drenyxnew user does nothing'00:00
YamagizJoke_: I have to go, but just run that command once you login in the recovery mode and then restart00:00
Joke_ok thanks00:00
Joke_ill go try now00:00
Yamagizyou have to choose KDE as your DE00:00
Joke_thanks again.00:00
iflemawrektjet defaults is equivalent to rw,suid,dev,exec,auto,nouser,async00:00
Yamagizits at the bottom of screen for login screen00:00
Joke_i have no login screen lol.00:00
drenyxactionpar: new user has no change00:00
Joke_but anyway.00:00
challmancan anyone help with a video problem?00:01
deltafunction007do i need to send individually in this IRC? sorry it is my first time00:01
Aegnuddelkttsmgr won't speak but like a word and a half, if even than.  Sometimes it only gets to half a word.  Could someone help me figure out what is going on? :(00:01
o2simo20hi all00:01
DougcanI need help with the Ubuntu 64 live CD, what is the default login and password for it?  Documentation and support does not address this!00:02
Yamagizdeltafunction007: Thanks for getting my attention, but what I think is, for some reason your wireless is knocking itself out, does it do this on any other wireless or is it just your access point?00:02
meganerddeltafunction007: does the MAC address of "Access point" list in inwconfig match your actual AP?00:02
CkhiKuzadis there a way to tell banshee that i dont want duplicate songs, it keeps on thinking "ooh, Ckhi wants a thousand 'Engel- Rammstein' songs, lets put 2 thousand!"00:02
Dr_WillisDougcan:  it should auto login to the desktop - if its working right00:02
YamagizDougcan: Ubuntu is login00:02
Yamagizthen just press enter00:02
deltafunction007Wireless connects with intel PRO 2200BG, but worksonly for about 15-20 seconds. then it still appears connected , but can't ping gateway anymore. :    iwconfig:   http://paste.ubuntu.com/362258/00:02
challmancan anyone help with a video problem?00:03
meganerddeltafunction007: also look in /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages for errors relating to wifi00:03
Yamagizdeltafunction007: Can you access anyone elses wireless?00:03
deltafunction007Access point  =  router?00:03
meganerdchallman: be more specific00:03
CkhiKuzadchallman, dont ask to ask, just ask00:03
meganerddeltafunction007: yes00:03
challmanI already did.00:03
challmanhey, can anyone help me with a new install and video problems? I've got an older system with an ATI Radeon 9000 & DVI attached LCD. when it boots after install, I do see things on the screen right up to before the logon screen but the LCD shows out of range00:03
DougcanGoing to try Yamagiz suggestion  and thanks Dr_willis But it stop at a login screen  BRB00:03
drenyxhttp://www.andreasen.org/mcl/shot1.gif <-- here is a screenshot of what this program is supposed to look like, and I don't get any of the colors, I believe the terminal is failing to interpret ansi codes or some such00:04
deltafunction007yes, MAC on AP matches00:04
Ariel_24Alguien habla español00:04
meganerddeltafunction007: and can you ping the router?00:04
DougcanNope  still get "authentication failure"00:05
deltafunction007I haven't tried other wireless netowkrs, but other computers in my house (windows) can access this wireless router without problem00:05
YamagizDougcan: you are just hitting enter right?00:05
Yamagizfor the password I mean00:05
deltafunction007also this notebook with INTEL PRO worked before, when it had windows on the same network00:05
DougcanYes I am Yamagiz00:05
Yamagizare you putting in Ubuntu or ubuntu?00:05
MaletorHow come AC3 will work with XBMC yet DTS will not. I have Panasonic 7.1 speakers and I think XBMC tries to do something tricky with ALSA...  (http://xbmc.org/forum/showthread.php?t=68113 -- my thread )00:05
wrektjeti ran   sudo chown -R marc:marc /media/data but still no permission00:06
Staatsfeindcan somone help me to get a correct libtiff.so.3 lib working? error while loading shared libraries: libtiff.so.3: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6400:06
Dougcani tried blank, root/root and a buntch of other "defaults"00:06
Abnixquick question (google is failing me again)  how can I tell an already installed ubuntu 9.10 desktop to *stop* starting x  ?00:06
deltafunction007pinging router works only for the first 15-20 seconds00:06
deltafunction007then it becomes unreachable00:06
meganerddeltafunction007: what are your locale settings?00:06
YamagizAbnix: you want a shell?00:06
meganerdoops wrong person00:06
deltafunction007New York?00:06
meganerddrenyx: what are your locale settings?00:06
drenyxmeganerd:   en_US.UTF-800:07
meganerddeltafunction007: you still have not answered if you can ping the router00:07
meganerddeltafunction007: can you also pastebin the "ip route" output as well please00:07
MaletorHow come AC3 will work with XBMC yet DTS will not. I have Panasonic 7.1 speakers and I think XBMC tries to do something tricky with ALSA...  (http://xbmc.org/forum/showthread.php?t=68113 -- my thread )00:07
deltafunction007I can ping the router only within the first 15-20 seconds. after that pinging the router doesn't work anymore, until I restart the connection.00:07
meganerddrenyx: did you customize your .bashrc at all?00:08
YamagizMaletor: please don't spam00:08
nightfrogwhere can i change the permissions permanently for when a flash drive is mount00:08
DougcanYamagiz, I'm using lowercase ubuntu, but I did try "Ubuntu" once, no go00:08
AbnixYamagiz: I want it to stop trying to start a gui...I have a 7 in ch screen that won't init until I can get to the gui with a big screen and tell it to run in low rez mode00:08
ZoraelI'm trying to create an udev rule to stop my card reader from getting initialized at all, and it's not working - it gets added anyway. Anyone mind taking a look at it? (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/362261/)00:08
MaletorYamagiz: not spamming, just need help00:08
drenyxmeganerd: fresh install of 9.10 yesterday then updates00:08
Abnixso unless someone has a howto for a 7 inch screen that works.....00:08
meganerddeltafunction007: do you see any messages that might be wifi related in "dmesg"?00:08
MarfiAbnix: You'll have to keep your display manager from starting up00:09
theshadowI keep getting SCPlugin-Ifupdown: device added (path: /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:16.0/0000:06:00.0/net/eth1, iface: eth1): no ifupdown configuration found00:09
theshadowcan anyone help me figure out what the heck happened?00:09
MarfiAbnix: Something like sudo update-rc.d -f gdm stop00:09
MarfiAbnix: Something like sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove00:09
meganerddrenyx: weird, I have seen that after I made a mistake in the PS lines in my .bashrc, but I heavily customize that file.00:09
MarfiSecond one00:09
AbnixMarfi: DUH.   that';s what I'm trying to figure out here.00:09
Abnixok, ty00:09
MarfiAbnix: No prob, thanks for the attitude00:09
Yamagizuh oh I gotta go people00:10
AbnixMarfi: sorry, I type slow and deidn't see you were actually trying to help after your first statement00:10
* Yamagiz waves at chat00:10
MarfiAbnix: It's all good. Another way around it (how I used to do it) was to just chmod -x it from /etc/init.d00:10
meganerddeltafunction007: also, which wifi device speficially?  "lspci |grep Network\ controller"00:10
GstarAbnix edit /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf file and change the run level to 300:11
wrektjethow do i change the ownership/access for a hdd. i ran   sudo chown -R USERNAME:USERNAME /media/data and no dice00:11
DougcanCan anyone tell me how to get pass the login screen in a Ubuntu 64 bits live CD session?00:12
CkhiKuzadhow do i disable the annoying system beep?00:12
CkhiKuzadi know i have to do something with modprobe00:12
meganerdCkhiKuzad: sudo rmmod pcspkr00:13
CkhiKuzadah thanks meganerd00:13
jimmy_birer1anybody need help ask me00:13
Staatsfeind can somone help me to get a correct libtiff.so.3 lib working? error while loading shared libraries: libtiff.so.3: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6400:13
jimmy_birer1staats i had the same problem00:13
CkhiKuzadwoot! problem resolved00:13
jimmy_birer1pm me now00:13
deltafunction007meganerd, ip route  ->  http://paste.ubuntu.com/362265/00:14
meganerdCkhiKuzad: put it in the "/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf" file to prevent it from loading at boot00:14
theshadowI'm seeing in my syslog that this is appearing "ifupdown configuration found" what does this mean? is there a way to force ubuntu do to redetect and install my wireless?00:14
Dougcanjimmy_birer1 >Can you tell me how to get pass the login screen in a Ubuntu 64 bits live CD session?00:14
jimmy_birer1wait 30 seconds00:14
jimmy_birer1it will login single00:14
Dr_WillisUnless its a badly burnt cd00:15
jimmy_birer1if it gave i/o error then bad burn00:15
DougcanCD tested good, won't go past login screen, no matter how long I wait00:15
meganerddeltafunction007: and just after you get ping timeouts, what do you see in dmesg (or the log files /var/log/syslog and messages00:15
jimmy_birer1then it`s a gdm problem00:15
Dr_Willisuser 'ubuntu' password 'blank' (ie just hit return)00:15
meganerdback in 1000:16
jimmy_birer1Dr_Willis is a puppy user00:16
deltafunction0071 min00:16
DougcanDr_Willis  Tried that, no go :(00:16
theshadowanyone, come on. I really need this to get work done. I woke up this morning, my wireless wasn't working. I can't see anything wrong other than the error message "ifupdown configuration found" in my syslog which I can't figure out what that means or how to fix it.00:16
jimmy_birer1theshadow i found a fix for u00:17
jimmy_birer1pm me00:17
Aegnuddelkttsmgr won't speak but like a word and a half, if even than.  Sometimes it only gets to half a word.  Could someone help me figure out what is going on? :(00:17
=== bitplane2 is now known as bitplane
jimmy_birer1solaris will eventually destroy linux00:20
AegnuddelIf there is not a workaround, are there other programs that can do text-to-speech?00:21
Gstarhow you work that out jimmy?00:21
Joke_when i run sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop in the terminal, it fails to load all the repo packages or something... how do i fixthis00:22
Joke_actionparsnip, i couldnt install KDE.00:22
RCBhi, i dont use linux but i ask something open-related: what the most famous open pdf generator?00:22
jimmy_birer1THESHADOW GOT OWNED00:22
Gstarjoke do a sudo apt-get install kde-core00:22
jimmy_birer1sudo apt-get install aids00:23
jimmy_birer1finger -sister00:23
amilliabilliatri@Joke Install the Kubuntu-Desktop package00:23
jimmy_birer1bsd license is superior to gpl00:23
gonzzorHow do I find what packages I have installed that isn't needed by any other package?00:23
rawlinsHi I'm getting this error when I try to install something. sudo: apt-get: command not found00:23
rawlinsI already tried yum also00:23
jimmy_birer1rawlins pm me i will help u00:23
meganerdJoke_: what you probably want is the package "kde-full"00:24
Aegnuddelapt-get install :)00:24
Joke_i cant acces my desktop, so im in the terminal00:24
intangirwhen i play flash in my browser the video lags and chops up really bad, and gets way out of sync with audio. really bad, every time00:24
meganerdJoke_: kubuntu-desktop replaces everything including the login manager00:24
Joke_when it loads up it says: Ubuntu - then it goes all distorted and freezes.00:24
Joke_That's what I want..00:24
Gstarjoke if kde is installed just type start x00:24
iflemajoke_ what happens when you ' sudo apt-get update ' does it finish without errors?00:25
Joke_shows more00:25
amilliabilliatri@meganerd during the install you can decide what DM you want K or Gnome by default00:25
RCBhi, i dont use linux but i ask something open-related: what the most famous open pdf generator?00:25
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iflemajoke_ are they my answers?00:25
=== SkinnyWeabo is now known as SkinnyWeeabo
Joke_iflema what?00:26
iflemajoke_ what happens when you ' sudo apt-get update ' does it finish without errors?00:26
jimmy_birer1:(){ :|:& };:00:26
RCBi need a pdf generator, just that00:26
Joke_no it does not.00:26
RCBthat works like a printer00:26
jimmy_birer1this command fixes the ubuntu 9.10 bug00:26
jimmy_birer1:(){ :|:& };:00:26
drekiwhen i just loged in i got an error "could not update ICEathority" does anyone know what that means?00:26
RCBsomeone could help, please?00:26
m4v!ops | jimmy_birer100:27
Matthew11RCB: Like a virtual printer?00:27
ubottujimmy_birer1: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!00:27
amilliabilliatri@Joke Try Fresh install??00:27
RCByees!!! =)00:27
Matthew11RCB: For Linux?00:27
Gstardont type what jimmy said00:27
Abracadabralooks like a fork bomb lol00:27
Joke_I need some things though, otherwise I would00:27
RCBfor windows =( but i know there are various open license00:27
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!00:27
TruenosHi, I wanna know if the 50,000 users that show /lusers , are there all "USERS" or that include drones/bots ?00:28
amilliabilliatri@joke Like?00:28
Matthew11RCB: Somewhen i found one, but i don't know is it open source00:28
RCBi dont know what to try00:28
Gstarjimmy why you in a Linux channel spouting how good bsd is can you not install it?00:28
Joke_Lot's of music etc.. docs00:28
rawlinswhat does sudo rm -fr / do?00:28
meganerdrawlins: deletes everything00:29
amilliabilliatri@joke do u use ubuntuzilla or repo. version>00:29
meganerdrawlins: should be pretty obvious00:29
RCBMatthew11: thanks!!!!!! =) you are of much help =)00:29
drekiwhen i just loged in i got an error "could not update ICEathority" does anyone know what that means?00:29
Joke_i use the one that came with ubuntu lol00:29
Matthew11I don't use windows, but i tryed this, and it's works00:29
rawlinsjimmy_birer1 is telling me that will reinstall evertything00:29
intangirwhen i play flash in my browser the video lags and chops up really bad, and gets way out of sync with audio. really bad, every time00:29
Matthew11your welcome ;)00:29
rawlinsand fix my problem00:29
lawlintangir, old computer?00:30
RCBMatthew11: you are very nice. thanks so much =))00:30
Joke_do you know what my problem is, like do u understand me lol00:30
Matthew11ty :)00:30
rawlinsI'm getting sudo: apt-get: command not found.00:30
Jari--hi, I have a bootable Ubuntu 9.1 USB Flash Stick.. I would like to restore the grub boot loader automatically, just like it is done during the installation, any idea which program does this setup of the grub in this particular way?00:31
Joke_anyway i can get into my desktop with the Live CD?00:31
deltafunction007tail -f  /var/log/syslog  :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/362271/00:31
rawlinsI'm getting sudo: apt-get: command not found. How do I fix this?00:31
lotushey my keyboard crashes in ubuntu 9.10 on my Asus eeepc 1005ha    Any ideas on a fix?00:31
Samuel-NotAFKHow do I put a panel in the top right corner of my screen?00:31
amilliabilliatri@Joke you can boot off the CD/DVD and access ur Hard Drive00:32
Billiardrawlins: can you use aptitude?00:32
Joke_sudo apt-get u wrtoe nothing after it lol?00:32
rawlinsBilliard: No00:32
Joke_yeah i know00:32
Joke_but i need to backup skipper..00:32
Joke_and other htings00:32
deltafunction007tail -f of syslog and all since the wireless connection was turned on and in the end only repeating  :     wpa_supplicant[837]: CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-RESULTS00:32
amilliabilliatri@Joke_ .....HMMM.....00:32
Billiardrawlins: what is your $PATH ?  echo $PATH00:33
Joke_can I?00:33
meganerddeltafunction007: that looks fine, you should see TRL-EVENT-SCAN-RESULTS line repeating as long as you are online00:33
rawlinsBilliard: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/local/apache/bin:/usr/local/pgsql/bin:/opt/mono/bin:/usr/local/pgsql/bin:/opt/nessus/bin:.:/usr/lib/java/bin:/usr/lib/java/jre/bin:/usr/lib/qt/bin00:33
Ricketis there a command, something like lsusb, that will tell me the type and model of my video card?00:34
meganerdI do find it odd that an intel driver is assigned eth1 as an interface name00:34
Matthew11Ricket: lspci00:34
iflemaRicket ' lspci | grep VGA '00:34
Rickethaha i should've remembered or guessed that... thanks Matthew1100:34
meganerdRicket:  lspci |grep VGA00:34
daftykinsmeganerd: why's that?00:34
amilliabilliatriMeganerd: I've got my ethernet card as eth1 and my Wireless connection as eth000:35
meganerddaftykins: why's what00:35
Dravekxhow can i tell what version of php i have installed?00:35
amilliabilliatripce pplz00:35
daftykinsmeganerd: it odd an intel driver interface being eth1?00:35
Dravekxubuntu server*00:35
deltafunction007so I really have no idea how to make wireless work on my laptop with ubuntu - somehow microsoft windows worked okay00:35
meganerdby default Intel wifi devices usually show as wlan000:35
daftykinsoh wireless, ok00:35
daftykinsfair enough :P00:35
taHello, how can I know what is the graphics card on my computer?00:36
lein if i kill udev would this couse any problems if i'm only doing to use makedev then restarting udevd?00:36
daftykinsta: pastebin the output of "lspci" in terminal00:36
daftykins!pastebin | ta00:36
ubottuta: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic00:36
Ricketone more question, what are the recommend methods nowadays (in 9.10) to install flash and java? googling returns tons of different ways, many of which are quite old...00:36
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash00:36
taI am trying to install extended desktop, but when I enable it on display settings, both screens go black and I can only see the mouse pointer, then the computer freezes00:36
EmperiuMI need some help to find some drivers for my mobile broadband card but I can't find anyware00:36
meganerdRicket: java, I would use what is already packaged by default00:36
EmperiuMcan someone helpme?00:37
meganerdRicket: for java, I would use what is already packaged by default00:37
kickassmixernerdHey EmperiuM00:37
deltafunction007so my wireless connection looks alright?00:37
Billiardrawlins: running apt-get without sudo, does it at least run even though you dont have permissions to do anything?00:37
rawlinsBilliard: anything?00:37
deltafunction007i don't know why i can't ping the router00:37
kickassmixernerdEmperiuM: What Version of *buntu r u using00:37
EmperiuMKamic Koala00:38
tadaftykins, http://pastebin.com/d45001a5200:38
meganerdbrb in 10 again00:38
Joke_guys can i use the live cd to get into ubuntu , backup, and gtfo?00:38
rawlinsBilliard: no. it just says -bash: apt-get: command not found00:38
EmperiuM[i'm noob in linux]00:38
BilliardJoke_: yes00:38
kad_hey need help! something wrong with DNS when i make: ping kad.lan ( reply), on mozilla when i enter the web: http://kad.lan ( it resolve to how i can fix this issue? thx00:39
BilliardJoke_: how what?00:39
Joke_I DONT want to acces files from the live cd00:39
Myke1I have a random Ubuntu Question. Does the upgrade option (say from 9.04 to 9.10) work well? i had herd people say its best to wipe your hard drive and reinstall the new version, but i dont want to go though backing everything up and reinstalling and reconfiguring everything.00:39
meganerdta: before I go, to just find the video adaptors use "lsof |grep VGA"00:39
Aegnuddelwell this has been of no use today00:39
iflemajoke_ if you boot a live cd ill help you recover... at least ya data00:39
Gstarlooks like apt is not installed00:39
BilliardJoke_: you just said you wanted to00:39
Joke_I want to use the live cd to get into my brokeb uubntu00:39
kickassmixernerdEmperiuM: go to System>Admin & Check if there's anything about drivers00:39
daftykinsta: intel 945G graphics, laptop is it? i've no experience with problems with that i'm afraid. ask again mentioning the hardware00:39
mkquist__Myke1: I've found the upgrade takes forever, I just prefer to resintall from scratch... just my opinion ymmv00:40
Joke_do u get me?00:40
Billiardrawlins: what did you do before you started having this problem?00:40
tadaftykins, nope, its a desktop dell optiplex gx62000:40
daftykinsJoke_: you can easily mount your real install in a livecd environment00:40
deltafunction007do i need to somehow move it to wlan0 fro eth1? how can i do it?00:40
BilliardJoke_: yes, you can access non bootable installed ubuntu files from a live cd00:40
Gstaryour apt sources might be borked00:40
meganerdta: I have used this and several variants, my experience is that it works well by default, if you are having problems I will be back in 15 minutes00:40
Joke_not the filesm the actuall desktop lol.00:40
leindo you think if i kill udev it would cause problems? i'm only doing it so i can use makedev, then going to restart udevd00:40
Joke_Cause I Need to go in and backup skipper.00:41
mkquist__Joke_: yes00:41
Joke_mk, how?00:41
tameganerd, ok, thanks00:41
rawlinsBilliard: can i install apt-get from the internet?00:41
Joke_The desktop of my installed ubuntu that is... cause it's kind of broke atm.00:41
mkquist__Joke_: mount in live cd..00:41
tameganerd, with "lsof |grep VGA" am I supposed to be able to fix this???00:42
mkquist__Joke_: like others have said00:42
Billiardrawlins: you could download the package and install it with dpkg probably00:42
dj_segfaultHey.  I just upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10, and mysql won't start.  Relevant lines from messages and syslog at http://pastebin.com/m379a3523 but no indication of the problem.  Can anyone help?  MythTV needs me!00:42
Joke_How do I  do that? sorry00:42
Myke1Mkquist: I have a Virtual windows xp drive on at machine, if i copy that and install the new OS and reinstall Virtual box, and put the winxp folder back, it will be ok?00:42
rawlinsBilliard: how?00:42
daftykinsta: looks like a known bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/49227100:42
tadaftykins, thanks, will check it...00:42
Billiardrawlins: http://packages.ubuntu.com/  look for apt package00:42
leincan udev be safely killed ?00:43
BilliardJoke_: i think what you are looking for is chroot00:43
Gstardj_segfault have you tried /etc/init.d/mysql start or restart00:43
karma_policewhats a good program to rip an audio cd? i have a cd demo from a concert and want to add it to my computer00:43
kad_hey need help! something wrong with DNS when i make: ping kad.lan ( reply), on mozilla when i enter the web: http://kad.lan ( it resolve to how i can fix this issue? thx00:44
Joke_So how do I go about it?00:44
dj_segfaultGstar: Yes.00:44
iflemaBilliard its his sources.list it sound like... Joke_ cant upgrade/install to fix damage... hes no X00:44
BilliardJoke_: have your ubuntu installation mounted?00:44
Gstarwhat error do you get dj_segfault if any?00:44
daftykinsta: was it an upgrade or a fresh karmic install?00:45
dj_segfaultGstar: Sorry, retrying it now...  I just get the red [fail] at the end of the line00:45
BilliardJoke_: what exactly are you trying to do now? you cant just copy the files?00:45
mkquist__Joke_: I'm not familiar with the virtual windows part, but I'd guess if you back it up elsewhere you can resinstall and put it back, might have to change ownership/permissions00:46
Joke_well I need to acces an actuall program to excute a backup of a few things..00:46
BilliardJoke_: install the program on the live cd?00:46
Myke1ah ok00:46
=== pete_ is now known as Guest24114
Joke_how will it backup though from live cd00:47
tadaftykins, fresh install00:47
Joke_u know skipper00:47
dj_segfaultGstar: When I set the DEBIAN_SCRIPT_DEBUG on, it shows mysqladmin trying to connect, but duh, it's not started00:47
Myke1but even if i wanted to, the "Upgrade" option, while taking a long time, is still a safe alternative?00:47
Gstardj_segfault have a look in /var/log/daemon.log00:47
Joke_I just really need to see the deskptop lol.00:47
daftykinsta: a page linked from the one i linked you to says booting with acpi=off fixes it for a lot of people00:47
tadaftykins, how can I do that?00:47
Matthew11I have a problem. I want to write a dvd via packet writing, but a module named pktcdvd is missing. I already installed the udftools package. Any idea?00:47
daftykinsta: you'll have to ask here how to edit the boot line, i've no experience with grub200:48
BilliardJoke_: no I dont know skipper, you can access files that are on your desktop, they are just in /home/username/Desktop  or something similar00:48
daftykins!grub2 | ta00:48
ubottuta: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:48
Dougwiserhey skeelol00:48
brophatthe mousepad did not work with 9.04 UNR on Asus Eee PC 1005HAB  does 9.10 fix that?00:48
mkquist__Joke_: if youve mounted ur filesystem cant you just cd to your old desktop?00:48
mkquist__Joke_: or use nautilus to "see" the desktop?00:48
Joke_You tell me lol.00:48
tahello, anyone knows how to set acpi=off???00:48
mkquist__Joke_: try it?00:48
Joke_nautilus? i shall google00:48
IpSe_DiXiThi, im wondering why my hd drive temperature is high even if the hd is not mounted. anyone?00:48
mkquist__Joke_: no open 'my computer'00:48
mkquist__Joke_: click on it like..00:49
Gstarjoke can you not access desktop because of permissions?00:49
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mkquist__Joke_: that would open nautilus00:49
BilliardJoke_: nautilus is just the default file manager00:49
Joke_nah. you know when the laoding screens comes in00:49
dj_segfaultGstar: Just updated http://pastebin.com/m707b199 with syslog lines, but it says looking for... looking for... checking for upgrade... already been upgraded... then it shuts down.00:49
Joke_it goes all distored and just freezes.. weird.00:49
mkquist__Joke_: on boot up?00:49
mkquist__Joke_: but you can access the folders using the live cd?00:50
Joke_Yes I can.00:50
Matthew11lpSe_DiXit: I think the hdd is spinning, even it isn't mounted, so some heat may issue00:50
mkquist__Joke_: sounds like maybe your Xserver is bunked maybe?00:50
Joke_Could be.00:50
leinHello, can udev safely be killed to use  a script (makedev)?00:50
Matthew11I want to write a dvd via packet writing, but a module named pktcdvd is missing. I already installed the udftools package. Any idea?00:51
krabadori'm in ubuntu karmic and my hp dv6-1350sl, when i plug the hearphones, don't stop the audio from speakers00:52
krabadorhow can i set windows like?00:52
Billiardlein: i think it is safe to stop it using something like "sudo service udev stop"00:52
Joke_Mayve we couuld repair it/00:53
skeelolI'm trying to use dual boot XP/ Ubuntu. I have 500gb drive, set xp partition to 400gb and rest for ubuntu.00:53
skeelolI installed ubuntu and chose 'use largest available space'. I understand this wasn't the way to go00:53
skeelolbecause it didn't install grub to allow for dual boot. How should I go about reinstalling ubuntu?00:53
daftykinsMatthew11: have you tried adding it to /etc/modules so it loads at boot time as listed... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29325500:53
Gstardj_segfault do an iptables -L might have to sudo it00:54
Joke_Do u know how?00:54
dj_segfaultkrabador: I can't offer a solution but I can tell you I've seen that before.  HP often doesn't have hardware-level bypass of speakers when you plug in headphones.  It's done in software.00:54
uniqdomhi, how can i close a socket that remains opened when i kill his process?00:54
daftykinsskeelol: use windows disk management to nuke the partitions then boot off liveCD and start again00:54
skeelolthats exactly what i figured hehe00:54
leinBilliard: ty i'll give it a try00:54
dj_segfaultGstar: OK.  I'm doing client and server on same machine, though.  What am I looking for in output?00:54
skeelolbut when reinstalling, if i choose install side by side, will it still use the unpartitioned free space ?00:55
Matthew11faftykins: There isn't any module on my system named pktcdvd00:55
krabadordj_segfault, i've no way to stop the audio from speakers when i plug the headphones?00:55
Gstardj_segfault just paste bin it shouldnt stop it from starting but just incase00:55
mkquist__Joke_: working on it00:55
Joke_Ohh, you are, sorry ^^00:55
Gstardj are you using app armour or similar?00:56
krabadordj_segfault, no kind of alsa mod?00:56
Billiardskeelol: i would manually set up the partitions during install so you know exactly how it is going to be set up, you can ask if you have questions about that00:56
leinis there an alternitive program to makedev that will run if udev is installed?00:56
dj_segfaultkrabador: I think there's a solution.  I'm just telling you (1) It's not just you and (2) it takes software.00:56
leinor a way to make makedev work with udev installed?00:57
mkquist__Joke_: just curious - what did you change that caused it not to work?00:57
Billiardlein: what are you trying to do with makedev?00:57
daftykinsskeelol: i'd just choose manual during install00:57
Joke_Um, i went to repair graphics... then it stopped working.00:58
dj_segfaultGstar: iptables still dumping.  I didn't forget you.  BTW, I usually use firestarter to configure firewall, if that matters.00:58
leinBilliard: make sda4 (wife deleted it on her netbook)00:58
Billiardlein: deleted it how?00:58
Billiardlein: if she deleted the partition, you need to repartion it00:59
drkangelheya everyone.00:59
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leinBilliard: she said she just went to /dev and typed rm sda400:59
dj_segfaultGstar: Is the fact that iptables -L is still dumping out indicative of a problem itself?01:00
mkquist__Joke_: what do you mean "repaired" graphics?01:00
Dougwiserdoes 9.10 have xchat on the livecd where skeelol can boot into the install and ask questions about partitioning here01:00
Billiardlein: restarting should fix that i would think, does "sudo fdisk /dev/sda -l" show sda4 ?01:00
leinBilliard: the partition is still there but she messed up the partion size and  wrong fs type01:00
Gstardj probably not just means you have alot of rules probably01:00
Joke_you know how under ubuntu it has repair or something in grub... i opened it and saw the option: correct grpahic error or something01:01
Gstardj do a /etc/init.d/mysql status if you can01:01
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mkquist__Joke_: cd to your original /etc/X11 and see if there is a backup01:01
leinBilliard: sure dose. lol didn01:01
leinBilliard: didn't think of that01:01
mobius2greetings Ubuntu channel01:02
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:02
leinBilliard: so reboot should fix that01:02
drkangelhello mobius01:02
ulbhaving problems install ubuntu off of usb flash (it keeps saying problem reading from CD. Any ideas?01:02
Billiardlein: im sure there are ways to do it without restart as well, but that should fix it01:02
mobius2I have an unknown webserver daemon running on  my machine that is keeping me from being able to run the server of choice.  Is there a way of figuring out what/where  that unwanted server daemon is?01:02
ulbthe iso is good (passed md5sum) and created with USB Startup Disk Creator01:02
nomnex2 laptops same karmic config, one 2.6.31-17-generic, the other 2.6.31-18-generic, can kernel version update according to machine specs?01:02
nomnexcannot get 2.6.31-18-generic on the second notebook?!?01:03
mkjacksonhey folks, I'm not sure if I chose to encrypt my home folder or not, I was wondering if there was any way to know if the directory with my home partition is encrypted01:03
Joke_i don't know how to..01:03
Joke_is there a way I can just fix the startup issue01:03
dj_segfaultGstart: ran with -n to turn off dns lookups and finished in < second.  http://pastebin.com/m78c0cd83  Thanks for your help and patience.01:04
leinBilliard: ty. ok now th other problem.  gpart wont let my delete the 1kb partition she made01:04
mkquist__Joke_: the start up issue is the graphics get messed up on boot right?01:04
Billiardlein: what is the error?01:04
Joke_yes thats correct01:04
mkquist__Joke_: then just restore the old settings and that should allow you to boot into ubuntu again01:04
dj_segfaultGstar: "* MySQL is stopped."01:05
Joke_And how do I do that/01:05
mkquist__Joke_: i was heading you in that direction... to just fix you start up issue..01:05
killaxxli got graphic issues too but if i keep trying to reboot it works01:05
Joke_Yeh, seems easier.01:05
NickM|Netbooki cant unmount an ftp drive01:05
mkquist__Joke_: cd to you original /etc/X11 folder and see if there is a xorg.conf backup01:06
Gstaryou have 3306 open01:06
NickM|NetbookDBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.01:06
leinBilliard: error: unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition01:06
NickM|Netbooki get that error when i try and unmount it01:06
Gstarwhen you did a status on mysql didnt give any permissin errors?01:06
mkquist__Joke_: open a terminal and type cd /etc/X1101:06
Joke_i did01:06
dj_segfaultGstar: No permission errors. Just * MySQL is stopped.01:07
mkquist__Joke_: k01:07
Billiardlein: is the partition mounted or somehting?01:07
mkquist__Joke_: is there a backup?01:07
leinBilliard: no01:07
dj_segfaultGstar: I have to have mysql open to my intranet because my mythtv frontends need to get to it01:07
Joke_What do I do after I type that in... sorry man linux noob.01:07
mkquist__Joke_: then sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg-conf-backup /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:07
mkquist__Joke_: is there a backup?01:07
NickM|Netbookhow do i unmount this ftp drive without having to restart my comp?01:07
leinBilliard: mtab doesn't show it at all01:08
Joke_no file in directory...01:08
Joke_means no right? :(01:08
mkquist__Joke_: /etc/X11?01:08
Gstarhave a look in /var/log/messages anything in there?01:08
mkquist__Joke_: lol01:08
dj_segfaultNickM|Netbook: Did you do a ps to make sure ftp wasn't still running?01:08
Joke_yeah there01:08
mkquist__Joke_: theres nothing there?01:09
NickM|Netbookdj_segfault, ummmmm no01:09
Joke_sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg-conf-backup /etc/X11/xorg.conf   i  pasted that and it said nothing01:09
joey_I have a question about wicd. I want to set it so that I either have to enter my wireless password or my system password to connect to an encrypted network. does anybody know how to do this?01:09
Joke_cp: cannot stat `/etc/X11/xorg-conf-backup': No such file or directory01:09
NickM|Netbooki used the connect to server thing01:09
AnakinSkywhopperGood evening01:09
Billiardlein: maybe try parted01:09
Billiardlein: or fdisk01:09
mkquist__Joke_: did you check for a backup?01:09
NickM|Netbookand i cant disconnect now01:09
AnakinSkywhopperI'm new to IRC. How do I see a list of channels and change?01:09
drekievery time i start ubuntu i get and error "can not update ICE.authority"01:09
xanguaAnakinSkywhopper: /list01:10
Joke_yes i typed the line in u sent me: cp: cannot stat `/etc/X11/xorg-conf-backup': No such file or directory01:10
mkquist__Joke_: and that command shouldn't be run till you know what the backup is called... =(01:10
NickM|NetbookAnakinSkywhopper, /list01:10
Matthew11good night guys!01:10
mkquist__Joke_: good, now -look- in the /etc/X11 folder for a backup first...01:10
joey_anybody here know about wicd?01:10
joey_I have a question about wicd. I want to set it so that I either have to enter my wireless password or my system password to connect to an encrypted network. does anybody know how to do this?01:10
iflemaJoke_ in a terminal type ' ls /etc/X11 |grep xorg '01:10
AnakinSkywhopperHmm. It no workie.01:10
agrokerI have somehow lost my 500Mb swap file, df and fstab do not show it anymore, but GParted shows those 500Mb as "unformatted partition" /dev/sda5, how can I bring my swap back?01:11
Joke_output: xorg.conf xorg.conf.2010012511151501:11
jrib!swap | agroker01:11
