_Vi_On0bi: I dont think theres many RPG type channels on freenode, freenode tends to lean more towards technical topics...you might try something like searchirc.com and look for "Fantasy" or "RGP" , "D&D"00:00
KenBW2eurorail: ah, then you'll need to ask someone else sorry - i cant help00:00
euroraili dont have a cd drive. i have to install it form the hard drive...and no floppy!  so i had to try to get dos to boot a kernel and then the installer but i got stuck on the syntax of the loadlin in dos00:00
holyguyverTrentH, Yes, sorry, you must have missed it the first time I said it. Earlier Baughn had me used badblock to find out the health of my harddrive, but it took hours for the programs to answer, it was 9AM then & only now at 5PM do I have an answer, but Baughn is not in at the moment, so I was looking for someone who could tell me what this answer means?00:00
euroraildoes anyone know where i canget someone to help me with that loadlin syntax for installing ubuntu onto an older machine with no cd or floppy?00:01
eurorailAND no net connection!  ;)   i can get files on it in windows...  with an sd card00:01
johnnnyI'm getting this error while doing: sudo apt-get install vim       http://pastebin.ca/131744800:02
Gerinychhow do i apply emerald themes00:02
holyguyvereurorail, if it can take an SDcard then it isn't that old.00:02
leefmcwesolek: No, i just havent had much luck with out of the ordinary devices & linux heh00:02
TrentHholyguyver, what is wrong with your harddrive?00:02
jsfoxtoncwillu: how do i get it removed from the app dir if i cant find it in add/remove00:02
leefmcwesolek: All depends on popularity i spose00:02
holyguyverTrentH, I a year & a half ago dropped it from 4 feet onto the ground.00:02
eurorailholy:  i got a card reader to work in win98...   so i could backup and put files on it. i just cant get ubuntu installer to run... will not boot from cd and no floppy00:03
faileaseurorail: i think if you can get a disk image, and unetbootin, it should be sufficient to start up an install from windows00:03
Dante123hi all, trying to install latest pidgin and it says that not all dependencies are satisfied....pidgin 2.5.4 says this.  Any suggestions?  Also, what does sudo dpkg -i *.deb do?00:03
eurorailunetbootin requires and internet connection no?00:03
bobbob1016I'm running Mythbuntu 8.10, with an nVidia 8200 on the mobo and the propritary drivers.  I'm not getting a gui anymore.  I checked /var/log, and the files don't seem to have been updated for a while.  Any ideas?00:03
cwillujsfoxton, depends where it put the file.  Easiest just to hide the menu (we're talking a couple k, nothing big enough to worry about)00:03
PriceyDante123: is there a reason why you are not using the pidgin in the repositories?00:03
eurorailor can i use it to direct the installer on the disk...00:03
TrentHholyguyver: Are you having information loss? weird sound from the driver?00:04
wesolekleefmc, I think some people managed to install it properly, but when I follow their steps, I get some errors along the way... not very fluent in linux world, so I can't figure out what is wrong00:04
holyguyverTrentH, no I am not00:04
jsfoxtoncwilllu: ok...so how do i do that?00:04
TrentHhoyguyver: If you dropped it and it still works shouldn't be any problems.00:04
famousis anyone able to provide support for octave here? i just have a question about getting the symbols package operating properly for octave 3.000:04
johnnnythis is strange :P..00:04
TrentHholyguyver: Since you are not having issues with it, why test it?00:05
holyguyverTrentH, it did not work after I dropped it, I paid 1600$ to get the data off of it.00:05
johnnnysomething must be wrong with my apt setup..00:05
wesolekleefmc, I thought, if anywhere, here would be the best place to find somebody that could help me out00:05
TrentHholyguyver: Oh my god, was your information really that important?00:05
eurorailwell.... can anyone help direct me to get help with that loadlin command line stuff in dos so i can get an install to run without any removable media or net connection?00:05
Wiseguyhey guys, is it possible to install ubuntu from a USB key?00:05
holyguyverTrentH, I tested it because as you can see from my pastebin there are bad sectors & the drive is dieing from a head crunch.00:05
j_nw1hi.. just installed ubuntu 8.10 server from the CD. It is not configured for accessing repositories over the network and keeps on asking for CDROM everytime. Also, it does not have universe repos configured. Can some one please send me pointers to these repositories.. that I need to add in sources.list.. Thanks.00:05
holyguyverTrentH, Yes it was that important.00:05
Dante123Pricey I keep getting dc'ed after a few minutes.  Chatter just quits appearing on my screen although the program is still running.  The pidgin irc channel says dont bother asking for help unless you are running 2.5.4 and so I checked my version and see it is outdated...thought the new one might fix any bugs.00:06
RocketLauncherDamn I never knew i was registered00:06
TrentHholyguyver: Actually, I have no idea what that pastebin means. I am not very harddrive savvy.00:06
ortsvorsteher!sources.list | j_nw100:06
ubottuj_nw1: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories00:06
Gerinychhow do i apply emerald themes?00:06
Flannelj_nw1: You'll be editing /etc/apt/sources.list, comment out the CDrom line.  Uncomment the universe lines and you'll be good.  Then sudo apt-get update again00:06
Flannelj_nw1: No, /etc/apt/sources.list00:06
TrentHholyguyver: I was lucky to get my harddrivers in Raid 0.00:06
Dante123With my luck, you will answer my question and I will never see it because I usually get dced in five to ten minutes.  Have to restart pidgin for it to work again.  Running 8.1000:06
leefmcwesolek: Atleast a decent shot :), i was just commenting on it, nothing good/bad intended about it :)00:07
PriceyDante123: if you can't install software from pidgin.im, i suggest you ask them for support.00:07
holyguyverTrentH, that pastebin is a list of bad sectors00:07
j_nw1Flannel : The installation does not have pointers.. that i can simple uncomment.00:07
leefmcwesolek: Im in the same boat as you, involving the linux world, that is,00:07
holyguyverTrentH, meaning the harddrive is nearly dead00:07
alltaxI have a problem with the GUI of xfig. The fields become to long causing some buttons become hidden00:07
leefmcwesolek:  Flannel saved my life, maybe he knows. :D00:07
TrentHholyguyver: perhaps get a new drive?00:08
wesolekleefmc, lol :)00:08
RocketLauncherHEY SO I HAVE COMPIZ RIGHT. Now, when I play a video, it flickers like hell. if I fullscreen it (and I don't move my mouse at all or press anything), fullscreen's fine. It's compiz'HEY SO I HAVE COMPIZ RIGHT. Now, when I play a video, it flickers like hell. if I fullscreen it (and I don't move my mouse at all or press anything), fullscreen's fine. It's compiz's fault, but I LHEY SO I HAVE COMPIZ RIGHT. Now, when I play a vide00:08
RocketLaunchero, it flickers like hell. if I fullscreen it (and I don't move my mouse at all or press anything), fullscreen's fine. It's compiz's fault, but I LOVE THESE PRETTY COLORS. How does I fix this?adfOVE THESE PRETTY COLORS. How does I fix this?s fault, but I LOVE THESE PRETTY COLORS. How does I fix this?00:08
RocketLaunchermy bad00:08
Dante123Pricey did you just read my message!  They won't support unless you have the latest.  I try to remove the one that is installed, ubuntu says I cant.  I try to install 2.5.4 deb and it says that dependencies are not met.  What's a noob to do?00:08
RocketLauncheri typed it in twice sorry00:08
holyguyverTrentH, no can do, not enough money00:08
johnnny_Vi_: feel like checking my pastebin paste ?00:08
marcos_PROGRAMADOR EM C#00:08
Flannelj_nw1: It should.  But alright.  You'll see a few lines that look like this:  deb http://[url]/ubuntu intrepid main restricted, and then another that says intrepid-updates and anotehr tta says intrepid-security.  After "main restricted" add " universe"00:08
TrentHholyguyver: Which is cheaper, new drive or $1,600 to recover the information again?00:08
holyguyverTrentH, there is no information on it00:09
alesanhi, do you know if it is possible to create RAID partitions on the installer of ubuntu server and use them?00:09
RocketLauncherholyguyver: NEW DRIVE00:09
TrentHholyguyver: But you do plan on putting information back on it correct?00:09
thiebaudenew computer,lol00:09
wesolekflannel, do you know by any chance how to install / make work a touch screen? I followed one of the threads and it led me nowhere, but it may have been because my xorg.config looked nothing like it should according to thread00:09
RocketLauncherNew house00:09
j_nw1Flannel : right now only CD repository.. so I need the URL. !00:09
thiebaude3 laptops00:09
TrentHCan someone tell me how to get a dialup connection to work on Ubuntu 8.10?00:09
Flannelj_nw1: Pastebin your sources.list please00:09
holyguyverTrentH, yes, but will you pay for my new drive for me? if not, then you have no right telling me to get a new one, only to suggest that if I have the money to, then that would be best.00:10
Cpudan80!dialup | TrentH00:10
ubottuTrentH: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up00:10
Flannelwesolek: Not really no.  You may try starting your own thread.00:10
cjaewill ubuntu run on this motherboard http://www.msicomputer.com/product/p_spec.asp?model=rs480m2-il cause I can't seemto get it to go on the internet00:10
yaggaholyguyver, check out autopsy00:10
walbertHey folks.  I'm doing some work on a project that uses GTK, and working under Kubuntu 8.10.  I'd like to be able to change my gtk themes around.  I installed gtk-engine-* and gtk-theme-switch2, but i still only get the default options of Qt4 and Raleigh in the theme switcher.  What am I doing wrong?00:10
RocketLauncherCan someone tell me how to fix compiz from interfering with video playback (flickering, etc) without disabling compiz?00:10
cjaeand update or anything, it is a realtek ethernet card00:10
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wesolekflannel, ta :)00:11
TrentHholyguyver: I only suggested you get a new one. As I find it less expensive to buy a new drive than try and fix this broken one, and risk it breaking again.00:11
signilHello, I am facing problems with bluetooth on Intrepid Ibex, I can scan for devices, send files, but I can't browse the device nor receive anything! I get "Could not display "obex://[********]/" Error: Connection Refused, Please select another viewer" :s I believe I have Bluez 4.1200:11
Guest47158cwillu, the bootmgr is missing00:11
j_nw1Flannel : It is one line: deb cdrom:[Ubuntu-Server 8.10 _......- ] interpid main restricted.00:11
jsfoxton\how do i get rid of a dir from app menu when it doesnt show in add/remove00:11
Dante123Pricey, I figured it out.  Have to install pidgin-data first separately.  Ima noob.00:11
TrentHholyguyver: If you find my obligation incorrect, you can ignore it.00:11
=== Guest47158 is now known as ro
walbertcjae: link isn't working for me00:11
rocwillu, boot mgr is missing00:11
johnnnyanyone wanna help me with apt-get ?  http://pastebin.ca/131744800:11
roj_clbrt, bootmgr is missing00:12
Cpudan80holyguyver: you spent $1600 bucks on data recovery but cant afford a new HDD?00:12
signil:( ^^00:12
Cpudan80holyguyver: repairing HDD bad sectors is not an easy (or reliable) option00:12
Cpudan80buy a new HDD00:12
newb101can someone help me - when i try to install it is returning <<<  subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 100:13
newb101Errors were encountered while processing:00:13
newb101 system-tools-backends00:13
newb101 >>>00:13
FloodBot2newb101: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:13
redvamp128johnny which version of ubuntu? 8.04 or 8.1000:13
smoke`hey guys, is there a way to get a file from a shared windows folder over LAN?00:13
DaveWhey, my comp crashed as i was updating from 8.04 to 8.10, now my newest kernal installation has a kernal panic on every boot, but one of older ones loads properly. how i revert/resume updates because it tells me my system is up to date.00:13
holyguyverCpudan80, yes, bbecause times have been hard since then00:13
cjaewalbert: you have to try a few times their site is bogged down00:13
johnnnyredvamp128: freshly installed.00:13
rowhat is boot mgr is that grub00:13
redvamp128johnnny:  are you sure you can't use synaptic package manger--00:13
luke_Izinucs, you still here?00:13
Izinucsluke_: yep00:13
johnnnyredvamp128: i'm in a console..00:13
MisterKMHey all. Before someone decides to spit out !webcam at me, hear me out. :P I'm trying to install my webcam, I've already read the wonderful documentation. I believe its an sn9c___ camera. I've done a few steps and this is what I get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109177/00:14
luke_Izinucs,  my friend ran those three cmmands and it  doesnt show any more screen resolutions00:14
redvamp128johnnny:  in 8.04 it is listed there as well in synaptic package manager00:14
signilsmoke`: samba?00:14
RocketLauncherCan someone tell me how to fix compiz from interfering with video playback (flickering, etc) without disabling compiz?00:14
redvamp128johnnny:  8.04 or 8.10?00:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lista00:14
Izinucsluke_: did he also go to System>Admin>Hardware Drivers and see if there were drivers listed there that could be activated?00:14
signil>> I am facing problems with bluetooth on Intrepid Ibex, I can scan for devices, send files, but I can't browse the device nor receive anything! I get "Could not display "obex://[********]/" Error: Connection Refused, Please select another viewer" :s I believe I have Bluez 4.1200:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about shutup00:14
Flannelj_nw1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109178/00:14
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:14
johnnnyredvamp128: 8.04 server edition (console)00:15
rowhat is boot mgr00:15
walbertcjae: i'm not looking up everything on that board, but i wouldn't be worried by the ethernet card.  should work out of the box on a recent kernel00:15
luke_Izinucs, "No propriety drivers are in  on this system"00:15
roi can't reboot into widows that is the message i get00:15
rowhat is bootmgr00:15
RocketLauncherCan someone tell me how to fix compiz from interfering with video playback (flickering, etc) without disabling compiz?00:15
gramsanyone know how to install kooldock on unbuntu?00:15
j_nw1Flannel : Thanks... I do not have graphics by default on Server install..... I am assuming that it is expected behavior.00:15
lstarnesro: it's the program which is in charge of directly booting windows00:16
gnubuntujohnnny: did you try install again? i had no problems with install vim on ubuntu server 8.0400:16
Flannelj_nw1: That is.00:16
cjaewalbert: worried about the ati chipset part of it00:16
gnubuntujohnnny: just try sudo apt-get install -f00:16
FlannelNo.  johnnny, gnubuntu.  Don't do that.00:16
biouserwhat are debugging packages and symbols?  ie "This package provides debugging symbols"00:16
Flanneljohnnny: Please pastebin the output of sudo apt-get update00:16
redvamp128johnny and you tried the .deb file yet?00:16
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johnnny2 sec00:16
gramsgnu, you know how to install kooldock on GNOME?00:17
rolstarnes, how do i install it and why is it missing00:17
keveamHow would I go about setting up a local IRC chat? I have no internet available where I'm going and need to chat between two people.00:17
luke_Izinucs, What do I do00:17
TrentHCan somebody tell me how to view and see what hardware is installed on my PC through Linux?00:17
RocketLauncherCan someone tell me how to fix compiz from interfering with video playback (flickering, etc) without disabling compiz?00:17
johnnnyFlannel: http://pastebin.ca/131747300:17
gnubuntugrams: me? kooldock never heard...00:17
walbertcjae:  why? :p00:17
rocwillu,  are you still00:17
Izinucsluke_: have him do this in a terminal .. sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg and see if that doesn't make a difference.00:17
gramsoh ok00:17
johnnnyredvamp128: nope, i didnt try no .deb file.00:17
Izinucs!resolution | luke_00:18
ubottuluke_: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:18
lstarnesro: if you have a recovery disk, try using it to fix the bootloader on the partition that you're using for windows00:18
RocketLauncherCan someone tell me how to fix compiz from interfering with video playback (flickering, etc) without disabling compiz?00:18
CaverusHi, could anyone help me with some sound problems on 8.10?00:18
yaggaif xp - f8 then fixmbr00:18
gnubuntugrams: i know cairo-dock for gnome. that's cool00:18
rww!anyone | Caverus00:18
ubottuCaverus: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:18
Baughnholyguyver: Looks like a crash landing. As you can see, they're mostly but not quite contiguous..00:18
lstarnesro: you might want to try asking about it in ##windows since it's a windows issue not an ubuntu issue00:18
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rolstarnes,  what recovery disk the original one00:19
TrentHHow do I see if a modem is already detected on my PC?00:19
tyCan i make gnome as fast as xfce, and it still look the same?00:19
lstarnesro: that might be it00:19
smoke`Samba is the only way?00:19
holyguyverBaughn, so would a wipe be worth it?00:19
johnnnyFlannel: why shouldn't I try the "-f" feature of apt-get ?  (ps: the paste-bin of apt-get update is : http://pastebin.ca/131747300:19
thedeadliestwhisI ahve a 320 GB Hard drive hooked up to this PC and i'm running 8.04 TLS for now but I plan on upgrading, Its not locating the hard drive.00:19
Baughnholyguyver: When the disk hit the floor, the heads (there are multiple, parallel ones) hit the disk surface and damaged it00:19
yaggaro, if xp - f8 then fixmbr00:19
holyguyverBaughn, here is the pastebin again http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/109171/00:19
cwilluro, kinda00:19
walbertsmoke`: no, but it will certainly work00:19
TrentHAh come on...00:19
tyCan i make gnome as fast as xfce, and it still look the same?00:19
lstarnesTrentH: sudo lshw00:19
signilargh, now could someone give me any suggestions pls? :'(00:20
Flanneljohnnny: Because that's a good way to break something.  There's absolutely no reason you need to use force to install a normal package.00:20
walbertty: Don't ask silly questions00:20
lstarnesty: I don't think so00:20
rocwillu, i diud what you told me and made the ext3 an nfts and reooted then i get the bootmgr is missing and i can't reboot into windows00:20
Flanneljohnnny: "when something doesn't fit, force it" isn't a good policy... ever.00:20
Baughnholyguyver: Well, that's the question. You can force a remapping by manually writing to those particular sectors, but the HD might not even have that many extra sectors (well, you'd find out), and at any rate, there'll be damage to the /heads/ too00:20
johnnnyFlannel: oh, it's force install..00:20
walbertty: Well, you can ask silly questions, but stop asking that particular silly question :)00:20
yaggaholyguyver: use dd to image your hdd the look at ptk from dflabs00:20
CaverusAlright then. I'm in my Sound Preferences and I'm trying to get the test sound to play for any device, but they keep returning errors on playback. "Could not get/set settings from/on resource." or "Could not open audio device for playback." or the like. Any suggestions?00:20
royagga, when do i do that at start up00:20
cjaewalbert: ok what is better plug and play OS in bios or not00:20
johnnnyFlannel: so, what do you think of the apt-get update pastebin ?00:21
cwilluro, I _didn't_ say to _make_ it an ntfs, I said the fact that it wasn't ntfs was really suspicious, and then somebody else said it was wubi, and I handed you off to him :(00:21
gnubuntujohnnny: Flannel is right. Maybe you should remove vim-common first then install it again00:21
Flanneljohnnny: Alright, try installing it again, if it doesn't work, pastebin the error as well as the output of this: apt-cache policy vim vim-common00:21
Baughnholyguyver: You really, REALLY don't want to keep using a disk that's this damaged. It always gets worse.00:21
TrentHI need detailed instructions on setting up a dialup connection.00:21
walbertcjae: I tend to leave that disabled.  iirc it's there for older microsoft os's.00:21
johnnnyFlannel: reinstalling vim ? our the OS ?00:21
johnnnyour = or00:21
Flanneljohnnny: sudo apt-get vim00:21
holyguyverAlright, thank you :) I only plan on using it for 3 months before I get the money to replace it :)00:21
TrentHThe link provided, isn't much on helping.00:21
gnubuntujohnnny: you have a depencency problem with vim-common. i guess cause of your dial up connection.00:21
rocwillu, i understand that i did what he told me now i get the message bootmgr is missing to boot into windows00:21
j_nw1Flannel: Thanks for your help. Is it normal to have cdrom only repository.. or I chose some option during installation that might have made it so.00:22
cwilluro, do you have a windows cd?00:22
tycould i make xfce as slow as gnome and it still look the same00:22
rocwillu, no00:22
Flannelj_nw1: If during the install you didn't configure internet, then yeah, that's normal.00:22
Baughnholyguyver: At any rate, do you have a windows machine?00:22
TrentHJohnnny, can you tell me how you setup your dialup connection?00:22
johnnnyFlannel: same message as earlier00:22
thedeadliestwhisI've got two hard drives installed on this system but its only locating my 80 GB hard drive. Any suggestions?00:22
Baughnholyguyver: A full scandisk run (w/ the disk surface check) should fix your disk, to the degree it's fixable.00:22
yaggaholyguyver: if you have another box connect the particular drive and use dd to copy the sectors the use ptk to get the files off you will need anothe hdd but it wont cost 160000:22
johnnnyTrentH: why ?00:22
cwilluro, have you ever made the recovery cd that windows offers to make when you first boot it up?00:22
patmanpatomy ubuntu is dying half way through bootup all of a sudden this morning, is there a way to get rid of the boot splash and show the details of the bootup process ?00:22
royagga, when do i press f8 then fix mbr00:22
Flanneljohnnny: Alright, and the output from the policy command/00:23
lstarnesro: in the recovery disk00:23
TrentHJohnnny, Because I need to setup a dialup connection on this PC. So I can play games.00:23
johnnny.. 1 sec00:23
j_nw1Flannel: humm.. dont remember.. any option like that.. will be careful on my next install.. (or reinstall) Thanks again.00:23
Baughnpatmanpato: Press alt-f100:23
yaggaro, when it starts up f8 is safe boot00:23
johnnnyTrentH: it's not a dialup00:23
patmanpatoBaughn: thanks00:23
Baughnpatmanpato: Or alt-f2 then alt-f1. Something like that.00:23
tycould i make xfce as slow as gnome and it still look the same00:23
meoblastuh oh00:23
cjaewalbert: shouldn't sudo ifup eth0 work00:23
meoblastUbuntu can't figure out how to use my CDRom drive00:23
TrentHjohnnny, why did someone say it was your dialup connection then?00:23
rocwillu, no i haven't but yagga says f8 then fix mbr hopefully that works00:23
meoblastwhat should i do00:23
meoblasti don't have a floppy drive00:23
holyguyveryagga there are not files on this drive at the moment that I need copies of & I do not have enough space elsewhere to do that.00:23
holyguyverBaughn, I do not have any windows machines.00:24
meoblasti think i need 8.1000:24
johnnnyoh, i should try pinging google.com00:24
tymeoblast: i have a floppy drive you could borrow00:24
RocketLauncherCan someone tell me how to fix compiz from interfering with video playback (flickering, etc) without disabling compiz?00:24
yaggaro, that is "fixmbr"00:24
johnnnymy net, seems to work00:24
meoblastty: now i have to wait 3 hours to download 8.1000:24
Baughnholyguyver: Even after resetting those sectors, the filesystem will be damaged, and linux does not have any tools to fix ntfs.00:24
cjaewalbert: it says ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth000:24
tymeoblast, why?00:24
cyphaseWhat do people use for desktop widgets, if you use them at all? Screenlets, Google Gadgets, or something else?00:24
RocketLauncherCan someone tell me how to fix compiz from interfering with video playback (flickering, etc) without disabling compiz?00:24
royagga, gotycha when the system starts up before i get which system to chose form hit f800:25
=== Dark is now known as Dark_Fade
yaggaholyguyver: there are hdd 750gb or so for app $10000:25
tytry using xine instead of gstreamer. RocketLauncher00:25
holyguyverBaughn, as said earlier I do not exactly need the data on this drive, so if I reformat it to ext3 will all be fixed?00:25
meoblastty: aparently 8.10 doesnt have SATA cd rom drivers00:25
=== Dark_Fade is now known as DFade
gnubuntuRocketLauncher: i now this problem. only way is to use no Xv!00:25
BaughnRocketLauncher: Get an nvidia card00:25
patmanpatodont you hate when that happens... alt 1/2 => display the boot process... now the system boots up fine :P00:25
yaggaro, yep00:25
meoblastty: i mean 8.0400:25
holyguyveryagga I do not even have 5$00:25
RocketLauncherBaughn: OH YOU!00:25
tycompiz looks crisp on nvidia00:25
BaughnRocketLauncher: It requires DRI2, which isn'T out yet, or some hacks only the nvidia driver does00:25
tycould i make xfce as slow as gnome and it still look the same???????00:25
cjaewalbert: seems like it is just not getting ip addy brb00:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dbg00:25
royagga, do i need to change it in the ios00:25
yaggaholyguyver: maybe the stimulus pakage will help00:26
BaughnRocketLauncher: Lacking either of those, you're out of luck.00:26
johnnnyFlannel: http://pastebin.ca/131748900:26
TrentHhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkAdmin I do not have those settings on my version?00:26
holyguyveryagga the stimulas package won't be coming in today :p00:26
lstarnesty: that's a very silly question.  If xfce were that slow and looked like gnome, then it wouldn't be xfce00:26
BaughnRocketLauncher: ..or you could not use compiz. It's just pointless eyecandy anyway.00:26
yaggaro, no when it starts to boot f800:26
cjaedo I have to remove a 56 k winsoft modem when installing ubuntu00:26
tythats all i needed00:26
tyi was just seeing what kind of trouble i could get in for asking silly questions00:27
cjaelspci is showing my ethernet card that is not working00:27
biouseris it possible that some of my video and audio might run better in xfce or is that just wishful thinking?00:27
johnnnyFlannel: the pastebin is : http://pastebin.ca/1317489   (if you missed the msg)00:27
FinlayIs there a good way to erase a read only .iso image from a usb key? neither rm  nore shred working on it, nor chmod chown.00:27
thedeadliestwhisI've got two hard drives but only one is detected. could someone help?00:27
Flanneljohnnny: What have you done to previously install vim?  You downloaded a deb from somewhere? or what?00:27
Baughnbiouser: Wishful thinking, but there /is/ a possibility that video works better without compiz.00:27
Baughn(Near certainty, in fact)00:28
royagga, will that add boot manager00:28
johnnnyFlannel: it came with the 8.04 server edition install .00:28
wideaFinlay: try with mc00:28
gnubuntuRocketLauncher: run gstreamer-properties and try change the video plugin to X window system (no Xv) that's work for me.00:28
CaverusHi, I'm in my Sound Preferences and I'm trying to get the test sound to play for any device, but they keep returning errors on playback. "Could not get/set settings from/on resource." or "Could not open audio device for playback." or the like. Any suggestions?00:28
johnnnyFlannel: i installed my machine 2 hours ago00:28
yaggaro, it will fix your mbr so windows will boot00:28
unopFinlay, what filesystem on the disk?00:28
royagga, when i hit f8 where do i go to fixmbr00:28
ortsvorsteher!sound | Caverus00:29
ubottuCaverus: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:29
RocketLauncherI dropped my slim jim :(00:29
Fracturedwash it off00:29
yaggaro, it will be obvious you will type fixmbr00:29
patmanpatois there a way to permanently avoid the boot-splash and show the bootup sequence ?00:29
royagga,  ok easy enough00:29
biouserBaughn remove compiz with apt?00:30
gnubuntujohnnny: last tip from me.just sudo apt-get autoremove vim-common than apt-get install vim00:30
Baughnbiouser: There's no need to remove it, just disable it.00:30
Flanneljohnnny: Oh.... interesting.  It did.  It seems that the vim on 8.04.2 is newer than the one in the repos.  Which is whats causing this problem.00:30
Baughnbiouser: ..though removing it will certainly work.00:30
Flanneljohnnny: If you've got the CD still enabled, you'll want to remove it (although that policy says you don't).  sudo apt-get remove vim vim-tiny && sudo apt-get install vim00:31
unoppatmanpato, remove the words, quiet and splash from the menu entry in /boot/grub/menu.lst00:31
holyguyverBaughn, As said I only intend on using it for three months & storing non-important data on it for that time, & then moving it off in April when I get a new harddrive, so I am looking for the things I can do to make it somewhat usable for that time being.00:31
biouserif ps ax |grep compiz returns nothing then I am not running compiz?00:31
Baughnholyguyver: Find a windows machine to run scandisk on00:32
johnnnyFlannel: i'll try that, but in a couple of minutes :)00:32
holyguyverBaughn, Alright, that will be my mother's windows vista which is a 15 miunte drive away00:32
patmanpatounop: thanks :)00:32
oskar-patmanpato:  remove it in the commented variants, as they are the drafts at next execution of update-grub00:33
holyguyverBaughn, I have not ran scandisk nor windows in 5 years. what do I do to activate scandisk, is it commandline?00:33
DVA5912Is their an apache development enviroment with php and mysql with it? Im just looking to build my site localy then publish. The site on my computer does need to be accessible through outside though...00:33
biouserwhat cruft can I remove to get the best chance of stable high-quality screencast recording?00:33
Baughnholyguyver: I have no idea. I haven't either.00:33
Baughnbiouser: Compiz would be a good start00:33
unop!lamp > DVA591200:34
holyguyverBaughn, as said, what if I wipe the drive, then do I have pureply gnu/linux salutions?00:34
ubottuDVA5912, please see my private message00:34
Baughnholyguyver: Sure, that would work00:34
DVA5912unop, is that a single package?00:34
holyguyverBaughn, alright, tell me what I need to do?00:34
Baughnholyguyver: Wipe the drive, and the bad blocks will get remapped (hopefully). Switch to a linux-native FS, and it'll be better able to handle further errors.00:34
unopDVA5912, read the message ... it has instructions00:34
patmanpatooskar-: you mean remove it from the uncommented plus remove it from the comments above it? so on an update-grub my settings wont be overwritten ?00:34
nwahsadudeIs there a way i can search for all other computers on the network?00:34
Baughnholyguyver: Eh. Copy off any data you want to keep, unmount the filesystem, then cat /dev/zero > <whatever device it's using> (as root).00:35
biousersudo aptitude remove compiz and compiz is no more?00:35
unopDVA5912, as for getting your site to be accessible from the outside .. it depends on the type of network connection, router, etc .. and that's somewhat beyond the scope of this channel00:35
holyguyverBaughn, will wiping the drive be as easy as simply going into gparted & reformatting?00:35
Baughnholyguyver: Then you use fdisk to create a partition, and mke3fs to make a filesystem on said partition.00:35
Baughnholyguyver: No. A "reformat", in linux, just means recreating the filesystem; it doesn't touch every sector.00:35
Baughnholyguyver: Though it'd probably /work/, there could be un-remappable bad sectors still on the drive and you wouldn't know until it's too late.00:36
Baughnholyguyver: So you need the cat /dev/zero > device-file line; that's the wipe.00:36
holyguyverBaughn, can you tell me this in pms so that I have it all down?00:36
MisterKMDid anyone think of what I can do with my webcam? And please, no !webcam.00:36
Baughnholyguyver: Eh, sure.00:37
alesanMisterKM, I put one on my windows and there is a software that is activation-enabled00:37
alesanso I record all the hot chicks that walk by00:37
RoyallHow do I stop my mic from gettng major feedback00:37
oskar-patmanpato:  look for the string "BEGIN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST". the file should be self-documenting. the part between "End Default Options" and "END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST" will be overwritten by update-grub each time00:37
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trixHi all,00:41
=== Guest66160 is now known as ro
trixI need some help, I have a virtualbox running on ubuntu 8.1000:42
trixand I have maya 2009 installed there00:42
pisecxI thought linux can kill any process..00:43
trixevery time I try to run Maya or install my license file, it crashes and gives me a guru meditation messeage00:44
luke_Izinucs, still here?00:44
gonewestcoastPisecx: sudo the kill 900:45
Izinucsluke_: still having issues?00:45
pisecxgonewestcoast: it was sudo00:45
luke_Izinucs,  yes sir, followed the instructions and got a black screen with writing then it froze00:45
pisecxgonewestcoast: it's very strange for me O_o00:45
gnubuntutrix: there is a linux version of maya why you dont install that version? much better than in vb00:45
pisecxgonewestcoast: I thought linux can kill anything00:45
Izinucsluke_: that was the first set of instructions or the second set that came in the link from ubottu?00:46
unoppisecx, that's a zombie process .. usually cannot be killed .. it's not taking up any resources - so you don't really have to worry about it00:47
* johnnny 's in VI heaven now :)00:47
_Vi_johnnny: its fixed?00:47
pisecxunop: ok, thanks. why did this happened?00:47
johnnny_Vi_: yup00:47
_Vi_johnnny: what did you do to fix it?00:47
johnnnyremoved my vim-tiny from the distribution CD installation.. and installed "vim" from the web repository.00:47
MisterKMalesan: I've put it in, ran EasyCam2 here in Linux. It installed something, but it didn't work. I've researched it and the commands that were used gave me the result thats in the pastebin.00:47
Huene`could someone please point me to the right place for learning how to diagnose sound problems? a working configuration would work just fine00:48
_Vi_johnnny: lol i told you that long ago, but you didnt want to :P00:48
redvamp128which one vim-nox or just plain vim?00:48
Dr_willisjohnnny,  i always install vim-full  :)00:48
_Vi_johnnny: anyways nice to see it works00:48
unoppisecx, the process that started this instance .. failed to wait for it to be 'reaped' .. read more about zombies here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombie_process00:48
johnnny_Vi_: ya, but not the full one00:48
johnnny_Vi_: and ya.. you did, but apt-get fucked on me00:48
pisecxunop: thanks again00:48
unopjohnnny, no need for that language here00:48
_Vi_apt-get can do mean things at times00:48
johnnny_Vi_: didn't want to install it, because vim-tiny was conflicting with "vim" from the web-repo.00:49
johnnny_Vi_: and my vim-tiny was more Up to Date, than the web-repo.00:49
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johnnny_Vi_, Flannel is the one that figured that part out00:49
patmanpatocommenting out the  "quiet" in menu.lst  and removing quiet in the commented section above, isnt removing the splash screen, hrmph, am i missing something?00:50
luke_Izinucs,  That was the one from ubottu, the last one that you said just says warning: overwriting possibility-customized configureation file00:50
johnnnystupid vim-tiny :P  (sorry) hehe00:50
Flannelpatmanpato: You only need to touch the stuff in the commented section, then save and do sudo update-grub00:50
unoppatmanpato, did you remove 'splash'?00:50
cjae_what is wake by pme00:50
FlynsarmyI've lost the default bluetooth icon in the upper panel. How do i get it back? I installed gnome-bluetooth and went apps - accessories -bluetooth file sharing but that's a diff icon and i can't figure out how to connect to bluetooth devices00:50
_Vi_johnnny: heh Flannel is good, theres no doubt there00:50
Izinucsluke_: are you relaying all this to your friend that's actually doing all the work? in a different location?00:51
luke_Izinucs,  he's sistting right next too me00:51
johnnnyyour all .. all good :)00:51
johnnnyxcept me00:51
Izinucsluke_: close enough :)00:51
Huene`ok well since no one is sure, would it be safe for me to uninstall Pulse, Alsa, OSS and anything else that I see as being sound related and install Alsa?00:51
redvamp128johnnny:  I didn't even think about vim-tiny  == thought because it was a server with no gui that vim-nox was the package you needed.00:51
johnnnyredvamp128: vim simply did it :)00:52
johnnnyshort a simple and seems light00:52
patmanpatounop: woops, didnt see the 'splash' , trying that now00:52
Izinucsluke_: you may be having this issue because you either have 1> a crt monitor that doesn't output esid info 2> a flatscreen hooked up with a vga connector instead of a dvi connector 3> something just couldn't be configured because of a lack of info00:52
_Vi_VI/M/Gvim is light, i donno bout simple, its very advanced johnnny00:53
Izinucsluke_: you might need to install the nvidia driver manually. hang on and I'll find the right one.00:53
luke_Izinucs,  it's a laptop, I think it's lcd00:53
johnnny_Vi_: i know i know :P00:53
