jdstrandcjwatson: fyi, heading out for the day (and long weekend). I did find out a few things on bug #423485 if you want to llok at it more00:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423485 in valgrind "Valgrind needs to be recompiled for glibc 2.10" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42348500:16
jdstrandcjwatson: if not, I can look at it next week00:16
Ryan52asac: I can't figure it out.01:40
Ryan52asac: it seems there's support for the XPCOM stuff from reading the source code, it's just linking/compiling/something wrong.01:41
Ryan52asac: messing with configure for a while (could just edit the .m4 and autoreconf, because something else's broken..) proved useless.01:41
Ryan52asac: tho I did pop in a karmic live cd and reproduced the problem finding libxul (or whatever the message was) when running gnome-web-photo, so my results match up with the bug reported not dholbach.01:43
Ryan52asac: anyways, if you could give me a hint, maybe.. :)01:44
Ryan52asac: everything I do I get undefined references.01:44
slangasekpitti, ArneGoetje: are these language-support-translations-* packages meant to be demoted to universe?01:45
slangasekpitti: er, you're dropping the cupsys transitional packages that are still used on upgrade from hardy?01:47
pburlesonNot sure if this is the right place to ask, but I think it is: how do I find out what configuration and make options were used to generate an Ubuntu binary package?02:38
pburlesonI need to deploy new version of Proftpd and I wanted to make sure I used the same configuration parameters the normal Ubuntu package is built with02:39
Ryan52pburleson: usually by looking at it's debian/rules file.02:39
pburlesonin the source package?02:40
pburlesonthank you02:40
Ryan52tho for some packages, it requires knowledge of debhelper/CDBS/etc.02:40
pburlesonoh, fun02:40
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YokoZar1jcastro: Is this you: http://video.linuxfoundation.org/users/canonical  ?03:58
jcastroYokoZar1: no, I have no idea how that got on there04:31
YokoZar1jcastro: well it's a good outlet as I got an email from a Wine dev who didn't see it until it was there04:48
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asacRyan52: how are you trying to link now?11:55
melvinHi. The run dialog isn't working  after yesterdays update. is it a known problem?12:05
melvinand pulseaudiu doesn't sound out anything12:05
melvinError MEssage from teh Run dialog: "Unable to load file '/usr/share/gnome-panel/glade/panel-run-dialog.glade'"12:05
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ftacjwatson, fyi, the new zlib in karmic is causing me some troubles: http://paste.ubuntu.com/265545/13:40
moldywhen uploading to my ppa, i get File <UPLOADED_FILE> already exists in <LOCATION>, but uploaded version has different contents.13:44
moldybut i don't really understand why13:44
moldyam i forced to bump the version number?13:44
ftamoldy, you're sending a source package with the same .orig.tar.gz name but not the same content (different md5/sha). See -sa vs -sd13:49
moldyfta: hm, ok, i think i begin to understand :)13:50
asaci added the chromium zlib log fta gave me to the bug 40217813:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402178 in libpciaccess "gzopen64 implicitly converted to pointer" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40217813:50
moldyfta: i am changing the source along with the ubuntu package... i guess the solution is to just delete the package from the ppa and upload it again13:50
ftamoldy, no13:51
ftamoldy, just redo your source package with -sd instead of -sa13:51
moldyfta: will try that, thanks13:51
moldyfta: hm, same results13:56
ftamoldy, either you don't include the .orig.tar.gz in the dsc (as i said), or you have to reuse the exact same tarball already in the archives13:58
ftamoldy, this question is more for #ubuntu-motu btw13:58
moldyhm, maybe i included the orig.tar.gz by accident13:59
moldyfta: ok, thank you13:59
moldyhm, the thing is, i am using -sd, but orig.tar.gz still seems to end up in the dsc...14:07
james_wmoldy: -sd controls the .changes file14:07
james_wthe .orig.tar.gz always has to be in the .dsc14:07
james_wfor the checksum14:08
moldyok, i see. but then i still don't understand why i get that error e-mail14:09
james_wwell, it applies to all the parts, not just the .diff.gz14:09
james_wso if you are re-using a version number that is in Ubuntu or in your PPA then you will likely see it14:09
moldyhm, the error message only complains about the orig.tar.gz14:10
james_wwell, you uploaded the orig.tar.gz then14:10
james_w-sd should have stopped that, but maybe you didn't upload what you expected to14:10
moldyhm, i will re-check this14:10