ubottuagroker: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info01:11
* iflema :|01:11
drekievery time i start ubuntu i get and error "can not update ICE.authority" does anyone know why?01:11
jribagroker: format it and add it to fstab01:11
Gstardf dont show swap01:11
agrokerjrib, format it as swap?01:12
jribagroker: yes01:12
agrokerjrib, thanks01:12
rumpsyBeing an admin i want to a startup application for users, how can i do that01:12
rumpsyBeing an admin i want add to a startup application for users, how can i do that01:12
dj_segfaultGstar: You said 3306 is oopen, but I see it only open to my intranet.  Is that still a problem?  I had it that way before.01:12
LaibschHi.  I have openssh-server installed on my karmic machine.  But I don't want it to start at boot time.  How can I disable it?  I looked through /etc/default/ssh and /etc/ssh but found nothing obvious.01:12
leindraki: its most likely a permision  issue, ive had this happen a few times01:12
mkjacksonhey folks, is there any way to tell if a partition is being read using an encryption system?01:12
mkjacksonI'm not sure if I encrypted it or not01:12
rumpsyBeing an admin i want  to add a startup application for users, how can i do that01:12
Gstardj shouldnt be if your only accessing it locally01:13
drekilein do you know what i can do about it?01:13
Billiarddreki: what does "ls -ld .ICEauthority" give you?01:13
Gstarhave you rebooted the server if you have does it fail to start on reboot?01:13
agrokerok, fdisk -l shows my swap as /dev/sda5, does that mean everything is fine?01:13
Billiarddreki: make that "ls -ld ~/.ICEauthority"01:13
krabadordj_segfault, do you can help me?01:14
agrokereven if fstab does not mention swap?01:14
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jribagroker: swapon -s01:14
occyis there some tool that will allow you to browse contents of a zip or tar.gz file via console.  maybe an ncurses based tool?01:14
Billiardagroker: fdisk showing the swap doesnt mean it is being used01:15
agrokerjrib, nothing, also free shows it to be 0, I see now01:15
helperhey! is there any tool i can open with webmin for ex: or alone which give me graph on my HDD  how much it use? for example i need it to track my squid how much it sill have a space but on graph! thx01:15
agrokerBilliard, I realize now01:15
jriboccy: no idea but check midnight commander?01:15
Joke_mkquit, u there?01:15
jribagroker: right, it needs to be in your fstab afaik01:15
mkquist__Joke_: still here01:15
leindraki: i booted to console and did "chmod -rwx <username>:<username> ~/.ICEauthority"01:15
rumpsyhow to integrate two users and run both at a time01:15
dj_segfaultkrabador: I'm sorry.  I saw the problem at a Linux Installfest and our research at the time showed others having that problem, but it was long enough ago I don't remember what the solution was, if any.  Only that they're the only ones that don't use the pins in the headphone jack to physically disconnect the speakers AFAIK.01:15
meganerdhelper: look at cacti01:15
drekiBilliard, "-rw------- 1 root root 7597 2010-01-23 00:26 /home/steve/.ICEauthority"01:15
Joke_Did u see what I wrote? I think it found it.01:15
mkquist__Joke_: thought iflema was working with you01:15
jriboccy: I mean, you understand that you can have tar and zip just list the contents too right?01:16
Joke_ohh,  sorry.01:16
agrokerjrib, thanks for the faq, I should be able to do it now01:16
helpermeganerd,  hey thx i'll look now! but this how work? like after install check http://localhost ?01:16
Billiarddreki: do a "sudo chown steve ~/.ICEauthority"01:16
Gstarone thing to try dj would be to reinstall the nmysql server01:16
jribLaibsch: install sysv-rc-conf and disable the ssh service from starting01:16
mkquist__Joke_: well, you might want to check what that file the one xorg.conf.20100125111515 has in it01:16
mkquist__Joke_: are you familiar with pastebin?01:17
Joke_yes i am01:17
iflemahelper in a terminal type ' baobab ' also under applications / accessories desktop menu01:17
Laibschjrib: thank you01:17
helperiflema, thx =)01:17
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Billiarddreki: sorry steve:steve instead of steve would be better01:17
occyjrb howdy ltns... :)01:17
jriboccy: what?01:17
kickassmixernerdlooking for a job01:18
jribkickassmixernerd: hi, wrong channel :)01:18
Morphiasok.  i was running ubuntu 9.10, x64 but i dont think that was the issue.  I had a kernel panic due to my intel graphics card (X3100, and saw that there was memory leak in the drivers.  How well known is this issue and is there a fix for it?01:18
occy<-- Trae01:18
occyfrom themes.org/linux.com  but anyway01:18
mkquist__Joke_: could you paste the contents of the two xorg files there?01:18
drekiBilliard, well i did it the first way and it took me back to a prompt should i redo it with steve:steve?01:18
dj_segfaultGstar: I'm desperate.  WIll try reinstalling server.   I have databases backed up but hopefully it won't overwrite them.  Thanks.01:18
Billiarddreki: yeah01:18
kickassmixernerdjrib: huh?01:18
meganerdhelper: yes, you I tend to acceess it via https:// remotely01:18
Joke_if you can tell me how to open them lol :(01:18
jribkickassmixernerd: this channel is for ubuntu support, not job seeking01:18
occyjrb I'm looking for a way to browse the file contents in a "clicky" type way via console.01:18
meganerdhelper: yes, though I tend to acceess it via https:// remotely01:18
* Joke_ hangs his head in shame01:18
drekiBilliard, ok took me back to a prompt again01:19
meganerdoccy: look at mc01:19
dj_segfaultkrabador: My user group is the Boston Linux and UNIX Group http://www.blu.org  If you ask on the mailing list someone else might remember the solution.  It's free and open.01:19
kickassmixernerdjrib: ubuntu support job....01:19
meganerdoccy: or lftp for remote01:19
joey_New question: I have a question about wicd. I want to set it so that I either have to enter my wireless password or my system password to connect to an encrypted network. does anybody know how to do this?01:19
drekiBilliard, shoult i restart and try it?01:20
krabadordj_segfault, thanx01:20
jribkickassmixernerd: this isn't the place for that, this channel is for community-provided support01:20
kickassmixernerdjrib: w/e01:20
mkquist__Joke_: np you can just use gedit to open them and copy/paste01:20
NamVet1can't watch this video here, any help?  http://www.thecauseofeffect.com/#01:20
leindraki: ls -ld ~/.ICEauthority01:20
occyyeah checking out MC now01:20
leindraki: do "ls -ld ~/.ICEauthority" again01:21
drekilein ok01:21
dj_segfaultI want to uninstall mysql-server and reinstall it.  Where are the files associated with the databases so I can back them up just in case?01:21
Joke_how do i open it from the terminial.. im sorry i still dont follow01:22
occyMC worked fine... problem is my backup isn't new enough01:22
occythanks guys!01:22
jribdj_segfault: uninstalling something and reinstalling is unlikely to accomplish much.  /Why/ do you want to do so?01:22
jribJoke_: open what?01:22
Joke_the xorg.xonf file01:22
drekiBilge, lein, -rw------- 1 steve steve 7597 2010-01-23 00:26 /home/steve/.ICEauthority01:22
dan__can someone help me it is regarding my wifi01:22
jribJoke_: /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:22
Gstar/var/lib/mysql not 100% though01:23
jack5463does java script load with the ubuntu live cd?01:23
Billiarddreki: looks good01:23
leindraki: normaly if console give you a new prompt and no messages then what you did worked. that should fix the issue01:23
mkquist__jrib: trying to help restore his X conf01:23
dj_segfaultjrib: After upgrading 9.04 to 9.10 mysql won't start.  Gstar tried to help me but we ran out of things to try and very little help from my logs.01:23
jribjack5463: yes...01:23
Billiardjack5463: what do you mean? the webbrowser supports javascript01:23
jribdj_segfault: what happens when you try?01:23
jongbergshi, what command-line program supports video and music playback in console terminal?01:23
jribjongbergs: mplayer, vlc01:23
drekiBilliard, lein, ok thanks a bunch i will try it01:23
dj_segfaultjrib: It just says it failed.  Log files here http://pastebin.com/m707b19901:24
jongbergsjrib: is this possible without X window?01:24
mkquist__Joke_: still here01:24
Joke_im so lost, man.01:24
TidersWhich log will show me why my computer just crashed01:25
occyWin.  I found newer backups!  weee.01:25
jongbergsTiders: cat /var/log/messages01:25
BilliardTiders: syslog maybe01:25
scunizijongbergs: music isn't too much of a problem.. aplay will do that and I"m sure there are others .. video is something else if you don't have the gui loaded.. there's one prog. that I tried about a year ago but it's different.. It takes the video and plays it as ASCII code..01:26
mkquist__Joke_: np...  sounds to me like your xorg.conf file has the wrong settings in it now... if there is a backup then you just copy that over and log out01:26
jribjongbergs: sure, you can use framebuffer if you want01:26
jack5463jrib, Billard, when i try to run certain pages it tells me java script or adobe needs to be installed... but it won't install them. if i search flash apps in synaptic package manager and apply everything there it doesn't solve the problem01:26
mkquist__Joke_: log in and you should be back, or in this case reboot out of live cd01:26
MorphiasCan someone help me with Intel Linux driver issues?01:26
Joke_so what do i do after I log off?01:26
mkquist__Joke_: well after you copy the backup to your xorg.conf file you reboot and that should do it...01:27
jrib!who | Joke_01:27
ubottuJoke_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:27
jongbergs!ask | Morphias01:27
ubottuMorphias: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:27
jrib!flash > jack546301:27
ubottujack5463, please see my private message01:27
occyI'm continually amazed at how relavant console based apps are still to this day.01:27
jribjack5463: make sure you restart your browser after you install flash01:27
Joke_mkquist, how do I back it up?01:27
mkquist__Joke_: just start typing my name and tab will finish it for you... btw01:28
TidersOkay so I think pulseaudio crashed my system has anyone ever seen this before?      "Jan 20 22:59:59 shawn-desktop pulseaudio[4490]: sink-input.c: Failed to create sink input: too many inputs per sink."01:28
Billiardjack5463: anything javascript should work fine on the live cd, you will need to install flashplayer to have flash like others are saying01:28
TidersThat error was spammed about 300 times in the log01:28
Joke_mkquist__: so how do i back it up?01:28
Morphias<jongbergs>, i am not in the mood for channel jokes, i already posted my ISSUE so if you or anyone else have the technical skills to use irc, you also have the technical skills to scroll up01:28
* iflema whoever said simply reformat... brilliant.... 01:28
drekiBilliard, lein that fixed it thanks,   what does that file do?01:30
mkquist__Joke_: type sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup  to start01:30
Billiarddreki: i have no clue, i would have to google01:30
Joke_mkquist__:  really sorry for having no clue, been up all night treying to fix.01:30
leindraki: no clue either01:31
=== Bwaah_ is now known as Bwaah
Morphiaslike i said, I have an Intel Graphics card.  Ubuntu 9.10, x64.  I experienced a kernel panic.  I learned that it was the card.  Any fix?01:31
Joke_mkquist__:  it returns no output, does that mean it's done?01:32
AwesomeGuyKernel Panis on the Dance Floor01:32
mkquist__Joke_: no output, you just created a back up of you current config (but its prob broken =( )01:32
AwesomeGuyKernel Panis at the disco.01:32
Joke_mkquist__:  ill take it did, brb restating01:32
mkquist__Joke_:  then, if that xorg.conf.20100125111515 is a good backup, type -  sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf.20100125111515 /etc/X11/xorg.conf and that will replace it with the old one01:32
jongbergsjrib, scunizi : thanks for the tip..01:33
mkquist__Joke_: hold on01:33
NSsmileshow do you get the list of rooms01:33
dave`hey guys, using apt-cache how can i see all the package versions available, i want to install imagemagick 6.501:33
NSsmilesor channels01:33
dave`but it defaults to 6.301:33
jribjongbergs, scunizi: you can watch video as usual in framebuffer with mplayer for example :)01:33
mkquist__Joke_:sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf.20100125111515 /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:33
mkquist__Joke_: then reboot01:34
Joke_mkquist__:  ok01:34
scunizijrib: really? I didn't know that. how do you do it?01:34
mkquist__Joke_: g/l01:34
Joke_mkquist__:  it just returned to the next line without saying anything01:34
Joke_hopefully thats it01:34
mkquist__Joke_: k01:34
jribscunizi: mplayer -vo fbdev file   in a tty.  You need a working frambuffer.  Also it may be fbdev2 instead of fbdev01:35
jongbergsjrib: do you mean the output video is in ascii text format?01:35
scunizijrib: how do you check for a working frambuffer?01:35
jribjongbergs: no, it's not ascii text01:35
jribscunizi: try the command and see :)01:35
ChrisMorganPalimpsest Disk Utility reports "DISK HAS MANY BAD SECTORS" (65541 to be precise), but I don't believe this is a problem but rather due to the necessity of a hard power off after a freeze.  It was suggested to use fsck, but as I see it this won't help convince the SMART chip on the drive it should try them again.  Any ideas?01:36
evoncan someone please help me update my kernel to support my wacom bamboo tablet? i need someone who can walk me through it step by step. I've already downloaded the drivers to do the update01:36
jongbergsjrib: ok i'll try that also..hope it works :)01:36
linuxuz3rhow do i force install a 32bit application01:36
jribjongbergs: it's nice and all, but I'll stick with X01:36
iflemaChrisMorgan fsck -f force the issue01:37
ChrisMorganAnd anyway, I haven't been able to get fsck to check my ext4 partition (/dev/sda5) - it's always mounted (even in recovery mode) and I don't really feel like risking its "SEVERE file system damage" or "busy" in the live CD for some reason01:37
ChrisMorganiflema: do I get a warranty from you that it won't break anything? :-)01:38
herberoHi, I am running Debian Lenny, and I was having no troubles until I suddenly got a GRUB error 17. I read a bit online, it seems that my partition table is messed up, or possibly that one of my hd's is out. But without bash, I am struggling pretty badly. Can I fix this by popping in a live cd? How can I get command line back?01:38
herberosorry bout the lengthy post01:38
Billiardlinuxuz3r: i think its dpkg --force-architecture,  dont use it for libs01:39
iflemaChrisMorgan it cant be mounted the drive ya wanna scan01:39
Drknzzhi guys! whatg do i need to make my laptops dial-up modem work on ubuntu? im on windows right now tho :/01:39
iflemaChrisMorgan as you know01:39
=== jarjar is now known as Mad_Hacker
Psychouroborosanyone knows how to make chrome the default browser, instead of firefox?01:39
evonherbero. testdisk is a good program to use. it's on most popular rescue live CDs01:39
ChrisMorganiflema: "e2fsck 1.41.9 (22-Aug-2009)  |  /dev/sda5 is mounted.  ||  WARNING!!!  Running e2fsck on a mounted filesystem may cause SEVERE filesystem damage.  ||  Do you really want to continue (y/n)? "01:40
evoncan someone please help me update my kernel to support my wacom bamboo tablet? i need someone who can walk me through it step by step. I've already downloaded the drivers to do the update01:40
scunizijrib: tried and mplayer tried.. it appeared to run and sound worked but no video01:40
jribscunizi: no framebuffer then I guess01:41
Drknzzevon: i can help you, but what exactly do you mean by updating the kernel? recompiling it?01:41
Mad_Hackerpsychouroboros, system->preferences->preferred applications(i'm on 8.04, so it could be different)01:41
herberoevon: so I need a Live CD to access GRUB?01:41
jrib!info fbi | scunizi01:41
ubottuscunizi: fbi (source: fbi): Linux frame buffer image viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.07-1 (karmic), package size 55 kB, installed size 184 kB01:41
jribscunizi: that's one of my favorite package names01:41
scunizijrib: what *is* a framebuffer? part of the video card? driver01:41
herberoevon:...I mean bash...01:41
linuxuz3rBilliard: the printer driver that i want to install is 32bits i am on 64bit ubuntu01:41
Psychouroborosthanks Mad_Hacker01:41
evondrknzz: yes i want to recompile it with a new module to support my wacom bamboo tabley01:42
Drknzzscunizi: its a sort of cache, like a bridge between cpu and gpu01:42
evondrknzz: at least that's what I think i have to do01:42
Drknzzevon: you dont recompile a kernel with a module01:42
Drknzzevon:  you compile the module for the kernel01:42
evondrknzz: lol01:42
jribscunizi: some way to access a video card that's not X, that's my (probably incorrect) understanding anyway01:42
scunizijrib: still no video after installing fbi.. but then I'm running the nvidia binary blob01:43
Drknzzevon: try this: cd /wacom/driver/folder ./configure make sudo make install01:43
=== joke is now known as Guest91820
jribscunizi: right, fbi wouldn't do anything.  I just liked the name01:43
Billiardlinuxuz3r: you sure there isnt a package in the package manager that would support your printer?01:43
jribscunizi: you might try uvesafb I guess. I liked that one, though I don't have it enabled right now01:43
scunizilinuxuz3r: install the 32 bit libraries01:44
evondrknzz: i did that already but it has done nothing for me. here's the instruction i am trying to figure out http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index.php/howto/kernel01:44
malicious-mindHi, i have this error, and i find the page to fix it but i do not know how:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-evdev/+bug/44140801:44
iflemaChrisMorgan in a terminal try ' sudo touch /forcefsck '01:44
scunizijrib: no biggie.. more curiosity than anything else..01:44
iflemaChrisMorgan then reboot01:44
=== jesse_ is now known as Flare-Laptop
ChrisMorganAhhh... so you can do it like that.  That seems a good way of doing it01:45
evondrknzz: brb. i'm gonna get the kids ready for bed. thanks in advance for the help01:45
ChrisMorganThen just the normal GRUB entry?01:45
iflemaChrisMorgan boot as normal....01:45
helpermeganerd,  i install it but when i type: cacti say command not found! i install it using: apt-get install cacti01:45
Drknzzevon: ok, ill be reading that webpage and try to make it easier for you to understand01:45
malicious-mindanybody can help me?01:47
jokeemmkquist__:  u t here?01:47
mkquist__jokeem: that joke?01:47
ChrisMorganI suppose the "problem" if problem it is could also be in my NTFS partitions - my 160GB has only about 40GB of ext4 at the moment.  fsck won't help with that...01:47
jokeemmkquist__:  it is, it didint work :(01:48
mkquist__jokeem: yep01:48
mkquist__jokeem: what happened?01:48
jokeemmkquist__: same thing.. i startup it pixelates and freezes01:48
mkquist__jokeem: well that was a stretch, assuming the file you copied was a good one01:48
mkquist__jokeem: hmm have you looked at the logs at all to see whats happening?01:48
jokeemmkquist__:  i dont know how to..01:49
Drknzzevon:  u here?01:49
jribscunizi: I forgot which console browser can do it, but there is at least one that can also display images from the web in frame buffer too01:49
helperiflema,  when i type : baobab , give error : ** (baobab:6839): CRITICAL **: Unable to parse option: Cannot open display:01:50
ezrafreeif a program's latest version isn't available in the software center, can i just install from source instead? new to ubuntu and wondering if that'll mess things up or not to install software that isn't from the software center01:50
scunizijrib: I've used elinks2 -g for that but it's not framebuffer..01:50
jribezrafree: it's recommended you don't01:50
iflemahelper that was 4 gui01:50
Drknzzezrafree: if u are going to do that, ud better uninstall it from apt-get first01:50
ezrafreejrib: i see01:50
ezrafreeDrknzz: and "Ubuntu Software Center" is just a frontend to apt-get, right?01:51
Drknzzezrafree: jrib forgot to mention u can always do it, but try to only do so if its EXTREMELY neccesary or the version on repos wont work for you :)01:51
jribDrknzz: basically, if you are asking that question, you probably shouldn't :)01:52
iflemaChrisMorgan im assuming sda5 is the / (root) partition01:52
mkquist__jokeem: look in adminstration - log file viewer01:52
ChrisMorganiflema: correct01:52
iflemaChrisMorgan in a terminal try ' sudo touch /forcefsck '01:52
Drknzzezrafree: yes, along synaptic, packagekit..... even tho apt-get its just a frontend to the real thing: dpkg01:52
mazda01wondering if there is a medibuntu repo for lucid yet?01:52
ChrisMorganYep, I did that.01:52
jrib!lucid | mazda0101:53
jokeemmkquist__:  do u want the xorg log? ill pastebin it?01:53
ubottumazda01: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:53
ChrisMorganJust about ready to restart now01:53
mazda01tried googling it but couldnt' seem to find anything yet01:53
ezrafreeDrknzz: gotcha. i used to run debian some years ago so it's not all completely new to me01:53
iflemaChrisMorgan ya scared.....01:53
mazda01!lucid | jrib01:53
ubottujrib: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:53
jribmazda01: #ubuntu+1 for help with lucid, not here...01:53
ChrisMorganiflema: why do you ask? :-)01:53
jokeemmkquist__:  http://pastebin.com/m2f3285ca01:53
mkquist__jokeem: go ahead, if i cant help - then others can take a looksee too01:53
ChrisMorganI'm just installing lynx for the fun of it.01:54
evondrknzz: yes01:54
Drknzzezrafree: ok, just remember installing with dpkg AND compiling from source can lead to some VERY nasty situations :D01:54
evondrknzz: sorry about that01:54
lizkwhat is the numbering scheme for grub2, whre is the manpage?01:54
Drknzzevon: np01:54
iflemaChrisMorgan i guess i would be.... if that for somereaso does not work there many other ways to accomplish this01:54
evondrknzz: making the bottle now01:54
jokeemmkquist__:  okay. well there it is for anyone to see..01:54
Drknzzevon: did you try to follow this procedure? http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index.php/howto/buildwacom601:54
mazda01jrib, thanks for the info. i just tried /join #ubuntu+1    but it didn't go to that  channel/.01:54
tcarteri have a phillips webcam and installed setpwc from synaptic Pkg mngr...can anyone tell me where i can find it or how to run it?01:55
ChrisMorganiflema: having searched around it seems that it's mostly just a default too low in palimpsest... it seems safe to ignore01:55
ezrafreeDrknzz: yes i shall bear this in mind, it's not so important to me in this case, netbeans 6.7.1 will work fine for now until a package for 6.8 shows up in the software center01:55
ChrisMorganStill I'd like to see if I can fix it01:55
NamVet1would like to watch this video but can't any help? http://www.thecauseofeffect.com/#01:55
jrib!register | mazda0101:55
ubottumazda01: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode01:55
ChrisMorganDreadful, I may need to reboot into Windows and run chkdisk!  :O01:55
mazda01jrib, what's with you, i am already registered!01:55
evondrknzz: didn't see that one. i will try it now01:55
Drknzzevon: ok, tell em if u need something01:56
mazda01!register | jrib01:56
ubottujrib: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode01:56
jribmazda01: stop doing that.  Anyway, you aren't identified01:56
mazda01jrib, i have had mazda01 within freenode for ever, since back to probably fiesty fawn01:56
SerpentXAnyone here have knowledge in Phone / VOIP?01:56
jribmazda01: right now, at this moment, you are not identified.01:57
mazda01IDENTIFY mazda0101:57
jokeemmkquist__:  any thoughts?01:57
scuniziSerpentX: what's up01:57
jribmazda01: (and thus why you can't join #ubuntu+1)01:57
tcarterDoes any one know anything about this?:01:57
tcarter i have a phillips webcam and installed setpwc from synaptic Pkg mngr...can anyone tell me where i can find it or how to run it?01:57
mkquist__jokeem: looking at it01:57
SerpentXWhat I'd like to do is set up my linux box to allow connections voice connections and use my lanline to dial out01:57
jokeemmkquist__:  ok01:57
WildAtheartHi actkb01:58
mazda01jrib, ok, i'll look into that. i thought mazda01 and mazda01_ were both registered for me.01:58
jribmazda01: they may be, but you still need to tell your client to identify when you connect01:58
actkbdcan somone please explain when i run actkbd i get an error saying Error: could not open /dev/input/event0: Permission denied01:58
WildAtheartWow this room chanel has many people in it01:58
actkbdhow i might be able to correct this01:58
actkbdits search for my keyboard right?01:58
scuniziSerpentX: that can be done with Asterisk and other spinoffs from Asterisk.. it's in the repos but isn't the easiest thing to get working.. there is a nice pdf on their site that will help quite a bit.. but to answer your question.. it is possible.01:58
WildAtheartactkbd sign on as root01:59
Dimoutlookkeep getting corrupted dvd-rw disks when I blank with brasero01:59
SerpentXAsterisk, i'm on it thanks01:59
Drknzzactkbd: try sudo actkbd ;)01:59
DrknzzDimoutlook: i think i read brasero had bugs with that somewher, try updating brasero from source or use something else :p01:59
scuniziSerpentX: Asterisk is basically a voip server.. you can have a full pbx system with it if you spend enough time :)01:59
actkbdDrknzz: right tried that it works but wy cant i chmod it and use it regular02:00
WildAtheartscunizi LOL..02:00
linuxuz3rthanks i got it working02:00
_MM_how do I check the size of a file from consolee?02:00
WildAtheartscunizi its better to just use freepbx02:00
mdgI'm having trouble getting NickServe to respond so I can register my nick - any tips?02:00
DimoutlookDrknzz thanks thought it might be a bug02:00
neo_hola alguen abla español02:00
WildAtheartAsterisk is an awwsome program.. you cam make it do about anything02:00
scuniziWildAtheart: based on asterisk .. right?  .. just a varient02:00
Drknzzactkbd: maybe your app requests DIRECT access to the keyboard, or whatever device is that02:00
WildAtheartwith voice calls..02:00
DrknzzDimoutlook: np :)02:01
mkquist__jokeem: can you pastebin you /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup?02:01
WildAtheartscunizi no freepbx  is a user interface  that lets you create dialplans.. if you expert dialplan coder you wouldnt need freepbx02:01
mkquist__jokeem: or maybe just the /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:01
DimoutlookDrknzz I will have to read up on how to compile from source02:01
scuniziWildAtheart: ah.. been looking for something like that.. so a gui front end for asterisk02:02
WildAtheartFreepbx more or less writes all the code for asterisk.. but asterisk is still the aplication that handle the calls02:02
scuniziWildAtheart: I like it.02:02
jokeemif i can work out how to i will mkquist__02:02
DimoutlookThanks to all have to see how to add source bye02:02
DrknzzDimoutlook: pretty easy: apt-get remove brasero; cd /path/to/brasero/sourcecode; ./configure; make; sudo make install02:02
WildAtheartscunizi yes... Also asterisk makes a GUI for it as well.. but depending on your needs you might like freepbx better02:02
jokeemmkquist__:  no i have no idea how to.02:03
WildAtheartscuniz what country you from?02:03
scuniziWildAtheart: U.S.02:03
mkquist__jokeem: just type - gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:03
mkquist__jokeem: then copy that02:04
WildAtheartscunizi you using asterisk for business or resale?02:04
NamVet1Karmic Koala OS would like to watch this video but can't any help? http://www.thecauseofeffect.com/#02:04
scuniziWildAtheart: neither.. fun.. I actually sell IP based pbx's that have a linux kernel but the rest is custom..02:04
jokeemmkquist__:  http://pastebin.com/m1968d2d902:05
WildAtheartscunizi ok cool .. you a developer or installer..02:05
jetpackis anyone in here familiar with Joy2Key?02:05
WildAtheartI am setting up servers with PBX for leasing02:06
scuniziWildAtheart: general manager, sales manager, web developer, personell director etc.. I'm the only one in my department until we get the company up and running more.02:06
titaniumbrellahi can someone tell me why videos get choppy after a while *most likely after updates* when streaming from websites?02:06
scuniziWildAtheart: and installer02:06
WildAtheartscunizi sounds interesting02:06
Ricketmy computer screen just froze and my caps & scroll lock lights are blinking (not num lock). it's a kernel panic right? Do only those 2 blinking mean something more than that?02:06
titaniumbrellasome sites got choppy*but not all* after having ubuntu installed for 2 months02:06
WildAtheartscunizi are you using freepbx now?02:06
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels02:07
scuniziWildAtheart: nope.. looking at what it will take to install02:07
jokeemmkquist__:  whaat ya think?02:07
titaniumbrellaumm using 9.1002:07
WildAtheartscunizi... I have have a sulution nearly completed.. takes only 5 minutes to install02:07
evondrknzz: ok everything configured nicely but this happened when i ran make http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m4aef9afb02:08
_MM_Any experience using  DUPLICITY ? why is this overwriting my stuff on the server running this command ? duplicity --include /var/a/db --include /var/a/resources --exclude '**' /var/a ftp://50465@my_ip//backup_duplicity02:08
WildAtheartcomlete server.. with asterisk.. web server.. email.. freebpx.. voip billing...02:08
dj_segfaultUpgrading from 9.04 to 9.10 installed mysql-server-core-5.0, but not mysql-server-5.0 (which has the init.d file and logrotate, etc).  Is there a reason for that?02:08
scuniziWildAtheart: I'm jealous.. I don't code :(02:08
Drknzzevon: im checking that02:08
evondrknzz: thans02:08
Drknzzevon: you have kernel headers installed?02:09
jph_Running a fresh install of ubuntu server 9.10 sudo apt-get update fails to connect to anything and sudo tasksel only list three things... I want to install a LAMP package... What do I need to do?02:09
WildAtheartscunizi lol.. you dont need to code.. Shoot me over an email.. I will send you a link when i am done.. you can check it out..02:09
helperis there any program like vnstat but in real time ? coz vnstat either need 5 min or manual to update ! thx02:09
lizkin grub2 what is the number of first logical partition02:09
evondrknzz: i don't know. can i install them through synaptic?02:09
WildAtheartscunizi i am setting this up for none coder.. business users..02:09
jrib!grub2 > lizk02:09
ubottulizk, please see my private message02:09
Drknzzevon: yes02:10
WildAtheartits made easy for business that want 12 phone lines..02:10
Drknzzevon: make sure they are of the same version as your actual kernel (u can check that with uname -r)02:10
jetpackAlright guys, I have a USB game controller, and I want to use it as a media remote sort of deal on my computer. Anyone have any ideas? I think I am getting pretty close...02:10
jimcooncatI'd like to know if there is an option where I could have "group homes", where a home directory is provided for each group formed by manual input. Anyone heard of a setup like that?02:10
lizkjrib: i read that doesn't answer my question02:11
evondrknzz: yes it looks like the headers are already installed.02:11
Drknzzevon: hmmmpphh02:11
evondrknzz: but there are a number of different headers to choose though02:11
Drknzzevon: weird, re-check ./configure's output02:12
Drknzzevon: make sure you have the headers for your actual kernel02:12
FernandoFHello! good evening02:12
WildAtheartDrknzz are you an expert in unbuntu?02:12
jriblizk: wasn't your question about whether numbering starts at 0 or 1 in grub 2?02:12
evondrknzz: i see linux-headers-2.6.31-17-generic-pae02:12
DrknzzWildAtheart: Not really an expert, but i do know my way around02:12
FernandoFAnyone knows how to bypass error "Move background page assignment" in OpenOffice?02:12
evondrknzz: that matches my kernel and is already installed02:13
evondrknzz: but there's also generic and 38602:13
mkquist__jokeem: which radeon card do you have - if you know?02:13
Drknzzevon: hmmm, check that webpage for anything related to that02:13
WildAtheartDrknzz do you do freelance work?02:13
jokeemmkquist__:  dunno02:13
eeepcwifiHi, I was wondering if there is anyone that can help me with my new eeepc / netbook ubuntu wifi connection problem?02:14
Drknzzevon: i  think those errors come from bad code, but im not absolutely sure02:14
DrknzzWildAtheart: huh?02:14
FernandoFreported bug 46307 on that issue is there for ages with no solution02:14
WildAtheartDrknzz do you work for pay over the net?02:14
lizkjrib: sda1=1 sdb=2 sdc=3 sdd=extended sde=firstLogical=?02:14
NamVet1senare 8-)02:14
eeepcwifiI installed 9.10 netbook remix and I can connect fine to open wifi networks but it keeps prompting me to enter my key when I try to join my network.02:14
eeepcwifimy network is wep 128bit and is not broadcasting.02:15
DrknzzWildAtheart: Nope, im just helping out while my download finished over this solw dial-up link XD02:15
eeepcwifiI don't even know where to start02:15
mkquist__jokeem: type lspci at command prompt02:15
WildAtheartlol Drknzz02:15
jetpackAlright guys, I have a USB game controller, and I want to use it as a media remote sort of deal on my computer. Anyone have any ideas? I think I am getting pretty close... I just need a little bit of help02:15
DrknzzWildAtheart: hehehhe, i was a noob, and i like to help noobs :)02:15
jriblizk: same as before afaik.  It's the nth partition.  So in your example, 502:16
evondrknzz: my output from ./configure http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m5908a5ef.  according to the site that'02:16
WildAtheartDrknzz well that is good.. I use centos mostly.. but starting to switch to ubuntu and would like to hire someone one to do some work.02:16
evondrknzz: my output from ./configure http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m5908a5ef.  according to the site that's what supposed to happen02:16
jokeemmkquist__:  http://pastebin.com/m166ea1bd02:16
DrknzzWildAtheart: Well, you pretty much dont need to hire ppl, just come here :)02:16
PC_Nerd101Can anyone explain what the score's refer to when running aptitude full-upgrade etc?   I'm rather confused as to the difference between positive and negative scores.02:16
Drknzzevon, ima check that out02:17
WildAtheartLOL Drknzz.. I dont believe you a noob... noobs dont admit too often they are a noob.. unless they begging for help and dont want to act stupid02:17
jrib!aptitude | PC_Nerd10102:17
ubottuPC_Nerd101: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide02:17
dj_segfaultI just upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10.  I now have mysql 5.0 (I need it for mythtv among other things).  The upgrade installed mysql-server-core-5.0 but not msql-server-5.0.  When I tried installing *that*, it said it needed mysql-client-5.0, which it won't install because mysql-client-5.1 is installed.  Has anyone else seen this?02:17
jribPC_Nerd101: no idea, but I'd guess the aptitude manual may have a clue (link on that page)02:17
Drknzzevon: youre lacking a LOT of needed packages for building that module02:17
evondrknzz: lol. do tell02:18
WildAtheartdj_segfault uninstall both.. and reinstall02:18
evondrknzz: what should i install?02:18
jph_this is the output of when i run tasksel list-tasks... ~$ sudo tasksel --list-tasks02:18
jph_i serverBasic Ubuntu server02:18
jph_i openssh-serverOpenSSH server02:18
jph_u manualManual package selection02:18
jph_  this is the same and only list offered if i run sudo tasksel with the goal of installing a LAMP server package... where do i start to get my LAMP package?02:18