Royall#ubuntu: How do I stop the feedback of my mic? I'm on a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, my mic is built in to my monitor00:54
johnnnyand whats with vim-nox ?  (better syntax highlighting ?)00:54
Izinucsluke_: that would make sense.. they can be finicky sometimes.00:54
johnnnyredvamp128 seems to want to push it on me :P  should i install vim-nox instead of vim ?00:55
patmanpatounop: thanks for the help, works now :)00:55
rdw200169johnnny, you could take a shot at pida: pida.co.uk00:56
rdw200169johnnny, it's Vim + GUI, easier (some would say) than gvim00:56
johnnnyrdw200169: i'm not in X !! (console only)00:56
redvamp128johnnny:  I only suggested that earlier because you said it was a server install -- with command line only and vim didn't want to install - you said in the pastebin that it was missing dependencies-00:56
rdw200169johnnny, vim is, not pida00:56
Izinucsluke_: ok.. open a terminal (applications>accessories>terminal) and type ... sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180 .. it may install a total of 3 packages .. watch .. if it only installs one let me know.00:56
johnnnyredvamp128: so now that "vim" works, should i still have a look at "vim-nox" ? :)00:57
Izinucsluke_: if it says that package isn't available let me know.00:57
redvamp128johnnny:  if vim is working now then leave it alone--00:58
johnnnyredvamp128: k :)00:58
ChaorainIs There a way to run "sudo compiz" at startup?00:58
luke_Izinucs, theres a bunch oof lines beginning with "failed to fetch"00:58
rdw200169Chaorain, you don't want to run it as root00:58
jscinozI'm running pulseaudio systemwide, but it still starts per user, how do i disable pulseaudio startup from each user's session?00:58
Izinucsluke_: ok.. does the laptop have an active internet connection?00:58
ChaorainI have to otherwise it wont run at all00:58
whompapotamusanyone in here familiar with bridging a connection from ubuntu to an xbox00:59
rdw200169Chaorain, then there's a big problem!00:59
luke_Izinucs, yes00:59
Chaorainany clue how to fix?00:59
rdw200169whompapotamus, you're just piggybacking internet from a linux computer, i.e. internet connection sharing, right?00:59
Izinucsluke_: ok .. just hit the up arrow in the terminal and that last command will appear again.. however before hitting enter change the 180 to a 17701:00
luke_Izinucs, same thing01:00
luke_Izinucs, if it helps any this computer is a year old01:00
Izinucsluke_: shouldn't make a difference.. which version of ubuntu did you install?01:01
jsfoxtonhi ppl01:01
DVA5912Ok so i have lamp installed now whats the best way to edit my website?01:01
luke_Izinucs, EEEbuntu01:01
luke_Izinucs, its a mod from 8.1001:01
Izinucsluke_: arg.. for the netbook?01:01
gordonjcpDVA5912: there's not really a "best" way to do it, what works for you?01:01
jsfoxtoni have installed wine and office but excel never runs....does anyone have any suggestions on how to get excel running?01:01
darkblue_BQ. After upgrading from Gutsy to Hardy, I had minor errors that are now resolved.. but when I restart, I am getting a "Recovery Menu" screen, hitting enter aloows boot normally. How do I get rd of this safety screen now and let it boot ??! this is a headless machine normally01:01
DVA5912gordonjcp: i just want to be able to upload or copy files to the /var/www directory01:02
eljacohi, I have a Dell PowerEdge 400SC server that I use as my desktop and am running ubuntu 8.10 on it. It was running fine and well until I just added some new RAM and a wireless card (used to be connected straight to router.) Now X freezes on me after a few seconds - I can't even log in to gnome01:02
ChaorainMy vista laptop can't read my samba shares any help?01:02
gordonjcpDVA5912: yup01:02
Izinucsluke_: can you get to System>Admin>Synaptic package manager?01:02
luke_Izinucs, yes thats what its for, he doesnt havea netbook but I do and  used that version and it gave me my internet drivers, so he used it too for the drivers since Ubuntu was too hard to get working drivers with01:02
gordonjcpDVA5912: cp thing /var/www01:02
DVA5912gordonjcp: i have to do that everytime i want to move files?01:02
gordonjcpDVA5912: you might want sudo cp thing /var/www if it's not owned by you (and it probably isn't)01:03
luke_Izinucs, hes in it01:03
gordonjcpDVA5912: there are lots of ways to do it01:03
meoblast001nvidia drivers broke my system01:03
meoblast001what do i do01:03
heatmzzri am trying to play a streaming mms file, totem opens and it shows streaming but i dont hear anything01:03
DVA5912gordonjcp: what would i need to install to got ftp01:03
Izinucsluke_: hit the search button and search for nvidia-glx01:03
gordonjcpDVA5912: don't use ftp01:03
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gordonjcpDVA5912: you should use sftp now01:04
redvamp128jsfoxton:  WineHQ - View Vendor <http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?bIsQueue=false&amp;bIsRejected=false&amp;sClass=vendor&amp;iId=5&amp;sAction=view&amp;sTitle=View+Vendor>01:04
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:04
gordonjcpDVA5912: or scp01:04
Dante123First dwl900ap is access point upstairs.  What do I config the second one to be?  Access Point Client, wireless bridge point to point, or wb point to multipoint?  I'm thinking Access Point Client....so internet from upstairs AP is shared with downstairs ones and any nintendos that hook up to i.  Look at http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee359/RacerWhy5/wifidiagram2.jpg01:04
mnguyenI'm currently using openbox as my WM. How do I get conky to autostart when I create a new session?01:04
BlackBatMani have two desktops connected through a router to a high-speed modem01:04
redvamp128jsfoxton:  that is a link to the wine database with helpful hints to get programs running under wine01:04
Huene`can I remove Alsa without removing things that are barely related (like gnome-panel) I do still want to have an OS during this attempt to reinstall sound01:04
luke_Izinucs, its showing nvidia-glx-9601:04
gordonjcpDVA5912: basically if anyone wants me to install an FTP server I immediately quote them £750 plus an additional £200 per month01:04
BlackBatMani want to transfer data from linux to my windows machine01:04
Izinucsluke_: that's it?01:04
ChaorainIs this the right place to ask about ubuntu samba?01:04
KujiUnHow do you add a wireless network?01:05
johnnnywhats a system usergroup ? ... no shell access simply ?01:05
BlackBatMani can just think about rdesktop but know nothing else to transfer data effectively01:05
gordonjcpDVA5912: this usually puts them off, which is of course the intended effect01:05
redvamp128jsfoxton:  you can also try asking in channel #winehq01:05
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: for copying files?01:05
luke_Izinucs, it shows a bunch of other stuff but none of it is nvidia01:05
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: you could use Samba on the linux machine01:05
BlackBatMangordonjcp transfer a file from linux to windows...yup01:05
newb101whats i program i can use to sync videos to an ipod video?01:06
Izinucsluke_: is this system using the regular ubuntu repo's or one that is designed only for the eeepc01:06
BlackBatMangordonjcp, i'll look that up, thanks01:06
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: just "a file" - only one - or many many files?01:06
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: if it's just one you could probably do something with scp01:06
BlackBatMangordonjcp either way01:06
luke_Izinucs, whats the repos01:06
gordonjcpwell, that would work for lots01:06
BlackBatMangordonjcp either way01:06
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: but Samba would actually let it show up as a windows share01:06
eljacoBlackBatMan: go to the folder you want to share and click on "Sharing options"01:06
gordonjcpwhich is probably what you want, eh01:06
ChaorainI just get an error when my Vista laptop tries to read my Ubuntu Samba shares but not my knoppix shares01:07
Izinucsluke_: that's what synaptic looks at for programs/drivers etc that are available for download.01:07
BlackBatManeljaco, you made it a bit complicated01:07
eljacoBlackBatMan: right-clicking on a folder is complicated?01:07
Izinucsluke_: in synaptic go to Settings>Repositories01:07
luke_Izinucs, it is the eeeubuntu that we installed if that answers it...01:08
KujiUnExcuse me, but how do you add a wireless network?01:08
BlackBatManlol :)01:08
luke_Izinucs, He says its showing 71,173, and 177 now01:08
Izinucsluke_: suddenly? or did he do something different?01:08
wolterhow do i install the python 2.6 in ubuntu intrepid? is there some repository i can add?01:08
eljacoKujiUn: do you have network-manager installed?01:08
FlynsarmyI think i've made a bluetooth connection with my phone. how do i transfer files to and from it?01:08
BlackBatMangordonjcp how does jamba basically work?01:09
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: in what sense?01:09
luke_Izinucs, he clicked the 96 aand then mark for installation and he tried to install and it said failed then showed the others01:09
BlackBatMangordonjcp made to simply transfer files?01:09
Izinucsluke_: nice.. have him install the 17701:09
balzacI have a custom version of Ubuntu with a kernel for my netbook. I want to add general Ubuntu Intrepid repositories without putting my special kernel at risk for being updated to the default kernel.01:09
balzacWhat should I add to my sources so I get all the apps but no new kernel updates?01:10
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: well lets you set up something that will appear as a share on your Windows network01:10
BlackBatManBlackBatMan, it looks difficult to even  install, i'm not a good computer guy01:10
luke_Izinucs, failed to fetch01:10
Izinucsluke_: after that's been done.. and it should also install nvidia-settings.. you'll need to log out, and reboot.. don't ctrl+alt+backspace01:10
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: <shrug>01:10
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BlackBatMangordonjcp mmmm01:10
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: I haven't used it for years, and I don't really know much about Windows01:10
KujiUneljaco: Is it already included in Ubuntu?01:10
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: I know there's loads of stuff about it in the ubuntu forums01:11
BlackBatMangordonjcp thank you gordon01:11
eljacoKujiUn: it should be - do you see two little computers on the panel? Or something resembling a network?01:11
Izinucsluke_: check Settings/repositories and see what's in there01:12
antivermeoblast001 repair xorg.conf at bootup (not 100% sure, i'm a noob, but it's what i would try first)01:12
eljacoKujiUn: better yet, go to System > Preferences > Network Configuration01:12
luke_Izinucs, turns out there was a problem with internet, 177 is downloading01:12
fiascoI have a fat32 external hard drive that I wan't to be to store 4GB+ files on. Do I have to convert the format. Will Ubuntu still be able to read and write to it if its NFTS?01:12
Izinucsluke_: you were making me wonder there for a while.01:12
fiascowan't => want01:12
eljacoKujiUn: should be pretty simple after that01:12
deanMy windows antivirus tries to scan my ubuntu partition and it goes into a loop trying to process the symlinks.01:13
deanShould I just disable checking the Linux partition?01:13
Izinucsfiasco: yes to the ntfs question.. but why not use ext301:13
balzacwhat intrepid repository should I add so I can get emacs without automatic kernel updates? I have an eee pc with a special kernel which is why I can't just use the regular repositories.01:13
KujiUneljaco: There wasn't an option for wireless.01:13
fiascoIzinucs: whats the advantage?01:13
Izinucsdean: yes.. configure so it doesn't touch the linux partition01:14
FlynsarmyWhats a GUI i can use for transferring files over bluetooth?01:14
balzacI want emacs, gimp, and all the regular apps, but no kernel updates. help meh.01:14
deanbalzac: use apt pinning01:14
fiascodean: no real need to scan a linux parition for viruses aye01:14
balzacdean, thanks01:14
balzacI'll look it up01:14
Izinucsfiasco: ext3 is native to ubuntu and can be read by windows with a 3rd party driver. it journaled like ntfs so it's much harder to loose info. also it's able to handle 4gig files easier.. I would question ntfs for that01:15
KujiUneljaco: This is what I have: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/360940/terminal_stuff.txt01:15
eljacoKujiUn: see if this helps: http://www.linux.com/feature/5694601:16
tank__i installe ubuntu on one of my hard drives (with vista on another), but not grub won't let me boot up vista. does anyone know how i can fix that?01:16
johnnnyLets say i want to create a user/usergroup that will be running a deamon. I'll probably also want a homedir for that user to contain the deamon application.  What type of user should i do ?01:16
fiascoIzinucs: so to use ext3 on windows, windows needs a 3rd party driver?, is this easy enough to do? Also, so you have a tut handy on converting hardisks from FAT32 to ex3?01:17
BlackBatMangordonjcp i installed samba with the Synaptic Package Manager01:17
fiascoext3 that is :)01:17
* fiasco googles01:17
BlackBatMangordonjcp what is the command to run it? do have any idea?01:17
johnnnyIs it a system user that I'd need ?01:17
deanfiasco: this is the driver: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd01:17
bobbob1016I'm running Mythbuntu 8.10, with an nVidia 8200 on the mobo and the proprietary drivers.  I'm getting a text login, and can't start the gui, /etc/init.d/gdm restart seems to work, says restarting ok, but nothing happens, any ideas?01:17
DasEifiasco: quite simple, google ext2tonfs01:17
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: check the forums, I haven't used it in a long long time and I've forgotten01:17
BlackBatMancommand to run samba anyone?01:17
fiascodean: thats01:17
deanfiasco: this one also works but it is not open source http://www.fs-driver.org/01:18
Izinucsfiasco: sudo apt-get install gparted .. do this in a terminal.. then look in System>Admin>Partition manager .. that will allow you to reformat it to ext301:18
=== bobby is now known as odium1
gordonjcpBlackBatMan: it's a server, it's not something you run like a program01:18
johnnnyBlackBatMan: /etc/init.d/samba start ?01:18
DasEifiasco: quite simple, google ext2tnfs, sry01:18
johnnnyBlackBatMan:  or /etc/init.d/smb start !?01:18
johnnnyBlackBatMan: your config files are probably in the /etc/samba/ folder.01:19
Izinucsluke_: update?01:19
fiascothanks alot guys. heaps of help you all are :)01:19
DasEijohnnny: samba start01:19
johnnnyoh, even simpler :P01:19
=== bobby is now known as odium1
johnnnyi dig to much sometimes01:19
eljacocan anyone help me figure out what is wrong with my X server? it starts up, but I can't use my mouse or keyboard01:19
DasEijohnnny: eerm, /etc/init.d/samba start01:19
BlackBatManjohnnny you want to work through this quickly and briefly?01:19
Izinucsluke_: did he put this on a standard laptop?01:19
johnnnyok ok01:19
deaneljaco: can you try upgrading01:20
BlackBatManjohnnny i don't know how to configure files01:20
johnnnyDasEi:  just staying which one :)01:20
fiascoIzinucs: does my harddisk ned to be clean? will I lose the data on it?01:20
eljacodean: upgrading to what? do you mean apt-get upgrade?01:20
deaneljaco: yes01:20
Gerinychdoes anyone use bitpim here?01:20
Izinucsfiasco: you will loose all all the data if you format it.01:20
johnnnyBlackBatMan: i have noooooooooo clue how to do the setup of the samba configuration files ;)01:20
jscinozI'm running pulseaudio systemwide, but it still starts per user, how do i disable pulseaudio startup from each user's session?01:20
BlackBatManjohnnny my issue is basically having to transfer a file from linux to a windows machine01:21
eljacodean: well, I just installed a new wireless card, so I don't have a connection01:21
johnnnyBlackBatMan: I SCP in the machine..01:21
BlackBatManjohnnny understood01:21
johnnnyBlackBatMan: i use WinSCP...01:21
eljacodean: it says there is nothing upgradable when I run apt-get upgrade01:21
johnnnyBlackBatMan: try downloading it on your winbox, and login to your server as you would via ssh.01:21
DasEijohnnny: it's /etc/samba/smb.conf, but tell if I disturb you, may also type !samba in the channel01:22
=== johnnny is now known as johnnnny
johnnnnyDasEi: it's for BlackBatMan :)01:22
deaneljaco: the keyboard and the mouse don't work or is it just the mouse01:23
DasEijohnnny: ah, alright, got it wrong then :)01:23
johnnnnyon my side, i think i'll do a system user :oS01:23
johnnnnybut i'm not sure if it's what i need.01:23
BlackBatManjohnnny basic steps ? ..... download/install into my windows machine?01:23
heatmzzranyone know what i have to get to play mms streams on my ubuntu01:23
eljacodean: both keyboard and mouse - but I can hit ctrl+alt+F1 and go to the terminal session01:23
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: very simple..get the Installer version :)01:23
ChaorainCan someone help my vista laptop see my Ubuntu samba shares?01:24
eljacodean: aside from switching sessions, I can't do anything else01:24
RoyallI'm on Linux Kernel 2.6.27-11-generic. My wireless card (built in to my Dell Inspiron laptop) is not being recognized. I've installed ndiswrapper.01:24
RoyallStill nothing.01:24
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: download this: http://winscp.net/download/winscp418setup.exe01:24
RoyallWhat should I do next after installing it?01:24
RoyallDoes it need a reboot?01:24
DasEiChaorain: samba up and running ? no firewalls blocking ?01:24
tank__i installed ubuntu on one of my hard drives (with vista on the other) and now i can't boot windows, does anyone know how to fix this?01:24
n8tuserRoyall -> is the ON/OFF switch into the ON position?01:24
eljacodean: in case it's related, I get a "User Switcher" error when I start X, although when I start normally (not in recovery mode) I can't even type anything in the login screen01:25
RoyallI'm going to assume that wasn't a joke, and say that the wireless card is turned on.01:25
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: thats the windows installer of WinSCP (a FTP, SFTP, SCP, .. client)01:25
jscinozI'm running pulseaudio systemwide, but it still starts per user, how do i disable pulseaudio startup from each user's session?01:25
ceil420anyone use SCIM and know how to stop it from 'exiting abnormally'? http://rafb.net/p/TMAIWP95.html01:25
deandean: it might be that gdm is started before HAL01:25
deansorry s/dean/eljaco/g01:26
johnnnnydean talking to himself again ?01:26
ChaorainDasEi, I can't tell if Samba is running but my firewall is disabled01:26
heatmzzranyone know what i have to get to play mms streams on my ubuntu????01:26
eljacodean: haha - ok, is there a way I can check that?01:26
KujiUnI got this, but I can't seem to get my wireless network: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/360940/terminal_stuff.txt01:26
deaneljaco: sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove && sudo update-rc.d gdm defaults 99 0101:26
ChaorainDasEi, Vista sees ubuntu but can't read any folders01:26
n8tuserRoyall -> what does sudo ndiswrapper -l     shows?01:26
DasEiChaorain:sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart   or look with htop01:26
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: how's that going ? :)01:26
Royallls: cannot access /etc/ndiswrapper: No such file or directory01:27
deaneljaco: well you could restart gdm through ssh01:27
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: or you could try to get your Samba service to work :P01:27
n8tuser!who | Royall01:27
ubottuRoyall: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:27
DasEiChaorain:configured /etc/samba/smb.conf ?01:27
BlackBatManjohnnny download process through rdesktop01:27
Royalln8tuser: 'ls: cannot access /etc/ndiswrapper: No such file or directory'01:27
deaneljaco: by doing /etc/init.d/gdm restart01:27
ChaorainDasEi, htop not installed. Let me check smb.conf01:27
deaneljaco: i think it needs sudo01:27
eljacodean: i did that, but i still can't type anything or move the mouse01:27
n8tuserRoyall -> look for your ndiswrapper,01:28
BlackBatManjohnnny i have two interfaces, which do you recommend for my task?01:28
eljacodean: the cursor is blinking though, so I assume it's not frozen01:28
Royalln8tuser: where would I look for it and how would I know if I've found it01:28
deaneljaco: is it a USB or ps2 mouse and what kind of mouse is it01:28
BlackBatManjohnnny i see mmmmm, norton commander interface and explorer-like interface01:28
eljacodean:both are USB01:28
deaneljaco: this bug might be related https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-openchrome/+bug/27434001:28
heatmzzranyone know what i have to get to play mms streams on my ubuntu????01:29
n8tuser!wireless | Royall  i'll direct your here to read up first...01:29
ubottuRoyall  i'll direct your here to read up first...: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:29
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: Norton one.01:29
n2diygnome-panel is using 5001:29
BlackBatManjohnnny ok, driving on01:29
BlackBatManjohnnny launch?01:29
johnnnnywhy not :)01:29
johnnnnythat'll open you a little window..01:30
BlackBatManjohnnny ok buddy, have some stuff in here01:30
ChaorainDasEi, what does security need to be set to? and DNS proxy?01:30
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: create a "NEW" connection01:30
kerloWhy would a network interface that shows up in ifconfig -a not show up in Network Tools?01:30
kerlomeoblast: ello.01:30
meoblastDolphin-Emu is reporting "Error loading DLL Plugins/libPlugin_VideoOGL.so: Plugins/libPlugin_VideoOGL.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" what should i install to get those libraries01:30
DasEiChaorain:set security to user and use (or create one) an existing user of your ubu-machine to access share01:31
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: let me know if you manage to go threw the process of createing a new connection, saving it, and connecting to your linux machine.01:31
meoblasti don't know what package contains the01:31
n8tuserkerlo -> trust the command line results01:31
BlackBatManjohnnnny i have no "NEW" option01:31
kerlon8tuser: trusting the command line won't help if I want to use Network Tools to configure stuff.01:31
DasEiChaorain:name resolve order = hosts wins bcast01:31
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: you don't have a "New" button on the top right ?01:32
BlackBatManjohnnnny i don't know how to fill this up either01:32
n2diygnome-panel is using 50% of my memory, when I kill it it, it respawns, what is the parent process?01:32
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: Do you have a user account on your linux box ?01:32
sudobashhey with avant windows manager doing the OSX dock it shows like a list of blank boxes01:32
n8tuserkerlo -> if you learned the command line to configure such, it would greatly help01:32
BlackBatMani have my own and probably two more user accounts01:32
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: do you know the IP of that box ?01:32
sudobashright over the trash icon01:32
kerloThat's probably true.01:33
BlackBatManjohnnnny no01:33
harleycan someone help me01:33
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: uh01:33
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: is this on your home network ?01:33
sychoSO I just instaled 8.10 x64 and after enabling the ATI drivers my xorg went screwy. I am now prompted to login by terminal and when I try to run 'startx' I get the error "no screens found". I've tried replacing xorg.conf and trying to fix it but neither has not helped. I've also ran all updates using "apt-get upgrade". I've also tried using "X -configure" but also exits with an error. Any ideas on how to fix this or at least "remove" t01:33
harleyI accidently right clicked one of my icons and clicked "remove from panel"01:33
harleyhow do I bring it back?01:33
Dr_willisright click on the panel.. add applets to panel01:33
kerloI'll see what happens when I set the ssid and encryption type and key and ifup it.01:33
fwaokdaI can't get ubuntu to notice my wireless card can someone try and help me? I have a RTL8187SE wireless card in my msi wind u100-420.01:33
BlackBatManjohnnnny these two computers are connected to the same router01:34
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: can you type "ifconfig" on a shell on your linux and find your IP ?01:34
jribsycho: how did you install the ati drivers?01:34
IndyGunFreak!realtek | fwaokda01:34
ubottufwaokda: some help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b01:34
n8tusersycho -> umm try the livecd and copy the xorg.conf that works from the livecd ?01:34
sychojrib: When I first entered gnome ubuntu said they where available to download and enable, the little hardware icon in the top right corner.01:35
n8tuser!wireless | fwaokda   start reading this please and then once you read we can discuss ..01:35
ubottufwaokda   start reading this please and then once you read we can discuss ..: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:35
harleyDr_willis: It's not in the list. It was Emesene (instant messenger) that docks in the tray, but now when it docks I can't see it01:35
fwaokdaIndyGunFreak, seems thats for the b and not SE :(01:35
Dr_willisharley,  could be the program itself runs and adds an icon to the systray01:35
IndyGunFreakfwaokda: then you're probably gonna have to use the powers of google, i've not heard of SE01:35
luke_Isn't there a more user friendly Linux distro then Ubuntu?01:35
luke_One with a lot less terminal use, downloads, etc?01:35
Dr_willisharley,  check the program settings perhaps. Ive never used that one.01:35
IndyGunFreakluke_: lmao.. how could that be possible?01:35
lifenovaluke_: matter of opinion...01:36
luke_How couldn't it? :p01:36
_Vi_not possible01:36
kerloluke_: I believe Ubuntu is generally considered the most user-friendly.01:36
n8tuserluke_ -> what is your purpose?01:36
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: still following ?01:36
harleyDr_willis: it's something to do with removing it from panel, because now it isn't showing when it should01:36
IndyGunFreakluke_: what are you having a problem with, ubuntu is by far the most newb friendly distro01:36
BlackBatManjohnnnny .... i'll show you the ouput in a sec01:36
luke_Well like with Ubuntu I had trroble getting wireless drivers01:36
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: i'm sure you can find the IP in there yourself !:)01:36
BlackBatManjohnnnny i see no ip01:36
IndyGunFreakluke_: you'll have that problem w/ any distro.. did you get it workin01:36
luke_So I used EEEbuntu, which I had for my netbook01:36
n8tuserluke_ -> just my preference.. suse01:36
johnnnnyUse a USB key instead ? Lol01:36
luke_But thats made for netbooks, so I might have problems with that01:37
Jack_Sparrow!eee > luke_01:37
ubottuluke_, please see my private message01:37
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: use a USB key instead maybe ?01:37
IndyGunFreakluke_: you've still not stated your problem, did you nnot get yuour wireless working w/ normal ubuntu?01:37
fwaokdan8tuser: unless im missing something you sent me a pretty general link with alot of information on the wireless in ubuntu. Do I really need to read all of that for you to be able to help me?01:37
DasEiChaorain:  can also look at http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/install-samba-server-on-ubuntu/01:37
luke_Thanks Jack, I got it on my netbook01:37
Dr_willisluke_,  i had some issues ith using eeebuntu on a normal desktop machine.. but the thing did install a normal  Kernel also. Youmay want to boot it with that. via editing the menu.lst01:37
IndyGunFreakluke_: i have a normal ubuntu running on my eee, no problem at all.01:37
n2diygnome-panel is using 50% of my memory, when I kill it it, it respawns, what is the parent process, or how do I ID it?01:37
BlackBatManjohnnnny yup i got it01:37
Jack_Sparrowluke_ Are you running eee-ubuntu or regular ubuntu..01:37
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: show me your output in a pastebin,  and i'll see.. but maybe you have no network connection working on your machine ?01:37
luke_I couldn't get the wireless drivers01:37
harleyDr_willis: I just checked program options, nothing in there01:38
n8tuserfwaokda -> its a start for you, get the gist out from it, so you get an idea how to troubleshoot it yourself if we were not here01:38
sychojrib: Any ideas?01:38
IndyGunFreakluke_: well if the eee is working out of the box, then you have the AR242x, right?01:38
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: so you got the IP ?01:38
DasEin2diy: try top or htop to see what does this01:38
BlackBatManjohnnnny i have it but i don't know if it's safe to send it to you01:38
luke_Weell I just instaled EEEbuntu on my desktop and it apparently doesnt have the drivers for my internet like it did on my netbook and my friends laptop01:38
johnnnnyi don't want it01:38
BlackBatManjohnnnny ok01:38
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: DOn't send it, i want you to know it! :)01:38
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: and now in windows... In WinSCP, in the Host name: you type your IP01:39
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: Username: and Password: i think you know what those are too!01:39
IndyGunFreakluke_: what exactly are you trying to get working, your eee, or are you trying to get a normal ubuntu install on your eee, or did you put ubuntu eee on a non-eee pc?01:39
n2diyDasEi: I am running top, but I haven't tried killing it with top, let me try that.01:39
luke_Third one.  I got the first one working.01:39
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: and than, you can <Save> or  simply <Login> and try !:)01:39
johnnnnythan = then01:39
IndyGunFreakluke_: ok.... so you put ubuntu eee, on a non-ee PC.. just want to make sure i followl.01:40
luke_IndyGunFreak, right, hoping it would have the proper wireless drivers like it did for my friends non eee laptop01:40
IndyGunFreakluke_: ok, did it?01:40
luke_IndyGunFreak, nope01:40
MisterKMHey all, can someone PM me to help me with a webcam?01:40
IndyGunFreakluke_: well whats your wireless device you can't get working01:41
BlackBatManjohnnnny Error "Network error: Connection refused01:41
IndyGunFreak!webcam | MisterKM01:41
ubottuMisterKM: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras01:41
MisterKMI've already done that Indy.01:41
BlackBatManjohnnnny "OK" "Reconnect" "Help"01:41
BlackBatManjohnnnn windows firewall?01:41
luke_IndyGunFreak,  wmp54gs01:41
IndyGunFreakluke_: that tells me nothing.. what chipset was it.01:41
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: probably not windows firewall01:41
luke_IndyGunFreak, chipset?01:42
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: did you open OpenSSH ?01:42
IndyGunFreakMisterKM: wel, then you'er probably screwed...lol, webcam support isn't very good in Linux01:42
IndyGunFreakluke_: atheros, intel, broadcom, realtek?01:42
BlackBatManjohnnnny i have here "file protocol /???01:42
harleydoes anybody here use an instant messenger client?01:42
BlackBatManjohnnnny and allow scp fallback01:42
Nikyoyep Pidgin01:42
IndyGunFreakharley: for IRC?01:42
harleywell the problem is01:42
DasEi harley: pidgin, yes01:42
harleymine isn't showing in tray anymore01:42
harleyhow do I bring it back?01:43
IndyGunFreakharley: i use a messenger client, but definitely not for IRC.01:43
lifenovaharley: yep, pidgin01:43
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: i usually don't touch anything...01:43
DasEi harley: pidgin, yes01:43
BlackBatManjohnnnny mmhmm ok01:43
lifenovaharley: like a launcher?01:43
IndyGunFreakharley: you probably accidentally deleted notification area on your panel.. add it back.01:43
DasEi harley: which one do you use ?01:43
MisterKMIndy, I tried some info on the help site, its not coming up as the detected information, what came up is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109177/01:43
harleynot a launcher01:43
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: 1 sec01:43
harleyIndyGunFreak: how do I bring it back?01:43
redvamp128harley:  try adding back the notification area to your panels01:43
luke_IndyGunFreak, linksys01:43
harleyI need the notification icon, not launcher01:43
IndyGunFreakharley: right click your panel, add to panel, add notification area01:43
lifenovaharley: Right click the pannel, press add, and scroll to notification area01:43
IndyGunFreakluke_: if yuou won't answer a question, i'm not gonna try to help you.01:44
luke_IndyGunFreak, I thought I just did01:44
IndyGunFreakluke_: was linksys in that lis t i gave you?01:44
harleythank you Indy and lifenova.01:44
IndyGunFreakthats a device manufacturer, i asked you for the chipset.01:44
harleyand redvamp01:44
=== nutella is now known as adac
luke_IndyGunFreak, I had to pull it out of my case.  I dont know, dont have the list anymore01:44
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: if you type (in linux) :  ps -A | grep sshd           do you get anything listed ?01:44
IndyGunFreakluke_:  are you on it right now?01:44
harleyDasEi: I'm using Emesene01:44
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: and, can you technically remote access your linux box ? (Did you install the OpenSSH server)?01:45
luke_IndyGunFreak,  let me put it back in and run lspci01:45
DasEi harley: .. and got your answer as I read01:45
KujiUnIs there a way to export Wubi stuff into a brand new Ubuntu?01:45
BlackBatManjohnnnny no output for ps -A | grep sshd01:45
luke_IndyGunFreak, would it be broadcom?01:45
ChaorainDasEi, I went through the site tutorial but how do I start samba?01:45
BlackBatManjohnnnny if i knew i would have known01:46
johnnnnyGuys, how do you get a a ssh server going on a machine that doesn't have it installed (it seems)01:46
BlackBatMan... the openssh01:46
IndyGunFreakluke_: it could be, but broadcom could be your regular ethernet port to... does the broadcom say its a wireless device?01:46
DasEiChaorain:  /etc/init.d/samba/(re-)start01:46
johnnnnyhope someone answers :P01:46
luke_IndyGunFreak, wireless lan controller01:46
IndyGunFreakluke_: then thats it.. ..01:46
BlackBatManjohnnnny ok, thnks for trying01:46
IndyGunFreak!broadcom | luke_01:47
ubottuluke_: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:47
johnnnnyprobably something like: apt-get install openSSH       but...01:47
IndyGunFreakluke_: and to my knowledge, i don't think broadcom works out fo the box w/ any distro, could be wrong though01:47
BlackBatManjohnnnny i'll try sypnatic manager01:47
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: once you get that sshd thing installed.... you'll be able to remote-access your linux box with a windows client like Putty01:47
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/01:48
DasEiIndyGunFreak: xp not, too01:48
IndyGunFreakDasEi: is that right?.. thats surprising01:48
ChaorainDasEi, I did sudo /etc/init.d/samba start but vista can't read. restarting vista.01:48
s1ma0hi all01:48
BlackBatManjohnnnny i have a couple of similar results.... I have a 320 gig hard drive, should i just install all of it?01:49
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: ya, the synaptic manager should help you01:49
BlackBatManjohnnnny ok01:49
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: not necessarely..01:49
DasEiChaorain:  you made the share browseable, you chowned a dir to the samba user (that exists on the ubu-pc) ?01:49
SirFunkhi... is there a way in APT to protect certain packages (aka. make sure they get pulled from a speciffic repo and not overwritten by anything else)?01:49
BlackBatManjohnnnny i don't know which one to install01:49
johnnnnyyou just want the SSH Deamon basically..  (BUT WAIT)01:49
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: somebody that knows needs to tell you which one exactly :)01:50
johnnnnypatience :P01:50
hec_hello, can someone help me to activate my atheros wlan card in a acer laptop aspire 3680?01:50
johnnnnyit might be all of what you found, but i can't tell01:50
luke_IndyGunFreak, I think i  have the driver, move to flash drive and put it on Ubuntu?01:50
ChaorainI own the directory and I made me a samba user01:50
jtajiBlackBatMan: openssh-server01:50
johnnnnythanks :)01:51
IndyGunFreakluke_: i honestly don't mess w/ broadcom much, i've been fortunate and have always had atheros, which i've always gotten to work w/ little fuss01:51
DasEiChaorain: sudo apt-get install pastebinit01:51
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: u got that!? :)01:51
luke_IndyGunFreak, but is that what you'd reccommend I'd do?01:51
s1ma0who can i install playonlinux ?01:51
BlackBatManjtaji johnnnny ok thanks01:51
DasEiChaorain: pastebinit /etc/samba/smb.conf01:51
IndyGunFreakluke_: i'd recommend youf ollow the instructions in that link i gave you...01:51
BlackBatManjohnnnny yup01:51
DasEiChaorain: url from last cmd?01:51
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: get this Windows Tool too!!: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html01:51
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: PuTTY01:52
ChaorainDasEi, http://pastebin.com/f351b8cef01:52
johnnnnydoesn't look safe of a site, but it's official !:)01:52
BlackBatManit crashed01:52
BlackBatMan i need to kill a process i think01:52
lyricnzHi Ubuntu people!01:52
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: synaptic ?01:52
