and i can transfer stuff back and forth to it ?05:57
MTecknologyStarnestommy: what does cron get used by?05:57
kalvin_thats what i want to do05:57
kalvin_or even sync it05:57
mosnowhy isn't tracker indexing my evolution (imap) emails?05:58
rachDasE1: yes ... tried another one05:58
StarnestommyMTecknology: things that must be run on a regular basis, such as log rotation, checking for package updates, running ntp, and refreshing the search database for locate05:58
ernzHow do you make a file executable in the terminal, anyone?05:58
mosno"enable evolution email indexing" is selected in tracker preferences... tracker says indexing is complete, but tracker stats shows 0 emails indexed :(05:58
node357ernz, chmod +x file05:58
Ahadielernz, chmod +x file05:59
shredder12any solution to this problem..  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6537933#post653793305:59
DasE1rach: tjat's strange as vlc bring it's own decoder... is the user allowed to access cdrom ?05:59
lawnninjaAnybody know why I can't copy a fold from a fileshare on another machine even though I have used chmod to modify a directories permission to copy the folder into it?05:59
ernzlol, nerds. Thanks.05:59
MTecknologyStarnestommy: please read my question...05:59
MTecknologyStarnestommy: I'm asking about what uses these services on a default installation05:59
rachDasE1: this is a fresh install of Ubuntu Hardy so I don't see why not05:59
eseven73ernz: geeks, not nerds, big difference ;)05:59
StarnestommyMTecknology: everything listed in /etc/cron.*06:00
MTecknologyStarnestommy: I'm not a noob - I know what at and cronn are for - I need to figure out if the system uses them on a default installation06:00
DasE1rach: no hints in /var/log/syslog about rom-dive ?06:01
ernzeseven73: "Nerds" was originally "knurd's" - "Drunks" backwards. Derived from a notable segregation of intellectuals and jocks - came out of a fraternity dispute in the states.06:01
MTecknologyStarnestommy: alrighty - thanks06:01
NecrosanI got a lot of 404s after apt-get update, Flannel06:01
MTecknologyStarnestommy: looks like I can kill atd and leave cron :)06:01
kalvin_when i plug my wm6 to my computer, where would is it mounted, if it is?06:02
FlannelNecrosan: Its likely that your mirror doesn't carry the Hardy SPARC stuff.  Try using another one.  archive.ubuntu.com06:02
somethingclevercan anyone please help me get guild wars working under wine?06:02
DasE1kalvin_: mount tells you06:02
DasE1!wine > somethingclever06:03
ubottusomethingclever, please see my private message06:03
somethingcleverDasE1, wine works the the appdb and i have more than the reccomended req, it just hangs at load screen06:04
somethingcleverDasE1, at 100 percent06:05
DasE1 somethingclever: /j #winehq        , ask  there and check hp for supported apps06:05
NecrosanFlannel: archive.ubuntu.com doesnt have hardy sparc stuff either06:08
hellhoundi just completed a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.10 after replacing my motherboard, processor, ram, and harddrive and I noticed an issue with my mouse.  it seems that after awhile my Logitech G5 mouse will stop responding... i looked in xorg and could not even find a mouse or keyboard section but the mouse will work for a while but not all the buttons work can anyone help?06:10
Necrosanmirror.ne.gov has it it seems06:10
rachstill no dvd playback in Ubuntu Hardy ... please help06:10
Dr_futurehello, I installed irssi but I couldn't find it in applications, any help please?06:11
jinja-sheepDr_future:  It's terminal irc.  Run irssi in the terminal.06:12
Titan8990Dr_future, im pretty sure irssi is a CLI irc program06:12
christozDr_future, just type on shell, irssi06:12
Dr_futurehmm, yeah, I'm new to Ubuntu06:12
DarknezzZuckusFIll and jeeves_Moss: i think everyone is having this problem at the moment.....06:12
Titan8990Dr_future, if you are looking for a GUI irc client for ubuntu, xchat and chatzilla are good06:13
Dr_futureTitan8990, But how could I update those programmes?06:13
DarkKnighti enabled desktop effects and other effects through compiz fusion..andmy system has become very slow....how can i retain these effects and still make my system faster06:13
Dr_futureTitan8990,  they have the latest versions in WIndows06:13
Titan8990Dr_future, typically, you just wait06:13
Titan8990Dr_future, unless a new version has a fix or feature that you must have06:14
koshar1DarkKnight faster hardware06:14
Titan8990Dr_future, then you can compile the source for the program06:14
calebh2Darknight: download the settings manager for compiz06:14
DarkKnightkoshar; i meant any settings to be changed06:14
Titan8990Dr_future, it is doubtful you will ever need to however06:14
NecrosanFlannel: After editing sources to hardy and sudo apt-get update then what?06:14
Necrosansudo apt-get dist-upgrade?06:14
koshar1DarkKnight see calebh2s post06:14
DarkKnightkoshar1; i meant any settings to be changed06:14
Necrosancrap, spoke too soon06:15
NecrosanFailed to fetch http://mirror.ne.gov/ubuntu/dists/hardy-security/main/binary-sparc/Packages.bz2  MD5Sum mismatch06:15
Dr_futureTitan8990, for instance, I want to update firefox to the latest version, and ubunto 8.04 comes with version 3, but I want to update it to the latest version 3.05 how could I do that?06:15
DarkKnightcalebh2; yes i have it in preferences--->advanced desktop effects06:15
Titan8990Dr_future, What is the purpose of the update?06:15
FlannelNecrosan: update then dist-upgrade, yeah.06:15
Dr_futureTitan8990,  to fix many things06:16
Titan8990Dr_future, what problems are you having?06:16
Dr_futureTitan8990, sorry, but that's illogical, I wouldn't notice those security holes for instance, it's not my job, I have to update it to the latest version that's all06:17
DarkKnightcalebh2; what am i supposed to do now06:17
koshar1Dr_future the versions in the repos are generally the latest stable builds however if you hare not running the latest distro you can use backports, personal builds  or compile from source06:17
calebh2DarkKnight: mess around with the settings. I have run compiz on an old intel intigrated grapics card before06:17
Titan8990Dr_future, download the firefox package from the mozilla website here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.0.5&os=linux&lang=en-US06:17
Dougdoug4Big server06:18
rxsDr_future: I run ubuntu 8.04 and I have firefox 3.0.5 installed .. and its the latest version in the repos I believe06:18
rachubuntu is not playing dvd's06:18
rachplease help06:18
Titan8990Dr_future, the repos will always be behind main versions for two major reasons A) manpower B) ubuntu devs add patchs to software thus taking longer06:18
koshar1Dr_future by the way the latest version in the repos is 3.0.5 for firefox06:18
rachI have vlc and did all the command to get libdvd06:18
rachstill nothing06:18
DarkKnightcalebh2; i wanted to have all those desktop effects...but its making my system slower06:19
Titan8990Dr_future, it is rare I come across a case in which I need to dl and compile for a new version06:19
rxsrach: what dommds did u do ?06:19
Dr_futurehmm, well, when I searched for Firefox in synaptics I found green boxes, does that mean I have the latest version?06:19
Dr_futureor that version?06:19
rxsrach: commands06:19
Titan8990Dr_future, that means it is installed, to ensure it is the newest version check the update manager06:19
rachrxs: what it says here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs06:19
koshar1Dr_future have you done a refresh of the repos?06:19
rachsudo apt-get install libdvdread306:19
howlshello everyone.  I am having problems with permissions.  My user belongs to the group www-data, but I can't write to or modify anything in the /var/www folder.  I get the error permission denied.  Any ideas what the problem may be?06:20
rach sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh06:20
rxsrach: okay when u try to apt-get  libdvdread3  .. what happens ?06:20
daedrahowls: ls -la the folder and check that you have permission to write  to it in /etc/groups06:20
rachrxs: no errors ...06:20
Titan8990howls, you may need to change the group permissions for the folder06:20
DarkKnightcalebh2; i tried to change again back...but still my system has become very slow06:21
Titan8990howls, try: chmod -R g+xrw /var/www06:21
rxsrach:okay ... what happens when u try to play the vdv ?06:21
Titan8990howls, with a sudo, sorry06:21
NecrosanFlannel: can I comment security lines out?06:21
Necrosanhaving some problems locating what im looking for :)06:21
rxsrach: does it install  libdvdread3   ?06:22
howlsThanks for the responses, checking06:22
Dr_futureTitan8990,  When I did that, a message said that there is no update for this version, but when I checked its version from "ABOUT" it says 3 not 3.0506:22
rachrxs: nothing... does not play ... and when I play it through the terminal in VLC it gives the folloowing: http://pastebin.com/m32622f8a06:22
jinja-sheepDr_future:  Run this in the command.  sudo aptitude update06:22
=== five_ is now known as Guest48630
jinja-sheepThen check the icon on the panel.  You may get updates (if you haven't done that already).06:22
rxsrach: can you try installing ubuntu-restricted-extras ? : apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:23
KelenWhat's happened to me with this dmesg detail?   http://paste.ubuntu.com/103783/06:23
Dr_futurejinja-sheep, what is "aptitude"?06:23
rxsrach: what dvd are you trying to play ?06:23
rachrxs: already installed06:23
jinja-sheepSimilar to apt-get.06:23
jinja-sheepDr_future:  See ^06:23
rachrxs: a dvd that plays on all other 3 Ubuntu hardy machines06:23
Dr_futurejinja-sheep, I'm new to ubuntu06:23
KelenWhat's happened to me with this dmesg detail? it's could not be read when i put on usb driver   http://paste.ubuntu.com/103783/06:23
rxs!aptitude |Dr_future06:23
ubottuDr_future: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide06:23
NecrosanOK, got it to work. it's dist-upgrading now06:24
Titan8990Dr_future, Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal06:24
Titan8990Dr_future, that is where you copy and paste or type the given command06:24
howlsTitan8990: tried it, it didn't work06:24
Dr_futureok Titan899006:25
Titan8990howls, what formate is your drive?06:25
Titan8990howls, err format06:25
howlsTitan8990: ext306:25
rxsrach: so the dvd-css is installed and still vlc complain .. can ypui try playing on totem or mplayer ?06:25
Dr_futureTitan8990,  these messages appeared06:26
rxsrach: please try xine too .. just want to check if its a vlc only issue ..06:26
Dr_futureE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)06:26
Dr_futureE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?06:26
Dr_futureE: Couldn't rebuild package cache06:26
FloodBot1Dr_future: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:26
rachrxs: movie player also does not work06:26
NecrosanFlannel: What's the next step after dist-upgrade?06:26
rxsDr_future: do you have synaptic open ?06:26
FlannelNecrosan: Reboot06:26
Dr_futureok flokuehn06:26
Titan8990Dr_future, try again: sudo apt-get update06:26
jinja-sheephowls:  What's the directory?  Can you ls -al and give me the line for the said directory?06:26
Titan8990Dr_future, you missed the sudo, or he did not tell you to....06:26
NecrosanThink I'll run into problems during dist-upgradE?06:27
Dr_futurerxs,  I'm downloading something06:27
Dr_futurerxs,  the latest version of firefox06:27
rxsDr_future: in synaptic package manager ? , you cannot use apt-get and synaptic at the same time06:27
howlsjinja-sheep: drwxrwxr-x 17 www-data www-data 4096 2009-01-11 21:28 joomla06:27
KelenIs there any idea for this problem when i put on usb driver but it's couldn't be found, then i checked dmesg its showed this for me. anyone could help me? plz? http://paste.ubuntu.com/103783/06:27
jinja-sheepDr_future:  The lock error you experienced is the result of another software using administration.  You only can let one software use admin at a time.06:28
Dr_futureTitan8990 gave me the link for downloading ff and I'm downloading it fromt here06:28
aminaWhen I scp from a computer to another, I get 20KB/s max.; is it abnormal or is scp always slow?06:28
rachrxs: I am so out of options ...06:28
jinja-sheephowls:  One more thing.  what's your user name?06:28
rxsrach: xine ? mplayer ? is the machine connected to teh net ? is it a new dvd ?06:29
Titan8990Dr_future, got disconnected06:29
rachrxs: here is the most recent output of VLC http://pastebin.com/m4c138a6606:30
Dr_futureby the way, do I have to install a firewall on ubuntu?06:30
Dr_futurewindows is much easier really06:30
Dr_futurebut Linux is very interesting06:30
Dr_futurewelcome bakc Titan899006:30
jinja-sheep!firewall | Dr_future06:30
ubottuDr_future: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).06:30
aminaOr maybe I could do it through http - is there a simple,stupid way to setup a ftp/http (whatever the easiest) fileserver with ubuntu?06:31
Titan8990Dr_future, yes, ubuntu has a firewall but it is not nescessary06:31
jinja-sheepDr_future:  I'll find you a link.06:31
Dr_futureok jinja-sheep06:31
rachrxs: this DVD plays perfectly on the other 3 Ubuntu Hardy machines here ...06:31
Titan8990Dr_future, in windows you have network services installed by default06:31
Titan8990Dr_future, and you have to concern youself with malware "getting out"06:31
Titan8990Dr_future, this is not the case in linux06:31
=== CoJaBo__ is now known as CoJaBo
jinja-sheepDr_future:  Brush up on your reading skills.  It is an overview of all security practices in Linux -- http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/security06:31
Dr_futurethat's really interesting, but no viruses in Linux?06:31
rxsrach: yes looks like a new dvd and the css keys are not there .. it needs to get them ... okay .. try this .. in ur home dir ... ~/..dvdcss/   .. u will see the keys ... try copying them from teh machines in which the dvd wirks06:31
jinja-sheepAnd no, you don't really need Firewall. :)06:32
Titan8990Dr_future, they exist but there are not "in the wild" only from direct attacks06:32
aminaOr maybe I'm on the wrong channel...where should I go for ssh/scp help?06:32
Titan8990Dr_future, but the sudo feature of Ubuntu more or less protects you even from those existing viruses06:32
Titan8990amina, missed your question, sorry06:33
rxsrach: check in ~/.dvdcss06:33
jinja-sheeprach:  Do you have DVD reader?  Or is it very old machine you're trying to use?06:33
Dr_futureTitan8990, I see, I have to learn more about this interesting OS :)06:33
rachrxs: ok... but that will only make this one dvd work right? ...06:33
rachjinja-sheep: brand new Thinkpad06:33
alo9999i am looking for a video converter for htc g1 format06:33
Titan8990Dr_future, also, if you ever get into managing servers, you will find that windows is not easier06:33
Dr_futureTitan8990, Anyway I have downloaded firefox the extension is tar.bz2, how to react with it?06:34
DarkKnighti enabled many desktop effects and they are making it slower...can anyone tell me which effects make it slower....i tryied enabling and disabling...but i m not able to find out06:34
rxsthat will make this dvd work for sure ... I am not sure about the others ... but if the machine can connect to teh net and fetch keys .. then others too shld06:34