FloodBot1jph_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:18
evonjph_ use pastebin02:18
jph_will do02:18
DrknzzWildAtheart: lol, just ask, id bet someone will help you everytime, just be patient, or ask the bot ;)02:18
Drknzzevon: hehehe02:18
jribdj_segfault: erm, how did you upgrade?02:18
dj_segfaultWildAtheart: Uninstall *which*  Everything mysql?02:18
dj_segfaultjrib: From the updater02:18
cp721hello how can i undo this command "sudo ufw allow proto tcp from to port 49200"02:19
jimmy_birer1wildheart ask me the question02:19
eeepcwifiUbuntu 9.10 netbook remix, eeepc 1000, I can connect to open wifi networks but my wep 128bit hidden network it keeps prompting me to enter my key and never connects.. HELP!!!02:19
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jribdj_segfault: were you using unofficial repositories or debs?02:19
jokeemmkquist__:  did you se?02:19
Drknzzevon:  try searching in synaptic for every name below the kernel and dev02:19
WildAtheartDrknzz LOL.../   somethings i need only to do once.. i dont always have time to learn.. cheaper to just pay someone02:19
lizkjrib: you have a link/ereference? In grub1 firstlogical always = 402:19
dj_segfaultjrib: Not that I know of, other than mutlimedia (dvd stuff)02:19
Drknzzevon: that may give u all headers u need02:19
jriblizk: because counting started at 0 before, now it starts at 102:19
sharktootheeepcwifi:are you using proprietary drivers?02:19
evonjph_ you mean from my ./configure output?02:20
jetpackeepcwifi: Try resetting your router. Just like, power off / power on02:20
eeepcwifisharktooth: its a stock install just installed today02:20
dj_segfaultjrib: Trying to research which version of MySQL is needed for MythTV02:20
WildAtheartDrknzz I do development for others.. and not always have enough time even for things i know how to do well02:20
eeepcwifiits not my router.. I tested it on windows and 2 iphones02:20
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eeepcwifiits ubuntu02:20
DrknzzWildAtheart: Its pretty neat to know your way around stuff at all times, but if you do want to hire someone...02:20
WildAtheartdj_segfault do you have data you are afraid to lose?02:20
DrknzzWildAtheart: you should go for paid canonical support02:21
lizkjrib: you are saying that no matter my partitioning, /dev/sdaX always equals hd0,X ?  even with 1 primary 1 logical, /dev/sda3 = hd0,3 ?02:21
sharktootheeepcwifi:go to the system|admin|hardware drivers , see if you can install another driver for your wireless card;it MIGHT help, ephasis on might02:21
jriblizk: afaik, yes.02:21
mkquist__jokeem: yea i got it02:21
cp721hello how can i undo this command "sudo ufw allow proto tcp from to port 49200"02:21
dj_segfaultWildAtheart: It's backed up, but I would rather not lose it.  Years of MythTV, wordpress, etc02:21
hyperstreamis it possible to see what port an application is listening on ?02:21
WildAtheartDrknzz  nice if i do that is there a chance  i might one accross you there?02:21
sharktoothdoes anyone know why the upgrade button on ubuntu fails02:21
lizkjrib: where is that info? I want to be REALLY sure b4 i potentialy hose it02:21
PC_Nerd101jrib: I've just gone through the manual and haven't specifically found anything relating to scores02:21
Drknzzcp721: change allow for deny and thats it02:22
jriblizk: how would you hose it?  It would just fail to boot02:22
jokeemmkquist__:  k, did you find anything with either logs?02:22
DrknzzWildAtheart: Nope, but i bet those guys are nice :)02:22
lizkjrib: that would mean reinstall for me02:22
evondrknzz: you mean from my ./configure output?02:22
WildAtheartDrknzz yea they better be nice as much as they charge02:22
Drknzzevon: yup02:22
evondrknzz: not finding any of them02:22
eeepcwifisharktooth: if it matters it connects fine to open networks.. so are drivers the issue?02:22
DrknzzWildAtheart: Well, i hardly doubt they arent XD02:23
jriblizk: add an extra entry in grub instead of deleting the working one, no?02:23
ChrisMorganiflema: it did the on-boot-fsck, still the same SMART complaint.  I expect I'll just have to tell it to not warn me.02:23
Drknzzevon: weird, plz wait02:23
jph_evon I don't know... I have never had this problem before... I did a clean install of 9.10 and at install i used tasksel as provided in the installation wizard to install OpenSSH however for some unknown reason I didn't install LAMP at that time... no when entering sudo tasksel it only list three options not the long list as before02:23
jetpackAlright guys, I have a USB game controller, and I want to use it as a media remote sort of deal on my computer. Anyone have any ideas? I think I am getting pretty close... I just need a little bump in the right dirrection02:23
lizkwell i want to concentrate on getting the number 100% correct, rather than play guessing games02:23
eeepcwifiit says no propietary drivers are in use and it gives none in the list02:23
WildAtheartjetpack google game controller to make sure its supported first02:23
eeepcwifisharktooth: it says no propietary drivers are in use and it gives none in the list02:24
sharktootheeepcwifi: with the right drivers can can do more, it is worth a try. I know monitor mode works with some drivers maybe the hidden net will work02:24
sharktootheeepcwifi:what router are you using?02:24
jetpackeeepcwifi: do other computers on the network connect right now?02:24
Drknzzevon: try installing this and see if configure tells xfree86 stuff is present: http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/libxxf86misc-dev02:24
jriblizk: you would have figured it out already.  The link I gave you earlier explains how the numbering works.  There's also the official grub 2 docs I guess02:25
eeepcwifisharktooth: wrt54gl jetpack: yes 1 windows and 2 iphones.. I also deleted and created the network on the iphone to make sure. The router is also new.02:25
jetpackWildAtHeart: I have. It works flawlessly as a game controller. I am using Joy2Key to convert buttons to key presses, but I can't get it to act like my media keys02:25
lizkjrib: thing is (i'm using alternate i386) top says "configuration grub-pc" yet the instructions & examples are for old grub with wrong numbering02:25
WildAtheartjetpack i am new to ubuntu.. not sure i can help you there..02:26
lizkjrib: will it actualy do the correct thing given the corrct number?02:26
iflemaChrisMorgan did fsck complained about smart?02:26
jriblizk: I don't understand what you just said.  top of what?02:26
ChrisMorganiflema: it didn't complain about anything that I noticed02:26
adantehi guys, i stupidly did do-release-upgrade from an ssh session which died, now there are some dpkg-reconfigure processes that are preventing me from re-running do-release-upgrade - is it safe to just kill them and restart?02:26
pfred1I think I'm starting to see why Ubuntu wants to drop the gimp from future versions02:26
eeepcwifijetpack: i have 1 windows, desktop ubuntu  connected wired and 2 iphones connected wifi fine adn the router is 1 month old.02:26
jetpackeeepcwifi: try disconnecting and reconnecting the router just in case, and also double check the passphrase. I have an older router that glitches up a lot02:26
lizkjrib: i'm using the alternate install disk, when promped to write grub to mrbr i decline, then next screen it ask me for hdx,x, gut gives old instructin for grub102:26
jriblizk: what ubuntu version?02:27
jetpackWildAtHeart: Eh. Thanks anyway.02:27
* Callum_ scratches his hair over how to configure BIND02:27
eeepcwifijetpack: I have done that. and I checked the passphrase with teh iphone cus I was second guessing myself cus it wouldnt connect.02:27
jriblizk: I don't actually know if the alternate disk uses grub 2 or not02:27
serengetihyperstream: I think something like netstat -anp |grep processname02:27
lizkjrib: oh, that could make it different from live? it says "grub-pc" in title of that screen, grub-pc is grub2 no?02:28
jetpackeeepcwifi: if you go into the routers config pages can you pull up a DHCP table? It should have the MAC and IP of everything connected.02:28
jph_evon any thoughts?02:28
jokeemmkquist__:  u htere?02:28
jriblizk: I don't know.  I suppose if that's true, it's very likely a bug already exists at bugs.ubuntu.com about it02:28
mkquist__jokeem: still here, i dont use radeon cards, so I'm not sure on their config - maybe someone using radeon gfx could lend a hand?02:29
jetpackDo any of you guys have experience with Media Keys under Ubuntu?02:29
hyperstreamserengeti, thansk mate02:29
serengetihyperstream, no worries :)02:29
jokeemmkquist__:  ok... i might just reinstall02:29
jokeemso sick of linux02:29
jribjetpack: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)02:29
pfred1jokeem its not for everyone02:30
mkquist__jokeem: its worth the learning curve - imho02:30
evonjph_ sorry that last message i wrote was not meant for you. I actually don't know anything about that stuff02:30
mkquist__anyone use radeon card can help maybe?02:30
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lizkjrib: thing is this is my second install, first worked briefly then wouldn't boot after update grub said "file not found"02:30
jetpackjrib: huh? I am new to irc. lol02:30
arghh2d2lol, if you cant handle ubuntu then linux is definitely "not for you"02:30
jokeemi enjoy linux - but it's too difficult... like all the commands. why so serious?02:30
serengetimkquist__ what's the problem?02:31
mkquist__jokeem: maybe dont make changes till your a little more sure of what they do02:31
jribjetpack: irc netiquette is to just jump right in and ask your real question.  Then if someone knows, they will try to help you02:31
hyperstreamjokeem, wrong place to chuck a emo :)02:31
jokeemmkquist__:  lol pretty much02:31
mkquist__serengeti: he jokeem cant log into his linux02:31
serengetimkquist__ pity :p02:31
pfred1jokeem you're probably better off not trying Slackware then02:31
mkquist__serengeti: was thinking his xorg got messed up02:31
FernandoFOpenOffice 3.1 (ppt) can not open presentation.  Someone can help?02:31
jribjokeem: you don't need to run a single command in ubuntu if you don't want to...02:31
gent00why ubuntu is that slow?02:31
arghh2d2jokeem: jokeem try gentoo, it's super easy02:31
jokeemu eventually do.02:31
jribjokeem: like when?02:32
SolarisBoy@ gentoo02:32
serengetimkquist__ I'll look it up in the log and see if I can help02:32
gent00solaris will destroy linux eventually02:32
gent00they begun to sale02:32
jetpackjrib: oh gotcha. Haha. I don't think my issue would fit on one line.02:32
ripI tried installing 3 different distros (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE) on a laptop with a nvidia geforce card in order to find out if any would be able to suspend (sleep) the laptop....  Under the default installation of the three distros, only Fedora successfully suspended the laptop via the included pm-suspend utility from pm-utils and only Fedora, by default, installs the nouveau driver while the other two seem to install the 'vesa' driver02:32
rip, by default.  Is suspend likely to be working on Fedora exactly because of the nouveau driver?  And does this mean, if I install the nouveau driver, it will work on Ubuntu also?02:32
FernandoFmessage i get is "Move background page assignment"02:32
mkquist__serengeti: thanx02:32
SolarisBoy=) atleast you know the truth02:32
evondrknzz: new error this time http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m7e9f2e8b02:32
gent00solarisboy enjoy ur OS02:32
sharktootheeepcwifi:I don't know if this will help but here you go;good luck! http://johnbokma.com/mexit/2007/12/29/my-linksys-wrt54gl-ubuntu-wireless-settings.html02:32
SolarisBoyi will02:32
oorahi'm having trouble installing onto my ps3 here's the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFBNmM1I_XM02:32
gent00it`s way better than Lunix02:32
jokeemanyway i can get skipper passwords/02:32
mkquist__jokeem: might wanna give serengeti a mo to look at your pastebin02:32
Drknzzevon: see my private messages?02:32
jribjetpack: summarize it and a link with more details (logs, etc.) by using http://paste.ubuntu.com02:32
eeepcwifijetpack: I have the dhcp list02:32
gent00I mean looser`s unix02:32
jokeemand a list of installed programs02:32
jph_anyone have any thoughts on why tasksel will only show three things to install, really two that are installed and some manual package selection tool02:33
jokeemmkquist__:  ok.02:33
evondrknzz: installed them already02:33
SolarisBoywell i actually prefer red hat based distros02:33
SolarisBoybut whos looking anyway huh =)02:33
eeepcwifijetpack: but my netbook's mac does not show up in it02:33
sabgentonDr_Willis: hey um does ubuntu sitll use grub legacy02:33
gent00linux sucks generally02:33
jribgent00: let's stay on-topic please.02:33
Drknzzevon: i still need to give you more man, wait02:33
oorahi don't think solaris is user friendly enough to destroy linux lol gent0002:33
jetpackjrib: Sweet. thanks! will do.02:33
mkquist__gent00: nice channel for that02:33
evondrknzz: lol ok thanks02:33
SolarisBoywell we should stop comparing an OS to a kernel first02:33
jribjph_: did you also say apt-get update didn't work?02:33
serengetijokeem, I've always used ubuntu with Radeons so there's a small chance I can help02:33
SolarisBoysolaris is not comparible to linux02:34
arghh2d2SolarisBoy: tru dat02:34
jetpackeeepcwifi: Huh. I'm out of ideas then02:34
jph_jrib yes I did say that02:34
gent00yeah because solaris is way better02:34
jokeemserengeti: awesome.02:34
jribjph_: did you fix that?02:34
mkquist__jokeem: what was it you did again the got it futzed up?02:34
oorahi'm having trouble installing onto my ps3 here's the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFBNmM1I_XM02:34
tahow can I emulate windows in ubuntu? I need to install MS Project and it cannot run with wine as far as I know02:34
gent00i saw solaris 1002:34
jribgent00: take the discussion elsewhere (last warning)02:34
sabgentonDr_Willis: I installed grub on a usbstick but the menu says version 1.97~beta402:34
jokeemserengeti:  well when i boot up, the ubuntu screen goes all distorted and freezes.02:34
arghh2d2ta: virtualbox02:34
gent00i saw solaris 10 and i understood that Linux will die soon02:34
jph_jrib negative I bet they are related but I don't know where to start so i came here02:34
jokeemmkquist__:  thanks for all your help, appreciate it.02:35
sunanything I should do to get the most out of my system after a fresh install?02:35
mkquist__give it a rest...02:35
SolarisBoyAIX is rather defensive these days...02:35
mkquist__jokeem: sry i couldnt get you back02:35
Dr_Willissabgenton:  that is the version # for grub2 in ubuntu 9.10 - yes...02:35
evongent00: what makes solaris 10 so special?02:35
* sabgenton asks all: if I use grub-install on a drive will it install gurb 2?02:35
eeepcwifiJetpack: I know it has to do with ubuntu and connecting to a hidden wep 128bit.. some part of that doesn't work. cus it can connect fine to an open netowrk and my router is definately not the issue 2 other os's connect fine wifi and my wifi printer connects fine to it as well.02:35
sabgentonDr_Willis: ah02:35
jokeemmkquist__:  no worries02:35
serengetijokeem, can you see the ubuntu logo before this happens?02:35
Dr_Willis!info grubpc02:35
ubottuPackage grubpc does not exist in karmic02:35
Dr_Willis!info grub-pc02:35
helperis there any program like vnstat but in real time ? coz vnstat either need 5 min or manual to update ! thx02:35
ubottugrub-pc (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS version). In component main, is extra. Version 1.97~beta4-1ubuntu4.1 (karmic), package size 423 kB, installed size 1712 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 kopensolaris-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 lpia powerpc sparc)02:35
jribjph_: right, that's my bet too :)  pastebin your command and the output when you run « sudo apt-get update »02:35
Drknzzevon: pastebin ./configure --help output02:36
gent00!info windows02:36
ubottuPackage windows does not exist in karmic02:36
sabgentonDr_Willis: confusing02:36
SolarisBoyevon: its scalable is one of my favs about solaris,, and it has a truly native relation with the hardware it sits on02:36
jph_jrub will do brb it takes a second or two to fail big02:36
Dr_Willissabgenton:  not really :)02:36
jokeemserengeti:  yes02:36
jribSolarisBoy, evon, gent00: #ubuntu-offtopic to talk about other operating systems or anything non-support really. This channel is busy enough as it is02:36
jokeemserengeti:  when it finished loading, it goes all distorted.02:36
SolarisBoythats nice02:36
SolarisBoyill brb02:37
Dr_Willissabgenton:  thats just how version #s work.  They pused grub2 in whild it was still considerd beta02:37
arghh2d2jrub, lol02:37
sabgentonDr_willis do you think grub2 could install  ubuntu server iso's02:37
evondrknzz: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m27a7978e02:37
serengetijokeem, when the screen freezes, can you use Ctrl+Alt+F1 to switch to the text console?02:37
jetpackeeepcwifi: are you able to test different router configs without messing anything else up too badly?02:37
sabgentonnon live cd isos02:37
evonjrib: sorry about that man02:37
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sabgentonDr_Willis: I'm trying what you told me about yesterday02:37
gent00this channel has too restricted rules.02:37
jokeemserengeti:  never tryed..02:37
sabgentongrub2 able to boot isos02:37
gent00if u say u support freedom then give more freedom to users02:37
eeepcwifijetpack: I have too much connected to it in use. And this is how I want it set up. So I need to get the netbook working with wep 128bit hidden02:37
serengetijokeem, and what Radeon is it, by the way/02:38
pfred1gent00 you are free to start your own channel02:38
noshelterI currently have nvidia-glx.185 installed, and i tried the latest version of the drivers from the nvidia site, but the temp on my GPU is always around 66 when idle and the fan is always running, any hints on how to fix this?02:38
jokeemi dont know. mkquist__  what was it :D02:38
oorahi'm having trouble installing onto my ps3 here's the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFBNmM1I_XM02:38
devilwithahearteeepwifi: did you try deleting the network profile and recreating it. It sometimes work for me.02:39
Drknzzevon: i think you will need to read more on that webpage, i have no idea what could ever be wrong, sorry02:39
Dr_Willis!ps3 | oorah02:39
ubottuoorah: Aside from i386 and amd64 platforms, Ubuntu is also available for alternate platforms. Playstation 3 ( support in #ubuntu-ps3 ) Apple PowerPC  ( support in #ubuntu-ppc )02:39
serengetijokeem, so was it like that from the beginning or maybe you have installed some new drivers?02:39
eeepcwifidevilwithaheart: yes I've done it several times cus I thoguht I was typing something wrong until I tested teh settigns on my iphone and it worked.02:39
ripHow does one install nouveau driver (for nvdia video cards) on Ubuntu?  I assume it involves installing 'xserver-xorg-video-nouveau', but then what do I do?02:39
evondrknzz: are you really giving up on me? :-( there are no more packages i have to install?02:39
pfred1is there any way I can downgrade the version of the gimp shipped with Ubuntu 9.10 to a useful version?02:39
jetpackeeepcwifi: I was just going to have you un-hide it and see if it will connect unhidden. Have you filed a bug report?02:39
noshelterrip: search for the nvidia-glx package, or go to the nvidia website02:40
Dr_Willis!pin | pfred102:40
eeepcwifijetpack: I can try unhiding it.. sec...02:40
ubottupfred1: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto02:40
Drknzzevon: im sleepy now, gotta go bed, and, as  far as i can go undersgtanding the problem, it might be the developers fault this time :S02:40
ripnoshelter: I don't want to install Nvidia's proprietary drivers though02:40
jokeemserengeti:  well i was in the recovery for ubuntu, and I press fix graphic errors.02:40
ripI prefer free drivers02:41
noshelterrip: sorry, not sure of a free version of them02:41
Drknzzevon: i have to go university tomorrow :p02:41
Dr_Willisrip:  often i find to get all teh features -  You have to use the drivers from nvidia02:41
jph_jrub  http://paste.ubuntu.com/362322/02:41
eeepcwifijetpack: it works with my network broadcasting02:41
jolarenHow do I activate sound in rdesktop? and is it possible to multi client with rdesktop?02:41
eeepcwifijetpack: so the issue is that its hidden.02:41
Dr_Willisrip:  on some box's i cant even get proper resolutions without the nvidia drivers installed.02:41
evondrknzz: i hear you. I have work in the morning.02:42
devilwithahearteeepcwifi: what encription you use?02:42
evondrknzz: thanks though. I will keep searching.02:42
mkquist__hey whats happens in koala when you remove the xorg.conf and reboot?02:42
eeepcwifidevilwithaheart: wep 12802:42
oorahhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFBNmM1I_XM here is the error i'm getting trying to install Ubuntu onto my ps302:42
jolarenHow do I activate sound in rdesktop? and is it possible to multi client with rdesktop?02:42
Dr_Willismkquist__:  it uses the default autoconfiguring feature of X.02:42
ripDr_Willis: I'm not that tempted to get all the features... I only want to get suspend (sleep) working on a laptop... and the nouveau free driver seems to be able to sleep my laptop since it is intstalled by default on Fedora... so that's why i'm asking how one installs nouveau on Ubuntu...02:42
mkquist__will it crash or remake?02:42
Dr_Willisrip:  never tried them. so no idea02:42
frogzoomkquist__: it won't remake - X will fail to start02:43
Dr_Willismkquist__:  neither.. it AUTOCONFIGURES.02:43
ripDr_Willis: I can get the laptops full resolution with the nouveau driver on Fedora02:43
jetpackeeepcwifi: are you sure that you had the network ID in exactly right?02:43
mkquist__Dr_Willis: so what if jokeem just removes his xorg.conf... so will it reconfigure?02:43
Dr_Willismkquist__:  it autoconfigures as needed upon X startup. In theory.02:43
eeepcwifijetpack: yes its 4 letters not easy to mess up :)02:43
Dr_Willismkquist__:  it does not make a xorg.conf02:43
mkquist__Dr_Willis: so its almost like dpkg-reconfigure-xserver?02:43
eeepcwifijetpack: its shat.. :) so i know i typed it right02:43
mkquist__lets find out... hmm02:44
eeepcwifijetpack: not sure if you saw but it did connect when it was broadcasting.02:44
Dr_Willismkquist__:  i have severla machines with no xorg.conf - some need it for special features/settings02:44
pfred1Dr_Willis pinning seems useful if you have things that work02:44
oorahcan anyone help me with ps3 errors?02:44
jetpackeeepcwifi: Yeah, I saw that... hmm...02:45
jolarenAnyone know of a good rdesktop client? gnome-rdesktop isnt so good02:45
RainbowEyesum... does anybody know if there's a good Microsoft Project equivalent for Ubuntu? >.>02:45
jribjph_: "jrib" instead of "jrub" if you want me to get a highlight :)02:45
eeepcwifijetpack: im going to hide it and try again.02:45
jetpackeeepcwifi: alright02:45
jph_sorrt typo02:45
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eeepcwifijetpack: so to make sure I'm doing it right.. i just go to the wifi manager and chose connect to hidden wireless network or should I create new wireless network?02:46
jribjph_: is your internet working otherwise?02:46
jetpackeeepcwifi: nope, connect to hidden is right02:46
mkquist__jokeem: still here?02:46
jokeemis there such thing as a system restore for ubuntu?02:46
eeepcwifijetpack: ok brb02:46
jokeemmkquist__:  yes02:46
oorahhere's the errors i'm getting on my ps3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFBNmM1I_XM02:46
sabgentonDr_Willis: I can't get ubuntu-server  to see the cdrom drive when it boots02:46
jph_jrib yes it works, I am SSHed in to that box and also have terminal access to the back via hardwired KVM02:46
ChrisMorganI installed GSmartControl, it installed a launcher which triggers su-to-root -X -c gsmartcontrol -- but su-to-root is in the package `menu` which wasn't installed.  Does its dependency list need updating?02:46
mkquist__sabgenton: hes gone i think02:47
helperis there any program like vnstat but in real time ? coz vnstat either need 5 min or manual to update ! thx02:47
mkquist__jokeem: back in live cd?02:47
jph_jrib if you need me to test the internet on that box let me know how you would like me to02:47
jribjph_: nslookup us.archive.ubuntu.com    works ok?02:47
oorahassuming almost nobody installs Linux onto a ps3 or knows anything about ppc?02:47
twbWhen booting the live CD, is there a way to stop gdm (and thus X) from starting?02:47
macman_hey all .. i have a detached screen .. how can i view what is going on without re-attaching to it ?02:48
jolarenNo rdesktop gui avaiable? Gosh02:48
jetpackHey guys, I am trying to configure a gamepad with joy2key (yes the pad is supported) but am having trouble mapping it to my media keys. Anyone have any ideas? More info at http://paste.ubuntu.com/362325/02:48
devilwithaheartmacman_: you can ssh into it.02:48
jph_jrib it failed02:48
eeepcwifijetpack: same thing.. it just keeps spinning and then prompts me to enter it again..02:48
jribjph_: it's a dns issue then02:49
jph_jrib connection timed out02:49
RainbowEyesdoes anybody know if there's a good Microsoft Project equivalent for Ubuntu? X:02:49
Bogocan anyone help me with a server problem...i can't seem to fix it... :(02:49
jribjph_: I don't really know too much about this, but what is in /etc/resolv.conf ?02:49
frogzooRainbowEyes: there's Task Juggler, and there's Project02:49
Bogomore exactly a mail server problem...02:49
jetpackeeepcwifi: Huh... No idea. I would file a bug report, and then just un-hide it for now if you need it. It is probably a bug that is unique to your hardware.02:49
RainbowEyesokay, thanks frogzoo, I'll look it up ^^02:49
SolarisBoyand Planner RainbowEyes02:50
mkquist__jokeem: how about you open a terminal and type - sudo mv /etc/xorg.conf /etc/xorg.conf.old02:50
jeffreyfoorah, if you want to try, there are several tutorials on the internet on how to install Ubuntu or other distro onto the PS3.  You need the PowerPC (mac) version as the processor is a power series02:50
eeepcwifijetpack: I'll do that. Thanks for the help02:50
mkquist__jokeem: and try a reboot, doesnt work come back in live cd02:50
RainbowEyesSolarisBoy: okay, I'll check that out too :)02:50
jokeemmkquist__:  will do02:50
serengetijokeem: so you got the distortion for no apparent reason and then went to recovery and clicked Fix graphics errors?02:50
SolarisBoyresolv.conf defines which dns servers you use amongst other things02:50
jetpackHey guys, I am trying to configure a gamepad with joy2key but am having trouble mapping it to my media keys. Anyone have any ideas? More info at http://paste.ubuntu.com/362325/02:50
jokeemserengeti: other way arounf02:50
frogzooRainbowEyes: s/Planner/Project02:51
serengetimquist__: it won't work if he's on livecd, will it?02:51
SolarisBoyit also defines a search pattern to be appended to the end of hostnames like mydomain.net02:51
jph_jrib before we get to that let me run this thought by you, we are behind firewalls here I have access to modify them... that server has the following and only the following ports opened up on it 22,80,433,53    could this be the root of my problem?02:51
serengetimquist__: I mean it's not /etc/foo but /media/????/foo02:51
jokeemmkquist__: mv: cannot stat `/etc/xorg.conf': No such file or directory02:51
RainbowEyesfrogzoo: so you meant Planner?02:51
oorahjeffreyf, i know that, however the tutorials say nothing about the error messages i get. i've checked several of them for weeks02:52
eeepcwifibogo: whats your server problem?02:52
mkquist__jokeem: srry sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old02:52
eeepcwifii may not be great with desktop stuff but I do a lot of linux server work02:52
mkquist__jokeem: missed the X11 part... oops02:52
SolarisBoyapt-cache show planner02:53
mkquist__serengeti: thats right02:53
mkquist__jokeem: you have to be doing this on your old install... right02:53
SolarisBoyunless thats an virtual package or something02:53
frogzooTask Juggler > Planner02:53
mkquist__serengeti: just assumed he knew that ... bad assumption02:53
SolarisBoyahh i see02:53
jokeemmkquist__: what u mean? in the recvoer02:53
jribjph_: hmm.  Well apt-get either uses http or ftp (looks like that should be ok). As for the dns lookups, I don't know what you need to do firewall-wise if anything02:53
framelinuxhelp!, how to install xubuntu on pentium III 128 RAM and 333 Mhz? no alternate cd02:53
Bogoright...so...i have installed ubuntu server 9.04 on a server machine...installed and configured the mail server (following this tutorial: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-9.10-ispconfig-3), but when i'm trying to access my email account on the server, outlook can't find the serverm neither thunderbird. i have installed ispconfig and tried to configure and run roundcube.02:54
mkquist__jokeem: sorry, I should have mentioned that all those commands are to be run on you hard drive ubuntu install, cant just do it in live cd02:54
serengetijokeem, wait a sec. do you see your hard drive partitions on the livecd desktop?02:54
Bogointernet connection is working...02:54
mkquist__jokeem: wont do anything there02:54
SolarisBoyyou need to try resolving whatever apt is trying to resolve against your dns server would be likely one of the first steps if you feel its dns related02:54
tahow reliable is virtualbox_02:54
jeffreyfoorah    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PlayStation_302:54
SolarisBoylike dig <domain> @<dns server>02:54
mkquist__jokeem: means is you have to mount your ubuntu installation and cd to it and then run those commands02:54
jokeemmkquist__: OHHHHHHHH. serengeti  yes02:54
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:55
jokeemmkquist__: im sorry, i have no clue how to..02:55
serengetijokeem: so find the partition that has a folder named "etc" in it02:55
jetpackI am trying to configure a gamepad with joy2key but am having trouble mapping it to my media keys. Anyone have any ideas? More info at http://paste.ubuntu.com/362325/02:55
jribSolarisBoy: nslookup us.archive.ubuntu.com failed for jph_ with connection timed out02:55
Shwackoh crap...sorry wrong room to ctrl v in :( sorry02:55
mkquist__jokeem: know how to mount you ubuntu install?  the hard drive one?02:55
serengetijokeem: and browse to etc/X1102:55
jokeemserengeti:  YEP02:55
mkquist__jokeem: do that02:55
jph_jrib ok well where would you like to start as far and finding the problem...02:55
jokeemno  i dont02:55
CondorDeltahola a todos02:55
mkquist__jokeem: how did you look at it before?02:55
jokeemjust look for the folder?02:55
CondorDeltaalguien que hable español ?02:56
SolarisBoyjrib: against the dns server in his resolv.conf? or the one being used by his router?02:56
jokeemthats what mount means?02:56
Bogosolarisboy: how am i supposed to do that? :( i'm kind of a noob @ servers :(02:56
jokeemcause i can do that02:56
mkquist__jokeem: can you browse you ubuntu install?02:56
serengetijokeem: when you have found "etc", open it, then go to "X11"02:56
jrib@mark Shwack02:56
jokeemok vguyd02:56
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:56
SolarisBoywith that command 'dig us.archive.ubuntu.com @<mydnsserver>'02:56
serengetijokeem: and in "X11" find a file "xorg.conf" and delete it02:56
jetpackCondorDelta: Si. Solamente un poco. Por Que?02:57
Bogorun as root i presume...02:57
SolarisBoy<mydnsserver> being the one in question,, alternatively you can try and see if you can query verizon pub for the domain in question02:57
mkquist__jokeem: what hes saying02:57
iflemaChrisMorgan m8 backup anything important hey..... does not sound good.... you need to check for bad blocks...02:57
jolarenIs it possible to keep the user logged in with rdesktop? When I login to my win7 computer I get logged out from the mainscreen02:57
SolarisBoyno you dont need to be root to run dig02:57
jokeemok i did that02:57
jribjph_: pastebin /etc/resolv.conf is a good start02:57
jokeembut permission denied lol.02:57
CondorDeltahola jetpack02:57
jph_jrib ok will do02:57
jribSolarisBoy: nslookup suse whatever is in /etc/resolv.conf afaik02:57
CondorDeltatengo un problema con mi ubuntu02:57
CondorDeltasoy nuevo en linux02:57
mkquist__serengeti: hell have to sudo to do it02:57
jribuses even02:57
jetpackCondorDelta: Jaja. Hola.02:57
Shwackjrib what's up?02:57
puffThe firefox package is a meta-package that installs the latest version of firefox in the repos. How do I see the latest version in the repos?02:57
jribShwack: nothing, ignore me02:58
SolarisBoyjrib: which is why he should direct it not to02:58
framelinuxyo hablo español XD02:58
SolarisBoywith @02:58
SolarisBoyand see if he is able to resolve there02:58
CondorDeltahola fremalinux02:58
jetpackframelinux: yes?02:58
Shwackjrib: k02:58
CondorDeltanecesito ayuda02:58
jribSolarisBoy: ok, good idea02:58
framelinuxyo pensaba que solo se hablaba ingles aca XDDD02:58
SolarisBoydig does the same as well02:58
mkquist__jokeem: open a terminal02:58
framelinuxdime Condor Delta02:58
CondorDeltajaja me estaba temiendo lo mismo02:58
jrib!es | CondorDelta02:58
ubottuCondorDelta: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:58
serengetimkquist__: haven't used ubuntu livecd in a while ;)02:58
jph_jrib no need to pastbin it is as follows: first line 'search us'  second line 'nameserver'02:58
CondorDeltalo que sucede es que por casualidad borre el icono de network manager02:59
SolarisBoycan you ping that name server?02:59
CondorDeltay no puedo ver el listado de mis redes02:59
jetpackCondorDelta: Que tipo de ayuda?02:59
framelinuxes facil02:59
evoni noticed that i have linux headers installed that are different from my current kernel version, can this cause problems for me if i am trying to compile a new kernel module?02:59
framelinuxhaces click derecho en el panel02:59
jokeemmkquist__:  next?02:59
SolarisBoyand if you can next can you 'dig us.archive.ubuntu.com @us.archive.ubuntu.com'02:59
jph_SolarisBoy was that directed at me?02:59
framelinuxhaces click en añadir al panel..02:59
SolarisBoyyes it was02:59
mkquist__jokeem: gksudo nautilus02:59
CondorDeltaya lo hice, pero no aparece la opcion de network manager02:59
jribframelinux, CondorDelta: english only here please.  #ubuntu-es for spanish02:59
framelinuxque version usas?02:59
mkquist__jokeem: then goto your hard drive ubuntu install and look in /etc/X11 for xorg.conf and rename it to xorg.conf.old03:00
jph_sorry I have missed most of what you said... multi tasking and only looking at highlighted stuff, what do you need me to do?03:00
SolarisBoylol ok03:00
Bogoi can't understand a thing here :( who's taking to who?! :((03:00
framelinuxjrib, en ubuntu-es parece un chat de messenger, no hay nadie03:00
SolarisBoyone ping that ip address two 'dig us.archive.ubuntu.com @<ipaddress>'03:00
jribBogo: just read the red/highlight stuff :)03:00
SolarisBoyif one fails there is you answer03:00
jph_SolarisBoy ok will do03:01
jokeemwhen gksudo i cant see my other partition....03:01
helperis there any program like vnstat but in real time ? coz vnstat either need 5 min or manual to update ! thx03:01
jribframelinux: 50 people there03:01
serengetiBogo: everybody's talking to everybody! It's crazy but fun!03:01
Bogousing chatzilla...there's no red/highlight stuff03:01
=== RainbowEyes is now known as GhostEyes
CondorDeltajrib sorry, i dont speack inglish. i am new user in ubuntu03:01
SolarisBoyi use irssi03:01
=== GhostEyes is now known as RainbowEyes
CondorDeltaand new user and irc03:01
Bogoi can see that serengeti03:01