cjae_for anyone having troubles with realtek ethernet cards and dual boot sernarios http://reynantem.blogspot.com/2008/12/ubuntu-810-ethernet-problem-solved.html01:52
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: let it run...01:53
* lyricnz is loooong time redhat user, installing his first ubuntu server (in a VM, for an appliance application). 01:53
DVA5912I have php and apache installed but im not about to run php files. What command can i use to make php part of the apache config01:53
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: don't kill if it's still workng :)01:53
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: it might be fetching stuff from the web..01:53
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org01:53
lyricnzDoes anyone have a pre-made kick start file, for a minimal install - or do I have to install ubuntu first, then run the kickstart generator tool?01:53
balzacHello again01:53
Dr_willislyricnz,  check out the ubuntu 'JEOS' edition - for a minimal ubuntu setup01:54
meoblastwhat program can i use to monitor  my CPU temperature?01:54
con-manhow do I select a different audio device01:54
con-manI did it on the sound menu01:54
lyricnzDr_willis: thanks  (googles)01:54
con-mannothing change01:54
con-mando I need to stop and start a service?01:54
n8tuserlyricnz -> if am not mistaken something akin to kickstart is debian-installer or d-i  for short01:54
balzacI'm trying to get emacs through aptitude, but I have this ubuntu-derivative for netbooks01:54
Dr_willislyricnz,  its like some ultraminimal ubuntu for 'appliances' and stuff if i recall01:54
BlackBatManjohnnnny i just checked openssh-server, but it seems to be doing something01:55
Dr_willisbalzac,  eeebuntu here lets me install everything i can on a normal ubuntu install.01:55
LEX_WELLI cannot compile c programs01:55
FlanneljeOS is designed for virtualization, not netbooks.01:55
balzacDr_willis: is it intrepid?01:55
BlackBatManmust be dependicy hell01:55
* lyricnz is building a linux-based VM to act as a testing-slave for large-scale automated testing.01:55
DasEiChaorain:you havent set up a share01:55
LEX_WELLcan anybody help me01:55
lyricnzI've been using fedora/redhat forever, but it's minimal install....aint01:55
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: it should tell you what the dependencies are, I think.01:55
Royalln8tuser: I installed the correct driver onto ndiswrapper01:55
BlackBatMani'm locked01:55
RoyallBut there's still no connection01:56
Dr_willisLEX_WELL,  FAQ - :) install build-essential package. for the C compiler stuff01:56
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: great :(01:56
lyricnzI looked at centos/rhel, but ubuntu might be a nice change ;)01:56
BlackBatMani'll try the terminal01:56
n8tuserRoyall -> are you sure you have ndiswrapper installed?  try  ndiswrapper -l01:56
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: hummm... right :)01:56
Chaorain2DasEi, if you said anything I missed it. IRC hung01:56
pyro2927can can I open a split archive? I'm trying to open a set of .rar, .00, .01...... and so on with archive manager but it doesnt work01:56
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: your good for that .. ? :)01:56
Royalln8tuser: I tried it, it showed my driver name thing... 'bcmwl6 : driver installeddevice (14E4:4315) present (alternate driver: wl)'01:56
BlackBatManjohnnnny i see progress01:57
BlackBatManjohnnnny done01:57
n8tuserRoyall -> can you post the results of  ifconfig ;  iwconfig;  route -n;  cat /etc/resolv.conf  and cat /etc/network/interfaces01:57
Dr_willispyro2927,  i just 'unrar e whatever.r00.rar  or whatever the first one is01:57
DasEiChaorain2:you havent set up a share nor made your home-directories readable01:57
DVA5912I have php and apache installed but im not about to run php files. What command can i use to make php part of the apache config01:57
Royalln8tuser: I'm using Wicd to configure the network. I have ndiswrapper selected as the driver there01:57
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: great :)01:57
BlackBatMana;slkjfa;df :)01:57
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: did you get Putty too ?01:57
johnnnny(for windows)01:57
Chaorain2dasEi, oops um. How do?01:58
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: or just try WinSCP again :)01:58
DasEiChaorain2:you want a specific share dir or browse the home folders ?01:58
pyro2927Dr_ willis, apparently i didnt have the unrar package installed. ha01:58
lyricnzDr_willis: joes is actually built into the standard server install now (press F4 at first screen, and select install a minimal virtual machine)01:58
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: i should actually ask you to do : ps -A | grep sshd        before, to not waste time.01:58
con-manhow do I select a different audio device01:59
con-manI did it on the sound menu01:59
con-mannothing change01:59
con-mando I need to stop and start a service?01:59
FloodBot2con-man: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:59
LEX_WELLDr_willis : thanks!01:59
Chaorain2DasEi /var/lib/mythtv and /home/dan01:59
aronhi,who can tell me  where is the default background pictures of KDE4 in my computer01:59
BlackBatManjohnnnny yes ouput01:59
BlackBatManjohnnnny private key file ?01:59
johnnnnyaccept it02:00
johnnnnyor generate it02:00
BlackBatManjohnnnny no, it's a prompt or input from WinScP02:00
luke_IndyGunFreak, I transferred this file the guyy has for the driver to my computer, he says to open these 2 files which are .sh or enter the text into terminal, shouldn't it pull up as terminal insteaad of a text file then?02:00
johnnnnyBlackBatMan:  whatever it suggests! :)02:00
DVA5912I have php and apache installed but im not about to run php files. What command can i use to make php part of the apache config. Like a mod probe or something modprobe-php5 i dont know the exact code02:00
BlackBatManjohnnnny ok02:00
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: you need to accept/create that key :)02:00
Dr_willisluke_,  open a terminal first.. then run the commands..02:00
cj_szehello to all02:00
goodmamievolution will not start. i did apt-get remove --purge, reinstalled it, and removed the .evolution directory, but no luck02:01
BlackBatManjohnnnny cool02:01
=== cpierce_ is now known as cpierce
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: got in, right ? :)02:01
con-mananyone know how to change an audio device?02:01
BlackBatManok , now let me think what i need to do know02:01
BlackBatManjohnnnny ok thanks02:01
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: but wait.. :)02:01
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: Try Putty!!!   it'll give you Shell access :)02:01
goodmamii get a camel_exception_get_id.... something about a null parameter, then a segfault02:01
bliZZardzhow do i disable sendmail during startup/boot?02:02
jesseanyone know what a good c++ compiler is for ubuntu 64?02:02
luke_Dr_willis, it then says to move a folder into a folder under etc, but when I try it says I dont have permission02:02
bliZZardz(am using Hardy)02:02
pyro2927is there a way to hotkey terminal.  similar to Windows + R on windows?02:02
luke_Izinucs, you around?02:02
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: like that you can do everything from your windows machine :)02:02
rww!info g++ | jesse02:03
ubottug++ (source: gcc-defaults (1.74ubuntu2)): The GNU C++ compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.3.1-1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 1 kB, installed size 40 kB02:03
con-man!audio device02:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about audio device02:03
con-mananyone know how to change an audio device?02:03
BlackBatManjohnnnny ok :)02:03
johnnnnyLet me know if you get in too :D02:03
unop!boot > bliZZardz02:03
ubottubliZZardz, please see my private message02:03
goodmamiis there a problem with evolution and 64-bit ubuntu?02:04
johnnnnyQuestion: if i want to create a user to run a deamon service. Is a "system" user what i'm looking for ?02:04
con-manwasted my money on a usb headset that wont work02:04
therethinkergoodmami: how so?02:04
johnnnnyewww, music threw usb ? :P02:04
goodmamitherethinker, i'm getting a segfault when i try and start it02:04
DVA5912I have installed everything for the php to work with apache but nothing. ive even restarted apache. i think their is a command to make apache see it. like a mod type thing. anyone know what it is?02:05
therethinkergoodmami: works for me...02:05
BlackBatManjohnnnny see, i need windows to put music/video into my palm pda02:05
goodmamii've purged and installed it several times02:05
thomcI decided to grow a partition using gparted. It appears to have done it successfully, and all the data looks to be still there - I'm not likely to run into any further problems am I?02:05
johnnnnytherethinker, no doughts :)02:05
bliZZardzunop: ok.will look at it02:05
BlackBatManjohnnnny so i can download music from linux and transfer the file and sync into my pda02:05
goodmamitherethinker, you're using 64bit?02:05
Rencxhow i can install duble screen?02:05
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:05
con-manI just want to change audio devices02:05
therethinkergoodmami: yes02:05
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: understandable02:05
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: so, is there a particular problem your faced with at this point with winSCP ?02:06
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: just wondering on the sense of the phrase :)02:06
BlackBatManjohnnnny, nope02:06
therethinkerI'm having a bit of trouble with my audio. Its stuck in a sub-second loop. Is there some way I can fix it wo/ rebooting? I tried stopping alsa-utils, and that stopped the noise, but it comes back when I restart the service02:06
xjkxi'm using squid in my house to offer connection to my father and he can't run https:// using my proxy, whats wrong ? i can run https if i configure the browser of the server with the proxy, but not there02:06
goodmamitherethinker, well that's kinda reassuring. any ideas of things i could try to fix it?02:06
con-mananyone know how to change an audio device?02:06
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: k :)02:06
therethinkergoodmami: Sorry, no clue. :(02:06
Rencxhow i can install duble screen?02:06
goodmamitherethinker, ok, well thanks anyway :)02:07
* johnnnny is loosing a HD :(02:07
unop!twinview > Rencx02:07
linuxman410anyone know how to set up remote desktop viewer for 2 ubuntu machines02:07
ubottuRencx, please see my private message02:07
Chaorain2DasEi, Hello?02:07
con-man1338 users and no one knows how to change an audio device02:07
bliZZardzwhat is a double screen??02:08
balzacsomebody help me with my repositories02:08
therethinkerubottu: twinview > linuxman41002:08
bliZZardz!twinview ? bliZZardz02:08
ubottulinuxman410, please see my private message02:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:08
bliZZardz!twinview > bliZZardz02:08
ubottutwinview is a feature provided by nvidia cards, which can be configured with nvidia-settings02:08
con-manI got a USB  headset, I want to switch to that for a bit02:08
balzacI need to be able to add emacs to my  intrepid-based netbook distro02:08
jesseokay, I have g++ already installed...hm...now how do I run it?02:09
aronhi,who can tell me  where is the default background pictures of KDE4 in my computer,and sorryI just left for a while and ..02:09
balzacfor some reason, emacs isn't available through aptitude with "easy peasy"02:09
balzacI can't get gimp either.02:09
Omikane_How do I browse files on another computer via bluetooth?02:09
fwaokdaI installed this " linux-rtl8187se-modules-1023@ " but I don't know how to uninstall it? :(02:10
johnnnnyBlackBatMan: so, your all set to go ? :)02:10
DasEiChaorain2:sry, had to fetch sth, http://paste.ubuntu.com/109206  gives you a example section, add sth suitable for you at the end of smb.conf02:10
RencxHow can i fix sound in java programs?02:10
JoesephHas anyone here forwarded a computers internet through his or her ubuntu machine with Firestarter?   I'm having a bit of trouble connecting.02:10
Chaorain2DasEi, ok so that should be everything there?02:11
FlareDS!anyone | Joeseph02:12
ubottuJoeseph: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:12
gerber, when i open is not high lite it ?02:12
gerberhelp with remote viewer02:12
DasEiChaorain2:you want two of that sections, as you told above, and then also chown the dirs to the samba users, or better chmod them to be read/writeable as you want02:12
gerber, when i open is not high lite it ?02:12
Royalln8tuser: I think I've got it, thanks02:12
Omikane_So I just built another Ubuntu box... Any ideas on what I should do with it?02:13
n8tuserRoyall okay cool02:13
faileasOmikane_: try to take over the world? ;p02:13
faileasOmikane_: i use mine as a file/irc server02:13
JoesephI cannot connect to the internet or my local network with a mandriva machine thourgh my ubuntu machine with an ethernet cord through firestarter by wireless.....02:13
faileasi mean my spare box02:13
RencxHow can i fix sound in java programs? My sound in java dont work...02:14
gerberhelp with remote viewer02:14
gerberhelp with remote viewer02:14
gerber, when i open is not high lite it ?02:14
joljamI tried editing my xorg.conf so as to correct the problem of ubuntu freezing while viewing youtube02:14
tsmithhi, i've got a weird problem. i have an envy24 based sound card, and when i set the master clock in envy24ctl to "spdif in", the spdif input sounds fine, but sound played from my computer is slowed down. the pitch change is about a half step. can someone help me out here?02:15
bliZZardzi did _something_ last week to get my sounds working on Hardy(64 bit) and hve started getting a screeching sound since then. it is like some noise.02:15
Chaorain2DasEi, so who do I chmod/chown them to? the user "nobody"?02:15
gerberhelp with remote viewer02:15
kerlogerber: ello.02:16
joljam I tried editing my xorg.conf so as to correct the problem of ubuntu freezing while viewing youtube...but then my ubuntu gui / gnome was starting up... so ultimately I had to go to the root server and restore the old xorg.conf with dpkg... was there any alternative to this02:16
kerloI can tell you need help with remote viewer, but I can't understand what you're trying to say the problem is.02:16
L7kestou a pouco tempo usando linux02:16
L7kso 3 dias02:16
FloodBot2L7k: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:16
L7kalguem pode me dar uma mãozinha com o squid02:17
rww!br | L7k02:17
ubottuL7k: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:17
joljamcan  anyone help me please02:17
DasEiChaorain2:you can try : sudo chmod 0700 /dir/whatever ,also see man chmod02:17
Cpudan80isnt that greek?02:17
gerberhi, my remote desktop , when i put the ip address in not doing any thing02:17
Cpudan80!gr | L7k02:17
ubottuL7k: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes02:17
rwwCpudan80: no02:17
joljamI tried editing my xorg.conf so as to correct the problem of ubuntu freezing while viewing youtube...but then my ubuntu gui / gnome was starting up... so ultimately I had to go to the root server and restore the old xorg.conf with dpkg... was there any alternative to this02:18
DasEijoljam: with your dog ?02:18
gerberlooks like is off02:18
santi27Holoa como les va?02:18
santi27tengo una duda02:19
joljamDasEI can u help me with it plz02:19
kerlo"Alguem pode me dar" closely resembles Spanish. I imagine it's Portuguese or something similar.02:19
DasEijoljam: ubottu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:19
RencxHow can i fix sound in java programs? My sound in java dont work...02:19
Chaorain2DasEi, I can't access my dir after sudo chmod 0700 /dir/whatever02:19
F4RR3Lhello all02:20
sylvia_fuenteshey guys I put 8.10 live on my usb via unetbootin and I have a 8GB usb drive but it took up almost the entire drive when the file is only 700mb so is there a program that I can use to repartition the usb drive so I can put other stuff on there?02:22
AlgorithmicContrCan anyone tell me why OO has been eating up 900 MiB of virtual memory when I only have one document open with just one page of nothing but text? I'm running 8.10 and OpenOffice.org 3.0.1 Build 937602:22
bliZZardzi have removed sendmail-but it still shows up during boot and hogs time.02:22
kerloWhen I try to ifup wlan0, I get this: http://pastebin.ca/131763302:23
kerloI find the "No such file or directory" errors rather weird.02:23
Elwhat is wrong arcutecture i136?02:23
rdw200169El, the only drawback to i386 is the RAM limitation to 4Gig02:24
Elwhat is wrong arcutecture 138602:24
rdw200169El, that is *it*02:24
Dr_willisI find my video reencoding does work faster under 64bit. :)02:24
kpuljekis 5% to 10% cpu usage by Xorg when idle normal?02:24
El <rdw200169> so what do i do?02:24
Dr_willisbut thts proberly due to the binareies beign a bit mor eoptmized :) to some degree02:24
kerloEl: what is your goal?02:24
ElV i wont let me install adobe flash or crossover02:24
jpedrozaEvening all. I am running ndiswrapper with a Netgear WG311v3 wireless card. I can see the card, and the card can see networks, but will not associate. Anyone else using this card with Intrepid?02:24
=== sylvia_fuentes is now known as jimisrvrox
El<rdw200169>wont let me install adobe flash or crossover02:25
DasEiChaorain2:was a bad idea, as you hve to write to it still, sudo chmod 777 /dir/whatever02:25
_Vi_El type rdw and press tab02:25
bliZZardzunop:  i have removed sendmail-but it still shows up during boot and hogs time.02:25
_Vi_neat hah? :)02:26
El<_Vi_> now what?02:26
mv0hellanzb is amazing lol02:26
RencxHow can i fix sound in java programs? My sound in java dont work...02:27
kpuljekis 10% cpu usage when completely idle normal?02:27
unopbliZZardz,  sudo update-rc.d -f sendmail remove02:27
_Vi_El nevermind i thought you were pasting his nick cause you keep putting <around> his nick, maybe it's your client02:27
Elcan any one help me with the i386 error?!?!?!02:28
bliZZardzunop: i dont have a /etc/rc.d !02:28
Dr_willisEL if you are using 64bit  you need 64bit packages02:28
bliZZardzunop: have /etc/rc.local instead02:28
bliZZardzunop: is that a problem?02:28
El<Dr_willis> im not using a 64 bit prossesor im using an intel centrino duo02:29
joljamcan anyone send me the xorg.conf file used for a laptop with a Planar LCD monitor attached02:29
unopbliZZardz, what's /etc/rc.d got to do with anything here?  and it's not a debian/ubuntu directory .. and that's normal.02:29
gerberhelp with remote destop02:29
baseballer790[NpShut up02:29
Dr_willisel that is a 64bit cpu..  i think.. what version/bit of ubuntu did you install? 32 or 64bit?02:29
bliZZardzunop: ok.let me restart now02:29
unopbaseballer790[Np, what's that for?02:29
Chaorain2DasEi, I think we are going after the wrong problem. Vista says it can't access DAN-DESKTOP (my ubuntu computer)02:29
baseballer790[NpShut up nigger02:29
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!02:30
unop!ops baseballer790[Np02:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:30
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:30
_Vi_gotta love that mission pipe command02:30
Cpudan80For your information, the ops command makes a loud, annoying noise on the ops computer02:31
Cpudan80Please use it only in real emergencies02:31
rdw200169El, on a i386 version of ubuntu?02:31
El<Dr_willis> i think 32 i just installed using a wubi installer02:31
Royall_n8tuser: Every time I boot, it doesn't recognize the card, and then when I deactivate and then reactivate the Broadcom STA driver, it does after that02:31
unopCpudan80, that's understandable but that behaviour we just saw is intolerable as per the CoC right?02:32
DasEiChaorain2:you don't get a login screen ?02:32
El<rdw200169> i dont think so it shows when i wanna install pacages02:32
Chaorain2DasEi, nope02:32
kerloCpudan80: what constitutes a real emergency?02:32
jimisrvroxhey guys I put ubuntu 8.10 live on my usb via unetbootin and I have a 8GB usb drive but it took up almost the entire drive when the file is only 700mb so is there a program that I can use to repartition the usb drive so I can put other stuff on there?02:32
Cpudan80That was probably an ok time to use it02:32
Cpudan80but only use it once02:32
Cpudan80unless nobody comes around02:32
DasEiChaorain2:sudo ufw disable             ,try again02:32
* kerlo nods02:32
n8tuserRoyall ->  you still have not confirmed for me the results of  ndiwrapper -l02:32
_Vi_jimisrvrox: try gparted02:33
n8tuserRoyall -> can you post the results of  ifconfig ;  iwconfig;  route -n;  cat /etc/resolv.conf  and cat /etc/network/interfaces02:33
unopCpudan80, my mistake .. didn't realize the first call went through .. though ubottu complained02:33
Dr_willisel -  i dont use wubi so  no idea on that.. rephrase/restate/clarify your excat problem to the whole channel - perhaps someone knos more on the topic then i do02:33
KeeganatorProblem: I formatted a partition to NTFS in ubuntu and windows install wont pick it up.02:33
Royall_n8tuser: I did though. Here it is again:02:33
Royall_bcmwl6 : driver installed02:33
Royall_device (14E4:4315) present (alternate driver: wl)02:33
Elrdw200169> wait yes its non ubuntu 8.1002:33
n8tuser!who | Royall02:33
ubottuRoyall: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:33
Cpudan80unop: yes - you need to do the thing on its own line or do [command] | person02:34
Chaorain2DasEi, it said "Firewall stopped and disabled on system startup" still no logon screen02:34
Royall_<Royall_> n8tuser: I did though. Here it is again:02:34
rdw200169El, no, i mean, which architecture version of ubuntu did you install?02:34
Royall_Do you want me to pastebin two lines?02:34
n8tuserRoyall -> you must put my nick in the front for me to see the highlighted ones..02:34
El<rdw200169> 8.1002:34
unopCpudan80, yes yes .. i know.  it was a typo02:34
Dr_willisrdw200169,  perhaps a 'uname -a' or 'lsb_release -a' will help. :)02:34
=== _sigterm is now known as sigterm
Royall_n8tuser: bcmwl6 : driver installeddevice (14E4:4315) present (alternate driver: wl)02:35
Keeganatorhelp I formatted a partition to NTFS in ubuntu and windows install wont pick it up.02:35
Dr_willisel 8.10 is a 'release' that comes in 32 and 64bit versions.02:35
rdw200169Dr_willis, don't tell me, tell him!02:35
albechhow do i force tar to extract an archive 'flat' so not use directory information?02:35
n8tuserRoyall -> can you post the results of  ifconfig ;  iwconfig;  route -n;  cat /etc/resolv.conf  and cat /etc/network/interfaces02:35
El<Dr_willis> im pretty sure its a 32 bit02:35
DasEiclick on ubuntu machine again ?02:36
Dr_willisel  and whats the actual original problem then?02:36
Drewgrangei'm trying to install virtualbox but can't seem to find it in synaptic.. it's supposed to be in the default repositories isn't it?02:36
DasEiclick on ubuntu machine again ?(from vista) Chaorain02:36
Dr_willisel look at the output of       uname -a02:36
maxxistkeeganator will windows not even see the partition?  cause you should reformat the partition with windows installer.02:36
_Vi_Drewgrange: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose02:36
Chaorain2DasEi, same error02:36
n8tuserRoyall -> did it ever associate with AP?02:36
El<Dr_willis> it just wont let me install practaces02:36
Royall_n8tuser: http://pastebin.com/m25b4ebf02:36
Keeganatormaxxist: Windows just see the harddrive as one big unknown partition02:37
Royall_n8tuser: I don't know if it has02:37
Dr_willisel clarify that statement please.02:37
Keeganatorso I cant format just one bit02:37
KeeganatorOr I'll kill ubuntu02:37
_generic_hey im making a shell script to install some programs anyway i cant make it select 'y' to confirm each install02:37
SpherousFor some reason my ubuntu partition is exremely quiet..  If I boot into Windows 7, I can play my music REALLY loud, but in linux, I have to turn my speakers allllll the way up and its still quiet.  I have the volume thing turned up all the way....02:37
maxxistkeeganator and it was supposedly paritioned a couple times?02:37
Dr_willisKeeganator,  windows likes to ask to format Ext2/3 partitions sadly.. gotta watch out for that.02:37
Mez_generic_: --yes02:37
Dr_willis_generic_,   use the TAB key  to get to the Yes.. then hit enter02:37
KetrelIf I want to make a cron job that would affect a file not owned by me (that I need to use sudo to change) how would I do that?02:38
n8tuserRoyall ->  how did the eth1 got its ip address?02:38
KeeganatorIt's formatted to a NTFS partition right now, it was fat32 earlier02:38
_generic_so it would be sudo apt-get install prog --yes?02:38
Keeganatorbut windows wont see it02:38
El<Dr_willis> i tried to install adobe flash and it started to install when the installed came up ith an error saying "error: wrong architecture i386" and would let me install the package02:38
Mez_generic_: yes02:39
Royall_n8tuser: I don't know, how would I tell02:39
=== Royall_ is now known as Royall
unop_generic_,  read -p "perform operation? y/n " yn; if [[ $yn = [yY] ]]; then echo yes; fi02:39
_generic_thanks Mez02:39
maxxistkeeganator ok what is existing on the drive now?02:39
Dr_willisel and how did you try to install it?  the medibuntu repos have that program.  for 32 and 64bit versions02:39
SpherousFor some reason my ubuntu partition is exremely quiet..  If I boot into Windows 7, I can play my music REALLY loud, but in linux, I have to turn my speakers allllll the way up and its still quiet.  I have the volume thing turned up all the way....02:39
maxxistkeeganator and do you want to dual boot?02:39
ozzloyi can't play sound through youtube.  but i do get sound through the sound config test.  how do i make youtube videos have sound again?02:39
n8tuserRoyall -> please read what you posted,02:39
unop_generic_, i might have misinterpreted your question ... nevermind my post02:40
El<Dr_willis> well i just clicked the instal flash when i went on youtube i just clicked .deb for linux 8.04 +02:40
_generic_unop: whats the -p argument on read do?02:40
sellyoursoulanyone know a good windows irc channel?  i have linux installed, looking to dual boot with xp, but i have some windows questions.02:40
Dr_willisel thats the TOTALLY WRONG way to install it. :)02:40
unop_generic_, print a prompt02:40
unop_generic_, try it out, you'll see what it does02:40
Dr_willisel use the package manaeger tool. Not the  'browser says click here' method02:40
DasEiChaorain2:I#m not sure about vista, in xp there is an option add network place, that make samba coming up, but you should be able to browse it, too ... same network ?(ip's ??) same workgroup ??02:40
Cpudan80sellyoursoul: ##windows02:40
maxxistkeeganator well if windows sees the drive.  then make a partition with windows installer the size of the windows partition you want.  and save some space for linux.02:40
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
_generic_Nice thx that handy for reducing writing!02:41
El<Dr_willis> im totaly new to linux can u elaborate02:41
Keeganatorok thanks02:41
Royalln8tuser: I'm looking under eth1, I see 'Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:22:69:32:05:f9 ', so I'm saying Ethernet? I don't know what I'm looking for02:41
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: i always use the .deb from adobe.com...  dont think i've ever used synaptic.02:41
Dr_willisel 'sudo apt-get install acroread'02:41
n8tuserRoyall ->  have you done any tutorials on how to setup networking with ubuntu?02:41
Dr_willisIndyGunFreak,  i always enable medibintu i think :)02:41
Dr_willisIndyGunFreak,  it seems to have downloaded the wrong one for him in this case02:41
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: oh for acroread.. thought we were talking flash.. yes, for acroread, add medibuntu, and use it.02:41
_Vi_albech: im wondering if this might work.. i got this from the 'man tar' page:  --recursive-unlink remove existing directories before extracting directories of the same name02:41
Royalln8tuser: I haven't...written any, but I read the tutorial of using ndiswrapper, which I did02:41
=== jerry_ is now known as Guest90155
ozzloyhow do i find out why youtube sound isn't working?02:42
IndyGunFreakDr_willis:  of course, the easier thing to do, is just use evince02:42
thenetmonkey9250anyone have experience running xen on jaunty?02:42
n8tuserRoyall -> what are you trying to achieve again?02:42
DasEiChaorain2:well ip's should match, if ubuntu is seen though02:42
Chaorain2DasEi, Its in the same workgroup02:42
IndyGunFreakEl: why don't you just use evince?.. its already part of your install02:42
SpherousFor some reason my ubuntu partition is exremely quiet..  If I boot into Windows 7, I can play my music REALLY loud, but in linux, I have to turn my speakers allllll the way up and its still quiet.  I have the volume thing turned up all the way....02:43
kerloIs it fine to repeat a question so often, and if so, how often should I limit myself to?02:43
Eldr_willis isn't working?02:43
Chaorain2DasEi, I can't check it with XP as that one is dual booting ubuntu02:43
Royalln8tuser: I can connect to the internet using my builtin wireless card, but only after deactivating my Broadcom STA driver and then reactivating it, so there must be something wrong02:43
IndyGunFreakEl: you're trying to install acrobat reader?02:43
linuxman410if windows is running in virtual box02:43
Royalln8tuser: I'd need to do this every boot02:43
El<IndyGunFreak> no idea what ur talking bout02:43
albech_Vi_ I believe that will remove target directories before extracting files02:43
Royalln8tuser: I'm trying to get it working normally02:43
n8tuserRoyall ->  the guide regarding ndiswrapper mentioned anything about making it permanent?02:44
thenetmonkey9250can anyone suggest a channel I can go to and get help with xen on jaunty?02:44
IndyGunFreakEl: ok, i thought Dr_willis was helping you..02:44
linuxman410if windows is running in virtual box cam=n it still get virus02:44
IndyGunFreakthenetmonkey9250: ubuntu+102:44
Dr_willisel oops im confused. You need flash. :) not acrobat reader.02:44
lstarneslinuxman410: yes02:44
albech_Vi_ it doesn't extract the whole archive into just one folder02:44
Dr_willisel 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras'02:44
exodus_msIndyGunFreak: I think he said he 'clicked on the .deb for flash at the youtube site'02:44
thenetmonkey9250indygunfreak: thanks02:44
jpedrozaI have a WG311v3 that will show networks, but not connect02:44
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: lol, well then ack to the matter at hand, i always use the .deb from adobe.com02:44
Royalln8tuser: I'll look02:44
albech_Vi_ it could also be that I should create the archive as 'flat' and not address this in the extraction process02:44
jpedrozandiswrapper loads correctly, but no connections02:45
El<IndyGunFreak> nonono its adobe flash so i can watch utube02:45
Dr_willisIndyGunFreak,  and ive never had to. :)02:45
lstarneslinuxman410: but the virus can't affect the host machine if the virys is a windoes virus and the host is running something other than windows02:45
Dr_willisubuntu-restricted-extras grabs flash, and some fonts, and java i think   - you proberly want them all02:45
IndyGunFreakEl: just download the .deb file from adobe.com, and double click it.. it should work fine02:45
El<Dr_willis> no dive sais its missing a pacage02:45
n8tuserjpedroza -> what have you done to associate or troubleshoot?02:45
SpherousFor some reason my ubuntu partition is exremely quiet..  If I boot into Windows 7, I can play my music REALLY loud, but in linux, I have to turn my speakers allllll the way up and its still quiet.  I have the volume thing turned up all the way....02:45
MezDr_willis: and a lot of codecs02:45
jpedrozan8tuser: I am not sure where to look.02:45
n8tuser!ndiswrapper | jpedroza read this please02:46
ubottujpedroza read this please: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:46
Royalln8tuser: it has instructions concerning making it permament when using nm-applet, but I'm using wicd, should it make a difference?02:47
Eldr_ willis: also i have the pro versoin of crossover so i can use microsoft office 07 and that wont install either02:47
n8tuserRoyall -> shouldnt, its ndiswrapper command wasnt it?02:47
Royalln8tuser: It shows editing the /etc/modules to load the module on startup02:47
jpedrozan8tuser: Ndiswrapper is loaded fine, and I can see networks, but not associate. Is there a log file for wireless network?02:47
DasEiChaorain2:I have no idea on vista, but may check guest account and http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?ForumId=45&TopicId=828402:48
gdad2_what version of the ubuntu 8.10 install should I use for an Atom-equipped MSI WInd desktop machine?  I tried the amd64 version and got a dramatic message about kernel panic.  I suspect that's not going to work for an Intel chip.02:48
n8tuserRoyall -> that should not depend on wicd or nm then02:48
johnnnnyhow should i proceed at starting a program in my service scripts ? I used to use "runuser"02:48
Royalln8tuser: ok, I'll try it anyways02:48
El<Dr_willis> ok it sais configuring java somthing and ok at the bottom how do i click ok?02:48
n8tuserjpedroza -> sudo dhclient wlan002:48
Dr_willisel i never use crossover office.. so no idea on that.  the 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' should install flash and java and codecs that yoiu will want eventually02:48
Dr_willisel hit the TAB key02:48
* Dr_willis thinks that Java install package needs to TELL peopel to hit the TAB KEY to get to 'ok'02:48
Dr_willisi still ownder why java has that eula thing.. :) but i guessits the lawyers02:49
El<Dr_willis> great thanks for all the help maby ill just get used to open office sence theres no way to use microsoft office02:49
joljamcan anyone help me with xorg.conf02:49
jpedrozan8tuser: No good. It isn't associating with the AP, so no traffic is passing02:49
MezDr_willis: you have to accept the licence to use it02:50
Mezthat's part of the licence terms02:50
johnnnnycan anyone help me to fun a program as another user ? (in my init.d scripts)02:50
marineboot manager is missing after converting ext 3 to nfts02:50
n8tuserjpedroza ->  can you post the results of  ifconfig ;  iwconfig;  route -n;  cat /etc/resolv.conf  and cat /etc/network/interfaces and sudo lshw -C network02:50
johnnnnyfun = get02:50
johnnnnyoups fun = run02:50
Mezjohnnnny: sudo -u user program02:51
exodus_msMez: yeah, I think that is understood, just wondering why there is a need for an agreement02:51
DasEimarine: is your fstab based on blkid ?02:51
johnnnnywill try02:51
Mezexodus_ms: blame sun02:51
marineDasEi, what is that02:51
Octorokshello, anyone know anyhthing about truecyrpt, is there a way to un-encyript something you encrypted?02:51
marinewhat command02:51
Dr_willisMez,  so the whole 'we are going to GPL java' was a sham? ;)02:51
marineDasEi, what command02:51
marineDasEi, that is on the windows side02:52
jpedrozan8tuser: no net access on that box, what are you looking for specifically?02:52
aronhi,who can tell me how to use a static DNS server?I am using ADSL and every time the ISP provides me their DNS server address,but I want to use openDNS.02:52
Mezthe version that you're running is not GPL. afaik02:52
DasEimarine: your partitions are identified by /dev/blabla   or by a number (blkid), the last will fail after a convert02:52
n8tuserjpedroza -> i have give you a list, you certainly can make accomodation to copy them by hand or put them on a usb?02:52
Dr_willisMez,  shows that i never read that EULA :)02:52
n8tuserjpedroza -> i have given* you a list, you certainly can make accomodation to copy them by hand or put them on a usb?02:53
DasEimarine: did you install first ubuntu and then windows ?02:53
faileasDr_willis: no one actually reads EULAs ;p02:53
KetrelIf I want to make a cron job that would affect a file not owned by me (that I need to use sudo to change) how would I do that?02:53
jribKetrel: use root's crontab02:53
marineDasEi, no i installed linux on windows hence the prolem when trying to merge on gparted02:53
faileashmm, this the right place to ask a wubi question?02:53
MezDr_willis: http://java.com/en/download/license.jsp02:54
DasEimarine:wubi ?02:54
marineDasEi, what is wubi02:54
fwaokdai installed a deb package by double clicking it and now i want to uninstall it but cant seem to do it how can i do this i tried apt-get remove but it says the package doesnt exist02:54
jribfwaokda: use the right name02:54
redvamp128!wubi | marine02:55
ubottumarine: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.02:55
DasEimarine:wubi is a way to install ubuntu inside win like a prog02:55
faileasDasEi: naw, i was wondering how wubi would react to being installed onto a FAT32 drive02:55
Ketreljrib: is that doable as a command, of do I have to use something like su?02:55
marineDasEi,  my boot manager is missing now i can't boot back into windows02:55
fwaokdajrib, how can i find out the right name i thought i was using the right name02:55
Burkyyeaaaahhhh mon02:55
jribKetrel: sudo crontab -e02:55
ozzloyi killed and restarted pulseaudio, but amarok still says device is busy.  how do i find out what's using my sound device?02:55
faileasmarine: you need to reinstall grub i think02:55
marineok how is that doen02:55
fwaokdajrib, nevermind i was using the filename and not the actual name02:56
rwwfaileas: Considering that FAT32 partitions can't have files larger than 4GB on them, I'd guess "not very well"02:56
marinefaileas, how is that done or how do we checkto see if it's loaded02:56
Mez!mbr | marine02:56