jinja-sheepDr_future:  How do you react with it in the past?06:34
Titan8990Dr_future, did you already uninstall the existing version of firefox from synaptic?06:34
Dr_futureTitan8990, no06:34
Dr_futureDo I have to?06:34
rxsrach: do you see any keys that have the name of the dvd  title ?06:34
jinja-sheepYou drag and drop in the add-on window.   Or I do this... Add the plugins through the "Firefox Addons"06:35
rachrxs: yes06:35
Titan8990Dr_future, yes, and this version will need to be uninstalled manually06:35
aminaTitan8990, I'm downloading stuff from a computer to another (I'm on a third machine, sshing into one of the others) using scp and I can't go faster than 20KB/s, which is really slow.06:35
Titan8990Dr_future, compiling from source really defeats the purpose of using a distro like ubuntu06:35
rxsrach: try copying that and see if it plays06:35
Titan8990Dr_future, but I will still show you how if you want06:35
Dr_futureTitan8990,  you mean, that tar.bz2 is a source code?06:35
rachrxs: nope .. still no joy06:35
Titan8990Titan8990, scp is not a speed oriented protocol06:35
Titan8990amina, scp is not a speed oriented protocol06:36
jinja-sheepTitan8990:  He was talking about Firefox addons, I believe.06:36
Titan8990Dr_future, yes, it is06:36
simplenewbI need a little help with iptables. Right now I'm using iptables to reject with error packet any attempt to connect to port 22 if I want to allow only my computer do I use -A to append the rule using my ip and ACCEPT or do I need to delete the REJECT rule, etc.....06:36
Dr_futureTitan8990,  yeah I want to experience this , for learning purpose at least :)06:36
Titan8990jinja-sheep, no, he wanted a version of FF that wasn't in synaptic06:36
Dr_futureSO, how could I uninstall ff first? Titan8990 ?06:36
rachwhy is dvdcss not working ... arrrgh06:36
jinja-sheepDr_future:  Stick to the repos.06:36
Dr_futurejinja-sheep,  I just want to do this for fun :)06:37
Dr_futureI want to learn the way though06:37
Titan8990Dr_future, if you would like to learn to compile from source only for the learning experience, I recommend doing it on an app that you don't use06:37
Dr_futureof how I could install from a source code06:37
jinja-sheeprach:  New thinkpad -- don't mean a thing.  Do you know if it can read DVDs in first place?06:37
Dr_futureTitan8990, Could you recommend something?06:37
jinja-sheepTitan8990:  I got a idea.06:37
rachjinja-sheep: of course it can -- what a question ...06:37
howlsjinja-sheep: sorry about the late response, what would my user name is howls06:37
zenlunatichow can I get the network monitor thing back in gnome panel?06:37
jinja-sheepDr_future:  Have fun RTFM this. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware :)06:38
perseiwhat is the command line to remove all newly downloaded packages from the apt cache please ?06:38
Titan8990Dr_future, I have a perfect app to teach compilation with :)06:38
Dr_futureok jinja-sheep06:38
Dr_futureyes Titan8990 ?06:38
rxsrach: can you please check teh region setting related issue in the page u have been following and see if thats an issue ?06:38
aminaTitan8990, ok (but still weird, even a small fraction of the available bandwith would still be way more than this). What should I use (I don't care about encryption)06:38
ernzCould someone do me a favour please? Looking at the Synaptic Package Manager, what are the steps to add a repository?06:38
Titan8990amina, for speed, I would use WebDAV or ftp06:38
rachrxs: the region is set to NONE .. just like on the other machines06:39
Titan8990amina, of NFS if they are both linux clients06:39
jinja-sheephowls:  Look into chown.  It probably is what you're looking for.06:39
Digital7"FATAL: Module binfmt_misc not found." occurs on 8.10 during boot, rendering startup impossible. has anyone ever encountered this?06:39
Titan8990Dr_future, i am grabbing a link06:39
simplenewbemz: you want to add a restricted repo or a whole new one? One you can do from synaptic the other requires editing sources.list06:39
rxsrach: I am confused.. if the machine has tried to fetch the keys ... and if it was successfully get them ...06:40
aminaTitan 8990, I don't know much about WebDAV, but actually ftp seems like a decent choice. Thanks!06:40
Titan8990Dr_future, http://www.openwall.com/john/06:40
rachrxs: yeah .. tell me about it ... confused is the word ...06:40
rachrxs: maybe I should reinstall Ubuntu from scratch again ...06:40
Titan8990Dr_future, download the stable version
Dr_futurepassword cracker?06:41
Dr_futurewhat's that Titan8990 ?06:41
ernzsimplenewb: "deb http://debian.o-hand.com hardy/" <- Non restricted. I am putting together a how to and I need to know the steps - synaptic is being stupid atm not letting me in until I restart and I cant do that because I'm half way through the how to06:41
perseiplease does someone know the command line to remove all newly downloaded packages from the apt cache ? thanks06:41
Titan8990Dr_future, it cracks pasword hashes06:41
rxsrach: no ... thats too much .. there should be an easier way .. can ypu please try mplayer ?06:41
Titan8990Dr_future, its what we learned source compiling on in school06:41
jinja-sheeppersei:  Look in the manual.06:42
uramaggetI think my Ubuntu OS is completely gone... OS Select does not display it, yet it says that Ubuntu is installed (I installed it with the Wubi Partitioner). This happened after I had to abruptly press the button to reboot forcefully after GNOME stopped responding.06:42
perseijinja-sheep: thank you for this helping answer.06:42
howlsjinja-sheep: I've tried using chown, it doesn't seem to help06:42
Dr_futureTitan8990, tar.gz. or tar.bz2?06:43
Titan8990Dr_future, either is fine06:43
jinja-sheeppersei:  Seriously.  Look in sudo apt-get --help06:43
Titan8990Dr_future, tar.gz is faster compessing/decompressing but bz2 is more compressed06:43
jinja-sheephowls:  What command did you use?06:43
xorandToday, my ubuntu 8.04 decides to play my music through my earphones as well as my internal pc speakers :( :(.  How to I channel the sound through the earphones only?06:43
Titan8990Dr_future, smaller size I mean06:43
howlsjinja-sheep: sudo chown www-data:www-data filename06:44
Dr_futureok Titan8990  I have downloaded that tar.gz06:44
Dr_futurewhat shall I do now?06:45
=== five_ is now known as Guest6942
Dr_futureextracting it?06:45
Titan8990Dr_future, open the terminal06:45
jinja-sheephowls:  You want this... sudo chown howls:howls <the directory path>06:45
Titan8990Dr_future, what directory did you download it to?06:45
uramaggetno ideas? :{06:45
Dr_futureon the desktop06:45
Titan8990Dr_future, type: cd /Desktop06:46
Guest96847 i have a dual boot with kubuntu and xp. Afte upgrade i am unable to log in my xp partition though files etc. are visisble.06:46
Titan8990Dr_future then: did you get tar.gz or bz2?06:46
Titan8990Dr_future, sorry gave you wrong command a second ago06:46
Titan8990Dr_future, should be: cd Desktop/06:47
howlsjinja-sheep: okay, thanks for the help06:47
Dr_futureyeah, now it's fine06:47
jinja-sheephowls:  Did it work? :306:47
Guest96847any one to help me with how to bring back the dual boot of xp. My grub menu list contains xp.06:47
Dr_futureTitan8990, it's .gz06:48
jinja-sheep!grub | Guest9684706:48
ubottuGuest96847: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:48
sleepy_cathi how to access the icons in the menu bar from the terminal06:48
Titan8990Dr_future, alright do this: tar xvf john      ---- then press tab to autocomplete the name of the file06:48
uramaggetubottu, thanks06:48
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)06:48
howlsjinja-sheep: I used it on an img directory, but I want to keep everything else www-data because of my joomla install06:49
Titan8990Dr_future, that is how to extract from the command line06:49
Dr_futureTitan8990,  Could you please tell me, what both tar and xvf mean?06:49
howlsjinja-sheep: it did work on the img directory btw.06:49
Dr_futuretar xvf=extract?06:49
Titan8990Dr_future, tar is the archive tool used to extract06:49
jinja-sheephowls:  I suppose you should do this... gksudo nautilus -- It'll open the directory in root.  I'm sure you can place files in there under root admin.06:49
Titan8990Dr_future, x = extract06:50
Titan8990Dr_future, v = ( in nearly every command) verbose mode06:50
Titan8990Dr_future, and f = uncompress the .gz format06:50
sleepy_catwhere are all the icons in the menu bar in the home dir.06:50
click170If anyone wants to try a faster slimmer FireFox, check this out   http://www.puppylinux.asia/tpp/ttuuxxx/programs/other/FirePup.tar.gz06:50
jinja-sheep!theme | sleepy_cat06:50
ubottusleepy_cat: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy06:50
sleepy_catso tht they can be accessed from the home directory06:50
howlsjinja-sheep: yeah, I've been transferring files by root, then using chown, I just thought there might be an easier way06:50
Dr_futureTitan8990,  yeah, I did that and I clicked enter06:50
sleepy_catI dont want the theme06:51
jinja-sheepsleepy_cat:  Check under ~/.icons06:51
billy_mazedoes anyone know how I can check which partition windows is on, after installing ubuntu06:51
Titan8990Dr_future, alright, type: cd john-
howlsjinja-sheep: it doesn't make sense to me why it wouldn't allow my regular user to create or alter files even though I belong to the group06:51
Dr_futuresrc=source code?06:51
billy_mazeI tried checking /dev/sda2 but I had no luck06:51
Titan8990Dr_future, yes and it is commonly used06:52
Dr_futureyeah, done06:52
Digital7after removing/adding drivers with ubuntu's proprietery driver mangaer, "FATAL: Module binfmt_misc not found." occurs on 8.10 during boot and renders startup impossible. any takers?06:52
=== krzysztof is now known as copter
sleepy_catlet me explain.. you can see the terminal icon above.. (if u have it then) this icon is a shortcut to the terminal.. where is the main terminal file located in the file system06:52
jinja-sheephowls:  You're in group howls, but not in group www-var.06:52
Titan8990Dr_future, type: make06:52
sleepy_catso u dont need to on it from here.. i can do it directly06:52
Titan8990Dr_future, you will be presented with a list of pc architectures that john can be compiled on06:52
Titan8990Dr_future, are you using 32bit of 64bit ubuntu?06:52
=== copter is now known as dupa
jinja-sheepgnome-terminal ?06:53
jinja-sheepsleepy_cat:  See ^06:53
Titan8990Dr_future, type the following: sudo apt-get install build-essentials06:53
sleepy_catwhere is it in the file system06:53
howlsjinja-sheep: so would changing my primary group help?06:53
billy_mazeDoes anyone here know how I can view my windows partition in ubuntu?06:53
jinja-sheepsleepy_cat:  Look for the script?  Use which.  "which gnome-terminal"  It'll show you the path.06:53
billy_mazefrom the command line06:53
jinja-sheephowls:  Perhaps, add yourself to the existing group (www-var).06:54
Titan8990Dr_future, that package contains everything needed for compiling from source06:54
Dr_futureTitan8990,  Couldn't find package build essentials06:54
=== five_ is now known as Guest10204
jinja-sheephowls:  I found this -- I can't confirm it -- but it seems promising -- http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-linux-add-user-to-group/06:54
Guest10204im trying to run a ragnarok online client under wine and it is not attempting to connect to a network any suggestions?06:54
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)06:55
rachrxs: back06:55
rachrxs: still nothing06:55
=== dupa is now known as saddam
jinja-sheephowls:  Will find you a better example, I think.06:55
Titan8990Dr_future, sorry, no "s"06:55
Titan8990Dr_future, sudo apt-get install build-essential06:55
Joe_I upgraded from hardy to intrepid, on hardy was using nvidia 169.12 drivers (manually installed), intrepid I hae to use 96.43.09, the upgrade DID NOT work properly in that all the symlinks (like libglx.so) still went to the old nvidia 169.12 drivers.  I attempted to manualyl move every symlink to the correct version but now it X just fails to start (starts then crashes, dmesg says a segfault)... how do I fix this?06:55
Dr_futureyeah Titan899006:56
howlsjinja-sheep: thanks for the help.  There isn't a group www-var on Hardy06:56
Dr_futureTitan8990, what's that I'm downloading right now?06:56
Titan8990Dr_future, when it is finished, you can compile john with: make system linux-x86-sse206:56
Dr_futurea compiler?06:56
perseiand is there a command line to apt-x to know which package a specific file installed belong to ?06:57
jinja-sheephowls:  You can do it via GUI?  System --> Admin --> Users + Group :)06:57
simplenewbis there a package that will keep similar/exact same commands from being save in my .bash_history file? I find it very useful to have my previous commands stored there but if I'm testing something i often end up with 20 duplicate entries in a row.06:57
Titan8990Dr_future, a compiler along with some other needed programs that help automate the compilation proccess06:57
Titan8990Dr_future, source usually comes with a "make" file that does all the compiling work for you06:58
Titan8990Dr_future, like we see in jonn06:58
Titan8990Dr_future, err john06:58
ebrinkHi billy06:59
=== ebrink is now known as Trenter
billy_maze_hi ebrink06:59
Dr_futureCheck your private please Titan899006:59
TrenterWhy is everyones country Internic Network?06:59
howlsjinja-sheep: this is getting weird.  The GUI doesn't show www-var or www-data06:59
billy_maze_hi Trenter, do you know how to figure out which partition windows in on a dual boot?06:59
Titan8990Dr_future, I don't see a private06:59
TrenterYes I might be able to help with that, I recently setup my ubuntu with windows dual boot myself07:00
howlsjinja-sheep: but if I do 'groups howls' it shows me as part of www-data (which is the group that all the major www direcories are assigned)07:00
billy_maze_Trenter:  I'm trying to figure out, if my window partition is in /dev/sda1 or not07:00
billy_maze_Trenter:  I'm trying to figure out, if my window partition is in /dev/sda1 or if it's somewhere else07:00
jinja-sheephowls:  If you're part of the group, then you should be able to move files into the said directory.07:01
_2where is the setting that will stop icons from appearing on the desktop ?07:02
liyeHi guys, I just installed 8.10 by DVD but it has a initramfs + busybox problem on booting. Is there a quick solution to this? It's on thinkpad T40007:02
jinja-sheep!gparted | billy_maze07:02
ubottubilly_maze: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php07:02
Trenterbilly_maze_ How did you install ubuntu, through windows or on its own partition07:02
jinja-sheepbilly_maze:  It'll help you see things from graphical perspective.07:02
liyeHi guys, I just installed 8.10 by DVD but it has a initramfs + busybox problem on booting. Is there a quick solution to this? It's on thinkpad T40007:03
_2!grub > liye07:03
ubottuliye, please see my private message07:03
howlsjinja-sheep: that's what I thought, but for some reason I can't ...07:03
poningruliye, what does it say right before that error?07:03
poningruand ignore the advise regarding grub07:03
poningruits probably not a grub error07:03
jinja-sheephowls:  What's the link?  What did you install?07:03
_2poningru wana bet07:04