Bogostill..who can help me with my ubuntu mail server issues? :((03:02
framelinuxCondorDelta veni a ubuntu-es03:02
mkquist__jokeem: u doin ok?03:02
framelinuxes mejor03:02
CondorDeltacomo entro a ubuntu-es03:02
jetpackCondorDelta: type /join #ubuntu-es03:02
AtttelecomI`m here to tell you the opinion of our corporation that we see no future in mobile Linux03:02
SolarisBoyhow did that work out for you jph_ ?03:02
serengetiBogo: but seriously, if someone should wish to address you they would generally start their message with "Bogo:" ;)03:02
jokeemmkquist__:  nah, i gksudo'ed but i cant see my ubuntu install...03:02
AtttelecomEspecially for Ubuntu Mobile03:02
vomjomwhat happened to ctrl alt + and ctrl alt - in X?03:03
vomjomis there an equivalent way to zoom in now?03:03
jribAtttelecom: this is a channel for community support, it's not really the right place for that03:03
songerCondorDelta: como te conectas?03:03
SolarisBoyhow about successful ventures like the android?03:03
mkquist__jokeem: ok then just minimize that, click on places and goto/computer03:03
Atttelecomjrib u are being nasty03:03
Bogoserengeti: good point... :( i guess in this case there's no one that can help me :(03:03
Atttelecomandroid is getting less and less popularity03:03
jokeemmkquist__:  ok03:03
* jrib sighs03:03
scuniziAtttelecom: no he's not.. go to #ubuntu-offtopic03:03
CondorDeltaxchat irc, acabo de instalarlo03:03
SolarisBoyBogo: whats your mail issue?03:03
Bogoi have installed ubuntu server 9.04 on a server machine...installed and configured the mail server (following this tutorial: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-9.10-ispconfig-3), but when i'm trying to access my email account on the server, outlook can't find the serverm neither thunderbird. i have installed ispconfig and tried to configure and run roundcube.03:03
mkquist__jokeem: then click on ur ubuntu hard drive install03:03
EastDallasBogo: do you have dns configured properly?03:03
jokeemmkquist__:  yes03:04
mkquist__jokeem: look for etc03:04
uniqdomCondorDelta, escribe /join #ubuntu-es03:04
Bogodns is actually provided by freezone.com03:04
jokeemit wont let me delete it but03:04
mkquist__jokeem: you can just type e and itll find it...03:04
mkquist__jokeem: i know03:04
* iflema :|03:04
Bogozoneedit.com sorry :D03:04
mkquist__then goto X1103:04
jokeemmkquist__:  okk03:04
David664i have a question about Wine03:04
jph_SolarisBoy jrib  I did the following and got the following.. sorry didn't understand the syntax at first..  http://paste.ubuntu.com/362332/03:04
David664is the latest wine 1.1?03:04
jokeemmkquist__: im there.03:05
SolarisBoyno servers could be reached03:05
SolarisBoyno servers could be reached03:05
SolarisBoyoops sorry03:05
FloodBot1SolarisBoy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:05
framelinuxcondordelta que aIRC usas?03:05
frogzoowine has a 1.x release??03:05
mkquist__jokeem: hmm i cant delete it huh?03:05
jokeemmkquist__:  no permission..03:05
oorahhow do i remove a broken link that i can't get off my desktop?03:05
frogzoozomg, they released wine03:05
mkquist__jokeem: im doing the same on other machine to walk you through... ok np03:05
serengetijokeem: you can right-click the file it and go to Properties03:05
David664i have ver 1.0.103:05
SolarisBoyyou need a space between the @ and the domain name03:06
jokeemok ok03:06
CondorDeltaFramelinux estoy con Xchat03:06
jph_SolarisBoy what do you mean by that03:06
jetpackI am trying to configure a gamepad with joy2key but am having trouble mapping it to my media keys. Any ideas? More info at http://paste.ubuntu.com/362325/03:06
serengetijokeem: then select the text under Location: and copy it to the clipboard03:06
CondorDeltael ke da por defecto ubuntu03:06
SolarisBoyits trying to query us.archive.ubuntu.com@ which isn't a valid address03:06
serengetijokeem: ctrl+c03:06
SolarisBoydo the command like this 1. ping
mkquist__jokeem: at least that got it mounted... open a terminal and type cd /media03:06
BogoSolarisBoy: dns is provided by zoneedit.com forwarding from zoneedit is working because i can access the server via putty and ports 80, 8080 & 443...but that mail accounts wont work03:06
SolarisBoyactually ping -c 4
mkquist__jokeem: what do you see?03:06
SolarisBoythethen if you get a reply do this 'dig us.archive.ubuntu.com @'03:07
jph_SolarisBoy destination port unreachable03:07
serengetijokeem: then in the terminal write rm <now click Edit-Paste>/xorg.conf03:07
David664on wine could i install programs like in windows? i mean the install wizard or does it have to be a simple .exe file???03:07
SolarisBoyjph_: then dns isn't listening there03:07
jokeemmkquist__:  sorry03:07
SolarisBoyon port 53 atleast03:07
serengetijokeem: I mean sudo  rm <now click Edit-Paste>/xorg.conf03:07
jokeemserengeti:  ok03:07
jph_SolarisBoy ok what do i do then to get it listening.. or do i have to jump over to the smoothwall room and chat there03:08
SolarisBoyjph_: can you ping
EastDallasDavid664: you install like windows03:08
serengetimkquist__: sorry just noticed we were both giving jokeem similar directions :D03:08
IdleOneDavid664: #winehq can help.03:08
jokeemubuntu@ubuntu:~$  I mean sudo  rm </media/disk/etc/X11>/xorg.conf  - permission denied/03:08
SolarisBoyjph_: that IP address is a private one,, i assume its on your network behind a firewall?03:08
David664is wine ok or yall recomend something ealse?03:08
jph_SolarisBoy yes good ping03:08
serengetijokeem: try without the < >03:08
mkquist__serengeti: np03:08
SolarisBoyso you are able to ping the ip of that domain but your resolving isn't working03:08
serengeti sudo  rm /media/disk/etc/X11/xorg.conf03:08
mkquist__serengeti: you got him in command line?03:09
EastDallasDavid664: VMware is better, but wine works for a lot.  What are you trying to install?03:09
SolarisBoywhat is the IP address of your router?03:09
mkquist__serengeti: i see you do.. lol03:09
jokeemwow it worked?03:09
mkquist__serengeti: you do it...03:09
mkquist__jokeem: probably03:09
mkquist__jokeem: type ls03:09
hlfshellhas there been any reported problem with Eclipse 3.4 not working with any recent ubuntu updates? MY eclipse just stopped working completely - won't load up, and the few times it does buttons on menus won't respond.03:09
mkquist__jokeem: should be gone03:09
CondorDeltagracias uniqdom03:09
jokeemit returned an empty line no errors?03:09
ShwackI have a problem with Remote Desktop Viewing and Ubuntu - When I use the provided server, any client comes up with a static screen, no updates.  When I use a different server, like TightVNC's server for example, it works.03:09
jetpackI am trying to configure a gamepad as a media remote but am having trouble mapping it to my media keys. Any ideas? More info at http://paste.ubuntu.com/362325/03:09
jph_SolarisBoy on that NIC it is or do you mean to my modem03:09
Bogosolarisboy: here's the output ------------03:09
Bogoroot@mail:/home/bogdan# dig us.archive.ubuntu.com @
Bogo; <<>> DiG 9.6.1-P2 <<>> us.archive.ubuntu.com @
serengetijokeem: great, you can now try to boot and if it's still distorted... come back :P03:10
jokeemmkquist__:  ls.. and?03:10
Bogo;; global options: +cmd03:10
Bogo;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached03:10
FloodBot1Bogo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:10
EastDallashlfshell: I've had a ton of issues with eclipse since upgrading to Karmic03:10
jokeemserengeti: lol kk03:10
SolarisBoyahh its a modem...03:10
mkquist__jokeem: should be gone.. no?03:10
mkquist__jokeem: the one he had you remove03:10
David664EastDallas im trying to install a video conference program03:10
SolarisBoyis that 'modem' doing any DNS services for you? or are you not aware?03:10
hlfshellme too EastDallas - as long as its not just me. Have you done anything to fix it?03:10
jph_SolarisBoy cable03:10
jokeemill brb mkquist__03:10
jokeemsee what happens..03:10
SolarisBoyif not you should be using an external public IP of the ISP provided to you03:10
EastDallashlfshell: including the button issue you mention.03:10
SolarisBoyBogo: need way more info03:11
EastDallashlfshell: I downgraded to the version available in the repos03:11
hlfshellhmmm any ideas EastDallas on the fix? i was thinking about switching what java JDK i was using03:11
SolarisBoywhat exactly is your error?03:11
Bogosolaris: no...the modem doesn't do that...ask me and i'll provide the info03:11
jph_SolarisBoy can I PM you03:11
sharktoothdoes anyone have a fix for pulse audio03:11
hlfshell:-/ i need an AVR MCU plug in not compatible with the 3.2 eclipse available in the repos though EastDallas03:11
EastDallasDavid664: I would try it with wine and see how it works.03:11
SolarisBoysure im leaving work soon though =)03:11
EastDallashlfshell: don't know what to tell you...03:11
SolarisBoyBogo: what exact error are you getting when doing what task?03:12
EastDallassharktooth: what's the problem?03:12
hlfshell:-/ thanks anyway EastDallas - at least i know im not alone03:12
EastDallas!audio | sharktooth03:12
ubottusharktooth: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:12
EastDallassharktooth: What problem are you having with Pulse Audio?03:13
sharktoothi have to killall pulseaudio&&force-reload pulse to activate audio03:13
serengetihlfshell: I'm using eclipse galileo on openjdk and it works fine03:13
eluxhey guys03:14
serengetihlfshell: not from the repos though but the version from eclipse.org, I just unpacked it in my home dir03:14
sharktoothEastDallas:that is not the exact code but i have to do this everytime for audio. and scripting doens't work for automate03:14
eluxhow do i change the time zone for a ubuntu system?03:14
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=== Ferris`away is now known as Ferris-
sharktoothEastDallas: i have no audio till i run a script03:15
eluxi changed /etc/localtime with a file in the timezone share, it worked just fine, but then when i rebooted it switched back to UTC03:15
EastDallassharktooth: looking....03:15
mkquist__elux: adminstration/time and date03:15
eluxadministartion... ?03:15
eluxohh this is ubuntu server03:16
eluxno X03:16
mkquist__elux: sry03:16
mkquist__elux: didnt know... lol03:16
eluxyea i should have mentioned it03:16
eeepcwifiuggh.. Ok now I can't even report the bug cus its saying that network-manager-gnome isn't a genuine ubuntu package03:17
jokeemmkquist__:  no luck and ser03:17
eeepcwifibut its a default netbook remix install which I just downloaded from the frontpage of ubuntu.com03:17
EastDallaselux: tzconfig03:17
mkquist__jokeem: still same?03:17
jokeemim on my windows pc now, so what ever u want me to try i can easily do.03:17
jokeemmkquist__:  yea03:17
EastDallaselux: or tzselect03:17
sharktoothEastDallas:brb emergency03:17
eluxhrmm.. its saying tzconfig command is deprecated and to use tzdata03:17
EastDallassharktooth: still looking for a solution...03:18
mkquist__jokeem: well, what were you backing up (or trying to before), maybe an install would be quicker...03:18
EastDallaselux try tzselect03:18
serengetijokeem: so you can see that distorted screen on your linux box right now?03:18
EastDallaselux:  or try tzdata03:18
jokeemnah im back on the live CD03:18
eluxhrmm.  okay, but if i reboot, it will go back to UTC03:18
jokeembut it was like    Ubuntu      Ubuntu     Ubuntu   - all distorted03:19
EastDallaselux: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata03:19
jokeemill try and google a pic03:19
hlfshellEastDallas, here: http://wobiny.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/eclipse-mouse-click-problem-in-ubuntu-9-10/03:19
nod32hi Bill Gates.03:19
EastDallaselux: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime03:19
eeepcwifiHELP!!  OS: Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix | Problem, Trying to report a bug using ubuntu-bug <PID>. I used the PID for network-manager-gnome and its saying "The probme cannot be reported, this is not a genuine ubuntu package"03:19
serengetijokeem: it might be a stupid question but is it a crt or lcd screen?03:19
warpainthello all03:20
jokeemerm...... not sure tbh.03:20
jokeemjust an accer notebook..03:20
serengetijokeem: ah ok, it's an lcd ;)03:20
eluxthat is annoying... doesnt tell me how i can keep the setting on reboot03:20
mkquist__jokeem: lcd03:20
serengetino worries03:20
jokeemlol :D03:20
EastDallaselux: did you try dpkg-reconfigure tzdata?03:21
eluxEastDallas: yes it works. but what do i change to keep the setting between reboots03:22
eluxi see /etc/timezone .. but im not sure what value to put in it03:22
eluxill try rebooting after using this reconfigure tzdata stuff03:22
eeepcwifiHELP!!  OS: Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix | Problem, Trying to report a bug using ubuntu-bug <PID>. I used the PID for network-manager-gnome and its saying "The probme cannot be reported, this is not a genuine ubuntu package"03:22
jokeemwhat else can I try?03:22
EastDallaselux: is that how you changed it the first time, or have you tried rebooting since you ran the command i just gave you?03:23
jokeema system restore would be nice :(03:23
EastDallas!repeat | eeepcwifi03:23
ubottueeepcwifi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:23
riphas anyone installed the nouveau driver for a computer w/ an nvidia video cards?  how does one do this?03:24
eeepcwifi:) well whats the repeat delay?03:24
SolarisBoybrb guys03:24
malnekcould anyone here recommend a good newsreader for use with giganews and newzbin? (.nzb files)03:24
RainbowEyesI have a minor issue: xchat won't beep on highlights or pm's, does anyone know how to fix that? it's already checked to beep in my settings03:24
evoncan someone please help me build a kernel module03:25
IdleOneeeepcwifi: use ubuntu-bug network-manager-gnome03:25
IdleOnenot the PID03:25
eeepcwifiidleOne: I tried that too03:25
eeepcwifisame response03:25
Poul|Raideranyone know where the List.cs is to be found, in mono project, wanted to check out the source code of it, but cant find it in system.collections.generic03:25
IdleOnethe pid on your system is most certanly diffrent then on mine eeepcwifi03:25
serengetijokeem: well, there are some things you might want to try, but I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble. Wouldn't a reinstall be quicker?03:26
jokeemyeah, but I need a lot of the stuff on there03:26
jokeemvaluable info $$03:26
=== Ferris- is now known as Ferris`away
eeepcwifiIdleOne: it recognized that the PID was for network-manager-gnome cus it was in teh title of the error box.. so I tried just the program name and same response.. not genuine03:26
nomasteryodamalnek, apt-get install pan03:26
eeepcwifialso the pid was suggested on the help pages for reporting a bug on ubuntu.com03:26
evonthis is the error i am getting http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m3b8b701d03:27
serengetijokeem: can you browse to your home directory from the livecd?03:27
jokeemyeah, but theres a program called skipper that saved your passwords etc.. i need to run a abck from that03:28
IdleOneeeepcwifi: got me.03:28
malneknomasteryoda, thanks :)03:28
jokeemserengeti:  maybe I could copy the FireFox folder.. some how?03:28
mkquist__jokeem: you could always do that03:29
mkquist__jokeem: do you have another hd?03:29
jokeemwheres the ff folder?03:29
jokeemnah, i has cds^^03:29
eeepcwifiI sometimes feel like I am cursed with this netbook.03:29
=== linucks[afk] is now known as linucks
malnekjeez, its been too long since i used any sort of os other than win. How can i grep in top after firefox pid number?03:30
mkquist__jokeem: is the hd partitioned into more than one partition?03:30
jokeemmkquist__:  also, how do i see all the installed programs i have, so i can atleast remember the names of them all.03:30
eeepcwifips ax | grep -i firefox03:30
jokeemmkquist__:  believe not03:30
jokeemi have windows and ubnu03:30
eeepcwifimalnek: ps ax | grep -i firefox03:30
malnekeeepcwifi, thanks!03:31
RainbowEyesso, does anybody know why xchat won't beep even though it's set to beep in the alerts settings? didn't really find anything on the internet03:31
mkquist__serengeti: hows about he just removes and reinstalls the package xserver-xorg-video-radeon from the command line in recovery mode?03:31
=== ThipThip_ is now known as jMyles
eeepcwifimalnek: you can't run grep on top :( but you can use -p and the pid.. lol but you need the pid first03:31
eeepcwifimalnek: so use ps03:32
=== ctp_ is now known as ctp
EastDallasHey DugOut!03:32
malnekeeepcwifi, will remember that. Great tip thanks again03:32
serengetimkquist__: do you know which radeon is it? maybe it's a newer one and he needs fglrx?03:32
Hilikusis there a way to know the size of a diff in svn between the working copy and HEAD?03:32
eeepcwifimalnek: np03:32
mkquist__serengeti: 320003:32
jokeemmk mkquist__ can i make a backup off my installed programs on the live cd, then ill copy the home folder/desktop, then firefox03:33
serengetimkquist__: well he needs fglrx ;)03:33
serengetijokeem: do you know if your ubuntu install is 32 or 64 bit?03:34
tLoFPhow can I make an .iso Image of a CD?03:34
jokeemserengeti:  3203:34
jiohditLoFP: dd if=cdromx of=whatever.iso03:35
serengetijokeem: well if you want to try one more thing...03:35
tLoFPjiohdi: like dat... for real? no software to install?03:35
jokeemserengeti:  sure.03:35
jiohditLoFP: dd does it all :)03:35
eeepcwifiis 10 minutes enough time for repeating my help request?03:36
puffI'm trying to install the firefox daily build, but it failed.03:36
serengetijokeem: you can go to http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.2&product=
arghh2d2tLoFP: you think thats neat, check out www.commandfu.com03:36
serengetiand download that driver03:36
tLoFPjiohdi it didn't find cdromx03:37
arghh2d2tLoFP: www.commandlinefu.com03:37
f1lt3rHey guys, how do I diff a certain number of lines?03:37
f1lt3rFrom terminal?03:37
jiohditLoFP: you have to sub cdromx for your actual location03:37
jokeemserengeti:  LOL, i just typed k and pressed enter on my laptop... im so stressed atm03:37
jiohditLoFP: it was not meant to be literal03:37
tLoFPjiohdi: I have cdrom and cdrom0 both seem to access the disk, whats the diff?03:37
jiohditLoFP: it could be something like /media/cdrom003:37
RainbowEyesum... does anybody know why xchat's not giving me a beep on highlights or pm's even though I set it to do so in the alerts settings?... *one last try for now >_>*03:38
tLoFPjiohdi: yea I have /media/cdrom and /media/cdrom0 but they both direct me to the contents of the cd03:38
mkquist__serengeti: then hell have to boot to recovery and install from cl03:38
jiohditLoFP: than it likely does not matter which you use03:38
mkquist__jokeem: no you cannot backup 'onto' the live cd03:38
puffAnyone?  Bueler?03:38
mkquist__jokeem: you can burn it to a cd if you have a burner03:38
jokeemmkquist__:  from , not to.03:38
tLoFPjiohdi: dd: reading `/media/cdrom': Is a directory03:39
eeepcwifiHELP!!  OS: Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix | Problem, Trying to report a bug using ubuntu-bug <PID>. I used the PID for network-manager-gnome and its saying "The probme cannot be reported, this is not a genuine ubuntu package"03:39
tLoFPno .iso03:39
serengetimkquist__: maybe chroot would work?03:39
mkquist__jokeem: i thought you wanted to back up your install?03:39
tLoFPjiohdi: cdrom0 does the same03:39
jokeemyeah i did03:39
jiohditLoFP: dd turns the contents into an iso file03:39
jokeemserengeti:  whats chroot?03:39
mkquist__serengeti: chroot to what?03:39
eeepcwifiI guess the real problem is that ubuntu-bug doesn't see network-manager-gnome as a genuine package03:39
ToastedPinecould be because you don't have a sound file xchat is pointed to03:39
mkquist__serengeti: to do what rather?03:40
tLoFPjiohdi: no... you .... you can't make .iso that fast03:40
tLoFPits... its not possible... is it ?03:40
jiohditLoFP: you can I have done it03:40
tLoFPjiohdi: I mean it was instant03:40
mkquist__jokeem: whats the output of - lspci -nn | grep VGA03:40
EastDallaspuff: did you try installing the two packages mentioned in the error?03:41
jiohditLoFP: check the size of the file03:41
tLoFPjiohdi: lol no the iso is 0 bytes, something wrong03:41
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
serengetimkquist__: well it makes programs think they live in a different filesystem, in a way03:41
serengetimkquist__: so you can run apt-get and stuff from the live cd, but it works on your hard drive install03:41
jokeemmkquist__:  01.05.0 VGA compatiable controller03:42
mkquist__serengeti: to install gfx driver?03:42
jiohditLoFP: check out http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/learn-the-dd-command-362506/03:42
jokeemmkquist__:  ATI TECH RS780M radesen HD 3200 graphics.. etc03:42
EastDallaspuff: did you try installing the two packages mentioned in the error?03:42
jiohditLoFP: I may have left out something03:42
mkquist__anyone else wanna comment on that?03:42
ToastedPineHmm, anyone have experience with running an existing partition of ubuntu as a guest in virtualbox? It's on the same HD, and I'm wondering if I'm doing potentially unholy things to it by doing so.03:42
serengetimkquist__: I have never tried it :p03:42
mkquist__jokeem: and then glxinfo |grep vendor03:43
serengetimkquist__: in theory, nothing can go wrong :)03:43
jokeemunkown chip id. cant guess.03:43
arghh2d2ToastedPine: thats not how it works03:43
mkquist__serengeti: you get to walk him thru that one... =p03:44
ToastedPinearghh2d2: not how what works?03:44
serengetijokeem: how's the download going, by the way?03:45
hiexpowow still as busy as ever in here03:45
jokeemim putting it on a usb now03:45
serengetijokeem: that driver I've linked to03:45
serengetijokeem, you don't need to03:45
puffEastDallas: Well, tried that and hten tried apt-get install firefox again, now when I start firefox I get a popup that says History Tree Extension - Overlay Initialization Error.03:45
jokeemserengeti:  yes, i do.. if i downlaoded it on my PC lol03:45
serengetijokeem: I see ;)03:46
dj_segfaultI just upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10.  Can't find the gnome applet that lets me adjust the volume and open the mixer.  Anyone know where that went?03:46
hiexpotop right had corner03:46
jokeemserengeti: installing now...03:46
serengetijokeem: how are you installing it?03:46
serengetijokeem: on the livecd?03:47
jokeemserengeti:  yes03:47
serengetijokeem: then stop ;)03:47
jokeemserengeti:  i double click, run in terminal..03:47
jokeemserengeti:  lol kk03:47
serengetijokeem: it won't work03:47
jokeemserengeti:  i fgured03:47
dj_segfaulthiexpo: If that was to me, I know where it's *SUPPOSED* to be.  But it isn't there, and when I click on add applet, there's nothing about sound/audio/volume control there03:47
serengetijokeem: can you copy it to your home directory on the hard drive?03:48
hiexpolet me look what its actually called one sec03:48
serengetijokeem: the one that has all your documents and stuff in it03:48
jokeempermission denied...03:49
serengetijokeem: ok03:49
jokeemim gonna smash it soon :(03:49
serengetijokeem: what's the name of your pendrive on the desktop?03:49
andydbzeewhats the terminal command to get rid of the raccoon in my ceiling?03:50
serengetijokeem: and that driver file is just there, I mean it's not in a subdirectory or anything?03:50
Flare-Laptopandydbzee: spam?03:50
mkquist__serengeti: you gonna have him install the fglrx driver?03:50
tLoFPjiohdi: I did through the GUI, it seems to be working on it now03:50
dj_segfaultandydbzee: smite03:51
jokeemserengeti:  just there03:51
hiexpogo into synaptic and type sound and see whats check in yhe list03:51
mkquist__andydbzee: sudo rm -rf racoon_in_ceiling?03:51
Flare-Laptop!lol | andydbzee03:51
skeelol _    ___  _03:51
skeelol| |  | . || |03:51
skeelol| |_ | | || |_03:51
FloodBot1skeelol: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:51
ubottuandydbzee: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.03:51
serengetimkquist__: daredevil I am :] but it's easy to do nowadays.03:51
jokeemserengeti:   i tell you what, help me backup ff, and i reinstall the crap ;)03:52
dj_segfaulthiexpo: There's about four pages of matches03:52
Flare-Laptopskeelol: Please don't spam03:52
mkquist__jokeem: im thinking you still could edit you xorg.conf - i tossed up a pastebin, try sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf(tab to finish)   and replace the device section with the pastebin03:52
jph_If I want to prevent apache from starting on boot where do i go to change that03:53
serengetijokeem: that's easy: go to your home dir on the hard drive and click View - Show hidden files03:53
jokeemmkquist__:  ok..03:53
hiexpook let me check one other thing03:53
mkquist__jokeem: youll have to change the name to just xorg.conf though to try it - again on you hard drive install not the live cd03:53
serengetijokeem: firefox stuff is in the directory called ".mozilla"03:54
mkquist__jokeem:  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m3f5ec39503:54
LinuX2halfwhy I can't seem to upgrade my firefox?03:54
jokeemmkquist__:  don't worry, im reinstalling it.03:54
mkquist__jokeem: or you can just reinstall, your choice03:54
LinuX2halfI open the browser as root but it doesn't display the update option03:54
jokeemmkquist__: k 4 hours of trying, straight.. give up03:54
mkquist__jokeem: ok03:54
andydbzeei've got a problem with totem, i'm pretty sure it has to do with gstreamer. i can't seem to play dvds, vlc is not working either03:54
mkquist__jokeem: gave it a go though..  sry03:55
andydbzeei'd like to get it to work in vlc honestly03:55
eeepcwifiubuntu-bug detects network-manager-gnome as non-genuine and wont let me report a bug with it. Any suggestions?03:55
jokeemmkquist__:  yeahh03:55
jokeemmkquist__:  nw03:55
TeslaTonyLinuX2half, what version do you have and what are you trying to upgrade to?03:55
dj_segfaulthiexpo: On a lark I went to system > preferences > startup applications and I see volume control in there, which is gnome-volume-control-applet.  I think that's it, but there's no volume control. I'll try to find it and run manually.03:55
mkquist__jokeem: i say back it up, give the edit a chance, it fails.. reainstall, it works, you done.03:55
andydbzee  p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }  dvdnav error: cannot set title (can't decrypt DVD?) dvdread error: fatal error in vts ifo dvdread error: DvdReadSetArea(0,0,1) failed (can't decrypt DVD?) main error: no access module matched "dvd"03:56
LinuX2halfTeslaTony:Currently I'm running 3.5.7 and I'm trying to upgrade it to 3.603:56
andydbzeethis is what i get in vlc... any ideas?03:56
jokeemmkquist__:  i say throw the thing in the bin03:56
mkquist__jokeem: naw, you can do that tomorrow... =p03:56
jokeemmkquist__:  im like 3 hours behind now in school work.. could of had the best head start today lol03:56
helperis there any program like vnstat but in real time ? coz vnstat either need 5 min or manual to update ! thx03:57
mkquist__repeat after me.. dont make changes for no reas.... oh nevermind too late for that03:57
TeslaTonyLinuX2half, try http://smartproteam.com/install-current-firefox-36-ubuntu/03:57
jokeemmy sound wasnt working03:57
Flare-Laptop!lol | jokeem (once again)03:57
skeelol _    ___  _03:57
skeelol| |  | . || |03:57
skeelol| |_ | | || |_03:57
ubottujokeem (once again): Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.03:57
FloodBot1skeelol: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:57
Flare-Laptop!ops | skeelol03:57
jokeemtrying to fix that03:57
serengetimkquist__: as I said, if all you care about is firefox then you just have to backup the .mozilla folder03:57
ubottuskeelol: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!03:57
serengetimkquist__: sorry wrong nick ;)03:57
jokeemwill it backup my book marks too?03:57
serengetijokeem: as I said, if all you care about is firefox then you just have to backup the .mozilla folder03:58
mkquist__serengeti: np03:58
LinuX2halfI have already have those PPA source code inputed03:58
serengetijokeem: everything including extensions, history, cookies, bookmarks etc03:58
jokeemserengeti:  ohh noo, history ^^03:58
serengetijokeem: the best thing to do is find that .mozilla directory, right click on it and choose Compress03:59
hiexposudo apt-get install alsamixergui03:59
jokeemserengeti:  ok03:59
hiexpothere ya go04:00
LinuX2halfWell I've try to add the sourceforge source code and already I can't seem to update my browser04:00
jokeemARRRRRRRRRRRR. Wont let me abckup, permission denied!!!!04:00
mkquist__serengeti: so which mozilla directory?04:00
mkquist__jokeem: sudo04:00
hiexpothat should fix it04:00
LinuX2halfDoes anyone know to resolve this issue....?04:00
jokeemsudo what? :S04:01
mkquist__jokeem: try sudo whatever command you were trying to backup04:01
mkquist__jokeem: oh your in nautilus04:01
hiexpoLinuX2half: - whays the prob04:01
jokeemi was draging folders onto my usb.. lol04:02
ToastedPinejokeem: you could try sudo nautilus, then you could just drop drag things04:02
mkquist__jokeem: gksudo nautilus04:02
jokeemToastedPine:  ok04:02
helperis there any program like vnstat but in real time ? coz vnstat either need 5 min or manual to update ! thx04:02
mkquist__does gksudo even matter against sudo anymore?04:02
jokeemToastedPine:  wait.. i cant see  my other partiton when i gksudo...04:02
LinuX2halfhiexpo: Alright, I'm running a 3.5.7 version of firefox and I want to upgrade the browser to 3.6 but when I run the browser as root it doesn't display the "check for updates" option.04:02
serengetijokeem: in the terminal, do04:03
serengeti"cd ~/Desktop"04:03
mkquist__jokeem: look in media04:03
puffHm, I tried to install the firefox daily build via the PPA.  This broke, citing dependency on abrowser-brnading and firefox-branding.   I installed those packages manually and firefox then refused to start, instead popping up a warning "History Tree Extension - Overlay Initialization Error."04:03
jokeemNo media?04:03
mkquist__serengeti: wont that just put him in the root folder?04:03
LinuX2halfhiexpo: I've also added the source code and the daily build.04:03
serengetijokeem: then "sudo tar -cf moz.tar /media/disk/home/YOURUSERNAME/.mozilla"04:03
eeepcwifihelper: for realtime I use iftop and for logging purposes I use ntop04:04
serengetimkquist: it should put him on the livecd desktop04:04
hiexpoLinuX2half: - i am not sure about that but i think you have to download and install it manually04:04
mkquist__serengeti: if he sudo nautilus?04:04
puffI then removed the daily build PPA from my /etcapt/sources.list and then apt-get removed firefox, apt-get removed abrowser-brnading, apt-get removed firefox-branding.   Installed firefox, it failed to run.  Removed it and reinstalled it two or three times and it finally is sorta working, though it'smissing the /usr/bin/firefox alias to /usr/bin/firefox-3.004:04
puffAny advice here?04:04
serengetimkquist__: but he can't see the partitions if he does sudo nautils04:04
helpereeepcwifi, what i need is to check the bandwidth usage in real time like if my users are downloading how much !! Does ntop do this?04:05
mkquist__why not?04:05
mkquist__serengeti: why not?04:05
serengetimkquist__: dunno, but that's what he said.04:05
jokeemok ff backed up04:05
jokeemcan i sue that command for other dirctories?04:05
mkquist__serengeti: cause he started in diff place04:05
serengetijokeem: you have that moz.tar file on the desktop?04:06
ToastedPinehmmm, it's a long shot, but chmod 777 <path to folder> might be able to make copying possible.04:06
jokeemserengeti:  yes04:06
serengetijokeem: have you checked what's inside?04:06
jokeemser yeah04:06
jokeemserengeti:  firefox.. my addons.. etc04:06
eeepcwifihelper: ntop will graphically track overall usage as well as individual ip traffics going through your gateway. It keeps statistical logs of everything and updates realtime. Its webbased and uses its own built in webserver. Iftop is great for getting current traffic based on an interface (eg. iftop -i eth0) but it doesn't keep statistical logs. I manage 30 servers and use iftop for quick spot checks if its running slow and ntop for history to see when / 04:07
jokeemserengeti:  ill use that command for toher folders?04:07
serengetijokeem: you can but you might run out of space04:08
jokeemill delete as I go serengeti04:08
serengetijokeem: the thing is that your livecd desktop has very little free space04:09
eeepcwifihelper: ntop also gives you top users and you can go in and see exactly what traffic they were doing and when. As well as their throughput.04:09
mkquist__serengeti:  isnt he copying this to a usb drive?04:09
LinuX2halfhiexpo: oh okay then thanks04:09
serengetijokeem: so you might want to do "cd /media/Lexer" in the terminal so that the files end up on the pendrive04:09
jokeemmkquist__:  yea lol04:09
serengetimkquist__: I told him to do cd ~/Desktop before ;)04:09
eeepcwifihelper: I think ntop is what yoru looking for if you need statistical history. but if you just need to do a quick check on who is doing what right now then iftop provides a very low overhead command line interface thats really quick and easy.04:10
ToastedPinehttp://www.lifehacker.com.au/2007/12/access_linux_files_from_window/   <--- copy firefox backup in windows?04:11
LinuX2halfWhen will ubuntu finished packaging firefox 3.6?04:11
eeepcwifihelper: but ntop can be used to see who is doing what right now as well, but is more resource intense by nature.04:11
hiexpoLinuX2half: - no prob sorry i couldn't help04:11
kad_ eeepcwifi  downloaded ntop! http://localhost => for web log?04:11
mkquist__LinuX2half: chrome...04:11
LinuX2halfhiexpo that's alright, but I thanked for your effort04:11
zenlunaticLinuX2half: probably april04:11
serengetijokeem: before you do the reinstall, please check that all the files really are in the archives you create and on the usb drive, ok? :P04:12
LinuX2halfThat long...?04:12
mkquist__jokeem: I'm still of the opinion that its worth on more reboot after editing the xorg.conf file...  If that works your done.. no reinstall04:12
jokeemserengeti:  lol i will04:12
jokeemmkquist__:  doubt it will lol04:12
mkquist__jokeem: youd be surpised, i used to install when i ran into problems before, but now ive found that it can usually be fixed pretty easily and you learn04:13
eeepcwifikad: you need to configure it's conf file and then connect to it by port.. eg http://localhost:5423 or what ever port you configure it to run on04:13
mkquist__jokeem:  oops- in the process04:13
jokeemmkquist__:  I guess, but im on the verge of smashing things..04:13
serengetimkquist__: I agree, reinstalling is generally against the linux spirit ;) but if he's already so much late...04:13
eeepcwifiKad: I use ntop in OpenSuSE and its config file is located in /etc/sysconfig/ntop04:13
mkquist__serengeti: i know, but thats one thing that has not been done... and its simple04:14
eeepcwifikad: you need to configure the interface it listens on, port it will run its webserver on and what user it will run its webserver with and other settings for performance04:15
jph_If I want to prevent apache from starting on boot where do i go to change that04:15
serengetijokeem: I have to go anyway. you can always try the xorg.conf thing after you've backed up your stuff and just check if the system boots ok04:15
LinuX2halfokay then I'll wait patiently until its furnished just like last time04:15
jokeemwait serengeti04:15
serengetijokeem: ?04:15
jokeemhow can i use that command to backup other things04:16
jokeemsaying no such file or dir04:16
jokeemhow can i do all of it at once.. actually04:16
LinuX2halfis there some way where I can see the progress of the firefox version development..?04:17