ubottumarine: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:56
Chaorain2Is there a way other than samba to let vista manage ubuntu files?02:56
Chaorain2Including transfers02:56
DasEimarine:but can still boot ubuntu, so more a win question; you can restore win-loader with the win-install cd02:56
faileasrww: precisely. i'd like to get ubuntu on a netbook, but i want to be able to remove the linux install easily if need be02:56
rastavalim a newbie with ubuntu. my friend just gave me a disk copy of it. now, im trying to install in my pc and im now stuck with "busyBox v1.1..3" Can i ask help from someone else here what command should i do first?02:57
marineDasEi, which i don't have02:57
Ketreljrib: thanks, am I right in assuming then that it runs at specified times and not specified intervals?02:57
DasEimarine: ask in ##windows02:57
rastavalim a newbie with ubuntu. my friend just gave me a disk copy of it. now, im trying to install02:58
rastavalin my pc and im now stuck with "busyBox v1.1..3" Can i ask help from someone else here what command should i do first?02:58
faileasChaorain2: on the same box?02:58
joljamhow do you restart xorg.conf from command line02:58
jribKetrel:  I don't understand the difference.  Can you be more specific as to what you mean?02:58
faileasrastaval: it should go further, sounds like there's some issue with the install disk02:58
DasEijoljam: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart02:58
Chaorain2faileas, no over a lan connection02:58
AndreasMadridwill the new alsa be included in next ubuntu update?02:58
Ketrelnvm, I think I understand02:58
faileasChaorain2: FTP, winscp+ssh...02:59
Ketrelthough I do have to ask, is the spacing important or is one space enough?02:59
rastavalfaileas: you mean, what i have encountered now is not a normal on installation process?02:59
marineDasEi,  everything was working fine i tried to remove the remaining harddrive space for my windows side and use it for linux ut was having trouble because windows was indentified as ext3 not nfts02:59
jribKetrel: any whitespace is fine02:59
noordamMarine: You can also reinstall the windows boot loader if you have FDISK with FDISK/MBR.02:59
faileasrastaval: no, it isn't02:59
Chaorain2faileas, what is the program for ubuntu?02:59
rastavalfaileas: so what seemed to be the problem and how would i avoid of falling into this?03:00
marinenoordam, is that the original cd ecause id it is that i don't have anymore03:00
DasEimarine:what says an : sudo fdisk -l ?03:01
faileasrastaval: 'best' way IMO is to order a cd from canonical. its free.03:01
OmikaneHow do I create more profiles for FF? I deleted all of mine... :( It just keeps saying that FF is already running.03:01
DasEiChaorain2: oh, yes, and install ext2tnfs  on vista03:01
cdennyim a noob, how can i find irc chat room for tomshardware03:01
marineDasEi, sudo: fdisk-l: command not found03:02
cdennyor computer03:02
wolterallquixotic, hi03:02
rastavalfaileas: can i ask details on how to contact them? you may pm me.. thanks03:02
DasEimarine:what says an :                                   sudo fdisk -l ?03:02
faileasDasEi: most of the windows based EXT3 ifses are borked cause of inode size ;p. you need to mattwu one03:02
cdennythis is the only room i know how to get in which is why im asking here03:02
allquixotichi wolter03:02
noordamMarine: it should be on any old windows boot disk.03:02
Ketreljrib: this syntax right for running every half hour '30 * * * * fortune | tee /etc/motd'03:02
faileasrastaval: one moment, i get you the lonk03:02
wolterallquixotic, i ran the sysprof again and a binary named whiptail is causing the stall03:02
marineDasEi, Disk /dev/sda: 160.0 GB, 160041885696 bytes03:02
marine255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 19457 cylinders03:02
marineUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes03:02
marineDisk identifier: 0x144d144d03:02
marine   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System03:02
FloodBot2marine: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:02
marine/dev/sda1   *           1       18152   145805908+   7  HPFS/NTFS03:02
jribfaileas: yes03:02
wolterallquixotic, what is whiptail anyway?03:02
faileasmarine: dude, pastebin03:03
DasEifaileas: I can only speak for xp, never had a problem there03:03
Chaorain2DasEi, you mean ext2ntfs? for samba?03:03
alihanthis system know speakyweb ?03:03
DasEimarine: fil esystem ?03:03
DaveWdoes anyone know how to program in ML?03:03
=== alihan is now known as alphae
alphaethis system know speakyweb ?03:03
marineDasEi, how can i locate03:03
faileasDasEi: ext3ifs from fsdriver won't work, the mattwu one will03:03
allquixoticwolter: I honestly don't know - I haven't heard of whiptail03:03
allquixoticwolter `man whiptail`03:04
cdennyis there a program that searches for rooms03:04
DasEimarine:use paste.ubuntu.com for long posts;  it's reecognized as ntfs, as you can see03:04
faileascdenny: /list would but you do not want to use it on freenode03:04
* Darksmurf just wants everyone to know that blueman is awsome...03:04
allquixoticcdenny: /list has too many channels on freenode; the best way is to simply guess the chat channels you'd like to be involved in, and if no one is there, just leave those channels and try again03:05
faileasrastaval: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu look for 'request a cd' ;)03:05
faileasit takes a few weeks03:05
marineDasEi,  that's becuse i chnaged it before now i boot into windows to see if everything is ok an that side i get the message bootmgr is missing03:05
cdennyfaileas: im looking for a chatrooom about computer hardware cause I need to fix my cooling system03:05
rastavalthank you faileas03:05
wolterallquixotic, well, it appears it is a dialog shower.. but also, my cpu is stuck at 100% all the time!03:05
rwwcdenny: ##hardware03:05
faileascdenny: ##hardware ;)03:06
allquixoticwolter: All the time?! That's different from before03:06
Chaorain2DasEi, what is ext2ntfs?03:06
cdennyaw thanks03:06
wolterallquixotic, CPU1 is normal, but CPU2 is 100% permanently now!03:06
Chaorain2DasEi, I can't find it03:06
allquixoticwolter: That's.. bad.. whiptail is a dialog displaying script03:06
rambo298any recommendations for an ftp client that has a decent gui??03:07
rikkimaruIs there a repository I can add so that I can install a more recent (2.0+) version of Amarok?03:07
alphaefree speakyweb ?03:07
faileasrikkimaru: i think nightly neon03:08
linuxman410my keyboard starting beeping with every letter i type how do i turn it off03:08
meoblasthow do i override architecture in apt?03:08
meoblasti want to install the 32-bit version of something as well as its 64-bit version03:08
famousdoes anyone have a recommendation for a program that provides a virtual drive? i want to mount an iso...03:08
wolterallquixotic, yeah.. i am sampling again because my cpus are working too damn hard for what i am using them... xfire + firefox + gediit+ gnome-terminal (idle) + nautilus (idle)03:09
rwwrikkimaru: See "Install Instructions" on http://www.kubuntu.org/news/amarok-
marineDasEi,  yes i still oot ubuntu with no problem but after changing my ext 3to nfts so that i could use gparted to use the remaining hadrdrive space form the windows sidethat is what happened03:09
DasEiChaorain2: http://www.fs-driver.org/03:09
n8tuserfamous -> virtual drive? you can mount the iso to any dir03:09
linuxman410famous what operating system are u using03:09
rikkimarufaileas: I don't really want the nightly build, just the latest stable (  When I add the repository listed for kubuntu, I can't find a more recent version with synaptic03:09
wolterallquixotic, i killed whiptail and stuff went back to normal...03:09
allquixoticwolter: Try killing the whiptail app; but I'm disturbed that it's running without you seeing a dialog box, as that is its function03:09
rikkimarufaileas: is there anything I need to do other than adding the repo?03:09
allquixoticwolter: Hmm, strange03:09
wolterlet me see if i keep getting stalls...03:09
rambo298rambo298: oh use filezilla03:10
faileasrikkimaru: probably the usual apt-get update and upgrade, and maybe installing it. the kubuntu channel might have someone else who's done it...03:10
rambo298rambo298: ty03:10
faileaswait.. when did amarok 2 go stable?03:10
wolterallquixotic, it might be because i ran that module-assistant, i think whiptail is the one that makes that blue terminal dialogs.03:10
allquixoticwolter: Oh, ok... weird....03:10
wolterallquixotic, i keep getting stalls though..03:11
TheKingHow do I use sed to find and replace a string of text03:11
TheKingin ALL files in ALL subdirctories03:11
wolterallquixotic, now cpus alternate between 0% and 30%03:11
Omikanehow would I bring my logins and passwords over from a FF profile backup?03:12
DasEimarine:if you did so, you would have changed ntfs to ext3; anyway, help on restoring windows can be found ##windows03:12
jribTheKing: use find with -exec sed.  See the examples in « man find »03:12
DaveWdoes anyone know how to program in ML?03:13
wolterallquixotic, also, it seems that those stalls only happen when i am using the keyboard or the guis (it happens in my guis in the sense that the hover effects pause when the stall occurs)03:13
joljamhow can i go and see my old chat logs03:13
linuxman410keyboard started beeping when i type in irc how do i turn off03:14
gerberwhere is locater the TCP property03:14
johnnnnyI have Ubuntu (server edition 8.04 LTS) installed. I would like to register an extra service script to be started at the same time as my mySQL service starts (or around there)03:14
johnnnnyany ideas how to get it registered? ( I copied my file in the /etc/init.d/ folder, and it didn't start on boot)03:15
lstarnesjohnnnny: man update-rc.d03:15
gerberwhere is locater the TCP property03:15
johnnnnyah ;)03:15
Pelias|afkso yeah, problem with ubuntu not booting on raid0 system. Who wants to help?03:15
=== Pelias|afk is now known as Pelias
PeliasI see forest of hands:P03:16
gerberwhere is locater the TCP property ?03:17
gerberlocal connection03:17
Frederickfolks why if I set a high resolution my screen fits less than the total monitor area?03:18
gerberi need to -put IP address,but i don't how ?03:19
Omikaneanyone know how I would I bring my logins and passwords over from a FF profile backup? I just lost my server logins!03:19
johnnnnyi love ubuntu03:20
Peliasjohnnnny: You're sick.03:20
Ketrelquick question, from CLI, how can you check the time?03:21
lstarnesKetrel: date03:21
gerberjohny see private03:21
Ketrellstarnes thx03:21
famousif i have a bunch of .r0 .r1 .r2 files what can i use to unpack them?03:23
sigtermfamous, unrar03:23
gerbersigterm see private03:25
OmikaneOkay, I fixed that. Now how do I transfer pass/logins for ssh from one ubuntu install to another?03:25
Ketreldamn, I added something to the crontab, but it appears not to have worked, is there any way to check why03:25
famoussigterm: thanks! it is unpacking now03:26
dreamyis there any GUI for xorg.conf ?03:28
matisseHello, what could be the reason, that my partitions aren't listed as /dev/hd** ?03:28
dreamymaybe u have scassi03:28
lstarnesmatisse: try /dev/sd*03:28
lstarnesdreamy: scsi03:28
rwwmatisse: Partitions in Ubuntu are usually listed /dev/sdXY03:28
nyaamatisse what about /dev/sd*  ... sata ones I think are listed that way03:29
lstarnesmatisse: for the last few kernel versions, hard disks have been using /dev/sd*03:29
matisseis it /dev/sd* even if those are on IDE?03:30
lstarnesmatisse: I think so03:30
Cpudan80matisse: yep03:30
matisseok, then I'll try03:30
=== jackal_ is now known as jackal
Cpudan80matisse: they unified the naming scheme a few kernels ago03:30
nyaamatisse: what exactly are you doing?  is it grub stuff?03:30
matissesince which kernel version is that?03:30
matissenyaa: rigth03:31
Cpudan80ehhh dunno03:31
Cpudan80pretty old03:31
matissefstab is broken03:31
Cpudan80before Ubuntu Feisty went out03:31
Chaoraincan Wubi be used to install other versions of linux? such as fedora?03:31
Ketrelwhy is it that 'sudo fortune' says command not found03:31
nyaamatisse: the root drive in my grub is (hd0,2)03:32
lstarnesKetrel: is fortune installed?03:32
lstarnesChaorain: I believe it's only for ubuntu03:32
nyaamatisse: I *think* its the third partition in the first drive03:32
Ketrellstarnes: yes, without sudo, it works03:32
Cpudan80Chaorain: it may be able to - but it's prepacked all together with Ubuntu03:32
sherl0ckok whats the name of the terminal app that you can subdivide into smaller terminals within the main terminal?03:32
rwwKetrel: the root user doesn't have /usr/games/ (fortune's location) in its $PATH by default, whereas normal users do.03:32
lstarnesKetrel: root's PATH does not (and probably should not) include /usr/games03:32
Cpudan80Chaorain: or well - its designed to work with Ubuntu03:32
rwwsherl0ck: screen?03:32
sherl0ckno not that one03:32
rwwsherl0ck: terminator?03:33
Chaorainis there something simalar that would?03:33
rwwChaorain: I'd recommend asking the people in #fedora; they might know of something like that :)03:33
Ketrelok, then I think I know what I should do here03:33
Cpudan80Chaorain: a VM would be the same idea - but it would get less performance03:33
=== Inc`` is now known as Inc`
Cpudan80Chaorain: VirtualBox works for Windows, you can install whatever you like in there03:34
johnnnnywhen doing "update-rc.d myapp defaults"     is it normal that the service got registered at all levels: rc0, rc1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ?03:34
Cpudan80johnnnny: yes03:34
johnnnnyCpudan80: and it will run only once, right ?03:34
Cpudan80johnnnny: it'll be passed a "start" arg at r2-603:34
Cpudan80and a stop at 0-103:35
lstarnesstop at 603:35
Cpudan80johnnnny: you can only be at one runlevel at a time ;-)03:35
Cpudan80oh yeah03:35
lstarnessince 6 is reboot03:35
Cpudan80my bad03:35
johnnnnykk :)03:35
johnnnnyall good :)03:35
Cpudan80It might actually get restart at 603:35
johnnnnyno worries, i'll just test :D03:35
Ketrellstarnes and rww: right thign to do here would be to use full path right?03:35
Cpudan80I wonder what it gets at r6 .... that's a good question03:35
lstarnesKetrel: yes03:35
rwwKetrel: sudo /usr/games/fortune ? yeah.03:35
Ketrelthat works03:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kiba-dock03:36
Cpudan80oooh fortune -- my favorite app03:36
Cpudan80particularly fortune -o03:36
johnnnnyCpudan80: my machine is just a console machine.03:36
phiqtionwhat dock is being used now?03:36
KetrelBTW lstarnes and rww: my goal is to make a cronjob that changes the MOTD every X time03:36
hubarhelp! I am trying to rescue and recover from a T61 (Lenovo) that had ubuntu 8.1 installed but it kept giving me error that "%s failed to recover the system".03:36
johnnnnyperfect, service started :)03:37
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:37
sherl0ckKertel: fortune > /etc/motd.tail03:37
johnnnnyand service stops :D03:37
johnnnnyall happy :)03:37
anhdhwhen i install ubuntu it detected my graphic card and compiz worked fine but recently i don't understand why when i run playonlinux it warn me that no 3d acceleration is installed , and i don't don't know how  to install   help03:38
sherl0ckanhdh, id blame playonlinux03:38
anhdhsherl0ck, ??03:38
hubarhelp! I am trying to rescue and recover from a T61 (Lenovo) that had ubuntu 8.1 installed but it kept giving me error that "%s failed to recover the system".03:38
Cpudan80anhdh: glxinfo | grep -i direct03:39
Cpudan80anhdh: run that command03:39
anhdhit aid no03:39
Cpudan80then you dont have the right driver03:39
Cpudan80or rather - your driver doesnt support 3D acceleration03:39
anhdhCpudan80,  how can i install03:39
Cpudan80What card is it?03:39
Cpudan80lspci | grep -i vga03:39
anhdhdo 8256G intel support?03:39
Raspberrythis is slightly off-topic, but is there a better #debian channel to ask Q in than the #debian here on freenode... I've been using Debian since 1998, but haven't needed to visit the channel in the last few years -- the people in there now are fairly non-technical.03:40
FlannelRaspberry: #debian has moved to oftc03:40
lstarnesRaspberry: #debian on oftc03:40
Cpudan80anhdh: get the line from lspci | grep -i direct03:40
rwwRaspberry: you could try the official one on irc.oftc.net03:40
Raspberrythanks :)03:40
* rww is slow today03:40
anhdh00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)03:41
Cpudan80Flannel: huh?03:41
hubarCan anyone help???????03:41
FlannelCpudan80: What?03:41
Cpudan80<Flannel> Raspberry: #debian has moved to oftc03:41
anhdhCpudan80, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)03:41
=== prabha_ is now known as prabha1989
Cpudan80anhdh: hrm...03:41
sherl0ckanhdh, strange intel is very friendlly usually03:41
FlannelCpudan80: #debian moved to oftc a few years ago03:41
* hubar is stuck with a laptop that is stuck in rescue and recover mode. :(03:41
Cpudan80anhdh: does it say anything about it in system --> admin --> restricted drivers?03:41
Flannel!helpme | hubar03:42
ubottuhubar: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience03:42
Cpudan80Flannel: they still have a large presence here03:42
sherl0ckanhdh, modprobe i91503:42
Cpudan80and an official channel03:42
sherl0ck anhdh, modprobe drm03:42
anhdhCpudan80, i don't have the option restricted03:42
sherl0ckanhdh: sudo modprobe those03:42
sherl0ckanhdh, then rerun info command03:43
anhdhsherl0ck, trying03:43
Cpudan80anhdh: huh? You should enable the driver if it lists one03:43
anhdhsherl0ck, it returns nothing03:43
scuniziCpudan80, for intel there are no drivers to be "enabled".. installed yes.. perhaps listed in xorg.conf.. but it's not like nvidia or ati03:43
Pelias|afkhow can I do anything in busybox?03:44
break19with great difficulty?03:44
anhdhi can't even enable effect in compiz03:44
scuniziPelias|afk, think of it like a moon scape.. you have to explore and discover.03:44
ubottupython is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org03:44
systemerror[DJ_Brunodaserra]: hi03:44
captain_if my CD input isn't being used for capture with ASLA, how do I enable it?03:44
haji!python | install03:44
ubottuinstall: please see above03:44
jribhaji: do you have a question?03:45
DJ_Brunodaserra[systemerror]: eeeeeeeeae03:45
DJ_Brunodaserra[systemerror]: perdidao03:45
FloodBot2DJ_Brunodaserra: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:45
Cpudan80that thing is a bot03:45
jribor cat03:46
corinthMy pc speaker beep is WAY TOO LOUD. How do I turn the volume down for it?03:46
DJ_Brunodaserra[systemerror]: q porra e esa kk03:46
Cpudan80jrib: That thing is a mighty good cat03:46
hajijrib: yep, I want to install python 2.6.1, but there's an error after I type 'make'. I'm looking for a guide or something03:46
Gerinychthere's a folder in the trashcan i can't delete03:47
jribhaji: pastebin03:47
nbeebohow to install the latest qt 4.1 lib?03:47
jribGerinych: sudo chown -R $USER: ~/.local/share/Trash/       and then try again03:47
Ketreldamn, can anyone help me with this cron job?03:48
jribKetrel: best to just ask the channel your question.  If someone knows the answer, they will try to help you03:48
hajijrib: http://pastebin.com/d7eebc77603:48
Ketreljrib: oops, I meant to type the line right after03:49
gregor__is there a place to see NetBeans translation status into german?03:49
Gerinychjrib: ok thanks, it's gone now03:49
rikkimaruI want to get a previous version of bochs (available in intrepid universe).  How can I find a repository for this?03:49
jribhaji: before we sort that out.  How are you installing python exactly?  What did you run since extracting the tarball?03:49
jrib!rosetta | gregor__03:50
ubottugregor__: rosetta is a Web-based system for translating open source software into any language. See https://launchpad.net/rosetta03:50
hajijrib: mmm just ./configure and then make03:50
KetrelOk, my cronjob set with 'sudo crontab -e' is '*/2 * * * * /home/andrew/Scripts/fortune_motd03:50
jribgregor__: is that what you mean?03:50
jribhaji: you shouldn't be using make.  That's going to mess things up03:50
KetrelThe script is03:50
Ketrel/usr/games/fortune > /etc/motd03:50
Ketrelif I call the script manually it works, but it's not working with the cronjob03:51
johnnnnymy apt-get is suggesting me the package: "patch"    wtf is that ?03:51
hajijrib: so what do I do?03:51
gregor__What i search, is statistics on https://translations.launchpad.net/netbeans how much it is allready translated.03:51
Gerinychis there any way to change the height of a maximized window?03:51
joljamhow can I fix my intrpid freezing while streaming movies03:52
jribjohnnnny: allows you to apply diffs03:52
fleathis is the channel right03:52
jribKetrel: how do you call it manually?03:52
Ketrelsudo /home/andrew/Scripts/fortune_motd03:52
jribhaji: make altinstall instead of make (see the installation docs)03:52
johnnnnyoh patch in that sense :)03:53
jribKetrel: what does your mail from cron say?03:53
Pedrolitohow can I pair a bluetooth device that requires a pin number? When I use the bluetooth applet to do that, it displays the message that it gets from the bluetooth device, i.e. "please enter pin 4253", but it doesn't allow me to enter a pin03:53
hajijrib: ok, i'll try that, thanks03:53
johnnnnythanks jrib03:53
Ketreljirb: how do I read that?03:53
jribhaji: that won't fix your error.03:53
johnnnnyjrib: just figured out how to look them up on the web03:53
jribKetrel: « mail » should be enough03:54
hajijrib: oh, how can I fix the error?03:54
Ketreljrib: no such command03:54
johnnnnyKetrel: sudo apt-get install mail ? hehe03:55
johnnnnyim surprised mail isn't there.03:55
Ketrelcouldn't find package mail03:55
johnnnnygood luck :)03:55
KetrelThe program 'mail' can be found in the following packages:03:55
Ketrel* heirloom-mailx03:55
Ketrel* mailutils03:55
lstarnesKetrel: either03:56
lstarnesKetrel: try mailutils03:56
johnnnnytake the second03:56
gregor__jrib: What i search, is statistics on https://translations.launchpad.net/netbeans how much is allready translated and so on03:56
joljamhow can I fix my intrpid freezing while streaming movies03:56
johnnnnyjoljam: oh thats easy!:P03:56
jribKetrel: mine is from bsd-mailx.  It doesn't really matter what you use.  mutt will do if you have that03:56
joljamplease do help with it johnnnny03:57
Ketrelandrew@narivia:~/Scripts$ mail03:57
KetrelNo mail for andrew03:57
Ketrelandrew@narivia:~/Scripts$ sudo mail03:57
KetrelNo mail for root03:57
FloodBot2Ketrel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:57
jribhaji: install the build dependencies for the python package in the repositories03:57
johnnnnyjoljam: i really can't help, i have noooo clue on this.03:57
jribKetrel: you probably don't get mail by default :/03:57
* Ketrel bashes head into wall repeatedly03:58
Ketreldoes cron output info anywhere else?03:58
jribKetrel: good question03:58
johnnnnyjoljam: maybe it's a network card issue ? (like not full duplex or something ?)03:58
hajijrib: ahh i see, I will search for those packages03:58
exodusjoljam: what are you using to stream03:58
jribhaji: you can do something like 'sudo apt-get build-dep python-dev' or whatever03:58
hajijrib: thanks03:59
Ketrelhow can I make cron send a mail then?03:59
joljamexodus.. megavideo, youtube, dailymotion03:59
=== zeb is now known as zesss
jootPlease take a look at this paste to see if you can help   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/109235/03:59
exodusjoljam: maybe a flash problem?03:59
scuniziis mut only for the terminal?04:00
zesssneed help getting my dlink wireless card working04:00
rdw200169Ketrel, you can try sendemail04:00
SJrHey dawgs, what is a good iPod manager for Linux? Songbird? gtkpod?04:00
joljamexodus- I have repaired flash04:00
exodusjoljam: does your computer lock up completely or just your web browser when streaming media04:01
rdw200169Ketrel, it's a command line tool that can send an e-mail anywhere, i.e. a google account or something04:01
Ketrelrdw200169 that's not what I meant04:01
rdw200169SJr, Amarok can do it too04:01
KetrelI'm trying to figure out why a cronjob isn't working04:01
gnubuntuscunizi: yyes04:01
SJrYeah but Amarok seems overly complicated04:01
rdw200169Ketrel, you should check your syslog, sometimes it will specify in there that an error occured04:01
joljamexodus...my computer as a whole locks up..04:02
FlannelKetrel: cron will send any output to your mail actually.04:02
KetrelFlannel: no mail whatsoever yet the job didn't do anything04:02
=== gnubuntu is now known as h0ra
FlannelKetrel: Is there an empty line at the end of your crontab?04:02
zesssanyone help me with my dwl g122 wireless04:02
KetrelFlannel good question04:02
rdw200169Flannel, I *HATE* that bug04:02
exodusjoljam: what version of Ubuntu and what are you using for web browser04:03
Flannelrdw200169: It's not really a bug, its a specification, and a relatively sane one at that.04:03
rdw200169Flannel, yes, but i've gotten burned by that, so I hate it ;)04:03
KetrelFlannel: no there wasn't, lets try with one04:03
joljamExodus:- I am using Intrepid and Firefox04:03
exodusjoljam: ff 3?04:03
rdw200169Flannel, in the least, it should syslog "hey idiot, you forgot the newline"04:03
joljamexodus:- what do you mean by ff 3?04:04
exodusjoljam: firefox 304:04
joljamooohh..yeah firefox 304:04
KetrelFlannel and rdw200169: and we have a winner04:04
joljamexodus:- firefox 3.0.504:04
phiqtion2how can i transfer files from xp to ubuntu?04:05
IndyGunFreakphiqtion: log in to ubuntu, mount your xp partition, transfer files.04:06
exodusjoljam: how much 'swap' memory do you have enabled?04:06
fwaokdahow can i set the default icon size for desktop icons?04:08
SJrHow can I figure out whether or not I am running the 64 bit version of Ubuntu?04:08
phiqtion2IndyGunFreak: i mean transfer on a local network, from xp to ubuntu04:08
Dr_willisphiqtion,  you mean  you are dual-booting and 'locally' = on the same machine04:08
lstarnesSJr: uname -m04:08
IndyGunFreakphiqtion: oh i apologize, i thought you were saying on the same pC.04:08
mom1dad1is there other chat rooms04:08
Dante123Pentium III at 1000mhz.  320 ram.  Can it run Ubuntu 8.10 or should I be looking at xubuntu or something lighter.  For a kid, so a little slower but still works should be fine...but I dont want it to be too slow if changing window manager can make a sizable difference.04:08
lstarnesmom1dad1: there are hundreds on this network (freenode) alone04:08
IndyGunFreakphiqtion: probably would want to look at samba i'd imagine..04:09
IndyGunFreak!samba > phiqtion04:09
Dr_willis<phiqtion2> ssh and winscp on windows machine - is one easy way toget some files back and forth.  - samba  to set up a 'fileserver' the windows box can access.04:09
ubottuphiqtion, please see my private message04:09
Dante123Kid has used ubuntu...so that is why I want to try that first.  But willing to try something else.04:09
nickrudDante123, the mem is the choke point; if you could stick another 256 or better 512 it would be just fine04:09
nickrudDante123, for gnome; I finally bit the bullet and bought a new machine when my 466/512 choked up04:10
Dante123nickrud i've gone through all my spare memory and that is the best that I can do that works in this machine.04:10
IndyGunFreaknickrud: lol, did the hamster finally die?04:10
* nickrud sniffs, and goes off to count his pennies04:10
Dante123you think xubuntu would make much of a difference???04:10
jootPlease take a look at this paste    http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/109235/04:10
nickrudDante123, yes it would be usable. Still wouldn't want to run openoffice and eclipse at the same time :)04:11
IndyGunFreakDante123: i don't really think so, Xfce has become just as bloated as Gnome in my opinion... its not "that" much lighter anymore.04:11
IndyGunFreakDante123: if you like ubuntu, and the ubuntu way of doing things, on a machine that old, I would google "crunchbang linux"04:11
Dante123IndyGunFreak is there another ubuntu derivative that might be better?04:11
Dante123IndyGunFreak its not for me for a kid in my class.  We have a couple of dell minis running 8.04 so he is used to ubuntu already a bit.04:12
IndyGunFreakDante123: crunchbang is basically Ubuntu 8.10, w/ openbox.. fast as can be..04:12
IndyGunFreakDante123: i see, well, the GUI would definitely be different04:12
Dante123IndyGunFreak will look into it.  Still has add/remove etc. for adding apps?04:12
IndyGunFreakDante123: yes, but the GUI isn't quite as friendly as Gnome/Xfce/KDE04:13
Dante123Kid can adjust....I'll look at it.  Maybe test livecd if they have one.04:13
IndyGunFreakDante123: but if you know your way around gnome a bit, you'll get the hang of it pretty quick, cuz you know what all the apps do, etc.04:13
IndyGunFreakDante123: indeed they do....04:13
IndyGunFreakDante123: another option, might be a vanilla debian install04:13
redvamp128Dante123:  LXDE ?04:14
fiascoGparted doesn't seem to be working for me in intrepid. is this a version thing?04:14
redvamp128LXDE.org | Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment <http://lxde.org/>04:14
peepsaloti have some pictures taken by my digital camera.  I turned the camera sideways to take them, and they show correctly in nautilus thumbnails, and in image viewing apps, but in the file dialog to upload from firefox, they are sideways, and they are sideways when the get uploaded04:15
spillanyone know how to configure firehole to allow local network address to passthrough?04:16
=== tbrock is now known as rapeman
Dante123redvamp128 so you are saying install ubuntu then add lxde for desktop manager04:16
rapemanhey guys, i was wondering if you would be able to help me figure out how to write an iso to a usb drive04:16
rapemanso i could boot off of it04:16
bruenigrapeman: dd04:16
nyaadante123 I sent you a message that  might help lol04:17
redvamp128Dante123:  They have a live install version where it already is in there04:17
rapemanbruenig, would you be able to help me04:17
bruenigrapeman: man dd04:17
redvamp128Dante123:  or if you already have ubuntu installed you can add the LXDE desktop04:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unetbootin04:17
rapemanno unetbootin won't let me do it04:18
rapemanunetbootin only lets you do it with the pre-defined linux distros04:18
spillanyone know how to configure firehol to allow local network address to passthrough?04:18
rapemanbut i'm trying to do this in ubuntu with an iso that is not linux relate04:18
Dante123redvamp128 how do I do that?  What is command?04:18
=== kiyoshi is now known as Guest28626
redvamp128to install it on ubuntu Dante123? is that what you are asking?04:19
Guest28626naitou horizon?04:19
MethinXI need a suggestion of a document editor that automaticly backs up, checks scripts, and will work with xorg.conf and various other text documents I am a new user using Ubuntu 8.1 and am 7 days Microsoft Free!04:19
Dante123yeah, I already had a hard drive with hardy on it that I put in that machine....what is command to install lxde (sudo apt-get something???)04:19
redvamp128Dante123:  all you have to do is open up synaptic package manger -- search for LXDE04:19
Dante123will it automagically become the desktop on reboot???04:19
redvamp128or you can use this command Dante123 Ubuntu - LXDE.org <http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Ubuntu>04:20
redvamp128Dante123:  no you have to manually select it then log in and choose save as default.04:20
nickrudDante123, at the login screen, select options->sessions; any desktop you have installed can be chosen there04:21
redvamp128Dante123:  to get it from prompt  sudo apt-get install lxde04:21
R0b0t1As I understand, the full version of Vim is not included on Ubuntu by default. Which packages would I look for/install?04:21
werdnumR0b0t1: "full version"?04:21
R0b0t1werdnum: Yes, as in there are some features missing in what is default installed.04:22
nickrudMethinX, gedit does that; it creates backups and appends ~ to them. They are not visible until you turn on show hidden files04:22
R0b0t1As I remember, I wasn't able to use syntax highlighting by default.04:22
MethinXnickrud, thank you04:22
spillanyone know how to configure firehol firewall to allow local network address to passthrough?04:22
Dr_willisR0b0t1,  'vim-full' and alter the /etc/vim/vimrc as you like04:23
R0b0t1Dr_willis: +104:23
nickrudMethinX, most editors make backups the same way - it's nearly a unix standard04:23
jootPlease take a look at this paste    http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/109235/04:23
Cadmanduno me anda el sonido de ubuntustudio como lo arreglo?04:23
MethinXthanks for the info04:24
redvamp128!es | Cadmandu04:24
ubottuCadmandu: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:24
LEX_WELLI'm trying to run a ./config and I'm asked about a 'x11' package04:24
nyaalex_well what config are you trying to run?04:25
nickrud!pr | Cadmandu (just in case :)04:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pr04:25
LEX_WELLIs about a intel graphics crad04:25
nickrud!pt | Cadmandu (just in case :)04:25
ubottuCadmandu (just in case :): Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:25
jootThis is the terminal message from freedroidRPG   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/109235/04:26
mom1dad1can antbody tell me a friendly chat channel04:26
ryancrI am trying to connect to netgear fvx538 via vpn using network manager... but i don't seem to be able to, as nm asks for a user password and I don't have one, just a preshared key (which I assme is the same as the group password)04:27
ryancrany thoughts?04:27
zebhow do i find out what version of a wireless card i have04:27
joljamexodus :- I am not sure as to houch swap I have04:28
captain_anyone know why ALSA isn't picking up my CD-IN as a capture?04:30
Panxyhello everyone. i have a question... i installed virtualbox and i'm trying to make raw vmdk, to boot my /dev/sda1 partition, which is running windows XP, but i keep getting: Error while creating the raw disk VMDK: VERR_ALREADY_EXISTS ... anyone saw such error yet and has an idea what's wrong ?04:30
rstecklerI'm trying to figure out what I need to do apart from apt-get install phpmyadmin to get it running.  I'm getting a 404 from <ip>/phpmyadmin.  My gut is telling me there is something bad from the alias line in /phpmyadmin/apache2.conf, which says "alias /phpmyadmin /usr/share/phpmyadmin".  That seems odd because apache2's root is /var/www04:30
rstecklerAnyone know what magic I need here?04:30
Panxyi googled all around, but it seems i cannot get an answer for it... anyone maybe ?04:30
IndyGunFreakzeb: is it internal, USB, what?04:30
PeoplesAdvocateHello everyone, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to find out if a scripts is executing like its supposed to? Where do i check?04:30
carlfI'm sure there must be a document somewhere but my google-fu is failing me. Why would I have two copies of gdm and X running? It seems like that by default in xubuntu but I seem to recall seeing the same in regular ubuntu04:31
nickrudrsteckler, you shouldn't have anything in apache2.conf about phpmyadmin, the config should be in /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf04:32
=== JaZ969|AFK is now known as `Jimmy
rstecklernickrud: Thanks.  I thikn I just found a google with the same prob:  When phpmyadmin asked which server to configure, the cursor was highlighting apache2, and I hit enter.  Apparently, I need to hit <space" to select that item, then enter to configure it =/04:33
nickrudPeoplesAdvocate, it really depends on what the script is doing04:33
nickrudrsteckler, ah. I'll remember that. I'm just used to debconf I guess ;)04:33
PeoplesAdvocatenickrud: it is auto update and upgrade with -qy04:34
rstecklerSo, followup question:  apt-get remove phpmyadmin followed by apt-get install phpmyadmin doesn't "reprompt" me for that config screen.  Anyone know how to completely remove it so I can completely reinstall it?04:34
gluonmanWhat is the command that I must use to find the dimensions of an open window?04:34
rstecklerOr how to bring that config up with the current install?04:34
nickrudPeoplesAdvocate, you can see the install history in /var/log/dpkg.log; grep installed /var/log/dpkg.log is a usable filter04:34
Flannelrsteckler: Purge it, and whatever dependencies it has.  (looks like there's no depends that need to be removed)04:34
evilGUIanyone have any idea why I get a different lang in firefox when it says file not found? http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/2355/screenshotpageloaderrorpw3.png04:35
nickrudrsteckler, sudo dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin should do it04:35
PeoplesAdvocatenickrud: thanks i appreciate it04:35
rstecklerawesome.  I'll try #2, then #1  =)04:35
Panxyi googled all around, but it seems i cannot get an answer for it... anyone maybe ?04:35
Panxyhello everyone. i have a question... i installed virtualbox and i'm trying to make raw vmdk, to boot my /dev/sda1 partition, which is running windows XP, but i keep getting: Error while creating the raw disk VMDK: VERR_ALREADY_EXISTS ... anyone saw such error yet and has an idea what's wrong ?04:36
gluonmanWhat command should I use to find the dimensions of an open window?04:36
Dante123tried the lxde, not bad.  What's another good desktop manager to try?  I'm not a big fan of kde...but willing to try a couple other lighter ones.  Suggestions??04:36
evilGUIThis is really starting to creep me out04:36
IndyGunFreakzeb: did you figure out what wireless device you have?04:36
Dante123Panxy have you tried the vbox forum.  A guy named erstazi is VERY knowledgable.04:36
zebyes i have the linux drivers now i need to find out how to install them04:36
zebim new04:37