KuwangerI'd like to organize a collection of files and other data together.  Basically, I'm looking for something that's a cross between tagging, a relationship database, and using files for a lot of the underlying data.  Any ideas on something that can do this?07:04
poningruliye, the exact error must say something like: ".... something happened... dropping you to a shell"07:04
liyeponingru: i entered exit after (initramfs), now it's booting07:04
jinja-sheephowls: http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Managing_Ubuntu_Linux_Users_and_Groups#Adding_a_User_to_an_Ubuntu_Linux_System07:04
poningruliye, what is the exact error07:04
jinja-sheephowls:  Look under Modifying an Ubuntu Linux Group.07:04
NecrosanFlannel: Didn't work. Bombed out.07:04
poningruliye, yeah it can be multiple things like the root isnt detected in time etc.07:04
liyeponingru: i'll reboot and sow, a minute please07:05
NecrosanI have two hard disks in the machine.. any way I could write the 8.10 alt install cd image to the second hard disk?07:05
poningruby the boot partition07:05
NecrosanAnd install from there?07:05
andresmhhow can I check what video card I have from the command line?07:05
FlannelNecrosan: yes, let me get you a link07:05
DaSkreechGuest96847: Hello07:05
poningruandresmh, do lspci07:05
_2andresmh lspci      lshw07:05
FlannelNecrosan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux07:05
Baz_anyone know if there are monitoring tools for ubuntu software raid? like a warning that a drive is damaged07:06
_2andresmh lspci | grep -i vga    or    lshw -C display07:06
poningruBaz_, yes mdadm has multiple ones07:06
howlsjinja-sheep: I'll look into it07:06
_2where is the setting that will stop icons from appearing on the desktop ?07:06
poningru_2, its a gconf setting07:07
andresmhthanks _207:07
liyeponingru: ot says, Gave up waiting for root device, /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxx does not exist07:07
Baz_poningru: are they gui and automatic - as in i dont have to keep checking myself, it just tels me?07:07
_2poningru so i've been told.  where is it ?07:07
poningrudo a gconf-editor orr something in a terminal07:07
Necrosanhmm. Will be a bit different because of silo.07:07
jinja-sheep_2:  I spent my sweet minutes googling for you -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24948907:07
poningruliye, are you using something weird like doing scsi or something like that for your hard disk?07:08
_2poningru i've been all through gconf-editor  and havent seen anything that will stop them07:08
_2jinja-sheep ok. looking07:08
liyeponingru, I'm not sure, it's a laptop, thinkpad T40007:08
poningruoh hmm...07:09
=== ember is now known as somethingclever
liyeponingru, 8.04 and Arch boots up correctly07:09
perseiI have a file /usr/local/ant/bin/antRun and I would like to know which package this file belongs too. I 've tried apt-cache search antRun but it doesn't work. Is there another way to get the answer ?07:09
_2jinja-sheep trying now,  thanks.07:09
CaptainMorganponingru, nothing weird about scsi :) perfectly normal07:09
somethingcleverhey, all my video including flash are having a strobe effect, is there a way to fix this?07:10
jinja-sheep_2:  Welcome.07:10
NecrosanFlannel: No hd-media folder07:10
poningruliye, yeah I dont know why some reason root is taking too long to get detected07:10
poningruI dont know what to tell ya07:10
poningruCaptainMorgan, happened to me with a server07:11
poningrunever got around to looking into this same error07:11
poningrusince it never gets rebooted and everything is working fine07:11
CaptainMorganliye, just got here.. what's the issue you're having?07:11
poningruI just never looked into it07:11
poningruI am going to sleep07:11
poningrunn guys07:11
liyeCaptainMorgan, initiramfs + busybox issue07:11
somethingcleverhow do i fix my video?07:12
liyeit says /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxx does not exist07:12
NecrosanFlannel: http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/intrepid/main/installer-sparc/current/images/cdrom/07:12
Necrosanwill that work for vmlinuz / initrd?07:12
poningruliye, give him the exact wording of the error07:12
poningruok going to sleep07:12
_2CaptainMorgan the timeout for his scsi module may be too long/short.  one could test a sleep command in the initramfs scripts  premount maybe07:12
FlannelNecrosan: ah yes, ports. Yeah, that's the one.07:13
_2just a thought07:13
poningruits not scsi07:13
poningruits sata07:13
poningruI thought it was scsi he said it was a laptop07:13
NecrosanFlannel: You sure that will work? The guide you linked is pointing me to hd-media..07:13
poningrudoubt a 2008 laptop has scsi hdd07:13
_2hmmm ok.07:13
liyeCaptainMorgan, yup, it is SATA HD, i think07:13
poningruno clue why though07:13
_2still a sleep 4 might fix it.07:13
NecrosanI have a feeling once I reboot to the installer there will be no turning back ;)07:13
poningruanyway going to bed07:13
somethingcleversomeone please help me fix my video problem, its the only thing right now keeping me from windows completely07:14
FlannelNecrosan: I imagine the naming differences have to do with ports vs official07:14
Baz_is it true that dmraid, and therefore linux, does not support intel bios raid 5? raid...07:15
uramaggetafter i was forced to reboot (by pressing the power button) due to ubuntu freezing, i've found out that it is gone from my OS list. It was installed using Wubi.07:15
uramagget.any known way to fix this?07:16
NecrosanFlannel: There's definitely a difference between hd-media and cdrom initrd and vmlinuz07:16
liyeCaptainMorgan, maybe i07:16
NecrosanFile sizes are way off in the i386 branch07:16
liyeCaptainMorgan, maybe i had better to install 8.0407:16
NecrosanMust not be an hd-media image built, I assume?07:16
_2Baz_ reverse in question.    true is it that intel doesn't support linux in their raid5  :)07:16
FlannelNecrosan: you may be able to find some other form of media-less installation: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation07:16
lee1733Is it possible to have GeeXboX uShare point to a folder on a windows partition?07:16
liyeI'm so tired to handle these type errors07:16
Joe_please... I've lost 2 weeks of work to this damn upgrade... please can somoene help me fix this nvidia-glx-96 issue07:17
KuwangerNecrosan: If you have a second computer, netboot is a way to go.07:17
Baz__2: oh really is that true? I thought bios raid was OS independent and it was upto the OS to code to it??07:17
=== lee1733 is now known as Luckilee
rutgerAnyone here?07:19
rutgerWondering if u could help. I been all over the FAQ and can't find anything.07:19
somethingcleverwhats up07:20
rwparris2how do i browse to ~/ in the file browser?07:20
rutgerIt shows network manager installed but I don't see it there.07:20
Necrosani have a mac07:20
Necrosanpowerpc though07:20
_2rwparris2 up one level07:20
zyrorlhey is anyone else having problem logging onto msn with the pidgin that is released with intrepid07:20
_2rwparris2 cd into ..07:20
zyrorli've been having problems from day ... and its just coming up with MSNunable to retrieve msn  address book07:21
Digital7what can i do to produce an output log during bootup? i can't figure out what's going wrong here, and i can't boot up anymore (no error is present when it hangs)07:21
rutgerI am very use windows and am new to Ubuntu. How do I open network manager.07:21
Necrosanoh sweet07:21
Necrosani wont need to07:21
miranda_psirutger: should be a picture of two computers in the system tray at the top right07:21
somethingcleverhow do i get my videos to stop giving me seizures? they are flashing badly07:21
rutgerSo is this considered my network manager?07:22
shazoorwhen cannonical will update ubuntu human theme>?07:22
Baz__2: so regardless of whose fault it is, do you confirm that intel bios raid-5 is not possible on ubunut?07:22
somethingclevermy vids07:22
somethingclevermy vids shake like micheal J fox07:22
KuwangerNecrosan: Basically any computer will do for the netboot server (I ended up using a win98 machine to install ubuntu).07:22
_2Baz_ sorry, no i cant comfirm nor deny.  maybe a look at !hardware would though07:23
miranda_psirutger: you can do everything you need to from there - left and right clicks give you different options07:23
Flannel!repeat | somethingclever07:23
ubottusomethingclever: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:23
_2!hardware > Baz_07:23
ubottuBaz_, please see my private message07:23
Baz__2: ah ok, thank you07:23
izedhi all! after upgrade to ibex my video-mode on boot-up isn't set correctly, so i have to choose it manually from a list of modes. please: how can i fix this ?07:23
rutgerAnyone know what the deal is on the netgear WN111 wireless adapter?07:23
chris248so what information management is there for Ubuntu?07:23
chris248like Outlook, Zoot, Chandler07:24
NecrosanKuwanger: what about this method - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/NetbootInstallFromInternet07:24
_2!info kontact07:24
zyrorlanyone else having problems with pidgin and msn?07:24
ubottukontact (source: kdepim): KDE pim application. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid2 (intrepid), package size 513 kB, installed size 1664 kB07:24
zyrorlor is it just me?07:24
Digital7nutger: did you already try ndiswrapper?07:25
_2what's the gnome version of that ?07:25
_2!info evolution07:25
ubottuevolution (source: evolution): groupware suite with mail client and organizer. In component main, is optional. Version 2.24.2-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 2678 kB, installed size 9092 kB07:25
_2chris248 ^ ?07:25
zyrorl!info pidgin07:25
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.5.2-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 546 kB, installed size 1952 kB07:25
Leoanybody there?07:27
VideoSmithLeo:  Yes, all 1261 of us.07:28
VideoSmithLeo:  People were talking until you got here at least. :P  I was just opening this tab to see what's goin' on.07:28
Leome too07:29
izedafter upgrade to ibex my video-mode on boot-up isn't set correctly, so i have to choose it manually from a list of modes. where can i set the mode??07:29
VideoSmithI don't know too much, I only just a couple days ago learned about the "repository philosophy".  But who knows I might be useful ;)07:30
aminaI don't understand my upload speeds. Is there any priority mechanism in Ubuntu? I go up to 150KB/s with bittorrent but can't go higher than 30KB/s with ftp.07:30
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork07:31
_2ized ^07:31
Necrosanforgot to untar initrd.img07:31
Leothe command [sudo] does not seem to work well on my computer.07:33
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
Leodoes anyone met the same problem?07:33
_2Leo it either works or doesn't,   sudo echo boo07:33
_2if it says boo at you it's working07:33
Leookay let me try07:34
StarnestommyLeo: what do you mean by "does not seem to work well?"07:34
lowerlogichi, does anyone know how to set up a logitech usb headset? I've been searching the web and trying things for the past 3 hours without success.07:35
Leowhen i input a command ,it order my password ,then input the pwd, it shows that can not find the command07:35
StarnestommyLeo: what command?07:35
FlannelLeo: Does the command without sudo work?07:35
_2!tab > Leo07:35
ubottuLeo, please see my private message07:35
Joe_since my MB doesn't support two cards, I've been using the Quadro NVS280 PCI but Intrepid doesn't like it... does anyone know of a good upgrade?07:36
Joe_that does work with intrepid07:36
Leofor example, sudo apt-get install **07:36
FlannelLeo: it says apt-get not found?07:36
Leohold on a second,please07:38
=== cakey|lunch is now known as cakey
Wald1Hello, stupid question. If I launch an application from a terminal window, the window stays tied up until I close the application. Is there a way to return it to normal function afterward, or to launch applications from it without it doing that in the first place?07:40
Fiberchunkshowdy, can any of you folks explain to me why a command line dig <hostname> works very rapidly, but through xchat or firefox DNS lookups are hellaciously slow?07:41
FlannelWald1: you can do `command &` and that'll free up the terminal.07:41
FlannelWald1: but if you close the terminal, the window will close07:41
zyrorldoes anyone here use msn in pidgin?07:42
zyrorlat all/07:42
zyrorlor are you all anti microsoft  enough not to bother using msn either..?07:42
_2Wald1 the "nohup" command is made for that also if you don't want to just drop the process to the backgound  but rather completely "disown" it.07:42
Starnestommyzyrorl: I recall heaeing something about MSN having issues with their SSL certificates recently07:42
zyrorli can't connect, it says unable to retrieve msn address book07:43
ubuntuHelpMePleahi all07:43
zyrorlempathy on gnome and windows live messenger on my winblows box07:43
zyrorlbut empathy < pidgin07:43
blurrany staffers on tonight?07:43
rutgerAnyone know the answer about if Ubuntu is capable with Netgear WN111 Wiresless USB Adapter?07:44
ubuntuHelpMePleai`ve installed ubuntu as application, now GRUB is ok but my virtual paroot patition won`t boot. please i`m in work now, help me07:44
somethingcleverso all flash works in window mode, but if i try to watch som in fullscreen, it messes up, any ideas?07:45
MFF-EL-BORIPrimera ves q entro a un irc07:45
Wald1_2: The nohup command seems to work well for opening my embedded desktop stuff from the Terminal. Thanks!07:46
Gradhelp my07:46
Flannel!es | MFF-EL-BORI07:46
ubottuMFF-EL-BORI: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:46
jschallsound is out of sync with video in flash player 10 in intrepid07:47
Gradmy rasha07:47
MFF-EL-BORIhow i can enter ubuntu-es irc chat?07:47
jschallMFF-EL-BORI: /join #ubuntu-es07:47
MFF-EL-BORIthanks jschall07:47
MFF-EL-BORIi hope you guys have a nice day bye07:48
ubuntuHelpMePleamy seeror is a message: GRUB error 39: GRUB was not booted from DOS or the backup copy of DOS at physical address 0x20000007:48
ubuntuHelpMePleais corrupt07:48
Gradàìåðèêàíöåâ íàêàë07:48
ubuntuHelpMePleais some other channel where i`ll get help?07:49
somethingcleverwould wine and flash work better if i turned off my desktop effects?07:49
Wald1Also, what command would I use to kill one terminal window but not another? 'pkill gnome-terminal something-something-window title'?07:51
tayfunhello room i wanna ask a question so i ve heard people can install ubuntu in nintendo ds so i found one and download it but it dosnt work.07:51
Baz_hey, when I'm installing software RAID and I am at the point of "Create MD device", do I create a new MD device for each partition (/, /home, swap)? Or just once?07:52
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
suigenerishow do I get cut to to use a space as a delimiter?07:54
Gradâû âñå ïïèïèïïèïïè07:54
zmanningi love ubuntu07:55
Starnestommysuigeneris: maybe -d' '07:55
jschallaudio and video are out of sync in flash player 10 in intrepid ibex, anyone know the problem? q6600@2.8ghz, 4gb ddr106607:55
tayfunwhere can i find some nice applications for linux ubuntu ?07:56
tayfunwhere can i find some nice applications for linux ubuntu ?07:56
tayfunwhere can i find some nice applications for linux ubuntu ?07:56
FloodBot1tayfun: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:56
tayfunwhere can i find some nice applications for linux ubuntu ?07:56