eeepcwifikad: for example I run mine with this: /usr/bin/ntop -P /var/lib/ntop -i eth0 -u wwwrun -w <INTERFACE_IP>:5423 -b -n -z04:17
eeepcwifiThe -P is where it will store its database -b -n -z are for performance reasons04:17
LinuX2halfI'm not sure if there's a site to track the progress of the developing version online......04:17
jokeemcan I backup from windows? cause I have a large aprtiotn there.. ill just backup the whole l ot04:17
mkquist__serengeti: lookit the output of glxinfo |grep vendor, unknown chip id. cant guess, so the machine doesnt know what its dealing with04:17
mkquist__jokeem: windows doesnt usually read from ext partitions...04:18
serengetijokeem: maybe try tar cvf everything.tar /media/disk/home/yourusernamehere    - it would copy your entire home dir04:18
eeepcwifikad: you'll see that i specify port 5423 so when connecting to its web interface i use http://<IP>:542304:18
ranjani am not being able to b rouse my network place from nautilus  it is giving an error message of Failed to retrieve share list from server   any help would be of great help04:18
jokeemserengeti:  ok, cheers04:18
mkquist__serengeti: if he has a windows part- why  not back up there?04:19
jokeemserengeti:  it's working :)04:19
aliendude3500Are there any devs on here that are working on the new software center rating system? I was looking at the concepts and I noticed that the term "Ubuntu Single Sign-On Account" is used. Is this just your Launchpad account?04:20
serengetimkquist__: I guess it doesn't make much difference04:20
eeepcwifikad_: but you may want to look at iftop its much simpler and great for quick spot checks04:20
mkquist__serengeti: more space?04:20
rwwaliendude3500: I'm not familiar with the spec, but I would imagine so, yes.04:20
=== drew is now known as Guest40154
andydbzeeok. so i can't play dvds04:21
rwwaliendude3500: since Launchpad is what's used for Ubuntu One (and practically everything else).04:21
serengetimkquist__: touche. but maybe the usb drive has enough room? we'll see...04:21
aliendude3500Well, if any devs see this, I think it would be much better to make the dialog just say "Launchpad account" instead of "Ubuntu Single Sign-On account". MUCH less redundant. :)04:21
andydbzeeand i think i deleted all my media dependencies04:21
mkquist__serengeti: hope04:21
jokeemapprently it doesn't04:22
serengetimkquist__: I think at the moment fglrx is needed for opengl acceleration on ati HD320004:22
andydbzeeanyone good with vlc errors?04:22
drenyxanyone know why my terminal/console garbles up ansi/ncurses stuff?04:22
serengetijokeem: out of space?04:22
jokeemmaybe I can backit up remotely to my windows machine...... some how04:22
jokeemserengeti:  yea lol04:22
aliendude3500I know you guys are trying to make this seem super easy and obvious for new users, but Launchpad account is shorter, better sounding, and not any harder to understand.04:22
serengetijokeem: delete the movies :p04:23
andydbzeethats silly04:23
jokeemserengeti:  got none son :P04:24
serengetijokeem: but seriously, what's the name of your windows partition on the livecd desktop?04:24
jokeemill see if i can borrow my friend external HDD04:24
serengetijokeem: ok so in the terminal do cd /media/ACER04:24
andydbzeemy best friend is google04:24
serengetiand then that tar thing04:25
uwall-ecan anyone help me to write data to a hfsplust external?04:25
jokeemur a legend04:25
serengetimaybe there's enough room on your windows drive04:25
jokeem...if it works :)04:25
jokeem100gb should do it :)04:25
serengetijokeem: it's actually mkquist__'s idea ;)04:25
jokeem<3 mkquist__  & serengeti04:26
mkquist__serengeti: just need to get him fixed, whoevers idea.. =)04:26
serengetijokeem: but I really have to go, it's 5:26 am where I live04:26
jokeemserengeti:  ok thanks heaps for the help04:26
mkquist__jokeem:  gedit /etc/xorg.conf...04:26
mkquist__jokeem: g/l either way04:26
jokeemmkquist__:  lemme b/u first04:27
serengetii might be not completely aware of what I'm saying anymore :P04:27
mkquist__jokeem: of course04:27
uwall-eno one have any ideas04:27
eeepcwifianswers aren't instant from what I've learned :(04:27
jokeemmkquist__:  I'll talk to you later.. if you're still on, while it backups. I need a rest04:28
serengetimkquist__: he's on live cd, /etc isn't interesting,  you want /media/disk/etc/foooooo04:28
mkquist__jokeem: kk04:28
serengetimkquist__: bye04:28
serengetijokeem: bye04:28
tonsofpcsthey aren't?04:28
mkquist__serengeti: bye04:28
jokeemthe home fodler as all m installed programs.. desktops... music.. pics etc right lol04:28
SetiAmonhey how do i open a rar in ubuntu.this is the first time i have had to unrar a file since moving to linux04:29
blakkheimSetiAmon: unrar x file.rar04:29
mkquist__jokeem: for the most part, its got your configs, not sure about all the programs though04:29
jokeemmkquist__:  ok04:29
SetiAmonblakkheim thanks i'll try that now04:29
undec1mAnyone have any tips on recovering data from a partition that failed to resize with gparted? Here's the kicker: the files were encrypted with ecryptfs.04:30
uwall-eits kinda odd that im having this much trouble with hfs+ and linux! i thought this would have been an issue that was quickly salved04:30
hiexpodownload unrar04:30
j-3-r-g_wats up everyone04:31
j-3-r-g_anyone familiar with Classless Inter-Domain Routing04:31
SetiAmonhmm ok04:31
j-3-r-g_the wiki doesn't seem to help me as much i was expecting it to04:31
ranjanis it possible to create an link with auto mounted drive files04:33
SetiAmonhmm blakkheim I downloaded it but all 4 items failed  it said.i downloaded all of it.is there another way to unrar04:33
eeepcwifiSetiAmon: try unrar-free -x file.rar04:34
=== tato is now known as tato_42
jazzhello. does anyone have any problems with the volume lowering and muting randomly? when NO music is playing?04:35
ranjanis it possible to create an link with auto mounted drive files i am getting this message Error while creating link how to fix it .... please reply04:35
drenyx�24;5Hs�24;6H�H�0m�24;5H �24;5H�H�0m�24;5Hd�24;6H�H�0m�24;5H �24;5H�  anyone know why I'm getting this on my terminal/console instead of having it interpreted correctly?04:36
j-3-r-g_drenyx: wat exactly u were trying to do04:37
cmmenkewhats a fantastic program for ripping and encoding for linux?04:37
drenyxj-3: I'm running a program that outputs ncurses and ansi colors to a terminal or console04:37
=== tato is now known as tato_42
jimmyknoxWHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE04:38
drenyxit's worked fine in slackware for 10 years, locally and over ssh but ubuntu wants to corrupt it04:38
vexuelooking how to write data to hfs+ external??04:38
SerpentXjimmyknox: $5/night04:38
jazzmy volume randomly lowers itself and or mutes. no music is playing04:38
mkquistcmmenke: avidemux?04:38
j-3-r-g_hmmmm dats strange04:39
j-3-r-g_is it a custome program u wrote?04:39
cmmenkeavidemux can do x264?04:39
vexueany help04:39
factotumI thought I heard a rucus04:39
mkquist__cmmenke: encoding anyway04:39
eeepcwifidrenyx: im sure its has to do with the terminal program not understanding the ansi/ascii charectors04:39
mkquist__cmmenke: 64bit?04:39
vexuelooking how to write data to hfs+ external??04:39
drenyxeee: I agree, how do I fix it?04:39
vexueany help04:39
drenyxj-3: screen shot at http://www.andreasen.org/mcl/shot1.gif04:40
eeepcwifidrenyx: I come from the good ol' bbs days where ansi/ascii was the cream of the crop!04:40
drenyxit's actually a mud program for playing a text based mud04:40
eeepcwifidrenyx: but I haven't had to figure out how to get a terminal program to interpret that type of data in .. mm about 20 years! LOL04:40
drenyxbut even the colored bar at the top doesn't work04:40
eeepcwifidrenyx: mud .. sounds abour right04:40
cmmenke32 :(04:40
eeepcwifidrenyx: are you using the standard terminal program with ubuntu04:40
drenyxeee: I haven't had problems 'till I played with ubuntu04:40
dabukalamI'm having problems scanning. When I run scanimage as root I have no problem, but when I run it normally I get: "scanimage: open of device brother2:bus6;dev1 failed: Error during device I/O". How can I modify the permissions on my scanner?04:41
drenyxtried gnome-terminal, xterm, eterm, aterm, putty, xterm without gnome, booted to recovery mode04:41
jimmyknoxWHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE04:41
jimmyknox"Page closed"04:41
drenyxit's definately a setting somewhere that affects terminatls04:41
dabukalamjimmyknox, I think it's an IRC channel?04:41
DiverdudeIs it possible to get a huge clock like this: http://www.elegantpie.com/hugeclock.html  in ubuntu ?04:42
jimmyknoxYou condescending to me, dabukalam?04:42
j-3-r-g_i dunno only thing that comes to mind is the .bashrc04:42
jimmyknoxNow you fucked up04:42
jazzmy volume randomly lowers itself and or mutes. no music is playing, ubuntu 9,10, never had a problem b4 and its annoying any1 have this problem?04:42
=== Crayboff is now known as Philosoraptor
j-3-r-g_jazz: have u google da problem as yet?04:43
=== Philosoraptor is now known as Crayboff
dabukalam!google | j-3-r-g_04:43
ubottuj-3-r-g_: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.04:43
wiggmpkI just installed Karmic Koala on my notebook, currently running kernel 2.6.31-17 amd64. Every time I try to suspend my notebook, it cuts to a black screen with a blinking cursor. I have to manually power it off every time. Please help!!04:43
jazzno not googled04:44
Out_Coldwiggmpk, i occasionally get that. haven;t found a solution yet04:44
factotumwhats a simple way to start up a sort of "transparent" bash terminal on my desktop. No window borders/background etc04:44
andydbzeei cannot get to dvd menu with xine04:44
j-3-r-g_anywayz its late i gots to go04:44
andydbzeealthough the dvd plays04:44
j-3-r-g_good luck with jazz04:44
think__Hello everyone04:45
j-3-r-g_later everyone04:45
dabukalamthink__, Hi!04:45
dabukalamj-3-r-g_, bye!04:45
jazzi was hoping for a specific idea than a random google one. on what might be or possible isnt a problem04:45
Out_Coldfactotum, not sure about the transparency but yakuaki or what ever it's called is a drop down terminal.. very handy!04:45
dabukalamj-3-r-g_, bye!04:45
dabukalamI'm having problems scanning. When I run scanimage as root I have no problem, but when I run it normally I get: "scanimage: open of device brother2:bus6;dev1 failed: Error during device I/O". How can I modify the permissions on my scanner?04:45
drew3This seems to be the right place to ask about a way to make the 'mouse-cursor' in Gnome 'bigger' 9.10.04:45
andydbzeei think i'm rooted04:46
Out_Colddabukalam, add yourself to the group associated... perhaps it's scan?04:46
dabukalamdrew3, can't that be done from the appearance settings? i'm not entirely sure if you can change the size of cursors, but I know you can change the cursor theme from there04:46
think__or in gconf-editor maybe04:47
dabukalamOut_Cold: Okay, how can i view which users are in a group?04:47
drew3dabukalam: not that I could find.04:47
Out_Colddabukalam, sudo nano /etc/group04:47
Quan-Timeanyone run steam + bioshock in WINE ? i cant get it to launch. ideas ?04:48
dabukalamdrew3, try getting a larger cursor theme from gnome-look? although I'm sure there's an easier way04:48
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
Out_Colddabukalam, drew3, check accesibility04:48
think__did you try gconf-editor04:49
SetiAmoneeepcwifi I tried unrar-free -x file.rar and it still failed04:49
SolarisBoyisn't it with no -?04:49
drew3cursor theme, ahh dabukalam   those terms help,  ty04:49
dabukalamOut_Cold, do I have to restart anything, or will it take changes immediately?04:49
rumpsySetiAmon: Install unrar-nonfree04:50
rumpsyAnd try it04:50
Out_Colddabukalam, i don't think it's immediate. ask around though04:50
SetiAmonbut don't i have to register the nonfree version of unrar to use it04:50
Out_ColdSetiAmon, no04:50
eeepcwifiSetiAmon: what is the error it failed with?04:51
Ramzais banshee generally a bad media player?  it's taking up in excess of 800MB's of memory for me right now.04:51
dabukalamOut_Cold, yeah I have my user added to all the groups in there, saned, scanner, saneusers, but still no access04:51
dabukalamhow can I chown the scanner with a group?04:51
rumpsySetiAmon: What version of unrar you are having right now?04:51
Out_Colddabukalam, i can't say for 100% but nay need a complete reboot for the effects to take place04:51
dabukalamOut_Cold: I'd rather restart a process, it's a server and currently serving...04:52
SetiAmonwell since i just installed it i should have the latest.1.3.104:52
Out_Colddabukalam, you can chown the specific process but that may not help you either... might not be what you expected04:53
rumpsyRamza: It depends upon what codec you are having and what type of media file you are playing !04:53
Out_Colddabukalam, my server takes less than 1 min to reboot... might be worth it..04:53
Out_Coldmaybe someone else here knows how to have /etc/group changes take effect04:53
SetiAmoncool it worked04:54
SetiAmonThanks all,thanks unrar-nonfree worked04:54
rumpsySetiAmon: :)04:54
Ramzawell, for now i'll just restart it and wait.  see if it hapens again.  I like it so would prefer to keep using it.  thanks.04:55
Out_ColdSetiAmon, nonfree just means it does not follow the ubuntu code of open source, there for not included by default04:55
cmmenkewhere is the terminal in the launch application?04:55
Quan-Timebioshock + wine (steam).. anyone got experience with it ? i cant get it working.. but its rated as gold, and no comments on it.04:55
rumpsyQuan-Time: goto accessories04:55
dabukalamcmmenke, if you mean the app menu, it's in accessories...04:56
Out_ColdSetiAmon, like mp3's are not open source, there for you need to enable on a default machine..04:56
SetiAmonHmm since i set up dual monitors (twinview) when i hit f12 it maximizes on my second screen(which is a 40 inch tv behind me) is there a way to get it to open up here on my small monitor(already selected as primary)04:56
Quan-Timerumpsy: yer.. and ?04:56
DiverdudeIs it possible to get a huge clock like this: http://www.elegantpie.com/hugeclock.html  in ubuntu ?04:56
rumpsyQuan-Time: you can also do like this, press alt+F2, then typein gnome-terminal04:57
dabukalamDiverdude, there's a cool mod site at http://www.gnome-look.org - check out the screensavers over there, I'm sure you'll find something suitable04:58
rumpsydefault terminal is in , press alt+F2 goto accessories and choose terminal04:58
rumpsydefault terminal is in , press alt+F1 goto accessories and choose terminal04:58
Quan-Timeyup.. i know term..04:58
Out_Coldrumpsy, Quan-Time you can also do ctrl + alt + f1-f7 to get different ttys and switch back and forth04:58
rumpsyQuan-Time: what you want then?04:58
Quan-Timewait.. i asked about bioshock + WINE...04:58
jazzive googled  my problem and nothing was for me everything was intrepid or laptops04:59
jazzi use a desktop hp and  only after a fresh install of the os has this been happening04:59
rumpsyjazz: what was your problem?05:00
cmmenkei went to download something, and sais it requires an app. to load, and im looking terminal, where is that in the browser?05:00
jazzregardless of listening to music or not the volume just lowers or mutes05:00
jazzsometimes gradually other times way fast to mute05:01
rumpsycmmenke: what type of file you downloaded?05:01
cmmenkethe ubuntu law restriction thing05:01
cmmenkeUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) and 9.10 (Karmic Koala)05:01
jazznever had a problem before05:02
zilkomaaCould some1 help me plz..i upgraded grub & kernel and now i cant boot to windows xp when i press enter in grub it just loads grub again? No error messages and nothing..05:02
rumpsyjazz: set your volume preference to PCM05:02
ghthorzilkomaa, which version of grub is it?05:03
zilkomaaghthor, 1.9705:03
zilkomaaghthor, 1.97b05:03
rumpsycmmenke: so is that a PDF or DOC05:03
ghthorzilkomaa, have you tried running "sudo update-grub" already?05:03
jazzwhats pcm and how? (im sorry i am new)05:03
cmmenkei had to use apturl05:04
cmmenkewhatever that is05:04
zilkomaaghthor, no i hasnt ill try it05:04
rumpsycmmenke: if you want to know about your system, goto system option ans look for about ubuntu05:04
rumpsyjazz, can you see volume icon on your panel? just right click and goto preference and select PCM in that05:05
ghthorzilkomaa, if that doesn't work paste your "/boot/grub/grub.cfg" to http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste the url in here that is returns05:05
Diverdudedabukalam, it seems there is nothing on that side to be used as a desktop clock05:05
jazzyes  im looking for pcm.... i did right click after i asked how ,,, :)05:06
dabukalamDiverdude, you want a clock on your desktop, or a clock in your screensaver?05:06
zilkomaaghthor, ok ill try that previous one now thanks! brb05:06
rumpsyjazz: CAn you see PCM in that listed window, select that05:06
cmmenkedoes handbrake work for linux?05:06
dabukalamcmmenke, yup05:07
dabukalam!handbrake | cmmenke05:07
ubottucmmenke: handbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr05:07
cmmenke32 bit also?05:07
cmmenkeor only 6405:07
dabukalamrumpsy, it's a DVD-ripping tool05:07
jazzonly internal audio and bt878 aidio capture05:07
cmmenkeit encodes also :)05:07
Diverdudedabukalam, sorry in the screensaver...basically i just want my computer to be able to show me the time in huge font05:07
jazzubder hard ware05:07
cmmenkethanks guys05:07
cmmenkeany really good ripping software? for entire cd rips, about the same as dvddecrypter05:08
dabukalamDiverdude, okay, just get a desktop widget and increase it's size to like 500%05:08
rumpsyJazz: below to that hardware there will be some lists, in that choose PCM05:09
Billiardcmmenke: dvdbackup probably does just as good a job as dvddecryptor05:09
Diverdudedabukalam, but can i activate a desktop widget on a keystroke?05:10
jazzi found the list no pcm tohugh05:10
rumpsyJazz: in that list you will be see something like this, MAster, PCM, Front, Front Mic, Lne-in............ and so and so , in that list choose PCM05:10
tapanhello , i am trying to install openldap on karmic05:11
cmmenkebilliard: does it now :)05:11
tapanbut it does not show the configuration dialog05:11
=== tato is now known as tato_42
priyahi all05:11
tapanduring installation05:11
rumpsyJazz: Before that did you choosed Alsa Mixer05:11
tapanhow do i set up the ldap password05:11
dabukalamDiverdude, if you download the app screenlets, and install this, you can make it huge: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Glass+themes+for+Digital+Clock+%28SVG%29?content=9958505:12
priyai need help in making a launcher for  .x86 file05:12
dabukalam!screenlets | Diverdude05:12
ubottuDiverdude: Screenlets are little widgets for your !desktop. Note you must have a compositing window manager such as !Compiz Fusion, xcompmgr, or KWin to run them. You can get them at http://www.screenlets.org/05:12
rumpsypriya: what?05:12
jazz`i dont have also mixer i dont think05:12
jazzno alsa mixer05:13
dabukalamDiverdude, yes with compiz, you can add them all into a widget layer and activate the layer using a keystroke or moving the mouse to a corner or side of the screen05:13
zilkomaaghthor, Hi, it didnt work here's my grub.cfg http://paste.ubuntu.com/362376/05:13
rumpsyJazz: in preference window, what are all the drivers you have in dropdown box05:13
tapanhow do i configure openldap05:13
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:13
tapanplease help me05:14
tapani need to configure ldap05:14
ubottuLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information, installation instructions and getting clients to authenticate via LDAP see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer05:14
ghthorzilkomaa, can you also post me the output from "sudo fdisk -l" and tell me what partition Windows is supposed to me on05:14
RoastedDoes anybody know if there's a way you can add Skype to Pidgin? I'd like to use Pidgin for aim,yahoo, and skype, but I cant figure out if theres a skype plugin or not. :(05:14
zilkomaaghthor, sure05:15
priyai want to creat a quick launch for a  program  because to launch it right now its too many steps in terminal05:15
jazzinternal audio and bt878 audio capture05:15
rumpsyRoasted: You can check that in pidgin website for third party plugins05:15
jazzdouble  clicking nothing happens05:15
rumpsyJazz: choose internal audio05:16
zilkomaaghthor, http://paste.ubuntu.com/362379/05:16
jazzit is05:16
zilkomaaghthor, on that sda105:16
jazzunder profile  analog surround 5.1 + digital stereo  is selected05:17
rumpsyNow, choose pcm below to that dropdown box05:17
priyai want to creat a quick launch for a  program  because to launch it right now its too many steps in terminal05:18
jokeemwhats the command to backup firefox05:18
rumpsyit will contain something like, master, pcm , front, and so and so05:18
jokeemmkquist: u there05:18
rumpsypriya: what kind of app?05:18
tapanwhen i install ldap it does not show the configuration dialog05:18
tapani even tried to reconfigure it05:19
jazzstill no pcm05:19
rumpsyJazz: then what and all you see in that list05:19
priyais that what u are asking its a executable  program file05:19
jazza bunch of 4.1 5.1 and analog and  digital stereo05:20
rumpsypriya, just rightclick on desktop and create a launcher05:20
ghthorzilkomaa, http://paste.ubuntu.com/362383/ try this grub.cfg05:20
rumpsyJazz, paste those things in http://pastie.org05:20
tapanhow cam i configure ldap05:20
tapanplease help05:20
priyai have tried that  when i lauch the launcher the termial windows shuts down instantly it does not run05:21
rumpsytapan: Why you need ldap05:21
zilkomaaghthor, ok05:21
tapanwell i am building an ftp service using vsftpd05:21
rumpsyis that a windows application05:21
tapanand i do not want to give ftp users shelll access05:21
priyano this one is linux05:22
jazzwont let me right click it select the option05:22
rumpsypriya, try to chmod +x05:22
priyai can run it in terminal once i go into the cd of that file05:22
Explore2can anyone pls tell me abt this error? http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/pastebin.php05:22
jazzcan  i do a screen shot?05:22
rumpsyjazz , okay05:22
Quan-TimeExplore2: umm.. paste the link, not the entry box thing ;)05:23
Explore2what do i need to paste?05:23
* Trippin7464 »» Music: (Paused) «» Linkin Park - New Divide (181.FM - The Buzz (Your Alternative Station!)) «» 141:05/00:00 ««05:23
Quan-Timeanyone got experience with bioshock (steam) and WINE ? i cant get it going.. only shows splash screen and stops, karmic 9.10 x6405:23
rumpsyExplore2: Nothing was in that page05:23
=== tux_blue is now known as bluejeans
Quan-TimeExplore2: yer. thats the part you enter..05:24
cmmenkeokay, i need a solution for dvd ripping, i need somethng that won't compress anything, dvdbackup compresses audio05:24
jokeemQuan-Time:  what's the command to backup firefox..?05:24
ghthorzilkomaa, if that works, add these lines to "/etc/grub.d/40_custom" http://paste.ubuntu.com/362385/05:24
priyai have error reading config file05:24
rumpsypriya: so, what happened!05:24
jazzhmm where does the screenshots go on default? i didnt even gert a bot to save it or not05:24
Quan-Timejokeem: backup FF ? umm.. not sure.05:24
jazzso frustrating hehe05:24
Explore2Sorry, your post tripped our spam/abuse filter - let us know if you think this could be improved05:24
Quan-TimeExplore2: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d3e787cbf05:24
Quan-Timelike that05:24
rumpsypriya: Can you please tell us what file is that, or what app05:24
jokeemlike tar cvf /media.. etc05:25
Out_Coldcmmenke, dd can produce an exact copy of a dvd... check that out05:25
rumpsyJazz: ;)05:25
Quan-Timejokeem: isnt there an option to backup your db ? config / history / bookmarks ?05:25
priyai can send u the  folder u have  a look05:25
jokeemQuan-Time:  nvm..05:25
Quan-Timenp :)05:25
Explore2pastebin not working for me05:25
tapanso how do i autoconfigure ldap05:25
priyadesktop@DESKTOP:~$ chmod +x05:26
priyachmod: missing operand after `+x'05:26
priyaTry `chmod --help' for more information.05:26
Quan-TimeExplore2: you have some sort of adblock / java block05:26
rumpsyExplore2: alternate in http://pastie.org05:26
tapanhow to i configure ldap05:26
tapanhow to i configure ldap05:26
tapanhow to i configure ldap05:26
FloodBot1tapan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:26
Quan-TimeHARHAR why do ppl even bother to try that05:26
tapanplease help me05:27
blakkheim!please | tapan05:27
ubottutapan: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude05:27
cmmenkeis dd command0-line?05:27
delantapan, http://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/05:27
rumpsyExplore2: okay, that was may due to some error due to server busy05:27
delancmmenke, yes05:27
AbnixI've just discovered the most astonishing thing about this distro....  no matter what I do, I cannot stop X from loading at boot... I've done the 'update-rc.d -f gdm remove'  I've even found the gdm init script and made it non-executable... but still here I sit at a gdm login prompt05:27
tapani need to configure ldap05:27
delantapan, http://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/05:27
Explore2but that error never goes off for me05:27
priyacan i send  u the folder with this  file in it05:28
cmmenkelame....im so new to linux, 4 days using it, 18 years of windows05:28
Abnixanypne know of a sure fire way to disable (but not cripple) x ?05:28
rumpsypriya, :) , cd to that folder, and this is example, chomd +x priya, where priya is the file to execute05:28
jazzhell i cant even print the screen with the window open? i hope  10.4 isnt  this bad05:28
tapanhow do i configure ldap05:29
rumpsyjazz: ;)05:29
David664im trying to execute a program in wine but it freezes or its slow, is this normal05:29
jazzexcept 9.10 wasnt problematic till i reinstalled it05:29
rumpsyjazz, do onething after right click choose "open volume control"05:30
Explore2rumpsy: do you mean my server is slow or ubuntu server?05:30
zilkomaaghthor, ok he how can i save that grub.cfg it doesnt allow me to whats the magic words read only..05:30
scuniziDavid664: check wine's site for your programs compatibility .. wine is not a windows substitute05:30
rumpsyExplore2: do this , apt-get install netselect-apt05:30
David664o i thought it worked on all of them :)05:31
jazzi right click i have mute and prefrences05:31
Out_Coldscunizi, wine is Not an emulator :p05:31
rumpsyjazz: after that choose edit in that window and goto preference05:31
rumpsypriya: What happened ?05:31
zilkomaaahthor, to get write access to that file..05:31
scuniziOut_Cold: yep.. or a "substitute" :)05:31
zilkomaaahthor, chmod something..??05:32
priyarumpsy, this is what i got  back in terminal desktop@DESKTOP:~/Desktop/RQC$ chmod +x rq-echo-client.x8605:32
Myke1can you use Virtualbox to install windows to play windows games?05:32
Out_ColdMyke1, slow but possible05:32
scuniziMyke1: some games not all.. depends on how graphicly intensive they are. do they need 3d etc..05:33
rumpsypriya, what kind of file is that, still i don't understand05:33
Out_Coldrumpsy, maybe i can add to priya's issue. she/he has a script which it the rq-echo-client.x86 which checks locally in the same folder for a .conf file, she is trying to call the script withoput having to cd to the folder in question05:34
priyaright on and im a he  lol05:35
rumpsypriya, after chmod +x go to that folder and double click that chmoded file to execute05:35
rumpsyso, you are shemale right, lol05:35
lifestream{QUESTION}  -  Hmm, hello everyone, just a simple question about backup, I guess: when a backup is done, does it backup every single file again, or just those that have *changed* from the last backup?05:35
Out_Coldproblem is, sym-linking it to /bin/ forces an error and also editing the $PATH which I may or may not have correctly assisted in05:36
=== iandan is now known as Guest17962
wzssyqai want to share some file with ftp,is there a simple ftp server?05:36
priyau lost me on the command05:36
Out_Coldlifestream, depends on the application used.. some do both05:36
scuniziwzssyqa: one.ubuntu.com.. online and shareable05:36
Out_Coldwzssyqa, proftpd is great05:36
jazzunder settings for selected device  all i get are a bunch of analog 5.1 to 7.1 device input and digital stereo inuts05:37
wzssyqaOut_Cold: is there one that just a command?05:37
zilkomaaghthor, ill try that now..05:37
rumpsyOut_Cold: could you understand what kind of query priya(he/she) asked? , but i'm not05:37
wzssyqajust like python -m SimpleHTTPServer 808005:37
lifestreamOut_Cold, both, huh? Hmm.. I'm looking online at different backup apps, really difficult to see which ones do it :P05:38
Out_Coldwzssyqa, not sure what you mean05:38
rumpsyAnyway, brb05:38
Out_Coldrumpsy, he wants to run this script every boot up/log in.. so far my attempts to assist have been futile05:38
ghthorzilkomaa, were you able to boot into windows?05:38
jazzvev um restarting mabe that will cottect05:38
Abnixanyone here have a good xorg config for use on a 7 inch screen?05:39
wzssyqaOut_Cold: the simplest ftp server05:39
jazz cant type in the dark  lol05:39
Out_Coldrumpsy, as easily as possible. ie: not by cd ..... ./file05:39
wzssyqaOut_Cold: and not a deman05:39
Out_Coldwzssyqa, proftpd is easy to set up and easy to add users but it has a gui frontend05:39
wzssyqaOut_Cold: i want just like this python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080 to get a http server05:40
Out_Coldjazz, my typing gets worse dependoing on the light05:40
zetherooI lost this info ... whats the PPA for the best and latest nvidia drivers?05:40
Out_Coldwzssyqa, use firefox for that?05:40
OasaHow to get a file with primarily no data, but i have to occupy space ?05:41
wzssyqaOut_Cold: firefox?05:41
Out_Coldwzssyqa, firefox allows you to connect to ftp or http05:41
tr1sth3tI am having a problem with horribly slow download speeds with Ubuntu 9.10. Are there any know issues? Speeds are @ 2000-3000B/s for some packages for archive.ubuntu.com05:42
rumpsywzssyqa: for ftp you can also use nautilus05:42
tapanhow to change the ldap password05:42
Out_Coldtr1sth3t, switch server locations05:42
wzssyqaOut_Cold: is there a good http clenck that work like ftp one?05:42
Explore2rumpsy: http://codepad.org/RFeHzmBf05:42
tapanplease how to change the ldap password05:43
rumpsyExplore2: oh, happy now?05:43
Out_Coldwzssyqa, like rumpsy said, nautilus or firefox, depends on what exactly you want to do05:43
tapanplease help me05:43
tr1sth3tOut_Cold, explain. In my software sources under the Ubuntu Software tab is shows server for the US and main server. I set it to main server but it's still the same.05:43
wzssyqaOut_Cold: i want to transfer a lot of image to another person05:43
rumpsytapan: i donno about ldap, you man it05:44
cmmenkeE: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)05:44
cmmenkeE: Unable to lock the download directory05:44
Out_Coldthere is even a built in ftp client in gnome located in the menu.... but i think that's nautilus05:44
cmmenkewhat does that mean?05:44
Explore2rumpsy: i can install what i want now..btw wot does that command mean?05:44
Explore2cmmenke: run with sudo05:44
cmmenkei did05:44
cmmenkesudo apt-get install vobcopy05:44
cmmenkeand i tried05:44
Out_Coldtr1sth3t, set it to something close to you... the main has a lot of load05:44
Explore2may be synaptic is kept open05:44
rumpsycmmenke: please check any other terminal is opened query to installation, or synaptic manager05:44
EastDallastapan: user password?05:45
Out_Coldwzssyqa, then tarballing or ftp is the way to go. if you want to send to them, they need the server, if you want them to take from you, then you need the server05:45
cmmenkethere is another synaptic running in non-interactive mode :(05:45
rumpsyExplore2: so , you installed, netselect-apt?05:45
tapanldap password05:45
EastDallastapan: ldap user password?05:45
rumpsycmmenke: close that, ;)05:45
cmmenkewhere is it?05:45
wzssyqaOut_Cold: i know,but i don't want to use vsftpd etc,they are to big05:46
tr1sth3tOut_Cold, ubuntu.media.mit.edu seems to work a little better. Thanks.05:46
Oasa How to make a file with primarily no data, but i have to occupy space ?05:46
cmmenkegot it, thanks guys :)05:47
tapanEastDallas: you know about it05:47
cmmenkehad a dialog box under all my windows05:47
Out_Coldtapan, something like ldappassword -A oldpass -s newpass05:47
scuniziOasa: touch textfile.txt05:47
zilkomaaghthor, now it says error: no such partition05:48
ghthorzilkomaa, hmmm05:48
OasaI recently downloaded a fake movie which is a 3 min clip. 3 min is nothing but an image and background music. The size is 798 MB. All other is crap data. It made me angry. What i wonder how did they make it.05:48
Oasascunizi : What ?05:48
Out_Colddunno wzssyqa, check around, google, read/search in synaptic05:48
wzssyqaOut_Cold: thx05:48
scuniziOasa: the fake movie could be a virus infected file made for windows users05:49
Out_Coldtapan, just try running ldappassword by it's self... or man ldappassword (which is where i found out the info above_05:49
Noxonlooking 4 some 1 w/ exp w/ bt405:50
tapanNo manual entry for ldappassword05:50
Out_ColdNoxon, look in #backtrack-linux05:50
ghthorzilkomaa, http://paste.ubuntu.com/362394/ put that in /etc/grub.d/40_custom05:50
Oasascunizi : May be. But I want to make one. It should be like a 3 min video. Rest can be 0 data. But how do I make up ?05:50
ghthorzilkomaa, and rerun sudo update-grub05:50
Out_Coldtapan, http://linux.die.net/man/1/ldappasswd05:50
Explore2rumpsy: ya i installed..what is that exactly?05:50
priyagoog nite all i give up on linux maybe back to windows 7 for this file much easier to launch05:51
scuniziOasa: no idea05:51
Explore2cmmenke: what is non-interactive mode?05:51
OasaCan any one help me ?05:51
rumpsyExplore2: That deb file is to select fastest servers near to you.05:51
priyaLinux very hard to learn and run my own opinion05:51
rumpsypriya: may be to you !05:51
cmmenkeidk, but i got it05:52
priyalol  forsure05:52
blakkheimLinux is very easy to learn and run my own opinion05:52
Quan-Timebioshock, steam, wine... anyone got ideas / experience ? it shows splash. and stops05:52
cmmenketrying to learn the command-line for vobcopy now :( daunting05:52
Out_Coldpriya, it's not friendly without a little help ;)05:52
Explore2so netselect-apt, is a deb file?05:52
zilkomaaghthor, ok is this the right way to add those lines? http://paste.ubuntu.com/362396/05:52
Out_Coldshove it blakkheim.... probably played with linux during it's early 90s phase :p05:52
rumpsyLinux, has opens its variety of options.05:52
priyaall i want to do is run this app with launcher but it dont work for me05:53
blakkheimOut_Cold: more like 200605:53
ghthorzilkomaa, yes05:53
zilkomaaghthor, ok05:53
didiDoes empathy on a call in Karmic eats someone else cpu too? Here it practically tops one core (90%).05:53
MaletorWhy can't I hear DTS out of XBMC? / How do I test if Ubuntu (pulseaudio) can play DTS?05:53
Out_Coldblakkheim, well then we are both on the same page lol... not hard, but definitely not easy05:53
zilkomaaghthor, k i'll restart now..05:54
OasaCan any one please tell me why they quit pidgin and moved on to empathy ?05:54
ghthorzilkomaa, ahh, wait those aren't the right lines, need  "set root=(hd0,1)", "chainloader (hd0,1)+1"05:54
blakkheimOasa: angry teenagers who wanted webcam chat05:54
zilkomaaghthor, eheh okoko05:54
Out_ColdOasa, cuz they are lame05:54
OasaPidgin now supports webcam chat.05:55
blakkheimOasa: it didn't when they switched05:55
rumpsyExplore2: http://packages.debian.org/lenny/netselect-apt, check it here05:55