IndyGunFreakzeb: what device is it?..04:37
zebdlink dwl g122 rev c04:37
Dante123zeb welcome.  some of us are old, some are in between.04:37
Panxyi will try to contact on the forum too yes, in case i dont get answer here or on vbox channel... i'm sure it's a simple solution...04:37
IndyGunFreakzeb: if it has a linux driver, then they should provide support for installing it04:38
zebcant find it04:38
Dante123Panxy.  Erstazi is one of the most knowledgable in the channel.  Others are helpful too.  Sorry I cant help on that particular question.04:38
knowonejoljam, Exodus has exited. swapon -s will tell you your current swap space04:38
zebbeen looking for 2 hours now04:38
IndyGunFreakzeb: where did you download it?04:38
zebfrom a forum04:38
IndyGunFreakzeb: did you think to ask on that forum for help?04:38
Dante123Other desktop/window manager suggestions to try???04:38
FloridaGuyanyone ever hear of a socket 370 board..that linux will run on...and if installing windows you get error loading system04:38
IndyGunFreakDante123: did you try crunchbang?04:39
zebthe dlink is ralink for linux04:39
IndyGunFreak!ralink | zeb04:39
ubottuzeb: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:39
Dr_willisDante123,  depends on your needs. and what you want.. its easy to install ano of the dozen+ window manager in ubuntu04:39
Dante123Not yet, have to dl and burn cd.  Will try tomorrow on old pc.  Thanks for the tip.04:39
Dante123Dr_willis preferably something lightweight....gnomish....04:39
Dr_willisDante123,  go through the list and start trying them out..04:40
johnnnnyAm i better using "sudo" or "start-stop-deamon" in my init.d scripts ?04:40
rstecklerI am happy.  dpkg --configure said it was already configured (I don't see a reconfigure option).  apt-get remove, dpkg -P, and apt-get install worked.  Now I have phpmyadmin up.  Thanks guys04:40
Dr_willisDante123,  the varioux XXXBox ones are popular04:40
Dante123there's a list???04:40
Dr_willisDante123,  synaptic , and search feature.. or check its catagories04:40
krielI know I'm a little bit behind the leading edge; but is there any risk to doing a dist-upgrade? I'm used to windows; where trying to "dist upgrade" is BAD; however I've never had the experience of trying it on Ubuntu.04:40
PeoplesAdvocatersteckler: if you run in probs again and want to start over I used this site to follow. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP04:41
johnnnnyanyone ?04:41
evilGUIin firefox I get this if I put in the wrong link to a file http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/2355/screenshotpageloaderrorpw3.png04:41
PeoplesAdvocatehelped me out alot04:41
evilGUIwhy does it have a different lang mixed in?04:41
Dr_willisjohnnnny,  init script dont need 'sudo' in them. or are we missunderstanding what you asked..04:41
zebi have to compile the driver?04:41
johnnnnyDr_willis: really ? they don't ?04:42
Dr_willisjohnnnny,  they are ran by the sytem at boot..so they get ran as root... makes sence eh?04:42
johnnnnyDr_willis: i want to run them as a specific user too.04:42
Dr_willisjohnnnny,  no sudo needed in rc.local either.04:42
johnnnnyDr_willis: because they are servers.04:42
Dr_willisjohnnnny,   running an init script as a user.. makes little sence.04:42
Dr_willisa 'server' can have its own uid/gid if i recall right.. the scripts get launched by root.. but the service some how changes to the proper user.04:43
johnnnnyDr_willis: you don't think it makes total sense to run a server-service that might be open to the web to be runned as another user , vs root ?04:43
zebim confused04:43
johnnnnyjust wondering :)04:43
Dr_willisthat way the httpd sercice is not getting as root..it getting STARTED by root.04:43
PeoplesAdvocateanyone recommend anything else besides webmin? anything better?04:44
johnnnnyDr_willis: some programs don't do that.04:44
PeoplesAdvocatei heard of ebox or something like that04:44
Dr_willisthat way the httpd service is not running as root..it getting STARTED by root.  as i said - it depends on the service04:44
Dante123Dr_willis okay dled a few and will try.  Thanks!04:44
Dr_willisDante123,  some of them dont add a proper entry to the GDM session menus.04:44
Dr_willisDante123,  i know JWM doswnt.. but jwm is so minimal :) its amazing04:45
johnnnnyDr_willis: start-stop-deamon offers exactly what i need.. so does sudo.. just for safety sake04:45
jootHelp please this is the terminal message from freedroidRPG   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/109235/04:45
jackdethNeed help with a new Ubuntu install.04:45
zebanyone help me to get this driver working this is all jibberish to mee04:45
Dr_willisjohnnnny,  i imagine it depends on what you are doing exactly. :)04:45
nyaajohnnny: sudo is supposed to let you execute your command as if it were root. I don't see how it can be a substitute for the command that follows it04:46
joljamExodus:- How do I know how much swap i have04:46
Droopsta915Whats the command to get into the menu.lst list?04:46
johnnnnyDr_willis: well, i'm running a server that doesn't set it's own process UID GID, and it will be open . I just want to be sure it's not runned as root.04:46
nyaajohhhny: to me that would be similar to substituting "can you keep track of the time for me so that I can tell when to do certain processes?" with "hey. I'm the boss."04:46
johnnnnyit's to run subversion.04:47
=== bruenig_ is now known as bruenig
U-b-u-n-t-uwhats the site where you can paste in large amounts of txt and it gives you a url04:47
ice_creamlo, do i still need samba package to use cifs or something?04:47
PeoplesAdvocateDroopsta915: sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst04:47
PeoplesAdvocatecarefull though04:47
apoHm, any ideas if there's a hostapd IRC channel?04:47
Droopsta915sudo, thats what i was doing wrong. thanx04:47
jackdethI was trying out Ubuntu before in VMware and everything seemed pretty straightforward. When partitioning the virutal machine I could just use all the space. I had a 3 GB swap and the rest of the space was allocated to root ( / ). Now, I'm trying do a dual boot and have questions after the fact.04:48
lawstudentguys, i need a VERY SMALL wav player. Please give me your recommendations.04:48
ice_creamthere does not seem to be a cifs package, which seems strange04:48
ftab_is there any way to delete the sound drivers and then re-install?04:48
nyaajoljam: open a terminal and type in "top", swap will be in second from the top on the left04:48
jackdethDuring the install it suggested setting up a swap space at least 1gb and then a "home directory" which it referred to as " / " and then the rest would go to "/media/sda2".04:49
nyaajoljam sorry 5th from the top04:49
Dr_willisjackdeth,  home is not /  -> home is /home04:49
rstecklerPeoplesAdvocate: Nice.  I did just that - removed and purged the whole lamp stack and used that to get it back.  Everything is working now, and I'm not going to wonder about all the little tweaks I tried to get it running before.04:50
jackdethNow after the installation is done it appears that the whole file system was installed to " / " which is only about 3GB in size leaving the rest of that drive space free. It's my understanding that when you install new packages, they get installed into a variety of folders within that main file system. Won't that very quickly eat up all that space?04:50
ice_creami guess it's called smbfs.... although i assumed that was samba related, when i looked closer at description it appears to be smb/cifs protocol04:50
Dr_willisjackdeth,  you would mount '/' to  like /dev/sda1  and home would then be /dev/sda1/home    /home  basically..04:50
rstecklerOne weird thing, though:  After I removed and purged apache2, there still existed a /etc/apache2 folder.  <shrug>04:50
jackdethSorry for the long dissertation.04:50
ice_creamyou guys should make at least a cifs link type of package that points to smbfs04:51
RocketLauncher( what a shithead )04:51
RocketLauncher -----------------04:51
RocketLauncher        o   ^__^04:51
FloodBot2RocketLauncher: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:51
Flannelrsteckler: That's because "apache2" doesn't own that folder.  Theres subpackages (that apache2 depends on) like apache2.2-commona nd apache2-mpm-worker04:51
RocketLauncher         o  (oo)\_______04:51
apolawstudent: bplay is pretty small, I think04:51
lawstudentapo, thanks.04:51
rstecklerFlannel:  I thought apt-get autoremove would remove those "children"04:52
lawstudenti'll check out bplay. i need a SMALL WAV PLAYER because I have  a tiny eeepc. thanks04:52
PeoplesAdvocatersteckler:i think i read somewhere that you need to manually delete that folder from your /etc. But im not sure.04:52
Flannelrsteckler: It may.  It may not purge them though.04:52
rsteckleroh wait.  Other way around.  Apache2 depends on those things04:52
jackdethDrWillis: Let me break down what i have now. This second drive has Windows XP data on it. So, I have an NTFS mounted partition with a mountpoint "/media/sda1" which totals about 330GB.04:52
rstecklergot it04:52
rstecklerno biggy - Everything seems to be working now.04:52
jackdethThen I have /dev/sda2 which is formatted ext3, totalling 135GB but has no mountpoint listed (I'm using something called gparted).04:53
jackdethThen I have /dev/sda4 with a mountpoint of " / " which is 3.7GB.04:53
Dr_willisjackdeth,  you are still at the installing stage?  or what exctly are you doing?04:53
jackdethThen /dev/sda3 which is a swap space of about a gig.04:53
balrog__what port does bazaar use?04:53
rstecklerGotta say, though...Coming from a Windows world (I'm obviously a linux noob), it's amazing to see a web server install from a remote location in 12 seconds.04:53
apolawstudent: You mean small as in resources or as in resolution on the screen? :P>04:54
rstecklerWhen it was done, I didn't believe that it was actually working.  I had to doublecheck04:54
lawstudentapo, resources.04:54
jackdethI just got done with the installation and freaked out when I saw that I had a mountpoint called " / " with all the main files installed but it was only 3.7 GB in size.04:54
ice_creammaybe make the big ext3 mounted on /home04:54
lawstudenti have the most basic eeepc04:54
jackdethIs this normal?04:54
Dr_willisjackdeth,  you could mount  the  sda2 to /home in the installer if you wanted.    but the installer will want the info.. not gparted.04:54
apolawstudent: Good04:54
lawstudentapo, even non-gui is finee04:54
joljamhow can I increase the size of swap04:54
Dr_willisjackdeth,  I normally have (windows) (/) (/home) and (swap)04:54
n8tuserjackdeth -> thats normal04:55
jackdethSo are you saying I should reinstall?04:55
apolawstudent: Heh, when somebody asks for small, I won't consider GUI apps04:55
Dr_willisjackdeth,  i dont know what you are doing.. if you dident tell the installer to use /dev/sda2 as /home - then its not being used as /home04:55
n8tuserjackdeth may as well,04:55
ice_creammy laptop is setup   windows, /boot,  / ,  (shared vfat), swap04:55
Dr_willisjackdeth,  you can move home to it if you wanted.. and edit /etc/fstab04:55
jackdethIn VMware I had a small swap space and then everything else was just in /. How can I do that again?04:55
jootapo, does eeepc not play .wav by default??04:56
Dr_willisjackdeth,  tell the installer to just have a / and a swap..  make no other parttions  - if thats wht ypu want04:56
lawstudentjoot, i changed my os from xandros to debian04:56
Dr_willislawstudent,  im useing eeebuntu on my Netbook :)04:57
lawstudentjoot, i don't know whether default os can play wav04:57
jackdethDR: Is there any way to do that without having to reinstall again?04:57
jootlawstudent, ah ok :)04:57
Dr_willisjackdeth,  do 'what' exactly? i mentioned  like 3 things...04:57
jackdethTo make just a swap space and a /.04:57
Dr_willisjackdeth,  repartition the hard drive.. reinstall... is the easy way04:57
apolawstudent: moc is also pretty nice.04:57
jackdethSorry. I'm just really stupid with all this. It's all new to me as I'm new to Linux.04:58
Dr_willisjackdeth,  or use gparted to resize your current / and remove the extra parittion04:58
jackdethThat gparted thingie isn't letting me resize / and I'm not sure why.04:58
lawstudentapo, do u know whihc is smaller.04:58
lawstudentor how i could find out?04:58
Dr_willisjackdeth,  ecause you can NOT NOT NOT resize a mounted filesytem. use gparted from a live cd.04:59
Dr_willisdid i include enough nots? :)04:59
jackdethOhhhhhh.......I see.04:59
knowonejoljam, 2 ways First you could make a swap file directions at http://www.linux.com/feature/113956 or you could add a second swap partition or resize your current one04:59
jackdeth<-----feeling really stupid.04:59
Frijolieanyone in here a rsync guru?04:59
jackdethAlright. I guess I'm off to the land of reinstall. Thanks!04:59
jootDr_willis. jackdeth< I have all ways found the Ubuntu installer to be quite sensable with the partions and windows share space05:00
apolawstudent: I'm pretty sure that using the less hungry one won't hurt your resources. Those things have what? 800MHz? That's plenty for playing WAV ;)05:00
Frijolieor at least decent, i'm receiving error messages when trying to backup some files from a local drive to a external USB drive05:00
jeeves_Mosshas anyone solved the screen freezing issue with nVidia cards?05:00
jootDr_willis.  I am too late05:00
werdnumFrijolie: we can't help you if you don't tell us what the errors are :)05:00
Dr_willisjoot,  i tnd to resize the windows partition from vista.. and let the installer parittion the unallocated space as it wants.. :)  he apreantly dident set /home to be /dev/sda205:00
Frijoliewerdnum: I was wondering if anyone was familiar with rsync first05:01
Frijoliewerdnum, before wasting my breath05:01
jootDr_willis.   Well he is gone now -((05:01
anhdhhow can i enable 3D acceleration :( here are the out put of the neccesary commands : glxinfo |grep direct >>>direct rendering: No (LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT set) ; lspci |grep vga >>> 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)05:01
Dr_willisjoot,  he will be back..  You just know it! :)05:01
jootDr_willis.   Yip!!!!05:02
Benj79hi everyone, i'm trying to switch over from windows05:02
Frijoliehere's the pastebin of my error message(s): http://paste.ubuntu.com/109247/05:03
werdnumFrijolie: Most people will just ignore those sorts of questions.05:03
werdnum!ask | Frijolie05:03
=== tbrock is now known as joetrrr
ubottuFrijolie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:03
Frijolie!thanks | werdnum05:03
ubottuwerdnum: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)05:03
* apo yawns and curses at hostapd05:03
Frijolieboth directories do exist and they're spelt correctly05:04
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zebanyone help me to get this ralink driver to work for my wifi05:04
=== thebleh is now known as zkinion
joetrrrguys is there anyway to do this in ubuntu? http://www.blogsdna.com/2016/how-to-install-windows-7-from-usb-drive-without-windows-7-iso-dvd.htm05:04
joetrrri've formatted my usb ntfs and enabled boot flag05:05
joetrrrbut i need a bootsect equivilent program for ubuntu05:05
joetrrrany ideas?05:05
werdnumjoetrrr: I think they exist, but I'm not sure where.05:05
Benj79QUESTION: I took away administration privileges from my user account thinking only root should have that (more secure), but now i can't install my video card driver package from the terminal05:05
Dr_willisjoetrrr,  ask in windows - perhaps they will suggest that super-grub-boot-disk05:05
Frijoliejoetrrr, that-is-the-longest-u-r-l-that-i-think-i-have-ever-seen-in-my-entire-life-while-existing-on-this-planet.htm05:05
Benj79and i can't edit the users & groups (thought it would just ask me for root password)05:06
Dr_willisBenj79,  it was secure enough befor. :) only that user had rights to get to root. :)05:06
FlannelBenj79: That's correct.  Ubuntu doesn't use the root account, and we don't recommend you enable it (and yes, that means having an account with admin privledges)05:06
apohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation joetrrr05:06
werdnumFrijolie: What was the error message you had?05:06
FlannelBenj79: You'll have to reboot to the recovery console and re-add that user to the admin group if you have no other way of doing so currently.05:06
Benj79is there a way to get my privileges back?05:06
Frijoliewerdnum, see above (pastebin)05:06
Dr_willisBenj79,  boot recovery mode, and as root reneable the user perhaps?05:06
Benj79hmmm ok05:07
Benj79i'll try it, thanks!05:07
FlannelBenj79: adduser username admin05:07
Frijoliewerdnum, it's acting like it doesn't like the directories05:07
werdnumFrijolie: ah, I didn't see that message.05:07
Dr_willisBenj79,  and no i dont know the exacts of how to do it :) I know better then tobreak it. heh05:07
Benj79now i know too!05:07
FlannelDr_willis: adduser uesrname admin05:07
Dr_willisther eya go Benj79  :)05:07
Frijoliewerdnum, yeah, sorry it wasn't addressed to you specifically so got lost in the shuffle05:07
FlannelBenj79: once you've done that, "init 2" will boot the rest of the way (out of recovery to a normal boot)05:07
werdnumrikkimaru: ls -l /Art05:08
werdnumFrijolie: ls -l /Art05:08
Frijoliewerdnum, darn slashes!05:08
Ketrelwhat's the equivalent of the 'yum provides' command with apt?05:08
werdnumFrijolie: hmm?05:09
FlannelKetrel: what does "yum provides" do?05:09
werdnumnom nom nom05:09
KetrelFlannel: 'yum provides */bin/name' would tell me what package gives me anything with */bin/name05:10
apoKetrel: apt-file05:10
FlannelKetrel: you want apt-file05:10
redvamp128Yum  -- sounds like redhat or fedora05:10
Ketrelredvamp128: it is05:10
Frijoliewerdnum, I think I got it05:10
KetrelI've used it before, but I was asking how to replicate that command with apt ;)05:10
Frijoliewerdnum, rsync -avz Art /media/disk/Art05:11
Ketrelapo and Flannel: I have no apt-file o.O05:11
jootyello dog update manager rpm05:11
Frijoliewerdnum, instead of "rsync -avz /Art /media/disk/Art05:11
LymiesWhen you apt-get source something, where is the source put?05:11
apoKetrel: So apt-get it05:11
FlannelKetrel: right, its not installed by default.  sudo apt-get install apt-file05:11
FlannelLymies: the source deb is put in .05:11
Ketrelthis seems almost like cannibalism05:11
FlannelKetrel: Most people don't need to use apt-file, so there's no reason for it to be installed for everyone05:12
werdnumFrijolie: :)05:12
apoKetrel: The program 'apt-get' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install apt05:12
Frijoliewerdnum: all the small little details05:12
Ketrelapo: that is my nightmare05:13
PeoplesAdvocateAnyone know of a better program than Webmin?05:13
werdnumPeoplesAdvocate: MediaWiki.05:13
werdnumbut maybe I'm biased.05:13
werdnumMaya and Blender are pretty cool, too.05:13
werdnumWay cooler than Webmin.05:13
werdnumalthough Maya costs a bazillion dollars.05:14
apoKetrel: It's not too bad, really.05:14
EagleScreenapo if you removed apt you have a problem :D05:14
werdnumsudo apt-get remove apt-get05:14
KetrelWell, I fell that Notepad far surpasses Webmin, but Webmin is a pretty crappy Windows Text Editor05:14
apoEagleScreen: Nah05:15
Ketrelsudo make me a sandwich05:15
FlannelEagleScreen: No, you'd just have to use dpkg05:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:15
EagleScreenyes and use dpkg is boring05:15
KetrelFlannel: could you remove dpkg?05:15
LymiesIs there a general developer package that you can install that will cover most of the stuff you need to compile shit?05:15
apo(or ar, tar, gzip and bzip2)05:15
apobuild-essential, Lymies05:16
FlannelLymies: and please watch your language05:16
apoLymies: There's also apt-get build-dep05:16
KetrelLymies: do you mean a specific program, or in general?05:16
EagleScreeni think you obtain a warning if you try to remove dpkg05:16
KetrelLymies: what apo said05:16
nickrudLymies, build-essential (plus, please thing disney g rated, thanks)05:16
Benj79Thanks guys, fixed it right up05:17
RootyHi, how do I turn off the sound I get when my desktop first shows up after logging in?05:17
werdnumRooty: turn your speakers off05:18
* werdnum hides.05:18
Flannelwerdnum: Please be helpful05:18
apoSo. Prism 54 cards and hostapd, anyone? Just got myself a shiny new 2.6.29-rc2 kernel and I'm trying to setup a small wlan. hostapd runs fine, but the wlan doesn't get created... The only possibly relevant error I can see is "Failed to set beacon head/tail"05:18
Rootywerdnum troll elsewhere?05:18
FlannelRooty: There's a sounds config that allows you to modify that.05:18
redvamp128Lymies:  I woudl have to say  sudo apt-get install build-essential flex bison xlibs-dev x11proto-gl-dev libgl1-mesa-dev fontconfig libfreetype6-dev fontforge checkinstall05:18
apoairodump-ng on another box doesn't show any packets either :|05:18
FlannelRooty: If it's not in there, then its in login screen set up (but I believe the latter is juts for the "gdm is alive" sound)05:19
werdnumFlannel: that's what I do :D05:19
RootyI could do it in feisty, am looking in Ibex05:19
ardchoilleRooty: System > Administration > Login Window > Accessibility tab?05:19
redvamp128Lymies:  followed by  sudo apt-get install subversion pkg-config python perl g++ g++-multilib \05:19
redvamp128  bison flex gperf libnss3-dev libgtk2.0-dev libnspr4-0d \05:19
redvamp128  libnspr4-dev msttcorefonts05:19
Flannelwerdnum: Stupid answers belong in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here.05:19
=== nikolai is now known as Thermal
cweigleCan someone tell me how to fix my wireless card? All the way up until last night it was fine, but last night it started making the system freeze with caps and numlock lights flashing, and then it would start and then turn off, the card itself. I found something similar, but it was supposedly fixed in a previous release. Anyone have an answer?05:19
=== Thermal is now known as Terrestrial
werdnumFlannel: oh lighten up, I didn't hurt anything, and I've been helping people too. Plus, nobody asks questions in #ubuntu-offtopic, so I can't give stupid answers there.05:20
werdnumcweigle: That's a kernel panic, it happens to me too.05:20
Rootyardchoille - Thanks but that does the login screen not the desktop. I'd found that already05:20
EagleScreencweigle which card?05:20
mcnellisdoes anybody know what language gcalctool is written in?05:20
werdnumI don't really know how to fix it on mine, I just kinda accept it as a fact of life05:20
cweigleLinksys WPC1105:20
Flannelwerdnum: Theres plenty of opportunity in -ot, and no.  Silly answers aren't what this channel is for.05:20
Rootywerdnum Sorry I snapped, I missed the joke.05:20
ardchoilleRooty: Ah, ok, it was a guess.05:20
* werdnum leaves it there.05:21
EagleScreenno idea for that card05:21
Benj79QUESTION: i'm trying to install a NVIDIA video card driver package - it's giving me a permission denited error: "nvidia-installer must be run as root".   Any suggestions for this linux-newbie?05:21
mcnellisoh I see it's written in C nvm thanks05:21
cweigleI'm firewired right now, but I can't seem to find how to fix it05:21
EagleScreen!sudo | Benj7905:21
ubottuBenj79: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)05:21
ardchoilleBenj79: Any reason why you're not using the hardware drivers app?05:22
TerrestrialArd: He probably wants a newer driver, which is understandable.05:22
Benj79from the system menu? i actually tried that, and it froze05:22
jootBenj79, you must type  sudo in front of the command05:22
Benj79but nvidia has a driver specifically for linux05:22
ardchoilleBenj79: Which card?05:22
TerrestrialBenj79: Use sudo -i to become root, then type ./nvidia-installer after getting back to the right directory05:22
Dr_willisBenj79,  there seeral ways to install the nvidia drivers..05:22
tennisonIm getting an error saying :E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable) "05:23
tennisonplz help05:23
sanai don't seem to have a title bar for all of my windows after messing around with compiz settings...can anyone tell me why this happened?05:23
TerrestrialTennison: Another package manager is probably open05:23
apotennison: Stop other apt/synaptic processes05:23
redvamp128sana:  nvidia?05:23
TerrestrialClose Synaptics or the update manager05:23
cellofellowI can't browse my Samba network.05:23
cweigleHow do you fix a kernel panic05:23
ardchoilleBenj79: Ah, yeah, I'm seeing that card have problems with some folks05:23
sanaintegrated intl05:23
cellofellowGoing to smb:/// in Nautilus shows nothing, nada, zippo.05:23
FloodBot2sana: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:23
TerrestrialCellofellow, have you installed samba?05:23
Benj79oh really?05:23
TerrestrialMight be misconfigured.05:24
redvamp128sana:  I only know a fix for NVIDIA-- to bring the tittlebar back  in Compiz05:24
=== Terrestrial is now known as Nik
sanaya i tried that05:24
=== Nik is now known as Terrestrial
sanait didn't work05:24
cellofellowTerrestrial: maybe, seeing as Samba configuration is a real dog. I set the Workgroup setting to my workgroup.05:24
jootsana, I fixed the problem by uninstalling compiz but there are work arounds I think05:24
ChaorainI get a CRC error on my laptop when I boot ubuntu. Any clue?05:25
Huene`how do I configure Alsa after it's installed?05:25
* cellofellow doesn't want to run a samba file+print sharing server, just be able to browse the network with nautilus.05:25
Dr_willisuninstalling compiz can cause issues. :)05:25
cweigleHow do you fix a kernel panic?05:25
Chaorainwhen I use the samedisk on my desktop it works fine05:25
TerrestrialCellofellow, have you looked in the samba.conf file?05:25
Dr_williscellofellow,  ive had issues with the gnome file manager browsing shares.. ive had to enter the full path to the shares.. THEN the file manager wouls see them.. so i bookmarked the shares05:25
sanawhats emerald,?  Would installin it fix it?05:25
jootDr_willis, What sort of issues???05:26
Terrestrialsmb.conf* rather05:26
Lymieshow do you add something to your $PATH05:26
ubottucairo-dock is a MacOS X -like dock for the gnome desktop, see www.cairo-dock.org05:26
=== nicholas_ is now known as tacosarecool
cweigleCan someone tell me how to fix my wireless card? All the way up until last night it was fine, but last night it started making the system freeze with caps and numlock lights flashing, and then it would start and then turn off, the card itself. I found something similar, but it was supposedly fixed in a previous release. Anyone have an answer? Oh, to get it to not lock up I selected the older kernel in the grub startup menu05:26
cellofellowDr_willis: yeah, that works, it's just I would like to be able to browse the network.05:26
tacosarecoolawn is best05:26
Dr_willisjoot,  if i recall.. if youy were using compiz, then removed it.. well the users desktop is still set to 'use' compiz.. and  it can counfuse things05:26
werdnum!repeat | cweigle05:26
ubottucweigle: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:26
tacosarecoolThough I can't install it right05:26
tacosarecoolanyone want to help me?05:26
Dr_williscellofellow,  ive had this bug (and others have) since  betatesting.05:26
cellofellowTerrestrial: yes, I've glanced at it. But, still, that's for the server not the client.05:26
phiqtionwhat is the best dock for ubuntu right now?05:27
tennisonim still getting the same error "E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 resource temporarily unavailable)05:27
thepxchey, quick question regarding a PPA: I just uploaded my first package to it (wine with a couple patches) but it doesn't yet show up on my PPA page. If I try to re-upload, dput says it was already uploaded.05:27
tacosarecoolphiq awn05:27
Dr_willisphiqtion,  depends on you rneeds.. I hate them all05:27
rdw200169phiqtion, you could try cairo-dock05:27
thepxcdo i just wait?05:27
cellofellowphiqtion: GNOME-Do 0.8 Alpha Docky.05:27
Flannelthepxc: #ubuntu-motu would likely be a better place to ask05:27
rdw200169phiqtion, i've been using it for about 6 mos. now, no crashes05:27
TerrestrialCellofellow: And the workgroup in the config matched the workgroup you're trying to get to?05:27
jootDr_willis, I think I beat that by turning off all effects before remoiving compiz <hopes>05:27
ChaorainCRC on ubuntu boot05:27
cellofellowTerrestrial: yes05:27
thepxck, ty flannel05:27
phiqtionrdw200169: does it intefere with xbmc?05:27
TerrestrialCellofellow: Have you got any folders shared via SMB on your box?05:28
rdw200169phiqtion, not that i know of05:28
rdw200169phiqtion, i don't know how it would05:28
cellofellowTerrestrial: no, don't really want to share any. I still don't see how the server config effects the client.05:28
Dr_willisjoot,  or install icewm, or  other window manager. :) and tell fusion-icon to  disable  compiz :)05:28
monjaroHey.  I'm trying to set rc as my default shell, but when I do chsh and then choose rc, it says it's an invalid shell.  Why would this be?05:28
TerrestrialCellofellow: It shouldn't but try sharing a folder to make it set up permissions05:29
n8tusermonjaro rc is a shell?05:29
TerrestrialCellowfellow: Your user might not have an SMB user05:29
Dr_willismonjaro,  in /etc/ is a file with a list of 'allowed shells'05:29
TerrestrialCellowfellow: Sharing a folder should automatically set that up for you.05:29
Dr_willisive never herard of the 'rc' shell05:29
cweigleI looked again on the forums, and the problem has existed since hardy, and apparently its still not fixed, because people are still posting about it05:29
monjaroIt's the plan9 shell05:29
tennisonhelp getting updates. Just installed linux. Getting an error message saying  "E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 resource temporarily unavailable)05:29
TerrestrialAfter that, stop sharing the folder and it'll hopefully still be working05:29
jootDr_willis, I mat do that if some issue arises but so far the destop is stable :-))05:29
cellofellowphiqtion: want a neat dock try Docky, it's part of the GNOME-Do alpha. https://launchpad.net/~do-testers/+archive05:30
tennisonI stopped all other synaptic managers and still no luck05:30
jootspell may   desktop05:30
redvamp128phiqtiontion: Ubuntu Unleashed: Howto: Install a brand new Dock with expandable menu's for Ubuntu Hardy Heron & Compiz! <http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/05/howto-install-brand-new-dock-with.html>05:30
* brolin needs help upgrading from (K)ubuntu 6.10 to 7.04.05:30
phiqtioncellofellow: thanks05:30
=== Inc`` is now known as Inc`
monjaroDr_willis: You wouldn't happen to know what that file is called, would you?05:30
JustinBeairdsudo update-manager -d05:30
n8tusermonjaro this is ubuntu, plan 9 ?05:30
JustinBeairdi think?05:31
redvamp128phiqtion: that alsso shows how to add cairo-dock05:31
cellofellowphiqtion: it's a bit different than the Mac-imitating docks like AWN or Cairo-Dock, as it integrates with Gnome-do with is a keyboard driven app.05:31
Dr_willismonjaro,  just a rough guess.... /etc/shells   :) logical eh?05:31
Dr_willismonjaro,  i just looked. :)05:31
monjaron8tuser: I'm using plan 9 from user space (a port of plan 9 programs)05:31
KemrinHHey everyone. I'm not sure why but I can't get firefox to launch. Is there a special firefox room I should be in, or is this the right room since firefox is an application within ubuntu? Either way, there are more of you in here so I'll start here incase anyone can help.05:31
=== jex is now known as gunsaint
Dr_willis# /etc/shells: valid login shells05:31
cellofellowKemrinH: open a Terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and run `firefox`.05:32
ShakedownHow do I get the newest version of Eclipse (Ganymede) through apt-get? I have the previous version Europa, and apt-get is telling there are no updates for it.05:32
Dr_willismonjaro,  i just looked. :)    /usr/bin/rc   Its in there05:32
monjaroDr_willis: Thanks.  I just wanted to make sure.  I've run into problems before assuming a file is the one I'm looking for without being sure05:32
kochiiits funny how android is being advertised as a google operating system when it is clearly using a linux/unix kernel05:32
KemrinHcellofellow, when I do that there isn't any response.05:32
cweigleWhat is a dock? God I feel stupid having to ask that but still05:33
monjaroDr_willis: I have it install under /usr/local/plan9/bin/rc, so that was the problem.  Thanks05:33
cellofellowKemrinH: it just exits back to the prompt?05:33
KemrinHcellofellow, Yeah.05:33
cellofellowKemrinH: hmmm, not good05:33
tennisonm still getting the same error "E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 resource temporarily unavailable)05:33
Dr_willismonjaro,  Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default05:33
Dr_willisLogin Shell [/bin/bash]: /usr/bin/rc05:33
Dr_willismonjaro,  it worked here05:33
ShakedownAny ideas? I should be able to get it without downloading some .tar file and extracting myself huh?05:33
Dr_willismonjaro,  :) i used rc from the repos05:34
Chaorainany help with a CRC error on boot?05:34
jootDr_willis, Plan 9 is another os yes? is he trying to run from ubuntu??05:34
rdw200169Shakedown, you could check the launchpad.net PPA's05:34
KemrinHcellofellow, yeah, no error message or anything. It makes it pretty hard for a newbie like me to fix it if it won't even tell me what's wrong when run in Terminal.05:34
cellofellowKemrinH: um, is this the Firefox from the repositories or did you install it manually?05:34
nickrudShakedown, you're best just getting eclipse from eclipse; ubuntu is way old05:34
ShakedownI don't know what that is.  Is that going to help me get it all setup through apt-get?05:34
Shakedownnickrud: You mean the ubuntu repositories won't have the new eclipse?05:35
cellofellowShakedown: if Eclipse has packaged their own .deb file then you're in luck.05:35
Dr_willisjoot,  it was at one time.. it has a lot of 'stuff' ported from it - to linux05:35
nickrudShakedown, and let eclipse manage it's own packages. ubuntu has 3.2.205:35
cweigleOk, one last question before I go, Is there a way to downgrade your version of Ubuntu without having to lose data?05:35
KemrinHcellofellow It's the preinstalled firefox on a newly formatted Ubuntu drive. The only thing is I loaded the home file .mozilla from before the format, and it worked fine before I formatted it.05:35
jootDr_willis, Thanks05:35
Flannelcweigle: You'd have to reinstall, downgrading isn't fun.05:35
gunsainthello, i'm new to linux, but i thought i'd introduce myself05:36
monjarojoot: It's another OS, but there's a port of it's programs that I'm using05:36
nickrudShakedown, ubuntu depends on debian for eclipse, and debian's always been way behind in my experience05:36
ChaorainCRC error on boot?05:36
cellofellowKemrinH: while I don't think that should make crash out of the gates, I'd do `mv .mozilla .mozilla-old` and try again.05:36
jootmonjaro, ok thanks05:36
ShakedownSo I should remove my current Eclipse, download the tar from Eclipse website and extract myself?05:36
meoblasthi.. i'm really bad with search commands, how do i search a specific folder and it's subdirectories for a speciic folder05:37
nickrudShakedown, I would. And I'm a confirmed card carrying extremist about only using debs from repositories ;)05:37
EritreanHi guys05:37
jootlocate   <filename>05:37
KemrinHcellofellow Yeah, I bring my old home file every format, this isn't the usual response. Okay, I'll try that in a moment and let you know.05:37
Terrestrialcellofellow: Any luck with Samba yet?05:38
cweigleWell, since this has been a completely unhelpful night, I'm out05:38
cellofellowTerrestrial: nope05:38
cellofellowTerrestrial: haven't done anything yet though ;P05:38
Terrestrialcellofellow: Temporarily setting up a share didn't help?05:38
nickrudShakedown, it's easy enough to add a launcher to the panel, or add a link to put eclipse on the path. Once you've installed eclipse, I'd be happy to help with that05:38
cellofellowmeoblast: try `find /path/to/directory -empty -name 'searchterm'05:39
ShakedownThanks. I'm in the process of removing old and installing new.  I'll let you know if I have some path issues05:39
ineedzelphi, i'm new to ubuntu and i've been trying to set up internet acces for 2 days without succes...can anyone help?05:39
KemrinHcellofellow No response. I realized the file was permission denied though, with only root allowed access, so I changed it and now it's asking me to create a profile05:39
* cellofellow wonders what a nice, easy samba config tool might be05:39
Dr_willisineedzelp,  let us guess.. 'wireless' ?05:40
meoblastcellofellow, nevermind.. i found it... Ubuntu was really hiding it for some reason.. i mean... ls wouldnt even find it.. thanx though05:40
brolinmeoblast: find /some/dir/ -iname 'some_subdir' -type d05:40
ineedzelpnope not wireless05:40
johnnnnyhow can i do a full disk check (for bad sectors) in linux ?05:40
Dr_willisineedzelp,  then please give the channel more details05:40
ineedzelpi am using a d-link network adapter, i have a toshiba satellite 250005:41
ShakedownHow do I delete a non-empty directory? rmdir won't do it will it?05:41
zash_Shakedown: rm -r05:41
Dr_willisShakedown,  rm -rf dirname05:41
brolinmeoblast: Did the name start with '.'?05:41
prince_jammysShakedown: rm -r dir05:41
rdw200169Shakedown, rm -r05:41
LtLShakedown: rm -rf05:42
rdw200169dang, y'all beat me05:42
phrostbiteI am trying to view an mp4 file from my phone but I get a video that skips a whole bunch and there is no sound05:42
meoblastbrolin, yes05:42
ShakedownThanks. Odd rmdir wouldn't have a similar flag05:42
meoblastbrolin, the FTP server wouldnt even show it when i selected show hidden in nautilus05:42