blurrtayfun: google07:56
LSD|Ninjatayfun: System -> Admin -> Synaptic Package Manager07:57
jschalltayfun: it is not acceptable to ask the same question more than once in a short space of time. please stop spamming.07:57
tayfunhahahahah how funny blurr07:57
tayfunthanks ninja07:57
LSD|Ninjatayfun: Or Add/Renmove Programs in the main GNOME menu07:57
tayfunperfect ninja thanks07:57
tayfuni m gonna check it07:57
deagsi sent something ot the mailing list yesterday07:57
deagsstill nothing07:57
deagswhats going on07:57
jschalltayfun: in the future, please do not spam.07:57
tayfunjscahlll dont write it anymore man i said already ok07:58
LSD|Ninjatayfun: there's also a few neat things in the medibuntu repo if you want to add that too07:58
=== persei is now known as arvernes
tayfunninja i m lookin for some software for the ubuntu kinda like nmap07:58
zmanninghey where is the best place to put applications (/usr/share?)07:58
LSD|Ninjazmanning: wherever apt puts them ;)07:59
tayfunu know i used to use xp so i m new in ubuntu i found nmap and amazing so i thought maybe there is more softwares kinda lik that07:59
LSD|Ninjazmanning: it's never a good idea to play games with the package manager07:59
jschalltayfun: "sudo apt-get install nmap" or system->admin->synaptic->search nmap->install07:59
zmanningLSD|Ninja: eh well not everything is available from apt07:59
Starnestommyzmanning: /usr/local for things not installed using the package managers.  /usr is fine for most things installed by the package manager07:59
tayfunjschall dont u read what i wrote i wrote i have already nmap07:59
Starnestommyzmanning: see also `man hier`07:59
LSD|Ninjazmanning: Rule 34.1: if it exists, someone somewhere has probably made a .deb for it08:00
jschalltayfun: you said you wanted something like nmap, never mentioned having it. nmap is like nmap.08:00
zmanningLSD|Ninja: hahaha awesome08:00
blurrlol jschall08:00
zmanningLSD|Ninja: i lold08:00
tayfuni said i found a software nmap i have it already and wanna have more kinda things like that08:00
=== tyler is now known as Guest18895
=== Guest18895 is now known as barrel
jschalltayfun: if you don't have a specific need, then you're going to have a tough time finding specific software.08:01
tayfunjschall tell me are you bored ? you need someone to talk ? then u are in wrong place i m not the person who you looking for man08:01
tayfunso thanks for the help and bye for you help someone else i m sure that there is a lot of people who could need your help08:02
blurrtayfun, you looking for pentesting tools?08:02
barrelwhy is audio in ubuntu or linux in general so complicated....I have an optical audio connection to receiver but sound only works for dts and dolby digital...can someone help me?08:02
blurrtayfun, specifically on ubuntu?08:03
tayfunso ?08:03
nitaiwhats the command to open a directory with thunar ?08:04
nitaiim using fluxbox and want to add a command to open a folder in my home08:04
Joe_where is the list of supported nvidia cards for intrepid?08:04
Joe_I can't find it again...08:04
nitaii think the command goes something like this -> thunar \home/pictures08:05
=== gretch__ is now known as gretchen
blurrtayfun, just portscanners? or packet  capturing, mitm etc08:05
ubuntuHelpMePleahow to fix that?: sage: GRUB error 39: GRUB was not booted from DOS or the backup copy of DOS at physical address 0x200000 is corrupt08:05
=== five_ is now known as Guest41616
tayfunblurr port scanners and admin netz tools like ip sniffer netstat -n paket maanager and kinda like this08:06
blurrtayfun, have you tried backtrack? purpose built for pentesting08:07
tayfunand i m  looking for a dictionary software like brutus ( brute force ) for some files what i have in winrar they have password08:07
tayfunand i gotta open them08:07
tayfunis this a applications back track?08:07
blurrtayfun, nah its another distro08:08
_2hmmm i'm having a network issue on one box on my lan,  i can ping my gateway just fine, and the routing table looks ok.  but can't ping anything on the i(outer)net by name ???     seems to be an reslov.conf issue bur the local /etc/resolve.conf matches the gateway /etc/resolv.conf   ???08:08
tayfunblurr give me some softwares names08:08
tayfunso i m gonna check it out08:08
_2any thoughts ?08:09
blurrtayfun, have a look at backtrack. will do everything you need.08:09
neil_dgetpwnam() is returning an error :(  No such file or directory ..... what file ?08:10
CAiRO__2: well, try to use "dig" to see if the dsn server is reachable from your lan box08:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about backtrack08:10
Joe_ok, it's been so long... how do I tell what mother board I have without opening the case up?08:10
_Cidoh ...its on remote-exploit.org I seem to recall08:10
CAiRO__2: eg "dig google.com @dns.server.ip"08:10
_2CAiRO_ checking08:11
_CidJoe: look at the manual that you kept nicely with the original driver CDs all these years ;-)08:11
CuriosLinuxWow. I guess they really want me to go ask someone for help.08:11
CuriosLinuxInstall xchat, start it and it autoconnects me here.08:11
_2CAiRO_  ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached08:12
blurrany staffers in here?08:12
_CidJoe: seriosly - while you can find out what chips you got individually (like CPU, embedded sound etc etc) I know of no command that will striaght up tell you what MB you got :/08:12
Starnestommyblurr: staffers of what?08:12
blurrstarnestommy, freenode?08:12
Joe__Cid ok, mainly I just need to know what PCI-E slot it has (it's old, and I put it together years ago), just want to make sure it'll support a new graphics card before I buy it08:13
Starnestommyblurr: join #freenode and state what you need there08:13
CAiRO__2: well, maybe your router isnt doing what it should do?08:13
_2CAiRO_ ?   it's a ubuntu box08:13
blurrstarnestommy, thnx08:13
NecrosanFlannel: the netboot method i posted seems to be working08:13
Necrosanwe shall see ;)08:13
_CidJoe_: uh ..how old ....PCI-E is not THAT old ...I tend to use old MB's for linux boxes - and with my definition of old ... we still talking AGP08:14
lianimatorEOG 2.24.1 takes 10 seconds to load... anyone also having this?08:14
CAiRO__2: well, i dont know if ubuntu is configure to gateway network traffic by default08:14
_CidJoe_:  seriously, before you buy - it seems worthwhile to put a phillips #3 to the test ;-)08:14
_2CAiRO_ it's not the gateway.   if it were it would affect all boxen08:14
_CidJoe_: you need to open it anyway to install said card .... whats the harm? ;-)08:14
Joe__Cid: Well... I built it before I moved here, which means at least 3 years ago, and I didn't have much to spend... so :P08:14
_CidJoe_: seriously doubt it has PCI-E then08:14
Joe__Cid having to open it up, find out, put back together, turn on, research cards, buy card...08:15
* _2 warns that "default" isn't in his vocabulary08:15
CAiRO__2: ah, ok, can you ping external servers by their ips from your lan box?08:15
Fiberchunkswhy oh why does network manager suck so much?08:15
Joe__Cid yes, I'm just trying to be lazy... I know the cards it currently has is a GeForce 6200 and a Quadro NVS280 PCI08:15
_2CAiRO_ yessir08:15
poogerwow...thats a fair few users ><08:15
_CidJoe_: "put back together" seems like an optional step ;-)    but even then, faster than buying blindly ..open box ... put box back together ..take card back to store ...do more research, order old card online ;-)08:16
CAiRO__2: hmm, and does the dsn check work from other boxes in your lan?08:16
_2CAiRO_ yessir08:16
_2with the exact same /etc/resolv.conf i might add08:16
_CidJoe_: good question though ...can we see what kind of BUS we got going ... humm..worth a try08:17
CAiRO__2: hmm, thats strange.. maybe your have a difference in the routing configuration or maybe youve set up some iptables rules on the problematic box?08:17
poogerI was wondering if anyone might know why my ubuntu has an odd quirk. I have music on an internal harddrive. Audacious wont play it until I manually open the harddrive from nautillus. It seems kind of like a permissions thing?08:17
_2i'm not sure why the wlan and eth are showing up in "ifocnfig" on that box though. only br0 should be showing...08:17
_2CAiRO_ i hadn't thought of iptables, but i'll check08:18
albechdid anyone try to run win7 under virtualbox?08:18
=== Cc2iscooL_ is now known as Cc2iscooL
_2CAiRO_ nope all clean there08:18
CAiRO__2: you could try to put down those interfaces you don't need... ifdown eth0 or ifconfig eth0 down08:19
zmanningwhat exactly is Create a USB Startup Disk?08:19
Ahadielalbech, sounds like more of a #virtualbox question08:19
CAiRO__2: even though i would think those other interfaces dont do any harm if you can ping external servers by their ips08:19
albechAhadiel: you are probably right, but i was just trying here ;)08:19
_2CAiRO_ ummm,  yeah i could...    i'll probably lose sshd that way, but i have physical access too08:19
_CidJoe_: I dont know, and I got no pci-e here ..so not sure what to look for .... sorry ...I would imagine there would be SOMETHING in dmesg or so08:20
CAiRO__2: ah, ok, than don't08:20
_CidJoe_:  oh ...err..I think I do have pci-express .....  try   dmesg | grep pci see what you get08:21
CAiRO__2: you could maybe try to find out if you can reach other dns servers from your problematic box08:21
_2CAiRO_ heh too late.   and killing both interfaces errored with/  run-parts: /etc/network/if-down.d/resolvconf exited with return code 108:21
_2maybbe i need to remove some /etc/network/if*/crap08:21
CAiRO__2: well, i would try to find out why the connection to the dsn server cannot be made.. there has to be a reason for that08:23
_2CAiRO_ yes, give me a minute to reset the box after changing some scripts.   i'll let you know how it goes.08:25
CAiRO__2: ok, good luck08:26
rorotMy BIOS loading Was VERY SLOW, why ?08:26
Joe__Cid: Ok... it is older than I thought... AGP card08:27
neil_dother than /etc/passwd /etc/shadow /etc/group what files does getpwnam() require ?08:27
Starnestommyneil_d: maybe /etc/nsswitch.conf08:28
* _Cid is resisting the *I told you so* 08:28
unopneil_d, require??  those should cover it08:29
unopneil_d, but /etc/g{shadow,passwd} might be used too08:29
_CidJoe_: mind you - you can get some pretty nifty AGP cards for a pretty good price - what kind of graphic needs you got? ...I dont game much (anymore)  but I ran wow (under wine) full raid settings with a nvidia AGP under linux08:29
Joe__CId 4 monitors08:30
_CidJoe_: ah..I see08:31
Joe__Cid: I was using GeForce 6200 and Quadro NVS280PCI (Now I remember why I found that damn PCI card), Intrepid doesn't like either08:31
_CidJoe_: I got zilch experience in multiple monitors, sorry :/08:32
p4rseproftpd wont start, says "hansserver - fatal: Socket operation on non-socket" (hansserver is my hostname)08:32
_2hmmm i seem to be making matters worse. now i can't even ping by ip anything on the inet.08:33
_Cidp4rse: you made sure nothing else runs on that port? :)   and/or that whatever user you trying to start it with have rights to write in /var ?  (just things of the top of my head08:33
_Cidp4rse:  when I say /var ...its whatever file its trying to set its lock file08:34
_2CAiRO_ no joy.08:34
Joe__Cid mainly used for work (programing, low-graphics) so most I use it for is to watch a tv show or two08:34
p4rse_Cid: sudo started it08:34
_Cidp4rse:  was a permission thingy then, oh well - now you rocking :-)08:35
_CidJoe_: I am impressed - you can program on 4 screens at the time ;-)08:35
p4rse_Cid: i mean i when i did "sudo proftpd" i got that error08:35
_Cidp4rse:  oh :/08:35
Joe__Cid heh, 1-2 for the actual code, rest is for references and test copies08:36
Lanaany other webcam compatible programs other than kopete?08:36
Joe__Cid actually have 5 monitors, my server (where I'm at right now)08:36
_Cidwhat is standard ftp again ...21?08:36
_2ok, i found it.  the wlan0 being up but not turned on (no ap avalable) seems to have been interfearing with dns resolution for some "unknown to me" reason.08:36
_Cidp4rse: have a look to see if that port is in use already - try  'netstat -n | grep 23'08:37
Starnestommy_Cid: 20 and 2108:37
_2CAiRO_ found it.08:37
_Cidp4rse:  err..21 I meant  ....not 23 ...that is..err..telnet?08:37
* _Cid forgets his ports 08:37
sleepy_catwI saw the harddisks in the system monitor it showed me 2 one sda1 which is of type ext3 and the other one is .gvfs can u tell me wht these are08:37
Zeelothi guys I need a lot of help please, I have a 2TB raid set and it used to have a bunch of partitions and an ntfs drive for my data (about 1.5TB), but I expanded the ntfs partition with I think GParted and now I cant access it (it shows as 47GB and the rest unpartitioned but I deleted the older partitions and expanded the NTFS partition to take the whole drive)08:38
ZeelotI have all my data on this 1.5 TB partition and I just wanted to expand it to use all 2TB, after I expanded it I could access it but then I rebooted and now I cannot anymore08:38
Zeelot please any help or direction would be _very_ appreciated08:38
armyriadOn my school computer, the installed version of Emacs is old. I do not have administrator privileges. Is it possible to locally install a recent copy of Emacs?08:38
_Cidp4rse:  you could also check by doing a   'ftp localhost' I suppose08:38
Digital7what's the name of the open source NVIDIA drivers included on ubuntu's cd?08:38
lianimatorRunning eog gives the message after a long wait: WARNING **: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.08:38
Digital7package name08:38
_CidDigital7: xserver-xorg-video-nv08:39
p4rse_Cid: netstat -n | grep 21 returned nothing, 20 returned something with @/org/kernel/udev/udevd08:39
click170 Which is best, Adobe Flash Player (*cringe*), Swfdex SWF player, or Gnash SWF Player?08:39
p4rse_Cid: ftp localhost got "connecton refused"08:39
p4rse_Cid: i am running ubuntu server 8.10 btw08:40
_Cidp4rse: check it out :)   http://www.proftpd.org/docs/faq/linked/faq-ch4.html#AEN27308:40
p4rse_Cid: thanks08:42
_Cidp4rse:  did that make sense to you? - basically change it to standalone08:42
p4rsewhats the difference between inetd mode and standalone?08:42
_Cidp4rse: its basically a matter of how you organize your servers - I am sure other people feel strongly for inetd ... but standalone works really well on a nice modern system like Ubuntu08:43
_2oh man this is nice.    Memory Used/Total Percent: 9/439 MB (2%)08:44
_2Swap   Used/Total Percent: 0/0 MB (0%)08:44
sleepy_catI saw the harddisks in the system monitor it showed me 2 one sda1 which is of type ext3 and the other one is .gvfs can u tell me wht these are08:44
_Cidp4rse:  I havent used inetd in ages, but it used to be the one place where you defined all your services ... so you could 'restart all internet services' with one command08:44
Starnestommysleepy_cat: what do you mean by that?08:44
p4rse_Cid: ok, will standalone start automatically on reboot etc like most daemons do?08:44
BinaryBoy000How do I enable my playlist to automatically load using amarok?08:45
_Cidp4rse:  check if it put an entry in the init dirs ... most likely it did    check in  /etc/init.d  do you see a proftp link?08:46
p4rse_Cid: yes08:47
_Cidp4rse: I think you good then :)08:47