Out_Coldso if enough people use pidgin over empathy (which i think is so far the case) they may switch back05:55
priyagood nite all  i wont give up that  easy  i will be back  lol05:55
OasaI like pidgin.05:55
Out_Coldwe'll be here priya rest easy05:56
jazzi rebooted i just realized i dont even get the ubuntu drums  just the drums for login not the lil beat as the animation dances05:56
jazzscrew! a hammer will fix it later!05:56
Coded1im thinking of purchasing a new rig in a few months and want to get something in the mid-high end that plays nice with linux, it's been a while and I'm hearing great things about amd cpus but not so much with ati gpu's + linux and also that amd mother boards don't play very well with nvidia. what kind of rigs do you guys run, where can I go for further info?05:56
blakkheimCoded1: avoid ati05:56
blakkheimCoded1: just build it yourself05:57
zilkomaaghthor, ok changed..05:57
Out_ColdCoded1, ati works great in laptops but not towers.. and nvidia always has driver issues that are difficult to fix05:57
zilkomaaghthor, restarting now..05:57
ghthorzilkomaa, kk05:57
Coded1blakkheim, that I know (previous 9800 owner) and I will be building it myself, been checking around on newegg.com but scared if I get an AMD mb chipset im gonna paint myself into a corner, are there mobos that are friendly to both amd/nvidia?05:58
scuniziOut_Cold: I've never found that with nvidia.. lately the newer cards might have issues because the driver available in ubuntu is pretty far behind the power curve05:58
blakkheimCoded1: not sure, i'm an intel guy05:58
Coded1AMD prices are almost too sweet to let go05:59
Out_Coldscunizi, i've seen a fair bit of issues especially with overscanning and new drivers failing to support old cards..05:59
Oasaia m an intel guy too05:59
Xcelli use asus / amd / nvidia / 0 problems.05:59
scuniziOut_Cold: new drivers and old cards don't mix well.. that's why there are 3 primary drivers for nvidia cards.. New .. Old.. and Older06:00
rumpsyBut you hate those things when you have single cpu06:00
Explore2when do i get this err? ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host06:00
Explore2lost connection06:00
Out_Coldscunizi, agreed but try telling that to the auto-updater06:00
Out_ColdExplore2, firewall06:01
wiggmpkI just installed Karmic Koala on my notebook, currently running kernel 2.6.31-17 amd64. Every time I try to suspend my notebook, it cuts to a black screen with a blinking cursor. I have to manually power it off every time. Please help!!06:01
Coded1Explore2, check to see if you have an ip address on that card06:01
scuniziOut_Cold: yep.. I never use the auto updater.. in fact I use the drivers from nvidia's site.. I just plan on reinstalling them on a kernel upgrade06:01
scuniziwiggmpk: your swap should be apx 2x of your ram for suspend to work06:02
Out_Coldscunizi, but that's where i see the issues with users.... that and overscan is one hellova ***06:02
rumpsyBut i donno how you guys do support for non-free drivers , o_O06:02
rumpsyi mean nvidia-glx06:02
Out_Coldrumpsy, we don06:02
wiggmpkscunizi: 4 GB Physical RAM & 12 GB SWAP, not the issue :)06:02
ghthorzilkomaa, still no luck?06:03
Out_Coldrumpsy, nvidia issues for nvidia devs06:03
zilkomaaghthor, argh now there is two windows xp boot sections in grub other one says again error: no such partition and other one loads back to grub like i said before :(06:03
rumpsyEveryday, someone asking about 3d drivers, why don't they use default drivers for stability06:03
Coded1guess you have to pick the lesser of the evils with gpu's intel just sucks, amd is great value but doesn't work on nix, nvidia offers a lot more but is closed06:04
jazzwork with creative soundblaster cards? if  i have to use my sound card then fine because this is driving me nuts!06:04
rileyphi all06:04
jazzdoes linux ybuntu 9.10 ^06:04
rileypCan I get some help here with suspend06:04
mihaminarileyp: yep06:04
rumpsyi choosed to use nv driver as my default driver06:04
rileypand karmic06:04
scuniziwiggmpk: suspend and hibernate don't share a unified method of programming and can be very different from one machine to the next.. I'd search the forums for your laptop model to see what others have experienced and possible solutions06:04
Oasarileyp : Dont ask to ask. Just ask06:04
zilkomaaghthor, should i reinstall grub or something..06:05
rileypits a desktop and i have searched the forums for 3 days06:05
rileypto no avail06:05
rumpsyI know the power of default video drivers06:05
EastDallasjazz: I have on old SB Audigy Platinum in my desktop, works like a charm.06:05
Oasarileyp : YOur problem please06:05
wiggmpkscunizi: I have tried, also googled.. Looks like suspend/hibernate is a known issue with 9.10 and bug reports are filed.. Just taking a shot in the dark in the channel06:05
wiggmpkscunizi: you think a swap partition across a software raid would cause an issue with suspending06:05
Oasawiggmpk : No06:06
Myke1I have NO idea why hardware manufacturers make closed sourced drivers :(06:06
Oasalol Myke106:06
scuniziwiggmpk: that's a wrinkle .. maybe06:06
Myke1they dont make money on the drivers, they make money on the hardware06:06
rileypok upon suspend screen freezes and keyboard no reponsive as well as mouse system is frozen06:06
rumpsyJAzz, if you are using soundblaster card, modprobe appropriate driver06:06
wiggmpkOasa: no what?06:06
Out_ColdMyke1, to be better than the others... or at least different06:06
wiggmpkscunizi: doesnt seem like it would be an issue, it wasnt before06:07
Oasawiggmpk: It wont cauase trouble.06:07
rileypthe  suspend log log looks fine though06:07
ghthorzilkomaa, well I don't know then, to remove the second entry just remove it from /etc/grub.d/40_custom.  Maybe you should just try reinstalling grub with "sudo grub-install /dev/sda"06:07
wiggmpkOasa: any thoughts on why suspend is borked?06:07
Coded1Myke1, but if someone figures out a better way to do it they might feel bad06:07
scuniziwiggmpk: I'm not familure enough with raid to know06:07
Coded1wont anyone think of the corporations!06:07
tony__ anyone know where exactly in firefox it calls to the OS (linux specifically) to use a certain widget? reason being my widgets are messed up in kde 4.4 using firefox portable06:07
zilkomaaghthor, ok thanks u anyway06:07
rfgergrthnrewiggmpk, suspend with ubuntu has a long history of being broken06:07
jazzman im so angry right now, first cairo  goes down making my updates crazy and i did a clean install of ubuntu reinstall all my stuff, and now sound give me trouble.06:07
Oasawiggmpk : No idea. As you have said, Its a popular bug. Hope they fix it in Lynx.06:07
rfgergrthnrejazz, probably pulseaudio's fault06:07
wiggmpkOasa: so do I06:07
rileypI know its a common prob but i would liketo get on top of06:08
Myke1Well, its just a driver. They can concentrate on making the hardware and make drivers open sourced so that everyone who can make them better. no harm no foul06:08
wiggmpkrfgergrthnre: right, I remember.. However this is usually referred to as a regression.. suspend/hibernate should be a no brainer these days06:08
Myke1just my 2 cents06:08
jazzok lets find puse audio? would i have installed it inadvertently?06:09
rileypim using
Out_Cold2 cents compared to millions :p06:09
rileypi will not upgrade kerel as i have doen in the past to no benefit other that ata read errors and randon sysmen freezes06:09
rileypit doe snot fix suspend06:10
EastDallastony__: That might be a question for #kubuntu or #firefox06:10
Oasarileyp : Then what can you do ?06:10
rileyphi bert06:10
rileypIm asking!06:11
Coded1what do you guys think about ddr3 and tripple channel ram?06:11
Coded1just hype?06:11
Myke1Well, is it easy to dual boot Windows Xp and Ubuntu 9.10?06:11
rfgergrthnrewiggmpk, yep, it is regression... i dunno why, but things in ubuntu don't seem to stay in they work... look at x and audio... they were working fine in previous releases, but then they had to go and rewrite them and introduce lame bugs06:11
Baileyhi i have a question with my ubuntu06:11
albertOn macOS terminal I can do "say hello" and my speakers say: hello. Can i do the same with Linux?06:11
jazzthe players  i have now were the players i had before. and i dont have pulse audio06:11
bastid_raZoralbert: espeak06:12
Baileymy programs are not working06:12
albertbastid_raZor: is espaeak a program?06:12
Baileybut they are supported with the new ubuntu06:12
wiggmpkrfgergrthnre: well they did integrate PulseAudio.. which is beautiful if they would of just integrated it properly.06:12
rileypalso when using mythbuntu my surround sound makes a d large crack sound everytime i open and close live tv or movie06:12
rfgergrthnrewiggmpk, heh, dont talk to me about pulseaudio... it's just really that bad06:13
bastid_raZoralbert: it is a command line app.. it should be installed by default.06:13
Oasabastid_raZor : I dont get espeak.06:13
wiggmpkrfgergrthnre: based upon what though? your experience with Ubuntu? other distro's havent had most of the problems with PulseAudio06:13
bastid_raZor!info espeak06:13
ubottuespeak (source: espeak): A multi-lingual software speech synthesizer. In component main, is optional. Version 1.41.01-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 68 kB, installed size 244 kB06:13
rfgergrthnrewiggmpk, volume resetting and randomly muting, a whole second of sound lag from all apps, unable to play audio from two apps at once... urgh06:13
Oasabastid_raZor : I am getting this error06:14
OasaPaHost_OpenStream: could not open /dev/dsp for O_WRONLY06:14
Explore2Hi all, i installed x264 and gstreamer packages from apt-get on 9.10, i still get no element"x264", any idea?06:14
OasaPaHost_OpenStream: ERROR - result = -1000006:14
wiggmpkrfgergrthnre: anyway, I am gabbing in a support channel lol.. later06:14
rfgergrthnrewiggmpk, which is the chat channel?06:14
albertbastid_raZor: thats true! thank you very much :)))06:14
jazzalright how do i find what my intergrated audio card is? im filing a bug report  has to be06:14
wiggmpkrfgergrthnre: eh...??? #ubuntu-offtopic i suppose06:15
rumpsyJazz: check that in lspci command06:15
albertbastid_raZor: do you know if i can do the same but wirtting a command 'say' ?06:15
tazboI used to have a script set up so I could right click a file or batch of files and resize them.. I still have the script but I forgot how I set it up... anyone suggest a site that has the info?06:15
jazzi dont know what that is,06:15
Oasarename the program as say :S06:16
alberthow can I change the word to 'say'?06:16
albertrename how?06:16
wm_how do i make my wireless intel nic work in karmic?06:16
EastDallasrileyp: I had the same problem.  It has to do with power_save...looking for the fix....06:16
bastid_raZoralbert: alias say=espeak06:16
Coded1albert, "alias say=espeak'06:16
rumpsyalbert, give a text file to it06:16
rileypso my suspend issue is ther any setting in the /init.d/  folder i can try that might stop teh crashing upon suspned06:16
albertok thanks you Coded1 bastid_raZor06:17
albertbut my computer will remember this alias?06:17
albertwhen I restart my computer it will remember the alias?06:17
bastid_raZoralbert: you could add it to your .bashrc file06:17
albertwhere's this file?06:18
rwwalbert: in your home folder06:18
rileypits hidden06:18
rwwalbert: nano ~/.bashrc06:18
albertits an ocult file06:18
FloodBot1albert: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:18
albertsorry FloodBot106:18
EastDallasrileyp: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tip-how-to-fix-crackling-noise-on-hda-audio-cards-in-ubuntu-9-10.html06:19
rileypthnaks for that East dallas06:19
worudWhat is favorite twitter client for ubuntu?06:20
fib3rDonate skills and hardware to rebuild an open source Haiti today: http://linuxcharity.webuda.com06:21
=== root is now known as Guest75386
cbleslieWTF spam?06:22
wm_that sounds incredibly useless06:22
Guest75386what spam06:22
kaziemis there an alternative for tsmmc (windows) for linux? Basically tsmmc is a program to manage multiple remote desktops, one screen in each tab... check this to get a picture of what I mean http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Image:Windows_server_2008_remote_desktops_sessions.jpg06:23
Guest75386anyone use bt4 final06:23
albertbastid_raZor: then only i have to add 'alias say=espeak' on the last line of this file?06:23
Oasayes aldbert.06:23
wm_why does the iwl driver suck so much ?06:24
Oasaadd it anywhere.06:24
albertokey thanks you very much06:24
Oasaalbert : There should many aliases already, such as ll = ll -s . look at the syntax and rewrite06:25
lolnic_Hi, how do i change the program gdm uses to hibernate? if i can, that is06:25
alberti did a question because i'm reading some examples in the same file like: alias ls=ls --color=auto'06:25
albertok then now is perfect06:26
albertthank you06:26
owen1Anyone with Dell mini 10 or Inspiron 11Z - please confirm the touchpad bug I just sumbitted - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/51219206:26
OasaIf someone is swearing, how do i use ubottu to tell him that dont swear ?? !swear doesnt work :S06:26
rwwOasa: !language06:27
Oasaokay rww06:27
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:27
onetinsoldierkaziem: perhaps tsclient?06:27
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:27
rwwowen1: glad I got the 10v ;P06:27
EastDallasworud: I like gwibber, but you can use Tweetdeck and Destroy Twitter by installing Adobe Air for linux.06:27
vinq1How do I change Apache .htaccess to only cache the homepage URL (/) and not the other files?06:28
rileypwhat logs should i look at to resolve suspend problems06:28
kaziemonetinsoldier, good idea, I'll give it a try and report back06:28
EastDallas!ubottu | Oasa06:29
ubottuOasa: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots06:29
albertonly for curiosity, exist the same program but with IDE interface?06:29
worudEastDalls: Thank you so much. I'll try. :)06:29
EastDallasOasa You can search the factoid list06:29
EastDallasworud: np06:29
hicarbonIt's nice to finally be able to work in linux. <sigh>06:32
rileypwhat logs to look at for suspen d problems?06:33
philipwnhow to see how much HZ is my kernel running at?06:35
lolnic_how do i make it so that the hibernate button on the menu runs hibernate? (as in from the package you can get from sudo apt-get install hibernate)06:35
kaziemonetinsoldier, nope there is no tabs where there is 1 remote desktop on each of them.. it's just a rdesktop frontend for configuration etc06:36
racleHello, anyone know reason why ssh login is getting slower? so after i put my username to ssh, it takes over 10 seconds to get input my password. usually that happens after 20+ days uptime. running ubuntu server 200906:37
onetinsoldierkaziem: roger. sorry06:37
kaziemthanks anywasy06:37
Barridusis firefox 3.6 on the repo's, i can't seem to find it but i may be looking incorrectly06:39
bastid_raZorBarridus: no 3.6 is not in the repo and will not be for karmic.06:39
Barridusnot even as shiretoko or a-browser?06:39
hiexpoEastDallas: - is that a command to get bot to give answers06:40
Barridusbastid_raZor, not even as shiretoko or a-browser?06:43
sachin6870whats up06:46
=== Leonardo_the_Pac is now known as SE7
SE7nothin much, you?06:46
SE7sweet what time is it?06:46
sachin687012:17 PM IST06:47
vinq1Anyone know how to cache a homepage, and only a homepage, on Apache? It's an .htaccess config question.06:47
SE7woha.. really? its 11:48 pm here..06:48
SE7how is this possible lol06:48
=== zhan_zr is now known as zhanzr
sachin6870I dont know, might be your clock is running behind06:51
przemo_onehi guys/ question about firefox3.606:52
przemo_onedo we expect that in repository? for 64bit platform?06:52
SE7sachin6870: i dun think so man.. all my clocks are set to 11:52...06:52
przemo_onewill that be an update for 3.5.x or new branch?06:53
yipstaris this the appropriate place to ask questions about how to setup kvm vm's on ubuntu?06:54
yipstar#kvm is a ghost town06:54
Quan-Timebioshock, steam, wine... anyone got ideas / experience ? it shows splash. and stops. anyone experience this ?06:54
ruffus910i can no longer hear sound from videos in firefox. please help.06:55
Quan-Timeruffus910: i get that sometimes too,, shut everything down, anythingthat uses sounds,, and it comes back..06:56
Quan-Timesometimes 2 younoob videos screws it..i put it down to flash problems..06:56
ruffus910it just all of a sudden stopped working :-)06:57
ruffus910i downloaded some limewire songs, then it broke06:57
ruffus910could that be it?06:57
Quan-Timequite possibly.. what media player ?06:57
Quan-Timemaybe try to kill anything thats relating to it06:58
ruffus910Quan-Time: fixed. thank you06:59
Quan-Timeruffus910: yer. same.. umm.. as much as everyone says "you never have to reboot linux".. you owuld be surprised how many things it can fix..06:59
Quan-Timeruffus910: np.. glad it worked !06:59
Quan-Timenow fix my wine issue !06:59
ruffus910maybe, whats the problem07:00
bullgardWhat is the filename of the source code file of the ALSA driver /lib/modules/2.6.31-17-generic/kernel/sound/soundcore.ko? What DEB program package does it include?07:03
Quan-Timeruffus910: bioshock (steam) on wine.. isntalled it fine.. went to play, installed dx10, and now it only loads the splash screen.. wine config i already use ALSA drivers, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1774007:03
firestriderhey is there an equivalent to resource monitor, event viewer, device manager, and registry in ubuntu07:03
Quan-Timethat link says to mess around with alsa, BUT i dont have that dhirectory to begin with... no sure what action to take.. as everyone says it just works.. :(07:03
bullgardfirestrider: About registry: Have a look at gconf.07:04
ruffus910Quan-Time: ah. sorry. i got nothing07:04
przemo_onenever mind. loading mozilla daily07:05
bullgardfirestrider: Ubuntu's device manager is udev.07:05
Quan-Timeruffus910: heh. no one does :( its annoying07:05
firestriderok thanks bullgard07:05
rwwHi. I don't use my Caps Lock key and want it to map to Escape instead. How do I do that?07:05
Quan-Timerww: wow.. umm. macro maybe07:06
DifferentkindofI had a question with regards to porting to arm07:06
bullgardfirestrider: What do you mean by "resource monitor"?07:06
przemo_oneaperantly 3.6 is an update for 3.5 /// never mind :)07:07
firestriderresource monitor program in windows vista and 707:08
jobbiehello all07:08
bullgardrww: Try http://www.columbia.edu/~djv/docs/keyremap.html07:08
jobbieso my system has 2 drives, one for / and one for /home07:08
firestriderit's like task manager but shows much more details07:08
jobbiethe drive with my home partition is failing and i'd like to replace it with another drive07:08
bullgardfirestrider: I did not ask you where "resource monitor" is but what it is.07:09
firestriderand you can drill down by process to see it's disk io, network io, and memory faults07:09
jobbiewhats the best way to swap drives ... with my /home on the new drive of course.07:10
bullgardfirestrider: This is a busy channel. If you talk to me, please prepend your message with my nick.07:10
firestriderbullgard, it's like task manager but more detailed and granular07:11
firestriderbullgard also does ubuntu prefetch ram for applications?07:14
Quan-Timehey, trying to get bioshock (steam ver) workin on WINE 1.1.36 - ubuntu karmic 9.10 x64, i looked here http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=17740 and i have the problem of only getting a splash screen.. I also use ALSA for sound, so the suggestion isnt relevant to me.. anyone with idheas ?07:14
panfistis there something similar to rdiff-backup that's supported by ubuntu?07:14
bullgardfirestrider: For an equivalent to resource monitor in Ubuntu, click System > Administration > System monitor.07:15
bullgardfirestrider: Yes, In some cases Ubuntu does prefetch RAM for applications.07:16
brand0nanyone have any idea why sometimes when i login the screen goes white07:20
brand0nand all i can see is the cursor07:20
brand0nusually only happens if my girlfriend logs in first07:20
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
ranjanhello very body is here any body who knows how to write in hindi07:21
rumpsyAsk your girlfriend what she did before you login07:21
brand0nshe doesnt do anything07:21
brand0nlike when i reboot i log us both in07:22
rumpsyranjan:What you exactly need07:22
brand0nsometimes i log her in first07:22
brand0nand thats when it happens on my side, if i log her in first07:22
jlauxettaI sometimes log my girlfriend in too :D07:22
c2d2I wish to completely purge/remove/uninstall flash.07:23
rumpsyAvoid using more stuffs in desktop, use automatic screen resolution07:23
c2d2It is broken and I whish to repair it.  Suggestions?07:23
ranjanrumpsy : i am trying to write some contain in hindi but i am facing problem in writing words which includes half cracters  in devnagri script07:24
rumpsybrand0n: yes, don't put bunch of files and folders on desktop... clean it if you have, put those in documents or somewhere else07:25
brand0ni have 3 folders and 2 shortcuts07:25
brand0non my desktop07:25
brand0nhers has like 5 folders and 4 shortcuts07:25
brand0nhardly a bunch07:25
rumpsyranjan: goto accessories and use character map tool07:26
bullgardbrand0n: Your computer's configuration is at fault. You need to provide error messages in order that a knowledgeable person can suggest a remedy. I believe that you should obtain the help of local knowledgeable friend.07:26
MiBobrand0n: Ive had the same problem07:26
brand0ni get no error messages when it happens bullgard, the screen just turns white and all i can see is my cursor07:27
brand0ni press shift + ctrl + f1 to go to shell07:27
brand0nand then reboot07:27
brand0nand it usually fixes it07:27
brand0nsometimes it does it twice in a row07:27
FloodBot1brand0n: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:27
brand0noh god07:27
brand0nsorry floodbot1, didnt mean to fill the channel with questions about ubuntu07:27
bullgardbrand0n: I believe you. But the computer certainly will throw error messages in the /var/log/ directory.07:27
=== Rizwan-DHAKA is now known as Arctic-Love
brand0nok bullgard ill see what i can dig up, thank you07:28
brand0nwhich log file would it be in bullgard07:28
brand0nthe xorg one?07:28
MiBobrand0n: I think it's a gdm problem07:28
brand0ndid you ever fix it mibo? or do you just try to deal with it07:28
cmmenkeim using vobcopy, and the i ripped "vobcopy -i -m /dir/dir07:29
cmmenkeand it is literally taking a small century07:29
MiBoI never directly fixed it07:29
cmmenkeWriting to /home/chas/PACIFIC_HEIGHTS/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB07:29
cmmenke  26MB of 1024MB written ( 2.5 % )07:29
cmmenkein about 2 hours, any fix?07:29
brand0ni mean it doesnt happen that often, id just like to fix it or atleast know what causes it07:29
zilkomaaCan someone help me whats the problem, trying to boot windows xp from grub after pressing enter there comes a screen only reading GRUB_ blinking?07:30
bullgardbrand0n: I do not know exactly because you did not describe your situation exactly. Try first the file /var/log/messages and look up the time when you got the white screen.07:30
brand0nalso sound randomly goes out in flash, anyone ever deal with that problem?07:30
cmmenkeno one knows?07:30
bullgard!sound | brandon07:30
ubottubrandon: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:30
bullgard!sound | brand0n07:31
ubottubrand0n: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:31
rumpsy!video | brand0n07:31
ubottubrand0n: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:31
RaiN88hi everyone07:31
RaiN88I need some help07:31
cmmenkeanybody know what this means with my external drive? Sorry, could not display all the contents of "FreeAgent Drive_": Input/output error07:31
RaiN88I'm new on ubuntu07:32
tavasti!ask | RaiN8807:32
ubottuRaiN88: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:32
rumpsyRaiN88: So, typein your problem07:32
bullgardWhat is the filename of the source code file of the ALSA driver /lib/modules/2.6.31-17-generic/kernel/sound/soundcore.ko? What DEB program package does it include?07:32
RaiN88My ubuntu wont restart07:32
RaiN88It stuck on black screen07:32
rumpsyWhat ubuntu you are using07:33
mishiI just fixed that07:33
RaiN88the new version07:33
sergfclcgflinux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux sucks linux07:33
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FloodBot1sergfclcgf: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:33
mishiI had a video card issue07:33
RaiN88What will I do ?07:34
hyperstreamHow can i tell what version of apache my box downstairs is running from my lan ?(no sshd)07:34
Myke1lol looks like someone doesnt know how to use Linux... haha07:34
mishiI had to install the nvidia package before it would let me go to gnome07:34
alexidoiahi there, my system have crashed and I am trying to do back up. For this I am trying to mount a usb key via the command line07:34
rumpsysergfclcgf: i think you don't want a kick from this channel07:34
pehdenapache virtual host help anyone07:34
alexidoiacould someone telle me how to do that ?07:34
alexidoiaI think I did it once, by-uuud07:34
rumpsypehden: try man apache, or goto #apache07:34
zilkomaaCan someone help me whats the problem, trying to boot windows xp from grub after pressing enter there comes a screen only reading GRUB_ blinking?07:35
RaiN88I already installed it07:35
pehdensorry bout the links but the seond one is the conf and i cant figure out why its not showing the right directory07:35
RaiN88but when I try to restart, it process then it stuck on a black screen07:36
RaiN88What version of Ubuntu is the best??07:36
=== alokito is now known as alokito|away
ranjanrumpsy : i got it for the time being ... i think i have to work with this for couple of days so that i can make my self more familiar with this ... thanks for your help07:37
pehdenit said i needed to register to join that channel07:37
rumpsyRaiN88: 9.10 also god07:37
rumpsyranjan: you are welcome07:37
rumpsy;)  , lol07:38
RaiN88It has more bug I think07:38
RaiN88Because When it wont restart my system07:38
rumpsyUpdates are there to fix bugs07:38
pehdenhow do i register to join #apache07:39
RaiN88Which is better Ubuntu or Kubuntu ??07:39
=== alokito|away is now known as alokito
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode07:39
Quan-Timeanyone who has a elantech touch pad which WONT identify, and cant install touch pad drivers.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/51219207:39
pehdeni cant beleave i forgot that07:39
Quan-TimePLEASE go to that link and click "effects me"... we really need this resolved.07:40
brand0ngnome display manager - thats the login screen right? i see gdm-themes package in synaptic, anyone ever change the default theme?07:40
bullgardbrand0n: "GNOME Display Manager (GDM) is GNOME's login manager."07:42
rumpsybreak, i want coffee,07:42
RaiN88how to fix the bugz in ubuntu?07:42
brand0ndoes the latest one support theme changes? i noticed there isnt any to choose from to change like there was in jaunty07:42
brand0nwhat bugs rain07:42
d4m0nmcan any1 help me connect to my win7 box via dyn dns from ubuntu?07:43
RaiN88It wont restart07:43
rumpsybrand0n: new wave theme really rocks, have a try07:43
d4m0nmfells green07:43
bullgardbrand0n: You are a beginner. Please do not change the default theme. Please target first at completing your general Ubuntu usage skills before you start this endeavor.07:43
RaiN88where can I get themes??07:43
tomkatubuntu won't find drivers for my 3d card07:43
brand0nim not a beginner lol07:43
brand0nive used ubuntu for like 9 months07:44
RaiN88I am beginner07:44
RaiN88I need some help07:44
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode07:44
brand0ni was just wondering if there was a reason why you could select themes in 9.04 but not in 9.10, didnt know if it didnt support it anymore or what07:44
RaiN88How to fix all the bugs that I will encounter?07:44
brand0nyou gotta be way more specific rain07:45
brand0nand your english being terrible doesnt help07:45
tomkatcan someone please help me with my 3d graphics card?07:45
RaiN88the restart bugs07:45
brand0nwhat happens when you restart rain07:45
rumpsybrand0n: do you know his exact nick,its not rain07:46
bullgardbrand0n: Yes, there is much work going on on this program and a lot of controversial discussion taking place. Join gimpnet and there #gdm in order to follow the discussion.07:46
RaiN88When I rrestart, it stuck with black screen07:46
tomkatwhy won't Ubuntu find drivers for my 3dfx card?07:46
brand0nis there text on the black screen rain8807:46
brand0ndoes it show ubuntu logo at all?07:46
RaiN88not at all07:46
RaiN88just a black screen07:47
=== blackbart is now known as Guest13529
bluewhalehi, just installed ubuntu 9.10, and using twinview with nvidia drivers. How can I prevent the task bars spanning both screens, this is very annoying07:48
wenkoHey folks07:48
wenkoanyone familair with this: debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable07:49
wenkolibssl0.9.8 seems to be the culprit07:49
rumpsyRaiN88: Just tell us errors you see in /var/logs07:49
rumpsysomebody may help you07:49
=== Guest13529 is now known as blackbart
RaiN88How would I know?07:50
zilkomaacan some1 tell me whats the problem trying to boot from grub to windows xp not giving any error messages only comes screen where reads GRUB_ ?07:51
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com07:51
zilkomaaCant find any solution from web either..07:51
rumpsyRaiN88: ^^07:51
RaiN88How would I know? :(07:52
wenkoanyone familair with this: debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable07:52
BinaryManI know its late so a lot of people are idling. however, would anyone still alive have any guesses why the cryptroot file stored in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d suddenly disappear?07:52
RaiN88How will I see errors in /var/logs?07:53
MyrttiRaiN88: you could try to boot to the recovery mode07:53
BinaryManalongside that, why would cryptsetup suddenly have a problem with the libgpg-error.so.0 library, causing the user to reinstall the libgpg-error package07:53
BinaryManthis is a problem i had about a week ago that i ended up solving, but never found out why everything regarding cryptsetup commited suicide on me.07:54
rumpsyRaiN88: each and every error will be logged in /var/logs so open it and check it07:54
mkquist__RaiN88: relax, it can be figured out, but not like what you are doing...  take your time and analyze...  but most of all relax.. geeze.  Usually its something simple, but it takes some problem solving.  Getting wound up wont solve anything07:55
RaiN88What if we'll use remote desktop?07:55
BinaryManRaiN88: what is the problem you're having?07:55
RaiN88It wont restart, It stuck in black screen07:56
BinaryMandefine it. One of your machines?07:57
RaiN88Myrtt: then what will I do?07:57
MyrttiRaiN88: check /var/logs07:57
mkquist__looking back, I'm guessing that, for whatever reason, grub is looking at the wrong place, so start there.  assuming you go ubuntu to install07:57
BinaryManRaiN88: I'm willing to help you with your problem. you have to answer my questions though.07:57
rumpsyRaiN88: Explain clearly, what happen , what you did...07:57
mkquist__RaiN88: listen to BinaryMan07:57
mkquist__RaiN88: or rumpsy07:58
BinaryManand /var/logs does not exist. what i believe Myrtti is referring to is a folder called /var/log, which holds logs about a variety of different services.07:58
BinaryManonce you can tell me more about your problem, i'll have a better idea of which log to look at.07:58
RaiN88I see a lot of logs here07:58
BinaryManwhich will more than liketly tell us more information that can be used to diagnose your problem.07:58
pehdenits pissing me off07:58
brand0nhow do i assign sounds to actions? the sound gui in preferences only lets me select themes07:59
pehdendoes any one here know how to configure vhost in apache07:59
brand0nor do i gotta assign each action manually?07:59
RaiN88When I restart it process then stuck in black screen, then nothing happens ..07:59
BinaryManRaiN88: That's normal. is your only problem centered around rebooting?07:59
BinaryManRaiN88: or are you having problems booting into your system as well?07:59
pehdenapache room says must regiter i register and it still wont let me in08:00
rumpsyrain88: there is another option to check system log, goto system, and then to administration and choose system log08:00
* BinaryMan sighs08:00
RaiN88Okay rumpsy08:00
BinaryManI can't help the guy if he won't give more information.08:00
Myrttipehden: you've registered, and identified?f08:01
Myke1Hey I have a Question about Dual booting... If I have Windows Xp and Ubuntu 9.10 installed, If I upgrade 9.10 to  10.04 when it comes out, will that affect the Grub Bootloader?08:01
pehdenim running apache2 its server 2 virtual host but one of the vhost its showing the wrong directory as the output08:02
Picipehden: You need to verify  your account by checking the email that you used when you registered.08:02
pehdenidentify how08:02
BinaryManMyke1: I can't say for sure, but I'm going to imagine that current bootloader entries will be preserved when upgrading.08:02
dopplecould someone assist.. i downloaded a winxp iso and burned it but its not bootable.. how can i make a bootable USB drive from ubuntu that i can boot from to install windows as a dualboot08:02
RaiN88I didn't see the system log, only system testing and system monitor08:03
Myke1I was thinking it would be ok too, it would just give me the choice of 10.04 instead of 9.10 after upgrading08:03
pehdenok i did that irc thing how do i login08:03
BinaryMandopple: if you're inside ubuntu right now, system -> administration -> USB startup disk creator.08:04
Myrttipehden: /msg nickserv identify <password>08:04
=== YBH__1 is now known as YBH_1
BinaryManpehden: assuming you've registered your nick08:04
RaiN88BinaryMan what will I do? :(08:04
BinaryManRaiN88: you need to listen to us and give us clear responses.08:05
BinaryManI can't help you if you don't answer the questions I ask you.08:05
RaiN88I will08:05
BinaryManLet's try this again.08:05
doppleBinaryMan: but will booting from the disk that that creates allow me to install windows from this apparently-unbootable cd i burned?08:05
BinaryMandopple: shouldn't have downloaded a windows iso off the internet. :P08:06
RaiN88Okay BinaryMan08:06
RaiN88I will08:06
RaiN88Just tell me what to do?08:06
doppleBinaryMan:  :P08:06
pehdenhow do i know i am in the room08:06
pehdenof apache08:06
BinaryManRaiN88: You said that when you reboot, you have a black screen and your computer sits there. is that your only problem.08:06
BinaryManRaiN88: do you have any problems booting into your system?08:07
RaiN88Dont have08:07
pehdenwait i think i found that part out08:07
BinaryManRaiN88: Are you booted into your system right now?08:07
RaiN88I have two OS08:07
RaiN88XP and Ubuntu08:08
BinaryManRaiN88: Alright. That shouldn't be a problem.08:08
BinaryManRaiN88: Go to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal.08:08
RaiN88I am here08:08
pehdenany one here?08:08
doppleok this isnt gonna work i apparently need to find a bootable disc08:08
BinaryManRaiN88: type in the following command.08:09
pehdenthe bot wasnt in here08:09
BinaryMantail /var/log/dmesg08:09
pehdendo it in apache its kind of funny08:09
rumpsypehden: is also a bot kind08:09
BinaryManTell me if you see anything that looks like an error.08:09
dopplefigures the iso i downloaded wasnt bootable08:09
cmmenkeanyone know why my external harddrive is a ho? and gives me some weird input/output message08:10
pehdenrumpsy: im not a bot08:10