FlannelShakedown: rm -r will suffice.  -f shouldn't normally need to be used.05:42
meoblastbrolin, maybe i have my FTP configured to do that... as i just modded the default config05:42
phrostbiteI am trying to view an mp4 file from my phone but I get a video that skips a whole bunch and there is no sound. I tried vlc and the default movie player that comes with ubuntu. I also downloaded a mpeg pack thing fromt he file list.05:42
EritreanI discovered a good hourly video podcast (every Tuesday) dealing mostly with ubuntu: http://www.category5.tv/05:43
DasEi johnnnny: check manpages of fsck, e2fsck and hdparm (carefull), maybe testdisk05:43
meoblasti think too many people know rm -rf lol05:43
Dr_willisphrostbite,  my phone saves in .gp2 / .gp3 here.. i can watch the videos in vlc.05:43
phrostbiteI also have a video thats 3gp and it wont display either05:43
werdnumDr_willis: I read that as gpl2, gpl305:44
Dr_williswerdnum,  /gp2 and .gp3 file extensions here. :) ive been converting videos to play on my phone05:44
KemrinHcellofello Okay, I got it running. Thanks a lot for your help. ^_^05:45
phrostbiteSo if vlc cannot play it then I am SOL?05:45
prince_jammysphrostbite: try mplayer05:45
Dr_willisphrostbite,  try mencoder/ffmpeg to convert them perhaps05:45
phrostbiteHow would i install those? whats the name for the sudo apt-get?05:45
Dr_willis i would enable medibuntu and install the versions from there.05:46
Dr_willisapt-cache search ffmpeg05:46
Dr_willisapt-cache search mencoder05:46
=== cellofel1ow is now known as cellofellow
Dr_williswinff is a handy front end to ffmpeg I think its in the repos also05:46
phrostbiteSo what would the full command be in the terminal?05:46
prince_jammyssudo apt-get install ffmpeg mencoder mplayer05:46
Dr_willissudo apt-get install whatever :)05:46
ineedzelpyes i am using a d-link network adapter, and i have a toshiba satellite laptop computer with an intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection and cannot connect to internet in ubuntu...help?05:46
* brolin should have installed Ubuntu 6.06 LTS instead of 6.10. (fail)05:46
phrostbiteok lol05:47
Dr_willis6.10? :()05:47
cellofellowEdgy isn't even supported, didn't know you could even download it anymore.05:47
Flannelbrolin: You need to move to old-releases.ubuntu.com, then follow instructions on the upgrade page.05:47
rdw200169brolin, shoot, 6.06 stops being supported in a few months!05:47
werdnum6.06 was an LTS, IIRC05:47
Flannelrdw200169: Only half of it.05:48
werdnumwhich means it gets supported for 5 years, instead of 3.05:48
Flannelwerdnum: No, 3 Desktop / 5 Server instead of 18 months05:48
lstarneswerdnum: 3 years desktop, 5 years server05:48
carlos-venezuelahi, im using Intrepid... is anyone having trouble with wine?05:48
cellofellowisn't there a way to upgrade direct from dapper to hardy?05:48
brolinDr_willis: Yes, in 2006. :P05:48
Flannelcellofellow: Dapper to Hardy, yes.  Not Edgy to Hardy05:48
TerrestrialAh, edgy.05:48
EritreanCan any one tell me how I can hear the music from this ecard site (it has a midi file embedded with the gif image): http://www.123greetings.com/events/world_hello_day/hello28.html05:48
TerrestrialI remember edgy.05:48
cellofellowEdgy was fun.05:49
Flannelrdw200169: Only the desktop stuff.  Server stuff is supported until 201105:49
werdnumFlannel: oic05:49
TerrestrialI upgraded to it from Dapper and it broke my entire installation.05:49
rdw200169Flannel, ah, i thought you were talking about a different 1/2, it was vague05:49
rdw200169Flannel, i'm assuming he's using desktop ;)05:49
carlos-venezuelaim having troubles playing games on wine..05:49
* cellofellow remebers Edgy, first release of Ubuntu with AIGLX included. Tried it with kwin compositing on my RIVA TNT2. fail05:49
carlos-venezuelasound stop working after a while05:49
blackenedTerrestrial: that sucks. dapper to edgy was the only flawless dist-upgrade I've ever been through05:49
Terrestrialblackened: It broke gksudo :O05:50
cellofellowhardy to intrepid worked fine for me05:50
blackenedTerrestrial: doh05:50
TerrestrialBlackened: That was basically the final straw for it... There were so many other broken things and as a Linux newbie I just had to reinstall :'(05:50
kevin_hey guys, i git midi playback working perfectly today05:50
blackenedI haven't messed with it since then, always just do a clean install05:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dbf05:50
rdw200169kevin_, congrats!05:51
TerrestrialBlackened: Oh hell yes, clean is always the way to go05:51
blackenedTerrestrial: heh, I totally understand05:51
rdw200169Terrestrial, yes, i prefer keeping my /home on a separate partition so i can do that too.05:51
blackenedTerrestrial: it would look like a curse, but it gives me the chance to clean out all the garbage that I've put of removing for 4 months prior05:52
EritreanHey (12:50:54 AM) kevin_-- can you hear the music in here -- it's got midi file emdded in it: http://www.123greetings.com/events/world_hello_day/hello28.html05:52
blackenedrdw200169: same here05:52
TerrestrialBlackened: I have 300GiB of data to sort through because I'm moving to the US and only want to take up to about 40GiB with me05:52
TerrestrialI know the feeling... having loads of files build up sucks. :o05:52
evilGUIHello on Ubuntu server when I do sudo apt-get upgrade I get The following packages have been kept back: linux-image-server linux-server05:52
blackenedTerrestrial: ack. I hope it's all big files :)05:53
evilGUIDo I need to install those?05:53
EritreanHelp with midi05:53
FlannelevilGUI: You need to use dist-upgrade05:53
phrostbitehmmm mplayer cannot play the audio for the file :(. SO I need to convert it to something else first right?05:53
Eritreanplaying on the web05:53
FlannelevilGUI: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:53
kevin_i haven't set up a gui player for midis yet05:53
evilGUIFlannel: Thanks05:54
blackenedphrostbite: did the file play before you converted it? has it ever played correctly?05:54
cellofellowphrostbite: there's a file that mplayer can't play? what's this? (kidding a little bit of course)05:54
phrostbiteIt is straight from my phone lol. It's an mp4 file.05:54
JustinBeaird.nsv streams makes mplayer go zombie05:54
kevin_i installed the fluid gm soundfont and used sfxload to put it into ram. i had to increase the allowed memory in /etc/modules.d/alsa-base, and it works great in games/with pmidi on the CLI now05:54
blackenedTerrestrial: 300Gb? You sound like a candidate for a file server05:55
cellofellowphrostbite: now that is strange, as normally AAC audio is just fine in mplayer.05:55
nickrudShakedown, pm me?05:55
Terrestrialblackened: Yeah, pretty much!05:55
EritreanI have the gecko media player plugin for midi -- but doesn't play the music05:55
werdnumTerrestrial: s305:55
Terrestrialblackened: Most of its just games and videos... but its spread out everywhere05:55
* cellofellow sees 1TB drives on newegg.com for just under $100.05:55
TerrestrialCellowfellow: I'm in Australia, hard drives sell for ludicrous prices here at the moment05:56
kevin_i know totem offers to install codecs if you attempt to play a midi with it, but i never tried that05:56
EritreanNeed help playing midi file in the browser please05:56
TerrestrialMy friend paid $130 for a 500GB drive the other day05:56
TerrestrialNo, wait, $16005:56
cellofellowthat AU dollars?05:56
blackenedTerrestrial: the only benefit of add: organisation bordering on the pathological05:57
Terrestrialblackened: and an excuse to punch people who piss you off05:57
zhengguoI can learn English here05:57
Terrestrialblackened: working in the technological world, that would be such a blessing05:57
Sudanezehello guys , I wonder can I change my user name or hostname ?:D05:57
Flannel!hostname | Sudaneze05:57
ubottuSudaneze: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab05:57
Sudanezelol thanks :)05:58
EritreanHey Sudanese -- neighbour05:58
ineedzelpyes i am using a d-link network adapter, and i have a toshiba satellite laptop computer with an intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection and cannot connect to internet in ubuntu... can someone please help?05:58
brodymcd1can someone please help me? I used to be able to use samba to fileshare with my XP  machine, now can't in 8.10 - read a bunch of stuff on the net and it seems all over the map. Help?05:58
SudanezeEritrean,  yeah :)05:59
* rsteckler sighs05:59
EritreanHow r u bro05:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about aol05:59
phrostbiteI am guessing I am a little screwed when it comes to trying to play this mp4 file? :(05:59
SudanezeI'm fine , you05:59
EritreanGood bro -- Kief halek inta?06:00
rstecklerI'm trying to build something on 8.1 server.  I got build-essential.  ./configure reports that it needs to be pointed to the linux source (which isn't installed).  I added source repositories, but I can't find the source for my image.  The image is a Xen VPS virtual box...Am I screwed?  Is there some generic version I can use, or a way to build this project with headers that don't match the image?06:01
rstecklerOr is that just bad bad news.06:01
Sudanezelol , I'm good I bit arabic isn't not allowed here06:01
EritreanGuys -- help with the midi06:01
Sudaneze[B]e [R]ight [B]ack06:01
phrostbiteWhat program can convert mp4 files to something else?06:01
Eritreanin-browser playing06:01
prince_jammysphrostbite: mencoder and ffmpeg.  look on the web for an example06:02
BAdarklighteri just got ubuntu installed on an old dell computer, its up and running but i cant seem to get it to connect to the internet via my netgear FVS338 router even though the router is set up for DHCP. can anyone please help me ?06:02
phrostbiteI dled both of those. So how do i convert with them?06:02
EritreanTigrigna --ትግርኛ06:02
prince_jammysphrostbite: google a 'mencoder convert mp4' for an sample command.06:02
phrostbiteok thanks06:03
Eritreanubuntu is da greatest06:03
Eritreancan even use my language06:03
Dr_willis!find winff06:03
ubottuPackage/file winff does not exist in intrepid06:03
Dr_willisphrostbite,  or check out winff --> http://winff.org/html/downloads.html06:04
EritreanSudaneze where u @?06:05
jsj0nesrsteckler: you need to 'apt-get source <package>' to get the source if you want to build yourself.06:05
nyaaBAdarklighter I sent a dialog to you06:05
nyaatalk in there06:06
rstecklerjsj0nes: I was thinking that.  I added the repos and added deb-src to them.  I'm not sure what <package> should be though, for the kernel source.06:06
BAdarklightercan you send it again i think i close the window accidently06:06
SudanezeEritrean, just minutes I'm on somthing06:06
jsj0nesrsteckler: what package are you trying to build?06:06
balrog__i just tried to setup a zfs pool but all of the files i saved there (they were just testing files) are gone after a reboot.  how do i get the drive to mount to the same spot every time?  what are the fstab entries?06:07
rstecklerfuse.  ./configure says "Please specify the location of the kernel source with --withkernel=srcdir"06:07
jeeves_Mosshas anyone solved the screen freezing issue with nVidia cards?06:07
rstecklerI have the source for fuse.  I'm guessing that no matter what I try to build, I'll get that error, though06:07
sukiminnaat last ...i got myself a new lappy..:D06:08
phrostbiteHere is another odd question. Can i install an application and use it in wine?06:08
nickrudrsteckler, sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)06:08
blackenedsukiminna: nice, what'd you get?06:08
phrostbiteLike real player and stuff?06:08
GreedyB1Could someone help me with nm-applet.  It keeps asking me for a password for my keyring... never seen that before06:08
sukiminnablackened: juz a cheap one06:08
nickrudrsteckler, that's needed for compiling stuff that will be inserted into the kernel06:08
sukiminnabut now can turn on the effect06:08
EritreanSudaneze how do u get the Arabic font?06:08
rstecklernickrud: .  Already tried that.  It cant' find the headers for my image (prob bacuse this is a VPS box under a virtual machine)06:09
prince_jammysphrostbite: you can check in wine-hq if the app runs properly under wine, or try it yourself06:09
phrostbiteOk thank you06:09
sukiminnablackened: acer 4935g06:09
Burningcould some one help me06:09
BurningKDE4 cannot be installed on your computer type (i386)06:09
Burningi keep getting this error06:09
nickrudrsteckler, hm, you using a special kernel? Not that I've got an answer, it's an interesting problem06:09
rstecklernickrud: uname -r is:  2.6.18-53.1.13.el5xen06:10
Psychomaniakhello. I am a newbie with ubuntu. I have an old machine with a mobility radeon 7000 video card. I was wondering why the image quality isn't as good as it was with "Windows"06:10
rstecklerAnd this is 8.10 Server.  So how the image is .18 is....whatever06:10
JustinBeairdwhat do i need to config an airbridge by smartbridges?06:10
jootHelp please this is the terminal message from freedroidRPG   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/109235/06:10
jsj0nesrsteckler: that's an old kernel.06:10
Shakedow1If I'm in a directory and I want to mv something from somewhere else to the current location, what do I use as the DEST?06:11
sukiminnaPsychomaniak: maybe u didnt install the driver for it06:11
Psychomaniakisn't the hardware update supposed to do it?06:11
rstecklerjsj0nes: I know.  I'm not sure if I should (can?) replace it though.  It's a vps box.  That "xen" at the end is a vrirtual machine...06:11
nickrudrsteckler, what release of ubuntu is that06:11
rstecklerI have no idea what would happen if I go replacing the kernel image.06:11
sukiminnaPsychomaniak: try install envyng and install the driver for ati06:11
rstecklernickrud: 8.1 server.06:11
Psychomaniakdid that... the system crashed on me...06:12
rstecklerI may have better luck in the VPS forums.  Hopefully one of their admins will know what I'm talking about...06:12
Burningcan u help me06:12
sukiminnathe x.org?06:12
prince_jammysjoot: did you install the packages related to 'freedroid'? (freedroid-data, freedroid-rpg-data ...)06:12
sukiminnaBurning: depends on wat kind of problem u have06:13
Psychomaniaki read a lot, but i don't think that envy, x.org, or even Xfree86 have it.. it's an old machine after all06:13
jsj0nesrsteckler: yeah...sorry, I don't have much experience with virtual servers...06:13
rsteckleryea.  me Either  =)06:13
EritreanAntone has a good handle on playing midi file in-browser?06:13
sukiminnamaybe have to find the driver source and compile with kernel yourself..06:14
EritreanMerhaba Sudanese06:14
jootprince_jammys, I dl a tar from freedroid then compliled it but it gives thart erreor when I try to run06:14
prince_jammysjoot: install it from apt, not from the internet06:14
prince_jammysjoot: freedroid is available from the repositories06:14
jootprince_jammys, The freedroid RPG isn the repos is broken it ends the game early06:15
KemrinHHey everyone, I'm back for a second round of help with Firefox. I'm getting a segmentation error, what does it mean?06:15
PsychomaniakThanks anyways06:15
prince_jammysjoot: oh06:15
=== rebel_kid is now known as rebel_gui
* sukiminna says im juz a newbie u know..sory..06:16
jootprince_jammys, That is why I dl the 0/11.1 version06:16
MethinXAnyone here good with /etc/X11/xorg.conf? my screen resolution keeps reverting to 1024x768 how do i stop this?06:16
prince_jammysjoot: well, it's hard to support it here if it's from the web ... is this problem mentioned at their website? you seem to be missing some font files06:17
blackenedsukiminna: sorry, had someone sitting on me. that doesn't look like a cheapy to me, sure beats both my laptops06:17
Psychomaniakno problem06:17
TerrestrialBye everyone ^_^06:17
Eritreanhow to play in-browser midi file -- how how?06:17
blackenedMethinx: what resolution are you wanting?06:17
blackenedTerrestrial: see ya06:17
Eritreannobody has any idea?06:17
MethinX1280 x 96006:18
KemrinHHey, I need to know how to change the permissions of a file and every file inside. Can anyone help me please?06:18
jootprince_jammys, Most of the guys in Freedroid dev are in the northern hemisphere I will wait for them to come online at #freedroid I guess06:18
sukiminnablackened: really? i guess its a medium cost..not so expensive and not so cheap..:)06:18
chronofirehow do i end the firefox process on ubuntu06:18
prince_jammysjoot: ok06:18
Dr_willisKemrinH,  every file inside? YOu mean in a sub-directorry?06:18
KemrinHEritrean Hold your mouse over?06:18
blackenedMethinx: laptop or desktop, what video card?06:18
sukiminnabut stil have to have windows to play games...:(06:18
prince_jammysKemrinH: change the permissions to what?06:18
MethinXubuntu 8.10 desktop and geforce fx 550006:19
Eritreanmidi --playing it within the Firefox browser06:19
KemrinHDr_willis Yes, in a directory tree, all the subfiles need to be changed as well.06:19
blackenedsukiminna: I have a sony nr385e and an eee 90006:19
jsj0nesKemrinH: try 'chmod -R <perms> <dir|file>'06:19
Eritreanseems to be impossible in Linux ans so easy in Windows06:19
chronofirehow do i end the firefox process on ubuntu ?06:19
KemrinHprince_jammys Every file and subfolder and sub-subfolder inside of a folder06:19
prince_jammysKemrinH: to what permissions?06:19
EritreanWell unsupported I should say06:20
Dr_williseasy in linux - is often impossible in windows. :)06:20
JustinBeairdwhy does secret maryo chronicles activate expo?06:20
KemrinHprince_jammys So that Jacob can read and write, and create a delete06:20
Dr_willisKemrinH,  most commands have a -R or -r option for 'recursive'06:20
nyaawhat commands should you use if ifconfig doesn't see your nic?06:20
KemrinHDr_willis Thanks ^_^06:20
prince_jammysKemrinH: so ... world access to all the files?06:20
nyaaor how would the best way to go about troubleshooting that be?06:20
KemrinHprince_jammys No, just for me.06:21
joebnyaa what card?06:21
KemrinHprince_jammys Their currently root, and I need them to be mine06:21
chronofirewhere is ubuntus task manager?06:21
brodymcdcan't get ubuntu 8.10 to see mshome anymore... can someone please help me?06:21
nyaajoeb on a dell dimension4300s I'm looking it up now06:22
Dr_willisKemrinH,  sudo chown -R user.user *06:22
KemrinHDr_willis Oh, thanks a lot ^_^06:22
jeeves_Mossnvidia issues?  screen locking up and greying out?  Anyone?06:22
Itaciouschronofire, system > administration > system monitor06:22
Monk2anyone care to help out with a sound problem:06:22
jsj0nesKemrinH: did you need to change perms or owner?06:23
KemrinHjsj0nes Hmm, both I think.06:23
chronofireitacious, thanks06:23
prince_jammysKemrinH: why are they root's?06:23
sukiminnablackened: its not that bad. intel intergrated graphic card?06:23
blackenedMethinx: your xorg.conf is basically empty then?06:24
Itaciousno problem. :-D06:24
MethinXwell no, it has stuff in it06:24
jopaI just got a Lacie external hd and I'm trying to delete the default partition system with its auto start stuff and make it just plain fat32 but gparted keeps throwing errors. Any ideas?06:24
MethinXhere Ill private chat you the tech stuff inside it06:24
blackenedsukiminna: yeah, other than that it's not so bad, and even still it can drive a 22" external at 1680x1050, so no real complaints. I love my eee more though, using it now06:24
jsj0nesKemrinH: to change perms you need 'chmod -R <perms> <dir>' to change owner follow Dr_willis suggestion.06:25
sukiminnawhy i cant install the latest nvidia driver..rite im using 173.14.12...06:25
prince_jammysafter moving INTO the dir06:25
blackenedMethinx: xorg.conf should be empty by default on 8.10 apart from the auto-configured stuff, which really doesn't do anything06:25
Monk2I can uninstall these packages "sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils" and reinstall them and reboot the sound works fine, but after another reboot the sound is gone again.?06:25
KemrinHprince_jammys Their root because I took them from my old home folder and brought them into my freshly formated computer. When they arrived they were Root permissioned and ownered06:26
sukiminnaif i install 177.x.x.x cant boot into gui06:26
KXHow do I tell Ubuntu which screen to put the panels on when I've got two monitors? It's putting them on my old CRT not my LCD06:26
tacosarecoolCan you help me with awn doc06:26
MethinXso i should delete the information in my xorg.conf file?06:26
KemrinHjsj0nes Thanks so much to both of you, you've been a big help.06:26
KXlike to set the default monitor, it's thinking VGA is the default but DVI is06:26
blackenedMethinx: no, it's not hurting anything the way it is, I just wanted to know if you had manually edited or not06:27
MethinXno i have not06:27
blackenedMethinx: have you had your desired resolution working before on this setup?06:27
jsj0nesKemrinH: no problem.  For the details suggest 'man chmod' and 'man chown'06:27
prince_jammysKemrinH: sudo chown -R jacob:jacob /path/to/dir06:27
MethinXyes, it works all the time, but when i reboot it reverts back to 1024x76806:28
JustinBeairdwhat do i need to config an airbridge by smartbridges?06:30
ItaciousHey all. I am looking for a way to force the resolution of a single monitor. I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 w/ ATI X1300 (if I remember correctly) GPU running Intrepid. I am using the open source driver. The laptop screen is now 1280x800 (which is correct), but the external monitor is set at 1280x960, when the optimal res is 1280x1024, which is not on the list. I have peeked at my xorg.conf, but it is set at a virtual resolution. Here is 06:32
Itaciouslol jk06:32
Itaciousyeah, I tried the beta, was pretty cool. But your supposed to use it for testing purposes only. So it didn't stay on there long.06:34
ItaciousOn there hdd I mean.06:34
sukiminnayep...but alot has been improve i think compared to vista06:34
JustinBeairdnot as much as ubuntu thow :)06:35
Itaciouslol. the pc i ran it on gave a Windows Experience score of 2.4 or something.06:35
sukiminnahey 8.10 also improve alot06:35
Itaciousmax being 7.906:35
sukiminnai dun have to wvdial to set my broadband usb modem anymore :D06:35
FoxBlitzzItacious: I got 4.906:35
FoxBlitzzsukiminna: I dunno, I honestly consider 8.10 being the Vista, and 9.04 being the upcoming Win706:36
FoxBlitzzLack of display utility, etc., but they did lay some groundwork for future expansion06:36
ItaciousI'm-ah gonna get a Mac this year, it'll be MUCH more powerful than any computer we have now.06:36
sukiminnabefore this im not really sure to upgrade from 8.04..06:37
ItaciousAND it can run linux and windows to boot.06:37
FoxBlitzzItacious: I'm really not into Apple. I'd just prefer to hand-pick some nice components myself06:37
sukiminnaFoxBlitzz: hehe06:38
FoxBlitzzPerhaps one of the least advertised performance factors is in memory speed/latency06:38
JustinBeairdapple is over rated06:38
ItaciousFoxBlitzz: the pc i ran it on is 2.something GHz solo-core amd w/ 1 gb ram, 128mb ati pci-e.06:38
Itaciousbefore i upgraded the video card it was intergrated.06:38
ItaciousYeah, but your only supposed to run OS X on a mac, so...06:39
mnguyenHow do I get bitchx to show up in apt? I already added universe to my sources.list06:39
Itaciousand don't give me any OS X86/hackintosh crap.06:39
prince_jammysmnguyen: i thought bitchx was history06:39
sukiminnasudo apt-get update06:39
Gerinychcan you make a pidgin conversation window flash on a taskbar or something when someone messages you?06:40
mnguyenprince_jammys, haven't used any flavor of linux for like a year... what's another good irc client i can run from the terminal?06:40
comodocan someone help me with a dual monitor setup problem06:40
FoxBlitzzYou'd be surprised how much it has an effect on performance06:40
prince_jammysmnguyen: i don't think bitchx exists any more06:40
prince_jammysmnguyen: irssi06:40
ItaciousFrom what i've heard OS X is the cat's pajamas.06:40
mnguyenprince_jammys, thanks06:40
sukiminnawhy wanna use bitchx?06:40
ItaciousAnd if i don't like OS X i can boot windows and/or linux06:41
mnguyencause I don't like xchat :)06:41
prince_jammysmnguyen: irssi is pretty much the most popular cli client06:41
tacosarecoolHow do I get my my awn dock working06:41
brodymcdcan anyone please help me - I can't see mshome shared folders with 8.10 - I could in 8.0406:41
mnguyenprince_jammys, thanks for the info06:41
mnguyenprince_jammys, do you have a recommendation for a terminal emulator?06:41
sukiminnatheres another choice if bitchx doesnt exist anymore..06:41
Itaciousgerinych, i think so. check your pidgin plugins.06:41
kalvin_anyone know how ot change the permissions of my /opt folder?06:42
Itaciousgah, why is the apple keyboard so weird??06:42
FoxBlitzzItacious: I can't stand some of OS X's design decisions. That, and I tried someone's MacBook once and found it locking up every few minutes displaying the Spinning Pinwheel of Death06:42
prince_jammysmnguyen: i use konsole and xterm.06:42
sukiminnamaybe install a firefox plugin..chatzilla..im using it now06:42
mnguyenprince_jammys, kubuntu?06:42
sukiminnacoz i dun like xchat too..:D06:42
prince_jammysmnguyen: rxvt or urxvt is good also.06:42
tacosarecoolI tried that I'm getting errors06:42
ItaciousFoxBlitzz. what version os x was it?06:42
prince_jammysmnguyen: originally kubuntu, but now i run fluxbox. i do have some kde apps, though06:42
Itacious=-O Really?06:42
tacosarecoolI quit kde4!06:43
tacosarecoolcongrats gnome you have a new community member!06:43
Gerinychitacious: i see buddy state notification, but this only says when someone's logged in or logged out, i never noticed it do anything though06:43
sukiminnatacosarecool: why wats wrong..?06:43
blackenedtacosarecool: welcome to the dark side06:43
sukiminnablackened: hehe06:44
Itaciouskde4.1 is not enough for me, and kde4.2 crashes. A L O T.06:44
mnguyenprince_jammys, yeah i decided to install openbox; i'm simply leveraging ubuntu's repositories :)06:44
sukiminnablackened: darkside?06:44
Itaciousbut they're supposed to release a "stable" version in a few days.06:44
zebok had my wireless card working and did a restart and now it wont work06:44
blackenedsukiminna: it sounded good didn't it?06:44
prince_jammysmnguyen: heh. well, konsole suits me fine ... slow to start up, like many kde apps. but pretty nice otherwise06:44
Gerinychitacious: ok, i think i found it06:45
zebok had my wireless card working and did a restart and now it wont work any help06:45
mnguyenprince_jammys, thanks i'll give rxvt or urxvt a try06:45
FoxBlitzzI wanna see KDE4 being like KDE3.5. Swift, useful and robust with features06:45
prince_jammysmnguyen: those are lighter06:45
FoxBlitzzBut it's not like that yet06:45
mnguyenprince_jammys, do either of them have tabs?06:45
Monk2Anyone have time to help with a sound problem?06:45
tacosarecoolkde4 is laggy06:46
prince_jammysmnguyen: i don't remember. you may want something like konsole (or gnome-terminal) for that06:46
tacosarecooland slow06:46
tacosarecooland can't run certain things06:46
kalvin_if i do chmod to a root folder, all folders within it have the same permissions right?06:46
prince_jammysmnguyen: i run everything inside of 'screen' so i don't use tabs06:46
ItaciousI wish yahoo widgets would work under Wine. I've heard the made it so it wouldn't work on purpose.06:46
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC06:46
blackenedtacosarecool: I was curious to see kde4, but didn't wanna sit through downloading the packages06:46
ohhaiHow do I upgrade OpenOffice.org to the 3rd version?06:46
ohhai(I tried upgrading all software, still ended up with 2.4)06:47
Itaciousdoes anybody know of a good Lucida Grande alternative, e.g. free, non-warez?06:47
ItaciousDon't give me a link to a pirated version.06:48
blackenedohhai: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-To-Install-OpenOffice-org-3-0-in-Ubuntu-8-10-96449.shtml06:48
prince_jammysItacious: it's not in the msttfonts package?06:48
ItaciousLucida Grande is the main font in OS X's interface beautiful, it is.06:49
blackenedItacious: pretty sure you have to buy a license for lucida grande, or grab it from another OS install you might have06:49
blackenedI've never found a legitimate version of it on the web, not that it's not out there06:49
Itaciousblackened, i know you need a license.06:50
tacosarecoollook at this paste please06:50
ItaciousWhat I am talking about is a free /alternative/06:50
tacosarecoolI tried installing it didn't work06:50
zebanyone help me with wireless problem i had it working did a restart and now it wont work06:50
Itaciouslike dejavu sans.06:50
ohhaiblackened: Thanks.06:50
Itaciousor BitStream Vera Sans Mono.06:50
FoxBlitzzI personally prefer my interfaces sharp and practical.06:51
FoxBlitzzI don't mind an interface looking nice, but it shouldn't harm the practicality in any way06:51
Itaciousprince_jammys: I do not know if OEM licenses apply for msttfonts, and i don't want to download it whithout one.06:51
FoxBlitzzEG. An interface hiding information to make other elements appear larger on the screen06:51
tacosarecoolanyone help me?06:52
FoxBlitzzItacious: OEM?06:52
FoxBlitzzHeh, I just took my Windows font folder and dumped it into my Linux install06:52
prince_jammystacosarecool: what's that URL doing in the command-line?06:53
ItaciousAlso, msttfonts may include segioe ui, etc. (vista fonts) which i don't have vista. It's a big legal mess. So i'm not downloading at this time.06:53
tacosarecoolIt's not06:53
prince_jammystacosarecool: what are you trying to install? avant-window navigator?06:53
tacosarecoolBut the command in the paste06:53
ubottuAvant Window Navigator is a dock-like navigation bar for the Linux desktop that positions itself at the bottom of the screen. Homepage http://wiki.awn-project.org/ Awn-Manager can be found the Gutsy !backports repository and in Universe in Hardy06:53
tacosarecoolbut its a curved dock06:53
tacosarecoolit's special06:53
FoxBlitzzCall me evil, but I prefer a Windows-style panel. :S06:54
nyaatacosarecool: did you try installing it from add/remove programs?06:54
FoxBlitzzI just can't work without text labels, man.06:54
ardchoilleI'd like to install a dock launcher that doesn't require compositing. I can't seem to get rid of the black bg in simdock. Any advice?06:55
Dr_willisardchoille,  wbar dosent - i think.06:55
tacosarecoolsimdock is terrible06:55
tacosarecoolit says so on linuxowns.com06:55
ardchoilleDr_willis: how do I install wbar and wbarconf?06:55
Dr_willistacosarecool,  so it has to be true06:55
prince_jammysardchoille: there's also kooldock06:55
Dr_willisardchoille,  no idea. :) check the repos, check PPA, check the homepage06:55
jeeves_Mosshow do I track down why compiz keeps locking up and/or cracshing my system06:56
ardchoilleprince_jammys: kooldock pulls in a bunch of kde junk06:56
prince_jammysardchoille: yes06:56
nyaatacosarecool: try installing it through applications > add/remove programs06:57
jeeves_Mosshow do I track down why compiz keeps locking up and/or cracshing my system06:57
nyaatacosarecool: search for it under avant, its there for me in 8.1006:57
tacosarecooljust search for awn06:58
jeeves_Mosshow do I track down why compiz keeps locking up and/or cracshing my system06:58
prince_jammysjeeves_Moss: try #compiz-fusion also06:59
jeeves_Mossprince_jammys,   thanks.07:00
brodymcdcould someone pretty please with sugar on top help me connect to my windows xp share with 8.10? I would be SO grateful... :)07:02
Dr_willisbrodymcd,  in the gnome file manager - i have to enter the full path to the remote share.. for some reason..07:02
Dr_willisbrodymcd,  as in --> smb://fileserver/sharename/07:03
JustinBeairdalso do you have firestarter or ufw runing?07:03
JustinBeairdblocking it07:03
Gerinychhow do i install new applets in awn?07:03
brodymcddrwillis - how do I know what the full path is?07:03
sukiminnadoes anyone  know how can i capture a pict from webcam in ubuntu8.1007:03
ohhaiHow do I get Windows/Mac fonts installed?07:04
skate2why is apache2 installed by default in ubuntu 8.10 but there's no httpd.conf file?07:04
ohhaiSpecifically, for openoffice.07:04
sukiminnai heard there is issues with webcam support in 8.10 is it true?07:04
nickrudskate2, in debian/ubuntu the http.conf is built on the fly from /etc/apache2/sites-enabled, mods-enabled, conf.d/*, and a couple others07:05
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
nickrudskate2, it's done that way to allow other packages to easily add their configs; for example phpmyadmin drops a link in conf.d/ and poof, it's configured.07:06
nickrudskate2, a2enmod a2dismod a2ensite a2dissite are useful commands07:06
skate2so what do i edit to configure apache?07:06
nickrudohhai, sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts07:06
nickrudskate2, what are you modifying?07:07
nickrudskate2, or, what mods to you want to make07:07
brodymcdhow can I manually enter the path for samba share?07:07
skate2nickrud i want to configure php file extention support07:08
nickrudskate2, the general answer is add some config file to conf.d/ , and restart apache. But take a look at mods-available/* , if there's a mod there then just run sudo a2enmod php5 and restart apache07:08
ardchoilleDr_willis: Got wbar installed, thanks for the info :)07:09
nickrudskate2, it makes sense, once you've looked through the files. Makes admin very easy07:10
Bossmanbetain my .screenrc is there a variable to set the background color in "hardstatus string" to green?07:10
skate2is there a keyboard shortcut to bring up the gnome system menu for 'applications', 'places', 'system' menus?07:11
werdnumcwillu: neat, I didn't know that.07:12
sukiminname too07:12
danes_how can I install my wireless card ipw2200? It is not recognized, should I use ndiswrapper?07:12
nickrudtry alt-f7 and alt-f8 , very useful sometimes07:12
Adrian2MiL8hi ,how can change the start priority in the rcS.d of firestarter and networking items ? anyone known ?07:13
jsj0nescwillu: thanks...even works on my HP mini 1000 (w/ HP's Ubuntu UI)07:13
kevdogAdrian2MiL8: You mean the run level?07:13
nickrudAdrian2MiL8, why would you want to do that? A lot of services have priorities based on those values07:13
=== nicholas is now known as Guest82142
sukiminnanickrud: i juz hold alt and click the window:)07:14
nickrudsukiminna, my mouse broke once. Very Useful :)07:14
Adrian2MiL8kevdog> hmm ...not ..the problem is a error on boot process because firestarter exit with error 207:14
=== Guest82142 is now known as tacosarecool
* nickrud will never admit it was because he threw it across the room because he died in wow07:14
sukiminnanickrud: yep come to think of it for emergency very neat07:15
Adrian2MiL8kevdog>this is because firestarter try to load before networking up the interfaces07:15
Adrian2MiL8i need change networking form 40 to 65 and firestarter from 65 to 40 but update-rc.d not accpet me the command07:16
kevdogAdrian2MiL8: So you could try adding a sleep statement in the file, or use the program update-rc.d that would change the run level for you -- in fact that is the recommended way07:16
danes_any one knows how can I configure the ipw2200 wireless card on a laptop?07:16
kevdogdanes_: Be more specific -- configure the driver or connect to a network07:16
Adrian2MiL8<kevdog>i try with update-rc.d firestarter S 40 but not work07:17
hlfshellHey - how can I prevent a program from starting up on startup? I keep getting an error message due to not having a program that Ijust wanna get rid of....07:17
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot07:17
kevdogAdrian2MiL8: What error do you get -- or what does it say in the logs about the error?07:17
hlfshellI'm using the netbook remix Dr_willis and do not have preferences-> sessions.....07:18
danes_kevdog, I just installed ubuntu, but my network card is not recognized. It is a ipw220007:18
Adrian2MiL8<kevdog> wait me a second ... i copy and paste the error07:18
IndyGunFreakhlfshell: well, you do, you just have to find it.07:18
Dr_willishlfshell,   No idea then..    you could always run the sessionmanager tool from the command line.. if ya knew its name.07:18
hlfshellhmmmm ill do some digging... thanks guys07:19
Adrian2MiL8adrian >:sudo update-rc.d firestarter S 4007:19
Adrian2MiL8[sudo] password for adrian:07:19
Adrian2MiL8usage: update-rc.d [-n] [-f] <basename> remove07:19
Adrian2MiL8       update-rc.d [-n] <basename> defaults|multiuser [NN | sNN kNN]07:19
Adrian2MiL8       update-rc.d [-n] <basename> start|stop NN runlvl [runlvl] [...] .07:19
FloodBot2Adrian2MiL8: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:19
Adrian2MiL8-n: not really07:19
hlfshellsecond question - how do i turn off the gnome key ring?07:19
hlfshelli raelly do hate that thing.07:19
hlfshellor at the very least - make it stop bugging me for pwords07:19
* kevdog Knew that was going to happen with the cut and paste thing :(07:19
Dr_willishlfshell,  run  gnome-session-properties    perhaps?07:19
hlfshellill try that, thanks Dr_willis07:19
IndyGunFreakhlfshell: try running this in command line... gnome-session-properties07:19
hlfshellthanks IndyGunFreak07:19
Dr_willishlfshell,  what is running that you dont want?07:19
hlfshellevolution... but i found the sessions toolbar07:20
hlfshellnow to find evolution....07:20
a931bwWhat is sawfish?07:20
achilleshello, I come everyday morning see my system completely frozen, no responding till I hardly shutdown, how can I know the reason behind this problem07:20
Adrian2MiL8<kevdog> this is the output07:20
hlfshellhmmmm evolution is not in the startup sequence menu thingy.....07:20
prince_jammysa931bw: a window manager07:20
hlfshellso how do iget this thign to stop bugging me abotu evolution everytime i log in?07:21
a931bwi'm installed that bu " apt-get install sawfish07:21