p4rse_Cid: so everything thats linked in /etc/init.d/ will start automatically?08:47
_Cidp4rse:  those are the init scripts .... assuming there are links to the scripts from the init startup levels... which are located ...err..gimme a sec (man I need caffein)08:48
_Cidp4rse:  /etc/rcX.d   where X represent the run level08:48
_Cidp4rse:  have a look in fx  /etc/rc2.d08:49
=== ember is now known as somethingclever
_Cidp4rse:  see all those links?   (executed alphabetically - hence the naming convention)08:49
Lanacan someone please help me with using my webcam in ubuntu08:49
p4rse_Cid: oh i see, cool08:50
_Cidp4rse:  I am guessing you got a proftp in either rc2 or rc3   if you do ...then it will call the script in init.d08:50
LanaI've tried several programs and tutorials, nothing is working08:50
p4rse_Cid: yes its in rc3.d :)08:50
_Cidp4rse:  meaning it wills tart up in run level 3 or higher ... so if you need to boot up in single user mode (run level 1) it will not start up08:50
p4rse_Cid: ok08:51
_Cidp4rse:  I havent looked at run levels in ages ...used to be  3 was where all server component were  and all gui stuff came in 5 ... not sure anymore :)08:51
Leocan someone offer me help?08:51
p4rse_Cid: hehe ok, thanks for all the help and info :) now proftpd is up and running :D08:52
GianponHi everyone. I need a simple html editor, possibly an online one to create graphically simple tables to add to my blog, I thinked to download an html editor but i found only heavy suites that not fit my need a simple tool, can anyone help me please?08:52
Leoi use the sudo command ,it keeping ask my password,why?08:52
_Cidp4rse:  sweet ...now...you know FTP is notorious un-secure right? ;-)08:52
_CidGianpon: personal preference, but I like blue fish08:52
_CidLeo:  its security ;-)  if you do not like it ... you can run as root ...its not recommended though08:52
StarnestommyLeo: it's supposed to ask for a password08:52
blip-hi all, i'm running ubuntu 8.04.  Yesterday I installed the new kernel and when asked to replace menu.lst i let it create one (after backing up my own).   For some reason with the new autogenerated menu.lst I'm unable to boot any of the installed kernels including the new one .23... i'm getting an Error 15 File Not found message.  any ideas what's causing this ?   I can't boot any kernel other than the one i'm using now08:53
blip-(   thanks08:53
* _Cid wonders if he is about to be channel kicked for suggesting using root ...08:53
Leoyeah, and i give it the administrator password08:53
_CidLeo:  for sudo, you should use your own password08:53
_CidLeo:  when you as a regular user need to perform actions reserved for super users ...it will prompt you for the passwd08:54
p4rse_Cid: how do i make it more secure? basically what i need is that each user has ftp access to ~/08:54
Leoi am the administrator.no other guess session08:54
_CidLeo:  shrug.... you can make yourself root then if you like .... <insert standard disclaimer>      'sudo su'08:55
Starnestommy_Cid: sudo -i is safer08:55
Gianpon_Cid: Bluefish is not a very coprehensive editor? I agree with you that a program that can do great thing can do well the little ones also, but I'm not really using html...08:55
_Cidp4rse:  use encrypted file transfers ;-)  or at least sandbox your ftp access08:55
_CidStarnestommy:  never did that ...whats thedifference?08:55
p4rse_Cid: sandbox ftp access?08:56
_Cidp4rse:  openssh come with some great stuff, including secure file transfer - that way no one can sniff your mates username/password08:56
_Cidp4rse:  they would need a secure client..like ... err..WinSCP ...or something like that (if they are on windows)08:56
p4rsep4rse: oh, is it easy to set up?08:56
p4rseim studip08:57
kj4hzw__remove username/p from that statement and it becomes quite funny08:57
_Cidp4rse:  sandbox means a closed of area of your server, so even if it is comprimised, thats as far as they go08:57
p4rse_Cid: ok. is openssh file transfer easy to set up?08:57
_Cidp4rse:  openssh is easy to set up, yeah  'apt-get install openssh-server'08:58
hateballp4rse: apt-get install ssh08:58
_Cidp4rse: I think it will ask you some questions, and help you generate a key08:58
_Cidp4rse:  now your work is done ...just need to make sure your users use a secure client08:58
armyriadHow can I install software without sudo privileges?08:58
p4rsei already have sshd, but how do i use the secure file transfering thing?08:58
Gianponin addition to it I'd like a software with an easy to use GUI for tables. Surely i can edit it manually, but it will require a lot of time and a nice coding is not so important in my case08:58
_Cidp4rse:  assuming your friends on are on windows - this one works great (and its free) http://winscp.net/eng/index.php08:59
_Cidp4rse:  its part of the bundle baby, you already done ;-)08:59
_CidGianpon:  yeah, agreed - bue fish is mostly text based ...sorry ...thats as far as my leet html coding goes ;-)08:59
_Cidp4rse:  whoever can ssh in ...can also scp in09:00
p4rse_Cid: oh, nice09:00
Gianpon_Cid: No problem, thank you!09:00
cjns3274how do I turn off antialising for small fonts on the gdm/gnome login screen?09:02
p4rseGianpon: tables in html are really easy actually... <table><tr><td>row 1 cell 1</td><td>row 1 cell 2</td></tr></table>09:02
_CidGianpon:  you looked at NVU?09:03
p4rseGianpon: i would say learn html instead of hunting down a good html editor for linux and then learning that program... http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_tables.asp09:04
_CidGianpon:  http://nvu.com/09:04
=== Gumby is now known as |test|
=== |test| is now known as Gumby
Gianponp4rse: yes, I know and I can made a table textually, but it is a long process to do considering the fact that the contents of the table will be something that you read once and then forget about them...09:05
=== kevin_ is now known as kevin83
* _Cid is watching the NVU video ...looks fancy09:06
Gianponp4rse: in addition to it I'm not trying to build a nice site, I only need some html code to paste on my blog09:07
p4rseGianpon: what do you need? i could try slapping up a quick table for you09:08
sleepy_catI saw 2 harddisks in the system monitor it showed me 2 one sda1 which is of type ext3 and the other one is .gvfs can u tell me wht these are09:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gvfs09:09
_Cidits a gnome virtual file system09:09
_Cidsleepy_cat:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GVFS here you go :-)09:09
Gianponp4rse: I need something stupid like this: http://tablegen.nfshost.com/, where I can insert datas and have in response some code. Maybe it will be useful to have the possibility to paste some code and edit it. That's all!09:10
Artanis00Is there any way to get rhythmbox to treat a lowly thumbdrive like an iPod for syncing purposes?09:12
Melikbanshee has ipod support i think09:13
Meliktry installing banshee09:14
Artanis00Melik: I'm thinking the other way round: trying to treat a usb thumbdrive as if it was an iPod.09:16
Melikno idea09:17
_CidArtanis00:  no idea ...can rhytmbox place some music in a custom folder? ...then you could use rsync :P09:18
_CidArtanis00: (keep 2 fodlers in sync)09:19
Artanis00_Cid: possibly09:19
_CidArtanis00: then it would work both ways ... you recorded some new awesome music int he studio ..got it on your key ... sync ...now you got it in rhytm09:20
Gianponthat's interesting: http://tableizer.journalistopia.com/ you can just paste you OOCalc text and have a table back09:21
_CidGianpon: did you look at nvu ? :)   (just making sure it didnt get lost in channel spam)09:21
Artanis00_Cid: though it lacks in the ability to sync only a certain playlist, i think09:22
_CidArtanis00: lacks lot of stuff, not really a solution - just a hack :P09:22
Artanis00I know09:22
_CidArtanis00: how are plyalists stored? ..could you parse it ? ;-)09:23
_CidArtanis00: I mean..is it just a bunch of text? :)09:23
Artanis00_Cid: I think it's in rhyhtmbox's DB until you export.09:23
Artanis00then it becomes a .pls file09:24
_CidArtanis00: which could be parsed...and parse to rsync? ;-)09:24
Gianpon_Cid: Yes, I had a glimpse on it, but everything seems too professional and heavy for my poor old laptop, so i continued my search of some online tools09:24
_CidGianpon:  oki :-)09:24
Artanis00_Cid: just need a way to automate playlist export, then09:24
_CidArtanis00: is there a CLI interface to rhytmbox?09:25
Artanis00_Cid: yes09:25
_CidArtanis00: hehe ..wont be pretty - but sounds doable09:25
Artanis00_Cid: but there's no playlist export on it09:26
_CidArtanis00 rhythmbox-client --print-playing ...will print the current songs ... humm..maybe not09:26
vince38hi to all09:27
_CidArtanis00:  oh well, i tried - I need a few minutes to heat up a bottle for the little one, brb ;-)09:27
Artanis00_Cid: thanks for your help09:27
vince38is there someone using a k7 kernel ? id like to have the output of uname -r please09:27
rio__hi can anyone tell me what is the name of icons scheme for ubntu 8,1009:29
=== ara_ is now known as ara
rio__is it called human or tango ?09:31
rio__icon pack09:31
rio__used in ubuntu 8.10 ibex09:31
fosco_both, human by default09:31
nsadminmisunderstanding and bewilderment... romantical!09:32
badfish69in my volume control i keep going to "recording" and unmuting the mic and line in, only to have them mute again when i close the volume control. sound card is audigy09:33
zuberotI'm having problems logging to MSN using pidgi, I get this message: Unable to retrieve MSN Address Book I've googled but can't find solution09:36
vince38zuberot: same here09:36
vince38zuberot: msn problem i guess09:36
fosco_zuberot: try emesene09:36
SlimeyPeteyes, apparently everyone is affected09:36
SlimeyPeteMSN must have changed their configuration slightly09:36
zuberotfosco_ emesene works fine, I like Pidgin as my IM client ;)09:37
blip-Hi all, in my menu.lst I have 3 ubuntu kernels on there and 1 non-ubuntu distro kernel.... the non-ubuntu boots fine but all the ubuntu's start booting until they reach a stage where it says "Starting Boot scripts /etc/rc.local"... at that point I see brief flashes of a mouse cursor on a black background then it returns to the booting rc.local message and hangs there forever.  Can you please help me fix this ?    Here is my menu.lst09:37
blip-http://rafb.net/p/5v1UdV14.html and my unmodified /etc/rc.local  http://rafb.net/p/w4gD3547.html    .  thanks09:37
batcoder-7is xibuntu pretyt much a standard ubuntu system with xfce instead of  gnome ?09:38
SlimeyPetebatcoder-7: yes09:39
batcoder-7anything else different ?09:39
SlimeyPetebatcoder-7: in fact you can turn your ubuntu into xubuntu by just install the xubuntu-desktop package from synaptic09:39
SlimeyPetethat will allow you to select XFCE (or GNOME, of course) from the login menu09:39
vince38less gnome, more xfce09:39
batcoder-7hmmi installed a regualr xubuntu install09:39
batcoder-72 things though09:39
batcoder-7either xfce got more bloated or xubuntu has like 200 daemons in the background i dont need ;)09:40
sunnymale or female09:40
SlimeyPeteboth, probably09:40
vince38200 daemons ?09:40
Gianponthank you everyone... I must study a bit now. See you!09:40
zuberotwhy I'm getting this: E: Package pidgin-msn-pecan has no installation candidate09:40
badfish69why does my mic keep muting itself?09:41
SlimeyPetezuberot: because it's not in the repositories09:41
zuberotSlimeyPete: solution ?09:41
sunnymale or female?09:41
SlimeyPetezuberot: there's a package called "msn-pecan". Maybe that's what you want?09:42
Digital8Is it possible to repair a Ubuntu installation from commandline with the DVD?09:42
Ububeginanyone knows where is the #webservice channel09:42
batcoder-7vince38, a standard xubuntu install has got wifi stuff going bluetooth among tons and tons of other things09:43
sunnymale or female?09:43
vince38batcoder-7: shut this down09:43
vince38batcoder-7: sorry my english is bad , i meant, deactivate services you don't need09:44
Flannelsunny: Please stop.  This channel is for Ubuntu support.09:44
batcoder-7vince38, whats your native lang?09:44
* vince38 is french09:45
batcoder-7hmmm yea09:45
batcoder-7in french i dont think it would have been used quite that way though hm09:45
sunnystupid ans mu question09:45
vince38batcoder-7: sorry i can't get what you mean09:46
batcoder-7vince38, non native speakers make a big mistake of uisng way too many this's and thats09:46
batcoder-7this/that/them 's non engish speakers use too many vince38  but yea09:47
batcoder-7vince38, i hate deactivating services09:48
batcoder-7i fele like they shouldnt be there to begin with heh09:48
vince38batcoder-7: lol , strange philosophy09:48
batcoder-7its very true09:48
batcoder-7an engliah speaker would have said, deactivate the services you dont want ;) non english speakers, more so ones that speak a latin based language, feel like they should use english words of germaniac orgin09:49
batcoder-7vince38, i spent some time in france my french was more horrible then your english, only thing i had going for me was a somewhat similar vocabulary09:50
vince38where are you from batcoder-7 ?09:51
batcoder-7miami florida09:51
batcoder-7south part of the usa09:51
vince38ok yes, i know my geography...:-D09:52
vvdhey, what was that (relatevely new) app called thats suppose is to ease a kernel update by automatically updating third party modules?09:52
Seveasvvd, dkms?09:52
batcoder-7vince38, alot dont heheh09:52
vvdSeveas: yeah, ty09:52
vince38batcoder-7: yea, a lot american people :-D09:53
* batcoder-7 sighs >> typical european :P 09:54
batcoder-7vince38, no place is really stupid, problem is the french think they are the best and dont need anyone else and the usa thinks the same so yea heh09:55
sunnyhow are u09:56
vince38batcoder-7: :-D , it was a joke, but there's  some bases of reality in what yoy say , i'd say a high percentage of ppl are not aware of their thoughts of being the best09:57
=== n is now known as Guest44109
vince38sunny: who are you talking to ?09:58
batcoder-7vince38, alot of the best stuff can come from perception, canada for instance, many people there think americans think they are the best, but in reality they just see music movies tv etc etcand just assume its the best ;)09:59
vince38sunny: look in yur head and actions , and ti others people , and may be you could feel the same as me, may be not too09:59
sunnybut how09:59
SergiuThi. how can i block dns lookup for a website?09:59
bobslaedevince38: its a bot i think09:59
hischild_SergiuT, add that site in /etc/hosts09:59
sunny r u male r female09:59
vince38ooohh ok lol09:59
hischild_!ops | sunny10:00
ubottusunny: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!10:00
bobslaedevince38: he as just banned from ##php a minute ago :)10:00
Myrttisunny: not funny10:00
SergiuT on your network from chatting, we suggest blocking DNS lookups to webcs.msg.yahoo.com and httpcs.msg.yahoo.com by returning
Ariba100?Question After messing with my partitions I am unable to boot my ubuntu-partition. But I am able to read it by runing Ubuntu live-cd. I want do get a list over the packages installed.sudo dpkg --get-selections gets me a list of the packages on live-cd. How do I get the list from the Ubuntu-partition?10:00
SergiuTi want to do that but i don't know where to write it10:00
vince38batcoder-7: thx for discussion10:00