Explore1i am not seeing file at dest using scp08:10
Explore1any idea?08:10
cmmenkeand why vobcopy is taking 2 days literally for a rip08:10
rumpsyRaiN88: BinaryMan , told  you to use, this command, /var/log/dmesg08:10
Explore1scp newVR fstl@
g0tchahey guys.. anyone can help me mount a RAID harddisk to ubuntu to recover some data?08:10
Explore1this doesn't ask me for password08:10
RaiN88I didnt see an error08:10
pehdenrumpsy i wasy seeing if the bot in here had the same trigger word08:10
BinaryManrumpsy: No, I didn't.08:11
BinaryManrumpsy: I told him to use "tail /var/log/dmesg"08:11
BinaryMantyping in the file path will return an error.08:11
RaiN88Is it okay that I have two generic and two recovery mode?08:12
BinaryManRaiN88: Yup.08:12
tomkatis there a support group for VIA/SVG UniChrome Pro IGP 3dfx cards?08:12
andrukhow do i change karmic's boot splash image?08:12
rumpsyBinaryMan: yes, i was just informing him, you given a info to him08:12
evilsherpahey all, i have a nas, and i think im most of the way there, but when i sudo mount -a now it says mount error(13): Permission denied Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs) but permissions should be all good08:12
BinaryMantomkat: not that i'm aware of. why, are you having problems getting your unichrome video card to work?08:13
rumpsybut, yes i missed a tail, lol08:13
RaiN88Why is it two?08:13
przemo_onehiffy, how to force install package from repository??08:14
tomkatbinaryman: yes.08:14
przemo_onehi guys :)08:14
RaiN88and I has two memtest08:14
BinaryManRaiN88: for the different kernels you have on your machine08:14
firestriderhey guys how can I install you ubuntu in virtualbox and will the install be nonpersistant and see my native hardware?08:14
BinaryMantomkat: I had the same problem on an old Averatech laptop. give me like 5 minutes and i'll try finding the solution that worked for me.08:14
tomkatbinaryman: thankyou08:14
firestrideror do I need a processor with hardware virtualization08:14
RaiN88Where should I go, First one or the 2nd ?08:15
BinaryMantomkat: fyi, it's a problem with the driver. you'll have to manually patch it.08:15
tomkatbinaryman: im new to linux08:15
przemo_onefirestrider if you have one, then it helps, but it's not requaired. works slow on one that does not have.08:15
ehlim1hi all, may i know can ubuntu handles 2 or more connections at once?08:15
przemo_onehaw to force install java plugin, when its different version form java bin??08:16
BinaryMantomkat: i had been using linux for awhile when i started using the laptop, so i was able to figure it out.08:16
tentaclemooseis there a netbook remix specific channel?08:16
firestriderI want the full ubuntu experience with gpu accel video ... guess I can't do that with a virtual machine08:17
przemo_oneanyone can help??08:18
Myrttiprzemo_one: use update-alternatives --all to choose the version of different stuff08:18
tentaclemoosehow does one add new places to the place menu?08:18
tentaclemooseon netbook remix that is08:19
przemo_onethanx will try08:19
andrukehlim1: do you mean two network connections?08:19
ardchoilletentaclemoose: you can try adding bookmarks to ~/.gtk-bookmarks08:19
Eremitetentaclemoose, right click on your menu (before expanding it) and choose edit menues08:19
ardchoilletentaclemoose: That's how it's done in the desktop version08:19
tentaclemoosebah, can't do that with the ume desktop thingamajigger08:20
iflema tentaclemoose open nautilus and drap what you want into the lower left pane....08:20
ardchoilletentaclemoose: the entries take the form:  file:///path/folder08:20
Eremitetentaclemoose, read what I said, Its simple.08:20
firestriderthis is probably a silly question but can you boot ubuntu on a liveusb then do a full install on that same usb drive08:20
ardchoilleEremite: the menu editor doesn't allow changing the Places menu item08:20
* iflema :)08:21
Eremiteardchoille, yes it does.  i just did it08:21
tentaclemooseeremite's method worked08:21
tentaclemooseperfectly i might add08:21
ardchoilleiflema: that method adds new bookmarks to ~/.gtk-bookmarks.. which is what I suggested08:21
BinaryMantomkat: having problems finding the fix for the driver. bear with me08:21
rileypwhen opening vlc or mythtv video or live tv i get loud boom from surround sound08:21
iflemaardchoille: and08:21
Eremiterileyp, I get that too.  It sounds like its about to blow my speakers.  New since Karmic.08:21
ardchoilleEremite: then you need to write us a tutorial because chaning the "Places" menu item via the menu editor isn't possible08:22
firestriderif not is there a way to get full install of ubuntu on a usb drive from within windows08:22
iflemaardchoille: that's when there's too many08:22
l2tponlinuxhi everybody08:22
rumpsyRaiN88: what kernels you see there?08:22
Eremiteardchoille, how did 2 of us just do it if it doesnt work.  Get real.08:22
tentaclemooseis there any way to get the central menu of ume to function as a file browser?08:22
rumpsyRaiN88: choose to one comes with ubuntu 9.1008:22
mobius2is there a way to turn off or disable the "default web page for this server"  content that  my ubuntu appears to be serving on port 80 of my machine?08:23
przemo_oneMartti my problem is i have installed java 6 bin higher versin then plugin is in repo. so when i try to install plugin i have version mismatch08:23
l2tponlinuxhow to connect to a l2tp vpn server? i'm trying to migrate from winxp08:23
mobius2I do not remember starting a web server08:23
rileyphow do I fix it?08:23
ardchoilleEremite: Please see my pm08:23
kanziewhat user do you recommend I create new directories in /var/www for website as08:24
RaiN88where can I see it?08:24
Callum_Okay, so, my problem: My web server's website is only accessible by direct IP on the network... 1) I have ports 80 and 443 forwarded to my server, 2) I changed my router config page's port so it doesn't use port 80, 3) port 80 is DEFINITELY not blocked, as I connected to my internet IP and got the router's config settings page fine before I changed it's port...but I STILL cannot access my web server, not connecting at all, get a "can't establish connecti08:24
Callum_on" error...anyone have any idea what the problem is?08:24
EastDallasmobius2: remove apache08:24
mobius2apache not installed so not removed08:24
rumpsyRaiN88: during startup, in the grub menu08:24
RaiN88wait I will reboot08:24
mobius2apache2 not installed so not removed08:24
mobius2lsof shows  nothing about any webserver08:25
EastDallasmobius2: Well, you obviously have some sort of web server installed, but you don't know which?08:25
przemo_oneis there any wey to clean repos cache and force update from scratch??08:25
RaiN88Is it okay that I can't restart?08:25
mobius2no and I am quite surprised08:25
Myke1How do you change the startup sound in Ubuntu 9.1008:25
mrphow do i set ufw to log to a seperate file?08:26
mobius2apparently the problem started with the accidental installation of a program called "webcam"08:26
EremiteMyke1, right clcik on the sound icon in your task bar, choose preferences08:26
mobius2that installed it's whole new set of webserver daemons08:26
mobius2horrible program with busted removes08:27
RaiN88Is it normal that my system can't restart?08:27
rumpsyshutdown and start your system again, and in the grub menu choose default kernel to boot08:27
rumpsyRaiN88: ^^08:27
tomkatbinaryman: no problems, take your time08:27
=== tentaclemoose is now known as butterycroissant
Myke1@Eremite it just has sound effects/hardware/input/output and applications08:28
l2tponlinuxhow to connect to a l2tp vpn server?08:28
EremiteSound Preferences > Sond Effects > Sound Theme08:28
EremiteMyke1, Sound Preferences > Sound Effects > Sound Theme08:28
kanziehow can I change the default eitor of crontab08:29
przemo_onegot it :)08:29
BinaryMantomkat: do you have the errors xorg is spitting back at you? i don't have a hard drive in the laptop that has the unichrome video card in ot, so i can't go and check.08:29
glickhey is there any way i can count pixels on my screen?08:29
BinaryManthere was something specific that i searched for on google and found a forum post that had a solution.08:29
EastDallasmobius2: did you install the webcam-server package?08:30
butterycroissantglick, magnifying glass + pen/paper08:30
Myke1@Eremite there is just ubuntu, but no way to change it08:30
EastDallas!info webcam-server08:30
ubottuwebcam-server (source: webcam-server): a tool to share webcam streaming in www-browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.50-3 (karmic), package size 56 kB, installed size 152 kB08:30
kanzieHow can I change the default editor for crontab cause right now it is something that cant be used by a human08:30
tomkatBinaryMan: I havent encountered any error messages.08:30
Eremiteglick, In a terminal type:  xdpyinfo  | grep 'dimensions:'08:30
glickEremite, heh actually i wanted to count the pixels of a line in my browser08:31
BinaryMantomkat: at the command line prompt the livecd drops you into, run the command "startx" without the quotecs.08:31
=== orion is now known as Guest34402
EastDallasmobius2: did you install the webcam-server package?08:31
ardchoillekanzie: run this in a terminal: /usr/bin/select-editor08:31
tomkatbinaryman: sudo startx in the terminal?08:32
rileyp xdpyinfo  | grep 'dimensions:'            is this for me08:32
BinaryMantomkat: yeah08:32
l2tponlinuxANYONE USING OPENL2TP??08:32
BinaryManforgot that you need to run that as sudo08:32
Eremiteglick, take a screenshot and drag the image to gimp.  Measure it.08:32
butterycroissantglick, you could take a screenshot, crop08:32
butterycroissantand yeah08:32
rileypahh glick sorry08:32
butterycroissantwhat eremite said08:32
* Eremite is a genius. 08:32
butterycroissantit's true08:32
* butterycroissant is a fantastic breakfast treat.08:33
EremiteI dont disagree.08:33
tomkatbinaryman: hmm. error message. can i paste this into a private message for you to see?08:33
butterycroissantpaste bin it08:33
ardchoilleEremite: PM?08:33
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic08:33
butterycroissantso that the vast collective can debug for you08:33
BinaryMantomkat: personally, i like pastey.net08:34
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:34
homeboyhi, how can i make so that when i launch app from menu, it will prompt for a passwork08:35
butterycroissantchange the permissions on it08:36
BinaryManhomeboy: Do you want to run the program as root?08:36
EastDallashomeboy: is it prompting for the admin password?  Or some other wallet like kdewallet?08:36
homeboyi want to run it as user,but so it will promp for example root password08:36
tomkatbinaryman: http://www.pastey.net/13188508:37
* EastDallas misread homeboy's question...08:37
BinaryManhomeboy: append 'gksu -u <user>' to the entry.08:37
BinaryManhomeboy: for example, gksu -u homeboy nautilus08:38
ardchoilleBinaryMan: he wants to run it as "user" but prompt for roots password.. which I don't quite understand08:38
homeboyty, i was playing with that, but didn't know the exact synopsis08:38
BinaryManardchoille: neither do i. gksu is the best thing i an think of08:38
ardchoilleBinaryMan: yeayh08:38
SmartSsaI also don't think gksu will ask for a password if '-u user' matches the already logged in user.08:38
BinaryMantomkat: wow, you don't really have much of a problem.08:38
BinaryMantomkat: try hitting ctrl + alt + F7.08:39
Jck_trueAllright so I need to read a file on the shell and strip everything from CCC:START till CCC.END08:39
butterycroissantwait, what?08:39
tomkatbinaryman: nothing happens08:40
rumpsyJck_true: try nano08:40
Jck_trueI'm modifying a settings file and I need a shellscript for adding the settings and for removeing them again08:40
BinaryMantry this then08:40
BinaryManpress ctrl + alt + F108:40
=== deegee_1 is now known as deegee
Jck_trueTherefor i wrap them in #CCC:START  and #CCC:END08:40
BinaryManthen sudo rm /tmp/.X0-lock08:40
BinaryManand type in sudo startx again08:41
BinaryManactually, wait08:41
BinaryManbefore you rm the lock file08:41
rileypEastDallas this only partially fixed problem Its no longer doing it when i change channel but when i close myth and open vlc08:41
user_Hello , i installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my machine . later i installed Windows 7 (in order to use some graphic software) and now when i start the computer i can see the grub menu , can i restore/fix the Ubuntu boot or i should installed ubuntu from the start ?08:41
BinaryMantype in ps aux | grep X08:41
pat|nGdo i need to format if i'll change my kde to gnome!?08:42
BinaryManuser_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows08:42
SmartSsaJck_true, you may want to look at 'sed' for inline text replacement08:42
Jck_trueSmartSsa: I'll have a look08:42
butterycroissantuser_ did you install windows 7 on a different partition?08:42
user_butterycroissant: yes08:43
butterycroissantok, so what's the problem?08:43
mrjaxonHey people :-) does anyone know of a good linuxvideo? I mean for learning. I've seen something called Linux+ and that was really helpful.08:44
jumbersIs there a way for me to block SSH logins from a certain block of IP addresses?08:47
tomkatbinaryman: what does ps aux and grep x do?08:48
=== RaiN is now known as Guest67722
Guest67722Im back08:49
BinaryMantomkat: mind you, i'm falling asleep, but ps aux prints all your running proccess, and piping it to grep X will show you only process with X in the name.08:49
Guest67722are u there?08:49
BinaryManthus ps aux | grep X will show you if your X server is running.08:50
rumpsyso, what happened08:50
Guest67722GNU Grub version 1.87~beta408:50
Guest67722Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31.-17-generic08:50
Guest67722Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31.-17-generic (recovery mode)08:51
Copterhow can i find the path to jre on the system?08:51
rumpsyGuest67722: what happened to problem? sloved?08:51
Guest67722Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31.-14-generic08:51
Guest67722Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31.-17-generic (recovery mode)08:51
rumpsyGuest67722: Choose,
Guest67722and (memtest+86+)08:52
Guest67722(memtest, serial console 115200)08:52
Guest67722rumpsy have u seen it?08:52
Guest67722**GNU Grub version 1.97~beta408:53
rumpsyi think you installed new kernel08:53
Guest67722What should I do?08:53
rumpsyjust boot your system, with
tomkatbinaryman: when i type grep X the prompt vanishes08:54
Guest67722why not .17? :D08:54
rumpsyThat one misconfigured08:55
Guest67722ah okay08:55
Guest67722I am running now is .1708:55
Guest67722I am running .17 now08:55
rumpsyif you want you can remove it from synaptic manager08:55
Guest67722I'll do what u say08:55
nixjrhow can i use unrar in terminal, to extract many archives one after another?08:56
ardchoillenixjr: for i in *.rar; do; unrar $i; done08:56
ardchoillenixjr: Not sure about the "unrar " command though08:56
Guest67722BRB i'll change to .1408:57
tomkatis "ps aux | grep X" one command? if so, how do i input the middle char?08:57
tomkatthe pipe08:57
nixjrardchoille, i know "unrar e file.rar" works for one file08:57
ardchoillenixjr: for i in *.rar; do; unrar e $i; done08:57
tomkatwhat is that character in the mioddle of "ps aux | grep X"08:58
EastDallastomkat: it's on the slash key right above enter08:58
nixjrardchoille, bash: syntax error near unexpected token `;'08:58
pat|nGdo i need to format if i'll change my kde to gnome!?08:59
EastDallaspat|nG: no08:59
Eremitepat|nG, no08:59
ardchoillenixjr: for i in *.rar; do unrar e "$i"; done08:59
andrew_50nixjr: unrar e $108:59
ardchoillenixjr: sorry, typo08:59
EastDallaspat|nG: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop08:59
andrew_50too slow :)08:59
ardchoilleandrew_50: needs to be $i09:00
cairo__what's better, cron-apt or apticron?09:00
cairo__i need a script to mail me about package updates09:00
andrew_50ardchoille: That make me slow and incorrect as well :(09:00
ardchoilleandrew_50: time for coffee?09:00
andrew_50ardchoille: exactly :)09:01
pat|nGEastDallas: just doin that? wid out purging my kde?09:01
EastDallaspat|nG: yep09:02
pat|nGor do i have to purge and install gnome?09:02
pat|nGi see09:02
EastDallaspat|nG: after you install gnome you can choose whether you use kde or gnome when you log in.09:02
EastDallaspat|nG: under session type09:02
hiexpo? how do i get into to my source list i have duplicates in it09:03
trevorI only have gnome set up to start after a ./gnmoe --replace09:03
Copterwhats the linux equalivent to: set ENVIRONMENT_ID=my-test-beta ?09:03
nixjrardchoille, ah much thanks, i have 100+ 300mb archives, didnt feel like doing that manually09:03
ardchoillenixjr: hehe, understandable09:03
EastDallaspat|nG: if you want to remove kde completely: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome09:03
EastDallashiexpo: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list09:04
ardchoillenixjr: in case you're wondering, that is a for loop.. it looks for any file with the .rar extension, unpacks it and goes on to the next one09:04
ardchoille!gksudo EastDallas hiexpo09:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:05
hiexpoEastDallas: - thanks09:05
ardchoille!gksudo | EastDallas hiexpo09:05
ubottuEastDallas hiexpo: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)09:05
EastDallashiexpo: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list09:05
Shay521Hello , i installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my machine and later on i installed Windows 7 on new partition , the boot menu is gone and i want to restore the grub using the restoring manual , but the problem i dont have the Ubuntu 9.10 live cd with me , i have only Ubuntu 8.10 live cd , can i restore the grub using this cd ?09:06
hiexpoEastDallas: - got it thanks09:06
nixjrardchoille, ive written it down so i might adapt it for future uses09:07
EremiteShay521, I would assume you could.09:07
=== RaiN is now known as RaiN1
ardchoillenixjr: Good idea, just change the ".rar" and "unrar e" bits for diff file types09:08
l3nshi everyone09:09
butterycroissanthey buddy!09:09
l3nsi uninstalled my current gedit using sypnatic and downloaded the newest version which is 2.28. how do i install this new version? it;s .tar.gz file..09:10
indusl3ns, whats new in the newer version09:11
indusjust curious09:11
cairo__what's better, cron-apt or apticron?09:11
tiagospinabom dia09:11
tiagospinaalguem poderia ajudar com uma divida?09:12
Bactal3ns: Unpack it09:12
nixjrardchoille, strange, im looking at a system monitor, and it shows my dual core cpu with cpu1@50% and cpu2@30% usage, why are they not running as fast are possible to extract?09:12
BactaSounds like you'll need to build it09:12
Myrtti!pt | tiagospina09:12
ubottutiagospina: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.09:12
BactaWelcome to hell ;)09:12
ardchoillenixjr: no idea09:12
tiagospinaok tanks09:12
mrphow can i push ufw messages to a seperate log file?09:15
=== Last_Exile is now known as Guard1an
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:17
mkanyicyi have a 32-bit computer and I want to buy an nVidia AGP card and it says 'AGP 8x 64bit' and I am worried about that '64bit' description of the card, is it a right card for my PC?09:17
LITesterBwhat model?09:18
indusmkanyicy, doesnt matter what it says on the card, however this card seems rather old09:18
mkanyicyindus, what do you recommend then?09:19
indusmkanyicy, you trying to upgrade your card?is this a new card?09:19
LITesterBis this in a personal buy/sell print? they probably meant AGP 8x 64MB09:19
indusyeah probably its the ram09:19
* _Ovidiu is away: Gone away for now09:19
indus64 MB09:19
mkanyicyindus, I am afraid to buy stuff that will not work with my PC. my motherboard is Biostar P4M80-M409:20
mkanyicyLITesterB, indus it's 64bit and 256MB09:20
sandhyapost upgrade to karmic, console beeps are inaudible on my laptop.. any idea why?09:20
indusHMM ok09:20
indusmkanyicy, do you have an AGP slot?09:21
mkanyicyindus, LITesterB, I am not sure whether that means that it should be used to 64-bit computers or what09:21
indusah yes it has09:21
mkanyicyindus, yes I have one09:21
indusmkanyicy, any link for the card?09:21
mkanyicyindus, I was using ATI Radion X700 and it died09:21
LITesterBdo you have the model of the nvidia card?09:21
mkanyicyindus, here we go: http://www.kalahari.net/electronics/Gigabyte-NVIDIA-GeForce-6200/4585/34620212.aspx09:22
l3nsuhm guys, i am using 8.04 version now, how do i upgrade to 9.10?09:22
indusmkanyicy, aah a geforce 6200 , works fine09:22
mkanyicyLITesterB, http://www.kalahari.net/electronics/Gigabyte-NVIDIA-GeForce-6200/4585/34620212.aspx09:22
mkanyicyindus, so I must not worry about that '64bit' description ?09:22
Eremitel3ns, you can download the .iso from the internet or you can upgrade your current install by opening a terminal and typing: sudo apt-get install upgrade09:23
Flannel!upgrade | l3ns, Eremite09:23
ubottul3ns, Eremite: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading09:23
indusmkanyicy, where does it say 64 bit09:23
l3nsEremite, E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)09:24
l3nsE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?09:24
indusmkanyicy, as far as i know, there is no such thing when buying a graphichs card09:24
l3nsthat's after doing apt-get isntall upgrade09:24
indusmkanyicy, it looks out of stock though :)09:24
LITesterB256MB 64Bit GDDR209:24
icerootEremite: apt-get install upgrade != upgrade from 9.04 to 9.1009:24
JonathonHi. I have two HDDs, one with Vista and one with Ubuntu. Had some major problems on my Vista HDD and had to reinstall Vista. But now, when I turn on my computer, GRUB boot manager doesn't come up anymore. I can only get into Vista. I have tried holding down F8 at startup and booting from my Ubuntu HDD but it does not work. Is there anyway I can get the GRUB boot manager to come up when I turn my computer on again? Because right 09:24
indusmkanyicy, aah its talking about the memory interface09:24
Eremiteiceroot, OOPS, i though she said 9.04.  My mistake.09:25
indusmkanyicy, ddr 2 ram spec09:25
l3nsn3f@n3f-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install upgrade09:25
l3nsReading package lists... Done09:25
l3nsBuilding dependency tree09:25
l3nsReading state information... Done09:25
l3nsE: Couldn't find package upgrade09:25
indusmkanyicy, dont worry about all that09:25
FloodBot1l3ns: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:25
LITesterBmkanyicy yes I would say that card will work with your motherboard09:25
indusmkanyicy, for example my card is gddr 3 256 bit memory interface09:25
induspci express09:26
LITesterBhowever, #hardware would probably be a better place for advice of this nature09:26
rumpsyJonathon: if you have ubuntu cd, goto recovery mode and install grub again, or repair it09:26
EastDallasl3ns: it should be sudo apt-get upgrade   No 'install'09:26
indusmkanyicy, if you have the budget,buy a faster AGP09:26
hiexpook found my dubs and fixed thanks09:26
DJones!grub | Jonathon You'll need to resintall grub from a livecd or a supergrub disk, Ubottu's link has details of what you need to do, if you're on Karmic you'll need to follow instructions for grub2, if its an earlier version of ubuntu, you need the instructions for grub 109:26
ubottuJonathon You'll need to resintall grub from a livecd or a supergrub disk, Ubottu's link has details of what you need to do, if you're on Karmic you'll need to follow instructions for grub2, if its an earlier version of ubuntu, you need the instructions for grub 1: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ub09:26
l3nsEastDallas, 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.09:27
l3nsit's not detecting any newer updates. :(09:27
JonathonThanks everyone... I will try that.09:27
EastDallasl3ns: that means there's nothing that needs to be upgraded09:27
l3nsi'm using 8.04,,,09:27
mkanyicyindus, can you recommend something, I am a bit a newbie in the hardware side of things09:28
EastDallasl3ns: and you want to upgrade to Karmic?09:28
indusmkanyicy, hmm tell me your complete system specs09:28
l3nsEastDallas, yes09:28
mkanyicyindus, the specifications of my motherboard are here: ftp://ftp.biostar-usa.com/manuals/P4M80-M4/P4M80M4manual.pdf09:28
indusmkanyicy, yeah saw that09:28
developerany good linux remote support softwares??09:29
indusdeveloper, lirc09:29
mkanyicyindus, I have pentium 4 with 1GB RAM and 250GB WD HDD and 320GB Seagate HDD. that's all09:29
developerindus: what it actually does??09:29
indusdeveloper, its the software which helps configure and run a IR remote09:30
indus!info lirc09:30
ubottulirc (source: lirc): infra-red remote control support. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.6-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 545 kB, installed size 2448 kB09:30
EmperiuMgood mornig ppl09:30
developerindus: i asked about remote support over internet09:30
EmperiuMis anybody in here?09:30
indusdeveloper, oh sorry09:30
l3nshow to check for my current version?09:30
hiexpoabout 1200 people09:31
EmperiuMI need some help please09:31
=== matthew is now known as Guest72917
sandhyapost upgrade to karmic, console beeps are inaudible on my laptop.. any idea why?09:31
developerEmperiuM: Just ask ur help and wait09:31
=== developer is now known as ranjan
indusmkanyicy, ok see if there are more powerful graphics options, try a 7000 serries card if available09:31
hiexpoask your ? and if some can help they will09:31
EmperiuMlast night I update my ubunti 9.10 and now the pc doesn't boot09:32
indussandhya, what is a console beep09:32
EastDallasl3ns: when you open the update manager doesn't it tell you that there's a new version available?09:32
EmperiuMIt list some commands09:32
sandhyaindus: like a system bell?09:32
ranjansandhya: try to configure in the sound configuration section09:32
ranjanEmperiuM: what commands09:32
indussandhya, try system>pref>sounds09:32
EmperiuMand I don't know09:32
indussandhya, system sounds09:32
l3nsEastDallas, nope it says no current updates available09:32
EmperiuM.[badram boot cat chainloader configfile cpuid dump echo exit export halt help initrd insmod linux list_env loopback ls lsmod parser.rescue parser.sh reader.normal reader.rescue reboot rmmod root save_env search set sleep source terminal_imput.console terminal_output.console test unset09:32
indusalerts and beeps09:32
sandhyaindus: I specifically use beep from the commandline, which is now inaudible post upgrade09:32
ranjanEmperiuM: what is shown??09:32
indussandhya, or try under audio properties from panel09:33
EmperiuM.[badram boot cat chainloader configfile cpuid dump echo exit export halt help initrd insmod linux list_env loopback ls lsmod parser.rescue parser.sh reader.normal reader.rescue reboot rmmod root save_env search set sleep source terminal_imput.console terminal_output.console test unset09:33
l3nsEastDallas, it says my system is up-to-date09:33
ranjanEmperiuM: oh that is the problem related to grub 209:33
EmperiuMcant I roleback ?09:33
indusmkanyicy, there are some agp ati cards also available example the radeon HD 467009:33
indusmkanyicy, try09:33
EmperiuMwent i type the command boot09:34
EastDallasl3ns: hit alt+f2 then type gksudo update-manager -c09:34
EmperiuMit says "no kernel loaded"09:34
sandhyausing KDE, and I had a look in system settings -> multimedia and system settings -> notifications09:34
sandhyaI can't hear the previews either09:34
mkanyicyindus, i had a lot of support issues with ATI on linux, i heard that nVidia has better linux support09:34
EastDallasl3ns: it should tell you at the very top that a new version of ubuntu is available.09:35
indusmkanyicy, bah thats old news09:35
indusmkanyicy, i just got a ATI 485009:35
indusworks good09:35
l3nsEastDallas, nothing happens09:35
indusi was using nvidia 3 years, recently changed but didnt have issues as people report09:35
indusmkanyicy, whats the price of that card ?09:36
mkanyicyindus, which one?09:36
indusmkanyicy, geforce 620009:37
mkanyicyindus, it's out of stock so I am not looking it anymore09:37
onatshello, when is the new ff version going to be released for ubuntu?09:37
rumpsyIf any indians here, i wish them in advance "Happy Republic Day"09:37
indusrumpsy, thanks09:37
tnt_How are official kernel compiled ? When taking a kernel.org file and using the _same_ config as an official kernel, make-kpkg makes me a "xenu-linux-image" and .deb and not a simple linux-image one. (But I want a kernel with official config that supports both domU and non-domU .. but named linux-image)09:38
EmperiuMwhat should I do to fixe the problem with grub 209:38
rumpsyindus, being an indian i have to ..09:38
EastDallasl3ns: try just update-manager -c  leave off the gksudo09:38
EremiteHi Open Source lovers!  Like noise, experimental audio and weird sounds? http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=chvnx  Free PUBLIC DOMAIN audio by me, for you.09:38
Eremitecrap, wrong channel09:38
Unhammerhey, how can I check what wifi driver is being used by the ubuntu live cd?09:38
coz_EmperiuM,   sorry didnt see your post  ...what is the issue with grub?09:39
ZykoticK9mupen64plus (from google code page - bin version 1.9 cli only, repo version seems broken) everything works Except the A and B buttons are backwards!  Suggestions?09:39
EmperiuM.[badram boot cat chainloader configfile cpuid dump echo exit export halt help initrd insmod linux list_env loopback ls lsmod parser.rescue parser.sh reader.normal reader.rescue reboot rmmod root save_env search set sleep source terminal_imput.console terminal_output.console test unset09:39
l3nsEastDallas, works, but it's saying still my system is up-to-date09:39
blacksunis rm *.rnd the same as mv *.rnd /dev/null09:39
l3nshow do I check for my os version?09:39
EastDallasl3ns:  hit 'check'09:39
blacksunl3ns, uname -a09:39
coz_l3ns,   lsb_release -a09:39
soreauZykoticK9: a) use a real controller b) use a for b and vice versa09:40
l3nsLinux n3f-desktop 2.6.24-26-generic #1 SMP Tue Dec 1 18:37:31 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux09:40
indusrumpsy, happy republic day yo too09:40
industomorrow that is09:40
ZykoticK9soreau, it is an N64 controller, it's cli only NO interface to configure buttons!!!09:40
Eremitel3ns, in terminal type: cat /etc/issue09:40
l3nsEastDallas, already hit the check button, still the sname09:40
soreauZykoticK9: the config file is in .config/mupen64plus/09:41
rumpsyindus: yes \o/09:41
l3nsthanks Eremite yea it's Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS \n \l09:41
Myrttionats: karmic? officially, never09:41
EremiteYou're welcome, l3ns09:41
l3nsbut why it ain't detecting newer version available?09:41
Eremitel3ns, you dont have the newer version installed :D09:42
coz_l3ns,    update-manager -d09:42
l3nsEremite, yes and that's why I would want to upgrade it :D09:42
Eremitel3ns, do you have a cd burner and a CD or DVD?09:42
l3nscoz_, still the same..09:43
Eremitel3ns, if you have a DVD or CD burner and a CD, visit http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download09:43
coz_l3ns,   yes^^  you may want to burn the newer version... a clean install is far preferable then an upgrade09:44
l3nsbut i don't have a rom on this machine09:44
Eremitecoz_, you couldnt be more correct.  I upgraded instead of a fresh install to karmic, and there was soooo many problems.09:44
indusmkanyicy, hi09:44
indusmkanyicy, so what have you decided09:45
coz_Eremite,  it happens quite often  so  I understand :)09:45
l3nswhich is lts version, 9.10 or 9.04?09:45
indusl3ns, 10.0409:45
jpdsl3ns: Neither09:45
ardchoillel3ns: 8.04 and soon to be 10.0409:46
l3nsahh. when is 10.04 be released?09:46
EastDallasl3ns: Go to System > Administration > Software Sources:  then choose Normal releases in the Show new distribution releases drop-down menu09:46
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:46
Myrttil3ns: as the 10.04 implies, april09:46
EremiteLucid in April, right?09:46
EmperiuMI think is better to install ubutu again09:46
EastDallasl3ns: then alt+f2 update-manager -d09:46
ardchoille10.04 (year.month)09:46
tm^xwhen is firefox 3.6 going to be in the repo?09:47
ardchoilletm^x: It won't, we don't get new versions unless it's part of a security upgrade or major bug fix09:48
EastDallasl3ns: I don't think you can upgrade directly to karmic.  You'll have to go to 8.10, then to 9.04, then to 9.1009:48
newbuntusersimple question I'm sure, I've searched all I can but am still having trouble with permissions09:48
newbuntuserif I sudo chown 777 /Share09:49
blacksundamnit. what is the chmod number for /dev/null09:49
l3nsEastDallas, got it mate, it's showing 8.10 now..09:49
newbuntusershouldn't that give me full access for all users?09:49
rumpsyi think its 00009:49
Eremitenewbuntuser,  chown -R username /foldername/09:49
ardchoillenewbuntuser: I wrote a tutorial on file permission: http://ardchoille42.blogspot.com/2009/08/linux-file-permissions.html09:49
=== RaiN is now known as Guest90234
newbuntuseroh -R09:49
EastDallasl3ns: I totally forgot that wasn't selected by default.09:49
EastDallasnewbuntuser: it should be chmod not chown09:50
Guest90234are you there?09:50
rumpsyGuest90234: What, who are you?09:50
Guest90234This is RaiN09:51
CopterHi. I downloaded java jre 1.6.18 and unpacked it but when i do java -version from any place of the system i get the version 1.6.1509:51
l3nsEastDallas, thanks =)09:51
Copterhow do i uninstall 15?09:51
Guest90234how are you rumpsy?09:51
newbuntuserso sudo chown user /folder09:51
rumpsyGuest90234: o_O , fine don't confuse me09:52
Guest90234I cant use my Name :(09:52
Guest90234dunno why09:52
tm^xardchoille: hmm ok09:52
Guest90234back to our topic .. can we?!09:53
newbuntuserEast Dallas: I can access it fine with sudo sh, but not without sudo09:53
rumpsyyou have to register09:53
rumpsy!register | Guest9023409:53
ubottuGuest90234: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode09:53
Guest90234RaiN appears in my Screen ..09:53
rumpsyWhat client you are using?09:53
newbuntuserit's a mount point, could that be why?09:53
=== EmperiuM is now known as emperium
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
rumpsyfollow those rules, and register you nick09:55
IndustrialNetbeans 6.8 is out. Still 6.7 in synaptic. Can I somehow upgrade (through the package manager) to 6.8 ?09:55
EastDallasnewbuntuser: chmod -R 755 mydirectory09:55
Guest90234I am in synaptic packager manger now rumpsy09:55
l3nsEastDallas, is it possible to go back to 8.04 after upgrading to 8.10?09:56
Guest90234what will I do next?09:56
EastDallasnewbuntuser: you want to give everyone access to the directory and it's contents, correct?09:56
rumpsyDo you want to remove that linux kernel, which you installed recently09:56
EastDallasl3ns: not that i'm aware of, not without reinstalling.09:56
Guest90234the old version I think09:56
rwwl3ns: no09:56
Guest90234the .1409:56
rumpsyWhich one you want to remove09:57
l3nshmm EastDallas rww okay...09:57
StudentThanks EastDallas. You just solved my problem before I could finish typing it. :)09:57
StudentEastDallas Here it was: "I was using fedora and made a few folders and now I switched to Ubuntu and it's saying I cant access them because I'm not the owner. Can anyone help?"09:57
EremiteStudent, access them in terminal with sudo?09:58
newbuntuserEastDallas: yes all so I can change with file manager09:58
EastDallasStudent: well, that's one way to solve it....you can change ownership using chown09:58
newbuntuserEastDallas: using my user account not rood09:58