Dr_willisa931bw,  sawfish is a light window manager. that is very scriptable07:21
IndyGunFreakhlfshell: uninstall evolution?07:22
Dr_willisa931bw,  if you want to learn/use lisp that is..:)07:22
hlfshellIndyGunFreak -  i think it already is...07:22
IndyGunFreakhlfshell: obviously not completely, go through synaptic package manager, find anything w/ evolution, and uninstall it.07:22
KRaZy_WaKahave a hawking tech hwu8dd hi-gain usb dish wireless adapter worked as soon as i plugged it in under an older version of ubuntu but not under hardy... why not? and how do i get it to work under hardy?07:23
hlfshellboo... thats annoying, but ok ill try. thanks IndyGunFreak07:23
dobblegois it possible to use a scanner over a network?07:24
hlfshellOK found it IndyGunFreak - Conduit, a program that comes with netbook remix, depends on evolution07:24
Dr_willisdobblego,  you could vnc to the remote boxc with the scanner and run the scanner via vnc. :) ive done that befor07:24
IndyGunFreakhlfshell: i figured something was there causing it... glad yuo got it resolved07:24
a931bwCan i'm start my linux with KDE?07:24
dobblegoDr_willis, that's what I already do - a bit annoying :)07:25
IndyGunFreaka931bw: i don't see why not..07:25
a931bwAnd How then>07:25
Dr_willisdobblego,  ive seen some scanners that are networkable..but imnot sure how they aork07:25
IndyGunFreaka931bw: what do you mean how?07:25
Dr_willisa931bw,  install kde.. select kde at the login screen.07:25
hlfshellwell the problem is it wants to use 116 megs to install that crap... hmmm07:25
hlfshellwhat the hell is Conduit anyway?07:25
IndyGunFreak!info conduit07:26
ubottuconduit (source: conduit): synchronization tool for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.14-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 1583 kB, installed size 4472 kB07:26
a931bwapt-get install kde?07:26
prince_jammysa931bw: kubuntu-desktop07:26
hlfshellhmmmm not something im interested in, so i might just remove that....07:26
Adrian2MiL8hi ,how can change the start priority in the rcS.d of firestarter and networking items ? anyone known ?07:26
a931bwapt-get install kde is ok?07:26
Flannela931bw: kubuntu-desktop not kde07:27
cwillu!info x11vnc07:27
ubottux11vnc (source: libvncserver): VNC server to allow remote access to an existing X session. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.3.dfsg.1-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 747 kB, installed size 1556 kB07:27
Sudanese!info network-manager-applet07:27
ubottuPackage network-manager-applet does not exist in intrepid07:27
rww!info nm-applet | Sudanese07:27
ubottuPackage nm-applet does not exist in intrepid07:27
sukiminnaa931bw: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop kdm07:27
skate2how do  you scroll up in gnome terminal with the keyboard? shift+pgup doesnt work07:27
a931bwWhy kde bad?07:27
a931bw"apt-get install kde"  Why that's bad?07:28
=== elpargo__ is now known as elpargo
prince_jammysa931bw: because 'kde' is not the name of the package07:28
Dr_willisa931bw,  that wont get the full kubuntu-desktop :)07:28
Flannela931bw: You'd be better off with kubuntu-desktop instead of kde07:28
rww!info network-manager-gnome | Sudanese: nm-applet is in this package07:28
ubottunetwork-manager-gnome (source: network-manager-applet): network management framework (GNOME frontend). In component main, is optional. Version 0.7~~svn20081020t000444-0ubuntu1.8.10.1 (intrepid), package size 290 kB, installed size 2712 kB07:28
IndyGunFreakuse wicd, its truly awesome.07:29
nyaahow does the command to remote login to another computer at a different ip address go?07:29
IndyGunFreak!info wicd07:29
ubottuPackage wicd does not exist in intrepid07:29
a931bwWhy sudo i'm on root anyway07:29
coffeetopiaHello. Embarassing noob question; while updating my first(!) Ubuntu install I get "Error", then "E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)07:29
coffeetopiaE: Unable to lock the download directory" ---What am I missing? Do I have a setting mis-set? Mis-set?!?! Thats not a word...  Thanks in advance!!07:29
cojonesany dosbox users in here?07:29
sukiminnalol ubottu07:29
IndyGunFreakcoffeetopia: you probably have synaptic running, while trying to run an install..07:30
IndyGunFreakcoffeetopia: or maybe you're doing updates.07:30
syockitmy sudoers gone corrupt. Can anyone introduce me to live distro with ext4 for system recovery?07:30
rwwIndyGunFreak: wicd isn't in the repositories yet. There are download instructions on wicd's website.07:30
kevdognyaa What do you want to do -- use samba or something or ssh?07:30
IndyGunFreakcoffeetopia: only 1 thing using root can run at a time.07:30
seektherapy I have a soundcard problem07:30
SudaneseIndyGunFreak, what is wicd?07:30
IndyGunFreakrww: yeah, i forgot about that...07:30
rwwIndyGunFreak: I think Jaunty has it in the repositories, though :D07:30
seektherapycan someone help me07:30
IndyGunFreakSudanese: its an alternative network manager.... i think its better.. google it for their homepage.07:30
nyaakevdog ssh is text only or is it graphical?07:30
Flannelcoffeetopia: He means only one thing can use apt at a time.07:30
coffeetopiaIndyGunFreak: Thanks.. I'll check...07:30
seektherapyI see the icon on the top right but when i click on it i get the error "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found"07:30
Adrian2MiL8hi ,how can change the start priority in the rcS.d of firestarter and networking items ? anyone known ?07:31
IndyGunFreakFlannel: hmm, yeah that is what i meant..lol, don't know why i said root.07:31
Sudanesecan I've them both ? I mena NM and this wicd ?07:31
bullgard4In OpenOffice.org Writer 2.4.1 I am trying to delete many occurrences of text of the form '(01:01:47 PM) nick: '. In Find and Replace I assert 'Regular expression'. Find and Replace > Search for: '(* PM) ' does not find anything. Why is that so?07:31
rwwSudanese: nope. Installing one will remove the other, because they step on each others' toes if they're both installed.07:31
nyaakevdog: I don't care what the means are, I was given a username and pw and an ip address, and I want to be able to see graphics.07:31
IndyGunFreakSudanese: if i'm not mistaken, nm doen't load when wicd loads.. (wicd takes over for nm-applet)... i personally like wicd better, but its strictly preference07:31
prince_jammysbullgard4: put a dot before the *07:31
SudaneseI'll try it thanks07:32
rwwIndyGunFreak, Sudanese: The wicd and network manager packages conflict, so installing one will actually remove the other, not just disable it.07:32
Dr_willis<Adrian2MiL8> in /etc/rc#.d the ##'s in the names are the order they are ran.07:32
dsnydersHi all.  Neither grub halt nor grub halt --no-apm power off my laptop.  Any suggestions?07:32
IndyGunFreakSudanese: if you gootle their homepage, they ahve an intrepid repository available that you can add to your source list, so it will be easy to install.07:32
Sudaneseok I'm on it07:32
IndyGunFreakrww: hm, it nm-applet still shows installe don my system07:32
bullgard4prince_jammys: When I put a dot (full stop) before the * I obtain the same result.07:33
kevdognyaa:  You need to be more specific -- You can use VNC or tunnel X over ssh or other such programs07:33
kevdognyaa: FreeNx07:33
nyaakevdog: does the other user have to have the same program?07:33
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis>the higher numbers load before or not ??07:33
syockitcan i mount a swap and use its disk space?07:33
cojonesanyone experiencing DOSBox problems under Ibex?07:33
rwwsyockit: Use the swapon command; see "man swapon"07:34
Dr_willisAdrian2MiL8,  they go from high to low...    S01policykit     first  S99XXXXXXX last07:34
Adrian2MiL8.the problem is a error on boot process because firestarter exit with error 207:34
kevdognyaa:  Again you need to be more specific what you want to do or tell me about an equivalent windows program07:34
Dr_willisor was that low to high? :) heh i forget... they go in numerical order.07:34
Adrian2MiL8this si because firestarter try to load before networking up the interface07:34
rwwAdrian2MiL8: S01 is first, S99 is last.07:34
kevdogAdrian2MiL8: I have no idea why you are using Firestarter with ufw around!07:35
Dr_willisAdrian2MiL8,  set the S##friestarter or whateverits called to be S99whatever then07:35
Dr_williswhich seems weird that such a obvious bug would  exi07:35
Dr_williswhich seems weird that such a obvious bug would  exist07:35
JustinBeairdif you need a gui07:35
skate2how do  you scroll up in gnome terminal with the keyboard?07:35
dsnyderssyockit, No.  Swap is used by the kernel to provide virtual memory.  It is not a file system, and it is not moutnable.07:36
nyaakevdog: there's a guy that wants me to see his dock and fix it, graphical things like that.  So I'd need to be able to see his desktop07:36
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis>i have S40networking and S65firestarter and i want put in reverse S40firestarter and S65networking07:36
kevdognyaa:  So you want a remote desktop program I am gathering?07:36
Dr_willisAdrian2MiL8,  s65 starts AFTER the S40  - so i  think you may be   incorrect in your diagonisis.. you could set firestarter to be S99firestarter07:37
rwwIndyGunFreak: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109273/07:37
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis>but the problem is what update-rc.d firestarter S 40 not make the change07:37
nyaakevdog: yeah, I have remote desktop viewer, but does he have to have it too?07:37
kevdogVNC is probably the easiest -- but yes -- the server needs to be installed on the host computer07:37
Dr_willisAdrian2MiL8,  just chang the name of the file07:37
rwwIndyGunFreak: looks to me like wicd conflicts with network-manager and network-manager-gnome07:37
IndyGunFreakrww: i'm not disputing what you said, just saying it still shows installed on my system.07:37
Dr_willisAdrian2MiL8,  mv S65firestarter S99firestarter07:37
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis>ok , i will try when dsiconnect07:38
kevdogDr_willis: may have to do that in more than one run level but that suggestion will work07:38
nyaakevdog: aah07:38
rwwIndyGunFreak: I wasn't sure whether I was right, so I figured I should check ;). Which of those packages specifically shows as installed, out of interest?07:38
nyaakevdog: thanks =)07:38
IndyGunFreakrww: network-manager-gnome.. the ohter one shows uninstalled07:39
=== dzup-beback is now known as dzup
Adrian2MiL8 Dr_willis> running sysv-rc-conf i see firestarter starting in alll levels07:39
maedoes linux-image-virtual in 8.10 support paravirtualization (to be a xen guest) and also selinux?07:39
Dr_willisAdrian2MiL8,  makes sence to me.  youmay have to chave it in every rc##.d thing07:39
Dr_willisAdrian2MiL8,  i wouldbe suprised if the changes help. but try it i guess07:40
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis>not only rcS.d ?07:40
rwwIndyGunFreak: That's really weird. n-m-gnome depends on n-m. Anyway, I gtg.07:40
Dr_willisAdrian2MiL8,  im not sure when/where the rcS.d ones get used.07:40
evilGUII have a question my router seems to block port 22 and I can't ssh via my IP so is there anything else I have to do to secure SSH? I just want to use it on my network07:41
kevdogI thought rcS commands got started with every run level -- but maybe not.  That is why its recommended to use update-rc.d to not screw some things up.  Maybe you cant make that change since firestarter is running!07:42
Dr_williskevdog,  I though you copied the link FROM rcS.d to the proper runlevel rc#.d directory07:42
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis>the whole mess is with firestarter return a exited error 2 on boot process because ( i think ) he trying loading before networking up the interface07:42
Dr_willisAdrian2MiL8,  possible i guess- if hes on wireless..07:42
johnnnnywhat does it mean if a package is marked as:  [universe] [security]  ?07:42
Dr_willisbut i woudl think firestarter would wait a bit.07:43
wafflesHey, I was wondering about the different virtualization software available for Ubuntu. I am setting up a new computer and I need to run Windows for work/school, but would like Ubuntu as my main OS, so I could use some Virtualization software that can boot a physical partition from Ubuntu. I'm checking out the mega-thread on the forums, but wondering what kind of personal experience people have had. I am currently looking at OpenVZ,07:43
wafflesKVM, VirtualBox, and VMWare07:43
johnnnnywhats "security" ?07:43
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis>don't have any wireless , only wired net07:43
kevdogevilGUI: sounds like you are good, but you could put a specific entry into iptables to block port22 if you are paranoid!07:43
darkblue_BQ. after upgrading Gutsy to Hardy, my postgres is at 8.3.1, but current is 8.3.5 at least.. also apt-get shows hardy repos, but synaptic GUI is showing Gutsy repos ??07:43
evilGUIkevdog: If I did that would I still be able to ssh via my local network?07:43
InsectoidUnable to login to gnome as root after downgrade from 9.04.  Root login is turned on in gdm.conf, and my /var/log/syslog has Jan 25 02:41:25 prometheus gdm[5889]: WARNING: Root login disallowed on display ':0'07:43
cwilludarkblue_B, how did you upgrade?07:43
cwilluInsectoid, downgrading isn't a trivial thing to do07:44
dsnydersHi all.  Neither grub halt nor grub halt --no-apm power off my laptop.  Any suggestions?07:44
Dr_willisInsectoid,  like the error says.. gdm.conf has settings that dissaloow root to directly login07:44
cwilluInsectoid, and logging in as root is just silly to begin with :p07:44
paul68Hi when I do iwconfig wlan0 I gett he following lines wlan0     IEEE 802.11  Nickname:"" Access Point: Not-Associated   how do I solve this07:44
InsectoidDr_willis: As I said ... I turned that on.07:44
kevdogevilGUI: You would have to configure the statement to allow only 192 addresses or something like that if you are paranoid!07:44
darkblue_Bcwillu: with the update mgr07:44
Dr_willisInsectoid,  did you restart GDM?07:44
InsectoidDr_willis: Yes.07:45
evilGUIkevdog: Thanks07:45
InsectoidDr_willis: In fact I've restarted the entire machine.07:45
cwilluInsectoid, gdm.conf or gdm.conf-custom?07:45
Insectoidcwillu: /etc/gdm/gdm.conf07:45
=== adante_ is now known as adante
Dr_willisInsectoid,  i would double check.   Then again..i dont try to login via gdm to be root.. :)   if ya really want to - ya could go to the console , stop gdm and use 'startx'07:45
MethinXok i rebooted07:45
InsectoidThe only reason I need root in gnome is orca doesn't work with sudo for administrative apps07:47
cwilluInsectoid, gksudo?07:47
Insectoidcwillu: yes07:47
cwilluoh, I see07:47
cwilluInsectoid, might work if you also run gksudo orka first07:47
Insectoidcwillu: It would, but then I wouldn't have access to my user's desktop07:47
Insectoidcwillu: Only to whatever was running as root07:48
paul68Hi when I do iwconfig wlan0 I gett he following lines wlan0     IEEE 802.11  Nickname:"" Access Point: Not-Associated   how do I solve this07:48
cwilluInsectoid, you need the screen reader side of orca, right?07:48
Insectoidcwillu: Right07:48
darkblue_BDO I have to do somehing manually with the repos list to get the current Postgres? and why is the GUI showing bad info, but the CLI is working?  I am a bbit frustrated07:49
cwilluInsectoid, can you pastebin your /etc/gdm.conf and /etc/gdm.conf-custom files?07:49
Insectoidcwillu: Certainly07:49
cwilluInsectoid, ooo, try changing it in /etc/gdm-cdd.conf07:50
MethinXok I rebooted X07:50
Insectoidcwillu: Should I create that file?07:50
cwilludoesn't exist?07:50
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis>this is the exact error message  >> run-parts: /etc/network/if-up.d/50firestarter exited with return code 207:50
InsectoidI have a /etc/gdm/gdm-cdd.conf07:51
Insectoidbut not just in /etc07:51
=== lordpil- is now known as lordpil
cwilluInsectoid, sorry, missed a gdm/07:51
a931bw Kde is so beaterfull But ain't is old?07:51
Insectoidcwillu: trying now07:52
Dr_willisAdrian2MiL8,  Youchecked the forums for any info on that?  It could mean somthing  else07:52
cwilluInsectoid, /etc/init.d/gdm restart blah blah blah...07:52
bullgard4In OpenOffice.org Writer 2.4.1 I am trying to delete many occurrences of text of the form '(01:01:47 PM) nick: '. In Find and Replace I assert 'Regular expression'. Find and Replace > Search for: '(* PM) ' does not find anything. Why is that so?07:52
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis> yes , i see there is a bug in 1.0.3-5 version but i have 1.0.3-607:52
cwillubullgard4, \(* PM\)07:53
cwillubullgard4, ()'s have meaning in regex07:53
cwilluso you have to quote them with a \, just like you'd have to quote a *07:53
cwillubullgard4, and...07:53
cwillubullgard4, \(.* PM\)07:53
darkblue_Bdoesnt * alone mean 0 or more07:53
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis>with 1.0.3-6 should be fixed thsi bug ...but not to me07:53
darkblue_Byes, you have to have 0 or more of something07:53
cwillu\(* would mean "zero or more ('s"07:53
cwillu\(.* would mean "a (, followed by zero or more anythings"07:54
MethinXok I rebooted X07:54
darkblue_Bhmm I dont think \( counts as a something07:54
cwilludarkblue_B, \( counts as quoting a (07:54
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis>i will try remove firestarter and inall again it's one suggstion a see07:55
cwilludarkblue_B, ( is used for grouping07:55
Insectoidcwillu: It's not working -- just beeping at me when I try logging in (ubuntu studio pre-login beep) -- checking logs07:55
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis>i will try remove firestarter and install again it's one suggstion a see07:55
darkblue_B\(* does not mean 0 or more parens07:55
cwilluInsectoid, you've checked that the root account is unlocked and has a valid password?07:55
darkblue_B.. is what I meant07:55
cwilludarkblue_B, in any regex engine known to man, it would, yes07:55
Insectoidcwillu: Of course -- I'm logged in root via ssh07:55
cwilluif it doesn't, it's not really a standard regex07:55
darkblue_Bcwillu: nope07:56
prince_jammysit could be a BRE07:56
bullgard4cwillu: \(* PM\) finds '_PM) ' but does not take care for the joker *.07:56
cwilluInsectoid, root via pubkey wouldn't tell you, you logged in with a password?07:56
ohhaiFrom what repo can I get the Thunderbird 3.0b2 for 8.10?07:56
cwillubullgard4, you need the . before the *07:56
zebis it possible to get past mac address filtering on a router07:56
cwilludarkblue_B, wadduyamean, nope?07:56
Insectoidcwillu: Damn it I forgot about that07:56
* Insectoid chmods his .ssh directory07:56
cwilludarkblue_B, >>> re.findall(r'\(*', '(((')07:56
cwillu['(((', '']07:56
Dr_williszeb,  change your mac address?07:56
darkblue_Byou have to have a variable thing, not a literal thing, I beleive..07:57
cwilludarkblue_B, what are you talking about?07:57
bullgard4cwillu: Great! It works. What is the reason for the . before the *?07:57
darkblue_B.. for * or +07:57
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis> i see too a brute fix is change the priority in rcS.d of networking and firestarter07:57
tenXohhai: that i dont know but can you tell wether thunderbird 3 will support ldap writing support as announced?07:57
cwillubullgard4, '.' means 'any character'07:57
zebDr_willis:  no i have a linksys router that uses mac address filtering to allow access is it possible to get past that07:57
darkblue_Bok, I am tired..07:57
Dr_willisAdrian2MiL8,  waseent that what we were trying to do earlier?07:57
cwilludarkblue_B, \( means a literal (, * means 'the preceding, zero or more times'07:58
bullgard4cwillu: Ok. Thank you for your help.07:58
albuntui have read the manuals so please dont post links because i know them but i just want to know if does anyone know if its allowed or not to create a loco team homepage outside the ubuntu wiki ? i mean in another host07:58
ohhaitenX: It probably should.07:58
Adrian2MiL8<Dr_willis> yes07:58
Dr_williszeb,  if  you knew a mac address it allowed - you can change your mac address I beive.. some how.. :)07:58
darkblue_Bthe reason \(* fails is because 0 parens matches anything07:58
a931bwis there desktop effects on kde?07:58
Insectoidcwillu: Yes, root login works fine via ssh/tty, it's just gnome07:58
cwilludarkblue_B, '*', '+' and '?' match the preceding character07:58
darkblue_Bcwillu: yes07:58
zebDr_willis:  mac addresses are unique to the adaptor tho07:58
tenXohhai: it probably should have had the support earlier on ;) sounds like you're far away from being sure.07:58
cwilludarkblue_B, the reason it failed is because he wasn't matching anything else07:59
cwilludarkblue_B, \(* _does_ match any number of ('s in a row though07:59
cwillu(including zero)07:59
prince_jammys..... in an extended, perl, or perl compatible regex07:59
Dr_williszeb,  they are changeable with some command.. I forget which.. plus many routers can change their mac.07:59
darkblue_Banyway.. I am just trying to find out why the pkg mgr is tellming me I am up to date with Postgres when I am clearly not07:59
cwilluprince_jammys, ...which includes openoffice (yes, I checked)07:59
tenXzeb: my wlan device got a mac of 11:22:33:44:55:66, i must be so lucky07:59
zebya mac cloning07:59
prince_jammyscwillu: yep, figured most of the gui apps use perl-style regex07:59
zebstill dont help you if your mac isnt on the access list08:00
cwillu!info postgres postgresql08:00
ubottupostgresql is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']08:00
tenXDr_willis: ifconfig hw ether08:00
cwillu!info postgresql08:00
ubottupostgresql (source: postgresql-8.3): object-relational SQL database (supported version). In component main, is optional. Version 8.3.5-0ubuntu8.10 (intrepid), package size 218 kB, installed size 256 kB08:00
ohhaiohhai: You're right. =)08:00
tenXohhai: talking to yourself? ;) happens to me all the time08:00
cwilludarkblue_B, what version does synaptic show as available and installed?08:00
darkblue_Bcwillu: ?? I have hardy LTS08:00
cwillu!info postgresql hardy08:00
ubottupostgresql (source: postgresql-8.3): object-relational SQL database (latest version). In component main, is optional. Version 8.3.5-0ubuntu0.8.04 (hardy), package size 216 kB, installed size 256 kB08:00
nyaahow do I tell what ip address my router has?08:01
darkblue_Byeah - so what is that optional thing and how do I make t happen, please?08:01
tenXnyaa: it will most likely match your default gateway08:01
Insectoidnyaa: Are you connected to it?08:01
cwilludarkblue_B, optional has nothing to do with this (just means its not critical for the operation of the system)08:01
balrog__which version of inetd should i use for a bazaar vcs server behind a university firewall: rlinetd, inetutils-inetd, xinetd, or openbsd-inetd ?  does the openbsd one have compatibility issues with much in the repos?08:01
cwilludarkblue_B, what is the version that synaptic reports as installed, and available?08:01
darkblue_Bwell I have 8.3.1 client and server running08:02
tenXDr_willis: ah btw comfortable mac changing can be achieved via macchanger pkg08:02
cwilludarkblue_B, ...exact strings please08:02
darkblue_Byou want .. dpkg -i or something ? I dont know this08:02
nyaainsectoid: yes08:02
cwilluopen synaptic, find the installed package, and write the installed version, and the latest version08:02
JoeSchmo_Hey all...  I have a question, and I have been reading online for days and have no answer.  I have a fresh Ubuntu 8.10 install on my notebook.  Everything seems to be working great, except that my machine crashes horribly when I try to logoff.  I can shut down / restart just fine, but logoff causes the screen to go to a terminal, showing a "trace" and a memory dump, but I am unable to recover from it.  ctrl+alt+backspace (x2) wont even get me08:02
JoeSchmo_ out of it.  My Caps lock LED flashes, and I cannot do anything but hold down the power button.    So, my question:  is there a way to capture the system trace and memory dump to a text file?  There is so much scrolling on the screen that I am unable to get any useful information when the event occurs.08:02
meoblasthello..... how do i install 32 bit packages in ubuntu 64.. i want them to be updated as well08:02
a931bwHow to unninstall sudo apt....08:03
cwillua931bw, eh?08:03
darkblue_Bsynaptic GUI is showing reps as Gutsy this and Gutsy that, while the apt-get update on the command line is showing Hardy this and Hardy tat08:03
a931bwIm installed driver and wana to delete it08:03
balrog__a931bw: you cant, you shouldnt, and you shouldnt be able to08:03
nyaainsectoid trying to remote desktop with someone and he gave me the address from within his network, but we're not on the same exact network =/08:03
cwilludarkblue_B, pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list08:03
darkblue_Bcwillu: ok08:03
paul68Hi when I do iwconfig wlan0 I gett he following lines wlan0     IEEE 802.11  Nickname:"" Access Point: Not-Associated   how do I solve this08:04
cwillua931bw, sorry, not understanding what you're trying to do08:04
cwillua931bw, if you installed something via apt, then apt-get remove package-name will remove it (sudo synaptic would also let you uninstall it)08:04
cwillua931bw, if you installed something without using apt or synaptic, then apt and synaptic can't do anything to help you uninstall it either08:04
cwilludarkblue_B, thanks08:05
darkblue_BI appreciate your looking at this08:05
charlesju_Does anyone know why a=( ) in a bash script will give an error?08:05
cwilludarkblue_B, how did you upgrade to hardy?  via the update manager, or by updating the sources by hand?08:05
darkblue_Bcwillu: update magr08:06
stoojQuick question: I CTRL+Zed an Apt process instead of CTRL+C - so the apt lock is still on. Can anyone remind me how to cancel the original process correctly?08:06
balrog__do the ubuntu gurus have a favorable opinion of openbsd-inted?08:06
darkblue_Bcwillu: it showed 4 minor errors after it was done, and wouldnt do any additional pkg manip.. but I removed the offending minor erros afer a restart, and now the CLI works fine08:06
=== Marco_ is now known as Lateralus_bf
Insectoidcwillu: Turns out just adding it to /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom worked -- and not to gdm.conf or gdm-cdd.conf08:07
InsectoidAllowRoot=true that is08:07
darkblue_Bbut the GUI is showing Gutsy things in the Repo list08:07
cwilludarkblue_B, checked off though, or disabled?08:07
tenXwhat is a gui08:07
Dr_willisstooj,  try 'fb' to bring it back to front? or bg/fg command perhaps08:07
Flannelstooj: jobs, then %# (where # is the job number) will restart it.  You'll have to ctrl-c (if its downloading and not installing, you'll be OK)08:07
cwilludarkblue_B, it's probably just seeing the commented out ones, and giving you the opportunity of shooting self in foot by enabling them :p08:07
Myxbbalrog__: killall it or fg and then ctrl+c08:07
cwillutenX, buttons, windows, mousey things08:07
charlesju_So the issue is that running a shell script as "sh {script}" or "dash {script}" bypasses the "#!/bin/bash" line, thus causing it to fail. But it can be invoked as "sh -c {script}" or "dash -c {script}", and the "#!/bin/bash" *is* correctly handled to invoke the bash shell.08:08
charlesju_that's the answer to my own question08:08
paul68Hi when I do iwconfig wlan0 I gett he following lines wlan0     IEEE 802.11  Nickname:"" Access Point: Not-Associated   how do I solve this08:08
cwillutenX, as opposed to text, more text, and keyboardy things :p08:08
tenXcwillu: sounds amazing, nearly revolutionary to me08:08
cwillucharlesju_, 'correctly'?08:08
cwilluthe shebang line isn't supposed to do anything if you pass the file directly to an interpreter08:08
charlesju_that's the answer to my own question08:08
balrog__Myxb: it isnt installed, but id like to install an inetd.  is the openbsd-inetd one okay to use?08:08
charlesju_i didn't know that08:08
charlesju_now i do08:08
cwillutenX, gonna be big someday, yep :p08:08
darkblue_Bcwillu: ok, yes, they are unchecked .. I mssed that08:09
tenXcwillu: you seem to be a visionaire08:09
cwillualthough you have a seveas gutsy repo as well, which may or may not cause grief08:09
Myxbbalrog__: sorry, no idea08:09
cwilludarkblue_B, okay, so, what is the exact version installed and considered available by synaptic? :p08:09
balrog__Myxb: np, thanks08:09
darkblue_BI will defineitly lose them if I can get a modern Postgres08:10
cwilludarkblue_B, dpkg/apt/aptitude reported would be fine too :p08:10
cwillu!info postgressql-8.2 hardy08:10
ubottuPackage postgressql-8.2 does not exist in hardy08:10
cwillu!info postgressql-8.3 hardy08:10
ubottuPackage postgressql-8.3 does not exist in hardy08:10
darkblue_Bone s08:11
aldigood evening08:11
* cwillu can't spell08:11
MethinXok blakened it worked08:11
tenXcwillu: but seriously, while you mention synaptic. i took a look at it at some customers installation trying to explain him how things work - it was so confusing i changed the topic and port forwarded the conversation08:11
aldican anyone tell me what to do first i just installed ubuntu new to linux08:11
tenXaldi: hmm i'd probably update it08:12
cwillualdi, use it? :p08:12
zackI just got Ubuntu too, I can't get my sound to work.08:12
aldiim used to windows08:13
Insectoidzack: Is your volume up... ?08:13
tenXcwillu: linux is not for use but for trying to get everything to work08:13
cwillubug #20487308:13
zackYes, my volume is up. -_-08:13
cwillutenX, hardly, I just installed it on two 50+ computer owners, who are thrilled about how everything works :p08:13
zackI'm using a USB headset.  Which is like the root of my problem I think.08:13
aldiguys i do alot of torrent downloading do you recommend an av?08:14
cwilludarkblue_B, would appear postgres 8.3 is in the hardy backports repository, might just need to enable it from software sources08:14
prince_jammysaldi: not necessary08:14
tenXcwillu: it has improved so much. recent distros support a big variety of hardware. amazing08:14
darkblue_Bcwillu: aha08:14
darkblue_Bplease advise08:14
Insectoidzack: can you pastebin me the output of lsmod and lsusb?08:14
cwilludarkblue_B, but I don't have a hardy machine handy to check easily08:14
aldithenks prince08:14
syockitthe live CD doesn't have tty. how do I create tty?08:14
cwillusyockit, use ctrl-alt-f208:15
zackCan I private message you?08:15
a931bwwtf is .bespin ??08:15
darkblue_Bcwillu: http://pastebin.com/m558ba8f08:15
prince_jammysaldi: you probably want to learn how to install stuff from the repositories08:15
aldiyeah thats what i want08:15
prince_jammys!apt | aldi08:15
ubottualdi: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)08:15
aldibeen trying for the last 4 hrs to install clamav08:16
syockitcwillu: there's no tty running08:16
darkblue_Bcwillu: I am at the end of my tether.. I should come back after some rest.. I appreciate your looking at this08:16
prince_jammysaldi: keep in mind you don't really need an antivirus prog08:16
cwillualdi, prince_jammys speaks the truth08:16
prince_jammys!synaptic | aldi : read the link above, and this one:08:16
ubottualdi : read the link above, and this one:: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto08:16
darkblue_Baldi: linux, the bad news, command lines.. the good news, no virus'08:16
MethinXWhen browsing the internet in Opera the screen goes grey, how do I fix this?08:17
tenXcwillu: talking about that combo: you happen to know what switch to modify to enable it in case the combo won't lead you into true tty?08:17
* Dr_willis puts the command line in the 'good news' area08:17
aldiok thanks for the info prince ill check the web page you told me08:17
prince_jammysaldi: read the most recent one first08:17
cwilludarkblue_B, ooooo, is the -updates even enabled?08:17
aldisee you around08:17
aldithanks again08:17
cwilludarkblue_B, I don't see it in your sources08:17
syockitwhat's the comand for starting all the tty?08:17
darkblue_Bcwillu: ???08:17
cwilludarkblue_B, heh08:17
cwilludarkblue_B, synaptic, sources, make sure -updates is enabled08:18
cwillusynaptic, repositories, updates tab08:18
cwilluintrepid security and intrepid-updates need to be enabled (unless you only want security updates, in which case, you don't want the .5 version08:18
darkblue_Bohh, I had "important security updates" checked, but nothing else08:19
tenXcwillu: either you dumb, deaf and/or blind or wise and got me on ignore08:19
cwilludarkblue_B, there's your problem08:19
MethinXwhat are pre-released updates (itrepid proposed)? do I need them? will they harm my computer?08:20
cwillutenX, I have a built-in ignore08:20
FlanneltenX: Please remain polite08:20
FlannelMethinX: You should not enable -proposed, no.08:20
cwilluMethinX, testing updates, which if they don't break stuff, will eventually become normal updates08:20
tenXFlannel: excuse wasnt meant to be an offense think he got it right08:20
MethinXthank you08:20
=== ben is now known as Guest37797
InsectoidI am getting the output of Zack's lsmod, a line a second.  It is quite noisy.08:21
cwilluMethinX, unless you need something specific from it, or merely like dealing with random stuff breaking occasionally, don't enable it :p08:21
tenXcwillu: so do you know?08:21
syockitalright, got it via getty 3840008:21
cwillutenX, maybe I do, and I don't want to tell you?08:21
cwillutenX, more likely, I don' :p08:21
cwillunot quite sure what you meant about 'won't switch to the true tty'08:21
tenXcwillu: hmm i would have gone with the first option08:21
cwillu...because then you could still squeeze an answer out of me :p08:22
darkblue_Boh geez.. well its still 8.3.1 with updates checked.. I suppose I need "Propsed updates".. BUT I now see that dev libs was at 8.2, while a rash of other things is at 8.3  :-/08:22
darkblue_Bchanging dev libs08:22
tenXcwillu: well i see i dont know how to describe it better. switch from X to true text mode tty. via strg+alt+fX08:22
cwilludarkblue_B, "sorry for assuming ubuntu broke something, when really I broke it myself"?  :)08:22
tenXcwillu: the switch in case it doesnt work08:22
cwilluoh, the sysrq line08:23
cwilludon't know it off hand, but you should be able to find it searching for magic sysrq08:23
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key08:23
darkblue_Bwell almost.. I'll take .66 of t08:23
cwilluthere's a few others that are relevant08:23
* cwillu sticks the remaining .34 on darkblue_B's back as he walks away08:23
tenXsysrq line some addition to xserver conf?08:23
cwillutenX, well, there's c-a-backspace, which simply kills xorg completely, but if ctrl-alt-f1 doesn't work, c-a-backspace probably won't either08:24
cwillusysrq is handled in kernel08:24
darkblue_Bwell the only 2 checks left are "Pre Release Updates" and "Unsupported updates:08:24
darkblue_Bthat sounds kind of sketchy.. but I need those ?08:25
puremichaelhi, i've got some problems with evolution, e.g. 'unread' shows mit 100emails unread, total -63508:25
cwilluprerelease is testing stuff, so that people can check bugfixes without having to do anything special with packages08:25
tenXcwillu: of course i am familiar with c-a-b as well. just wondering what switch to switch. and how can it depend on the kernel?08:25
cwillubackports is for the real hardcore that like their long-term support, but not enough to actually use it as intended :p08:25
cwillutenX, don't think there's any option for xorg.conf, although "man xorg.conf" and "/<search><enter>nN" will solve many woes08:26
darkblue_B.. and , I am still not finding postgres 8.3.5 though...08:26
cwilludarkblue_B, have you reloaded yet?08:26
tenXcwillu: i know how to research and know its the only true way. was just looking for an easy helpout answer08:27
* cwillu pokes tenX with a pointy stick08:27
darkblue_Bone more choice.. a popup that says LTR only or normal releases08:27
darkblue_Breloading now after choosing "normal" from "LTR"08:27
tenXcwillu: what is a pointy stick if i may ask08:27
cwilludarkblue_B, normal releases will offer an upgrade to intrepid08:27
accura2khow can I access a shared network folder from another computer in console?08:28
cwillutenX, it's a wooden stick, with a sharpened point08:28
cwilluabout 8 feet long08:28
cwilluaccura2k, gvfs-<tab>08:28
accura2kcwillu, thanks08:28
tenXcwillu: you should start to use the metric system08:28
cwilluaccura2k, you can also deal with normal mount's, but this is easier imo08:28
tenXcwillu: and adjust stick size08:29
darkblue_Boh ok, Mark All Upgrades just did it08:29
darkblue_Bpressing go08:29
cwillutenX, I like metric just fine.  however, stick sizes are traditionally measured in feet.  (btw, we should probably continue this in #ubuntu-offtopic, if you feel the need to continue :p)08:29
darkblue_Bcwillu: yay.. thx08:30
fighthi all08:30
* cwillu bites fight08:30
cwilluaccura2k, if you have gvfs-fuse installed, then any gvfs mounts will show up in ~/.gvfs/shares08:31
jeeves_Mosswould it be possible to set up 2 free VOIP accounts that have VOIP to land line abilities, call someone on one, and call yourself on the other, then link them to in theroy make a free call if you have free incomming?08:31
cwilluaccura2k, which is handy for other apps08:31
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:32
eduardocan you help me guys? i have some trouble with my network connection08:35
prince_jammyswrite out a detailed question and someone might help08:35
cwillueduardo, I was about to point !ask at you, but I know I've pointed it at you before... :p08:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:36
eduardothank you guys... well...08:36
=== nicholas is now known as Guest21166
eduardoI need to change my DNS config every time i turn un my pc08:36