sunny r u male r female10:00
halyconHow do I do the following: 2. Create Several Symlinks10:01
halycon  /usr/local/lib/codecs -> /usr/lib/codecs10:01
halycon  /usr/local/lib/win32 -> /usr/lib/codecs10:01
halycon  /usr/local/lib/w32 -> /usr/lib/codecs10:01
halycon  /usr/lib/win32 -> /usr/lib/codecs10:01
FloodBot1halycon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:01
halycon  /usr/lib/w32 -> /usr/lib/codecs10:01
batcoder-7vince38, lol10:01
vvdhalycon: ln -s src dst10:02
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:02
SergiuTso... any hint?10:02
vvdAriba100: what about "unmessing" the partitions?10:03
vvdSergiuT: put them into your /etc/hosts10:04
vvd127.0.0.1 foo.com10:04
Ariba100vvd: I have tried a lot of things without any succes so now I just wanted to do a reinstall.10:05
vvdAriba100: you could try to chroot to your install disk10:06
vvdand run the cmd there10:06
=== hischild_ is now known as hischild
halyconoh no it still didnt work10:07
Ariba100vvd: hmm yeah, I will try that. Thanks10:07
halyconDoes anyone know how to install all the codecs with Mplayer? There is one audio codec that refuses to play in Linux eventhough it is supposably supported10:08
=== leta is now known as maria50
CedaraI'm having fun with a dual XP ubuntu system in which windows crashed last night. Luckily I can access grub this morning again.10:09
CedaraI'm now pondering if I just should change the ntfs drives (except for the windows one) to ext3 and manually mount them10:09
halyconCedara, what happend to it10:09
Cedaralast night, I wanted to boot in XP but got the blue screen of death10:09
halyconoh what is the BSOD10:10
Cedarathen after a reboot, I get grub error 2210:10
CedaraI start with the live cd10:10
Cedaraand I see that the hdd is still there10:10
maria50this is my first experience with ubuntu10:10
grokeni'm trying to right zero pad floats in this statement: myStr="x=%g" % (myFloat) i want this to function like this: '3.14'.ljust(6, '0') would do but would prefer to keep all of the formating within the string. can i do this?10:10
CedaraI only can't access 465GB of my 500gb hdd10:10
maria50i hope I"m not in for a wild ride10:10
Cedarathis morning10:10
grokenoops, wrong chan10:10
CedaraI start up the system10:10
=== NeoBlaster is now known as neoblaster
Cedaraand I get grub again and can boot in ubuntu10:10
ardchoillemaria50: Welcome to a whole new world :)10:11
Cedaraonly the ntfs drives are inaccessible, but there's there in Gparted10:11
halyconCedara, oh you should be able to mount your NTFS drives10:11
halyconas read only or something10:11
oCean_maria50: a whole world full of wild rides :)10:11
Cedaralemme show you the screen shot10:11
AslanManjoin #apache10:12
CedaraI've tried the check thing on the sda1010:12
Cedaraand it came up with errors10:12
Cedaraso now I'm wondering if I should just try to mount them manually10:12
Cedaraor if I should just change to ext3 and reformat10:13
Cedarabecause I've backuped 2/3rds of the important stuff anyway10:13
CedaraI hadn't used XP for at least 6 months10:13
halyconwoah you have a lot of drives10:13
Cedaraso I don't really need it anymore10:13
Cedarayeah, I know10:13
halyconerr partitions10:13
halyconI wonder why they dont show up10:14
Cedarame too10:14
CedaraI think something is screwed up with XP10:14
CedaraI'm surprised it still finds the menue.lst10:14
halyconare you using that semagic program10:14
Titan8990lol was sda10 not a typo?10:14
CedaraI'm on lj, yes10:15
Cedaraand I'm using it there10:15
Cedarawith wine10:15
silv3r_m00nhi there10:15
silv3r_m00nwhile using apache is /var/www the only place to put webfiles .... can inidvidual users have their own directory ?10:15
Cedaragot an idea, halycon?10:16
halyconoh cool10:16
halyconCedara, Im  just trying to find some stuff10:16
Flannelsilv3r_m00n: Yeah, ~/public_html/10:17
silv3r_m00nFlannel: how will it be accessed from the browser ?10:18
Andy80hi all10:18
silv3r_m00nlocalhost/   ?10:18
Flannelsilv3r_m00n: http://localhost/~username/10:18
halycondid you try any of that stuff10:18
Cedaralemme look10:18
wisniewskiwhats the better internetbrowser for ubuntu firefox or opera10:18
=== neoblaster is now known as NeoBlaster
halyconyou might just have to mount them manually as read only10:18
wisniewskior another10:18
Andy80what is the domount command, and where can I find it? I've found an howto, to make virtualbox work, and it requires that command, but I cannot find it...10:18
Cedarathat means I can't write to them10:18
CedaraI used to have them automatically mounted10:19
Cedarabefore the XP crash10:19
halyconyeah that is how it is setup on mine too10:19
Cedaraand no I haven't tried that yet10:19
halyconwhat is the BSOD in windows?10:19
halyconthe Blue Screen10:19
CedaraI can't remember word for word anymore, was too quick10:20
Cedarasomething with page something10:20
Cedarait didn't boot in xp10:20
silv3r_m00nFlannel: i created a public_html folder in my home folder and put an html file but browser says 404 not found10:20
Cedaraand crashed instead10:20
ph8hi everyone - i've got a weird intrepid error (xorg?) - after i've used the system for a while i can't open any more applications - for instance now i'm using xchat because it was already open but i can't open nautilus, gedit, anything really - i can't find anything in logs - has anyone got any idea where i should look/start? I'm on a three screen system across nvidia 8800gtx+8600gts with xinerama and the other goodies that come with such an endaevour10:20
halyconyou should press F8 and turn off the automatic restart option10:20
halyconin the Windows Advanced Options menu10:20
Flannelsilv3r_m00n: Alright, do this: sudo a2enmod userdir && sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart10:21
CedaraF8? Hmmm10:21
Flannelsilv3r_m00n: Also, chmod a+x ~/public_html, and also chmod +r the html file10:21
halyconit should bring you to the Windows Advanced Options menu10:21
halyconand you can try the Last known working configuration10:21
Cedaraso after a restart, when it gets to grub10:21
CedaraI choose XP10:21
halyconor disable the automatic restart option10:21
Cedarathen F8?10:22
halyconthen immediatly tap on F810:22
CedaraI haven't tried that yet10:22
halyconand it will bring you to the Windows Advanced options thing10:22
Cedaraand what then?10:22
halyconthen you can try booting it using the Last Known Good Configuration10:22
Cedaraand if that doesn't work10:22
silv3r_m00nFlannel: enabling the module worked fine10:22
halyconor turn off the automatic restart10:22
silv3r_m00nFlannel: thanks10:22
halyconand see what the error message is10:23
Cedaraand come back here *G*10:23
Cedaraback in a bit then10:26
naoshigewhat's the cutest, simplest shell prompt you've ever seen?10:28
unomihi guys10:29
unomipidgin needs updating10:29
SlimeyPeteyes, it's broken at the moment. Workarounds I've heard of: use emesene (or another IM client), or install the msn-pecan package.10:29
naoshigeubuntu people!10:29
naoshigewhat's the cutest, simplest shell prompt you've ever seen?10:29
Flannelnaoshige: Try dash?10:30
halyconi happen to think bash is quite cute and sexy10:30
halyconeventhough I dont know how to use it really10:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about albania10:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about al10:31
judgenisnt there a albanian ubuntu channel?10:32
=== BADAI is now known as cilegon_cobise_s
Flanneljudgen: #ubuntu-al10:33
Flanneljudgen: Yes, they just don't have a factoid apparently.10:33
judgenFlannel noone there...10:34
Flanneljudgen: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlbanianTeam10:34
Flanneljudgen: Maybe not an active one anymore.10:34
x1250is there any parser for apache logs which can IPs that try to exploit the server, like in:10:36
x1250[Thu Jan 08 02:14:20 2009] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/web11/web/nonexistenshit10:36
FloodBot1x1250: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:36
x1250s/IPs/ban IPs/10:36
Joe_I'm gonna guess: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/nvidia-glx-96_96.43.09-0ubuntu1_i386.deb: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 2 is bad...10:36
inoex135somebody know how to fix my mtrr error? i got mtrr: base(0xcd000000) is not aligned on a size (oxe00000) boundary message in my /var/log/messages10:37
Cedaranow that was fun10:37
inoex135the x windows can't start10:37
Cedarahalycon, you still there?10:37
halyconCedara, hi10:38
CedaraOkay, here's what I got10:38
CedaraI did as you said, F8 and last known configuration10:39
CedaraIt did CHCKDSK on two partitions, C: (the first one, windows) being one of them10:39
Cedarathen it rebooted10:39
Cedarabut I couldn't get in10:39
Cedarait just hung there and did nothing10:39
CedaraI did a hard reboot10:39
Cedaraand tried ubuntu10:40
Cedarabut I had probs with the gnome-settings-daemon that wouldn't start,10:40
Cedaraall the writing was very small10:40
CedaraI turned it all off10:40
halyconoh I think I have got that error b410:40
Cedaraturned off the router10:40
Cedaraand restarted everything10:40
CedaraIt had a bit of a hiccup on booting ubuntu, almost got an error10:41
Cedarabut the writing is normal sized10:41
Cedarastill only the ubuntu partition accessible10:41
Joe_umm... ok... so my attempts to fix a minorly irritating issue has led to a complete failure of X to load... and I can't seem to undo it... help10:42
* Cedara is *this* close to say, screw it and reformat the rest of the hdd so I can use that in ubuntu10:42
Cedarahalycon: good answer10:42
halyconCedara, I wouldnt recommend doing that10:42
* Cedara grins - there's always format C:/10:43
halyconCedara, you could try mounting them  manually10:43
Cedaraokay, I can try that next10:43
halyconno Cedara you must not10:43
halyconi forbid you10:43
Cedarahey, if I can avoid that, I shall10:43
Cedaraif there are other ways10:43
=== bvalek2_ is now known as bvalek2
CedaraI'll try the other ways first10:43
halyconyeah if it see's them there must be some way to mount them10:44
halyconi just started using Ubuntu though so im not exactly a wizard with Ubuntu yet10:45
CedaraI've been new to this too10:45
Cedaralast time I used linux was over ten years ago with my first net host ever10:45
Cedarathey ran on linux10:45
Titan8990is it giving you an error about the ntfs filesystem being locked?10:45
Titan8990when you try to mount10:46
CedaraI haven't yet tried10:46
Cedaralemme see if I can try the stuff halycon linked me to via terminal10:46
Joe_please... x won't start now...10:46
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots10:47
Cedarais the command: sudo mount -t /drivename ?10:49
Cedaranot that I use that /win/d thing the guy did in that link and I don't need it10:50
Cedarayes, I'm still a relative newbie10:51
Joe_what is the command line to pastebin something?10:51
IrishDavidhey, is there anyway to create a ghost network device to which I can define the mac address?10:51
unomiif you are on ubuntu and you desperately want msn via pidgin there is a package at  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/davewalker/ubuntu intrepid main10:52
=== saddam is now known as marcus[LOL]
CedaraI've known the manual mount as "sudo mount /drivename"10:52
CedaraI've known the manual mount as "sudo mount /drivename -o unhide"10:53
voldenethello, is it possible to repair a pendrive from ubuntu?10:53
oCean_Cedara: for filesystems specified in /etc/fstab the command "mount <drivename>" will do10:53
c0l2ewhere can I store the user-level logoff script in ubuntu?10:53
dude7064in the command line in windows, sometimes i have to pass a file name that contain spaces as a parametr to a software,, how can i do this ?? the software does not see the space as part of the filename but as a separator between parameters !10:53
=== onodream is now known as onoz
oCean_Cedara: otherwise you will have to specify more options (mount -t <type> <drive> <mountpoint>)10:54
=== abuchbinderDCC0 is now known as abuchbinderDCC
Cedarait's an ntfs one10:54
bullgard4How to call the 'Mini-Commander Applet'?10:55
oCean_Cedara: than the command would be /bin/mount -t nfs /drive /disk1 (this requires that you have a directory called /disk1)10:55
oCean_Cedara: replace nfs with ntfs10:55
voldenetnotnot ntfs10:56
voldenetntfs-3g is better10:56
voldenetallows modifying ntfs...10:56
CedaraI've had a dual boot, ocean, but XP crashed, so I'm trying to manually mount them - they used to be automatically mounted in ubuntu10:56
voldenetmount -a10:57
CedaraI'm trying to reaccess those drives10:57
voldenetre-mount all in fstab10:57
* Cedara is a relative newbie10:57
* voldenet too10:57
oCean_Cedara: ah well, you've already tried the mount command and have output??10:57
=== onodream is now known as onoz
Cedarathe simple one?10:57
oCean_Cedara: the one I typed example for </bin/mount -t ntfs-3g /drive /mountpoint>10:58
Cedarathey are still listed in the fstab10:58
voldenetnot /drive10:58
Cedaraso my drive is /dev/sda1010:59
abhisheki have intrepid ibex and windows xp installed on my dell. on ubuntu, streaming videos on sites like youtube dont work. how do i resolve this issue?10:59
oCean_Cedara: aha10:59
voldenetsudo /mnt/hd1010:59
voldenetsudo mkdir /mnt/hd1010:59
oCean_Cedara: which would normally be mounted at?10:59
Titan8990abhishek, install adobe flash from the synaptic package manager10:59
user_abhishek: you need to install the flash player for firefox10:59
amd007i m using nvidia 8400gs graphics card on intel c2d system, i just newly installed ubuntu 8.10 , how do i install nvidia drivers?11:00
abhishekTitan6990, user_: i did so. it still doesnt work11:00
* Cedara never had to mount manually, so call me clueless11:00
voldenetsudo mount /dev/sda10 /mnt/hd10 -t ntfs-3g11:00
Cedarawait a second11:01
Cedarathose are partitions and not seperate harddrives11:01
Cedarathose I have11:01
silv3r_m00ni typed crontab -e and wrote it now where do i save it ?11:01
user_abhishek: have you enabled javascript and cookies in the browser?11:01
Cedara(dev/sda6 , sda7 , sda8 and sda1011:01
abhishekuser_: yes.11:02
oCean_Cedara: I know, I found your photobucket screenshot11:02
Cedaraah okay11:02
oCean_Cedara: that's not the problem11:02
voldenetsilv3r_m00n, ctrl+o11:02
voldenetshould work fine11:02
oCean_Cedara: please issue command and let us know what the output is11:02
Cedaraso what do I need to do? could you repeat the commandline please?11:02
silv3r_m00nvoldenet: is there no specific location where to save this file11:02
silv3r_m00nvoldenet: or just save it11:02
Cedara(sorry, ocean, I'm a bit confused)11:03
oCean_Cedara: see couple of lines above "sudo mount /dev/sda10 /mnt/hd10 -t ntfs-3g"11:03
CedaraI shall do that11:03
Digital8Where can I tell the xserver which drivers to use?11:03
groensal_sorry wrong window11:04
Cedaraocean,, shall I copy the result in?11:05
Cedaraor just summarize11:05
oCean_Cedara: use pastebin11:05
Cedara$LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0)11:06
CedaraFailed to mount '/dev/sda10': Operation not supported11:06
CedaraMount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use.11:06
CedaraChoose one action:11:07
oCean_Cedara: pls use pastebin...!11:07
Cedarasorry, what is pastebin, I'm using a German version of ubuntu11:07
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)11:07