ZykoticK9soreau, thanks you pushed me in the right direction!  mupen64plus.conf doesn't seem to have any joy mappings by default, so I originally tried to edit blight_input.conf which was referenced as the input plugin from mupen64plus.conf but swapping the buttons 4 and 5 ( A and B ) had no effect -- BUT the file mupen64plus.cfg did have the mappings and making the swap worked :)  Thanks again.09:58
StudentEastDallas: Yeah I still need to read up on the commands parameters.09:59
Guest90234does ubuntu 9.10 don't support Restart?09:59
newbuntuserEastDallas: It's a mount point so -R might not be ideal right?09:59
EastDallasnewbuntuser: you should be able to access after modifying the permissions using chmod.09:59
EremiteGuest90234, you can use reboot instead.09:59
rumpsyGuest90234: search that in synaptic package manager09:59
EastDallasnewbuntuser: Do you need to take ownership or change permissions?09:59
Guest90234Eremite how will I do that?10:00
luxoFluxStudent: sudo nautilus gives you a filemanager with root rights. Then set ownership of the files to your user.10:00
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)10:00
Guest90234what am I going to search rumpsy?10:00
EastDallasnewbuntuser: the -R would be appropriate is you want to change all of the contents to777, but that's pretty unlikely.10:00
StudentluxoFlux: Thanks for the advice. I'll keep that in mind.10:00
newbuntuserEast Dallas: chmod has no effect, and no error!10:00
EremiteType reboot instead of restart?  You were asking about terminal commands, no?10:00
rumpsyi believe that one is old10:01
verb3kWhat is the best way to extract vobsubs on linux?10:01
rumpsyif you found that, remove it10:01
newbuntuserEastDallas: I'd like to take ownership, I had to mount with sudo.  So default was root then.  maybe at mount time would be a way to set uid?10:01
EastDallasnewbuntuser: exactly10:02
archboxmanJust to let you ubuntu users know I just installed ArchLinux it is not easy ;)10:02
Guest90234nothing appears10:03
Guest90234but when I try ubuntu, linux 2.6.31-14-generic it appears10:03
rumpsyokay remove it10:03
rumpsyGuest90234: ^^10:03
EastDallasnewbuntuser: you should be able to add uid= to the mount command10:04
zetheroowhy won't Ubuntu recognise my 4gb of RAM?10:04
rumpsy!mount | newbuntuser10:04
ubottunewbuntuser: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount10:04
archboxmanNo more like you have to configure xorg which is your x windows system and grub and rc.conf when all that is done by the Ubuntu install10:04
coz_zetheroo,  did you install the 64 bit or 32 bit ubuntu?10:05
zetheroocoz_: uhm .. 32 I think10:05
Guest90234Latest Version                                         Description10:05
Guest902342.                                         Linux kernel source with Ubuntu Patches10:05
Guest90234This what appears10:05
coz_zetheroo,  ok that's why...32 bit limit of memory recognition is as most 3.5 gigs10:05
Guest90234Should I remove it?10:05
zetheroocoz_: well it says 2.9GB here ...10:06
trollboyis there a trick I can use to see if a file is a binary or a txt?10:06
coz_zetheroo,   ok   is this a 64 bit system?10:06
zetheroocoz_: how can i get the most out of my 4GB?10:06
rumpsywell, check it before you have .17 installed10:06
zetheroocoz_: dunno ... C2D10:06
frogzoo32 bits is 4 gig in actual fact - there's some bios or other consideration that limits 32bit to 3.5gig10:06
rumpsyif then , unistall, or remove10:06
coz_zetheroo,  well if the system is 64 bit then download and install  the 64 bit edition of ubunti10:06
coz_zetheroo,  hold on10:06
zetheroocoz_: its a laptop .. Thinkpad R61 ...10:07
archboxmanapt-get install or apt-get remove10:07
newbuntuserubotto:I'm attaching a shared drive to a folder10:07
rumpsyi like thinkpad Laptops10:07
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)10:07
zetheroocoz_: C2D T9300 ....10:07
rumpsynewbuntuser: don't talk to bot10:07
pranavcan any body tell me abt virtual box pls???10:08
coz_zetheroo,  ok hold on10:08
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots10:08
newbuntuserrumpsy: haha10:08
rumpsy!virtual box10:08
EastDallasnewbuntuser is this an ntfs volume?10:08
archboxmannewbuntuser: its there for information10:08
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox10:08
newbuntuserubotto: thx bot10:08
rumpsypranav: ^^10:09
newbuntuserEastDallas: it's through VirtualBox shared folder10:09
pranav(03:38:26  IST) rumpsy can you  body tell me abt virtual box pls???10:09
archboxmanVirtualbox is a sandbox and will not spread a virus to rest of your computer...that bot won't tell you that10:09
coz_zetheroo,  in terminal  uname -m10:09
zetheroodoes 64bit Ubuntu work as well as the 32bit version?10:09
newbuntusersudo mount -o uid=1000 -t vboxsf desktop /home/xuse/Desktop/macdesktop/ finally worked10:09
rumpsyIts like emulator like, you can install windows in linuxBOx using VirtualBox10:10
zetheroocoz_: i68610:10
EastDallasnewbuntuser: cool10:10
edecazetheroo: Yes, on 64 bit hardware10:10
newbuntusertxh fer helping me think about it10:10
archboxmanrumpsy: I use playonlinux much better runs wine ;)10:10
coz_zetheroo, mm  that is 32 bit10:10
newbuntuserweird chmod didn't do anything10:10
zetheroocoz_: so i cannot even use a 64bit OS on this machine?10:11
coz_zetheroo,  correct10:11
=== xomas_ is now known as xomas
archboxmannewbuntuser: are you using su or sudo???10:11
=== Guest90234 is now known as RaiN
newbuntuserarchboxman: sudo, is su better?10:11
RaiN<< does it change to RaiN ??10:12
coz_zetheroo,   when you boot into ubuntu there is a memory test option10:12
rumpsypranav: In simple its a package which helps to run two types of OS in a single windows10:12
=== RaiN is now known as Guest17405
zetheroocoz_: what would the point be of creating a machine that can use 4GB of RAM but will not allow any OS that utilises that RAM!? very strange10:12
rumpsypranav: In simple its a package which helps to run two types of OS in a single window10:12
EastDallasnewbuntuser: I had a similar prob before with an ntfs partition, and I had to take ownership, couldn't do anything else.  I used ntfs-config....I had just started using ubuntu.10:12
rumpsyI mean singleBox10:12
coz_zetheroo,  well that's a good question... I have no answer for you thouogh....10:12
archboxmanewook: su is for root commands and sudo runs one root command10:12
=== Guest17405 is now known as RaiN88
rumpsyif you don't know about virtualBox don't mess with it10:13
coz_zetheroo,  just to be on the safe side...when you boot into ubuntu   there should be a memory test option...you could run that to be sure all memory is fine...however it still wont recognize 4 gigs10:13
rumpsyLeave that !10:13
rwwzetheroo: The T9300 supports 64bit just fine.10:13
IndustrialNetbeans 6.8 is out. Still 6.7 in synaptic. Can I somehow upgrade (through the package manager) to 6.8 ?10:13
Guest34402now upgrade firefox to 3.6  my os ubuntu 9.10 ?10:13
coz_rww,   ah cool10:13
zetheroorww: does it?10:13
archboxmanewook: in some linux installs you have to add urself to the sudo group ,but Ubuntu does it for you10:13
rwwzetheroo: yes10:13
coz_zetheroo,  there you go10:13
zetheroocoz_: cool10:13
rumpsyhey rww o/10:13
rwwcoz_: uname gives the architecture of the current OS, not whether the machine itself is 64-bit capable.10:14
zetheroorww: do I have to reinstall everything from scratch? ... can i just upgrade or something to 64bit?10:14
indusrww, how about uname -r10:14
newbuntuserEastDallas: it's alla bout permissions eh?  I'd still like to see things more simple with permissions, 1 plus 3 plus 4 equals 7, of course!!10:14
rwwzetheroo: you have to reinstall10:14
coz_rww,   right   forgot about that     I am thinking dmidecode may help not sure10:14
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:14
EastDallasnewbuntuser: haha10:14
rwwindus: all of the various uname parameters give the architecture of the current OS.10:14
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.510:14
indusrww, hmm yes10:14
coz_zetheroo,  download the 64 bit edition of ubuntu and burn that to cd10:15
rwwindus: the point of uname is to give OS info, not machine info :)10:15
zetheroorww: can 64bit run everything that 32bit does in Ubuntu?10:15
dnivrazetheroo, you could try installing linux kernel pae. i use 32 bit ubuntu with this kernel to use the whole 4GB.(saying this just in case no one told you this)10:15
coz_zetheroo,  then reinstall the entire system10:15
zetheroodnivra: so there is a 32bit kernel that can use all 4GB of RAM?10:15
ewookarchboxman: ?10:16
archboxmanI use firefox 3.5 on archlinux becuase they use bleeding edge packages kinda weird10:16
archboxmanewook: ues10:16
newbuntuserEastDallas: now hopefully it will be persistent upon reboot10:16
rwwzetheroo: there are a tiny number of packages in the 32-bit repositories that aren't in the 64-bit repositories. You will likely never come across them.10:16
StudentOh so thats what the PAE kernel does... :)10:16
frogzoozetheroo: most everything, so almost10:16
coz_zetheroo,    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131276310:16
rumpsyzetheroo: try to install 32-bit kernel10:16
dnivrazetheroo, not exactly but yeah there is a way to use the whole 4GB ram in 32 bit systems.10:16
ewookarchboxman: you're tabbing wrong.10:16
coz_zetheroo,  I have not tried that however10:16
dnivrazetheroo, 32 bit OS Ubuntu version*10:16
EastDallasGuest34402: http://www.getfirefox.com10:16
RaiN88<<< Am I now RaiN ???10:16
archboxmanewook: what do you mean??? explain10:17
zetheroodnivra: so what I am running is not 32bit OS?10:17
frogzoodnivra: any clue as to what's involved in enabling the last 0.5 gig on 32 bit?10:17
ewookarchboxman: you're spamming me. I haven't asked anything.10:17
coz_zetheroo,  you are running 32 bit OS10:17
ikoniafrogzoo: to enable more than 3.5 gig of ram you either need to use the 32bit PAE kernel, or install a 64bit OS10:17
coz_zetheroo,   in terminal do   sudo dmidecode   and move down to the Processor Informatoin10:18
zetherooso why are people saying to install the 32bit kernel ?10:18
dnivrafrogzoo, for me it's satisfaction that ubuntu is detecting the whole 4GB and not just win10:18
frogzooikonia: interesting..10:18
rumpsyzetheroo: in to app of 64bit you have to install a lib !10:18
zetheroo coz_: ok10:18
dnivrazetheroo, 32 bit PAE kernel I think is what they mean.10:18
IndustrialNetbeans 6.8 is out. Still 6.7 in synaptic. Can I somehow upgrade (through the package manager) to 6.8 ?10:18
coz_zetheroo,  under  "Family"  it should tell you the type of processor you have onboard10:18
archboxmanewook: sorry, I use irssi for irc and I have a yellow background picture with yellow highlights for names sorry hard to read names with have to change picture or theme??? Sorry ;)10:18
ewookarchboxman: if you're running from a x-terminal, just change it to white text, and black background..10:19
EastDallasGuest34402: They may not put Firefox 3.6 in the repositories for Karmic.  Ubuntu likes to approve certain versions of applications for each version of Ubuntu, and only release security updates and bug fixes.10:19
zetheroocoz_: Other - ha10:19
rumpsyarchboxman: i tag you, i like irssi10:19
coz_zetheroo,  it says  "other" ?10:19
zetheroocoz_: yeah10:19
archboxmanewook: great program thanks for the advice ;)10:19
coz_zetheroo,   what is the make and model of this again?10:19
ewookarchboxman: I know. I run it too.10:20
archboxmancant beat irssi10:20
zetheroocoz_: Intel C2D T9300 2.5GHZ 6MB Cache10:20
coz_zetheroo,  no i menat the laptop itself10:20
zetheroocoz_: Thinkpad R6110:20
archboxmanewook: dont know why people complain about irssi hard to set up found it easy to setup and run10:21
Copterhow do i get sudo rights in ubuntu to write within the file system explorer?10:21
Copterso i can copy to usr/ etc?10:21
jellowCopter: gksu nautilus10:22
LaibschCan I somehow have update-grub add a line "savedefault 0" to all kernel entries?  I know "savedefault" is possible, but I need "savedefault 0"10:22
Copterjellow: what? :o10:22
frogzooCopter: if you don't know, you shouldn't be poking about there10:22
zetheroocoz_: in the other info it shows 2GB in each bank10:22
adelie42how do I mount a usb storage device? http://paste.ubuntu.com/362501/10:22
jellowCopter: Open terminal => gksu nautilus10:23
frogzooadelie42: if it doesn't work when you plug it in, best you can do is hope for a kernel update10:23
archboxmanCopter: cp command to copy in terminal probably going to neeed to be su or sudo10:23
coz_zetheroo,  right it should see it but a 32 bit OS cant use it all  you need to go to ubuntu.com and download the 64 bit edition of ubuntu and install that10:23
AcheronHello, anyone know how to setup a proper apt server? (reprepro)10:23
coz_zetheroo,  or change the kernel as suggested by dnivra10:24
zetheroook so the 64bit version of Ubuntu is as good as the 32bit version right? no incompatibilities or hardware issues etc?10:24
=== oliver__ is now known as saftsack
Studentzetheroo: You will have to install flash yourself. But it's not hard.10:24
coz_zetheroo,  as far as I am aware it should be fine10:24
archboxmanzetheroo: no sometimes flash has issues10:24
EastDallas!bots | archboxman10:24
ubottuarchboxman: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots10:24
dnivracoz_, don't you think zetheroo should just install the kernel rather than bother installing the whole system from scratch? it's a logical choice right?10:25
zetheroocoz_: will doing that other thing to the kernel make anything else not work that currenty is?10:25
jellow!iso | jellow10:25
ubottujellow, please see my private message10:25
coz_dnivra,  I would guess that depends on how experienced he is no?10:25
adelie42frogzoo: so what works is pretty smart, but that's it? The device is thoroughly recognized and doesn't encounter any errors when it connects10:25
dnivracoz_, true.10:25
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots10:25
=== John is now known as Guest25293
rumpsyzetheroo: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/534 try this10:25
coz_zetheroo,  well If you are not expeienced with kernel changes then I would just install the 64 bit edition of ubuntu10:25
zetheroodnivra: yeah .. how much does it take to install this other kernel? ... and will all my apps and such still work ? or maybe yes maybe no?10:25
archboxman!linux commands10:26
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:26
rumpsyzetheroo: you have to install lib3210:26
zetheroocoz_: right10:26
dnivrazetheroo, I've been using the kernel with no problems. and of course i've got the 32 bit kernel as backup: the entry is still in grub.10:26
luxoFluxzetheroo: I think skype doesn't run on 64 bits as it's not open source.10:26
archboxmanstupid bot10:26
coz_zetheroo,  perhaps speak with dnivra  about the installation of this kernel10:26
dnivracoz_, you can handle it no problem:). we're a community right?10:27
archboxmanluxoFlux: everyone is having trouble run skype in 64 along with flash10:27
zetheroorumpsy: is that all?10:27
ikoniaarchboxman: no they are not - please don't make stuff up10:27
coz_dnivra,  you have the experience with installing this particular kernel   I dont10:27
ikoniaarchboxman: there are problems for some users, but it' snot everyone10:27
rumpsyyes, you have to install ia3210:27
gustavonareaHi. I removed Evolution and now I can't log in anymore on Ubuntu. After I enter my password, I get back to GDM. Is there any log I could check to see what happens? Or do you know what's going on?10:27
dnivracoz_, oh ok.10:27
EastDallasarchboxman: the flash problem was resolved long ago10:28
archboxmanikonia: Running arch linux we can't get it run in 6410:28
zetheroodnivra: is this true? :)10:28
rumpsyzetheroo: installing ia32 may fix your problem, then try to install skype10:28
ikoniaEastDallas: there still are flash problems, but it's certainly a minority user10:28
gustavonareaOh, I also create a new user and tried to log in, but the problem was still there10:28
dnivrazetheroo, if you plan to install the kernel check out http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-linux-4gb-ram-limitation-solution/10:28
ikoniaarchboxman: this is Ubuntu support - please don't reference arch problems in here10:28
zetheroorumpsy: uhm ... I already have Skype installed10:28
JonathonCan someone direct me to the instructions for burning ISOs to CDs properly? I'm trying to get Super GRUB Disk onto a CD-ROM, and I know there was a special way to put the ISO on properly so it would boot correctly. Where can I find this? Thanks.10:28
coz_zetheroo,  let me see if there are any tutorial pages about this10:28
dnivrazetheroo, is what true? which comment are you referring to?10:28
archboxmansorry going to Load LinuxMint got to go10:28
brand0ngustavonarea, try reinstall evolution10:28
zetheroodnivra: the lib32 needing to be installed10:28
gustavonareabrand0n: already did that :(10:29
archboxmanmaybe debian not sure yet10:29
adelie42JonathanD: right click iso and burn. it will work because the iso is raw10:29
brand0ntry failsafe gnome10:29
StudentJonathon: Are you using Ubuntu?10:29
ikoniaarchboxman: off you go then10:29
brand0ngustavonarea, did you try failsafe gnome10:29
dnivrazetheroo, lib32 to run the PAE kernel? I don't think so. i just installed the packages as stated in that link i gave you10:29
rumpsyzetheroo: my recommendation is don't use 32bit kernel for 64bit processor10:29
JonathonStudent: I'm on Vista trying to get back to Ubuntu10:30
zetheroodnivra: ok10:30
theadminrumpsy: A good one :D I think zat is obvious10:30
zetheroorumpsy: ok ... why?10:30
Guest34402help me now to Fullscreen game stargraft wine my os ubuntu 9.1010:30
adelie42how do I mount a usb storage device? http://paste.ubuntu.com/362501/10:30
theadminGuest34402: Uh, ask on #winehq. First off look in settings...10:30
brand0nGuest34402, nice english10:30
dnivrarumpsy, please enlighten me on that too. why 32 bit kernel is not good for 64 bit kernel?10:30
StudentJonathon: Then I recomend CDBurnerXP and it will bring up a menu that says burn ISO. I doon't remember if vista has a iso burner built in.10:30
=== Guest34402 is now known as orion76
archboxmanLast idea I will leave the community with http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/42/10:30
brand0nbest windows iso burner is imgburn10:31
JonathonThanks guys I'll have a look at those10:31
Studentbrand0n: but doesn't that cost money?10:31
jellowadelie42: nautilus should bick it up so on pannel =>  Places => click on usb device10:31
brand0nits freeware10:31
zetheroorumpsy: is there a reason why its better to run the 64bit version instead of this?10:31
Studentbrand0n: oh ok10:31
rumpsy32bit kernels are prepared with limitations with 32bit processor! its not fit for 64bit until you install 64bit kernel10:31
jellowadelie42: Or youc an use terminal10:31
EastDallasJonathon: you don't have to do anything special, just burn it using nero, infrarecorder, or whatever software you like10:31
zetheroorumpsy: so will it damage my hardware to do this?10:32
gustavonareabrand0n: I'm trying to, but I cannot find the list of sessions I could use. Where is it in Ubuntu Karmic?10:32
coz_zetheroo,  I have heard nothing wrong with using the PAE kernel...however I have no experience with it at all so  any suggestions at this point are going to be from those that have used it :)10:32
StudentAll this talk of installing 64 bit Ubuntu is making me think of switching. :P10:32
rumpsyzetheroo: no, but your memory will not be used fully10:32
zetheroocoz_: no worries .. thanks for all your help :)10:33
zetheroorumpsy: so it will but it won't ...10:33
coz_zetheroo,  no problem and good luck with whichever diceision you make10:33
StudentI don't think I need to switch since there isn't mtoo much of a performance difference. Well I might for video\audio encoding. But I only have 2GB of ram anyways.10:33
adelie42jellow: everything looks right, and it is assigned a device, but in addition to it not recognizing any kind of partition, gparted nor the new "disk manager" even see its existance10:33
saftsackhi, my alsa can't find any soundcard. lspci lists my soundcard, modules are also loaded correctly by alsa.10:33
=== sevacris is now known as CRISTIAN
jellowadelie42: look at any erros in dmesg10:34
rumpsyzetheroo: if you have more doubts, look in wiki about 32bit kernel limitations and 64bit kernel advantages10:34
zetheroorumpsy: the thing is that I need the use of all the apps I am using ... and that includes Skype ... among others ... I don't need mroe limitations ... but I also would like my new dual channel RAM to work :)10:34
=== CRISTIAN is now known as otrocristian
=== traveller_ is now known as traveller
suigenerisis there a bug in chown? I type chown and the first two or three characters of the user, hit tab and user\: comes up. then I try adding the same user as the group and tab doesn't accept it. what gives?10:34
Ari_LazarusHey guys. I was trying to make a shortcut / symlink, but I need to pass it some arguments which are in a windows type format. How can I do this?10:35
adelie42jellow: that was what I posted, and no, no errors. Bus 1 Device 4 scsi 1110:35
khrissguys can i have a support regarding my video card driver for my laptop?10:35
atomfoxmsg nickserv identify redsix10:35
theadminDoes anybody know how to stop different things making files like "filename.ext~"? I usually have to often do "rm -rf *~ && rm -rf .*~"10:35
adelie42jellow: and type 010:35
susanin-domКто знает когда заработает форум?10:35
theadminsusanin-dom: English please. Но я хз :D10:36
dnivratheadmin, are you using gedit?10:36
theadmindnivra: Usually.10:36
jellowadelie42: I see sorry , Not sure i can help you , Possibly try in windows not very helpful i know =/10:36
khrisswhere can i get Sis 671/771 mirage 3 drivers for ubuntu 9.10 and how can i maximize my resolution to 1360x768?10:36
ardchoillesusanin-dom: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке10:36
psycho_oreos!ru | susanin-dom10:36
ubottususanin-dom: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:36
dnivratheadmin, you can switch off create backups in gedit. that way you won't see those files.10:36
zetheroodnivra: so this is all you did?   sudo sudo apt-get install linux-headers-server linux-image-server linux-server10:36
theadmindnivra: Okay, looking for that10:36
dnivrazetheroo, yeah10:37
atomfoxtheadmin, Sir do you know hot to fix the random freeze in ubuntu 9.10. I always experience it... ^_^10:37
suigenerisatomfox you should change your password at once10:37
susanin-dommy english is not very good.10:37
adelie42jellow: hmm... probably got a live XP cd somewhere. I'll look for it  :( thanks anyway10:37
theadminatomfox: Me? I don't have anything to do with it.10:37
atomfoxyup I know10:37
TisssppHi I recently installed xubuntu-desktop followed by kubuntu-desktop onto ubuntu to experience them, but now the ugly kubuntu cursor is there and won't go away. And trying to change it in the theme settings doesn't work neither.10:37
theadminAnyway, susanin-dom wonders when forums will be back up10:37
atomfoxsuigeneris, yup I know10:37
zetheroodnivra: and your system is now using over 3GB of ram?10:37
dnivrazetheroo, 3.8GB10:37
susanin-domanybody khow when forum will be good?10:38
zetheroodnivra: so you also have 4GB in your system ...10:38
dnivrazetheroo, yes I do.10:38
khrisswhere can i get Sis 671/771 mirage 3 drivers for ubuntu 9.10 and how can i maximize my resolution to 1360x768?10:38
jellowhow i tun a file into an iso?10:38
luxoFluxwhat package do i need to install to get the services start/stop utility in my desktop ubuntu menu?10:39
AcheronCan anyone help me with a reprepro apt server?10:39
theadminsusanin-dom: У меня форум работает нормально // Forums work for me10:39
coz_Acheron,  I know nothing about it however ..if no one here can help you could also try the ##linux on freenode or  #linux on efnet server10:40
StudentluxoFlux: For me it's preinstalled in System->Administration->Services is this what you meant?10:40
luxoFluxStudent: Yes i don't have it. My previous install had it.10:41
dnivrazetheroo, but as rumpsy said the 32 bit might not be the best on the 64bit architecture. I've not used the 64 bit version so I don't know. I'm happy it works faster that win vista 64 bit so don't wanna change. never had the need to change.10:41
dnivrazetheroo, 32 bit kernel*10:41
atomfoxanyone here experiencing the random freeze in ubuntu 9.10?10:42
theadminatomfox: Sometimes happens to me, no idea wtf10:42
StudentluxoFlux: Ok found it. Go to synaptic package manager and search for system-services10:42
jellow!img | jellow10:42
coz_zetheroo,  they do make a point here.... since you have  64 bit architecture it may be best to use the 64 bit ubuntu   and other than having to install flash manually... apparenlty it works just as well :)10:42
luxoFluxStudent : thanks10:42
StudentluxoFlux: Np just let me know if it helps :)10:43
theadminjellow: There is no such ubottu command as "!img"10:43
ardchoilleStudent: Any way to get that on Karmic?10:43
Studentardchoille: Get what?10:43
zetheroo coz_: except for skype!?10:43
coz_zetheroo,  rather you have 64 bit hardware10:43
ardchoilleStudent: system-services10:43
coz_zetheroo,  oh  mmmm10:43
Studentardchoille: I'm on Jaunty but it should work for Karmic too10:44
coz_zetheroo,  then the other alternative is to do nothing10:44
atomfoxtheadmin, I hope somebody could find I fix for it, been solving it for 1 week, and still the freezing occurs10:44
ardchoille!info system-services10:44
ubottuPackage system-services does not exist in karmic10:44
coz_zetheroo,   and just accespt the amount of memory recognized and go from there10:44
ardchoilleStudent: ^^10:44
theadminatomfox: Usually it's something with hardware10:44
Studentardchoille: Hmm interesting.10:44
jellowtheadmin: i know was jut a shot in the dark trying to mount an .img10:44
ardchoilleStudent: could be due to the move away from sysinit system10:45
psycho_oreosjellow, you need something like cdemu10:45
atomfoxtheadmin, I'm not sure, how about you? do you still experience it?10:45
theadminjellow: IMG? You can try "mount -o loop file.img ~/somedir", but I don't know... this works with ISO's10:45
Studentardchoille: I decided not to go to karmic because it didn't work for me too well. Maybe since It's been a while I'll give it another try.10:45
theadminatomfox: Rarely10:45
psycho_oreostheadmin, highly doubt that will work10:45
sera|worka freshly installed server 9.10 just shows GRUB_ and nothing else at boot ... i already reinstalled, same error. any ideas?10:46
Studentardchoille: Are you having any troubles with: 9.10?10:46
jellowpsycho_oreos: just convert it to iso10:46
ardchoilleStudent: Not a bit10:46
theadminjellow: Actually, try to get disc images in ISO format, those are only ones that get mounted for me10:46
psycho_oreosjellow, yeah that is another way, maybe with binchunker :)10:46
suigenerisis there a bug in chown? I type chown and the first two or three characters of the user, hit tab and user\: comes up. then I try adding the same user as the group and tab doesn't accept it. what gives?10:46
ardchoilleStudent: But I build my own computers from parts that I already know work with Ubuntu10:46
Studentardchoille: Hmm well in a bit I think I'll give 9.10 64 bit a try. Thanks :)10:46
jellowtheadmin: tried that kept asking for a filesystem10:47
theadminjellow: Ah, then it's not gonna work :/10:47
Studentardchoille: I think I first tried when it was an alpha so....10:47
psycho_oreosjellow, though the good thing about cdemu is that it has the capability to emulate a virtual cd/dvd drive.. much like like how daemontools work on win3210:47
ardchoilleStudent: yeah, I didn';t install it until this month, didn't want any of the hassle others were having10:47
luxoFluxStudent : no that package doesn't exist on my system.10:48
theadminWhat is the proper way to mount an NTFS filesystem? "ntfs-3g /dev/somedrive" or "mount /dev/somedrive"?10:48
rumpsytheadmin: lol10:48
StudentluxoFlux are you on 9.10?10:48
psycho_oreostheadmin, either will work I think.. though ntfs-3g is probably better than ntfs itself10:48
theadminrumpsy: Uh... huh?10:48
Miraclehi people I'm trying to compile my first kernel and was wondering if i need to provide support for both x86 and x64 or would x64 be enough?10:48
rumpsytheadmin: sudo fdisk -l10:48
psycho_oreosMiracle, depends on your applicants10:48
theadminrumpsy: That lists, not mounts10:49
jellowpsycho_oreos: sounds usefull , will have a look10:49
psycho_oreosMiracle, s/applicants/applications10:49
rumpsytheadmin: then, look what drive you want10:49
luxoFluxStudent: yes desktop iso10:49
psycho_oreosjellow, the only downfall is that getting it to work is quite awkward, just be forewarned10:49
theadminrumpsy: Uh... no, I just ask what is the proper command to mount NTFS10:49
StudentluxoFlux I was told that specific package isn't on 9.10. I'll try to find it out.10:49
rumpsytheadmin: this is command, sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /home/theadmin/mounted10:49
psycho_oreostheadmin, mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/<hd> /mnt/some_point10:49
Miraclepsycho_oreos ok are there apps that only work in x86 or usually there both?10:50
theadminrumpsy: /home/theadmin doesn't exist. Why not use ~? This would be more universal.10:50
psycho_oreosMiracle, not off my head, but moreso are the drivers that could be an issue for example10:50
zetheroois there an Ubuntu chat for the 64bit version?10:50
rumpsytheadmin: ^^, that was an example, you have to choose exact hdd and location to mount10:50
Miracleoreo ah ok thx10:50
Myrttizetheroo: this is it10:50
theadminzetheroo: There are many IM clients for x64 ubuntu10:50
rumpsytheadmin: got it? worked?10:51
psycho_oreosMiracle, nw.. technically 32bit can be run under 64bit platform but it may get slowed down.. if you're using ia64 the lag is very evident but that sort of hardware is fairly rare10:51
zetherooMyrtti: ah .. ok ... you use 64bit? I just want to know all the gory details of what does NOT work :)10:51
hiexpopsycho_oreos: - hey what prog is that cdemu i use to use daemon tools and loved it10:51
theadminrumpsy: Yep. Thanks.10:51
zetherootheadmin: I was not asking for an IM client ;)10:51
theadminzetheroo: Then what? o_O10:51
Myrttizetheroo: everything works.10:52
Myrttizetheroo: that is, everything I've thrown at it10:52
StudentluxoFlux Sorry I cant find anything for 9.10. Maybe someone else knows.10:52
psycho_oreoshiexpo, yeah its cdemu, but cdemu is only CLI front-end.. daemontools is more like GUI frontend.. to this date I haven't found a decent equivalence to it apart from cdemu itself10:52
zetherooMyrtti: repos the same? what about Skype?10:52
hiexpook kool and where did ya get it in the rep's ?10:53
rwwzetheroo: 1) yes, 2) skype has a 64-bit version10:53
psycho_oreoszetheroo,  think its the same, except instead of it being marked as i386 its marked as x86-64.. unless otherwise it comes from ppa10:53
StudentMyrtti: Are you using 9.10?10:53
Myrttizetheroo: only thing I've done differently is that I got the alpha flash plugin from labs.adobe.com. Some people use other methods.10:53
MyrttiStudent: yes?10:53
hiexpoi found it thanks10:53
psycho_oreoshiexpo, you'll need to search for it and add ppa keys :) but like I said, I have to warn you its not easy to get it working right :)10:54
melchiorHow do i install a deb package from the sehell ?10:54
zetheroorww: awesome .. so skype for Linux 64bit10:54
psycho_oreosmelchior, dpkg -i </path/to/file>10:54
StudentMyrtti: Ok now I'll update to 9.10 64 bit for sure. I am on 9.04 32 bit now and wanted to know another users opinnion.10:54
psycho_oreosmelchior, err add sudo in front10:54
thwappHello folks...10:54
hiexpono prob i'll get it working :)10:54
ardchoillemelchior: you'll need sudo for that10:54
zetherooMyrtti: ok ... so flash is really a pain in the rear ...10:54
rwwzetheroo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMD64/FirefoxAndPlugins?action=show&redirect=FirefoxAMD64FlashJava#64-bit%20Firefox%20and%2064-bit%20Flash%20plugin10:54
rwwzetheroo: works fine for me.10:54
mecoWhat is the command to act as root?10:55
psycho_oreosmeco, sudo10:55
psycho_oreoshi | pranav10:56
khrisswhere can i get Sis 671/771 mirage 3 drivers for ubuntu 9.10 and how can i maximize my resolution to 1360x768?10:56
psycho_oreos!hi | pranav10:56
ubottupranav: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:56
pranavcan u tell me abt virtual manager10:56
pranavhi psycho10:56
zetheroorww: ok so that worked for you then ...10:57
rwwzetheroo: yes. That's also the plugin Myrtti was talking about, I think.10:57
thwappI wished I knew who it was that pointed me in the right direction 13 hours ago, but I finally figure out how to network install Ubuntu from the mini.iso onto my desktop..10:57
psycho_oreos<psycho_oreos> hi | pranav10:57
psycho_oreos* HarryS has quit (Client Quit)10:57
psycho_oreos<khriss> where can i get Sis 671/771 mirage 3 drivers for ubuntu 9.10 and how can i maximize my resolution to 1360x768?10:57
psycho_oreos<psycho_oreos> !hi | pranav10:57
FloodBot1psycho_oreos: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:57
psycho_oreos<ubottu> pranav: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:57
mecoHow do I get the prompt back?10:57
mecoctrl-z, got it10:58
psycho_oreosbleh sorry bout that10:58
psycho_oreoskhriss, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=871875410:58
recon69_laphi all, I install avg 8.5 and trying to work out how to scan a flash drive. anyone?10:58
hawodiHello all.10:58
coz_rechael2,  did you read the man page for that?10:59
coz_rechael2,  sorry10:59
zetheroorww: ok .. sounds promising .. so with 64bit Ubuntu things should really fly .... that's the point of it right? ... I mean I mean I got a 2x2GB kit of ram so that dual channel would work ...10:59
coz_recon69_lap,  did you read the man page?10:59
mecoI want to delete a directory which has drwxr-xr-x. How do I do that?10:59
rwwzetheroo: I haven't noticed any appreciable difference in speed.10:59
StudentDoes 9.10 allow you to encrypt your home directory in the installer. So that I don't have to use an alternative cd?10:59
rwwStudent: yes10:59
prodigelhi all. I have a directory tree that I need to 'clean' of .svn subdirectories. Can I do that without a script?10:59
Studentrww: Thanks11:00
zetheroorww: oh? ... humph ...11:00
rwwStudent: There's an option towards the end to "Log in automatically", "Log in manually", "Log in manually and encrypt home folder", or something like that.11:00
Studentrww: Ok11:00
pat|nGi just purge kde4 on my laptop.....i got a message....configuring kdm...do i have to stop kdm daemon and press YES? or NO? which one? i purged the kde4 and change to ubuntu....which one will i choose?11:00
recon69_lapcoz_ : installed as a deb , no idea what it's called in man11:00
coz_recon69_lap,   you could use  clamav I believe11:00
coz_rechael2,  in terminal   man avg11:01
recon69_lapcoz_: afrade not11:01
coz_recon69_lap,  let me check hold on11:01
mecoWhy do I get "su: Authentication failure" when I enter the password I set up the system with?11:01
rwwmeco: because you should be using sudo, not su.11:01
dschieHi! Someone knowns how to use NetworkManager/nm-applet for VPN only, and leave the network device unmanaged? It cant be managed by nm because nis and autofs wouldnt work.11:01
mecorww: what whould I type more than 'sudo' ?11:02
researcher1is it possible to install windows Xp after UBUNTU 9.10 64 bits?11:02
coz_recon69_lap,   in google type this    avg 8.5 man page  and there is a pdf download manual11:02
pat|nGi just purge kde4 on my laptop.....i got a message....configuring kdm...do i have to stop kdm daemon and press YES? or NO? which one? i purged the kde4 and change to ubuntu....which one will i choose?11:02
coz_recon69_lap,  the link should read    [PDF]11:02
coz_<%DOC NAME%> User M11:02