=== Guest21166 is now known as tacosarecool
tacosarecoolnyaa it works!08:37
eduardocoz the default DNS is a wrong one08:37
cwillueduardo, dhcp?08:37
eduardoyes, it's DHCP08:38
cwillueduardo, add a supersede line to /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf08:38
cwillueduardo, supersede domain-name-servers <list of servers>;08:38
cwilluor even a prepend domain-name-servers <list>;08:38
eduardook, i'm checking the file, wait me please...08:39
cwillueduardo, alternatively, get your admin to fix the dhcp server08:39
Gerinychhow do you make a webpage into a screenlet?08:40
eduardojojo.... that's a big problem, coz i'm installing ubuntu with my customer jojo08:40
=== phnom_ is now known as phnom
jim_pGerinych, you mean an rss feed to screenlet?08:41
Gerinychjim_p, no, just a webpage08:41
Unidentified6180hey dose any one in here know how to use file zilla08:42
meoblasti have pcsx for ubuntu64 and i'm getting this error when i try to run the cd "Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console    sh: message: not found"08:42
meoblastwhat's up with that?08:42
FlannelUnidentified6180: You just connect, and then you can drag/drop or double click items, etc.08:42
meoblasti'm already going through the horrors of not being able to install 32-bit programs08:42
Unidentified6180@ Flannel iam having some trouble setitng it up08:43
morghanphoenixAnyone know how you set the display settings to allow 800x600 resolution? Fullscreen apps are giving me a blank screen with a can not display this video mode when they go 800x600, but are working fine at 640x480 and 1024x76808:43
cwillumeoblast, what 32 bit programs?08:43
Wolv3what happen if i make a manual delete from  /usr/share/themes08:43
StR|Sangrealhello; could sb explain me major differences between kde and gnome as a non pro should see them?08:44
Wolv3its fine to do that?08:44
cwilluWolv3, nothing overly horrible, although it's not particularily elegant08:44
prince_jammysWolv3: better to uninstall them through apt08:44
jim_pmorghanphoenix, are you on ati/08:44
cwilluWolv3, will just come back the next time the package has an update (which may be a while for a theme package, granted)08:44
morghanphoenixno, nvidia08:44
FlannelStR|Sangreal: KDE generally has more options, whereas gnome tries to just get it "right" without the need for extra configuration.08:44
Unidentified6180Flannel PM?08:44
StR|Sangreali have upgraded to kde4, it seems to be a step in a bad direction but downgrade would be too painful...08:45
Wolv3because i have some problem with gtk+08:45
eduardocwillu, here i have a line with #prepend domine-name-servers xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx08:45
morghanphoenixI'm leaving kubuntu when I have to upgrade to KDE408:45
cwillueduardo, eh?08:45
FlannelUnidentified6180: You can just explain what you're having issues with here, but if its some sort of private something or other, sure.08:45
eduardois it what am I looking for?08:45
Wolv3cwillu, some themes say i need it and i install all gtk engines08:45
cwillueduardo, there's all sorts of example lines in there08:45
Wolv3prince_jammys,  some themes say i need it and i install all gtk engines08:45
cwillueduardo, either a supersede or a prepend should work for a dns override08:46
madsjI don't find any wireless networks, in spite of the driver being loaded; "iwconfig -a" and "ifconfig -a" both list ra0 as an "interface"08:46
prince_jammysWolv3: ok08:46
eduardook, excelent! thank you08:46
jim_pStR|Sangreal, its like asking "what is the difference between a mercedes and a bmw?". choose what you like most08:46
cwillueduardo, (supersede kills the dhcp setting, prepend tacks a dns on to the front of the list to be checked first)08:46
StR|Sangrealhow can i install a fullfeatured gnome on kubuntu to have a choice to run it independently08:46
morghanphoenixmy xorg.conf has no resolutions in it, looks really bare compared to older versions ogf *buntu or another distro.08:46
Unidentified6180ok so i think that i set it up right i wnat to run the server on my laptopn adn then the client on my desktop08:46
Unidentified6180but what is a host08:46
cwillumorghanphoenix, that's standard now, since 8.0408:46
madsjI'm using the rt2860sta driver, and it stopped working after upgrading to a new kernel08:46
cwillumorghanphoenix, even 7.10 to an extent08:46
Wolv3prince_jammys,  how to fix that?08:46
eduardocwillu, Thank you! i will try it!08:47
FlannelStR|Sangreal: yeah, intall the ubuntu-desktop package, you'll get to choose which DE to use when you login (at GDM or KDM)08:47
madsjI'd be extremely helpful for some hints, have tried asking a few times about it before08:47
morghanphoenixwell, I'm not getting functional 800x600 frommy xserver, and I have no idea how to fix it if it's not a missing section of xorg.conf.08:47
jim_pStR|Sangreal, sudo apt-get isntall gnome08:47
prince_jammysWolv3: you've installed gtk+ ?08:47
morghanphoenixScreen just goes blank and says can not disploay mode whenever I have a fullscreen aopp running at 800x60008:48
cwillumorghanphoenix, pastebin the output of xrandr08:48
prince_jammysWolv3: deleting stuff from /usr/share/themes is unlikely to solve whatever problem you're having. i wouldn't.08:48
Wolv3prince_jammys,  i install all gtk+ packs i see on synaptic08:48
cwillu!pastebin morghanphoenix08:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:48
cwillu!pastebin |morghanphoenix08:48
ubottumorghanphoenix: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:48
syockitI'm on livecd now. I think I identified my problem: I may have removed myself from admin group. Now that I've mounted the root drive, where do I find the group settings?08:48
prince_jammysWolv3: and there's certain themes that still won't work?08:48
cwillusyockit, chroot to the mount (so chroot /mnt, or chroot /media/disk/, etc)08:49
Wolv3prince_jammys,  yes08:49
cwillusyockit, and then addgroup syockit admin08:49
FlannelUnidentified6180: The host is the place with the server.  FTP or SSH or whatnot.  Is it just for private transfers for you?08:49
cwillusyockit, oops:   adduser syockit admin08:49
StR|Sangrealanother question08:49
morghanphoenixhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/109281/ cwillu08:49
Unidentified6180flannel can we go private there is to much goign on in here lol08:49
mlpugif I select "recovery" from grub there is a menu. then I select root command prompt from that menu. how can I go back from command prompt to that menu without restarting?08:50
Flannelmlpug: `init 2` will finish boothing normally.08:50
cwillumorghanphoenix, open system | preferences |screen resolution, does 800x600 show up there?08:50
cwillumlpug, ctrl-d will take you back to the menu I think08:50
morghanphoenixyes cwillu08:50
FlannelUnidentified6180: sure08:50
cwillumorghanphoenix, looks like you have a working 800x600 :/08:51
morghanphoenixAny application that uses fullscreen 800x600 gives me a blank screen though, either naticve apps or wine games.08:51
syockitcwillu: thx!08:51
mlpugtnx. ctrl-d does what i was after08:52
cwillumorghanphoenix, does 800x600 work if you select it?08:52
StR|Sangrealas i installed kubuntu on defaults, my graphics started flittering and the performance was really bad; i was offered to install a proprietary driver, the performance did improve dramatically; however, any attempt to play video crashes vlc and other players play it badly(i mean 60% of frames are black, it flickers on the top of the desktop and plasma)08:52
ein2015Flannel: off topic, but are you in here often? :)08:52
cwillu(it'll fail out after 20 seconds if you can't see anything, and therefore don't click anything)08:52
cwillumorghanphoenix, no idea really.  It's not xorg at fault that I can tell though08:52
Flannelein2015: Indeed. Also, we do have #ubuntu-offtopic if you have offtopic questions08:52
cwillumorghanphoenix, compiz running?08:53
StR|Sangreal(i have centrino2, thus i installed amd64 distro, my videocard is ati radeon mobility x1450) please could sb advise me how to set up my graphics?08:53
morghanphoenixNo, never waste resources on eye candy myself.08:53
Unidentified6180Flannel did you get my pm08:53
cwillumorghanphoenix, have you disabled it?08:53
morghanphoenixhaven't installed it.08:53
cwillumorghanphoenix, i.e., prefs | appearances | effects shows none, or normal?08:54
morghanphoenixRunning kwin as my manager08:54
cwilluno idea then08:54
bullgard4What do the letters 'xdpy' stand for in the command name 'xdpyinfo'?08:54
cwilluwas going to suggest that 'unredirect fullscreen windows' might improve things, but if you're not running a composited desktop...08:54
cwillux display08:54
StR|Sangrealplease is there someone to attend my graphics trouble?08:55
bullgard4cwillu: Ah! Thank you very much for explaining.08:55
* cwillu is going home now :p08:55
cwillu!test | MichaelXin08:56
ubottuMichaelXin: sigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.08:56
cwillumichl7, that was for you08:56
morghanphoenixSheesh, that's annoying, things seem to run at 800x600 if I set it with xrandr first, it's just not setting it on it's own like it used to before I went to 8.04.08:57
morghanphoenixthink of a reson why that would happen cwillu, or am I stuck writing launch scripts for everything that is affected?08:59
=== dexter_ is now known as d3x73r
Myx0x3does anyone here know pretty much about PHP? :P...09:00
bigbrovar__does any body know how to install this on hardy heron http://www.getdeb.net/release/375509:01
cwillumorghanphoenix, nothing specific.  Would you mind posting a bug about it on launchpad?09:01
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots09:01
cwillubigbrovar_, why?09:02
miranda_psibigbrovar__: what problem do you have installing it?09:02
jim_pbigbrovar_, media applet requires some components that are gnome 2.24 specific, so there is no way to install it on hardy and gnome 2.22. I have tried that09:02
bigbrovar__because am running hardy and would like to install it09:02
ScubidusI fucking just got Spore Galactic Edition....................09:02
ScubidusBest game in the fuckn world09:03
FlannelScubidus: Please watch your language, and keep it on topic.09:03
jim_pbigbrovar_, sorry, it has unmet dependencies09:03
Scubidusfuck im sorry I will09:03
=== dzup is now known as dzup-beback
bigbrovar__jim_p : thanks09:03
bigbrovar__too bad09:03
morghanphoenixBah, spore is inferior to a lot of the free games I can grab from the *buntu repos.09:03
jim_pbigbrovar_, there is a similar gnome applet for the mounting09:03
bigbrovar__i tried ibex but too many things are broken on my machine09:03
jim_pbigbrovar_, are you on ati?09:04
bigbrovar__jim_p: i know just not as cool09:04
bigbrovar__naa funny the laptop is an xps that came preinstalled with ubuntu09:04
=== dzup-beback is now known as dzup
jim_pbigbrovar_, oh ok. what other problems do you face?09:05
StR|Sangrealas i installed kubuntu on defaults, my graphics started flittering and the performance was really bad; i was offered to install a proprietary driver, the performance did improve dramatically; however, any attempt to play video crashes vlc and other players play it badly(i mean 60% of frames are black, it flickers on the top of the desktop and plasma)09:05
StR|Sangreal (i have centrino2, thus i installed amd64 distro, my videocard is ati radeon mobility x1450) please could sb advise me how to set up my graphics?09:05
FloodBot2StR|Sangreal: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:05
bigbrovar__bluetooth doesnt work09:05
rstecklerI have tomcat6 running, and deployed my war to it.  The java app uses Hibernate to connect to mysql.  When it tries to load hibernate.cfg.xml, it errors out with access denied because it's trying to download the .dtd file from the internet per my xml header.  I tried to fake it out by putting the dtd next to it locally, but it still errors with no permissions to open the file.09:05
jim_pStR|Sangreal, can you use the opensource radeon driver? i will provide you my xorg.conf for ideas09:05
bigbrovar__webcam works but after compling the driver from source09:05
rstecklerWhere do I go for tomcat's permissions?  I need to give it permission to access the internet?  weird09:05
rstecklerOr read from local files in it's own folder?09:06
bigbrovar__not a problem but u have to do it again after a kernel upgrade09:06
bigbrovar__and even when it works its not has good as hardy09:06
=== rsteckler is now known as cryptyk
homecablei need testers
Flannelhomecable: Please don't do that here.09:06
bigbrovar__also the internal mic doesnt work09:06
EMPulsehey guys09:07
bigbrovar__am quite disappointed with hardy09:07
EMPulseIs there a firewall in ubuntu09:07
jim_phomecable, it works for me09:07
EMPulsethat i can configure to ignore ping requests09:07
bigbrovar__sorry ibex*09:07
cwilluEMPulse, there is09:07
balrog__anybody know how to setup a bzr server?09:07
cwillu!firewall EMPulse09:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:07
homecablejimp is it max speed ?09:07
cwillu!firewall | EMPulse09:07
ubottuEMPulse: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).09:07
jim_pEMPulse, use firestarter09:07
EMPulsejim_p, does ufw work?09:07
tenXubottu: like any other? that depends on kernel config09:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:08
cwilluit does09:08
homecablejim what ur speeds u got from it09:08
jim_pEMPulse, ufw = ?09:08
tenXubottu: i didnt think so09:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:08
EMPulsejim_p, somtimes with firestarts the internet freezes and all the programs that are connected on the internet freeze with it09:08
tenXubottu: but somebody has to step up some time09:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:08
bigbrovar__jim_p: ibex would be the first release i would be skipping altogether09:08
jim_phomecable, i am on 1024/256 and i got ~880/20009:08
EMPulsejim_p: its a firewall that comes with ubuntu, its short for ubuntu fire wall09:08
EMPulsejim_p: you can see it if you go "sudo ufw status"09:09
karloshomecable, i am 6500, 6500 and you saturated the line09:09
jim_pEMPulse, never heard of it, but firestarter is simple to use09:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ufw09:09
EMPulsejim_p. thanks09:09
cwilluuncomplicated firewall I though, but anyways :p09:09
ross`where is the darn wmii config file09:09
ross`for ubuntu09:09
=== nicholas is now known as Guest18865
ross`when you install with apt-get09:09
tenXthe bot kicked me :( not intelligent but cruel09:09
cwilluross`, synaptic will show you the installed files of any package09:09
FlanneltenX: Please stay on topic09:09
prince_jammysross`: check the bottom of the man page, under FILES09:09
homecablekarlos i have fiberoptics09:10
Devastatoriusross` use gufw09:10
ross`lol alright ppl ill try these things :)09:10
karloshomecable, how fast? what provider09:10
=== Guest18865 is now known as tacosarecool
Flannelross`: /etc/X11/wmii-3.5/09:10
Flannelross`: see dpkg -S wmii | grep etc09:10
ross`Flannel: ty09:11
tenXFlannel: excuse me again. i tend to be an outlaw. i seldomly engage in this09:12
MorclyeI edited fstab to automount windows partitions and everything else is fine but Scandinavian characters in folder or file names appears as question marks, for example finnish word for lake 'järvi' shows as 'j?rvi (invalid encoding)' Is there a neat solution to this or should I just live with that?09:12
Dr_willisMorclye,  i think theres some options you can use in the fstab to fix that..09:13
Dr_willisMorclye,  mine --> /dev/sda2 /media/VistaStorage ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 009:13
Dr_willisMorclye,  ou may need to set the proper locale=09:14
bigbrovar__does any body use dell xps here?09:14
ross`bigbrovar__: me09:14
lufisI've been having some wifi issues and someone suggested I disable wifi power saving. Anyone know how to do this?09:15
PeddyIs there a way to get Java working through Pulseaudio?09:15
bigbrovar__ross: were you able to get the ejecting key to work?09:15
ross`on the top09:15
ross`with my m133009:15
FloodBot2ross`: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:15
ross`bigbrovar__: which xps do you have09:16
bigbrovar__ross:it doesnt work for ejecting cd09:16
=== nicholas is now known as Guest68770
bigbrovar__ross: m133009:16
shrihow can i install a nfs server on ubuntu-8.10?09:16
tenXshri: that is pretty simple09:17
bigbrovar__ross:it only works when the system is starting before the os is loaded09:17
tenXdont know the details right off09:17
tenXbut install one package and deps09:17
codeapehey guys, i'm having lots of trouble getting xvfb and fop to play nicely on ubuntu-server-8.10... anyone got time to help me out?09:17
tenXand edit one config file09:17
PeddyIs Java 7 out?09:17
bigbrovar__ross:only was to eject is through nautilus09:17
cwillu!info java09:17
ubottuPackage java does not exist in intrepid09:17
ross`bigbrovar__: wats uname -a say09:18
tenXshri: just search the net there is plenty of documentation but be aware of the security risks (root privileges)09:18
bigbrovar__ross:Linux g33k-p0rn 2.6.24-23-generic #1 SMP Thu Nov 27 18:44:42 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux09:18
shritenx: can you list out the instructions. i think i downloaded the nfs packages but i dont know what to do next09:18
scuniziIf I use thunderbird and hook to my gmail account via imap.. when I delete an email in thunderbird does it also delete it in gmail?09:18
soiercan anybody help me how to install cdt eclipsce ???09:19
ross`bigbrovar__: what version of ubuntu are yo using09:19
soieron ubuntu09:19
MorclyeDr_willis: Thank you. I got NTFS partitions encoding work but when mounting FAT32 I get mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb509:19
bigbrovar__ross: this was how i got it to work but even that has some problems http://bigbrovar.wordpress.com/2008/11/20/how-to-make-m1330s-eject-button-work-with-ubuntu/i used this to make it to work09:19
tenXshri: that i dont remember. but you should really google it09:20
=== Guest68770 is now known as tacosarecol
=== tacosarecol is now known as tacosarecool
tenXshri: there will be plenty of docs explaining things way better as i ever could09:20
bigbrovar__ross: the cd would eject but the cd icon would remain .. am on hardy heron btw .. but even ibex has the problem09:20
balrog__i suppose09:20
ScubidusHey Flannel09:20
Dr_willisMorclye,  that may be a ntfs only option. I just noticed it the other day and thought i tmay be a fix for you.09:20
arvernesapt-get V dpkg ? I have to remove some files I've just installed. What is the best way to go ? apt-get or dpkg ? I want to remove the files but the configuration too ? And second question : When I installed those files, it installed dependancies. Is there a way to give just the main file to be removed and have dpkg or apt-get to remove the dependancies too ?09:20
FlannelHi Scubidus09:20
ross`bigbrovar__: idk bro09:21
ScubidusYou Suck Donkey Balls09:21
bigbrovar__ross: thanks for the help anyway .. yours just works out of the box?09:21
seektherapyhow can i do this09:21
ross`bigbrovar__: yes with 8.1009:21
ross`bigbrovar__: try being root09:21
seektherapyQuick install09:21
ross`when you hit the button09:21
seektherapyIn terminal,09:21
FloodBot2seektherapy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:21
seektherapy1) Goto source directory09:21
seektherapy2) Execute make command as root09:21
ziroday!pastebin | seektherapy09:22
ubottuseektherapy: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:22
bigbrovar__ross: its a nautilus thing09:22
soierany suggestion about eclipse ....09:22
PeddyIs there a way to get Java apps to play sound through Pulseaudio? I'm running Linux.09:22
Peddyof course I'm running Linux :/09:23
cwillu!info eclipse-cdt | soier09:23
ubottueclipse-cdt (source: eclipse-cdt): C/C++ Development Tools for Eclipse. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.2-2 (intrepid), package size 17403 kB, installed size 19844 kB09:23
* goldy cries09:23
cwilluPeddy, 8.04?09:23
Peddycwillu: 8.1009:23
shritenx: i followed the instructions. my target is unable to mount it09:24
InsectoidNo sound post-install in USB audio.  Primary card is an nvidia HDA card, but everything's set to use usb headset under alsa.  Testing sound with this configuration throws a cannot open device.09:24
bigbrovar__ross: adding dev.cdrom.lock=0  to /etc/sysctl.conf works but with some quirks09:24
bigbrovar__ross: does bluetooth and internal mic work for you on ibex09:24
MorclyeDr_willis: I got it working after you said it might be ntfs specific option and it really was. I used nls=utf8 for ntfs and iocharset=utf8 for fat32 and now my automounting seems to be working perfectly :)09:25
ftabHow to uninstall the sound drivers in Ubuntu and then Re-Install?09:25
tenXshri: well as i said i'm not into it anymore. i changed my setups to sshfs which i prefer for security reasons09:25
bigbrovar__ross: yeah on ibex09:26
ross`what is ibex09:27
ftabHow to uninstall the sound drivers in Ubuntu and then Re-Install?09:27
ross`is it a desktop manager09:27
bigbrovar__ross: it was why i downgraded to hardy ..intrepid ibex09:27
jim_pftab, sudo apt-get autoremove linux-sound-base09:27
Peddycwillu: do you have any idea how to use a wrapper to wrap the Java sound into Pulseaudio?09:27
ziroday!ibex | ross`09:27
ubottuross`: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is the current release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81009:27
ftaband then to install>09:27
jim_pftab, this will remove alsa, i suggest you to remove pulseaudio and keep it removed09:28
ross`oh lol09:28
ftabyes I already did that09:28
ftabI have strange problem here09:28
jim_pftab, what is your                        lspci | grep Audio          ?09:28
bigbrovar__ross: what where you thinking before lol09:28
ross`thought you were talking about some obscure dm09:28
ftab00:1e.2 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 009:29
bigbrovar__ross: anyway i was asking if bluetooth works with ibex on your xps09:29
ross`bigbrovar__: no idea :)09:29
ross`bigbrovar__: i dont have a bluetooth card09:29
jim_pftab, ich6 is 1000% alsa supported!09:29
ross`i dont think so anyway09:29
bigbrovar__ross: oh ok09:29
jim_pftab, can you tell the system to use it? provided that you have removed alsa of course09:30
tenXreally nice is mounting mobile phones via obexfs while youre at it09:30
bigbrovar__ross: doesnt work on mine .. even the internal mic09:30
On0bi_does anyone know where i can play D&D on irc?09:30
ftabbut my skype was not working with alsa so I modified some configuration for it, it works with skype now but screwed up other things like sound is not there in any music player09:30
ross`idk thats weird09:30
Dr_willisOn0bi_,  theres numerous online-D&D sites/servers and dalnet used to have a D*&D channel09:30
=== nicholas is now known as tacosarecool
bigbrovar__ftab: that was why i downgraded to hardy where everything work out of the box09:31
ftabI can only play audio in embedded flash player in a browser09:31
millertime_018hey does anyone know how to recover deleted files in linux?09:31
ross`bigbrovar__: im gonna give you some bad advice09:31
ross`use lfs09:31
FloodBot2ross`: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:31
Dr_willis!undelete | millertime_01809:31
ubottumillertime_018: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel09:31
On0bi_Dr_willis: like where?09:31
bigbrovar__i wonder why ibex broke so many things09:31
Dr_willisOn0bi_,  google is our friend.  I know they exist09:31
jim_pftab, go to system > preferences > sound and select alsa there09:31
bigbrovar__on a dell that came preinstalled with ubuntu09:31
ftabjim_p: is there any way so I can remove all those and then re-install?09:31
On0bi_Dr_willis: thanks :)09:32
ftabI do that but now it gives me error09:32
ftabwhen I try to test09:32
skate2how do you uninstall the vim71 that comes with ubuntu? i want to install vim7209:32
jim_pbigbrovar_, there has to be done a small sacrifice in order to early adopt a half working thing!!! stupid devs09:32
Dr_willisskate2,  use the package manager  to remove it09:33
ftabok when I click on test after selecting Alsa then it works :)09:33
ftabbut let me test it with Flash then09:33
skate2dr_willis how?09:33
bigbrovar__jim_p: its really sad .. i mean like everything that just use to work in ubuntu got broken in ibex09:33
Dr_willisskate2,  fire up synaptic and start clicking away09:33
jim_pftab, there is some more you have to do for flash :P09:33
bigbrovar__thinkfinger for finger print reader, webcam,bluetooth, internal mic09:34
GreedyB1does anyone know how I can stop it from asking for a password to connect to my wireless network?09:34
jim_pbigbrovar_, i know. 99% of the apps that cause problems are from debian EXPERIMENTAL repos. experimental for debian = do not use it unless you are a developer!09:34
ftabnow it's not working with Flash :(09:34
jim_pGreedyB, remove network manager and put a worthy app that reminds passwords09:34
jim_pftab, open a terminal and type       gstreamer-properties            switch them to alsa too09:35
GreedyB1isnt network manager one of the better ones?09:35
bigbrovar__GreedyB1: best thing is to use a easy to type passwd with gnome keyrings09:35
Dr_williscan gnome keyring use a blank pasword? :)09:36
jim_pGreedyB, network manager 0.70 that ubuntu 8.10 uses is total crap. earlier versions were a bit better09:36
bigbrovar__GreedyB1:r try wicd09:36
GreedyB1jim_p and bigbrovar_ thanks09:36
jim_pGreedyB, i use gnome-network-admin for my wireless, non wpa, needs.09:36
lufisI've been having some wifi issues and someone suggested I disable wifi power saving. Anyone know how to do this?09:37
GreedyB1hmm I have WPA09:37
GreedyB1Ill try WICD.. I think ive used that before09:37
ftabjim_p: it gives this error now09:37
ftabAutodetect: Failed to connect: Connection refused09:37
jim_pGreedyB, there is also network-config that does wpa... and there is also a gui to configure wpa in general so as to make it usable with gnome-network-admin09:37
jim_pftab, where?09:37
bigbrovar__GreedyB: you could reset the gnome keyring passwd and use a easy to type paswd09:37
bigbrovar__something that you can easily type and get on with ur life09:38
=== Wolverine is now known as Guest79598
GreedyB1bigbrovar_see I just formatted from a dell ubuntu to 8.10... I have a lot of people use this computer so that wont work09:38
ftabwhen i go to gstreamer-properties09:39
GreedyB1bigbrovar_I cant just turn it off'?09:39
bigbrovar__GreedyB:sorry you cant .. and if you do let me know09:39
jim_pftab, does it crash?09:39
ftablet me paste the whole error on ubuntu code09:40
ftabbtw what is the url :009:40
stdinit's in the topic :|09:40
bigbrovar__GreedyB: try wicd http://www.ubuntugeek.com/wicd-wired-and-wireless-network-manager-for-ubuntu.html09:40
GreedyB1bigbrovar_thanks for the link09:41
ph8i upgraded pulseaudio and now my sound's not working09:41
ph8why is pulseaudio so bad?09:41
bigbrovar__GreedyB: only reason i use nm 0.7 is because of network sharing09:41
nyaalunkheads at GE09:41
pan_how do i run fluxbox and ubuntu at the same time?09:41
pan_using xinit on screen 209:41
jim_pph8, because pulseaudio is NOT a general use audio system like alsa is. remove it and use alsa09:41
ftabjim_p: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109292/09:42
ftabthat is the error I got09:42
ftabit does open the configuration window though09:42
jim_pftab, oh thats nothing, pulseaudio remaining stuff crap. anyway, did gstreamer open?09:43
HorizonXPDoes anyone know how to get PHP to be able to connect to an Informix database?09:43
gareth_why does my ubuntu box wifi card see other connections in it's range (namely my neighbors) but it can't see my wifi router? I know it09:43
tenXgareth_: hidden sid?09:43
gareth_I know it's there because i'm using it now through my ibook09:43
gareth_ssid is enabled09:44
ftabjim_p it does open now09:44
jim_pgareth_, remove network manager piece of junk software and use a proper app09:44
ftabbtw can it run two music players simulteneuosly ?09:44
ftabI mean to play audio at the same time in both09:44
jim_pftab, dunno, but i can hear sound from 2 sources09:44
jim_pftab, did you switch the default sound exit to alsa?09:45
gareth_jim_p: which app would you suggest? thx  :)09:45
ftabDefault Input is Alsa09:45
fightWho use chinese QQ ?09:46
jim_pgareth_, do you use wpa for that wireless network?09:46
ftabbut still no sound :(09:46
ftabin Flash it's working now, but in totem it's not09:46
jim_pftab, can you please do a reboot, and verify that there is no pulseaudio config file left there?09:46
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gareth_i've disabled encryption for now - just to make things easier - i hoped  :(09:46
cwilluftab, flash is probably locking the device.  close firefox out completely, and see if it starts working09:46
ftabwhat's the command to remove the pulseaudio btw?09:46
cwillupulseaudio isn't the problem here09:47
cwilluit'd happen with any mixer09:47
jim_pgareth_, if you do use wpa, use network-config, else you can use wicd or something09:47
HorizonXPIs there a PHP module for Informix DBs?09:47
ftabcwillu: it worked now :(09:47
ftabbut why not both sources?09:47
jim_pgareth_, and please remove network manager09:47
cwilluftab, what does pidof pulseaudio say?09:48
pan_what is the purpose of ctrl+alt+f* where * = a #?09:48
cwilluftab, run pulseaudio -D09:48
gareth_jimp_, ok i'll give that a try09:48
bigbrovar__gareth_: why not use hardy? what dell do you use btw09:48
cwilluftab, well, close any media/sound sources, run pulseaudio -D, and then see if two work at once09:48
ftabpulseaudio is not currently installed, and jim_p is sayinh that I don't need that09:49
ftaband I heard that some where else too09:49
renatkahelp me, please.. how can i do translate my ubuntu into russian? many programs are in english and i don't know english well...09:49
cwilluftab, jim_p should stop suggesting people break their ubuntu installs just because he had a bad experience with them :(09:49
bigbrovar__jim_p: if gareth removes nm what would he use09:49
gareth_bigbrovar_: hardy? sorry I'm a newbie09:49
jim_prenatka, is your gnome enviroment in russian?09:49
bigbrovar__hardy heron09:50
jim_pcwillu, while pulseaudio is not broken?09:50
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cwillujim_p, had no issues whatsoever across 4 laptops and a couple dozen different desktops09:50
bigbrovar__gareth: the version before intrepid ibex09:50
ftabcwillu: should I install the pulseaudio then?09:50
GreedyB1I thought wicd had a tray applet or something09:50
cwilluftab, what was the original issue you were having?09:50
bigbrovar__gareth: what type what dell do you use ? xps?09:51
ftabI can't hear sound from 2 sources simultenously09:51
IndoRamahi...is there any good09:51
renatka<jim_p> almost all in english...09:51
cwilluftab, okay, yes, reinstall pulseaudio09:51
jim_pcwillu, pulseaudio early adoption is the main cause of ubuntu sound problems, even when they underlying sound cards are supported 1000% by alsa, so its removal is a wise movement09:51
IndoRamaNintendo 64 emulator for Ubuntu ?09:51
nightrid3rrenatka: sudo aptget installlanguage-support-ru09:51
cwillujim_p, pulseaudio still uses alsa09:51
jim_prenatka, what apps are in english ?09:51
gordonjcpftab: pulseaudio is okay if you only ever want to use the latest linux-only software, usually media players09:51
nightrid3rrenatka: sudo apt-get installlanguage-support-ru09:51
cwilluftab, that problem is caused either by apps locking the audio device so the mixer can use it, or by the mixer not running in the first place09:51
nightrid3rrenatka: sudo apt-get install language-support-ru09:51
renatkathnks =)09:51
ftabwill the skypw work with that?09:52
jim_pcwillu, are you serious? pulseaudio and alsa are 2 DIFFERENT sound layers.09:52
gordonjcpftab: if you want to use music software or play games, pulseaudio will just annoy you09:52
gordonjcpftab: nope09:52
ftabI need both skype & media players :(09:52
gordonjcpftab: well, I've never got it to work09:52
ftabstatic skype works with OSS09:52
cwillujim_p, alsa is the driver architecture, and it's also an api that people use.  Pulseaudio uses alsa to talk to the hardware, and it supports an alsa layer for apps that try to talk directly to the alsa api's09:52
renatka<jim_p> first - context menu... it's biggest trouble09:52
jim_pcwillu, i dare you to ask in pulseaudio or alsa channel for that09:53
jim_pits the biggest nonsense i have heard09:53
gluonmanCan anyone remind me what the command is that will allow me to see all the dimensions of an open window?09:53
p4_xxxdoes anyone knows where are the applications un ubuntu located, in which folder?09:54
gluonmanp4_xxx, it depends on which applications you're looking for.09:54
skate2what's the difference between vim-gtk and vim-gnome?09:54
ftabcwillu: when I try to open the pulseaudio -D it fails09:54
ftabW: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.09:54
jim_pcwillu, here read the proof that pa is not alsa at all         http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/pulseaudio09:54
cwillujim_p, "in a typical installation scenario under linux, the user configures alsa to use a virtual device provided by Pulseaudio.  Thus, applications using ALSA will output sound to PulsAudio, which then uses ALSA itself to access the real sound card"09:54
cwilluftab, is pulseaudio installed?09:55
gordonjcpftab: put it this way, I'm hoping that for Jaunty the Ubuntu devs realise the terrible mistakes of Intrepid09:55
jim_pcwillu, give me a sec with this nonsense09:55
gordonjcpftab: and I'm hoping that pulseaudio gets either left out or fixed09:55
cwillujim_p, lol09:55
tenXcwillu: know you gonna poke me but the linux sound architecture is a ridicule nobody wants to deal with09:55
ftabyes I did now by typing sudo apt-get install pulseaudio09:56
cwilluftab, what does pulseaudio say if you run it like that (without the -D)09:56
p4_xxxlike, picasa, oppen office, i installed wbar but i need to know where are the applications and icons09:56
gordonjcptenX: ALSA works really well09:56
gordonjcptenX: a lot of the problems are caused by very old software trying to use OSS09:57
skate2why does my screen go dim after a few seconds of being idle  ? is that some kind of power saving feature09:57
ftabE: pid.c: Daemon already running.09:57
ftabE: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.09:57
ftabnow I guess it's already running09:57
cwilluftab, try playback09:57
ftabok from both sources?09:57
cwilluftab, do a pidof pulseaudio just for kicks too09:57
nightrid3rrenatka: sudo apt-get install language-pack-ru  <--- also this one09:58
cwillushould give a number back09:58
renatkahow can i install beryl???09:58
ftabyes it returns the pid09:58
skate2not sure. i think i'd rather just extend the time09:58
ftabcwillu: now it works :)09:58
cwilluftab, yay :p09:58
ftabI am trying to test with skype09:58
karlosrenatka: what distribution are you using? probably apt-get install compiz if ubuntu09:58
nightrid3rrenatka: sudo apt-get install beryl09:59
cwilluftab, I have seen the pulseaudio daemon die before, usually all that's needed is a pulseaudio -D to restart it09:59
tenXgordonjcp: well its working for me so far but i experienced problems with input many times. and yeah, many software runs on oss, you got many devices which never clearified to me lacking sound card/system/standards knowledge. of course i usually read things up and there are quiete a few docs. but a basic understanding of how things work together has never been reached from my point.09:59
renatkaterminal writes to me: unable to lock the administration directory...09:59
tenXgordonjcp: its one thing to follow howtos and get things to work somehow. but i like to understand what i'm doing and with linux sound i never got there.10:00
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nightrid3rrenatka: sudo apt-set install <progname>10:00
renatkai'll try...10:01
nightrid3rdanm lousy typing10:01
nyaasoda apt-get install pepsi =/10:01
skate2i just installed vim-gnome but i have no idea where it went or how to start it10:01
cwillutenX, jim_p, http://rudd-o.com/archives/2007/11/05/how-pulseaudio-works/ might be useful10:02
nyaaskate2: vim would be something you can open up from a terminal10:02
tenXcwillu: dont even know what pulse audio is10:02
nyaaskate2: open a terminal and type in vim10:02
ftabcwillu: I can hear from skype but my mic is now not working10:03
skate2i already had normal vim installed, but this is supposed be a gui version10:03
cwilluftab, run alsamixer from a console, and verify the volume is turned up, etc10:03
skate2but typing vim-gnome doesnt do anything10:03
cwilluftab, also, verify that the app you're using to test the mic is set to the right device10:03
tenXftab: at times it can depend on your soundcard also though. some cards are a pain10:03
jim_pcwillu, so it uses alsa as a second helping hand, as it does with the rest soundsystems! while alsa is THE audio management app under linux, pulseaudio uses it as a helper. let me laugh10:03
nyaaskate2 accessories?10:03
ftabbut my mic was working before :)10:04
skate2not there10:04
cwillujim_p, you have an interesting conception of what alsa actually is providing10:04
jim_pcwillu, what does it provide?10:05
ftabcwillu: the master is 100% now10:05
skate2unless, is there a way to change accessories->text editor to load vim-gnome instead of gedit?10:05
ftabin alsamixer10:05
tenXjim_p: at one time i took so many tries with skype (actually i'm now glad it didnt work) and read a LOT about it, even starting to look at alsa architecture in detail but never got