Cedaraokay, thanks11:07
oCean_Cedara: after that, return us the url11:07
bullgard4How to call the 'Mini-Commander Applet'?11:08
abhishekTitan8990: any ideas?11:08
oCean_Cedara: in the output is a correct suggestion11:09
Titan8990abhishek, did you restart firefox?11:09
oCean_Cedara: that is, "use the force option "11:09
Cedaraocean: the force11:09
Cedaraokay, I shall try that11:09
oCean_Cedara: the system sees that the ntfs partition was NOT cleanly shutdown (or unmounted)11:10
oCean_Cedara: it is also possible to add the 'force' option to the options mentioned in the file /etc/fstab11:10
johntramphey does ubuntu have the /dev/disk/by-uuid/ symlinks?11:10
abhishekTitan8990: yes.11:11
Titan8990abhishek, does it tell you that you need flash when you go to youtube?11:11
Cedaraocean: this is the result: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103865/11:11
abhishekTitan8990: No. the webpage of the video loads but the video itself doesnt load.11:12
oCean_Cedara: yeah, okay. We used a sample mount directory. It just says "/mnt/hd10, that directory does not exist"11:12
oCean_Cedara: so you have to use an existing directory or create the /mnt/hd10 (command: sudo mkdir /mnt/hd10)11:12
Cedarashall I look what is in the fstab11:12
Cedarait's still mentioned there11:13
oCean_Cedara: sure11:13
idontknowhowtoseok so i have a quick ?11:13
Titan8990abhishek, I am unsure11:14
Joe_great... even worse now11:14
tuskerniniHI all, I have a question: I have a wireless network at work, I can not seem to see the connection from my Ubuntu ibex laptop. I can see the network from my windows laptop when I have bluetooth activated... wierd.. any help to see and connect with Ubuntu laptop would be great...11:15
idontknowhowtosei need a prog for ubuntu that will let me like record what i see on my screen.. i forget what there called.. it records video of what i do on my computer..11:15
CedaraOcean, this is my fstab: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103867/11:15
abhishekTitan8990; thanks anyway.11:16
oCean_Cedara: okay. Default it is mounted at /media/sda1011:16
Joe_god damn... that forced fsck is god damn irritating11:16
ubuntu-U-s-rhi all11:16
rio__I installed Gnome on Kubuntu coz graphics were having problem. Do I need to install my Graphic drivers ?11:16
oCean_Cedara: replace /mnt/hd10 by that11:16
Cedaraand do the mount command again, yes?11:16
oCean_Cedara: yes!11:17
idontknowhowtoseanyone help me real quick??11:17
SlimeyPete!ask | idontknowhowtose11:17
ubottuidontknowhowtose: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:17
ubuntu-U-s-rprobably after last update my ubuntu distro is down. All entry's in grub are fine, but Grub says me than is not true. someone can help?11:18
snypzzanyone using virtuaol box 1.5.6_OSE ...?11:18
idontknowhowtosei need a prog for ubuntu that will record whats on my screen.. will record video of what i do..11:18
ubottuSome programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.11:18
SlimeyPeteidontknowhowtose: use one of these ^^11:19
Titan8990recordmydesktop is installed by default11:19
Cedaraocean: yay, this worked11:19
idontknowhowtosewhats the best?11:19
oCean_Cedara: nice :)11:19
ubuntu-U-s-ridontknowhowtose: recordmydesktop is fine and have frontend11:19
Cedaranow the rest11:19
deep_throatger here?11:19
voldenetubuntu-U-s-r, grub-install from livecd11:19
Cedaraocean: now I shall try the rest11:19
rio__Do I need to install graphics drivers ? to run KDE properly ?11:19
oCean_Cedara: now we can try to mount all the ntfs filesystems by using the force option11:19
KatangawiseHi all! I'm using yakuake on gnome.. When i try install skins for yakuake i get the message that "tar" is not recognized.. Are you know what a problem and how can I install those skins?\11:19
snypzzkeep getting this error: VirtualBox kernel driver not installed. The vboxdrv kernel module was either not loaded or /dev/vboxdrv was not created for some reason. Please install the virtualbox-ose-modules package for your kernel, e.g. virtualbox-ose-modules-generic..11:19
idontknowhowtoseis there a sudo getapt command for recordmydesktop?11:20
oCean_Cedara: like "mount -a -t ntfs-3g -o force" would try to mount all ntfs partitions in your fstab file11:20
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet: but i have ubuntu wubi installed11:20
Cedarawait, what?11:20
Cedaraocean: wait, what?11:20
voldenetrun grub11:20
voldenetinstall on current partition11:21
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet: i have now mounted my partition as virtual drive11:21
ActionParsnipyo yo yo11:21
Joe_I seriously need help with nvidia-96... my X won't even start now11:21
mas2how an I upgrade my open office from 2.4 to latest?11:21
Cedaraocean: that command does all at once?11:21
Titan8990idontknowhowtose, it should be installed by default, if not try: sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop11:21
voldenetahh, k11:21
oCean_Cedara: well, since we know now that the problem can be solved by using the -o force option, why mounting all filesystems by hand?11:21
ritmas2: apt-get openoffice11:21
ActionParsnipJoe_: boot to recovery mode for your kernel and choose fix x server11:21
oCean_Cedara: yes11:21
mas2rit: but I already have open office. Should i uninstall it frist?11:21
gharzanybody around who's using bluefish editor???11:22
ritit should just overwrite it, but im not sure, im as new as you round here :)11:22
Joe_actionparsnip trying that already... god damn fscking fsck has me sitting here for half an hour11:22
KatangawiseHi all! I'm using yakuake on gnome.. When i try install skins for yakuake i get the message that "tar" is not recognized.. Are you know what a problem and how can I install those skins?\11:22
ubuntu-U-s-ridontknowhowtose: easy way to that applications-> add/remove11:22
Joe_katangawise tar is an archive, try opening it11:22
voldenetubuntu-U-s-r, you need an .img file11:22
gharzi downloaded the bluefish from the repo but everytime i click 'view in browser', my html doesn't open and show my html file11:22
idontknowhowtosewill recordmydesktop work with ubuntu 8.10??11:23
voldenetwith grub11:23
ActionParsnipmas2: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-To-Install-OpenOffice-org-3-0-in-Ubuntu-8-10-96449.shtml11:23
voldenetis there possibility to run ubuntu live-cd?11:23
ActionParsnipJoe_: then let it run, its a good thing if it wants to run11:23
Joe_actionparsnip not when it's the middle of the night, you've been at it for over 12 hours and need to go to work in the morning11:23
ubuntu-U-s-ridontknowhowtose: then type recordmydesktop. make sure you have all available applications selected11:23
Cedaraocean: done, this is the result: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103871/11:23
ActionParsnipgharz: have you shown bluefish which browser to use?11:23
ActionParsnipJoe_: take a nap while it runs11:24
Cedaraocean: is there one where I can mount them all again at once?11:24
KatangawiseJoe_, I know.. I can open the archive but yakuake, to install the skin, must get tar.gz archive.. Strange a little for me..11:24
oCean_Cedara: I see, however, I think the filesystems are mounted at this point?11:24
J_Phi all11:24
KatangawiseSomebody is using yakuake?11:24
oCean_Cedara: I think they are... type "df"11:24
Cedaraocean: yes, I can see them11:24
ActionParsnipKatangawise: i do11:25
oCean_Cedara: great! :)11:25
Joe_actionparsnip it all worked, except glx wouldn't load, I noticed that all of the symlinks under /usr/lib were pointing to the old 169.12 versions (from Hardy, guess the upgrade didn't work fully), so I backed up /usr and went to work manually re-linking then to the correct version (96.43.09)... of course that didn't work, so I put the backup back over it... and now it's just completely screwed11:25
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet: .iso file of what?11:25
=== DRNK-E is now known as drunky
voldenetJoe_, you win...11:25
Cedaraocean: I looked in the folder menue11:25
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet: sorry .img11:25
oCean_Cedara: since the logfile (on those filesystems) is now reset, you probably won't have to use the force option the next time11:25
Joe_voldenet I win what?11:25
voldenet.img file of boot-sector11:25
voldenetJoe_ i don't understand ur question ;D11:25
voldenetto get .img file of boot-sector use dd11:26
CedaraOcean: the result from the df command: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103872/11:26
voldenetdd if=/dev/sda# of=/file.img bs=512 count=111:26
Joe_voldenet and hope you never have to learn...11:26
KatangawiseActionParsnip, Hi! Do you know how can I install new skins manually? Where i have move the tar.gz content, what files to change?11:26
J_Pare there a acrobat software to edit pdf files for linux ?11:26
Joe_great.. damn fsck has been stuck at 51.8% forever now11:26
oCean_Cedara: well, that's okay, right? You have your filesystem back11:27
Ham1979Hello I ran a distibution upgrade on friday that didn't go to plan - is there a way to do a repair?11:27
CedaraOcean: yes! Thanks a lot11:27
Cedaraocean: I was afraid I'd have to reformat it all11:27
Cedaraocean: this is much much better! Thanks a lot11:27
oCean_Cedara: you're welcome. Don't forget the force option :)11:27
ActionParsnipKatangawise: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=3367611:27
Cedaraocean: I shall remember that11:28
Joe_actionparsnip ok... ctrl-alt-delete seems to have stopped fsck for me... tried fix x... and still no working x11:28
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet: could you give me all command?11:28
ActionParsnipKatangawise: just change the names for the skin you have. ive never skinned yakuake myself as the default is fie for me11:28
ActionParsnipJoe_: no a great idea doing that to fsck, could possibly damage data11:28
Joe_actionparsnip X doesn't start... how worse can I make it?  heh11:29
ActionParsnipJoe_: what errors do you get when you try to startx from root console?11:29
KatangawiseActionParsnip, OK! Thanks a lot! :))11:29
ActionParsnipJoe_: damaged files full of garbae so no apps work11:29
Joe_actionparsnip blink, blink, blink, blink... CLI11:29
Titan8990ActionParsnip, startx typically won't work in ubuntu11:29
ActionParsnipJoe_: no, what words does it say11:29
=== BADAI is now known as co_cilegon_bisex
Joe_actionparsnip if it said words, I would have said that11:29
ActionParsnipTitan8990: its worked up to intrepid with me11:30
Titan8990ActionParsnip, usually have to start gdm with /etc/init.d/gdm start11:30
Titan8990ActionParsnip, did you make your own .xinit ?11:30
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet: i have my ubuntu installed as application in windows11:30
ActionParsnipJoe_: so theres zero output to the screen above the prompt you return to?11:30
voldenetyou said that ubuntu11:30
voldenetrun ubuntu in virtual-machine11:30
ActionParsnipTitan8990: i have a vbox which i have11:30
ActionParsnipTitan8990: i did a minimal install from minimal cd and i have to startx manually after logging in11:31
ActionParsnipTitan8990: i have no gdm / kdm11:31
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet: i just mounted virtual partition with disk. will that be fine?11:31
h141hi all11:31
Titan8990ActionParsnip, which window manager are you using?11:31
Joe_actionparsnip grumble... it's doing it's stupid "I don't want to scroll with text" thing again... yes, error with module ABI doesn't match servers version, failed to load module glx, fatal server error no screens found...11:32
ActionParsnipTitan8990: fluxbox11:32
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
Titan8990ActionParsnip, anyways, for helping other people purposes in ubuntu you usually need to start gdm11:32
ActionParsnipJoe_: then thats the error I was on about earlier11:32
Joe_actionparsnip huh?11:32
ActionParsnipTitan8990: but it does work ;) I get your point though11:32
ActionParsnipJoe_: i asked if there were any errors displayed and you said none before11:33
voldenetusunbu-U-s-r what "virtual partition" means?11:33
Titan8990ActionParsnip, yeh, I have had it work as well, just saying by default11:33
ActionParsnipTitan8990: absolutely11:33
voldenetubuntu-U-S-r what "virtual partition" means?11:33
Joe_actionparsnip they were none... because the screen didn't feel like refreshing, keeps doing it... I have to switch to tty2 then back to tty1 to see text11:33
voldenetnormal file which is simulating disc is mounted in ubuntu live-cd?11:34
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet:  i have mounted partitiont that won`t run11:34
voldenetso use grub11:34
voldenetwrite grub11:34
ActionParsnipJoe_: maybe you've damaged some permissions / ownerships with the copy (its good to backup, not sure where to go really)11:34
=== eghie is now known as Eghie
voldenetthen: root (hd0,x)11:34
Joe_so... X won't start, I assume it's an issue with the nvidia-glx-96 install not being correct (based off the errors in Xorg.0.log and the fact that the symlinks in /usr/lib are wrong)11:34
ActionParsnipJoe_: uninstall all nvidia stuff11:35
Joe_actionparsnip at this point I'd be happy to go back to the way it was before I tried to fix it... but it doesn't want to do that11:35
Joe_actionparsnip tried that11:35
ActionParsnipJoe_: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:35
voldenetthen: setup (hd0,x)11:35
ActionParsnipJoe_: and set the driver to vesa11:35
Leohello? my computer has no sound , who has the same problem ?11:35
voldenetunder hd0,x you should have a: number of hd, num of partition11:35
ActionParsnip!sound | Leo11:35
ubottuLeo: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP311:35
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet: i have wubi installed so my aprtition is root.disk, so i must mount ntfs partition first, then i used  sudo fsck /win/ubuntu/disks/root.disk11:35
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet: sorry: sudo mount -o loop /win/ubuntu/disks/root.disk /vdisk11:36
Caesihi all, I would like to partition my ext3 partition with Ubuntu 8.10 already on it - is it ok to do this?11:36
ActionParsnipLeo: if you run lspci, one line will state your sound device which you can then websearch for11:36
ActionParsnipCaesi: you can resize partitions using gparted11:36
=== mshkaji is now known as mflanihv
CaesiActionParsnip: can I then also convert it into an ntfs system again?11:37
Leo hda intel(alsa mixer) is selected,but still no sound11:37
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet: now all files i have accesable from partition that won`t boot11:37
=== mflanihv is now known as mbishi
ActionParsnipCaesi: you can format the new space as ntfs, yes11:37
wirefa111Hi Al, how can I change my primary monitor from my laptop screen to the external monitor ? I have a clean install of 8.10 on eee 901. Right now, both monitors are detected and work just fine, but the primary monitor remains on the tiny eee screen ?11:37
CaesiActionParsnip: thanks a lot :)11:37
ActionParsnipLeo: run lspci and websearch the soundcad, you will find guides how to install it11:38
Leookay ,thanks alot11:38
voldenethmm, why you haven't tried to re-install ubuntu via wubi, then replace /etc and home directories with old ones??11:38
=== BADAI is now known as co_bisex83
KeithGSI got bored11:39