moldywhen you're talking about -sd, you are talking about dpkg-buildpackage?14:10
moldyok, the dput output said it uploaded the .dsc, the .diff.gz and the .changes14:16
moldy... but i still get that error e-mail :(14:16
moldynow both for the .orig.tar.gz and the .diff.tar.gz14:17
asacsiretart: would you mind to join #ubuntu-mozillateam for a while ;) ... on ffmpeg.14:23
pittislangasek: language-support-translations-*> please leave them for now, they will be removed once the new language-selector is uploaded14:28
pittislangasek: cupsys transitional packages> eww, forgot; will re-add them14:28
james_wmoldy: ah, I remember it's comparing the checksums, even though you don't upload it14:29
james_wmoldy: use the same .orig.tar.gz that is in the archive when building14:29
james_wbut still use -sd14:30
moldyjames_w: ok, will try that, thank you14:40
moldyjames_w: will just bumping the version number also work? i'm beginning to think it's the easiest solution14:42
moldyjames_w: now it complains that orig.tar.gz is missing "in upload or distribution" :) i'm giving up, trying to see if another version number works14:54
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hyperairis anyone noticing underruns when something is playing sound, and something else interrupts it?16:04
ionMy guess would be is that pulseaudio expects a lower latency than it can actually achieve, because rtkit isn’t able to provide that for it, because the kernel patch isn’t added to Ubuntu yet.16:05
ulaashi .whats wrong with libldb-samba4-016:13
ulaaswill evolution-mapi see some love before karmic release?16:22
donriwhy software-store over gnome-packagekit? if something is wrong with it, would it not be better to fix it? ubuntu specific things required? is that really a good thing?18:02
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Ryan52asac: I dunno, I just messed around for a while...I don't really have a clue what I'm doing when it comes to this XPCOM glue stuff :)20:23
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cjwatsonfta: I thought that's what mvo was fixing; if he broke it, best check with him rather than me20:44
ftacjwatson, ok20:45
slangasekpitti: ok.  btw, those uninstallable gnome langpack packages are the current cause of Ubuntu DVD build failures21:08
cjwatsonanyone have any idea where bug 70317 ought to be fixed?21:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 70317 in ubuntu "constant kernel errors about unknown multimedia keys" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7031721:09
slangasekjelmer: bug #424626> anything I can do to help with getting the new version into karmic, then?21:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424626 in bzr-svn "bzr-svn breaks https:// urls?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42462621:09
slangasekcjwatson: either udev or the kernel21:10
slangasek(depending on whether the key presses are already recognized - kernel - or not - udev)21:10
cjwatsonif I reassign it to udev, won't Scott just tell me that some console package should be figuring out the keyboard in use and installing a udev rule? :-)21:11
cjwatson(and he might have a point, unless udev already has keyboard stuff in it ...)21:12
slangasekudev does have keyboard stuff in it21:12
cjwatsonah, does it now - that's new since I last looked21:13
slangasekpart of the halsectomy :)21:13
cjwatsonthe current iteration of the report is on 9.04 so it may predate that21:13
slangasekI don't think there are /currently/ any keymaps in place for non-laptop keyboards (I see now this is a Microsoft wireless keyboard), but no reason there can't / shouldn't be21:14
slangasekOTOH, if these are "power status messages" that shouldn't register as keys at all, then it may yet be a kernel bug21:15
cjwatsonwell, I've learned something today, thanks21:17
cjwatsonreassigned the bug21:17
LaserJockyou guys happen to know what might cause having to resume twice after suspend in order to get it to actually resume?22:03
slangasekLaserJock: double suspend event handling22:31
slangasekpossibly because of buggy hotkey configuration22:31
LaserJockI noticed that at least some of my laptop's function keys no longer work22:32
LaserJockbut I'm somewhat hardware-illiterate as almost always Ubuntu just works on my hardware22:33
LaserJockslangasek: what would be a likely package to look for bugs of this kind?22:34
slangasekLaserJock: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting22:36
LaserJockslangasek: awesome, thanks22:37
LaserJockwith xev, if I press a keyboard key should I expect 2 events? like one for pressing down and one for releasing?22:41
slangasek(if it's a key that's passed via X)22:42
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