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet: because that i have much apps, most of them are binary11:39
ubuntu-U-s-rvoldenet:  binary==non open source11:40
ActionParsnipubuntu-U-s-r: not true11:40
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: what exactly is the problem you're having ?11:40
ActionParsnipubuntu-U-s-r: all the packages you apt-get are binarys11:40
=== shiman_ is now known as shimanfnd
zrajmI cant get network-manager to connect to a wifi network using the ubuntu install on my desktop -- however it works just fine when running from an Ubuntu LiveCD (as I'm doing now).  Apart from /etc/NetworkManager where should I look to fix this problem?11:42
ActionParsnipKeithGS: here's mine: http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj93/andrew_woodhead666/desktop.jpg?t=123176051711:42
augustowebdhello guys...11:42
ubuntu-U-s-rActionParsnip: i know, that why i wrote: binary==non open source, beside ooooo after new install i will have a tons of config11:43
zrajmOr is there a NetworkManager-specific chat channel, where I can ask?11:43
KeithGSActionParsnip - no no.. lol11:43
ActionParsnipKeithGS: ?11:43
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: what is the problem you are having ?11:43
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: what do you need help with ?11:43
KeithGSdeskspace+ubuntu, either way - #ubuntu-offtopic, before we get told to go there :p11:43
ubuntu-U-s-rikonia: i can`t boot my ubuntu distro after last update11:43
ActionParsnipubuntu-U-s-r: you can get firefox in binary from the repos, but you can get the source for it11:43
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: ok, what is the problem ?11:43
augustowebdanybody knows how to install mod_auth_digest?11:43
voldenetadd a line in boot.ini11:43
augustowebdplease help me...11:43
ikoniaaugustowebd: is it not a package in the repo's11:43
ActionParsnipKeithGS: its fluxbox11:44
syntax\hi, how can i install vmware tools on vmware player in ubuntu11:44
Joe_actionparsnip ok... still trying to kill all the nvidia stuff again, but it looks like there's some garbage not being removed with the apt-get remove11:44
ikoniasyntax\: /join #vmware - it's a binary package provided by them11:44
augustowebdikonia: and how I can install it?11:44
ubuntu-U-s-rikonia: after selecting ubuntu from menu of my installed os`es grub shows me error 15 what`s not true11:44
ActionParsnipJoe_: sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia*11:44
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: error 15 is selected partition does not exist, so you need to look at your menu.lst11:45
syntax\ikonia:  thanks :D11:45
ubuntu-U-s-rikonia: i have ubuntu installed as application in windows11:45
ubuntu-U-s-rikonia: ok can i use pastebi?11:45
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: that doesn't change the way grub works11:45
Joe_actionparsnip that doesn't seem to work11:45
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: please do use the pastebin11:46
ubuntu-U-s-rikonia: sorry pastebin?11:46
ActionParsnipJoe_: whats it say?11:46
Joe_actionparsnip couldn't find package nvidia11:46
ikoniaaugustowebd: looking at the docs, auth_digest is built into apackage11:46
Joe_actionparsnip if I put * on both sides it complains that it can't find packge libnvidia-cfg.so11:46
ikoniaaugustowebd: as in, it's already installed, I'm looking to confirm that now11:46
ActionParsnipJoe_: did you use nvidia*11:46
Joe_actionparsnip yes11:46
ActionParsnipJoe_: try dpkg -l | grep nvidia11:47
JimmyDee* on only 1 side11:47
augustowebdI did...11:47
ikoniaaugustowebd: you did what ?11:47
ActionParsnipJoe_: if it outputs nothing, its all gone11:47
augustowebdsee the doc :)11:47
ubuntu-U-s-rikonia: http://pastebin.com/m636ef05911:47
ikoniaaugustowebd: what doc ?11:47
ActionParsnipJoe_: remove any packages it outputs11:47
Joe_actionparsnip quite a big found11:47
kolpurhow can i view tv in ubuntu .. i have pinnacle tv tuner card .. detected properly ...11:47
augustowebdsorry, documentation about apache...11:47
ikoniaaugustowebd: you don't konw what document I'm reading, so you can't say you've read it11:47
kolpurwhat is the package that is to be installed so that i can view tv...11:48
kolpurplease anyone help me out ..11:48
Joe_actionparsnip I try to remove the ones it shows, but says not installed11:48
JimmyDeekolpur: I use mythtv11:48
ikoniaaugustowebd: the ubuntu documentation seems to suggest auth_digest is already installed/built into apache already, so I'm looking to confirm that11:48
ActionParsnipJoe_: dpkg -l shows all installed packages11:48
ActionParsnipJoe_: try: sudo apt-get-f install11:48
Joe_actionparsni but apt-get --purge remove .... says it's not installed11:49
ActionParsnipJoe_: im hoping -f (fix) will fix it11:49
ubuntu-U-s-rikonia: you are my last hope. i`m in a job and can`t work ;(11:50
Joe_actionparsnip says 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed...11:50
augustowebdikonia: ok, I will look for that...11:50
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: you shouldn't be using this sort of thing for your job, you should be using a proper install11:50
Numlock4045i need a good video converter for ubuntu.. any ideas?11:50
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: I'm looking at your menu.lst now and how grub works with wubi11:50
ActionParsnipJoe_: ok try installing something new11:50
Joe_actionparsnip new anything?11:51
ActionParsnipNumlock4045: mencoder and ffmpeg11:51
ActionParsnipJoe_: yeah, anything11:51
syntax\has anyone here experience this: attached thumbnails on ubuntu forums doesnt appear?11:51
JimmyDeeubuntu-U-s-r: anything but a full up install is not suitable for production use11:51
ikoniasyntax\: join #ubuntuforums11:51
ActionParsnipJoe_: sudo apt-get install pidgin11:51
=== drunky is now known as DRNK-E
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: can I see /ubuntu/disks/boot/grub/menu.lst11:52
Joe_actionparsnip seems it can't connect to download packages... odd11:52
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: or is that what I'm looking at already11:52
ActionParsnipJoe_: ahhh im guessing you used network manager for network conf11:52
Joe_actionparsnip yeah, the default one11:53
ActionParsnipikonia: if a user uses a gui app to configure networking, will the settings transfer to root console so they can connect?11:53
ikoniaActionParsnip: what do you mean by transfer ?11:53
henriquelmBom dia pessoal11:53
Joe_actionparsnip it should, I've used apt-get from console before11:53
ikoniaActionParsnip: the console is just an interaction with the machines current state, so if the gui has configured the network, then yes, it should be the same in the console11:54
Noah1989I need to install ubuntu on a machine without internet connection.11:54
Titan8990ActionParsnip: network-manager-gnome will write the network configs to the correct config files11:54
ikoniaNoah1989: use a cd - thats fine11:54
Noah1989ikonia: but i need additional packages11:54
ActionParsnipikonia: but the gui never gets loaded in this case, will the settings still work11:54
ikoniaNoah1989: http://www.ubuntu.com11:54
ubuntu-U-s-rJimmyDee: my fault, no more such things for future11:54
ikoniaNoah1989: then you'll need to download them on another machine, or try to get the ubuntu dvd11:54
augustowebdhenriquelm: bom dia.11:54
ikoniaActionParsnip: I don't see why not11:54
Joe_ok... this is bad...11:54
ikoniaActionParsnip: but as it's not loading - it's unknown11:54
Titan8990Can anyone recommend a C/C++ IDE that uses gtk?11:54
henriquelmSorry... forgot that this is a internetional channel11:55
ActionParsnipTitan8990: just checking, i dont use silly gui apps so my config works :)11:55
JimmyDeeubuntu-U-s-r: you should remove that virtual thinger, resize your ntfs partition and dual boot full on install11:55
Titan8990ActionParsnip: I dont use them either11:55
ActionParsnipJoe_: can you ping websites?11:55
Noah1989ikonia: i need some language-specific stuff (german spellcheck for oo.org) - is that in the DVD?11:55
Joe_actionparsnip I'm assuming it's because I was in the console from the recovery mode, so I rebooted into the normal one with the intention of dropping to console once X failed...11:55
ubuntu-U-s-rJimmyDee: i exacly try resize day before update my disk11:55
Titan8990ActionParsnip: and i found that in gentoo network-manager-gnome actually writes network config to the wrong config file11:55
JimmyDeeJoe_: ping www.yahoo.com11:55
Joe_actionparsnip but I just have a black screen, there's nothing there and I can't switch to tty111:55
Titan8990ActionParsnip: so it is a legit question11:55
ikoniaNoah1989: don't know, you'll have to look, but you can manually download from the interent and put it on a CD using aptoncd11:55
JimmyDeeJoe_: then ping
ikonia!aptoncd > Noah198911:55
ubottuNoah1989, please see my private message11:55
ActionParsnipTitan8990: haha awesome11:55
ActionParsnipikonia: Titan8990: ty for info11:56
henriquelmDo u guys know the name of the package of the OpenLDAP?11:56
ActionParsnip!ldap | henriquelm11:56
ubottuhenriquelm: LDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information and installation instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer11:56
ikoniahenriquelm: use synaptic to search11:56
Titan8990henriquelm: or apt-cache search11:56
Noah1989ikonia: ah, that's what i was looking for11:56
JimmyDeeJoe_: no command prompt in your black screen?11:56
Numlock4045thanks for the help guys11:56
RizRhello guys. dont know if this is relevant here or not. but I'm wondering what's the difference between nvidia propritary and opensource driver (user experience and performance wise)?11:57
Joe_jimmydee nothing11:57
augustowebdiknonia: i think that my distro of apache doesn't have this module(mod_auth_digest), a try to restart apache and he says to me: "apache2: Syntax error on line 187 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 149 of /etc/apache2/httpd.conf: Cannot load /var/www/modules/mod_auth_digest.so into server: /var/www/modules/mod_auth_digest.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory11:57
FloodBot1augustowebd: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:57
henriquelm[ubottu]: Thanks!11:57
ikoniaaugustowebd: what version of ubuntu are you using ?11:57
cmv583hi all! i am trying to use livecd but I can't seem to mount any media from cd-rw drive. That's the only cd crive I have. Any help?11:57
JimmyDeeJoe_: did you setup originally with /home in a seperate partition?11:57
ikoniaaugustowebd: and where did you get the apache install ?11:57
augustowebdby the apt-get11:58
ikoniacmv583: what is the error your getting ?11:58
Joe_jimmydee yes, why?11:58
ikoniaaugustowebd: what version of ubuntu ?11:58
JimmyDeedo a reinstall11:58
mtholdensswah, msn s=is down11:58
mtholdenssmsn is down*11:58
ikoniaaugustowebd: did you put those lines into the config file ?11:58
JimmyDeekeeping the /home part without reformatting it11:58
ActionParsnipRizR: ive never used the one on nvidia.com (except on an old install of mandrake 6), I couldnt comment on performance but i get decent performance from the one on the repos11:58
ikoniamtholdenss: we don't care11:58
Leowhen i use the command[ sudo aptitude install linux-ubuntu-modules-`uname -r` linux-generic] it shows like this :[sudo] password for administrator      ("administrator" is my login name) then i  typed mypassword it says: administrator@ubuntu:~$ user@2008, administrator@ubuntu:~$ user@2008: can not find the command,and i tried server times,i shows the same,the password is right,why?11:58
mib_ql86r5i had a problem with wifi in ubuntu8.0411:58
mib_ql86r5my wifi is not working11:58
mtholdenssikonia, ok kool :D hi 511:58
augustowebdis 8.0411:59
cmv583ikonia: no error just does nothing when i put media in. Had some help running a few tests thru terminal and the comp. is seeing it?11:59
ikoniaaugustowebd: ok, who put those lines in the config ?11:59
Joe_jimmydee hoping to not have to do that, still plenty of stuff I could lose11:59
ikoniacmv583: you're meant to boot from the cd11:59
augustowebdI did :|11:59
ikoniaaugustowebd: ok, I suggest you remove them for starters11:59
cmv583ikonia:  not sure what you mean?11:59
Noah1989ikonia: so installing everything i want in a VM and then exporting packages using APTonCD should work, right?11:59
Numlock4045will wine handle games?? if i install a windows game with wine on my computer will it run fine????11:59
ikoniacmv583: you put the cd in  and tell your machine to boot on it11:59
ikoniaNoah1989: sounds sensible12:00
Noah1989ikonia: thank you12:00
JimmyDeeNumlock4045: maybe, maybe not, check www.winehq.com appdb12:00
ActionParsnipLeo: type uname -r and hit enter, then manually type the command to get the headers12:00
Joe_ok... so I take it the recovery mode doesn't load network settings?12:00
ikoniaJoe_: no12:00
augustowebdok, but this version doesan't have suport for this modeule, do you know?12:00
Leook,i will try12:00
Joe_ikonia: any way I can force it to?12:00
ikoniaJoe_: manually do it12:00
mib_ql86r5any one please help me about wifi problem12:00
cmv583ikonia: shouldn't it mount when inserted?12:00
ikoniacmv583: you BOOT from it12:00
Joe_ikonia: How?12:00
ikoniaJoe_: what is the problem you are having ?12:01
ikoniaaugustowebd: I said I'm looking for information on it, as the docs suggest it's already built in12:01
Joe_ikonia real problem is X is all screwed up, trying to fix but can only get to command line via recovery mode12:01
jobrienHey all.  I am having issues booting a successful 8.10 and 8.04 Install on a Dell 2500 With PERC RAID Controllers.  Anyone have any ideas?12:01
ikoniaJoe_: right - so your X is not working - thats fine, you don't need networking to fix that12:01
JimmyDeeok joe, get to command prompt edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change the driver to vista12:02
ikoniaJoe_: what happens when you boot normally12:02
ubuntu-U-s-rikonia: there still some hope?12:02
Joe_ikonia I do if I need to use apt-get12:02
ikoniaubuntu-U-s-r: I'm still waiting for you to response12:02
augustowebdikonia thants man!12:02
ikoniaJoe_:  you don't need to do that12:02
Joe_ikonia I get a black screen12:02
ikoniaJoe_: look at what JimmyDee just told you12:02
JimmyDeevesa not vista, early morning fingers12:02
Joe_jimmydee ikonia I already did that and it gives me a black screen12:03
ActionParsnipJoe_: you could use something like: sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask; route add default gw
ikoniaJoe_: what video card do you have12:03
angeleyeshi all i want to play a real movie file but i can not just get a player to play this file can any one help12:03
ikoniaaugustowebd: no he doesn't12:03
ikoniaaugustowebd: sorry not you12:03
ikoniaActionParsnip: no he doesn't12:03
Joe_ikonia two old ones, GeForce 6200 and Quadro DVS280 PCI12:03
ikoniaActionParsnip: his network modules won't be setup yet,12:03
ikoniaJoe_:  you have 2 cards in12:03
ActionParsnipikonia: gah12:03
Joe_ikonia yes12:04
JimmyDeeJoe_: perhaps remove one12:04
mib_ql86r5angeleyes:you can use real player in linux what is the problem12:04
ikoniaJoe_: 1.) has this ever worked ?12:04
jobrienAre there any good resources on solving boot issues with PERC RAID Controllers?12:04